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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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the next one. how far in advance will senator rubio need the space? >> starting tomorrow. >> what is tuesday night election night in this whole place? >> you can't move. you cannot move. at all. in space, every bit of space the media, coming with their cameras, they are set, trucks parked all over the place. it is crazy. >> we're following her on our hotel -- two of the hotel. we will be quick. keep going through here? how are you? hi. very quick, we will be out. >> how much square foot issue they have? >> told thousand or a >> how is
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this different from what we saw in the cavern? >> they do different broadcasting throughout the day with different shows. none of the programs over there come from here. cables in the back. >> what is this normally? >> the original new hampshire state armory build 105 years ago. the hotel was built on to this, 34 years ago. >> you are right. it is impressive. thank you for bringing us back out this way. anything else on our two or? -- on our tour? >> i concluded. the 12th floor used to be used by some of the networks. we completely remodeled and renovated that. a month ago. beautiful. we didn't allow any of the news media to broadcast. there are cables that run down
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the hallway and out the window. we didn't want to disturb any of our renovated guestrooms and suites. >> we economist our goal spirit we have a few stories. we saw a couple famous faces. famous seen a lot of media. thank you very much for giving us the tour of the radisson. we are going to head out to the lobby. we will finish with the folks at pbf and that you get back to your busy job. we appreciate it. >> have a great day. >> live on c-span, former florida governor jeb bush campaigning at the nashua country club ahead of the primary in new hampshire tomorrow. introductions are underway. >> will you please join us in america, the beautiful? ♪
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>> you sound lovely. [applause] [laughter] >> today's invocation is jack gaylord.
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[inaudible] >> amen. >> please take your seats. i invite carol farmer, your president-elect, and -- to introduce our many visitors. >> good afternoon. what a nice crowd. this is great. i think i will introduce all of the other guests and mass and we will do it that way so that we can get right along. we have john nolan, hello, john. we also have carolyn, hello, carolyn. from houston, neil bush annamaria. -- and maria. would everybody who is a guest please stand? jeb, can we clap now?
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when they are up? [applause] thank you for coming. now, i would like to introduce tony martinez to introduce our special guest. [applause] >> that was not a great applause for me, i just want to say. [applause] there you go. it is my pleasure to welcome so many guests and friends to the club today. i hope you enjoy this meeting and we are really glad you came. we welcome you all here. before i start the introduction, i wanted to tell you a little you will be able to ask the candidate questions during the q&a. please read over that. the rest of you, please listen
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carefully. that is what you are here for. if you would do meeting kindness -- if you haven't already turned off your phone or muted them, please do that now say you won't have a problem later on. when i looked up the governor's bio online, it was three pages long. i decided that is not what would be my introduction. it is going to be very brief. obviously, the governor is here to talk to us about his bid for the highest office in the land. i want to give them as much time as possible to speak with you. clearly, this is a man who is well-known. jeb bush, john ellis bush. how many of you knew that? all five of you. good job. serving asknown as the two-term governor of florida, winning his first election in 1998. we all know his dad, herbert 41str bush, was our president, and his brother, george bush, our furry -- 43rd president. this,t know if you know
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your dad actually spoke at this club when he was the sitting vice president. did you know that? good job. i have to be very careful now. my spanish heritage can't screw me up here. the governor is married to his wife -- is that right? they have three children, george, noel, and john ellis junior who is also called jeb who is here. where is he? welcome. nice. [applause] i ask you all now to please give a warm welcome to the governor, jeb bush. [applause] >> thank you all. i will take this one. thank you very much. getyou go on wikipedia to that introduction? i have to tell my first story,
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the story of being introduced by someone and they were trying to find things that they had in common. the guy gets up and says you know, i am tired of the regular kinds of introductions. i went on wikipedia to find out had anything in common with our guest speaker. he proceeded, then, to go into this pretty lengthy introduction that i was an avid rock climber and that i had a secret desire to be a movie star. which is completely true. i am from florida. we don't have rocks like you all here in do in the granite state. i have no interest in being a movie star. you can tell that by my candidacy, can't you [laughter] ? i have to tell the guy the truth. i'm not any of this stuff. it turns out there are people, typically unemployed kids with student debt that our stock in their parents basement with chito stains on her t-shirt. they haven't been able to get their first job. what they do is play games to see how long they can edit haveedia pages in order to
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games with her friends around the world. my advice to you is if you have a wikipedia page, check it once in a while. you, too, may be in avid rock climber or a hollywood movie star. i want to recognize -- you the bush neil and jeb, family is important. we love each other. i apologize for that. i am proud of my dad, proud of my mother -- brother. it was an incredible honor for me to have my mom, pure. i was worried because it snowed and thursday. she has her little stroller. i was watching her because i did not want her to fall. her first response was i haven't seen snow in a long while. -- iamily matters stuff had my first granddaughter, jeb's daughter. she is the first great granddaughter of the greatest man alive, my dad. her name is georgia alayna
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walker bush. named after her great-grandfather. we call her 41 in the family. [applause] [laughter] let me see if i can get this straight. georgia is a canadian iraqi texas mexican american. she is a quieter hyphenated american. from canada, her dad is -- was born in miami. i am a texan, a nationality, as you may know. [laughter] my wife is from mexico. hence, she is this quadra hyphenated american. when she fills up the census form when she turns 21, she will say not applicable. is a statement of who we need to get back to in this country. we need to get back to a set of common purpose and common values. we are dangerously moving away from each other. we have politicians who break us up into all of our disparate parts.
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may turn this extraordinary diversity of this extraordinary country into a potential weakness rather than the strength that it is. rotarians is that you are all the opposite. you have people with diverse backgrounds that have a common purpose which is to volunteer, to help people in need. to rebuild your communities, to do all the things that you do so extort narrowly well. my hope is, and my expectation is that little georgia will be a rotarian, whether she is a member or not, she will have a heart for people. she will be part of a movement of this country to restore its greatness by having a set of common purpose once again. i hope to be a president that focuses on that, as well. i believe we are an the verge of greatness but we need to fix a few really big, likes things. i am tired of politicians to push down a group of people to make themselves look better. let me get this out of the way, and then i will get to something a little more positive. the front running candidate for the republican party is that kind of politician. donald trump organizes his
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campaign around disparaging people. as a sign of strength. to insultstrong women. it is not strong to castigate hispanics. it is not strong to ridicule the disabled. it is certainly not strong to call people like john mccain or my friend, a medal of honor recipient who spent six years in it iscamp in one way -- not strong to say they are losers because they got caught. i think we need a president who actually believes in the american people. who won't push everybody down to make themselves look good. as governor of the state of florida, i had a chance to learn what it is like to be a leader. what will happen -- i don't know when, but i can promise you it will happen in the next residency. there will be a conflict. there will be an attack. there might be an outbreak of the disease.
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something is going to happen. the world we live in is not just static anymore. there will be a challenge. we have never talked about it before. 9/11 is an example of that. the assassination of jfk certainly was an example of that. we end of the cold war and how to manage that process was an example of that. all presidents have this opportunity. the question is who do you want to have to sit behind the big desk? what kind of person do you want to have in this unforeseen dynamic world where you don't know exactly how it all plays out? i hope you want to have someone who is action had proven skills of leadership through life. my life is organized in a couple of ways. the 42i met my wife in years, or 44 years of the time that i did meet her, she changed my life. it is a transformational part of my existence. i've been married 42 years. i am blessed to have a great family.
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my life has also been informed by the 32 years in the private sector. where the world doesn't work exactly the way the central planners want it. anyone of business will always tell you it is not one step forward, left right, left right. we don't march in place in a dynamic world. we have 10 steps forward and a five-step setback. you just yourself off, you learn from it, and you move on. that is called life. i had eight years as the governor of the state of florida where i got to learn about leadership, as well. i want to tell you three stories of leadership. this, by the way, is not my stump speech in case you're curious. toidn't feel like i wanted honor the rotarians with something a little less poetical, if you don't mind. when i was governor of the state of florida, i had a chance to serve in a way that was really important. it is easy to serve when things are going great. it is a little harder when things get tough. in our case, one of those tough challenges was eight hurricanes, for tropical storms in 16 months. eight hurricanes, for tropical storms in 16 months. anybody in the insurance
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business here? properties --lion property losses per 1.2 million. that is double the number of homes in new hampshire, to put in perspective. ofnsured and insured losses $150 billion. there was a point in time where we could not find commercial insurance prop -- property insurance. it did not exist. we wiped out the entire capital structure of the reinsurance business and the insurance business. if you can't get insurance, you can get a loan. if you can't get a loan, you can't expand the business. in a careless place, for sure. if you don't get power, you lose your food. if you don't have food, your children go hungry. people were losing their jobs. it was a great challenge. it was the greatest joy of my life to be a servant at that time. i will never forget working with the salvation army all across the state, or the red cross. the people that, acting on their hearts, showed up to be able to work.
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we mobilized and made it efficient, we were there on the ground within 24 hours. one time, i went to a place called barefoot bay. have you been there? the largest mobile home -- manufactured mobile home community in the world. 5000 units. -- francisone of the or eugene hit it. hit it hard. more than three quarters of the houses were completely destroyed. i show up in the community center, this woman wearing a salvation army t-shirt comes and hugs me. i am a hunger. i like dogs. she kept hugging me and hugging me. she didn't want to let go. she literally just wanted a long embrace by someone who was a leader. it worked. we recovered faster than anybody could imagine. she, actually, was a volunteer for the salvation army, even though she had her house completely wiped out. she lost everything. her response was to be able to help other people who were in even worse condition than she was.
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i was inspired by this. i hope you want a leader that has a servant's heart. it has the skills of organization. no one ever heard me complain about fema. there were reasons during i could have. trust me. no one ever heard me say the dog ate my homework. my successor fall, my predecessor's fault. no one ever heard the outrage in florida because we were all in. we helped our state rebound. when katrina hit, if it florida first. then a group and at one point, he created the largest storm in american history. the category five storm. as it was heading north, to pensacola where, the year before, we had hurricane ivan, a category three storm that devastated pensacola, we mobilized 500 people who were heading west. then the storm further to the west, craig, the director of
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fema, the best choice that barack obama has made of any of his appointments was craig fugate, called me up and said what do we do? the storm will hit mississippi. i said, keep going. we will figure it out later. the rules did not allow us to do this, but we went and we were the first responders to save people's lives. we were the ones who. the emergency rooms out of nothing. we were the ones who are the police officers, the city managers. we were all in. 23 -- excuse me, 2300 volunteers over the next two months were in southern mississippi taking care of mississippians. we ended up getting reimbursed $143 million. i did not ask what the rules were. i did what was right. that is the kind of leadership we now need in washington, d.c. i don't know about you, but i am tired of politicians that blame their predecessors. i have a personal feeling about this, just having watched it for a while. my pledge to you -- when i am president of the united states, i will not blame barack obama
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for a civil thing. the day i am's into office, it is on my watch. whatever it is. [applause] is, a story iny the world where strength is measured by the volume of your voice these days or how profane you can be or how you insult somebody, this is the story of real strength. it is the story of a leader that listens first and learned along the way. what i learned in my life experience is the greatest insights i get are when i am not talking. when i am listening. decided, as a governor, that i would create a system where i could listen to people. there is a lot of discussion about e-mail these days., jeff third r three and 30,000 e-mails or you can go get them if you want. it is all of the interactions between constituents and me. some of them let me have it.
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some were not happy with her governor at the time. others were asking me for all sorts of things. a lady in delray beach that send me an e-mail saying there is a -- a varmint in my attic. what are you going to do about it? -- iext morning, i said sent her anymore saying i am on it. the next morning, i called the city manager of delray beach and said there is a varmint in this ladies attic. what are you going to do about it? [laughter] by 3:00, the animal control folks were out. small things like that. it is important to realize if you don't have a human context around the stuff, it doesn't matter. if you don't have a servant's heart, it doesn't matter. it is not about the people that we elect. it is about the people they are there to serve. i set up an elaborate system to make sure that i constantly was listening to people. i met, through the internet, thousands of people. life wasn't working more -- well
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for them. they had an interaction with the courts that wasn't right. or the child welfare system wasn't broken. it allowed me to understand that people didn't think that everything was going right. it wasn't. i will never forget getting e-mails from women who were not getting court ordered child support payments. i have more of those -- it was just -- it was mindnumbing, the number of people, mostly men, who abandon their commitments to their children. i ended up creating a concierge service inside the department of revenue. a woman named karen was in charge of it. she pounded these guys into submission. she would chase them down all around the country. it could have been a great reality tv show. [laughter] i admired herself much. we kept passing them the results. more importantly, by listening to these women who weren't getting this court-ordered support, i learned that our system was completely broken. apart from having a concierge service, more importantly, we
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transformed our system of child support by using technology better. by changing the laws. by creating more penalties for men who could have paid but didn't. the net result was because i took the time to listen, first. then, using my business experience, developed a strategy to implement a different approach. we increased child support in my eight years by 90%. i hope you want a president who actually accept responsibility and accountability, but also has the skills to takes the mess that exists. think about all of the message that exist. confidentialect information apparently anymore. the office of personnel management has an inspector general report that said that the chinese are some -- or someone could hack into the firewalls because they are not strong enough. lo and behold, they have already done it. 23 million files in the hands of the chinese communist right now because we are so inept and nobody accepted personal responsibly for the mess. how about the department of veterans affairs?
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three or 40,000 employees. have increased spending. it is not a question of spending. there are shortages of nurses, clinicians, doctors. investors have to wait and wait and wait. in fact, $140 million of bonuses one out. to the department of -- to the department's management. it went out for bonuses for all sorts of things including reducing weightless which is a good thing except the veterans didn't get care. people died. only three people have been fired. i won't blame the dog eating my homework on this one. when i am there, we will change it. we will fix it. i know how to do it. a leader has to accept personal responsibility and then build a strategy and make sure that everybody is held to account. i did that as governor of florida and i hope you want someone who is focused like a laser beam on the mass in washington, d.c.. we change the culture and when we do, it will create an environment where we connection restart solving the bigger homes of taxation and regulation and
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the mess that exists that is holding people back. of third story is a story having -- finding ways to get to yes. finding ways to get to yes. when i was governor of the state of florida, i had chance to do that and also to different ways. my first impulse was to find the -- i did this at a school three months ago. people looked at me like, who is next in? -- nixon and what does he have to do with china? you folks know what nick and china moments are about. it is where you find a way to get people to think differently. basically, in washington, we have two armed camps. the red cap and the blue camp. they don't talk to each other. there is no personal trust, no friendships. no assumptions that someone that might not agree with you might just be wrong. they might not the bad. in fact, the whole game now is
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played where you demonize people that disagree with you rather than respectfully say have you thought about it in a different way? even when there are wins, the first step that we need to get back to where even when people agree, they don't agree. this is ridiculous. this country is much better than this. we need a leader who focuses on accepting personal responsibility, having a servant's heart, but also, having the creativity of leadership to solve problems again. country areis deserving of far better than what they are getting today. i have laid out all sorts of plans, detailed plans. they don't resonate in the world where insults get along. you do better in the world that these guys cover when you are focused on the process. detailed plans require a leader that brings people on. congressmen's of this president have been obamacare, dodd frank, and the stimulus. where he is worked with congress. he would add a few things that
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he is done unilaterally through executive orders, for sure. those three things don't have a single republican vote. you cannot do this without a single vote from the other party. it never creates -- it never creates stability in our process. we have to figure out using the nixon to china moment, how we get back to fixing things. whatever it is. it could be addiction. which is a significant problem in this state. and across the country. first-hand i have experience of what it is like to be a mom and dad of a child who spiraled out of control because of her addictions and her challenges and in an a highly public way. i know about this personally and i know a lot of people are suffering. that is not a republican or democratic issue. there are ways to forge consensus on that. the next president better start working on it. our country is lighting behind. we don't deserve it. we are still the most extraordinary country on the face of the earth. my pledge to you is that i will
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use every ounce of leadership i have to forge consensus. it is not a sign of weakness to say i want to find common ground. it is not a sign of weakness to have the creativity to get others to get to yes. you don't violate your principles by doing this. i was a governor of a state, the most conservative minded governor, probably in the country the last 30 years. we eliminated affirmative action, replaced it with a leadership model that brought more african-americans and hispanic it to our universities. i created the first and the second and the third statewide voucher programs in the state. we privatized, if you will. we moved to a community-based model with a far better result. we led the nation in job growth. seven out of eight years. we were one of two states to go to aaa bond ratings. i am a conservative. we disrupted the old order. you can fire a government worker in florida. there is no lifetime protections of employment. during my time, we led the nation in job growth area 11%
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fewer workers in the state government where there are 13,000 fewer government workers. we can do these things. it is going to require leadership, not a talker. at the end of the day, put aside all of the records. there is going to be something that will happen. i don't know what it is. i hope you want someone who has a steady hand. who loves this country, who is focused on serving people. has the steadiness to stay the course when it is necessary. will inspire us to all try to be better, to be better, and to do better. and will keep us safe. that is my mission. i hope that you will consider supporting me tomorrow. the final thing i am -- i will say is how much i've enjoyed campaigning. for a while, i didn't want to show up in new hampshire because i didn't want any speculation about whether i was going to run or not because i didn't know if i was going to do it. since i have gotten here, i have been all in. i have enjoyed interacting with people -- they really love this
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country. they ask the right questions. they challenge the candidates. i'm a better person and better candidate because of the near hundred events that i have done. i appreciate the fact that you all have created the first in the nation primary in a way that does challenge of us all. i am humbly asking for your support on tuesday and i will not a you down. thank you all very much. [applause] >> we will take question from members of the rotary club of -- club of nashua. >> the ideal situation would be to overturn the supreme court ruling that allows for unregulated money independent and regulated money for the
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campaign. i would turn it on its head if i could. i think campaigns ought to be personally accountable and responsible for the money they receive area i don't think we need to restrict it. voters will have the ability to say i am not voting for you. but the key is total transparency about the amount of money, and who gets it. and happened with 48 hour turnaround. that would be in the upper real thing. that appropriate thing. candidate would be accountable to the voters. ruling makesourt that temporarily impossible. it will require an amendment to the constitution. there is a growing sense that we need to amend the constitution. there is a growing sense, because of the lack of the balanced budget. powere of giving back the as well.tem veto power i would support term limits. florida has term limits, and it
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works really well. you have young, dynamic people that emerge. we'll was speaker of the house for two years when he was in his early 30's. there was a few good figures, but no one is good as him. he would have never been speaker in we had not had term limits. he would be a backbencher in some states where they do not have any change. he would be a backbencher in the congress. the possibility of a state driven convention process is growing. i would encourage it. forcing the government to do what federal government have to do to balance the budget. giving the executive to use line item veto power to bring discipline is a good idea. that is the third possibility. the fourth possibility could be overturning the supreme court decision and creating greater transparency for how you raise money at how you spend it.
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yes? and i doing this, or you. .> i am caret [laughter] >> good judgment. >> here we are having to grapple with the mandate once again. do you have any ideas to deal with that issue >? do you know what you're position would be on the underfunded federal mandate? makes my head explode when you bring up the subject, because almost every one of the mandates is underfunded. washington does not change, we have a 20th century set of rules on top of a 21st-century world. say,pportunity here is to if we weren't doing it this way,
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how would we do it. another sign of leadership, to force a conversation to take place. whatu get comfortable with you have, it gets pretty ugly pretty quick. do you think we would organize how we educate children went 13,174 government run, highly politicized, unionized childrens by the means learn? as an care was designed inducement to higher gis, so there was a deduction and health care for companies, but not one for individuals. you had this big dislocation that is now growing. one of the great opportunities is to say how do we create the environment where you can to start over again, and renew these important programs? to do it is to shift power back to the states. i have laid out plans on medicaid. on transportation. on education.
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in florida we have the largest universal pre-camp program. it is a voluntary program for four-year-old. 80% of kids go to literacy-based as for your old. we have the highest gains for little kids in reading. we have 22 programs with all sorts of rules on top of it. 44 programs, $22 billion. an earlyuman to create literacy program, take the money, no rules, go do it. we just want better outcomes. transportation, epa should delegate authority back to the states as it relates to managing water and air, making sure that the outcomes are there, so you're serious about this. that would save billions of dollars can be the best means by which to deal with these unfunded mandates. if you allow states to create it, nobody can be complaining. i will be a 10th amendment president.
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our bill of rights as a package deal. you like the first, then you have to go along with the fourth and the second and all the others too. if you are parked on the street coming in the country yourthen you need to move car immediately. last question. >> governor -- [indiscernible] graduate -- governor bush: congratulations. >> i'm asking not only as a citizen, but as a mom.
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what you going to do to give our military the schooling that they need? governor bush: great question. it is one that has been at the core of my campaign, to be honest with you. i had a chance to give a speech at the syntel, which is a phenomenal school and charleston, s.c., where i laid to end theategy sequester notice disproportionately hitting the military. long-rangeonger planning and the department of defense. they are using contingency money to fill the gaps. there is no strategic planning over the long haul. rebuilding the army, one of the challenges of someone who is , ast ready to enlist
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officer you will know this, is that the claimants are too long. are reservist or a guard member or enlisted, the deployments are too long. it was real strain on family life, because as we cut military, the missions still exist. the support and training subsides, the equipment gets older, but the missions still exist. we are putting people in harm an extended length of time. belding marines back up to where they were, and the army back up to four to 90,000 troops is the first step. secondly, we need major procurement reform. we have airplanes that are older than the pilot. the b-52 was inaugurated during harry truman's time. you are talking about their grandparents. we are not modernizing the equipment necessary to fight fiercely anti-fight in a way that protects the troops. that has to happen as well. trump, one of the great
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moments of the debate, was asked about the nuclear triad. he had no clue what he was talking about. it was obvious beyond belief. that is scary, because we need to modernize that capability. across the spectrum, we need to rebuild the military. then we need to have a commander-in-chief that will not impose political considerations on top of department of defense. reform and modernization, we are to have the backs of the military. the commander-in-chief should not try to politicize. when i'm president, i will have the backs of the military, and i will ask her options. -- for options. you are there to provide support necessary the support to achieve the mission. we need to be strategic about when we use force. it cannot be at the top of the hat, but it cannot be never.
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there has to be some feeling that the united states will act in its security interest. there is some doubt about that. we talk a good game, but we don't back it up. if you're looking for someone , whos less fo verbose will talk about russia being origina -- a regional power, and allow you great to be invaded, and talk about isis as the jv team, that is not good. allies,to back up our and have our enemies fear a second. the greatest victory would be that your son is in service to his country, which he will be an extraordinary officer, that he is never engaged in that battle. that would be the ultimate measurement of success. not because we cut and run, but because we were so strong and sure of america's leadership in the world, that others feared us what it was appropriate to fear
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us, and our friends knew that we had their back. we have to get back to that. it is called peace through strength, and it is not a cliché. it used to be the bipartisan consensus in this country. i hope we get back to that. finally, the best way to assure you have the support of the troops outside of the military context is to reform the department of veterans affairs. it is unconscionable that we have allowed that to run down. the best way to start the process of reform, besides firing incompetent people is to give veterans choice cards. so they can go to their private doctor or their private clinic, or a hospital here instead of having to go down to boston. in these townhall meetings i have heard so many stories of people that are just doing the runaround, including two days ago, in bedford. people, this woman said i have a complicated story. here, i got a
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bill eight years after he had a thandure for $2000 more what we paid before. and shortly thereafter, they get a death certificate. her dad, according to the veterans affairs, is dead. he was there. [laughter] the benefits outside of their department of veterans affairs get cut off. but the benefits inside the department of veterans affairs continue. is one nightmare after another. it took the nine months to fix it. this is a real story here in new hampshire. i can promise you the best way to show respect outside of rebuilding our military, is to fix that mess as fast as i can. [applause] that is it? thank you.
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they're kicking me out the door. they're kicking out the door. >> thank you very much for joining us today. i believe your schedule has a hard stop. one millionre than rotarians around the globe, and we all share four test but guide our daily interaction with each other, with our friends, with our coworkers. this club has added a fifth test. before you run, i would invite you to join us. i will gavel the meeting closed afterwards, and i will ask rotarians to stay on so we can conduct a little bit of business. as rotarians and members of this club, there are five things we keep in mind. is it the truth, is it fair to doesoncerned, willis bound willis build goodwill and projects, will it be beneficial to all concerned, and will it be fun? [applause]
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>> here on c-span, 1:30 p.m. eastern time, donald trump will be speaking at the lions club in londonderry, new hampshire. and then later, 6:00 p.m. betern, bernie sanders will interim\ durham. >> at the new hampshire institute of politics. whos run by three students are just didn't politics -- you
12:45 pm
are interested in politics. why you interested in politics, especially this season? >> i was always interested in politics. when i was younger my mom brought her -- brought me into the polling booth caught with her. >> what are you looking forward to in this primary? >> how the voters are going to go, especially in new hampshire. i am not from the area, i'm from new york. it will be interesting, because new york is such a blue state, and no hazard can be purple. it can go either way. >> what is the most important thing for you in this primary? retail politics can be getting to see the politicians can actually be that, and interview them myself. >> why is that important? >> the media plays an important role in politics, usually. they can spin certain statements one way or the other.
12:46 pm
in new hampshire you get the ability to see the candidates and make sure you are getting the real word. liket's talk about who you so far in this process. do you have a candidate? >> i don't have a candidate yet. i like>> i do not yet it i liken kasich. any of the three governors. orn kasich, chris christie, bush. i am a fan of establishment moderates. >> i publicly endorsed government -- governor christie. an intern on his campaign. the work he has done in new jersey has been phenomenal. new jersey is such a blue state. he is a great governor. have known the effects of hurricane sandy firsthand. if we had the work done on one eye mint and new york -- long island in new york that he did in new jersey, my family would be better off. >> i feel it we are all looking at the same candidates.
12:47 pm
i like jeb bush and chris christie. -- likedways like bush bush because he has the most commander to be the in chief. i also like chris christie because of his tell it as it is attitude. he will say what he believes. if you agree, that is great and he wants you to, that he will not change his view based on what you want. you have to tell someone why you support republican candidates, what would you say? .> we like freedom and liberty we are against government regulations. i'm in favor of having people have the power to make their own choices. >> same question. >> my parents raised me as a republican. i was born into it. just the ideals that surrounded. family values. >> we have had eight years of
12:48 pm
democrat and i am tired of it. >> three of the democrats on their view of campaign 2016. >> at the new hampshire institute of politics joined by students. here to talk about 2016, you are? >> a junior politics major. >> a double major in policy and philosophy, a senior in the president of the college democrats. >> a senior biology major and the treasurer of the college. >> what is most important for you? >> choosing a candidate who will lift up the middle class. i feel like the trickle-down economics has partly failed. policies isalist one thing we can do to fix that. >> i would have to say -- it is hard to choose one topic. i would definitely say -- >> why? thatdon't feel i know
12:49 pm
minorities, especially african-americans and latinos, are created -- are treated differently in the criminal system then white folks. the most important issue for me is income inequality, racial injustice and police are tallied the as it up next the african-american community. >> we had to candidates, who do you like? >> bernie sanders. i think he has remained true to his issues and been an advocate for communities of color. >> have you made a choice? >> i am and undecided voter. it is difficult because i feel there are -- i feel i am blessed that there are two democrats that i appreciate so much running. i enjoyed seeing hillary become more open and more accessible to voters over the past few months and i respect her, but i also agree with a lot of what bernie sanders says. >> how close are you to making the choice? >> probably the next couple of days. >> how about you? >> senator sanders.
12:50 pm
he embodies most of what i believe personally and the senator sanders you have seen in years past is almost identical to the men now, and he is not taking money from big super pac's or wall street. >> what about activity? do you plan to be active? >> absolutely. i will be busting at any and all of my friends on campus. >> i have argued been very active. it is not about there being the cutoff point, i have been active since i was a freshman. >> when you find yourself active in this campaign? >> growing up in new hampshire, it is hard not to be act. i will try to increase my activity lead primary and general. activity leading into the primary and general. to being in new hampshire. >> say it is a democrat who gets to the white house, what is that
12:51 pm
person's main goal? >> as a college student, i think college debt is important. i will be put a lot of that and i want a president that will be focused in recognizing that you and people are the future and we should be invested in them. earlier, criminal justice support. >> someone who could close the income gap. >> those are three c-span, 1:30 p.m. eastern time, we will be hearing from donald trump. he will be in the lions club in londonderry, new hampshire. p.m., we will00 hear from bernie sanders. we will have that right here on c-span. carly fiorina held her first campaign stop of the day and blanks ice cream in manchester. she kicked off the last day of campaigning before the new hampshire primary tomorrow.
12:52 pm
to be with carly fiorina. how about you? when you think about the way she has been running her campaign? [applause] somebody asked me yesterday morning, when we read an event, and they said who do you think was the winner of the day on saturday night? carly fiorina. [applause] from what you have seen on tv. some of you have met her before. this is the time when everybody is making the final decision. i ask you, as state chairman for carly, please leave your today
12:53 pm
and spent four hours calling your friends, speaking to your family members, urging voters to come out and vote for carly. we picked presidents, not abc news or anyone else. [applause] i am proud to be with carly because she is a principled, passionate, and positive conservative leader for this country. he has a plan to take our country back. you will have a chance to hear that plans morning and ask her questions. then we can go on from here and bring everybody else to the polling places tomorrow, to make sure that they vote for carly. thank you for being here this morning. to now i would like introduce you to the next president of the united states, carly fiorina. [applause]
12:54 pm
>> thank you so much. theiro proud to have support for this campaign. i do believe all of us are known by the company we keep. i'm proud to be known by the marilyn, betty, stalwart supporters from the beginning. i am so much great support here in new hampshire. of course, the most important supporter of carly fiorina, my husband, frank. [applause] i have been saying, since i launched my campaign for the presidency on may 4 of 2015, i have been saying the game israel. the game is ready. -- rigged. the game is rigged against us.
12:55 pm
despite the fact that somebody in the media and the political establishment have fought to keep me out of this race, you have kept me in it. i launched my campaign on may 4 of last year, less than 4% of new hampshire voters had ever heard my name. the pundits all wrote me off, the polls were not even ask for my name. in ice you showed up, cream parlors, dining rooms, and living rooms. and here we are, eight have gone, we are left with a candidates. the fact that anybody but currently do not want me on that today's date despite thatt, maximize actually beat in a couple of the governors on that stage, and i'm tied with jeb bush in delegates. but the game is rigged. what has been going on for way too long is people in new york and washington, that is where
12:56 pm
they always are, people in new york and washington think they know better than you. they thought they knew better than you for a long time. they decided you do not need to hear from everybody. you know as well as i do that a lot of people wish new hampshire did not have the first in the nation primary status. i have watched in admiration as i have seen you do your job, month after month, event after event show up. i have had candidates come up to and i see you exercising your responsibility as citizens. you, send me on out of here with the wind at my back, and we will go all the way. we have the funding, the support
12:57 pm
to go all the way. abc does not take residence, new hampshire picked presidents. with theut of here wind at my back, and pick a president. [applause] minogue, this place has been, this nation has a place of enormous possibility for me. lived and traveled and worked all over the world i am keenly aware that it is only in this nation that a young woman can start out the way i did. i typed, i filed, a entered the phones -- answered the phones for a real estate firm at the end of the depression. that only in this nation that woman can become the president of the chief technology company in the world,
12:58 pm
and then become president. it is also true that i have been told throughout much of my life to sit down and be quiet don't rock the boat, don't challenge the system. just settle for the way things are. there are people who told me saturday night sits down and be quiet. don't challenge the system. i am running because the american people are being told that same thing. sit downing told to and be quiet about our god, about our guns, but the horrors of the abortion industry. being told to just settle for a nation now where record work,s of and are out of record numbers of women are in poverty. people do not know the american dream even exist anymore. has stagnated for 40 years, despite the promises of all the politicians.
12:59 pm
meanwhile, the rich get richer. more powerful, the well-connected get better connected. a are being asked to accept system of government and politics that does not work for us anymore. the government has grown so huge, so bloated. it has gotten bigger every year for 50 years. and yet it is more inept, and more corrupt than ever before. it is completely incompetent, and everything. take your example. my favorite is the most recent one. the department of homeland security cannot keep track of who has overstayed a visa. that theydmit to us were given money 12 years ago, and a mandate to fix it. 12 years later there is no money, there is no system, and they are in the planning phase. or we could talk about the da. -- v.a.
1:00 pm
how long have you been hearing about that from politicians? and what we know is that 3 . we can't accept this anymore, folks. how often have you heard the same thing in a presidential cycle? you hear it every time. you're sophisticated consumers of politics. every year politicians recycle and every time politicians roll through new hampshire and how often have you heard the same things, we're going to secure the border, we're going to reform the v.a., we're going to reform the tax code, we're going to reform social security. we're finally going to get a handle on our debt and deficit. have we ever done any of that? no. we have not. it's just talk. i'm running for the presidency of the united states, ladies and gentlemen, because i think we're at a pivotal point. i truly do. whereas citizens, we need to
1:01 pm
remember who we are and what our republic was intended to be. ours was intended to be a citizen government. as citizens, we were intended to have the power. but we don't have that power anymore. and we don't have control over the money anymore. so i'm going to ask you, do not sit down and be quiet. i never will. do not settle for a system that doesn't work for you anymore. don't accept this system that is operating against the interests of the people of new hampshire and against the interests of the citizens of this nation. stand with me. fight with me. vote for me. a vote for me is a vote for you citizens. we have to take our country back now. [applause] >> you know, politicians talk
1:02 pm
and give pretty speeches. i'm used to being held accountable. you know how you go from secretary to c.e.o.? you produce results. over and over and over. you solve problems and produce results. so i have written down my plan to take our country back. it's called the blueprint to take our country back. you have it in fron of you. i've written it down because i want you to know what to hold me accountable for. maybe you don't have it in front of you. but anyway, you'll have it when you walk out. it's in there. it's in there. the point is i've written it down because i don't want there to be any confusion about what my plan is. and you're going to help me get that plan done. it's the six things we have to do. it's not the only things we have to do but is the first and most important things we have to do to take our country back. it involves actually really reforming the tax code and getting control of the money and repealing obamacare and restoring the character of our nation. actually securing the border
1:03 pm
and having a pro american imbration system and leading again in the world and defeating our adversaries. we can do all this and i hope you'll ask me specific questions about it but the point is this, i want to be held accountable. i don't want there to be confusion about what i'm promising you i'm going to deliver. i want you to know so that when i come back here in a couple years because we've got to get it done in the first term, we can talk about how we're doing. we can solve our problems, phones. we can heal our wounds. most of them will yield to leadership, citizenship, common sense and good judgment. but we have to start, of course, by winning. we actually got to win in november, right? so ask yourself what it takes to win. we can't have someone who divides our party. we can't have someone who divides our nation. and this blueprint will be supported by the majority of the nation. you know why? because 80% of us now believe we have a professional political clash of both parties
1:04 pm
that cares more about their own ambition and power than about getting anything done. 80% of us have now figured out the federal government is corrupt. so what do those numbers tell you? 80% means it's everybody. it's republicans, democrats, independents, young, old, men, women, we have found common ground. the system is rigged. now, you may not have decided who you'll vote for. i hope you will. i hope you'll leave here knowing. by the way, if you're still uncertain, you need to talk to frank. he is the closer. he's also italian. what can i say. but the point is, even if you haven't made up your mind yet, you know in your heart of hearts you cannot wait to see me debate hillary clinton. you know you can't wait. and you can't wait because you know what's going to happen.
1:05 pm
i'm going to win. you know i'm the best gator on the stage. and you also know -- debater on the stage. and you also know there's been no mom more fearless in taking her in, calling her a liar, a woman who lacks accomplishment and cannot be president of the united states. but despite the fact that, you know, we have the super bowl last night, honestly, politics is covered like a sport. it is. it's covered like a game. who is up, who is down? you know in your bones this is not a game. this is not a sport. you know these are serious and pivotal times. you feel it. we all do. if we don't make the right choices now, our future is not what we want it to be. and so i want you to think very carefully now, not just about what it takes or who it takes to win, but what it takes and who it takes to do the job. because the job actually needs doing now. i think we need a president who
1:06 pm
actually has created a job, saved a job, protected a job, someone who knows how the economy works. i think we need a president who knows how the world works. i have more foreign policy experience than anyone running. i've met more world leaders than anyone with the possible exception of hillary clinton but i don't do photo-ops with these people. i had private meetings on business or charity or policy. i've done so for decades. i've held the highest clearances available to a civilian. i've chaired the advisory board at the c.i.a., n.s.a., advised two secretaries of defense, a secretary of state and a secretary of homeland security. i know our military capabilities. i know our intelligence capabilities. that i know, i know that when this nation does not lead, when we do not stand with our allies, when we do not respond to our adversaries, the world gets to be a very dangerous place. as commander in chief, i will lead.
1:07 pm
[applause] carly: a president better understand bureaucracies because a bureaucracy is what our government has become. it's gigantic, bloated, incompetent and corrupt. and we better have somebody who knows how to cut it down to size and hold it accountable. our president needs to understand technology. technology is a really important thing, ladies and gentlemen. it's the 21st century and i'm going to use technology as a tool to reengage you in the process of your government, which is where you must be engaged. but i also understand that technology is being used as a weapon. it is a weapon being waged against us by our enemies. and we're losing the war in cyberspace and we cannot lose that war and need a president who knows what to do about it. but finally i'll close with this. we need someone who understands what leadership is. look, a leader has to make a tough call. in a tough time. and stand up and be held to
1:08 pm
account. and we have a couple guys running for president who have never made a tough call. a tough vote is not a tough call. leading means you challenge the system. it's the only way you solve festering problems. you've got to challenge the system. and frankly, everyone else running is the system. they're part of the system. they're never going to change it. but the most important thing of leadership, about leadership, is what it actually is. leadership is not about the size of your office or even the shape of your office. it's not about your title. it's not about your ego. a leader serves. a leader is a servant. the highest calling of a leader is to unlock potential in others, my highest calling is to restore citizen government to this great nation so citizens, people of new hampshire stand with me, fight
1:09 pm
with me. join me. vote for me. it is time. citizens, we must take our country back. [applause] carly: yes, sir, in the red new hampshire shirt. >> you've been the most articulate pro-life candidate we've ever seen and i want to thank you for that. carly: thank you. vote for me. come on. you want a voice to restore the character of our nation and stand for life. vote for me. >> have you been disheartened the last week seeing some of the campaigns starting to tap over each other on exceptions and taking the focus away on the common ground you've focused on? carly: i can't speak for any other campaign but i'll tell you what, i don't think you saw much of america on that debate stage saturday night. what you saw was a big fight
1:10 pm
between a bunch of politicians, about who is on top. and that's the problem. that's the problem. and to your very specific point, the american people actually have found common ground. the most extreme person on the world on the subject of abortion is hillary clinton, folks, because she believes it isn't a life until it's born. she is extreme because she accepts that a 13-year-old girl needs her mother's permission to go to a tanning salon but not to get an abortion. the american people have found common ground. partial-birth abortion, late-term abortion, altering abortion techniques so that body parts can be harvested. the american people are horrified by this. and i won't sit down and shut up about that either. ok? so let's go take the common ground, pass the pen capable on child protection act and i guarantee you there will be plenty of budgeting for a woman's health in the fiorina budget but not a dime for
1:11 pm
planned parenthood. [applause] >> carly, i so respect you as a woman being a leader, what do you have to say about madeleine albright's comments about a special place. carly: you know, as a woman, i am utterly insult and fed up with the left basically saying if you don't agree with us, you don't count. and that's what the left has been saying for way too long. if you don't agree with our litany of liberal causes, then you don't count. you know what my candidacy has been called by some of the left wing pro abortion groups? an offense to women. really? women are 53% of the vote. we're not a special interest group. we're the majority of the nation. and as a majority of the nation, we have every right as
1:12 pm
every man does. we have every right to think whatever we want, vote for whomever we choose, live the life that we want. that is what feminism should be about. so shame on madeleine albright and hillary clinton and all the rest of the left-wing libs. [applause] >> why do we pay to have our astronauts go to russia, $83 million when they closed down nasa which was an up-and-coming space center? i think mr. kennedy is turning over in his grave. carly: you know, ma'am, i really appreciate that question. disheartening ow it was -- this nation used to do big things and now we're sending our astronauts to russia? sorry, i don't care that donald trump has a bromance with vladimir putin. russia is our adversary. let's be really clear, folks. i know vladimir putin, i met him, russia is our adversary. but it's also disheartening but
1:13 pm
because this is a nation that used to do big things. you know when the challenger took its last flight and came in over washington, d.c., they had to make that circle three times because people were so eager to see it. and you know why people were eager to see it? because it's a symbol of what america used to be able to do. now, why is it that we spend endless amounts of money in washington and never have enough money to do big things. i think we ought to go back to the moon. by the way, i sat, served on president bush's commission on space. this nation has to lead in space because guess what? china's trying to. russia is trying to. japan is trying to. we can't leave space to others. we have to lead. that's our job is to lead. but why is it that this government spends more money each and every year and never has enough money? this is core to what we have to do to take our country back and it's core to my blueprint. so ask yourself this question, how is it possible that the government spends more money each and every year and never has enough money?
1:14 pm
see, the government has spent more of your money every year for 50 years. and yet no matter how much money we give them, the answer always is what? we need more money. we can't go to the moon. we need more money. we can't secure the border, we need more money. we can't care for our veterans, we need more money. how is that possible? it has to do with how they budget and how they budgeted for a long time. see, for a you're a government agency and you get a budget, you now own that budget. no one ever gets to take that money away from you so you spend every time every year and then you go to congress and you ask for more. it's called baseline budgeting. whatever you spend, you just get more. and we don't have any control over it. now, ask yourself this question, how do you budget. how do we all budget except for the government? we all budget the same way. we examine every dollar. we can cut any dollar. we can move any dollar. this is how we all figure out a
1:15 pm
way to spend less when we have to and yet still invest in our priorities, right? it's common sense and good judgment. you know what the fancy word for what i just described is? zero base budgeting. but it's common sense and good judgment and we have to get that done because we got to get control over the money so that we can say, you know what, investing in leadership in space is actually important and wasting all this money in the department of education is not important. so we're going to move money, cut money. now, bear with me here for just a moment, folks. there is not a politician on the trail today who is telling you that there's a bill for zero based budgeting bang wishing on the floor of the u.s. -- languishing on the floor of the u.s. house. it's just sitting there. no one is talking about it. why do you suppose they don't want you to know about it? because if we get the bill passed, we have control of the money. and once we have control of the money, then the system we can start to really challenge it. so i'm going to get that bill passed. it's part of the blueprint. and the way i'm going to get
1:16 pm
that passed is i'm going to ask your help. every week i'm going into the oval office. i will ask you to take out your smart phones. i know a lot of you have flip phones here. i know you do. i've seen them. i know you love them. but you might want to upgrade. but anyway, i'm going to ask you to take out your smart phones and i'm literally going to say, ladies and gentlemen, if you think that bill for zero based budgeting needs to get pass sod we can get control of your money, and it's your money, so we can invest in our priorities and cut spending where it's not helping us, press 1 for yes. and you see, ladies and gentlemen, technology is a powerful tool. we use it to do stupid things like vote people off islands and all the rest of it. i'm going to use it for important things, engaging you once again in the process of your government. we must take our country back. and technology is a tool that i will use to reengage you in the process of your government
1:17 pm
because that's how we take our country back. [applause] yes, sir, with the hat. >> how do we pay back $20 trillion? carly: there you go. here's the blueprint. all right. first two items on this blueprint, number one, what does it take to reduce debt and deficit? what does that take? we know the answer, folks. grow the economy, cut spending. grow the economy, cut spending. grow the economy, cut spending. that's it. that's what we have to do. i already talked about how we'll cut spending with zero based bugging, meaning the only way we can reduce control is get volume of the money. the only way to get control of the money is get zero based budgeting back. how do we grow the economy? there are many things we have to do. the first thing we have to do is to get a handle on this tax
1:18 pm
code which has now become $73 -- 73,000 pages long. now, why does that matter? i'll tell you why that matters. when i was the c.e.o. of a $90 billion company, i could hire armies of accountants and lawyers and lobbyists to figure out all those 73,000 pages. but the nine-person real estate firm i started out and cannot do that. and we are crushing them. we are destroying them. more of them every single day. we are destroying small and family owned businesses. why does that matter? because they create 2/3 of the new jobs in this country and they employ half the people. the reason we're not creating enough jobs anymore is because we're crushing the job creators. big companies are important. but guess what? big companies aren't the job creation engine of this nation. it's little companies.
1:19 pm
and they're getting destroyed. now, by the way, every politician out on the trail is going to tell you, you can't go to three pages. you can't do that. they're not telling you. there's a 20-year-old plan for a three-page tax code. it's been lying around for 20 years. the reason it's so important to hack through the complexity of this government is because complexity favors the big. complexity favors the wealthy. complexity favors the well-connected. the bigger and more complicated government becomes, the more true it is that the big get bigger and the powerful get more powerful and the well connected get better connected. and the small and the powerless get crushed. 73,000 pages has to go to three because you can't hide in three pages. and the big aren't favored over the small. you're going to help me get that 20-year-old plan for a three-page tax code passed. get out your smart phones, my
1:20 pm
fellow citizens. press 1 for yes over and over and over. by the way, how do i know pressure works? you have enormous power as citizens but we frequently don't use it. and by the way, don't let anyone take away your power tomorrow. go vote for who you think would make a great president, not who abc wants you to choose among. but when we don't use our power, we lose our power. and so bear with me here. i just want to tell you a story about your power. i talked about the shame, the sustain -- stain of the veterans administration but you actually flexed your muscles and made progress. remember when we learned about the veterans dying in arizona before they got an appointment and the bureaucrats cooking the books? you were so outraged as citizens, that you actually flexed your muscles and you flooded congress with pressure. and because of that pressure, this congress, this do-nothing
1:21 pm
congress, got a bill passed in three weeks. and it said you could fire the top 400 senior executives at the v.a. that's amazing. you can't fire anybody in government. you got that done. seriously, you got that done. you got a bill passed that said yeah, we can fire some people in government. and it sailed through the senate 99-0 and president obama signed it. that's a result of your power. that's why i know press 1 for yes is going to work. unfortunately, we all moved on. and the politicians promised a lot but did nothing. we know it's worse than we thought and nobody has gotten fired. two of the people who got fired are suing the government to get their job back. you know one of the things i'm going to do, honestly, is start firing people who are derelict in their duty, to spend a message that performance matters, even in the federal government. [applause] >> pleasure meeting you.
1:22 pm
carly: thanks for coming. >> i'm from ohio. i am certainly undecided and would like to meet as many candidates as i can. i think there are a million things wrong with this country, it's been going on for decades. but i think a lot of it would an moot point until we secure the borders. not only do we have to worry about the drug cartels coming up from mexico, now canada is going to be having 25,000 in refugees coming in. we already know that in states in the country will allow them there and some states are saying no. but if we can't secure mexico's border, how are we going to handle canada and now state borders so that these killers of freedom loving citizens of this country are going to get beheaded and killed and everything else? i believe that the united states the most important country. carly: i understand. to your point, ma'am, how long have we been talking about his?
1:23 pm
donald trump said he brought the issue up, he didn't. we have talked about it for 30 years. every election cycle we talked about it in 2012, 2008, 2004, we always talked about it. everybody rolls out here and promises you something. you know what's been missing? we know what it takes to secure a border. with all due respect it isn't rocket science. nations all over the world secure their border. you're right, a nation that cannot secure its border cannot protect its sovereignty. what does it take to secure a border? it takes money and manpower. gee, it would be helpful, for example, if the border patrol were not 11 miles of the border but actually on the border. it takes technology and fences and walls in some parts, probably not thousands and thousands of miles, but the truth is what it actually takes is a leader who is prepared to stand accountable and produce results. none of this stuff is rocket science, folks. but you can't be hoodwinked by people who promise you
1:24 pm
everything and deliver you nothing. and you can't be hoodwinked by someone who stands up with a lot of bravado and say he will make america great again but what he spent his whole life doing is playing the system. that's how he became a billionaire. you need a leader who will produce results. so yes, we must secure the border. we have to apply whatever money, manpower and technology is required to secure the borders. and the only way to get that done is to elect a leader who will stand up and say, i will deliver this result. and it is what i've done all my life. ladies and gentlemen, i'm going to close it up here so we can take questions and photos, whatever you'd like. let me just say to you if we have time, let me just say i have a little rule about photos. one photo, one vote for me. seems fair. i mean, it seems fair.
1:25 pm
people of new hampshire, i have come further than anyone expected. i have come further from further behind than anyone running and that's because the people of new hampshire have listened to me. so my fellow citizens, you know in your bones, we are at a pivotal point. stand with me. fight with me. join me. vote for me. because a vote for me is a vote for you citizens. the game is rigged. the system is fixed. we have to take our country back. god bless you. [applause]
1:26 pm
1:27 pm
carly: thank you. talk to everyone you know. thank you. vote for me. talk to everybody you know in new hampshire. >> thank you. carly: thank you. i hope you vote for me tomorrow. thank you. little traffic jam here. >> you run a great campaign. carly: thank you. i hope you'll vote for me. is that a yes? >> still undecided. but i'm very impressed. arly: come on. thank you. tell everyone you know in new hampshire. thank you.
1:28 pm
>> carly, can i get an autograph? carly: you voting for me tomorrow? >> i'm actually in dallas so march 1 is our primary. carly: i know you. all right.
1:29 pm
pray. vote. what was that, eat, pray, love? pray, vote. >> night to meet you. my daughter molly. a quick signature? carly: i hope you vote for me. >> we're out from california this morning. carly: thank you. thanks. >> will you take a picture with us? carly: yes, great. thanks for your hard work when it counts.
1:30 pm
carly: hi, claire. you guys voting for me? > we will. carly: turn around. tell everybody in new hampshire. > thank you.
1:31 pm
arly: i'll do my best. >> we got it. carly: all right, ladies, work hard for me. that's how it happens. >> she's going to wear a sticker from now on. carly: fight hard for me. >> your best supporters are over here and want to have a picture taken. carly: are you from new hampshire? >> we are. carly: you want to be in the picture, sir? >> i would. carly: rebecca can take it.
1:32 pm
ere we go. >> we couldn't hear you out there. arly: i'm sorry. >> i did hear you on saturday. hat a turnout today. carly: appreciate it. all right. >> one vote. carly: thank you. i'm very, very honored. >> thank for you answering my question. carly: you're welcome. give me your vote now. >> i am. >> would love to get a picture of you guys. carly: what the heck is that on your phone, kasich?
1:33 pm
>> we went to a kasich party. we ate his food. >> what about the 55% of undecided. carly: we're not taking questions. we need a fearless fighter in the white house. you got to vote for me now. that's the deal. >> can i have a picture with
1:34 pm
you? would that be all right? >> oh, thank you. >> all right, thank you. carly: you're welcome. >> you've got my vote tomorrow. carly: go fight for me. >> can you say hi? did you say hi? want to take a picture? carly: yes, let's have a picture. >> smile. >> thank you very much. good luck tomorrow. carly: go vote for me tomorrow. >> we'll see. carly: no, that's not the deal. one picture, one vote. > that's how it works? >> i just wanted to tell you, you're one spark. can you take our picture? carly: help me. talk to everybody you know here. >> i am. carly: i know you're not from here. >> we don't care nothing about ed cruz.
1:35 pm
carly: there you go. tell everybody you know. >> i live in d.c. carly: talk to everybody you know here. >> i was undecided until the ebate. >> i'll be at the polling place olding a sign. >> look at it. carly: wow, that's so cool. what's your name?
1:36 pm
>> camilla. carly: my granddaughter is named morgan and has glasses like you. what is your name? >> lillian. carly: turn around to your granddad or dad or whomever you are. >> he's a friend we met here. >> i wanted to see you as well. carly: well, thank you, girls. vote for me tomorrow. >> i'll try to get my husband to. is it ok? carly: don't get lost. >> very nice to meet you and i was very moved by what you said. carly: vote for me. >> i will. good luck. carly: don't forget. >> i won't. >> can i take a uick picture? carly: are you rooting for me? >> i am rooting for you. carly: thank you. >> good luck.
1:37 pm
carly: how are you? >> so nice to meet you. i wish you all the best. you've been wonderful. carly: vote for me tomorrow. >> i will. carly: talk to everybody you know. >> we are putting it all over social media. good luck to you. i want to see new the white house. carly: yes, ma'am. you work hard for me. >> go get 'em. best debater we've ever had. carly: help me tomorrow. >> carly, good luck tomorrow. you run a great campaign and it's a pleasure to meet you, i tell you. carly: thank you. help me. i know you have been. keep going. run through the paces tomorrow night. you've got to keep talking. you're a gift to us and god. all right. you want a picture? may end up having to turn towards him. >> thank you very much. carly: help me. i know you are. keep doing it. >> can i get one? carly: are you going to vote
1:38 pm
for me? >> yes. >> women support. >> you know what madeleine albright said. so come on now. >> nice to meet you. >> we're from san diego. we have supported you when you ran for senator of california. > here we are. >> god blegs you. >> god bless you. carly: talk to everybody in new hampshire. >> nice to meet you, carly. ere we go. >> carly, we're going to try to get some distraction here.
1:39 pm
>> i am undecided. carly: you're not undecided. you're going to vote for me. >> can i get a picture of you with the kids? on the cell phone? >> ok, right here, guys. smile. ood. >> thank you so much. when your kids are this excited, you need to vote for me. > thanks, carly. carly: we'll be going against the tide. >> 9967. get behind the vote. >> the cell phone first. can you move in just a little bit.
1:40 pm
ok. good. > thank you. have you smile. >> one more for you. carly: thank you. congratulations on your recent graduation. not so recent anymore. > thank you. carly: hello, jake. how are you doing? >> great to see you. quick question for you. you're obviously the underdog here. what's your pitch? carly: the same pitch. i'm not a politician. a politician doesn't change. we have to take our country back. it is rigged. the game is stacked against the american people. we have to restore the citizen
1:41 pm
government and take our country back. reporter: are you going after the independents in new hampshire because obviously it's the biggest group here. carly: i'm going after all voters who have figured out that the game is rigged. 80% of us have figured out the federal government is corrupt. 80% of us know that there's a professional political class of both parties that cares more about the power and privilege more than getting anything done. reporter: best of luck on tuesday. we'll see you on the trail. >> a lot of people in this room said you're undecided, how do you feel about that? carly: this is why the polls are ridiculous and stupid to determine who is on a debate stage based on polls instead of votes. it's an example of the rigging of the game. you have all these people who haven't made up their minds yet. and yet think we can believe the polls. reporter: the clinton campaign is making charges of sexism. have you found that on your side? carly: that is the card hillary clinton always plays. i'm asking people to vote for me because i'm the most qualified to win this job and
1:42 pm
to do this job. i happen to be a woman. i'm very proud to be a woman. but people need to vote for me because i can do this job, because i'll whip hillary's you know what on the debate stage. >> best of luck. i am endorsing you. reporter: she's going after every vote she can get before the primary on tuesday. >> live now to londonderry, new hampshire, donald trump speaking at the lion's club there. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute]
1:43 pm
[captions copyright national cable satellite corp.2016] donald: will the snow have an effect? we can handle the snow. tomorrow will be something special. it's a very big day and will be a big day for the nation and will be a vote i think people, i think if i believe everything i'm reading, we'll do very well and we'll see. what do you think, we'll do well. make america great again. see that hat? from my guy. it will be very exciting. i want to thank al. i saw him all over television today. there's nobody that loves the vets more than al, right? and we're going to take care of the vets. we're going to take care of the vets. and al goes to the speeches of many of the candidates -- all of the candidates essentially. and he settled with trump because i know the issues and i really know the issue. and it seems like with the vets we almost have unanimous support because we know what to do and we know what -- they've
1:44 pm
been so poorly treated, they've been so badly treated so al, you're going to make sure i keep that perfectly, right? we'll have a lot of fun and take care of a lot of people. they are our greatest people and we're not taking care of them. we have illegal immigrants taken care of better than our vets. so it's going to be something. so we're going to stop in terms of trade and stop the craziness that's going on. we're going to stop so much in terms of purchasing. when our country purchases drugs -- we're the largest drug purchaser in the world. i'm talking prescription drugs, drugs to make you better. we barely even negotiate with the drug companies. the reason we don't negotiate the people i'm running against are all getting money from the drug companies. i'm the only one, i get no money from anybody. i feel a little bit like am i foolish? in fact i wonder, i'm self-funding my campaign. i wonder. i'm the only one on either side. and well -- [applause]
1:45 pm
donald: thank you. i often wondered does it make a difference because do people really know it? i think some people do but other people don't. they don't even know the difference. when woody johnson, as an example of johnson&johnson is self-funding a guy like jeb bush. he's not going anywhere. he's not a guy that can go anywhere. total stiff. ut here's a guy spent -- spent $110 million and he's just going nowhere. but woody johnson is the head of his campaign to raise money and woody johnson is johnson & johnson and we wonder why we don't negotiate with the drug companies. [inaudible] donald: he can't win a football game. he's a nice guy. woody is a friend of mine. he's a nice guy. but when you look at that and see what's happening, hundreds of millions of dollars in saving if we make up laws and if we do anything and negotiate. it's one out of many. you have defense contractors
1:46 pm
and this so much fact and budget and so much fat in the way we purchase it's going to be a thing of beauty. we'll do much better than what i'm saying, much better than even i've been saying. and so you know, one of the things with new hampshire, it amazes me because we've come through this idyllic setting with the trees and beautiful roads winding up to the hill where we are right now in this little area and i say wow, isn't this beautiful? and yet every time i'm with the folks from new hampshire, and i've been here long before the political stuff because i have a lot of friends, some in this room. i've been here long before the political stuff and i know new hampshire well and love the people. they really are amazing people. but i always hear -- thank you, honey. who says that. thank you. i know she's voting. thank you. but i've always heard, and it amazes me, heroin and the drug problem. and i don't see it with new hampshire. you know, you don't see it. but the people of new hampshire, the first question i always get is what are you
1:47 pm
going to do about the drug problem? so who is better than me on the border? the drugs are pouring in across the southern border for the most part, heroin and all sorts of drugs. i'm talking countrywide. but they are pouring, pouring, pouring through. i'm going to build a wall and you know that and i'm going to have mexico pay for the wall. and the reason they're going to pay -- and these other guys don't even understand. you know, six months ago they said what do you mean you're going to build a wall? you can't build a wall. well, the great wall of china is 13,000 miles. by the way, that's a serious wall, too. it's 13,000 miles. this wall is 2,000 of which we need 1,000 because we have a lot of natural barriers which are frankly great but we need about 1,000 miles. so china can do 13,000, 2,000 years ago and we can't do 1,000 today with brand-new caterpillar tractors? we don't use komatsu, ideally we're using caterpillar. so we'll have a great border. we'll have a real border and
1:48 pm
people can come into the country but they have to come in legally and go through the process. they have to come in legally and that border is very important. immigration is so important. when you look at isis, i don't know if you heard, before i got here there was a big attack in europe where they have many isis people in many countries attacking in germany, i just heard it two seconds ago. i actually was on a show and they interrupted me for this attack. i said wow, that's bad. and, you know, you've got to interrupt for an attack, it's an attack but it's pretty bad and it's isis, supposedly, it just happened two minutes ago on cnn. it's isis and it's a lot of people in europe. what are we doing? we can't do this anymore. they want to let these people come in and have no idea where they're from. the migration, i have a bigger heart than anybody but we have to be smart. we have no idea where they come from. it could be the great trojan horse. look what's going on in germany and sweden last week. sweden where there's going to
1:49 pm
be a revolution. who ever heard of this in sweden? it's never happened before. and they're having tremendous crime and problems. you know what, we have enough problems, folks. we can be nice. we'll get a safe zone. i will get the gulf states to pay for it. i don't want to pay for it. we owe $19 trillion like a business and you have a business you'll say the same thing, i don't want to pay for it, right? we made a deal with iran and gave them $150 billion. i would have said we don't have the money, sorry. sorry. we can't do it. we don't have the money. so we're not going to do it anymore. we're not going to do it anymore. we're not going to be the stupid people anymore. we're not going to have the stupid leaders anymore. we have the greatest business people in the world right here. we're going to have our great business leaders, carl icahn, one of the greats, he just endorsed me and other people are endorsing me. they all want it endorse me. but we'll have these great business leaders negotiate our deals with china and with japan. japan sends cars in here like it's candy, right?
1:50 pm
cars, cars by the millions, japan. we give them practically nothing. we've got to have balance. we've got to have fair trade. i'm a free trader, by the way, 100% but we've got to have fair trade and smart trade. we can't lose -- last year it was $505 billion with china, one country. ok. trade imbalance. we're losing a fortune. we can't do it. at some point we can't do it. and we don't have the right people negotiating. we have people, and as i said, they are political hacks. we have hacks negotiating. so we're going to have great borders. we're going to have strong borders and be careful with who we let into the country. we can't allow people that are going to cause trouble. we have enough problems without more trouble. so i came in when i announced on june 16, i went downstairs in trump towers like the academy award like these guys, like the press. just like the academy awards. i started talking about illegal immigration and everyone went crazy. and two weeks later, everybody
1:51 pm
started saying, you know, maybe trump has a point. and then four weeks later, and then four weeks later they are saying, ba-ba-bah. and they started coming to me and saying we're as tough as them. you're not. in fact, sheriff joe from arizona endorsed me last week, sarah palin endorsed me, when sheriff joe endorses you, you have the toughest on immigration. but what is funny and i laugh because even during the debate somebody said, but over the last week or so, i've been hearing -- and we're going to build a wall. i said whoa. and my wife said it to me last week. she heard -- i won't mention the name of the person, nice guy. but he was talking about we will build a wall at the border and my wife said darling, did he just say he's going to build a wall? first time we've heard that. so look, these are politicians. i heard this jeb bush who is a total lightweight. i heard him say before, yes,
1:52 pm
marco rubio is a very, very good friend of mine. i said he's not a friend of yours. he's not a friend. he hates him. why does he have to say he's a friend of mine. he just said it on wolf blitzer. marco is a friend of mine. he's a dear friend. this is political stuff, folks. we've got to get out of it. we've got to get out of it. not friend, you know. and they lie so much. it's incredible. we have to get away from these politicians and we have to bring sanity to this country. and the nice part about me is that because i'm not being taken care of by the oil companies and by the drug companies, and by all of the other companies and by countries, by countries, because you have not only companies, you have companies and countries that have lobbyists. and that debate the other night, which everybody did say i won but i won't say that, you know in the -- "time" magazine did a poll. now i have zero influence over
1:53 pm
"time" magazine. they did a poll, almost 70% said i won the debate. and i think next was 6% or 7%. so that was pretty good. but no, i love doing it. but i listened to the whole thing and then i had to point out to the audience, the crowd was all donors. in fact, i needed some tickets so we called the r.n.c. and they said oh, i'm sorry, we don't have any, they were all bought up by the donors. they actually mean the special interests and lobbyists and don't want to say that. i said with a do you mean? that's not fair to me. i'm the only one who doesn't have any donors. that mean the room was stacked. so i had 1,000 people in the room, most of whom were donors to these other guys and people would say something that was, like, you know, nothing and you'd hear clapping. that's because they're desperate to have these people elected. t was sort of funny. i had to point it out. who else would point it out.
1:54 pm
i said this room is stacked with donors. i wanted to do it because if i won the debate and i think i did. i foe the points like anybody else but i won the debate but when somebody else says things that are really bad and get applause, they're only getting applause because these people have total control over your local politician and over your federal politician, over your national politicians and i will tell you, we're going to change it around. we're going to change it around. so, you know, we have a big day coming up tomorrow. it's really important it. so i don't want your money. a lot of these guys come in and ask for money. can you believe it? i don't want any money. i don't need money. i built a great company, one of the great companies. i have some of the greatest assets in the world. very little debt. i don't need that. the only reason i mention that is because that's the kind of thinking we need in the country. enough with these stupid people. that's the kind of thinking we need in the country. i wouldn't mention that. you know, it takes guts to run for president. it does. i told you this when i was coming down the escalator and took a deep breath and said to my wife, let's go.
1:55 pm
but i took a deep, deep breath because it does, i've never done something like this before and i'm enjoying it. but we have to bring saturday -- i'm not doing it because of that because i can think of other things, as much as i love you people, i can be on a beach some place that's not so bad. we could be some place else. the fact is i love the end result, what's going to be. we're going to have a phenomenal strong, powerful, rich country again. [applause] donald: one woman came up to me, a wonderful woman, she said you know, mr. trump, i'm supporting you and really like you but i don't like one thing. you say you're going to make our country rich. i say, you know, i can't help it if we don't make it rich, i see that path. if we don't make it rich we can't make it great. we need money. we're no different than a person, we're no different than a company. we have to be rich. and we can be rich. we're being drained by all
1:56 pm
these devaluations and these other countries that are run by smarter people than our people, to put it mildly. they are smarter people and also don't have the same influence. we're influenced by all of the money. when you see these pacts and a guy like jeb who is a very average guy or less than an average guy having all of this money where they give him $128 million to waste and then he takes ads against me -- i think he spent $25 million on negative ads on me and my poll numbers went up. no, it's incredible. then you see him on television, he wants to raise taxes. he doesn't like the second amendment. all the things that i say, exactly the opposite. i'm doing the biggest tax cut -- in fact i talked to larry kudlow, the great economist and he says he is doing the biggest tax cut. but then i have a politician, this guy on television saying that i want to raise taxes and i want to -- i don't like the second amendment. i'm the strongest -- you've heard me talk. i'm the strongest person on the second amendment that exists of
1:57 pm
these candidates, not even close. so when you hear a guy talking about he wants to do harm to the second amendment, i just hope people don't believe these things. these are lying people. these are lying, bad people. so we are going to do something that's going to be spectacular. and you're going to be there and this is a very special group of people and why i wanted to do a do-over. believe it or not i couldn't get the plane in and took heat for that because of the snow and now it shows again and i said there's no way i'm going to stand this. i said i don't care if i have to come through the yukon. there's no way. with that i think what we'll do is take a few questions so go ahead. anybody have any questions? eah, go ahead. you have a question? yeah.
1:58 pm
[inaudible question] donald: very powerful. >> first, mr. trump, thank you for visiting the great town of londonderry. donald: thank you. >> we have a lot of economic development going on in this town. probably more than any other town in new hampshire right now. but what will you do as a country to make us more economically competitive in the future? donald: we're going to bring our jobs back. you know, i passed some of the factories and some of the old factories, some empty and some with zonor citizen housing and the housing is great and all the senior citizen stuff but we need jobs, not just a place to stay. we need jobs. they used to be booming and now they're empty or they were converted into, in many cases, senior citizen housing. we need right now in this country, we need jobs. that's what we need. and the jobs have again. they've gone to mexico and for this area what's happened to you with mexico, with people that don't know what they're doing with trade agreements,
1:59 pm
it's incredible. i'm going to bring the jobs back. and they'll come back here but will come back all over the country. it's important. we love the country. i want the automobile industry to come. let them come back in michigan. ford is building a $2.5 million plant in mexico. i talk about it all the time. it's ridiculous. they'll sell cars in this country but with no tax or nothing. what do we get out of it? what happens when ford is building this plant. $2.5 billion. you know how big this thing is? they'll make thousands and millions of cars and trucks and parts. how does it help us in mexico? how does it help us that they're going to make these cars and sell many of them into the united states? along with trucks and parts. where is it good for us? you know that they closed factories in the united states in order to do this. so i went to the wharton's school of finance and you went to your own school. whether you went to school or not, it's no good.
2:00 pm
so i told people, and i tell it all the time. i would say, folks, if you're going to go plant and sell them back, you will have to pay taxes. you know what, you do that, they are not going there. they are going to stay here. 100%, they are going to stay here. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] to cuter: we are going away, and we will bring you the rest of the donald trump.


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