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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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[cheers] >> the average person who gets elected president is intelligent, hard-working, and honestly tries to do what they said they were going to do when they get there. there is a big difference in who can do and who cannot. here is what i know about hillary -- she is the single best change maker i have ever met in my life. we need a change maker, not a change talker, a change maker. i will tell you a couple of stories. our court said our schools were not properly financed in arkansas.
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we were going to have to reallocate the money. i put hillary in charge. she went to every county in the state. she presented it to the legislature. the president of the legislature said it was so good he thought maybe that we had elected the wrong member of our family. [laughter] something to be said for that. nine years later i come to iowa , running for president, telling you the most improved schools were in arkansas and south carolina. she always made something good happen. she went to south carolina to see why all of these african-american teenagers were being jailed as adults.
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13, 14, 15 years old being in adult prisons. she went back in and change that as well. she had not been elected, but she was making changes. that is just the beginning. i could tell you things until tomorrow morning. the country need somebody who can actually get something done. she comes in one day jumping up and down happy. she said, i was so worried we had six of the 24 poorest counties in america. she said, the kids are going to school, they are not able to learn. there is no kindergarten, preschool, or prekindergarten. i found it, i found a preschool program in israel that teaches people to be their children's first teachers even if they are illiterate. i think it could work here. i said, what are we going to do? she said, i called the woman who started it and she will be here in 10 days. here is what happened -- i am going to these graduations for preschoolers. next thing you know, it is in 26 states, and thriving. there are thousands of people in this country today who have better lives and learn more and grew up just because of her. and they have no clue.
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she didn't care. she hadn't been elected to anything. she just made something good happen. you are entitled to give all of these remarks -- but everything discount, but everything i have told you i believe with all of my heart. she is the best person to win the election, and the best person to implement the changes we need. the best person to preserve the gains we have made under president obama. mostly, i want you to do what is best for you. most of the people in this audience have more tomorrows than yesterdays. those of us that have more yesterdays than tomorrows, believe it or not, spend most of our time thinking about the future. i believe it would be a gift that would keep on giving. she has made everything she has ever touched better. thank you very much.
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[applause] >> please welcome, hillary clinton. [applause] ♪ this is my fight song take back my life song ♪ [applause] hillary clinton: oh, wow. thank you. thank you so much. thank you.
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thank you all so much. thank you. thank you all. thank you very much. well, i have to tell you -- i knew that here in the granite state, a little snow was not going to damper the spirits of democrats. [applause] and it really is impossible to express how grateful i feel. for everything that the people of the state have done for me,
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for my family, for our country over the years. to paraphrase your native son, daniel webster, new hampshire is a small state, but there are those who love it, and i am one of them. [applause] you know, going all the way back to 1992, you opened your homes and hearts to us. in 2008 you lifted me up and give me back my voice. [cheers] you have taught me again and again that the only direction that matters in life is forward. over the past few days some people have looked at the polls that show senator sanders with a
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big lead here and suggested -- [cheers] yes, that is a fact. and suggested i should just look past new hampshire and focus on the next state. well, new hampshire has never quit on me, and i'm not going to quit on you. [cheers] i am so proud -- i am so proud of the campaign we have built here. thousands of volunteers. i know how hard you are working. across the state, pouring your dreams and determination into
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this effort, calling your neighbors, knocking on doors in the winter cold, going to, contributing whatever you can, because you want a president who will roll up her sleeves and make a difference in your lives. [applause] and this enormous support that you have demonstrated ranges across the state, many different people, many different walks of life. i want to start by thanking your extraordinary united states senator, jeanne shaheen. [applause] i like saying this because it is just a small way of recognizing
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her historic achievements, but she is as of now, the only woman in american history to have served both as a governor and a senator. [applause] and i hope -- i hope next november, you will send the second woman to have served as a governor and senator, maggie hassan, to the senate. [applause] the support and the advice of these two remarkable leaders means the world to me. i have worked with them. i have supported them. i have watched what they have achieved in their public careers. i am just so grateful to new hampshire for lifting them up,
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and for giving them the chance to lead and to serve. i also want to thank you for electing, and i know you will send back congresswoman annie custer to represent you, and i certainly hope you return carol shea-porter to congress. [applause] but in addition to these well-known people who support me, who have been truly at my back and my side, there are so many others. like ava, an overachieving high school senior in berlin, who also works most nights at her family restaurant. she still makes time to
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volunteer for my campaign. why? because she has seen how much the affordable care act has meant to her family and their small business, and she does that progresse ever ripped away. [applause] or another young woman, samantha, who works three jobs in belmont, including a lot of night shifts. but she still finds time to volunteer for me. because she is absolutely determined, she says, to elect a progressive who gets things done. and if it means -- if it means also breaking the highest, hardest, glass ceiling -- that sounds pretty good too. [applause]
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i also want to thank every elected official, every local leader, all of the members of organized labor, planned parenthood, the human rights campaign, the league of conservation voters, and every other progressive organization who are working so hard for my campaign. [cheers] now one thing i know for sure, is how seriously the people of new hampshire take your responsibility as the first in the nation primary. and i know that a lot of voters are still shopping. you may have a favorite, but this is new hampshire. everyone takes a second look. maybe even a third or fourth look. i hope you will give one of those looks to me in the next couple of days. [applause]
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i am going to compete for every vote here. i will answer every question. i will work my heart out to earn your support. because in this campaign i have listened to people across new hampshire, and indeed, the country, share the problems that keep them up at night, and seem always to stack the deck even more for those of the top. prescription drug companies are jacking up the price of drugs for no reason other than greed. i have met people whose bills have doubled, even tripled overnight. powerful corporations are heading overseas, for no reason other than to avoid paying u.s. taxes, including an auto parts company that lobbied for the rescue of the auto industry back in 2008. all of us, all of us taxpayers,
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we helped to save them. now they want to turn their back on america. they call it an inversion, i call it a perversion, and we have to stop it. [applause] think of this -- a governor and state government in michigan allows children in flint to drink poison water just to save a buck. as if their lives were not worth even that much. as i said some weeks ago, ask yourself, would it have happened if they were rich and white,
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instead of poor and black. we know the answer, don't we. senator sanders and i agree, we have to stop bad things from happening. but i believe we have got to start good things happening again in america. [applause] [cheers] we need -- we need a bold national mission to get jobs growing, and incomes rising so working families can get ahead and stay ahead. we need to pull our country together so there is more justice and dignity, and opportunity for all of our citizens. and we need to measure our success by how many children climb out of property, and how many families work their way into the middle class, not how many ceos get bonuses at the end of the year. [applause] i'm running for president
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because i believe that america cannot reach its full potential when you are held back from reaching yours. i want to break down all of the barriers holding americans back from achieving their dreams. economic barriers of course, especially those put in place by greed. reducing inequality. but the problems in america cannot be reduced to wall street and washington, as important as those are. we also need to break down a barriers of racism and sexism and discrimination against the lgbt community. immigrants and people with disabilities. [cheers] [applause]
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we need to take on those quiet, devastating challenges of addiction and mental illness. we need to help families struggling to care for loved ones with alzheimer's and autism. i want to remove the obstacles standing in the way of people and communities that have been left out and left behind from coal country to inner cities. because when every child has the chance to succeed, america succeeds too. you saw in the video when bill said something that really stuck with me. he has a way of doing that. [laughter] he was talking to young people and he told them -- you still have more tomorrows in your life than yesterdays. and those of us who have more yesterdays than tomorrows
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, believe it or not, spend most of our time thinking about the future. i certainly know that is true for all of us who are grandparents because that really focuses your mind on the future. and if i have the honor of serving as your president, i will spend all of my tomorrows doing everything i can to make your tomorrows better. to give every one of our children the possibility and prosperity they deserve. [applause] [cheers] so, please, imagine with me, imagine a tomorrow where your hard work is finally honored and rewarded with rising income. where the minimum wage is no
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longer a poverty wage. we know yesterday, republicans in concorde said no to raising the minimum wage. well i will say yes, and i know how to get it done. imagine a tomorrow where we produce enough renewable energy to power every home in america, and create millions of good jobs doing it. i know how to get that done. [applause] a tomorrow where education lifts you up and student debt does not drag you down. [applause] where young people have the opportunities and choices you deserve, and where more entrepreneurs can start and grow new small businesses. [applause] imagine, imagine a tomorrow where parents have paid family leave so they do not have to choose between a paycheck and
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caring for a new baby or a sick relative. a tomorrow where we overturn citizens united and finally get big, unaccountable money out of our democracy. [applause] and, imagine a tomorrow where gun violence no longer stalks our country. [applause] and the gun lobby cannot stand in the way of every commonsense reform. that is the tomorrow i want for us. for our kids. for our country. and i know how to get that done. we democrats face a big choice on tuesday. i want to take a minute right now to speak to all the young people who are here.
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whether they are supporting me or whether they are supporting senator sanders. [applause] now of course i still hope to persuade those who are supporting senator sanders to give me another look, but, i want you to know that i am truly glad that you are involved in this process and in the democratic party. you are bringing energy, ideas, and urgency to our shared causes. [applause] and i cannot help but think about how i felt when i first came to new hampshire in 1968 to campaign for my presidential candidate, gene mccarthy, to end
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the war in vietnam. [applause] in the following years i went all over our country, trying in my own way to make things better. i went undercover in alabama to expose racism in the schools. i drove throughout south texas, registering latino voters. [applause] i even shocked my friends by moving to arkansas with my then boyfriend because we were in love and so fired up to do good work there. and i learned what you all are proving everyday. you can make change without being elected to anything. you just need to go do it. so i respect -- [applause] i respect not only your enthusiasm, but also your seriousness about helping to make our country what it can and should be. that is why i want to take just
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a few minutes to make my case for why i believe at this time i am the better choice to be your president. senator sanders and i share big, progressive goals for our country. but i believe i have laid out stronger plans for how to achieve them, and how to make a real difference in people's lives soon. [applause] i have heard some of the pundits say that the differences between our approaches comes down to head versus heart, well i don't see it that way. for me, it is both. we have had a worthy debate about health care in our campaign. we have had substantive disagreements over issues, as it should be. compare that to the campaign of insults going on on the republican side.
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so when we draw these contrasts, we do it within the context of both of us understanding, we have to go to the american people, we have to explain what we want to do, and how we will accomplish it. i have fought my entire career to get quality, affordable health care for every single american. [applause] i know, i know how hard that is. the insurance lobby and the drug companies spend tens of millions of dollars to stop us. it was disappointing. because i had traveled to so many places to meet with so many americans who are so hopeful that finally they would have health care for their families. i have a million stories that tugged at my heart and my brain.
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one in particular that summed up for me what was so profoundly wrong. it was from a visit i made to the children's hospital in cleveland. i was sitting in a conference room, talking with parents of very ill children. they were telling me how difficult it was to get the medical care their children needed. one man said, look, i am successful. i provide health care for my employees of the business i started. but nobody will sell me a policy to insure my two daughters with cystic fibrosis.
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he said, i don't understand, i have gone from place to place. i asked him, what did they tell you when you say you have the means? he said, well the last person i spoke with listened to me and said, you don't understand. we don't insure burning houses. this man got tears in his eyes. he said, they called my little girls burning houses. we didn't get everything we want to, but i got back to work, went to work and we got children's health insurance that insures 8 million children today. [applause] that program -- that program came a lifeline for those 8 million kids. and a sense of some security for
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their families. now let me be clear, i never gave up on the dream of universal health care, not for a second. 8 million kids was certainly not everything we wanted, but it was real. and i could not bear the thought that we would leave children without health care, even a single day longer than we had to. [applause] i think, based on the work i have done over so many years , that when you see people hurting, you see them being treated unjustly, unfairly, discriminated against, and you want to help them to do something that demonstrates that you care, that maybe you can make their lives a little better, try to do it. if that means a quieter success, that is fine.
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that is why i say with all of my heart, let's build on the affordable care act right now. let's get those out-of-pocket costs down. let's tackle the price of prescription drugs. let's not start a new divisive debate about the shape of our whole system that will just lead to gridlock, and will not help anyone in the health care they -- get the health care they deserve. [applause] you know, the people i have met in this campaign cannot wait. they shouldn't have to wait. the young waitress who spends all day working in a restaurant and all night working in a factory needs a raise. she cannot wait. the widow i met who had lost her home because her social security
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payment just did not go far enough deserves better. she cannot wait either. the young people i meet who want to start small businesses. the entrepreneurs who have dreams, they need our help and support. people to believe in them. they cannot wait. women across our country deserve equal pay for the work we do. they can't wait. [applause] i don't think any of us can wait. you deserve a president who will listen to you. fight for you. get results for you. and i will not make promises i can't keep. this is the biggest job interview in the world, my friends, and you should hold us accountable. i am a progressive who likes to get things done, and i have
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i have learned you have to be both a dreamer and a doer. you have to push forward every single day for as long as it takes. and i also know a big part of the job i am seeking is keeping our family safe, our country strong, and our troops out of war. so, you're not just picking a president. you are choosing a commander-in-chief. and i know sometimes foreign policy might seem a little remote. that's understandable with the events taking place on the other side of the world, but things that happen overseas can directly impact your life, your job, and your family. there is terrorism, obviously, but that's not all. just in the past few weeks, we
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have seen problems in china sending stock markets plummeting. that can affect your retirement savings. as we sit here tonight, north korea is working on missiles that could reach the united states. we need a president who understands how to deal with that threat. as we sit here tonight, our troops are still in harm's way in afghanistan. we need a president who can give them the support and the strategy they need. russia, iran, isis, these are not issues that we can put to the side. they cannot be an afterthought. they have to be just as present on the desk in the oval office as all the other work we need to get done here at home. i am very proud of the experience and judgment i would bring to this job.
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i have worked hard on diplomacy. i have spent countless hours advising president obama on the hardest choices and the toughest calls a president ever has to make. a president, any president, has to be able to do all parts of the job. the american people need confidence that you can keep them safe, get the economy moving again, and build on the progressive accomplishments we have made under president obama. and with your help, that is exactly what i will do. and let's not forget, the real goal here is to defeat the republicans, whoever they nominate. and let's face it, they all disagree with pretty much all of us believe in.
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they won't do anything to give women equal pay or hold wall street accountable. they will do a lot to turn back the clock on your rights. and i want you to know where i stand. i will protect our rights, civil rights, voting rights, workers rights, women's rights, gay rights, the rights of people with disabilities. i will always defend planned parenthood and a woman's right to make her own decisions about her health, and whenever i say this, some republican will say i am playing the gender card. well, if standing up for women's rights, women's health and equal pay is playing the gender card, then deal me in.
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i will defend marriage equality and work to end discrimination against the lgbt community. i will stop the republicans from privatizing social security, medicare, or the v.a. and i will stand up to the gun lobby, the most powerful lobby in washington. but here is the truth. no candidate for president has all the answers and no president can do this work alone. i know what it's like to be knocked down. i doubt there is anybody who hasn't had hard times in their life here tonight. but i learned from my family and
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my faith but it's not whether you get knocked down. it's whether you get back up. and i believe that not only do we individually have to get back up time and time again, because as long as there is work to do and people to help, we can't stop, i think our country has to get back up. i think we have to once again have the kind of confidence and optimism that is part of the american dna. we set big goals. we summon the best of our natures. we work together again across all the lines that divide us. every day of my life, i try to practice what has been called the discipline of gratitude. now, that means not just being grateful for the good things,
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because that's kind of easy. but be grateful for the hard things too, grateful even for our limitations, because in the end, they can make us stronger. they can give us a chance to reach beyond our grasp. they can also teach us that we are better together when we work to find common ground. america is facing a lot of challenges, but i believe with all my heart we can rise to meet them. you see, i believe in the potential of every american to solve the toughest problems, to be resilient, no matter what they throw at us. i am deeply grateful for this country and for all of you. if we can break through the barriers that hold people back. if we can unleash the talent and potential of our people, there are no limits to what america
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can achieve. so again, imagine with me an america where your wages match your hard work, where communities are thriving again, where there is quality affordable health care and childcare is available to every family. we can build that country. we can make our tomorrows greater than all our yesterdays. i'm fighting for the millions of people who can't wait. i fighting for our families and our future. i am fighting for the america i know we can build together. and for each and everyone of you. thank you all so very much. thank you. god bless you. ♪ ♪
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>> well, the democrats have wrapped up their club 100 dinner here. we have heard from bernie sanders and hillary clinton. we are a little chilly because we are standing on the ice arena.
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there is a lot of enthusiasm from the crowd. a fervor for both candidates. who are you here to see tonight? >> i wanted to hear from both candidates, what their opinions were, what their platforms were, and get an idea of their personalities. >> did what you heard tonight's sway you in one direction or the other? >> i came tonight leaning toward bernie, but i liked the way hillary ended her speech, saying it didn't matter who we chose as long as we came together because it's about solidarity and having the democrats win overall. i feel like she would better represent someone who could take this party further and i believe it is about solidarity. >> as a new hampshire resident,
6:42 am
have you been excited about primaries in the past? >> i haven't been in the past, and this time it was hillary, and i guess it was the gender card that really got me. all of my friends are much more involved than i am and they were the ones that pushed me to come tonight. >> thank you for talking to us. good talking to you. >> thank you. you too.
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>> next up, diana and her children. what are your children's names? >> ezra and naomi. >> and you are not from new hampshire. where are you from? >> we live in new york city. >> what brought you here tonight? >> my daughter and i are big hillary supporters. we wanted to do whatever we could to get hillary as many votes on tuesday as possible. we put on the snow boots and took the day off to drive up here to help her win. >> have you ever been to a big political event like this before? what did you think? honestly. >> it was cool. seeing everyone speak, hearing different opinions. >> your sister is a hillary fan. do you have a candidate? >> i like bernie sanders. >> why?
6:44 am
>> i think he will help us. he will make more taxes and help in health care. >> why do you like hillary clinton? >> because she is going to make every other day better then yesterday. >> how do you know that? >> because she said so. and she said she wouldn't make promises she couldn't keep. >> what was your impression of this event? >> it was very loud. >> thank you both for talking to me. why are you such a large supporter of hillary clinton? >> not in my lifetime has there been any candidate as experienced and qualified to be president as hillary clinton. there is something very exciting about being the mother of a
6:45 am
daughter and a son and seeing a woman, a qualified, smart, capable, competent woman be able to be the first female president of the united states. women have certainly come a long way, but there is still one thing we have not been able to do, and to see a woman is qualified as her run for office is something that is incredibly moving and emotional, and i will do whatever i can to help her get elected. >> thank you for speaking to c-span. we appreciate it. nice to meet you both. ♪
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>> next up is lucas from dairy, new hampshire. i can tell by your t-shirt who you are supporting. why are you a bernie sanders person? >> there is something about the way he speaks and the way he shows himself that i believe is the most genuine out of any candidate. >> who have you supported in past campaigns? is his vision consistent with your political point of view? >> absolutely. i consider myself liberal. i voted for obama in the second election. >> last night, did you watch the debate? >> i did. >> we started to see some real contrast on certain positions. what did you think of how they differentiated themselves? >> one reason i feel pushed away
6:47 am
from hillary clinton as i feel like she is changing her views over time, whereas i believe bernie is steadfast in what he believes for a long time. >> the big question is whether he will keep his voice for the rest of the weekend. >> i lost my voice after one night, so i don't know how he can keep doing it as long as he has. >> are you doing anymore political events? >> i am going to try to get involved on tuesday, but right now, i don't have anything planned. >> thank you for talking to us. get warm. it is a little bit chilly in here. >> absolutely. thank you. ♪
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>> this is susan. why are you a hillary clinton fan? >> i am an educator and i have been a supporter of hillary's since 2008. i admire her work for children and families. i think she is our best bet for education going forward. >> what brought you here tonight specifically? >> i have gotten more involved with the democratic party over the years. i am now the vice chair of my town's democratic party. i like the dynamic.
6:49 am
i love hearing from jeanne shaheen. i expect to be working on maggie's campaign. i am all in. >> where is that? >> pelham, new hampshire, on the southern border with massachusetts. >> tell me how you think your candidate did tonight presenting her message versus senator sanders? >> she is much more well-rounded. she is absolutely more qualified and foreign-policy experience. she has a depth and breadth of knowledge and everything she does. as a well-rounded candidate, there is nobody who can touch that. >> why is there such a spread between her and senator sanders in the polls in your state? >> i look at the young people.
6:50 am
i have two sons, one early 20's, one is 19. they are both supporting bernie. and i am happy that he is engaging those people, those kids. there are people who know him personally from vermont. he is our neighbor. him him him him it has been pointed out to me that people from our
6:51 am
neighboring states never lose. so that's a big part of it. i'm out there knocking on doors myself, making phone calls, trying to make as much difference as i can. >> what do you think tuesday is going to be like? >> is going to be interesting. i hear there may be snow. i am really looking forward to seeing what happens. >> thank you for talking to us this evening. we appreciate it. >> our final person tonight is daphne. she is a supporter of senator sanders. you came tonight for what reason? >> to hear both candidates be, to support bernie, to cheer him on. >> are you surprised he has gotten this far in the presidential bid? >> no. i think he has a wonderful message and it's something many americans want to rally around,
6:52 am
so not really. >> as he has been telling us, he has been speaking the same message his entire life in politics, from the 1970's and earlier. why is it resonating this year? >> i guess because we have faced a lot of challenges in recent decades. we feel like, especially for millennials, that we are being handed all these failures, all these problems to fix. the things he is speaking about, campaign finance reform, tackling the issues, corporate irresponsibility, it's something everyone really responds to. click senator sanders is in the more liberal part of the country right now. if he is successful on tuesday, how do you see him faring in parts of the country that are not as liberal? >> he will express his ideas, and hopefully that will carry him forward. >> if his run continues to other states, do you plan to work for him then as well?
6:53 am
>> i am a college student. i plan to phone bank and do everything i can to make sure he has a successful campaign. >> where do you go to school? >> clark university. i'm a community development and planning major. it's a masters program. >> thank you so much for talking to us. we appreciate hearing from you. >> of course, thank you so much. >> c-span has been carrying tonight's event live. we will continue to provide live coverage as the clock ticks towards new hampshire's primary on tuesday. you can find all of our coverage on our website, [captioning performed by the
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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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hillary: oh, my gosh, i met your grandfather. that was so adorable.
6:58 am
we were face timing. >> do you know who that was? hillary clinton. mrs. clinton: thank you. i need your help. hi, everybody. >> hi. >> thank you. mrs. clinton: how are you? >> life, wrote to the white house coverage with republican presidential candidate carly fiorina. later, live coverage of hillary clinton in portsmouth. election day is always exciting.
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we will begin with the washington journal, tuesday morning, we are live in new hampshire, showing our viewers what is happening in the key parts of the manchester area. since 1992, we have had a good partnership with the abc affiliate in manchester, new hampshire. once again this year, we have the chance to show a national audience how the race is unfolding through the eyes of the local media. what will be different is that we will of course have the results and show the speeches but we will be showing the speeches in their entirety and our talking heads will be the viewers. we will hear from our viewers and take calls and tweets to see what they are saying about this race. >> coming up on "washington journal close oh. arnie arnesen. he talks about tuesday's new hampshire primary, the candidates and what is important to new hampshire voters.
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and jack keith. he gives his preview of the primary. we will also take your calls and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. washington journal is next. ♪ good morning, it is saturday, debbie were a 6, 2016. we have three days to go until the new hampshire primary. we are once again taking our viewers up to new hampshire -- manchester, new hampshire to talk about gop debate tonight. before we do that, with new hampshire representing the first chance for underplayed -- under cleared -- undeclared voters. whether you are satisfied with the current field of presidential candidate. could you see yourself supporting any of the major party


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