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tv   Chris Christie Town Hall Meeting in Hudson New Hampshire  CSPAN  February 9, 2016 7:57am-8:31am EST

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fine when i drove in. the sun is coming out in new hampshire. should be a good day, and ecretary of state bill gardner mentioned that even with a little bit of snow it shouldn't affect his predictions that it may be a record turnout in new hampshire. host: you say record turnout. estimates e specifically on first-time vote ers and who are they coming to vote for? good well, that's a question. the secretary of state did not go that route. but he bases his predictions on mostly absentee ballots that have already been cast, a number of them, anyway. that's the big question of the is where these new voters come from. the university of new hampshire week ago y about a saying approximately 30% of the since here are really new 2008, so there's a lot of ounger vote ers and some older people that haven't moved to the state, of course. so that's a wildcard, but we these people may vote and the undeclared voters
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in new hampshire, the so-called independents. that's another huge voting block. it makes up approximately 40% of he new hampshire electorate, whether they choose -- and undeclared voters as you mentioned earlier, can choose to pick up a democratic ballot or a republican ballot. a democratic up ballot to cast a ballot to bernie sanders, we don't know. or on the republican side with donald trump, or maybe ted cruz. we don't know that at this it's just another wildcard, if you will. host: seems like you can't open without ar these days new poll about new hampshire. is there a specific poll that e your st or what ar feelings about polling in new hampshire in general? note thatl, the polls donald trump, here in new hampshire, just like nationwide, is in the lead. and on the democratic side, bernie sanders does have, in lead olls, a significant over hillary clinton, and some of these leads for bernie pushing 20%, and i don't think those polls really
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indicate what the state of the race is. it's going to be much, much closer than that. i think both campaigns acknowledge, you know, that bernie sanders here in new but, ire is in the lead, again, at this point in the game, it's about getting people ut to the polls and these campaigns have always used echnology and text messages to get their people out and do whatever they can to make sure they have a ride, make sure ride to ghbor has a their local polling place, especially some of these towns, say for the bernie sanders campaign, where they're focusing on some of these younger voters, new he university of hampshire in durham, a lot of these younger voters, first-time voters, there could be some significant notable long lines there. host: if you have questions dan tuohy ampshire, is the expert you want to ask today. we appreciate him joining us on a very busy primary day in the state. let's get to the calls. gene is in houston, texas. line for republicans. good morning, gene.
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caller: good morning. call. you for taking my just a comment and then two questions. two comments, one is a question. all watched both sides of the things that are going on and i've noticed that bernie sanders is being too nice in the area that he doesn't condemn hillary for anything that she's done in my other question is how can they determine how can they determine who's going to be the winner when all the republicans are so close together? that is my comment in thank you again. guest: thank you for the call. so many well-known republican candidates running here, that just makes this an exciting contest. some of these so-called mainstream democrats -- republicans may split the vote.
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they may help out ted cruz or donald trump. we don't know. one of those questions we may find outcome in :00 tonight -- come 8:00 tonight. christie, john kasich, jeb bush, marco rubio to a degree have been fighting for this so-called middle lane to be the alternative to donald trump. who comes out on top might be anyone trying to declare momentum, the big surge in new hampshire. sanders, whether he was being too nice on the campaign trail. guest: that is an interesting question. the campaign of hillary clinton and her supporters have pointed out bernie sanders is not altogether aboveboard. that he has done some more negative campaigning over the past month or so. bernie sanders says he has never run a negative ad in his life.
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i think that is part of the push and pull and it shows you how tight this contest is between senator sanders and secretary clinton. bernie sanders, in his ads says he is contrasting his record with hillary clinton's record. especially in the past week it has been notable watching hillary clinton and bill clinton who was in new hampshire this weekend really come around with some right hooks and follow-up with left hooks at the bernie sanders trying to do whatever they can to shun his momentum. host: how is bill clinton playing in new hampshire? the man who got the name the comeback kid after his performance in new hampshire. guest: he has a lot of friends here. that is the other storyline. some clinton people say bernie sanders is doing well because he is a hometown candidate. bill clinton has been campaigning here with hillary clinton since 1991. there a lot of friends here.
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the governor of new hampshire is a big endorsement in she has been on the campaign trail as well. senator jeanne shaheen has been out notably at a rally yesterday as well trying to inspire local democrats to get out and vote for hillary clinton. kuster. woman annie on it -- congresswoman annie kuster. on and on. side it isie sanders amazing to watch the energy level. you really cannot describe the difference in some of these rallies between a clinton rally and sanders rally. sanders rally, more boisterous, maybe some newer voters or first-time voters liking his message. host: tony is waiting on our line for democrats. good morning. caller: i will say first that you and your guest are dressed just like.
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you must've coordinated uniforms or something. host: pretty standard uniform but go ahead. caller: the comment i want to really, i am disappointed. i am a lifelong democrat. i'm just an pointed -- i'm disappointed because they gave us so few choices. i think bray sanders is going to win the nomination and he's going to have worse gridlock than president obama did when he gets into office because the house of representatives is not going to let any of the socialistic views past. i'm thinking about voting for john kasich. he makes the most sense to me. the drawback is he would never make it out of the republican primary so i am stuck between a rock and a hard place. real democrats -- hillary has so much baggage and is so fragile i don't think she can even win. ernie is too far to the left for anybody.
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-- bernie is too far to the left for anybody. i'm going to lean toward john kasich, change my affiliation and vote for kasich. tuohy, is that a feeling that the kasich campaign is hoping more than just tony feels? guest: i think so. , johnmment i would make kasich sometimes feels he is running a general election campaign already. he brags about expanding medicaid under the afford will care act. for some republican voters in a republican primary that is a turnoff. he points out and makes a compelling argument. he spoke to the new hampshire house of representatives last month and made the case as well. it is a lightning rod issue in new hampshire as it is in many states. the caller is not alone in feeling like you are between a rock and a hard place.
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i saw one of my neighbors this morning, republican, who was talking about this was one of the most difficult votes he has had to make in decades. so many candidates he does not -- not one candidate has really spoken to him or want him over. he has three or four candidates he likes. one of those voters when he goes to the polls today he will be making the decision when he pulls the curtain back. host: a question from twitter on the process of voting. does new hampshire have absentee ballots and what about military deployed? guest: yes. there are absentee ballots and of course military and overseas ballots were mailed out in december. by law they have to be out 45 days before the election. they will be counted at some point as well. host: the new hampshire union front has a column on the page of their paper today with some information about voting. what you should bring to the voting booth, the process and
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even if you have complaints about the process a number to call for the attorney general's office in the state. the union leader doing its part to get as many people to practice their civic duty as they can today. yvonne is up in minneapolis, minnesota. good morning. caller: good morning. i have a couple of comments to make. i'm really sick and tired of this two party system. i agree with your earlier caller. all these politicians have done nothing for the people. that's why i believe bernie sanders and donald trump and doing her so well -- are doing so well. host: do you want to pick up anything from that comment? guest: i think she has her finger on the pulse of the nation. outsiders, donald trump is not a politician even though he is now.
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bernie sanders, an outsider in the sense that he is a former longtime independent from the state of vermont. he has been in congress for 26 years. on the one hand he is not a washington outsider whatsoever. that is the question we will see moving forward here, whether some of these newer politicians can make the most of their newfound support. host: in terms of moving forward , there may be some candidates who don't move forward. the lead editorial in "the new york times," the winnowing out of the candidates. continue ify not to they don't meet expectations or exceed them tonight in new hampshire? guest: the new york times endorsed john kasich and kasich has said if he does not do really well in new hampshire his campaign may be over. he, my chris christie and donald
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trump and others already have a public schedule out for south carolina and other stuffs around the country. they are maybe trying to telegraph that they are moving on from new hampshire one way or the other. host: beth is in north carolina, line for republicans. good morning. are you there? caller: yes i am. i am trying to get in to the conversation on tv. evidently i have been put through, is the c-span radio? host: you are on "the washington journal." caller: ok. sorry. host: go ahead. we are midway between wilmington north carolina and myrtle beach south carolina. i am just calling in to say that i don't fit the profile for trump supporters. i actually have a masters degree
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and am retired from a fortune 500 corporation. unfortunately i'm not your typical supporter of trump but i am for trump because this is the first time in my life that i am very concerned the direction that our country is headed in. .ocialism does not work it is not good for the average american. their condition will not improve. all you have to do is look at the european countries that are married to socialism. the other thing is, this country was founded on rugged individualism. the democratic party wants us to believe that government is the solution to all our problems. they are putting out their message that dependencies a could thing. donald trump is attacking all the sacred towers.
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the media, political correctness . he is the person we need dealing on the international stage and here at home making this country great again making it back what it was originally founded to be. people who believe in hard work and getting ahead based on individual merit. host: do you want to pick up on that in the expectation for donald trump tonight? guest: i will start with the last point. the expectation, he said this week that he does not have to win new hampshire. it would be shocking if he does not win new hampshire. more to the point about what type of a voter is a trump voter, i think she nails it. i have been surprised. ted cruz has supporters that are not all fiscal conservatives or
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social conservatives. a wide array of people supporting him. as a journalist you show up at some of these events and realize that person is with ted cruz or that person is with donald trump. you never really can tell. it's a very personal decision when you support a candidate. donald trump has notable people here in new hampshire that are supporting his campaign as do all of these other republicans. i am laughing because the republican ballot in the democratic party ballot financial primary is 58 names on the ballot. nine or 10 major republican candidates but there is another almost 20 candidates still in the race, lesser-known candidates that have met the criteria and filed to be on the ballot. host: 30 republicans and 28 democrats at least at last check. guest: you look at that ballot
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and you are like, who is this person. including vermin supreme. the caller from texas talking about the democrats having just two options between hillary .linton and bernie sanders another two dozen people on the ballot. some of these people may get a handful of votes or even 1000 votes. probably not enough to sway the race either way between clinton or sanders. host: edwin waiting in buffalo, new york. good morning. morning.ood concerns and comments. wall that great supposed to be built. how is that supposed to get you to run for president because that is the only thing you keep talking about. you don't have a health care plan in position.
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trump does not have a health care plan in position he is just making all of these promises. he can't have a decent conversation with the people here in america, let alone to have a conversation to deal with leaders in other countries. i think it's going to be a disaster. host: on the immigration question and the springboard, that great wall issue has become for the donald trump campaign. guest: it is a notable issue. when he announced his campaign a trump tower it really resonated with a big percentage of americans i guess. he thinks it is a winning line. at all of his rallies he mentions it a couple of times. i saw one story this week, he can tell the energy of his crowd if he senses that people are starting to tune out he will mention the wall, building the wall and making mexico pay for
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it. it is a notable issue but it is not new to 2016. it came up in 2014 as well. immigration reform. always a lightning rod issue. it plays probably really well in this primary election as these folks fight for the nomination. host: ronald on twitter says senator sanders can secure the nomination by announcing he will last senator elizabeth warren to be his vice presidential choice. a bit too early for the speculation? guest: it is never too early right? that is the fun of it from a pundit and or public point of view. elizabeth warren, the u.s. senator from massachusetts has not endorsed anyone yet. senator clinton -- secretary clinton has a number of u.s. senators on her team. at this point it sounds like she is still in the wings. her influence among progressives in a democratic party is
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significant. i'm not sure where she's going to go with that. host: richmond, virginia where mike is waiting on the line for republicans. caller: good morning. i want to urge people before they really decide who they want takead the country to just a trip back to look at how the founders of the country framed the purpose of government. we have reached a point where we are expecting government to do things that amount to providing benefits and stuff. the purpose of government was supposed to be to secure the natural rights of individuals. the result of this transformation and what we think the role of government is supposed to be has resulted in this incredible spending that
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has got us $18 trillion in debt. the want to help somebody first thing i do is consult my available resources and then i decide how much i want to give somebody or help somebody based on what i can do. i don't go out and borrow the .oney in order to help somebody i don't expect somebody else to give me the money so that i can give it to somebody else. -- i don't get a printing press in print up money for someone else. host: who is the candidate that best shares your view? person tor individual conduct charity that way, it is far more ruinous on the government. to conduct charity that way if it had even the authority to do
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it which it does not. that is not its job. i think people are really underplaying the amount of debt that we have and not thinking left our friends on the wanting to double the debt we are already in. that has a direct effect on the purchasing power of the dollar. host: on the issue of the debt and getting back to the constitution. is a notablebt debate in issue during the republican primary. john kasich at his campaign stops in town hall meetings has the debt clock running in the background. it is more than just a prop. he talks about how to balance the budget, cut taxes, reduce regulations. when you look at those numbers clicking away, the sense of anxiety, when you see those numbers go up.
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it is one of those things where people use this, people in the public and party as candidates use it as a springboard to point out what they would do to reform the tax code. the caller mentions the theme about being a constitutional conservative, respecting limited government. really getting back to what the government possible -- the federal government's purpose is. it is a very important issue. host: you have covered six presidential campaigns in new hampshire. six more campaigns from now as you look at at the 2016 campaign and primary threat the state. is there a moment you're going to remember? guest: i think donald trump, what he signifies as a celebrity candidate coming in and a billionaire. he mentioned he has not spent a whole lot of his money yet. withews this week
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bloomberg possibly getting in, the whole issue of money in presidential politics is mammoth. host: when did that strike you as a reporter covering this? when did you really get the sense of that celebrity appeal? guest: donald trump has been to new hampshire before. 2014 and early in 2015 he was here. you see him show up. they may not even support him but they want to see what he has to say. i was always wondering whether when chris christie launched his campaign there was that sense that he was going to be really competitive -- really combative with some people in this town hall meetings. sometimes he is. his slogan is telling it like it is. it is one of those things, what is the public looking for? host: have you had an interaction one-on-one with trump covering the campaign?
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guest: i have had a couple of sitdown interviews with him. ery gregarious in person. he sticks to talking points. smart guy. before he announced his campaign -- i referred to his poll numbers being in the seller as far as negatives. people that say they support him . polls that say they will never vote for this person. he did not quite like that. host: let's go to scott in kentucky, line for democrats. caller: thanks for taking my call. my concern, question is this. a couple of weeks ago c-span a viewing of the british house of commons. they were discussing whether or not to let donald trump into the country. isamerica's closest ally
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deciding whether or not to let this man into the country because of irresponsible remarks he might have some entertainment value being some kind of boardroom bully but this is the world stage. america's closest allies are trying to decide whether to let this man into their country, what is the best what are america's adversaries going to do? host: this was a debate on a petition to ban donald trump from great britain. something that appeared on c-span. our viewers can watch at guest: i think this is why we have elections. whether donald trump's message or any of these candidates messages appears to the electorate we will find out today. south carolina, nevada, and
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southern primary contest as well . we will find out. the iowa caucuses, ted cruz w on. that is just one contest. as much as we in new hampshire like to think the first in the nation primary gets it right, sometimes we don't. we will find out the exit polls talking about not just for whom they cast a ballot but why. why would anyone support anyone of these candidates? what it means moving forward as they try to capture the nomination. host: five to 10 minutes left with dan tuohy of the new hampshire union leader. appreciate your time this morning as you join us. the front page of the union leader this morning, today is the poll that counts. the banner headline across the union leader's front page. let's go to robert in pennsylvania. line for democrats. caller: good morning.
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first thing i want to say, i am a c-span junkie, retired veteran and every time i hear someone call in and say they want to go back to our forefathers i don't know if they realize that their forefathers were slave owners. if that's what they want to go back to, i don't know. ask those people in atlantic city who work for trump will no longer have jobs. ask those people. that's about all i have to say right now. thank you. host: dan tuohy. guest: that is part of the record. we look at his or her record of what they have done with what bills they have proposed your it with donald trump he has not had a political record or an elected political record. it is fair game. i think voters should consider that as well not just a bankruptcy for one of his corporations but what he has
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done to build his empire. what that might mean for being an executive on pennsylvania avenue. twitter.wers on jennifer is one of those who tweets near every day -- jim is those who tweets near every day. are.: i believe they i'm not sure of the networks plans. some of the wire services will be doing something but i am not sure 100%. host: expectations for timing tonight. when will we know the results? guest: that is a good question. 9:00 some of these results might be trickling out. most of the state uses -- there or twoys a town
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somewhere in new hampshire that is late getting some results. that's the way it goes. that will be telling if it is really close on the republican side or democratic side. we will find out and stay tuned. host: stay tuned c-span tonight to watch all of the candidates' speeches after the results come in. covering what's happening and i encourage our viewers to stick around for the next hour and a half of today's program because we will be talking about new hampshire for the rest of today's show. a few minutes left with dan tuohy. amanda is next. line for republicans. caller: good morning. i am for ted cruz. i think he articulates conservative values and i do not agree that donald trump is the best person to lead the country because of his temper. he is very arrogant, he act like a child, cannot take criticisms.
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he belittles people. he can never explain his actual plan for building a wall or 2008, these -- it is like we got some changes but his mantra is i will make this country great. that's all i want to say. host: randy is next in north carolina, line for democrats. caller: good morning. thank you c-span very much. best thing the cable companies ever did. try to maintain objectivity while being one source of information for all of us paying attention. i wonder if mr. tuohy would agree to the opposition that money in politics is more like an effect and the cause of our problems and frustrations is money in biased media coverage. no wonder we are so split up. 50-50 split in this state and
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talking politics with the neighbor is like saying the wrestler is a fake. they are reacting to the way they think their target audience they thinke things their target audience wants to hear and it has gotten to a point where what we should be really caring about is something we cannot talk about together. the countryaround there are some areas where i can only get one point of view. not the point of view i subscribe to either. that we havenate lost our way because we are being pulled apart by moneyed interests that are controlled by too few biased media companies. we simply are not getting a freedom that we deserve and supposedly we paid for. those are our air waves.
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i am a big c-span supporter. would like to know what your guest might think of the comment. ballotboth sides of this have been talking about the role and influence of money in politics. it usually comes up by a voter in a town hall meeting saying something similar to what you just said and asking a candidate what would you do. sanders,linton, bernie they say they want to overturn united. on the republican side, some of these candidates, including donald trump, point out there should be greater transparency at the very least on who is donating to these super pac's. donald trump was railing against super pac's. all of the other candidates that legally cannot coordinate with pac' the candidates' money fundraising war chests. it is amazing.
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a notable number of ads in new hampshire are funded by the super pac's as well. host: the editorial board of the wall street journal today talks about super pac's in support of allowing more money and lifting some of the rules restricting money in politics. they write, supertex are a net plus for democracy by increasing political competition and educating the public about the candidates. if you want to read more on their viewpoint in today's wall street journal. republicansine for -- line for republicans. caller: thank you. foron't need a revolution progress. we need revolution to change the moral decay at all levels of society. we need candidates like marco rubio who is a young man with integrity,


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