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tv   Weekly Republican Address  CSPAN  February 13, 2016 6:25pm-6:31pm EST

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years. in some states, prices down to $.99 per gallon. for a family struggling to get by, that is needed money in their pockets. but not prolong the president obama has his way. this week in his budget the president proposed a 65 billion dollar per year tax that would raise the cost of gasoline i on average $.25 for every gallon. you will hear them call it a tax on oil, but even the white house admits this would be passed directly onto hard-working families. it gets worse. they say the tax would increase the cost of basic household goods. everything from heating oil to the food you buy at the grocery store. the bottom line is you would be taking home less so that president obama can spend more. that is why we have declared this absurd proposal dead on arrival in congress. it is dead on arrival because we
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stand with the american people who know they are arty paying too much in taxes. we agree. here's another piece of good news. on tuesday, the supreme court lots of the epa climate role at the heart of the president's war on coal, which is destroying jobs. if you look at the proposals coming out of the president epa, in louisiana alone, we would suffer more than 60,000 jobs lost. families would see increases of more than 20% in their household electricity cost. this is president obama's vision . he said under his policies, electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket. his first energy secretary said we need to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in europe where they pay six dollars to seven dollars per gallon. the keystone pipeline and launched an assault on coal
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country. the president will try anything he can, even stretch the limits of his power, to keep american-made energy in the ground. we won't let that happen. we will continue to use every tool we have to fight president obama's war on american energy and jobs. we need to maximize america's energy potential to create jobs, keep costs down, and strengthen national security. that is why we have blocked the president attempts to expand the epa. we lifted the 40-year ban on oil exports. he passed a plan for the all of the above energy strategy. expect more bold ideas incoming months. it is one of the many ways we are committed to restoring a confident america at home and abroad. god bless america. c-span, created by america's cable companies 35 years ago, and brought to you as a public service by your local cable or satellite provider.
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announcer: our guest on the communicators is the senior member of the federal communications commission, mignon clyburn. one of three democrats on the commission. commissioner cliburn, i want to start on an issue that you have been working on such you got on the commission. where are we on that issue? clyborn: we will take that issue because it is important to me. millions of families to the tune of 2 million inmates were paying rates that were outrageous. what we saw was a market that was dysfunctional. took years to respond. they finally did. we acted to take care of
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intrastate rates. we act did again to look at the entire -- we passed an order that looks at the entire portfolio, intrastate rates. poised tos are challenge that. we have arty published a federal register which gives them the green light to move forward. they are moving forward. we are responding to petitions to stay. >> in the court system right now, but how much of a reduction in rates are you looking at? have seenrn: would we as rates, we have heard $14 a minute. that is unusual, but we are on record that has happened. on average it is $1 per minute and families are paying hundreds of dollars per year to speak to their loved ones. what we will see now is
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depending on the size of the institution, $.10 per minute. it will make a tremendous difference in the lives of families in terms of affordability. a call that may have cost $17 will be down to $3. that will make a tremendous difference. we bring john mckinnon into our conversation, you have been on the commission since 2009. how has the commission changed? how have the issues changed? how have you changed? is moreburn: it fast-paced. it is often more partisan. i've learned about the power of one individual to make a difference. the inmate calling item, no one was paying attention until our office said, enough is enough. five, can, one of make


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