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Nancy Pelosi
  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Weekly Briefing  CSPAN  February 11, 2016 7:20pm-7:44pm EST

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the budget is april 15. we are starting this conversation a month and a half early. this is the conversation we had last year over defense spending. every year there are concerns about aspects of the budget. this is no different than any other year we will have. we are going to have a family conversation. and they will be having a choice and we as a team will make that. >> no endorsement? [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by tional captioning institute] >> house minority leader held briefing.
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this is 20 minutes.
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ms. pelosi: by contrast and we honor our commitment, by contrast, republicans -- we don't know what they will come up with but the budget is a statement of our values and our statement as a nation and make our investments and the ryan ruint that is -- a road to has undermind social security and block grants and medicare, very harmful to seniors and also a budget that ransacks our nirnltfernirkttives. and the list goes on. the budget goes on as an economy
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that works for the privileged few and trickle down and middle-class and trickle down and full of favors to the special interests. here we are with that. hope they can come up with and i demrire the speaker. i guess it takes courage to have ar budget that will be at the end of september so we can go forward in a bipartisan way to do our bipartisan bills. as separate from that, emergency supplemental, might lead from the speaker this will be bipartisan and hopefully noncontroversial to meet the president's request for seeka. in tandem with that, we would
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ave to talk about the needs of children and families in flint. yesterday, we had one of the most compelling hearings, my long service in congress to sten to the mayor of flint whose scientists, the head of the school system talked about the impact on children. this could be a great impact and going to cannot a great impact on schools and strong investments and early on to try to offset some of the damage that has been done that were poisonned by the decision of the leadership in the state of michigan, a breakdown in the
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this this we have infrastructure issue is one of them said is in the mind because we had infrastructure problems and because of the reluctance to make the adequate investments t just to the highways and broadband, but our water systems. some of them are still made are mortar and brick and some of them are made of metals that are corrosive and children. so why should the children of flint, michigan, have to pay the price in their future health development because of public
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policy developments? infrastructure, infrastructure, we have been talk binge it a long time. it wasn't a partisan issue and we used to come to it on a bipartisan way. that is not a debate between a democratic proposal. all-american proposal that has had for most of its life had bipartisan. hopingery sad but we are t very proud of our michigan leadership, congressman kildee d people came up to me and said one of the best hearings ks the rms of recognizing
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problem as well as offering solutions and doing so in a way that learns about the kids and the families. and not assigning blame. it challengeses the challengeses of our country. being a mom and we try to do everything we can to do our best jobs for our kids. you can home school if you choose but you can't choose the water and food that comes available to them unless you have a public goal. they call it but big government and we call it american values. and hopefully flint will be recognized. and i look forward to talking to the budget committee on the
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house democratic budget.
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>> the concept, we have to see
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what we can see. if we vote for it, what's the bill that it's in. and let's hope they can come to terms with themselves on the budget. reporter: how critical is the ongressional black caucus on hillary clinton. ms. pelosi: politics is the religion. i think it's significant to have congressional black curbing cause. it was not an endorsement. and the congressional -- i don't know if they call it the black caucus, political entity outside of congress. 90% of the caucus and maybe more, i just don't know.
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keith ellison is a supporter of bernie sanders. it is a very good deal. in that group, many women, there are many women and there are people who have standing on issues of concern to the american people. reporter: just to follow up on a question, you endorse women, in clueding women in chief. are you ready to endorse hillary clinton? ms. pelosi: a woman should be commander in chief. on that subject, i will. reporter: what do you make of the results in new hampshire. clinton? transes ms. pelosi: wonderful victory
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for sanders and it is important one and i'm particularly -- i know martin o'malley and secretary clinton was strong on this point as well, that they all universe sale taking on campaign finance reform and citizens taking up on that. this is so powerful. in the public mind, you cannot money from roll of he issues of congress. climate change and affordable care act and relates to our tax giving nd how jobs --
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corporations a boost. is that a role? the public suspects that it is. unhealthy ntism is for our democracy. how did we strengthen our democracy? our founders sacrificed our lives. not a government of the money. >> that is one of the values all of the candidates have grat stewed -- we have been talking about it but obviously, you have to run for president to get attention to the issue and i'm glat all of them and that is the right of bernie and
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now, in terms, i don't get involved in the presidential. i endorsed two people. brown and gep heart in 2004. it -- y don't got into every new lick, all of the assumptions are stable. and emnow in communication in iraq. how important are new hampshire and iowa and the process, look at the record. saw people on tv saying this is important for and this is great. john mccain clobbered george bush in new hampshire. but yet the combhent fightors
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are saying this is important. so every day is a new day and see what happens in the next dates as we go forward and the resources. the but i don't think those two states, as respectful oose i was to long time, i had to go iowa and new hampshire. this is me jumping ahead and they would jump ahead. d of course the candidates wouldn't be seen at the convention and the candidates would be seen at the convention.
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you have to have it. this is an old back and forget and the purpose is good theater and good for the people of new hampshire. reporter: what do you make of the electric terrorist that donald trump, bernie sanders and ted cruz -- ms. pelosi: you wouldn't have said it. [laughter] reporter: what is happening? what is going on. .hat nakes this andpelosi: stay on politics have a political conversation. think you know and it's a
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rejection of the status quo and against washington, always, a winner, as well as personality. so we'll see how that has sustained it going forward. and the people are forward. is really al process important and hopefully people which still listin to the debate. and the people will win because heir priorities are now become hopefully the priorities. but when you see what is , false g in flint economies increase the deficit
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nd for our children. indiscernible] ms. pelosi: we did very well on the bill in terms. and national institutes of health. falking about the c.d.c. and isease for well-being of the american people. education and education is the same committee and the same
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budget. ofs not a committee question budget. they will be allocated. and the question is how they are allocated and we hope to have a smooth process. and we saw our bipartisan agreement set us on. and i hope we aren't going to spend in the way of progress of getting the job done. i was curious twha the republicans would be sergeanting this over and over. reporter: you sounded optimistic that there would be a supplemental. what do you base that on? and secondly, have you gotten ny read from them?
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ms. pelosi: and i don't want to discuss the conversation. you can ask him what he would say about that. >> reporter: sounds leak you had a conversation? ms. pelosi: that is a possibility. that is a possibility. super bowl was great. grandchildren. and the outcome was good. but interesting. san francisco.on heaven on earth.
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and the weather was beautiful. l all the things attracted many people. exciting. ty and being at the white house where the white house recognized he golden state warriors and curry with 51 points. nd no matter what your disagreements, you come behind your teams. thank you all for so much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> the greatest president have been willing to recognize they weren't the depratest president in the room.
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>> forler secretary of defense, his booktes discussing from 50 years of public service. he served under several presidents. >> at the end of the cold war en i was director of central intelligence, the american path. had given us the and i believe that after the end of the cold war we would have to be more appear about what we did and how we did it to help the merica can people why it was important and why presidents alid it.
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the justice department will file a lawsuit against ferguson, missouri. file a suit. his is 15 minutes. >> >> thank for joining me here today and i'm here from the civil rights division. we released our finding in the police department of ferguson, missouri. this was a community in distress ferguson, police department were expansive and