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  Donald Trump News Conference in Hanahan South Carolina  CSPAN  February 15, 2016 8:52pm-9:39pm EST

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>> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. join the conversation with members of congress, reporters, experts and other c-span viewers. coming up tomorrow morning, three journalists from politico discuss their approach to covering washington. i guess include the politico editor-in-chief and cofounder, john harris. he will talk about the creation of politico and its influence. surrounding the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. reporter will answer questions on how gop candidates plan to win south carolina and nevada. be sure to watch washington journal beginning live at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. join the discussion. tuesday, the house republicans policy chair of indiana.
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thepeaks about governing in 2016 election year. watch his remarks live at 10:00 a.m. eastern, here on c-span. >> during campaign 2016, the road to the white house, as we follow the candidates on c-span, c-span radio, and . >> republican presidential candidate donald trump held a news conference monday at a local town hall. it is 40 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to beautiful south carolina. i see some non-natives. everybody is coming here all the time. nobody is leaving.
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we are happy to have you here. donald trump needs no introduction. we are delighted he's here and he is all yours. mr. trump. mr. trump: hello, everybody. any questions? >> why is there so much bad blood between you and the bush family? mr. trump: it only has to do with me. very fair question. there is no bad blood. what has happened is jeb bush has spent about $20 billion on negative ads that in many cases are false. he has a lot of special-interest money. his campaign in my opinion is going absolutely nowhere but he has spent $20 million on negative ads on me. i think you would do better if
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he went positive. the only reason i bring it up is that we have to respond to those negative ads. no bad blood. >> what about george w. bush? >> once he enters the fray, like bill clinton enters the fray -- and i helped bernie sanders much more than he helped himself, believe me. if you look at it, that is when she started going down and that race started getting competitive. just take a look, you study the numbers and study the dates. she attacked me and i attacked her and that's when she went down and that race got competitive. only one political reporter got that one. >> [inaudible] mr. trump: ted cruz is desperate. i think he's a very unstable guy. i think we put out a release --
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i think he's a very unstable guy. i can say only to a minor extent in comparison to other politicians, i have not then doing this long, i've been doing this since june 16 and i've never met a person who lies more than ted cruz. i've never seen anything like it. he did it with ben carson, he did it with the voter violation fraud. his -- what you guys did not take up was interesting. he picked up the ben carson thing where he told people ben carson left the race and now they have calls that are much more severe than anything you had at the time, that ben carson had left the race, so vote for ted cruz. it probably would have been a victory for trump but the thing you didn't pick up on was the voter violation fraud he committed. it was a fraud he committed.
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take a look. i have never seen anybody that lied as much. as a christian, you are really going to have to study that. i think he is an unstable person. i watch him and i see him. he's a good debater, but he can't talk. i don't even think he's a good debater -- i heard he's a good debater but i don't personally see he is a good debater. he is a very unstable person. that is just my opinion. >> president has gone silent for several years. [inaudible] mr. trump: when somebody attacks me like jeb, and i was very nice to him -- he talked about the tremendous thing -- they world trade center came down during
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the reign of george bush. it came down. during the library debate, he mentioned about how we were safe. we were not safe. that was the greatest attack in history of the united states. it was worse than pearl harbor because we were attacked as individuals, not as the military. the greatest single attack. i'm standing up there saying do i want to embarrass him -- but because i'm a nice person, i didn't say it. but when he said it another time, i had to say i'm sorry, the world trade center came down which was the greatest attack in history on this country. you had that -- i think few people would say the war in iraq is positive. you had him on the aircraft carrier saying how the war was essentially over, guess what?
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not over. the war with iraq is a disaster. they are taking the oil, they are taking everything. i was against the war in iraq. you should get some points for vision. i was totally against the war in iraq. i said when they are getting out, take the oil. he did not take the oil. now iran has the oil and isis has the oil. now isis has so much money. >> you have repeatedly said you are a uniter -- mr. trump: it is a political campaign. i can attack. they are attacking me all the time. did i attack marco? for being a joke artist? when did i attack him? for being a joke artist? we can't have that as a president, can we?
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i don't think i attacked marco. go ahead. >> [inaudible] mr. trump: he has printed lies. not only printed -- what he did with ben carson was terrible. i've never seen anything like that. it was a total lie and 10 minutes after the election was over, the caucus, he said i'm sorry, and ben did not accept that apology the way i look at it. i don't want to be in a position where it's saturday evening and i get a call -- i'm sorry, my staff did something. he talks about me being against the second amendment. i'm the strongest person running in favor of the second amendment. my sons have been long-term
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members of the nra and they are extraordinary shots. the whole thing is incredible. he says i want to appoint liberal judges -- you just saw it. donald trump is going to appoint liberal judges. i named to judges during the debate -- i'm the only one who named to judges. it could be someone else, but those judges are highly respected conservative judges. they would be great judges to appoint. just the opposite. but the only way i can fight it is all the press here. but most people cannot fight it. he is a liar. he will go up and absolutely lie. henry, who is lieutenant governor, would say i can't believe the things he's saying. he just comes out and whom, boom, boom and absolutely lies. i want the apology before. in my opinion, based on what i have learned from very top
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lawyers, he doesn't have the right to serve as president or even run as president. i will bring that lawsuit if he does not apologize. i do quick. maybe, if i can -- we have another one coming. it will be quick. my sister was appointed by ronald reagan. elevated in the clinton administration. but she was originally appointed by ronald reagan. >> [inaudible] mr. trump: my sister have nothing to do with me. she's a federal judge at a high level, the court of appeals. she was appointed by ronald
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reagan, highly brilliant woman, known as a brilliant judge. i don't know what her views are and i don't think she would want to tell me. one of your cohorts wanted to do a great story and i said they're going to do a great story and she says i don't want any stories. she's very much like me in that respect. she is a federal judge, highly respect it at every level. certainly, what he said about her was horrible. she may have views on certain things. i don't want to ask her her views. i don't think it is appropriate. she is a very solid person and a great intellect. she is acknowledged as being so on the court.
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even jeb won't go and say donald trump is against the second amendment or whatever. he doesn't do that, but what ted cruz says is incredible. i think he actually said it -- donald trump is against the second amendment. i did a radio show with a very good host and he said you were totally in favor of obama care. every speech i have made -- we have two repeal and replace obamacare. he said he really likes obamacare. how'd do you like that? don't forget, i only have three days to fight it. i don't have six months. so we will bring a lawsuit if he doesn't straighten his act out. he is a lying guy -- some people
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misrepresent -- this guy is just a plain liar. i felt better because marco rubio called him a liar. i felt so much better. a politician called a politician and now i can actually call him a liar. this is for gitmo. it is originally for gitmo, but you haven't asked that yet and it's ridiculous. we are totally against it and if i win, we are moving it out. they should not be closing guantanamo bay. they should not be closing it in any way, shape or form. movingy shouldn't be people, hardened criminals, into this area. and i will stop it. if i don't stop it in terms of time, if i win, they are going back. open. it i would keep it open, that's right.
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we have to be very vigilant. we will look at everybody's case, certainly, and you don't want to have people that are innocent of something suffering, but you have some very hardened people. he's letting them go one after another. many of them are going back into the battlefields. open, and to keep it that's the way i feel. here is the thing, i don't want people coming into this area. i've had people from south carolina calling me, asking me to do this press conference about guantanamo bay. there's not going to be any people coming here, and i think the governor should take a strong stand on it. eventually they should. i would increase the population, as we capture other people who are terrorists and the like, i would absolutely increase and i
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would be very strong on it. the governor has a lot of power that people don't realize. migration.e with the you have people coming into the area of south carolina. if i were the governor, i would not let them come in. i don't care what the rules and regulations say. it very, the governor doesn't have anything to do with it. i would have something to do with it, believe me. we should not be taking people in from the migration. we should not be taking people in from syria because we don't know who they are. we don't know where they come from. look at what's going on in sweden and germany and all these other countries. we should not be taking people in from the migration. we should help people with safe zones in syria. i will get the gulf's dates to .ay for it they are smart, but they will
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pay. and we are not going to pay. safe zones,ild because you have to do something, but i don't want to take people into this country. you saw what happened in california with two people who got married that were radicalized, and it was a disaster. killed 14 and plenty of people right now are laying in the hospital. we have enough problems as a country. take a look at what's going on sweden the brussels, other night. we are not going to happen that. -- we are not going to have that. [inaudible] i'm just saying this. if you look back for your records, you will see there was tremendous information and the cia and various other agencies were not getting along and there were a lot of personality conflicts and they all hated each other, and we ended up with the world trade center.
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, at the book look i wrote, i mentioned osama bin laden, because i saw him a couple of times and read about i said he is a bad dude. we've better do something about him. i was not even in politics. i just always have found him very interesting. i said to myself, we better do something about that guy. if you look back at the cia and the various other agencies, and i think john is nodding, i don't know if you remember this. they had tremendous problems getting along together. wereknew some bad things going to happen in they could have stopped it. go ahead. i don't say anything. here is what i say, are you ready?
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the world trade center came down during his reign. the war with iraq which started this whole thing -- the whole thing starts with the war in iraq. saddam hussein was a bad guy. one thing about him, he killed terrorists. now iraq is a harbor for terrorists. saddam hussein understood and he killed terrorist. bad guys. but it's the president and other people, and frankly obama is no better because the way he got us out was a disaster. shouldn't have been there, should not have gotten out the way we got out. but if the president went to the beach, we would have been better off, believe me. [inaudible] we could have had greater
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vigilance, but i would never say anybody was responsible for this. give my warmest regards. me, no. no, not really. [inaudible] i compare it to bill clinton. bill clinton came out for weeks wife made a statement about me having to do made a statement about her and him. i said once she made that statement and once he was campaigning, it's a whole different ballgame. now is the ex-president is campaigning for his brother, i think he's probably open for great scrutiny, maybe things that have not been thought of in the past. when jeb used his name in the first debate, i left it alone.
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but when he kept using it, i said i have to bring it up. aboute's still talking the great safety we had, i said i'm sorry, it's some point we have to bring it up. the world trade center came down eign.g your brothers ra i don't think it can hurt them. how much worse can he do? delay, delay, yes. [inaudible] i don't blame obama. mcconnell has tremendous power in terms of the delay in terms of proceeding, etc. time is not that long, 10 months, 11 months. it's not that much. i'm not saying that obama
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shouldn't do it, i'm just saying the republicans should not allow it to happen. i also said the republican should not have approved the -- theyhey are proved approved for weeks ago. the republicans have been very disappointing. i always say that obama is the worst negotiator of ever seen with everybody except the republicans. [inaudible] >> i think what's going to happen is he will put in somebody who is probably a little more moderate than he would normally have done. i still think the republican should object. i think the new president should have that option. tom, go ahead. [inaudible]
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>> i said from the beginning, i think the name bush would have been better than an exclamation point. i think he should have used his name. i think it shows that he wasn't proud of the family. i don't know sakae what it tells you. i would tell him, why don't you use the name bush? [inaudible] you can play cute. who are you, by the way? let me tell you, jim. you can play you. .- you can play cute i said many things for a long
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time, but i wasn't a politician. i said many times, don't go into the war. it's shortly after the war started. somebody said it doesn't make any difference because i said it early on. in 2003, right at the beginning, i said it, and very strongly. orders i was quoted in and all over the place because i was very much opposed to the war. if you knock out one of those powers, the other is going to take over the middle east. that's exactly what happened. i didn't know we would be so stupid as to make a deal to give them $150 billion, but now they have 150 billion dollars, a very wonderful agreement with us in terms of -- they went out and they are spending their $150 billion. aircraft from8
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airbus, which is european. they are spending their money all over europe. they are buying missiles from russia. they are spending their money with everybody but the united states. not good. [inaudible] >> i went to the debate, and i was attacked. i thought it was my best debate. from was being attacked everybody. it was unbelievable. including by the moderator. they are saying donald trump said this in this about your brother. donald trump said in ancient times so and so about your brother. i didn't bring it up. that was brought up by john, as you know. the was being attacked by
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moderators. it was like a feeding frenzy on donald trump. that's why they got good ratings. i know south carolina very well. i have been here a lot. i think they have a very sophisticated voter, and they get it. lies aboutuz virtually everything i've done, i really believe they get it. we will soon find out. actually i'm doing a favor by filing. the democrats are going to file anyway. just so you understand. i get along with everybody, remember? crews will get the nomination, but if he did, the democrats will file a lawsuit. in a sense i'm doing him a favor because i'm filing it early. i have a very good lawyer that
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truly believes that's right. remember this, how you give a man the nomination for your major party and the man has a cloud over his head? him, get a declaratory judgment. you've got to do something because the democrats are going to file. to the best of my knowledge there are already two lawsuits out there. .hey are going to sue him , he'sgot the nomination going to be sued. so frankly, if i were him, i very nicely, keep your lies going, you're going to get sued. you're going to get sued anyway, you might as well keep your lies going. but let's see what happens.
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[inaudible] >> what does that mean he kept the country safe after 9/11? i've heard that for years. i've heard for years he kept the country safe after 9/11. what about during 9/11? i was there. i lost a lot of friends that were killed in that building. worst attack ever in our country was during his presidency. after that, we did ok. that saying the team scored 19 runs in the first inning, but after that we played well. i don't think so. [inaudible] i think we are doing well. we have a tremendous rally tonight. i'm here for the entire week.
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you mean the fact that i am here? give me a break. [inaudible] here wheresituation people from syria are being settled in south carolina, and i think it's disgraceful. if i were nikki haley, i would not allow it to happen. she will say we have no choice. a governor has choice, believe me. [inaudible] i don't know what you're talking about. go ahead. [inaudible] i am responding, in all fairness.
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i think ideal with pressure well. i've won many club championships. ideal with pressure. my whole life has been pressure, and i really do like pressure. i don't think ted cruz deals well with russia. i think he is a basket case. i think he does not handle pressure well. i'll think rubio handles pressure well. rubio andding next to i thought he just got out of a swimming pool. he was soaking wet. so i don't think he handles pressure well. personalitythat negotiating with putin like this personality. you want to deal with russia, and there's nothing wrong with not fighting everybody when you have a good relationship as opposed to all the stupidity that's taking place. i'm going to make the good trade
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deals. these guys are politicians. everything is a pressure cooker. that's what i like doing. i love the pressure. but you cannot allow life to ise place, like where cruz saying one with guns and abortion, virtually everything is just a lie. and somebody has to come and say it. i find the whole south carolina thing so interesting. couple ofady had a events today. the people are amazing. that is really interesting, they are very knowledgeable politically in south carolina. they understand politicians. they understand they are all talk, no action. i'm the only politician that's not getting money. all these guys like ted cruz, he's getting tremendous amounts of money from oil.
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jeb bush, woody johnson from johnson and johnson is his campaign finance chair. woody will totally control what happens. do you think the drug industry is going to be hurt by jeb bush when the head of the committee is raising funds for him? we are the largest purchaser of drugs in the world to make you better, the largest in the world. in the drug companies there is no bidding because the politicians all take campaign from the drug companies. the same with military companies, lumber companies. me, i'm not taking any money. i will do what is right for the people. and i think it has an impact. i'm not sure if it is big is it should be but because of asked because i will have spent a lot of money by the time it's over. i don't know that the point is
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being made as importantly. we will soon find out. [inaudible] lotgoing to look at a whole of things. what i see so far is unbelievable. that's a mighty can go and do what they're doing and make statements like that, and i learned a lot from iowa. dishonest,n be so and i know you people covered the in carson thing, but to me that was worse. this thing look like it came right out of the irs. it looked like a government document. it said voter violation, you are
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in violation. so i will be looking. go ahead. very good reporter, by the way, this guy. go ahead. [inaudible] they default. i'm very disappointed in the rnc , republican national committee. i'm very disappointed in the rnc, because for three debates now, the room has been stacked with special interest and donors, as you know, and as the press knows. as an example, there were two , bush got upjudges and stumbled through an answer and the place went crazy. many of the people in that room i know. some are friends of mine. booinge waving to me and and they are having fun.
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i get it. some of them are friends of mine. they are special interests, lobbyists, and that should not be. i bring up the drug thing because the drug companies are to competitive bid. these people cannot say that because the drug companies give them a fortune to run for office. tom? too many. i've seen some that are much more cunning. this guy lies, but he gets caught every time. the good ones are the ones that can do it and not get caught. with votert caught
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violation, he got caught with stuff in new hampshire. we caught him here with robo calls. donald trump is a horrible human being, and ted cruz is wonderful. what they are doing is -- you know what it is. and we caught him. so the really good ones are the ones that don't get caught. every time he did anything, he's gotten caught. but if you catch him and don't do anything about it, then it is your fault. very simple, great borders, we are going to build a wall, and by the way, mexico is going to pay for the wall. of course they are. we lose so much money with mexico in terms of deficit. , trust me, they
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are going to pay for the wall. we will have a strong military. were going to end obama care. it's going to be terminated. we will come up with something very good. there are so many different plans. companies dictated the plan to obama. insurance companies are making a fortune with obama, some of them. you can do the health care savings plan. we are going to get rid of the boundaries around the states. we are repealing and replacing obama care. core is dead. it's the worst. we are number 30 in the world in education. norway, sweden, denmark, we are number 30. so common core is dead. we are getting rid of common core. we are going to protect our second amendment.
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we are bringing education locally. etc. [inaudible] what we are doing right here bay, we'reguantánamo not going to let people come here from guantanamo bay. comee not letting people to this area from guantánamo bay. they are going to stay where they are right now. they are not coming to this area. and if they do come to this area before i take office, they are going back. and you can tell that to the local people. you can bank on it. [inaudible] winning south carolina would be a great thing, i agree.
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i will tell you that i have received so many calls from people you all know about in you write about and speak viciously about me where they want to come on board. they are politicians. i have received so many calls and you can speak to corey. is that correct statement? , have received so many calls the most unsuspecting people. there isman would say no way back i called. people you would not believe. i am a unifier. unifier.not a i am. i hope so. i am here. we are working hard. we have a great relationship with the people of south carolina.
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tell you what is going to happen when a guy lies. when a guy lies about your record. that is why you have to get the truth out. i think we should hold. my whole theme is make america great again. south carolina is going to be a big part of that. south carolina could be the be running theld table. we could conceivably run the table. i think they will anyway. you'll have certain people get out of the race. i think would be better for bush if he stayed out. i'm giving a rally. . will see what happens i don't believe i will be able to because i'm giving a rally at that time.
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weak, period. i think it is great. i want traders to come from this country. you mentioned streamers. dream is to come from the american people. i want the american children to have dreams. i want the children that are growing up in the united states to be dreamers also. they are not dreaming right now. you look at african american youth. 58% unemployment. you look at african-americans in the 30's and 40's. we have african-american president. it's not done anything for the african-americans in this country. he got a free pass and he shouldn't have.
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if that were made or somebody else, we would be great over the coals. -- raked over the coals. you look at african-americans it is veryir prime, sad. one or two more questions. i will look at it. that's enough. i think after 50 years it is time that we have to make a much better deal than we are making. we make bad deals. i am in favor of the keystone pipeline. is going to make a fortune for them. we are using eminent domain.
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by the way article came out today that bush used eminent domain in florida. he was talking about eminent he doesn't understand things like that. pipeline, i will make a deal for this country where we get a chunk of it. we make that pipeline and other things possible. they are going to make a tremendous amount of money. a lot of the money they make are going to come back to the people of this country. my only worry about south carolina is that the lie put out by my opponent, ted cruz, the single worst liar i've ever seen. lies, thenelieve the
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we won't be able to make america great again. i know my competition. they are all bought and paid for by the special interests. they are not going to negotiate with the lumber companies, the drug companies, the oil and gas companies, any of them. they are not going to make good trade deals because trade deals are made by the lobbyists and special interests. i am going to have the greatest trade deals ever made. we are going to become rich man and we're going to become great again. , is when a guyt is allowed to lie, as ted cruz all, on sunday will get a phone call up with an apology. like ben carson. ben carson got a phone call two hours after the election. overturn theshould election based on what ted cruz did because he was so dishonest. if they had a strong leader in
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iowa in terms of the republican jeff is a good guy but perhaps he is not strong. what ted cruz did is a fraud. what they should do is overturn that election. one more question. how about you in the back. he would not be on my short list. good luck everybody. the rnc is in default. that means the other side can do what they have to do. they get all the tickets to special interests that represented ted cruz and marco rubio. they had all the tickets. they walked on stage and the placement crazy.
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i had my wife and my kids. i don't have donors. i don't have special interests. have any of that. we have warned them twice. they don't listen. the rnc is controlled by the special interests. establishmentshe . not good for the republic and party. they have lost so much for so long. thank you all very much. i appreciate it.
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on washington journal three journalists from politico. john harris will talk about the creation of politico. kristin roberts will discuss the big stories. alex eisenstadt will answer questions about republican candidates. joined the discussion tomorrow morning. tennessee senator lamar alexander will talk about the new education law and how it differs from no child left behind.