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tv   Donald Trump Remarks in Londonderry New Hampshire  CSPAN  February 9, 2016 5:55am-6:56am EST

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of economic growth. one of the regulations is increasing the minimum wage. not only do you have to pay the increased wage, but the increased payroll tax. >> how many businesses went out of business? gov. christie: we are still calculating it. what i think we are going to see, what kind of small business you have? >> sales and marketing. gov. christie: from a business like yours to a fast food place -- i had a guy said if they do this, he has five employees. he says i am going to say you two are gone and you three stay. i will pay you three the increased wage, but you to our fired -- you two are fired. it is bad economic policy and it
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is pandering. what politicians do better than anyone else in the world, they spend other people's money. i am not looking to spend any more of your money. >> thank you, governor. gov. christie: thank you, sir. >> thank you governor. we have seen dramatic changes in health care. if you look around the state of new hampshire, you can barely go three miles from your house and not bump into five urgent cares, brand-new buildings put up. huge quantities of money being put into buildings for people providing a service that, if it is not effective for them, why are they doing it? if you look at the deductibles you can pay all of your health
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insurance, and unless you get run over by a car, you are never going to be able to collect a single penny. what are you going to do about health care? gov. christie: your observation that people building new buildings are not doing it for a charity, you are right. this is one of the tragedies of obamacare. in politics, your job is to underpromise and over deliver. obamacare it was the opposite. three promises. if you like your doctor, your health care plan, you can keep them. prices will go down. that is 0-3. that is bad. the idea the federal government
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running the system is folly. let's take our two states. new hampshire and new jersey are roughly the same size. you have 1.3 million people in new hampshire. at 8.9 million people in new jersey. roughly the same space. we are the most ethnically diverse state in the country. the challenges we face in providing health care, access to health care, are different than new hampshire. how far do you have to go to find a doctor or hospital that king care for the ailment that you have, and cost? deductibles are one of the things that drive the cost out of your pocket. in new jersey, we do not have access problems because of distance. i trip over a hospital every four miles in new jersey.
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they are everywhere. our issue is a cost issue. why would a plan that will address new hampshire's plan and new jersey's plan -- here's what i would do. i would repeal obamacare. and give every state a year to come up with their own plan. if the issues of high deductibles are the biggest problems in new hampshire, the people of the enhancer can tell their representative we cannot live with high deductibles and we will pay for it. let's say you are a family that thinks having your child until they are 26 years old on your plan is important to you advocate for that. argue for portability of insurance across employer to employer. argue for buying insurance across state lines.
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let's say you do not need all of that. in nebraska, they offer a plan that gives me what i need. you should be able to go to nebraska and by that plan. if that is important to you advocate that with your state legislature. you have a better plan government on help your needs to be more local. we can see that with urgent care going up there in new hampshire. what is the cost to the taxpayer
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in the state? much better than anybody in washington d c. so, i am an advocate for pushing this down to the state level. there is also a philosophical reason. i have read from cover to cover health care nowhere in the constitution. not there. let's get back to basics. the last thing i say to you is there is a saying, democracy is not a system that does not make mistakes, but it is the best system for fixing mistakes once they are made. you keep your bureaucracy down to the most local level and you have the best chance to fix it. obamacare as all tied up in politics. nothing good is happening. here, you consider down and say by the way, you have 400 state
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representatives. i trip over hospitals in new jersey you you trip over state representatives. you go to the deli, the dry cleaner, the basketball or football game locally you wind up going to church or synagogue and you are going to run into a state representative somewhere. you can grab and buttonhole them. that is what i would do if i was here. let's celebrate the differences in our states and let them use those differences to give them the best plan they can give you. that is the way i would do it. live free or die baby. live free or die. [applause] chris christie: thank you.
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>> i have seen a lot of other candidates and i just heard madeleine albright said there was a special place in hell direct quote, for young women who do not vote for hillary clinton. there is not a power unearthed earth that is going to get me to vote or hillary clinton. but, i am in my 20's. i am not going to see social security. health care will be a continuing issue for myself, my children, my parents, my grandparents. the massive national debt, safety and security and a changing face of this world that is very different from my parents, my grandparents. why should they vote for you instead? chris christie: one of the my vice president? you are on the short list now thank you very much. why should you vote for me? because you want someone to tell
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you the truth. everyone of those problems, i have but out ideas about how to deal with them. every one of them. i've been willing to sit here for some new one days and do it for two hours. i do not do drive-by town hall meetings. i take four questions for 25 minutes and say thank you very much and walk out. we sit here and take questions and give detailed answers. the lady concerned about social security? she knows -- he needs to know exactly what i am going to do. so when she goes in of is for me tomorrow night and when i become president she will not look at me and say, wait a minute, he said this and did that. i say exactly what i'm going to do. first thing, no matter what age you are in this room, you want to go back to a political system where people tell you what they think regardless of the cost. i may say something you do not like. every time i say something specific i run the risk of
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getting you angry and having you look at someone else. i am willing to take the risk because i would rather have you know what you are buying them have buyer's regret. that is why some other candidates in the race, and why saturday night was different. you cannot sit there and give generalist answers about how much you love america. we all love america. if you are running for president, you love america. everybody loves america. let's say that. we'll salute the flag. wheels salute our country. everybody on the stage saturday night are great americans who love their country. why should you but for me? is i will tell you the truth then give you specifics. and because the plans ipo forward are forward-looking not bad looking. her innocence, you say you will never see social security. you might be right. i'm not sure. my son feels the same way. he is 22-year-old and he just
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started working and he said, what's fica? i said, you will learn brother. you will learn. i say we should look in the mirror and make changes that will allow us to look into the future. we have to invest into the health and science foundations. if america wants to create a good environment economically and come up with cures to make quality and length of life better, we need to invest in those things in the private sector. i say we have to lower our tax rates and regulations said this guy does not get killed every time he turns round and a small business so maybe his small business so maybe his small business becomes a bigger business and he can employ other people. you want to be safe and secure. you are going to go to work in the morning if you are afraid of crime or terrorism in your community. after there has been an attack on a business for the developing
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disabled, that means anybody can be attacked. not just chicago or los angeles or boston. everywhere. you want a president who knows had to do it. i know. the fbi director when he comes in to brief me, he will not have to introduce himself to me. i know him. he was the u.s. attorney of manhattan when i was the u.s. attorney of new jersey. i know these things. because i've done them. you watch me during hurricane sandy. what i will tell you about that experience, it was one of the formative experiences of my life on how to deal with a crisis and put aside politics. there are people in this race who criticize me on a regular basis because i shook the president of the united states posse end and said thank you when he came to my state, where we had been devastated and
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offered help. look, if that is the kind of politician you want, vote for it. the kind politician i am, i put the people who elected me ahead of politics. if you do not do that, you are violating the a few take on the day of office. that is the kind of president i will be. you will never have to wonder what i am taking, feeling. you will see it. it will be a parent. people of said lots of things about me and i'm sure you have heard many of them. here is one ring they have said. you listen this morning, you know where i stand and make your call. but i do not think i should appeal to you -- let's get back to your beginning comment. this is the inherent falsehood of the liberal philosophy. they believe that you should vote for hillary clinton not only vote for her but there is a special place in hell for you if you do not stop right? i bet that is the last time she will be on the campaign trail for hillary. i am thinking it is time to let
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madeleine go back to studying writing books, or whatever. the fact is they think you should vote purely because of your gender. they think i should make a special appeal to you that is different to you because you are a woman then i will make to dm because he is a man. sorry. i will make the very same appeal. you know why? it is i have lived every day for the last 30 years with a very strong woman and if i started to speak to her like she is a woman, whatever that means, all i know is it would be a very cold night for me. right? very cold night. we have two young daughters. 19-years-old and 12-years-old. every time i can i try to remind them that, your sense of self-worth and who you are and what you can be comes within you. not from anybody else. not from any man and certainly not from some former secretary of state or tells you you are going to burn in hell if you do not vote for somebody.
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i think you should vote for me because i am going to treat you like i treat him or her or him or him or her. i am not going to treat you differently, give you a different answer because you are younger. if yes what music i like i am going to tell you the same kind even though i know maybe the music i like is not going to be what you like. i will not pander to that. i think we have had a pander-in-chief for the past seven years. he tries to look in the eyes and tell you exactly what you want to hear. he is good at it will stop he is not good at being president, but he is good at telling you what you want to hear. my view is you have got to be who you are. if you are who you are, you have a chance to be successful. if you fake it, you will always get caught. it may take a while, but as you saw saturday night, when the lights are really bright and everybody is watching you cannot take it any longer. if you are memorizing answers that people told you to memorize
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and all you do is repeat them over and over again about it with the other person says, you cannot do that with vladimir putin sending across the table -- sitting across the table from you. can you imagine if that happened with vladimir putin? guess what? those are the stakes. those of the stakes. this is not a dress rehearsal it is not a television show. no offense, buddy. [laughter] chris christie: he never does that because he is perfect. that is why you should vote for someone who's real and genuine and tells you the truth. it doesn't matter if you are in your mid-20's or your mid-60's. the truth is the truth. if you don't like what i say, you have like 70 other people to vote for.
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but do not vote for hillary. but, if you do decide to vote for hillary i would not tell you you were going to go to hell. unlike her supporters. >> i want to tell you that i have seen a lot of other candidates. i was a political science major so i look at you guys very carefully. i was undecided when i got here. and i have 33 hours now and you have earned my vote. [applause] chris christie: all right, i am too for to everybody, i am leaving. this can only go down here. wait a minute. the guy who is hosting us, he raising a sand. he gets a question. i thought i saw you raise your hand. let's go. >> we did not have any time earlier. since world war ii and through the rest of the 20th century american manufacturing pulled
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the country out of every economic demise. we are too small right now there's not enough of us. we don't have a product, we make things for other people. my customers are either competing against imports or exporting. in both cases, a strong dollar sucks for my company. got any take on that? is christie: the fact is that we have got to be careful about the way other countries -- and we have to start getting tougher with them -- how they handle their currencies because everything is relative. by definition that makes ours stronger. in our country that might push it one way or the other. you have people doing things artificial that affect us. we have got to get tougher on them. the chinese in particular since
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they are the economic rival. but we also need to do things to help manufacturing and help people expand. you know the major driving costs of manufacturing our labor and energy costs. there are other costs obviously. we need to drive down energy cost especially in new hampshire. you are paying much to high heaven energy cost in new hampshire as opposed to the rest of the country, let alone the world. so on the currency side of things, we need to audit the fed will stop we need to look at what -- we need to audit the fed. we need to look at what they have been doing. what happens if we going to an interest -- a recession and they have artificially kept rates low for years and years and years. now, if we get another problem what tools to we have left in the toolbox to fix that?
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monetary policy needs to be looked at from many different perspectives. from our point of view and other countries. on the energy side, we need to partner with mexico and canada to make north america the energy continent. we can do it. we have enough resources to do that. imagine the power of what would happen in north america if we held a keystone pipeline. mexico is now dean national their energy business so that we can invest and draw more energy out of mexico. imagine to -- what that would do to this country. if the prices are significantly lower than chinese, we can compete around the world from a cost perspective without affecting our labor wages. we can bring that down. the chinese will not be able to
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compete with us from an energy perspective if we team with canada and mexico to do it. or me, the idea that we are artificially keeping energy high, higher than we need to be because we are unwilling to work with canada and mexico on this, which the president has been unwilling to do. keystone being one of the examples. 85% of that keystone energy that was coming down was going to be consumed 10 the united states. 100% of it was going to be refined in the united states. only 15% would be shipped offshore. what advantage to us to have two friendly neighbors. not a rack, not a rant, not saudi arabia. i don't -- not iraq, not iran not saudi arabia. i don't think the canadians are going to try to attack us anytime soon. you are afraid of the canadians? with a lot of comedians from canada.
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that is what i think we have to do on the manufacturing front. i would be happy to sit with you another time and get more ideas from somebody doing it because somebody doing it does a hell of a lot more than i do. that is my sense of how we deal with the currency issue that affects your business and how we deal with the cost basis of your business and see how it will be easier for you to compete with people around the country and around the world. >> i think if there is a way of leveling the playing field on the value of a dollar, we could figure out the rest. chris christie: good, you took one off my plate. i can take only one more question i have four more town halls. but they said i could take one, i will take two. i have to show i'm still the boss. you know what it is like to be president? you are surrounded by young
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people telling you where to go and what to do every minute of the day. the tyranny of the young. >> my question is i am a parent and a native granite-stater. i'm looking at what happened in michigan. i would be terrified if i turned on my water and did not know of is going to poison my kids. this is a health emergency. what would you do if you were the president to help the people of flint, michigan. chris christie: i would call the governor, i would say you have had your chance and we need to come in and fix this things. the federal government can help to repair and get them a viable water supply as soon as possible. go in there and bring all of the parties to the table and say this has to be fixed now, it cannot wait. in the temporary short-term we have to make sure they get reliable water in there so they can cook, bathe.
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everything they need to do so does not affect the child. it is an enormous failure. i'm sure we will have lots of posts warnings on whether it was the county state, federal government or all three. it did not act in aggressively or not. who put money before public health. all those things. you see it bubbling up in the stuff i am rating. all i know is what i'm reading in the paper or hearing on the news. no special briefings. but as a governor, i know the weight this works. at some point, when you are the governor you have to be aggressive. i think governor snyder has been aggressive and he also asked her help. as president, i would make sure i went to the governor first and said, you need help. i'm not waiting for you to help. -- for you to ask. these people are americans and i cannot have a major american city that does not have clean drinking water.
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safe ranking water. that is part of the thing having been a prosecutor and a governor. i am not afraid to exert executive authority. that is a public health emergency. you are not waiting for permission when it is a public health emergency. same way i will not wait for permission if there is an attack wife for an entity or terrorists. you do not have to wait if the health, safety, or security of the american people are at risk. if that is the case, the president must bring to bear the power and resources to fix it. if we wait people are dying. we cannot have that. that is the balance between the branches. you cannot do that on something that is not an emergency. that is what this guy has done. no one would object if he did that in an emergency. flint-michigan is an emergency. same thing has happened in sebring, ohio. there are things that we have to
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talk about. i would get on the phone with the governor and most likely i would know that governor because i have been the governor for the last six years so they would not worry about me not understanding their prerogative. i am here to help because we as elected officials have to be concerned about him, just the weight you are. we have to be just as conserved -- concerned about him. we have to be sure we treat them in a way that they are our children, too. i would be very aggressive about it. i would not be asking about an invitation, i would come in and go fix it because that is a dreadful-ugly, scary problem. the long-term effects are something we do not know exactly what this is going to mean for those children but we know it cannot the anything good. there is going to be long-term cost associated with that.
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if children are affected, their brain function is affected and they still need to be educated, there will be additional costs to bring them along and make sure it may catch up if that is possible. we need to try to prevent these things before they happen, but once they do, we need to short-circuit it as soon as possible. that is what we should be doing. you have a good mom. good for you. i can take one more. >> thank you, governor christie. i am a gold star mom and a blue star mom. i lost my son and a racket in 2006 -- i lost my son in iraq in 2006 and my daughter has been serving. my son has moved up three times and had to move back three times because he lost a job, lost one of its and cannot make enough money to pay for rent, pay for
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his car, and pay off his school loans. do you have a plan for these thousands that are drowning in college debt? governor christie: i do. first of all, we are indebted to you. i see your button on. we are indebted to you because there is no greater sacrifice than it your child and no greater sorrow than to lose a child. we pray for you injure her family and we pray for the safety of your daughter. now, let's talk about the son who is moving back in and we want to get them the hell out of the house. don't we? let's be honest. with god get them out. here's what i would do about the debt issue. let me tell you that mary pat and i deal with this from the perspective of parents have to jump in and college right now.
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our son is a senior at princeton and our daughter is a sophomore at notre dame, which means our college bills this year are 122 thousand $500. we feel your pain. right? as a famous politician wants it. we have to do two things on the debt side and two things on the cost side. the cost side one help your son right now but you need to know what i want to do about that so warm affect other young people. on the debt side, he should be able to refinance his loans. he is paying artificially high rates and the rules say you cannot refinance. you should be able to go to a local bank, refinance, pay off his principal and be able to save 3, 4, 56 points on his right. we are making money on your son and it is disgraceful. we wanted to help educate him. we should make it reasonable rate. not an above market rate. i'm one to refinance loans
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wherever i can refinance them. if he can get a lower rate, god bless him. let him do it. it brings down the cost and the long-term cost paying the whole thing back. second, this might be something that gets them out of the house. i want to give a national service option to him beyond what is happening in the military right now. i want to give a national option to people with student debt. let them go anyplace in the country, contribute to society let's pay them and let's knock down their loans every year they are willing to engage in national service. it will make our country a better place. it will make him a better person for the experience and when his time with the national service you will have less debt if any debt depending on how long he doesn't. then when he goes to choose what job he wants to take, he can follow his heart and not worry about how much he is to make every month to cover the knot of the student loan payment.
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i will remind you, like bernie sanders said, he is going to make everybody's college tuition free, we must remember there is nothing free in this world. a young person as may about the difference between how young people view things. this guy asked me a couple nights ago, why not have bernie sanders plan which is going to give me college for free? so i had one of my friends come over, my campaign lawyer, who was the only one who i trusted to do this, i said could you please go into my pocket ample what is out. he said ok and put out my money. i said ok, now go give it to that kid. he gave the kid my money. i said, that is what my -- free tuition is. you took my money, barnett took my money, and gave it to you. ernie did not invented. by the way burning will take a lot of people's money. -- bernie will take a lot of
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people's money. lower carrying costs by virtue of letting him get a market rate loan rather than a higher rate loan and give a national service option. once he does that for a few years, he is getting paid not only what he needs to live but he is getting debt relief. i'm not talking about the military. this is national service beyond the military. that option is available if you qualifies, but there is lots of national service and's country that has nothing to do with being in the military. we had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of kids who rotated in to help us do things like tear people's drywall off the walls. so if they are soaking wet
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smelly carpeting. helping people get their house back in a place where they could rebuild it. there are lots of things folks can do. i became a total advocate of this when i saw a americorps come in after hurricane sandy. they did wonderful things for these people. also, lifted people's spirits. especially if you go through a hurricane and you are older. they came and had smiles, and helped change the world. he doesn't have to do it if he doesn't want to. we will not drafted to national service. it is an option. debt relief and money to support yourself during that time. a pretty good deal. on the cost side, the debt problem is a direct result of the cost. it did not just get there out of nowhere. our daughter is a sophomore at notre dame. we got a letter from notre dame, the letter to your parents over
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the summer. dear parents, from father john jenkins, it went something like this. dear parents, we want to thank you for the blessing of the stone upon us by entrusting the soles of your children to our care and education for the next number of years. when you get that, first paragraph from a priest, when you close your eyes you can hear the theme from "rudy" playing in the background. you can see the golden dome. how many people in here are catholic? for the catholics, after that paragraph, what is the next aircraft? money. exactly. this is a priest, they know how to separate you from your money more than anything. so he said, that is why i am proud to tell you that tuition this year will only increase by 3.9 percent. here's the kicker, he said that
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was the lowest increase at notre dame in 40 years. a nearly 4% increases the lowest increase and 40 years. what if we made this decision the same when we make every other decision. we decide if it is a value for us at the price offered. how about this? how about if i wanted to make a decision that way? let's say i decided that $62,500 it was not a value for me. imagine us calling our daughter downstairs. for anyone who has a 19-year-old daughter, how do you think it would go of her? we do not think it is a value so we are going to send you to a different school that is cheaper and don't worry you'll love it just fine. i think at my house, after the crime, stamping feet, slamming door, somewhere in that sequence
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yelling, you are ruining my life and i hate you. all right? we know what is going to happen. you would do the same thing mary pat and i would do. you sit at the table and try to figure out how to make it happen stop -- how to make it happen. we don't make a decision based on intellect in those areas. it is in motion. our kid loves the school. we are sitting around at townhall's, a lot of parents have sweatshirts on. i ask if they went to that school, they say no, my kids went. a have an emotional connection to that school, too. we need to have them detail for us what they are spending our money on. is it the most nondescript bill in the world, princeton? three lines. tuition. room and board. other fees.
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29,000 $750. if you went out to breakfast at hudson this morning in the waitress put on your table after breakfast, he flipped it over and it said food $20. you would say, sweetheart come over here for a minute. could you detail this will stop at college do we have that? three lines. three lines we put up with. i would require they tell us exactly what we are paying for. because if we did that, they would be embarrassed and we would be outraged. we cannot put the finger on them because they do not tell us. they need to tell us. the second thing i would do is allow you and your son to unbundle your bill. the things you want to use and pay for them. if you are not going to use a bunch of that stuff, do not pay for it. only pay for what you are going to use. that is a market force. if 90% of the people said, if
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they had on their the athletic center. if your son said, i am not going to go workout there. i'm not going to do that stuff. i am here to study i'm not going to do that. if 90% of the people did not check off the athletic center, they would not build it. or they didn't, they would use it for athletes and pay out of that money they make for football or basketball or anything else. we need to allow people to unbundle their bills to put market forces on it. that is a direct survey back to the institution about what people value and what they are willing to pay for. one step at a time, my friend. we need to do that because we are getting ripped off. we are. not every institution is awful. most of these places give kids a good education. i had a college president the other night say to me, i do not nearly large what they cost me.
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she missed the entire point. why does it cost that much? don't tell me what kind of a break your giving me, stop spending all that money in the first place. the last thing you can say to me, and this lady is about to, you could say how? how do you make them do that? here's how. they have to do it. if they do not, they cannot participate in the federal student loan and federal cynic grant program. right? that is the way we do it. this goes to that guys point. you want to use our taxpayer money? you have to put a -- play by a different set of rules that shows us how you're spending our money. that is what i would do for your son on the cost side and on the loan side and i think that is a good place to start to try to control these things. good luck to your daughter
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injures son, will be thinking about both of them. thank you for coming this morning and listening. i appreciate it will stop so, i am all over new hampshire today. i am doing this three other times and a couple other events as well. we're going to be working and trying to convert people who today here said they are converted out loud. and i'm sure some of you are silently converted. go into that voting was tomorrow and do the right thing. she has a comment. this is where i get trouble with my wife, i do that all the time and that we get in the car she says what are you doing? we have a schedule. >> i came to see you a few times, i brought my daughter last night i cut this jacks. i have told everyone i know they need to come to my side. to your comment about madeleine albright, for god's sake. my comment is there is a special
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place in hell for women who vote for women just because they are women. it is embarrassing. as a woman, you have all of the right positions on the things that matter to me and the things i think should matter terminals like national security, the military they -- the economy. i wish those where everybody's hot buttons, women should not vote for women because they are women, we should vote for the best qualified candidate and that issue. [applause] governor christie: i have a feeling i'm not going to get a trouble for that one, am i? not bad. every once in a while i do it wrong though. i want to say two things before we go. first, to jack and everybody else here, thank you for letting me be here. thank you for coming and
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listening. i appreciate it very much. i tell people love the time, if you get cynical about democracy come to new hampshire because you folks have been listening to us for the better part of a year now. coming to town hall meetings. by the way, no need to go to anymore town house now. listen, go home, relax, stay safe, maybe go out to lunch with her. maybe the two of you could go out to lunch, talk to each other, reinforce the positive vibe. that is what we want to be doing. i tell people all the time they should come to new hampshire because you folks are among the most loyal people to our democracy. the way you show that loyalty is to show up. it is easy to set on your couch and complain. lots of people do it. that people actually get out here and listen and testis, this people deserve to be rewarded in
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this democracy. and you will be rewarded by having a very large force and our country's future tomorrow night. i want to tell you this, i have been subtle about it in some of my interactions but i'm asking for your vote. let there be no doubt i want your vote and your support. sometimes people and politics forget. i plead guilty. earlier, in new hampshire, last august, i gave a townhall meeting and a gentleman came up to me afterwards and said governor i love lisa, i agree with your position, think you'd be a great lawyer -- leader for our country but i'm not voting for you. i said, what you mean? he said, you forgot to do something. i wish you luck. he was in his mid-80's. he started to walk away and i said, wait a minute. why? and he said, as you did not ask for my vote.
6:39 am
i sat here for two hours listen to you, like what you said but you did not ask for my vote. i said, can i have your vote? and he said, too late. i said, it is august. how could a be too late? he said, i am going to come to another town hall and sit in the back where you cannot see me and see if you listened to what i told you. if you ask for the vote, i will vote for you. he walked away and took 45 steps, and then he turned back and said, by the way, that is the way we do things in new hampshire, son. so i live in mortal fear of this guy, not only will he talked to me but he will tell all of you. so i do not want to leave any doubt in your minds that i'm
6:40 am
asking for your vote and it is really important. this lady has a daughter in the navy. she needs to have the kind of commander-in-chief where she will know that man will give her daughter all the tools she needs to defend her country and herself. the commander-in-chief will be thinking about what he owes to her daughter and everybody just like her and to get her home safe and whole. i want you to know i am ready for that job. i have been tested over the last 13 years. being a federal prosecutor, and the governor of what i lovingly call an unruly state to govern. it has gotten me ready. you will never see me ever, ever hesitate to make a decision. you are hiring me to decide and i will decide and some days you will like it and some days you might not. remember, if you're looking for a candidate you agree with 100%
6:41 am
of the time, i have a suggestion. go home and look at the mayor. you are it. you are the only person eurogroup 100% of the time. that is it. those of us who are married know that is really true. so if that is the case and you are demanding somebody blew with the 100% of the time to get your vote, you know you are going to get? a liar. you are going to get angry and cynical and hate our democracy. that is not where we want to be. i will tell you what i think feel, and believe and you can make the call from there. i am not doing this to make another title. i aplenty of titles. i'm a governor, a u.s. attorney, a father, a brother, a son, a husband. i have more titles than i know what to do with i don't need another one. what i want to do is change our country and i believe i can. if you give me the chance, i
6:42 am
think i could make our country safer, more secure, more prosperous, and happier. i will leave you with this. the reason this is the most amazing country in the world started in the declaration of independence. when those men signed that document that thomas jefferson wrote that set out the three founding principles of our nation. life. liberty. and the pursuit of happiness. that is the last one. that is the one that grabs me. so many other countries have been founded on respect for life and desire for liberty. lots of other countries have. no other country has been founded on the idea that you have an individual, inalienable right to pursue happiness as you see it. that you get to pursue your life to try to make your self and your family the happiest people they can be.
6:43 am
what an extraordinary idea. extraordinary idea. that is why, for over two and years, people appointed to come to this country. what are to come to this country and make it their home because they look at us and they know. this people. they work hard. yes, they are tough. but they are in the main of people who believe every day could be happier than yesterday was because our declaration of independence tells us that not only in opportunity but in -- in unalienable right -- in a limbo right. i want people to be able to do this for themselves, their families, those that they love. i want to make that happen with you. not for you. with you. my presidency will not be my presidency, it will be our presidency because you all have helped to make it happen. cannot do it without you.
6:44 am
can't get there without you. can't stay there and be successful there without you. you go to the polls tomorrow night, don't worry about anything except going into the voting booth and voted with your heart and your head for the person you thinking gives our party the best opportunity to beat hillary clinton and to our country the best opportunity to pursue happiness again. if we do that, we're going to be just fine. thank you very much. ♪ [applause] [indiscernible chatter]
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> very quick question, marco rubio said that canada's borders would be a threat? what would you do? governor christie: i would work very hard to make sure we have
6:47 am
[indiscernible] ♪ [indistinct chatter] >> thanks. >> thank you governor. >> i have a question for you. governor christie: sure. [indiscernible] >> thank you.
6:48 am
governor christie: thank you. thank you very much. [indistinct chatter] governor christie: i'm glad you're here. thank you. >> thank you. >> i am from great britain and i have a friend who is a massive friend of years. can i get a photo? heaven or christie: sure. here you go. >> he spoke with me and he said he wants a job with you. >> one-to-three, this is great.
6:49 am
>> who do i speak to about a job? have you got staff here? >> thank you very much. >> can i ask you a few questions? [indiscernible] [crowd chattering] >> thank you very much governor. >> ready? >> one-to-three -- 1-2-3, ready?
6:50 am
governor christie: one to get a tour together? >> sure. -- want to get a jerk together? -- want to get a picture together? >> sure. ♪ ♪ >> thank you so much. [indistinct chatter] ♪
6:51 am
>> i was on the fence until i came here to today. governor christie: thanks. >> that you got it. >> i would like to ask you about -- governor christie: i wish i would've called on you, that is an important issue. [indistinct chatter]
6:52 am
greg's thank you so much. -- >> thank you so much. governor christie: it thank you are coming. [bon jovi's "wanted dead or alive" ♪]
6:53 am
[indistinct chatter] >> thanks. >> you have my vote. governor christie: thanks. >> can i get your picture? governor christie: sure, it is the camera to dan. you were great. >> good to meet you. >> he is a good friend, an old college friend.
6:54 am
>> governor, i don't want to take your time. [indiscernible] [indistinct chatter] >> i want to take a picture with chris christie, i have a brother-in-law that lives in new jersey. >> thank you. [indiscernible] >> thanks.
6:55 am
governor christie: thank you for your service. >> that is my dad. >> great, thank you. >> thank you. thank you for your service. a long line of family service. >> we have to keep it going. >> i feel better knowing you are involved. he is in trouble right now. he was in iraq. >> did i embarrass you? [indistinct chatter]


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