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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  February 6, 2016 7:01pm-7:07pm EST

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and their staff and really working heavily on some of the issues that they're most about all across town. beyoud,oundtable, lydia of bloomberg b.n.a., kate tummarello of politico, and cory bennet of "the hill." >> c-span, created by america's cable companies 35 years ago and a publico you as service by your local cable or satellite provider. democratic pm candidate hillary is in new hampshire today. stops includes a "get out the vote" rally in portsmouth. we'll take you there live when that gets under way. until then, a look ahead to the new hampshire primary from this morning's washington journal. nd the breakfast crowd all morning here on the "washington journal."
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>> now we're joined by arnie arnesen, who is stepping away from her radio microphone to join us on television this morning. she's the host of the attitude arnesen on wnhn-fm. arnie, it was a year ago that a lesser-known senator named bernie sanders joined you at a the you owned, close no state capital there, to talk about possibly running for president. expectations like in the room? we're showing the picture of the in late january. what were the expectations like candidacy?s >> let me just set this up. i live in a house that is known as beingw hampshire the house where presidential candidates come. he was a powerful democrat. was a powerful republican. so jimmy carter has slept in this house. in thisnton spoke house. house.e spoke in this my husband, who recently died,
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was a libertarian. who has a history of presidential candidates coming and making their pitch and then we find out whether they actually ultimately become president of the united states. i have known bernie sanders for years.y about 25 i did radio in white river junction, vermont. covering political issues, at that time he was the only congressman. only have one in state of vermont. who would i have to talk to but bernie? known each other for a long time. in january of 2015, i get a phone call. it's bernie sanders. says, arnie? can i borrow the house? and i said, borrow the house? why? he said, i think i'm contemplating running for president. well, two things. i'm in the media. i don't endorse. course you can borrow the house! the house is always open and available to presidents in waitering. so bernie shows up at the house. lift ahim i wouldn't finger.
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i'd open the doors, provide bottles of water, but that would it. 150 people show up. i'm like, where did they come from? we were like laughing! the room got really full! expectednow nobody anybody. i think the concord monitor sent was atorter, because it arnie's house. so he goes on. he starts talking and talking and talking. and people are excited. mem you're hearing -- the message you're hearing today is pretty much the message you heard back then. but then i raised my hand. i said, but, bernie, you haven't the $64,000 question. which party? because remember, he's an independent. and he took a breath. he said, um, democrat. easy, i think, in the beginning. but let me just assure you, i sort of smiled at him and i been a democrat my whole life. sometimes it's not easy for me either. and that's how it started.
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did anyone think it would be today?is that he would have crowds of 7,000, 10,000? mean, i was blown away by 150 people! at i house. later, he's up 2-1 over hillary clinton, and in new hampshire, three days away from -- >> well, i don't believe that poll. but -- let me just say something. the i also know hillary clinton very well. i ran for governor in 1992. 1996.for congress in i was the first woman nominee for government in state history. running fored governor, because i was like such an interesting woman, you bill and hillary clinton were third-string democrats from arkansas. command bigger crowds than them, because who were they? and everyone thought that george would get elected again. so i have known the clintons since 19 91. let me just say two things. bill and hillary clinton have been around here for a long time. the best lists.
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they have all the establishment behind them. where every voter is. they probably have people on the payroll that have been on the payroll since 1991. now their grandchildren are on the payroll. so they really know the state. and they know how to work the statement and they know the push.s to that's what hillary clinton has. but bernie, bernie has the passion. question is -- >> speaking of people who know the state and have worked the our guestie arnesen, for about the next 35, 40 minutes here on washington journal. numbers, republicans, screen.on your democrats and hillary, it's on your screen. we're keeping that special line for new hampshire voters. calling in. start we'll get right to linda in philadelphia, pennsylvania. linda is an independent. linda, you're on with arnie arnesen. >> hey, linda. >> hi! how ar


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