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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 6, 2016 7:06pm-7:23pm EST

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the best lists. they have all the establishment behind them. where every voter is. they probably have people on the payroll that have been on the payroll since 1991. now their grandchildren are on the payroll. so they really know the state. and they know how to work the statement and they know the push.s to that's what hillary clinton has. but bernie, bernie has the passion. question is -- >> speaking of people who know the state and have worked the our guestie arnesen, for about the next 35, 40 minutes here on washington journal. numbers, republicans, screen.on your democrats and hillary, it's on your screen. we're keeping that special line for new hampshire voters. calling in. start we'll get right to linda in philadelphia, pennsylvania. linda is an independent. linda, you're on with arnie arnesen. >> hey, linda. >> hi! you?re
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>> fine. thank you. >> i'm calling because i've been watching the debates. i think and how i feel. says hillary clinton but my heart says bernie sanders. >> welcome to the club. why.ll tell you we were always taught to go with gut.eart, to go with our bernie sanders is an older man. but i like his views when it the middle class people who are just -- have been kicked of the programs and kicked out of the system right now. and we're out here fending for ourselves. and i think it's very sad. thinking that donald trump -- i want to put him in there too. he has poor impulse control. and i'm very afraid that if he house, thate white he might make impulsive that are coming from do. what he likes to and he'll throw us back into
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another war, where a lot of our men, which he doesn't have to participate, but a lot of our have to go fight again and get killed again and get maimed again and come back deplorable conditions. and i don't think that that's a good idea. i would hate to see that happen. but i don't trust his impulse -- poor impulse control. an independent, in philadelphia, pennsylvania. arnie arnesen, your sense of independents up there in new hampshire? >> well, here's the interesting thing about new hampshire. we have what's called undeclared voters. you can call them independents up declared.alled they represent 45% of the electorate. who aremore people undeclared than republicans or democrats. election, of the those undeclareds can choose either a republican ballot or a democratic ballot. they can really go either way. is so interesting in new hampshire is i see two
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things happening. see jeb bush and john kasich, aggressively going after those undeclares, saying vote for me, pick a republican ballot. clinton going after those undeclareds, even no, no, no, pick a democratic ballot. undeclareds can really decide this election. they are the powerhouse. of weigh onesort way or another. they're not really like independent. they're probably more democrat or more republican. me share something with you, caller. libertariand to a at&atheist. was undeclared. i never knew what ballot he would pick up the day of the until he -- election until he walked into the voting booth. him. was married to that's the power of being able
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to actually try to persuade those people in the middle. of the reasons why, unlike iowa, a lot of the candidates have to sort of moderate their message and we are very different from iowa. you heard from smith, on the air me every thursday, last week, and what he was telling you about iowa is there's a lot more evangelical christians in iowa, so the republicans have to way. a certain the democrats are fairly liberal in iowa. but in new hampshire, it's a very interesting mix. always -- >> the numbers in new hampshire, 383,000, as about of the end of december 2015. 261,000.ns, democrats, 229,000. we're showing those numbers to our viewer. the headline that we showed our viewers earlier in the washington post, in the undecideds easily can become the dieders. a -- the deciders. >> the power is there. >> let's go to john in rio rancho, new mexico, line for
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republicans. john, good morning. >> yes. thought.d one basic and that is, first, thank you for c-span. i love c-span. i watch every morning, as long as it's been on the air. countryonnected to the through c-span. but living out west here, our votes don't count. over withs will be before new mexico gets to voice their opinion. allwe're not anything like those farmers in iowa. and we're not anything like all theredical liberals over in new hampshire. and you could set me on fire and forwouldn't get me to vote any of the democratic candidates, because i feel like the party left me. republican this time. democrat all my life. my mother, grandparents on that side of the family as well. are a white person -- and i'm going to play the race card -- it is impossible to find a job today. this is something that's just not being addressed. allwe've gone so far with of the groups, all of the
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activist groups, from every and color.ion, creed and, of course, sex, you know, lgbt's, everybody else. but if you're a white person, i don't know what you have to do job.t a you've got to be the best damn made person that god ever to beat out all these other groups and ethnicities. >> arnie arnesen, i'll let you jump in. >> what i'm going to say is that the problem isn't white. is job creation. that's your problem. we have economic sag nation. stagnation. it's not a function of your color. it's a function of what's happening. manufacturing sector. we have all these trade deals. take a look at what's happening! we haven't invested in the american worker. we've invested in wall street. whiteness that doesn't get you a job. it's that jobs don't exist here today. we need to have more job creation. if you want to go with the republicans, that's perfectly fine. totally understandable. understand what butters
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their bread. it isn't that kind of investment job.gets you a don't think that the black has trumped you or the hispanic has trumped you. look at the unemployment numbers, it's with black people, with hispanic people. the problem. it's with all of us. that's why we have to ask the question, what happened to jobs america? when did we start investing in our infrastructure? dollar you invest in building a bridge or fixing a treatment plant, do you know how many dollars you leverage in the private sector? $5 to $7 in the private sector. by the government fixing our infrastructure, repairing it -- look at flint. flint is a story of poverty and the lack of infrastructure. tot kind of problem is going exist everywhere. remember the bridge that fell down in minnesota? a pretty white state. what was that about? that was a failure to invest in infrastructure. if we invest in jobs, if we invest in infrastructure, it matter what color you
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are. you'll find a job. a arnie arnesen is progressive radio host in new hampshire. it's wnhn-fm. attitude withhe arnie arnesen." i want to ask you about what progressivism is. this idea of what a progressive came in thursday's night's debate. here's a clip there that debate. whole discussion began because i commented, not making overall evaluation about the secretary. she was in ohio, i think in september and november. and she got up and said something like, i have been i have been -- criticized because people think i'm a moderate. moderate. a that's where this came from. it wasn't from me paraphrasing her. said.what she all i said is there is nothing wrong with a moderate. but you can't be a moderate, be a progressive. >> i understand senator sanders to distinguishg
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himself. i understand that. that's what you do in campaigns. the same time, let's not -- in an unfair way, making accusation or making an attack about where i stand and stood. have always and it is fair to say, senator, as you your definition, being the self-proclaimed gatekeeper for progressivism, i don't know anyone else who fits that definition. >> arnie arnesen, what is your of progressivism? >> okay. can i describe myself? the radicalyself as middle. okay? and what is the radical middle? what is a progressive? i don't know. i'm aliberal, progressive. i believe that you get information and out of that information, you make the best decision possible. progressive maybe kind of means that you are more than willing to look at change. you understand the past. you want to respect the history. hold on to what is
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valuable from the past but makingnot afraid of change. hillary was right. it is about progress., i'm also a and as a liberal, i want to make progress that benefits the we also makeere investments in that community. we create a level playing field. and then, based on merit, not on crony capitalism, you are successful. me just say something. bill clinton was never a progressive. democratic of a leadership council, whatever that is. i mean, that is part of the problem. is, whatof the problem are these labels? how do people evolve over time? more like bill clinton, who was the democratic leadership council, who was very street?ve of wall liked to work with the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry? i mean, he really was a guy who sort of oriented that way. he wanted to bring a little more capitalista structure within the democratic party. the problem is, look what happened. up with crony krapt
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lism. that's not capitalism! that's basically unfair. bernie said, it's a little bit like fraud, because when you put your finger on the scale, like you're getting a result that's based on hard work and effort. you've rigged the system. so i know what bill clinton was. democrat,e of a new moderate to conservative democrat. today, hillary clinton is saying he's a progressive and she's fighting bernie over that definition. wow! love it! keep the fight up! you know, that's really so interesting, that now this is a can embrace,y where before they would run away from progressive. they would run away from liberal. that mean? that means we're running away from a lot of opportunities to look at new ideas. >> let's go to a democrat. elizabeth, go ahead. >> yes. sir.morning, i don't call often. i listen quite a bit. call that often.
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it gets frustrating and confusing a lot. lady, she is very sensible. said! love what she just as i listen, i'm hearing realism.vs. bernie sanders is idealistic. that's fine and good. we wish the world was like that. the world isn't that way. live in, ae realistic world. now who is presenting the issues?c hillary clinton. so give me a minute, please. don't cut me off. don't call often. now, do you know what? the republicans, i've heard them a couple ofump and go againstt to bernie. you know why? they're going to beat him like a drum. are fine. they are lovely. but it's not going to work. we've got a congress. got senators. we've got representatives.
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who are -- which one of them are going to vote any of his issues up? none! none of the senators. he won't get them through. that. don't understand i don't understand. what's going on? and the message, as well as the world scene, who is best qualified? think about it. who is best qualified? arnesen, this idea of idealism versus realism, and achievable. >> let me just say a couple of things. so hillary clinton has been a lawyer. ae has been the spouse of very powerful president. she became a u.s. senator after to new york, where wall street is. wall street is her constituent, remember that, everyone. she ran for president. lost. and barack obama made her state.ry of bernie sanders has been the mayor of a city. burlington. a city that has to survive with capitalism and business. ran for congress.
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congress in vermont, there's only one. that's how tiny the state is. only one. then he ran for the united states senate. so pott of them have -- both of pretty impressive resumes. and both of them are smart. understand howso the system works. they also understand what you can pass and what you can't. remind you, there is a real machine that doesn't democrat ine is a the white house. a republican ability to try to stop everything. let me give you an example. obama?r barack what did he offer up for the affordable care act? big health care plan? the affordable care act was newt heritageand the foundation's plan for health care. it was the most republican of plans. put it as barack obama on the table, it became a communist plots! obamae only way barack got the affordable care act was not with one republican vote,
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caller. not one! so let's talk about idealism and realism. let's be real here. the only way you've got the affordable care act was because democrats. nobody worked with republicans, because republicans refused to work with him. the question becomes, do you think because bernie is talking about making some and hillarychange clinton is talking about massaging the system, that just aboute you're talking making some significant change, that you are not willing to compromise? spectrum, caller. so if you start the conversation milder,e, where is the caller -- where is the middle, caller? over here. conversationthe here, where is the middle? over here. where are you? here.ect bernie isn't going to be unrealistic about what he can get done. andhe knows what he wants he shows the direction. i think hillary clinton is moving in the same direction. thatst a celebration. now talking ant about universal health care, fighting being more progressive.
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they're now talking about all these things. guess what? until bernie came into the race, he has actually moved hillary. what does that say about how you congress as a country? >> seems only fair now we go to our line for republicans. wisconsin.waiting in michael, you're on with arnie arnesen. >> hi! want to...l, i foro chuck on our line republicans. chuck? [cheering]


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