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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 5, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm EST

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folks who are do not think should be our commander-in-chief and i think jeb bush is the man to do the job right. host: jeb bush is in fifth place. according to the most recent poll, is support when from 6% to 10%. is this place good enough? guest: it depends what point you take a look at. i just saw one, i think harper pulled, it hasn't in second place in new hampshire, so -- it has him in second place in new hampshire, so i think you would do quite well and i think momentum will pick up across the country. host: gary lambert served as deputy legal counsel and acting chief counsel to the commanding general of the multinational force in iraq. he served in the marine corps for over 35 years, retired in 2014 as the kernel. he was awarded the bronze star for his iraqi service. what about some of the other candidates? are there any republican
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candidates you would not support? guest: i would support all of them, they are all better than hillary clinton a bernie sanders. i watched the debate last night and it was a debacle. i cannot imagine either one as commander-in-chief. within the field right now, i think jeb bush is the most qualified to lead. some of the comments by some of the candidates, even though i will support whoever is the nominee, that we have one candidate talking about bombing the blank out of people, that is not the kind of person i look for in a commander-in-chief and i don't think it is the kind of person the people of america are looking for. host: who are the people supporting jeb bush? guest: he has got 12 medal of honor winners -- i cannot believe i even said that, 12 medal of honor recipients, 39 flag and general offices, and i think the most impressive ad out there right now, if you take a
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look, before medal of honor recipients talking about how they looked at the field, they have done their homework, they have read, watched and they have settled on jeb bush. i think that says a lot. i don't think there is any other candidate out there that has the kind of support from that level of veterans and heroes that we have had. host: there is a new ad that will be starting to air in south carolina. we want to show it to you right now and ask you why isn't this area new hampshire? -- airing in new hampshire. >> the first job of the president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and strong backbone. jeb will unite our country, and he knows when tough measures must be taken. he knows how to bring the world together. experience and judgment count for the oval office. jeb bush is a leader who will keep our country safe.
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>> jeb bush, right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. host: george w doing in ad, why can't that aaron new hampshire? -- why can't that air in new hampshire? guest: i have no idea. i was a fan of his brother, his father and i served in iraq under his brother. you can see what you want about the two bushes, but during desert storm and during the invasion of iraq, i believe we had over 100 countries and desert storm, and bush 41 was able to put together that coalition. when we went to iraq, i was there with over 60 countries participating and you can say what you want about jeb bush and the bush family, but those folks, those presidents know how to put the coalition together. host: barbara bush was in town last night. did you go to that event?
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guest: no, i wasn't able to meet that. i'm sure she did fantastic job as she always has. i have seen her in action before. i'm sure she was wonderful. host: you served one term as a new hampshire state senator. why just one term? guest: one term only because it is a long story, but i was retired from the marine corps and unfortunately, broglie, and i got -- wrongfully and i got back into the marine corps and soothe the secretary of navy to -- i sued the secretary of the navy get back, so it was a choice between state senate were going back to inactive status in the marine corps reserves and that was a no-brainer for me. the only reason i got out after 35 years was because it was my time. that is why i did not run for a second term. host: october 29, 2013, c-span did in the to be with barbara bush. here's what she had to say. >> i think this is a great
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american country, great country. if we cannot find more than two or three families to run for high office, that is silly because there are great eligible people to run. i think that the kennedys, clintons, bushs, there are more families than that and i'm not arrogant enough to think we alone are raising, but we are raising public servants, whether they are feeding the poor like laura is, or barbara who is bringing global health to the world, or pierce working for big brothers, big sisters, but there are a lot of ways to serve and being president is not the only one.
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although, the question -- there is no question in my mind that jeb is the most qualified person to run for president. i hope you won't because you will get all my enemies, all his brother's, and there are other families. i refuse to accept that this great country isn't raising other wonderful people. host: gary lambert? hey, maybe barbara bush should run for president. issue a class act or what? talk about humility. -- is she a class act or what? talk about humility. she is like, we do not need to be the dynasty, we are servants, etc. that is why jeb bush should be the president. he comes from that kind of stock.
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moms are going to be moms. i think she was just speaking out of humility and what a wonderful lady. apparently, she has changed her mind. jeb bush certainly wants to run, so moms will say what mom say. host: let's take some calls. audrey is calling from portsmouth, new hampshire, democrat line. we are talking with gary lambert. caller: hi, peter and mr. lambert. i have been a supporter of bernie for 30 years. i followed him in the house, the senate, and i'm going to vote for him. what bothers me is that everybody is talking about the evangelicals but nobody is talking about the fact that bertie is jewish, and i am -- and bernie sanders is jewish and i am jewish.
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i am very proud of that. host: any response? guest: my only response is that bernie sanders sounds like and is a very nice person. his socialist agenda, regardless of whatever religion, that has nothing to do with it, it will not work for america and america will not buy it. while he may be a principled and nice man, he is not the person to lead the country. host: sarah, fort lauderdale, florida, republican. yes, that is a fine family. it really is. george bush was really not presidential material. he is kind of a funny guy, but his dad is a wonderful man. the trouble is, by default, the people who started that you american century, you can look it up online, they had already
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decided to go after saddam hussein long before the towers came down. for the president to take the called fastball or somet i don't quite buy that. was that war kills 4,000 of our boys. and wounding so many others in psp. a thing george lime brother in the light, too. we need a fresh start. bush would have crystal without bill chenney. rock andsomething on a
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-- i understand. so, you would not support jeb correct? >> no. >> for that reason. >> thank you very much. sarah in florida. gary lambert, what's your response? response is a 20/20. honor of pleasure and serving under both president 41 and 43, in uniform.
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he's going to make it. oo donald trump is doing some damage. about itto get an idea
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jeb bush doesn't make it, who support? thank you very much. >> thank you for your service. don't know corpsman, they protect us. acould tell you, i think it's different -- you will see things differently. everywhere. he's doing one town hall everyone. i think he's going to do quite well here. i'm not going to guess about who for me, if jeb bush is in. right now, he's in. believe he's going to be the president. i will him until, you know, that happens. well know, gary lambert, donald trump has governor bush as low energy. >> yeah. i guess he hasn't spent with him i
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i've had breakfast with governor ush and have gone to town hall's with him. first of all, he's a leader and he shows he's a leader. secondly, if you just followed him for awhile, listen to all questions he gets asked issues, he's got a great direct answer to that. political answer. he doesn't give an answer like trump said, y, mr. it out when i get there. that did a president experience e necessary to lead this country and look what we've got? unfortunately, things are pretty bad. our el is in texas on
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democrats line. i'm a vietnam veteran. >> thank you, sir. thank me.'t after world war ii, after we attacked by -- >> watch the rest of this online on our as wegton journal archive washington, to d.c. everybody.ernoon, of the colombian and lunch ions completed a nd mr. president, i want to welcome you.
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know, that , you olombia's first vice president was second in power to the great liberator. sometimes compared to franklin because of the breath his expertise and also not diplomacy, but also as a writer and a student of nature. as for boulevard, his name fewer dly claimed by no than eight different towns in america. so, mr. president, there are a connections between our two countries, many more than those, as you know. the most basic is the founding to liberty and peace and that is why president obama meet with you to at the white house yesterday and i'm particularly pleased to
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welcome you here to the state department. ago, as a member of the united states senate and the i eign relations committee, was privileged to join with, and vice president biden to d and others and working put together plan colombia. late 1990s, colombia was becoming a e of failed state, sieged by difficulties, guerilla movements. remember reacting to the news almost the entire supreme assassinated in colombia. responded and passed plan question midst big marks, as you know well.
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come to us at a as anhere colombia stands example of possibilities and, privileged to now visit twice as secretary of transformation that one witnesses is absolutely rema remarkable. violence is at the economy is cades, growing. this is one of the strongest partnerships in the hemisphere. colombia, under the president's reached aadership, has pivotal stage in the effort to try to end the war with the,
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i'm grateful that the united states has been able to support step in this by historic process. went to colombia three ago, he asked for our help. because of our early engagement, would sayy natural we of course. we were pleased to be able to help. negotiations are always difficult. they're always complicated. years of strife, that hardly -- including plans for disarming and demobilizing the ark and measures to assure accountability for war time atrocities. but utlook is promising, the stakes are much too high to and weything for granted
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don't. o one is in a celebratory status, there's work to be done. the here to renew commitments in order to complete the task. having gone to war myself, i can means u i know what it peace times, children bury their parents and in war time, bury their children. we have to remember the key to colombia success was always a comprehensive vision of how established and a commitment stay the course until down.ob is peace has to built on a solid anywhere.n, always, improvements in maintaining law beginning.are only a
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in addition with support from they have states, forward, build a economy.usive just as important, the with ment came to terms the fact that terrible human committed es were olely -- not soley by rebel groups, but by government and military forces and those abuses have to end and be accountable. mr. president, as defense you help to address a dark chapter of this conflict, positives. false and today, we well and your peace ent forging the agreement that insures adjustment for those and other crimes. or the unites states, plan
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colombia required an investment years.s over some 15 an unusual degree of participation. we would never have made that colombian if the people had not made a greater been willing to devote their resources and energies to it. states providedd billion, that was less than 5% of the total. plan colombia may serve as a model for other countries. as the day of the potential eace agreement may be drawing near, we are not about to be complace complacent. believe the same comprehensive approach is needed to sustain its impressive progress and apitalize on the benefits of
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peace. that is why, yesterday president we will ounced that collaborate on the successor strategy to plan colombia and strategy, which we are colombia, will upport the efforts to provide security and economic opportunities in areas that are fark, areas that require the delivery of justice us do intensify the ight against traffics and illegal drugs. haveth plan columbombicolombiay agreed to take on the largest cause. of this capabilities can help colombia to win the peace. united states e and norway have launched a initiative to
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colombia to rid themselves devices by 2021. we will have $50 million toward initiative. in both -- ecently luos where the deterous of the war is still people and taking lives. working on l demining. so we understand this challenge reasons we of the are particularly committed and with norway oining in this initiative. it is critical to save lives and open the door to greater rural development. have received commitments to eu and 11 from the
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mexico, south korea, and the united kingdom. present, you know the challenges ahead for your colleagues and you are obviously substantial. but with courage and etermination, just and lasting peace can be achieved. i know you understand that and prospects for colombia can brighter. colombiaen writer said surprised in store that are more complex and than any dream. language]in a foreign
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they have a future that is more prosperous. in the effort to make that dream how no doubt that the united states of america will stand with colombia. his nk the president for visit here, which we think has been a warm and really because we are in common cause for peace. to yield the floor to distinguished. good afternoon. i'd like like to thank secretary erry and his team for their hospitality. the way we were received here at state department. e had a very interesting and
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important meeting. announcement ay's by president obama, when we -- we're going to start a new chapter in our relationship. colombia and opened the chapter called, peace colombia. this meeting allowed us to land initiative and think about here we're going to center our efforts. e identified priorities, such as to continue with the area of and fightingcurity against drug trafficking. against y fighting rganized crime, so that the vacuum that will be left by the ark won't be filled by organized crime and we're going it in other countries in
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the region. started and there's a great potential of coperation for mutual benefit. we identified the implementation is the logistical part. we need help and the u.s. has experience and knowledge in these areas. issue has toortant do with rural development. hat are we going to do in the conflict zones? bring the projects to presence of the state to those strengthens justice, build schools, in tals, areas which, because they were been conflict, had
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completely adandened, the state there, the government wasn't there. the fourth point, as mentioned secretary, is the demining process. is mbia, after afghanistan, the second most country with the world.nes in the objectives is ambitious. eradicate1, we want to all mines from colombia. effort ns a very large itary nk you, secretary kerry. demining for this process. situations t of offer enormous challenges, but the same time, they have
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enormous opportunities. life will change, it will be much better. not be afraid anymore. we won't be afraid of being in war. lived with y, we've that. would imagine that we would have the results the world is seeing. similar meeting as the one we had 15 years ago, today. was reminder senator kerry two governments were sitting, one in front of others, thinking about 15 years. colombia es of plan were achieved and we hope that we meet againnow, so that we can say that peace achieved also was
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successfully. assistance. this cooperation with u.s. has results for the strategic and the most important investor in the country. that's why we give so much value to the help we've received and continue to receive. commitment, not ust to work for colombia, but to work with colombia for the country and for the good of the region. this visit -- this three-day an end and it's been we've had in ful the last few years. senator kerry that
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i have been coming to visits presidents for 20 years. nd never, never have we had such a constructive visit, such one we ul visit as the had today, yesterday and the day before yesterday. only have we met with the meetingsnt, we also had representativest of the two political parties. part of the success of the help received from the u.s. deri the es from the fact that party was bipartisan and we were leaders inlk with the ongress, democrats and republicans and we leave very believing that this
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bipartisan approach will support from both arties and that will be the guarantee of peace colombia in the future. we're very happy with this visit, we're very proud of it because colombians have to more in theirselves, our believe in riends us. for objective reasons, we have more in ourselves so we can start working on this will have once peace is signed. golden opportunity union of the colombian people. obtain nue to try to
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those objectives, which were the the founders of his county said to themselves, benjamin franklin, in the other room, jefferson, to seek happiness, peace, justice, which founders also wanted for our country so that we can continue to go forward with a share vision and common that is how d changes are attained for the good of our two nations. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir .applause] [applause] >> thank you, sir. two questions.e one from each side. first question will come from leslie. >> thank you.
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secretary, good morning. good afternoon by now. what can you do before the meeting next week to keep the syria peace talks from collapsing? you've come under criticism that you're believing the russians opposition who you convinced to go to the peace was , yet the russians bombing the very parties at the table. pretending to -- president santos, what reassurances did you receive met the republicans you yesterday that they will get you the money that president obama for?asked also, this peace time to rtunity that you refer has come at a time of very low commodity prices. any effort by the perhapsan government who
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seek additional finances from you orld bank to get through this? >> first of all, i would like to asod neither russia nor are in compliance with the 2254, nations resolution hat they voted for, that at least russia voted for. for, in lution calls december, on the 18th of immediate alled for access for humanitarian all syrians in all
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parts of the country. the regime or the supporters have made that happen. secondly, it calls an end for arial bombardment and civilians. of that should have ended and it hasn't. moreover, there is evidence that is using hat russia what are called free-fall bombs. they're not precision bombs. and there are civilians, women and children, large numbers, hospitals, civilian quarters hit. been in some cases, after the bombing has taken place, when the gone in to take the wounded, the bombers come back
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people trying to help the wounded. any has to stop, nobody has question about that. stop by going to whining about it or walking away from the table or not engaging. you have to have a negotiation arrive at the modalities. the next days will tell the or not people r are serious or people are not serious. engaged, right now, as i direct sterday, in discussions in order to determine whether or not access quickly provided. a number of modalities are being discussed. of a cease alities fire itself are also being iscussed and the russians have
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made some constructive ideas about how a cease fire, in fact, implemented. f it's just talk for the sake of talk in order to continue the bo bombing, nobody's going to accept that. geneva and met in came to the table. the we obviously are following it engaged with are the opposition and the other the syria support group, which includes russia and iran and others so we are direction of trying to get the full implementation of resolution 2254. have not, talks quote, failed or stopped. interrupted at the udgment of the un envoy, who
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made the decision to suspend them while the modalities of the access of humanitarian assistance are worked out and sense.akes particularly since we have a in munich on led the 11th, in a few days, where support group will come in order to see whether or serious.e parties are so, as i said, we will know in the next few days who is serious and who is not. nd that has always been the intention of the diplomatic process. the diplomatic process has to tools that are at its disposal. is the opposite of the actual pointing of a rifle and the pulling of a trigger. come to an fort to way ment and to find a
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forward that ends the pointing of the rifle and pulling of the trigger. what we're isely engaged in now. i believe that over the course f the next few days, we will know the answer to the question you've asked. an effort not it's delay, if it's an effort delay, forward.s will not go if it's an effort to gain the process, then as i have said day one, it will not end. end under those circumstances. when i was in i said to president putin, you and others are going to make some very fundamental decisions about the way forward because if all trying to do is leave us out in place, the war will not nd and there will be more terrorists created, more even ce and it will be harder to hold syria whole and united as a single country.
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so, that' our mission. that's the purpose of these talks. have a much will few r sense in the next days of how serious each party is. russia has indicated to me, very directly, they are prepared to do a cease fire. the iranians confirmed in london a day and a half ago, they will a cease fire now. we now have to have all the other members of this -- all the parties come to the table and acknowledge that they, too, to do that and as of this moment, we don't have acknowledgment. regarding your question to me, i had the opportunity to leaders of the republican parties, both in the senate.d in the i spoke to speaker ryan and the hairs of the different
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committees in the house, same andg with the senate leader the chair of the different committees. of congress bers from the republican parties and democrats.the not the republicans, i did hear one single voice that put in doubt the enormous success of colombia. ne of the reasons that emerged into discussions of this success a bipartisan effort. it's a high d return on your investment. compared to ow and you we had 15 years ago, can see the change, the dramatic what ifor the better and received was expressions of
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i did not mention -- i did not exact numbers of how past colombia will contemplate. how much president obama is and ird over $450 million hope that the u.s. congress upports the government because bipartisan effort, a effort that has been extremely successful. bears forget that colombia the share of the cost, 95% of financed by as colombia. question, we have been adapting ourselves to a new reality.
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the price of oil has hit us hard. 20% of our total sector. from the oil budgeted ear, we have zero. ut the -- the adaptation to this new reality has been done manner.l-planned we have been pragmatic. doing it in a way that allow us to maintain our iscal policies, our fiscal responsibility but without growth and o much sectors of nerable society. that's why we are leaders in the whole of latin america. last year, we were number one
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in economic growth, but in the reduction of unemployment and the reduction of proverty the increase and strengthening of the middle class. this year, we think we can because we have put largest investments in our history in infrastruct e which is already going on. he houses projects that have been already put in place ill -- will stimulate the economy very much and we hope to year, also.3% this and in terms of needing more finance, we have ample room, in markets, access to financing, because of the way we ave been adjusting ourselves through this new reality. fiscal responsibility,
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markets in thehe olombian markets will be a priority and we will maintain in order to s weather the storm and maintain the correct direction. >> final question today will michael. [spe >>interpreter: president, what been put by ve president obama for past what guarantees have you been offered because we there's a new government. we've heard criticisms from past icans to the colombia. secretary kerry would like to you, what commitments and onditions will be imposed by
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the u.s. government to the fark given their request that they be away from the list of the also the groups and xtradition >>interpreter: i will answer me.r questions you asked conditions of president obama's government to colombia, no conditions. this is a cooperation between that are friends, that are seeking common benefit. things go well for colombia, u.s. if o well for the the objectives we want to reach countries andboth the region, as a whole, will benefit. colombia is not just country.e for one it's peace for the region. this is the last armed conflict
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whole of the western rern hemisphe hemisphere. it's the oldest and the most will be a o end this success and victory for the whole word. support we've had from not only the u.s. and the world, in the u.n. next eek and i've expressed my gratitude to secretary kerry there. u.s. supported the u.n. unanimously at was approved and that is very significant because it of the ts the support orld to the peace in colombia and to the plan past colombia. ow, guarantees in terms of continuity of the support of the i will answer y,
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he same thing that i answered the prior question. hat i received from the republicans was a recognition acknowledgment colombia.cess of plan they will continue to support it. the most successful policy an foreign initiative in the u.s. in the last few years and what i received, no formal commitment of course, because that was not received a ut i commitment to continue support course, in all processies, there are people who are not in one thing or the other. processies, by perfect.on, cannot be
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there will always be people against him. it's normal here and there. what i have perceived here in u.s. is an enormous support of the majority americans. who members of congress, have supported this peace rocess in colombia because eace in colombia means peace for the region. >> so, let me reinforce what he said. are no conditions. we have reached no agreement of whatsoever.n there's been no discussion of that. states and colombia robust, out standing law enforcement relationship and relationship and it benefits united states and
2:51 pm
justice systems. the end, the extradition elies on two sovereign nations and we respect that and that is we continue to proceed. to the issue of ark and the designation of terrorism, it's entirely impossible to answer that question and inappropriate to deal with that because there is no peace. because nothing has yet happened a relevant question to this moment of time, so for the moment, there is no process. thinking about it, if and when peace is achieved and there's a reason to take stock, we will appropriately always do. as we but this is not the moment and i have nothing to say with respect
2:52 pm
that particular designation that it stands as it >> if you missed any of the joint briefing, you can find it watch it any time over live coverage of hillary clinton bernie sanders, starting at 7:00 eastern. we'll take your calls and comments right after, here on cspa
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cspan. not easily ens are won. town and city, they cast their vote. new anks to the people of hampshire. >> it's great to be back here. hampshire. >> new hampshire. new 's great to be back in hampshire. > it is the most cherished of rights. political
2:54 pm
this is one of the days of meetings. >> welcome to our 115th town new meeting here in hampshire. [cheering and applause] . american eekend, on history tv on cspan 3, we that the ograms american story. saturday night at 8:00, matthew andrews of the university of north carolina at about how talks racial tensions of the 1980s were reflected in sports. rocky is a heavy underdog in
2:55 pm
the first film. loses in a split decision. no one thinks he's going to do well. he does remarkably well, but win.not in rocky ii, he knocks him out. wins. these were both very popular 1976 and 1979 but they az sport these are movies about race and american history. at 10:40, christopher talks about is book, arguing the telephone. 10:00 on road at to the white house rewind, we back at the 1992 residential campaign and arkansas governor bill clinton
2:56 pm
as a s positioning comeback kid. > while the evening is young and we don't know yet what the final tally will be, i think we with some to say new hampshire has made bill clinton the comeback kid kid. of t 8:00 p.m., university washington professor margt talks book, pivotal tuesdays and argues it was shaped by elections, starting with the election of 1912. american mplete history tv weekend schedule, go numbers came out today showing a deceleration in the
2:57 pm
4.9%, the ate to lowest in eight years. president obama talked about the house from the white briefing room. >> t.g.i.f., everybody. wanted to stop by because, as you're aware by now, america's has created 158,000 month.ast after reaching 10% in 2009, the fallen to t rate has 4.9%. even as more americans join the market last month. so this is the first time that dippedmployment rate has below five% in almost eight years. are working. 14 told, over six years, million jobs have been added. 71 straight job growth. two years, our
2:58 pm
businesses added more jobs than since the progress tantly, this into rting to translate bigger paychecks. policies that i'll push are more ed to give workers everage to get raises and promotions. and the rate of the insured are up. way, ld mention, by the into i signed obamacare law, 18 million have enrolled. th as i said at the state of the statesaddress, the united f america has the strongest,
2:59 pm
most durable economy in the world. in convenient for speeches in new hampshire. guess you cannot please everybody. that does not mean that we don't to work there is softness in the global economy. so that's all creating head inds for a lot of u.s. companies who do business overseas, it makes us more sell exports so we have to pay attention and take mart steps this year to continue progress. we also have to do more to make we that the progress that do make is broadly based and and down the s up income scales. the budget that i sent to congress
3:00 pm
to congress on tuesday is going to make sure that we can continue that process. my budget is going to offer more opportunities for americans to get the education and job training they will need for a good paying job, offer new ideas for benefits and protections. we will create more good paying jobs not by subsidizing the past but by investing in the future and that's what we will be placing a big emphasis on clean energy. jobs areector solar going 10 times faster than the rest of the economy and they pay better than average. that's one reason my budget will in cleanr investment energy and certain development by the end of the decade. it will help renewable power
3:01 pm
compete with the dirty fuels across america in a more effective way. those are some of the steps that will make sure our future is a progress we have made in going from 10% down to under 5%. that is a testament to american workers, american businesses come in the american people. we will continue to help them make progress. with that, have a great weekend and enjoy the super bowl. i'm not telling you my pic because the bears aren't in it but i'm hoping for a great game. with that, josh. is he back there? josh, take it away. you seem to imply you don't get enough credit. president obama: let me take a
3:02 pm
couple questions. why not? i'm in a good mood, it's friday. were implying yesterday in a joking way you don't get enough credit. president obama: with the warriors. right. >> for you again referring to republicans and their message, which you say could be expected during an election but were you referring to the fact that 57% of americans in polls say they don't think things are going well in this country. why do you think that is? time, it obama: at the was making a joke with a basketball thing but there is no doubt that while we have made significant progress -- i spoke about this during the state of the union -- there is still anxiety and concern about the general direction of the economy. people feel better about their circumstances but they are not
3:03 pm
sure about the future. part of it is there is still a big carryover from the in 2007-2008. if your home value drops in half or you lose a job he thought you were secure in order pension suddenly looks vulnerable, you will remember that. a lot of people still feel that and their right to recognize some longer-term economic trends we still have to tackle. the pressure on companies to maximize short-term returns comes at the expense of long-term investments.
3:04 pm
the fact that wages and incomes up until the last six months having gone up as fast as corporate profits have or the benefit at the very top. even though they know things are better, they are worried where we are going. the argument i'm making here and will continue to make is we should be proud of the progress we have made. we have recovered from the worst economic crisis since the 1930's. and we have done it faster, than any more durably other advanced economy. we know that we probably would have done worse and we know that because a lot of european
3:05 pm
companies adopted those policies and they haven't gotten to the same place they were before the crisis. evidence, facts are on our side and there's jobs report gives you one more indication the facts are on our side. it's important to understand how we take the next step and make people feel more secure and more confident about the future. it does why investment in higher education and job training, making sure issues like paid leave and family leave are put in place, raising the minimum wage so if you're working full-time, you are not in poverty. making sure we are investing in transportation infrastructure and clean energy, going after the jobs of the future. those things are a recipe for continued growth and increased security. tell, those who
3:06 pm
are running down the economy and adding to the anxiety don't seem to have any plausible, coherent recipe other than cut taxes for the very folks doing the best in this economy and somehow magically that will make other folks feel good. thelternatively, they argue reason you are feeling insecure is because immigrants or poor people are taking more and more of your paycheck and that's just not true. the facts don't bear that out. where the weaknesses in the economy are. that's not what is depressing wages for middle-class families and making them vulnerable to disruptions in this economy and i'm going to keep making that argument during the course of this year. we should feel good about the progress we have made understanding we still have the -- have more work to do.
3:07 pm
i am 54 now so i have to work at ifder to stay in shape and i'm feeling good in the gym, i want to acknowledge what i'm doing is working. just go out will and have a big double bacon cheeseburger or something as i think this is it working. if it's working, we should be staying on that same pack. that doesn't mean i necessarily and where i want to be with that i stop doing some hard work to get where we need to go. to make i'm just going to take two. go ahead. you improve workforce participation levels because as much as people talk about the recovery, so few americans are relatively speaking and if you
3:08 pm
wouldn't mind, could you comment on the $10 per barrel fee we have heard so much about. obama: part of what was good in this jobs report is the fact the participation rate in fact didn't drop. that wasn't the reason why unemployment dropped. more people are entering into the workforce. they feel more confident and they are finding work. what is true is we're still at a point where the labor participation rate is lower than it has been historically. some of that is explained by demographics. the population is getting older so you would expect there is some decline but it's not fully explained by americans getting older. some of it is still the hangover from what happened in 2007, 2008. this is part of the reason we
3:09 pm
to the keep our foot accelerator in terms of doing the things that need to be done to keep the economy growing and keep it strong. we should not let up from the made so that has been the labor market continues to tighten, people feel more confident that if they look for work, they can find it. there are particular cases where some folks have been out of the labor market for a long time and may not be equipped for the jobs of today and that is where we have to target some special efforts. i get a lot of letters from middle-aged workers who got laid off, aren't confident about their current skills and haven't reentered the workforce. they need to get retrained. that is a special group of a folks in their late 40's, early
3:10 pm
50's so far away from retirement , they feel like they can't adapt. obviously, there are young people, high school dropouts, rural enroll -- in communities and inner cities who came of age in the middle of this terrible recession and haven't gotten attached to the labor market yet so we have to make special efforts to figure out how we get them into job training programs and allows them to get some skills. there is a wide set of strategies we can take on that requires going to overall a strong labor market for them to feel like it's worth it to make these efforts and we want to keep making sure that the labor market is as strong as possible. with respect to oil and energy,
3:11 pm
i will probably make a larger speech about that and the direction we need to go on this. the basic proposition is that right now, gas is $1.80. gas prices are expected to be low for a while, the foreseeable future. that overall can be a good thing for the economy. but what is also important is wheree use this period gas prices are low to accelerate a transition to a cleaner energy economy because we know that will not last. seen cycles us have where gas prices go down and they pop back up and the idea say to oilwe companies -- which by the way
3:12 pm
got a significant benefit when we allowed them for the first time to export oil. up until that point, domestic oil producers couldn't export. if we say to them now, oil companies, we know you having to refuel and prices are low. you are allowed to export. but what we are also saying is we are going to impose a tax on a barrel of oil imported, exported so some of that revenue can be used for transportation, for the investments in basic research and technology that will be needed for the energy sources of the future. , 15, 20years from now years from now, we will be in a much stronger position when oil starts to get tight again and prices start going up again.
3:13 pm
we will have further weaned our economy off of dirty fuels. we will have made environmental progress and have a much stronger economy, a stronger infrastructure creating the jobs of the future and i think we will look back and say that was a smart investment. the point is, it's a right to do it now when gas prices are really low. they will be low for quite some time to come so it will not be a disruptive factor in the economy. ok, guys. i only said two questions but i hope you guys have a wonderful super bowl party. thank you guys. tonight, live coverage of the democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders in manchester, new hampshire starting at 7:00
3:14 pm
eastern. we will be taking your calls and comments right after here on c-span. the citizens of the granite state are not easily one. the meeting places are hotbeds of political discussion. voters brave bitter snow and sleet to cast their votes. >> thanks to the people of new hampshire -- >> the to be back here new hampshire -- >> new hampshire -- >> new hampshire -- >> he is from new hampshire. >> it is great to be back in new hampshire. thene reporter has called new hampshire primary the most cherished of american political rights. ♪ [applause] governor, thank you so much
3:15 pm
for coming to new hampshire. >> this is a place where you can observe a candidate in the heat of a dialogue, getting tough questions about positions on the issues. it's not just a place where you give a speech. its first andakes the nation primary status really seriously. my 20th town hall meeting. 100 15th townour hall meeting here in new hampshire. ♪ >> c-span's campaign 2016 is taking you on the road to the white house. >> plus go when the nomination. >> thank you and god bless you. >> c-span brought to candidate
3:16 pm
speeches. halls, andeets, town live caucus coverage. this week, c-span is on the ground in new hampshire following the candidates leading up to the first in the nation primary. live coverage start tuesday at 8:00 p.m. eastern. warroad to the white house coverage now with republican presidential candidate carly fiorina. she finished seventh in the iowa caucuses monday. she campaigned this morning in manchester, new hampshire for about an hour. we will open our phone lines right after her remarks and take your calls and comments.
3:17 pm
we wanted to document the campaign through the years. jfk at campaign headquarters. clearly, president bush. >> you can imagine, this really demonstrates the last 60 years of the primary in manchester
3:18 pm
specifically. you could give me a quick lesson about that. manager wasmpaign in manchester and we received 65 years of history that had been contained. his granddaughters and ancestors shared all of these things with us. eclectic -- an eclectic campaign collection. during opening your button will be on there. -- we are hoping your button will be on there. >> you can put this on your wall. these are very precious. >> this will go to the museum.
3:19 pm
we have a contemporary campaign over there. we are asking voters to send us their selfies. we do have faults sending us photos with you. classmates has a photo with you that they would like you to sign today. others have been sending them as the campaign goes on. those are the contemporary candidates. you are on there already. >> thank you. the morning. how are you? >> good morning. thank you for coming. >> you closed all the schools here so you aren't so used to it. >> hello.
3:20 pm
hi, susan. nice to meet you. nice to meet you. >> if it about who she was, growing up.
3:21 pm
i like to know what type of about the person i want to be the president of the united states. thank you all for being here and it is my pleasure to introduce carly's new hampshire chairman. [applause] >> good morning. as a fourth-generation manchester native, it's wonderful to bring carly here to the museum. when i was a kid growing up in cancelter, we didn't school for a little bit of snow. what's up with this? we are telling the candidates around the country who have come here we close school over a few inches. accommodatingt
3:22 pm
them. thank you for turning out this morning in such rate numbers for carly. i'm honored to be her stay chairman. a principled, passionate, positive conservative and a great leader for our nation and she will be a great president of the united states and what we need to do in new hampshire, especially now when she has been denied a place on the debate stage, is to send a loud message that we let anybody else tell us how we are going to vote and run our primary. carly deserves to be on that debate stage tomorrow night, don't you think? [applause] >> it isn't just about carly. she has earned the right to be there but it's about the new hampshire primary. for the next few hours, a few days, if you like what you see this morning, if you like what
3:23 pm
you hear, if you can visualize carly as the commander-in-chief please don'tdent, only commit to voting for her, please commit to tell your friends and neighbors through onial media, after services sunday, wherever you see people in new hampshire who are voting, ask them to vote for carly fiorina. that how we will make our decision. .ne voter speaking to the next that is the way it is done in new hampshire and we can send a powerful message that in new hampshire, it's the voters who make decisions about the next president of the u.s., not the national media for the rnc. make sure we do our job. my job is to introduce to you the next president of the united states, carly fiorina.
3:24 pm
[applause] carly fiorina: good morning. thank you. thank you for trekking through the snow. i just been looking in that museum back there. the museum of how the primary is played out in new hampshire. i have to say that it is the people of manchester in new hampshire that have gotten me this far. when i launched my candidacy for 4, 2015, incy on may was 17 under 16 candidates. nobody had even heard of me. the pundits wrote me off and the polls wouldn't ask my name. here we are and there are eight of us left.
3:25 pm
that is about the debate, it's not about me. it's proof positive this game is rigged and it's why i'm running for president because we have to take our country back. you may remember when all of this debate stuff started, the media and the political establishment, washington said the voters can't handle somebody candidates so they came up with all this criteria to decide which candidates are on which stage. the funny thing happened this week. the people of iowa voted. beat two guysi sitting on that debate stage and i'm tied with jeb bush in delegates. , the political establishment in washington and
3:26 pm
the media establishment in new york city decided votes don't matter, delegates don't matter. the only thing that matters is we established some criteria using some whole in january so we will stick to that. they think they get to pick presidents. it's an insult to the people of new hampshire. you pick presidents. you are the first in the nation primary and they are taking away your power. observed upave close and personal how seriously you take this responsibility. nobody had ever heard of me when i launch this thing but you showed up in living rooms and dining rooms and town halls and museums and you listened. because you take your responsibility seriously, you listen to all of us over and over again. i have learned the new hampshire way. i have got to see you five
3:27 pm
times. i respect that and you know that even in this day and age of media that there is nothing like looking at a candidate in the eye and asking him question and understanding how they will respond. , notnot the same as an ad even the same as a nationally televised debate. i think you can handle eight candidates on the debate stage but the political establishment says you can't. i'm counting on you to do your job and pick a president. i said the game is a great and honestly that's why i'm running because our country is being taken away from us. your first the nation primary status is being slowly taken away from you. i decided to run for president after a rotary club meeting in new hampshire. andas in the summer of 2014
3:28 pm
i was giving a speech at a rotary club or if you -- club. doesave lunch in the club the business of the club and the speaker speaks. i am sitting at lunch. this man comes up to me and says in a not really very polite way "i'm not going to agree with you on anything." "i'm a democrat and you're a republican and we are not going to agree." i gave a speech that day not about politics. a speech about possibilities, about the reality of this nation has always in a place of limitless possibility for so many people from so many circumstances. i spoke about the possibilities all of us have. all of us have more potential usually than we realize. of that speech, this man said "you know carly, we don't think of ourselves as a
3:29 pm
nation of limitless possibility anymore." and that really landed with me because it's true. of ourselves as a nation will limitless possibility anymore and we are losing the core of who we are. i know this has been a nation of possibility for me. having traveled and lived and worked on business, charity, policy all over the world for decades, i can tell you it is only in this nation that a young woman can start out the way i answering, filing, the phones for a nine person real estate firm go on one day to become the chief executive of what we turned into the largest technology company in the world and run for the presidency of the united states. that's only possible in this great nation. [applause] you there to tell
3:30 pm
have been plenty of people to tell me to sit down and be quiet. "don't rock the boat, don't challenge the system, settle for the way things are." i'm running because i think the american people are being told " sit down and be quiet, just accept the way things are" and i don't think we can do that anymore. we are being told to sit down and be quiet about our god come our guns, the horror of the abortion industry. record numbers of women are living in poverty, young people don't know the american dream even exist anymore. working family incomes have stagnated for 40 years. we are destroying more small and new and family-owned businesses and that matters because small in new and family-owned businesses create two thirds of the new jobs in this country.
3:31 pm
meanwhile, while this is going on, the rich are getting richer, the powerful are getting more powerful. i think we are being asked to accept a system of government and politics that no longer works for the people who pay for it. let us consider our government for a moment. it has gotten a good and bigger for 40 years and it's bloated, inept, corrupt. 80% of the american people have figured this out. it spends more money every year and never can do anything unless it asks for more. we just learned the department of homeland security is supposed to be able to keep track of people who overstay of these but they can't and 12 years ago, they were given a bunch of money and a mandate to fix it and they told us last week in a they haven't fixed it -- last week that they haven't fixed it and they still can't keep track of
3:32 pm
anybody. they are in the planning phase. why are we settling for this? why are we settling for a system of politics where honestly, politicians promise us the same things over and over again. you are pretty sophisticated consumers of politics. ask yourself this. how many presidential elections have you heard the same thing? we will secure the border. we have been talking about that for 25 years. we will reform the tax code. we have been talking about that for 25 years. we will reform social security, care for our veterans, get deficit under control, rollback regulations. has any of that happened in the last 40 years? no. see, it's a lot of talk. it's a lot of talk. that we got it going
3:33 pm
on in washington, d.c. between government and politicians and media executives isn't working for us anymore. i'm frustrated, fed up. we can solve our problems and heal our wounds but we can't unless we remember who we are. ours was intended to be a citizen government. i am running for the presidency because i think it is time to restore power where it belongs, back in the hands of the citizens of this great nation. i think it is time. we have to take our future back, our politics and government back. i'm running because citizens, people of new hampshire, it is time. we must take our country back. [applause] i want to tell you a little story if i may about your power restore yourst
3:34 pm
poor -- your power and i will as president. remember the scandal in the ba --va 18 months ago? we learned veterans were dying waiting for appointments and bureaucrats were cooking the books to cover it up. the citizens of this nation were so horrified that you flexed her muscles, use drug power, flooded congress with protest. congress, based on all that pressure and power, they did something unprecedented. first, they passed a bill in three weeks. it sailed through the senate. president obama signed it. beyond that, it was unprecedented because the bill said we could fire 400 senior executives in the va. a breakthrough. you can't fire anybody in the federal government for anything but you got that done. then, unfortunately, we all
3:35 pm
moved on and the pressure stopped and despite all the beautiful speeches by all the politicians, many of whom are running for office, nothing happened. in fact, three people were fired. two of them are now suing the federal government to get their jobs back. 300-7000 veterans have died -- 300-7000 veterans have died. ladies and gentlemen, we cannot settle for this anymore. it is a stain on our nation's honor. our politicians are not working for us and our government doesn't work for us either. we have to take our country back. [applause] so you know, i'm used to a world where people are held accountable. one of the things we don't do is ever hold government or
3:36 pm
politicians accountable for anything. did we hold the mcconnell for their promises, for their performance -- do we hold them accountable for their promises, their performance? no. i have laid out a blueprint for the things we need to do to take our country back. it is the first and most important things we have to do to get our government under control. i want to talk about some of those things but i want to tell you first why i wrote it down, why i want you to walk out of here holding that paper because i want you to hold me accountable. i do want there to be any confusion about what i said i'm going to get done with your help. i want to come back here in a couple years and say how are we doing on this blueprint? i want to clarify the challenge. these are the things we have to get done. hold me accountable. one example of one
3:37 pm
of the items here and how you will help me get it done. passive zero-based budgeting. let me tell you what that's about. the government has spent more of our money every year for 50 years and it is also true that no matter what we asked the government to do, with the answer is we need more money. they spend more money every single year and the answer is always we need more. care for our veterans, we need more money. we need morerder, money. how is that possible? i will tell you. the way to government budget, if you are a government agency, you are given a budget and once you have it, you own it. the taxpayers don't own it, you own it and the only thing you do every year is make sure you spend every dime of that budget whether you need to or not and you ask for more. word for that is the
3:38 pm
baseline budgeting. how do you budget? how do we all budget? we examine every dollar. we can cut any dollar. we can move any dollar. that's how the rest of us budget. that's the only way you can spend less money overall and still have the money to do the important things. the answer for that is zero-based budgeting. i am the only person running for president who is talking anything about zero-based budgeting and you probably don't know. there is a bill for zero-based budgeting sitting on the floor of the u.s. house. it has been sitting there. no one wants to vote on it, why do you suppose that is? all of the sudden, we know where the money is being spent and we can say we have way too many irs agents and not enough fbi agents. that challenges the system. but you're going to help me get that bill voted on.
3:39 pm
i will use your power to get it voted on. do you know how i'm going to do that? every week, i'm going to go into the oval office and say please take out or smartphone. i have to say, there are a lot of flip phones here in new hampshire. [laughter] think aboutt upgrading sometime between now and january but whatever. i will ask you to take out your smartphones and say do you agree with me when he to finally pass that bill for zero based budgeting? -press one for yes. new fullnology to of things -- to do for his things. i'm going to use it for something important, to restore power into the hands of the citizens of this great nation.
3:40 pm
we are going to get all of this done. before we get all of this done, , were we press one for yes have to win. we have to win in november. whether or not you've made up your mind to support me or not, you know you cannot wait to see me debate hillary quote in. -- hillary clinton. you can't wait. [applause] if you ever thought the game was rigged, despite the fact that mrs. clinton has escaped prosecutors and more times then el chapo, she won six point in a row in iowa? really? you know what you can't wait to see me debate hillary clinton? i'm going to win. as a greaten me
3:41 pm
debater and a fearless a fighter who isn't afraid to say "she's a liar with no track record of accomplishments." [applause] know, the thing is now, it's about more than winning. the media covers politics tickets a game, like it's a sport. who is up, who is down. but in your bones, you know it's not a sport and it's not a game. these are serious times, pivotal times for our republic. or self now as you consider your is possibility tuesday, what does it take to do the job of president of the united states because the job that needs doing. i would argue you need a president who is actually
3:42 pm
job,ed a job, saved a protected a job, who understand how the economy works. you need a president who knows the world and who is in it. i have more foreign-policy experience then anyone running. i've met more world leaders than anyone with the possible exception of hillary clinton. i have private meetings with these people with allies and adversaries.i've held the highest clearances available to a civilian. i have chaired the advisory board of the cia, advised the nsa, two secretaries of defense. i know our military capability well. i know our intelligence capability well. arnaud our generals and warriors well. i know when we don't stand with our allies, confront our adversaries, lead in the world,
3:43 pm
the world becomes a dangerous and tragic place. i will lead. leader president who understands bureaucracy because that's what our government has become, a gigantic bloated, a net, corrupt bureaucracy. i know the only way to get that under control and cut it down to size is to get control of the is why zero-based budgeting is so important. we need a president who understands technology. it's pretty important. technology is pretty important. it's a tool i am going to use but it's also a weapon. it's a weapon wielded against us by our enemies and we are losing the war in cyberspace. we better have a president that understands that war and knows what to do about it.
3:44 pm
funnily, we need someone who understands what leadership is. taking ap is about tough call in a tough time in being held accountable. we have people running for president who have never made a tough call. thing is later means you have to challenge the status quo because the only way it use all fester and problems, to produce results as to challenge the system. you know how you go from secretary to ceo? you challenge the status quo. we solve problems over and over. the most important lesson i ever learned about leadership is i learned a long time ago, i used to think that a leader was whoever had the big office, the
3:45 pm
big title, parking space. i got a little older and relies there were people with big offices, big egos and they weren't leading. leadership has nothing to do with the size or shape of your office. it has nothing to do with your title. it has nothing to do with rico. with your ego. a leader serves. the highest calling of a leader is to unlock potential in others. my highest calling is to restore citizen government. to take power out of the hands that has been concentrated for too long. to put the power back in the hands of the many citizens of this great nation. i ask you, do not settle any
3:46 pm
longer. stand with me, fight with me, do not accept this system anymore. do not sit down and be quiet. it is time we take our future back, it's time we take our politics and government back. citizens, join me. it is time. we must take our country back. [applause] raise your hands a high. these lights are a little bright and it's hard to see. redshirt. >> what can we do with abc news? carly fiorina: i would tell you, rnc asbc news and the well with your comments. on twitter, call the president,
3:47 pm
stand up. let people know. you can do your job. >> they aren't answering the phone. carly fiorina: keep doing it. shut is carly fiorina: maybe that's because you are flooding it. keep it up. i am a fighter. i'm not going to sit down and be quiet and i'm not going to go away. i'm going to run this race all the way. i will go all the way. this is not about me right now although i would like to be on that stage. i will keep going. this is about you. you are being told by a bunch of people that somehow you can't handle this. i think you can handle it so flood them. [applause] yes, sir. >> i'm a high school senior from
3:48 pm
massachusetts and as you know, massachusetts has one of the best education systems in the about, so my question is core. a lot of students and faculty members at my school have concerns about, core and about nationalizing education. what are your views on common core and how will you take those views and change them into policy as president? carly fiorina: common core is a really bad idea. [applause] carly fiorina: by the way, here is the truth about massachusetts and our whole nation. some kids get a really good education in massachusetts and too many get a really bad education. it has to do with where you are growing up. that's a problem. that's not what this country is supposed to be about so let's examine how we got here. the department of education has gotten bigger for 40 years.
3:49 pm
we have put more money into the department of education. race to the top, no child left behind -- you know what they all are? bureaucratic programs and they have not improved the quality of our education. the more money and power we sent to washington, the worse our education system has become. gap.he outcome if you are a poor kid come you are trapped right now in a failing school. democrats and the teachers unions think that's ok. when the chicago public teachers union struck in chicago. if you get a lousy education, you don't have a chance in life where brainpower is the most important asset you can have. there's a strike over what teacher accountability in the
3:50 pm
classroom and the head of the chicago public teachers union says "we cannot be held accountable for the performance of students in our classroom because too many of them are poor and come from broken families. what was she saying? she was saying if you are poor and come from a broken family, you can't learn and we don't have to teach you. that's not what this nation is about. let us quit spending money in washington, d.c. on programs written in core large part by textbook and testing companies who have something to gain. that is called crony capitalism. [applause] carly fiorina: let us sendcarly fiorina: the money to communities and states. let us give parents real choices so their kids have real chances. let us make sure parents and communities have the power to shut down failing schools, to
3:51 pm
make sure every student has whatever choices they want. when parents have choices come the kids have chances. let us make sure that a great teacher in front of the classroom has all the support and tools and encouragement they need, which is not what they are getting from the teachers unions. [applause] >> first of all, i want to thank you for going to the pro-life march in washington. carly fiorina: i am a fearless fighter, folks and we must restore the character of our nation by standing for life and religious liberty. >> going back to what the first lady asked, will you go to the debate saturday? will you show up physically or will you do a fundraiser and say i raised all this money instead?
3:52 pm
carly fiorina: the short answer is i'm not sure. if they don't let me on the stage, i don't have credentials. folks, it's a rigged game. we have to take our politics back. we have to take our government back. we have to take our country back. i have been talking about this rigged game since i announced my candidacy. if you ever doubted it was a rigged game, consider what will go on in the state of new hampshire saturday night. president, manchester is a refugee resettlement city and the strain on our city and state resources is huge for schools and all kinds of services for the families that end up in. -- end up here. sunday well and some don't at all. would you describe -- some do
3:53 pm
well and some don't at all. would you describe us your policies? carly fiorina: it's one of the items on the blueprint. let's start with the basics. we have to secure our borders. a nation that cannot protect its borders cannot protect itself. is not just the southern border. drugs are coming across the northern border. buried ourand i addiction.ghter to i know what the people of new hampshire are going through and too many people across this nation. this isn't rocket science. we know how to secure a border. it takes money, manpower, technology. but mostly what it apparently takes is actual leadership that is prepared to produce results and be held accountable because we have been talking about this for 25 years. you have people running around for president saying they will secure the border.
3:54 pm
where have they been? we have to enforce the laws we have. did you know san francisco has been a sanctuary city since 1989? we have 300 of them in this country. we've had them for 20 plus years. number three, we have to fix the legal immigration system. i told you that little story about the department of homeland security. we don't even know who overstays their visas. that's enough to to. -- ineptitude. we don't know what over state a visa? it's incompetence. we don't have an employer verification system that works so we don't hold employers accountable for hiring illegals. that's a lack of confidence as well. we have 16 different visa programs. cannot be done? eight can be done but you better
3:55 pm
have leadership prepared to be held accountable for getting it done. as far as refugees go, here's my view. adequately that these people, if we don't know who they are, they don't get to come. we know our government cannot adequately that a lot of these refugees because they are coming from war-torn nations. andon't know who they are as you have seen, you cannot let anybody in because we have big hearts. what to do decide with the people who have come and estate illegally. in my view -- and stayed illegally. you have forfeited your right to citizenship. we cannot say to people who did it the right way, who stood in line, studied our history, took the old, you cannot say there is the lawd for following and there's no consequence for breaking the law because when we say that, we undermine the
3:56 pm
character of this nation. [applause] >> thank you for coming this morning. i am very curious about social security. it has been a problem you have referenced. what are some of the things you things youder or the wouldn't consider when looking at social security? carly fiorina: i appreciate the question and you might notice social security isn't on this list not because it isn't important but because until we get these things done, we are not fundamentally restoring people's faith and trust in the responsiveness and competence and honesty of their government. until we restore people's faith and honesty, honest competent why would they trust
3:57 pm
we can reform social security? let me remind you of this. candidates, you have run on reforming social security. have we ever done it? no. never done it. it's not because there aren't good ideas. it's just people never get around to it. let me tell you when it's time when we have restored trust and confidence in government, we will get around to talking about a good ideas and i will engage you directly. it will not be a backroom deal because it's your money but let me tell you the principles i would apply. social security is a contract that the government entered into with its citizens. it is a commitment that was made and i don't believe in breaking contracts or commitments. allocations are breaking this contract all the time.
3:58 pm
social security recipients are being told you don't get your cost-of-living increase but we will vote ourselves a pay increase. that is breaking a contract. greedy that over and over again. -- the politicians do that over and over again. you are 25, whether 55, or 75, any diamond you have yournto social security is money. they cannot take it away from you and put it in the general fund. it is your money. you aregs to you and going to be engaged in deciding what you want to do with your money. [applause] yes, sir. >> years ago, there was a
3:59 pm
statement made. schools, institutions, government has come to a place where it is held under content. we had a socialist running for the highest office. the pendulum is on their side. what will you do to cause that to come back without taking away our religious choices and freedom of speech? that's a great question. we are bones, you know losing something vital in this nation. you know we are at a perilous exactly to the point of the character of our nation, the foundation in our nation. the first thing i am doing is running for president and the first thing you can do is vote
4:00 pm
for me because we have to have the right leader in the white house. secondly, on this blueprint, restore the character of our nation. stand for life and religious liberty. religious liberty is under assault in this nation. by know, i really was struck the fact that president obama went to visit the mosque. good for him. but i've never heard president obama stand up and talk about the endless acts of violence against jewish synagogues in this country. i am never heard him talk about the genocide that is going on in the middle east against christians. in the last time i looked, this ritual government is suing the little sisters of the poor in the supreme court because they want the federal government through obamacare to be able to tell a set of catholic nuns how to practice theirig


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