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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 8, 2016 4:00pm-6:01pm EST

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everybody pays a simple tax of 10%. no longer do you have hedge fund billionaires paying a lower effective tax rate than their secretaries. it enables everyone to fill out their taxes on a postcard. .e have the actual postcard it you can see exactly what it will look like and it enables us to abolish the irs. , wehe business side eliminate the corporate income tax. we eliminate the obamacare taxes. we eliminate the payroll taxes which is the single biggest tax working men and women pay. and we eliminate the death tax which is cruel for small businesses, farmers, and ranchers. a simple 16% business flax tax.
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-- flat tax. you no longer have giant corporations with armies of accountants paying little or no effective taxes while small businesses get hammered with a 35% corporate income tax. aspects that are particularly relevant to small business owners. equipment, it is immediately expensed. no more complicated depreciation tables. fors a powerful catalyst capital investment, jobs, and productivity. and this goes directly to the point you raised. the business flat tax is border adjusted. here, are producing goods if you are producing jobs and goods for export, those are 100%
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tax-free. you don't pay a business flat tax. importsflipside is all pay the business flat tax. differential, that is a 32% differential right there. now, when weight theyt to europe and asia, impose taxes on exports. this tax plan is designed to put americans on a level playing field. i believe that ingenuity will win every time. [applause] yes, ma'am?
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>> [inaudible] ted cruz: one of the things that we hear over and over again is that you can't really change washington. the media tells us we can't win. and even if we do, the problems are hopeless. how do you turn the ship of state that is federal government? are avenues to change the direction we are moving. the first is executive order. avenue obama has abused over and over again. there is a silver lining.
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with executive power can be undone with executive power. why on day one, i can cind the orders going after the second amendment right to keep and bear arms and nd amnesty. an investigation into planned parenthood and enforce the law against planned parenthood. why if you look at how obama administration has forced common core on the states , using executive power, using race to the top funds to effectively blackmail the states into adopting common core, i can direct the department of education on day one that common core ends today.
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. that is an avenue of change that can be implemented immediately. everyone of those can and on day one. foreign policy is perhaps the thing that can change the quickest. noting that iran released our hostages the day that ronald reagan was sworn in to office. the difference a strong commander-in-chief can make. it is why i can pledge on day one to rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. it is why i can pledge on day one to begin the process of moving the american embassy to jerusalem, the once and eternal
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capital of israel. that is two levers of authority. the third is legislation. i will readily concede that legislation, particularly with this congress is difficult. changing it is not easy. wenk back to the last time -- i wrote a book last year called "a time for truth." about what i time call the washington cartel. the career politicians in both parties that get in bed with lobbyists and special interests. the last time we broke the cartel was 1980 with the reagan revolution. think of how reagan did it. 76 had primary to gerald ford.
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you want to tick off republican leadership? come within an inch of beating the republican president in a primary. loathedan leadership ronald reagan with the heat of a thousand white-hot suns. you can't work well with others and you took on your own party's president. .hink about what reagan did he did not get on a plane and fly to washington and sit down with the old bulls and say, you've got to stand for something. he knew it was hopeless. there was nothing he could say that would persuade them. he took the case to the american a grassrootsild title wave that became the reagan revolution. and he change the rules in washington. that is an old joke politics is hollywood for ugly people. my wife says i resemble that
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remark. the incentives so it is politically more risky to do the wrong thing. newly elected president reagan, tip o'neil, a democrat, was speaker of the house. he said, don't even bother sending your tax plan over to us. it is "dead on arrival. " i have 20 votes to kill it. reagan did not saunter over to the capital, pour him a drink, and use the legendary irish wit. overhe did, he went congress's head and went straight to the american people and made the case. we need to reduce taxes. the phones lit up. became 17.s we ended up passing legislation
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over the next eight years, cutting the top marginal rate from 70% on the way down to 70 -- 28%. , repealingtiatives obama care and adopting a simple flat tax. i don't think those are easy. that, i way to change intend to make 2016 a referendum on repealing obama care and adopting a simple flat tax. mandateme out with a from the people, that is the only way to change washington. republican says they will stand up to washington. when have you ever stood up to washington.
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the special interest and the money in washington. >> what about the war on coal? ted cruz: the war on coal is an absolute travesty. hesident obama promised would bankrupt every coal plant in america and he has gone a long way to doing that. you're talking about good, blue-collar jobs. entire communities depended upon it. the obama epa has waged a war on coal that is destroying jobs. that will end if i am elected president. last question. a very good question. what is my plan to reduce terrorism in the country? we need to address it at home and abroad. let's start at home.
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critical things we have to do is secure the borders. border security is natural -- national security. on our website, we have a very detailed immigration plan. 11 pages, singlespaced. design hand-in-hand with probably the two strongest champions for securing the border. on border security, we will build a wall. i've got someone in mind to build it. [laughter] we will triple the border control. place a strong verify system where you can't get jobs without demonstrating your here legally. we will end sanctuary cities.
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we will do that by cutting off federal taxpayer dollars. and we will and welfare benefits for those here illegally. all of this we know how to do. the democrats and far too many republicans are not willing to do what is needed. i will do it. i will solve this problem by enforcing the law. we've got to emerge from the lies of political correctness. we cannot keep this country safe with a president that won't say the word "radical islamic terrorism." thatast i checked, the men flew those planes were not a bunch of ticked off presbyterians. we need to be very clear that
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our enemy is islamism. it is a political and theocratic view. that a perversion of islam commands people to wage jihad. convertr or forcibly the infidels. by which they mean all of us. we need a concerted effort to prevent terrorist attacks. that means stopping them before they occur. fort hood. naddal hassan. the obama administration knew that he was communicating with a known radical islamic cleric. had asked about the permissibility of waging jihad against fellow serviceman. and yet, they did nothing. 14y walk through murdering innocent souls. administration, you
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find out a service member is asking about waging jihad, the in minutes and put him in handcuffs. if you are fighting islamic terrorism -- it was political correctness that led them to do nothing. you know what? the boston bombing. we knew they were radical islamic terrorists. the fbi went and interviewed them. and they dropped the ball. they stopped monitoring them. the elder brother posted a public call to jihad. the obama administration did not know that because they stopped focusing on it. they said radical islamic terrorism is not the enemy. before that stopped bombing and even san bernardino.
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then ghazi is the result of the failures of the obama clinton foreign-policy. libyang the government in that handed the government over to radical islamic terrorism. it set the stage for benghazi in the first place. we need a singularly focused commander-in-chief. droppingding them, not a missile or bomb where it looks good on television. of directing the force military power to utterly destroying them. and by the way, we should not be sending service members a combat with rules of engagement that tie their arms behind her back. [applause] that is wrong, it is immoral. military force is required, we should go in with overwhelming force, kill the enemy, and get the heck out. so let me close with this.
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if you will agree with me that the stakes have never been ,igher, that it is now or never that we are at the edge of a , and we riskydown doing irreparable damage to the greatest country in the history of the world, i will ask each of you to do three things. come out tomorrow and vote for me in the new hampshire republican primary. number two, bring others. pick up the phone and call your mom. it's a good idea to call your mom anyway. , your son, your next-door neighbor, business partner, college roommate. say, this election matters. it matters to my kids and grandkids.
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want to ask everyone here to vote for me 10 times. we are not democrats. i'm not suggesting voter fraud. if everyone here gets nine other people to come out and vote tomorrow, you will have voted 10 times. if you're not old enough to vote , if you get 10 other people to come out tomorrow, you will have voted 10 times before you turn 18. [applause] that is how we win. decidedction will be friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, pastor to pastor. i ask all of us to stand together united. the third and final request is that you pray. that everyone here commit each , continue this
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spirit of revival to pull this country back from the of this. let me tell you a bit of history that friends in the mainstream media will never tell you. of 1981, his left hand was resting on second , 7:14.les if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray. and turn from their wicked ways. i will hear their prayers in heaven and forgive their sins. and i will heal their land. [applause] we have faced these challenges before. we have faced the of this before. the american people came together and pulled this country back. it started in new hampshire.
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we have done it before. we have done it before and we can do it again. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] 6] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> would you consider carly
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fiorina for your cabinet? fiorina is arly smart woman. how are you doing? >> my husband is in here. isn't here.
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[chatter] cruz: thank you. bless you. thank you. you >> you have my vote. >> we thank you very much. all: god bless you. thank you.
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>> thank you. a pleasure meeting you. >> this is the second time we met. good to know that a
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conservative has a choice in this election. in >> you have my vote. >> good to see you. thank you for being here. cruz: thank you. god bless you. [chatter]
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sen. cruz: thank you very much. how are you doing? >> good. >> good luck to you. sen. cruz: god bless you. how are you, sir? >> good. so good to meet you. sen. cruz: thank you. do you want a signature on that? oh, geez. sen. cruz: very funny. thank you very much. >> hi, nice to meet you. sen. cruz: thank you for being
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here. >> thank you for coming with this weather. sen. cruz: thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> you have nice people working for you. thank you very much. sen. cruz: god bless you. >> good luck. >> my name is ellen. sen. cruz: thank you for being here. good to see you. >> i didn't get a picture last time. sen. cruz: thank you. natalie. sen. cruz: good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> this is my daughter and four grandkids.
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you.cruz: thank how are you doing? >> good. thank you so much. sen. cruz: thank you for being here. >> can we get a quick photo? sen. cruz: absolutely. >> thank you very much. sen. cruz: thank you guys for being here. thank you for being here. [indiscernible] sen. cruz: absolute disaster. thank you, sir.
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>> glad you can make it. sen. cruz: thank you for being here. i appreciate you all being here. thank you very much. >> it is nice to meet you. god bless you. how are you doing, sir? >> good, how are you? sen. cruz: good. >> hi. sen. cruz: thank you for being here. >> you're welcome. [chatter]
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>> i want to try to grab a
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picture. sen. cruz: very good. thank you, sir. wonderful. >> i were you doing? how are you doing? sen. cruz: thank you for being here. thank you very much. god bless you. thank you for being here. >> can i get a photo? sen. cruz: sure. it looks like you have been doing some duckhunting. very nice. >> thank you. sen. cruz: thank you very much. god bless.
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how are you doing, sir? >> good to meet you. thank you. sen. cruz: thank you for being here. >> quick question -- i hear there security -- are that says theund money has been withdrawn for other purposes? sen. cruz: yes. it is just iou notes. congress has spent it. >> that is a problem. sen. cruz: it is. we can fix it. >> i hope so. sen. cruz: thank you, sir. we will do it together. >> pleasure to meet you. sen. cruz: thank you for being here. sure. thank you so much. what is your name?
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>> neil. >> always good to see you, sir. sen. cruz: thank you, again. >> good luck to you. [chatter]
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[applause] [chatter]
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sen. cruz: thank you. good to see you again. bye-bye. thank you, sir. god bless you. [indiscernible] >> hello, senator. thank you for coming. it is nice to have you here. you can count on the evangelicals. how do you intend to get your message across? sen. cruz: what is so encouraging is we are seeing the ultimate coalition come together. evangelicals, libertarians and
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other democrats are coming together. we saw that in iowa when we saw the largest turnout in the history of the caucus. we won the largest vote share among conservatives and reagan democrats and young people. our grassroots team in new hampshire coming from the ground up. the past 24 hours, we had five state representatives who have endorsed me. the governor endorsed our campaign. we are seeing the reagan coalition come together. that is what it is going to take the win the nomination. >> donald trump is so far away ahead of you. how can you beat him in new hampshire? sen. cruz: that will be the question for the voters in new hampshire. i think the question every asking -- we is
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have seen campaign conservatives talk a good game, but they have not walked the walk. some have been the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. if you want to repeal obamacare, if you want someone -- you should ask who stood up and fought the fight with securing the borders? fight ask who has led the to defend the second amendment and the bill of rights -- i have spent my entire adult life fighting to defend the bill of rights and the constitution. i think that is why we are seeing the reagan coalition coming together behind the campaign. it is a grassroots campaign. neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend. the new hampshire residents, that is the strength. >> thank you, senator.
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sen. cruz: thank you. >> no problem, sir. >> thank you. sen. cruz: thank you. >> thank you and good luck. sen. cruz: god bless. >> say hi. sen. cruz: hi, there. where are we headed next? >> manchester. sen. cruz: let's catch up. >> some day that you are not busy.
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>> thank you again. sen. cruz: thank you. >> we will have more of c-span's road to the white house coverage later today with the bernie sanders campaign rally in durham, new hampshire at 6:00 eastern. we will take your phone calls and comments after it is over. more from the campaign trail with marco rubio, meeting with voters in nashua at 6:30 p.m. eastern on c-span3.
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campaign 2016 is taking on the road to the white house. >> let's win the nomination. >> thank you and god bless you. >> in iowa, c-span brought you candidate speeches. >> thank you folks. >> meet and greets, town halls and live caucus coverage. this week, c-span is on the ground in new hampshire following candidates leading up to the first in the nation primary. live election coverage starts tuesday at 8 p.m. eastern on c-span, c-span radio and >> earlier today, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton held a get out the vote rally in manchester. she was joined by her husband, former president bill clinton and her daughter chelsea who gave introductions. this is one hour. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome president of the united
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states bill clinton and chelsea clinton. [applause] ♪ hi, hello! hello! oh, thank you for that enthusiastic welcome. we are so excited and grateful to be here in manchester with all of you. i want to thank everyone here at manchester community college who made today. thank you for your hospitality. i want to thank governor hassan and senator shaheen for that warm welcome. senator, there would be no where else i would rather be today then here in new hampshire with my mom. [applause] chelsea: so, i'm deeply proud to be my mother's daughter. i hope my 16 month old daughter
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charlotte feels the way about me that when. ay. yet, i stand here first and foremost as a mother myself. my daughter charlotte is just over a year old. i hope that my husband and i will be able to safely and happily welcome her little brother or little sister this summer. [applause] me, thisso, for election is so fundamentally important because it is the first presidential election i will vote in as a mom. family,risingly in my it was impossible not to know she was running for public office and running for public office was really important. some of my earliest memories are going to rallies and events like this and waving american flags in support of my dad running for governor. somehow -- [applause] chelsea: yes, i am very biased towards my dad.
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this election feels that much more crucial because whomever we elected our next president will help steward the country and the world that my children will grow up in. i cannot imagine a better grandmother than mmy mom. i could not imagine a better president, partly for the reason you have heard from the governor and a senator. i want to know our next president can keep our country safe. i want to know our next president has a consistent record of standing up against the gun lobby and fighting for smart gun control. [applause] it matters to me that my mother has been fighting for the rights of all children since before i was born. [applause] and it matters
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where they are going to be valued and respected for whomever they are an whomever they love and whatever choices they feel like they have to make for themselves and their families. [applause] 'm just grateful to feel the enthusiasm here and i am so grateful to be sharing the stage with probably the only person here who arguably knows my mother better than i do. i have known my mom my whole life, but my father has clearly known her by definition for longer. i also think my dad knows a little bit about what it takes to be ineffective president for our country. [applause] since i have shared a bit about why i'm strongly supporting my mom, i will now ask my dad who has a pretty well-informed opinion himself about why he is
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so proud to be standing here with you today in support of my mom, our next president hillary rodham clinton. please welcome my father, president bill clinton. [applause] president clinton: whoa, thank you. thank you. first of all, i want to thank all of you who have been out working knocking on doors and walking the streets. you to keep onsk doing it. till the polls open. i want to thank governor hassan and senator janine, longtime friends of hillary and mine. bosnia with jeanne shaheen a couple of months ago to celebrate the 20th anniversary and the end of the bosnian war where more citizens were killed in a place because of their faith and it
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ethnicity since world war ii. jeanne shaheen is taking the lead to make sure democracy survives there and continues to be a strong ally of freedom and the united states. i want to thank maggie hassan. campaign our works on his stopping drug abuse and she was one of the first people in the united states and make sure everybody in new hampshire could have access to the miracle drug narcan which brings kids back and keeps them from dying. fromt to thank mayor walsh boston who is exhibit a of the working persons politician. he has brought a lot of people from massachusetts up here to help us. thank you. the former representative
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porter. thank you to the executive counselor. thank you to our friend, senator dellosandro. i'm almost done. egank you, randy win rden and the national education association executive committee is here. dr. huard, the president of this community college. i thank her last because hillary basically leaves our country should operate the way a community college does. it is open to all. nobody graduates saddled with debt. they are prepared for the future to have a decent job and life. and, there is a lot of diversity in a community college. a lot of difference of opinion. you don't get condemned because of your differences.
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we embrace it. we discussed things. i was the first president ever to speak at a community college commencement and it was in new hampshire. [applause] say -- what i want to the hotter this election gets, the more i wish i was just a former president and just for a few months not the spouse of the next one. i have to be careful about what i said. i'm so happy all the time because of our granddaughter and grandchild to be, that i am not mad at anybody, but i respect the anger, the apprehension and anxiety that so many americans have. who gettand people better every day when they keep reading we are the best performing economy in the world. grown 14 million jobs in five years and yet a large percentage
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of people have not had their firsincome increased. too longrish poet said of a sacrifice could make a stone of a heart. we need big changes, that is right. you will hear hillary talk about her vision for that. learnedmy life, i have two things. when you get done what all this, the only thing that matters is if people are better off, it children have a better future and whether if we are coming together. the real question is not if we need big changes coming yes. , yes. the real question is who would be the best change maker? me to be, it bothers in election where debate is impossible because if you
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disagree, you are just part of the establishment. i don't think you were governor and your senator, i don't think of them as establishment politicians. nor do i think of the governor of vermont, the only governor in the country to get single-payer health care, but had to give it up because it was double the budget of the state. i'm grateful he is supporting hillary. ,he senior senator from vermont america's number one champion of human rights around the world. that is not strike me of establishment. let me give you another example -- all these arkansas travelers that are here. [applause] who paid their way here. them want to tell about the person they know. one of them -- i don't want to embarrass him -- one of them is our immediate past senator mark
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pryor who was defeated in a landslide in 2014 , in large measure because he voted for the health care law. that is not strike me as establishment and nobody alive in my state thinks he lost because people thought he was not liberal enough. change is hard. and it is worth the effort. i'm so grateful for all the millennial young people who are supporting hillary. [applause] they are just mad at the ones who are not, but they can translate their anger into results. here is what i want to say -- from the day i met her 45 years ago next month so this morning when we got up, she was trying to explain to me what was going on.
4:56 pm
she is the best change maker i have ever known. [applause] asked mark pryor what he said to people when he was knocking on doors. he said, look, i served with them both, but she gets a lot more done. we need somebody who get something done. school, we met in law there were not many women in law school then. she was helping with legal services. then, she spent her fourth year to go to the child study center to learn about the challenges children face in america, especially poor children. then she went to work for the child fund. she went to alabama to end the tax exemption that academies were getting because they were nothing more than segregated schools. she went to south carolina to find out why so many african-american teenagers were being trapped in adult prisons
4:57 pm
for years and years. then, she came home to arkansas, opened her first legal clinic in the most republican area of the state. then, she started our first preschool program where there is no such thing as preschool. nothing she found. she found a woman who came from israel to arkansas and they went to preschool. there are now thousands of young people who went through one of these programs, who learn more, went further and having better lives today because she always make something good happen. they have no idea she did it. [applause] -- remember this in the health care debate -- when we tried to get health care, the expert said we had a good plan but we do not get votes in the senate.
4:58 pm
there is not been a single change in health care in 60 ce harry truman tried to get universal health care coverage but did not have enough votes in the senate. she kept working. she and senator kennedy worked on children health care programs. the balanced budget program in 19 any six. 96. there were 5 million kids getting health care when we left office. there are now 9 million kids today. [applause] she worked with the house republican leader who did not like me, to put it mildly. , to increase by 65% the number of kids that were being adopted out of foster care by giving a tax credit for adopting a child with disabilities, or giving people incentives to adopt older children because they were
4:59 pm
afraid of adopting non-infants. she makes good happen. in the senate, she was a walking, make something good happen person. everything she did, just about, had republican support. foring $20 billion new york city to rebuild after 9/11. not just building, lives. she met a woman who was engaged on 9/11, survived -- she had to have 10 or 11 plastic surgeries to get her life back. her fiance state with their and so did the public, and so did you. she helped the farmers, the small manufacturers. veterans.elped the first, to make sure they got the same health care if they were in the national guard or reserves as the military did. she did that with lindsey graham. then with john mccain to make
5:00 pm
sure they treated people with brain injuries and ptsd. she was on the alzheimer's caucus and the first presidential candidate to ever have a position on autism. she wants paid leave so people can take care of their family members with severe conditions. [applause] and, she has made something good out of it. as secretary of state, she can tell you about that but i will tell you this -- henry kissinger, of all people, said she ran the state department better and got more out of the personnel than any secretary of state in decades. it is true. [applause] iranshe negotiated the sanctions. she negotiated a treaty with russia. senate 67 votes in the and she got it, a lot of republicans. she just made something good happen all her life.
5:01 pm
yesterday, hillary went to flint, michigan. [applause] and, she talked about what a failure.moral not just a financial one. we had to do something about it. the most revealing answer to me as someone who was president, not her husband, to any question reflected well on both hillary and their opponents in terms of their values -- at the end of the debate in south carolina, the moderator said was there anything we should have talked about that we have not? he called on hillary first. i want to talk about that lead in the water in flint. she knew exactly what too much lead can do to a baby yet to be born. the baby can come out with a smaller head and brain.
5:02 pm
even those that don't seem to be physically damaged could be damaged and their whole life could be taken away from them. there is led iad more pipes than in flint. she talked about it. ie said, i called the mayor, said i will send somebody to see you. my staff member went down. the mayor said what you can really do is to get me the money i need because i asked for this much money to take care of this and the state only give me 10%. i want you to go on television,, do a, do an interview, talk about us and tell people why we need the other 90%. she did. they got the money. [applause] and, she would be the first to tell you, it was probably not the only reason but it did not do any harm. her opponent was just as
5:03 pm
outraged, just as upset. he said the governor should should, butaybe he i doubt if he cares what two democrats running for president think about it. in other words, you want a president who is good on the great days when you sign a bill to put up 500 million solar panels or health coverage and is great on all the other days. you want a president who every day says what can i do to make it better? [applause] my we cannot get in a place where we are so mad that we demonize anybody who is against us. where we cannot have an honest discussion on who is a better health care plan. where everyone who was on the
5:04 pm
other side is part of some mythical establishment, including people like planned heritage and the human rights campaign fund. we cannot do that. we have to do this like this community college works -- together and producing results together. would like to bring to this stage not only someone i have been married to for 40 years, but for 45 years has made everything she touched and everybody she touched better. the single best change maker i have ever known, hillary rodham clinton. [applause] ♪
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mrs. clinton: thank you so much! wow! thank you, thank you. wow. thank you all. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you so much, honestly. amazingthe most experience to be here with all of you. i apologize for those of you just getting in. i hope you can hear me back there because i am thrilled to be here today before the first in the nation primary to make my final push to convince as many granite staters as possible to come out and vote for me tomorrow. [applause]
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i don't think a little snow will stop anybody, do you? >> no! mrs. clinton: well, it is a great privilege once again to be competing in this primary, asking all of you to conduct the most important job interview in the country, because that is what it is. i knkoow voters in new hampshire give people a first, second and sometimes a third look. i think everybody here has made up their mind and you are coming to vote for me tomorrow. i appreciate you. i'm grateful to you. [applause] as for all of those of you who are still deciding, still shopping, i hope i can close the deal between now and the time the polls close. i'm so grateful to my husband and my daughter for being here with me. love having the
5:07 pm
chance to have my daughter with me any chance i can get. great help shee and the opportunity i have to see my granddaughter whenever possible. i also am reminded every time i think about her or any of the young people in this audience that this is what this election is all about. to all the young people who are supporting me, i thank you from the bottom of my heart. [applause] and to all the young people who are supporting my opponent, i thank you, too. i thank you for being part of this process, for understanding the importance of getting involved in the politics of america if you want the future you deserve. i will say this to them -- you may not support me now, but i will always support you, have your back and work to produce results for you.
5:08 pm
i'm thrilled to have my husband here because, you know, new hampshire means a lot to us going all the way back to 1992 when new hampshire gave bill a chance to come out of here with momentum and head towards the nomination. we have never forgotten that. we have also never forgotten how important it was to make the changes happen that he talked about in that campaign. there were a lot of places in in 1992 that were in bad economic states. a lot of factories being close, production being shipped overseas. the empty buildings sometimes outnumbered those that were in use. so it is a thrill for me to go back to claremont, for example, and to see the revitalization of that town because of a law my husband passed, the new market tax credit, then enabled the people of claremont to get a
5:09 pm
better shot at a better economic future for themselves. we can actually meet people here in this state who know what it takes to turn the economy around because they experienced it. i only wish we hadn't gotten off track in 2011, because honestly i believe that so much of the anger, the insecurity, the fear and worry that people feel now about the economy, about what will happen to young people coming out of college with debt, or unable to find a job that really gives them the best possible opportunities, it is related to the choices that were made starting in the bush administration. wrongoices for america, choices for the economy. taking their eyes off the financial market, deregulating and turning a blind eye to the mortgage market and having us end up in the worst financial
5:10 pm
crisis since the great depression. when i think about what young people today have gone through, what they have known of our country starting with the horrible attack on 9/11, going into the great recession -- there is no wonder that they along with so many of us are saying wait a minute, we are better than this. we can do more. with this shipin in the right direction. that is what our mission must be. for me, this election is a turning point election in so many ways. i want you to imagine with me what it is we are trying to accomplish together. imagine an economy again that produces many, many millions of new jobs with rising income, with pathways of opportunity for a danc advancement.
5:11 pm
imagine returning manufacturing to america by changing the tax incentives that too often now it sends it overseas. our failinging to infrastructure in ways large and small. i saw it first hand yesterday in flint. the idea that any city in america would be drinking poisoned water for two years because of indifference, because of stonewalling from their government is heartbreaking, but it also has to be motivating. we have a lot of work to do and a lot of people to put the work building and maintaining our infrastructure. not just what we can see in terms of roads and tunnels and bridges and airports, but what is under the ground. what brings our water, energy,
5:12 pm
what takes our sewage -- this could be one of the great jobs programs that we have had in a really long time. having breakfast with bill this morning and one man said thank you so much for the economy. i want to work again. more than that, what my kids and my grandkids to work. imagine an economy that once again produces those good jobs. imagine an economy where incomes are rising again, not stagnant, where people are working harder than ever but not getting ahead. imagine that we can combat climate change by going right at clean renewable energy. [applause] mind is no doubt in my some country will be the 21st century clean energy superpower.
5:13 pm
i think the best odds are germany, china or us. i want it to be us. i know it can be us. i know we can create the technology, the jobs and the small businesses, and even export. ofgine that we meet my goal installing half a billion more solar panels by the end of my first term and enough clean energy to power every home in the next eight years. imagine what that will do to how we are once again the leaders in the most important global challenge we face. imagine getting back to being number one in creating small businesses instead of where we are. we have fallen down the ranksksg credit, not providing the kind of support that small businesses need. imagine raising the minimum wage so people who are working full-time are not mired in poverty but have a chance
5:14 pm
to get ahead. let's imagine finally making sure women get equal pay for equal work in america. [applause] think there is a lot we half to be against, to stop, to prevent -- the abuse of power, economic or political. the imposition of ideology. the rights to extend of our fellow americans. there is a lot we have to stop, but we have to make good things happen, too. what i have just told you about what i imagine we can do together, the republicans do not agree with any of it. they are not in the job creation business. they leave that to the marketplace. that has not worked so well for us. we need the government playing an active role. they are not interested in more money for infrastructure or my
5:15 pm
idea of a national infrastructure bank. that want to talk about or combat climate change. but all of this adds up to a path forward, a vision that not only can we imagine, but we can do together. when i think about these closing hours of this campaign, i want you to imagine what you need and want for you, for your families, for your community and what you want for our country. i believe with all my heart that we are well-positioned if we have the right leadership to seize the future just like we have in the past. it will not happen by wishing for it. it will happen by working for it. [applause] that is true when it comes to health care, because i'm proud of the campaign we have run.
5:16 pm
trying to draw differences on issues because of is what you have to make decisions about. i think of the biggest differences, it has to do with health care. it was called hillarycare before it was called obamacare all those years ago. we tried really hard and we were not successful. the drug companies, insurance companies really spent a lot of money as they seem to do whenever i'm around trying to prevent good things from happening. it was disappointing. i sure felt after having talked to so many americans that the direction we were trying to head was right because look at what was going on back rent. then. the insurance companies called all the shots. if you are a woman, you paid more than a man. if you were a young person, there is no way you could get there werend
5:17 pm
lifetime limits that prevented people from getting the health care they needed. after we were unsuccessful, i thought hard about what we could do. there were a lot of stories that i had heard during the course of my work but i want to tell you one. i was at the children's hospital in cleveland. i went there because i was meeting with parents of very ill children who could not get insurance. i listened to their stories and, you know, as a mom, they were hard to hear. one man said, here is what i don't understand -- i have my own business. i provide health insurance for my employees and their families. i have two daughters with cystic fibrosis. nobody will sell me an insurance policy no matter what i offer. i said, what did they say to you? he said, the last conversation i i can asked, i told them afford something, anything that could help a. me.
5:18 pm
man said you don't understand, we don't ensure burning houses. this father with tears in his eyes just said they called my little girls burning houses. that is why i went to work on the children's health care insurance program and we got a the house and senate to pass it. was everything we wanted? no, it wasn't everything we wanted. often think of that old saying -- a person who refuses a half a loaf because he is not offered gottenhoa whole loaf has never hungry. i was thrilled when president obama passed and signed the affordable care act. [applause] for me, we have to build on that. we have to defend it against the
5:19 pm
republicans continuing efforts to repeal it. i have said, look, we are going to get out-of-pocket cost deductibles down, prescription drug costs down. i know what we have to do to get from 90% coverage to 100% coverage, but what we cannot do is start over. we cannot think what looks good wepaper, an idea, and say are going to thrust our nation into a contentious debate and start all over. it is a lot easier to get from to coverage to 100^% than 0% 100%. i will not stop until we get the affordable care act the way it should be, how it works, how it produces results for people because i imagine a country where we do have universal health care coverage. where everybody can afford coverage. where we finally have drug
5:20 pm
costs under control because we can negotiate with the company's with medicare and other insurers. when wemagine a time will have early childhood education. where we will help prepare our children to succeed. where we will have the services available that are so desperately needed by these kids in flint, but are also needed by other kids as well. where we will work with our teachers and support them, not scapegoat them, but give them what they need to do the best job they can do. imagine when we get back to making college affordable again like it used to be for all of us . i don't know how we got so far off the track on affordable college. tuition has gone up 40% in 10
5:21 pm
years. nothing else has gone up that high, no other service. what is going on here? yes, i want to get college affordable by making sure every young person can attend without borrowing money for tuition, books and fees, but i also want to get the cost down because it is too expensive. so, my plan asks something from everybody. i want states to quit building so many prisons and start building more colleges and supporting higher education again. [applause] peoplefamilies and young only to afford what they can, that is why i'm not in favor of totally free college because frankly, donald trump should pay for his kids to go to college. [applause] i also don't want to tell the colleges you have a given teeth
5:22 pm
of money so don't worry about the cost. that would be impossible to keep up with. i expect young people to work 10 hours a week because i think being invested in your college education is a good commitment. but, we are also going to get the debt under control. right now, we have too many people -- i hear from everywhere i go -- that borrow money to go to college, but now they are owing three times as much because of interest. i borrowed money, but i borrowed it and only had to pay back the principal. ok, iowed it and i said, will pay it back as a percentage of my income which is why went to the children defense fund. that is what i want for everybody. you will be able to save thousands of dollars. we will move you off the high interest rates that too many of you have. we will move you into the income contingency plan to can pay as a percentage of your income. we are going to triple the
5:23 pm
national service position" the and double the amount of the grant. so every person can afford to go to college. when you graduate, you will not be bankrupt. you can get on with your life like so many of us had the chance to do. we are going to make community college free some more young people get the skills and credentials they need to get on the path to a life of opportunity. imagine that we will be back doing what we should be -- investing in our young people. and i will and the practice of the federal government making money off of lending money to young people. that is going to be over. and we are going to take on the abuses in these loan collectors, these companies who are harassing our young people.
5:24 pm
they are even harassing our veterans. we need to stop this. this should not be a profit-making center for anybody. this is an investment in individuals and our nation and that is what it will be again. [applause] a pretty active imagination so imagine, imagine that we finally make it absolutely clear that no special interest, no powerful is going to be able to call the shots because we are going to overturn citizens united either by the supreme court or constitutional amendment. [applause] we are going to imagine a time where we get to go back to public financing. so all these questions raised about everybody in politics can be put to rest, because you deserve to know people who are running to serve you aare puttig
5:25 pm
you at the center of their attention and that you know that you are their ultimate employer. that is what we need to get back to. we also need to make sure that as we look at voting, we register every 18-year-old in the country to vote automatically. time where we end discrimination against the lgbt community so that -- [applause] americansr fellow can be just as involved as every walk of life as anybody else. now you can get married on saturday and get fired on monday. that is not right. imagine that we finally get comprehensive immigration reform with a path to
5:26 pm
citizenship that will add to our economy right now. it will rise another $20 billion if we get on the path of citizenship. it will take people out of the shadows so that there is no more exploitation of anybody's labor. imagine that we finally, once and for all, end the efforts of the republicans to privatize social security and instead we look for ways to extend the life of the trust fund. imagine that we all pay more attention to fixing the v .a. t han trying to privatize it like the koch brothers and republicans want to do. [applause] imagine that we do get the kind of criminal justice reform that our people deserve. being equal on their to law should not just be a slogan, it should be a reality. imagine that we end the era of mass incarceration and provided
5:27 pm
of jobs and housing and opportunities in communities wherever they are that are distressed and behind. women notat finally only get equal pay, but our rights to make her own decision are finally respected. [applause] that planned parenthood could actually take care of people instead of having to fend off lawsuits and partisan attacks. [applause] imagine that we finally get common sense gun safety reform. [applause] you know, i was interviewed -- a bunch of interviews today, a lot of local press -- somebody said you talk a lot about gun safety. is that really a voting issue? i said i hope so because what we are looking at here are
5:28 pm
33,000 people a year diying. i know we are better than this. i know we can do this consistently with the responsible gun owners comes additional rights. -- constitutional rights. you talk about lobbies in this campaign. the most powerful lobby by far is the gun lobby. they intimidate more legislators. they call the shots on more legislators. they actively work to defeat legislators who stand up against them. they try to control congress, governors. i am telling you, folks, we cannot let any lobby, we cannot let money unelected force for money, guns, drugs, oil, insurance, you name it -- they cannot control our government any longer. [applause] this is one of the points i want you to take away from this. senator sanders and i share a
5:29 pm
lot of the same goals. i think that has made for a very good contest in this campaign. to keep itlly tried on the issues compared to republicans were mostly engaging in insults all the time. there are differences. it is important you understand those differences. againsteen speaking out in powerfulto rein forces for many years. i have the scars to prove that. they have spent a lot of money against me. i want people to think about street imagine, if wall ine so interested supporting democrats like the president and like me for their own reasons, why are they spending $6 million trying to defeat me in this primary?
5:30 pm
i will tell you why because i want you to understand this. i have introduced legislation. i have called them out. by president obama, i have donations. ofsident obama had a lot regulations. signing stop him from dodd-frank? i was amused the other day. senator sanders took $200,000 from a wall street firm, not directly, but to the senate campaign committee. there was nothing wrong with that. it did not change his view. it did not change my view for my vote either.
5:31 pm
you -- so leteave me leave you with this. when you look at who has put out the toughest plan, who has the most comprehensive approach to making sure wall street never wrecks mainstreet again, which encouraged to wall street to gang up against me, i take that as a badge of honor. i will take them on and i know how to beat them and prevent them from ever doing to us again what they did in 2008. so we have got work to do. goesne a tax system that after where the money is, at the top. imagine the only candidate on either side that said i will
5:32 pm
raise your income, not more taxes. families willaxes not have an increase when i am president, but i am going out after the millionaires, the money to the bahamas, bermuda. imagine that we can once again believe that it truly is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. that is what we must imagine and create together. and imagine that we have on day e someone prepared and ready to protect our country, to keep our families say, to be the commander in chief, to protect the men and women and their families as well. imagine that as we face new challenges every day, we do not even know from where, and as part of this job interview, you have to decide who will be in januaryte house on generat
5:33 pm
20, 2017. >> hillary! mrs. clinton: let me at with some thank yous. i want to thank all the people of this state, all the people who have supported me. i want to thank your amazing jeanne shaheen. i am grateful for their support. i want to thank marty walsh, incredible mayor from boston. and a of the local officials who are here. i want to thank our friends of vermont, the governor of vermont, the senator from
5:34 pm
vermont, the former governors of vermont who are supporting me. they are supporting me because they know me. thatknow my opponent, too, is true, but they are supporting me because they can imagine with me as our president, we can actually get these things done. incan make a real difference peoples's lives, because at the end of the day, that is what this job should be about. are people going to be better off when i finish than when i started? is our country going to be stronger and coming together instead of weaker and falling apart? is our economy to be producing more jobs or more stagnation where people feel they are slipping back? that is the question we all have to ask ourselves. being in flint yesterday focused my mind on what we have to worry about and what we have to do in america. square what i know
5:35 pm
and love about my country with what happened there. itt is not the only place has happened. it is not the only place where people have been left out and are being left behind. it is not the only place where people are breathing dirty error and drinking dirty water. it is not the only place that has lost jobs in the past and hoping getting jobs the future. that is what motivates me. that is what i care about, make sure together we imagine and then we create the country that is worthy of all those who came before and one that our children and our grandchildren deserve to inherit. please can often help me. come out. thank you so much, new hampshire! ♪
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state are not easily won. the country meeting places are hotbeds of political discussion. >> in its villages, towns, and cities, voters braved snow and sleet to cast their vote. thanks to the people of new hampshire -- >> new hampshire. >> new hampshire -- >> hey, he is from new hampshire. >> it's great to be back in new hampshire. >> one reporter has called this the most cherished. ? >> governor, thank you so much for coming to new hampshire. >> this is a place where you can observe a candidate in the heat of a dialogue and ask questions about their positions. it isn't just a place where there is a scripted speech. >> new hampshire takes its first in the nation primary status really seriously. >> this is one of the town hall meetings we will be having. >> this is my 20th town hall meeting. [applause] ? >> marco rubio coming up live at
5:55 pm
6:30 easier. earlier jeb bush spoke in nashua, new hampshire. mr. bush: thank you very much. if you go on wikipedia to get that introduction? is the story of being introduced by someone, and they were trying to buy things. theiry says i am tired of regular introduction, so i try to find anything i had in common with my guest speaker. he went into this lengthy introduction that i was an avid rock climber and that i had a secret desire to be a movie star. neither which is completely true. i am from florida. we do not have rocks like you have in the granite state, and i
5:56 pm
have no interest in being a movie star. you can tell that by my candidacy. i have to tell the truth, i am not any of this stuff, and people are typically unemployed kids with student debt that are stuck in their parents' basement that have not been able to get their first job, so what they do is they play games to see how long they can edit wikipedia pages in order to have gained all around the world. my advice to you is if you have a wikipedia page, check it once in a while, because you may be an avid rock climber or want to be a hollywood movie star. i want to recognize, you mentioned neil and maria, the bush family is having important. we love each other. i'm proud of my dad, proud of my mother. it was an honor for me to have my mom,. i was worried because it was
5:57 pm
snowing, and she has her stroller, and i was watching her because i did not want her to fall. her first response was, i have not seen snow in a long while. granddaughter, and she is the first great-granddaughter of the greatest man alive, my dad. walkere is georgia elena bush, named after her great-grandfather. we call her 41 in the family. canadians a -texas-accident american. her mom is from canada. her dad was born in miami. i am a texan, which is a nationality, as you know. my wife is from mexico. american.s hyphenated
5:58 pm
when gee fills out her census form, she will say not applicable. it is a statement of who we need to get back to in this country. we need to get back to a set of common purpose and common foul use. we are dangerously moving away from each other. we have politicians who break us partsall our disparate and turned the diversity of this extraordinary country into a potential weakness rather than the strength that it is. and while i love rotarians, you are the opposite. you have people of diverse that ground that have a common purpose which is to volunteer to help people in need to rebuild my communities. my hope is and my expectation is georgia will be a rotarian. forwill have a heart people, be part of a movement to greatnessis country's
5:59 pm
by having a set of common purpose. i hope to be a president that focuses on that, as i believe we on the verge of greatness, but we need to fix a few complex things. i am tired of politicians that push down people who make themselves look better. way i get this out of the will get to something more positive. the front running candidate for the republican party is that kind of politician. donald trump organizes his campaign around disparaging people as a sign of strength. womennot strong to insult . it is not strong to castigate hispanics. it is not strong to ridicule the disabled. and it is certainly not strong to call the people like john a medal ofy friend, honor recipient, who spent six years in a pow cap and hanoi to say that they were losers
6:00 pm
because they got caught. i think we need a president that believes in the american people that will not push everybody down to make themselves look good. as governor of the state of florida, like to be a leader. there will be a conflict or an attack. there might be an outbreak of a disease. something is going to happen, right? the world we live in is not just static anymore. there will be a challenge. and we'll never have talked about it before. 9/11 is an example of that. the assassination of j.f.k. certainly is an example of that. the end of the cold war and how to manage that process was an example of that. all presidents have this opportunity. the question is who do you want to have sit behind the big desk? what kind of person do you want to have in this unforeseen dynamic world where you don't know exactly how it


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