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  Marco Rubio Town Hall Meeting in Bedford New Hampshire  CSPAN  February 8, 2016 12:40am-1:53am EST

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are saying about the race. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump spoke at a rally in holderness. he talked about border security and north korea's missile program. this is one hour and 20 minutes. ♪ you want ay revolution, well you know ♪ ♪ we all want to change the world ♪ mr. trump: wow. thank you very much, everybody. we just kept driving and driving. that is a great group of people. this is what it is all about. these are the people who built
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our country. who watched the debate last night? it was good, right? we had a lot of fun. even people that hate me gave me good marks. some of those pundits hate me so much. it was so hard. theof them said he won debate. i cannot stand it. they were almost crying. one of the things that was interesting and came across even more so on television was the room was loaded up. they had 1000 seats, which is not a big room. had, let's say, 1000. it was supposed to have the young people from the college. what happened is all the rich donors and special interests and lobbyists got all the tickets. boo. i know so many of them. a lot of money.
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tremendous money in that room. i am looking at those people, the angry faces. how can you do this to us? i complained. people are these giving money to jeb bush. he is wasting it. why don't you just throw it out the window? they should have given it to vets. a guy like bush has $128 million. he is at the bottom of the pack. such a waste. actually, it is not a waste. all those handlers he has got make a lot of money. i am looking at the room and ice special interest guys, guys who represent insurance companies, the oil companies, the drug companies. that is why we pay so much. you know what is happening with the drugs? for medicare and other things, we are the largest purchaser of drugs in the world, prescription
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drugs to make people better, fine. we are the largest. and yet, we buy for practically the same prices if you go to the local drugstore and take something off the counter, that is what we pay. people say, can you find any waste in the country? this is just one thing out of many. if you go to the drug store and pick up a drug, there is not that much difference in price. for some reason, i do not know what the reason is, we are not allowed to negotiate drug prices. so, we buy drugs, biggest in the world, and we pay about $300 billion more than we are supposed to if we negotiated a price. that is $300 billion on day one. here is the difference. in the room last night we had representatives from drug companies. they are giving money to numerous people. the head of johnson & johnson is jeb bush's top fundraiser.
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let me ask you, do you think jeb bush is going to make drug prices competitive? and he is a good guy woody , johnson. but woody johnson is the head of jeb bush's fund-raising. so let's say say that jeb bush won which is an impossibility. he won, woody johnson of johnson & johnson is the head -- how was it possible for jeb, in all fairness to jeb, woody, we are going to fight competitively. you are talking about billions and billions of dollars they will not collect in profits. that is the way our country is working, folks. i made the announcement last night that in the room -- you know what happened a lot of the , kids, there was supposed to be about 700 passes for kids. i blame the rnc for this.
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i think it is terrible what happened last night. i wanted tickets. they said, you have 20 tickets. i brought all of the action. i got 20 tickets. if these other guys came here today, there would be four people in the front row. the owner of the building said this is the biggest crowd we have ever had. i thought it was a protester. i love protesters. it is not possible. you look at it and you see the kind of money you are talking about. i am a self funder. i am putting up my own money. that is a nice thing. i am way under budget. right now, i am $40 million under budget. isn't that nice? think of that. i am $40 million under budget and i am number one in the polls. a guy like jeb has spent $110
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million, and he is down here. can you imagine this? i give the example of education. in the world, we are ranked number 30. we are number one by cost per pupil. we are by far the most expensive and yet we have third world countries that do better than us. you have sweden and norway and denmark and china in the top four or five. we are number 30. and yet, we spend more. wouldn't it be nice if you could take a look at what i am doing here, if we could spend less and be one or two or five? one of the reasons we do so badly is common core. it is a disaster. we get rid of that and we start educating your children in new
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hampshire. people hate common core but not because they are bad people or they are haters. it is no good. who wants to have a bureaucrat in washington taking care and educating your kids? you do not want it. you want to have local education. i have seen it and i've watched it and it is beautiful. they have the boards, and it is beautiful. the children graduate and they stay in the boards because they love the school. that is what you have to have. it is so important. we want to be at a point where we can spend less money and have a far stronger and better country. i look at military expenditures. i will build a military bigger, better, stronger. [applause] mr. trump: i guarantee we can do it for less money. i hear stories like they are ordering missiles they do not want because of politics, because of special interests.
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because the company that makes the missiles is a contributor and the other company that makes the missiles that are not good is not. we are ordering missiles that the generals do not want because of politics. so here is the beauty. they come to me and they say we would like you to use such and such a company because we have helped your friends. i don't care. i have no friends as far as i am concerned. you know who my friends are? you are my friends. [applause] mr. trump: i think self funding is big. i am the only one that is self funding. democrat or republican. everyone else is taking money from -- i call them the blood suckers. these guys are really good. when they give ted, $5 million, when they give marco -- did marco do well last night in the debate? did ted do well in the debate? how did you like my answer when
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they talked about waterboarding? did people like that? some people thought it was controversial. we have waterboarding, some people consider it less than torture. ted, and the answer to he wanted to stay away from it. i did not. he wanted to stay away from it. my answer was this -- we are living in medieval times. there has never been a time like this. i used to read in medieval times , they chopped your head off. even in the wild west you would get shot. they would shoot you but not top -- chop your head off. james foley. i said to myself, waterboarding is peanuts compared to what they are doing. as far as i am concerned, waterboarding immediately is ok.
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if we can get more than that, that is ok too. and everyone was shocked and they liked it. [applause] mr. trump: in life and in business, you have to know -- politically correct, no one wants to be politically correct says the man with the red hat saying make america great again. but so important. i did not know this question was coming up. but i gave an answer that -- we cannot be politically correct. we don't have the time or the the strength -- it is ok, you want to be good, be good people. but they are doing such a horrible thing. when they are willing to fly airplanes into the world trade center, into the pentagon, head an airplane into the white house where we had brave souls that ditched it before it got there in pennsylvania.
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those people were great. but when they have this kind of hatred and evil, waterboarding? i guarantee you they are sitting saying, can you imagine these stupid people talking about waterboarding like it is a worse thing. and they are chopping off heads. the best response i got last night was from all of these donors. you have to understand. they were not my donors. they were donors for these other guys. and you could see pockets. they went out because they are rich and bought the tickets from the kids that were given the tickets. the kids made a fortune last night. the kids were scalping tickets last night. the people out there, i was told, we gave them to the children of the college. oldss the child is 54 years and lives on park avenue. i look at that audience and i said, this is tough. i have an audience where i am their worst nightmare.
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i am not taking their money. i don't need their money. and that is what we need. people found that interesting last night. when i heard about it, thank you very much. what did he say? he wants to know -- go ahead and say it. he wants to know who is paying for the wall? who is paying for the wall? actually, we kid and we have fun. they are paying for the wall. they are. why wouldn't they? they make a fortune off of the united states. they have not helped us at all with illegal immigration. we have tremendous problems with illegal immigration. new hampshire, you know, i have so many friends in new hampshire. before the political thing that we started seven months ago, i have been up here several times. great people here.
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you had better vote for me. i don't need your money. i need your vote. keep your money. i do not want your money. most guys are saying -- will you contribute? we will take anything, give us an undershirt. i don't want anything. i want one thing. on tuesday, you have to get out and vote because we have a movement going on that is unbelievable. it was on the cover of time magazine last week. they talk about the movement. it is unbelievable what is happening. no matter where we go, we get these crowds. we will do great in south carolina and nevada and at the sec. that is the next event. we had something going on. it is a simple movement. make america great again. we will make america great again. and we may have a chance of making america a greater than it has ever been before. bring back our jobs.
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you got stripped in new hampshire. one of the things i hear about new hampshire so much, and it is shocking, because you drive through the beautiful wooded areas. it is a beautiful place. one of the most beautiful places you will ever see. it is true. and there is a great spirit in new hampshire. one of the problems -- and it does not seem to go and that is why it is so surprising to me. the heroin problem. the drug problem. and all of the stuff that is pouring in is incredible. the drugs coming into new hampshire is incredible. when i am with people, when i come out with groups, usually people will talk about the military, which they do talk about the military and the vets. uh oh. al --
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the owner was such a nice guy -- i would like it if the microphone did not work. i could say, that is all we could go for, folks. we could not pay the rent. the country would pay the rent if the microphone doesn't work. if it does work for me i say i am not paying anything. but we have so many people from the vets. the thing i hear more than anything else in terms of new hampshire's problems is the drug problems and you just do not associate that with new hampshire. it is pouring across largely from the southern border. we will take the people that are badly addicted and we will work to get them better. it is interesting. [applause] mr. trump: with the drug thing and alcohol and other addictions. if you don't start, it is really easy to solve. it is like smoking. if you never smoke a cigarette,
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you don't have trouble quitting. if you never start taking drugs, you won't have a problem. when we make it so hard for them to get into the country, because we will have that wall. that wall will be so big and so strong and so powerful and we will have border guards. we will have our border guards. politicians iese dealing with, they said to me about two months ago, you cannot really build a wall. can you? i said wrong. i build buildings that are 94 stories tall. walls, give me a break. it will be a nice wall. beautiful. it will be a big and beautiful wall. someday,ame it trump maybe. it will be a powerful wall. right now, they have walls with ramps. i never understood why they built ramps going over the walls. we have little, baby walls
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already. they build ramps. they drive trucks over the ramps. over the wall and down. loaded up with drugs. they drop off the drugs all over the country and then they go back over the ramp. i said, why don't they just knock the wall down? maybe they want to be nice to us. we end up getting the drugs and they end up getting the money. it is not going to happen that way anymore, folks. when i say i am going to build a wall, these politicians come up to me. they are well-meaning. but they don't know anything. they know one thing, how to get reelected. that is what they know. the way they get reelected is all of the guys in the audience last night take care of them in -- and the drug company guys make sure that you never negotiate the price of drugs and the oil guys make sure all good things happen with respect to oil. all of these things is the way
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the system works. i was on the other side of the system for a long time and a very big donor. i understand it. when you have the insurance companies, you look at health insurance. the reason we have the artificial lines -- the health insurance companies want to have it that way. they would rather have monopolies in each state than have hundreds of companies going all over the place bidding so we could get prices way down. obamacare is a disaster and it is expensive, no good, and it does not work. [applause] mr. trump: the insurance companies say -- they were in the room last night, i know these people. the insurance companies say listen -- i want to take new york. you take some other place. you take iowa. you take some other place. i want california.
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personally, california is very good, but they have lines around the states. new hampshire has the same thing. for those of you that have businesses, it is hard to get competitive bids. the insurance companies say i would rather have new hampshire than have a lot of bidding. it is so hard for me to make deals. it is so hard for me to make don't get bids. once we get rid of the lines, it will be easy. why can't we get rid of them? the insurance companies give tremendous political contributions to the guys i am on the stage with. whether it is the insurance companies, drug companies, or oil companies -- it is all the same thing. we will never get our country back if we keep doing this. we are never going to get back. i will tell a story -- where ford moves, they are building a
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big plant in mexico. they are building a $2.5 billion automobile plant in mexico. and i say, how is that good for us? new hampshire knows better than anyone because you have lost a lot of business to mexico. i see these places now, and some are converted for senior citizens or apartments but in the meantime, you need jobs. you don't necessarily need the apartments. you take the jobs out and are giving them to other countries. we will end that. look at manufacturing right now. look at caterpillar tractor. it's a great company. but look at what japan is doing with their currency, they are dropping the hell out of it. they are devaluing the currency to such a point that komatsu is
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knocking caterpillar. we can say we don't want their cars. they will believe it, except if i am the messenger. you have to have to have the right messenger. the problem is we have people that don't know the first thing about negotiation. common sense. negotiation. these people are rank amateurs. they are -- i don't want to say what they are. i will get in trouble. see all of those cameras back there. they have never driven so far to get to a location in their lives. [laughter] mr. trump: it is true. we have tremendous power because china is sucking as dry and without us, we have rebuilt china. they have taken our jobs. thousands, millions of jobs. millions and millions of jobs. thousands and thousands of factories have closed because of china.
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and it doesn't do us any good. by the way, they sell products. you try putting your product into china. you can't do it. it is really hard. boeing tried it and they made boeing build a big airplane complex and they kept all of the intellectual property. and now boeing will have this massive place in china and they will not have to build airplanes here anymore. so how does that help us? it will be a whole different ballgame. we have a lot of power over these countries. when japan takes the yen, they have a very smart leader and i get along with him great. he will like me, i'll like him. he will respect us more. i have the biggest bank in the world as one of my tenants.
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i sell millions of condominiums to chinese people. i love china. i like china. i like japan. who? what does that say? oh. that is ok. that is not a protest. that is a friend. a very abd voice though, for a friend. --a very bad voice though, for a friend. anyway. what we have to do -- [chanting] mr. trump: get them out of here please. get them out. ah, it's unbelievable. you know the amazing thing -- they are lost people.
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get them out, security. please. you know, it is an amazing thing. here we are talking about japan ripping us off and everybody ripping us off and we are talking about health care and military veterans. it is all good. there is nothing bad. i always say that if i could take a person like that and set them in a room for 10 minutes i would convince them. unless, they have got problems. i didn't want to say it. so anyway, we have the greatest business leaders in the world. we will take those trade deals and rip them up and redo them. and they will be great. [applause] mr. trump: and we have all of the power. obama does not think we have any power.
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we owe japan right now $1.6 trillion. we owe china $1.7 trillion. isn't that amazing? they come in and take our jobs. they take our money and we owe them money. it is like a magic act in reverse. no good for us, good for them. they take our jobs and our money and they ruin our base and we owed them money. it will not happen that anymore. that it will not happen anywhere. we have a lot of great businessman. they are not supporting me because i do not want their money, but they are endorsing me. i will take these guys. these are killers. some are very nice. not a lot of them. who cares? some are vicious, violent, human beings. do we care? right now we have nice people. right now we have political hacks negotiating with china.
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ideal with china. they are unbelievable. they come in, 20 people come in for a deal because they want to make sure no one makes a mistake. they are tough. they don't walk in -- it is a beautiful day. they come in and say -- we will make a deal. there is no games. we play games. there's no business. i like it. they are about business. we have political hacks. we have people that don't know the first thing. so here is what we are going to do. we are going to get the finest business people in the world, our best and smartest negotiators. they don't want anything. and we are going to make great deals. with china, we had a trade deficit of $500 billion. and that is what we have. between $300 billion and $500 billion a year.
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what kind of deal is that? with japan ,it is a massive deficit. smaller, but a massive deficit. look at the power we have. look at the power we had to negotiate. if we told them -- look, we won't take your cars. but we have to mean it. some of our guys, i remember many years ago we said that to japan and they were just about ready to make the right deal and our guys cracked. you know why they cracked? the lobbyists and special interests got them to crack and so we never took it to the end. i was in los angeles. i saw the biggest ships i have ever seen loaded up with cars. they come pouring in. what do we get? we sell them beef and they don't want it and they send it back. by the time they take it they
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call it kobe beef and send it for more -- sell it for more. we should get a discount but they charge much more. we kid and we have fun but you know what, you are got to have fun. if we can't smile at ourselves and smile at how stupidly we are being run, then we are going to make ourselves not feel so good. we're not smiling. recently, nikki haley made a speech. she talked about anger. she said that donald trump is angry. this was her response to the president's speech and she said essentially, donald trump is angry. i know her. she said it not nicely. in the previous debate where i raised the $6 million for the veterans. actually, that was my best performance. the last one -- i got the veterans $6 million.
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nobody even knows about it. the veterans know about it. and al knows about it. where is he? where the hell is al? come here, al. get up here. this guy is so great. he devotes his life to the veterans. he has been so supportive. get up here. i have never done this with him. i need to recognize him. we love him. don't we love him? come here. [applause] >> i had the opportunity to speak earlier. those who went to war support donald trump 150%. [applause] mr. trump: i tell you what, he
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goes to my events and other people's events and he wants to find out where it is all coming from. he knows who will take care of the veterans and it will not be the politicians. they are all talk and no action. now, we are going to build military the same way we are talking about trade. we will build up the military. we have to negotiate prices and we will use the right companies and get the right stuff. we will have the greatest stuff ever created and it will not be political anymore. the money they are spending on things they don't want is ridiculous. and then they are sending it over to allies that do not want to fight. i talk about 2300 humvees. armor-plated, the best in the world. i love the wounded warriors. if they had these they would not be in the condition they are in. they are the most amazing people of all. would you say, al? [applause]
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mr. trump: i see these people and they are missing their arms or legs and they have a better attitude than we do. we send over the best armor plated humvees in the world and we give them to our allies. our allies -- we don't even know who they are. we are giving them to people that are fighting government, we are better off letting the government's go. so we give them humvees. they have no spirit to fight. shots fired in the air. they run out of the humvees and are gone and the enemies take over 2300 humvees. what the hell are we going? what are we doing? if you remember, i said take the oil. i was the first one. i said take the oil. for four years i have been saying take the oil, and now they are taking it. they are bombing it extremely gently.
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they are afraid it will cause an environmental hazard in the air. can you believe this? do you think general george patton ever said we cannot bomb the oil because it may have an impact on the carbon footprint? do you think george patton -- he would have slapped that environmentalist. he would have walked up to him and said general, you cannot bomb because residue will go into the atmosphere and it will affect the carbon footprint. do you know what george patton would've done? he would have slapped the hell out of that guy. that would have been the end of that environmentalist. by the way, i have received so many environmental rewards i will not knock it. we need beautiful clean water and air. the president talks about the carbon footprint and then he goes to hawaii in a 747, air force one, that is very old. it spews carbon into the air.
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and he goes to hawaii and stays there for almost three weeks. and then he comes back on this massive plane with massive engines and they are very old. they are not environmentally friendly, to put it mildly. and then he gets back and talks about the carbon footprint. give me a break. stays there for three weeks, plays a lot a golf. he plays more golf than the guys on the pga tour. we are going to build up our military but with supervision so we get better than we are getting now for no more money. in other words, we can build it -- i don't like to say less money but we can build up our military and we will build it bigger, better, and stronger and we won't spend more money. just like the drug situation where we cannot negotiate the price of drugs. you probably have that same stuff in the military and people don't talk about it because they want to keep it that way.
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i will be making enemies of my old friends. some of those guys were sitting there and then you wonder why they booed me. jeb bush brought out his mother because he needed help. mommy, please come -- walk in the snow, mom. i like his mother but i don't like that stuff. i don't like that stuff. we have got to do it on our own. we will do that with the military. and we will make this country so strong, and we will make those borders so strong. and i am telling you. i was going to tell you about the ford plant. so, here's what happens. ford opens this plant. i would not let it happen. let us say hillary, ugh, can you believe it? now, i will say this. i don't agree with bernie sanders on much, although i agree with him on trade.
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he says we are being ripped off, but he doesn't know how much. the difference is i can fix the trade and make a lot of money , but he can't do anything about it. he just says we are being ripped off. he has half of it. he is right with hillary because -- she is receiving a fortune from a lot of people. there is no way she will tell ford what to do. i know people that donate to her. she can't do it. if she wanted to do it, she could do it. here is what happens. so i say -- i won't let that happen, ford is not moving. we have a lot of power if we want to use it. and if hillary says it, she is smart and she won't let that happen that the next hour she will get a call from a donor or a lobbyist representing ford. or one of the special interests. or one of the shareholders.
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you have to let it happen. 100%, she will let it happen. here is the difference. they called me and they say -- mr. president, -- you are closing plants in michigan and elsewhere to build and mexico. explain how that is good? and i will say -- it is ok, you can build it but we will charge you a 35% tax for every car , truck, and part that you bring across our border. we have to do it. we have to do it. [applause] mr. trump: and here is what is going to happen. as sure as you are standing there, and i am sorry we could not get you any seats but there are too many people. as sure as you are standing there, they will say the following -- 100%. this is not like, maybe 82%. this is 100%. they will say, mr. president, we have to build a plant and we want to. that is ok, you will pay 35%.
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they will crawl back the following day asking if they could persuade me. and i will say no. no one gives me money. i will say no. and then, i will say do it or trouble. and they will say the following -- they will call me back within 48 hours and they are going to say -- mr. president, we have decided to build the plant in the united states. and i will say, thank you. that is what is going to happen. by the way, 100%. 100%. nabisco in chicago has a massive plant. no more oreos. they are moving the plant to mexico. it is a good thing. we could lose a little weight. no more oreos. but nabisco has a big plant in chicago. they are moving the plant to mexico. tennessee had a big deal from a massive automobile company who was going to build a big plant in tennessee.
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it was all set but just before the announcement, they decided to move to mexico. so, you tell me why we should allow this to happen and why we should allow these cars and these trucks and these parts to pour into our country and no tax. ok, i am a free trader but you can only be a free trader when something is fair. i want fairness. same thing with china. china -- it is true. china sends everything in here. we are stupid. we have stupid leaders. we have stupid people running things. china sends billions and billions of product into our country. no tax. you try sending something into china. you can't do it, folks. they call it a tariff. i have a friend, a very rich guy -- there goes the rent. one more time, no rent.
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one more time, george if you pay the rent, you are fired. [applause] mr. trump: one more time with this microphone and you are fired, george. so, i have a friend who is a rich guy. this is an expensive item. he bought an airplane from a man in china who bought the airplane over here and he cannot get it back to china because the tax is so massive, almost as much as the price of the airplane. he was better off selling the plane, so he sold the plane to my friend at a huge discount because he did not want to pay a tremendous tariff or tax to get the plane back into china. people don't know those stories. people don't know those stories. and those stories are all over the place. all over the place. a year ago, if you have been
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following what i have said -- that i have been doing this for seven months. can you imagine i have been a politician for seven months. june 16, coming down the escalator. it takes guts to run for president. it does. it takes guts. you need a lot of guts and you need a lot of energy. but it is going great and we love it. we love the endgame. i don't love doing it, but i love the endgame, because we have something that we cherish and we love, our country. we are going to do such great things with it. but, we are coming down the escalator. if you were here, i was talking about in that general vicinity, i was talking about what japan is doing. you see what is happening to caterpillar. i have a friend who is a big excavator. buys big equipment. he always buys it from caterpillar. he bought from a big excavator or tractor company in japan.
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i asked him what happened. he said, i love caterpillar, but i can't help it. i bought from the other company. why? because they have so devalued the yen i had no choice. he felt badly about it. i asked him if the equipment was as good and he said no. it's not bad, but i had no choice. i told people that if you own caterpillar, with what these foreign countries are doing with their currencies, especially china which is the king, king, king of the world of currency manipulation. the king of the world. they will never allow our companies to compete with theirs, ever, and they do it based on currency manipulation. that is why the tpp -- the trade
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agreement they are trying to sign, is so bad. china is not in the agreement. the countries that are -- there is nothing really talking about currency manipulation and that is the principal tool that these countries are using to kill us. they are killing us. and we are going to get it stopped. and that agreement is a horrible agreement. by the way, china is not in it now, but it is so beautifully set up, they are studying it, they're going to go at some point into the back door, and they will be in it and it will take over that agreement, and they will make even more money than they are making right now. i am not upset with china, mexico, or japan, their leaders are just too smart for the people running our country. the people running our country don't have a clue. they don't have a clue. i refuse to say this, but the woman just said they're stupid, but i refuse to say that. i will admonish you. [laughter]
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mr. trump: remember when that man called out and said bad things about obama and i was called out by the press for not admonishing him? i will admonish you. i will not throw you out. you're one of our fans, right? you stand right there. [applause] mr. trump: then you look at the granddaddy -- the greatest follows it. the iran deal, where we get nothing for it. we do not even get -- ultimately we got our prisoners back. we essentially paid $150 billion, that has to be the greatest ransom in history, if you think about it. $150 million for the poor guys. that should have never happened.
1:24 am
we should've gotten those prisoners back four years ago or three years ago. we go in and we say, we have to have our prisoners back, before the negotiations. they will say no, we will say bye bye, we will leave the negotiations, and then you ratchet it up. all the things that we do. they will get a call within one day or two days, if they are tough, and they are, they are great negotiators. they will say, we'll give you your prisoners. and then you go a step further, one of the reporters from cnn, she is back there, she said something that was very interesting. she's a great reporter, great talent. but she said something, you said your father said son, take it down because sometimes your to
1:25 am
-- you are to direct. in the old days i would have said we are not giving you the $150 billion, and they will get angry, we will get angry, everybody is angry. sometimes it takes a long time to recover from that. that is the old days. you get wise, especially when you have a smart father that teaches you. so now i see it differently. i say, gentlemen, we have a problem. we own $19 trillion. the republicans just approved a budget that is going to add another $2 trillion. it took them, like, less than a day to get this thing done. it is an embarrassment that they approved it. the only one that benefits are the democrats. they got everything they wanted,
1:26 am
funding the syrian refugees coming in, funding other refugees coming in, funding illegal immigrants. they got everything they wanted. so now i say it differently. we do not have the money, sorry. we want to give it to you, but we do not have anything. ok? that is nicer than saying we are not going to give it to you. they will get angry, but not nearly as angry, because by the time i finish with them they will feel sorry for us. and they will leave, and come back in a week and say we will make a deal. we never walked from that deal. think about it, one of the things you have to do every once in a while is walk. how do you negotiate a deal where they are dancing in the streets all over iran, calling us stupid, burning the flag? this is before the deal got done. they are celebrating the deal, saying how stupid we are, saying it is one of the greatest deal
1:27 am
ever made, they are dancing in the street, the population is even saying what a great deal this is. right? and we keep going in for more meetings. if they started dancing in the streets before i made a deal, i would say i would get out of there, because it is embarrassing. we never once walked from the deal. i kept waiting for obama to walk from the deal, meaning his person, secretary kerry. what about if i represented the united states instead of secretary kerry? do you know how good that deal would be? [applause] mr. trump: or if we got one of our great business people to negotiate a deal. here we have this deal that is a horror show. with the clock does not start. all other problems, like self inspection.
1:28 am
i joke -- you know, obama calls him the supreme leader. i am not calling him the supreme leader. he is not my supreme leader. the supreme leader said the following -- there's something very strange going on here. but what about you call and say this is a self inspection area, a very secret area, probably where they are making their deal. somebody coming up saying we hear you are making nuclear items, and we need you to self inspect. and they come back and say we are not making it. where do these people come from? the greatest deal i have ever seen, you get $150 billion, but then we get nothing. that is peanuts.
1:29 am
what else are they getting? they are getting iraq. they wanted iraq forever. forever. but we have iraq, and they have iran, and they are always the same militarily. they fight, and fight, and they move 10 feet here, 10 feet here, they stop fighting for couple of years, and then they go back and fight. the line never moves. they fight. neutralized. and i said in 2003, 2004, don't do it. i did not know about weapons of mass destruction, which it turned out they did not have. but if you take a look at their leadership or anything, in iraq, they used to kill terrorists. saddam hussein killed terrorist. today it is harvard for terrorists. saddam hussein used to get great pleasure out of killing
1:30 am
terrorists. we do not have these problems like that. now we have a mess. this only came up in my mind a couple of weeks ago. i cannot believe how bad a deal this is, it is a great example of bad dealmaking. the best deal they are actually getting iraq. iraq has the second largest oil reserve in the world. so iran is now getting iran and they are taking it over. now they're getting management division on what you have it. but they do like the border between saudi arabia. i am good at this stuff. i talked about bin laden in my book that was written in 2000 before the world trade center's
1:31 am
cell. -- center fell. and morning joe got this book inside that he talked about bin laden before the world trade centers. he could have been taken out, he should have been taken out. clinton had a chance to take him out, and he didn't do it. he had a chance to get him, and he did not do it. bush should have done it, but he did not do it, and they did not do it, and the world trade center came tumbling down. thousands of lives, the worst attack in the history of the united states. worse than pearl harbor, because it was a civilian attack not a military attack. so we have to go and we have to get smart. you have iran, now they are rich friday they do not have to build a nuclear, they can afford to buy it. do you know where they are spending their money? they just bought airbus jets. they do not buy from bombing, they bought from airbus -- boeing, they bought from airbus. they are buying missiles from russia, they do not buy anything
1:32 am
from us. $150 billion, they are giving us nothing. we get nothing. and then on top of that, the deal is made, they attack our 10 wonderful sailors, with guns to their head, and have a guy screaming at them humiliation. they would still be there, except they are smart. they did not give their 150 billion until two days after that. they did not want to say we will not get this, so they let them go. vicious humiliation for us. that is not going to happen. just remember that. [applause] mr. trump: so we are going to be tough, we're going to deal with
1:33 am
china nicely, but we have a lot of power commitment a lot of money that goes to them, and we do not have a lot of money because they suck it out. we will rebuild china. last night from a missile went off in north korea. nobody knows what it is, and they are saying it is a satellite. there's a lot of threats being made by this guy. with 28,000 soldiers on the line. a lot of threats. thousands of televisions a year, i buy them from south korea. we do not make televisions anymore. we used to make them, but we do not anymore. they are an economic behemoth. they pay is peanuts. they should pay. they should pay, at least breakeven, something. we protected germany. we protected japan, we protect places you don't even know about. i have become good at this stuff, because i looking at it, and when they say we have 10 times the military budget of anyone else, you know why we do,
1:34 am
as we protect all these countries for nothing. we protect saudi arabia. think of it. no. no, we protect saudi arabia, before the oil came down, now they're making half. they were making $1 billion a day, and we protect them and we get peanuts. and we lease land for military bases, we pay them rent. it is over. it is over. it is over. [applause] mr. trump: and honestly, i do not have teleprompters, i do not have a speech that i am reading, ladies and gentlemen it is so nice to be with you, no caps on
1:35 am
hampshire, please vote for me. all i want is your vote. i will strengthen the outcome it is so easy. it is so much fat. when you talk about -- the numbers are bigger, but it is easier. here you're talking about trillions of dollars, potentially. but we have to straighten it out. as an example, would have our agreement, our treaty with japan. japan is attacked, we have to attack and go to war and fight whoever attacks japan. ok. if we are attacked, they don't have to do anything. these are the deals we have. if we are attacked, japan does not have to help us. they are attacked, it is world war iii. it doesn't have to happen like this, it can be fair and equitable. [applause] mr. trump: i just tell you, because it is new hampshire, and because you have that tremendous problem with drugs, we're going
1:36 am
to stop it. you will not have the drugs coming in and destroying your children. your children are going to look all of the place, and they will not be able to find them. [applause] mr. trump: when mommy and daddy go to florida and they want to get drugs from a they will not be on the streets. it is so cheap. part of the problem is that is so cheap. that is part of the allure. anymore. they are not going to find them, because we're going to stop it. we have great border patrol. the great border patrol called me, and i went to laredo, texas. i said these are incredible people. these are people that want to do the job, and they are being told stand back, let the people go through. leave them alone. don't touch anybody. you saw the recent declaration, if you catch anybody, let them go. what is going on? we have a massive problem. we have 179,000 criminal illegal immigrants in the country right now.
1:37 am
these are people convicted of crimes. some of them are rough students. -- rough dudes. that is bigger than any city in new hampshire. did you know that? it is bigger than any city in new hampshire. we have 179,000 illegal criminals. i'm not talking about illegal immigrants, i'm talking about illegal criminals. we cannot have it. it is over. we are getting them out. we're going to have the strongest borders. by the way, people are coming into our country, but they are going to come in legally through process. [applause]
1:38 am
mr. trump: they're going to come in legally. so, i just want to thank you all for coming. it is a great honor to have so many people. i will take my hour and a half drive back the other way. i think i will miss the super bowl, but i could not care less. you are amazing people. [applause] mr. trump: amazing people. and on tuesday, go out and vote, and hopefully vote for trump. if you're not going to vote for trump, do not go out and vote. and a lot of politicians say it is important for you to vote, no matter who you vote for, but i say if you're not going to vote for me, do not vote. thank you for coming out. make america great again. [applause] ♪
1:39 am
"revolution"]s' you say you want a revolution can you know that you count me out don't you know it's gonna be all right all right you say you got a revolution
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well, you know we'd all love to see the plan you talk about the constituion well, you know do what we can don't you know it's gonna be all right all right all right
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you say you want the constitution well you know world want to change the you tell me its an institution well you know your minder free instead don't you know it's gonna be all right all right right ♪
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want"]get what you i saw her today at the reception a glass of wine in her hand i knew she would meet her connection at her feet was her footloose man no, you can't always get which you want, you can't always get which you want you can't always get what you want sometimes you
1:44 am
find you get which you need you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes while you just might find it you get which you need need get what you the demonstration and to get my fair share of abuse singing where can event our frustration if we don't we are going to blow a 50-amp fuse you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want
1:45 am
but if you try sometimes well at you just might find you get what you need i went down to the chelsea drugstore to get your prescription filled i was standing in line with mr. jimmy and man, did he look ready ill we decided that we would have a soda my favorite flavor, cherry red jimmy,y song to mr. yeah, and he said one word to me , and that was "dead"
1:46 am
i said to him you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need oh yes
1:47 am
you get what you need yeah oh, baby i saw her today at the reception that in her glass with a bleeding man she was practiced at the art of deception well i can tell by her blood-stained hands you can't always get what you want get what youays want you can't always get what you want but a future i sometimes you just might find you just must might find
1:48 am
you get what you need oh yeah you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you just might find it ou get what you need yeah ♪
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