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  Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally in Durham New Hampshire  CSPAN  February 9, 2016 3:58am-4:53am EST

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first in the nation presidential primary. he spoke about isis, border security, and his rivals. applause]and mr. trump: thank you all for being here, this is a amazing. tr step have?ct will the will it have an effect? it can have an effect. we will handle the snow. be somethingo
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special tamara, it is a very big day for the nation and it is going to be a vote that i think people, if i can believe what i'm reading, we will do well. what you think? makee going to do well and america great again? my god, huh? i saw l today on television. there is no one who loves the vets more than al, huh? manyes to the speeches of of the candidates, all of the candidates, essentially. he settled with truck aikens i know the issues. he settled with trump because i know the issues. the veterans have been so badly treated. al, we are going to have a lot of fun and take care of a lot of people. they are our greatest people.
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immigrants whoal are better taking care of than our veterans. it is going to be something. stop theing to craziness in terms of trade. we are change so much in terms of purchasing. you know, when our country purchases drug, we are the largest prescription drug purchaser and the world. we barely even negotiate with the drug companies. peopleson is because the i am running against are all getting money from the drug companies. i am the only one not getting money. i am self-funding my campaign. i am the only one on either side. [applause] : thank you. i wonder, does it make a difference? some people do not even know. is anudi johnson, it
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example of johnson & johnson, is funding jeb bush, jeb bush is not going anywhere. this is a guy who is not going anywhere. a total step. he spent 110 million dollars and he is going nowhere. -- a total stiff. he spent $110 million and he is going nowhere. but rudi johnson? jeb who? he cannot win a football game. he has a nice guy. when you look at that and see what is happening, hundreds of billions of dollars in savings if we make a favored nations cause if we do anything. that is one of many. there is so much fat in this budget, so much that in the way we purchase. we are born to do much better than even i have been saying. i am telling you.
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one of the things with new hampshire that amazes me because you come through this i tell etc. and. trees, beautiful rose winding up to the hills like where we are right now. and i say, this is beautiful. and yet, every time i am with the folks from new hampshire, i have been here long before the political stuff so i know new hampshire very well. i love the people. they are amazing. thank you, honey. who said that? thank you. i know she is voting. think you, dear. it amazes me. heroin. a drug problem. i don't see it with new hampshire, but the people with new hampshire, the first question i get is, what are you going to do about the drug problem? who is better than me on the border? i am talking country-wise. pouring, pouring,
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pouring through. we are born to build a wall. you know that. mexico is going to pay. these other guys do not even understand. six months ago they said, woody mean you're going to build wall? you can't build well. the great wall of china is 13,000 miles. by the way, that is a serious wall. [laughter] 13,000. need 1000.0, but we there are a lot of natural barriers. great barriers. and we will use caterpillar, not the japanese company. we will have a real border. people can come into the country but they have to come and legally. that border is very important. immigration is so important. look at isis. just before i got here, a big
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attack in europe where they have attackinge from isis in germany. i just started a few seconds ago. i was on michelle show in a interrupted me for this attack and i said, wow. that's bad. it's an attack. it's pretty bad. it is isis. supposedly it is isis. ago onppen to minutes cnn. it's isis. and a lot of people in your. we can do this anymore. they want to let these people come in, we have no idea where they're from. immigration? i have a bigger heart than anybody will stop we have to be smart. it could be in charge of horse. look at what's going on in germany. look at sweden last week. sweden. a revolution. whoever heard of this in sweden. tremendous crime tremendous crimes. we have enough problems, folks. we'll get a safe zone. i will get the gulf state to pay
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for it. we have $19 trillion, like a business. if you had a business you and say the same thing. one i prefer that. we just made a deal with iran. 150 my in dollars. i would've said, we don't have the money. sorry. can't do it don't have the money. not been a do it anymore. not can be the super people anymore -- the people anymore. we going to have the greatest business in the world right here. carl icahn one of the greats, just endorsement. other people are endorsing me. they all want to endorse me. we're going to have these business leaders negotiate our deals with china, with japan. japan, cars cars cars by the millions. we have to balance. we have to free-trade. i am a free trader, 100%. but we have to their trained and smart trade.
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505 billions dollars. with china. country. ok? trade imbalance. we are losing a fortune. we can't do it. we don't have the right people negotiating. we have people who are political hack. we have asked negotiating. we have great orders we will have strong borders we're can be careful who we let into the country. we can let people that are going to cost trouble. i came in, when i announced on june 16 i went down and the stairs and trump tower, just like the academy awards. i started talking about illegal immigration and everyone went crazy. two weeks later, everybody started saying maybe trump has a point. they startedter
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coming to me and saying, well we are just like them. but we aren't. sarah palin endorsed me, sure joe endorse me. endorsed me.e over the last week or so, i have been to hearing we're going to build wall. my wife said and it to me last week, she said, i governors saying we're going to build a wall. and my wife kept saying, did he just say we're going to the wall? first time i hear that. are politicians. jeb bush is a total lightweight. i heard him say, marco rubio is a very very good friend of mine. i said, he is not a friend of yours. he too. what is safe to say he has a friend of mine? he just said it on what was her.
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he's a dear friend of mine. stuff, folks,cal we have to get out of it. we have to get out of it. not friends. they live. they lie so much it is incredible. we have to get away from these politicians and bring sanity to this country. is nice part about me because i'm not being taking care of by the all companies, and the drug companies, the other companies, the companies. you have companies and countries . that debate the other night, everybody did say i won, but i won't say that. time magazine did a poll. have zero influence over time magazine, right? almost 70% set i won the debate. next was six or 7%. but no, i love doing it. i listened to the whole thing.
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i had to point out to the audience, the crowd was all donors. fact, i needed some tickets so we called the rnc and he said, i'm sorry we don't have any. they were all bought up by the donors. -- they actually meant the donors, special interests, and lobbyists. i said, that's not fair of me only when the dozen of many donors. the room was packed. i had a thousand people in the room, most of whom were donors to the other guys. people would say something that was nothing and you would hear clapping. because they are desperate to have these people elected. so it was sort of funny. who else would point it out? i said, this room is packed with donor. i sent it because if i won the debate, and i think i did, i know the points like anybody else. but when people say things that are batted they get applause they only get applause because these people have total control
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over your federal, local, national politicians. i will tell you we going to change it around. we're going to change it up well. we have big day coming up tomorrow it's very important. come a lot ofney these people come in and ask for money. i don't want any money i don't need any money i built a great company. greatestme of the assets and the whole world. note that. wet's the kind of thinking need to this country. enough of these do but people. that's the kind of thinking we'd need in this country. it takes guts to run for president will stop what i was coming down the escalator i took a deep breath and said to my wife, let's go. i took a deep, deep breath. i've never done this before. i went to bed. i'm enjoying it. but we have to bring sanity. i'm not doing it because of
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that, as much as i love you people. we could be someplace else. the fact is, i love the end result of what this is going to be. we're going to have a phenomenal, strong, powerful, rich country again. [applause] to meump: a woman came up and said, mr. trump i'm supporting you and i really like you, but i don't like when you say you were going to make our country rich. i said, honey i can't help but. if we don't make it rich, we cannot make it great. we need money. we are no different than a person, no different than a company, we need to be rich. we are being drained by all of these devaluations and other countries run by smarter people than our people. they don't have the same influence. they are influenced by money.
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when you see a guy like jeb is, a less than average guy having all of this money where they give him $128 billion waste and then he takes out ads against me, i think he spent $25 million on negative ads against me and my poll numbers went up. him $128 million. all the things that i say, he says exactly the opposite. i just spoke with larry, the great economist, and he was taxng, trump as the biggest cut. then i have a politician, the sky on television saying i want to raise taxes falls and i don't like the second amendment. i am the strongest person on the second amendment that exists of these candidates. not even close. a guy talking about, he wants to do all to the second amendment, these are lying, bad people.
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we are going to do something that is going to be spectacular and you are going to he there and this is a very special group of people. and that's why i wanted to do a do-over. believe it or not, i could not get the plane in and i took a little for that. i said, i don't care if i have to come through the yukon. and i thought, what we will do is take a few questions. any questions? go head. you have a question? yes? go ahead. ok? i know that. very powerful. visiting thank you for queen's county, londonderry. great to have you here.
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economic lot of development going on. more than any other town in new hampshire right now. country toou do as a make us more economically competitive in the future? the account: bring our jobs back . i passed some of the old factories. senior citizen housing at different housing. the housing is all great and the cedars citizens and stuff, but we need jobs. they used to be booming and now wereare empty or they converted into, in many cases, senior citizen housing. we need jobs. that is what we need. gone to mexico. for this area, what has happened with mexico, with people who do not know what they are done with trade agreements, it is incredible. i am going to bring the jobs back. all over the country. we left the country. i want the automobile industry to come back into michigan.
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fortis building a 2.5 elliott and plant in mexico. ridiculous. they will sell the cars into this country with no tax, no nothing. how does it help us when your day is building this plant? 2.5 billion, think about it. a one-story building. thing is?w big this they are going to make thousands of millions of cars and trucks and parts. how does it help us? how does it help us they are going to make these car and sell many of them into the united states along with trucks and parts? where is it good for us? you know they closed factories in the united states of america. i went to the wharton school of. whether you went to school or not, it is no good. time, ifople all the you are going to go there, we will charge you tax. leave is, build a plant, may cars, sell them back, you will pay the tax.
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if we do that, they are not going anywhere. 100% will stay right here. so we're going to do it. first of all, congratulations, here you are doing a good job. 99% of thely, country has got problems. when you hear about the 5% unemployment rate, it is sad that they can even get away with people think it is 42%. so many have given up looking for a job. i go to dallas, i have 20,000 people filling out my arena. you are all invited. who is going? i hope you're going to go. we are going to have an amazing event there tonight will stop again, the snow. but it will still be a great event. it is goingight if to hold back your vote tomorrow.
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tomorrow is more important. [laughter] : when i get these themve people, most of recently and mobile, alabama. when i get all these people, it of where we are. the stock market is down today almost 300 50 points. anybody getting killed with your money? it will come back. let me get in there. we have to get it up. stock market is absolutely being killed. what is it? three 84. a big kid. the stock market is the worst in its history for the first month. the first. . let's see what happens. the stock market was good, everything else bad. i said, don't worry, the stock
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bucket will follow. you returno, will the contribution that you received from late nationalist and bill jackson? mr. trump: i don't know who he is. never heard of him. who is it? ifould certainly return it you think it is appropriate. i do not know anything about him. i have? i would return it. do not be so angry. i do not even know who he is. [laughter in applause] as to mr. trump: who the hell is he? i don't know. >> mr. trump: i was reminding myself 53 years ago i went to a seventh grade valentine stance in this very room. i went to his goal across the street from here and we had some gym, so this was our
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gym. some people say i changed a bit and 53 years, i say what has been changing in new hampshire our most population has shrunk. you are not a shy guy. addresssomeone who will climate change and help make our moose great again. mr. trump: my sons are hunters, they love hunting. they know about your moose air. were telling me about that. is that mostly disease? or is it from hunting? [indiscernible] mr. trump: wow. unbelievable. down 50%? well. amazing. incredible. >> [indiscernible]
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mr. trump: i support the death penalty. i have to be a little careful about that. if somebody kill somebody, i support the death penalty and i support the death penalty for policeman that get killed. we had a case of new york, they gone to the car, and they put a gun to the officer said, they pull the trigger. death penalty all the way. i have always supported the death penalty. i do not believe people who don't. you have cases to who are so egregious, a guy comes up to an 85-year-old woman, i just the face, shoots her and had, rapes her, kills her, and then they put them in jail for 25 years. how you can even think of that -- and i have friends that are good people and they say, no it is cruel and unusual punishment. what is that? it's like the other day during the debate talks about the whole thing with waterboarding. , to actually ted cruz,
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good guy, there are talking about it and you could see he was hedging he did not want to get involved too much. you can see it. i understand. because maybe it is politically incorrect to talk about waterboarding. it is sort of a minimal form. and then they said, will, what do you think, and i said i am totally in favor of waterboarding, but i am also in favor of far worse than waterboarding because people are chopping off the heads of our people. [applause] mr. trump: and i don't know, maybe i lose votes if i say that. i don't really care. you've got a be yourself. i think one of the reasons i do that, i do not have pollsters. when bush was asked a question when he first started about is the word good. i am very militaristic.
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our military is going to be so big, so strong, so powerful, no one is going to want to mess with us, and i do not want to use it, but people said, is the war in iraq good or bad? and he said, i don't know. he went back and forth. this is a god who is aesthetic, and then finally, the pollsters told him what to say, and he said it was bad. of course it was bad. we spent $2 trillion, thousands of lives, wounded warriors, who i love all over the place, and now iran is taking over iraq, and not because they won yemen. they will go over and take over saudi arabia, and saudi arabia, we pay rent. we pay rent and saudi arabia. i like the saudi's. i do business with them. they are great. why are we paying rent? they were making $1 billion a
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day, so now they are making half. we protect them. they should pay a lot of money. south korea we protect. we have 28,000 soldiers in south korea. i ordered thousands and thousands of air conditioners and televisions, and they all come through south korea. they make a fortune. they are behemoth. so when north korea acts up, we start with the ships, this, that, we're going to protect them. what do we get? a fraction. i have buildings in south korea, but you know what? we have got to be taken care of. we are not a nation who has to do this. we protect germany.
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nobody even knows that. we protect, as an example, japan. we have a treaty with japan. if japan gets attacked, we have to go to their defense and start world word three, right? if we get attacked, japan does not have to do anything. these are the deals that we have. if we get attacked, they go, sorry you got attacked. bye-bye, have fun. we have to go to war if they get attacked. these deals are made by politicians. they have people in japan that they care about through the lobbyist, through the special interests, they have a lot of industry. those days are gone. if i get in, you will be so proud of our country, and we are using the smartest people. we will not use the dumbest. we will use the great geniuses. many have built fortunes, and they do not want any money.
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guy evenlike a tough with that leg. you look like a tough cookie. i would not mess around with you even if i did not have that. so we have to get smart, and we have to get tough, and we have to be vigilant. you know, when i talked about the muslims, we talk about illegal immigration and mexico, and then i talked about the muslims. everybody wanted to have a president who will not talk about radical islamic terrorism. he will not talk about it. he will not mention it. when it is 100%, like in paris, and like in california, people killed, 100%. we have a president who will not
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talk about it. if you cannot use the name, you cannot solve it, so i said we have to have a moratorium. we have to have a ban on until we find out what is going on. it is temporary and all of that. there is hatred out there. i took a tremendous amount of hate, and now everyone is saying, trump is right. look at sweden. look at these places are you look at what is happening in the world, so i will tell you we have to do what is right, and in my case, i would do something that is a little different. i do not go to a pollster and say could you tell me how it would be if i told the truth about what is going on with radical islamic terrorism? i did not say to a pollster that these people, these very in many cases not smart people, they pay so much money -- they cannot function without a pollster. they cannot function. everything is polled. i have much more money than them, but i do not have a pollster. most of the people in here understand what the truth is, and they get it. if it means i lose because i say truth, i would rather lose. does that make sense? yes. go ahead.
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>> 15 years ago, i lost my 19 year old son to a prescription drug overdose, and i have been fighting this fight for a long time, talking to a lot of so-called politicians. i heard you speak yesterday up at plymouth, and -- 2.5 hours to drive down. like what iid you had to say? >> you said you are not a politician. you are not. you are a public servant. we need a leader who is really going to tackle this problem. i think the last of this country took the drug issue seriously is when ronald reagan and george h. w. bush were in office. we had nancy reagan "just say
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no." a lot of people think it was trivial, but it really was not. this was my boy. mr. trump: beautiful. beautiful. so what happened? he had the prescription? >> he was a so-called weekend warrior as i called them. a lot of kids start off with marijuana and think it is no big deal, but in today's culture, all of the drugs come together. obviously, heroin was brought about because of the prescription drug problem. it created a vacuum. you know, we had a methamphetamine problem. and when pseudoephedrine was locked down, we had another problem. a majority of the heroin coming in is from across the border in mexico and south america. we need a leader to take this on. i would love to have your wife -- there are many, many family groups like mine that are out there, and i think tapping into that effort and tapping into
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that energy can make a difference in our country. i could go on and on, but -- mr. trump: no, i can see that, and the love of your son is incredible, and you should want to. i would be in the same position. i understand. >> your wife and ivanka. mr. trump: i would do that in two seconds. no, because i see the passion, you are right, and it is things -- they start on heroin because it is so cheap. there is some much of it. you know, people from here, they say how cheap it is. and that is the problem. it is so cheap and it is so everybodyailable the starts there. that is where it starts. a lot of times that is where it is. "politician," i say
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i hate calling myself a politician because i know the politicians well, and i usually do not even say the word politician because i do not like calling myself a politician. i guess over the past six or seven months, you could call the a politician, but i hate calling myself that. yes, go ahead. >> the border is important, and i understand what we need to do, and there is a lot of parents out there who want to get those parents groups back started again. i know what i want to talk about, the 6000 drug dealers that were let out of jail. hopefully, we will not have a repeat of that. mr. trump: unbelievable. of the 6000, almost every single one of them will be back selling drugs. ok? these peoples are our babies that think differently. they just do not care. frankly, i do not even think they care. it is almost like they do not like our country. but out of the 6000, every single one will be back selling drugs. it will be very rare that someone does not do it again. it is a tough situation. i am very sorry about your son.
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remember that. if we win, you're going to come to the white house and bring a group, because i can learn much more from steve then i can from these consultants that get paid millions of dollars. [applause] mr. trump: you know? i can learn, honestly, so much more from steve then i can these consultants who get the onions and millions of dollars by the governments and all of the different groups that higher them. he knows more on his one hand then they now. -- than they know. now, as far as it is concerned, mexico could stop this stuff. they are tough as hell. >> the mexican government could stop that. a friend of mine was in mexico
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overstated for two days and he gets a knock on the door from the police. why are you here? you are not supposed to be here? guide.a business he did not know what was going on. can you imagine us doing that in our country? or anchor babies. try having an anchor baby and mexico. they will laugh at you. go ahead ma'am. >> me and my husband have been married for 43 years. i want to know what you are going to do for people who are struggling and trying to provide for people in this area. >> part of the problem you have
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is regulation. regulations are brutal on small businesses and we are going to get rid of so many of those regulations. we may go back 20 years. they have put regulations on us and all it does is direct see. it is like common core. i am opposed to common core. [applause] >> guys like jeb bush are totally in favor of common core. they are weak on immigration. "they come as an act of love." give me a break. you have that with small businesses and businesses generally. >> the fees the government people on us -- we hire that can't even subtract and add and do percentages and i have to
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do it myself. >> and they have been through the whole thing. >> nothing like education being locally-based. i am a big believer in education. education is so important. common core is a disaster. it is good for the people in washington. it is a disaster. in the world, we are number 30 in education. we are number one on course per-pupil but we are number 30 in the world. >> i remember when our country was great again. i am a lower middle class family, i am the first in my
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family to go to college. i went back to rural pennsylvania and focused on literacy and education. for four years i have been giving free books away. we need a different kind of school and i came here to ask for your help in raising funds to open what i call the first equal opportunity school. >> there he interesting. >> it is going up so fast. >> it went up a lot in the last year. >> it is going to go up another 2 trillion soon. >> how did this happen? >> we have incompetent
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politicians, crooked politicians. we have politicians getting massive campaign contributions and they are protecting companies and countries. with me that is not going to happen. it is called competition. i told you the story about the drug companies. in the military, education, you have the same thing. no competition. it is going to go down. what is your exact plan to stop isis? [applause] >> you have no many -- you have no idea how many people ask that question. i always say unpredictable.
4:37 am
when obama announced we were leaving iraq on a certain date, said whoes to -- enemy would tell us that? right afterback and that date they went in and did whatever they want to do. frankly, it is all controlled by iran now. remember the 50 soldiers that we were sending over three months ago. we are sending 50 soldiers over to iraq and syria, 50 soldiers, big news conference. why are we telling people this? why don't we send them so these 50 young, beautiful people have targets on their back. it is not a good thing to say because 50 sounds so small. why do you say this?
4:38 am
i told you about the oil. i want to not out of the oil. -- knock out the oil. do the banking circles. they have banking circuits that are very sophisticated. i have a real chance of winning. but if i win, i am not going to be talking, saying -- i always generalral patton and macarthur, they didn't talk. can you imagine general george patton being asked, sitting on a television talking about what he is going to do. he likes smacking people in the face. he would smack the anchor for asking the question. this is a different kind of the world -- kind of world.
4:39 am
trust me, we will win so fast. hard.l hit him very i was curious as to what your thoughts may have been on term en and for the congressm their lifelong payment? >> i am absolutely ok with term limits. it is not the most important thing because in theory, the term limits are the voters. always viewed that as the term limit but i am ok with term limits. they are protective of themselves. they don't have to take obamacare. we are going to repeal it and a places -- replace it.
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we have to take it. they don't have to take it. that tells you everything right there. i am ok getting rid of the term. one more and we will go out. who has got a good question? >> go ahead. hi. i am an old flight attendant with united airlines. september 10. the firsthe news, was hit and i saw my airplane, with my friends on flight 175. they were young and good kids. them had just gotten
4:41 am
engaged. the week before the layover. >> you were on that flight previously? >> 24 hours. they were good kids, young, 20 years old. i could have been their mom. a lot of survivors guilt. when i got on the airplane, i .as so angry i wasn't afraid at all. i was almost looking for these guys. and the two together, it was tough to function. >> angry is ok. being angry is ok. we are going to make you happy again but being angry is ok. together, i had to
4:42 am
walk away from my job. i know the world has changed. this was in the 70's when i started and things were so different. >> the world is a different place and we have allowed it to become a different place. it is not that it should be different. we have allowed it through weakness. that an interesting word she uses because she talks about anger and i like that you talked about that word. >> i had to walk away from my a lot of ptsd, why them? why not me? but this little girl asked about isis and i asked governor christie and governor bush what they would do to protect my family, my friends, all the
4:43 am
people in this room. our country. north korea to go knocking on the door at the you gaveuse and saying " iran the 150 billion, what are you going to give me? " recently, before the previous , i raised $6 million for the vets. i raised $6 million. recently i was asked about "are we angry? " on the cover of time magazine and last week there was an amazing story. recently, governor nikki haley made a speech and she talked about the anger like it was a bad thing. day she wasf the
4:44 am
talking like it was ok because she was getting hit. stupidity ofat the our government. the fact that we allow things like isis to happen. the weakness of our leaders, the total weakness. during the debate, they asked me about anger. i said as per what she was saying. they thought i was going to say i am not angry. i have to think quickly on these things, but i said i am angry. we are not angry people. at the level of incompetence and the level of stupidity that we see in our government and until we correct it, we are going to continue to be angry and so are the people who show up by the thousands to these events. [applause] >> there is nothing wrong with being angry.
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that afternoon nikki haley said "donald trump is my friend." i am not knocking her. certainly, the tone changed. not angry people but when we see the kind of stupidity we see. bergdahl, aant trader -- traitor. when we give iran $150 billion, we get nothing. then they take the money they don't buy from us. hopefully we are not going to be angry for long. stupiditye see the and incompetence, we are angry and there is nothing wrong about eating angry. i hope you are angry enough to go out and vote tomorrow, folks.
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[applause] >> thank you everybody. oh, good. why don't you make the presentation? nice to see you stuart. >> on behalf of the donald trump foundation, we are honored that instead of going to do the political thing, he once again -- he can take care of veterans. they donated $100,000 to our homeless veterans shelter in manchester. thank you. >> [applause] >> congratulations. i will sign that right after. congratulations.
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thank you everybody. i appreciate it very much. there are a lot of members from the post. thank you. ♪
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>> ♪ i saw her today at the reception a glass of wine in her hand i knew she would meet her connection at her feet was a footloose man no, you can't always get what you want, you can't always get which you want, you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime you find
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you get what you need i went down to the demonstration to get my fair share of the view. you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you might find you get what you need
4:53 am
oh, yeah and i went down to the demonstration i was standing in line with mr. jimmy. and man, did he look pretty ill we decided that we would have a soda my favorite flavor, cherry red i sung my song to mr. jimmy and he said one word to me, and that was "dead"