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tv   Hillary Clinton Campaign Rally in Portsmouth New Hampshire  CSPAN  February 6, 2016 7:22pm-8:47pm EST

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they're now talking about all these things. guess what? until bernie came into the race, he has actually moved hillary. what does that say about how you congress as a country? >> seems only fair now we go to our line for republicans. wisconsin.waiting in michael, you're on with arnie arnesen. >> hi! want to...l, i foro chuck on our line republicans. chuck? [cheering]
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my fight song ♪ song ♪is my life ♪ ♪[music] >> wow! wow! all that for me. [laughter] >> thank you! let me clarify something. here.ey let a guy up i'm... senator fromn, minnesota. [cheering] that paulthe seat wellstone held. [cheering]
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and i can point to someone on stage who i wouldn't be senator from minnesota if it isn't been for her, and that hillary clinton. [cheering] offirst election was kind close. votes.y 312 hillary came twice for me, once in october, and then i heard i call from her the sunday before the election. out."id, "i'm coming and we did a big rally in duluth. than 312 votes at that rally, i gotta tell you. [applause] >> i'm a paul wellstone progressive. [cheering] >> and let me tell you what that means. we all do better when
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we all do better. i knew what a high coup highi'd say that was a coup. but evidently, i've been told it isn't. do betternew we all when we all do better. in suburban minnesota. neither of my parents went to college. my dad didn't graduate from high school. bedroom, onea two bath house. but i considered myself the luckiest kid in the world, because i was. i was growing up middle class, at the height of the middle class in america. but a lot of kids don't feel days.ay these that.'ve got to restore and hillary clinton will restore that america! [cheering]
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thisfe, i'm familiar with part of the country. in portland,up maine. down east. i know that. now, she wasn't as lucky. dad, a decorated world war ii vet, died in a car when she was 18 months old, leaving her mom widowed at age 29.ids there was one younger than my wife. but they all made it. it, because of social security survive benefits. now, sometimes -- this is maine -- sometimes they turn the heat off in the winter. sometimes they turn the phone off. times, there wasn't enough food. but they made it. all four girls went to college. on pell grants.
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pell grant then paid for 80% of a college education. on pell grants, work and scholarships. my brother-in-law went into the became and and electrical engineer. and my mother-in-law, when the was -- started high school, she got a g.i. loan. $300. the university of maine, portland, got three more loans, teacher., became a because she was teaching title i loans wereer forgiven. [applause] tell you in this country by youryourself up bootstraps. we all -- we democrats believe that. but we also know that first you gotta have the boots.
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[cheering] have theyou gotta boots. the government gave my ine's family the boots social security survivor bill, pellhe g.i. grants. and that's why we're all democrats. that's what democrats believe in. [cheering] >> and your governor is here. here.ur senator is and your... [cheering] shaheen, myor 37 -- likend i, like the only other democrats who haveendorsed in this race,
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endorsed hillary clinton for a reason. [cheering] >> woo! [cheering] seriousse this is stuff! this is serious stuff. this is sherrod brown. this is corey booker. is tammy baldwin. we are progressives. we know -- we know what it get things and that's why we want hillary clinton as our president! [cheering] mr. franken: and along with hillary clinton as our president
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, we want a democratic senate. [applause] ,r. franken: if i am not wrong there is something we can do about that here in new hampshire. this is a state that has done some very odd things. it elected a woman governor and senator. that is so odd. what other state has done that? no other state has done that. could it happen again? [applause] mr. franken: how? oh, yes. i get it. i accidentally said something i was not aware of. hassan will be your next u.s. senator. [applause]
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mr. franken: and she knows they are different jobs. jeanne shaheen has told her they are different jobs. we need her in the u.s. senate. i give you your great new hampshire governor, governor maggie hassan. hassan: thank you, al franken. give it up for al franken, everybody. he is in the united states senate fighting for working families, just as hillary clinton has been her whole career, fighting for women and children. how many of you caught hillary's speech last night? [applause] hassan: it was fabulous. passion,aid out her vision, talked about bringing her heart and head.
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she talked about dreaming and doing. ever since she has been here in new hampshire campaigning, she has been talking to the people of new hampshire about what they dream about, what their concerns are, whether it is the opioid and harrowing crisis or college we willility, how it is move our economy forward, how we will wipe isis off the face of plan and thehas a capacity to listen and the capacity to learn and stake out a path forward. that makes her the best qualified person to be our next president of the united states. [applause] gov. hassan: now, al talked
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about -- hillary"]" talkedssan: now, al about some of the reasons he is supporting hillary clinton for president and some of the reason his colleagues in the senate are. as for governor, i have lots and lots of reasons to support hillary clinton as your next president. i want to talk to you about why my husband, tom, and i support hillary clinton as our next president. as many of you know, tom and i have two kids, ben and meg.
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have severeto physical disabilities. he has cerebral palsy. while he understands everything going on around him, he cannot speak or walk. most of his nutrition comes through a feeding tube. ben communicates by raising his hand or using facial expressions. three, a school bus pulled into our driveway and lowered a wheelchair lift. he went to his first day of preschool. i sat on our front stoop thinking about the fact that, ad ben been born and in generation earlier, we would have been advised to put him in an institution. earlier, hillary clinton had graduated from law school and went to work for the
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children's defense fund. one of the first assignments they gave her was to knock on the door of families whose kids were not going to school. as hillary knocked on the doors, she learned that many of those kids were not going to school because they had disabilities and the schools did not know how to provide an education for them. son were very locked in but very cognitively able. they didn't understand that kids like that could learn. what did hillary, with her colleagues at the children's defense fund, do? along with advocates and elected leaders? they rolled up their sleeves and went to work. weimately what happened is passed a law in the united states of america that says every child has the right to a free education. [applause] gov. hassan: but it did not stop there.
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because you can pass all the laws you want, but you have to win over the skeptics about whether or not a kid like ben hassan can learn. you have to work with schools and teachers to provide them the resources and training and support to make it possible to include a ben hassan in their classroom. it is ongoing, difficult work that takes patience and collaboration. but because of that earlier he -- early work and hillary toham's clinton commitment all of our children, all of our families, all of the working people in this country, today, ter high school graduate and a member of his community. [applause] gov. hassan: that is the
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makesence a progressive in real people's lives. [applause] gov. hassan: so i am honored to support hillary clinton as president. i know that many of you here today have been out working for hillary, knocking on doors for hillary, making phone calls for hillary. you keep at it. and talk to your friends and neighbors about why you support hillary clinton. for those of you who are not sure yet in this audience, please talk to your friends and neighbors. you will hear from senator shaheen and secretary clinton, but think about the fact that we make progress in this country by bringingtion
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people in from the margins, working together, including new people in the heart and soul of our community so that everyone has the opportunity for the american dream. do, is what progressives and it is hard, ongoing, but incredibly rewarding work. it is the story of our country. [applause] gov. hassan: i am proud to be here. i urge each and everyone of you not only to go vote for hillary clinton but find some more people who have not made up their mind and get them to the polls on tuesday too. [applause] it is my honor to
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introduce a woman who has served as our governor, who has served with such compassion and common sense and forward thinking in the united states senate. friend, my colleague, my mentor, the best u.s. senator, and only woman to be governor and u.s. senator -- jeanne shaheen. shaheen: thank you all very much. thank you. thank you. to governor maggie wonderful that introduction and being such a great governor for new hampshire. isn't she going to be a great united states senator? [applause] shaheen: i know you heard from my daughter stephanie earlier. did they get you fired up?
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it is always fun to be here with my colleague, al franken. caucusnto the democratic and have lunch every tuesday, democrats in the senate. you never know what al is going to say. mr. franken: that is good, right? al.tor shaheen: very good, it is great for me to be here with all of you. this is a wonderful community college in new hampshire. to be able to talk about what we need to do in the next couple of days and also introduce our friend, hillary clinton. [applause] shaheen: al talked about how we believe in democratic values. we believe in hillary.
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[applause] [chanting "hillary"] senator shaheen: because of the great work of so many of you doors,ne here and on making phone calls, talking to your friends and neighbors, we will send hillary out of new hampshire with good, strong momentum. she will surprise the pundits on tuesday. we will just have to keep at it, right? [applause] now, you heard: aggie talk about the
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democratic values they believe in and the difference hillary made for families on those values. i want to talk about why i support hillary clinton. i have had the chance to know her since before i became governor. lady, i got airst chance to work with her as first lady. got a chance to see what she did for she was in the senate the people who responded to the 9/11 disaster and what she did to help rebuild new york. [applause] senator shaheen: i got a chance to watch her as secretary of state, when she said women's rights are human rights. we are going to make that a fundamental axiom of our foreign policy. [applause] senator shaheen: you know what?
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if she did not back down on women's rights around the world, she will not back down on women's right here at home. and i think that is really important. [applause] but i have also had a chance to sit on the senate armed services committee and the foreign relations committee. and i know this is a very dangerous world. knowswant somebody who not only what we need to do here at home, but what we need to do around the world. inebody who has credibility the global community, who can talk to other world leaders and build international coalitions we need if we are going to defeat isis. if we are going to stop the threat of russian aggression, if we are going to deal with north korea and its nuclear weapons,
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if we are going to make sure we implement the iran nuclear treaty, nuclear deal. [applause] know, ishaheen: you love the rhetoric from all the candidates in this race. tohink it is important remind people what we stand for as democrats. but i want a leader who is ready to go on day one that does not need any on-the-job training. that is hillary clinton. [applause] ms. clinton: thanks so much, everybody. thank you so much. it is great to be back here at fort smith, great bay, to have this chance to be here before
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you with my friends. i am thrilled to have al franken here. it is saturday night, and he is live right here in portsmouth. i am so proud of your governor and so excited about her joining the senate. thankour help, maggie, you for your leadership and all that you are doing. thank you. i am also really grateful to have jeanne shaheen's support. as she was talking towards the the need to really consider that you are voting for both the president and commander in chief, i was thinking about the portsmouth shipyard. i was thinking about the national guard base and how much this community has contributed to our national defense and security. and i want to thank the people
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of portsmouth and new hampshire for that. [applause] ms. clinton: we are getting down to the point before the first in the nation primary when i see go doorike this, when i to door, as i did in manchester, or stop at a restaurant, where the seriousness of this process has really gripped the people of this state. you have the first in the nation primary for a reason. granite staters pay attention. you follow this, you care about it. you give a candidate a first look, maybe a second, third, even a fourth. because you want to get it right, no matter what your views
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or how you think about the future. you take it seriously, and we are the better for it. very grateful for the support that i have gotten in this state, for the wonderful experiences bill and i have had going back to 1992. the friends we have made, how we have gotten to know this state. webster, ite daniel is a small state, but there are those that love it, including me. being here as we move towards the tuesday primary is a great privilege. minuteyou to think for a about what this election should be about. it should be about all of us of future do kind
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we want for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our dear country. anger,there is a lot of venting and frustration, among people today. and i get it. things need to be better. we need to get our political system working, get out of the gridlock, start rolling up our sleeves and solving problems again. [applause] indeed,ton: that is, what we have always done better than anybody else. earlier today in concord, i was with one of our great senators supporting the, the senator from new jersey, cory booker. cory was talking about the generation after
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generation of americans have had to face. he went all the way back to george washington. he said, you know, george washington got driven out of new york by the british and had to go to new jersey to reconsider how he was going to get back. we have always faced obstacles. we have always had challenges. what sets us apart is our belief in the future. better are, as al said, when we are all better. that is why we continue to widen the circle of opportunity and rights. why we keep moving towards that perfect union knowing there is no perfection, just the journey. to keep doing better every single day. i said last night in manchester
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that my husband and i think a lot about the fact that, you know, there are probably more tomorrows inan our lives. but i've looking out there and see so many of you with more tomorrows. what we have to do together is imagine what that tomorrow can and should be. tomorrows -- the tomorrows where we will have more good quality jobs with rising income, where people will be working to fix and build the infrastructure we need for a competitive economy, where advanced manufacturing will once again be given the incentive to come back to new hampshire and combat, where we will climate change by becoming a
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clean energy superpower. not germany, not china. the united states of america. [applause] theclinton: imagine tomorrows where small businesses will be growing again. where the minimum wage will no longer be a poverty wage, where women will finally get equal pay for our work. [applause] i appreciate the sign about believing in me, but ultimately, i believe in you. i believe in us. i believe in what we are capable of doing together. and i believe that the only way we can make those tomorrows what we imagine they can be is by deciding we are going to come together, find ways to work with
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theanother, and create future that our children and we deserve. i get the anger. i get the frustration. but anger is not a plan, and venting is not a strategy. [applause] chanting "hillary"] ms. clinton: once we express our disappointment and our determination, then we have to roll up our sleeves. and as you heard from the governor, as you heard from the two senators, we have work to
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do. the tomorrow when we finally get to universal health care coverage. 100% of all americans able to afford quality health care. [applause] ms. clinton: imagine when we in the predatory pricing of drug companies so they cannot rip off patients any longer. imagine when we take mental health as seriously as every other kind of health problem. [applause] imagine when we have enough treatment for every wants to geton who into recovery and get on with life. [applause] ms. clinton: imagine when we take seriously alzheimer's and
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autism and other conditions that we can help families with and give young people a better future. [applause] ms. clinton: all of that, my friends, is not just possible. it is doable. it is what we can do together. everything i have just said the republicans disagree with. they do not have a jobs program. they want to take us back to trickle down economics. if failed not once, not twice, but three times. and they want to impose it again. that is their policy. we cannot let that happen. do not believe in raising the minimum wage or equal pay. and they want to repeal the affordable care act. the affordable care act is one
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of the greatest accomplishments of the democratic party and of president obama we have ever had. [applause] that is why i so strongly support it. and i want to make it better. and why i will not let the republicans repeal it and why i orink it would be a grave err to start over again and try to achieve 100% coverage from the very beginning. [applause] ms. clinton: you know, it is so interesting to me. senator sanders and i share many of the same goals. we know we have to get the economy working for everybody. it is tilted towards the top. that is not the way we succeed together. i want you to feel your hard work will be rewarded.
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we have to change direction, rein in the special interests. we have to make sure that wall street never wrecks mainstreet again, and we will. [applause] but setting the goals is an essential first step. but it is just the beginning. it is the beginning. i will get to that, but do not block other people. come on, be respectful. we will get there. everyone has an issue, i love it. thank you. is figuree have to do out how we continue to make progress. we had a little back and forth in the debate the other night about being a progressive. i do not know. maybe i am sort of simple about this.
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i think a progressive is someone who makes progress. [applause] and for me, there is so much progress to be made. by tearingot start down the progress we have already made. we need to keep and fight for the affordable care act and make it better. we need to take on those are undermining the quality of care and the price of care, and we will. have an energy policy that moves on from fossil fuel to clean, renewable energy as quickly as that is possible. [applause] ms. clinton: that is why i have set some big goals. n want us to have a half billio more solar panels installed by , enoughof my first term
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to power every home in america in eight years. [applause] ms. clinton: when i think about standing i think about on the shoulders of so many who have come before. people who have sacrificed, who have worked, who have given the ir all to move our country into the future with confidence, with optimism, with broad-based prosperity and with the expansion of our rights. at the root of that is education. and i know we have some teachers and retired teachers here. that iant you to know want to be your partner. i want to support teachers, not scapegoat teachers. i want to be someone who works with you to educate our children. to imagine a tomorrow
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where we have enough early childhood education so every single child is prepared to go to school and achieve. [applause] and i imagine a tomorrow where you can actually afford to go to college and not come out with so much debt that you cannot get on with your life. [applause] ms. clinton: you know, i think about this college issue all the time. how many of you have ever had student debt? i did, ok? i mean, it used to be you would have student debt, you would pay it off, you would go on. when i borrowed money, i did not have a big interest rate on it. i was able to pay it off. took a while, but i did it. so did it -- my husband.
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i was just act new england college and asked about student debt. i asked if kids knew what kind of interest rate they had. a man raised his hand and said 8%. a young woman said 11%. there is something seriously wrong when we are mortgaging the future of our young people and we are not giving them the resources you need to get your education. [applause] ms. clinton: we are going to have affordable college, debt free tuition. we are going to pay down those debts. we are going to read it -- refinance them. i want people to get out of high-interest debt. the federal government is not going to be making a profit off of lending money to our students anymore. [applause] there is so much we
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can imagine together. then we can get to work to make it real. that is what i care about. of the speeches, the end of the voting, the way i want to be judged is, are you better off when i stop than when i start? is our country better off? are we growing together or splitting apart? are we reaching out, one to the other, to find ways to lift people up? when you run for president, it can be exhausting. it is an endurance test, all the things you read about. it is one of the most emotionally involved experiences i can imagine. because in short encounters with people, they sometimes tell you the most personal things, just
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wanting you to know, here is what is happening in my life. here is what i want the next president to do. can you do anything? when i was canvassing manchester , a young man came up to me and said, i am supporting you. i said, thank you. why? because you have been talking about addiction. i said, you have a personal experience? he said, yeah. i was a student athlete. i got injured my senior year in high school. i had to have surgery. pills, a a lot of pain lot of opioids. and i got hooked. then, when they cut them off, i turned to heroin. it was cheap. it was readily available. i said, how are you doing now? the said, i am 2.5 years sober.
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it is hard. every day is really hard. he said, i want a president who thinks about somebody like me. you know, i think we all want a president that things about us. we want a president that not only thinks about the big issues like the economy, going after the bad actors, making sure they do not hurt us anymore. let's make us safe at home. we have to. that is part of the job description. this is really a job interview that i and the other candidates are asking you to think about hiring one of us for this job. world, we also need a president who thinks about those issues that do keep you up at night. that you worry about. nobody else is really concerned. you know, i started my work many
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years ago with the children's defense fund, dealing with was saying,e maggie kids left out of school because of disabilities, or juveniles incarcerated in adult jail in south carolina. in alabamacover trying to stop segregated academies that were trying to evade the law. what can we do to make life better right now? when i think about the many tomorrows ahead of us, the tomorrows the next president will have a hand in helping shape, i want you to know that i will get up every single day thinking about what i can do to make a real difference in your life. you know, the work of making progress can be frustrating. can be disappointing.
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remember the day when we lost the health care battle in 1993 and 1994. before it was obamacare, they called it "hillarycare." we got beat. insurance and drug companies, they beat us. when you get beat, you have a choice. every single one of us gets knocked down. the question is, are you going to get back up? that is as true for a country as it is for an individual. are you going to get up and keep moving forward? are you going to make a difference? [applause] ms. clinton: and what i knew that day is that i could not quit. i was not going to have to worry about health insurance. hen,i had met, by t
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thousands of people who were. you know, one story i could never get out of my mind was at a children's hospital in cleveland. i was sitting in a conference room talking to parents who had very sick children, who were telling me they could not get insurance. back in those days, you had a pre-existing condition, you were out of the insurance market. this one man said to me, i am a successful business owner. i provide insurance to my employees. i cannot get insurance for my two little girls, who have cystic fibrosis. i tell them, i can even pay. i said, what do they say to you? the last conversation i had, this man just looked at me and said, you do not understand. we do not insure burning houses. the man i was talking with had
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tears in his eyes. they called my little girl's "burning houses." arenaou are out in the trying to make progress, it is not just heart or head. it has to be both. isse stories in your heart what gets you up. i said, this country of ours should insure every child, at the very least. that is when i went to work with republicans and democrats to create the children's health insurance program that ensured 8 million kids. [applause] ms. clinton: was it everything that we wanted? no, it was not. mind andve peace of guaranteed health care to 8 million children and their families? yes, it did. there is that old saying
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attributed to different folks in the past. somebody says he will never settle for half a loaf. are going we say we to take back our country inch by inch, step-by-step. back thoseg to beat special interests and forces that want to have it all for themselves. we are going to make progress together, defend our rights, and we are going to once again be the country we know we can be. when i think about the rights that we have been able to extend across our country, it makes me so proud. republicans do not believe in nearly anything we have done. and i want you to know where i stand. i will defend a woman's right to make her own health care decision. [applause] ms. clinton: i will defend
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planned parenthood against these partisan republican attacks. [applause] ms. clinton: i will defend marriage equality and moved to end discrimination against the lgbt community. i will defend voting rights. i want every 18-year-old to be automatically registered to vote. [applause] ms. clinton: i will make appointments to the supreme who will do what they can to overturn citizens united. [applause] ms. clinton: and if that cannot appen, i will lead constitutional amendment to get rid of that pernicious influence in our politics. i will defend social security against ted cruz and all the others that want to end it by privatizing it.
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i will defend the v.a. we will not let the koch brothers run some phony campaign to privatize the v.a. [applause] ms. clinton: i will work for criminal justice reform and to end the era of mass incarceration. i will work for immigration reform with a path to citizenship. lobbywill take on the gun to get common sense gun safety reform. [applause] this is very personal to me because one of the other things you do when you have had the positions like i have, you go to a lot of very sad, tragic places. you go to columbine. you meet with the parents of sandy hook victims. church inemanuel
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charleston for the funeral of the pastor.i -- havet loved ones looked into the eyes of those who have lost loved ones to gun violence than i can bear. we must do it we can to save lives without interfering with constitutional rights. the law i have drafted closes loopholes and ends immunity for makers and sellers. putting people on the no-fly list on the prohibited list for buying guns that is supported by 92% of americans and 82% of gun owners. [applause] ms. clinton: so we will work together to push forward and
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implement a progressive agenda. , i will dothe world everything i can to keep our to give the kind of leadership that is needed for our men and women in uniform and their families, and to thank them every single day for the service that they provide. to take on a lot of these really tough issues, as senator shaheen said. i know we have to defeat isis. we will do it. we will do it without sending american troops into combat in syria and iraq. leading andt by to support syrian
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fighters using trainers and spotters and others, because we have to. this is a threat that is not just over there. it is a threat that we know is here and is metastasizing like a virulent, fast-moving cancer. we have to go after their foreign fighters, their presence online. we have to recognize our first line of defense against terrorism is right here at home. we need to all be on the same side, united. , one of the really successful programs that was implemented was a program saying , if you see something suspicious, report it. we were united. all religions, all races, all people. that is what we have to be to defeat these terrorist threats. when i hear republican candidates in salting and demeaning american muslims and
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muslims overseas, it is not just shameful. it is dangerous. it is a real assault on our common defense. and we cannot let anyone here at home or around the world believe that those candidates speak for us. i know a little bit about creating coalitions because i put the coalition together to oppose the sanctions on iran, to drive them to the negotiating table, to put a lid on their nuclear weapons. you do not form a coalition with muslim nations by insulting their religion. that is absolutely wrong. [applause] ms. clinton: so here is what i want you to know. that i reallyknow believe in our tomorrows.
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i really know that the nation we imagine is within our reach. i want you to know that i will work my heart out for you. find common ground where it exists and stand my ground when i must. i cannot do any of that without you. new hampshire has been very kind to me. i know i am running against a neighbor. and i know how neighborly granite staters are. but as you take the second, third, fourth look at us as we move towards tuesday, i hope you will imagine who can be the next president and commander in chief. i hope you will imagine what we can do together. i hope you will believe that we can wage and win the fight for the future. because i sure do, and i need your help on tuesday.
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thank you all. thank you so much. [applause] this is my fight song ♪ ♪ ♪
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ms. clinton: thank you. thank you so much. ♪ >> thank you. >> thank you so much.
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♪ ♪ ms. clinton: i am all for it.
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i love what you are trying to do. we have to get started. that is what we have got to do. ok? that is what i believe in. very good. ok. all right. >> thank you so much. >> can i get a picture? ♪ ♪ >> how are you doing?
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my gosh, i am so happy to see you. ms. clinton: you got here, i am so happy. you did. i am not giving up on it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ms. clinton: i will do my best.
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♪ ms. clinton: thank you so much. ♪ ♪ ms. clinton: you will. we got to. >> thank you so much. [laughter]
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[indistinct chatter]
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