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tv   Campaign 2016 NH Primary Events  CSPAN  February 6, 2016 10:00am-4:01pm EST

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this is about nine miles east of new hampshire -- will not be part of that abc news debate since recent polling has her coming in behind the top six candidates in new hampshire and nationally. clear politics showing her with 3.9 percent average based on a combination of polls. to getct this event underway shortly. our white house road -- our live coverage of white house race is live on c-span.
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collects good morning, everyone. thank you so much for being here. i hope you enjoyed the beautiful drive this morning. from wherever you came from. i appreciate you coming out. my name is mary linda garcia. i was a former state representative for eight years for the town of salem.
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then i was the 2014 congressional nominee for the republican party in the second district. it is my pleasure to be here. fiorinaeen a carly supporter since may when she announced her candidacy. i wanted to share a little bit why i was so compelled and confident that she was the candidate i wanted to support and that i want to see in the oval office. and whenlk to people, i was running my own campaign, all the time, people would come up to me and say would never be great if we could have a candidate that was so articulate when it comes to our conservative values? that was consistent from election to election. doesn't change their mind all the time and be on all sorts of sides of an issue, wouldn't it be great if we had one that had experience both in the private sector and the public sector? understands the global economy, one that understands national security, one that can
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push back on the liberal media when they go for those gotcha questions. what in a be great if we had a candidate who could take on someone like hillary clinton? observing carly and her questions and speeches, i came to understand that this is the candidate i had been waiting for in terms of someone that could best articulate the ideals and understanding of what america is all about, what has made us the exceptional country we are, and has a vision for what the future of america should be and its role in the world. i want to say a few things this morning that i think are important. of times now lot as we go up to this february 9 primary, people say there are all of these polls and you hear all of the speculation and prognostication. i really like carly, they say. i have heard her in debates, she is amazing. her inmaybe even met
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person. i agree with everything she says, she is fantastic, but can she went -- win? my answer to that is you can answer your own question. if you go for carly, she will win. we can send her out of new hampshire with momentum. that is the only thing you need to think about, and it is within your power to control that process. as you all know, we have a little bit of a situation which is really unfortunate wherein -- i don't know it you want to call it, the political establishment, polling to tellhey would like us that votes are less important than polls. day --know, there is a debate tonight, and currently, carly is being excluded from that debate stage. [booing] can you raise her hand if you think carly is one of the best debaters you have ever seen? i agree.
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and, do you also know that in iowa, she be both governor christie and governor kasich, she earned -- she has just as many delegates as governor bush, and, she has been in new hampshire so many times and met so many people and has had such strong support, there is absolutely no logical reason whatsoever why she should not be on that debate age this evening. the only reason she is not is because the abc network has decided they are going to use arbitrary polling criteria that they decided and they are basically saying that polls are more important than votes. -- you need you to do may have noticed this anonymous banner behind me. who here has a smartphone? pretty good. a lot of you don't. anyway, for those of you that do, fine, you can do this twice for me. , during theo please course of this event, take a
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photo of carly, take a photo of make manifest your dissatisfaction and displeasure with what is happening in new hampshire today and in advance of our primary. i want you to to eat, if you will, #let carly debate. at abc photo, direct it news, abc networks, abc rnc, whoeverwmur, you would like to hear you, please make your voice and displeasure about this situation known. the last thing i would like you to do is one carly comes in, if you could all pick up your rally sign and shake it and wave it and cheer, that would be fantastic. we want her to know that we are here supporting her and that she we really appreciate it and i would appreciate it if you did that come as well. without further ado, i would like to introduce, and again, i
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want to thank you for your attention, i want to introduce carly's new hampshire chairman. [applause] >> what a great candidate. don't you want to see her on the ballot? we want to see her do that again. how is everyone doing? it is saturday before the primary. how is everyone doing this morning? excellent. we talk to you about a smartphone and what you can do ashtag, i am old school. a couple of things, some of you have seen the union leader. front page, fiorina, i don't ever stop fighting, and she will never stop fighting for us. that is who carly fiorina is. [applause]
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i am also old-school in this respect. you have ag, when chance to watch carly, to hear carly, for those of you who are not decided yet, visualize the next president of the united states. i would like to borrow something that my wife told me she did very early on when she started supporting carly in april. she said she opened up a folder on her inbox, and it is titled carly. potus. she said because we have to be thinking about carly as the next president. one carly talks about boots on the ground, she knows that our sons and daughters have boots on the ground. we have a tardy in the army national guard at new hampshire. i want carly fiorina to be her commander in chief. not hillary clinton who doesn't stand for our military and doesn't defend our country. carly fiorina will. i am proud to be her state
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chairman. you know me from past campaigns. i was a republican nominee in 20 talk. good --up not being a it ended up not being a good year for republicans or conservatives. there was no margin of error in 2016. 2016 has to be a great year for republicans and conservatives and it starts right here in new hampshire. don't you agree? [applause] i am supporting carly because i see in carly a principled, passionate, and positive conservative leader. worlde who has the experience, the business experience to be our commander in chief and our president of the united states. someone who has a blueprint that she will talk to you about. she is about action, having us take back control of our government and our country. comes in, since we are mostly new hampshire people, could we have a new hampshire conversation?
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since one do we allow outsiders determine who will be on a debate stage in new hampshire right here in town? since one? never. we have never done that before. since when do we let the rnc, abc, or anyone else tell us who we are going to support? never. we have never done that. it is time, citizens, that we take back our primary. it is time that we take back the state of new hampshire. happens on tuesday, let us not stop there. we are going to take this primary back. are you with me? [applause] you can do something right now about that. after we leave here, call, send tags,mail, send the hash whatever it is, i'm a person who believes in the long shot, the
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impossible, because nothing is impossible with the good lord. something could happen tonight. chuck carly should be on the stage tonight and we can still -- after you leave here, also, this is old school. if you like carly, if you want to support carly, please, please, please, talk to your friends. talk to your neighbors. talk to people at work on monday. after church services or synagogue, talk to your friends. tell them who you are supporting and wide. that is how we make our decision in new hampshire. we don't do it through the filter of media, -- someone is calling me. [laughter] it turns out, an iphone, which is pretty good. talk to everyone you know. make sure that you make it your purpose to cut through the media nonsense, to let people know that carly fiorina should be the next president of the united
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states. please, talk, talk, talk. [laughter] [applause] good new hampshire gather should, we are are to have a cub scout troop here, 99, who is going to present us the pledgeand lead us in the of allegiance. would you please enter and all rise? [pledge of allegiance]
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>> cub scout troop 99. how about that? everybody ready? let me introduce to you the next president of the united states, carly fiorina. [applause] carly fiorina: good morning. carly! fiorina: thank you.
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my husband, frank is here somewhere. where is frank? there he is. he wore exactly the right color. i didn't have to tell them to do that. [applause] thank you for being here, thank you for your support. ever since i started running for presidency of the united states on may 4 of 2015, everybody has counted me out. i started out 17 out of 16 candidates. less than 4% of you had ever heard my name. the pollsters wouldn't ask my name. the pundits wrote me off. dayswe are, a couple before the new hampshire primary, and there are only eight of us left. i have already beaten a couple of the guys he will be on that stage tonight, and i morty tied with jeb bush who spent tens of millions of dollars. i have made it all this way because of the people of new hampshire.
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because you take your first in the nation primary responsibilities very seriously. ever since i started running for president in may of last year, i have been telling you the game is rigged. media establishment, the political establishment, the special interest tangled up in this vast bureaucracy that has become our government and washington, d.c., all of these things aren't working for us anymore. they are working for themselves. if you ever doubted that the game was rate, look at what is going on on -- on that debate stage tonight. i thought votes counted in elections. i thought delegates counted in elections. i thought the people of new hampshire had a responsibility to vote and take presidents. mediantly, the establishment, the political establishment has decided that they know better than you. i will not falter. andll never stop fighting
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neither can you. [applause] i will never stop fighting because what we are fighting for is incredibly important. we are fighting for our politics. we are fighting for our government to take it back. we are fighting for our future and our country and that is why i'm running for president. that is why you have to stand with me and fight with me and vote for me. i will never stop fighting, and neither can you. [applause] we used to think about this as a nation of limitless possibility. our children, our grandchildren's futures would be brighter than ours. we don't know that anymore. it certainly has been a nation of possibilities for me and my husband, frank. he started off driving a tow
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truck for a family-owned autobody shop. i started out typing and filing and answering phones in a nine person real estate firm in the middle of a recession at the end of the 70's. folks, i have traveled and lived and worked, done business, charity, policy work all over the world for decades. i can tell you with absolute certainty that it is only in this nation that a young woman can start out the way i did, in that receptionist job, go on one day to become the chief executive of what we turned into the largest technology company in the world, and run for presidency of the united states. that is only possible in this great nation. [applause] it is also true, ladies and gentlemen, that all along the way i have been told to sit down and be quiet. .ust settle don't rock the boat.
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don't challenge the system. just except it the way it is, even if you know you could make it better. i have ignored that advice all because i am running the american people are now being given the same advice. we are being told to sit down and be quiet. guns,our god, about our about the horrors of the abortion industry. we are being asked to settle for a nation where record numbers of men are out of work, record numbers of women are living in poverty, our young people don't even believe the american people -- dream israel anymore, despite all the promises of all of the politicians to all the little cycles. working family wages have stagnated for 40 years. we are destroying more and more small and new and family-owned businesses each year and it is those small and family-owned businesses and farms that create two thirds of the new jobs in this country and employ half the people.
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meanwhile, while all of that is going on, the truth is that the rich get richer, the powerful get more powerful, and the well-connected get better connected. we cannot settle for this. in the meantime, we are being asked to accept a system of government and politics that no longer works for us. our government has turned into a corrupt,oated, inept, bureaucracy. it does not work for the people who pay for it. [applause] folks, it has been that way for a really long time area under republicans and democrats alike, you can come up with any example you like of the ineptitude and corruption of this government. out.f us have figured it 80% of americans think the federal government is corrupt. you are right. corrupt in that it takes winners and losers. take your example of ineptitude.
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the latest one is of the department of homeland security admitting they cannot keep track of people who have overstayed their visas. meanwhile, they also admit they were given a bunch of money and a mandate 12 years ago to fix that system and guess what, 12 years later, there is no money, there is no system, and they are in the planning phase. why do we accept this? why do we accept this? meanwhile, you guys are's list -- sophisticated consumers of politics and politicians. you see candidates come through here every four years. ask yourself, how often have you heard the same thing? we are going to secure the border. how long have we been talking about that? 25 years. we are going to care for our veterans. we are going to reform social security. we are going to reform the tax code. we are going to reduce the size of government and lower the debt. how many times have you heard that? you have heard it for 30 years. it isn't happening. none of this is happening.
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why are we accepting this? iam frustrated, i am fed up, am angry, and i think we can solve every single one of these problems, but we cannot do so unless we remember who we are. ars was intended to be citizen government. we were never intended to have a professional political class. we were never intended to have a vast, bloated, federal government. for the, i am running presidency of the united states because i think it is time. i think it is time we take our future back. i think it is time we take our politics and our government back. stand with me. it is time, we must take our country back. [applause] come on. folks, that starts here in new hampshire on tuesday night.
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this state takes presidents. there are a bunch of guys on that stage who have lobbied hard to keep me off. abc, the george stephanopoulos network, we might as well call it anybody but carly. that is about what they have done on saturday night. [applause] we can solve our problems. we have to remember who we are. i will go all the way to cleveland. you send me out of here with the wind at my back, what the media doesn't want you to know is we are ready to go. we are funded to go all the way. we have ground games in 12 states. leadership teams in 25 states. tremendous support in new hampshire and beyond. i can win this. send me out of here with the wind at my back and we will take our country back.
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[applause] i rolled out a blueprint. i wrote it down. i come from a world, like you do, what accountability matters. we think that what you do is more important than what you say. youe we actually believe if commit to do something, you will get it done. one was the last time you held a politician accountable for anything? when was the last time we held government accountable for anything? we don't. you will hold me accountable. that is why i wrote this down. i want you to walk out of here and carry that blueprint with you. hang on to it. we need to get these things done in the first term. weill come back here, and will talk about how we are doing early on in the first term. you are going to help me get these things done. let me tell you how. before i wrap it up and take your questions.
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first, let me tell you a story of your power. we, i must restore your power. remember when we learned that veterans were dying, waiting for appointments in phoenix, arizona? do you remember that? we, the citizens of this nation were so outraged that -- by that that spontaneously, we flexed our muscles, used our power, and flooded congress with e-mails and posts and tweets and phone calls. this hopelessly divided do-nothing congress did something. they actually did something amazing. waste on the power that you exerted. and three short weeks, a bill that says that you could fire the top or hundred senior executives of the the a that is unprecedented. you can't fire anyone in the federal government. you got that done. it passed the senate 99
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do-nothing and president obama signed a. you got that done in three weeks. that is how much power you have. then you went on with your lives. because we believed the pretty speeches by the politicians who said they would never let this go on again. three people were fired. two of them are suing to get their jobs back. veterans -- 300-7000 veterans have died waiting for health care. the v.a. handed out $142 million worth of bonuses for superior performance. we cannot settle for this anymore. it is a stain on our nation's honor. we have to take this government back. what did we learn from that little story? unless we keep the pressure on, nothing changes. i will keep the pressure on. let's talk about one of the items in this blueprint. the only way we take our government back is to get
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control of the money. am such a scary figure to the political establishment, as well as the media establishment. i know how to get control of the money. ask yourself a question. how is it that the government can spend more and more money each year and never have enough money? have you ever noticed that? moneyvernment spends more every year, has for 50 years, and yet, every time we ask them to do something, please care for our veterans, we need more money. please secure the money -- the border, we money. please protect our nation, we need more money. how is it possible to spend more money and never have enough? i will tell you how it is possible. it is how it -- it has to do with how the government budgets. aside from the fact that they forgot it was your money, the way they budget is this. if you are a bureaucracy, you're given a budget. your job is not to explain how you are spending that money. your job is to spend it all. every year.
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you are never asked to justify it. you are never asked to explain it. at the end of the year, you spend it all and go to congress and ask for more. they own the money. we don't. how do you budget? how do we all budget except in the federal government? i will tell you how. we examine every dollar. we can cut every dollar. we can move any dollar. that is how we all spend less than -- when we have to and still have enough for our priorities. we examine every dollar. we can cut any dollar. we can move any dollar. isancy word for that zero-based budgeting. i call it common sense and good judgment. we have to go to zero-based budgeting in the government to get control of your money. so we can spend it on the right things" spending it on silly things. wasteful things, corrupting things. no other candidate out here is talking about this.
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there has been a bill to go to zero-based budgeting on the bill -- on the floor of the house for a couple years. no one wants to vote on this. why do you suppose that is? special interests. everyone is tangled up. towill gore everyone's ox get control of the money. you will help me get that past. remember i told you about power and pressure? every week, i will go into the oval office and ask you, my federal -- fellow citizens, please take out your smartphones. i have to pause and say there are a lot of foot phones in new hampshire. [applause] you have an emotional flip -- attachment to your for fun -- for what fun. i get it, but you may want to upgrade. i'm just giving you a warning. the point is this. i will ask you to take out your smart device of choice and say my fellow citizens, do you agree with me that we finally have to get control of the money so that we can control our government
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once again and pass that zero-based budgeting bill? press one for yes, 24 no. ladies and gentlemen, technology is a tool. it is an incredibly powerful tool. we use it for foolish things. we vote people off of islands, we talk about our favorite songs. you will be voting during super bowl ads. i am going to use it for important things. restoring citizen governments to this great nation. press one for yes. i'm going to ask for your help to get this blueprint done, and we can get it done. before we get it done, we have to win. we have to win in november. ask yourself what it takes to win. it takes someone who can unify the party, not divide the party. it takes someone who can unify the nation, not divide the nation. thatf us that figured out the government is corrupt and that we have a professional political class that cares more about its power position and
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privilege instead of getting anything done. it is everybody. it is democrats, republicans, independents, young and old, men and women. you also have to have someone who will be a fearless fighter on the debate stage. whether or not you have decided to support me, i hope you will by the time you leave here. youou hasn't -- haven't, need to see my husband, frank. the closer. [laughter] whether or not this minute you have decided to support me, and your heart of hearts, you know you cannot wait to see that debate between me and hillary clinton. [applause] you can't wait because you know what is going to happen. i am going to beat her. you know i am the best debater on the stage and you know i have been fearless in telling the truth about mrs. clinton. she is a liar, lacks a track record of a compliment, has been wrong on every major
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foreign-policy challenge, and maybe that is the reason anyone -- the network doesn't have me on that stage tonight. [applause] we have to do more than win. politics is covered like a game now. covered like a sport. who is up, who is down, how is the horse going? except it is not a game and not a sport. you know this is a serious time. i want you to think about more than what it takes to win. i want you to think very carefully about what it takes to do the job now. new hampshire picks presidents. i think it takes someone who understands how the economy actually works. who is created a job, save a job. redacted a job. i think it takes a leader who understand how the world works. and who is in the world.
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the truth is i have more foreign-policy experience than anyone running. i have been in and around the world for decades. i have met more world leaders than anyone with the possible exception of hillary clinton, but she did photo ops and i have had private meetings with allies and adversaries alike about charity, business, policy. i have held the highest clearance available to a civilian. ofhaired the advisory board the cia. i have advised the nsa. a secretary of state, a secretary of homeland security. i go on military capabilities well. i know our intelligence capabilities well. knowing all of these things, i know that when the united states of america is not leading, and we are not leaving now, the world becomes a dangerous place. when we do not stand with our allies, when we do not confront our adversaries, when we do not respond when provoked, the world becomes a dangerous place. as commander-in-chief, i will lead.
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[applause] we had better have a president who understands bureaucracies. our government has become one giant inept, corrupt bureaucracy. it has to get cut down to size and held accountable. we need a president who understands technology. technology is an incredibly powerful tool. power use it to restore to you, the citizens of this nation. it is also a weapon that is being wielded against us by our enemies. we are losing the war in cyberspace and we cannot lose that war. we had better have a president who understands that and understand what to do about it. finally, and perhaps most importantly of all, we need someone who understands what leadership is. a leader has to make a tough call. in a tough time, and stand up
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and be held to account. we have people running in this election about never made it tough call. sorry, a tough vote is not a tough call. have somebody who understands that leadership is about challenging the system. we have loads of people who are the system. politicians who are the system, a crony capitalist named donald trump who is the system, too. he is not going to challenge the system. he has made billions of dollars buying people inside the system. he freely admits it. he cannot change the system when he is the system. neither can any of the politicians. a leader challenges the system because that is the only way you solve the string problems. our problems have festered a very long time. you know how you go from secretary to ceo? you challenge the system. you produce results. you solve problems. you deliver. finally, the most important thing of all about leadership, it is not about the size of your
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office. it is not about the shape of your office. it is not about your title. it is not about your ego. a leader is a servant. a leader serves. a leaderst calling of is to unlock potential and others. my highest calling is to restore citizen government to this great nation so citizens, voters of new hampshire, do not sit down and be quiet. do not settle, do not accept a system that doesn't work for us anymore. instead, i ask you, stand with me. fight with me. join me, vote for me. mustens, it is time, we take our future back. we must take our politics and our government back. citizens, join me, we must take our country back. [applause]
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who has a question? yes, sir. then i will come to the gentleman in the red jacket. >> ted cruz recently said he doesn't feel that atheists are fit to be president or it i was offended by that. i wonder if you agree with him and if you don't agree with him, are you willing to say ted cruz is a bigot? carly fiorina: i would love to debate ted cruz although so far that hasn't happened. i have to say i very much appreciate the ted cruz and ben carson said yeah, carly should be on the debate stage. thank you, ted, thank you, ben.
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i don't know where the rest of the guys are, but ted and then our stand up guys. this is a nation founded on individual freedom and religious liberty. we have to protect religious liberty. religious liberty is under assault. truthfully, christians are under assault in this nation. i respect you and of course you have the capability and the potential to do whatever you choose. i happen to believe that faith gives us important things for leadership. my faith has saved me over and over again. it has saved me through a battle with cancer. it has saved me when we buried our daughter to the demons of addiction. my life would be poor without my faith. my faith gives me humility. because i know that no one of us is better than any one of us. humility is important in a leader. my faith gives me empathy.
10:42 am
canow that everyone of us be redeemed. my faith gives me optimism. a betterat there is way, a better place, and i also know that people can rise to the occasion. humility andnally, empathy and optimism are vital to leadership. so, i am grateful for my faith. >> the media said they would start coverage this afternoon at 5:00 for the day starts. you gave me a sign. i am going to be there. are you going to be there? [applause] carly fiorina: i will tell you they haven't given me credentials to show up, but you could show up, i encourage
10:43 am
you to show up and wave that song. don't sit down and be quiet, stand up and make a lot of racket. [applause] >> what is your position on women registering for selective service? fiorina: the military has made a decision that note -- women can serve in combat positions per as long as we are not lowering standards in any way, i think that is fine. since women are now able to serve in combat positions, they have to sign up like the guys. we can't lower the standards, we have to apply the same standards to everyone, men and women. if they can meet the standards, they can serve. [applause] >> i am going to read the
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question. carly fiorina: i always get nervous when people read questions. >> it is a short one. i am interested to know what you will do to help the growth of small businesses? they are the economic engine of the u.s.. carly fiorina: thank you. that is why the first item on this blueprint is to radically simplify our tax code. is 73,000de today pages long. let me tell you what that means. as the chief executive of what we turned into a $90 billion armies of could hire accountants and lawyers and lobbyists to figure out those 73,000 pages. we did. the nine person real estate firm, they can't. they are getting crushed. my husband, frank and i, have
10:45 am
been fortunate in our lives. we can hire an accountant to do our taxes. and we do. year, an accountant puts our tax returns in front of us. i close my eyes, sign, pray, i don't have a clue what i am signing. i hope they do appear it i'm not always can -- convinced they do. i point is this. one government is collocated, powerful,the big, the the wealthy can handle it. the bigger government gets, the more complicated it gets, the more true that it becomes it favors the big and the powerful. we are crushing small businesses code,his 73,000 page tax just like we are crushing them with the complexity of obamacare which is why we have to repeal it. just like we are crushing them with something like dodd frank. dodd frank is an incredibly, get it bill. but, the wall street banks who helped write it are doing fine
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because 10 wall st banks have now become five, even bigger, even more powerful. even more entrenched wall street banks. we have destroyed 1591 community banks. we have destroyed 20% of the credit union industry because they are little. they can't handle all of that complexity. banks, 21% of the credit industry. that matters for small businesses because that is where small businesses get their loans. n, theernment gets big small get crushed. we have to go from 73,000 pages down to three. three-page tax code. why three? because there is no place to hide in three pages. [applause] because if you have three pages, the playing field is level. you don't get any advantage if you are 90 billion over nine people.
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by the way, not a single other candidate is talked to you about this, but there is a 20-year-old plan for a three-page tax code. nobody is talking about it. nobody wants to vote on it. guess what i'm going to ask you to do? smartphones. we are going to go from 73,000 pages down to three. my fellow citizens, we need to get that 20-year-old plan for a three-page tax code finally passed so that we left this weight off of small businesses. press one for yes. when we go from 73,000 pages down to three, how many irs agents do you suppose we need? we havenow that today, as many irs personnel as we have cia and fbi combined? does that strike you as a problem at a dangerous time? you bet it is. which is why, another reason why we have to go to zero-based budgeting. without zero-based budgeting, without being able to say we
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don't need all those irs agents so we are not going to give the irs that money anymore so we are going to hire fbi agents, we cannot do that unless we change the way the government budgets money. thank you for the question. she is coming. have been, and the past couple days, news stories i have been hearing about increased military action on the part of the united states with our nato allies. i have two questions. one is what do you think about that whatwo, isn't you started suggesting a long time ago and some of the early debates? carly fiorina: let me start with a basic principle and i will ask your question -- answer your question specifically. we must have the strongest military on the face of the planet and everybody has to know it. respond when we are
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provoked. when we do not, there will be more provocation. famously asked what difference does it make? americans died in benghazi. this is the difference it makes good when terrorists purposely attack an american embassy and murder for americans, including the nextsador, and morning, the secretary of state stands up and lies about a video that does not represent our values, instead of saying this was a purposeful terrorist attack on the united states of america and we will retaliate, the signal that goes out around the world's to every adversary we have in every terrorist organization is open season on the united states of america. that is what difference it makes. putin is an adversary. i have met him.
10:50 am
anyone who spent any time with him would know that a gimmicky red button is not going to work. vladimir putin has been provoking this nation for years now. crimea,g us by invading provoking us by invading ukraine. provoking us by not telling us that he is sending his fighter jets and ships into iran, syria, the middle east, because he, the russians and the iranians are locked together in an unholy alliance right now in the middle east, trying to lead that region. i am not goingt to sit down and have a conversation with vladimir putin anytime soon. there are times when actions speak louder than words. the action i would take is to rebuild the six week right under vladimir putin's nose. i would rebuild the missile-defense poll -- system in poland right under his nose. that i would conduct regular military exercises with our nato allies so that it becomes clear
10:51 am
that we will defend ourselves and our allies against provocation. that signal, that action is vital right now. i will also say, ladies and gentlemen, because russia and iran are linked in an unholy alliance, they are creating a great deal of difficulty for us in the middle east, let me tell you what i'm going to do in the middle east. we have to defeat isis. on day one in the oval office, i am going to make two phone calls. the first will be to make good friend netanyahu to reassure him that we will stand with the state of israel always. [applause] having been in that region a long time, i know that even our arab allies who disagree strenuously with israel watch how we are treating israel. states isf the united prepared to treat their friend
10:52 am
israel that way, our friendship doesn't mean very much. the second phone call i am going to make is to the supreme leader of iran. i have never been in his country. i have never met him. i am not quite his cup of tea. he may not take my phone call. but he is going to get my message. the message is this. new deal. new deal with a new president. until and unless you open every military and every nuclear for everywhere and anytime inspections by our people, not yours, we, united states of america, will make it as difficult as possible to make you that -- for you to move money. i know how to do that. we don't need anyone's permission to do that. we must do it. we must stop the money. hundreds of billions of dollars of money that is flowing into iran is being used to fund terrorism, fund a military buildup, and fund a nuclear buildup that is most definitely not these will. i know that because i set in israel with the head -- and
10:53 am
looked at the data. with those two phone calls, the message is going to go around the world they united states of america is back in the leadership business. we will also reassure our arab allies in the middle east whose help we need to defeat isis. we have to defeat isis. they are an enemy. most pressing security threat. not climate change. it is actually isis followed by iran. we have to deny them our territory. our sunni-arab allies can help us do that. the jordanians, salaries, egyptians will of iranians, kurds. i have been in these nations. i know these leaders. i know they are prepared to help us defeat isis and deny them territory. unless they know that the united states of america will confront our adversaries, iran, russia, and stand with our allies, kuwait, jordan, egypt.
10:54 am
i'm a commander in chief who will lead. [applause] >> i like what you say, no doubt about it. carly fiorina: here comes the box. [laughter] -- the but. >> my question is, after being president for four years, how do you continue? i have been around for a wild. for 40 or 50 years, we have had a war on poverty. i don't see anyone winning that war. how do you plan on getting people off of this situation so --t they can carly fiorina: we have spent trillions of dollars on the war on poverty.
10:55 am
inhave more people living poverty today than 25 years ago. this isn't working. two answers to your question. number one, if you look at the programs of assistance that we have in this nation, they do not encourage people to move forward in their lives. they discourage them from doing so. [applause] if you are a single mom and you have two kids and you are working 20 hours a week and you depend on food stamps and you are fortunate enough to get a 40 hour a week job, we take all that away from you like that. as a single mom, you said there and say what if i get fired? which you might? what happens to me and my kids? you say the risk is too great and you fall back instead of moving forward.
10:56 am
programso revamp these so that people are motivated to move forward and their lives, not discouraged from doing so. ire fundamentally than that, want to tell you the fundamental difference between a conservative point of view and a progressive point of view. this is the discussion we have to have with the american people to win. forgive me, but let me tell you a story. before i ran for president of the united states, i was chairman of an organization called opportunity international. we were the largest micro-finance lender in the world. what that means is we lend a small amounts of money to really poor people. we have went $8 billion -- lent $8 billion. $100 at a time. i have seen people in the most desperate and destitute circumstances. we have poverty in this country, but it is nothing like the slums of new delhi where i'd traveled in january of last year to meet with some of our clients.
10:57 am
if you have ever been in the slums of new delhi, they are desperate places. maraudingtrash, animals, people piled on top of each other, sewage in the streets. i climbed the top of a tall ladder to stand, to sit on top of a rooftop with 10 over clients -- of our clients. i expected to see the desperation in their eyes that i saw all around me. it is not what i saw. we had given these women, all women, a helping hand. we had given them tools, training, credit, support. what i saw in their eyes was focus. determination. pride. hope, because we had done more than give them $100 and training. we had said to them you are gifted by god. you have potential. you have the opportunity to live
10:58 am
a life of dignity and purpose and meaning and we will lift you up. that is where i start. that everyone is gifted by god, that everyone has this capacity. it is not what progressives believe. recall what the head of the chicago public teachers union said in the middle of a strike. the issue is teacher accountability in the classroom. in chicago. this president of the teachers union took to the microphones and said this. held accountable for the performance of students in our classroom because too many of them are poor and come from broken families. what was she saying? come from aoor and broken family, you can't learn and we don't need to teach you. thatwe create programs reflect the progressive point of
10:59 am
view, which is, folks, some of us are smarter than others, some of us are better than others, don't worry, some of us are going to take care of others, we hold people back. we cannot leave a single person in this nation behind because everyone is gifted by god. let us lift people up. so that they can make the most of their lives. [applause] one second. wait for the mike. >> i think you are a really talented, really inspirational lady. --hink uab a great president i think you would be a great president. what would be the first thing you would do in office? [applause] ms. fiorina thank you.
11:00 am
maybe he wanted the president someday. i could warm up the chair for you. want to beu president someday. i could warm up the chair for you. there are several things that have to be dealt with immediately. one that i spoke about a few moments ago involves sending a signal to the world that we will lead. it is why i said on day one i will make two phone calls. know,e the world hast to -- the world hast to know loud and clear the united states will lead. we need a reset of the world views of this nation. the second thing i will do on day one is start a conversation about this blueprint. we do not have a lot of time. this is urgent. you feel that. we get this unless
11:01 am
nation headed in a different direction, we will continue to lose something important. we will go to congress, talk about it. the third thing, early on, is to ofrt to roll back this web complexity that has been ruled out.- rolled we have become a nation of rules, not laws. rules comingthe from washington, d.c. in the last 50 years? we have not repealed something in 50 years. the last thing we repealed is ronald reagan repealed the 55 mile per hour national speed limit. we talked about we half to
11:02 am
repeal obama care, but the fcc rolled out 400 pages of rules over the internet. it is not helping us. the epa now controls 99% of the water in this nation. we saw how well that worked out for flint, michigan. is we have to start right away. we have to restore possibility for every american. we have to hold the government responsible. we have to put citizens back in charge. that work starts on day one and must continue every day. tuesday --tarts on actually, it starts now. walk out of this room. talk to your friends and neighbors. new hampshire picks presidents. pick a president. your work begins in earnest on tuesday. you know.
11:03 am
you feel it in your bones. this nation is at a crossroads. .his is an exceptional nation not perfect, but exceptional. because we believe in the value of every individual and life. because we know each of us are gifted by god. we are exceptional also because we know in our bones that power and money and decision-making, dispersed into the hands of the many, is more competent, more compassionate, wise, and just than power concentrated in the hands of a few. we have too much power, money, decision-making concentrated in the hands of too few. citizens, fight, joined. vote for me. back.t take our country
11:04 am
god bless you. thank you for being here. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ms. fiorina:, on up, have a picture if you would like. but i have one rule. one picture, one vote for me. [laughter] you got to get your dad's a vote for me. that is your deal. and your mom. there you go. thank you. help me out. that.ooking forward to
11:05 am
here. rebecca can help you. you got your flashlight on there. thank you. >> thank you for running. you have my vote. good luck. ms. fiorina: thank you. you help me. i am counting on you. >> ok. ms. fiorina: hi. you are probably not quite old enough to vote. maybe you can get your dad to vote for me. all right. thank you. hi. how are you?
11:06 am
talk to everybody you know. nice to meet you. you going to vote for me? ok. >> thank you. ms. fiorina: thank you. >> nice to meet you. ms. fiorina: nice to meet you. hi. how are you? >> great. ms. fiorina: good. vote. vote. girl power, you. i love your t-shirt. where did you get that? >> this is anna.
11:07 am
ms. fiorina: hi, anna. did you know our press secretary is named anna? like a picture? thank you. hi. you doing? good. you want me to sign this book. that means your mom and dad will vote for me. spell your name for me. my granddaughters name is morgan. met one other morgan. you and her. ms. fiorina: what is your name?
11:08 am
maidson. madison. are you sisters? morgan tuesdayy i met a morgan and a madison today. and madison both wo re glasses. and here's dad. here's your pen. nice to meet you. ok. so we get mom and dad's vote. >> thank you so much. all right.: talk to everybody you know. and this is emily? my best friend in school was
11:09 am
emily, so there you go. >> thank you so much. ms. fiorina: i am counting on you. nice to meet you. we saw you at the winery. you got my vote today. ms. fiorina: thank you. >> good luck. ms. fiorina: thank you. [indiscernible] hi, girls.: what is your name? >> sophie.
11:10 am
ava. ms. fiorina: what elegant names. thank you. you have to make sure your mom votes on tuesday. thank you very much. thank you for your help. here.doing a selfie thank you. the first candidate i felt compelled to give money. ms. fiorina: thank you. talk to everybody you know. hi carlene from rhode island. >> thank you very much for doing that. ms. fiorina: thanks for coming
11:11 am
today. [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: thank you. i won't falter. hi. nice to meet you. >> i have been reading for you in college. ms. fiorina: thank you. keep going. you just keep going. i am counting on you. counting on you too, sir. >> imho. ms. fiorina: --
11:12 am
rachel. ms. fiorina: thank you, rachel. [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: you guys talk to everybody you know. i will keep going. nice to meet you. >> you already have the vote. ms. fiorina: thank you for being here. i have done the flat stanley thing too. does that mean i get the vote? >> i am still looking at everybody. make anina: well, i'll
11:13 am
exception for you. >> thank you very much. you.iorina: thank >> we secured another vote for you at lunch -- our waitress. ms. fiorina: fantastic. >> my name is jan. ms. fiorina: jan, ok. [indiscernible] >> i have been to india eight times. be onould your position -- our college kids are getting out of school and do not have a job. and our jobs are going overseas.
11:14 am
need more jobe creators here, part of why we need more small businesses. and we need to make this nation the best in the world for jobs. it is not, because of taxation, regulation. we have to fight for all of our jobs. we are not fighting for our jobs now. is cheapers think it to offshore. ms. fiorina: if we would tax less with less convexity, those jobs will not go. you can go to ca for a lot of information. >> thank you. you made a convert. [indiscernible] thank you for writing. thank you for putting up with everything.
11:15 am
ms. fiorina: i am glad you converted. >> thank you so much. ms. fiorina: spread the word. hello. hi, hannah. you look beautiful. you were in the back. what's your name? hannah and liam. how are you? and this is your mom. and dad. you fores are thank being an outstanding leader for my daughter and son. you have been compared to margaret thatcher. i cannot really get on that bus, but you remind me of joan hart -- joan d'arc. ms. fiorina: hopefully i won't
11:16 am
get burned at the stake. [laughter] how do you want it? [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: ok. now i know why it's hannah and liam. ok. hannah, your job tuesday is make sure mom and dad go to vote. got to hook up the dogsled, go to school and talk about it monday.
11:17 am
tomorrow --hurch talk in church tomorrow. ok. there you go. now we have a picture. thank you so much. we will hold that for a sec. mom, don't disappear. >> thank you very much. >> you persuaded me to vote for you. ms. fiorina: it kind of clarifies what is going on. thank you for the opportunity to meet with you. ms. fiorina: thank you.
11:18 am
rule.s my one picture, one vote. you have to see the closer. >> smile. >> thank you. ms. fiorina: you know i will get it done. >> i know you will. >> your answers are the best i have heard from everybody. ms. fiorina: thank you. the difference between conservatives and progressives and helping people -- beautiful explanation. you have won a vote. ms. fiorina: thank you. talk to everybody you know. that is how it happens here. the national review is having a debate watch party. i was thinking you could get show upd press if you
11:19 am
to the national review debate watch party. nice to meet you. thank you so much. thank you. will i be your first vote? i am honored to be your first vote. >> hi. love your passion. thank you so much. ms. fiorina: thank you. talk to everybody you know. how are you? >> i am well. hold it down. there you go. you're voting for me, right? >> absolutely. super tuesday in massachusetts. ms. fiorina: that will cap.
11:20 am
talk to everyone in new hampshire. thank you. >> can't wait to see you. ms. fiorina: ok. well he vote for me? his intention. [indiscernible] hope you will get into the debate. [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: thank you. how are you doing? i can't believe he has a
11:21 am
christie sticker. you know the rule. you're going to change your mind. change his mind. >> thank you so much. appreciate you standing up and being a good role model for everyone. ms. fiorina: i will count on you. don't let your mom forget. think here. -- thank you. hi. nice to meet you. thank you. counting on your help. you're welcome.
11:22 am
thanks. i am counting on your help. >> i am so proud of you. i hope you win. ms. fiorina: you help me win. . >> thank you so much. ms. fiorina: even if i don't, i can win. help me. thank you. that's fantastic, thank you. firstnored to be your vote. wasour buzzfeed video fantastic. women in the office if they were treated like men. thank you. ms. fiorina: thank you. sarah you love the buzzfeed video. >> i heard. [laughter] [indiscernible]
11:23 am
ms. fiorina: you don't have a camera. we're considering what we're doing. we will take that under consideration. thank you. --thank you for writing running. ms. fiorina: thank you for helping me. [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: thank you. i am counting on your help. hi. you match the panthers better hillar thinky.
11:24 am
ms. fiorina: it's the little things. thank you. hi. how are you doing? >> nice to meet you. ms. fiorina: i hope you will support me. [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: are you going to vote for me? are you old enough? can you make your mom vote for me? there you go. willnot think this pen work on here. but i have one that will work. thank you. ok. you. >> thank you for running. thank you for your help. help me. [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: help me, ok?
11:25 am
thank you for coming. talk to everybody you know. vote for me. >> absolutely. ms. fiorina: how are you? keep spreading the word. thank you. i hope you will help me. >> i will do my best. thank you.: have a great day. how are you doing? you look pretty today. brooke's dad., ms. fiorina: hi brooke's dad. brooke, you have to get dad to
11:26 am
vote for me. >> i appreciate you wearing the american pin. [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: get dad to vote for me. thank you. hi. thank you very much. ms. fiorina: all right, help me. thank you so much for running. much.orina: help me thank you. >> with of this, i will have to
11:27 am
vote for you. [laughter] thanks. thank you. ms. fiorina: thank you. i really appreciate it. >> i can't say -- i tear up when i think of you. ms. fiorina: all right. help me. >> i am from california, just moved to new hampshire. [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: that is a good change. thank you. i appreciate it. how are you? did i win you over? >> of course. i think you are stepping up. i really understand your personality. a you're have a camera?
11:28 am
you need help? maybe karen can help you. we have a battery problem. thank you. i'm counting on you. >> thank you for your time. want to nervous, but i thank you. you are very encouraging. if you have the chance to sit in the oval office, what is your plan to -- of the american people think of the government is corrupt. >> myself included. ms. fiorina: so what does that tell you?
11:29 am
is republicans, democrats, independents, men and women, young and old. -- all this pressure we have found common ground. >> you have to work with people already there. ms. fiorina: but think about -- [indiscernible] >> i will pray for you and everything. ms. fiorina: and vote for me. >> the only thing is the current -- as an concern outsider, how will that translate once you are in congress? me ask you: let this. you have had all of these insiders and the nation is more divided than ever. the american people have found common ground. carlyforpresident and
11:30 am
find more information. thank you. no picture until you decide to vote. that is the deal. >> that is ok. ok.fiorina: >> one basic question. ms. fiorina: i was a brownie. tomoved a lot, so then i had leave the brownie troop. tell her i was a brownie. i was a brownie. >> what are your thoughts about participatelowed to in the debate? ms. fiorina: the game is rigged. guys,eaten a couple tied a couple guys.
11:31 am
the people of new hampshire and iowa are being insulted. >> you think it will have a negative impact come tuesday? ms. fiorina: i think it execs in new york and washington, d.c. decided they can determine who the people of new hampshire can listen to. obviously, you are -- do you feel you can still get your message out? ms. fiorina: were you here? did you get the last hour and a half? resonating with voters, which is why people are afraid of me. they will have to find out. you just will have to find out. >> what is your strategy for the next few days? talking to voters.
11:32 am
the last time i looked, voters matter. the last time i looked, votes determine an election. a debate is important. there is no doubt. not anebate does election made. voters can a president make. so i will put my faith in the voters of the first in the nation primary state of new hampshire. thanks. [indiscernible] ms. fiorina: you are going to have to find out. do you have a message you want to get out to voters? ms. fiorina: i spent an hour and a half getting my message out. [indiscernible]
11:33 am
ms. fiorina: i hope you will vote for me. a vote is better than luck. don't you worry. you need to unite us and make and there methodical is determination. i have been listening and we will do it. ms. fiorina: thank you. >> thank you for all you do. [indiscernible]
11:34 am
is rigged.: the game
11:35 am
i won't be on the debate stage, but you can vote for me. >> we are in goffstown, new hampshire, just west of manchester. about a 25 mile drive. i want to show you the front leader."oday's "union trump is blasted for taking a snow day. next to that is jeb bush and 90-year-old barbara bush in derry. we want to show you this headline that carly fiorina mentioned. we want to introduce you to her husband, frank fiorina. she called you the closer. why? >> i have been with carly 34 years. businesstime she left
11:36 am
school to becoming ceo of the largest technology company in the world. i know for a fact of the things ceo wasas eeo, at -- as unprecedented. inwhat has this experience like for you as her husband? >> it is growing. let me start with that. there are long schedules. frequently split up. i will be in new hampshire while she is in iowa or south carolina and vice versa. honor to meetan so many wonderful people in this country. it has been a joy. toyour wife made reference this. she is not on the debate. what are your plans between now and this evening where the debate will take place? are still looking at many
11:37 am
options. i do not know exactly what we will do. we have so many people calling rnc to try tothe get them touching their minds. if it is not look promising, so we will see. we are if this for the long run. we built a campaign about staying until cleveland. that is what we will do. >> so you will not drop out tuesday night? we are notna: dropping out under any circumstances. husband oforina, the carly fiorina. a lot of people still here, including morgan. why did you come today? an inspiring for any girl my age. she is so inspirational. >> are you and her family -- are you and your family supporting her? >> yes. >> what do you like to study?
11:38 am 12 years i go to sam morin regional middle school. my favorite thing to learn is literacy in ms. walker's class. >> this is a new experience for it it. new hampshire. does this every four years. >> it is very cool. introduce yourself and why you came out. are you supporting carly fiorina? >> my name is ed. i brought my daughter holly. she is excited about carly being the next president. because she is strong on the issues and not afraid of speaking her opinion and she has plans, unlike some of the other candidates. we need to cut the size of government, and she plans to do that. we need to reform the tax code,
11:39 am
which no other candidate is talking about. which is why i came an hour up here. >> there are some of the audience still undecided. do you think she closed the deal with those wavering? tell.was hard to i heard a couple of people after who came to listen and watch, because that is what they do. they try to look at all the candidates. but she closed the deal with me. she got our vote in massachusetts. >> thank you. are you going to stand in front of saint and some college and hold that sign? >> i came to find out why she is not there and she would be there. it is a travesty of justice. i know they are afraid. they should not be so afraid. she belongs there. >> for those arriving at the college, you will be in front with science. what is your name and what you do?
11:40 am
why are you supporting carly fiorina? experience.o much this country is on the precipice. i see that hopeful message. >> introduce your name and why you came out. >> my name is joe. because i support carly. i love her business experience and focus. she is very prepared. i like she is not your typical politician because she is not a politician. and she has compassion, unlike some other non-politicians in the race. >> i think she is happy list. she will make a great commander in chief. a jobmes the best man for as a woman. i think it is currently fiorina. she has had a real job, not just titles. be great with fixing our tax code. she is compassionate, cares
11:41 am
about children. she is really the right person to take care of our country. >> at what point did you decide she was your candidate? >> we saw her in exeter july 30. she was one of my top three. i saw her and i said she has got it. she is the right person for this job. >> their retail politics, the one on one, we have not seen that with some other candidates. donald trump has had huge rallies, not done one-on-one campaigning. will that hurt him in new hampshire? >> it might. i think mr. trump is entertainment. it's exciting, fun. when it comes down to it, i think the new hampshire people want a real candidate, talking about the real issues are not just polling numbers. >> what has been thus what has
11:42 am
it been like the last year or so? >> fun. i get at least 45 calls each day from pollsters, which i only started answering. >> and a lot of ads on the television. >> and in the mail. from every candidate, every day, in the mail. >> thank you. this is one of our regular c-span listeners and viewers. grandchildren. you are an adamant supporter. why? >> when i first heard about her, me to herattracted message. before the model of take our country back, that is where i was thinking she was headed. i know we are at a precipice. r fall. to either fix o
11:43 am
-- or fall. capable ofe she is fixing that. she has the wherewithal to do that. i like her experience, her ,nowledge of foreign leaders her knowledge of technology. i think she has what it takes to be our next commander in chief. >> final question. ,ave you gone to other events seen other candidates in this campaign cycle? if so, where have you gone? >> ted cruz, chris christie. at first, there was a lot of excitement, but i noticed the excitement is waning in the last few weeks. -- i seet to measure
11:44 am
the crowds carly is building. to really answer your question, their message is not telling me as a country, where we are going to have. usthank you for being with and bring your grandkids. some of the events he was talking about all on our website, today through monday. and tuesday night is primary night. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] more live coverage from the campaign trail later today with democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. she will be in portsmouth at 7:15 p.m. eastern. tomorrow, we will hear from republican presidential candidate marco rubio at an event in bedford at 11:30 a.m.
11:45 am
eastern. at 1:00 eastern time tomorrow, a rally for donald trump at mistake university -- at plymouth state university in holderness. campaign 2016 is taking you on the road to the white house. in iowa, c-span brought you candidate speeches. meet and greets. town halls. and live caucus coverage. this week, c-span is on the ground in new hampshire, following the candidates leading up to the first in the nation primary. live election coverage starts tuesday at 8:00 eastern. [applause] >> every election cycle, we are
11:46 am
reminded how important it is for citizens to be informed. >> c-span is a home for political junkies. >> it is a gateway for us to stay informed. >> we have a lot of c-span fans on the hill. >> there is so much more c-span does to make sure people know what is going on. republican presidential indidate jim gilmore was manchester, new hampshire yesterday, speaking to the new hampshire rebellion. the former bridging at governor talked about some of the issues his campaign was focused on in the role of the media this election cycle. mr. gilmore: good afternoon. it is a pleasure to be here and speak to this organization, the
11:47 am
new hampshire rebellion. i understand exactly what your goals are. have a conversation with your goals. i appreciate the opportunity as candidate for president to be able to address you today. most of you know who i am. john is a friend of mine. i am a former governor of virginia. i have been an elected prosecutor in my home community. i was the attorney general of community -- of virginia. i warned of the dangers of potential terror attacks in this country. i was governor during the 9/11 attack and became a war governor when the pentagon, in my state, was attacked. i am a united states army
11:48 am
veteran. in fact, i am the only veteran in this race for united states president. can you imagine someone trying to become commander in chief of with noed states experience in national security, foreign policy, and never having served in the military? i cannot, which is one more reason i am offer myself as president of the united states. your issue andut give you some ideas. but let me also be clear about what i am talking about on the campaign trail. i am talking about national security. i have the unique experience of of being the only veteran to address the challenges we are facing from russia, china, north , and thean international guerrilla war we are engaged in with radical islam terrorist.
11:49 am
i know what we need to do. to rebuild the military. we need to enhance our intelligence organizations. we need to fight the war of ideas to make it clear we are the ones who will prevail with our values in the 21st century. i am talking about veterans issues across the united states of america. in the race,eteran i am deeply concerned about how our veterans are treated. we willome president, deal with the challenges we are facing of disrespect for veterans. falsification of records. i want to make sure the veterans have the same standard of care everyone else does in america. i want to make sure the specific issues of veterans are addressed, like posttraumatic stress disorder. awant to make sure there is
11:50 am
legitimate repeal process for veterans, who today tell me they do not have a good appeals process. and finally, second amendment rights. is an organization that is dealing with american liberty and the fear of big power and big money that might proceed american liberty. that is one reason i lamented -- that is one reason i accept this invitation. i believe in the right said keep and bear arms. in thenes what we mean individual and the repository of trust we put in people. to be able to have the empowerment of a firearm. those are the issues i have been focusing on. let me focus on what you want talking about. because it is related. this organization is lord about
11:51 am
big money and big donors. that is what i am hearing. i hear it all the time. will control the political process. i understand that. i hear that all the time from people in the other party to the democrats. hillary clinton is trying to mimic bernie sanders, and bernie sanders, a socialist, is caught idea ofis last century a class society. that's how the class of billionaires will somehow control everything. but i think that it is a real , serious problem as to whether this country is in fact becoming a class society. i remember when i got ready to run for president, i knew the demands that would be placed upon me financially. and the challenges we would see of trying to pay for the presidential candidacy nationwide. i visited some of the same
11:52 am
people you are concerned about. i talked to them and i said, i ought to be the president of the united states and these are the ideas i'm going to put forward. and i talked to a number of the people who were, in fact, billionaires who intended to pick a candidate. they were slow to pick a candidate. i wonder what they were waiting for. i wonder what exactly they intended to extract from the candidates before they had an opportunity to support them financially. i never got that support. i never got that financial support or even any of the demands that were placed upon me, but some of them have supported all the people who are in this race right now. let me ask you all a question -- i will ask this question right now. your concern is about individual candidates who are going to be supported by multimillionaires , and you fear they are going to extract commitments and promises from them that is contrary to the national interest. did i just state what the new
11:53 am
hampshire rebellion is really about? i think i did. ok. well, what does that mean? so, it's not ok for a person of modest means to get the support of a person financially. ok. well, what does that mean when we are dealing with somebody like donald trump? is it ok for him to run? he does not need a billionaire, because he is a billionaire. he says he is a billionaire. and he can spend his own money. you've seen all those pretty airplanes with his name on a side. somebody is paying for that -- i assume he's paying for that. so what is the difference between a person running for office who gets a billionaire's support and a billionaire? what is it that the new hampshire rebellion is saying? are you saying -- these are questions i have before i agreed to come here i don't have the answer to. it's not ok for the citizen to run with no billionaire support but it is ok for a billionaire to run? right? is that -- i just don't know the
11:54 am
answer to that. i know this. i know that the political system and the finance of campaigns today is really screwed up. i know that. [applause] mr. gilmore: we got that right. we are all together on this, because of the citizens united case. and they said, i think properly, that free speech and money are the same thing. that is what they said in citizens united. but then, weirdly, we left in place the restrictions on donations to campaign contributions and to campaign organizations, which means that today that no citizen can contribute more than $2700 under federal limits. but you can contribute anything to super pacs. even corporations can submit money to super pacs in any amount they want to. so you have this very strange situation, that under the citizens united ruling,
11:55 am
corporations and individuals and so on can contribute any amount of money under the freedom of speech that they choose to to a super pac. but the super pac can't talk to the candidate. isn't that strange? a candidate for public office once to offer ideas, and the wants him in public office, and they cannot communicate. isn't that odd? so that means that all the rest of the citizenry has free speech and can contribute to a super pac. you can see who contributes. but the candidate does not have freedom of speech. the candidate does not have freedom of speech. because his contributors can only contribute $2700. and the billionaire can contribute $1 million to the super pac. the super pac has freedom of speech, and the candidate does not. i am going to repeat that one more time.
11:56 am
in america today for federal elections, the candidate for public office does not have freedom of speech, because he does not have the money to be able to promote his ideas. uisn't that strange? it is unsuitable and it is wrong and it cannot work. it calls out for for reform. i'm going to talk to you about a bigger issue, and then i will stop and answer any questions you might have. i guess i promise i will stop at -- i promise i will stop, but the bigger issue is what i'm getting ready to talk about. america is not the same as it was a long time ago when we had the declaration of independence, the constitution, the first amendment, freedom of speech, and people got ideas from town meetings like we see in new hampshire. and they get their information from being part of a political party. that is not really what is going on anymore. america today is a society that is very, very controlled. it's controlled in lots of different ways. our economic freedom is
11:57 am
controlled. it's controlled by the tax structure right now that is preventing the free enterprise system for working. it's preventing entrepreneurs from having the freedom to start businesses and hire people and get people employed because of the high tax system, because of the burdens, especially in the eight years, that have been put on business people in this country. and there is a lack of freedom exercise -- freedom to exercise the traditional american value of wealth acquisition because of the law impinging on people, which bernie sanders would double down every day in every way if he could. he tells you he is a socialist. i believe him. and how about the role, if you will, of politics? how about getting on the ballot? do you think a person who runs for president of the united states, who is a former
11:58 am
governor, a former senator, or sitting senator, or sitting governor, who files and begins to pursue his nomination on to have access to the ballots in this country? we don't. we don't have access to the ballots in this country. i'll give you an example. maryland and michigan called me up and said they would not include me on their ballots because they said i had not been generally recognized by the national media as a candidate. so, where's the power here? the power here was the state actually bequeathed the authority for the voters to be able to vote for somebody on the ballot, based upon the idea of some producer in the back room someplace at one of the cable or network shows that we do not even know. you call that freedom in the united states of america? >> no. mr. gilmore: i don't. and finally, i want to come back to this theme of the mass media today. information to the citizens of
11:59 am
the united states today is given to them by the mass media, by the people who are on the cable shows, the people invited onto, i don't know, pick one. morning joe. have you been watching it lately? i watch it all the time in the morning to try to find out what the state of affairs. how many times do think donald trump has been on "morning joe"? almost every morning. how about chris christie? he's on all the time on "morning joe." he is sort of adopted. why is this? why is that those two candidates would be featured so quickly on that television show? why is it that selected candidates of the mass media are given the opportunity to appear on television shows? i'm going to give you an idea you maybe have not thought about -- the appearance on these mass media television shows are campaign contributions. the appearances are campaign contributions. and they are worth money.
12:00 pm
money in politics. you are concerned about billionaires giving money to a that ther candidate andi wouldu corporate mass media in america today is in complete control of communications is donating and sponsoring candidates. that is what is going on. listen to me.t donald trump said so himself. he taunted people. he taunted the community. he said i do not have to spend any money to run for president. moneyot have to spend any on broadcaster advertising. i get it for free. so, i want to give you one for reform. it controls the minds and ideas and publicity of information in
12:01 pm
the ghost of the american people. maybe they get wrapped up in the first amendment. they might say they are at liberty to say or do anything they want because of the mass media. that is what they might say. you can remember in the law there is a difference between what you do and how you behave. people of the law tell you that you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater. why is that? it is not that we're trying to control a person says, we're trying to control what they do. today is thaton the mass media people in their conduct have adopted candidates that are sponsoring them. i want to know why. i want to know why. you in this organization believe in transparency.
12:02 pm
do you believe that although, i believe the public ought to know. i think we should go. if i become president, a federal communications and i will have a about whatversation is happening in america today with mass media being in control. talk about how may times the candidate appears on a show. we will put a price on those contributions. if a person gets 20 minutes on a television station, not as a news broadcast, they are not reporting the news, they are giving a form for the candidate. that is worth money. billionaire as your who is sponsoring somebody who that has to buy television time. i am telling you right now, we will need a reform. we will say that the public is
12:03 pm
entitled to know exactly how many dollars worth of value of free tv time they are giving to the candidates of their selection. then, we will find out why, we'll find out why some candidates are given those credentials and that money donation to give them the promotion. you think about the indications of what i am saying. the rnc outsourced the nomination to the networks. they said that they were going to put people on a debate stage depending upon what national poll numbers they got. how do you get national poll numbers in the united states? you have to be on the stage. if you're not on the stage, you do not get national poll numbers. you get national poll numbers you get on the stage. it is all rate. bernie sanders is right about that.
12:04 pm
i believe we are trying to do something about it. i will congratulate you for introducing this topic and the public form. make no mistake about the reality of money in politics. do not make a mistake about it. it is the equivalency of freedom. understand what the governments and states and the mass media and everything are doing to control the discourse and the politics of this country. you know it costs to be on the ballot in south carolina? we have a primer system or you go first in new hampshire and talk to the people one on one, you better have a ground game. game iner have a ground iowa if you're going to precede new hampshire. chose note campaign to participate in iowa. we love the people of iowa. we do it in order to participate in their caucus. he have to hire 30 feel people to get up there and organized
12:05 pm
people. that costs money. the people out there who have millionaires supporting them can hire those people to do those things. the people who don't can't. you can still come to new hampshire and participate in this state. if you want to go to south carolina and communicate with people in the united states, you better be on the ballot on the second primary state which is south carolina. do you know it costs to get on that ballot? $40,000. $40,000. you are concerned about whether or not the access to the political system and the ability to do that, but it costs money. what is your goal? i do not know. is completeoal freedom to run for office. which means that anybody can raise anything they want at any
12:06 pm
amount and these figural regulations and limits on candidates must be eliminated in order to give complete freedom. they will break the barrier down between the strange taxes and we have and the general campaign itself. break this down with complete freedom. or, maybe you would like to do the other way around. will like to have public financial campaigns. therefore, no freedom of any kind. at that point, the state decides how much liberty you have come how much speech you have, the level of ideas you can present. the amount is all in the name and the equality of candidates. it would help me in this year. wherethat is a system politicians and public could i have freedom. the state decides how much freedom and discourse and ideas
12:07 pm
and promotion there will be. prefer the idea that there should be accountability and responsibility in the mass media. we should know what they are contributing, how much they are contributing. if they'revalue, favoring one candidate or another, the public needs to know. then, we'd have a law that says if that is going on, we must prohibit those candidates are those campaigns from giving any money whatsoever to the networks without complete transparency and morning. thatu do that, then at point, we bring the accountability for a free society. those are my ideas. i will spend some time thinking about this. i want to give you the candidate -- the benefit of my thinking on this.
12:08 pm
we will bring these ideas forward. thank you very much for the chance to be here with you. [applause] >> i may have used up all the time. >> peter, are we live? testing. ok. if i could pose the first , thank you for coming to the convention. it is an honor to us that you will spend part of your time campaigning here. you has to couple times what reforms we call for. like professor richard page described in his new book. taxation only with representation. idea is the system of small donor driven campaign financing. where we the people get to direct the first $200 of our taxes to the candidate of our
12:09 pm
choice, making everyone of us, tother we are in billionaire not have much money, giving everybody the chance to help support these open dollars. to give these candidates who ideas appeal to us. i wonder about your thoughts on a proposal like that. >> i do not think we know enough about that system. that there ares a lot of grateful people out there who want to donate. even if it is a tax break, they will not donate -- they want to donate. what you might know is that if you contribute to a political campaign, it is not tax-deductible. it is not tax-deductible. what that means, people are having problems with that and making those kinds of donations.
12:10 pm
here's the answer. i think an organization like this and our educational system needs to begin to talk to the american people about their duties as american citizens. can get into the society the notion that every sister's citizen has the duty to do that. we do not have that system. we do not have that culture. as a matter of fact, people are disenchanted with politics. there are frustrated. many people say they do not like politicians. i think hating your democracy is a disturbing underlying problem. why do i think that is so? because thes so 20th century, we are part of a country.
12:11 pm
then we will have individual rights and rights are given to god and not from the state. in, world war i was kicking and we began to put in an income tax come at that point it began to control people. depression, we lost all control of everything. the new deal came in. now, we became a regulatory society. people began as a result of that to become disassociated from their own democracy. if i am president, over the eight years that i would hope to , i think we need to start a new dialogue with the american people about how to live as free people.
12:12 pm
we are not dominated by power through the corrupt media. again, as free citizens? how do we do that? that is the challenge we have to face. >> over here. thank you for coming. my question for you is not just about media corporations and , but also the defense industry. how to make sure crony capitalism is not part of the --ense corporation ago corporation? in full disclosure, i serve on the board of a defense contractor. the lobbying is controlled and should be controlled. we should have more full
12:13 pm
disclosure. we need to have a disassociation -- we're seeing a disassociation of the american people and the american in fear that is chronic capitalism and lobbying. once again, full disclosure. it seems to me that this would be an appropriate place for the press to action began to probe and give information out there about the community. we do not see very nearly enough of that. that defenseelieve contractors offer services that are essential at a world that is basically a guerrilla international war. and decideceed that it is done for some regulatory body. the best thing to do would be have citizens have all the best information.
12:14 pm
sometimes, we do not see that in the mass media. i hope that is responsive. i do not have a great depository answer. that is just to give you my idea. >> another question. from's james madison. -- >> a virginian. a noble virginia. be a great honor to have another virginian in the white house. an actual citizen, i was a resident of fairfax virginia for a number of years. the commonwealth is close to my heart. fundamentally, i believe that everybody here is talking about the reason we are here is because we want fundamental democracy. we want the will of the people to be done. it is not happening.
12:15 pm
and so my different fashions, where looking around and see this is what people clearly want. the government does something else. i work on taxes. one third ofu that our total tax expenditures are tax deductions for wealthiest individuals and biggest corporations. essence, we, the common people already pay for free tuition for universities. we already pay for universal health care. we already pay to a limited student debt. all the things we pay for, but we do not get it because the government gives the money away to our richest citizens and it is corporations. that theyn you know have no taxes on profit. that means we are paying them instead. my reason for joining the rebellion is because of what to will of the people to be done.
12:16 pm
the number one place i see it is in money and taxes. i want my tax money to do what i wanted to do. [applause] >> thank you. spoken like a true virginian. thank you very much. , wees and gentlemen, look have a tax system in place that is rare problematic. tax fored the income the purpose of financing the government. ,omewhere in the 20th century it stopped being for that purpose. it started being for the purpose of controlling the behavior of people. what is tax-deductible and what is not. what is it encourage investment and what is not. where money will be tax and word is not. do you think that people take profits offshore because are trying to cheat? they do it because we have he
12:17 pm
highest corporate tax rate in the world. we do. as a result of that, if you're dealing on a global economy where an american company is paying 40% and a company in the middle east is paying 15%, you cannot compete. you cannot offer a reasonable price for your product and make ends meet. [indiscernible] >> i am willing to examine your statistics. i can only give you the benefit of my inexperience. i served on the corporate board for a company that had to go overseas and by an overseas company and over and -- in order to try to compete. that is a reality that i saw. ,o come the bottom line is this we need a corporate tax
12:18 pm
structure and we need to know what it is intended to do. the long stop is financing the government and manipulating people. i think that is was going on. i will give all of you an answer. you it started, i told was interested in handling international prices to keep americans safe. i'm the only veteran in the race. now, there is another fight. that is the economy of this country. i believe we have to have a growing economy to address these issues. it means we need to supercharge the enterprise system. in order to get more investment, better jobs, better opportunities and the growth of companies. doesnk this organization not need to think of companies is the enemy.
12:19 pm
the free enterprise system is what has always made america great. right now, we have a government trying to stop that. interestingly enough, we also have a political party dedicated itself to be the enemy of the free enterprise system. when i was an intelligence agent overseas in the army on behalf of our country, our emissary was the russian. they were promoting the idea that worldwide socialism was the answer. we all thought that was ridiculous. what, in my wildest dreams i think that out of the running for president of the united states against a party that sells itself as a socialist party. >> thank you. governor, i am from minnesota. be thrilled to have you cannot for our caucus in minnesota. fair, when, as a tax
12:20 pm
i sent so much money to the government, i'm concerned about how is being used. i spent 2.5 years with bush in the white house. i saw how the government works. increase in government spending when we had republicans control both houses. and the white house. as a taxpayer, i have a right, i should have a right to help choose the government. why shouldn't i give the first few hundred dollars of my taxes to go towards the candidate of my choice so that i can have a role in how that money is spent. that is what i'm proposing that we do with the representation act. to minnesota, but i'll leave a copy of my book with the moderator to enjoy. >> very good. thank you. thank you for the invitation to come to minnesota.
12:21 pm
there is nothing preventing me from competing. i would love that opportunity. >> i hope you have the money. i would you be my money if i had it. would appreciate that. where's the problem is that you have to come out there. i did nothing donald trump will give you a ride on his plane. look, i want to think james madison and i want to thank you. it sounds to me like the tea party is alive and well. that is because there are people expressing anger and concern and resentment because they do not feel he democracy is working. what i think some of the underlying challenges is for president of the united states. let me be clear about this. i think it is a great idea if people his country want to donate any amount of money and deducted. that should be done in order to
12:22 pm
further the interest of citizen participation in the political process. i do not know how we got to the point where this was tax-deductible. proposal, iour think that would be moving in the right direction. , do not kidourself yourself. as long is the media is turned any money they are charging, which by the way, is on our airwaves, the airways of this company are on by the public. they are not owned by the media. the media has licenses. when you take a major company that has been bequeathed the power to decide who is going to be able to talk to the public and who is not through debate, and you have a political party that has decided to bequeath that in deciding who is going to participate in debates were not, and the organization controls
12:23 pm
that, that is a problem. i'm just telling you right now. people should not have the license to broadcast over the airwaves of this country when they discriminate against legitimate candidates. i say that to you now. when jim gilmore is president, will take a thorough look at the license being abused by large media in this company. question i will ask a question. >> i will go here than i will answer. this is from spending. i had totally hawkins. i'm independent media from boston. pleasure to be here. i would talk to you about your use of treatment for veterans with ptsd. you are withioned
12:24 pm
involuntary institutionalization for people with mental illnesses until they are safe. wondering, would you be doing to apply that to veterans, or are you willing to imply involuntary institution? >> i appreciate that question. as the governor for virginia, i am here with the mental health service in the community. or they will be closer with their family and friends and they can get that kind of community support. not so that people can be institutionalized, so that good people can be free if they do not have issues. so, i favor that. have asked two questions together. let me answer them both. stress post-traumatic disorder. that is what many veterans are experiencing. what i am trying to do. what i am communicating is that i care very much about these specific problems people are
12:25 pm
experiencing. danger, i think there is an obligation to address that as we go along. the second part i was addressing and continue to address is mental health issues. what people want to do today is removed firearms from the community. havedo not believe we can a safe society as long as people exercise their second amendment rights. they believe that americans should be disempowered. they believe they should not have that right. which is recognized by the bill of rights. it does not work. it is a silly thing to say. anybody going to commit these crimes are the very terrorist or other person, we've seen they will get their hands i firearm, or a pot bomb, or a kitchen knife, or a stick or stone.
12:26 pm
it is human nature of people that has to be addressed, particularly we come to the question of mental illness. i'm making is this. in order to maintain our liberties and address our , i wass being raised saying come and am saying that we have to be more alert to the concerns of people who are unstable. i'm particularly thinking about this tragedy in my own state and virginia tech were there was an attack by person who was mentally unstable and hurt a lot of people. i think we have an obligation as a society to recognize when people become dangerous. themnk women obligation to , we do not want them to die. or to kill. have an obligation to our fellow citizens to help keep them alive. i do not think we should take everybody and put them in an institution. community we have
12:27 pm
to recognize these problems. >> one last question. i appreciate a lot of the things you have said, i believe any thought of the things you have said, i think you mischaracterize the view of the gun issues. not have any evidence to support this except my left-leaning friends who are not trying to get guns out of the hands of average people, they simply want to control the distribution of guns that have no background check associated with people buying them at gun shows. they do not think people need to have some out it weapons to do hunting. most of my friends agree we should be able to have guns,
12:28 pm
that is ever historical production said we should have them to prevent ourselves from being overrun by her own government. i just think you really missed it on that point. i am not, at most of my friends are not trying to take guns out of the hands of people. want to make sure the background checks are done appropriately and that people cannot buy a gun without registering them so that we know who has what. [applause] >> thank you. you are about 75% of my p with people on the left. i appreciate your goodwill and good wishes. effect of the matter is that these rights are independently exercised. they are rights that are god-given. they do not come from the state. ,ow, the second point is that there are background checks being done across this country. firearms people are quite
12:29 pm
specific about it and quite careful about it. the evidence is that if a person criminal,e or or a they will get their hand on the instrument. that is simply the reality. notground checks have stopped any of these things. so, that makes a person like me, who understands the rights of people suspicious. on the president basically says that we will illuminate all of this, with cds terrible things that are highlighted, we rational people know that you cannot. that makes you really wonder what it is that is at work. believeell you now, i in the culture there is an being an attempt made to eliminate culture -- to limit firearms from the culture. as the president, i will stand for the rights of people in the second amendment. i will stand for all 10 of the amendments. >> thank you.
12:30 pm
will you take a picture with james madison? come on up. the president of two virginians. scroll of 219,000 names of citizens around the country who have signed onto this agenda to fight big-money politics. >> take a quick picture. >> i want to be sure this is james madison and not her -- karen -- >> he earned his stripes across new hampshire. we want to present you, thank you for coming. we want to giving hampshire rebellion had to rave the cold. book, taxation with representation. thank you for being here. best of look to you. [applause]
12:31 pm
>> thank you. >> former virginia governor jim gilmore campaigning in new hampshire on friday. several days left, the new hampshire primary is coming up on tuesday. the governor tweeted this debate. a be seeing you than ours are taken with the opportunity for new hampshire voters. most are qualified candidates. the governor has a couple of remaining gop candidates who will not be on the debate stage tonight. and, the others carly fiorina who we saw a earlier today on c-span. this tweet from megan doyle with the monitor news this morning. carly fiorina hits abc for excluding her from tonight's gop debate. she said it is the anybody but carly network. governor gilmore and carly fiorina hoppy on the debate stage tonight in new hampshire.
12:32 pm
2016 our campaign coverage, our road to the white house coverage continues here throughout the weekend. and on monday leading up to the primary, we will see more candidates that we have recorded earlier today, and more life events we will be telling you about. and carson was here talking to some of his campaign volunteers. will show that to you in a moment. then, we will open our phone lines and get your thoughts on the campaign in new hampshire. want to hear from you on the phone. check your tweets and facebook comments. this tweet from george bennett who is with the palm each post. the wife of ben carson, reached campaign voters in new hampshire. that is the event will will show you now. we will join that and then and 30 minutes, we will open up the phone lines.
12:33 pm
[applause] >> thank you. is nice to see you. express my gratitude for all the work people have been doing. it is a tough job. thatnow, one of the things really disappointed me about
12:34 pm
some of the events and i would this week was the fact that people actually think that i was the kind of person who come after so many workers, college students who come in and volunteer to work their tails life,ne even lost his people would say i do not care about you guys, they be some other people would do that. i would never dream of doing something like that. that is absurd. that soened by the fact many people just do not really have the kind of ethical base where they understand that concept. that decides the point for me. right now, what we have to do is save this country. [applause]
12:35 pm
be a very uphill battle. there is no question about that. , theyow, a lot of people of says over the polls. they see you have risen in than fallen. you have to understand that at that point, i was the flavor of the month. [applause] >> a lot of things happened. along came a lot of terrorist activity. people bought into the narrative but a nice person cannot be tough on terrorism. that is total nonsense. said, talkvelt softly and carry a big stick.
12:36 pm
that is what it is all about. been able to understand the issues. articulate them, and do what is appropriate. i was noticing as i was reading paper today, the president is now getting a lot of pressure to do what i have been talking about for the last several months. look at what is going on in libya. if we a huge problem allow isis to gain control of it. it is a very large country. it is situated in a perfect location. you go north across the mediterranean. you get into southern europe. you go south and enter the sudan. they have a lot more oil than they have in iraq. we cannot allow that to happen. you know, what it comes to foreign policy, we have be able to think strategically, ahead of time.
12:37 pm
our foreign policy right now is to wait until somebody else does something and then react to it. that is not what a leader does. a leader has to understand what is going on and lead. they need to create the various situations and control them. that is something we used to do. that is something we are not doing now. as a result, those who oppose us have gained much more prominence in the world. that is going to jeopardize our future. the other thing jeopardizing our future severely is our fiscal irresponsibility. you know, this is the first generation expected not to do better than their parents. it is the beginning of a trend. there are those who say to us that it is the new normal. there is nothing normal about it. it is very abnormal. that is not the united states of america.
12:38 pm
we are an exceptional nation. will we have to stop doing is driving up the depth which has multiple ramifications. you know, it it keeps people from being incentivize to put money into a savings account, because you do not any money into it. same thing in the bond market. does not haverson a good mechanism for increasing their money. that was part of the american dream, that the government is destroying with its reckless fiscal policies, the other thing that i think really threats to destroy us is the divisiveness that is going on in our country. jesus said, it was echoed by abraham lincoln, a house divided against itself cannot stand. it never has, it never will. one of the things that is causing a lot of division is political correctness.
12:39 pm
political correctness is into cynical twist founding principle of america. freedom of speech. freedom of expression. is evil. it keeps you from talking. it is really what allows you to resolve problems while under the covers their changing everything. so, you look at all the social things. all the moral things that have changed. are never supposed to talk about them. it was joseph stalin who said the map out for the destruction of america. he said that you needed to threeine these foundational pillars of america in order to destroy america from within. life, ourual
12:40 pm
patriotism, and our morality. you notice that those are the things they have been working -- the secular progressives have been working to destroying our country you go -- country? far as i'm concerned, they are not good people. they have a very different ideal of what america should be, it started several decades back. go read about them. read about how they keep changing their names the liberals, the progresses. socialist, what have you. it is all a similar agenda. it is all and agenda of fundamentally change in america. they a different vision of what we should be. the problem with their vision, their utopian vision is that all those places always end up looking the same way. i small group of elite people at the top in control of everything.
12:41 pm
a rapidly vanishing middle class, and a vastly expanding -- expanding lower class. there is no reason in a country like this, that we should have a vastly expanding dependent class. people.have 330 million that sounds like a lot, it is not. compared to china with 1.4 billion people. india with 1.1 billion people. those places have a lot of people. we need to develop all of our people. we need to develop pathways for success for all of our people. we certainly have the ability to do that. we have a government that understands that making people dependent is not doing them a ladders ofting opportunity so that people, through their own efforts can
12:42 pm
climb out of dependency and become part of the fabric and strength of america. that is what it is all about. [applause] >> i think one of the other things that is so disturbing right now is what is happening to our veterans. this country, since its inception has been involved in some kind of a conflict at every 15 or 20 years. we will not be a free country if it was not for veterans. [applause] >> so, we have an obligation to take care of them. them committ 22 of suicide every day, that is probably an underestimate heard not all of the states are of the
12:43 pm
books. not all them gather statistics. that is a real problem. that is the to of the iceberg. we're not giving the support they need. wheni would propose that people volunteer and are accepted into our military, that is another issue altogether. i will come back to that. they should have annexed trial support group associated with them. them throughout their entire career. particularly through combat. continues with them after they are discharged for several years. that is with ptsd shows that. and, it begins to work on their placement back in society a year before they are discharged. so that they leave the military on friday and start work on monday. and, we health empowerment accounts which are subsidized.
12:44 pm
which will allow them to go to any health care facility in the country, we should be delighted to take care of them. eva ay want to go to facility they can't, but they do not have to. that will provide competition that will create improvement. nothing improves when there is not competition. thinkkinds of things to will make a big dent. let me mention most talking about with the volunteer army. volunteer military. the percentage of people applying is down 14%. that is a real danger to us. here's what is really alarming. 24,een the ages of 17 and 71% of the people who applied for the voluntary military are rejected. physical orental
12:45 pm
educational reasons, the biggest issue is an educational reason. so many of them are incapable of ,assing a basic examination looking at math skills and communication skills. and, these are people who are graduates of high school. what we have done to hurt ourselves is dumb down the requirements. everybody is a winner. everybody is spectacular. what about your craft? [applause] >> that is really hurting us as a nation. the thing that made america into such an amazing country is the can do attitude.
12:46 pm
thatnow, we are replaced with the what can you do for me attitude? it starts early in our schools. it infiltrates our society. i do not believe it is too late to stop. that is why i'm willing to go through people asking me all the time, is it worth going to everything you have to go people attackg your character. the tech your family and attack everything. the answer to that is no. not if you're doing it for yourself. the answer is a resounding yes if you are doing it for others. [applause] careerntire professional oriented around saving children. opportunityhem an at life. giving them an opportunity for the quality-of-life. that is the reason for doing
12:47 pm
this now. recognizing that if we continue along this path, that the american dream is going to be extinguished for this coming behind us. i do not see anybody, republican or democrat doing anything about it. and, you know i'm not a highly so i had to be either a democrat or republican to run. are muchrepublicans closer to my philosophy than the democrats were. also was my life oriented around saving lives. it is around the culture of life, not death. [applause] my philosophy was oriented around my role model who is jesus christ.
12:48 pm
that means i believe the things that are his word. themnot try to redefine and then change the basis of what morality is. america is athat place that is for the people. it is a place where we are to live. i do not think we should never try to force people to live the way we live, but thus by the same token, we should not try to force people to believe the way they believe. [applause] >> so, i sell that to say i am in this third i am not leaving. i'm not going anywhere. [applause] you know, maybe i should never go home and another change
12:49 pm
of close. you know, the way i grew up, you do not just earlier close away and buy new set. was theankly, my mother master of thrift. she taught that to us. and, god sees fit to put in the presidency, america will learn what thrift is. they will learn it the right way. [applause] mean that wees not are going to suffer. in means we will do things in an efficient way. the american people deserve that. they also deserve honesty and integrity. thank you very much. [applause] >> i want to come in and say i
12:50 pm
approve this message. our oldest son is here. i want to point that out. >> thank you overmuch. many people here going door-to-door with you. they're out here doing do with the phone backs. right after this event, folks are heading out there getting doors today. there will also be working all these phone lines. just wanted to give you a little >> we appreciate that. do not let anybody. i do not care who it is. do not let them convince you that i'm going anywhere. [applause] >> they have written my obituary every week for the last year.
12:51 pm
then, they say he is still here? i cannot believe he is still here. is not about me. it is about we the people. this whole campaign is about we the people. there withosed to be the government to serve us. not the other way around. we need to restore that relationship. [applause] >> thank you. [conversation]
12:52 pm
>> i bet they are good students. >> we are doing well. >> thank you. >> you. you have half of the group.
12:53 pm
>> thank you. i would be delighted. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> shake hands here. >> hello. nice to see you.
12:54 pm
>> thank you. you did a great job.
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[indistinct chatter]
1:01 pm
>> republican presidential candidate ben carson meeting with some of his campaign volunteers in new hampshire today. the new hampshire primary just three days away. c-span's road to the white house coverage continues the weekend with another -- a number of live and taped events we will be airing today, tomorrow and of course on monday as we lead up to tuesday's vote in new
1:02 pm
hampshire. now a chance for you to weigh in on your thoughts on the presidential campaign as we approach the new hampshire primary. what you have seen of the candidates. who you are vying for an your thoughts in general on the campaign. the numbers are on your screen. independents, and the same number four new hampshire voters. hope to hear from you if you are a voter in new hampshire today. let's go right to the calls. julia joins us in washington dc on the republican line. caller: good morning. actually afternoon. my comment is i feel that unfortunately popularity punpeds -- trumps, the mediaprincipal --
1:03 pm
has been so unfair to dr. carson. i'm an undecided voter but i'm really leaning towards him. it's a people -- shame people would probably cast their votes somewhere else because they don't think they -- he can win. why can't you guys post a debate? you are the most unbiased source. why can't you guys post a debate? host: thanks for that. we will be airing the abc debate tomorrow. the abc gop debate is tonight in manchester. we will air that on sunday on c-span. back to the calls. danny in ohio. an independent color. -- caller. caller: i like ben carson also. -- i will beilmore voting for donald trump. i'm wondering when people will
1:04 pm
talk about where the candidates stand on the nation of israel. mr. trump said he would move the embassy to jerusalem. israel toys she wants go back to the '67 board borders. i'm a supporter of the nation of israel. host: if you would like between @cspan.t is or you can leave a post on facebook. don from florida. on the democrats line. caller: i'm leaning towards bernie sanders and i think one of the big things people are is ahead ishy trump the trade issue.
1:05 pm
people see jobs going overseas and money being kept in places where it should not be kept. i remember hillary and the present administration both saying they were going to renegotiate nafta. hillary has been in the senate since then. fora has been in office eight years and i see nothing about nafta or renegotiating it or fixing that. now we have a new one. it looks like hillary just jumped on board with that. bernie has been there from beginning. i think that is why trump is resonating. he says he will do something about the trade issue. i think that is one of the major issues and that is why these candidates are resonating with the voters. host: styles bill, indiana. independent caller. caller: i would like to make a comment about ted cruz in iowa. he disappointed me. the end does not justify the
1:06 pm
means, even if it's a political election. he claims to be a christian. first-term senator's marco rubio and ted cruz have really done nothing. we need somebody they can bring jobs back to america. doesn'ty says trump have any experience. he does, in the area we need. i am for donald trump and i think people will start recognizing that politicians have done nothing for us. they have only brought us down. we need to find ways and turned to someone that can negotiate and help our kids get a job when they are out of high school and college. and be able to make america great again. host: thank you for calling. we will be covering donald trump tomorrow and c-span live at 1:00 p.m. eastern. he will be in plymouth, new hampshire.
1:07 pm
you look at some of our live coverage in new hampshire today. p.m., hillary clinton will be in portsmouth. marco rubio in bedford, new hampshire tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. donald trump at 1:00 in new hampshire. teresa next on the democratic mining california. caller: i would like to just appeal to the kinder side of america themselves. i don't feel like there is enough coverage for hillary clinton. iwatch c-span. -- i watched c-span. iwatch msnbc. the channels i should see her more on. they are gearing towards bernie sanders that i don't understand how people have not seen her record for four years. they are saying she is taking money from wall street.
1:08 pm
i guarantee you there are people on wall street that do not like what is going on on wall street as well. i would like to clarify one point. everybody is saying she took $675,000 for one speech. that was set up in three and if you are a diplomatic person, i think it would be wise to give your -- get your opposition to you can find a common ground. it doesn't have to be one way or another. if people would appeal to their moral ethics and those things that are important to america, i think moody in a much better place -- we would be in a much better place. host: why do you think bernie sanders is resonating with the democratic voters? caller: i think he is like a shiny copper penny. they say he has been around forever.
1:09 pm
we are just now hearing about him. hillary has been on the front line for 40 years. i have 52 years old and i've been watching persons i was 12 years old. i don't think anybody can put up with the scrutiny she has gone through for 40 years. i think he is something new and shiny. followingice, he is her playbook play-by-play. pardon me? host: go ahead and finish your comment. caller: i think the scandal of aide taking her voter registers and you can start seeing those things are becoming apparent now. host: thank you for the call. james calling us from casper, wyoming. republican caller. your thoughts as candidates move towards the vote on tuesday?
1:10 pm
caller: i am a supporter of donald trump, definitely. i think he resonates with what americans are angry at what the politicians in washington. i think he can rebuild our country and give our children, our teenage children job opportunities that they deserve and not keep -- host: i think we lost james. let's look at a couple of tweets we have received since earlier today. somebody watching carly fiorina on c-span. "if you just watch carly fiorina you know why abc is telling her to be quiet. let carly debate." referring to the fact she will not be on the abc debate stage tonight as jim gilmore also will not be. "teve reich's -- writes,
1:11 pm
bernie can't win in november. but with your head and not with your heart." stephen california. an independent caller. caller: i used to be a republican and i probably still kind of lame but i feel like i'm more independent after ted cruz says listening and watching the washington cartel tell us you to vote for for the last -- since reagan really. i never liked bush 1. bush 2 was a little better. i was watching fox news and listening to the talking heads are usually -- all the off a bit -- alphabet channels have. these people on their shows don't represent america. they are washington media people. that's why we appreciate c-span. i flipped to c-span and i saw ben carson coming up. he is still one of my candidates.
1:12 pm
is not for the media to tell us -- yeah, they can tell us to is up and he was down and not for them to tell us in the long run who to vote for. let the thing flesh out but don't quit covering people because they have gone down in the polls. what you just mentioned about the debates tonight. who is it up to them to tell carly you are dropping so you can be on tonight? i really appreciate c-span for covering everyone regardless of -- in not telling us who to vote for. host: we will continue to follow the candidates are this weekend and on monday as we meet up to the new hampshire primary. first in the nation primary, voting on tuesday in the granite state. back to your calls. jay from reno, nevada.
1:13 pm
caller: thank you for taking my call. i would like to make a quick statement. has degraded disabled people by mimicking a reporter who has a disability. he had to nobody looks like because his hands were formed in the configuration of the disabled person. he has shown disrespect towards women. calling them takes and fat -- pigs and fat. he has promoted beating up protesters and saying he will pay their legal fees if anybody throws a tomato at them. he says beat the crab out of them --crap out of them. any woman that follows donald
1:14 pm
trump degrading women like that is disrespectful to women. women should say, why my following a guy that shows disrespect and hate towards women? if they were married to this guy, they would file for divorce and kick him out of the house. had thisr or brother -- girlfriend of his sister or -- would be a heck out of the guy because he so disrespectful. host: as i asked the other c aller about bernie sanders, based on your comments what you think then is the reason for the popularity of donald trump on the republican side? what is resonating? hate inthere is so much the united states towards race or color. nobody really wants to address
1:15 pm
it and the open to trying to change. everybody wants to say they want change but they don't really want to address it. with donald trump has done is he has a ignited the wake of the top of the candle of hate of everybody. black, white, christians, catholics, whatever. he has started that fire. hatred that is in everybody to gain this popularity. people want to say the n-word. people want to say this. you have older people saying i like him because he speaks his mind. he is speaking the hidden truth in each and every one of us that you are afraid to say something. guy be can't have this the president of the united states when he is telling people
1:16 pm
to beat people up at his rallies. and he calls people liars, but when he is called on a lie he always tells the reporters and the media you misunderstood me. that's not what i said. like the videos of the thousands of muslims ever praising the twin towers were being taken down. yet conveniently there is not one videotape of thousands of muslims on rooftops, raising their hands praising this in new jersey. host: thanks. we got your point. let's get a republican viewpoint from bernice in charleston, s.c.. caller: i love your show. i just have two comments to make. the first is about dr. carson. if ted cruz is a christian like he says he is, i am amazed that that ithappened in iowa
1:17 pm
was put up the dr. carson has suspended his campaign and ted cruz himself did not go to a microphone and discuss it, talk about it, and say he had nothing to do with it. he should have also said, if i find out any of my people were involved in this, they will immediately be fired. he should've contacted dr. carson publicly and told him he was sorry it happened and that he would investigate it. the other comment is for all americans that are going to take the time from your day to go and vote for president, don't think about yourself or your life. i am 67. what i am going to vote for is the future of my children and my grandchildren. 70 i face it, pushing
1:18 pm
don't look forward to a lot of years left. but i'mlike to be here worried to death about the future of my children, and especially my grandchildren. this country is in horrible onpe because of one man pennsylvania avenue. and that is the reason that donald trump is so popular. host: thanks for calling. another caller from south carolina. candy from taylor's. beler: i consider myself to arian.ervativ concerned by the media to marginalize my consider be the best candidate. i was all in for rand paul when he was in it.
1:19 pm
i was with him before he even announced he was running. when ben carson came aboard that would've been my ideal ticket. now this rand paul without i'm all in for ben carson. primary is on the 20th. it will be ben carson for me. i believe ben carson is the most aligned with rand paul. i know a lot of people believe and rand paul are the most aligned but i don't see that. i have issues with ted cruz. icy ben carson actually being the closest ally with rand paul. i think he is more of a libertarian style message. both of them speak when i came down here. i met both of them. their speeches were just about identical. i really think ben carson really could bring his numbers up in the poll like he tried -- if you tried to appeal board independents.
1:20 pm
2016, he's really got to get this right. i'm really disturbed by the trends the country has taken the last couple of years. 2016 may be our last opportunity to get this right. host: thanks for calling. the action moving to south carolina soon enough. the primary is this tuesday and we will continue to cover the candidates as they make their last rounds in the granite state this weekend. hillary clinton is a portsmouth tonight. 7:15 p.m. eastern time. we will be live on c-span. a couple of live events tomorrow. 11:30 a.m. at eastern time in bedford, new hampshire. and sunday at 1:00 is donald trump. all that road to the white house coverage here on c-span all for the weekend. now an event that took place in manchester last night with the democrats.
1:21 pm
they held their party dinner in manchester, new hampshire at the verizon wireless arena. we heard from both senator bernie sanders and former secretary of state hillary clinton. we will show that to you now. [cheers]
1:22 pm
thank you.u thank you very much. begin by thanking the great enhancer democratic party. for all that they do for working families in this state. let me thank rick buckley for the great job he does. and let me say a word to every person in this room. regardless of who you are supporting in this nomination process. i want to congratulate all people here for doing what is a difficult thing to do. that is to spend considerable amounts of time and energy
1:23 pm
trying to make this country a better place in which to live and work. thank you all. [cheers] and let me also say to every person in this room. we are 100t day times better than any other republican candidates on their best day. cheers] and let me say a special thanks to the many thousands of volunteers that have worked so hard on our campaign. [cheers]
1:24 pm
campaign quite far behind. we have makep great progress and i appreciate all the you have done. thank the many unions and organizations. too many to name for their support. [cheers] othersention among many the communication workers of america. united workers -- nurses. the american postal workers union. then -- new hampshire state employees. thank for
1:25 pm
their support. democracy for america and many other grassroots organizations. our campaign has had a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. and i think the reasons are pretty obvious. we are talking about the issues that working families and the middle class are concerned about. ending alking about corrupts campaign finance system. american democracy is
1:26 pm
andabout wall street billionaires buying elections. american democracy is about one person, one vote. that is what new england is about. so, here is a promise i make to every person in this arena. if elected president, no nominee of mine to the supreme court will get that position unless he or she is very clear. they will vote to overturn citizens united. [cheers]
1:27 pm
sen. sanders: and we will address the rigged economy that so many people are suffering under right now. [cheers] it is not acceptable to me that, at the same time as we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country on earth, we also have more income and wealth inequality then any other major country on earth. [applause] so i say to the billionaire
1:28 pm
class, we are going to create an economy that works for working families. not just the people on top. [cheers] if elected president, we are going to raise the minimum wage to a living wage -- $15 an hour. [cheers] we are going to end the disgrace of women making $.79 on the dollar compared to men. [cheers] and we will have pay equity for women workers in this country. [cheers]
1:29 pm
we are going to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and create millions of decent-paying jobs. [cheers] we are going to reform our disastrous trade system. and we are going to tell corporate america start investing in this country, not just in china. [cheers] and in the year 2016, we are going to say that public colleges and universities should be tuition-free. [cheers]
1:30 pm
i want every child in this country, kids who grow up in families like mine, where my mom and dad never went to college, i want those kids in manchester, new hampshire and burlington, vermont to understand that if they do their schoolwork seriously, if they do their homework, and if they are serious students, yes, they will be able to get a college education. regardless of the income of their families. [cheers]
1:31 pm
and to all of those people in our country, some young and some not so young, people who are now being crushed by outrageously high levels of student debt, relief is on the way! [cheers] we will give those millions of today sometimes paying 20%-25% of their income in student debt, we are going to lower interest rates to make your debt more bearable. [cheers]
1:32 pm
and to the senior citizens of new hampshire, and of america, many of whom are trying to get by on 11, 12, $13,000 a year of social security, i understand and you understand people cannot get by on $11,000 of social -- a year. now my republican colleagues, they say we should cut social security. [booing] we say we should expand social security benefits. [cheers]
1:33 pm
and we are going to do that by lifting the cap on taxable income. [cheers] and to the large, multi-national corporations who continue to believe that it is ok for them to put their billions of dollars in profits in the cayman islands and in bermuda and in other tax havens, we have news for you. [cheers] you are going to start paying your fair share of taxes. [cheers]
1:34 pm
and to the ceo's on wall street, the people whose greed and recklessness and illegal behavior drove this economy into the worst recession since the 1930's, who were bailed out by the middle class of this country, who were bailed out because the banks were too big to fail -- but today, who are bigger than when we bailed them out, we will establish a 21st century glass-steagall. [cheers]
1:35 pm
and when six major banks have assets of almost 60% of the gdp of this country, yes, we are going to break them up. [cheers] and to the pharmaceutical industry, which charges us the highest prices in the world for the medicine we need, who have created a situation in which 1 out of 5 americans are unable to buy the medicine their doctors prescribe, we say to them your days of raising prices off the
1:36 pm
charts are over. [cheers] and to the 11 million people in our country who are undocumented, who are living in the shadows, who are fearful about being deported, we say we share your pain and we are going to pass comprehensive immigration reform. [cheers]
1:37 pm
and when this country has more people in jail than any other country on earth we save there will be real criminal justice reform. [cheers] we are going to invest in education and jobs for our kids, not jails and incarceration. [cheers] and when we talk about criminal justice reform, we say that we are tired of seeing unarmed people shot down by police.
1:38 pm
[cheers] what we are saying is that a police officer who breaks the law, like any other public official, must be held accountable. [cheers] that we must demilitarize local police departments. [cheers] and that we must make police departments all across this country look like the diversity of the communities they serve. [cheers]
1:39 pm
i have been criticized because i believe that all of our people in this great country are entitled to health care. [cheers] let me be as clear as i can. i confess, i believe that health care is a right of all people, not a privilege. [cheers] sen. sanders: i believe that the affordable care act, which my committee -- the committee i am on health to write did some
1:40 pm
extraordinary good things. we should be proud of that. but i believe we can go further. and i believe that we should move toward a medicare for all, single-payer program. [cheers] now, what leadership is about, it is not just swimming with the current. it is not just coming aboard ideas when there is majority support for those ideas. [cheers] way back before it was fashionable in the early 1990's,
1:41 pm
congressman bernie sanders opposed nafta and other trade agreements. [cheers] i want corporate america to invest in this country, create jobs in this country, not just in china. [cheers] in 1996, when it was not popular, i voted against the so-called defense of marriage act. [cheers] that was not a popular vote at that time. but i believed then, and i believe now, that people have a
1:42 pm
right to love whomever they want, regardless of their gender. [cheers] in the late 1990's when all kinds of people in this country, republicans and some democrats, said we should deregulate wall street, what a great idea it would be if commercial banks and investment banks and insurance companies could merge. i did not think it was such a good idea. i helped lead the opposition to deregulation. [cheers]
1:43 pm
in 2002, the most important debate in recent history on foreign policy took place. george w. bush, dick cheney -- [booing] donald rumsfeld, they said -- [booing] they said it was a good idea to invade iraq. [booing] i listened very carefully to what they said. i did not believe them. i'm not only voted against that war, i helped lead the opposition to that war. [cheers] >> bernie, bernie, bernie, bernie!
1:44 pm
sen. sanders: leadership is about standing up and being counted when the times are rough, even when you are in a minority situation. [cheers] but leadership is also producing the goods. passing legislation that impacts the people of new hampshire, vermont, and america. and i am very proud that a few years ago as chairman of the veterans committee i helped pass the most comprehensive veterans health care legislation passed in the modern history of this country. [cheers]
1:45 pm
that legislation not only helped millions of veterans all over this country get better access to v.a. health care, it was a particular benefit to the veterans of the state of new hampshire. [cheers] because we put some special language in that bill to benefit new hampshire veterans. and i am proud that as part of the affordable care act we got $12 billion in it to expand community health centers in new hampshire and in vermont and all over this country. [cheers]
1:46 pm
i am proud we passed one of the most significant pieces of environmental legislation, putting billions of dollars to help communities become more energy-efficient and move to sustainable energy. [cheers] let me conclude by saying this. no president, not bernie sanders or anybody else, can bring about the changes that the middle class and working families of this country desperately need. and the reason for that is that the powers that be, wall street, corporate america, the corporate media, the koch brothers, the large campaign donors, are so
1:47 pm
powerful -- so powerful that the only way we create the change that we need is through a political revolution. [cheers] and that means -- that means that millions and millions of people throughout our country, including many who have given up on the political process, many who think their vote, their voice no longer matters, those people have got to reengage politically. working people, low-income people, young people. and with a loud voice, a loud voice -- [cheers]
1:48 pm
and with a very loud voice, heard on tuesday in new hampshire and heard all over this country, the voice which says that this government of ours, fought and offended by so many men and women prepared to put their lives on the line, this government of ours belongs to all of us. not a handful of wealthy campaign contributors. thank you all very much. [cheers]
1:49 pm
>> ♪ there's a starman waiting in the sky he'd like to come and meet us ♪ switch on the tv we may pick them up on channel two look out your window i can see his light
1:50 pm
if we can sparkle the mainland tonight or youet your pop-up lock us up and fried -- in fright there is a starman waiting in the sky he'd like to come and meet us what he thinks he blow our minds there's a starman waiting in the sky he told us not to blow it because he knows it's all worthwhile let the children visit with the children use it but all the children boogie starman waiting in the sky he'd like to come and meet us but he thinks he blow our minds there's a starman waiting in the sky he told us not to blow it because he knows it's all
1:51 pm
worthwhile but the children lose it by the children -- ♪ >> democratic governor maggie hassan -- she was to take your experience under the golden dome. >> the democratic governor taking on republican senator. >> i believe we can do better. the granite state deserves a
1:52 pm
senator who knows families come first and who leads like it. >> please welcome, governor maggie hassan. [cheers] ♪ gov. hassan: good evening. thank you, new hampshire democrats. before i begin i do want to take a moment to remember our dear friend marty gross. marty dedicated his life to helping people from all walks of life.
1:53 pm
and he exemplified the spirit of service and collective problem solvers that distinguishes us as a state. he will be deeply missed. [applause] i want to thank our chairman, ray buckley and the hard-working nhdp staff. as the eyes of our nation turn towards new hampshire this week, this event with such a huge turnout, reflects the great pride we take in our critical role in the democratic process. i would like to thank senator jean sheehan for ensuring the voices of our state are heard in washington. [applause]
1:54 pm
great to see the great governor john lynch and dr. susan lynch here tonight? heart,e bottom of my thank you for everything you have done for our state. and i would like to recognize all of my great partners in the statehouse. are democratic representatives our senators, and executive , counselors. thank you for your continued dedication to our communities and our state. while i am sure he is getting some well-deserved rest right now, i want to acknowledge governor martin o'malley and thank him for his strong record of public service, and his deep commitment to our country. [applause] i also want to thank senator sanders for his service in the
1:55 pm
united states senate and engaging in new hampshire's first in the nation primary process. and it is always a great pleasure to welcome back to new hampshire, my friend, secretary hillary clinton. [cheers] hillary's strong record of leadership has proven that she is the right person to lead our country and get things done. and that is why i am so proud to support her for president of the united states. [cheers] and most of all, thank you, new hampshire democrats. everyone here tonight is united
1:56 pm
in a common purpose. to keep new hampshire moving in the right direction. thanks to each of you in this room and many more throughout the state. we are making progress to build a stronger, more innovative new hampshire. where education and businesses drive job creation. working across party lines, we passed two fiscally responsible, balanced budgets that invest in critical, economic priorities. we froze tuitions at our state universities for the first time in 25 years. and we lowered it at our community colleges. [cheers] more than 46,000 hard-working granite stators now have the health and economic security that comes with quality health coverage because we expanded medicaid. [applause]
1:57 pm
we are providing a strong and comprehensive approach to the substance abuse epidemic. we are fixing roads and bridges across the state, and finishing the expansion of i-93. and we are seeing the progress all across the state. our unemployment rate continues to fall and is now 3.1%, which is the fourth lowest in the country and the lowest level in nearly 15 years. [cheers] and for the third year in a row, new hampshire was ranked as the strongest state in the union based on more than a dozen measures of our economy, the safety of our communities, and our quality of life. [applause]
1:58 pm
we made progress for our people and our businesses by solving problems and bringing people together to get things done for hard-working families. it is long passed time for washington to take the same approach. [applause] the people of new hampshire work together to solve problems every day in their own lives, and they expect their elected representatives to do the same. that is why it is so frustrating to see what is happening in washington, and why it is time for us all to stand together right now and say enough. enough to washington special interest that prey on our senior's hard-earned social security and medicare benefits while claiming special tax breaks for themselves. enough to politicians restricting a woman's right to make her own health care decision.
1:59 pm
[cheers] and enough to our junior senator who puts corporate special interests ahead of new hampshire. [cheers] despite her effort to rewrite history with expensive tv ads and sham legislation, we know kelly ayotte's real washington record. in washington, she has voted with the koch brothers nearly 90% of the time. she has repeatedly voted for deep cuts in pell grants that would make college more expensive for new hampshire students, while also voting against allowing young people being able to refinance their student loans. she voted to turn medicare into a voucher program, while opposing efforts to protect
2:00 pm
social security from benefit cuts. when it comes to our environment, she has repeatedly sided with the koch brothers while our beautiful natural resources and places pay the price. she has fought to protect tax breaks for big oil. and just recently she was once again the only new england senator to oppose critical clean water protections. she voted against the bipartisan bill to expand background checks for gun purchases. she even opposes closing the loophole that allows known and suspected terrorists to buy guns and explosives. she has voted repeatedly to defund planned parenthood, and supports allowing employers to deny women coverage for birth control and preventive care.
2:01 pm
and she has said, these are her words, that she certainly believes that roe v wade should be overturned. [boos] i am ready to change that. [applause] as your senator -- as your senator, i will work across party lines to support job greeting businesses and expand economic opportunity. i will fight to make college more affordable, and reduce the burden of student loan debt. when it comes to our nation's defense -- we must defeat isis and make our country even stronger in the eyes of our enemies and allies working with the international community to keep us safe, while ensuring that we use our military might as a last resort.
2:02 pm
and i will always, always stand up for a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. [applause] but i need your help. i cannot do this alone. with your help i will be a senator who fights back against the koch brothers, special interest agenda. with your help i will be a senator who knows that new hampshire families and small businesses come first, and leads like it. and with your help, new hampshire will finally, finally have two senators who always put new hampshire first. together we can keep new hampshire moving in the right direction. thank you all so much for everything you do. onward to victory. let's move forward. [applause]
2:03 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tonight, the people of new hampshire chose to put new hampshire first.
2:04 pm
>> making a difference for new hampshire. helping small businesses grow. she is now the ranking member of the senate committee for small business. >> her small business jobs act cut our taxes. >> bringing health care to our veterans. getting veterans centers. >> this is something people promised for years, but she delivered. >> real stories, real results. helping seniors facing foreclosure. taking on big banks, so that people can keep their homes. expanding health care for our kids and families. protecting every woman's reproductive rights. a leader in washington. >> we can count on her. >> she will fight for the people of new hampshire. >> gaining passage in bipartisan legislation to lower energy costs. working to lower interest rates on with student loans, to make college more affordable.
2:05 pm
the only woman in the nation to serve as governor and united states senator. putting new hampshire first. >> i am so proud to once again be able to represent the people of new hampshire and the united states senate. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> please welcome, senator jeanne shaheen. [applause] ♪ better than all the rest better than anyone anyone i ever met ♪ senator jeanne shaheen: thank you. thank you. hello, new hampshire democrats.
2:06 pm
[applause] what a great turnout. you are not tired, are you? all right. i want to thank ray buckley and the great team at the new hampshire democratic party for doing such a great job tonight. aren't they terrific? [applause] you know in four days, granite stators will host the new hampshire primaries. it is our moment in the spotlight. and when the country and the world turn their attention to new hampshire, they get to see democracy at its very best. so, let me start with a very special thank you to the staff and volunteers who are here tonight. you are what makes this primary and our democracy work. thank you.
2:07 pm
[applause] thank you. now we have already heard from our wonderful congresswoman, ann mclane kuster. we need her in the house of representatives fighting for us. and let's send carol shea-porter back to the house to represent the first district. [applause] wasn't it great to see governor lynch here tonight? [applause] and of course our great governor, maggie hassan. [applause] i don't -- i am getting there, just wait a minute. [laughter] i don't like to complain, but i
2:08 pm
really am kind of tired of having my vote canceled in the united states senate. so can you send maggie hassan to join me in november? [applause] she will be a great senator, don't you think? and speaking of the senate, i just have to give a shout out to two of my colleagues who were here earlier today and are here tonight. senator debbie shukman out for michigan -- debbie stabenow from michigan. [applause] and senator amy klobuchar from minnesota. [applause] as amy said, today we where the sisterhood of the traveling pants suits. [applause] and i also want to acknowledge martin o'malley, and all of his
2:09 pm
supporters in new hampshire for their contribution to this campaign. [applause] now i think you all know that bernie sanders is a colleague and a friend. [applause] and i admire the passion that he brings to the issues that he cares about. but hillary clinton is my choice for president. [applause]
2:10 pm
thank you. you are getting warmed up, right? [applause] i know hillary. i know her head and i know her heart. i know that there is nobody who cares more about families. i know there is nobody tougher. anybody who watched her 11 hours of testimony before the benghazi committee knows that. [applause] now, in the democratic primaries and caucuses, we are focused on
2:11 pm
many of the domestic issues that are so important to us like increasing wages, and making the economy more fair. but based -- you know one of the things that i really appreciate about new hampshire is that we are respectful of other people's points of view. [applause] and so i hope everybody here will be respectful of whatever choices each of us make in this primary election. because we need each other come november. [applause]
2:12 pm
so i was talking about our focus on the economy. on how we increase wages and make this economy fairer. but based on what i see in the senate, and i serve on the senate armed services committee and the senate foreign relations committee. and i can tell you that the republicans intend to make the general election in november another national security election. they are already stoking people's fears and prejudices, and unfortunately we know that too often i can work. -- that can work. we saw it in 2002 here in new hampshire. we saw it in 2004. we saw it in 2014, when my opponent, scott brown, talked about terrorists coming across our southern border.
2:13 pm
we saw that he almost won the election because he made people afraid. well, we cannot let them do that in 2016. and they will not be able to do that with hillary clinton. [applause] she will be -- she will be a sure hand as commander in chief and a president who knows how to build alliances around the world, because hillary knows how to get things done. and she will build on the progress of the obama administration. [applause] she will make pay equity a reality once and for all, and
2:14 pm
protect planned parenthood. raise the minimum wage, and fight to make college more affordable. she will stand up to the climate deniers. she will build international alliances to take on isis, and work to expand obamacare. she will take on the gun lobby to pass sensible gun laws. [applause] so there is a lot at stake in this election. just think about president trump. and vice president scott brown. about a cabinet secretary, sarah palin. [booing] you know, we may laugh at the antics of donald trump, but it is no laughing matter when he proposes a special registry for
2:15 pm
muslim americans, and sadly it is not just trump. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, their attacks on immigrants and minorities are attacks on every american. [applause] they are insulting to the very foundation of our great democracy, and we will not let that stand. we will elect a president next fall who will build on the progress of president obama. [applause] no matter which candidate you are supporting, everyone in this building has helped engage voters, and helped communicate the difference between democrats
2:16 pm
and republicans, and in doing so you have laid the groundwork for a democratic victory next fall. thank you all very much. [applause] thank you. now, i have the honor of giving the mcintyre shaheen award. and in doing this i would like to invite my family to come to the stage. you all know my husband, billy. [applause] my daughter stephanie, and my son-in-law craig. my daughter molly, and my son-in-law hugh. my daughter, stacy is not able to join us tonight. but, i asked them to come on
2:17 pm
stage because we are all very honored to have this named after our family. the mcintyre shaheen award was established to honor a new hampshire democrat who has spent their life working on economic and social justice. this year's nominee has fought -- on a re-has fought for the families of new hampshire and the new hampshire state legislature for 35 years. she is the one who year after year fought on the house finance committee to make sure health care and other critical services get decent funding. she has been the biggest defender in the state house for early childhood education and the importance of making sure that children have quality child care. [applause] she runs a childcare center that
2:18 pm
serves the neediest children in concorde. and so, it is my very great pleasure, our whole family's pleasure to be able to recognize and present this year's mcintire shaheen award to my friend of 30 years, the friend of every struggling family in new hampshire, mary jane wallner. [applause]
2:19 pm
[applause] senator mary jane wallner: wow. wow. well, even know i have been on -- though i have been on the legislature for 35 years, i am not really a public speaker. a crowd this big, i want to say, raymond, you know how to give a party. there is no doubt about that. i love being in a room with this many democrats. 6000 democrats in one room. i am sort of used to being in a room where there are 400 state representatives and not even half of us at this point are democrats. but come november, we are going to make a big difference. we are going to take back the majority. [applause]
2:20 pm
we are going to need all of your help. i think the most important thing is that we all work together in november to elect democrats at every level. from state representative right up to president of the united states. so thank you. i appreciate this. i want to say thank you to my family. i feel like this is sort of like the academy awards. thank you to my family who have always supported me. thank you very much. i appreciate it. [applause] ♪ better than all the rest better than anyone anyone i ever met stomp on your heart i hang on every word you say
2:21 pm
tear us apart ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers] >> the average person who gets elected president is intelligent, hard-working, and honestly tries to do what they said they were going to do when they get there. there is a big difference in who can do and who cannot.
2:22 pm
here is what i know about hillary -- she is the single best change maker i have ever met in my life. we need a change maker, not a change talker, a change maker. i will tell you a couple of stories. our court said our schools were not properly financed in arkansas. we were going to have to reallocate the money. i put hillary in charge. she went to every county in the state. she presented it to the legislature. the president of the legislature said it was so good he thought maybe that we had elected the wrong member of our family. [laughter] something to be said for that. nine years later i come to iowa, running for president, telling you the most improved schools were in arkansas and south carolina. she always made something good happen. she went to south carolina to see why all of these african-american teenagers were
2:23 pm
being jailed as adults. 13, 14, 15 years old being in adult prisons. she went back in and change that as well. she had not been elected, but she was making changes. that is just the beginning. i could tell you things until tomorrow morning. the country need somebody who can actually get something done. she comes in one day jumping up and down happy. she said, i was so worried we had six of the 24 poorest counties in america. she said, the kids are going to school, they are not able to learn. there is no kindergarten, preschool, or prekindergarten. i found it, i found a preschool program in israel that teaches people to be their children's first teachers even if they are illiterate. i think it could work here. i said, what are we going to do? she said, i called the woman who started it and she will be here in 10 days. here is what happened -- i am
2:24 pm
going to these graduations for preschoolers. next thing you know, it is in 26 states, and thriving. there are thousands of people in this country today who have better lives and learn more and grew up just because of her. and they have no clue. she didn't care. she hadn't been elected to anything. she just made something good happen. you are entitled to give all of these remarks the love discount, but everything i have told you i believe with all of my heart. she is the best person to win the election, and the best person to implement the changes we need. the best person to preserve the gains we have made under president obama. mostly, i want you to do what is best for you. most of the people in this audience have more tomorrows than yesterdays. those of us that have more yesterdays than tomorrows, believe it or not, spend most of
2:25 pm
our time thinking about the future. i believe it would be a gift that would keep on giving. she has made everything she has ever touched better. thank you very much. [applause] >> please welcome, hillary clinton. [applause] ♪ this is my fight song take back my life song ♪ [applause]
2:26 pm
hillary clinton: oh, wow. thank you. thank you so much. thank you. thank you all so much. thank you. thank you all. thank you very much. well, i have to tell you -- i knew that here in the granite state, a little snow was not going to damper the spirits of
2:27 pm
democrats. [applause] and it really is impossible to express how grateful i feel. for everything that the people of the state have done for me, for my family, for our country over the years. to paraphrase your native son, daniel webster, new hampshire is a small state, but there are those who love it, and i am one of them. [applause] you know, going all the way back to 1992, you opened your homes and hearts to us. in 2008 you lifted me up and give me back my voice. [cheers]
2:28 pm
you have taught me again and again that the only direction that matters in life is forward. over the past few days some people have looked at the polls that show senator sanders with a big lead here and suggested -- [cheers] yes, that is a fact. and suggested i should just look past new hampshire and focus on the next state. well, new hampshire has never quit on me, and i'm not going to quit on you. [cheers] i am so proud -- i am so proud
2:29 pm
of the campaign we have built here. thousands of volunteers. i know how hard you are working. across the state, pouring your dreams and determination into this effort, calling your neighbors, knocking on doors in the winter cold, going to, contributing whatever you can, because you want a president who will roll up her sleeves and make a difference in your lives. [applause] and this enormous support that you have demonstrated ranges across the state, many different people, many different walks of life. i want to start by thanking your
2:30 pm
extraordinary united states senator, jeanne shaheen. [applause] i like saying this because it is just a small way of recognizing her historic achievements, but she is as of now, the only woman in american history to have served both as a governor and a senator. [applause] and i hope -- i hope next november, you will send the second woman to have served as a governor and senator, maggie hassan, to the senate. [applause] the support and the advice of these two remarkable leaders means the world to me.
2:31 pm
i have worked with them. i have supported them. i have watched what they have achieved in their public careers. i am just so grateful to new hampshire for lifting them up, and for giving them the chance to lead and to serve. i also want to thank you for electing, and i know you will send back congresswoman annie custer to represent you, and i certainly hope you return carol shea-porter to congress. [applause] but in addition to these well-known people who support me, who have been truly at my back and my side, there are so
2:32 pm
many others. like ava, an overachieving high school senior in berlin, who also works most nights at her family restaurant. she still makes time to volunteer for my campaign. why? because she has seen how much the affordable care act has meant to her family and their small business, and she does not want to see that progress ever ripped away. [applause] or another young woman, samantha, who works three jobs in belmont, including a lot of night shifts. but she still finds time to volunteer for me. because she is absolutely determined, she says, to elect a progressive who gets things done.
2:33 pm
and if it means -- if it means also breaking the highest, hardest, glass ceiling -- that sounds pretty good too. [applause] i also want to thank every elected official, every local leader, all of the members of organized labor, planned parenthood, the human rights campaign, the league of conservation voters, and every other progressive organization who are working so hard for my campaign. [cheers] now one thing i know for sure, is how seriously the people of new hampshire take your responsibility as the first in the nation primary. and i know that a lot of voters are still shopping.
2:34 pm
you may have a favorite, but this is new hampshire. everyone takes a second look. maybe even a third or fourth look. i hope you will give one of those looks to me in the next couple of days. [applause] i am going to compete for every vote here. i will answer every question. i will work my heart out to earn your support. because in this campaign i have listened to people across new hampshire, and indeed, the country, share the problems that keep them up at night, and seem always to stack the deck even more for those of the top. prescription drug companies are jacking up the price of drugs for no reason other than greed. i have met people whose bills have doubled, even tripled overnight. powerful corporations are heading overseas, for no reason
2:35 pm
other than to avoid paying u.s. taxes, including an auto parts company that lobbied for the rescue of the auto industry back in 2008. all of us, all of us taxpayers, we helped to save them. now they want to turn their back on america. they call it an inversion, i call it a perversion, and we have to stop it. [applause] think of this -- a governor and state government in michigan allows children in flint to drink poison water just to save a buck. as if their lives were not worth even that much. as i said some weeks ago, ask
2:36 pm
yourself, would it have happened if they were rich and white, instead of poor and black. we know the answer, don't we. senator sanders and i agree, we have to stop bad things from happening. but i believe we have got to start good things happening again in america. [applause] [cheers] we need -- we need a bold national mission to get jobs growing, and incomes rising so working families can get ahead and stay ahead. we need to pull our country together so there is more justice and dignity, and opportunity for all of our citizens. and we need to measure our success by how many children climb out of property, and how
2:37 pm
-- out of poverty and how many families work their way into the middle class, not how many ceos get bonuses at the end of the year. [applause] i'm running for president because i believe that america cannot reach its full potential when you are held back from reaching yours. i want to break down all of the barriers holding americans back from achieving their dreams. economic barriers of course, especially those put in place by greed. reducing inequality. but the problems in america cannot be reduced to wall street and washington, as important as those are. we also need to break down a barriers of racism and sexism and discrimination against the
2:38 pm
lgbt community. immigrants and people with disabilities. [cheers] [applause] we need to take on those quiet, devastating challenges of addiction and mental illness. we need to help families struggling to care for loved ones with alzheimer's and autism. i want to remove the obstacles standing in the way of people and communities that have been left out and left behind from coal country to inner cities. because when every child has the chance to succeed, america succeeds too. you saw in the video when bill said something that really stuck with me. he has a way of doing that.
2:39 pm
[laughter] he was talking to young people and he told them -- you still have more tomorrows in your life than yesterdays. and those of us who have more yesterdays than tomorrows, believe it or not, spend most of our time thinking about the future. i certainly know that is true for all of us who are grandparents because that really focuses your mind on the future. and if i have the honor of serving as your president, i will spend all of my tomorrows doing everything i can to make your tomorrows better. to give every one of our children the possibility and prosperity they deserve. [applause] [cheers]
2:40 pm
so, please, imagine with me, imagine a tomorrow where your hard work is finally honored and rewarded with rising income. where the minimum wage is no longer a poverty wage. we know yesterday, republicans in concorde said no to raising the minimum wage. well i will say yes, and i know how to get it done. [applause] imagine a tomorrow where we produce enough renewable energy to power every home in america, and create millions of good jobs doing it. i know how to get that done. [applause] a tomorrow where education lifts you up and student debt does not drag you down. [applause] where young people have the opportunities and choices you
2:41 pm
deserve, and where more entrepreneurs can start and grow new small businesses. [applause] imagine, imagine a tomorrow where parents have paid family leave so they do not have to choose between a paycheck and caring for a new baby or a sick relative. [applause] a tomorrow where we overturn citizens united and finally get big, unaccountable money out of our democracy. [applause] and, imagine a tomorrow where gun violence no longer stalks our country. [applause] and the gun lobby cannot stand in the way of every commonsense reform. that is the tomorrow i want for us.
2:42 pm
for our kids. for our country. and i know how to get that done. we democrats face a big choice on tuesday. i want to take a minute right now to speak to all the young people who are here. whether they are supporting me or whether they are supporting senator sanders. [applause] now of course i still hope to persuade those who are supporting senator sanders to give me another look, but, i want you to know that i am truly glad that you are involved in this process and in the democratic party. you are bringing energy, ideas, and urgency to our shared causes. [applause]
2:43 pm
and i cannot help but think about how i felt when i first came to new hampshire in 1968 to campaign for my presidential candidate, gene mccarthy, to end the war in vietnam. [applause] in the following years i went all over our country, trying in my own way to make things better. i went undercover in alabama to expose racism in the schools. i drove throughout south texas, registering latino voters. [applause] i even shocked my friends by moving to arkansas with my then boyfriend because we were in love and so fired up to do good work there. and i learned what you all are proving everyday. you can make change without being elected to anything. you just need to go do it.
2:44 pm
so i respect -- [applause] i respect not only your enthusiasm, but also your seriousness about helping to make our country what it can and should be. that is why i want to take just a few minutes to make my case for why i believe at this time i am the better choice to be your president. senator sanders and i share big, progressive goals for our country. but i believe i have laid out stronger plans for how to achieve them, and how to make a real difference in people's lives soon. [applause] i have heard some of the pundits say that the differences between our approaches comes down to head versus heart, well i don't see it that way. for me, it is both.
2:45 pm
we have had a worthy debate about health care in our campaign. we have had substantive disagreements over issues, as it should be. compare that to the campaign of insults going on on the republican side. so when we draw these contrasts, we do it within the context of both of us understanding, we have to go to the american people, we have to explain what we want to do, and how we will accomplish it. i have fought my entire career to get quality, affordable health care for every single american. [applause] i know, i know how hard that is. the insurance lobby and the drug companies spend tens of millions of dollars to stop us. it was disappointing. because i had traveled to so
2:46 pm
many places to meet with so many americans who are so hopeful that finally they would have health care for their families. i have a million stories that tugged at my heart and my brain. one in particular that summed up for me what was so profoundly wrong. it was from a visit i made to the children's hospital in cleveland. i was sitting in a conference room, talking with parents of very ill children. they were telling me how difficult it was to get the medical care their children needed. one man said, look, i am successful. i provide health care for my employees of the business i started.
2:47 pm
but nobody will sell me a policy to insure my two daughters with cystic fibrosis. he said, i don't understand, i have gone from place to place. i asked him, what did they tell you when you say you have the means? he said, well the last person i spoke with listened to me and said, you don't understand. we don't insure burning houses. this man got tears in his eyes. he said, they called my little girls burning houses. we didn't get everything we want to, but i got back to work, went to work and we got children's health insurance that insures 8 million children today. [applause]
2:48 pm
that program -- that program came a lifeline for those 8 million kids. and a sense of some security for their families. now let me be clear, i never innow let me be clear, i never gave up on the dream of universal health care, not for a second. 8 million kids was certainly not everything we wanted, but it was real. and i could not bear the thought that we would leave children without health care, even a single day longer than we had to. [applause] i think, based on the work i have done over so many years, that when you see people hurting, you see them being
2:49 pm
treated unjustly, unfairly, discriminated against, and you want to help them to do something that demonstrates that you care, that maybe you can make their lives a little better, try to do it. if that means a quieter success, that is fine. that is why i say with all of my heart, let's build on the affordable care act right now. let's get those out-of-pocket costs down. let's tackle the price of prescription drugs. let's not start a new divisive debate about the shape of our whole system that will just lead to gridlock, and will not help anyone in the health care they -- get the health care they deserve. [applause] you know, the people i have met in this campaign cannot wait. they shouldn't have to wait. the young waitress who spends
2:50 pm
all day working in a restaurant and all night working in a factory needs a raise. she cannot wait. the widow i met who had lost her home because her social security payment just did not go far enough deserves better. she cannot wait either. the young people i meet who want to start small businesses. the entrepreneurs who have dreams, they need our help and support. people to believe in them. they cannot wait. women across our country deserve equal pay for the work we do. they can't wait. [applause] i don't think any of us can wait. you deserve a president who will listen to you. fight for you. get results for you.
2:51 pm
and i will not make promises i can't keep. this is the biggest job interview in the world, my friends, and you should hold us accountable. i am a progressive who likes to get things done, and i have learned you have to be both a dreamer and a doer. you have to push forward every single day for as long as it takes. know a big part of the job i am seeking is keeping our families safe come our country strong, and eric is out of warp. [applause] work. our troops out of ar. you are not just picking a president, you are picking agent
2:52 pm
-- a commander-in-chief and sometimes foreign policy might seem remote. that's understandable with events taking place on the other side of the world. but things that happened overseas can directly impact your life, your job, and your family. there is terrorism, obviously but that's not all. in the past few weeks, we have seen problems in china sending stock markets here plummeting. that can affect your retirement savings. tonight, north korea is working on missiles that could reach the united states. we need a president who understands how to do that at. as we sit here tonight come our troops are still in harm's way in afghanistan. we need a president who can give them the support and the strategy they need. isis -- these are not issues that we can put off to the side. they cannot be an afterthought.
2:53 pm
they have to be just as present on the desk in the oval office as all the other work we need to get done here at home. [applause] i am very proud of the experience and judgment that i would bring to this job. i have done the hard work of diplomacy. inave spent countless hours the situation room advising president obama on the hardest choices, the toughest calls a president ever has to make. any president has to be able to do all parts of the job. there is confidence you can keep them safe and get the economy moving again and build on the progress of accomplishments we have made under president obama. with your help, that is exactly what i will do. forget, the real goal
2:54 pm
he'll -- here is to defeat the republicans whoever they nominate. [applause] they pretty much disagree with anything we believe in they will not help women get equal to wall street accountable but they will do a lot to turn back the clock on your rights. i want you to know where i stand. , civilprotect our rights rights and voting rights, workers rights and women's rights, gay rights and the rights of people with disabilities. [applause] i will always defend planned parenthood and fight for a woman's right to make a decision about our own health. [applause] -- whenever i say
2:55 pm
this, some republican will say, i'm playing the gender card. if standing up for women's rights and women's health and equal pay is playing the gender card, then deal me in. [applause] i will defend marriage equality and work to end discrimination against the lgbt community. [applause] froml stop the republicans privatizing social security, medicare, or the va. [applause] up to the gunnd lobby, the most powerful lobby in washington. [applause]
2:56 pm
here's the truth -- no candidate for president has all the answers and no president can do this work alone. i know it's like to be knocked down. i doubt there is anybody who has not had hard times in their life here tonight. but i learned from my family and my faith that it is not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up. [applause] i believe not only do we individually have to get back up , time and time again, because as long as there is work to do and people to help, we cannot stop. i think our country has to get back up. i think we have to once again have the kind of confidence and optimism that is part of the american dna where we set the goals, where we summon the best of our natures, where we work
2:57 pm
together again across all the lines that divide us. every day of my life, i try to practice what's been called the discipline of gratitude. [applause] that means not just being grateful for the good things because that's easy. but being grateful for the hard things, too. grateful even for our limitations because in the end, they can make us stronger. they can give us a chance to reach beyond our grasp. they can teach is that we're better together when we work to find common ground. america is facing a lot of challenges but i believe with all my heart that we can rise to meet them. you see, i believe in the potential of every american to solve the problems and be resilient no matter what the world throws at us.
2:58 pm
i am deeply grateful for this country and for all of you. if we can break through the barriers that hold people back, if we can unleash the talent and potential of our people, there are no limits. to what american can achieve. me an america where your wages actually match your hard work, where every community is driving again with new investments and new jobs, for quality, affordable health care and child care that are available to every family. we can build that country. we can make our tomorrows greater than all of our yesterdays. i am fighting for the millions of people who cannot wait. i am fighting for our families and their future. i am fighting for the america i know we can build together and for each and every one of you. thank you all so very much. thank you, god bless you.
2:59 pm
applause]d [applause] ♪ ♪
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>> the democrats have wrapped up their club 100 dinner here for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. there's a lot of enthusiasm in the crowd. of realbeen a lot fervor for candidates on both sides of the arena tonight. we managed to find an uncommitted voter. >> hi. >> what brought you here tonight? >> i wanted to hear from all of the candidates, rather the two we have, what their opinions and platforms were and get an idea of their personalities. >> did what you heard sway you in one direction or the other? leaningnk i came here towards bernie. after hearing both speakers, i like the way hillary ended her speech and i feel like she might be able to push me with what she said. >> what was it that you heard
3:03 pm
that you liked? nothe ended with saying it. matter who we chose as long as we came together, because it's about solidarity and having the democrats win overall. i feel like she would better represent someone who could take the party further, and i believe it is about the solidarity. hampshire resident, have you been excited about primaries in the past. >> no. this is the first time, and it was hillary. it is the gender card that really sparked my interest. work to getoing to other people to the polls for the party? are you that involved in it that you want to bring people along tuesday? >> i would think my friends are much more involved than i am. they are the ones who pushed me to come tonight. >> thank you for talking to us. nice to meet you. >> thank you, you too.
3:04 pm
>> next up it is the club 100 dinner for democrats, diana along with her children. what are their names? a andariah and naomi -- ezr naomi. >> where did you come from? >> new york city. my daughter and i are big hillary supporters and we wanted to do whatever we could to help hillary get as many votes on tuesday as possible. we put on our snow boots and took the day off and drove up here to help her win. >> have you all ever been to a
3:05 pm
big political event like this before, ezra? what did you think? honestly. >> it was cool. >> what made it cool? >> seeing everyone speak and hearing the different opinions. >> your sister is a hillary fan. >> i like bernie sanders. >> why do you like bernie sanders? >> i think he will help us to make more taxes and help in health care. >> why do you like hillary clinton? because she's going to make every other day better than yesterday. >> how do you know that? >> she said so. and she said she would not make promises she could not keep. >> have you ever been to a big political event like this before? >> no. >> what did you think? >> it was very loud. >> i agree with you.
3:06 pm
thanks to both of you for talking to me and making the long trip from new york city. you explain why you are such an ardent supporter of hillary clinton? >> not in my lifetime has there been any candidate that is as experienced and qualified to be president as hillary clinton. very excitinghing about being the mother of a daughter and a son and seeing a woman, a qualified, smart, capable, competence woman to be able to be the first female president of the united states. long have certainly come a way, but there is still one thing we have not been able to do. to see a woman as qualified as her run for office is something that is incredibly moving and emotional, and i will do whatever i can to help her get elected. >> thank you for speaking to c-span tonight. we appreciate it.
3:07 pm
next up among our interviews tonight is lucas from derry, new hampshire, about 20 minutes away from manchester. why are you a bernie sanders person? >> there's something about the way he speaks and the way he shows himself as i believe most genuine out of any candidate. >> who have you supported in past campaigns? consistent with your political point of view, or is this a new direction? >> i would consider myself
3:08 pm
pretty liberal and i have supported obama in the past. last night, did you watch the debate between the two of them? we started to see real contrast between the two candidates on certain positions. what did you think about how they differentiated themselves? >> it is something i feel i am pushed away from hillary clinton because i feel that she's changing her views over time, where i believe bernie really stuck by what he believes in for a long period of time. >> he was having a tough time tonight. >> i lost my voice after one night. hopefully he can keep it up. >> how will you be spending the rest of the weekend? >> working all weekend. >> are you doing more political events? will you be working at the polls on tuesday? trying to get involved on tuesday but as of right now i have nothing planned. >> get warm, because it's been
3:09 pm
chilean here. -- chilly in here. >> thank you. >> this interview will be easy for me to remember my interview subject's name. why are you a hillary clinton fan? i have been a supporter of hillary since 2008. for children,ork for families, for educators. i think she is our best bet for education going forward. >> this is an event where you $1000 pay between $25 and
3:10 pm
to support the candidates. what brought you here tonight specifically? more involveden with the democratic party over the years. i'm now the vice chair of my town's democratic party. i like the feeling, i like the excitement. i love hearing from jeanne shaheen. i expect to be working on maggie's campaign. >> what town do you live in in new hampshire? >> pelham, on the southern border. >> tell me how you think your candidates did tonight and presenting her message versus senator sanders. >> i think she comes across as a much more well-rounded person. she is absolutely qualified in foreign-policy experience.
3:11 pm
she has a depth and a breadth of knowledge and everything that she does. as a well-rounded candidate, there is nobody who can touch that. spreadis there such a between her and senator sanders in the polls in your state? >> i looked at a lot of the young people, and i have two sons. when his early 20's, when his 19. they are both supporting bernie. i think the excitement he brings for them, and i'm happy for it because he is engaging those people and those kids. i see a lot of people coming over who know bernie personally from vermont, and he is our neighbor. it has been pointed out to me that people from our neighboring states never lose. that is a big part of it. i'm out there knocking on doors myself, doing some phone calling, and tried to make as much difference as i can. >> what you think tuesday will be like? >> it will be interesting,
3:12 pm
especially when the weather here might be snow. i'm looking forward to seeing what happens. >> thank you for talking with us this evening. we appreciate it. our final person tonight is a supporter of senator sanders. you came here tonight for what reason? >> to hear both candidates speak and to support bernie, and be there for them. are you surprised the senator has gotten this far in the presidential bid? >> no.
3:13 pm
i think he has a wonderful message, and it is something many americans want to rally around, so not really. >> senators sanders has been speaking the same message all of his life in politics since the 1970's and earlier. why is it resonating with people this year? i guess because we have faced a lot of challenges in the recent decades, and it feels like especially for millennials, we are being handed all these failures, all these problems to fix. he isk the change that speaking for, campaign finance , andm, tackling the issues corporate irresponsibility on wall street is something everybody really response to. >> senators sanders is in the more liberal part of the country right now, and if he is successful on tuesday, how do
3:14 pm
you see him carrying this message to the rest of the country where the politics might not be so favorable? hopefully just success in new hampshire will be a sign for people to pay more attention to him, listen to his ideas. himo you intend to work for there as well? >> i'm a college student, but i plan to do phone banking for massachusetts and do everything i can to make sure he has a successful campaign. >> where are you going to school? >> clark university in worcester. >> what are you studying? >> i am a community development and planning major. that's my masters program. >> thank you so much for talking with us. we appreciate hearing from you. >> of course. thank you so much. c-span has been carrying live
3:15 pm
tonight's event with both candidates. we will continue to provide live coverage throughout the weekend as the clock takes towards tuesday's new hampshire primary. thank you for being with us. find all our coverage on her website at -- our website at
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3:28 pm
former secretary of state hillary clinton appearing last night in manchester, new hampshire at a democratic fund-raising dinner. bernie sanders there as well. are three days away from the new hampshire primary, the first in the nation primary, and a chance to get your thoughts on what you think of the race so far. we are just three days out from the voting in the granite state. we will take your calls.
3:29 pm
the numbers are on your screen. if you are an independent or new hampshire voter, the number is on your screen. you can tweet us at c-span or leave comments on our facebook page. mary, who is your candidate? have one.really don't or four leaning three different directions, there are so many that are actually great people that i feel are honest and they deserve a shot. >> who are those? i don't really have one that i've settled on, but i wanted to make a comment about the person who called a few minutes ago. she said it's terrible how they
3:30 pm
picked on hillary clinton for 30 years. i been involved herself and so -- if she hadn't involved , alllf in so many scandals the money she has taken speaking at different places, the , and have a cook certain things from the white house they had to return. she has been involved in one episode after another. trouble for been in 30 years but she brought it on herself. from kate joins us
3:31 pm
california. a democratic color. caller: i wanted to let everyone know my husband and i are a divided household. we have a bernie side and a hillary side. i am for hillary. young folks will take the time to read her book. cared about women, children, families since i can remember. the idea of a first woman president who is as intelligent and knowledgeable of hillary is a dream come true. i would really ask young people to please read her book. thank you. host: thank you. d think you can convince the other side to come your way? caller: my husband is a bernie guy.
3:32 pm
host: thank you for calling. then in chicago on the republican line. trump: i am happy to be a supporter right about now and i am a libertarian and there's no candidate out there that's going to agree with all of my views. on the social side, i'm really to the left. i don't care who people want to marry, i don't care if people are gay. but then my conservative side where i believe taxes should be lower, i believe in a storm military, and immigration -- we shouldn't let 12 million people come into this country illegally all the sudden. parents came here as
3:33 pm
immigrants. they came through the legal -- that's my feel conservative side but my comment was all these people just watching hillary, all these people who believe she is true to the core, this woman just once to get elected. she will say and do anything and the biggest scandal with her is this benghazi thing where she she lied to these poor mothers and families of these guys who lost their lives. there are telling one side and they all have the same story and she is on the opposite side. i can't see that to be true. i don't see where people who are grieving have something to gain from this. host: thank you for calling.
3:34 pm
donald trump will be back on stage. he will be a part of this debate. here is the headline in the washington post. donald trump returns to the debate stage saturday night. ted cruz is laboring to further consolidate conservative support. inre are the three governors the second tier without a breakout moment in saturday's debate to propel a search. the candidacies of jeb bush, chris christie, john kasich could end. this tweet from the editor of the post. we will go back to your calls.
3:35 pm
betty joins us from ohio on the democratic line. caller: i would let to vote for hillary clinton. bill clinton was a good president and he did a lot for our country. i would like to take a chance with hillary because i don't like the way people talk about her and everything but i know her but i know about bill clinton and he got us out of debt and kept us out of debt until another president got in and put us back in and i want to vote for hillary clinton. elvin, an independent color -- caller. voting for hillary because i like what she stands for.
3:36 pm
diplomacy andd equal pay for equal work for women. forst like what they stand and experience. eric in san antonio, democrat. go ahead. caller: hello. yes. i have one thing to say and -- a couple things to say. is thely, what i have republicans have a lot of complaints between themselves and what i do see is a divisiveness within the republican party. what i don't see on the democratic side is really the divisiveness, i see a cohesiveness of the democratic ofty and a common goal
3:37 pm
progressiveness and one thing that i listen to from the republicans is that conservativism is the way to go. however, the word progressive means you progress in life, you adapt to the difficulties thrown adapt to basically, we what we are faced with. obstructionism that has been happening in the house of representatives by the republican tea party almost shut down the nation. ands just not acceptable what we need is a government that is working for the people and when it comes to one half of
3:38 pm
makinghe population of the income for the nation, it is simply unacceptable. should have ay morality that we need to distribute everybody's interest and not just worry about staying on the conservative path. progressive is a good ring. that means we progress past the difficulties of our current times. host: thank you for calling. cover livetinue to events.
3:39 pm
be live this evening. hillary clinton will be in new hampshire to get out the vote and that will be here on c-span and so will marco rubio in bedford and donald trump at 1:00 in the afternoon here on c-span as our road to the white house coverage continues leading up to the new hampshire primary. lisa in florida on independent line. what are your thoughts leading up to the primary? what candidate is drawing your eye? registered independent. i like to listen to all the candidates. i found the best candidate is bernie sanders. hillaryly, i thought was good but the most important was about the
3:40 pm
e-mail. that is important to make on that 22 e-mails are classified. that is not fair because at that , sever security was not
3:41 pm
that obvious. judgment. have good if you don't have good judgment, even nowadays she has still made mistakes. it could have been abused by isis or our enemies. i think she is already .isqualified as a president and she voted for the iraq war.
3:42 pm
that is poor judgment also. thank you. jake in georgia on the line for republicans. caller: hello. i'm a 21-year-old voter. i would like to comment about the fact carly fiorina is being kept off the debate stage. i think that is totally unfair given the fact she technically beat both k-6 and christie in iowa and basically tied jeb bush. listening, i'm here to assure you that with people, we very and religion and sexuality and
3:43 pm
republican voters. andt of the empty rhetoric the divisiveness of the living that goes on -- divisive laboring going on isn't true. i live in interesting college town and those of us who don't identify as bernie sanders or hillary clinton voters are the typical demographic the media would like those to believe for -- believe. fiorina is not on the main stage. abc news sponsoring the gop debate tonight in manchester, new hampshire and we will re-air it tomorrow afternoon. republican presidential debate for manchester, new hampshire, courtesy of abc news at 3:00 eastern time tomorrow.
3:44 pm
checking i coupled with we have received from you. this one from linda. this one is from wendy. this from sean. patrick in connecticut. a republican color. caller: thank you -- caller. thank you. and republican, i vote democrat, i vote for the best candidate. like to see biden being a candidate. he is genuine, lots of
3:45 pm
experience. it's a real thing. ,ost of the candidates i watch and i watch a lot of c-span and the different networks and the debates, they are so scripted like a bunch of actors, the candidates running now. it's all done by the people working on their campaign. they have the scripts. biden is the real thing. he isn't plastic. that he could do with the foreign countries, our country. courtney from connecticut, our congressman. he looks at the issues. i would be all for biden. the rest of the candidates right now, they are a bunch of actors doing what their handlers tell them. host: do you think there is a real chance that joe biden could
3:46 pm
jump into this thing? toler: i think it's about 70 one. the arts aren't good but we need someone like him. -- the odds aren't good but we need someone like him. the closest i would see is john kasich from ohio. i have been voting my whole life and it's a disheartening to see what we have right now. they are like a bunch of wild dogs in a fight. it's just not right, it's not what america's -- not what we are governed by. the democrats line. caller: i am 55. i have been watching politics for 50 years and i have never seen a politician like bernie sanders come up to run for president before.
3:47 pm
i feel like he is talking about a revolution and a good one. ist can anyone say that he suggesting that isn't a good idea for the american people? he is talking about the corruption. he is harkening back to fdr elected three times and the only reason he didn't get water was because he died. four wasn't get because he died. i get so excited thinking about the possibility of this man being a president. i'm all about him. hardrecession thing hit me and the things that he is saying are the truth and i've never heard any politician come up and tell the truth the way he is. the rest of them are spinning stuff and talking a bunch of
3:48 pm
garbage. he is the only one telling the truth in my opinion. host: thank you for the call. bernie sanders has been on the campaign trail in new hampshire and leads in polls there. according to real clear politics, their latest in a combination of holes showing bernie sanders at 55.6%, hillary clinton at 38.9%. bernie sanders taking a break tonight to appear on saturday night live. bernie sanders to join larry david on snl tonight. time for a couple more calls. let's go to mark in middletown, indiana. republican collar. and i: i am a trump fan have been listening to a lot of the callers and have been a fan of trump since about 1986 before
3:49 pm
he was ever a tv star and all the bad things people try to make him out to be. if we really want somebody who will take positive action to repair and restore and do things that will be good for the bottom-line and good for americans, we need a trump. time, what is the your detail specific plan for this or that? business doesn't work that way and whether you are running a restaurant, you can't really give details of how you are going to specifically handle something until you are faced with all the facts. idea fornly present an how you would like it to go such as building a wall. how we are sure
3:50 pm
going to get it done but we will go through the process and get it done. he speaks openly. he doesn't hide the truth. if we really want to make our country better, we need a trump. i don't think i'm a democrat side if you really want to continue to give away everything , it's the right party to be with. we will go broke. we have to stop it. it's not about prejudice toward anyone or religion or any in, it's about security and cost. the money we spend each year bringing people in here that don't even appreciate this .ountry the money we spend on them is outrageous. the money could be used at home. trump is the kind of guy.
3:51 pm
he's a great businessman. if anyone checked his record, he has accomplished other -- things others could never dream of. he is high-energy and cape global -- capable of multitasking and delegating, getting along with whoever whenever he needs to eddie doesn't pull punches. -- and he doesn't pull punches. people really have to stand up in america. host: thank you. we will let carl in alabama on get the last line word in this time around. carl? go ahead. their. --not there.
3:52 pm
ok, we have brian from wisconsin. go ahead. caller: i am happy to be on the air. . am an independent but for bernie sanders certainly with the republican congress, none of that is remotely possible. we go through several years of gridlock. note, i am rather astonished that this benghazi thing was brought up. it's extremely unfortunate that these people lost their lives but it has brought up almost as lostas iraq and there, we
3:53 pm
4000 soldiers. 40,000 severely wounded. when hundred thousand iraqis killed. they bring this up three years after the fact and i think it's definitely overkill. other than that, they also bring up the fact of calm on the lower end, taking advantage of the country with food stamps. the republicans rarely ever say any and about the top percent moving their money to all of these islands and all over the world and to an extent, ripping off the government and they really bring up that aspect. it's always what the lower end is going to take advantage of the country. this morning, c-span was
3:54 pm
at the red arrow diner in manchester, new hampshire. we spoke to the owners son about his experience working at the restaurant and seeing all the candidates as they come through on the campaign trail. have seen ben carson, donald trump, a couple others. ted cruz came in. bernie what to our milford store. -- bernie what to our milford store. it's significant for the diner. you see a different side of things. you see who is here for 20 youtes come in and out, know they are here for show and could care less about the people . then you get the ones who sit down, stay for two hours, eat some food, and ask if you have any questions. i think that's awesome.
3:55 pm
about the type of person they are and how they will sell themselves to the country. it's kind of cool. chance toy get the hear a lot of political conversation amongst the patrons. what are they like? >> when i work for the diner and one in on the floor, i try not to endorse anything because they will take one little thing. you never know about a reporter or something. you have to be really careful but it's cool. you get in heated arguments all the time. they won't bring up a specific person, they will bring up the topic and you will get the whole diner talking about it. we turn off the music, get discussions. it's really cool. you see so much. you get asked so many questions.
3:56 pm
personally, i would never vote for trump but he was the most impressive candidates walking through that door. and that for two hours was really cool. you see people that come in, come out, move on. you see a different point of view on things. three days until the primary in new hampshire and c-span's coverage continues. several more live events coming roadway this weekend starting tonight at 7:15 eastern time. it's hillary clinton in portsmouth, new hampshire. then on sunday at 11:30 a.m. eastern, marco rubio in bedford, new hampshire. and a donald trump rally at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. live coverage here on c-span. the new hampshire primary is this tuesday and we will have the results. the candidate speeches live here
3:57 pm
on c-span tuesday night. right now, we will take a look at the history of the new hampshire primary as it marks its 100th year. this is courtesy of w m you rtv in manchester-- wmur tv in manchester. >> it's been 100 years of tradition. 100 years of close calls. and landslides. >> this is the first and it sure is the best. >> 100 years of campaigning in the granite state door to door. backyards to living rooms. >> all of these are vital ingredients in the political process. this will be the first in the nation new hampshire. importance to's the state is undeniable and to the nation, unparalleled.
3:58 pm
is not good for the country for everything to be television and attacks. here, you have to talk to people. now, the new hampshire primary is under attack. worriednever been more about the early primary states than i am today. >> what has happened and what may happen tonight on first amendment, 100 years of tradition. >> thank you for joining us for our primary anniversary special. for decades, candidates have come your to the secretary of state office to officially get their names on the new hampshire primary ballot but despite the rich history, our hold on the primary is tenuous. let's take a look at some of the pressure we have seen over the years to change the system and the calendar.
3:59 pm
>> tonight, we celebrate. tomorrow, we go to work. >> for a few months every four years, new hampshire is the center of the political universe and on election night, the eyes of the world. >> john mccain the new hampshire primary. >> we sure showed them what a comeback looks like. >> it has grown right along with the primary itself. >> not surprising that there may be some jealousy or envy. >> welcome to the headquarters. >> terry shoemaker. he was there in 1990 11 hillary clinton while for the primary ballot in concord for her husband and 24 years later when chu filed her on paperwork in november. almost every cycle going back to the early 80's was one or wouldtates decided they try to move up on us, making the argument that the hampshire is too small, too white, to rural.
4:00 pm
>> it was only last fall the correct governor demanded an apology from harry reid after the senator slammed the primary. ,> you go to new hampshire there aren't any minorities there and no one lives there. you go to iowa and there are a few people there but again, it's a place that doesn't demonstrate what america is about. >> in 2011, it was the republican party that jumped the calendar by putting its caucus into early january, forcing bill gardner to threaten a primary date before christmas. it led to an effective candidate boycott of nevada as jon huntsman was the first to pledge to ignore that state. >> if you are going to boycott theda for leapfrogging primary process, which is bad for american become a for the


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