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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  February 10, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EST

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new hampshire primary. we will look ahead to the south carolina republican primary on february 20 and the nevada democratic caucuses the same day. >> because of a huge voter huge, we won. say because we harnessed the energy and excitement that the democratic party will need to succeed in november. >> we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. i love you all. thank you, new hampshire! thank you. we are going now to south carolina, we are going to win in south carolina. i love you all, thank you very much. host: good morning, everyone.
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new hampshire decided and it was bernie sanders on the democratic side with a decisive win over hillary clinton. on the republican side, donald trump promised to deliver a win with 35% of the vote. john kasich came in second with 15% -- 16%. chris christie unable to take down the florida senator despite throwing punches leading up to the voting. new hampshire is just the beginning. there are 14 more primaries and caucuses to go in the next three weeks with no clear alternative to mr. trump on the republican more of you will have a say in this nominating process. let's get your reactions to the winners and losers last night. democrats, 202-748-8000.
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.epublicans, 202-748-8001 independents, 202-748-8002. let's take a look at the front pages in new hampshire. we will start with the concord monitor. a decisive win for trump and sanders in the granite state. you also have from the new hampshire union leader, their headline, sanders and trump take new hampshire. carolina, in south they say it is there are now -- courier ind south carolina, they say it is their turn now. why these candidates were able to win. take a look at the wall street journal this morning. with donald trump's when of 34%,
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this is what exit polls highlight on the front page. among the 40% angry with the government, 42% of those voters went to donald trump. 10% to john kasich. take a look at this exit poll. bernie sanders winning the youth vote, 83%. to hillary clinton's 16%. just like he did in iowa. take a look at the front page of the new york times. said then voters candidate quality that mattered the most to them, tells it like , can winares my values in november. take it with a john kasich numbers.
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-- take a look at john kasich's numbers. let's go to john in jacksonville, florida. democrat. welcome to the conversation. what do you think about last night? caller: good morning. i'm very pleased with the results. .'m voting for bernie sanders i'm very pleased with the results. in his speech last night, he exactly therything way i would have said it. it's time for the country to go on a new path. over the last decade, we've gotten business in elections and that why we got so much gridlock in congress. both parties are being supported by business. he wants to change it. he reminded me of robert kennedy. he sounded just like robert
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hisedy when he gave acceptance speech in los angeles. i hope and pray that he goes all the way to the white house. he really can change things for the good of the country. host: did you watch the whole thing? and speaking for almost 30 minutes. caller: i listened to the entire party speech and then donald trump. it sounded like donald trump had too many drinks from the bar. explanation ofl how you can change the country. he was belligerent. i don't want him in the white house. host: what if it is hillary clinton versus donald trump? caller: hillary clinton is a politician. -- i don't want donald trump in the white house. if it came down to him and
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hillary, i would vote for donald trump. host: you would? caller: because he's never been in office before. hillary clinton is part of the establishment and that is the problem. she is always late when it comes to getting on issues. she waits to see what everyone else is going to say and then gives an opinion. you cannot be successful if you are always jumping in late. people might be scratching their head because dirty sanders -- bernie sanders has been in washington for a couple of decades. he is a politician. caller: he is, but here's the thing -- he has never been in power. he has never had power. he has always voted correctly on the issues. he voted against going into iraq. he voted to regulate wall street. he doesn't have the power. that's why he hasn't been able to do anything in washington.
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big money is not backing him. host: darrell in bedford, ohio. what do you make up your second? coming in caller: i was glad for john kasich. i don't think you could really go far because he put everything in new hampshire. i'm glad he did good. i'm really glad that trump won. -- it when you look at it is time for some but trump to be in office. he is not beholden to any big donors in the big money, wall street money. bush, they areb beholden by wall street.
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by goldman sachs, big hedge fund money. does anybody really think ted cruz or jeb bush will do anything about china and trade or mexico and trade? of course they are not. -- youtrump is saying finally have someone in the white house that has no ties to big donors, has no one giving him money telling him what to do . when you look at the housing mortgage broker at the time, the housing crisis was caused by big money, multinational banks giving money sorepublicans and democrats anyone can get a loan.
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if you've never paid a bill in your life, you would give them alone. -- a loan. crooked politicians were paid off. donald trump cannot be paid off t. host: how did you vote in 2012 and 2008? caller: in 2012, i voted for mitt romney. reluctantly so. i really wanted newt gingrich. for the populist message. he had a similar message to donald trump. host: in 2008? 2008, i supported mitt romney in the primary. it was so hard to support john mccain. i sat out that one. host: carmine in hamilton, and
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montana. caller: good morning. i'm really happy for bernie sanders. happy that we finally have a having a decent government again. i love bernie sanders. a lot of people say he hasn't done anything. he's always been for the people. he's always had a consistent message and he is staying on it. he is not going to take money from big corporations. when you do, they own you. this dirty is not socialist and everything. ae root word is society he is democratic socialist. he's going to fix our roads and bridges and mass transit. he is going to fix our electrical grid.
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he's going to do things for people, for society. that's what socialism is. mr. trump scares me. it pains me to see these kids in montana sent back from afghanistan. if mr. trump gets in there come he will get us in a war that she hates muslims and black people he hates muslims and black people and mexicans. the corporations took over everything isnow getting harder and harder for all of us to live. mr. bernie sanders will turn things around for us. he is a godsend. he has a good heart. he loves everybody, tried to put get theack -- he will
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money from wall street. there are bad deals every day. he wants a tax on every one of them. that will put people in schools. my kids have huge school bills. and it is solive hard for everybody because people like mr. trump that she is the 1%. -- he is the 1%. he is so rude, nasty. host: take a look at this exit poll out of new hampshire. voters in themary granite state support banning muslims from entering the u.s. 66%. it comes to the democratic race, the washington times this morning with this headline. clinton counts on nevada jackpot
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, feeding sanders allure -- fading sanders allure. according to an internal memo obtained by abc news, mrs. clinton's campaign manager dave this to many reporters -- gave .his to many reporters
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this an internal memo from the clinton campaign. the campaign is trying to build opposition to shore up the latino vote.
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mark in philadelphia. democrat. you are on the air. caller: good morning. i was not really surprised by who won. i was just shocked at the beating hillary took. i have to admit that that really surprised me. host: why? caller: not only did she lose by so much when the polls started closing, she was outperformed by bernie sanders with women. isn't that supposed to be her firewall? women voters and bernie sanders beat her with women voters. i don't know. i think hillary has to retool the selection or something. -- this election or something.
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host: take a look at this number. .onest and trustworthy 91% of voters who said that was important cast their vote for sanders. 5% for hillary clinton. when it comes to the right experience, 85% said hillary clinton has that. take a look at this number. can win in november, 79% said that is hillary clinton in a general election. what do you think of that, mark? caller: go figure. even with all those numbers except the trustworthiness, yetary wins them all and the bernie sanders still beat her handily. what do you think of
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nevada and south carolina coming up? caller: i don't know. i would think hillary has the advantage, but who knows? said,rge h.w. bush is sanders has the big mo, right? host: adam in durham, north carolina. republican. caller: good morning. i guess it's kind of an odd situation for me. looking at all this come missing what's happened. -- seeing what's happened. obsessed withlly money. being so integral in the selection process. people placed in positions of power are being put their money. put there by money.
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i've been a republican for a long time. they really tricked me. they really tricked me into believing that they were for me because of a few things. like antiabortion and that side of it. he tricked me into believing that they are representative of me. they are trying to get me to of lesssights on people opportunity. of folks who are damaging the system who don't want to get out and work. i see it in durham somewhat. turned myit where i sights on the wrong people and forgot about the small amount behind the scenes pulling the strings. i don't know if i will go for the republican, no matter who it is.
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donald trump represents -- he is that 1%. ,f people don't pay attention he's been pulling the strings. host: what about him being outside the establishment, not being a politician? take a look at this graphic cnn put together. when it came to experience, john kasich got that vote. when it came to wanting somebody outside the establishment, overwhelmingly that was donald trump. caller: i don't think he is really outside the establishment. he has been inserted into many years. he's been donating to political campaigns come every person on that stage as received money from him. just because he has not had a n elected title does not representative of
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establishment goals. kasich, that guy right he comes right out and says it, billionaires are not the problem. money is not the problem. this.let me ask you would you vote for bernie sanders? certainly -- this is sad to say because i've been a republican for a long time, but i think i will have to vote for bernie sanders. to the new listen york billionaire donald trump last night in new hampshire thinking the voters there. [video clip] >> he wants to give away our country, folks. we are not going to let it happen.
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i don't know where it's going with bernie. luck, butm a lot of we are going to make america great again. we are going to do it the old-fashioned way. we are going to be china, japan, mexico. mexico,china, japan, all these countries taking so much of our money away from us. on a daily basis. it is not going to happen anymore. we have the greatest people .ight now in the world they call me all the time, they want to be involved. we have political hacks negotiating our deals with billions and billions of dollars. we are going to use the finest business people in the world. we are going to do something so good and so fast and so strong in the world is going to respect us again, believe me. [applause] to --are going
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"usa"]chanting do we love our country? host: we are getting your reactions to those wins and losses. what does it mean for the rest of the candidates and for the primary process going forward? there are the phone numbers on your screen. we are spending all three hours of the program getting your reaction to this moving forward from new hampshire. joining us on the phone is reid wilson, chief political consultant -- let's begin with the democrats. independent voters in new hampshire make all the difference. where did they go and how did they vote? did they go to the democratic primary? gut: i hate to say this, but
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is morecratic side interesting because bernie sanders one by such a significant margin. independents made up a third of the democratic electorate. those voters broke heavily toward bernie sanders. 32% voted for sanders over hillary clinton. first-time voters chosen sanders 70%-20 1%. 21%.% to host: was this a message? guest: absolutely.
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one i think the clinton campaign really needs to pay attention to. who said thatrs having a candidate who was honest or trustworthy was the most important issue, sanders 5%.91% to these are problems for the clinton campaign. these are problems for a candidate who is not connecting with voters the way her opponent is. these are messages the primary voters are looking for something different and hillary clinton is not offering it to them. among the voters who said they wanted someone electable, she won 79% of the vote. democratic and
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honest and trustworthy and cares about people like me, she . -- she got dumped. host: when came to those issues come economy, jobs, bernie with new hampshire voters. he got 59% of those voters. republicans,nt for too. what does this say about all the candidates? the economy is still issue number one in the minds of voters. after the terrorist attacks in paris and san bernardino last in thee saw a spike number of people who said national security issues were the top concern. not as big that was a concern.
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it was their third highest issue after the economy and government spending. we are once again headed towards about the economy. which is a bit of a surprise given the state of the economy. it is the underlying reason as to why bernie sanders and donald trump are doing well in the first place. swath ofa huge american voters who think they are being left behind by this recovery. this recovery does not include them. the billionaires on wall street are getting ahead while they are being left behind. of thes fueled the rise anti-political establishment anger that has lead to things like donald and bernie sanders winning the new hampshire primaries. it looks again like we will mitigate that come november.
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one interesting point along those lines, among voters who the mostlity was important issue, bernie sanders 70% of the vote -- won the vote. let's talk about the republican side. a little more interesting. tell us about it. there were more candidates who were competitive. this, therelook at are a couple leads here. there are voters who say they wanted a candidate who shares their values. -- ted cruz and john kasich tied. centrist,h the more
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traditional republican. donald trump came in a distant third at 13%. among the voters who said they wanted a candidate who tells it like it is, donald trump won 65% of the vote. this is because of the campaign between those who are politicians and those who want to completely blow up the system and try something entirely new. that was really on display last night in new hampshire. 47% of the republican primary voters said they felt betrayed by republican candidates. 15% of democrats said the same thing about their own democratic politicians. feelss a party that betrayed -- host: what does this mean for
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governor jeb bush, senator ted cruz, senator marco rubio, who were within a percentage point other going into these primaries and caucuses? guest: there were three likely outcomes last night. mounting his post-iowa come back. jeb bush completing the turnaround some people saw happening. the dark option was horse, john kasich among these professional republicans and consultants, the establishment class, the people who want to nominate somebody who is not donald trump or ted cruz, that was the worst possible outcome for them.
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john kasich campaign does not have a lot of money. will not be able to grab the mantle of the establishment candidate who can sweep through south carolina and nevada and a bunch of southern states on march 1. bad thing for those establishment republicans because it means jeb bush and marco rubio are fighting for fourth place. now, they enter south carolina .n a weakened state we've already seen both sides pouring a huge amount of resources into south carolina. and more to me like only one of those two candidates is going to come out of the south carolina primary. wasou thought new hampshire getting nasty, south carolina is a state where political dirty tricks do you good. it's what you expect. stories -- all the
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all the reasons people hate politics will be on display in south carolina. where we've already seen the bush campaign circulating talking points as to why john kasich is not the right candidate. the polls only closed in new hampshire 12 hours ago. host: chris christie wanted to take down marco rubio. he put all his eggs in the new hampshire basket. he was not able to come out ahead of the florida senator. he is going home to new jersey to take a breath. he said he was going to go on to south carolina. think?u does he get out of this race? guest: he put so many of his hopes into new hampshire and it did not work out for him. when you are finishing in sixth
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place behind people who barely campaigned in the state, does not speak terribly well to your chances going forward. every four years or so come in a crowded primary field, there becomes one candidate who acts as a block on another candidate. in 2008, more than one person went after mitt romney as much as they could. candidate allthe the other candidates like personally. chris christie played that role. the block on marco rubio came through very clearly. kristi was leaping over his podium trying to make a point
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about rubio's leadership. he question rubio again and again over his robotic answers. he ended up playing the role of spoiler. in part four marco rubio. host: he says he will do better this saturday. there is yet another debate. thank you for your time this morning. go to to find his reporting. thank you, reid wilson. maria in westville, new jersey. independent. caller: good morning. the fact that donald trump and bernie sanders did so well is a good first step toward the second revolution. after world war ii, the u.s. undertook to take britain's place in the world. we are building schools in afghanistan, people in detroit have the lap david buildings.
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-- dilapidated buildings. what i'm saying is, we have to look at the fact that most of our people in our government are foreign agents. sheehan.aniel p he wrote a book called of the lost history of the united states and the rise of isis. -- either weerta are going to have a revolution at the ballot box or everybody will march on washington and make citizens arrests. it is a good first step and we need a tariff. host: look at reactions on twitter from our viewers.
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kay in grand forks, north dakota. democrat. to 40 years come out country has been run by men. it is time for a woman. -- 240 years come out country has been run by men. would do better than any man in the white house. host: you are voting for hillary clinton? caller: all the way. i think it is funny that the democrats go by their first names and republicans go by their last. i wonder why that is. host: robert in north carolina.
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republican. my question was -- i hear all these candidates talking about helping the middle class. people in north carolina who make aroun around d $10 an hour but that still don't make the middle class. why don't they talk about people who don't make middle-class wages? you have to be in an office somewhere to make middle-class. why have they not done anything with hillary clinton? get her out of the way. she should be indicted. host: turn the television down when you call in. brenda in london, michigan. independent caller. caller: good morning.
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anyn't think there was surprise. the polls showed that bernie sanders and donald trump are going to win anyway. i'm surprised by john kasich. i don't think he even went to iowa. second-place showing doesn't mean so much. sanders on the other side, i don't know. he keeps putting down the establishment, but to me, he is the establishment. he is not middle-class, he is upper. he makes $190,000 a year. host: so, who are you voting for? caller: i am an independent. i am from michigan, hillary was here just this last weekend
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because of the kids being poisoned with lead in flint. i think i will go with hillary. her whole life has been public service. of has always been a friend the children. i have to go her way. she is the best candidate out there. host: may i ask how old you are? do you feel a certain obligation to vote for hillary clinton as a woman? caller: it is not a gender thing. i am 65 years old. she has the experience. she was here this last weekend. she took time out of her new hampshire campaign. here is bernie on saturday night live. i can see where he is coming from.
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i just cannot support him. i don't want my taxes raised. i worked and went to school at night for nine years to get my bachelors degree years ago. i'm sorry. maybe i'm being a bit selfish, but that is what i'm thinking about. mentioned how much resources these candidates put into new hampshire. vote in spent $1200 per new hampshire. 30 times more per vote then donald trump. after spending $2000 per vote in ohio, jeb bush and his super pac continued the spree, investing egregious amounts on ads.
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marco rubio spent $508 per vote. of the more is one frugal spenders in the race when it comes to advise, spending buys, spending $40 per vote. carl in chicago. democrat. caller: how are you doing? host: i'm doing fine. thank you for asking. what are your thoughts? i think hillary is going to have to really sharpen her edge against bernie. the democrats understand that bernie is not a democratic socialist. he is not a democrat. he is an independent and decided to be a socialist. revolution is about all to
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nothing. those people who are dissatisfied -- the points bernie is talking about, we can agree on those things. when you are going, a revolution, how are you going to have that happen? we've done things are party has wanted and when we've done those things we lost power in congress. democrats did obamacare without republicans. we lost the house. ,ecause those same democrats you cannot come out just during the presidential cycle and vote.
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you did not vote in the midterms. you did not vote enough in your state and local elections. you have to look at this -- we are going to have a revolution? i know better. you said hillary clinton has to sharpen her edge against bernie sanders. what does it she need to do? caller: she needs to help the democratic party realize bernie wants to be the adopted son of the democratic party. use the nameto when it is a convenience. he is trying to use the democratic apparatus to ascend to the presidency, something he
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could never do as an independent. which is what he has wanted to be his entire political career. clear thato make it that is where he is. i have no animosity towards bernie. doing, i don'ten want to step on him too hard because we want those supporters of his to support us. host: let's listen to the former secretary of state in her own words, how she phrased last night's loss. [video clip] >> now, we take this campaign to the entire country. we will fight for every vote in every state. [applause] >> we will fight for real solutions that make a real difference in people's lives. when i started this campaign last spring, i knew we were facing profound challenges as a country. the way too many things were
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going just was not right. it is not right that the kids i met in flint on sunday were poisoned because their governor wanted to save money. it is not right for a grandmother here in new hampshire or anywhere else to have to choose between paying rent and buying medicine because prescription drug company increased the price 4000% overnight. it is not right that a cashier i met in new hampshire is paid less than her son doing the same work even though she has been on the job for more years. people have every right to be angry. are also hungry, hungry for solutions. [applause] >> what are we going to do? is the fight we are taking
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to the country. what is the best way to change people's lives so we can all grow together? who is the best change maker? host: hillary clinton in new hampshire after losing to bernie sanders. carl's advice. she needs to sharpen her edge. the new york times has some advice for both candidates. new hampshire is a drop in the bucket. sandy in dayton, ohio. independent. caller: good morning. of thery tired establishment. i was leaning toward hillary. but now, i believe in donald trump. tried to squeeze out
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the union a few years back and people rebelled here in ohio. i don't trust him. i don't think he is a man we can have an office. i don't agree with everything donald trump wants to do. for the most part, he has built things. i think he can do more than build hotels. he can take care of our infrastructure. he will be very strong on education. also for health care. if he would get in office, he would work well with everyone. host: do you think you would even work with unions? that is your criticism toward governor kasich. you trust donald trump when it comes to unions? caller: he will come around. there is more to donald trump and what he shows. ofwill get the backing th the establishment and people will work with them.
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it will be interesting to see who he picks for a vp. he could very well pick someone like john kasich. host: would that be a good move? ?icking at an insider caller: i don't know if there is anyone else out there who is not establishment who he would pick. it would be very interesting to watch. i like hillary a lot. i feel like she doesn't have a good message out there for women. madeleine albright's comments did not help with younger people, either. host: what about marco rubio? caller: no way. i don't like him. he has a lot of experience to gain. definitely none of the bush's.
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rubio taking the blame for what happened. he said it was because of his performance in saturday's debate. he will get another chance to do better this saturday in south carolina where there will be another debate. headline in the washington post this morning. senator'sof florida good showing in iowa. he hasn't scheduled campaign stops wednesday with tim scott and trey gowdy. -- he hasn't scheduled campaign stops wednesday with tim scott and trey gowdy -- he has scheduled campaign stops wednesday with tim scott and trey gowdy. [video clip] >> i want you to understand something.
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our disappointment tonight is not on you. it is on me. i did not do well on saturday night. that will never happen again. [applause] rubio's strategy going forward, the washington post says this. strategists bracing for a campaign they think will come down to who can accumulate the most delegates. it is all about the delegates
7:50 am
come as we've said before. trump getting most of those delegates last night in new hampshire. 10 delegates from new hampshire going to him. upse next contests coming where it is winner take all in north carolina, etc., or is much more to come. 14 caucuses coming up -- primaries and caucuses coming up in february. david a los angeles, california. independent. go ahead. caller: good morning. i'm finding this really fascinating. there was this book, what is wrong with kansas? people don't vote for their own best interests.
7:51 am
that is what we are experiencing today with trump and sanders. manifestation that kansas the ways in to which the establishment have andpulated and have played completely deceived the vast majority of the american people. now, what has to happen, the placesf you would, that democratic and partisan politics where we are inter-personalities that in actuality, if we look at it, we will see that our own establishment is the so-called ministerial leaders or elected politicians -- and situation in the black community -- mary pointed it out.
7:52 am
about the need for resolution. you have this democratic brother who called in trying to recommend that clinton sharpen her game up. i would submit to him, if he would go back and really look into the actual policies of the clintons as it relates to black people versus the industrial , go and seeall that what obama and clinton did with the haiti relief fund. these are professional con people. host: ethel in stone mountain, georgia. democrat. caller: longtime listener, first time caller. host: what do you think? caller: i have a couple of
7:53 am
things i wanted to say. are all given common sense and a lot of people will not use their common sense. common sense can take you a long ways. a lot of the folks who vote for trump and bernie sanders, the people voting for them -- i'm voting for hillary. i know her. she gives me no surprises. once you know somebody, there's nothing she could do that would surprise me. i don't know why these people trump has been married three times, he marries young girls, he puts down women. he has no money, a lot of credit. he don'tdid this -- have any money. he got credit.
7:54 am
they are letting him have it on credit. when he gets to the white house, he wants to get money. these fools are going right along -- i would not let my kitty cat but for him. -- a vote for him. host: many in pittsburgh, massachusetts. -- vinny. caller: good morning. flabbergasted that all these folks went for a socialist. i cannot believe that the united states of america -- my son is a marine. hillary left of these men in benghazi. i can't understand why anybody would vote for her. i don't think she is qualified. host: we will talk to mike pompeo, republican from kansas. he sits on the committee
7:55 am
investigating what happened in my ghazi. he will be on the show tomorrow. -- in benghazi. host: i will tune in to watch it, that is for sure. i saw a bumper sticker the other day that said hillary should be in jail instead of running for president. if any other american did anything like she did with the servers and leaving those guys behind, they would be in jail. why isn't she? ,ost: your point on benghazi yesterday on capitol hill, there were two hearings on worldwide threats. theof them was before senate intelligence committee. -- theicials testified director of the national intelligence committee testified saying libya is becoming a breeding ground for isis. he went through all the different terror threats that exist.
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he is talking about the threat of isis to the united states in 2016. [video clip] >> there are more violent extremist groups in safe havens than at any time in history. the rate of foreign fighters traveling to conflict zones is without precedent. 38,200 foreign fighters including 6900 from western countries have traveled to syria from 120 countries since the beginning of the conflict in 2012. fighters poseign a dangerous operational threat. isil has demonstrated it hasicated attacks -- become the preeminent global terrorism threat. ofy have conducted scores attacks outside of syria and iraq in the past 15 months.
7:57 am
their estimated strength worldwide exceeds that of al qaeda. their leaders are determined to strike the u.s. homeland, beyond inspiring homegrown extreme is the tax. -- extremist attacks. aternal operations remain critical factor in our threat assessment for 26 king. -- 42016. 2016.essment for host: richard burr tweeted this out -- we covered those hearings on c-span. you can go to to watch them. the washington post editorial board had this to say about syria. it can get worse. having predicted russia would find itself in a quagmire for getting involved there, mr.
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obama is at risk of watching as putin strengthenes islamic state. those talks in geneva for some sort of resolution falling apart last week. today commitll janet yellen will be testifying before congress amid growing nexts about the fed's step. many in new hampshire voted because of economic reasons for bernie sanders and donald trump. you can hear from the chairman of the federal reserve today on capitol hill. she will be talking about monetary policy there and what is next for the fed. also, this in the papers.
7:59 am
obama since his final budget to congress. $4 trillion. his vision will come at a cost. debt tong the national $27.4 trillion over the next decade. we will learn more about what is in this budget at the budget debate on capitol hill this year on friday on the program. democrats say republicans are not serious about the flint, water crisis. they have already rallied behind president obama's $1.8 billion
8:00 am
plan to fight the zika virus which has been tied to serious birth defects in latin america. said last week he proposed an amendment that would provide $550 million to flint but it was spurned by democrats. tuesdayans suggested there was $1.2 billion in unspent ebola funds that could be shifted to fight the zika virus. administration officials insisted they needed new funding . that is an update on what's happening on capitol hill. town.ers are in you can watch with happening on we are talking this morning with all of you.
8:01 am
we will spend today's three hours on washington journal talking about what happened in new hampshire. senator sanders and donald trump pulling off big wins in the granite state. there are the numbers. republicans (202) 748-8001, democrats (202) 748-8000, independents (202) 748-8002. tell us what you think. vinny in fitchburg, massachusetts. a republican. did i already talk to you? caller: yes. host: let me move on. let's go to jim in holyoke. caller: thank you for taking my call. i'm calling to state that i am against hillary.
8:02 am
line -- line -- lying. she lied about bosnia. senator bernie sanders, i'm undecided as of now. but my family will not support hillary. host: ok. listen to what sanders is planning to do after his win in new hampshire. he scheduled to leave late tuesday and go to new york for a daylong victory lap after a breakfast with al sharpton. he is scheduled to appear on the view and the late show with stephen colbert. sharpton iswith
8:03 am
heart of an effort to widen support among african-american voters. clinton has scheduled campaign stops in south carolina and nevada in the next week with an emphasis on criminal justice and gun control. campaign also announced new support for african-american mothers who have lost children to gun violence. the fundraising race will also intensify. that's the plan for the democratic candidates going forward. roberta in washington, a democrat. who are you supporting? caller: i'm supporting hillary. host: tell us why. timer: i have been a long
8:04 am
follower of hillary and bill. skill. has a lot of she knows about politics. as has done a lot of work far as working with children. she has done a lot of work trying to get rights for the kids in school. she has done a lot of work within the minority community. state. was secretary of she traveled around the world and got a lot of things done. i don't think bernie is going to have a lot of influence with al sharpton. al sharpton really doesn't speak
8:05 am
for -- he doesn't have constituents as far as black people. he has a voice because he is on radio stations. a lot of people in the black community could care less about al sharpton and jesse jackson. and the naacp guy who supported bernie. host: let's hear from bernie, a republican in new york. caller: good morning. i have been a republican all my life and never voted for a democrat. under no circumstances, including at the point of a gun, what i vote for donald trump -- would i vote for donald trump. remember president eisenhower, truman, roosevelt,
8:06 am
abraham lincoln -- can you imagine any of these people talking the way this man speaks? and not only what you say, but how you say it is very important. is this how he's going to talk to putin or merkel? its man is so transparent, yet this country cannot get past him. it is just unbelievable. why do we need polls prior to an election? internal polls can help a candidate direct themselves, but polls influence people when they shouldn't be. says shoulddidate affect how they are going to vote. host: let's talk about that when
8:07 am
it comes to south carolina because they are next for the republicans. take a look. this is happening on february 20. on february 27, south carolina democrats will vote in the primary and there are 59 delegates at stake. joining us on the phone is andy shain, a political reporter for the state in south carolina. let's talk about polls. what were they looking like? were there any credible ones heading into south carolina? these think last night's win in new hampshire change those numbers? guest: at the moment, probably no. there have been a number of polls. our last polls were in the past 10 days.
8:08 am
donald trump has been leading in the polls in south carolina since august. he has led all but one poll. it has been all trump all the withhere in south carolina ted cruz in solid second. bush clashing further place -- for third place. ben carson has a lot of support in the state. host: who has the best ground game and what do you need in south carolina? that ci'm being told rubio and cruz have very good ground game. ted cruz is using the same
8:09 am
operation he used in iowa where he targeting social conservatives and evangelicals. about the upstate, the northwest section of our state is the home of our evangelical base. but they are all over the state. they make up six out of 10 republican voters in the state. looking at ted cruz's numbers, he's finding them everywhere. area in getting contributions is charleston. it tends to be a little more moderate. the object of the game is to beat trump. he certainly is attracting very large crowds, filling arenas. he's basically taking a lot of the time in the media as well.
8:10 am
he lost evangelicals in iowa. that the voting bloc for ted cruz is what put him over the top there. is that what you will be watching for? right now, they are for donald trump. wasve not met a pastor who for trump at the moment, but they have spoken to their congregations who are for trump. pastors tend to either be supporting ted cruz or leaning towards ted cruz. surpriseen part of the of trump's success in south carolina that he is doing so well with evangelicals. he has had a couple flubs involving the bible including
8:11 am
talking about 2 corinthians. especially with a candidate like ted cruz who has been hitting these groups very hard for two years now, it's been a bit of a surprise. host: marco rubio is heading from new hampshire. events with senator tim scott, representative trey gowdy. two endorsements for him. will that persuade voters? guest: i think it will help. it certainly gives him credibility in a way. tim scott and trey gowdy were elected in the 2010 tea party sweep as was senator rubio. if you are a fiscal conservative who wants to see washington changed, these are the tea party
8:12 am
backingour party senator rubio. that helps. with representative gaudi heading the benghazi committee, he is popular in our state. he will be hosting one of senator rubio's events later on today. host: both senator ted cruz and marco rubio are coming back to washington for a vote on north korea. south carolina democratic primary is not until february 27th. nevada will go before. what is it looking like for the democrats in south carolina? talk about their operations. guest: it's the opposite of new
8:13 am
hampshire. hillary clinton has done very well in south carolina. she is leading senator sanders by 30 points. she has a couple things going for her. very hard 2008 here against barack obama and has a lot of relationships here. south carolina is going to be the first state with a majority minority bloc of voters. african-americans that are very much overwhelmingly going for secretary clinton. senator sanders will have a lot of momentum, but he's going to have to do a lot of work in south carolina to catch up. he has a good operation here. he has been working very hard to also win over african-american voters and working with clergy.
8:14 am
he has a couple weeks to try to overcome this large deficit. host: she got more delegates in i'll. -- iowa. she lost in new hampshire. south carolina primary different? it depends on how much -- how dominant it's going to be. she's -- she really needs a large victory. host: and its winner take all. callerguest: that's correct. it's also for the national perception. iowa was a squeaker. new hampshire, she was expected to lose because it's the state next to bernie's.
8:15 am
degree, south carolina could be the beginning of a steamroll for her. at the same time, senator sanders has gotten a lot of money that will keep them in the weeksven if he has some where he is not doing as well. here in south carolina, senator clinton has a very good operation. she will probably spend a lot of time here. . president clinton is coming on saturday. she's not taking this for granted even though she already has a 30 point lead. host: andy shain, political reporter with the state. you can follow his reporting on the ground. thank you, sir.
8:16 am
let's get back to your calls. regina in virginia, independent line. what do you make of what happened in new hampshire? caller: i thought it was pretty good. except for bernie sanders. people don't realize that socialism is baby communism. not a socialist country. this is not a communist country. this is a free country. and if bernie sanders gets in, he will start taking everything. our gun rights, he will tear the constitution, he will shred it. let's start with our democrats. hillary clinton, her scandals go back to whitewater.
8:17 am
all the way back to whitewater. do we all remember that? i do. then, benghazi. probably before that there was more scandal. remember the lawyer that killed hisself? host: so regina, who are you going to vote for? caller: who am i going to vote for? i'm going to vote for trump. and i'll tell you why. host: ok. caller: a lot of people think that he will be vicious to world leaders. he's not that type of man. he is a businessman. host: ok. olivia in birmingham, alabama. a democrat. caller: good morning.
8:18 am
i hope you give me time to explain myself because you always cut me off. i want to say this. i agree with madeleine albright. there is a special place for women that don't support other women. i'm going to give you my reason why. literally mean that and people need to stop getting offended by that but it is true. i'm going to make this point. i noticed that a lot of white women are against hillary. black women are standing up for hillary, especially single black women. we know the struggle. i'm not going to say -- some women have not been through the struggle. do they realize that, without hillary, madeleine albright, harriet tubman, women that go way back that they would not be in the position that they are in right now? the women know that we are still the lower moneymakers on the totem pole. the women notice that.
8:19 am
we go through so much discrimination. look how they scrutinize hillary. hillary's pantsuit, hillary's hair, hillary's makeup. come on. do you know the outrage in america if hillary had said what donald trump said on the podium? sexism is rampant. and i want to make this point to democrats. bernie sanders is not progressive. those are part of the democratic party. they got very angry with president obama because they wouldn't -- wanted certain things to pass that he didn't do. those are people that are against my president. black people, we are not going to take it. we are not going to take it. host: harry in maryland, a republican. caller: how are you doing this
8:20 am
morning? host: i'm doing great, how are you? caller: doing fine. a lot of snow. i have to admit, i was amazed with bernie sanders. i'm a republican and i don't agree with anything he says. but he is what he is. i think that with voters that support him, they see him as somebody who is going to stick to his principles and what he says he will try to accomplish. i don't like the idea of socialism, but i have to admire somebody that sticks to their guns. the clintonsrld, were always known for sticking your finger in the air, see which way the wind blows. i have not figured out whether hillary is moderate, a socialist, a liberal. she jumps around so much. the one thing about this man that you can say is that -- what he states, he said 10 years ago,
8:21 am
15 years ago, he has not changed. he has just caught the public eye. and i have to say he ran a good clean, fair campaign. host: let's listen to what the vermont senator had to say after his win in new hampshire last night. >> democrats and progressives win when voter turnout is high. [applause] republicans win when people are demoralized and voter turnout is low. [booing] to the, we serve notice political and economic establishment of this country that the american people will not continue to accept a corrupt campaign finance system. [applause] that is undermining american democracy and we will not accept a rigged economy in which ordinary americans work longer
8:22 am
hours for lower wages while almost all new incoming wealth goes to the top 1%. [applause] want to take this opportunity again to congratulate secretary andton and her organization support is for waging a vigorous campaign. i hope in the days ahead we can continue to wage a strong, issue oriented campaign and bring new people into the political process. [applause] but i also hope that we all remember, and this is a message not just to our opponents, but
8:23 am
to those who support me as well that we will need to come together in a few months and unite this party and this nation. because the right wing republicans we oppose must not be allowed to gain the presidency. host: bernie sanders with the n, 60% to 38%. let's take a look at the exit polling numbers. by age, it's one of the sharpest divides in the race. bernie sanders support is strongest among young voters. 18-29.s that the but hillary clinton wins 65 and over. won in iowa.t she bernie sanders winning almost
8:24 am
every demographic in the state of new hampshire. jim in west virginia, independent line. good morning. what do you think? caller: let me start by saying i'm an honorably discharged veteran. i took an oath to support and defend the constitution of the united states. this country is not a democracy. it's a constitutional republic. this is what these politicians fail to realize. i would not vote for hillary clinton period. she has known about fast and furious, whitewater, benghazi, now the e-mails on her personal server that she's dragging her feet on. ok. bernie sanders, he's got some good ideas. but i don't think i want to live in a socialist country. host: ok. caller: and donald trump, he's
8:25 am
just rude and of noxious. he knows nothing about the law. the way i understood it when i read it is you have to know little bit about the law to be able to even run for president. the people that i would vote for kasich, ted cruz, john or jeb bush. host: we covered all those candidates last night in their speeches. if you want to hear what they had to say to the voters in new hampshire before they had to south carolina, you can go to ben carson did not give a speech. he did send out a release saying that after several stops, dr. carson will be en route to south carolina. he did not give a speech but he continuing in the
8:26 am
race. governor chris christie of new jersey said originally that he would go on to south carolina. he bought an airline ticket. instead he said last night after his disappointing finish, unable to get ahead of senator marco rubio, that he would go home to new jersey and think about what's next. george in maryland, a democrat. good morning to you. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: i'm really glad about bernie sanders winning. i think it's really important for people to see his ideas and see him for what he's actually putting out there. he's the only one actually fighting for the people. a lot of these candidates are saying business or something that is not the people, not us who are actually working every day. it just points out the obvious.
8:27 am
they are obviously there for the money. they are here with some backing trying to get them push these ideas and make us less together as a people. we are the united states of america, but everybody is fighting. can we please see what is actually going on? host: bill, a republican. go ahead. caller: glad to be on here. bernie sanders, socialist. enough said. this is not a communist country, never has been, never will be. and hillary clinton. if people would just sit back and look at her record starting with her college days, protesting against the united states. whitewater. her and her husband up to their eyeballs in it. bought their way out. watergate where she was stripped of her license and fired for
8:28 am
line and false supplying. host: who is your candidate? caller: the one and only, mr. trump. this country needs to get away from politicians. they don't realize politicians are the one that have put this country in the poor shape it's in today. host: ok. connie, in missouri. independent. caller: my comment is, south carolina and the black vote. bill and hillary clinton have been in this process for over 30 years. they say they are experienced, but i'm telling you. i have black friends. they haven't done anything for the black people. and mr. obama didn't help them out, either. they are concerned, more concerned with immigration and they are saying what's fair,
8:29 am
then the people in the united states. and i'm telling you, a black people have suffered more. -- the black people have suffered more. their kids would rather have a job then be jailed. and i'm saying mr. trump, i am going for trump this time. think he can put the america back to work and close down illegal immigration. i'm telling you, the black people need to stop following. hillary says the same litany of things of what they're going to do. bill said the same thing. they are nothing but keeping the black people tied to the democratic party. host: how did you vote in 2012 and 2008? caller: obama. host: both times. caller: both times. and he has done nothing for
8:30 am
them. host: what about bernie sanders? caller: the reason he's getting so many votes -- i'm telling you, people are sick and tired of the establishment. and believe me, hillary is the establishment. bush is the establishment. host: ok. matt, in texas. caller: good morning. i'm a proud texas democrat. i want to make two quick points. i hear a lot of people like that last caller saying that trump is who you need on the republican side. i watched the celebrity apprentice. you are all getting bamboozled and i feel bad for you. i will support whoever our nominee is, but i've been concerned about hillary.
8:31 am
i'm not going to mention any particular issue, but she has been for an issue before and then against it. even pretend to change, he has been so consistent the whole time. for her to lose by 21 points, even if it is a neighboring state -- new hampshire voters should know him. you cannot downplay what bernie sanders did yesterday. host: why'd you like him? caller: he does not even pretend to change. someone mentioned the establishment. that is another thing that concerns me. we do need a revolution, we need to shake things up in washington. to the caller who said he is a socialist -- republicans control the house and the senate. that is not going to happen when he is elected president in 2017. host: front page of the washington times this morning. epa climate rules on hold.
8:32 am
here is the reaction from the speaker of the house sing the ruling is a victory for the american people -- saying the ruling is a victory for the american people and our economy. people were focused on new hampshire and how they voted. donald trump promised and delivered a big victory there. vote, followed by john kasich who spent the majority of his time in new hampshire. 100 town hall meetings paying
8:33 am
off for him. spentr ted cruz who only $18 per boat, he still came in third place. $18 per vote. governor christie comes in sixth place with 8%. let's listen to what the texas senator had to say, who won in iowa, what he had to say about his third-place finish in new hampshire last night. [video clip] >> now, we move on to south carolina. [applause] >> the palmetto state. liberals may find south carolina a far less hospitable environment. [applause] on to nevada and super tuesday, the so-called sec
8:34 am
primary. [applause] >> the voters will have a choice. do we want a campaign conservative, someone who talks a good game but has not walked the walk? or do we want a conservative with a proven record? [applause] hampshire and new all across the nation, we are seeing the old reagan coalition coming together. [applause] conservatives and libertarians, young people and reagan democrats, the blue-collar working class voters
8:35 am
that the democratic party has -- if republicans are going to win in november 2016 and we have to win for the sake of our kids and grandkids, if we are going to win, we have to hone in the reagan democrats. send ao, we must message. that cnn just reporting donald trump has already launched a tack adds -- attack ads against ted cruz in south carolina. right now, polls show evangelicals leaning toward donald trump in south carolina primary on february 20. new hampshire did not play its normal role last night of
8:36 am
whittling the field. it is muddled even more as the established candidates pretty much tied last night. they will have no reason to get out of the race. the wall street journal editorial board says this. new hampshire has not performed its traditional role whittling the field as much as usual good chris christie will find it hard to continue after a sixth place finish. donald and cookeville, tennessee. independent. caller: good morning. i'm always glad to get on here. as far as the election last night, i'm kind of glad to see k-6 turn out the way he did.
8:37 am
john kasich run out the way he did. if you are going to have a compromise candidate for the republican party, i would like to see him. donald trump is not going to go in blustering with foreign dignitaries. he will be a good businessman. to surround himself with competent people. consider ourpeople safety to be one of the biggest issues. it has to do with isis and the middle east who treats women like foot stools. do you need a woman president at this time to deal with that? host: you said you were happy to see governor k-6 get second place -- governor john kasich get second place in new hampshire. why not governor jeb bush?
8:38 am
he is starting to attack john kasich heading into south carolina because he wants to be the consensus candidate. father or is not his his older brother. i'm sorry, i just don't see it in him. i don't see him having the backbone of his convoked. -- of his kinfolk. pac has spentr $10 million in south carolina. bush, features george w. who remains very popular in the palmetto state. on two other issues, mr. bush is at odds with many south carolina republicans. he supported common core academic standards and past
8:39 am
legal status for illegal immigrants. he hits the ground wednesday with three events in the state today. back to the drawing board for marco rubio. money will be a major concern, like many of his rivals, mr. rubio's campaign was relying on strong finish in new hampshire to boost his band raising -- fundraising. you also have one of the papers this morning, a quote from one republicanaying candidates go to donors asking for more money. they will ask, which estates are you going to win? megan in lancaster, pennsylvania republican. caller: i was absolutely
8:40 am
sanders to hear senator and donald trump both won the primary in new hampshire. because he beat hillary and donald trump because he is the strongest candidate of both parties. the white house and he will shake, rattle and roll that place. that is what washington needs. they need somebody that will stand strong and shake them until their brains rattle. that is my feeling. int: steve, democrat robert's bill, missouri. -- robertsville, missouri. caller: you hear trump talking
8:41 am
about all these things he is going to do, yet, he has no specifics about anything. he talks about winning, winning, winning. he rise me of charlie sheen when he was high on cocaine. that reminds me of charlie sheen when he was high on cocaine. he's talking about bringing minimum-wage jobs back from china. he will help the billionaires. i don't agree with everything with bernie clifton dollar an hour minimum wage -- $15 an hour minimum wage. we need universal health care. bush's tax cuts permanent. haven't they brought charges against hillary clinton and george w. bush?
8:42 am
that is my comment. thank you very much. independents in new hampshire sent a message to hillary clinton. seven in 10 of them supported mr. sanders. it was independents who were a big factor in the democratic primary last night in new hampshire. voters saw mr. trump as the best candidate to handle an international crisis. of 10 said they were somewhat worried or very worried about another terrorist attack in the net states. -- in the united states. june in north carolina. good morning. caller: i have three comments to make.
8:43 am
we are not electing a king. you have to go through the house and the senate to get a bill passed. trump and sanders cannot do all these things. these people that were in benghazi and got killed, they were united states spies. hillary clinton's hands were tied. has donald trump released his tax returns? the topdon't know off of my head. i know he released some financial statement along the way. i take it you are a hillary clinton supporter? caller: i am 100%. go hillary. i've got my sign made. host: are you going to travel to south carolina to help her out there? caller: laurie to know. -- lord no. host: mansfield, ohio. republican. caller: good morning.
8:44 am
i'm so tired of hearing trump shout and shout. nobody, even the media, nobody asked him substantive questions. he just says i'm going to do this and that, but not how. what is his record? does he know anything about our constitution? i'm all for ted cruz. ted cruz knows the constitution front words and backwards. does donald trump know about all the different offices in washington? i want someone to ask him some good questions, please. you call yourself a very conservative, somewhat conservative? caller: very conservative. int: the very conservatives new hampshire went to donald trump last night with 35%. caller: that is what surprises me. i'm shocked at how people -- are they not reading into donald's
8:45 am
passed at at all? even the way he took off after megyn kelly. better not cross yolanda supports ted cruz. someone conservative, 36% with two donald trump. 14% to john kasich and 9% to ted cruz. here is where the moderates played a role in new hampshire. 28% fordonald trump, john kasich. he was almost able to get as many moderates as donald trump. pamela in marlborough, maryland. democrat. caller: i'm not surprised at the results from yesterday. sanders of bernie
8:46 am
winning over hillary clinton. that stopped me from supporting hillary clinton. she is the most experienced, knowledgeable, insightful candidate across the board. male or female. she has the tenacity to outdo and outlast all the candidates. hours ofone through 11 benghazi. kevin mccarthy was absolutely right. he let the cat out of the bag. republicans' plan to throw against hillary clinton this woman has tenacity. she is for women, the working poor. in flint,has happened michigan as a result of republicans being in charge,
8:47 am
making decisions. how do you respond to new hampshire voters in the exit polls when it comes to honest and trustworthiness, 91% said bernie sanders over hillary clinton with 5%? caller: all of it is political. it is politics. bernie sanders is a good man. i would like a clinton-sanders ticket. realistically, he has no chance of winning. the republicans will have a field day with him. this lady can do it. she has the knowledge and experience. look at obama. everything thrown against him monday one, the night of his win, republicans were meeting in
8:48 am
a restaurant saying how they were going to make him -- host: summer in washington. independent. what you think about what happened in new hampshire? caller: i think it is pretty typical with how people feel right now. people think bernie can bring some kind of change and trump can say what a lot of people are thinking. as an independent, i want to see more from our republicans and democrats about what they are going to do to fight global poverty. exportsive jobs products to developing nations. a lot of people who have received foreign aid from the our biggest trading partners like south korea and germany. povertyng people out of , it raises the money american
8:49 am
companies make and increases american jobs. development and diplomacy are part of the strategies for the u.s. national security. to me, it seems pretty logical that we would want to alleviate poverty in these developing nations so they can help boost u.s. jobs and help our national security. not very many of the candidates have spoken openly about what they want to do. host: what about hillary clinton's record as secretary of state and her push for foreign aid? caller: that is hillary. hillary, i definitely have a good feeling about. she's been very open about what she wants to do. bernie, i don't know some much, because he's been focusing on a lot of things at home. host: how old are you? caller: 25. host: and you are not feeling the bern?
8:50 am
caller: not quite yet. i'm not sure if i want to get trumped, either. it would be nice to see our republicans get out there with more of a comprehensive national security package and more interest in foreign aid. jerry in carleton, michigan. republican. caller: how are you? host: good morning. comment -- they say mr. rubio is too young. remember a time a long time come up untiltime he was killed, we had another young president. rubio, if christie would leave
8:51 am
him alone -- he is nothing but a bully. a new jersey bully. c-span evertching since all this began. i have watched him and i wish i could be there to unbelief him ully him. host: hi, there appeared what are your thoughts on campaign 2016? caller: if i could add a bit of credulity to this 2016 campaign. i am for hillary clinton. let me respond to the new hampshire primary. bernie sanders got the best majority of independent voters. -- not c-span,a
8:52 am
because you guys do a great job. bernie sanders got the independent vote because the independents are trying to sway the election. they want bernie sanders to win because he would be so easy to beat. they did not vote for bernie sanders because of his policies or his grandiose speeches about i'm going to give free health care from the cradle to the grave every college to every child. give me a break. these young folks are being persuaded by the media. the media is taking on the republican talking points. host: we will see what happens next because it is far from over. you got 14 primaries and caucuses in the next three weeks.
8:53 am
iowa first, the new hampshire. now, it is a south carolina postern. -- south carolina's turn. first, the republicans on february 20. presidential candidates gear up for the primaries. republicans had therefore events today in the palmetto state. donald trump is leading in the polls. senator ted cruz has a good operation there. you have marco rubio and job bush trying to gain some ground. john kasich went to south , did notlast night even stay overnight in new hampshire, went right on to south carolina hoping to use his momentum from his second-place finish their yesterday -- second-place finish there
8:54 am
yesterday. let's listen to what he had to say. [video clip] and tens of tens millions of dollars spent against us with negative advertising. politics.e old we never went negative because thanve more good to sell to spend our time being critical . [applause] >> maybe, maybe, just maybe, at a time when changes in the air, maybe we are turning the page on a dark part of american politics because tonight, the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning. [applause] >> you made it happen.
8:55 am
you made it happen. you made it happen. you made it happen. [applause] "kasich"}nting >> we are conservatives here. we believe government is a last resort. if you think about the american , we know the family is only strong when the foundation is strong. that is why we will wake up every single day to make sure every american has a job in the united states of america to their family and their neighbors. [applause] talking aboutich a second-place finish, his positive campaign he ran. take a look at how the delegates
8:56 am
are shaking out. 17 for donald trump. ted cruz. marco rubio with seven. john kasich with 4. 3. bush and ben carson half the rest with one each. jaden miles on twitter says this -- mary says -- or says
8:57 am
robert says -- joe in winston-salem. independent. caller: this is the first time i've ever gotten into this whole situation. meitics is what has kept away from delving into what's going on. the reason i am involved now is because of the fact that there are some people toting words -- such as i'm not taking any of the lobbyists' money. like trumphe race and sanders, it is refreshing. not to hear the same old marco
8:58 am
rubio. politics to me has always been scripted. it has always been frustrating and boring. one person actually said i can't -- all thelong promises candidates make before they get into the white house. they really don't know what it's like. a lot of those promises are not able to be kept because of the fact that you don't know what is going to happen once you sit in the chair. congress runs the country. if you cannot get congress to go along with half of your promises, it appears your promises fall by the wayside. host: is that why you like donald trump not giving specifics? you just trust you can do a good job? it is tough to trust that anybody can do a good job. opinion, it would be nice start from scratch
8:59 am
and get people in congress and the white house that actually dig ditches. time who'ss one never done what i've done telling me it is going to take 10 minutes to do a certain thing. the have forgotten what it's like. it would be nice to get the average american in that sees what's going on. as opposed to people sitting high on their chair in whatever position they are in trying to fix something they have lost touch on. host: that is joe. lisa entry port, louisiana. republican. -- lisa in shreveport, louisiana. republican. caller: i'm going to be changing to democrat. because hillary clinton is not
9:00 am
for black people. she is for herself. the people she surrounds herself with -- look at david brock. he used to be a republican. he is terrible. he is disgusting. my father is getting together a bernie sanders division in new orleans. we are not ignorant down here. we know what he is up to. host: you have voted republican, but you will switch to democrat as a protest vote against hillary clinton and vote for bernie sanders? caller: i certainly am. none of the republicans are giving me any facts. i'm tired of them. hillary has done nothing. she is terrible. i will getlieve -- out and campaign for bernie sanders because my son is down
9:01 am
black he lives with a friend and he is in graduate school and he is working his tail off and he is tired. continueare going to here for the remainder of the program until 10:00 a.m. getting your thoughts about last night in new hampshire. what happened there with the wins and the losses and what it's looking like for the road to the white house going forward. it is a long way from over. there are many more contests coming up in february and march. tuesday, marcher 15, winner take all. a lot left in this race for the white house. including what's going to happen in the state of nevada. joining us on the phone is seth richardson from the reno gazette journal. with the nevada democratic caucus, which is taking place right after new
9:02 am
hampshire. it is not going to follow south carolina this year. they will go ahead of south carolina on every 20. -- february 20. these explain why. -- please explain why. guest: the caucuses are essentially a community meeting their. .- meeting there you come together and discuss your political views and breakup into groups of supporters and a lot of delegates go to the national convention. host: for democrats, what does that mean? how do they award delegates? guest: it depends on your precinct size. each will have a certain number of delegates allotted proportionally depending on the amount of supporters in each camp. right now, you have three camps you can choose from. those candidates will then go --
9:03 am
those delegates will go to the county convention and on to elect delegates to the state convention and national convention. the delegates that go to the national convention are the ones who will ultimately decide who the candidate is. host: what is it looking like for hillary clinton and senator intoe sanders heading february 20 caucuses? some are saying hillary clinton might have the advantage because of minorities. is that necessarily the case? guest: it has become the showdown state in the democratic party. most people i talk to feel the same way as well. we have a different voter makeup here. we have a large latino population which sanders had some trouble courting minority voters, but it seems like that -- it seems like you might beginning some traction there.
9:04 am
it will still be hillary clinton's state to lose. she's been here for a year. she has a massive ground game. she has banked a lot on this state. sanders come away with a victory? of course. anything could happen. host: what about the role of the union's there? thet: more interesting is culinary union has not endorsed a candidate yet. they have not endorsed a candidate unlike in previous years. then sitting out, we don't know how it's going to play out. maybe they will decide to endorse, but as of right now, they have not picked anyone. how that will affect voter turnout, activism at the ground
9:05 am
level, it is hard to say. host: have they endorsed hillary clinton? guest: i believe so. sciu has endorsed hillary clinton. guest: this takes place at 11:00 a.m. on a saturday. what are the benefits and downsides of that time? most: the benefit is people will not be working on a saturday. they will have time to actually go out. the process can take a while. if you have the time to go out and go through this whole process -- it is not like a primary where you can run in and vote in 10 or 15 minutes. it does take some time. the diehards will be able to get out there. the downsides come i have not say anything about a downside.
9:06 am
host: one pundit noted the youth vote could be a problem. bernie sanders drawing on the youth vote in iowa and new hampshire. a.m. on a saturday might not be suitable for some young people. demographicl that be a factor in the nevada caucuses? guest: we've seen it be a factor in iowa and new hampshire. we have two large universities here. nevadad university of reno. so nebulous,e is it is hard to say whether they will turn up or not. that is a big question mark. host: let's talk about republicans. that caucus will be taking place on february 23.
9:07 am
30 delegates at stake. mitt romney won in 2012 and 2008. -- whoahead of right now is ahead right now? guest: it is hard to say we've had zero polling in the state. we don't have any numbers to give a sort of a glimpse into who is supporting home. , tedas ground games here cruz has a large organization here. marco rubio has an organization here. jeb bush has a large organization as well. he got into the state early. host: what are the key demographics for republican voters in nevada? guest: republican voters in , it is pretty consistent with republican voters across the country. there is no real difference in the state. host: what about religious
9:08 am
voters? guest: we don't have as many evangelicals as iowa, that is for sure. host: what will you be looking for in the democratic caucus and republican caucus? guest: what will be interesting in theee the iowa tie large new hampshire victory bolstering bernie sanders in the state or is hillary's organization in the state helping her gain a large victory here. , this ise republicans gearing up to be a showdown state. we could have three different winners in three different states by the time we get to nevada. seeing who comes away with the momentum going into both republicans going into tuesday and the democrats going into south carolina, it could change the dynamics of the race. host: seth richardson.
9:09 am
thank you for your time. back to your calls. david in texas. democrat. good morning to you. what are your thoughts about campaign 2016? caller: my thoughts about , newign 2016, first hampshire, of course bernie sanders was going to win in new hampshire. as a group, majority of black people, they're waiting on south carolina and other places with a lot of latinas. vote forot going to any republican because we remember what mitch mcconnell said. to maket priority was this first black american man fail.
9:10 am
i hope they don't think we've forgotten that. rich in kingsport, tennessee. independent. caller: good morning. i'm almost 62 years old. i would like to tell all the young people that they need to watch c-span moderators if they want to see a model for how to be professional and classy. i tend to ramble, so get your finger on that button. i think the story is not the candidates. it is the american electorate in the schizophrenia we are seeing. it is coming home to roost. we are seeing evangelicals supporting donald trump. people who say they don't trust
9:11 am
a candidate who will vote for her based on gender. , w of your callers asked hy do democrats refer to their candidates by first name? people are caught up in this like it is a political super bowl. they are not looking at the issues and platforms as much as self-interest. we hear that about voting our self interest over and over, not voting what is best for the country. i support the constitution party . i have for the last two elections. vote your conscious, doing what is right is never a wasted vote. seeing people get so
9:12 am
caught up in the personalities, rehashing the same old things. i know you moderators have to get sick of hearing the same things mentioned over and over. if people will simply look at demandtforms and then holding incumbents accountable for doing what they say or vote them out. host: i have to go to the button. you warned me. take a look at a map. won -- allders that blue, those were counties bernie sanders one. .- bernie sanders won the green, those counties going to hillary clinton. ,ake a look at voter turnout john kasich coming in second place, ted cruz following in third place.
9:13 am
jeb bush paid $1200 per vote whereas donald trump spent $40. ad buys.e tv let's hear from bobby in lake city, ford appeared democrat. -- lake city, florida. democrat. caller: i want to thank c-span for a really good show. i'm 71. i'm a first-time voter. it is time for the american public to quit being selfish. let's get bernie in there and get the establishment out. the va hospital -- i'm a veteran. we get the best care in the world. there is nothing to fear in socialized medical.
9:14 am
have a wonderful day. jerry in hillsville, virginia. independent. good morning to you. what do you think about last night in new hampshire? it is a very interesting fight amongst republicans and democrats. after they get into office, there's not much you can do. if you go back through history and check all the presidents in the last 15 years, see if anything has changed to help working-class people in this country. you can go through every town in the united states, large town, middle sized town, small-town in the industrial park, all the factories are gone. myself on account
9:15 am
of people moving the company away from here to compete. vietname nike shoes in for $1.50 issue and then come over here and sell them for $150 a piece. washington is run by a certain few who tell the congressman to do what they will say or they will throw their money behind someone else. host: who are you supporting, then? who is your candidate? caller: i go with bernie sanders. i don't think he can win. i don't think he can beat hillary. republicans are in such a disarray -- i like the guy from kentucky. rand paul.
9:16 am
he acts like he has a bit of common sense. host: senator rand paul jumping out of the presidential race, he's up for reelection for his senate seat in kentucky. take a look at more numbers out of the granite state. 55% foroters voted bernie sanders. voters as well, bernie sanders getting most of them, 66%. , the only age group that hillary clinton won last night. the rest going to bernie sanders. education, with no college degree and those who are college graduates come all voting for bernie sanders last night. take a look at the republican side. female and male going for donald
9:17 am
trump. he won every single demographic. carlos in massachusetts. republican. good morning to you. caller: good morning. host: go ahead with your comment. caller: i'm definitely for donald trump. he seems to be the strongest candidate that we have. seems toelse running be the old politician way. president a great because he has more ideas, he is a businessman. we definitely need a dealmaker, like he says. it is important for this country to get back to what it is supposed to be.
9:18 am
the american dream is harder to to to for the new generation come. everybody promises everything but donald trump seems to be a family man. he has all the wealth in the world he needs. to benefit the united states. he wants to see the net states come back. host: it doesn't bother you that he's been married three times? feelings,erybody has everybody is made of skin and bones and everybody has to breathe and eat the same way. ,hen a marriage does not work we have to move on. just like when a death happens. grief not just stop and or stay in the same position. foras a positive attitude the united states. i cannot get enough of him.
9:19 am
it's come i applaud their efforts, but i don't think any of them have what it takes. -- all candidates, i applaud their efforts. donald trump is trying to make a difference. he wants to see the united states come back. host: ralph in new jersey. democrat. .aller: thank you that 16% ofrstand the people they said voted, they lined up -- last election, they were lined up forever. down in florida and other places. i don't understand why they can't get this straight. can't gete why we ahead of something like that. it's like the u.n. being surprised that refugees are
9:20 am
coming into europe. it's been happening for four years. i don't understand why people are surprised with all the information we have nowadays. -- oneots of lines network showed cars still coming in and they were going to have to stop the line of cars coming in right at 8:00. anybody who made it past that point would be allowed to come in and vote. host: they let them vote. why does this keep happening? we don't even have a high percentage of the people voting. host: christopher in florida. independent. what are your thoughts? caller: good morning. i had a three quick statements about donald trump. everyone talks about him going into bankruptcy. i was always taught from my adopted father, if a company is put it, you should
9:21 am
through bankruptcy and not keep it alive with your own money. when ben carson gets out of the race, maybe after south carolina, i think trump is going will have him as my vpn those two would make a good team. vp and those will make a good team. my dad had to whites, but he is a good man. , but he is a good man. have a good day. god bless. host: how old are you? caller: i'm 28. i'm a small business owner. maine.harles in republican. caller: good morning. i would like to say, i think there is a total dissatisfaction
9:22 am
with the way politics are run today. the revolving door in washington, d.c. and people just frustrated with it. believe any of the promises the candidates will make. their power lies in the bureaucrats will make regulation. that's why people spend billions of dollars to get presidents elected so they can get into positions of power. take a look at this money section of usa today. geithner feels the love from bank he bailed out.
9:23 am
he is virtually guaranteed to make many millions in profits on the deal. money and the economy, janet yellen on capitol hill today. she will be testifying about monetary policy. thewill give her report for house financial services committee this morning. coming up on 10:00 a.m. eastern time on c-span3.
9:24 am
tune in and hear what she has to say. economy, jobs, the top issue for new hampshire voters last night. the voters who said that, they voted for donald trump on the republican side and bernie sanders on the democratic side. when it came to income inequality, voters who said that was a big issue, 70% of those who said an income inequality was abigail voted for bernie sanders. -- who said income inequality was a big deal voted for bernie sanders. hi, charles. caller: eric holder came from wall street, went back to wall street. you have the others who came from an cento, went back to monsanto.
9:25 am
this came from monsanto, went back to monsanto. host: hi, gary. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. -- i'velike to speak heard very few, if anybody speak on the subject of hillary money and having paid staffers from the private prison industry. bernie will be going to states african-american and the circuits should be talking about her ties to the private prison industry and her taking money from them. host: where did you hear that? caller: online. host: do you remember which publication or website? believe.orld news, i host: let's go on to dan in
9:26 am
hampton, ford appeared republican. hampton, florida. caller: i am a current events junkie. i enjoy listening to the different callers and i respect all their opinions. i enjoy listening to them. i wanted to call this morning not so much to talk about the new hampshire results, but i wanted to make a couple general, very quick statement about things that have come up about mr. trump. and provide may be some context that maybe will help folks understand. , i beenk observation watching the speeches from senator sanders and i'm having flashbacks. that wase generation around during the campus
9:27 am
uprisings in the 1960's. i can see myself all over those speech films because i worked for the eugene mccarthy campaign. and we hadidealistic our plans and our futures and all of that. reality.dose of give him a break. things will change over time. , as dr. jerry -- he madeior said the comment very appropriately when people questioned his endorsement of donald trump that he would not make the best pastor, but he was looking at him as a thoughtful president. i have to agree with that. i would not support donald trump as a pastor.
9:28 am
i would not support donald trump as a deacon. i believe we have to remember , who was present at the trial of jesus, denied he existed and the night he knew denied he knew him. he was cursed and jesus went on to the cross. if you weeks -- a few weeks peter gave a sermon that resulted in 5000 people being saved. trump --se donald host: i will leave it there for you and other current affairs junkies. lots of stories about the zika virus. doctors will be on capitol hill
9:29 am
talking about that. 1:15ll have that at eastern time on c-span3. democrats threatening to hold up a bipartisan energy bill, railing behind president obama's request for $1.8 billion to protect the homeland against the zika virus. republicans in saying there is $1.4 billion in unspent fund this administration could be using. democrats also holding up this energy bill over the flint water crisis. they want money for that, but said last week she proposed an amendment that would provide $550 million to flint. that was a spurned by democrats.
9:30 am
senator marco rubio and ted cruz went to south carolina but will return to washington today. their campaign says the day after the new hampshire primary and the senators have spent the campaigning, the senate will take up a vote on new legislation cracking down on you after the country claimed it successfully tested a hydrogen bond. expected to be around 5:00 p.m. today. those two senators are making their way back to washington for those votes. two four gavelan to gavel coverage of the senate there and on c-span one, coverage of the house. let's hear from robert in illinois, a republican, high, robert. caller: hello. host: you are on the air, what do you make of the road to the white house? morning, yes, i really don't like ted cruz
9:31 am
because the first thing he says he wants to do is abolish the irs. i think the irs has some faults but at least people can take deductions. is, he's trying to come up with some kind of bizarre tax plan that will change many things. sanders wants to break up banks and we already had deregulation of the banks and begging up the banks. i think we should just leave the banks alone. we have gone too far with that already. i think marco rubio is a good candidate because he is a good christian and he likes veterans. his brother is a green beret. i think his plan for america's very good. withnk he will help people health insurance that is very high i talked to people who are being extremely high health
9:32 am
insurance and i don't like trump because the rate of two women. i had a fight with the guys because the cap swearing in front of my daughter's. i don't like it. i think he disgraces women. i like him at all. thank you very much. we will move on to mike in california, a democrat. caller: hello. i am ashamed, i'm not ashamed, i am judgmental and i'm trying to work on that. i have to be the best gender, the best race, the best religion, the best country -- i am so wonderful. christianity says we are all falling short. what makes this perverted moneygrubbing crap of a legal system is selling you that there
9:33 am
are good people and bad people i am one of the good people. screw the bad people. 35 years to life for some weird stuff and somehow it supposed to make me feel good. admitted they do not want a black president. if i were a racist, i would be with obama he is not getting anything over on any of you crackers. it there.ill leave anderson, south carolina, larry, independent. caller: good morning, i enjoy your program. donald trump that and in this state. i think we need somebody in washington and in the white tose that never had anything do with politics. that's what's wrong now. we have too many's up there that take advantage of senior theyens and everybody did
9:34 am
are looking out for their own self. i don't like ted cruz come i don't like marco rubio, and i don't like hillary clinton. that's all i want to say. host: did you vote democrat the last two times? caller: the first time i did. four years ago i did not. 2008 you voted for barack obama or hillary clinton the primary? caller: for obama. host: and then president obama and the general election? caller: yes. host: in 2012 you set it out? you didn't vote at all? caller: yes. host: why not bernie sanders. he's too far to the left. this country has to stop giving away free stuff. you have all generation of young people and a whole generation of
9:35 am
middle-aged people who don't want to work because this country is giving away free stuff. we were brought up to work. don't own anything, if you get out and work for it, don't sit around and wait for the government to give you a handout. what you consider yourself conservative a little bit? caller: yes, i am. host: ok, an independent there in south carolina. alabama, a republican, welcome. caller: thank you. i really enjoyed your last caller. i agree with him. walter cronkite must be rolling over in his grave. when you look at the media coverage and the way they are handling this, a clown face on a presidential candidate as though they are holding their breath and stomping their feet because
9:36 am
they support did not get the nod. it's an embarrassment. they should be informative, reporting the facts. and reporting what the american people decide what not influencing. host: in other news in washington -- gene in partridge, illinois, independent, good morning, you are on the air. caller: good morning and thank you, great show. i used to be republican. moved tond i have center us present being independent and we would support
9:37 am
donald trump. i think he will be able to galvanize this country and bring everyone together on both sides. he will bring people together. retired law enforcement and a vietnam combat veteran. i figure it's bring in someone fresh clothes nothing to anybody and mr. trump will come in and sit down. he is a businessman and needs -- a knows what needs to be done on the foreign and domestic side. there are many things that need to be done and corrected and i think mr. trump will give us that extra footing. host: who is your second choice? knew you were going to ask that my second choice would be marco rubio. i like his cut of the jib. he came from the poor side. he does not have a silver spoon. he will not run for reelection on the senate side he is putting his all into this. i think it will be a great effort to clean house in the
9:38 am
white house. host: what about the criticism that has been launched against him by governor chris christie that he is robotic and he keeps repeating the same memorized speech and line? caller: right, i watched that. i think mr. rubio is young and made a mistake. is hee should have done should have come out and admitted his mistake. never defend a poor position. host: he did last night. did you hear his speech last night? he said it will never happen again. caller: correct, maybe he listened to me, i don't know. host: here you in the copy shop at your friends, thanks. the front page of "the wall street journal" -
9:39 am
gloria in north carolina, democrat, what is your analysis? democrat always voted
9:40 am
but i cannot vote for hillary this time. she's got too much baggage going on and i cannot vote for sanders because he is promising the college kid something they can never get. he knows it costs the taxpayers trillions of dollars to put all the people into college colors that want to through school. host: what will you do? caller: i will vote for donald trump because i feel need fresh blood. i cannot vote for the bush because there's so many in there already. bush broke the country. wh broke our country and obama stepped into a fun it's messed and he could not possibly get it straightened out. host: you are calling on the democratic line, have you always voted democratic? caller: i have always voted democrat. host: you voted for president obama in 2008 and 2012?
9:41 am
caller: yes, i did. host: what do you have to do is a democrat in order to vote for donald trump? caller: i guess i will have to switch. host: you're going to make that effort? caller: i most definitely well. is next.rida, jan a republican in florida. what you think about your former governor and your senator? are you with us? yes, i am not thinking about my former governor was a good governor here. we have had too many bushes. i think the bushes ahead of jeff have hurt him. j --eb. i am no longer a democrat, i am voting for donald trump. i think the clintons have a lot of nerve to stand up there in front of us especially bill
9:42 am
clinton after his behavior as the president of this country and then stands up on the podium and expects our respect. about the way the donald trump has carried himself? caller: i am not impressed with a lot of it. donald trump owes no one anything. as far as all the donations. haveest of the candidates taken all of these donations and all this money and made promises and can carry them out as president if they should become president. trump, i cannot believe i'm saying this, but we need a president who is not a politician. believe you you can't believe you're saying that? caller: because i voted every year. i'm 85 years old and i voted every year and usually democrat. i just cannot stand all this mess.
9:43 am
i admire bernie sanders for what he has done from a very small start and he did not receive huge donations. i respect him for that and yet he has done well. -- you like ask you donald trump because he does not oh anybody anything. what if michael bloomberg, aother wealthy man, spends billion dollars and jumped into this race and he says i don't oh anybody anything question mark caller: he is too late. if he were interested, he should have been talking all this time. these candidates have worked very hard. host: a former democrat, 85 years old. she is switching to republican and voting for donald trump. mckinney, texas, david, an independent, good morning. caller: good morning and thanks for taking my call. i am a first-time caller and watch her.
9:44 am
thanks to my dog who stepped on the remote control, i am watching you. say i am an independent and i'm happy the donald trump one. i am 58 years old. in my first election i voted was afford. i voted republican the first four times and have voted democrat five out of the last six. i will not repeat what everyone else is saying. i think it's time for a change. i'm going with trump. do you plan to campaign for him? will you go to a rally if he shows up in texas? know, i have never done that before so i don't see that happening. i don't force religion and politics on other people. i'm independent and this reminds me of 1980 with ronald
9:45 am
reagan. i was still young and i remember i had friends saying they would move to canada if he was elected it reminded me so much of them. -- when you remember the last time you paid this much attention to a campaign? caller: geez, it has been a long time. in 2008, i got a little bit involved with the obama and the change and the open all that stuff. since 1980, i would say. since ronald reagan. host: did you take note of what channel you are on so you can continue to watch c-span? caller: yes, it's two channels down from the local fox station. host: ok. caller: i love your show and i will continue watching.
9:46 am
host: please call in again. next up a republican, fred, good morning. caller: good morning. host: how are you? caller: i'm doing fine. i cannot believe how the country is trying to embrace socialism. i want to get back to how this started. early on, our men and women returning from foreign wars, they were protesters that used to spit on them. they are now liberal leftist professors and teachers and they are teaching our kids that socialism is great, the opposite of what our forefathers fought for. they are teaching that socialism is a great thing and the government will take care of you to . castro, china, north korea, iran, and they are socialist and it does not work. we're all going to pay for this.
9:47 am
it's not just the 1%. host: who is your candidate? i like the outsider, donald trump. we need -- a change. it's time to put down the political correctness and try to straighten out this country. host: who is your second choice? caller: it would probably be ted cruz. after eightieve years of obama and his european socialism that people would think about voting democrat. one last thing on the zika virus, i heard it was a government project that was created to combat another virus that got out of hand. now it is biting us in the butt. maybe you can find out about that. host: we will research that. there is a press covers at 115 p.m. eastern and you'll hear from the top doctors on the zika
9:48 am
virus in what's happening globally and the threat it possibly poses to the united states. on the doctors have been program and answered many of your questions before about infectious diseases. let's hear from john in texas, an independent. good morning to you. you are on the air. caller: good morning to you and thank you for taking my call. say iswould like to concern for our debt in this country. debt and it'sn something our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will wind up having to pay on, not necessarily pay off. candidates,eral sanders for one, hillary clinton one, and three or four of the
9:49 am
republican candidates, are talking about spending more and more and more money that we do not have to put us deeper and deeper and deeper in debt. i don't think our young people have been reading very much of our history. is not a career politician. we need to get rid of lots of career politicians and washington, d.c. i think mr. trump is the only choice we have. he is not going to be obligated to anyone. he has the concern of the country in his best interest. that's all i have to say, i thank you. to our want to point out viewers this piece in the huffington post --
9:50 am
audrey from kentucky, a democrat, good morning. good morning, you are on the air. what are your thoughts on camp to 16?
9:51 am
-- 2016? want to say that i am glad that bernie sanders one that. bernie sanders is the only chance we've got to save this country. he is going to be another fdr, franklin roosevelt, no doubt about it. he is for the people and the others are for the corporations. corporations have all the money they need. back and to take it somebody should pay some taxes. william and alabama, republican, what is the name of your town? good morning. caller: yes, ma'am. keeps talking about
9:52 am
the republicans that they don't like this in the don't like that and then they got the democrats who don't like this and they don't like that. let me say something, please. if these people we keep their and watch what these people are saying when they are trying to get votes, now -- host: you have to turn that tv down. it causes confusion when you hear yourself through the tv. listen through your phone. yolanda in columbus, georgia, independent. caller: good morning and thanks for taking my call. c-span and there is some interesting calls that come in from the citizens. i just wish each candidate on both sides would listen to what the people are saying. we listen according to our opinions, i believe, based on our affiliation like republicans or democrats. strongwe had a
9:53 am
independent candidate had no ties to the republican party and no ties to the democratic party. when you are out on the stump making a speech, those soundbites sound good but once you win the nomination and you are in, day one, i will appeal that is anthat, utter falsehood. there is no way on day one that any president can go in and repeal something. ok, what about michael bloomberg? could he be that person, that independent candidate? caller: i don't know because he comes from some form of political background. political baggage like hillary clinton and most of these other candidates. some of the things that donald trump says i agree with. i am for bringing jobs to america. dutyn was a 14 year active
9:54 am
soldier in the united states air force. with sequestration and a reduction in force, he was the rank of major and he was [indiscernible] after 14 years. i am angry but i am also sensible to know that you can make hamas is on the stump that you cannot necessarily keep. a lot of people late in -- lay that at the feet of president obama. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are making promises as well as donald trump and ted cruz. once you win that election and you get into the white house, it's not as easy as a speech. host: we got that point. in the general election, hypothetical matchup, bernie sanders and donald trump, which one do you think can fulfill promises or has the best vision? caller: i think i would go with donald trump. i would go with donald trump
9:55 am
one priority he has his have to do something about trade. we have to bring jobs back to america especially for middle america. that is absolute first and foremost in my mind as the economy. if it's hillary clinton, then what? caller: that is a tough one. i have typically voted democrat. i just don't know. it's a tough one because i feel like hillary clinton has baggage. to me, it's a little unfair we find out last week that colin had e-mails which were deemed classified and condoleezza rice had it but we only hear a snippet of that in the media. when it comes to hillary clinton, we are bombarded with
9:56 am
those things. i'm really torn. i thought for certain i would support her in the beginning but i don't know now. host: she did mention at the last debate the democrats had. she brought it up. she said of his going to be an there should be an investigation into colin powell and condoleezza rice as well. she said the system is retroactively categorizing these e-mails as top-secret are classified. democrats will debate again thursday night and republicans will do so on saturday. danny in charlotte, north carolina, democrat. caller: good morning. i just have a couple of comments. concerning bernie sanders, people seem to think he is an outsider or newcomer. been inanders has
9:57 am
office maybe 25-30 years. that sounds like a career politician to me. die to figure out what he has done so far to the wind. he has all these things he wants to do now but has been in office so long, what has taken him so long to get some of these things already done? is it something new he has come up with? is it just the same old thing? trump, he saysld he wants to make the country great again but i don't see what's on the country. it's not the kind, it's the people. but welain and are angry keep electing the same politicians. we keeping the same people back in office. what do you expect? nothing will change. they are doing the same thing. is last one i want to say everybody wants to bring president obama.
9:58 am
just one person. you have to do of congress so what are they doing? people just want to fall to president and not the congress. he is not getting the support he needs. whoever becomes the president, what will they do that will give the congress or the senate support for the presence of many things can get done? i am confused about the situation. host: let's talk about what's happening in washington this week. sentdent obama yesterday his $4 trillion budget to congress and it's his last and republicans say they want to redo some of it. they say they would like speaker ryan to back out of a deal that was struck when speaker john boehner was in office and then left about the tier budget deal that was struck. more to come on that and we will talk about it on friday here on "washington journal," dig into
9:59 am
the numbers more. deficit --tion's deficit which is at $19 trillion. under the budget, it would rise to $27.4 trillion over the next decade. jamaica, an independent, good morning. caller: good morning. [indiscernible] the electorate is being with bernie sanders. whole americanhe electorate does not understand the process. you have branches of government of the united states. the court, congress, and the executive. presidents who want to be are promising things that
10:00 am
will not get done. and iwe hear your point will jump in and let you go because the house is about to come in for their morning session. we will have live coverage here on c-span. thank you for all your calls this morning. we will be back tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. host[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., february 10, 2016. i hereby appoint the honorable speaker ighs to act as pro tempore on


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