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tv   Reaction to Carly Fiorina Town Hall Meeting in Goffstown New Hampshire  CSPAN  February 6, 2016 8:46pm-10:28pm EST

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>> secretary clinton left the yuditorium here at great ba me to college. chris, where is home for you? guest: danville. host: how cars that?-- far is that? guest: half an hour. i was probably 10 feet from hillary when she walked by. it was a great opportunity to ask them questions, if that arises, get close-up. host: have you made up your mind for tuesday? guest: yes i have. i am voting for hillary. host: why are you doing that?
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thing the most important is who is the most qualified, who can go to the white house and hit the ground running. by far, she checked the box is boxes forhecks the me. she was passionate, energizing, and i think she is the right person for the job. host: what are your top two issues? guest: the economy is important, college education expenses, care,t loans, health prescription drug expenses are important. this is a global world and we need somebody in the white house who has the experience she does with foreign policy. host: thank you for talking to us. guest: thank you. chatter]ct
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host: we will meet more people after listening to hillary clinton tonight. what is your name? guest: robbie. host: i have to admit, i saw you and thought you were a sea captain. you are from arkansas, is that right? how did you get here? guest: we flew up here on sunday.
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we have been traveling around in vans. we knew and have known for now, 40 years. host: how did you put the script together?-- this group together? guest: we are all friends of the clintons and have continued with bill in 1996 and hillary in 2008 and 2016 now. of canvassing, a lot of knocking on doors, talking to everyone we can. we do phone banks. we knock on a lot of doors. i have walked over 1300 sets today. 1300 steps this is lot of interesting, they ask us why i would come up. i told them it is because we believe in hillary clinton.
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my daughter and her daughter were in the same softball league. know she is probably the most qualified person to ever run for president, but as a human being, she is also real. we love it. host: how may people are here with your group? guest: 87. we took off from work and pay our own way. what do you know about hillary clinton. that people around the country don't know? guest: she is really genuine. she is really smart, everybody knows that. one-on-one with her, she laughs like everyone and holds her hand -- your hand when you are
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crying. just like you would with your high school friends. host: have you seen her during this trip? after the debate, she ame by when we were having party with a group of democrats. we happened to be standing outside when she got there. i could not go back inside. she came over and hugged me and gave me this button. that's just the way they are. she started in arkansas, but we are still getting from those programs.
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the education program, she will make a great president. host: i can hear the pitch you are doing on the phone. you're staying until to send -- until tuesday? guest: we're leaving on wednesday. host: thank you for your time. [indistinct chatter] host: ellie, what brought you here? guest: i'm concerned about
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environmental protection and fracking, which is a big issue. in vermont, we are fighting high plains-- pipelines. i want to make sure that she stands up to the fossil fuel industry. as a young person, that is a big issue. we have put up signs to pressure her to talk about renewable energy solutions. she gave me less than a sentence about that. it reinforced for me that bernie sanders is the candidate that we need to see come out of the primary, to be elected president, because he is willing to stand up to the fracking -- and thes a fossil fuel industry. host: have you been to bernie sanders events? guest: i have not, but i will be voting for him, coming from vermont. host: how do you see his
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message? guest: lovely, carrying the strong energy i've seen in the northeast how to south carolina and the bottom, with the social media support, we are getting amazing turnout. were you really open-minded about hillary clinton when you came? is this an super you intellectually -- is this an explanation for you intellectually? she doesn't speak about this as much as i would like. it is critical to me, and i think if she had been a little more open about it, had not taking fossil fuel -- taking fossil fuel industry money, standing up to the fracking industry and saying that we are committed to
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stopping fracking, i would think about changing my position. host: thank you for speaking with us. [indistinct chatter] host: are you a supporter of hillary clinton? guest: if i am-- yes i am. host: what appeals about her?
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guest: i'm particularly interested in her college affordability and gun safety and then control. host: is this your first event? guest: we went to the new hampshire democratic convention in september. this was the first besides that. host: what adjective would use to describe the way she approaches the crowd? guest: she is more dynamic in person then i felt, just sitting at home and watching on tv. she is compassionate. i don't know. your 13-- you, are 13. are you interested in politics? guest: a little bit. she is a really good public speaker and it was fun to see someone so strong speak in front of so many people like this. host: are there things that she
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is talking about that you care about as a 13-year-old? guest: yes, like women's rights and disabilities, how she is education andwith disabilities and fossil fields. -- fuels. that strongly impacts my future and how ongoing to live my life later on.'re too young to are you going to help other people get to the polls? guest: maybe. [laughter] host: are you following the election closely in class? guest: sometimes, yes. in social studies, we talk about it a little bit. host: when people say new hampshire should not have this primary anymore because the country is too big and too diverse, what do you say? guest: i would echo what hillary said.
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new hampshire folks take politics. seriously. seriously. very we have people in our living rooms. not at this stage, of course, but we meet with people and listen to them. i have made up my mind. there a lot of people that haven't -- there's a lot of people who haven't yet. it's an opportunity to talk to the public on personal level. host: pick your first to talk with c-span. -- thank you for staying to talk to c-span. [indistinct chatter]
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a couple ohost: there are more s to meet here. griffin is from durham new hampshire. is this your first vote, on tuesday? guest: yes. first presidential vote. host: what does this mean for you? guest: i couldn't ask for a better election to cast my vote in. this is an amazing race with fascinating factors. host: who are you supporting? bernie sanders, mainly because of his financing. kelly clinton says many great things, but often times, her hillarycontradict-- clinton says many great things, but often times, her donors contradict her policies. i want her to talk about those fossil fuel contributions.
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if she is willing to give them back. host: did you interact with the crowd? i didn't interact with her directly, but we held up her, stop taking fossil fuel money. there's a lack of legitimacy in her campaign and politics. host: what is your sense about what tuesday will be like an turnout for people your age? guest: i have tons of friends planning to get out and vote. there will be a massive turnout at unh and most of the people i think that are turning out, this is their first time they have been politically engaged. i think a lot of them are supporting senator sanders. host: thank you for staying to talk. i appreciate you talking about this on your first election. chatter]nct
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host: meet colby, who is at the hillary clinton event tonight in portsmouth. guest: i'm from california, but i am here with the --
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with my class from georgia. who are you supporting? guest: hillary clinton. i believe in her fight for women's rights and human rights in general. host: what are you getting out of this experience that helps education? -- your education? guest: i'm thankful to be a part of a school that allows me to do this, to experience different candidates and hear what they say they want to do as a president. it solidifies my view, why i am going to vote for hillary clinton. host: what are you doing here in addition to the event? guest: experiencing everything. today,igned for hillary going door-to-door, trying to get the word out. host: thank you for talking with
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us and being part of the production here. we appreciate it. guestour coverage of the primary continues with more like events tomorrow and monday. find all our coverage at ♪ >> the citizens of the granite state are not easily won. it is a hotbed of political discussion. ♪ >> in village, town, and city, voters braved snow and sleet to cast votes. ♪ >> thanks to the people of new hampshire. >> first in the nation. >> new hampshire. >> new hampshire. >> new hampshire. >> new hampshire. >> it's great to be back in new hampshire. >> the new hampshire primaries
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have been called the most cherished of local poli tical fights. [applause] ♪ thank you so much for coming to new hampshire. >> this is a place where you can observe candidates in the heat of dialogue, tough questions on the issues. ♪ >> new hampshire takes the first in the nation primary status seriously. >> this is one of a series of town hall meetings we will be having. >> this is my 20th townhome. -- townhall meeting. >> welcome to the 150th townhall meeting in new hampshire. [laughter] ♪ >> republican presidential
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candidate carly fiorina held a town hall in goffstown new hampshire. she took questions from reporters. this is one hour and 40 minutes. >> good morning everyone. chatter]ct rep. garcia: i hope you enjoyed the beautiful drive this morning. i appreciate you coming out. my name is mary linda garcia. i was a former state representative for eight years for the town of salem. then i was the 2014 congressional nominee for the republican party in the second district. it is my pleasure to be here. i have been a carly fiorina supporter since may when she announced her candidacy. i wanted to share a little bit why i was so compelled and confident that she was the candidate i wanted to support and that i want to see in the
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oval office. when i talk to people, and when i was running my own campaign, all the time, people would come up to me and say would never be great if we could have a candidate that was so articulate when it comes to our conservative values? that was consistent from election to election. doesn't change their mind all the time and be on all sorts of sides of an issue, wouldn't it be great if we had one that had experience both in the private sector and the public sector? one that understands the global economy, one that understands national security, one that can push back on the liberal media when they go for those gotcha questions. wouldn't it be great if we had a candidate who could take on hillary clinton, for example? as i was observing carly and her questions and speeches, i came to understand that this is the candidate i had been waiting for in terms of someone that could best articulate the ideals and
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understanding of what america is all about, what has made us the exceptional country we are, and has a vision for what the future of america should be and its role in the world. i want to say a few things this morning that i think are important. number one, a lot of times now as we go up to this february 9 primary, people say there are all of these polls and you hear all of the speculation and prognostication. i really like carly, they say. i have heard her in debates, she is amazing. i have maybe even met her in person. i agree with everything she says, she is fantastic, but can she win? my answer to that is you can answer your own question. if you go for carly, she will win. we can send her out of new hampshire with momentum. that is the only thing you need to think about, and it is within your power to control that process.
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as you all know, we have a little bit of a situation which is really unfortunate wherein the media and -- i don't know it you want to call it -- the political establishment, polling cabal, they would like to tell us that votes are less important than polls. there is debate tonight, and -- there is a debate tonight, and currently, carly is being excluded from that debate stage. [booing] rep. garcia: i know. can you raise her hand if you think carly is one of the best debaters you have ever seen? [applause] rep. garcia: i agree. and, do you also know that in iowa, she be both governor christie and governor kasich, she has just as many delegates as governor bush, and, she has been in new hampshire so many times and met so many people and has had such strong support, there is absolutely no logical
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reason whatsoever why she should not be on that debate age this evening. the only reason she is not is because the abc network has decided they are going to use arbitrary polling criteria that they decided and they are basically saying that polls are more important than votes. you may have noticed this anonymous banner behind me. who here has a smartphone? pretty good. a lot of you don't. [laughter] rep. garcia: for those of you that do, fine, you can do this twice for me. i want you to please, during the course of this event, take a photo of carly, take a photo of the banner, make manifest your dissatisfaction and displeasure with what is happening in new hampshire today and in advance of our primary.
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i want you to to eat, if you will, #let carly debate. tweetm, if youo #letcarlydebate to abc news. please make your voice and displeasure about this situation known. the last thing i would like you to do is one carly comes in, if you could all pick up your rally sign and shake it and wave it and cheer, that would be fantastic. we want her to know that we are here supporting her and that she really -- we really appreciate it and i would appreciate it if you did that come as well. -- did that as well. without further ado, i would like to introduce, and again, i want to thank you for your attention, i want to introduce carly's new hampshire chairman.
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[applause] >> what a great candidate. don't you want to see her on the ballot? marilyn, we hope you do that again. [applause] doing -- how is everyone doing this morning? [applause] >> excellent, excellent. we talk to you about a smartphone and what you can do with the hashtag, i am old school. a couple of things, some of you have seen the union leader. front page, fiorina, i don't ever stop fighting, and she will never stop fighting for us. that is who carly fiorina is. [applause] rep. garcia: i am also old-school in this respect. this morning, when you have a chance to watch carly, to hear carly, for those of you who are not decided yet, visualize the next president of the united states. i would like to borrow something that my wife told me she did very early on when she started
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supporting carly in april. she said she opened up a folder on her inbox, and it is titled because we have to be thinking about carly as the next president. one carly talks about boots on -- only carly talks about boots on the ground, she knows that our sons and daughters have boots on the ground. we have a tardy in the army national guard at new hampshire. i want carly fiorina to be her commander in chief. not hillary clinton who doesn't stand for our military and doesn't defend our country. carly fiorina will. i am proud to be her state chairman. you know me from past campaigns. i was a republican nominee in 2012. it ended up not being a good year for republicans or conservatives. there was no margin of error in 2016. 2016 has to be a great year for republicans and conservatives
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and it starts right here in new hampshire. don't you agree? [applause] >> i am supporting carly because i see in carly a principled, passionate, and positive conservative leader. someone who has the world experience, the business experience to be our commander in chief and our president of the united states. someone who has a blueprint that she will talk to you about. she is about action, having us take back control of our government and our country. now, before she comes in, let's, since we are mostly new hampshire people, could we have a new hampshire conversation? since when do we allow outsiders determine who will be on a debate stage in new hampshire right here in town? since when? we have never done that before. since when do we let the rnc,
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abc, or anyone else tell us who we are going to support? never. we have never done that. it is time, citizens, that we take back our primary. it is time that we take back the state of new hampshire. whatever happens on tuesday, let us not stop there. we are going to take this primary back. are you with me? [applause] >> you can do something right now about that. after we leave here, call, send an e-mail, send the hashtags, whatever it is, i'm a person who believes in the long shot, the impossible, because nothing is impossible with the good lord. right? carly should be on the stage tonight. here, if youve like carly, if you want to support carly, please, please, please, talk to your friends.
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talk to your neighbors. talk to people at work on monday. after church services or synagogue, talk to your friends. tell them who you are supporting and why. that is how we make our decision in new hampshire. we don't do it through the filter of media, -- someone is calling me. [laughter] >> looks like i have an iphone, which is good. talk to everyone you know. make sure that you make it your purpose to cut through the media nonsense, to let people know that carly fiorina should be the next president of the united states. please, talk, talk, talk. [applause] >> as every good new hampshire gathering should, we are are to have a cub scout troop here, 99, who is going to present us the
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colors and lead us in the pledge of allegiance. cub scout troop 99. would you please enter and all rise? e allegiance flage of the united states of america and to the republic for which it nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you very much. cub scout troop 99. how about that?
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[applause] everybody ready? are you ready, new hampshire? let me introduce to you the next president of the united states, carly fiorina. welcome, carly. [applause] carly fiorina: good morning. [applause] >> carly! carly! carly fiorina: thank you. my husband, frank is here somewhere. where is frank? there he is. the redshirt. [applause] carly fiorina: he wore exactly the right color. i did not have to tell him to do that. thank you for being here, thank
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you for your support. ever since i started running for presidency of the united states on may 4 of 2015, everybody has counted me out. i started out 17 out of 16 candidates. less than 4% of you had ever heard my name. the pollsters wouldn't ask my name. the pundits wrote me off. here we are, a couple days before the new hampshire primary, and there are only eight of us left. i have already beaten a couple of the guys he will be on that stage tonight, and i morty tied -- and i am already tired with jeb bush who spent tens of millions of dollars. i have made it all this way because of the people of new hampshire. because you take your first in the nation primary responsibilities very seriously. ever since i started running for president in may of last year, i have been telling you the game is rigged. the media establishment, the political establishment, the special interest tangled up in this vast bureaucracy that has become our government and washington, d.c., all of these
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things aren't working for us anymore. they are working for themselves. if you ever doubted that the look atrigged, what is going on on that debate stage tonight. i thought votes counted in elections. i thought delegates counted in elections. i thought the people of new hampshire had a responsibility to vote and take presidents. apparently, the media establishment, the political establishment, has decided that they know better than you. i will not falter. i will never stop fighting and neither can you. [applause] carly fiorina: i will never stop fighting because what we are fighting for is incredibly important.
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we are fighting for our politics. we are fighting for our government to take it back. we are fighting for our future and our country and that is why i'm running for president. that is why you have to stand with me and fight with me and vote for me. i will never stop fighting, and neither can you. [applause] we used to think about this as a nation of limitless possibility. our children, our grandchildren's futures would be brighter than ours. we don't know that anymore. it certainly has been a nation of possibilities for me and my husband, frank. he started off driving a tow truck for a family-owned autobody shop. i started out typing and filing and answering phones in a nine person real estate firm in the middle of a recession at the end of the 70's.
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folks, i have traveled and lived and worked, done business, charity, policy work all over the world for decades. i can tell you with absolute certainty that it is only in this nation that a young woman can start out the way i did, in that receptionist job, go on one day to become the chief executive of what we turned into the largest technology company in the world, and run for presidency of the united states. that is only possible in this great nation. [applause] carly fiorina: it is also true, ladies and gentlemen, that all along the way i have been told to sit down and be quiet. just settle. don't rock the boat. don't challenge the system. just except it the way it is, even if you know you could make it better. i have ignored that advice all my life. i am running because the american people are now being given the same advice.
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we are being told to sit down and be quiet. about our god, about our guns, about the horrors of the abortion industry. we are being asked to settle for a nation where record numbers of men are out of work, record numbers of women are living in poverty, our young people don't even believe the american people dream is real anymore, despite all the promises of all of the politicians to all the little cycles. working family wages have stagnated for 40 years. we are destroying more and more small and new and family-owned businesses each year and it is those small and family-owned businesses and farms that create two thirds of the new jobs in this country and employ half the people. meanwhile, while all of that is going on, the truth is that the rich get richer, the powerful get more powerful, and the well-connected get better connected. we cannot settle for this. in the meantime, we are being asked to accept a system of government and politics that no longer works for us. our government has turned into a giant, bloated, inept, corrupt, bureaucracy.
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it does not work for the people who pay for it. [applause] it has been that way for a really long time area under republicans and democrats alike. you can come up with any example you like of the ineptitude and corruption of this government. 80% of us have figured it out. 80% of americans think the federal government is corrupt. you are right. corrupt in that it takes winners -- picks winners and losers. pick your example of ineptitude. the latest one is of the department of homeland security admits they cannot keep track of people who have overstayed their visas. meanwhile, they also admit they were given a bunch of money and a mandate 12 years ago to fix that system. guess what, 12 years later, there is no money, there is no system, and they are in the planning phase. why do we accept this?
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why do we accept this? meanwhile, you guys are sophisticated consumers of politics and politicians. you see candidates come through here every four years. ask yourself, how often have you heard the same thing? "we are going to secure the border." how long have we been talking about that? 25 years. "we are going to care for our veterans." "we are going to reform social security." "we are going to reform the tax code." "we are going to reduce the size of government and lower the debt." how many times have you heard that? you have heard it for 30 years. it isn't happening. none of this is happening. why are we accepting this? i am frustrated, i am fed up, i am angry, and i think we can solve every single one of these problems, but we cannot do so unless we remember who we are. ours was intended to be a citizen government. we were never intended to have a professional political class.
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we were never intended to have a vast, bloated, federal government. citizens, i am running for the presidency of the united states because i think it is time. i think it is time we take our future back. i think it is time we take our politics and our government back. stand with me. it is time, we must take our country back. [applause] carly fiorina: come on. [applause] fiorina: and folks, that starts here in new hampshire on tuesday night. this state picks presidents. there are a bunch of guys on that stage who have lobbied hard to keep me off. abc, the george stephanopoulos callrk, we might as well
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"anybody but carly." that is about what they have done on saturday night. [applause] carly fiorina: we can solve our problems. we have to remember who we are. i will go all the way to cleveland. you send me out of here with the wind at my back, what the media doesn't want you to know is we are ready to go. we are funded to go all the way. we have ground games in 12 states. we have leadership teams in 25 states. we have tremendous support in new hampshire and beyond. i can win this. so, send me out of here with the wind at my back and we will take our country back. [applause] carly fiorina: i rolled out a blueprint. i wrote it down. i come from a world, like you do, where accountability matters.
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where we think that what you do is more important than what you say. where we actually believe if you commit to do something, you will get it done. when was the last time you held >> when was the last time we held a politician accountable for anything? when was the last time we held government accountable for anything? we don't. that you are going to hold me accountable. i want you to walk out of here today and carry that blueprint with you. we need to get these things done in the first term. i will come back here and we will talk about how we are doing early on in the first term. you are going to help me get these things done. let me tell you how you are going to help me. first let me tell you a story of your power. we, i must restore your power. remember when we learned that veterans were dying waiting for
9:31 pm
appointments in phoenix, arizona? and we, the citizens of this nation, were so outraged by that that spontaneously we flexed our muscles, we used our power, and we flooded congress with pressure and e-mails and posts and tweets and phone calls. this hopelessly divided, do-nothing congress did something. they actually did something amazing based on the power you exerted. they passed in three short weeks a bill that said you could fire the top 400 senior executives at the v.a. that is unprecedented, folks. you got that done, and it passed the senate 99-0 and president obama signed it. you got that done in three weeks. that is how much power you have. but then you went on with your lives, because we believe the pretty speeches by the politicians who said they would never let this go on again. three people were fired.
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two of them are suing to get their jobs back. 307,000 veterans have died waiting for health care. the v.a. handed out bonuses for superior performance. we cannot settle for this anymore. it is a stain on our nation's honor. we have to take this government back. what do we learn from that little story? unless we keep the pressure on, nothing changes. let's talk about one of the items in this blueprint. the only way we take our government back is to get control of the money. this is why i am such a scary figure to the political and media establishment, because i know how to get control of the money. how is it that the government can spend more and more money each and every year and never have enough money? have you ever noticed that?
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the government spends money every year for the past 50 years. every time we ask them to do something. please secure the border. we need more money. please protect our nation. we need more money. how is it possible to spend more money and never have enough? it has to do with how the government budgets. if you are a government bureaucracy, you are given a budget. your job is not to explain how you are spending that money. your job is to spend it all every year. you are never asked to justify it, explain it. at the end of the year you spend it all and then you go to congress and ask for more. they own the money, we don't. how do you budget? how do we all budget, except in
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the federal government? we examine every dollar, right? we can cut any dollar. we can move any dollar. that's how we all spend less when we have to and still have enough money for our priorities. we can cut any dollar. we can move any dollar. the fancy word for that is zero-based budgeting. i call it common sense and good judgment. we have to go to zero-based budgeting in the government to get control of your money so we can spend it on the right things and quit spending it on silly, wasteful, corrupting things. no other candidate out here is talking about this, but there has been a bill to go to zero-based budgeting on the floor of the u.s. house for a couple years now. nobody wants to vote on it. why do you suppose that is? special interests. everybody is tangled up.
9:35 pm
but you are going to help me get that bill passed. remember i told you about power and pressure. every week i'm going to go to the oval office. i'm going to ask my fellow citizens, please take out your smartphones. i have to pause and say there's a lot of flip phones in new hampshire. [laughter] you have an emotional attachment to your flip phone. i get it, but you might want to upgrade. i'm just giving you a warning. [laughter] i will ask you to take out your smart device of choice and i will say, my fellow citizens, do you agree that we finally have to get control of the money so we can control our government once again and pass that zero-based budgeting bill? press 1 for yes, 2 for no. technology is a tool. it is an incredibly powerful tool, and we use it for foolish things.
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we vote people off of islands, we talk about our favorite songs. i'm going to use government for important things. press 1 for yes. before we get it done, we have to win. we have to win in november. ask yourself what it takes to win. somebody who can unify the party, not divide the party, and someone who can unify the nation, not divide the nation. 80% of us have figured out the government is corrupt and we have a professional political class that cares more about its power, position, and privilege than getting anything done. it's everybody. citizen government we all agree with. you also have got to have somebody who will be a fearless fighter on that debate stage.
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whether or not you've decided to support me, if you haven't, you need to go see my husband frank, the closer -- whether or not you decide at this minute you are going to support me, in your heart of hearts you know you cannot wait to see that debate between me and hillary clinton. you cannot wait. [applause] you can't wait because you know what's can happen. i'm going to beat her. you know i'm the best debater on this stage and you know i have been fearless in telling the truth about mrs. clinton. she's a liar. she has been wrong on every major foreign-policy challenge and maybe that's the reason anybody but carly network does not have me on that stage tonight. but you know what? we have to do more than win. politics is covered like a game
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now, like a sport. how is the horse race going? except it's not a game and not a sport. in your bones you know this is a serious time. i want you to think about more than what it takes to win. i want you to think very carefully about what it takes to do the job now. new hampshire picks presidents. i think it takes somebody who understands how the economy actually works, who has created a job, saved a job, protected a job. it takes a leader who understands how the world works, and who is in the world. i have more foreign-policy experience than anyone running. i have been around the world for decades. i have met more world leaders than anyone, with the possible exception of hillary clinton, but she did photo ops and i have had private meetings with allies and adversaries alike about charity, business, politics.
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policy. i have held the highest clearances available to a civilian. i chaired the advisory board at the cia. i have advised the nsa, a secretary of state and a secretary of homeland security. i know our military capabilities well. i know our intelligence capabilities well. knowing all these things, i know that when the united states of america is not leading, and we are not leading now, the world becomes a dangerous place. when we do not stand with our allies, when we do not confront our adversaries, the world becomes a very dangerous place. as commander in chief, i will lead. [applause]
9:40 pm
we better have a president who understands bureaucracies. our government has become one gigantic, inept, corrupt bureaucracy, and it has to get cut down to size and held accountable. we need a president who understands technology. technology is an incredibly powerful tool, ladies and gentlemen. i will use it to restore power to you. but it is also a weapon that is being wielded against us by our enemies, and we are losing the war in cyberspace, and we cannot lose that war. we better have a president who understands that an understands what leadership is. a leader has to make a tough call in a tough time and stand up and be held to account.
9:41 pm
we have some people running in this election who have never made a tough call. a tough vote isn't a tough call. we have to have somebody who understands that leadership is about challenging the system. we have loads of people who are the system great we have politicians who are the system. we have a crony capitalist named donald trump who is the system too. he has made billions of dollars buying people inside the system. he freely admits it. he cannot change the system when he is the system, and neither can any of the politicians. a leader challenges they system because that is how you solve festering problems. you know how you go from secretary to ceo? you challenge the system. you produce results. you solve problems. you deliver. and finally, the most important thing of all about leadership, it is not about the size of your office. it's not about the shape of your office. it's not about your title. it's not about your ego. a leader is a servant. a leader serves. the highest calling of a leader is to unlock potential in others.
9:42 pm
my highest calling is to restore citizen government to this great nation, so citizens, voters of new hampshire, do not sit down and be quiet. do not accept a system that does not work for us anymore. instead, i ask you to stand with me. fight with me, join me, vote for me. it is time. we must take our future back. we must take our politics and our government back. citizens, join me. we must take our country back. [applause]
9:43 pm
ok, who has a question? yes, sir. >> ted cruz recently said he does not believe that atheists are fit to be president. i'm an atheist, so i was offended by that. do you agree with him? if you don't, are you willing to say the ted cruz is a bigot? carly fiorina: i would love to debate ted cruz, but so far that hasn't happened. although i have to say i very much appreciate that ted cruz and ben carson said, yeah, carly should be on that debate stage. thank you, ted and ben. i don't know where the rest of the guys are, but ted and ben are stand up guys. this is a nation founded on individual freedom and religious liberty. we have to protect religious liberty, which is under assault. truthfully, christians are under assault in this nation.
9:44 pm
so, of course i respect you, and of course you have the capability and potential to do whatever you choose. i happen to believe that faith gives us important things for leadership. my faith has saved me over and over again. it saved me through a battle of cancer. it saved me when we buried our daughter to the demons of addiction. my life would be poor without my faith. i believe that my faith gives me humility, because i know that no one of us is better than anyone of us. and humility is important in a leader. my faith gives me empathy. i know that everyone of us can fall, and everyone of us can be redeemed. my faith gives me optimism. i know there is a better way, a better place, and i know that people can rise to the occasion.
9:45 pm
so for me personally, humility and empathy and optimism are vital to leadership. so, i'm grateful for my faith. go ahead, sir. >> saint a's is on the other side of town. the media said they will start coverage at 5:00 before debate starts. you gave me a sign. i'm going to be there. are you going to be there? [applause] carly fiorina: i will tell you what, sir. so far they have not given me credentials to show up, but you can show up. i encourage you to show up and wave that sign. you stand up and make a lot of racket, all right? >> what is your position on women registering for selective service?
9:46 pm
carly fiorina: the military has made a decision that women now can serve in combat positions, and as long as we are not lowering standards in any way, i think that is fine. so since women now are able to serve in combat positions, they have to sign up like the guys. we have to apply the same standards to everybody, men and women, so they have to sign up. if they can meet the standards, they can serve. [applause] >> i'm going to read the question. i'm interested to know what it is you are going to do about helping the growth of small businesses. small businesses are the economic engine of the u.s. carly fiorina: that's why the
9:47 pm
first item on this blueprint is to radically simplify our tax code. our tax code today is 73,000 pages long. let me tell you what that means. as the chief executive of what we turned into a $90 billion company, i could hire armies of accountants and lawyers and lobbyists to figure out all of that 73,000 pages, and we did. but the nine-person real estate firm, they can't. so they are getting crushed. my husband frank and i have been fortunate, we can hire an accountant to do our taxes, and we do. every year the accountant puts our tax returns in front of us, i close my eyes, i sign, i pray. i don't have a clue what i'm signing. i hope they do.
9:48 pm
when government is complicated, big, only the big, the powerful, the wealthy can handle it. the bigger government gets, the more complicated it gets, the more true it becomes that it favors the big and powerful. we are crushing small businesses with this 73,000 page tax code, just like we are crushing them with the complexity of obamacare, which is why we have to repeal it. just like we are crushing them with dodd frank. dodd-frank is a complicated bill, but the wall street banks who helped to write it are doing fine. 10 wall st banks have become five.
9:49 pm
but, we have destroyed 1591 community banks. we have destroyed a 20% of the credit union industry because they are little and they can't handle all that complexity. 1591 community banks, 20% of the credit union industry, that matters to small businesses because that is where small businesses get their loans. when government gets big and complicated, the small get crushed. we've got to go from 73,000 pages down to three. why three? there's no place to hide in three pages. [applause] if you have three pages, the playing field is level. not a single other candidate has talked to you about this, but there is a 20-year old plan for a three page tax code. nobody wants to vote on it. guess what i'm going to ask you to do? smartphones, right? we are going to go from 73,000
9:50 pm
pages down to three. we need to get that 20-year-old plan for a three-page tax code finally passed so we lift this weight off of small businesses. press 1 for yes. when we go from 73,000 pages to three, how many irs agents do you suppose we need? zero. today we have as many irs personnel as we have cia and fbi combined. does that strike you as a problem in a dangerous time? you bet it is. another reason why we have to go to zero-based budgeting. without being able to say we don't need all those irs agents, we are not going to give the irs all that money anymore. we cannot do that unless we change the way that government budgets money. thank you for the question. yes, ma'am?
9:51 pm
>> in the past couple of days there have been news stories i've been hearing about increased military action on the part of the united states with our nato allies. one, what you think about that? two, isn't that what you started suggesting a long time ago in a lot of the early debates? carly fiorina: so let me start with the basic principle, and then i will answer your question specifically. we must have the strongest military on the face of the planet, and everyone has to know it. we must respond when we are provoked. when we do not, there will be more provocation. mrs. clinton famously asked, what difference does it make how four americans died in benghazi? this is the difference it makes.
9:52 pm
when terrorists purposely attack an american embassy and murder four americans, including our ambassador, and the next morning the secretary of state stands up and lies about a video that does not represent our values, instead of saying, this was a purposeful terrorist attack and the united states of america will retaliate. the signal that goes out around the world to every adversary we have and every terrorist organization is open season on the united states of america. that, mrs. clinton, is what difference it makes. vladimir putin is an adversary. i have met him. anyone who spent any time at all with him would know that a gimmicky red button is not going to work. vladimir putin has been
9:53 pm
provoking this nation for years now, provoking us by invading crimea and ukraine, by not telling us he is sending his fighter jets and ships into iran, syria, the middle east, because he, the russians, and the iranians are locked together in an unholy alliance right now in the middle east, trying to lead that region. i have said that i'm not going to sit down and have a conversation with vladimir putin anytime soon. there are times when actions speak louder than words. the action i would take is to rebuild the six fleet right of th fleet right of vladimir putin's nose. i would build the missile defense system in poland. i would conduct regular military exercises with our nato allies so it becomes clear that we will defend ourselves and our allies against provocation. that signal, that action is vital right now. i will also say, because russia
9:54 pm
and iran are linked in an unholy alliance, they are creating a great deal of difficulty for us in the middle east. limitary me to what i'm going to do in the middle east. we have to defeat isis. on day one in the oval office, i will make two phone calls. the first phone call will be to tofriend bibi netanyahu, reassure him that we will stand with israel always. [applause] having been in that region a long time, i know that even our arab allies who disagree strenuously with israel watch how we are treating israel. they say if the united states is prepared to treat their friend israel that way, our friendship doesn't mean very much. the second phone call i am going to make is to the supreme leader of iran. i have never been in his country. i have never met him. i am not quite his cup of tea.
9:55 pm
so he may not take my phone call. but he is going to get my message. the message is this. new deal. new deal with a new president. until and unless you open every military and every nuclear facility everywhere and anytime inspections by our people, not yours, we, united states of america, will make it as difficult as possible for you to move money. i know how to do that. we don't need anyone's permission to do that. we must do it. we must stop the money. hundreds of billions of dollars of money that is flowing into iran is being used to fund terrorism, fund a military buildup, and fund a nuclear buildup that is most definitely not these will. i know that because i set in
9:56 pm
sat in israel with the head mossad and looked at the data. with those two phone calls, the message is going to go around the world they united states of america is back in the leadership business. we will also reassure our arab allies in the middle east whose help we need to defeat isis. we have to defeat isis. they are an enemy. they are our most pressing security threat. not climate change. it is actually isis followed by iran. we have to deny them our territory. our sunni-arab allies can help us do that. the jordanians, salaries, egyptians will of iranians, kurds. i have been in these nations. i know these leaders. i know they are prepared to help us defeat isis and deny them territory. not unless they know that the united states of america will confront our adversaries, iran, russia, and stand with our allies, kuwait, jordan, egypt. i'm a commander in chief who will lead. [applause] >> i like what you say, no doubt about it.
9:57 pm
carly fiorina: here comes the "but." [laughter] >> my question is, after being president for four years, how do you continue? i have been around for a wild. for 40 or 50 years, we have had a war on poverty. i don't see anyone winning that war. how do you plan on getting people off of this situation so that they can -- carly fiorina: yes, we have spent trillions of dollars on the war on poverty. we have more people living in poverty today than 25 years ago. guess what? this isn't working. i will give you two answers to your question. number one, if you look at the programs of assistance that we have in this nation, they do not
9:58 pm
encourage people to move forward in their lives. they discourage them from doing so. [applause] if you are a single mom and you have two kids and you are working 20 hours a week and you depend on food stamps and you are fortunate enough to get a 40 -hour a week job, we take all that away from you like that. as a single mom, you said there and say what if i get fired? which you might? what happens to me and my kids? you say the risk is too great and you fall back instead of moving forward. we have to revamp these programs so that people are motivated to move forward and their lives, not discouraged from doing so. more fundamentally than that, i want to tell you the fundamental difference between a conservative point of view and a progressive point of view. this is the discussion we have to have with the american people
9:59 pm
to win. forgive me, but let me tell you a story. before i ran for president of the united states, i was chairman of an organization called opportunity international. we are the largest micro-finance lender in the world. what that means is we lend a small amounts of money to really poor people. we have lent $8 billion, $100 at a time. i have seen people in the most desperate and destitute circumstances. we have poverty in this country, but it is nothing like the slums of new delhi where i'd traveled in january of last year to meet with some of our clients. if you have ever been in the slums of new delhi, they are desperate places. mountains of trash, marauding animals, people piled on top of each other, sewage in the streets.
10:00 pm
i climbed the top of a tall ladder to stand, to sit, on top of a rooftop with 10 of our clients. i expected to see the desperation in their eyes that i saw all around me. it is not what i saw. we had given these women, all women, a helping hand. we had given them tools, training, credit, support. what i saw in their eyes was focus. determination. pride. hope. see, we had done more than give them $100 and training. we had said to them you are gifted by god. you have potential. you have the opportunity to live a life of dignity and purpose and meaning and we will lift you up. that is where i start. that everyone is gifted by god, that everyone has this capacity. it is not what progressives believe.
10:01 pm
recall what the head of the chicago public teachers union said in the middle of a strike. the issue is teacher accountability in the classroom. in chicago. this president of the teachers union took to the microphones and said this. we cannot be held accountable for the performance of students in our classroom because too many of them are poor and come from broken families. what was she saying? if you are poor and come from a broken family, you can't learn and we don't need to teach you. when we create programs that reflect the progressive point of view, which is, folks, some of us are smarter than others, some of us are better than others, don't worry, some of us are going to take care of others, we hold people back. we cannot leave a single person
10:02 pm
in this nation behind because everyone is gifted by god. let us lift people up. so that they can make the most of their lives. [applause] >> hold on one second. wait for the mic. >> i think you are a really talented, really inspirational lady. i think you would be a great president. what would be the first thing you would do in office? >> thank you. [applause] maybe you want to be president some day? i could warm up the chair for you. [laughter] >> there are several things that have to be dealt with immediately.
10:03 pm
one of them, which i spoke about a few minutes ago, involves sending a signal to the world that we are going to lead. it is why i said on day one i will make two phone calls. because the world has to know loud and clear that the united states will lead. how thea real reset in world views of this nation. the second thing i will do on day one is start a conversation about this blueprint. because we don't have a lot of time. this is urgent. you know that. you feel that. you feel the unless we get this that unless we get this nation headed in a different direction, we will continue to lose something important. get the smartphones ready. we will go to congress, talk about it.
10:04 pm
the third thing, early on, is to start to roll back this web of complexity that has been rolled out. we have become, ladies and gentlemen, a nation of rules, not a nation of laws. think of all the rules coming from washington, d.c. in the last 50 years. rule,u think of a single regulation, that we have repealed in the last 50 years? the last thing we repealed is ronald reagan repealed the 55 mile per hour national speed limit. we talked about we have to repeal obama care. the fcc rolled out 400 pages of rules over the internet. it is not helping us. the epa now controls 99% of the water in this nation. we saw how well that worked out for flint, michigan.
10:05 pm
the point is, ladies and gentlemen we have to start right , away. it is urgent work. we have to restore possibility for every american. we have to cut government down to size and hold the government responsible. we have to put citizens back in charge. that work starts on day one and must continue every day. your work starts on tuesday -- actually, it starts now. walk out of this room. talk to your friends and neighbors. new hampshire picks presidents. pick a president. your work begins in earnest on tuesday. you know. you feel it in your bones. this nation is at a pivotal crossroads. this is an exceptional nation. not perfect, but exceptional. we are exceptional because we believe in the value of every individual and life. we are exceptional because we
10:06 pm
know each of us are gifted by god. we are exceptional also because we know in our bones that power and money and decision-making, dispersed into the hands of the many, is more competent, more compassionate, wise, and just than power concentrated in the hands of the few. ladies and gentlemen, in this nation we have too much power, money, decision-making concentrated in the hands of too few. so citizens, stand up, fight, join, vote for me. it is time. we must take our country back. god bless you. thank you for being here. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] thank you. [applause]
10:07 pm
come on up and have a picture. . have one rule one picture, one vote for me. all right. ok. you have got to get your debt to vote for me, right? that is the deal. and your mom, all right? thank you. help me out. we will see you at church tomorrow. rebecca can help you, too. nothing is happening there. you have got your flashlight on there or something. thank you. >> thank you for running, carly.
10:08 pm
good luck. >> thank you. good. you help me, all right? you help me. ok. i'm counting on you. hi. not quite oldy enough to vote. maybe you can get your dad to vote for me? all right. there you go. thank you. >> hello. >> hi. where's your camera? >> you definitely have our vote. >> thank you. >> that's how it happens. >> good. >> nice to meet you. are you going to vote for me? >> of course.
10:09 pm
>> good. thank you. thank you. hi, nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. who is got a camera? that means i got a vote. >> thank you so much. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm good. thank you. vote, vote. girls, how are you? this is my youngest sister. this is anna. >> hi, anna. you look beautiful today. would you like a picture? ok.,
10:10 pm
hi. how are you doing? you want to design your book? your mom and dad are going to vote for me. spell your name. ok. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. that was an awesome question. name?s your morgan's best friend is madison. are you sisters? >> yeah. , my got a call morgan morgan. i met a morgan and a madison today.
10:11 pm
my morgan and madison both wear glasses. ok. and here is dad. >> thank you. >> here's your pen. nice to meet you. all right. ok. vote?get mom and dad's >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. >talk to everybody you know. goodbye morgan. goodbye madison. and this is emily? >> thank you so much. >> thank you, emily. i am counting on you. i'm counting on you. >> hi, nice to meet you.
10:12 pm
>> nice to meet you. the winery.u at >> thank you. >> that's right. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you, carly. >> thank you. i know your brother and father. >> you're so welcome. thank you for showing up. what is your name? >> sophie. >> ok. what your name? >> ava. >> thank you. make sure your mom both on tuesday. bought her.
10:13 pm
bug her. you want in? we are doing a selfie here. >> thank you. candidate ie first gave money to. >> well, thank you. thank you for your service. >> talk to everybody you know. hi, colleen from rhode island. are you on board? >> thank you for doing that. >> thank you for coming today. >> thank you. one for yes.ess that will work. >> we appreciate that.
10:14 pm
>> thank you. you do everything you can do and i won't falter, all right? hi, nice to meet you. all right. i am rooting for you. >> ok. keep going. well, you can help me. you keep going. thank you so much. >> i'm counting on you. i'm counting on you to, sir. >> i enjoyed hearing you talk. >> thank you. >> thank you.
10:15 pm
>> spread the word. >> thank you. you talk to everybody you know. that is how it's going to happen. i will keep going. ok. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. thank you for being here. vote?his mean i get a what about you? >> i'm still looking at everybody. >> come on. i am making an exception for you. >> ok. >> thing card. k hard.
10:16 pm
fantastic, awesome, ok. no, you already had it. i'm sorry. how about that. ok? i was too embarrassed to mention it during the question-and-answer. what would your position be -- are college kids are getting out of school with no jobs. that's part of why we need to get small businesses going again. we need to make sure that this is the best nation in the world for a job. fight for all of the jobs.
10:17 pm
we are not fighting for our jobs. >> i don't know if it had to do a taxation. would tax less with less complexity, the jobs would go up. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> ji. m. how are you. >> you have my vote. >> thank you for putting up with everything. >> all right. i'm glad you converted. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> spread the word. hello. what is your name?
10:18 pm
>> anna. >> you look very beautiful today. what is your name? hannah and liam. this is your dad and mom? >> thank you for being an upstanding example of leadership. you have been compared to margaret thatcher. you remind me an awful lot of joan of arc. >> thank you. ok. and would you like it to you?
10:19 pm
>> st. francis assisi, great school. >> ok. now i know why it is hannah and liam. sure. >> one for me and one for hannah. >> ok. your job on tuesday is to make sure that mom and dad go to vote, ok? that's right. you have to hook up that dogsled, talk to everybody you know, ok? talk at church tomorrow. ok.
10:20 pm
there you go. now we have a picture, ok. thank you so much. >> we will get everybody in. there. don't disappear >> perfect. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> awesome. clarifies what is going on. >> it does. >> thank you for the opportunity to hear you speak. >> thank you. i hope i have your support. yes? i am still thinking. >> that is my rule. one picture, one vote. >> smile. >> thank you. two of your answers were the
10:21 pm
best i have heard from anybody. >> thank you. leadership and helping people, beautiful explanation. >> thank you. talk to everybody you know. >> i will. >> thank you. >> national review is having a debate watch party. i'm just saying. thank you so much. thank you. >> thank you. >> am i going to be your first
10:22 pm
vote? i am honored to be your first vote. thank you. hi. thank you so much. >> thank you. talk to everybody you know. how are you? hold it down. there. >> there you go. thank you. >> you're voting for me, right? >> absolutely. >> that will count. all right, just talk to everybody you know in new hampshire, all right? >> best of luck. >> thank you. >> i can't wait to see debate hillary. >> ok.
10:23 pm
are you going to vote for me? are you going to talk them into it? >> i'm still holding out hope you will be in the debate tonight. >> votes are more important than even a debate. thank you very much. how you doing? >> good. >> oh, i got it. >> ok. good. >> i can't believe you have a christie sticker. you know the rule here. you're going to change her mind. there you go. take that one off. you make him change his mind. >> thank you so much.
10:24 pm
>> you welcome. i appreciate you being a great role model for all of us. >> i'm going to count on you. don't let your mom forget. all right. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. hi. nice to meet you. all right. thank you. i'm counting on your help. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. thanks a lot. i'm counting on your help. all right? win, >> thank you so much. even if i don't, i can win,
10:25 pm
so help me. i'm converted after bringing her here today. >> thank you. that's fantastic. i'm honored. >> that was fantastic. >> thank you. >> thank you. tell sarah that you love the buzz feed video. do me a favor, just show up tonight. >> we are considering what we are doing.
10:26 pm
we will take that under consideration. thank you. hi. >> thank you for running. >> thank you for helping. >> can we take a picture? perfect. >> thank you. i'm counting on your help. >> thank you for being here this morning. >> it is the little things, right? >> thank you. >> thank you. help me. how are you doing? good. >> thank you. >> i hope you will support me.
10:27 pm
thank you. sure. are you get a vote for me? are you old enough? mom vote for your mambo for me me? thank you. ok. thank you so much for running. >> you're welcome. thank you for your help. help me. help me. awesome. help me, ok? thank you. >> thank you. talk to everybody you know. vote for me. how are


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