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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  February 9, 2016 7:00am-7:58am EST

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cochair for ted cruz presidential campaign and sarah audelo will talk about the youth vote in campaign 2016 and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. it's good morning, tuesday, february 9, 2016. all eyes on new hampshire today as voters head to the voting booth there, including this poling station at webster manchester.chool in voting is taking place on the heels of a winter storm that land d snow across new eng yesterday, but the weather didn't deter candidates from heir last-minute pitches and get out and vote efforts. the political states of those hands of rest in the state residents, like those in which has le notch, the tradition of casting the first votes in the state. voting there wrapped up at about
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20 seconds past midnight last night. and new hampshirites in the attern state take their turn the voting booth today. we're spending our first 45 minutes opening our phones to talk about the first in the nation primary. new hampshire residents 8003.8-8003. independents across the country, 202-748-8002. you can also catch up with us on @ ial media on twitter spanwj, facebook, at a very good morning to you. papers, all today's about the new hampshire primary, this on the front page of usatoday, game on, simply the headline there. the front page of the washington post this morning, barbs and
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pleas before the new hampshire vote following candidates on the campaign trail. the washington times talks about the republican primary, trump confident he'll win in new hampshire. the wall street journal talking about that race for second intenseifies as the headline there. remind our viewers of where the polling stands right now. we are real clear politics has an average of polls. the polling numbers from real clear. has donald trump in new hampshire almost at 32%. marco rubio about 15%. ted cruz 13%. john kasich 12.5%. 10%.ush, just under on the democrat side, bernie sanders at 53%, hillary clinton at 40 or 41%. polls less hose important now that actual voting is taking place in new hampshire and we're asking our viewers to call in for the first 45 minutes to talk about the first in the primaries, what you've seen from the candidates, as
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campaign ne on the trail here in new hampshire, what you're taking to the voting new today, if you live in hampshire, the line for voters 202-748-8003, for republicans country, 202-748-8001. 0.mocrats, 202-748-800 and independents, it's 202-748-8002. dixville notch, the attention of voters. bernie sanders received the oost, nine people cast their votes in northern town just after midnight. on the democratic side, bernie landslide, by a receiving four votes to hillary clinton's zero. dixville notch has been known new 1964 as the first
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hampshire vote. they had competition with two other towns, millsville and hart voting at midnight. towant to hear what you have say, those of you across the country watching new hampshire, barbara is up first, new port richie, florida, line for democrats. barbara, good morning. caller: good morning. what i have to say, in new hampshire, i haven't heard bernie sanders as a jew speak once on what he's going to do for israel. hillary is a smart woman. this country needs, so get it done. she's a stickler. a e her husband said, she's stickler, and she's a fighter, she ven though, you know, might lose this new hampshire win.ary, she's going to
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he's going to win the ntial -- i preside don't know, whatever you call it. she's going to win the nomination and lose new hampshire tonight. how close does she need to keep this loss? need to be within single digits? what if it's within 10 points or more? caller: i don't care how many digits it is. she's going to win. she's going to win. she's a fighter. she's smart. and i don't care what, you know, the fbi does. her keep trying to bring down. republicans trying to bring her down, and she keeps coming back. host: barbara in new port richie, florida. as i said, the candidates making their final pitches yesterday. here's hillary clinton on the campaign trail in manchester, new new hampshire. hillary clinton: imagine we can,
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a e again, believe it is government truly of by the people and for the people. that is what we must imagine and create together, and imagine hat we have, on day 1, someone prepared and ready to protect our country, to keep our families safe, to be the commander in chief, to protect our men and women in uniform and well. families as imagine that we face new challenges every day. even know from where. and as part of this job interview, you have to decide who will be in that white house on january 20th. [cheering] 2017. nost: the campaign team has bee following all the candidates up in new hampshire. you can see all the content online at you candidate g pitches from yesterday over the ourse of today's show, as we focus on new hampshire here on primary day in new hampshire.
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jeffery is up next, denton, texas, line for the republicans, go ahead. host: how are you doing today? host: doing all right. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have a simple stance. i was a big fan of rick santorum. dynamic of was the the american family and how it's ithered down in this time, and when he left over and left the campaign race, i was kind of trying to g the bag find the candidates that support the families against guy rights for the christian people, and no candidate is really saying it on a function.n't have i'm going for ted cruz because he has a family dynamic function about his domestic policy. but what i want to know is some democrats, these kids keep supporting hillary clinton bernie sanders. f college kids are going to college to get smarter, how can
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leader that's destroying the constitution by this amendment. make sense how they are setting them up to fail. you liked rick santorum. did it make a difference after he endorsed marco rubio after the iowa caucuses? caller: it did, actually, and i'll tell you why. i thought rubio was going to be a good guy, because i was actually born in florida and i florida and he ran for office more than he was actually in it. said the other day was whether we should have women on the front line in combat. i'm like come on, guys, let's have common sense here. anybody that would put a woman hell has no kind of common sense and no sand. no sand, no grit. and when i heard ted cruz talking about how women don't need to be in combat, i immediately switched over from rubio to mr. cruz. host: definitely a ted cruz supporter. here's ted cruz yesterday in
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manchester yesterday with his itch talking about the coalition he's building in new hampshire and looking beyond new well.hire as ted cruz: and we saw on monday ight an historic turnout, shattered turnout record. you know, republican turnout in the caucuses rose by 50%. [applause] way, ruz: and by the democratic turnout dropped by 30% from 2008. pplause] ted cruz: i'm curious, have any of y'all seen that on the network news? it almost kind of makes you onder what political party the reporters are members of. you know, there's lots of the burn.bout feeling hich is a great slogan for a s sunscreen company. but yet, their turnout is down
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and our turnout is surging and what we saw in the state of saw that old reagan coalition coming back together. e saw conservatives and evangelicals and libertarians and reagan democrats, and young people all coming together and standing as one. we won among t, conservatives. on monday night, we won among evangelicals. on monday night, we won among reagan democrats. we won among t, young people. that's the coalition it is going to take to win the republican nomination. that's the coalition it's going to take to win the general election. host: ted cruz yesterday. this morning, we're talking to voters across the country and specially looking for those voters in new hampshire to call in to get your take on the primary today, who you're voting for, any changes at the last
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minute. atricia is in new hampshire, manchester, line for independents. patricia, good morning. caller: i'm an independent. in every election that i've been able to, and to tell you the truth, i am frankly tired of holding my nose and evils, the worst of two so i honestly do not like the beltway politics and politics as usual. so the way i look at it is i between donald trump or bernie sanders. i'm leaning towards bernie sanders, and i see what the actually litics are doing with all the dirty politicking, because the afraid of nt is very either one of the two candidates actually gaining office because they are going to lose power over the american people, and
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these two candidates are ctually listening to what the american people want. views, but ifferent you can tell that the establishment is getting very, with their rise in the election. to the oing to go out polls right now and vote for bernie sanders. patricia, you said it was between trump and sanders. what tipped it between those two for you? caller: i just think -- i do not gree -- i guess i'm more progressive than donald trump. i don't agree with his stance on the mexicans, i don't agree with his stance on the refugees. think, is just a ridiculous idea. bernie sanders, actually, if we're going to be a government for the people by the people, we should take care of all the people and donald trump does not want to take -- you know, there's something about people they ve so much money, have lost track of what it's
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like to have to feed your work , to have to just through this economy, and they don't even know what it's like middle class life. and bernie sanders, you know, intoalways say that you go congress or into the senate and you come out a billionaire. it.y've all done look at the clintons. they've got the clinton foundation, tanning hill, they've got money rolling in. they've lost complete track of wants, e average person and i think it's amazing that now bloomberg is coming in, because clinton is lose iing he standing. you can see how absolutely nervous the establishment and money people are, that y vote people can actuall them out and they're going to lose their honey pot. host: patricia in manchester this morning. special line, we want to hear
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from you throughout today's show, 202-748-8003. of bernie supporter sanders. here's bernie sanders yesterday durham, new hampshire, talking about the young voters he's trying to attract to his campaign. bernie sanders: but what is most important is that we do not have we did last ike young r where 80% of people did not vote. that cannot, must not happen again. [cheering] now, the reason why our campaign doing as well as it is, and i want to remind you, that when we new this campaign here in hampshire, we were 30, 40 points behind. but the reason we are doing so well is i think we are touching make sense tothat the american people, and we're treating the people with respect and intelligence.
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is that in're saying his great country, we cannot continue to have a corrupt system in which billionaires buy elections. host: and we'll be talking a lot more about the younger vote, the millenial vote in the 2016 our later d one of segments on today's show will be sarah adelo, the rock the vote political field coming up at 9:16 today. until then, plenty of conversation to have about new hampshire this morning. lois is up next in marian, indiana, line for republicans. lois, good morning. lois, are you with us? yes, i am. host: go ahead, ma'am. caller: yes. i think people ought to take a good look at chris christie. this guy, he explains to you is; and what his program he doesn't rush around with
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different answers for different anything t don't mean to the american public. he's on the issues. he's not pussyfooting around and playing games. this guy is serious about this country, and maybe we ought to him. a good look at because after all, he's had a lot of problems in new jersey and he's taken care of them. he can do withat the united states. i think this guy can do it. street today's wall journal, william mcgurn has a column talking about the governs versus the senators in the republican primary field. started, the e republican ranks were stuffed nors, overns and ex-gover he writes, scott walker, rick erry, john kasich, bobby jindal, jeb bush, chris christie, other governs in the ptaki , george gilmore, mike huckabee. of we are with nearly 2/3 those governs dropping out before the first republican primary vote was cast. supporting governor chris christie as well.
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if you want to read the column, it's in today's wall street journal. from dallas, go ahead. caller: i'm just really isappointed with this election this year. i'ma hillary supporter, and male as well, which you can probably tell. first it's time for the female president. i feel like hillary is the most just really it disparages me that my party, the emocratic party, is so easily swayed or tricked into believing that bernie sanders has reasonable options. and i don't t, in my own it's right existentialism. i'm not rich. but i feel like a lot of people in this country are moving the values that we uphold. people want things handed out to them.
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they are persuaded by tv. persuaded by all kinds of pie in the sky things, instead of looking at this lady, these people calling in about hillary. hillary has not been found guilty of anything. hillary has not faced any charges in 25 years. don't you think all of this stuff that they have against hillary, there would be a charge right now or there would be some kind of proof she's done these things? there's nothing. and these people saying that dishonest. one thing about an authentic people, i look at the when hillary is there, and they give her bad questions, can you mad she gets on the tv screen, and you can see that. she's not hiding it. i would rather have a president like that, that i know is out there, and when they're mad, they're going to show it. when they're happy, they're going to show it, instead of you ne trying to give pie-in-the-sky, and tell you what it's like. going this stuff is to -- it's all -- we've been on
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the road for eight years. i n she ran against obama, was one of her supporters. i'm african-american as well. i was treated harshly because so want to put obama in the white house because he's african-american. i listen to hillary tell us on the debate stage it's fine if you want these things, but it's just not going to happen. obama got in the white house, seven years of gridlock. now, i'm happy, i support him because he is african-american. i feel like he has done stuff now that i've seen him in action, but we could have accomplished so much more, and i on't know how many times hillary has to basically bow down, put herself in front of the american public and say hey, this is who i am, i'm experienced, i'm going to help you guys before we realize this. i mean, i just feel like i'm so lady, inted because this i mean, she got cheated on. host: nice points, bob. let's go to ann marie,
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republicans from florida. ahead, you're on the "washington journal." caller: hi, good morning. i love, love c-span. it's the best channel there is on television. [laughter] listen, i have a question. i want to ask the american maybe you can answer it for me, i would appreciate it. ted cruz has been in office, bernie sanders been there, marco rubio has been there, john there, chris n christie happy there. what have these people done? we've been through the clintons, through the bushes, now with the obama, what do we want, them back in the office with the bushes and the clintons? we're going to have eight more stuff.f this i'm sick of it. let's get donald trump in there. people.r the american these people that don't want laws. they want all these people coming in. when are we going to stop and
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first!ut americans a-year job 6,000- because of nafta and the tp pay. it.'s stop let's get donald trump in there, tell these people to wake up america. donald trump is a perfect person americans' people at heart. they don't want to see it. answer it - can you for me, please? please answer this question host: can i ask you a quick question. what was the job that you lost and what do you do now, ann marie? boeing i was at helicopter company. i was there for 26 years. , earning $60,000 a year. host: what do you do now, ann marie? caller: well, i retired. when i got laid off, i retired. they gave me a package.
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so, i mean, you know, come on. for ou answer the question me, please, when is america tell us to e up and let's put americans first. in : that's ann marie kissimmee, florida. next, republican mobile, alabama. good morning. caller: hello. i just wanted to say that my husband served in korea and was stationed in germany when our on was born, and he has a german birth certificate, and we were given papers by the army, that we d states army, would have to register him as a itizen when we came to the states and have to go to the federal building. abroad,re both citizens is it ted cruz was born in
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canada and wasn't even an last an citizen until year. host: do you think this has been talked about enough on the campaign trail? do you think donald trump was right bringing this up as an issue? caller: i definitely do. f he gets elected, the democrats are going to bring him down because they can. host: are you supporting donald trump this time around or who are you supporting? caller: well, not necessarily, ut i'm not supporting someone who's not really proven that he's a united states citizen and capable of being president. host: and marsha, how could ted cruz prove that to you? to proof would you need see? caller: i would like to know which state and federal court he to get his citizenship papers. f he thinks he's automatically a citizen because he was born in of da, and he was a citizen canada until last year.
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i want to know when and where he citizenship for the united states, and i know what the constitution says, because it was in the papers we received when our son was born, they told us and he could never be about the of the united states. because he was not natural born. marsha in mobile, alabama. of course, the cruz arguing that ted cruz satisfies the citizenship element through his mother, an american citizen, but certainly an issue that donald trump has been talking a lot trail.n the campaign we're showing you live images elementary school in manchester where voting is taking place. it's a voting facility there. we're going to be taking you there live throughout today's program, but we want to hear especially new hampshire voters this morning, be hear what you're thinking, feeling about the
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2016 campaign on primary day. hampton, new hampshire, line for democrats. endy, thanks for calling. caller: good morning. yes, i already voted by absentee ballot as soon as i could, as soon as i received the ballot, for bernie sanders. and the reason, of many reasons, i voted for him, but first of all, he is no more of a canadian or n any ritish person or any other person from any other industrialized country, where they have healthcare for all. nd i very much like all of his policies and the fact that he is genuine, he never contradicts i think he's just he best person to be able to
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run this country. very -- sayingy, my prayers he will win not only today but will win in november. host: wendy, who did you vote for the last time you had a chance to vote in the democratic primary? caller: barack obama twice. host: so you saw hillary clinton's campaign pitches back running she was against then candidate obama and seeing her again this time around, has anything she said appealed to you? as much as bernie sanders. much, much o me more. host: all right, wendy in hampton, new hampshire, this morning, where primary day is taking place across the state. in washington, also, some attention -- although not a lot -- being given to the president's budget being released today, expected $4 fiscal plus budget for 2017.
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i say not a lot because that budget is already being dismissed by the heads of the budget committees here on they won't , saying even hold hearings on the president's budget that's coming the he tradition of having members of the administration go up and testify about the budgets, isupcoming not happening this year with the saying theye chairs won't even do it, saying it's not a serious budget that the putting out. that happening here in washington though, most of the ttention around the country focusing on new hampshire where we're focusing on our coverage this morning. we'll have candidates' last-minute pitches, we'll have our guests live from manchester this morning and, of course, want to hear your calls as well. mary is calling in from rosedale, new york, line for republicans. mary, good morning. morning.h, good for taking myain,
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call this morning. i'm calling because i am a republican, i'm an african-american, and my family, y mother, and my grandparents were republicans and i'm the a t one in my family that's republican. everyone else is a democrat, and i stand strong, and i stand tall. in the republican principles. think that we have to hold steadfast and hold onto our all s and not be swayed by way the edia and the world is changing to inundate us, to change our principles and our morals. my candidate, if i were to vote vote for kasich, because he reflects the mental values and the strength of haracter and the moral principle that we need and also
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has experience. proven record, and he speaks well. he's not charming in a way that's flamboyant. he doesn't attract people with same type of attraction that o many of the other people do, but i think that we don't listen we ur candidates the way shou should. heard something last night -- i'm not for donald trump at all. night something last from the trump campaign that i never -- i'm 70 years old. hear a thought i would man running for the president of like ited states speak that. this man, it was horrible what applauded. he was host: and what upset you, ma'am? aller: he said something terrible.
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it's going to be in the news today. it has to be, i can't -- it was so vulgar, i won't repeat it. host: mary in rosedale, new york. her candidate is john kasich. here's john kasich yesterday last-minute pitch to new hampshire voters. thatkasich: i can tell you we're going to win this election. my challenge is the primaries. and there's another thing that to hear, because i get criticized for this. i'm a conservative. i've cut more taxes than anybody. i've balanced more budgets. i've got more school choice. you 've got to tell something, i know we have to work with people in the other get that once we economy growing, we should leave no one behind. what's happened to the mentally ill in this country is a disgrace, and we're beginning to fix it. we've got to have a focus on it. we've got to give them a chance, fight the warted, on drugs, but rehab those who are drug addicted. working poor a sense
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that they can rise, the developmentally disabled, the african-american community, the minorities across this country. america is a place where everybody can have hope, opportunity, and a chance to rise. i've heard that before and i've mastert in 1976 from the himself, ronald reagan, and been a hy i've always reagan guy because campaigns and elections are about vision and it , and if you don't feel or you don't sense it and if you an't communicate it, go to the circus, do something else. host: and here's some of the pages that residents and citizens of new hampshire are waking up to this morning. here's the union leader this morning. today is the poll that counts, primary inush in the campaign 2016, the front page of monitor.ord decision day is the headline there, candidates making the portsmith , and the harold this morning, candidates making final push for your vote. those are the front pages this
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morning of papers across the state. papers showing you across the country as well. and just a reminder of where campaign heads after today, here's an election schedule from times of what happens after new hampshire, the evada caucuses are coming up, the democratic caucus on the 20th of february, the the republican caucuses in nevada on the 23rd. then we move to the south and march 1st,y, that super tuesday day with the primary,rimary, alaska arkansas primary, colorado democrats, georgia primary, massachusetts primary, minnesota caucuses, oklahoma primary, ennessee texas primary, vermont primary, and virginia primary. are numbers on the right the number of delegates that are available in each one of those primary or caucuses as you look at that chart. back to the phones, darrell, hope mill, north carolina, you're on the line for
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democrats. go ahead. i don't y thing is, believe that -- i've listened to the republicans, and they -- i about heard anything what they're going to do. they never say what they're going to do. babbling. and anytime they say -- anytime ou would stop the whole congress because you don't like t because there's a black or a female or democrat in there, and you stop the whole world for agenda, and decide not through, even go when you offer to come up with a plan, you don't come up with a sound likee it might it's favoring another person, i hink the whole world of people have done damn lost they mind. people don'tme the sit up there and want to hear the truth and see the truth, and
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agree with the congress to stop the whole press in order to gett it up there and want their way, instead of getting the people's way, i know ain't to dy sent them up there stop the whole world from functioning in the government and everything. again, i feel that black folks, if you want got tong changed, you've quit playing yourself as black. you've got to play human being and you've got to get out there and vote. if you don't vote, ain't nothing going to change. you say ain't nothing going to way? e no well, it really ain't going to change if we don't get our votes together and go out there and vote. host: hope mills. richard is up next, pittsburgh, massachusetts. line for independents. richard, good morning. caller: yeah, good morning. following all the them ates and none of really say pretty much what they're going to do. i like the way germany does things. 80% of the companies in german are unions. down people who aren't that smart in school. they say, okay, this child ain't smart. we're going to train him to do
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this job. you know, they put people down in this country. that's why a lot of people... donald trump saying we're going to build a wall because illegals are coming, and n the last five years, the republican congress voted to let uneducated workers come in this country on 10-year work visas. and then, we've got bernie , no other politicians will support him because all the other politicians are being bought. so that's a threat to them. host: is bernie sanders the only this at you can support cycle, richard? caller: well, i want to see now on, say, hey, from once a kid hits middle school, we're going to start teaching learn about how our government works, and what station to watch, what web sites to go to to see what they're
7:36 am
voting on. see how the system works so we can change things, the people. like now, only the rich people are watching. host: richard in massachusetts mentioning donald trump. ere's donald trump with one of his final campaign pitches before the new hampshire primary. of the things ne in new hampshire that amazes me, because you come to this idyllic setting, the trees, and the beautiful roads winding up to the hill like where we are right now in this beautiful little area and i say, wow, isn't this beautiful? yet every time, i'm with the folks in new hampshire -- and i've been here long before the political stuff. i have some friends in this room. i've been here long before the political stuff so i love new ampshire very well and i love the people. they really are amazing people, but i always hear -- thank you, honey. [applause] who said that? thank you. i know she's voting. thank you. but i've always heard -- and it amazes me, heroin and the drug don't see it with
7:37 am
new hampshire. you don't see it. but the people of new hampshire, t's like the first question i always get is what are you going to do about the drug problem? who's better than me on the border. the drugs are pouring in across the southern border for the most part, heroin, drugs, i'm talking country-wide. it's country-wide but they're through. pouring i'm going to build a wall, and you know that, and i'm going to have mexico pay for the wall, and the reason they're going to pay -- and because you guys don't even understand, you know, what nths ago, they said, do you mean you're going to build a wall. you can't build a wall. china is great wall of 13,000 miles. by the way, that's a serious wall, too. [laughter] donald trump: it's 13,000 miles. this wall is 2,000 of which we need 1,000, because we have a lot of natural barriers which frankly, great but we need about 1,000. 2,000 a could do 13,000 years ago and we can't do 2,000 caterpillars.w
7:38 am
we don't use kimatsu. caterpillar.l use we'll have a great border host: donald trump yesterday. as we said, yesterday, a snowstorm blanketing most of the new england area. lthough, the weather not expected to be as bad today for new hampshire voters who head out. cold air and flurries in store for the new hampshire primary on uesday but should not significantly impact the voter turnout. recent y noting a accuweather poll that said 70% of people who weighed into the poll said inclement weather would not deter them from voting. though, the story talking about possible slippery conditions from that recent nowstorm that hit the state on monday, but quoting one of the senior meteorologists saying clean-up to e some do late monday night into tuesday morning in the wake of road orm on monday but conditions should improve during the day and afternoon hours. that's good news for those heading out to the polls.
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although, of course, the candidates waiting for good news later tonight from the polling ooths, as the reports come in, the expectation game already being played, expectations already being set for candidates aisle.h sides of the here's one page today of the political coverage from the wall headline at al, the the top of the column, moment of truth for bush and family headline there, talking about jeb bush waiting new hampshire m comparing it to his brother and his father. below that, another story about campaign, nton's planning for tough caucuses with the expectations that she is not going to win new hampshire losses aheadssible that other caucus states, the events that took away candidates that drew support from liberal activists those party agreed both stories in today's wall street journal you can read. we want to hear from viewers this morning, especially those
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in new hampshire, a special line set aside for you. 202-748-8003 is that number. pittsburgh, gail in pennsylvania, line for democrats. gail, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. wake up, america, wake up. white of my loving friends friends, thank you. i am a person of mixed color. here's what i say to america. bernie has the right message. if black wall street existed once upon a time, then we can do it again. to be up just have there for just a certain amount of people. it all.ll have but we've got to come together. internet, study the history, research it, because it does exist. and annot live in a world have poverty and not have criminals. i am sorry. blocks over inve a mansion and five blocks over, with somebody k,
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desperate. we've got to clean it up. make sure children, they're healthy and safe. you know, america can break wall to.eet today if we want all we've got to do is not shop for a week. come on, america. wake up. host: gail, speaking of getting on the internet, several c-span - plenty of viewers get on the internet every day and follow along with @cspanwj.m several of those commenting this morning. some of the comments we've seen, wiley writes in, couldn't believe when i talked to my mom, a lifelong democrat and women's ssue voter said that she was supporting donald trump. rick lundstrum writes i think how the w more about country follows the candidates once they're off states like new iowa.hire and and there's social lists who ays the media is feeding nonstop horse race coverage and no real issues that matter to all of us.
7:42 am
we want to encourage our viewers to call in and tell us about the issues that matter to all of you. phone lines are open. we'll be talking about new hampshire all day here on the "washington journal." waiting on the texans lines for republicans. marie, good morning. us? ith caller: hello? host: go ahead, marie. on the "washington ournal." caller: yes, i am for marco rubio. he said he can get this land back together. he has charisma, he thinks before he speaks. he has a lot of clarity. e knows he's a specialist in
7:43 am
foreign affairs, and he's youthful. everybody cares or him, and he would make us and our country, bring us together. he will protect us, and save us, appreciative man. host: marie, any concern about him being too scripted? that was one of the criticisms he received after his saturday debate performance. caller: oh, no, none at all, none at all. you have to understand that he because he's still for us.for us and cares host: here's senator marco rubio yesterday in one of his stops nute campaign before the new hampshire primaries. marco rubio: i believe if we get this election wrong, it may be too late to turn around for this country. bernie sanders, i know bernie
7:44 am
sanders. but bernie sanders is a socialist. nice guy, a nice socialist, but socialist. we can't go down the road of socialism. people come to this country to applause] hillary clinton, tonight, it was confirmed, the fbi confirmed that they are investigating the e-mail server. [cheering] we cannot elect a president that's under fbi investigation. and we cannot have a commander in chief that lies to the have lostf people who their relatives in the service of our country, like she lied about benghazi. host: we have time for a few more calls in this segment of the "washington journal," but calling in because we're going to keep talking about new hampshire all day here on our program. in hot springs national park in arkansas, the line for independents.
7:45 am
jim, good morning. caller: yes, thank you for my call. i'm a bernie sanders supporter, equalize a ants to little bit more of the income, and he also wants to break up the big banks, and probably all corporations that are taking advantage of the people. as soon as a young company, up-start company starts putting a dent in their huge amount of ales that they make, they buy them up and get rid of the competition. host: jim, to your concern about the super rich in this country, you might be interested in today's usa today, a story that looks at all of those who have donated at least $3 million to
7:46 am
super pacs in 2015. that's just 2015. ot the first month and-a-half or so of 2016. 107 people ugh the or groups that gave $1 million or more and then this chart on the right is about those who have given $3 million or more. obert mercer, top executive of renaissance technologies, a new york-based hedge fund, who supports republican candidates, leads those who have given to million to over $14 super pacs, among those who are supporting democratic candidates, thomas steyer, environmentalfund activist has given $13 million this cycle. that story runs through some of bios of rounds and those super rich who are driving the headline s there. let's go to judy, danville, virginia. line for republicans. judy, good morning. caller: good morning, sir.
7:47 am
i wasn't always a republican. as a kid, before i was even in '72, i to vote, was a democrat because they were on the side of right. they supported civil rights. this has not become the case. tarting in 1973, we had a liberal supreme court who omehow found shadows and penumbras, allowing a woman to in the womb, and we've never been able to get rid of it since. erized myself as a feminist all my life. t doesn't give me the right to kill another human being. elect the people duly-elected representatives who the one in south dakota stating that abortion thed not be performed after
7:48 am
heartbeat was discernible, which weeks, e five or six repeatedly thrown down the toilet, the only way to stop it, is this court one by one replace them with strict constructionist. host: all right, and cindy in franklin, new hampshire, calling in on our line for democrats. cindy, go ahead. caller: good morning. host: good morning. i'm a bernie sanders supporter, and bernie sanders volunteer. i have supported him for a while. i have been paying attention to that he e he announced was going to be running. to say about had ducation, and the way he tells you how he's going to do the .hings that he wants to do
7:49 am
host: and cindy, as a volunteer, spending your day today in franklin? aller: well, today, i am just voting and taking a break. i have been pushing -- knocking doors for the last four or five days, and my husband, polls will be at the ith a sign, we've both been volunteering together on the get-out-and-vote campaign. host: cindy, any predictions for tonight? bernie sanders expected to win. right now questions is how much? what are you thinking? caller: oh, well, you know, i goingtely agree that he's to win. going to get at 60-70% of the vote. franklin, s cindy in
7:50 am
new hampshire. lofty predictions for bernie sanders tonight. few hours here, of course, you can watch c-span tonight and we'll also be taking you to all the campaign speeches that will be happening after the votes come in tonight. coming up next on the "washington journal," we'll be top d by one of the political reporters in the ranite state, dan tuohy, the new hampshire union leader joins us from our studio in manchester talk to ted we'll cruz's new hampshire cochair, state representative william o'brien. first, c-span is live outside a polling station in manchester today's ers where primary are showing up, and voting is under way. we are inside webster elementary school, the ward 1 in jim ester, joined by townsend. he is the moderator. tell us about activity this year years past.
7:51 am
>> good morning. we usually have a high turnout. we usually have the highest turnout in the whole city. i think there's a lot of excitement. if you drive around, you see the political signs on people's lawns so we'll have probably in thehe highest turnout city, i hope. >> as far as preparing for this day, what kind of things did you have to factor in, volunteers, facilities, what kind of things did you have to think about? honestly, this is a challenge because it's arduous work, a very long day. we have to be here at 5:00 in the morning and we don't get out of here until everything is reconciled. ometimes midnight for some of us. and we have training at the city ofrk's office, and secretary state gives us training. and we help each other out, and through. t >> we see a table full of volunteers here. s this your normal amount of volunteers or do you have to call in more because of the activity this year? we added two. we usually have almost this many. >> when someone comes to the
7:52 am
door, what are the rules? what do they have to present as far as identification and do they have to declare a party hen they go through? >> yes, well, many of them have already declared, according to the records, but those who are undeclared can tell when they check in and show us a photo id, and the check list shows they are registered here, okay, and presented with whichever choice color they want, blue for the democrat, pink for the republicans, and then if they want to go back to undeclared before they exit the a lding, they can fill out form and put it in a little box next to the ballot box, and they undeclared. to that means they get twice as much literature as the rest of us. >> so when it comes to the do you have olved, questions about making sure the machines are correct. what kind of things do you have make sure all the tabulating machines are up to order? >> yes, well, i witnessed that day, personnel who work for the city clerk's office have to go and check all of
7:53 am
them. there's a rigorous process for each machine, and then they have a couple of back up machines -- and thissionally happened here last time -- there was a malfunction and they had machine, whichnew made for a very interesting them in the put hand-count side and we the volunteers fed them through get the count. >> we've heard a lot about new hampshire being the first in the ation and the people who participate think it's important they remain first in the nation. give us your perspective of why it's important, especially for what you do and how you're involved in the process. >> my mother is now 96. reminds me, she sponsored the bill to unify the primary with a meeting. we don't have a town meeting ere, because this is a city, but so everyone, the first tuesday in march, would go to their town meeting and air their grievances and vote in the primary. we've accelerated that because a do feel it's important for small state of fairly well educated, interested people, who to learn about the
7:54 am
candidates, so we're happy to way. it this >> how long have you been doing this and why do you like doing it? retired from i being an attorney, i've been a volunteer in various capacities, eight years.x or this is my first time as moderator. >> and why do you like doing it? >> i didn't say i like doing it. it's a duty, it's an obligation. his is our democracy at work, honestly. >> jim townsend is the ward 1 webster elementary school on primary day. thanks. >> thank you, sir. take care. host: webster elementary, one of today ling places open around new hampshire. forl be going back to pedro more interviews later in today's program. new ow we're joined in our hampshire studio in manchester a veteran granite state political reporter and union leader. tuohy, as returns start
7:55 am
coming in tonight, what will you be watching for, as a veteran reporter, what's an early tell about where this state is going? >> good morning, the school where he was just speaking is the f the ward schools in city of manchester. there's 12 wards in the city of manchester. i believe we reported there's another dozen towns in new hampshire that are correctly called the winner of the republican and democratic primary winners every four years since 1952 and a couple of those, rochester, kingston, hudson. some of these towns are very notable. on the democratic side, i'm looking to see how well bernie upper valleyin the of new hampshire, which is vermont, the state of his home state. and see how well he does up that way. you linton campaign, as know, saying this is his home field advantage, where he's just river the connecticut here. host: and here's the front page of the new hampshire union paper that dan tuohy
7:56 am
writes for. he's been covering political campaigns in new hampshire for six cycles now, and joins us, your questions, if you have questions about how the vote goes, turnout, what to look for tonight. now is the time to call in. the special line for new, otherwise, republicans around the country, 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. 202-748-8002.ts, on the front page of the new tuohy, one of n the sub head lines is concern about the storm in new hampshire. any early concerns that you're seeing early on? guest: i don't think so. i drove about 45 minutes to get here and the roads are fine. the traffic was normal. have the day off today because some of the polling areas are based in the schools. so it seemed like the roads were fine when i drove in.
7:57 am
the sun is coming out in new hampshire. should be a good day, and ecretary of state bill gardner mentioned that even with a little bit of snow it shouldn't affect his predictions that it may be a record turnout in new hampshire. host: you say record turnout. estimates e specifically on first-time vote ers and who are they coming to vote for? good well, that's a question. the secretary of state did not go that route. but he bases his predictions on mostly absentee ballots that have already been cast, a number of them, anyway. that's the big question of the is where these new voters come from. the university of new hampshire week ago y about a saying approximately 30% of the since here are really new 2008, so there's a lot of ounger vote ers and some older people that haven't moved to the state, of course. so that's a wildcard, but we these people may vote and the undeclared voters


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