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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 8, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm EST

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aim of delivering a top-five performance that justifies pushing south where they believe in better organization and a family rescue plan can drag it up from the seller. inside, the people jeb bush team think ceiling needs to be well enough to rationalize a trip to the carolinas. they will bring in george w. bush, already featured in a tv spot to campaign and that is already underway. that is from an article in politico this morning. c-span is with mr. bush at the other candidates today before they go to new hampshire. donald trump is as a lions club towering live at 1:30 and bernie sanders will appear at the university of new hampshire in durham and live coverage there starts at 6:00 p.m. and all coverage will be here on c-span.
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john kasich will be on at 1:00 and john kasich will be on at 6:30. that is all ahead as we cover the road to the white house on c-span. the citizens of the granite state are not easily one. the country meeting places are hotbeds of political discussion. >> in its village, town and city, voters braved snow and sleet to cast their vote. thanks to the people of new hampshire -- >> new hampshire. >> new hampshire -- >> hey, he is from new hampshire. >> it's great to be back in new hampshire. >> one reporter has called this the most cherished.
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♪ >> governor, thank you so much for coming to new hampshire. >> this is a place where you can observe a candidate in the heat of a dialogue and ask questions about their positions. it isn't just a place where there is a scripted speech. new hampshire takes its first in the nation primary status really seriously. >> this is one of the town hall meetings we will be happening. >> this is my 20th town hall meeting. [applause] ♪ >> republican presidential candidate marco rubio held a town hall meeting over the weekend with voters in that for hampshire where he addressed
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health care, combating isis and military spending. he also criticized hillary clinton at the obama administration policies. [applause] >> let's go marco rubio. [applause] > >> we are endorsing senator marco rubio for president. we are day one supporters. and we have the t-shirts to prove it. our interest in marco rubio began in 2012 when he addressed the republican national convention. after hearing that inspiring speech, we were hoping he would make a decision to run in 2016 and he has not let us down. we identify with his background because we are also first-generation americans. [applause]
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my father narrowly escaped nazi occupied europe, my mother survived the holocaust and came from hungary. my wife's parents emigrated from the former soviet union. we are so grateful for the opportunities of the united states and we want to make sure that those same opportunities are there for our children and our children's children. [applause] than 48 hours, the people of new hampshire will have the opportunity to set in motion a new american century. [applause] this goal, wesh must elect senator marco rubio as the republican nominee for president of the united states. it is our responsibility as the first primary state to show our fellow americans that we have
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met and vetted all of the candidates and our choice is marco rubio. [applause] marco is the next generation conservative who will unite all republicans, inspire the nation and defeat either democratic via an -- defeat either democrat vying for the white house. rubio, thenator single most important job of the president is to provide for the security of the citizens of the united states. senator rubio sits on several committees, most important is the committee on intelligence and the foreign relations committee. i can only imagine the information that he is privy to over the years. has the experience to tackle national security needs in 2016 and moving forward.
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i trust marco rubio to keep us safe. giving a warm in welcome to senator marco rubio, the president of the united states. -- the next president. [applause] [chants] [applause] >> thank you. there we go. thank you. i want to introduce you to my family, they have been with us all week. these kids really wanted to see snow. they prayed for snow. i told them, don't do that. got snow and now i am asking for them to pray on tuesday night.
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this is my wife, we have the married for 17 years. [applause] >> and god has blessed us with four wonderful kids. amanda is our oldest. then daniella. then anthony. and then our youngest, dominic. i don't know if you can see him. i will pick them up for you. [applause] does anybody want to speak on my behalf today? >> no. >> i'm so glad they were able to join me, i won't make them stand here the whole time. thank you guys for coming and being a part of this. [applause] it isay thank you because sunday morning and i think they wanted to sleep in. he said, yeah. [laughter] >> not me.
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i'm excited and i am ready to go. them with me this week has helped every single day to remind me of what this election is about. going to looka like when they are my age? i see some kids here today. what is america going to look like when they are my age? what will it would like in the 21st century? i can tell you what it will look like if hillary clinton or bernie sanders wins. and you will not be happy with it. obamacare will become permanent. it will mean that all of the executive orders become president -- become permanent. appoint president will two or three people to the supreme court so that means you will get people who undermine the meaning of america. it will mean that we are weaker and not stronger. that is why they cannot win.
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that is why we must win the election. most elections are a choice between a republican and a democrat, one more conservative or one more liberal but this election is deeper. this election is a choice on our identity. what kind of country will america be in the 21st century? because we know what it has been up to now. the greatest nation in the world. [applause] >> we cannot say that enough. but that was never automatic. the greatness of america is the result of the sacrifices and the hard work of people who came before us. it is what your parents and your grandparents and your great-grandparents and over 200 years of american generations left behind. that is the life we live today. us now the time has come for to decide what kind of life we will leave for our children.
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that weay on the road are at now, it will not be the greatest country. i am going to say this every chance i get. barack obama is trying to change america, he wants to make us more like the rest of the world. i don't want to be like the rest of the world. i want to be the united states. [applause] and if anyone doubts that this is an effort to redefine this country, obamacare is an effort to put the government in charge of your health care. common core puts the government in charge of schools. executive orders are an effort to undermine the constitution. the deal with iran is an effort to undermine ultimately what people think about the world. because this is a president that thinks we are an arrogant power that needs to be cut down to
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size. this is a deliberate effort to change america. and if this continues, we have to explain to our kids why we got to grow up in the greatest country in the world and they did not. [applause] but it doesn't have to be this way. there is another road before us and it allows us to keep america as the greatest country in the world but to leave our children in most prosperous who have ever lived but we have one chance to get it right and it is 2016. it is why what happens here on tuesday is so important. the iowa caucus is amazing. in thousand people voted that caucus, more than ever before. because people understand what is at stake. and i expect the turnout here will be even bigger. but you have to make a choice now.
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who'll we nominate to represent the party in this election? i know, i hope me. [applause] i love my positive hecklers. they are great. [applause] who are we going to nominate? that is the choice you have to make. these are all good people and any would be better than barack obama. low bar but any would be better. so the truth of the matter is, we have nominate someone who can win. we have to win this election, we can't lose. do you know why i know i would win? it is afraid of us. she went on to face the nation this morning and attacked me.
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she is asked me more than any other number -- than any other republican. she knows that if we go, we will win. i'm the only one left wondering -- the only one left running who can unify the party. [applause] >> we cannot win if we are divided. they want to make us divided. want us arguing with each other into october and november. that is what they want but we will not allow that to happen. we must unify this movement but that is not enough. we have to grow it. we are going to take our message to people who haven't voted for us before. we will take it to the millions of americans who are struggling and living paycheck to paycheck. a long time, the left has been telling them that the conservatives don't care about them. look at the obama years. record numbers of people on dependence.
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haved numbers of people dropped out of the labor force and are looking for work. we need to take our message to them. i can do that. people living paycheck to paycheck because hillary clinton can't lecture me about that because i grew up living paycheck to paycheck. i've lived paycheck to paycheck. [applause] we are going to take our message to younger americans, some of whom are living with tens of thousands of dollars of student loan debt. a 500% increase in student loan debt. to know why i'm so passionate about that? the has i had a student loan. not that long ago we had a big student loan. you can only get rid of them one of two ways. you pay them off or you die. we were fortunate and we were able to do that.
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not everybody can though and it has been destructive for the young americans. we are taking our message to it is harderse than ever to instill in our kids our values is that of the values they keep trying to ram down our throat in popular cultures. we have to rebuild the american family. without strong families you can't have a strong country. [applause] >> if we do those two things, unify the conservative movement and the republican party, we will win. and then we have a chance to undo the damage that barack obama has done. it will begin right away. when i take the ozone office, it is not just a ceremony. and notknows to uphold destroy constitutional rights and that is what barack obama has been doing.
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he ignored the second amendment and issues executive orders. , after i president take the oath i will go to the oval office and i will repeal every single one of his unconstitutional executive orders. [applause] when i am president, we will have a president who tackles the debt. and let me say this. debt,bt is a bipartisan both parties ran it up and nobody wants to do anything about it. the people in charge of washington today -- it is the most selfish generation of leadership that we have ever have thee people attitude of letting tomorrow worry about tomorrow. we'll at the future worry about the future. deal with the debt and that means saving social security and medicare. and those are important
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programs. my mother is on social security and that it care. millions of people in florida are on social security and medicare. [laughter] >> they are going bankrupt. we can fix and save those programs and we don't have to change anything for the people on it now. but your next president has to be willing to tell us the truth. if we do nothing, they go bankrupt. it will not look the same for me as it did for my parents. 68 yearse to retire at old if i'm not 67-year-old. ati am still in the senate that time, i will be one of the youngest members there. to get rid of obamacare and everyone running for president will tell you that. i'm the only one who has ever done anything meaningful about it. i have the effort to wipe out the bailout fund. they were going to bail out private companies with your money and we wiped it out.
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when i am president we will wipe out the rest of obamacare and put you in charge again of your health care. [applause] >> we are going to deal with immigration once and for all. my parents were immigrants. my wife's family. i grew up in a community of immigrants. i know immigration policy has to be about what is good for america and americans. and i will tell you what is good for america and americans -- keep an eye says out of america. that is what's good for americans. [applause] >> it's not about a religious test or discrimination, but if we don't know who you are or why you were coming, you're not getting in when i am president. [applause] >> we are going to secure the border, once and for all.
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we know what it takes to do this. we need more border agents, at least 20,000 more. not irs agents, border agents. [applause] >> we need 700 miles of walls and fencing. if you are here illegally, you can't get hired. we need a tracking system to keep people from overstaying visas. andf all of that happens all that is in place, nothing else is going to happen. and after that we won't have amnesty and criminal agents will be deported and sanctuary cities will lose their federal funding. [applause] >> we have lost perspective in america on the federal government. we think there has to be a federal solution for everything. what i going to do about it? it's not a federal issue.
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we don't need a national school board. [applause] >> the one thing the federal government does have to do? the most important job the president? to keep us safe as the commander in chief. [applause] and what has this commander-in-chief done? because the world is dangerous. the lunatic in north korea is firing of rockets and he has weapons. the chinese government is expanding their military rapidly. we see what's happening with vladimir putin and you know what will happen with iran. what are they going to spend that money on? -- they'reing to's going to spend it to build up their own military and by a nuclear weapon. that is why on my first day in office i will cancel that deal with iran. [applause] isis, the state of
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the union said they are a bunch of guys on the back of pickup trucks. but that is not to they are. they are the best funded and most organized radical jihadist group in the history of the world. isis burns people alive in cages and takes 10-year-old girls and auctions them off as brides. isis is now found in over a dozen countries. you're starting to hear them mention it in the philippines and indonesia. they are an incredible threat and what is happening to our military under barack obama? he is gushing it. our army will soon be the smallest it's been since the end of the second world war. the navy will soon be the smallest it's been in 100 years. and our air force is about to become not just the smallest but the oldest airplanes ever. that is what barack obama is doing to our military. and that makes is unsafe and it
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is unfair to the people in uniform. we are still asking them to fight for us and go into harm's way but with less equipment and less pay and less people alongside them. it is unfair and unsafe. that is why our next president must rebuild the military. when i'm president, we are not cutting the military. we are rebuilding it so the world is a better place when america has the strongest military in the world. [applause] >> we are going to have a real war on terror. intelligence agencies are going to tells where they are at the military is going to destroy them and if we capture any of the terrorists allies they are not getting a lawyer or a court hearing in manhattan. there are going to guantanamo and we will find out everything they know. [applause] >> and we will take care of our
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veterans. [applause] if you are a veteran, we want to thank you for your service. [applause] >> a lot of veterans become police officers and firefighters and they are now serving our country again. and the the frontline last line between a dangerous criminal and our family. is something goes wrong today, that is to be call. they are willing to die before we do. so we are sick and tired of hearing about how bad the police is. we are grateful for them and we thank them and their families. [applause] >> when i am president, our
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veterans will be able to take their benefits to any hospital or any doctor that they want to go see. the benefits belong to them. [applause] get to moment we will your questions and i look forward to answering them. i want you to know that at these events i stay until the end and take pictures and shake hands as much as i can do in the time that we have. we are tight on time because there is this football game on tonight. i'm not sure who's playing. i know who's not playing, the miami dolphins. [laughter] >> i can move? [applause] >> no, no. >> washington. >> i don't want to be a redskins fan either. or a raiders fan or a patriots fan. [applause] >> i want you to understand.
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i'm not going to live. it makes me angry. is 38 years old, why is he playing? there should be a mandatory retirement age in the nfl. [applause] >> if i'm elected president i will put tom brady in charge of a candidate position. caskey will become the ambassador to poland. [laughter] [applause] that's not a joke, i am serious. and suddenly, the dolphins may win. we will see. but anyway. we are constrained a little bit but i do want to see as many of you as a can. let me close with this. i will ask you for the vote. i know you have a lot of choices but we can't lose this election. we had to nominate someone who will win by unifying us.
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not just our party but our country. we have a long list of problems. -- divides us against each other on purpose. he made a decision that in order to get reelected he had to figure out how to get 51% of americans against the other 49% and the result has been a disaster. we don'tn't mean that have differences. we have differences, we are a free nation. but there is a difference between saying we have differences in opinion and we will have a president who divides us against each other. when i am president i will be president of all americans. that includes people who don't agree with me. [applause] people whoall of the say nasty things on twitter and all the people who that stuff against me and the people who heckle me at events -- i am cutting their taxes too.
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and i'm going to keep their family safe. but we have to win this election. and i'm sure that for you and for me, the story of america is deeply personal. time.this all the i have a debt to america that i will never repay. i have a debt to this country -- america owes me nothing but i have a debt to america that i will never be able to repay because when my parents came here they had nothing. no education. they really spoke english. no connections. less than 10 years after coming here, they owned a home. three decades later they retired with dignity and security -- not wealth but the committee and security. my parents lived to see all four of their children be better off than them. [applause] >> do you know how common that is here?
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now, almost every single one of them has a story just like that. every single one of you. one or two generations removed from someone who made the purpose of their lives to give up the chance for something better. this is who we are. whether it is your grandparents or your parents or what your parents did for you or what you are doing for your kids now. work hard and who sacrifice every day like my father who worked into his 70's, late at night on weekends and holidays. because he wanted me and us to have a chance to do whatever we wanted. the american story. it is what makes us special. it is so common here. it is so rare everywhere else. most everyone who is ever lived in a society where they decide who you are and what you will become. if your parents were connected, you had a shot. place likeing in a
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that? that tells you know matter how hard you work, you can only go so far because you don't come from the right family. not the right background. how foreign is that to us? well, that is what we are trying to avoid. that is the american dream we are leaving behind and that did not happen by accident. the reason why this has been such a special and unique country is because of the people who came before us. this is what they had to do. each generation of americans confronted their challenges. and now the time has come for us to do the same. and we will. if you elect me president, we will confront our challenges. we will apply the principles that make us great and when our work is done, no matter how tough things may seem right now, i want you to know the future that awaits us if we do what needs to be done now, here's the future. american dream won't just
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survive, it will reach more people and change more lives than ever before. our kids will become the freest and most prosperous kids who have ever lived. and the 21st century will be better than the 20th century. we will go down as the new american century. [applause] [applause] so we have this gentleman with a flag and a microphone and this not witty with a flag and microphone. just so everybody can hear your question. and you can repeat it whether i like it or not. >> on the supreme court, tell me about the type of people you want to put on. sen. rubio: yes, justice scalia, justice thomas. justices that understand their job is not to reinterpret the constitution or create loopholes.
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the job of a justice is to apply the constitution of the united states as originally intended by the founders of this great land. [applause] yes sir. >> as you know, the federal government that is so high that everybody owes $50,000. i don't have a tv in my room, so how can i owe so much money? sen. rubio: what's your name? >> hank. sen. rubio: hank? how old are you, hank? >> nine. sen. rubio: that's a good question, hank. you're right, hank. you know, what's happening in our country is unfair to you. we have people in washington that don't care right now. their argument is i don't want to deal with the issue hank just raised because i might lose my next election so we will figure it out but just not now. it has been happening for way too long. one of the reasons it's happening is because the federal government has nothing to stop it from spending money.
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they can keep printing money and borrowing money, but not forever. the have been doing that for a long time under both parties. under this president, he has grown the debt more than every other president before him combined. the other thing that is driving it is that in less than five years, 83% of our budget 83% of the federal budget will be made up of four things. medicare, medicaid, social security, and the interest on the debt. that means with the other 17% we're going to have to fund our roads, and our safety net programs, and the u.s. military, and everything else the government does. that's not sustainable. that's a debt crisis. let me tell you what's going to happen. the people we borrow money from, one day they are going to say, "i'm not sure if american can pay us back. we are either going to stop lending you money or you have to pay us more interest." when that happens we will spend more on interest than the military. and when that happens, we will have a real crisis on our hands. i used to tell people that by the time you are an adult i have to tell you, if we keep doing what we are doing before you are in high school we might have the debt crisis.
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we have to fix it. the way to fix it is to say we have to social security and medicare. these programs are really important. my father passed away in 2010 from cancer. i don't know what we would've done if there was no medicare. it provided not just his care but, ultimately, his hospice care that allowed him to die with dignity and security. my parents worked hard for many years and every time they got a paycheck, the government took some money out of their paycheck and said we have to put this money into a special fund. when you retire, we will take care of your health care and pay you some benefits back so that you, when you retire, will be able to have a standard of living. those programs are going bankrupt, because when they were designed, there were 16 people paying in for every person retired. now it's down to three to one. soon it will be down to two to one. so, we have to fix those programs. the good news is we can fix those programs and don't have to disrupt anything for people on it now or about to retire. here's the truth. social security and medicare is going to look different for you
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and me than it does for the people on it now. right now i'm supposed to retire when i'm 67. i will have to retire at 68. if i've made a lot of money, my social security won't grow as fast a someone that made less money. medicare would be the option to take my money and buy a private plan that i like better. we have that now, it's called medicare advantage. it will be the best thing in the world, it will just be different than the way it works for people on it now. if we do that we will combine it by growing our economy in a robust and sustained way, then we can bring the debt under control. we won't have a crisis and you'll have a chance at the dream. if we fail, we will have a debt crisis. that's why it's not an exaggeration to say that we are deciding the very identity of this nation, because if we elect the wrong person, they are not going to deal with this issue. it will collapse around us and we will be facing a debt crisis. and an american debt crisis is
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not like a greek debt crisis. greece -- nice county, important country. america is the most powerful and important economy in the world. if we have a debt crisis, it has a ripple effect in the entire global economy. and so, one of the reasons i'm running for president is to deal with this debt once and for all. for you, and for my four kids where are the other three? kind of like a walkout. [laughter] sen. rubio: they are campaigning, yeah. for them and for you and for everyone in this room, i want those programs to exist. i don't want my mom to go through disruptions because she is 85. i want to avoid a debt crisis and we will do that when i'm president. [applause] >> as president, will you stand up against the corporations that are now starting to make
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billions of dollars in profits from the massive transfer of spending that the pentagon is undertaking, transferring spending into renewed spending on nuclear weapons, weapons which endanger us all and only enrich corporations? sen. rubio: well, we are going to modernize our nuclear arsenal when i'm president and we are going to modernize it because china is modernizing theirs and russia is modernizing theirs. because north korea now has nuclear weapons and iran will soon have them. because pakistan and india have nuclear weapons. and, the truth is that the reduction of our military capabilities is actually going to make us more dangerous. if a country ever thinks they can win a nuclear war, they may actually launch one. what kept the world from having a third world war, a nuclear exchange, is that the soviets didn't want to die and neither did we, and neither of us felt we could survive a nuclear war, so neither one of them undertook it. and so, the bottom line is we need to maintain that balance. if a leader or a country thinks they might be able to survive and win a nuclear exchange, it heightens the prospect. we are going to modernize our
10:37 am
arsenal and the second thing we are going to deal with is proliferation. i told you this earlier. the leader of north korea is crazy. he is insane, he is a lunatic, but he has nuclear weapons and long-range rockets that can probably already reached california. iran is governed by an apocalyptic shia cleric. he believes his job is to trigger an apocalypse. what if those nuclear weapons hand up in the hands of a terrorist group? we need to worry about proliferation, which is why the missile defense is so important. now, you talk about corporations, i do think we need to fix procurement in the defense department. we are not actually spending a lot of money these days on new weapons programs. the vast majority is going to a growing civilian workforce in the defense department and that needs to be dealt with. every dollar that's wasted in the defense department is a dollar that is not keeping us safe. we need to deal with procurement but we cannot in this world --
10:38 am
as dangerous as it's become -- gut our military capabilities. i want peace, all of you want peace. america wants peace, but strength is what leads to peace. weakness invites war. weakness invites miscalculation. [applause] sen. rubio: yes, sir, thank you for your service. air force retired, is that you? thank you. [applause] >> that's actually, marco, related to two statements i'd like to make. number one is when you become president and you re-equip the united states military, i want you to let do their job. sen. rubio: yes, sir. >> the second i ask as a favor. you've got my vote if you do one thing. when you become president, you will not pardon hillary. [applause]
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sen. rubio: well, i think that's actually her plan, is to pardon herself. on the rules of engagement, absolutely. i mean, we are asking men and women to going to go in the harm's way and, yes, we want to avoid civilian casualties. absolutely. we don't want to indiscriminately strike at people. we go through extraordinary measures. but you should not be committing forces to a military engagement if you are not providing them with the rules of engagement but also the equipment they need, the resources they need to win. you have to define what victory is and you have to allow them to win. we should be very cautious in the use of military force. it should be a last resort. in fact, i believe force should only be used in the furtherance of peace. so, why do i believe we need to further attack isis from the air and help lead a coalition on the ground? because isis is an enemy of peace. isis does not have a diplomatic
10:40 am
corps. either they win, or we win. we have no choice. there is no peaceful coexistence with a group like isis. it they will only continue to grow until that threat reaches us here at home and around the world. so, at all costs we want to be able to avoid war and violence. i don't know anyone who is in favor of war for the sake of war. but sadly, we live in a dangerous world where evil still looms. and when that has to be confronted, we must give the most powerful military in the world the rules of engagement and the resources they need to win so that peace can prevail. [applause] sen. rubio: can we get one more after this, please? ok. >> what would you do about --
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[indiscernible] sen. rubio: he's going like this. he needs his mic. alright, there we go. >> what will you do about protecting christians in the middle east from being massacred? sen. rubio: the first is to call it what you just said. it's genocide. what's happening with christians in the middle east is genocide. and it's not just in iraq and syria. christian communities in virtually every middle eastern country is shrinking rapidly. in the city of mosul there are ancient communities that have been there for 1700 years. for the first time ever, there is no presence left. so, i think a couple things need to happen. we need to provide safe haven so they don't have to leave the region and they can return to their ancestral homeland after they are liberated. number two is i think they should be given the opportunity to be a part of the coalition to defeat isis. there are willing fighters among the christians in that region that want, at the minimum, the opportunity to defend themselves and their families as opposed to having to depend on shia militias, on sunni tribes, or on kurds. they have a right to be able to defend themselves. these are important things. they're being driven from communities and their churches
10:42 am
are being destroyed. these are ancient communities. i do think that is one of the reasons i support the creation of safe havens in the region, so they don't have to travel 2000 miles away. so that they can return to their homes when isis has been defeated and to ensure that in the future of iraq and syria, that they have the right to self-determination and representation and they will be protected in that region. [applause] >> good morning, senator. sen. rubio: is it morning? it's past noon. >> i have no idea. i understand you are concerned about the north korea threat and i know everyone here shares that concern. this has been a country that has vexed administrations across the board. what do you propose differently that is different from what they have done? sen. rubio: north korea should be returned to the state
10:43 am
sponsors of terrorism list. that has real implications. second, there are individuals and north korea that are very wealthy that are aligned with the government. we know they move assets and resources all over the world. we should be sanctioning individuals around the elite that surround the north korean government. north korea has no real economy, but it does have a cadre of very elites that are very wealthy and move their money. we should go after their resources. the third is we need a missile defense shield. we need to protect this country from a launch of long-range missiles from north korea. that's why working with japan and south korea is so critical. the japanese in particular have a very capable navy. a lot of people don't realize it because japan is called a self-defense force, but the japanese navy may be fifth or sixth most capable on the planet. and recently, japan has reinterpreted, or somehow found a creative way, to allow for something called collective self-defense. under previous law in japan,
10:44 am
japan could only respond to an attack if they were directly attacked. which meant if a u.s. naval vessel came under attack, if there was a rocket launch against south korea, japan couldn't do anything about it under their laws. they were only able to respond if they were directly attacked. now, they are arguing and are taking the position that they are allowed to come to the collective self-defense of their allies if they come under attack. why is that important? because they and their navy are a critical part of missile defense capabilities. the ability to shoot down a north korean rocket launch in the region before it reaches california, japan, or south korea. we also need a west coast missile defense shield to protect us from a nuclear launch from north korea. because they don't just have warheads, they are increasingly increasing the range and precision of their rockets. it is not outside the realm of possibility that in less than a decade, north korea will possess rockets capable of hitting as for away as the midwest of the united states, and then they hold us hostage.
10:45 am
ultimately, you would love to see a change in government in north korea. it is a very, very difficult place to predict what's going to happen. it is not a normal government, to say the least. its new leader has literally executed virtually anyone around him that didn't respect him, much less support them. and so there's a lot of instability and turmoil there. hopefully one day there will be a unified korea and it is looking more like the south and the north. but in the interim, the most we can do is protect ourselves from it, and that means having a west coast defense shield and working with allies in the region, particularly japan, to have a localized missile-defense shield that protects them and our pacific assets from attack from north korea. put them back on a list of sponsored members of terrorism and individually sanction individuals related to the north korean government. go after their money, their bank accounts, and their assets all over the world. [applause] sen. rubio: i will need to wrap
10:46 am
up the question portion because i have to get to my next event. i just want to close by thanking you for being a part of this and thank you for being here today, and once again asking you for your vote. i'm asking that if you want to be a part of our team, sign up to volunteer, sign up to be a part of our effort. we will bombard you with e-mails for just a day and then we will leave you alone. then we will come back in august because we will win new hampshire and the general election and we will take back this country. thank you, and god bless. [applause] ♪ [indiscernible chatting] >> sir, we have a lot of people
10:47 am
10:48 am
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
waiting. [indiscernible chatting]
10:52 am
>> senator marco rubio, you mentioned being concerned about our future. [indiscernible] >> can i get one more for my parents? thank you. sen. rubio: thank you guys for coming, i appreciate it. sen. rubio: thank you guys for
10:53 am
coming, i appreciate it. thank you so much. >> thank you. sen. rubio: i think carolina is going to win. >> i'm trying to get into your super bowl party. sen. rubio: thank you so much.
10:54 am
thank you, good to see you. what denomination are you? >> catholic. sen. rubio: thank you father, i appreciate it. >> nice to meet you. sen. rubio: likewise. thank you for being here. [indiscernible chatting] sen. rubio: good to see you,
10:55 am
thanks for being here. thank you. it?
10:56 am
10:57 am
>> my son and daughter gave their lives to this country. i'm supporting you. john stevens knows who i am. sen. rubio: thank you for being here. thank you for being here.
10:58 am
sen. rubio: thank you for being here.
10:59 am
>> thank you so much. stay energized. sen. rubio: good to see you, nice to meet you. >> thank you, senator, good luck. >> he taught me everything i know and i'm going to vote for you. sen. rubio: thank you so much. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. sen. rubio: thank you so much.
11:00 am
sen. rubio: thank you for coming.
11:01 am
thank you so much for being here. thanks a lot. thank you so much. i appreciate you coming. >> thank you so much. >> thank you.
11:02 am
sen. rubio: thank you so much. nice to meet you. thank you so much. >> good luck to you. >> my daughter is knocking on doors for you. sen. rubio: thank you so much. [indiscernible chatting]
11:03 am
11:04 am
sen. rubio: i need your help up there. thank you so much. >> good luck on tuesday.
11:05 am
>> thank you. >> i'm also from miami. so glad you're running.
11:06 am
>> i'm 56 and you are the first candidate i have ever seen. sen. rubio: thank you so much. thank you so much.
11:07 am
nice to meet you. >> thank you so much.
11:08 am
sen. rubio: thank you so much. thanks for coming.
11:09 am
thank you so much. how are you?
11:10 am
>> everyone compares you to jfk. [indiscernible]
11:11 am
11:12 am
[indiscernible] >> because there is such a disconnect. sen. rubio: thank you, thank you for coming.
11:13 am
>> what i like most about you is you talk about american exceptionalism. sen. rubio: people will only sacrifice for what's special. >> good luck. sen. rubio: thank you. thanks for being here. thanks for being here. good to see you. good to see you.
11:14 am
[indiscernible] good to see you. >> i'm an independent voter.
11:15 am
i wanted to hear you talk and you won me over today. i appreciate it. i know the dolphins are your football team. please don't forget about benghazi. sen. rubio: don't forget tuesday.
11:16 am
>> there is reason and one reason only i am not wearing a marco rubio t-shirt. sen. rubio: the international trade commission is going to review it. based on the report, if it is a good and fair deal -- it will be in secret, it will be in the open.
11:17 am
sen. rubio: i do support fact-checking. if it is a good deal i will support it, if it is not i won't. >> thank you. sen. rubio: thank you so much. >> we are catholic and we love that you do not hide from your faith. sen. rubio: so you went to mass today? thank you. good to see you.
11:18 am
good to see you. thanks for coming.
11:19 am
you get it? >> we will be there on tuesday. sen. rubio: thank you. good to see you. good to see you. >> i am so impressed. we stayed to the very end. we have been to several events. sen. rubio: i enjoy it. >> thank you.
11:20 am
sen. rubio: thank you, i appreciate it. are you in this? thank you. thank you very much.
11:21 am
11:22 am
sen. rubio: i've brought accountability to the va. i will allow va benefits to become affordable. we should allow people to get both college credit and licensing credit for the skills they had in the military. so that service counts for x number of college credits. >> it will be good for the country. sen. rubio: absolutely. >> i came back with my wife, i wanted to get a picture. sen. rubio: jump on board. thank you. thank you so much.
11:23 am
[indiscernible] >> we are at the marco rubio event as you saw senator rubio worked the room until it was virtually empty, but a few
11:24 am
people have a state after to talk to us. this is jack and he is 18. this is your first election. what has it been like. >> since 2004 i've been following the races, and it is cool to finally get involved. it was a little disappointing because i was hoping to get more substance. it was strange to have to deal with such a limited field this time around, but the good news is it has made my choice relatively easy. >> are you an independent? >> yes. i have a mixed set of believes but in general i am middle , right. i think he showed more policy acumen than you see from the usual candidate.
11:25 am
he showed up more skill and knowledge of the issues that -- then i expected him to have. i think seeing him talk about the issues and beat really substantive about the issues really made my decision for me. >> what about the rap from his competitors that he doesn't have the experience? >> well, look at his competitors. you have donald trump who has never held a governmental position. i think he has jumped the most leadership and knowledge. on the florida state level, he showed ability to do things. he has a show knowledge of the ability to do the job. >> last night's debate, did you watch?
11:26 am
>> i did and i was a little disappointed. >> thank you for talking to us. >> thank you. >> i am with joann who lives here in bed for -- in bedford. >> i wanted to hear marco. >> what did you think of how he came across last night? >> at the end i was very happy. i think he fell into christie's trap, i like how he was answering all the questions in the second half of the debate. i think i could go for marco. >> what did you see today? >> i think he can bring the youth back to the country. he is running a positive
11:27 am
campaign, answering questions the way i want to hear. i want the economy to grow and i want someone who is not negative. someone who can work with both sides. >> are you a republican or independent? >> republican most of the time. >> what do you think tuesday will be like? >> i'm not sure. about 95% towards marco. i like john kasich and jeb bush. i will decide in the voting booth on tuesday. >> was the level of excitement? >> i think this is the most important. i want someone who is going to take care of this country and bring it back to where it used to be. >> thank you for speaking with us. >> thank you.
11:28 am
>> we have a whole family who came to the marco rubio event so let's meet them. was your name? >> lily. >> what did you think of what you saw? >> if i could vote i would vote for marco rubio because it seems like he would be a good businessman and do a lot of good things, and he seems like he would be a mix of two of the other people i like. >> who are the other two you like? >> cruz and trump. they seem like they get a lot done and they would help the country. >> what did you think of all the excitement? >> i think it was good. i would vote for either rubio or trump if i was able to vote.
11:29 am
>> why do you like mr. trump? >> because i haven't seen a lot of people like him. >> well, there you go. why did you come today? >> i'm still undecided and we have less than 48 hours to go here i'm a registered independent so i know it is an important vote this year. i wanted to hear what of the candidates and get more than just the soundbites. we have been following pretty closely. i did hear a lot of good points today, and i think that helps me, but i am still on the fence. for me, i think national security is a big issue and i would love to see obama care repealed. my husband is self-employed and so that has been a big issue for us when we lost our insurance. the first year we had to apply for a waiver to have permission
11:30 am
to not have coverage just because of the finances. it has been difficult for us as a family. i've spent countless hours on the phone with exchange people trying to get things taken care of. i had to prove my citizenship for the three of us. i'd love to see that headache go away. >> are you also undecided? >> yes but i will probably vote republican this time. >> who did you vote for in 2012? >> romney. i have voted republican in the past. but i am undecided between cruz, trump, and rubio. you only have a day and a half what will tip the balance for you? don't think it will be a last-minute epiphany i will go with.
11:31 am
i like what rubio said today. and cruzel like trump seem to be excitedly voters more and they get more turnout. in iowa, the highest turnout they had never had. "think that is the, nonestablishment candidates. i think those candidates, either cruz or trump have a chance together more votes in the general election. that has been weighing on my mind. it sounds like it is fun talking politics over your dinner table. these are our final folks talking after the marco rubio event in bedford, new hampshire. let's find out what they thought. let me hear your names.
11:32 am
let me stay with you, so be it. what brought your family out today? >> meeting marco rubio and the candidates. >> have even to other events? >> this is the first of and we want to. we really wanted to meet him. >> why is that? >> he is a personable guy weekend relate to. -- we can relate to. he has similar views and he is a pleasure to meet. >> what did you think about what you saw today? >> i thought he really cared about how i am going to -- the america i am going to live in when i am an adult because he has kids that are my age and he can understand us. i thought that was a good thing seeing as we are the future. >> how old are you? >> i am 14. >> how interested are you in politics? i am not super interested in politics, but i know that is important because that is what
11:33 am
our country is based on. we need our country to be run by someone who understands what our country needs. >> what about you? what about your own political views? >> i have made up my mind. >> what was the deciding factor? >> i was leaning toward him, anyway, but i think he is the best chance to win. >> explain. >> a couple of polarizing figures running against him like donald trump is the most obvious. i can see him getting enough in bringingher together a union of republicans to win. >> did you watch last night rate? -- debate? some of the pundits were critical of him and we saw protesters outside at going there comments very >> i think you got hit hard early but came back and did well in the second half. >> how important is debate the point -- performance for you? important, but i think it is important that they
11:34 am
can handle themselves under pressure. he can do that. have been bombarded over the past couple of weeks. what is it like on wednesday when this over for you? >> i am hoping that a lot of the signs will get cleaned up. that our town will be a little cleaner. it will be interesting to see what happens on tuesday. >> is it really fun having politics come to your doorstep every four years? >> i think it is a great education for our kids and for me. i think it is wonderful that we and have a them brief discussion with them one-on-one. >> you think new hampshire should maintain its first in the nation status? >> yes. >> absolute right >> thank you for talking with us at the marco rubio event in bedford, and answer. and of our coverage of marco rubio. remember, has coverage of this event and all
11:35 am
of our candidate events and we will be live throughout the rest of the 48 hours until new hampshire voters go to the polls. >> rally for marco rubio speaking with the families who attended. we will hear more from the senator and republican presidential desk -- presidential candidates later. at 1:00 eastern, we hear from john kasich at a school in windham, new hampshire. both of those on c-span3. on c-span, in under half an hour, live with jeb bush in nashua. speaking to reporters at a country club. at 1:30, donald trump at the lions club. tonight at 6:00 eastern, bernie sanders at the university of new hampshire in durham on c-span. next, a tour of the radisson hotel manchester to watch as the hotel accommodates all of the national media and the visitors for the first the nation
11:36 am
presidential primary. sales manager maureen bowman walked to the halls. we are in manchester, new hampshire at the radisson hotel. people like to take a tour of the radisson hotel. it is the centerpiece of the new hampshire primary every four years. aurine bulman, the sales director at the hotel. this is the place people watch. how has he gotten that reputation? it is the center of everything. people come to watch people or the media comes to broadcast, interview candidates. it is phenomenal. can see all kinds of people watching. while we are waiting for you we saw an hour helprin -- we some mark halperin.
11:37 am
it is not just the space is use almostut people every available space in the hotel. what are we looking at? [indiscernible] >> public radio and tv. >> do you know how many media organizations have rented space from you? quacks on or 12 that are in-house. every nut and cranny in this hotel is occupied. two people have her quest for space? they asked to have christmas lights strung up. they asked if we could send somebody outside to decorate the park. >> why would they want those? >> they just like the look.
11:38 am
>> we are going to walk and talk a little bit about this. you said the hotel gets booked three years in advance? people are already talking about the next primary as they are checking out. they want to makes for -- make sure their spaces reserved. we give the media the first option for the space. what is the challenge for you invoking that far in advance? it is a lot of business over here at this time. --the biggest challenge [indiscernible] we don't have a primary date until usually eight month before. it is very important that new hampshire has a primary date. on holdegular business until we have a date. >> from the beginning of january into the end of february, we are holding all of that. >> for the most part, a lot of
11:39 am
the businesses in this area have gotten used to that. there are also local new hampshire residents that can appreciate how important it is. >> you have a regular line into the secretary of state's office? >> i called on every other day or at least once a week. >> it is based on supply and demand like everything else. everyone wants to be here. >> this is christmas for you in the hotel business. >> this restaurant is open to the public. there is a lot going on in here. how does this utilized and what would they see if they were political tourists? >> it is set up for breakfast each morning. we have a space for people to relax and lounge around. here,e private parties in tvs set up.
11:40 am
we are getting ready for the game later this afternoon. >> if i guessed my colleagues in the balcony, here's another media organization, do you know who that is up there? that is where all of the radio stations are broadcast. media, news, stuff like that. cbs radio, sirius xm satellite. we have to go back this way. >> let's take a look at the radio stations. do they change a lot? >> pretty stable group. they are usually very busy upstairs. most of them have been here for the past couple weeks. >> three or four primaries? what about people staying in this hotel, is it a mix of candidates in the media and political operatives? >> mostly media. we have one candidate on the 12th floor.
11:41 am
>> first come first serve? >> every candidate had requested to be here on primary night. we pick and choose who we think is going to be a front runner. >> you are really having to gain this -- game this. a bostone are with station. how far in advance to the primary do they get set up? >> most of the media moves in on monday. it is usually a week before. this radio need quiet. >> it is quite the day, but it is usually very busy. they come in to be interviewed. >> what is happening here?
11:42 am
talk media news. we are doing a two or of the radisson for c-span. can you tell us about your space? >> this is what we call radio row. lots of local shows. they can sit down at their broadcasting desk live face to face with a candidate. there is a mad scramble to get all of the people covering all of the surrogates, trump surrogates, hillary clinton surrogates. even on sundays. they bring in speakers from the white house to offer their time to come in and do the shows. we schedule these people on a little radio to her.
11:43 am
>> what is your name? >> my name is candy. >> how long have you been doing this? >> 25 years. >> a lot of experience. what is the toughest challenge for you organizing these different radio stations? >> trying to make sure all of the guest shows are correct. a television background, as do i. she is a producer. she puts into her schedule on a google spreadsheet every single person, every single show, guests, and the times. to make sure they are correct. >> it is an adventure in a recent radio row that we organized. we do 670 interviews over two days on 28 shows.
11:44 am
>> are you around the top -- around the clock because of the time zones? >> we are. we do specific event here. we are working the jigsaw puzzle from 5:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night. we have 30 plus shows that are coming in and out live. have 600 interviews coming in over the next two days. >> 600 in two days? them are like -- bobby casey is doing 4:00. it is not 600 people, but there will be 600 people coming to want to be on here. that is the other challenge. the new people coming in. there are literally people running for president who show up and say can you get me on? one of them was a comedian performing here at the radisson. he is running for president.
11:45 am
we put him in all of the shows. here isialty progressive shows and progressive guests. someone else and there is doing conservative shows and conservative guest. double booking. virginia as for any to straighten that out. >> virginia looks like she is doing fine. >> we are straightening things out. talking to us.r we are listening to the challenge of all of the people coming in off of the street. how do you handle security? a security staff. most of the media brings their own security. the manchester police department is involved. >> a hotel is open business. let's see what is going on down here. i hotel is open business so anyone can comment off the street. at the same time, you want to make sure that people handle all that.
11:46 am
>> most of the people who come -- nbc is street broadcasting. i was something that was no. they brought in people off the street by accident. --one who came to the tavern >> and the many cycles that i have been, have you seen an uptick in that? people calling in from all over the country who want to comment? >> all over the world. >> lots of people at work here. >> there is your office. back,le we are walking what is one of those more unusual things you have gotten?
11:47 am
putting you on the spot. >> it is very demanding. everything is last minute. >> it depends on -- what they're looking for. nothing too extravagant, i think. >> they bring in all kinds of things for sets? once this is over on tuesday morning, how long does it take for everything to breakdown back to normal? >> it takes about three days to move in, and a day to move out. on thursday, we are back to business as usual. wednesdaycrazy day on to turn the hotel around. the normal things hotels do for business. we are going to walk back through the lobby and head back
11:48 am
to this section back here. what is this area across the web -- restaurant? bloomberg is here. bloomberg politics has taken over. >> and we walk in and take a look? >> let's see what happens. walk into the cameras for a moment and see. >> no. sorry for a >> thank you. >> thanks. >> not all places are open for people to visit. let's keep going. >> getting ready for the super bowl party. >> coming onto his tavern. tavern and bar. has that section.
11:49 am
rachel maddow's show. a setting tomorrow morning, they are broadcasting joe scarborough. >> will we have better luck here? i will let you lead the way. >> a great time to come in now. asking -- it looks really busy. by anyone lunch. >> let's look back here. what do we have back here? >> nbc studio, a small studio set here. >> were to be set start? >> where the latter is. they broadcast throughout the day.
11:50 am
>> your servers have to work with all of the television production going on? wax it has been challenging. the evening is very busy. morning, the morning show. >> where does nbc have its green room? >> off the stage. >> they have a bigger space. studio -- let's keep on walking. >> free lunch. >> free burger. over 1000ft is made burgers in the past few days. >> i bet he has. to have you keep talking while we are walking. right up front, this is really -- a space that is much coveted. what do we have set up out here? >> abc news has a set up here. nbc has a studio. cbs also has one.
11:51 am
>> is this space control by you? >> it is owned by the city. this space here is ours. in the back of the hotel, our employee parking lot. these are where the rest of the satellite trucks are parked. >> coveted space. we all have to bargain. >> that is a tough job you have. >> this is the expo center. it is occupied by many different media. that weuld tell people have been in here for at least five or six cycles. >> always in this corner room where we can look out. away with, we come different neighbors. who uses this space back here? >> the expo center is occupied by abc news. they broadcast out here from and you are across the way. cbs news occupies the middle. the associated press is here. primarily, those three have occupied this space for the past three primaries.
11:52 am
abc news has always been here. >> the challenge here, all of this electronic equipment. wi-fi? >> wi-fi, cable. >> how does that'll happen? >> we have an engineering staff that works with technicians and their crews. verizon, comcast. a number of different providers in the building weeks before hand. >> nothing can fail because everything has to go. >> that is right. >> their own backup generators in case something should go down. >> i'm going to walk down here. >> when i was down here the >> this is fox. fox 25. the arm break right now. the broadcaster. we have the space appear that we set up as interview space. that is for impromptu interviews of the candidates. withnd robin interview abc, cbs, and nbc.
11:53 am
they interviewed hillary clinton this morning from 8:00 until 10:00. >> this room is set up as -- >> impromptu. anyone can rented for a two hour period throughout the primary. there is so much of a need and people can't find private space. it has worked out well. >> on the other side of the hotel -- a food canteen concession. >> every single one of these is occupied? >> that is c-span's space. ournt to stop and so that folks can see where we are working as we are leaving. surprising my colleagues and put them on camera for a second. here we go. aurine, come on in with us. folks who are regular watchers
11:54 am
of c-span will recognize this group here is our washington journal. pedro andgher and sean do we who is working this , also withe campaign the washington journal. folks back here are our technical crew. these two ladies work for the c-span bus. we get all the different disciplines and one space at one time. everybody shares the work environment for the week or so that we are appear. some notliar faces and familiar ones. >> we're heading out. where are we going next? >> this is new. this section of the building or the office tower. some local businesses. to free it up to the media. we have local channels. has some space for a green room and hair and makeup for the
11:55 am
anchors. >> how long are your days while this goes on? >> quite long. >> last night, i was here until 10:30 or so. >> are you on call constantly because there are always problems? >> not necessarily. we have a large staff and they are here to handle that kind of stuff. media,n touch with the local media and news, contact them and make sure everything is going fine. this space here is the office tower space on the first floor. typically, this cafe is open monday through friday. it is closed because it is the weekend. this space here was cbs news, the green room, their makeup. this is channel seven. >> channel seven is based in boston? all television spaces and of
11:56 am
looking alike. all told, how many of -- how many media would you guess are in the hotel? >> 500. >> how many rooms does the hotel have for sleeping rooms? >> to under 48. >> do you -- 248. >> do you work with other media? >> we do. every hotel is sold out. for a 25 mile radius. that is the challenge. everyone wants to be here. many hotels have overflow space for the media. some of the candidates. secret service, of course. it can be challenging. people fight over who should be here. everyone wants to be here. many of the media -- if we had another 250 hotel rooms here in this building. >> talk to the radisson folks. cracks that is right. >> let's finish up where we started with. back in the lobby. since you have been through this in the past and you can't talk
11:57 am
about it now. how about stories from the past. pass candidates, past campaigns that you tell friends about what it is like to work here. >> it is crazy. you heard a woman saying that anybody can run for president. peopleretty funny to see come to new hampshire to run. it could be anyone from anywhere. that has been interesting. one president obama was running, we had the spokesperson here. a gentleman that walks around with a boot on his head. >> he is a regular. he runs for president each cycle. we get to see him. one of the challenges of having our workspace here and that all the folks who want to be on tv put their noses against the window. [laughter] >> it can be frenetic at times. the candidates and secret service and challenging to get
11:58 am
people private space. >> not to dwell on it, here is a familiar space -- face for c-span. what security challenges do you face every cycle because the world has gotten more dangerous? >> most definitely have. we have worked with the manchester leased department for the first time this year this primary to make sure we have enough security in the primary. many media stations bring their own security teams. addition, we have staff security up working most of the night. in the we are back lobby. these folks work with you to make this happen. haveis point, i think we seen it all a >> more to come? >> nbc studios in the back.
11:59 am
a space where we set up for the victory night. >> perfect. what is the footprint of this hotel all told? when you walk through this space, it seems quite large. >> it is one of the largest hotels in boston. this is the assembly area. the ball faces to the left. that is typically set up for catering functions. we hold this room for the actual victory night which senator marco rubio will occupy. right now, we are setting for up for that and we had the private party for the super bowl. >> time magazine logos. throughout the entire week, one after another, panel sessions and everything else happening here.
12:00 pm
you break down and set up for the next one. how far in advance will senator rubio need the space? >> starting tomorrow. >> what is tuesday night election night in this whole place? >> you can't move. you cannot move. at all. in space, every bit of space the media, coming with their cameras, they are set, trucks parked all over the place. it is crazy. >> we're following her on our hotel -- two of the hotel. we will be quick. keep going through here? how are you? hi. very quick, we will be out. >> how much square foot issue they have?


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