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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm EST

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they wanted to ban the 50 caliber rifle. it.toed they wanted to require smart guns be sold in every gun store. they don't exist. i vetoed that. that was a law on the books from 13 years ago, signed by a previous governor, who said, once smart gun technology is available they're the only guns that can be sold in new jersey. i'm just trying to give you a taste of the environment i operate in every day. what i've also done is for any folks who have legally owned a gun in another state and they come through our state and get pulled over for a traffic violation or anything else and get arrested because of their possession of a gun, that in our state it's illegal but legal where they were, i've pardoned every one of them.
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[applause] now, have i signed some laws,? i have. i signed a law banning people on the terrorist watch list from buying guns in new jersey. i think that's reasonable. i think the -- i know the terror watch list is wrong at times, the federal government has to work on that. but i think it's fair to say if you're on the terror watch list, you shouldn't be able to buy a gun. i think most americans believe that. but i got sent a law by the folks in new jersey that says if you're a carjack ore gang member you shouldn't be able to buy a gun even though laws already exist that if you're a felon, you can't buy a gun. but they want to guild the lily. it's another thing, another press release for their friends. oh, now we passed this law. it's already illegal in new jersey if you're a carjacker or gang member to own a gun. because you're a felon. and you can't own a gun. and you're facing mandatory minimum time if you do. so listen, for folks in campaign
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settling, you're going to hear all kinds of different stuff, right? and my views have changed on this from the mid 1990's. i learned a lot over that period of time. so i'm going to do something that other politicians won't admit. i changed my mind. [applause] and as a result, i changed my position. and on conceal and carry, i have no problem with conceal and carry. conceal and carry will never pass in new jersey. we're not a shall issue state, we're a may issue state. unless we get a republican legislature it's never going to change. i've changed some of the rules administratively to make it easier to qualify for a carry permit in new jersey and our attorney general has, you know, executed on that. but it's not going to change in new jersey. i'm not the emperor. i'm the governor. and so, they won't pass it, i can't sign it. but if they did pass it, i would sign it. because i trust the law-abiding
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people of new jersey to do the right thing. last thing is this, beware of people who won't tell you they changed their position. beware. we saw this in the debate the other night, right? the last debate on immigration. right? that was an interesting topic. senator rubio up there, the master of the 60-second answer, senator rubio, they show him video of himself, very interesting, they show him in 010, senator rubio says, i'm against legalization in all cases. perfectly acceptable position. then they show senator rubio in 2013 saying, co-sponsoring a bill as lead republican sponsor with chuck schumer to allow amnesty and legalization. then in 2015 they show him saying i'm against amnesty and against legalization when he's getting ready to run for president. then they show senator cruz. in 2012 he says, i'm against
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amnesty and against legalization in all cases. then they show him in 2013 commenting on senator rubie ose bill. if he got rid of amnesty and just made it legalization, then i'd be for the bill and want it to pass. then they show him in 2015 say, i'm against amnesty and against legalization. they say to the two of them, can you please explain? i thought this is unfair, not because it's hard but because it's easy. i can't believe you're giving these guys lay-ups. all you have to do is say, ladies and gentlemen, i changed my mind. i changed my mind. that's all. i had new information, my thoughts matured, evolved on the topic and i changed my mind. should have been the end of it. but see what happened? both of them got their washington roots, dragged them down. those two characters twisted themselves into pretzels trying to convince you that what you heard you hadn't heard and you
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what saw you hadn't seen. we didn't change our position. it's no change of position. rand paul jumps in to criticize them for the position he thought they had and for some, jeb bush got involved in this thing he came running in, he started to say, i changed my position and you changed your position, you asked me to support your bill, marco. they started having a florida side skirmish. i'm standing there, saying to myself, it's easy. finally i interrupted and i said, for the viewers at home, i think you feel as i do. you need a washington to english dictionary to convert this tuff, right? marco rube noah was for amnesty and legalization, that was his position. when conservatives told him he didn't like it and he decided to run for president, he turned tail and ran and hid. you've got to make a judgment on
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what you think of that. i changed my position on gun, i'm happy to tell you. i evolved, i changed, i thought about it more, got more experiences as a prosecutor and changed my mind. at least i didn't try to tell you new york, i've always been here. i haven't. i'm a live, breathe, thinking human being and i hope all of us have enough in us to change our minds once in a while. if we're going to be that stubborn, we have no business having the brain god gave us in the first place. i will be proud to become president of the united states and be on offense on the second amendment rather than on defense, which is where i have o be every time in new jersey. >> thanks governor christie. what is your plan for help regular tuse our national debt?
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mr. christie: well, it's only $18 trillion, what are you worried about? this president has increased the debt more than all of his predecessors combined, from the first george w. to the next george w., from george washington to george w. bush. here's what you know about the debt. the greatest wisdom i was given on this was given to me, not directly but from reeding it, by willie sutton, the great robber. they asked willie, why do you rob banks? because that's where the money is. you want to solve the national debt and national deficit? entitlements, everybody. entitlements. 71 cents -- [applause] 71 cents of every dollar the federal government spends today is on entitlement and debt service. 71 cents of every dollar. we could argue all night about the other 29 cents.
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we could eliminate the whole other 29 cents. and we're not getting anywhere on the debt issue. i'm the only candidate in this race who has an entitlement reform plan. i presented it in april at st. anselm's. every debate where entitlement has been raised, i'm the guy who gets the question. why am i the guy who gets the question? because i'm the only one with a plan. in the first debate i was asked about it, and they said, governor huckabee disagrees with you. i like governor huckabee and we get along personally. they went to him after and said, what's your plan? he said, i have a tax plan he, said it will help settle the debt and social security because we'll tax pimps and prostitutes. now i don't know what i really thought like running for president was going to be like but i never thought with 24
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million people watching the first debate i would actually have a comment directed at me that contains the words pimps and prostitutes. but yes, it was. and i can tell you this, i've visited in my time as governor, i have visited 49 of our 50 states. and i've seen a lot of stuff. but i can guarantee you from my observation, god love them, there's just not enough pimps and prostitutes out there to help the social security problem. [applause] when i thought it couldn't get funnier, at the next debate, in walks donald j. trump so they say, governor christie has this entitlement plan, mr. trump you say he's wrong. what's your plan to fix social security. and he says, something like this, i don't remember the exact quote but something like this, when i'm president everyone is going to get so fabulously
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incredibly wealthy and rich we're not going to have to worry about this problem. now, if you're me in that spot, what do you say? like, i'm not against all of you getting fabulously rich and wealthy but what do i tell you to ask donald trump when you see him? how? how? no explanation for that. then the moderator said but mr. christie says wealthy people like you shouldn't get social security, are you ok with that? he said, i'm ok with that. i said, there's a start. we've got to go after entitlements to protect those entitlements and go after our debt. here's what we need to do. i have a 12-point plan on this that will save $1 trillion other the next 10 years. go to the website, it's there, scored by the congressional budget office. here's the good news for all of you, i'm not going to go over all 12 points. i'll go over four, quickly. sths, raise the retirement age. we have to. we're all living longer. average age of a woman is 83.
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average life expectancy of a man is 79. these programs were designed when people died in their mid 60's. we're living 15 to 20 years longer. raise it two years and phase it in over 25 years. so it goes up one month a year every year for 25 years. so when i run against hillary clinton in the fall, she's going to tell you i put forward a social security plan that throws grandma off the cliff. it takes grandma 25 years to hit the ground. that's a high cliff. [applause] number two, we need to means test social security. now a lot of people won't like this but we've got to do it. here's the rule. if you make more than $200,000 a year in retirement income, retirement income, that means you've got $4 million to $5 million saves, first thing i say to you is god bless you. you raised a family in this country, lived your life, got $4 million to $5 million in the bank, good job. second thing i'll say is god bless america.
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that's the only place in the world you could have done something like that. but if you got that $4 million to $5 million in the bank and getting $200,000 a year in retirement income, do you need a $1,00 a month social security check? you don't need it. i know the next excuse, i heard here in new hampshire, at shooter's pub in exeter. yes, i had a town hall meeting at shooter's pub in exeter. you guys got it stuck to you by coming to the firehouse. if you go to a place like shooter' pub in exeter, by the time we get to this point in the town hall, i'm looking handsome and charming. it's true. so we got five days of town halls left. i'm going back to shooters, aren't i? i am. i saw it on my schedule today. i'm going back to shooters. that's where you want to be. telling you.
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it's a great place. so this guy got up at shooters and said, it's my money, i gave it to the government, i want it back. and i said, i got bad news for you, the government lied to you and stole from you. they told you they were going to put it in a trust fund, right? you remember this? al gore, talked about the lock box. right now you're thinking to yourself, am i thinking about al gore or am i thinking about the go who plays al gore on "saturday night live" saying lock box. for the purpose of this, it doesn't matter. the lock box has nothing but i.o.u.'s in it. that's all it's got, i.o.u.'s. they stole your money. and it started with lyndon johnson in the 1960's, the vietnam war, he stole it for that. and our republican congress stole more of it just a few weeks ago when they passed the budget, $150 billion from the social security retirement fund. if that's for me i'm busy.
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$150 billion from the social security retirement fund. to go in the social security disabilities fund because they don't have the guts to fix the social security disabilities fund. we have a budget, wheff a checkbook balance problem. social security is going to go insolvent in seven to eight years. there's two ways to fix it, spendless or take more in. hillary clinton will say takes more in. she'll say, take the cap off social security tax and charge everybody social security tax on every penny it makes. i don't care what you call them, if you've got $4 million tore $5 million, let's say we can agree on well off at a minimum. so we're getting at the same people. i'm just a less money out guy than a more money in guy. here's why. let's say right here in your town somebody opens up a new bank and you go to that bank and put a deposit in, right? and then about a year later, the
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bank goes belly up. and you lose some of your money. and then six months after that, you get a knock on the front door, there's a guy there, and e says, i'm with that bank downtown, i wonder if you'd give me some deposits. and you go, aren't you the guy that opened the bank 18 months ago that went belly up and i lost some money. he said yeah, but i learned my lesson. i know, i've got ton know people in new hampshire over the last year, but he's not leaving your front porch with any money, is he? no. so if that's the case, why would you give it to the government? why? they did the same thing to you. they took your money and said we'll keep it safe for you, right over here, when you need it, we'll give it become to you. then they stole it. so now you give them more? the people of this country are not that dopey.
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we're just not. and hillary clinton is going to say to you, trust me. with more of your money. and we're going to say, no chance. no chance. do the same thing on medicare, increase the eligibility age two year, phase it in over 25. for folks in that category, $200,000 or $4 million safes, we're going to sub dies them, instead of 25%, we'll subsidize them 10%. so the people who don't have that money, worked hard, played bay the rules, and that money, that $1,200 a month are the difference between rent and heat and food, we don't want them making that choice. social security was set up to make sure that nobody in america grows old in poverty. grew old in poverty. and we got to make sure that that happens. the other thing is remember, i had an $11 billion deficit on a
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$29 billion budget when i became governor and we didn't raise taxes. you know what we did? i went through the budget, over six weeks, my first six weeks in office, three meet ags week for six weeks with the treasurer, went over every line item in the budget and cut over 800 programs. we need to do the same to the ederal budget. but if we don't grow our economy, as meg was talking about earlier, more than .7%, we're only pushing the accordion from one side. we need to have 3% to 4% economic growth in this country and the only way for that to happen is to lower taxes, simplify the tax code and get rid of this regulation that's choking every business in this country. i got a plan on that too. i'm not going through that now. go on the website, it's all there. tonight, homework assignment, go on the website. seriously, it serves two purposes. one you'll be extraordinarily well informed on every one of
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the issues i've been talking about and the ones i didn't mention. second, if you are having trouble sleeping, you get into the depths of some of this stuff, i promise you, better than anything you could take, right under. it'll put you right down and you'll sleep well. you'll be dreaming about numbers and stuff but it'll be ok. at least you'll get some sleep. that's the way to go after the national debt. if we don't get entitlements under control, we don't cut discretionary spend, we're not going to get there. last promise i'm going to make to you, i will not eliminate the $19 trillion in eight years as president. anyone who tells you they will is lying to you. i'll get it moving become to the right direction, lower this this debt and hand it off to the next guy and say, it's your job. you do as well as i do we'll start knocking it out of the park. it didn't come up over night and won't go away overnight. anybody who promises you something different is not telling you the truth. [applause]
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>> i'm just wondering, what your position is on the agreement with iran relative to their nuclear -- mr. christie: i'm not a big fan. listen, i'm convinced that this iranian agreement will not even be a factor once the next president is sworn into office because the iranians will have violated it so many times. it's going to have to be a job of the next president when i talked about meeting with our european allies, one of the things we have to talk about in the beginning is, what do we do about iran? they will have violated that ayeement and we'll have to put sanctions back on them and it's going to be a long process of negotiation with our european friends who want to do business with iran to convince them we can't don't to do business with someone like that. iran will never get a nuclear weapon on my watch even if i have to use military action to prevent it. never, ever.
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[applause] second, there will not be any more meetings between the united states and iran, let alone agreements, until the supreme leader of iran recognizes israel's right to exist. [applause] and third, i will say clearly i'm for regime change in iran. i'm not going to send troops over there to try to change the regime, i don't think that's our business but the folks inside iran who are stifled by this government, who are tortured by this government need to understand that the american people will support them if they want to throw these rascals out themselves. and why is it -- and why is that? not only are they the largest state sponsor of terrorism in he world, but also, they stone women, based on the allegations by their husbands, they hang homosexuals from cranes in the center of tai run, purely
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because of their sexual orientation. that is not a civilized regime. and it's not one that we should be doing business with. never forget for 36 years they've never change thared tune, not once. not once since 1979. death to america. america is the great satan. burn our flag. take our people, and not have any type of civilized relationship with us. why does the current president believe somehow he sees something that no one else sees? we need to stop living in the barack obama fantasy world and we need to get back to the real world and with me in the white house we'll get become to the real world. [applause] they're coming around, the lady in the pale green. here you go. you s isn't shooters but
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look and sound fab ulous to me. mr. christie: imagine how great i'd be at shooters. >> i want to say it's not a question but a comment. listening to you here, listening to you at the debates i cannot for the life of me figure out why the poll numbers aren't nudge -- aren't much higher than they are. [applause] mr. christie: thank you. how about this. in six days you're going to change them. in six days you're going to change them. now my staff is telling me i can take one more question, that means i will take two. here's why. i want to prove to them i'm still the boss. now you all laugh about that but let me tell you something about running for president. here's what running for president is like. i didn't learn this until i started. you are surrounded every day by people significantly younger than you and they tell you where to go and what to do every minute of the day. the only place i'm free from the
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tyranny of the young is right here, when i stand at this stool with this microphone because they can't take it away from me. now -- but -- where's charlie. don't turn off my microphone, wise guy. that's the one thing he can do. don't you do that to me tonight, charlie. we'll take two more questions. i want to have this lady right here, first. right. and then we'll go to someone on this side. >> i have three questions. mr. christie: this is why they get mad at me, i say two, i point to you, you go three. >> i think i did read about it on your website but why not just 10% taxes for everyone? mr. christie: why not a flat 10% tax for everybody? first, i don't think it would generate nearly enough revenue to run the government. i know dr. carson proposes a 10% plat fax -- flat tax and my argument has been it's not going
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to produce enough money and we'll run bigger and bigger deficits and it goes against what i want to do with this woman. so i'm not for a 10% tax predominantly because i don't think it would raise enough money. i also think there are a couple of things we should be wanting to encourage. i want to continue to encourage people to own a home and i want to make it easier for them to do that. i think for most people it's the best investment they make. so i want to continue to help with mortgage interest and make it deductible. i want to continue to encourage people to donate to charity. every dollar that goes to charity is a dollar less that the government has to do with folks who are in trouble. so i think keeping the charitable contributions deduction and home mortgage interest deduction is the right way to go but i'd get rid of the other ones. we'd have our top rate be no higher than 28%, our lowest rate be 8% and 13% in the middle. i think doing it that way, you get your taxes done in 15 minutes, we could fire a lot of i.r.s. agents. [applause]
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and that would be a revenue neutral plan so we're not making our deficit worse. what else did you have for me? >> i keep getting a lot of negative ads, you know, against you and everyone from jeb bush and mostly he's saying how he, you know, has the experience to defend us and you've certainly told us about that but ecifically comparing to him, admiral -- he's got admirals and generals behind him, in this stuff i keep getting in the mail. how would you respond specifically against him? mr. christie: none of those admirals or yens ever worked for y dad or my brother. lot easier to get those admirals and generals to support you when they were appointed admirals and generals by your father and your brother. we know how the world works. that helps a little bit. the fact is, i think jeb bush is
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a really good man. i really do. i know he's said some awfully terrible things about me in the mail, i've seen some of those. but you know, that's ok. this is politics and i get it. but just because admirals an generals support jeb bush does that mean he somehow would be better at it? i don't necessarily think that's so. doesn't mean he wouldn't be good at it but i've made sufficient decisions under tough circumstances. i spent a lot of time getting smart about this issue myself. and i just think that if you look at who would you rather have sitting across from vladimir putin, to make a tough deal, me or jeb, i kind of think most people think i'd be the tougher guy to deal with. [applause] number three. >> i think you're pretty tough, yeah. mr. christie: thank you. >> the other question is regarding student loan debt. my sister-in-law and i were just
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discussing it, we're nurses and we have a lot of debt and what can be done about it? mr. christie: i have debt -- i had debt too when i left school. i went to college and law school, my parents couldn't afford to is send me themselves, i had to borrow money. mary had to borrow money to finish college. we graduated and got married, i graduated in may of 1985 and we were married by march of 1986. so by the time the grace period ended, we came back from the honeymoon tnd it was like, oh, your first student loan payment is due, congratulations. so i know what you're talking about. probably not nearly as much as you have now because lower numbers, but i think there's four things we need to do to help you. the first thing is you should be able to refinance those loans. and the fact that the government
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is making money off you is disgraceful. disgraceful. if you can find a bank to refinance those loans at a lower rate for you, you should do it to save money. and the government gets their principal back, what are they worried about? it's not fair. secondly, i think that we should permit national service for folks who come out of school with student loan debt to serve a few years in national service, not necessarily military but any national service and in return we'd take down your loans. i think that would help people understand to there's something bigger than their own self-interest. they can help improve their country and communities, depending on what they picked to do. when you got out you wouldn't have to make a decision about what job to take purely base odden what they could pay you, but you could follow your heart. if you wanted to take a job in your field that paid less because you were really interested in that experience or wanned to go to that part of the country, whatever, you could make that decision. i think most people when they follow their hearts in their
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careers wind up being a lot happier. we've all done jobs just for the paycheck, and there's nothing wrong with that. but if i could help you follow your heart i'd rather have you do that. now the second side of this is the cost side, right? because the loans only get big because we've got to pay all this money to the colleges for it. not just the interest but the actual tuition and the rest you pay for. so here's the things i would do on the cost side. mary pat and i have two children in college right now. andrew is a senior at princeton and sara is a sophomore at notre dame. so yeah, i saw that face. you're figuring that out in your head. this year it's $122,500. for the two of them. so this summer we got a letter from the president of notre dame, father john jenkins. wonderful guy. and the first paragraph went something like this -- dear parents. we want to thank you. for the blessing that you
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bestowed upon us by entrusting the souls of your children to us for the next number of years for their education. this comes from a catholic priest at the university of notre dame. so after you read that paragraph, you close your eyes, you can hear the teem from "rudy." right? you can see the golden dome, touchdown jesus, the whole thing, right? your heart is pounding. with emotion. now how many catholics in the room, raise them up? so for the catholics in the room, what's the next paragraph? it's the money paragraph. exactly. catholics know this. it's the money paragraph. right. the next paragraph he says, so i'm happy to inform you that tuition this year is increasing only 3.9%. now, it's a 1% inflation world. 3.9%. but here's the kicker. that's the lowest increase, annual increase at notre dame in 40 years. now, let's say we make this decision.
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mary pat and i made the decision, the way we make decision and you make decisions all the time about spending money. what if we decided, you know what, at $62,500 notre dame is no longer a value. so we've decided we're going to send our daughter someplace else that's good but less expensive. now, for any of you in this room who currently have or have had 19-year-old daughters, how exactly do you think this conversation goes? my daughter loves notre dame. my daughter sends us pictures home of her walking around on campus at notre dame. here i am by touchdown jesus. here i am by first down moses. all of the great iconic spots, here i am by stone he think. all the spots. look at me here with my friends, here i am in the stands at the next football game we won, we were so happy. i'm bringing her downstairs and saying, this isn't a value anymore and we'd like you to go
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someplace else. after the crying, the yelling, the stamping of the feet, the slamming of the door and at some point in all that, the words, you're ruining my life and i hate you, right? right? you know what will happen. mary pat and i will go, ok, all right, how are we going to figure out how we're going to do this? here's the problem. they know it too. they know. they know i'm not making a rational decision about this. this is my little girl. she's happy and she's getting a great education. great. they know i make not a logical decision but an emotional decision. so they know no matter how much they jack up that cost, we'll figure out a way to pay it and borrow more money to do it. there are no market forces on college tuitions and there needs to be. so i'd do two things. first, i would make them detail every expense, every way that they spend our money. can you imagine that? if you went out tonight in
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milford to a restaurant and you sat down, you and your spouse and you ordered dinner and let's say the check came back and you flipped the check over and it said, food, $60. you'd call the waiter over and say, dude, come here for a second, would you write out here exactly what i had and how much each of those things cost so we know? and the waiter would do it. i just paid the princeton bill three weeks ago. for the semester. it was three lines. tuition. room and board. other fees. $19,7506789 i don't even ask. i don't even ask. where do i spend the check, let's go, i don't want to be late, let's get the money in. imagine if they had to detail it for us, imagine if they had to detail the salaries of 44 vice presidents for paperwork, or what they're spending on monuments to egos and buildings they're building. imagine if they had to detail the cost of the rock climbing wall.
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why is he obsessed with rock climbing walls? i've traveled the country. there's an absolute outbreak, an outbreak around the nation of rock climbing walls on college campuses. it's true. iowa state university, now, i asked them, do you have a rock climbing wall? all right it's iowa, it's flat. not a lot of rocks. maybe go for it. my daughter at notre dame, rock climbing walls. i said, all right, indiana, it's flat, i get it. you people. i went to university of new hampshire. i asked them do you have rock climbing walls? they said yes. i said you've got rocks. the darn state is named after rocks. it's the granite state. there are rocks everywhere. go outside and climb those rocks.
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why am i building rock inside the building? go outside and climb those. [applause] and when i said this, you know what the press wrote? christie's assault on college fitness. i swear to you that was the headline. christie's assault on college fitness. i want all of you to look at me. i have assaulted fitness in many ways in my life. that is not one of them. so we need to detail those bills. we need to know what they're paying. i think if we knew we'd be outraged and they'd be embarrassed. and that starts to put pressure on them to cut some costs. i want a second pressure point. i want you to be able to unbundle your bill. i want you to go through the list and pick what you're willing to pay for. the things you'll use. not every kid uses every thick. she's like, i don't need the books. that's what we're afraid of when we send people to school right. what books? what are you talking about?
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if you unbund they will bill that puts mark pressure on them. 98% of the people won't pay for the rock climbing wall in new hampshire which i pray you wouldn't, then it's not going to get built. now, how would we impose this on the colleges? because i'm telling you to ask donald trump how, i have to be willing to answer how too. if they're unwilling to list their expenses and allow you to unbundle they cannot participate in the student loan or student grant program. so -- [applause] they want taxpayer money, they've got to give us the answers. i think that's our best chance at getting some artificial inflation under control with some market forces. because otherwise i don't know how we'd do it. we make all these decisions emotionally. you look around any of these rooms, you see college sweatshirts and hats on all the time. it's because we're emotionally connected to these places. that's the way i would do it. i wish you the best of luck in
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your nursing career. i said one more from over here. how about that lady all the way in the back by the camera. >> hi. >> love your glasses. >> first off, i've enjoyed everything you've said and i've appreciated all the comments and answers you've given and so i guess my question is about kind of an obscure question. mr. christie: ok. >> this is why they don't want me to take more questions. this is when christie goes off the tracks but ok, let's go. give it a shot. >> what's your stance on mandatory vaccinations for children and vets. mr. christie: vets like veterans? >> yes. mr. christie: i wanted to make sure we're talking veterans not veterinarians. because i didn't know there was a problem with veterinarians. i am for mandatory vaccinations. [applause]
5:38 pm
and the best way for me to put it, i know there's controversy about this. mary pat and i had our children vaccinated, all four of them. i think it's the right thing to do, that's the judgment we made. public health is the number one concern we have to have in this regard and we've got to protect the public health. so i think, you know, vaccinations, given the systems we go through to make sure these vaccinations are safe, i think it's the right way to go. but thank you. all right. [applause] he's trying to get me to do another question. this is what happens to me. then i don't get back to the hotel, then i don't sleep late and i do my town hall tomorrow morning and i'm subpar and cranky. mets fan or yankees fan? i'm a mets fan. i'm a mets fan. all right, listen, i understand
5:39 pm
but for you folks out there hooting, you're just upset about 1986. i'm over it. it's 30 years ago. you should be over it too. another thing, the reason i love the mets and that's why red sox fans and i are absolutely simpatico, except for 1986. because what we know is there is one, just one truly evil empire. [applause] just one. than we know who it is. no more suckering me into more questions. it's the end of the day, it's my third one, i'm getting soft. so let me say two things. first, to say thank you. thank you for coming out, for staying, for listening, for asking equestions, allowing me to answer them. that's what i love about new hampshire, you get to do this. it's wonderful. if anyone is cynical about our democracy, which we can be and deserve to be at times, i tell them come to new hampshire and
5:40 pm
watch how you folks have done this for the last year, come to town hall meetings, listen to candidates, consider their positions, their character, their views and now you're ready to make a decision on who to vote for. that's a great thing tavepls great thing for our democracy and wonderful for me as a candidate to have all of you listen and if you're supporting me to go out and really work over the next six days to get as many converts to the cause you can. it's going to be a really close election. secondly, i want to just relate from of you, one story iowa. about four days ago now we went to burlington, iowa. mary pat and i were there for one of our town hall meetings. and about midway through the town hall meeting a gentleman raised his hand, i called on him, he said, governor christie, i want to know what your view is how you'd hand they will role of commander in chief. it's personal to me because my son is being deemployee ployed,
5:41 pm
our oldest son is being deployed in four months to iraq. he sat down, and i looked next to him and his wife was there and she was crying. and at that moment, i stopped thinking as a presidential candidate and i started thinking like a father. because like i said, we have four of our own. and i thought to myself, how incredibly scared these parents must be, that this precious, precious thing in their life that they've nurtured from the womb, through infancy, through childhood and young adulthood, is now being turned over to our country, to fight for our principles in a place that's far away and really dangerous. i looked in the eyes of both of those folks and i saw both their fear and anxiety. and i looked around the room and
5:42 pm
i saw three gentlemen who had hats like this gentleman. one of them said world war ii veteran, he was in a wheelchair. another one, someone here with that hat, korea veteran. yeah, i saw your hat. another guy, he was 82 years old a veteran of the korean war. then i saw a third person who had on a hat that said operation iraqi freedom veteran. i don't know how old he was. and i thought to myself, think those menmen who sent into war. for the world war ii veteran, it was franklin delano roosevelt and harry truman. for the korean veteran, it was harry truman and dwight eisenhower. and for the iraqi freedom veteran, it was george w. bush. put aside for a moment your politics on any of those men.
5:43 pm
i think if we did we could all agree those were serious, sober, intelligent men with good hearts who understood how important the role of commander in chief is and what a vital role they play in the lives of all the men and women that they sent into battle. and so i want to make a suggestion to all of you as you go into the voting booth on tuesday night and i make it respectfully. as you walk into that voting booth to mark your ballot, imagine that mother and father are on either side of you and they're going to be watching you while you mark the ballot. you might even have to turn to them and say to them, i believe that fill in the blank, whoever that person is, is the best person to be the commander in chief for your son. the best person to lead him into battle, the best person to make sure that he's returned to you
5:44 pm
whole. see, because that's what this election really is all about, everybody. we spoke about all these other issues, and they are important issues. but in the end, who the commander in chief is of the greatest military the world has ever known, who the personification of our nation is to the rest of the world, who the person is who is going to ensures a best he can the safety and security -- ensure as best he can the safety and security of that family's oldest son, there's nothing more important thaten -- more important than that. there are some names you're going to see on that ballot that frankly i know you couldn't say out loud to that family. don't vote for them. don't vote for someone who you couldn't look in that mother's eyes and say to her this person is the best person to be the command for the chief for your son, to represent our country with honor and to bring him home
5:45 pm
safely. there's nothing more important than that. a lot of people urged me to run for president four years ago. and i said no. and the reason i said no is because i knew many my heart i was not ready. i was not ready to take on that responsibility and the only thing worse than running for president and losing is running for president and winning, when you're not ready. we watched this for the last seven years, a man saw a political opportunity and he took it. but he never asked himself, am i ready to be president? and now we see others, too young, too unprepared, too little experience, never managed a thing in their life. they now see a political opportunity and they're running for it. and i guarantee you they haven't asked themselves, am i really ready? is managing a 30-person senate
5:46 pm
staff really prepared me to make the kind of decisions i have to make to look those parents in i'm the best y, person to be your son's commander in chief. we should demand no less from a person asking for your vote to be president of the united states. no less. [applause] let there be no doubt in your mind that that is exactly what i'm doing tonight. i am asking you, each one of you, individually, as i look at you, i'm asking you for your vote. i'm asking you for your trust and your confidence. i'm asking you for the opportunity to lead this great nation back to even better days. i'm asking you to trust me. with the life of that family's oldest son. and i didn't ask you for it four years ago because i knew i wasn't ready.
5:47 pm
i hadn't earned that trust. don't give that trust to anybody who hasn't earned it. because it diminishes our nation and it puts those families in danger. but here's the thing. before i get to make any of those judgments, you get to make yours. that's the beauty of this democracy. before anybody is given power, it must be given to them by the people. so you're going to decide on tuesday night. and if you make your decisions thinking about that mother and father, then i will rest comfortably no matter what your verdict is on me because then i will know at least that you've picked this putting our country first, not politics. so i'm thrilled to be here in milford, i thank you for all your time tonight and we'll see you on tuesday. [applause]
5:48 pm
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5:51 pm
>> got the the motto of got to
5:52 pm
believe. good luck to you. >> thanks. >> thank you for being so genuine the way you approached verything. it's a characteristic we need in this country.
5:53 pm
>> would you like to meet my children. mr. christie: i'd love to. >> this is madline and caroline. droip are you a brownie? >> we just came from a meeting.
5:54 pm
>> i watched carlo's bakery. mr. christie: buddy is come up this weekend to campaign for me. carlo is going to come up, carlo's bakery man is coming to visit. let's do a picture together. come here. >> nice to meet you.
5:55 pm
>> mr. christie: what's your name? >> aidan. mr. christie: how old are you? >> 9. mr. christie: can we do a picture together? that'll be nice.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
mr. christie: thanks for having me. great venue.
6:00 pm
mr. christie: hi, how are you doing? you were in the room. i felt really good. it's a great crowd. felt good about it. you know, how folks are reacting to what we're having to say. that's really, you know, all you can do. just continue to work really hard. it will be a very close election. we're going to do the best we can. i feel good about tuesday. reporter: what's your bottom line goal really for tuesday? when you're looking at, you know -- mr. christie: i don't want to give a place or anything. it's just so tight. i've always said i want to be the best governor. i think we'll be able to move on to south carolina and do what we need to do. we'll keep working hard at it. we'll see how the debate goes on saturday, check with me again. reporter: thank you. mr. christie: yeah, absolutely. >> thank you very much. you and your staff have been fantastic to my folks. thank you very much, sir.
6:01 pm
mr. cist >> y-yes, ma'am. >> we are recently -- [inaudible] -- our friend is in your son's class. mr. christie: yes, he is! >> we've seen you at softball games and baseball games. mr. christie: absolutely! great to see you again. it does calm me down a little bit up here. thank you. i'm doing great, thanks. talk to your friends. tell them the good news. >> you were great. >> can we get a picture of the two of you? mr. christie: yeah, sure. thank you, sir, i appreciate hat. [inaudible] my oldest son at princeton graduated four years ago. and i have a ninth grader now there. >> wow. >> i met mary at lunch the other day. she's lovely. mr. cist >> y-i'm really lucky.
6:02 pm
mr. christie: thank yous for your support. we appreciate it. >> can i tell you something? i'd like to tell you why i like you. mr. christie: thank you. >> if you'll forgive me, i'm going to say a little bit about myself. i work for the -- [inaudible] -- and i've studied finance, accounting and par legal. and so many of these people, they give you one aspect of one kind of issue. whenever you talk about shoe, you explore all the different apingles of the topic -- angles of the topic. i think you can do it on the fly and you've got to be good and you've got to be paying attention to to be able to do that on the fly. mr. christie: thank you. >> it's awesome. there aren't many people who can do that. mr. christie: thank you for your support and the kind words. thank you very much. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] >> we'll have move road to the white house coverage from new hampshire in just under an hour, with republican presidential candidate jeb bush holding a town hall meeting in dairy. u.s. news and world report
6:03 pm
writes bush has decided to deploy a not so secret weapon, his mother, former first lady barbara bush. as he struggles to create momentum in the presidential race. he placed fifth out of 12 republican candidates on the iowa caucuses on monday and he's hoping for a breakthrough in the new hampshire primary coming tuesday. his mother is still popular around the country. we'll have the town hall live here on c-span, scheduled to start at 7:00 eastern time from airy, new hampshire. >> if a caucus is the test of a candidate's organization, which is what we saw in iowa, a primary is really a test of the candidate's message. a primary is different because you go in, you cast your ballot and then you leave. versus a caucus where you have to spend a couple of hours in a room, hearing speeches and then making decisions. so what we'll see in new hampshire, and what we've seen in the past, is the field really begins to widow out, especially on the republican side. it's a two-person race for the
6:04 pm
democrats. and it's a question of expectations. and which candidate is able to meet or exceed those expectations and we see that in new hampshire because, of course, it is the first real test of voters who go to the polls. if you saw our coverage right before the iowa caucuses, the one thing that we were able to do that no other network did is really take you to the campaign rallies, take you to the venues, as the candidates tried to close the deal before the iowa caucuses. we'll be doing the same thing right before the new hampshire trimeary on tuesday, so if -- primary on tuesday. so as the candidates crisscross the state, whether it's a small event or large campaign rally or campaign bus will be on the road as well. and really give you a sense, a flavor, of what's happening in this key state. it's the first in the nation primary. new hampshire has a long and rich history and for those of who you are not in new hampshire, a chance to watch it all unfold. >> and on capitol hill today, the former c.e.o. of turing pharmaceuticals was subpoenaed
6:05 pm
to appear before the house oversight committee. he invoked the fifth amendment against self-incrimination and refused to answer questions about prescription drug price hikes, including increasing the price of a drug for people with comprised immune systems from $13 to $750 per pill. this portion of the hearing ran 10 minutes. mr. chaffetz: you didn't provide the committee any written testimony. do you wish to make an opening statement? mr. shkreli: on the advice of counsel i will not be giving an opening statement. mr. chaffetz: what do you say to that pregnant woman who
6:06 pm
might have aids, no income, she needs daraprim in order to survive? what do you say to her when she has to make a choice? what do you say to her? mr. shkreli: on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question. mr. chaffetz: you were quoted as saying on fox 5 in new york, you were quoted as saying, if you raise prices and you don't take that cash and put it back into research, i think it's despicable. i think you should not be in the drug business. we take all of our cash, all of our extra profit and spend it on research for these patients for other patients who have terrible life-threatening -- life-ending diseases. did you say that? mr. shkreli: on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question. mr. chaffetz: do you think you've done anything wrong? mr. shkreli: on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question. mr. chaffetz: i'd like to yield time to congressman gowdy of south carolina. mr. gowdy: thank you, mr. chairman. do you pronounce it
6:07 pm
shkreli? mr. shkreli: yes, sir. mr. gowdy: see, you can answer some questions. that didnt incriminate your. i want to make you understand, you are welcomed to answer questions and not all of your answers are going to subject you to incrimination. you understand that, don't you? mr. shkreli: i intend to follow the advice of my counsel, not yours. mr. gowdy: i just want to make sure you are getting the the right advice. you do know that not every disclosure can be subject to the fifth amendment assertion, only those that you reasonably believe could be used in a criminal prosecution or lead to other evidence. mr. shkreli: i intend to use the advice of my counsel, not yours. mr. gowdy: do you also understand that you can waive your fifth amendment right? you gave an interview to a television station in new york where, if i understood you correctly, you couldn't wait to come educate the members of congress on drug pricing and this would be a great
6:08 pm
opportunity to do it so do you understand you could waive your fifth amendment right? mr. shkreli: on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question. mr. gowdy: well, mr. chairman. i'm vexed. he's been willing to answer at least one question this morning. that didn't subject him to incrimination. i don't think he's under indictment of the subject matter of this hearing so the fifth amendment actually doesn't apply to answers that are not reasonably calculated to expose you to incrimination and even if does apply hes welcomed to waive it. i listened to his interview and he didn't have to be prodded to talk during that interview. he doesn't have to be prodded to tweet a whole lot or to show us his life on that little webcam he's got. so this is a great opportunity. if you want to educate the members of congress about drug
6:09 pm
pricing or what you call the fictitious case against you or we can even talk about the purchase of a -- is it wu tang clan, is that the name of the lbum, name of the group? mr. shkreli: on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination and respectfully decline your question. mr. gowdy: mr. speaker, i am stunned that a conversation about an album he purchased could subject him to incrimination. mr. chaffetz: well, i the gentleman is correct. i understand that mr. shkreli is under indictment and is not the intention to ask him questions about that topic. mr. gowdy: so if i understand it correctly, we're not going to ask him questions that are going to be in the subject matter of his current pending criminal charges, and if we were to get close to one in the gray area, he's welcome to
6:10 pm
assert his fifth amendment privilege there and if we stay away from the subject matter of his indictment, he is -- some could argue has a legal obligation to answer under casgar vs. united states but certainly has the right to do so as he did in the television interview and he does quite frequently on social media. mr. chaffetz: correctly. >> mr. chairman, may i be recognized for a moment? mr. chaffetz: no. you're not allowed to. under the house rules you have not been sworn in. >> i understand. he's making -- mr. chaffetz: you are not recognized. you are not recognized and you will be seated. the gentleman from south carolina is correct. we were trying to provide to have a candid conversation about drug pricing. we now recognize mr. cummings for any questions he might have. mr. cummings: thank you very much, mr. chairman. mr. chairman, let me state for the record that i completely support your decision to bring
6:11 pm
mr. shkreli to make sure he asserted his fifth amendment right before this committee. normally democrats on our committee have accepted the assertions of a witness' attorney that his or her client is going to take the fifth. but in this case, mr. shkreli made a number of public comments himself raising legitimate questions about his ntentions. honestly, i did not know whether he was going to show up today, so it's nice to see you. but now that he has invoked his constitutional rights, of course i will respect his decision. to mr. shkreli, since i have you in front of me, after trying to get you in front of this committee for so long, let me say this. i want to ask you to -- no, i
6:12 pm
want to plead with you to use any remaining influence you have over your former company to press them to lower the price of these drugs. you can look away if you like, but i wish you could see the faces of people no matter what she says who cannot get the rugs that they need. and by the way, it's the taxpayers -- somebody's paying for these drugs. somebody's paying. it's the taxpayers that end up paying for some of them. and so those are our constituents. people's lives are at stake because of the price increases you impose and the access -- the access problems that have been created. you are in a unique position. you really are, sir. rightly or wrongly, you've been viewed as a so-called bad boy of pharma.
6:13 pm
you have a spotlight, and you have a platform. you could use that attention to come clean, to right your wrongs and to become one of the most effective patient advocates in the country and one that can make a big difference in so many people's lives. i know you're smiling but i'm very serious, sir. the way i see it, you can go down in history as the poster boy for greedy drug company executives or you can change the system. yeah, you. you detailed knowledge about drug companies and the system e have today and i truly believe, i truly believe -- are you listening? mr. shkreli: yes. mr. cummings: i truly believe
6:14 pm
you could become a force of tremendous good. all i ask is that you reflect on it. no, i don't ask, mr. shkreli that you reflect on it. i beg that you reflect on a it. there are so many people that could use your help. may god bless you. thank you. i yield back. mr. chaffetz: the gentleman yields back. mr. shkreli, it is -- it's your intention to decline all answers to the questions and invoke your fifth amendment right? r. shkreli: yes. mr. chaffetz: i ask now that the committee excuse the witness from the table. without objection, so ordered. we'll pause for a moment as mr. shkreli is escorted out.
6:15 pm
[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] >> after appearing before the oversight committee, the former c.e.o. left the room and sent ut this tweet -- you can watch the heafering, including the other witnesses, called to testify on the pricing of prescription drugs tonight at 8:00 eastern. we'll have that over on c-span2. >> every election cycle we're reminded how important it is for citizens to be informed, >> to me c-span is a home for political junkies and a way to track the government as it happens. >> it's a great way for us to stay informed. >> there are a lot of c-span fans on the hill. my colleagues, they're going to say, i saw you on c-span. >> there's so much more that c-span does to make sure that
6:16 pm
people outside the beltway know what's going on inside it. >> and before we take you live to the town hall meeting in derry, new hampshire, with jeb and barbara bush, here's a look at republican presidential candidate, senator marco rubio, from tuesday in exeter. mr. rubio: thank you, new hampshire. i'm not going to make them stand here the whole time but i want youed you to meet my family. they're going to be here for eight days. the greatest eight days in american politics. we had a great time in iowa and a great turnout and now we're ready to do it here in new hampshire and i'm grateful to all of you for coming out today. [cheers and applause] so, my wife, we've been married now 17 -- 17 years -- 17 years. 17 years. and these are my four children. amanda's my oldest. she'll be 16 in april. and dan yella is 13. and anthony is 10. and dominic is --
6:17 pm
>> 8. mr. rubio: yes. [applause] so they are going to be with us the whole week, as well as they were with us in december. and when they were coming up here, they said, dad, we hope it snows in new hampshire. i said, kids -- [laughter] the people of new hampshire do not want snow. i am against snow. [cheers and applause] so, if you guys want to stand up here, or do you want to stand down -- >> we'll be down there. human being human being -- mr. rubio: i want to thank them for joining me and i hope you'll get to know them here in our time together. [applause] i'm so excited to be here with you. this election is not just a choice between political parties. this election is a referendum on our identity as a nation and as a. people i'm going to tell you what -- as a people. i'm going to tell what you -- we have a chance to be greater than we've ever been. i believe that with all of my heart. there is a real chance, within
6:18 pm
our reach, that my children, who you just met, and the children that are here today, and your children and grandchildren, could be the freest and the most prosperous americans that have ever lived. that's within our reach. that will not happen if the next four years are anything like the last seven. [applause] that will not happen if a bernie sanders or a hillary clinton is elected president of the united states. and that's why i'm here in the hopes of convincing as many, if not all of you, no, frankly, all of you, to vote for me a week from today. >> we love you! mr. rubio: thank you. [applause] my favorite kind of heckler, you know. you vote for me because if i'm our nominee, we are going to beat hillary clinton. and it won't be by a flip of a coin. i promise you that. cheers and applause]
6:19 pm
by the way, that is -- that is just unreal, right? they flip a coin because they were tied, so they just flip a coin on who won? ok. so, yeah. but that's what this election is so important. this election is a referendum on our identify. what has america been for over two centuries? you know what it's been. it's been the single greatest nation in the history of all of man kind. [cheers and applause] because we were founded on an incredibly powerful principle. the principle that our rights do not come from government. s do not come from our law. our rights come from our creator. [applause] and it is that principle, that belief, that fundamental truth, that led us to embrace free enterprise. that made us the freest, most pros pouse people that ever live -- prosperous people that ever lived it. also led us to be an
6:20 pm
inspiration to the world. the place where anyone from anywhere could achieve anything if they were willing to work hard and persevere to accomplish. so when did this all start going wrong? well, i think it's been building for some time, but in 2008 america elected a president who wasn't interested in fixing america's problems. in 2008, we elected a president who wanted to change america. change it, to make it more like the rest of the world. and this explains a lot of what's happened over the last seven years. he doesn't view the constitution the way you and i do. he views the constitution as an annoyance, as an outdated and stale document that we need to figure out how to get around. that's why he issues these unconstitutional executive orders. that's why he undermines the second amendment. that's why he undermines religious liberties. he views america as an arrogant global power. that's why he cuts deals with our enemies like iran. that's why he betrays allies like israel. that's why he's gutting our military.
6:21 pm
that's why he apologizes for america on at least 10 separate occasions. we have a president that has apologized for america while traveling abroad. >> he's wrong! mr. rubio: and this is what we're left with. the sense of frustration and anger that you feel is justified. because not only has barack obama taken us in the wrong direction, but to be frank, leaders in either party have not done enough to stop it. that's the anger people face. [applause] so, this started building early in 2009. i was a private citizen. i had been speaker of the floor of the house, term limits kicked in, i was happy to go home and become a private citizen. then there was a vacancy created for the u.s. senate. said, i want my next u.s. senator to be someone who will stand up to this agenda that barack obama's putting in place and offer a clear alternative. and the republican establishment said, our candidate is going to be the sitting governor of florida, his name was charlie crisp. and i said, i know him. he was governor when i was
6:22 pm
speaker. he is not a republican, much less a conservative. and they said, it doesn't matter, that's who we're going with. and i said, well, then i'm going to run. and they said, if you run, we're going to come against you. and they did. but we won. in fact, we won -- [cheers and applause] before that race had even ended, he had proven me right. he had switched to become an independent. then he became a democrat two years later. now he's a vegetarian. equipes moving. [laughter] -- equipes moving. [laughter] -- equipes moving -- he keeps moving. [laughter] nothing wrong with being a vegetarian. i don't get it but there's nothing wrong with it. now, when i decided to run for president, some of the same people came forward and said, you can't run for president. i said, why? they said, because you have to wait your turn. there's a line. i said, i didn't know there was a line. but wait for what? what are we waiting for? after seven years of barack obama, this is not a time for patience. this is a time for urgent action.
6:23 pm
because if we get this election wrong, there may be no turning around for america. >> let's get the job done! mr. rubio: absolutely. [cheers and applause] absolutely. so what will it take to get the job done? first, what it will take is we must, at the end of this process, bring this party and this movement together. we cannot win if we are not together. that doesn't mean we're going to agree on everything. it does not. but we have to be unified. we must come together and when i'm our nominee, i will bring the party and the conservative movement together. i will unify us so we can win. cheers and applause] but that alone will not be enough. we need to go out and convince more people to become conservatives than we have right now. and we're going to do that when i'm our nominee. we are going to go to the people who are living the way that i grew up. my father was a bartender. my mother was a cashier. a maid, a stock clerk at
6:24 pm
k-matter. they were not rich, they were not wealthy, they were not influential. they were not politically connected. but they instilled ins us the values that i hold today. i'll never forget growing up, we lived in las vegas for a few years. and we didn't have a lot of money. and there wasn't a lot for kids to do in las vegas. especially in the early 1980's. and so my parents sometimes would take us and drive to these nice neighborhoods with really nice houses. ne of the houses was libiraccis. i don't know why i remember. that some of you don't know who that is so why are you laughing? and my parents had a choice. my patients could have taught us, you see these people that live in these nice houses? the reason why we live in a small house is because greedy people like this live in a big house. that's not what they taught us. you know what they taught us? they taught us, if that is what you want, if what you want is to be financially successful and live in a house like that, you live in the one country in the world where it doesn't matter that your dad is a bartender and your mother's a maid.
6:25 pm
you can do that too. [cheers and applause] my parents knew, my parents knew that america was a special country. because they knew what life was like outside of america. we need to reach people like that now. to the single mothers that are raising children on their own, living paycheck to paycheck, the big government liberals have lied to them. more taxes, more government, more spending is not the way forward for our country or for them. to the students that are struggling under student loan debt, i know what you're going through. because i had a student loan. three years ago i still owed over $100,000. and i was only able to pay it off because i wrote a book. it's called "an american son." [laughter] it's available on paperback. if case you're wondering. [laughter] all right. that's not a joke. paperback. ble on
6:26 pm
[laughter] ok. and what about to the families that are raising their children in the 21st century? they can't lecture me about that. as you just saw, my wife and i are raising four children in the 21st century. and we know that it's gotten harder than ever to raise our kids with the values we want to instill in our homes. instead of the values they try to ram down our throats in the popular culture. cheers and applause] when i am our nominee, i will unite this party and i will grow the conservative movement. by taking our principles to people that have not voted for us in the past. and convincing them, as i know we can, and i know we will, that our approach is better than what bernie sanders or hillary clinton is offering. [cheers and applause] when i'm our nominee, we will win. you know who knows we will win? you know who does not want to
6:27 pm
run against me? bernie sanders and hillary clinton. they know i'll win. it's why they attack me more than any other republican in this race. they don't want to run against me. but i can't wait to run against them. [cheers and applause] i cannot wait to run against bernie sanders, if he's their nominee. bernie sanders are a socialist. usually that's a slur. but, no, he's a socialist. like he says he's a socialist. like in his commercials. [laughter] bernie sanders is actually a nice guy and said the other night, he'd be a really good can't date -- candidate for president of sweden. then the swedish people got really upset at me. i had these two young men from sweden at one of my events in iowa and i thought they were going to chew me out, why are you saying this -- they said, why would you do that our our country? [laughter] so, i take it back. he's not a good president for anyone.
6:28 pm
hillary clinton is no laughing matter. hillary clinton can never be the president. she's not qualified to be president. >> [inaudible] mr. rubio: well. hillary clinton took highly classified information and, because she believes she's above the law, she put it on her private server. so classified that the state department can't even release them. because they might put people's lives in danger. she thinks she's above the law. and maybe her plan was, i'll win, i'll become president, and then i'll pardon myself. but she's not going to win. and here's what's worse. hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief. because anyone who lies to the family of people who lost their lives in the service of our country can never be the commander in chief of the united states. cheers and applause]
6:29 pm
so i'm asking you for your vote, because if you nominate me, i will unite us. i will grow this moment movement. we will win this election. but you deserve to know something even more important. not just why are we going to win, but when we get there, what are we going to do? it is not enough to be angry. you have a right to be angry. but anger is not a plan. and perhaps no state in the country demands more of their candidates than new hampshire does. and you should. the role you play is so important. as a candidate, it's so rewarding. tomorrow we're going to begin a series of town hall meetings where we get to answer these questions and truly it is the best debate prep you can possibly do. because the people at the town halls often have much better questions than the moderaters at these debates. [laughter] [applause] the fox debate was good, ok, they did a good job. [applause] just want to say that. but the point is, you deserve
6:30 pm
to know what we're going to do. today, i'm not -- it will take an hour to go through everything we're going to do but i want to give you key points of the things we're going to do. the first thing i'm going to do is take the ocean of office. which means -- oath of office. which means i'm going place my left hand on the baseball and -- bible and my right hand in the air and i'm going to swear to protect and defend and uphold the constitution and, unlike barack obama, i will actually mean it. cheers and applause] that means, for example, that as president, i will not undermine, i will defend the second amendment, because you have a constitutional god-given right to defend your family against criminals and terrorists and anyone who seeks to do you harm. cheers and applause] after i am done taking the oath of office, i am going straight to the oval office and as soon as i walk through those doors, i'm going straight to the desk
6:31 pm
and i am going to repeal every single one of barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders. every single one of them. cheers and applause] and that means, that means that all these crazy e.p.a. rules that are destroying jobs in america, on my first day in office, they're gone. [cheers and applause] this executive order that undermines the second amendment on my first day-day in office is gone. [cheers and applause] any work the federal government is doing to try to take over our k-12 system, that belongs to school boards, on my first day in office, any work to impose common corps stops on my first day in office. cheers and applause] and on my first day in office, no one is going to doubt whose side america is on when it comes to israel. because on my first day in
6:32 pm
office, i will end and cancel barack obama's deal with the ayatollah of iran. cheers and applause] [audience chanting] as long as you don't say polo, polo. i hated that game. i really hated that game. [laughter] when i'm president, we're banning marco polo. it will not be allowed in our schools. [laughter] where was i? the economy. [laughter] our economy flat lined. you know how many millions of americans, you know how many of you, are working harder than you've ever worked and you live paycheck to paycheck? and by the way, i have people in my family that are facing this. and these people are nurses and teachers and firefighters. they live paycheck to paycheck.
6:33 pm
they are one broken refrigerator, one -- the brake goes bad on your car away from having to scramble to figure out how to pay for it. and why is that happening? because this economy under barack obama is flat. the jobs that it's creating don't pay enough. and you know whose fault that is? it's not your fault. it's the policies of this government's fault. policies that make us uncompetitive. policies that are running up the debt. policies that will even danger social security and medicare, important programs, programs that my mother's on. i've take an very hard stance. i am against anything that's bad for my mom. [laughter] [applause] so when i'm president of the united states, we are going to become globally competitive again. we're going to fix our tax code. we're going to roll back our regulationses. we're going to balance our budget. i have a plan. go to my website. to save social security and medicare. not just for people that are on it now, but for people in the
6:34 pm
future, like my children and your children and grandchildren. we're going to fully utilize our energy resources. we are going to do what it takes and when we do it, there will be no economy in the world more vibrant or more competitive than the u.s. economy once again. cheers and applause] when i'm president, we're getting rid of obamacare. [cheers and applause] i know that everyone running for president is a republican -- as a republican is against obamacare. i am the only one running for president that's ever done anything against obamacare. i led the effort and we got rid of a bailout fund that they had created in obamacare, they were going to bail out private s with your pany money. and i wiped out that bailout fund. i led the effort to do it. we saved taxpayers $2 billion. when i'm president of the united states, by a simple majority vote in the house and senate, we will repeal and
6:35 pm
replace obamacare once and for all. cheers and applause] as i've already told you and many of you probably already know, my parents weren't born in the united states. i'm the son of immigrants. the grandson of immigrants. my wife's entire families are immigrants. we grew up in a community of immigrants and i live in a community of immigrants. i understand this issue deeply. and personally. and all of its complexity. . i know that fist and foremost, im-- first and foremost, immigration and the debate about it now has to be about keeping isis out of america. it's not about a religious test, not not about discrimination, but we have to do things differently now. because we face a threat that wasn't here before. a radical and sophisticated jihadist group that wants to move killers in our country and we will not allow that to happen. when i am president, if we don't know who you are and we don't know why you're coming, you are not getting into the united states of america. cheers and applause]
6:36 pm
the other thing we have to fight off, and as the son and grandson of immigrants, i get really annoyed by this, is the argument that if you want to secure your borders, that's anti-immigrant. it's not. every sovereign country in the world does this. or tries to. we have a right to control who comes here, how they come here and when they come here. and for 30 years, we have not done that well. that will change. when i am president, we are not hiring 20,000 new i.r.s. agents. we'll hire 20,000 new border agents instead. cheers and applause] we will finish the 700 miles of fencing and walls that the experts know we need. we'll have mandatory e-verify, a mandatory entry-exist tracking system, to keep people from overstaying visas. you do that and will you see this issue come under control and will it come under control
6:37 pm
quickly. and after that, we'll deal with the rest of it. not amnesty. criminal aliens are going to be deported right away. and sanctuary cities, when i'm president, will lose all of their federal money. cheers and applause] the most important job i'm going to have as president is commander comm chief, it's the most important job any president will have. the one we have now is nod a got -- is not a good commander in chief. because the world is a more dangerous place than it was seven years ago. north korea is governed by a lunatic who unfortunately has nuclear weapons. the chinese government is rapidly building up their military, they steal our inventions, they steal our secrets, they hack into our computers, they're taking over the south china sea. vladimir putin sews instability in europe and the middle east. iran is about to get $100 billion of sanctions relief.
6:38 pm
and they're not going to use that to build orphanages. they're going to use that to build up their meltary -- their military, to acquire a nuclear weapon, and to sponsor terrorism. and isis, isis is not just a bunch of people on the back of pickup trucks. the way the president made them sound at the state of the union. isis is the most sophisticated, sophisticated, and well funded jihadist movement in history. this is the group that burns people alive in cages. this is the group that takes little girls as young as 9, 10, 11 years of age and sells them off to their fighters as brides. this is the group that's aligned with boko haram, who just set a village on fire, little kids died in those fires. this is who we're -- this is an apocalyptic group who believes that their job is to trigger the end of the world and the rise of their figure, by triggering an armageddon-style showdown in northern syria. this is a dangerous group. and in the face of all of these
6:39 pm
dangers, what is barack obama doing to our military? he's gutting it. >> he's the worst! mr. rubio: he's gutting it. he's gutting our military. he is the worst when it comes to this. i'll explain to you why. our army will soon be the smallest it has been since the end of world war ii. our navy will soon be the smallest it has been in 100 years. and our air force will soon be not just smaller but with the oldest airplanes it has had in our history. and what to me quite frankly is unacceptable is when we have people running for president in the party of reagan, who have voted for budgets that brag about cutting defense spending even more. this is unacceptable. providing for the national defense is the most important job the federal government does. it is the reason why we have a federal government. [applause] by the way, these cuts aren't just bad for america.
6:40 pm
they are unfair to our men and women in uniform. we're still asking them to put their lifes on the line. we're still asking them to confront danger. but with older airplanes, with less people by their side, some of them have to go out and buy their own equipment, because what they're being handed, what they're being given is not good enough. so when i am president of the united states, we are not cutting defense spending, when i am president, we are rebuilding the u.s. military because the world is a safer and a better place when america is the strongest military in the world. cheers and applause] when i am president, we're going to have a real war on terror. and here's how it's going to work. the best intelligence agencies in the world are going to tell us where the terrorists are. the best military in the world is going to destroy the terrorists. but if we capture any of them alive, they're not getting a lawyer, they're not getting a court hearing they getting a one-way ticket to guantanamo
6:41 pm
and we're going to find out everything they know. cheers and applause] by the way, as part of our national defense, we're going to take care of our veterans again. we're not doing that now. [cheers and applause] if you're a veteran, i want to thank you for your service. we all want to thank you for your service. cheers and applause] and in that vein, today when there's a terrorist attack, the first people to respond in america are firefighters and police officers. i am so sick and tired of reading about all the police officers that are this bad or that bad. police officers and firefighters are fellow americans that are willing to die before you do. we are grateful to you for your service and we thank you fory what -- for what you do. cheers and applause]
6:42 pm
when i am president, by the way, a lot of police officers and firefighters happen to be veterans. when i'm president, and you're a veteran, you are going to be able to take your v.a. benefits to any hospital or any doctor that you choose to go to. [cheers and applause] so in closing, in closing, i want to thank you for being here today. this was about to start the most exciting period of time that -- well, every four years do you this, so you guys are veterans at this. but the first time i do it and it's a lot of fun. and for me it's an extraordinary privilege to be able to do this. and an honor. as i've told people often, to me this election is deeply personal. i want you to understand why. why i have this sense of urgency and passion about what we confront as a nation. because america's not just a country i was born in. america is the nation that changed the history of my family. as i told you earlier, my
6:43 pm
parents came here in 1956, they had it hard. my father stopped going to school when he was 9 years old. because his mother had died. he had to go work. 9 years old. he had to go work. he never went back to school. my mother didn't have it much easier. when they first got here to america, they had it hard. they were discouraged. life was not easy. the lower -- the law in our family is some of the first words my father learned in english, one of my older cousins had spelt out on a little splip of paper the words, i'm looking for a job or i'm looking for work. fist words he probably learned to say in english. and those first years here were tough. i think i said this last night, but within less than a decade, after my parents came here in those circumstances, they owned a home. not a mansion, but a home in a safe and stable neighborhood. years later, they retired with dignity and security. and the most important thing of all, they were able to live to
6:44 pm
see their children grow up to have a better life than theirs. that was the purpose of their life. it gave purpose to their days. and i always tell that story, not just -- i'm not -- because when i do, i'm not talking about me. i'm talking about you. >> that's what we want. mr. rubio: i'm talking about all of you. who among us has not been a generation or two removed from that? who among us is not a generation or two removed from parents who made your future the purpose of their lives? or grandparents that made your parents' future the purpose of their lives? maybe some of you are that parent now. who works hard every day because you want your kids to be able to do all the things you never had a chance to do. it reminds us that what makes america special is not that we have rich people. every country in the world has rich people. we're grateful that we have rich people. it means we're a successful nation. but what makes us special are the millions of people that know they're never going to be rich and that's not what they
6:45 pm
want. they just want to be happy. when you become a nurse, a teacher, a firefighter, a police officer, a welder, an airplane mechanic, a car technician, you know you're not going to become a billionaire. your goal in life is to have a job that you enjoy. that pace you enough to own a home and do things you like and save for retirement and leave your kids with a chance at something better. and the fact that in america it doesn't matter whether you started out or where you came from, that is available to everyone, that is what has made us special for over two centuries. that is the nation that inspired the world and changed the course of human history. and now we must decide whether we still want to be that kind of country. we're losing it. it's slipping away. and if we stay on the road we are on right now, we will be responsible for losing it. we will be the first generation in american history that leaves their children worse off than themselves. and i for one want no part of that. and so now this generation has s called on to do what those
6:46 pm
who came before us did. for you see, the greatness of america -- was never automatic and it was not an accident. for over two centuries, each generation did what they had to do. your parents, your grandparents, your great-grandparents, they too faced great challenges and they confronted them. they did not leave their problems for you. they fixed them. now the time has come for us to do that as well. if you elect me president, we will do it. if you elect me president, this generation will do its part and when the history of this time is written, here's what it will say of us. it will say that we in this generation, like those who came before us, rose up to the great challenges and because we did what needed to be done, we didn't just save the american dream, we expanded it. it reached more people, it changed more lives than ever before. because we did what needed to be done, our children were freer and more prosperous than any americans had ever been. because we did what needed to be done, the 21st century was better than the 20th century.
6:47 pm
it was a new american century. this is the opportunity before us and we must seize it now. and so i'm asking to you vote for me next tuesday. if you haven't done so already, sign up for our campaign on the website, here before you leave. we want to stay in touch with you. we're not going to bombard you, but we are going to bombard with you emails for like -- [laughter] -- for only eight dales. and then we're going to leave you alone until august and september. because we're coming back to win new hampshire in the general election. [cheers and applause] and we're going to beat hillary clinton! and we're going to turn america around. [cheers and applause] thank you and god bless you. thank you. [cheers and applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016]
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>> i drove three hours to get here.
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mr. rubio: let me get him and then i'll get you. mr. rubio: you guys like the music? >> yeah!
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mr. rubio: thank you. you're going to get crushed, man. > it's all good. [inaudible] >> thank you!
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>> thank you.
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mr. rubio: which one is it? that one? >> marco, you can't lose because you look just like my grandson, ryan. mr. rubio: very nice to meet you. you're not old enough to be my granddad. yeah, where's your camera? >> thanks, marco. >> get a picture. >> thank you so much. >> hey, marco. >> marco! marco! >> thank you very much. >> can i get a picture? >> best of luck to you. mr. rubio: thank you. thank you, guys.
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>> you have our vote.
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travelled one mile to see you. can you take a picture with my wife? one, two, three. got it? thanks.
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>> thank you! >> can i get a picture with you? >> i live in new jersey but i go to school in boston college o i drove here to see you. inaudible] thank you.
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>> this is for you and your wife. mr. rubio: thanks for being here. lou are you? thanks for coming out. et it set up with him. >> request we get a picture? can you take a picture? mr. rubio: yeah, sure. >> ready? three, two, one. >> can you get a picture of me and mr. rubio? mr. rubio: that will be $5. [laughter] >> i just want to shake your and.
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mr. rubio: thank you so much for coming. thank you, guys. thank you, thank you so much for being here. >> can i get a picture with you? thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> i'm from the republican club. can we take a picture with you? thank you. mr. rubio: are you there, guys? they're pushing forward on you. >> just helping you out. mr. rubio: want to make sure no ne gets hurt here. are you guys ready? ne, two, whoa, whoa, whoa. thank you, guys.
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>> hold the camera up. >> thank you. >> right over here. >> thank you. >> good luck to you. mr. rubio: thank you very much. [inaudible] >> everybody needs to take two steps back. two steps backwards. >> good luck. r. rubio: thank you very much.
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>> who do you like in the super bowl? mr. rubio: i want peyton manning to win but -- [inaudible] >> we and more road to the white house coverage from new hampshire, taking you live on c-span to derry, new hampshire, where former governor jeb bush and barbara bush, his mother, will be


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