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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 15, 2016 10:39pm-11:24pm EST

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>> here is a look at the latest campaign ad released by the ted cruz campaign.
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mr. cruz: i approve this message. the second amendment. we are just one supreme court justice away from losing that. with president trump [indiscernible] mr. chung: i am pro-choice. trumpcannot trust donald with these decisions. at >> it during campaign 2016, c-span takes on the road to the candidates on c-span, c-span radio, and announcer: coming up next, and a look at the role of latino voters in 2016. after that, and national
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security advisor susan rice asian on southeast leaders. later, chief justice john roberts on the workings of the supreme court. theday, a discussion on with thencial crisis former assistant treasury secretary overseer of the troubled asset relief program. hkari of the federal reserve bank of minneapolis speaks. ater, lessons learned from decade of intervention in iraq. see that live at 2:00 p.m. eastern on c-span two. [applause] >> every election, we will be reminded how it important it is for citizens to be informed.
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>> c-span as a home for political junkies. way for us toat stay informed. >> my colleagues say, i saw you on c-span. >> there is so much more than c-span does to make sure people see both sides. they go inside it. announcer: now, a discussion on the role of latino voters in the 2016 campaign. the league of american citizens speaker. this is 40 minutes. >> he is a national executive director of the league of united latin american citizens and he is here to talk about the role of latino voters. thank you so much for joining us. k you for joining us. tell us about your organization. what is your mission? latinothe league of the
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citizens is the largest in the united states. we have 130 2000 members and it overed in 19 29th there is 1000 council across the country and they get involved with helping their communities and focus on educational opportunities. work to help employment opportunities and we do a lot of the health space and focus on housing and technology. how are you focused politically? are you involved with any of the campaigns? -- we we are a nonperson are a nonpartisan organization. when latinos engage in a democratic process, no matter who they vote for, the candidate star stoop attention to their issues and the solutions they have are reflected by the aspirations of the latino community. host: tell us about the latino
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community because it is not homogenize, it is diverse. 7 million latinos and most of them are mexican-american but there are quite a few other aptness cities. it weakens up to the second -- their choir quite a few other ethnicities. the biggest immigration these days is from central america, not mexico. host: how many latinos are registered to vote of the 57 million? guest: the challenge we have is that there is fewer latinos were engaged in the democratic process because it's a young population and many of them are not quite citizens. in order to be able to vote, you have to be a citizen and the of age. because of that, there is far
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fewer latinos eligible to vote than we would like. we are trying to encourage as many as possible so there is two 2 million latinos who are eligible to vote at of that, 12 million are currently registered to vote. host: you can join our as well.ion as help g . these are the phone numbers. you can also send us a message on their and a message on facebook. talking aboutt by thatover the weekend justice antonin scalia has passed away and the debate over whether the senate should take up anyone who president obama nominates. do you see this as being an mightthat latino voters
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want to weigh in on? do they have thoughts on who might be nominated? i think it'stely, important for the latino community to make sure the supreme court has therefore complement of judges. this uportant because in court has been the last resort for many minority countries across america to protect our rights. that's what the court was designed to do, to be a check on the government and make sure the rights of minority populations were protected. when it first started, it was not looking at racial minorities but ethnic minorities and religious minorities which is something the founders had in mind. course of that for centuries we have had our nation, we have seen the court step in and check the government from infringing on the rights of minorities in most instances. there has been brown versus board of education and many
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other places where the court steps in and be the ultimate arbitrator. it's aptly critical we have a full-court and it is ready to rule on the day and we have some important cases coming up that impact civil rights. i think that is critical and we believe it's important to do this but not for some reasons. supposed to be listened. it supposed to be independent of the government. it supposed to be an independent judiciary looking at the constitution and the laws being passed and protecting the rights of the minority populations against the majority. you mentioned some of the supreme court cases that could affect immigrants in this country and one of them is united states versus texas. here's a summary of the case --
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do you have a concern about how the death of justice scalia might in fact the future of the executive order an immigration? guest: we are concerned about the case but even with justi the corner,tting in i believe the court would rule in our favor of it presidents do have the authority to determine which immigrants to pursue in terms of setting priorities in life are spent. it's not just her with obama but dissidents all the way from reagan forward. this is not something that has
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been in doubt with the judicial history. -- justiceohn of scalia there, we expect to have the majority of those in court ruling in our favor. there,t that he is not it will bring you just one more vote in our favor. host: you say the organization is not a sin. latino voters have supported democratic candidates. what are some of the issues that you see as being most important this electorate in this election? guest: latinos are looking for the same opportunities all americans are the they want great education, chance at a great job, they want to help the economy so incomes are rising and they want to see good health care. it's the same things that other americans have it the unique circumstances they face are the immigrant situation.
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not an emigrant yourself, you may have a relative who is. us is theocus for same bread-and-butter issues that all americans have to face. want to make sure we increase opportunity because this is a very aspirational community that wants to live the american dream. they are willing to work hard they are willing to pursue all the opportunities but it's been for the opportunities to be thee that when they look at different presidential candidates and platforms, they are looking for a candidate that talks about opportunity and what they will do to make sure those opportunities are there in host: let's get our viewers to weigh in. on a republican, democrat, republican line and a special line for latino voters. marie is from minnesota on the democratic line.
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caller: hello? host: you're on the air. caller: thank you. i would like to ask you a very important question. stand ontly is your illegals coming to this country and they cross the border illegally. i am a mexican. i'm an american born mexican. my father and mother came from , and guest butre come i ended up being an orphan. i want your stand exactly. why is it we have to have illegals take to dent over illegal immigrants? -- take accident over illegal - dent over illegal aliens? why is it we cannot come together as a nation with mexico
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improving the mexican economy. come on, please. . want my culture back i want to know how the mexican people in mexico. i could care less about how the united states has handled it. i want my culture back. all, what's of is toant to emphasize illegal immigration to the united states but we want to ensure our legal immigration system works properly. that's an important concern. days, we allowed as many immigrants to come to the shores as possible. they would be citizens immediately. environment, there is drastic restrictions on the amount of legal immigrants allowed. if you are a mexican american
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today in you don't have a family relative or sponsor you, it's impossible to come to the united states legally. many americans don't understand that someone want to create a legal process to come here to meet the needs of our economy and make folks don't have to come in on documented. there are some -- there are only so many folks we can absorb the we have not come close to those limits. have fear of immigrants are studying these arbitrary limits that are so low that it does not help our economy and we end up in a situation where we are today where we have 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country. and payingrking hard taxes but they cannot receive the benefits. they should not have had to come illegally in the first place a let's fix our broken immigration system and make sure have a legal process. we have to make sure we have limits. we're not begun to the needs of the economy are the this is a big country with plenty of room.
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when you make sure -- we need to make sure that there is a and there do this must be a limit to the number of folks who can come here. when most people came to the country, there were no limits and now there are hard limits, more than there have ever been and is typical for folks to come here legally in the first place. if you want to follow the law, you have to pay legal path for them to come here. there are desperate and have no other option. next as the republican line, go ahead with your question. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] i was raised in california with spanish mexicans and they were independent, strong families.
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they were not any problem to society. they came to work on the crop the men went back home and they were in control of the border and were in control of going in and out of the country. now, it seems there is no control and mexico lets them come from south america retro their country through our borders. leaders haveour let it go and not taking care of the problem. marco rubio went out there and has tried. now is running for president and it looks like he's got the right plan and will fix the border and take care of the situation and then do with the people that are here. that makes common sense. liberals that just want to borders and that kind of thing,
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they are not thinking about the rest of the country. they are thinking about their philosophy and that kind of has got this young man more smarts than any of them that are running. we don't need donald trump. we need this young man. he's got his eye to the future. let him have a chance. andg people get behind him will get this cut straight and out. liberal pay, it ate never going to be straightened out. you can i keep giving to: expect them to get a hold of their lives in the strong, independent people that work for all of us. right, how has the candidacy of marco rubio and ted cruz as well resonated with latino voters? it's encouraging to see
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latinos competing very well at the national stage. it's something we have talked or 40 years into the arms of the first latino president take office. we are closer to that day than we have ever been. there are some concerns especially with mr. cruz as far as the positions he has on immigration amongst the latino population. they will not just focus on ethnicity. they will look at where the candidates stand on the issues and how can i make sure those issues line up with their interests. the candidates have to be more than just the latino can they've got to respond to the issues the community is concerned about. i would agree with the caller that donald trump is a negative force. regardless of where you stand on the issues, he is something that
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is of huge concern to the latino communities because he goes after them specifically. he has alcohol they hope into people very derogatory names, rapists, murderers, drug dealers and criminals. it's not just the people do that but he said the entire mexican american community is like that. that is a serious problem for anyone running for office. we see him as an incredible threat. there are a lot of good all potatoes. i hope not just latinos to away from that type of rhetoric but the entire country realizes that for what it is. is donald trump or the anti-donald trump sentiment a galvanizing force among latinos in terms of getting the population to out and vote? guest: it absolutely is. latinos tend to vote democratic they don't necessarily do that
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because they want to be democratic but people like donald trump them away from the republican party. for someonevote like that when he calls your community the derogatory names. he lines up in a very negative way. as long as the republican party has people like that, they will be driving latino voters away and driving toward driving them toward the democratic candidates. the republican party has to get control of people like donald trump and make sure they are not driving latinos away from the party. latino voters would move back toward the republican party because they are hard-working. republican issues of people to latino voters and they have a better shot of more latino voters. host: this chart from the research center shows that
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democratic affiliation among hispanics has leveled off in recent years from a high of 70% to now just about 60% in 2014. thewhile, affiliates of republican party, while lower than that, the affiliation is gaining ground from 20% in 2010 or so to 27% in 2014. affiliation with republican party is rising even as the democratic party is leveling off in there is room for republicans to gain traction in that community. the independent line is next. good morning to you. caller: good morning. i have to agree with maria. i would like my culture back. i'm not latino. i would like to go into the gross store and government a
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shopping center and walked down the street and not hear spanish. we are in american english country could unfortunately, the latinos in particular refuse, absolutely 100% refuse to speak english. if you are italian, polish, whenever country, you proud to speak the english language. you might speak your foreign language in your home with your parents to keep culture but when you walked out on the street, you spoke english. host: all right, your response? guest: this is a canard that's get after the latino community. they are learning english faster than any other immigrant ofulation in the history this country did it usually takes two generations bee.
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the other at the miss the generations. of englishtion rate has speeded up and we teach english classes at our technology centers across the country. we've got overflow capacity with people trying to get into classes and we cannot that them all. they have to wait six month to take a class in english. the community is trying to learn english of that has not been the issue. speak tortant to languages. it's a global economy and we are dealing with countries all over the world and a second language in as that. it's important for all americans. we are dealing with europe and the far east and rush family's different nations that we have to be able to click a with them as well. is last thing you want to do encourage americans to be stupid and learn one language and not try to learn a second one. unfortunately, there are people advocating for that. i think it's a shame.
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the rest of the world understands this. they are all learning multiple languages. in the united states, we to -- we try to dumb ourselves down and i think that's a shame. up is the democratic line, washington, d.c. you are on the air. to doug fromon battle creek, michigan, on the republican line. hi, how are you doing, great to be on your show. i have been in politics before i was able to vote. one of the first presidents of the hand of was richard milhouse next and. nixon. - that my dad was going to vote for him and i said i think my dad is a democrat. he gave me a sour look but i
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still like the guy. family, we have spent, indian, american indian, and we have filipino all mixed together so we were never raised in any sort of -- with any sort of racial views toward other people. to detroitoduced us which was a melting pot. you have the jewish culture there you have to know a few .ebrew words to say shalom and the type of thing he grew up with and to us was to be sympathetic, understanding, and open-minded and what is going on around you.
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was that no one is right just because of their race. i consider myself a republican. i was told i am an eisenhower republican a long time ago. then i was told i was a moderate republican and then i've been told i was a liberal the i don't know where i stand. my understanding of the issues varies greatly on each subject to i don't fit into anyone pretty but i still consider myself a republican because are the -- those are the most issues i feel strongly about. we've got a problem with puerto rico, thousands of people from they are coming here and that's u.s. territory. they are all u.s. citizens.
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they are not crossing the border illegally you our government used to take care of that. they were taken advantage of by wall street. now, you are losing their out of their check and it's going straight in the pit of wall street of these debts to the government -- that the government owes. something needs to be done there. let's grab one more caller. that will be from san antonio, texas on the democratic line. the woman that called that said that will need to learn english. my mother was first-generation and i am second-generation and i would bet i speak better english than her and i would bet my mother does, too. , thising about the border myth about the forest border, -- is notous border, this
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true. more people are leaving the united states than coming here. that includes mexicans. i don't understand why this continues. nobody challenges this. i have cousins that live in lrio and they are among the safest cities in the u.s. and i continue to hear help order towns are dangerous. they say this mexican immigrants flowing over illegally. this continues to be traded and nobody challenges it host: all right. guest: on the issue of puerto rico, it's a serious problem. is an example of me to come together as a country and do something about it. the puerto rico debt crisis cannot be solved by itself which is clear to everyone. the house has promised to hold hearings and do something about
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it but they have not done anything about it. the longer we wait, the worse it gets. is right that missions are being rated and other problems are happening and pandora leaving the country. it's often the folks who have the most opportunity in terms of .he highest level --y are leaving draco leaving the rico can it's him and to step in and solve the problem and i'm sure there could be some austerity measures put in place or some type of control board for the island. the important thing is to do some thing about it and this should be a partisan issue -- a nonpartisan issue. on the issue of the mexican border having migration, it's not true good there is met zero migration. more people are leaving them coming. of where themple rhetoric does not match reality. orders and donald
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trump filmed a paper in india anywhere near the united states in order to show people streaming across the border. it was not even here where it's not happening. we have increased border enforcement. we have quadrupled the spending on border enforcement. we've got drones and all kinds of enforcement. that migration to the united states is less than zero. that story occur because we do not have orders. elsemarco rubio and anyone says have to take control the borders, that's done, so let's talk about immigration. rico,going back to puerto you say you see an increase of reagan's living within the u.s.. do you expect that to have any impact on the elections? any impact on senate elections on the presidential race? absolutely, when you look
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at the greek and community, they are citizens and to register to vote. there is an effort to register voters in florida. that is a very growing the increase in latino voters can have a huge in florida and i think that something to watch the upcoming election. from fitchburg, massachusetts, independent line, go ahead. i watch andy time immigration debate on c-span, it's all spanish people talking. nobody else is talking. they have the spanish chamber of commerce and we have this guy here. he says we should let people come in this country could use
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to let people come into the country when they are giving away land a man at doing that anymore. can puerto rico, people come from there and come into this country. they just need an id. they have 50 million in this country on work visas to they say there is no jobs or uneducated people in the system is corrupt. right on to give us your background. i believe you've been at the league of united latin american citizens since 1988? guest: yes, i graduated from dartmouth and claim -- and came to work for them. i am not latino. people oftant for non-latino heritage to start caring about the issues that are impacting latino communities. the latino population is the fastest-growing in this country.
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tieduture as a nation is to the latino population's success. if we don't worry of doubt it has non-latinos, that's to our detriment. our future nation will be hobbled in the success we will have in the future being held back. it's important for all americans, to worry about the concerns of the latino community. if help this community do well and be successful in live that american dream, our future as a nation is secure. try tontionally hold it back and take away benefits because they happen to be immigrants or latino, we are cutting off her nose to spite our face. that's the important lesson here. we all lose when you potentially hurt a significant population this country especially one that is as fast-growing as the latino population. we also exceeded we hope that
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population do well. let's increase opportunity for everyone and help those who have the most obstacles before them. please, don't intentionally roadblocks by sabotaging public schools were trying to say people cannot get legal visas there are here working hard anyway it will need to help the community rather than hold them back. host: next call is from the republican line from nebraska. all, you keepof putting the number 11 million. that number is probably triple what has come across under this administration. you know that, everyone else does. least 30 got to be at million people here illegally. if only built on wall and i do
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support a wall, and implemented all the laws we have on the 40% over stays on honesty, ahich, in person here is on a visa that is educational, i was most certainly start penalizing the universities and find them you find the university foreign overstay and you would not have that 40% of immigrants overstaying their educational visas. i spent the years and during core. i served with mexicans that were not legal. or maybe they were not american. that's a shame. the politicians could not get it right. that is not right.
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by them self, i would not kick out young kids brought here by their parents because of our politicians. or youyou got a felony have a time against you, you have to go. i appreciate c-span. all, he says he is a republican and you need to remember what republican stand for. for us up to stand individual liberty and less government. yet, when we talk about immigrants, he wants more, he wants walls and immigration of enforcement and try to limit the ability of folks to have their personal freedom. i think that runs contrary to the republican message. their message should be that we and do maximize freedom things to limit that freedom
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when it makes sense to you our economy really needs workers. both come in, they contribute a lot of things. 40% of our food is by immigrant workers a lot of our housing is built by immigrant workers in or your go to daycare family does not want to take the state provides for you. immigrant workers are the ones often they give you the things to really need we have recognize that they contribute to the economy entered the hard work. let's give them the same opportunity that is a magicians had before. reallywhat maximum print means. it's important to be consistent when you say you believe in freedom and applying that all people, not just like yourself. host: the latino population in the united states is typically young. there is an art -- a large
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number of millennials. youthrnout amongst latino is particularly low compared to other groups. another chart shows that among what -- among millennial's, 37.8% are those who say they have voted compared to more than white millennial's. why is this group not as politically engaged as others. what are you doing to try to change that. there is active efforts to that use of latino voters by such as ids that are difficult to get for to make itd they try harder for groups like ours to register voters and getting different walls.
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you have to be trained in every county in texas in order to register voters there. in florida, you have to turn in the voter registration cards within 20 four hours. there are efforts to make it more difficult to vote but other reason is that often times, young latinos don't look at the american political system. they believe in response to their interests and relevant to them. if you have been following some of the debates, like the one in south carolina, you can easily see how that would be the case where they tune that out of don't feel that a something they want to be part of. it's relevance as well. latinoed about rico that -- is a vision is 85-90%. when they come to the united states, it dropped down so the question is, why? three cano, you get
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politicians engaging the kinsey and the united states don't have --t many latino population officeholders. you have to be engaged. the more important it is to get involved if you want to change things. we are working in 28 different states across the country going torture door and doing mailing campaigns and getting phone calls. shopping centers and community fairs and festivals registering voters because we think this is critical to explain to our community how important it is. we don't care who they vote for but we hope they are involved and engaged. host: we will try to get in a few more callers. carlos, in columbia, maryland, go ahead. caller: good evening.
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i am a latino and came here was 13 years old. my plans brought me here. citizen.a i have a work permit that was given to me. currently, i am a student at the i'mersity of maryland in working toward an associates degree in engineering. country has made it very difficult for me to go to school. i have been in school since middle school. i just feel very offended by the way the law treats us and is not giving us the respect we deserve . this is not really our fault. can say is i'm sorry for being an immigrant, it's not my
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fault, i happen to be caught up in this situation it in makes it difficult for a family. host: thank you. andt: thanks for calling in i think it's important to understand that here's a person that despite the obstacles put in his way a still pursuing his education opportunities. he will be an engineer with need. it's the most in demand occupation in this country. he is frustrated because all these obstacles are being in his way to hold them back. that is the real problem we have. urging carlos on and helping him in making sure he has the good education and gets a great job in tribute to our economy. if he succeeds in macro for benefit from the results. useead, we kind of


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