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tv   George W. Bush Remarks at Jeb Bush Campaign Rally  CSPAN  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:31pm EST

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♪ >> we are live here and waiting
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for jeb bush and his brother, george w. bush. it is the first time that he is joining his brother. they are campaigning together. this republican primary in south carolina traces back to lee atwater, who got the primary scheduled early to help his candidate, ronald reagan.
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quirks we are waiting for jeb bush bush to come out. republican primary was won by his father and brother. it was uncontested in 2004. stage by hison brother, george w. bush. crowd, livearge
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coverage, and a chance to hear from you here on c-span. grahamse welcome lindsey
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singingweathers for the of the national anthem. >> let's honor of country with the national anthem -- honor the country with the national anthem. the nationalrms anthem] ♪ ♪
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announcer: welcome george w. bush, laura bush, and jeb bush. [driving country music plays] ♪ [applause]
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[applause] >> even i cannot screw this up. thank you for coming to show your support for jeb bush. presidents, welcome back, mr. president, and of laura.
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south carolina has missed you. the country has missed you. this is bush country. if somebody told me i had eight itrs to live, i would want under obama, because it seems like it was forever. one more year and this guy is going. thank you for coming back to where you are loved and appreciated and for keeping us safe while you are were thedent -- president of the united states. thank you for your leadership after 9/11.
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your fightor taking to the enemies of the nation. backsyou for having mthe of those doing the fighting. thank you for being decent and honorable. on of us get to vote saturday, right? show up tuesday and you will be by yourself. the whole world is watching what we do here for a reason. we picked presidents. vote needso goes to to understand that the military is stuck with the choice of the american voters. the way you become commander in chief is to be elected. think about those fighting. weare a nation at war and
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will elect a president who will be a wartime president. we need someone with a steady hand, that can be trusted, that has the right temperament, that will have the backs of those doing the fighting, and will be a commander-in-chief worthy of those who have sacrificed. ,n my opinion, that is jeb without any doubt. see -- i wasi .onored if you wanted to take money out of politics, you should have joined my campaign. i decided to stay in this fight because it matters so much. the reason iran was to start the discussion about -- the reason start theto
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discussion about being a party of strong national defense. i have been to iraq, afghanistan 36 times. it is a long way over there. thanks to those who go over and do the fighting. been in the air force for 33 years. i learned a lot about this. when it came time for me to jebse, when i got out, was the easiest choice i ever made. admiralsls and supporting his campaign. 12 medal of honor recipients. who commanded,
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eb.ops in combat, supports j those of us who have taken time to understand this war know that and he has a plan that i trust that will lead us to victory. you will hear from somebody who knows what it is like to be a wartime president, who has been commander-in-chief. you will hear from a man i admire greatly. when the going got really tough, ered down, never followed the polls, he followed military advice. you will hear from a president of the united states to understands what it is like to of thear and the brother next president of the united
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states. i don't know about you, i like bushes. values are south carolina values. ladies and gentlemen, george w. bush. george w. bush: thank you. thank you. sit down, unless you do not have a seat. am -- laura and i are thrilled to be here and i want to thank graham for his friendship and leadership. he loves south carolina and our country.
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we are fortunate that you sent him to the senate. thank the commissioner. he has a heck of a voice. contest of who can sing the best among the agricultural commissioners, you win. mark sanford is here. i appreciate you coming. thank you for being here. there are a lot of famous people here. david wilkins is from greenville. he was the ambassador to canada, a former speaker of the house. a dear friend. thank you for being with us. thank you very much. there are people from the house, the senate, the state government here. thank you. i want to thank the grassroots activists.
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thank you for taking time out of your day, your interest in the political process, your hard work, what you are going to do, vote for him on saturday in south carolina. i am happy to be back. i have fond memories. --as in the i was pleased they did not make me dress. thenally remember going to air wings here in charleston. most interesting memory came in greenville before the 2000 primary. laura, we went to a ham house.
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we were eating breakfast. i was eating bacon. i looked out the window and a protester dressed up as arrived in a dump truck, unloading a load of th manure to prevent me from leaving. it was a sign of things to come. let me tell you something. even a steaming pile could not ruin the bacon. i love the spirit of the people in south carolina. i am touched by the way the community banded together to come for the victims of last year's shooting at the church. [applause]
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and, protesting against racism and hate. it is a strong signal. and, i applaud the response to the tragedy and you for putting her in office. laura and i have -- [no audio]
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>> road to the white house began in iowa. new hampshire is the first in the nation primary. now, we test the candidates and the message. and, the party caucuses in nevada for the democrats and the republicans. we will see a number of candidates drop out and the field will narrow. super tuesday is the start of the winner take all primaries. andatch the delegate count we will get a better sense of
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whose message is resonating and who is on the path to the nomination. saw, we lost signal from south carolina. probably a problem with the satellite. we are having freezing rain. as we work on that, we will keep you posted and try to get that jeb and george there in charleston. [no audio] satelliteork on the
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issue, let's show you a portion of washington journal. the league of latin american citizens to talk about therole of latino voters in caucuses and beyond. thank you for joining us. tell us about your organization. what is your mission? latinothe league of the citizens is the largest in the united states. we have 130 2000 members and it overed in 19 29th there is 1000 council across the country and they get involved with helping their communities and focus on educational opportunities. work to help employment opportunities and we do a lot of the health space and focus on housing and technology. how are you focused politically? are you involved with any of the campaigns? -- we we are a nonperson
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are a nonpartisan organization. when latinos engage in a democratic process, no matter who they vote for, the candidate star stoop attention to their issues and the solutions they have are reflected by the aspirations of the latino community. host: tell us about the latino community because it is not homogenize, it is diverse. 7 million latinos and most of them are mexican-american but there are quite a few other aptness cities. it weakens up to the second -- their choir quite a few other ethnicities. the biggest immigration these
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days is from central america, not mexico. host: how many latinos are registered to vote of the 57 million? guest: the challenge we have is that there is fewer latinos were engaged in the democratic process because it's a young population and many of them are not quite citizens. in order to be able to vote, you have to be a citizen and the of age. because of that, there is far fewer latinos eligible to vote than we would like. we are trying to encourage as many as possible so there is two 2 million latinos who are eligible to vote at of that, 12 million are currently registered to vote. host: you can join our conversation as help g >> we have restored the satellite signal. : on behalf of the
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american people. is defined by the unexpected. there will be crisis. it is important to have a president who can handle it with result. 11, we did not know the world would change that day. i was in a classroom and listening to a child read. card whispered in my ear that a second plane had hit the tower and that america was under attack. that we would deal with these people. my second reaction, staring at a young child was, my job is clear, to protect her, her community, and the country. [applause]
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on the way to air force one from called and condi said that an airplane hit the pentagon. i love the first one was an accident, the second one was an attack, and the third was a declaration of war. i became a wartime president. with the child in my mind, protecting her and the country she calls home. have seen jeb in action. he will be a strong and steady hand.
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multiple hurricanes hit florida and he led a well-organized response that showed the compassion, his compassion, for those who hurt. he did this as the governor of florida and will do this as the president of the united states. that you select a candidate who is thoughtful and trustworthy, someone who says what he means and does what he says. when the american president speaks, the world listens. you can trust jeb bush to be measured and thoughtful on the world stage. enemies and allies will know that, when he speaks, he will follow through on his words. i think you all to look for a leader who is optimistic, with a vision for a brighter future.
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a person who sees beyond the horizon. jeb sees a better tomorrow. i believe the best days are ahead of us and optimistic future means people can find good work. we need a president who will make the private sector, not the public sector, a priority. jeb has led out an attainable goal, and understandable goal, which a leader must do, and that is to have 4% economic growth a year. the cornerstone of his policy is to empower entrepreneurs and
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small is this ownership the dreamers who drive the american economy. plan, aout a specific well thought out plan, a measured plan, that he will put into action when you send him to the white house. jeb understands the most solemn job of the president is to protect us. your most solid job as voters is man who knows how to deal with the problems we face. i have studied jeb's plan to defeat isis. he relies on our intelligence community. he will take their sound advice and implement that plan. we need a leader who knows how to defeat isis.
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jeb understands this -- and it is important for the people of south carolina understand this, that america must lead, and that when america does not lead, chaos will reign. laura and i love very years in washington, but we really do not miss it too much. we miss our friends, but we do not miss power and fame. here is what i do miss -- [cheers] thank you, but let me tell you what i miss. it is an amazing country. i made it clear we are going to defend ourselves after 9/11, and millions volunteered.
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to be able to salute the brave men and women who wear our uniform was an honor of a lifetime. the highest honor of being president is to be the commander in chief of the greatest force for freedom ever. so i would look for a candidate who has genuine respect for the united states military, will ,upport them on the battlefield who will support them on the battlefield, and when they return home. has pledged to rebuild our armed forces, and overhaul the and i believe he when he says it, and i know he will do it when he is commander in chief of the united states. one of the most comforting aspects of the presidency was my
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family, starting with my loving wife, laura. living in the white house can be like living in a museum. i remember the time i went to visit mother and dad when they were there, and mother said, get your feet off the jeffersonian table. laura made the white house at home. she was the greatest first lady ever. my little sister is here, and she talks to mom nearly every day, so do not tell her i said that. life.ores the love of his when we wereforget both younger living in houston, texas, and we would go to astro
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games, and we would sit out in the bleachers. i would watch the game, and jeb would write love letters to his future wife and our next first lady. they raised wonderful children, and jeb jr.elle, heffy.own as for of those of you who are not bilingual, that means the boss. speaking of family, i think the voters should vote for the candidate who has got the most opinionated mother. i have always wondered whether our mother learned to be
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opinionated at ashley hall right here. finally, we need to nominate somebody can win in november -- somebody who can win in november. all the talk is not matter if we do not win. we need somebody can take a positive message across the entire country, someone who can inspire and appeal to people from all walks of life, not just one party or class of people. jeb will listen to the voices of the disenfranchised. he will rise above the petty name-calling. once elected, he will not need a poll to tell him how to think or what to do. he will stand on principle. he will not waver in the wind, and he will always do what is right for american people.
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i know campaigns are stressful and they are taxing, but they , because the job of the president is much harder than a campaign. these are tough times. americans arehat angry and frustrated. but we do not need someone in the oval office who mirrors and inflames our anger and frustration. we need someone who can fix the problems that caused our anger and frustration, and that is jeb bush. it seems like americans are yearning for a strong leader. i would like to remind you and the voters what two-strike
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means. strike means facing challenges and prevailing. it means sacrificing and biggerg and emerging a and better person. it means having a set of core principles, believes that are true on the campaign trail, and will be's hill true in office. strength is not empty rhetoric. it is not bluster. it is not the ethics. real strength, the strength of purpose, comes from integrity and character. in my experience, the strongest person usually is not the loudest one in the room. i have seen in my brother a quiet conviction and a core of conscience that cannot be shaken. and my hope is that the people
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of south carolina will see this as well. this is a serious collection for a serious job. so please welcome a serious and thoughtful candidate, a good man, a man i am proud to call my bush.ttle brother, jeb thank you. thank you. thank you all very much. thank you. thank you, mr. president. laura, it is such a joy to have you here. they keep coming. it is such a joy to have you here. to my friend lindsey graham, they can for your friendship,
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advice, and support. i will be here for six days. we are trying to improve the good economy of south carolina. we will spend as much money, meet as many people as we can. saturday ob is surprise because you are going to go out and get 10 other people to do the same thing, to vote for jeb bush as president. i am so honored that my brother is here, because this is a dangerous time. the world has been turned asunder. the day barack obama was inaugurated, we were safer, stronger, freer. today, for all sorts of reasons, that is not the case. this election is is going to be the steady hand to keep us safe. who is going to do with the national security challenges that we face. who is going to focus on the economic security challenges that a majority of americans now feel. we're living in difficult times. in the selection, -- and this election is appropriate and my
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did not knowe, he that 9/11 was going to happen, but he inspired us and kept us safe, and i am proud that he did it. know if you watched the debate on saturday. did you get a chance to see it? it was kind of weird, parts of it. in a republican date we were talking about impeaching a republican 2-2 -termdent who was -- twop- president who was incredibly popular. i thought it was strange that a front running candidate would attack the president of the united states who did keep us safe, while he was building a reality tv show. i am sure it was a fantastic one. george bush brought together a team to build the security apparatus that to this day is
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one of the reasons why we have not been attacked were often than we have. i am proud of him, and i know you are as well. some of the dialogue back and forth made me wonder, close my eyes, and i thought it was michael moore on the stage. about thethis is not front running candidate. is about how we can restore our country's greatness, national security, and that is why i am a candidate for president. here is the reality. we need a president that will respect the armed forces. a month and a half, two months ago, i had a chance to speak at the citadel. what an extraordinary university that is. i thought you guys would be out there, before i did it, i had a little work with the guards at 6:00 a.m.
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sorry. 25 situps, calisthenics, i think they were taking the old guy to see how long he would last. i thought we were finished, and we ran three miles. i started asking me questions. will you have are back? will you be a commander in chief respect the military? clone you impose conditions on the military, making it harder for them to do their jobs? will you eliminate the sequester? these were all good questions, and here's the answer -- i will have an economic. i will be a commander in chief that respect the armed forces. we will eliminate the sequester. we will build the military and and build again a bipartisan consensus that peace through strength is the proper for policy for the country. when we are weak, voids are
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filled. for us to be strong, it's a we have to rebuild the military. it is a first priority. there are candidates on our side that do not believe it is important. i do. we need a plan to do with the threats of our time. i went to the reagan library to talk about how we needed to engage with isis, how we needed to destroy this threat. i called a lot of people because i know what i do not know. i do not have it all figured out. that is the sign of a good leader, by the way. the best time is when you learn. you do not learn when you are talking. he learned when you listen. we need a president that will listen a lot more, learn, and then lead. that is what we need. august i called one of the candidates running for president, someone i have always , the leading national
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senate, senator graham, and he gave it to me. i do not know of any other candidate would have done it, but he did, and i am proud of our relationships, because we agree, we must destroy isis, and the way to do it is to create a strategy where you engage with sunni arab countries, you reestablish the ties with the sunni tribal leaders, you are the kurds directly, and you get the warriors off the back of the war fighters to win this war. leadership is not about talking about it. it is not. leadership is when you are tested, do you have the skills to build consensus, to make tough decisions, to move forward
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to make sure you saw problems? governors have that opportunity. george was a governor for six years. ronald reagan was a pretty successful governor and president, eight years in both spots. one of the candidate says i do not have foreign-policy experience. i will tone what i do have -- i have experienced make tough decisions. i have experienced delete a ate to a better place. when i was governor, we had eight hurricanes and for tropical storms in 16 months. $150 billion to property loss, and at one point we did not have a commercial property insurance market. it was gone. if you do not have insurance, cannot get a loan to expand your business. you were struggling. if he lost power for three weeks, he did not have food. people were moving out of the state for fear of being able to keep a job. did you ever hear anybody complain when i was governor
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about fema? personald responsibility, and we need a president that runs to the challenge rather than cuts and runs, and that is what governors learn how to do. i got to be governor at a time where i disrupted the old order of things on behalf of my state. vetoed line items in the budget for cuts in the budget. leone.alled me veto cor i took it as apes from of endearment and ran with it. one to go to corle washington d c to bring budget discipline. in florida we had eight balance budgets. when i ended, we had nine billion in surplus.
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we need that kind of approach, a balanced budget amendment, and making sure we moved toward a balanced budget in washington, d.c., for our children and grandchildren. i know how to do it. in florida we eliminated lifetime career civil service protection. the great workers that work in government do not need. the ones that need it are the ones that should not be there. florida we reduced the government workforce by 11%, but we led the nation seven out of eight years in job growth, 1.3 million jobs created during my 10. do you not want that for washington, d.c., as well? in the first place and take that skill is the department of veterans affairs. you have seen the atrocious waiting list of veterans coming
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home do not get care. last year the department came up with an idea, we will give out bonuses, $142 million of bonuses the went out to reduce waiting list, which sounded like ective.y object dies, at only three people have been fired. heads will roll when i am president of the united states. we will give veterans expanded choices where they can go to their private provider or private clinic or a local hospital. the best way to assure the department does a better job is to make sure veterans have other choices. it works in schools. it works across the board. giving people choices makes everybody better. todesperately need this honor the dedicated service of men and women in uniform that
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come home and deserve to be in the front of the line, not the back of the line. here is the challenge. everybody has a lot of ideas. on that stage on saturday, who has done it? who has done it? a lot of big talkers. a lot of turns of the phrase, who has actually rolled up their sleeves and taken the hits? this is the one where we took and i did not cut and run. florida has the greatest gains in learning because we disrupted our public education system in the right way, and powering people to make choices for themselves. who has done it? which created the environment to make sure the weekend grow the economy at a faster rate? i believe i have those skills.
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we cannot trust the next president with the great challenges we face someone who has not been tested. there will be a challenge. it could be a pandemic. he could be a huge natural disaster. it could be an attack on this country. the question is, who do you want to sit behind the desk? who do you want to be able to lead us through difficult times? the next president will be challenged. i believe i have those skills to work on behalf of everybody to make sure that we have a better future for ourselves. we conclude with this -- i believe that life is a from god, that it is divinely , that we are here for a purpose. we all here for a purpose. if we reach our god-given abilities, nothing will stop the united states. we will lead the world for the -- generations,
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because the american people are extraordinary and exceptional. we are. i'm sick of politicians that divide us in our disparate parts, that believe that the end is near, when in fact all we have to do is fix a few really and we willthings, take off as a nation. we will be safe and secure and will have rising incomes. ago i met a woman 25-year-old from jacksonville, and she had a difficult life starting out in life. she lived in poverty. she had a challenged tom delay. she was held back two years in a row in third grade. one of which was my doing because we eliminated social promotion and third grade when i was governor. there was a gate in florida. end ofdo not read by the third grade, you do not go to fourth grade. we are not worried about the
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self-esteem of little johnny. we are worried if johnny can't read. this little girl had to have been angry. she had to a been quite angry, i'm sure. she was held back. her godmother found about the florida corporate tax scholarship program, the largest doctoral program today. today kids go to private schools because i took on very powerful won.rests, and thwe her a christian school. the first week a teacher put her arm around a child and said, i love you. you are capable. you can do this. jesus loves you. we can do this together. and guess what -- she overcame those two years that she was held back. she graduated from high school. she was the first in her hand college, graduate from
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and now she is getting a masters degree at the university of central florida. do thatelieve like i everybody has an ability to make a contribution, that if everybody reaches their god-given ability, this country will take off. we will not be as gloomy. millennial's believe -- millennials believe the american dream is a lie. we will give that -- get back to the business that everybody can benefit. we will not allow politicians to buy this up. we need a president with a steady hand that runs to the challenge, that believes the greatness of this country, at least if we set a set of common purposes, one of which is everybody should have a chance to rise up, nothing will stop the united states of america. i believe that in my heart. it, if youbelieve
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are tired of the politics of division, if you want someone with a proven record a solid conservative, who acted on his conservative beliefs each and every day as governor, someone with 32 years of private sector experience, you are looking at the nominee of the republican nomination, and i can beat hillary clinton. promise you that. way a republican and conservative wins is by campaigning with their arms wide open, with a hopeful optimistic message, campaigning in every ukrainian of this country, making sure everybody knows we want them on their team. the only way we win is to do what republicans when they went always do -- campaign like george w. bush, campaign like ronald reagan did, we have to get back to that, and when we do, we will win and restore america's greatness that will sustain it for the next
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generations. i ask for your support and saturday. god bless you all. thank you very much for coming.
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"the road to the white house" leaving through south carolina tonight. can see the numbers on the screen. brian, welcome to c-span. does that presence of george bush help jeb? are you there? we will move on and try chad in north carolina.
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can you hear me? caller: yes i can. host: what do you think about what you saw tonight? caller: before tonight i would have said it is between trumpet in jeb. but tonight he seemed fired up and ready to go. with the military message, i will support jeb bush. do you think he should bring his brother outside south carolina? caller: i think george w. resonates with the voter. we subscribe to his values up here in charlotte. shore,rom south kentucky, also a bush supporter. does it help jeb bush to have george w. with him on the campaign trail? caller: yes, i think so. i think the bush family is a fine family, and i voted for george w.
7:04 pm
i voted for his father. i will vote for jeb bush. host: what did you think about when heard tonight from the former president? caller: i thought was very interesting. host: appreciate your call. let's go to add on the line from others. what do you think? caller: i am an army veteran. i served under the father bush. i was a george bush supporter. to be honest, i am done with the bushes. i cannot take it anymore. i'm also a party person, and i was fighting to help support president bush against the democrat onslaught when he was the president. jeb was nowhere to be found. he did not want to step in and say anything. d ry chance he got, he disparaged us. out, howyour brother
7:05 pm
are you a strong leader if you have to drag your brother out? george bush is a good man, that jeb bush does not have the energy for this thing, and i am supporting donald trump because i think he can fix the economy, the problems we're facing with isis, and i think this is crazy. floridian, and i was under george bush as our governor, and i did not appreciate it when he jumped out, but we had a situation, my wife is a cancer patient, and we had a situation b where a lady amed terri schiavo was in coma, and jeb bush jumped in and locked in order. i'm not supporting jeb bush at all. i'm supporting donald trump as i want to make america great again. host: we appreciate your call. let's go to kevin in new york.
7:06 pm
you are calling on our line for others. what you think about what you heard from both bush brothers? caller: this and, i have the utmost respect for george w. and his wife, laura. he did a great job as president. i support increase in the selection, for one reason -- he has a proven record of fighting for the constitution. the same view on the constitution as antonin scalia. scalia made a lifetime on the supreme court, and he will be greatly missed. -- we got her member george that it. is the nominatedrge w. roberts, and robert gave us obamacare. there's the debating that. ted cruz fought george bush in the supreme court and he won. host: let me ask you, did you
7:07 pm
vote for george w. bush previously? were you a his when he was running for president? caller: unfortunately, because of my age, my first election year is for obama, and i did not vote in that election. my wife voted for mccain. effect fact of the matter is, unfortunately, i was not old enough to vote for george w. if i was, i would have. i said, if he was on the docket today, i would vote for him wholeheartedly. does not have the enthusiasm, the wild factor, that george w., and i love to w. speak.e he went to the family ranch up in maine. dollars. when he went on vacation he went home.
7:08 pm
obama, look at the millions of dollars he went to hawaii, martha's vineyard. his wife and daughter going overseas and spending our tax dollars, and our country is dying. host: thank you. on the line for bush supporters. what are your thoughts? what do you think? caller: after listening to the bushh tonight, i saw jeb in a different light. i saw someone who is a leader, who is for the military. a turning point. i've been watching all the campaigns, sitting on the fence, but i liked what i heard, and saw on tv tonight. host: i appreciate the call. welcome to seas season. mary lou from florida, what do you think? caller: i am voting for trump as i want change and i want a great
7:09 pm
america. i think jeb is a little baby. he had to call out his mommy and his little older brother to help him with his campaign as he is doing so poorly, because he does not relate to the people. he is not going to be a good leader. he will be like the other establishment, and they will continue to follow what -- host: let me ask you a question. is it you want is a sport truck as he represents train. changesd of that? caller: getting our country back again, and trump is an honest person. people do not like his honesty. others are doing campaign rhetoric talk like they always have come and i am tired of theyrs in a businessman or can finally get us jobs because they know how to do it. has, thousands of people working all over the place.
7:10 pm
it is how to negotiate with people. i believe he will get the job done. he speaks honestly. people do not like how he speaks. i am a diehard christian. and the holyrd spirit is inside me. that is why donald trump is so honest. he speaks so honestly, more than the others. they smooth over things and say certain little words to reach people, that that is how it works. i think it is really sad that a man is supposed to be running for the leader of our country has to call out mommy and his big brother to help him. your idea.t thanks for the call. we were good west virginia and carolyn calling on our line for bush supporters. welcome to c-span. what do you think about what you saw tonight? caller: thank you very much. i am 70 years old, and like the lady before me, i forget what states she was from, she took
7:11 pm
the words right out of my mouth. that is the first time i have ever seen jeb speak up with such enthusiasm. and i felt his heart. and president bush, former he is justush, great. i could still see him at 711, standing up on that truck with the firemen and another guy could not -- he spoke out, and president bush said, i hear you, and before too long, whole world is going to hear you. host: if you were advising the bush campaign, would you say, bring former president with you wherever you go, would you say maybe in south carolina? caller: maybe just in south carolina. they beat florida. host: appreciate the call. louise is from connecticut. you are on c-span.
7:12 pm
caller: yes. i'm definitely a jeb bush supporter. i have been right from the beginning. by benike carson, carson, i do not think he would make it. and one of the things that one other thing, all the callers who call in and knock the bushes, not one bush, the first president bush, the second president bush, they do not go around the country and the world and knocking our country. two sorry, but my great-grandfather's fought in the syllable were -- great-grandfathers fought in the civil war. trump is nasty and swearing, and we do not want that in the president'sf -- office. i like the bushes. host: we will let you go. we will move on to north
7:13 pm
hollywood, florida, john on our line for others. you watched the speech tonight. what do you think? are you there? i think maybe we are on the line for mark. are you there? caller: yeah, i am here. host: welcome to the same. your reaction? h, i did, and i have a much different experience or perception of the bush family than it seems like the other callers do. first of all, in terms of 9/11, i thought on the day of 9/11, events,dled all those just everything that happened afterwards. making debt he had a some dinner for the national press, and he made fun of not being able to find the wmd's, while the military is
7:14 pm
over in a war. host: you are referring to one of the white house correspondents dinner's. exactly. he made comments about frankly i am concerned about getting osama bin laden. callingd the country by the attack on iraq the war on terror. they were not terrorists. that was a dictatorship. it is no different than castro. everything that he did was misleading the country, even during his election campaign, his reelection campaign. host: i will ask you, who are you supporting this year? man.i cannota gay support any republican. ice to sports -- i used his work
7:15 pm
performance, but i cannot anymore. it will be either bernie sanders or hillary clinton. host: you supporting and what you think about what you saw? caller: well, we do not support bush is our first choice. speech and his brother's speech. basically we think that any of the republicans would be far better than any of the democrats, since we are conservatives, but my primary in north- and i voted carolina, my wife votes in florida, she is from palm beach, and i'm from the mountains of north carolina, but we are supporting cruz and trump. we do not support bush, but i
7:16 pm
think it may help him some to have his family involved in his campaign. host: we need to move on, and we will try to squeeze in a couple more calls. from oregon, just a minute or so. what do you think? caller: i am a bush supporter. his got to vote for brother. there was a really good speech today, especially compared to other candidates like cruise or rubio -- cruz or rubio. i think people: not if you have a loud factor in their delivery, they worry about who can be an actual leader. host: thanks for the call. last call from jim from north carolina. calling for the line from caller: others. rapid up for us. yes, thank you very much.
7:17 pm
right off, i have always liked george bush, both of them. i voted for bush. and i like the bush. i have a lot of respect for them. i have friends who live in florida. that -- on jeb. he is not done anything for me, and the fact that he did not -- he did not bring his family in it from the beginning and sort of delayed it, and the fact that ! is one thing. i amepublican attack -- just really disappointed in almost all of them except john kasich and rubio. i hate that bashing. host: we're running out of 10. let me ask you, who are you going to support? have you made up your mind yet?
7:18 pm
no, sir. i will not make my mind up until april. appreciate the call. we will show you the this event later on c-span. thanks for all your calls. house"d to the white began in iowa, and we moved to new hampshire, clinton social first in the nation primary, and now we begin to test the candidates and their message. we moved south to south carolina, first southern primerica to the party caucuses in the data or the democrats and republicans. more than likely we will see candidates dropped out of the then so the field will narrow, and then we move into early march, super tuesday, the start of winter take all primaries, which means the delegate count will be critical. as we watch the count continue for the candidates, we get a
7:19 pm
better idea of whose messages are resonating and was on the path to the nomination. tonight, john roberts on how the highre crafted by court. he also talked about public perceptions of the supreme court and the confirmation process for selecting justices. there is part of that event. justice roberts: i think the process is not functioning very well. you look at two of my colleagues, justices scalia and ginsburg, i think there were two or three dissenting votes between the two of them. now you look at my more recent colleagues, all extremely well-qualified for the court, and the votes were i think strictly on party lines for the last three of them or close to it. that does not make it any sense.
7:20 pm
it is just to meet the process is being used for something other than insuring the qualifications of the nominees. where theocess now members of the committee frequently ask questions they know would be inappropriate for us to answer. thankfully, we do not answer the questions. , they have aorum different agenda when they participate in the hearing. it isnot something -- easy for us to change. i do not see how we would do that. it is for them to conduct the hearings as they see fit. it does not seem to me to be very productive. thehat is part of what chief justice had to say at an event held at the new england law school in boston. his remarks took place before antonin scalia died last weekend. see his comments tonight at 8:00
7:21 pm
eastern on c-span. by fred joined now wilkes. thank you so much with joining us this morning. tell us about your organization. what is your mission? guest: the league of the latino citizens is the largest in the united states. we started in 1929. members and 132,000 there are over a thousand councils across the country. and each council gets involved in their communities, missing on educational opportunities. also working to help employment opportunities. we do a lot in the health space. we focus on housing and technology. host: how are you focused politically?
7:22 pm
are you involved with any of the campaigns? guest: we are a nonpartisan organization. when latinos engage in a democratic process, no matter who they vote for, the candidate stats to pay attention to their issues and the solutions they have are reflected by the aspirations of the latino community. host: tell us about the latino community because it is not homogenous. guest: there are 57 million latinos in the united states today, and the majority of them are mexican-american of heritage, but there are other ethnicities. puerto ricans are the second largest latino populations. we have also seen a lot of central and south american coming to the united states in recent years. to the the immigration united states today is not for mexico, it is from central and
7:23 pm
south america. host: tell us about how many latinos are actually registered to vote of the 57 million who are here? latinoshere is fewer engaged in the democratic process because it is such a young population. and because many of them are not yet citizens. vote, youo be able to have to be a citizen and of age. because of that, there is far fewer latinos eligible to vote than we would like. we are trying to encourage as many as possible. there is about 42 million latinos who are eligible to vote, and 12 million are currently registered to vote. host: you can join our conversation as well. brent wilkes is the director of the league of latino citizens.
7:24 pm
i want to start by talking about the news over the weekend that she -- that justice antonin scalia had passed away and the debate over whether or not the senate should take up anyone who president obama nominates. do you see this as being an issue that latino voters might want to weigh in on? do they have thoughts on who might be nominated? guest: absolutely. i think it's important for the latino community to make sure the supreme court has their full complement of judges. it's important because this up in court has been the last resort for many minority countries across america to protect our rights. that's what the court was designed to do, to be a check on the government and make sure the rights of minority populations
7:25 pm
were protected. when it first started, it was not looking at racial minorities but ethnic minorities and religious minorities was something the founders had in mind. over the course of the two centuries we have had our nation, we have seen the court check the government from infringing on the rights of minorities in multiple vs.ances, including brown board of education. it is critical that we have a full court and it is ready to rule on the day, and we have important cases coming up that impact civil rights. we think that is critical, and we believe it is important to do not for partisan reasons, but because the court is not supposed to be partisan. it supposed to be independent of the government. it supposed to be an independent judiciary looking at the constitution and the laws being passed and protecting the rights of the minority populations
7:26 pm
against the rule of the majority. host: you mentioned some of the supreme court cases that could affect immigrants in this country. one of them is united states vs. texas. here's a summary of the case -- host: arguments are scheduled for april. do you have a concern about how the death of justice scalia might impact the future of the executive order on immigration?
7:27 pm
guest: we are concerned about the case but even with justi ce scalia sitting in the court, i believe the court would rule in our favor. precedents have already been set. presidents do have the authority to determine which immigrants to pursue in terms of setting priorities in life are spent. i think even with scalia there, we expected to have the majority of the supreme court ruling in our favor. the fact that he is not there, it will be just one more vote in our favor. host: you say the organization is nonpartisan. historically, latino voters have supported democratic candidates. what are some of the issues that you see as being most important
7:28 pm
to this electorate in this election? guest: latinos are looking for the same opportunities all americans are, so they want great education, chance at a great job, they want to help the economy so incomes are rising and they want to see good health care. it's the same things that other americans have. there are unique circumstances that latinos face. if you're not an immigrant yourself, you may have a relative or friend who is. the main focus for us is the same bread-and-butter issues that all americans have to face. we want to make sure we increase opportunity because this is a very aspirational community that wants to live the american dream. they are willing to work hard. they are willing to pursue all the opportunities, but it's been for the opportunities to be
7:29 pm
there, so that when they look at the different presidential candidates and platforms, they are looking for a candidate that talks about opportunity and what they will do to make sure those opportunities are there. host: let's get our viewers to weigh in. you can call in on a republican, democrat, republican line and a special line for latino voters. marie is from minnesota on the democratic line. caller: hello? host: you're on the air. caller: thank you. i would like to ask you a very important question. what exactly is your stand on illegals coming to this country and they cross the border illegally? i am a mexican. i'm an american-born mexican. my father and mother came from
7:30 pm
mexico, came here, and guess what -- i ended up being an orphan. i want your stand exactly. why is it we have to have number two, why can we not just come together as a nation with economy,mprove mexican come on. please. i want my culture back. mexicano know how the people live in mexico. i could care less about how the united states has handled it. i want my culture back. guest: i think what is important to emphasize is that lulac's position is that we support illegal immigration.


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