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tv   [untitled]    February 17, 2016 6:01pm-7:23pm EST

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thisse senator rubio at event. our live road to the white house coverage on c-span, the event should be getting started in just a few moments. >> wow. look at this crowd. a good friend of mine says it is a great day in south carolina. so good to see you turn out. chapin, we are proud
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of our students. i have to let you know in case you don't remember, the cheerleaders and the band are both state champions. they will come down to the statehouse here shortly. chance to introduce winners today. we will have a lot of winners on stage. the first i want to point out, you know the representative. we have served together for years. the next guy i want to bring up on stage is no stranger to anyone in south carolina. all he did was win at university. he was 27 and five as a starter, at home. 17-0 ladies and gentlemen, i introduce you to gamecocks winningest all-time quarterback in south carolina history, connor shaw. be here.wonderful to i usually don't do things like this, but such a great opportunity and it is a privilege and an honor to be
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here to support marco rubio and his family. first and foremost, marco is a man of faith in a time when this country desperate -- desperately needs it. [applause] >> absolutely. also, he knows the values of family and makes it a priority. we are at a time country where we face unique national security challenges, and i believe marco rubio is the best candidate to keep us safe, keep our families safe. i have a daughter who is, thank you, a year and a half old. i want her in good hands. i believe marco rubio is that person. theo is a testament to american dream. he comes from humble beginnings, like many of us, and believes that no matter where you start, it will not dictate how far you can go. ofwants each and every one us to experience the american dream, and we should believe him and trust that people fight every day for -- that he will
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fight every day for a better tomorrow for americans. i will turn my attention towards someone who has carried this state through thick and thin, through many adversities, someone who i greatly admire and respect, our governor, nikki haley. she deserves a big round of applause. rolling up.he bus i played in this state for four years. i know how excited and loud we can get. it is not often we have these guys speak at the same event in the state of south carolina. please, give them your biggest round of applause and excitement. our next president, marco rubio, nikki haley. [applause] >> let's get a chant going. marco, marco, marco.
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[crowd: marco, marco, marco. ] "]usic playing: "thunderstruck > ♪ thunder, thunder >> it is a great day in south carolina. [applause] you are hereited today. i want to share a personal story with you. you know i love the great state of south carolina. and you know that i always say i am the proud daughter of indian parents.
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they reminded us every day how blessed we were to live in this country. the one thing i always know is, i'm always trying to take care of south carolina. last year, we faced a year when i tried to hold onto the state as much as i could. and for the first time, i felt vulnerable. and the people of south carolina made us all strong. [applause] strong -- us strong and away that made us know we had grace and compassion and acceptance, and more than anything, we had the ability to .e better when tested so when it was time to look at this presidential race, i thought from a different perspective. this is serious. this matters. i thought, first and foremost, as a mom, who wants her children
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to be safe in our country. children to have the education and opportunities, so they can be better than we were, which is what my parents wanted for us. i am a military wife of a combat veteran. [applause] gov. haley: i want a president who will have the backs of our military veterans, and those in active duty. [applause] i want a president that knows that when we fight wars, we win wars. [applause] president: i want a that understands, we have to stop the federal mandates that have been pushed on the states like obamacare and pa. -- and the epa. [applause] gov. haley: but i want a
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thatdent who understands they have to go back to washington dc and bring a conscience back to our republicans. [applause] needhaley: our republicans to remember what we are about, which is about balanced budgets, ,utting debt, building reserves and making sure that they understand that this guy, he is all about term limits in d.c., and that is what we want to see in a president. [applause] we have good people in this race. we have good people running for president. and i thank them today for their sacrifice and their willingness to serve and honor this great country and make her better. but my job was to find the person i thought could do it the best. so i wanted somebody with fight. i wanted somebody with passion. i wanted somebody that had
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conviction to do the right thing, but i wanted somebody humble enough that remembers that you work for all the people . and i wanted somebody that was going to go and show my parents that the best decision they ever made for their children was coming to america. [applause] -- rubio: gov. haley: we say that every day is a great day in south carolina. ladies and gentlemen, if we elect marco rubio, every day will be a great day in america. [applause] help me welcome the next president of the united states, let's go to the polls on saturday and move that down the way. marco rubio! [applause] sen. rubio: thank you.
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first of all, i can't tell you how honored i am to have the support of your governor, because there are a lot of good people, we have a good field of candidates. none of our candidates is a socialist. none of our candidates is under fbi investigation. choseam honored that she to join our team, because she embodies for me everything i want the republican party and the conservative movement to be about. everything it is about. i have enjoyed being here in south carolina over the last 10 days. we spent a lot of time here, my family, as tourist. everyve up every son -- summer to washington. we always stop and spend time too, and weey here, love being here. i have learned a lot about south carolina. i learned quickly, do not pick sides between usc and clemson. i have learned this at the
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finest military college in the world. the sifted dell is the finest military college in the world. and we learned what an inspiration south carolina is. -- had a tough year, the between floods and tragedies. any other state, any other community, would have reacted differently. but this state came together in a way that served as is the -- as an example to the nation. for some of the doesn't live here, how moved and inspired the nation was when families of people who blocked blood -- lost loved ones in a tragedy for gave the killers. -- they forgave the killer. it was not, it was about living out our faith. it was about living out our values. south carolina taught that to the country. it has been so rewarding to spend the last 10 days here,
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working alongside many wonderful people on our team. haley talked about the decision her parents made to come here. it was like the decision my parents made in 1950 six, when they came to the united states. they arrived with nothing. they didn't have any money. the first words my father learned in english were, i am looking for work. it was hard when they got here. my father stopped going to school when he was nine years old because his mother passed away, so we never went back to school. he would work for the next 70 years of his life. when they came to this country, they struggled those first few years. life was difficult. here is what is amazing. less than 10 years after they came here with nothing, my parents owned a home. they owned a home in a safe neighborhood. the retired with dignity and security. and they lived to see all four of their children have a life better than their own. that is my story. the truth is, as americans, that is our story. that is the governors story.
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it is the story of millions of people across two centuries. one of the things i am safe in saying, i am so glad all of you are here today. i don't know your stories individually, yet i know your story. i promise you, among us here today, the majority of you have a story not unlike mine. yours is the story of parents who give up everything so you could have a life they could never have. you remember the sacrifices your father made and her mother made for you. or maybe it was the one your grandparents made for your parents. this is a we are as a nation. this is who we are as a people. a nation where every generation leaves the next better off, both in families and as a country. time when we must decide, what kind of country will we leave behind? if we stay on the road we are on now, a road that both political parties have put us on, if we
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stay on this road, we are going to be the first americans to leave their children worse off than themselves. that is the road we are on right now. and that is the road we are going to stay on, if in november, bernie sanders is elected president. bernie sanders is a nice guy. he is nice, but he is a socialist. there are dozens of socialist countries in the world. if you want to live in a socialist country, moved to a socialist country. we want to be america. [applause] clinton is hillary unqualified to be president. [applause] intelligencehe put information on her server, because she think she is above the law. her plan was, she thought she would get elected and maybe she would pardon herself. she isre serious note,
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disqualified from being commander-in-chief. when four brave americans lost their lives in benghazi, she lied to their relatives and families. lies to the families of americans who have lost their lives in the service of our country can never be the commander-in-chief about -- of america. [applause] if we lose this election, we lose more than an election. i believe we will lose the american dream. if we lose this election and bernie sanders or hillary clinton, when obamacare becomes permanent, dodd frank becomes permanent. the deal with iran becomes permanent. if we lose this election, the debt will grow and our military will shrink. our reputation in the world will continue to decline. this is the consequences of losing this election. we cannot lose this election. we must win. or what is at stake is not simply what party will be in
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charge, what is at stake in this election is our identity as a nation and as a people. here is the good news. i believe with all my heart that what this election we do needs to be done, america's greatest days lie ahead. be done,it needs to the 21st century has a chance to be the greatest chapter in the amazing story of the most amazing nation in the history of all mankind. [applause] but to achieve this, to achieve this, we must return to the principles that made us great to begin with. limited government. a limited federal government, not a federal government in charge of everything. inederal government that is charge of only a few things, like national security. the rest, leave it up to the states. i trust our communities more than i could trust congress for the -- or the federal bureaucracy. [applause]
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a limited government based on the constitution, on saturday, we were tragically reminded of what is at stake in the selection. we lost justice scalia. in the history of the republic, there has never been a supreme court justice that understood the constitution better than he did. he understood the constitution was supposed to be applied according to its original meaning. it is not a living document that means whatever you want it to mean. and now he is gone. the next president will replace him, and i am telling you, i will be in the senate for another year. this president will not get to replace antonin scalia a. [applause] this election is about the second amendment, about the constitutional right that we have to protect ourselves and our families, and when i am president we are going to defend the second amendment, not undermine it. [applause]
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sen. rubio: this election is not just about limited government, it is about free enterprise. i look at the state of south carolina under the leadership of your governor, and i have been saying this even before i got to south carolina. america needs to be doing what you are doing here. why are these companies moving here? why is boeing and michelin and bmw here? because of your high taxes? no. because you cut taxes. is it because a burdensome regulations? no. you reduced regulations. is it because your government wants to stick their hands into everything they are doing in their business? no. it is because you have a governor and he leadership that understands the government does not create jobs, the private sector creates jobs. [applause] free enterprise is the only economic model in the world. where everyone can be better off
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without making anyone were soft. free enterprise is the only economic model in the history of the world where you can make poor people richer, and you don't have to make rich people poorer. that is why we believe in free enterprise. that is why when i am president, we will embrace free enterprise and we will make america the single best place in the world to start a business, grow a business, and create the best paying jobs of the 21st century. [applause] sen. rubio: the one thing the federal government has to do is provide for our national security. and one of the main reasons why barack obama is such a terrible president, is because he is a terrible commander-in-chief. look what they are doing to our military. today, we are on pace to have the smallest army since the end of world war ii. .he smallest navy in 100 years the smallest air force in our history. you know what the average age of a plane is?
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the pilots are younger than the planes. 27. not a good sign. it is not like the world has gotten safer. there is a lunatic in north korea with nuclear weapons. the chinese are stealing our inventions, hacking our computers and taking over the south china sea. vladimir putin is sowing instability in europe and the middle east. iran is going to get $100 billion of sanctions relief. and what are they going to build ? not orphanages. they will build up their military and acquire a nuclear weapon. and radical islamic jihadists are growing, particularly isis. the most pop -- powerful jihadist group in the history of the world that now has affiliates in over a dozen countries. in the face of all this, we are gutting our military. this is unfair to the men and women in uniform. we are still asking them to go into harm's way, but now, we are
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asking to do that with less people, all their aircraft and equipment and rules of engagement that do not allow them to win. that is why i want you to know, if you vote for me and i am elected president, we are going to rebuild the u.s. military, because the world is a safer and better place when america is the strongest military in the world. [applause] sen. rubio: when i am president, we will have a real war on terror, not the fake one going on now under barack obama. it will look like this. the best intelligence agencies in the world will tell us where the terrorists are, and the best military in the world will destroy them. if we capture any of these terrorists alive, they are not coming to south carolina. they are going to what tom and obey, cuba, and we will find out everything they know. ntanamo will go to gua
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they, cuba. we will take care of our veterans. this is my favorite part of the speech in south carolina, because it is amazing. you canthe veterans if raise your hand so we can thank you for your service. [applause] sen. rubio: it is amazing. literally, half the people in the crowd raise their hand. if you are not a veteran, raise your hand. what we are doing to our veterans is immoral. the duty -- did you see the headline in usa today? calls to be aing, suicide hotlines went to voicemail. do you think anybody will be fired over that? do you think anybody will be held accountable? no. they may get a promotion or a
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bonus. this is unacceptable. this is unacceptable. nikki haley is the governor of a state with a lot of veterans. i'm a senator of a state with a lot of veterans. a quarter of the calls to my office are about va benefits. my brother is a veteran. here is -- he is here today. he was a green beret. [applause] i know what you are thinking, i thought was -- i thought that was his dad. [laughter] >> that is so wrong. so wrong. sen. rubio: he is 21 years older than me. my mom was 19 when he was born and 40 when i was born. my parents were optimistic people. my sister was born after me. true story, he drove my mom to the hospital when she went into
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labor with me. those were different times back then. my dad was at work. back then, we used to call dad and say, yeah, you had a boy. but doctors thought he was the dad. hisarents were so proud of service to the country as our entire family is. for the sacrifices your families made. we don't take care of our veterans. we have a record number of veterans committing suicide. homeless. unemployed. and waiting in long lines at the hospitalsare good va and we thank them for what they do. we thank them for what they do. but when i am president, if you are not doing a good job at the va, you will be fired. not promoted, not a bonus. you will be fired. when i am president, when i am president, our veterans, if they are unhappy, they will be will
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to take their benefits to any hospital or doctor that they want to go to. [applause] i want to close by thanking you all for being here again, and i want to ask you for your vote. 2016 is not another election. it is a turning point in the history of this country. what kind of turning point is what you will have to decide. it can be the greatest ever a in our history ahead of us. or, we will have to explain to -- kids why we in heritage why we inherited the greatest nation in history and they got something less than that. i want you to understand what it would feel like to live in a society that tells you that no matter how hard you work, or how hard you try, there are only certain things he will be allowed to do because of who your parents are. i just described to you the human condition for thousands of years. do you realize that most everyone that has ever lived, and in fact, most of the people alive today are of the world,
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live in a society like the one i described? most of the people that have ever lived have lived in a society that said to them, you are only allowed to be whatever your parents were. no matter how hard you work. try, how how much you good you are, you can only go so far. there is one exception. the united states. [applause] you know this in your life. you know this in your life. in this country, we are a generation or two removed from someone who opened doors for us that had been closed for them. we are a nation of go-getters. we are the descendents of immigrants and slaves, people -- overcame challenges because they refuse to accept artificial limitations. and why are we different? why was that possible? our founding, with a profound truth that our rights do not come from government. our rights come from god.
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it is on that principle that we were founded. [applause] our rights come from god, the right to life, the right to liberty, the right to pursue happiness. and it is the fact that we are based on that principle that for over two centuries, each generation has left the next better off. now, the time has come for us to do the same. the moment has arrived for this generation to do its part. we will not do our part if we stay on the road we are on now. we will not have done our part if we allow this country of -- to be -- to abandon everything that made us special. that is why we have to win. not just this election, we have to win the future and that is why, what you do here on saturday is important. despite the challenges we face, and the challengers are real. growve an opportunity to the conservative movement, to take our message to people who don't vote for us now, two people that, for 25 years, have
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been told the republican party only cares about the rich people. and the democrats of the party of the working class. that is a lie. that is a total lie. the government hurts people that are trying to make it. [applause] traps people that are trying to make it in part -- out of poverty. we have safety net programs that track people in poverty, that have become a way of life and a lifestyle. only free enterprise provides the opportunity, only a free economy provides the chance to quit your job and start a business out of the spare bedroom of your home. that is what we need to be again as a nation, and that will only happen if we win this election with the right people in the right candidate. that is why i ask you for your support, because that is what i will do. i am president, i will unite the conservative movement, and we will grow it. we will take our message to people that are living the way .our governor and i grew up
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we will take our message to the hotel maids i see around the country as i travel, as they come down the hallway with their cart with the towels stacked up in the soap taxes, a lot of them heard my mom was a made. the american. dream is alive and them. they are working so their kids can be anything they want to be. we will take our message to the father that drives a taxicab at night so he can go to school during the day. so one day, he can give his kids a chance to be everything he never had a chance to be. we will be the party of parents that are struggling with the cost of living. we will be the party of the single mother who makes $10 per hour. and is trying to raise her kids because the father of those children has abandoned them. so she needs to go back to school and become a paralegal or a dental hygienist, but she can't because she has to work full-time and school is too expensive. we will be the party of young
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americans facing thousands of dollars in student loan debt, borrowed for degrees that will not lead to jobs. we will be the party of the people that are willing to work hard and sacrifice to not just achieve a better life for themselves, but it better future for their children. we will take our conservative message, not diminish it, not water it down, we are going to take it to people that are living the way we grew up, two people living paycheck to paycheck the way i grew up. someone asked me, what his paycheck to paycheck? it is when you write a check on wednesday even though you don't yet paid till friday so you date it saturday. that is paycheck to paycheck. i am not saying i ever did that. the press is here. ims say saying, i know what it is. new -- we are going to do when needs to be done. you and i refuse to be, and nikki haley refuses to become a
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part of a generation that has to look our kids in the eye and explained to them why it is that the incredible america that changed our life is no longer around for them. that is what we are going to do. and let me tell you what history will say to us if we do it needs to be done. history will say that this generation of americans, like the one that came before us, we confronted our challenges. we solved our problems, we didn't pass them along to our children. we did what needed to be done, and because we did the american dream did not just survive. it reached more people and change more lives than before. we did what needed to be done. our children became the freest and most prosperous americans that ever lived, because we meet -- we did what needed to be done. the 21st century is a new american century. we are going to do with needs to isdone, so when our time done and history writes about this moment, it will say that we, those americans live here and now in the early years of
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this century, were the authors of the greatest chapter in the amazing story of the greatest nation in the history of all mankind. so i need your vote, and i and q. god -- i thank you. god bless you. gov. haley: i just want to say a -- to everybody, this is one of many bruises i will take from marco rubio. so if i'm going to do that, i need you to go out on saturday. i need you to contact 10 people, jump on facebook, go on .nstagram, take a picture of us i need to make sure we have the highest turnout we have ever had in south or alina. we make presidents. the nexte marco rubio president of the united states. god bless.
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>> ♪ bring your gift, bring your frame ♪ ♪ don't you know that's not your name ♪ ♪ you will always be much more to me the voices are telling me i'm not right, it's all right. because i hear a voice and it calls me every day ♪ in the world, in the world ♪
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♪ bring your doubt, bring your faith ♪ ♪ bring your burden, ring your tears -- bring your tears ♪ ♪ every time i fall, those who will call me ♪ i hear a voice said he calls me by name ♪ freedom is living in the world ♪ in the world, in the world
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in the world, in the world ♪
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freedom is the one thing living inside of me that he is living in the world ♪ [music playing] ♪
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>> can i get a picture with you? all right. thank you. >> over here, marco. >> thank you. did you go to the town hall? sen. rubio: the cnn thing, yeah. it's easier than a debate, i think. i don't have to argue with anyone. >> can i get a handshake,
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senator? thank you. sen. rubio: good to see you. >> can i get a picture? sen. rubio: where is your camera? >> thank you. >> will you sign this for me? sen. rubio: hold on. where is your camera? >> right here. thanks, buddy. you got my vote today. sen. rubio: thanks, guys.
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you voted today? where is your camera? >> right there. thank you so much. >> marco. sen. rubio: thank you for having us. let me get second, this picture. >> thank you. where is your camera? >> right there. thank you. >> can i get one, sir? can i get a picture? sen. rubio: where is your camera? >> right here. >> can i get a picture, mr. rubio? thank you.
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while you get a picture. thank you so much for being here. >> will you turn this way? sen. rubio: ok. thank you, guys. >> thank you. the you so much. >> thank you. i have to earn that, but i appreciate your compliments. get to the cnn 9:00 in thing at greenville. thank you. >> god bless you.
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>> [speaking spanish] spanish] : [speaking >> god bless you. can i get a picture? sen. rubio: where is your camera? let's get set up. ready? >> thank you. >> can you stand over here? >> mr. rubio. thank you, guys. thank you for being here. it is my honor to be able to do this. it is my honor. and you so much for having us. is that you? look at that tonight. thank you.
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>> thank you very much. cracks can we get one picture with all of us? -- >> can we get one picture with all of us? sen. rubio: good to see you. is that your camera? >> yes. thank you, thank you. sen. rubio: i will be right back, guys. [music playing]
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>> thank you for being here. >> can we get a picture? >> you are doing a great job. thank you so much. i really appreciate what you were saying. saying -- stay strong, man. >> 1, 2, 3. sen. rubio: do you want to take one? >> marco. sen. rubio: ready? >> thank you.
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>> thank you for coming. >> can i get one too, please? sen. rubio: sure. you ready? yes, sir. i hear you. to un-zoom? w how >> cheese. sen. rubio: are you ready? >> ♪ i need somebody to lean on ♪
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[music playing] ♪ >> thank you. sen. rubio: thanks, guys. all right, guys. 1, 2, 3. thank you for being here. i appreciate it. >> thank you. thank you very much. i appreciate you guys. thank you for coming. i am excited you guys are here. >> marco. me say hi toet
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these guys. picture. to see the thank you. my brother graduated. >> senator rubio. senator rubio. over here. >> take care, senator. sen. rubio: would you like me to sign it? >> yes. sen. rubio: ok, ready? yes, ma'am. you are an inspiration. 1, 2, 3. >> thank you. >> senator, senator. >> senator rubio. sen. rubio: i will be right there.
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>> i read a good article in the washington post. sen. rubio: oh, good. >> thank you. >> senator rubio. >> can we get a picture? >> did you get it? >> yes, i did. change america for my generation?
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can i get a picture with you? >> the line is really long. sen. rubio: where is your camera? all right. get one? sen. rubio: got it? >> thank you so much. >> if you don't mind, can i get your signature? sen. rubio: thank you, guys. thank you. >> i need the senator over here.
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please. please. sen. rubio: here we go. thank you, guys. >> thank you for your speech. >> let's get out of the way. >> senator rubio, over here please. >> can we get a picture? we didn't get a picture. sen. rubio: i will be right here. >> ok, look right here. cheese. >> thank you so much. >> senator rubio. >> you are one year younger than senator cruz? sen. rubio: five months. where lookingess younger is a bad thing. >> turnaround, turn around.
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>> you. thank you so much. sen. rubio: thank you. >> thank you. can we get some pictures? sen. rubio: yes. >> he said yes. thank you, guys. thanks for being here. see you, man. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> i am a struggling student in law school. sen. rubio: what year are you guys in? oh, that is the hardest one. >> senator, can we get a picture? sen. rubio: thank you, guys.
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>> we are happy to have you on the team. sen. rubio: it's the future of america. >> can we take a picture? sen. rubio: thank you, guys. here.r here, over >> thank you, senator. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> can i take one, to? >> thank you. sen. rubio: what an honor to see you.
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>> yes, sir. thank you. sen. rubio: i appreciate it so much. doing somewill be work around here. service.nored by your it is an honor to have you on our team. can we get a picture? thank you so much. >> thank you, sir. sen. rubio: good to see you. thank you. shall i sign that? >> can i get a picture with you? sen. rubio: yes, ma'am. where is your camera? you, sir.ciate >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. thank you so much. thank you for being here. thanks, guys.
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would you like me to sign it? >> we will get it done. >> thank you, senator. it is good. sen. rubio: thank you so much for being here. thank you so much. it is in god's hands. but i have a lot of confidence. thank you so much. thank you so much. be careful. you have a chair? all right, guys. i'm going on cnn now. great.s i appreciated very much. god bless you. >> you are welcome. ofc-span's live coverage senator marco rubio's campaign rally in south carolina,
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ofeiving the endorsement south carolina governor nikki haley. he made reference to a cnn orrin later, 85 miles between chapin, south carolina, to the town of greenville, where the bus will be headed tonight. our phone lines are open at 202-783-2920. 202-748- this is susan, who was at the rally. susan? here: quite a few people as senator rubio gets on the bus up to the event. we will talk to a few as the crowd thins. it is chilly here in south carolina. we don't want to keep people too long. let me introduce you to two college students who came to the event. what is your name? >> logan. >> jelly.
6:56 pm
y. i think i will vote for marco rubio. >> what you like about him? >> i have been down to marco rubio or jeb bush, and i think marco rubio is interstate -- states rights. x you are young, but some opponents say he is too young. >> i think anybody in this day and age can learn anything they want to. we live in the information age. him being younger, i connect to older generations. but to me, that gives him a leg up on other people. i think he is more in touch with the world. susan: will the governors endorsement matter? >> i am from kentucky. that i think that will help him become a more viable candidate and a bigger threat to donald trump in this election. susan: how much interest is
6:57 pm
there on campus for this election? >> a frightening number of people like donald trump. i even the party of, anybody who can catch him at this point. but i'm a big rubio guy after today. is a 40ou said it minute drive from campus. why did you come? >> we wanted to hear his side. we are gathering as much information as we can from all the rally so we can make a more educated decision. upan: when will you make your mind? >> i have a little bit of time. i am from florida. susan: what are you looking for in a candidate? >> strong leader. somebody who does not jump around the questions, has a strong background. i think marco rubio has done well for my state of florida, same with jeb bush. i am in between them. floridians.ave two
6:58 pm
what you think of that? >> i admire both of them. the sad part is, i think they will duke it out against each other in my state, especially. ofi hope the best for both them, and i hope one of them comes out on top. ,usan: what you think of trump why he is doing so well in the polls? sensationalism, i guess. he says things that get people fired up at his rallies. people are willing to jump on board because it is the soundbite thing and they are willing to your him say all this stuff and we hate all these people and we want people to leave. i do not think there is as much substance behind him. susan: would you vote for trump? >> i can't say. susan: what about you? would you vote for trump? >> i don't think so. he does not have any concrete
6:59 pm
evidence in any of his answers, jumps around the questions. i want somebody who is act-based. he isn't a great person in my eyes. two university of south carolina students at the marco rubio event. endorsement of the state newspaper in columbia, south carolina, endorsing governor john kasich, calling him the best candidate to break through the gridlock. the piece is available at the should ignore the blather of candidates without credentials to lead the country. instead, voters should choose ohio governor john kasich and his actual record of improving federal and state governments. michelle joins us from charlotte, republican line. what is your take on the michelle: i think marco is
7:00 pm
absolutely awesome. he is what our country needs. i hope that everybody will get out and vote for him. larry: how you doing today? that i amted to say in alabama i have contacted my and i told them how i felt and i have contacted many friends all over the united states. the consensus is that rubio is the best for our country. with all the issues and everything. will not need somebody who blow up and get hot in the white house. somebody with the nuclear finger . it could be a mess. host: re: issue of experience, do you think rubio has the
7:01 pm
experience to be the commander-in-chief and the president. the foreign affairs end of it and marco being on the senate committee i think he is the most experienced in knowing what is going on in the world. of everybody was on the stage. we are back on the campaign trail tomorrow covering jeb bush in south carolina and governor john kasich. a late evening rally in las vegas in advance of the democratic caucuses in nevada with hillary clinton. you can watch that here on c-span. i am a woman born in manhattan. i came to florida and under jeb
7:02 pm
, charlie marco rubio crist, they were the worst. i was crucified here. i am trying to get back to new york. bushman rubio and to jeb is a liar because i have a letter that i sent to jeb bush when he was governor. these men are not telling the truth. he doesn't know me. but i grew up knowing about donald trump. susan: i would like to introduce you to emerald. emerald: i am from columbia south carolina. i am a moderate.
7:03 pm
i will be voting on saturday. i have not made up my mind. this rally was actually pretty fantastic. i'm leaning a little more court toward the john kasich. i'm interested hearing from all the candidates. from three. governor bush, senator rubio and senator sanders. i think rubio's ideas on making sure that anybody who wants to work for something he will be creating opportunity for four. i'm a big proponent of national service. we will work for a year here in this country, work for the country if we can really some of our student loan debt.
7:04 pm
south carolina is known for teeth ofout the people. that is very interesting. it ist think that definitely showing people in the best light at times. hopefully we can get down to the truth in another day. a lot of my friends and work colleagues will be voting next week in the democratic primary. i work in the nonprofit sector so many of them are democrats. they have differing ideas about what liberty and justice means here in the united states. different ideas. have interesting conversations. thank you for a much. steve: i want to share with you some new national polls.
7:05 pm
nbc news and the wall street journal released just a few hours ago. showing ted cruz ahead nationally at 28%. he told nbc that he is the new front runner. donald trump is a 26%. jerry: i'm going to vote on saturday. i support rubio. to start with, i have a side
7:06 pm
from a neighborhood grocery store for donald trump. that is the really sign that is daily sinai to get. i put in my yard. since i been listening to him on and all of his stupid stuff that he is staying, calling him orliars i don't want someone like that representing me. this is a great country. if we don't get the right person up there we are going to go down worse than we are right now. made the biggest mess of this country i have ever seen in my life. i am 70 years old. i have been through a whole lot of my life. ,his is the worst eight years seven years that i've seen. we don't get somebody in there they can bring this country back up and not somebody
7:07 pm
like donald trump with all his millions of dollars that thinks he can do whatever he wants to do because he is rich that doesn't work for me. steve: some new bloomberg politics numbers. looking at south carolina. donald trump still leading in that state according to bloomberg. ted cruz in second place at 17%. susan cole and he says i should call him by his nickname which is smoked. you have had a big commitment. you watch every single debate. e: the debates are kind of
7:08 pm
embarrassing. this fellow here rubio is young and down to earth and he will surround himself with some very good people. i think he will do well. the candidates who are doing the best in the polls are thriving on anger. that is not what people are interested in. we are smarter than they think we are. using all these very wonderful this and fantastic back, that is not going to help this country. you've got to have some real plans. i think rubio has that ability to find people to stand with him and do that. as an example, he has our governor who is great on business issues. there was a fellow up their minute ago on the military,
7:09 pm
steve siegfried. he surrounded himself with people who know what they're doing. that is not what we have right now in washington. it could be the ticket up there on stage. it would be very wise to have our governor nikki haley is the vice president. the top issues are the social issues. the economy. look what governor nikki haley has done for our state. plans andl kinds of manufacturers coming in here. military. all kinds of issues.
7:10 pm
it is because of taxes that business has come into trouble. this is a right to work state. ask our governor. she doesn't want labor unions in here. we don't want to labor unions in here. manufacturers are going to come here if the labor unions are too strong. the quiz happened up north. the steel mills of shutdown. people know what they're doing. rubio needs to stay out of the whole rod that trump is doing, let trump do all the anger. stay focused on the issues. stay out of all the socialization. i think there will be a big turnout on saturday. a big turnout here in treatment. chapin has a couple of thousand people of the surrounding areas have more. i have lived here 24 years. thank you.
7:11 pm
joe: good evening said. ir. i am undecided as yet. i was very encouraged by a lot of the republican candidates this year. the thing that i would emphasize is that my demographic of being a two euros mail. i own a business right behind where rubio was speaking. an auto repair shop. i want to encourage everybody my community to go out and vote. we have some very good candidates. we have to take our country back. it is not right with people who've worked all their lives and they have enough of this they have nothing to show for it. steve: endorsements of nikki haley has gone to marco rubio.
7:12 pm
jamie: i just don't care for the bush family. they have everybody trying to run for his brother. forgottenople she what pushed into the economy. he crashed the economy. when he was in office. trump is one of the best ones because at least he speaks the truth and he speaks out about how other people feel about this country. money, he has his his own money to run. he has created jobs. he wants good american things.
7:13 pm
our foreign trade agreements are terrible. the trade policy is a disaster. free,et everything for they get lower taxes and tax cuts and they get all kinds of things. i like trump's ideas because he doesn't want his foreigners coming over here. they should earn their way into america. steve: we will have live coverage of the victory and concession speeches on saturday. we also expect to hear from hillary clinton and bernie sanders in nevada. edward from connecticut: good
7:14 pm
evening. thank you for the program that you are putting on. america that corporate america. we are the public. not the republic. the power belongs to the people. when we put in place a voting system where we can go and vote on issues. the direction that our nation is going in. that is what we can clean this mess up. and turn washington right side up. we pay for those issues that they put on the floor of our house with our tax dollars and blood. going to war. overseas sor people they can send money back home to the wise to feed the families. in god we trust.
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7:15 pm
not in man. some of the latest ads on the air in south carolina. this was from the ted cruz campaign. was we are just one supreme court justice away from losing our freedom. donald trump: i am a very pro-choice. i would not ban partial-birth abortion. i am pro-choice in every respect. >> we cannot trust donald trump with these decisions. rubio: this campaign is about my kids and what kind of america they are going to inherit.
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7:16 pm
jeanette rubio: god has given us such a gift. i could not more thankful. john kasich: by father was a postman who told me you can go out and change the world. my parents were killed by a drunk driver but they did not die in vain. i was transformed. i discovered my purpose by discovering the lord. i believe the lord put us on earth to use the gifts that we have been given to bring about healing. that is the motivation for may. me. bush: i am the most proven conservative with the most conservative record. i believe that life begins at conception.
7:17 pm
as an nra member for the past 15 years the sound of our guns is the sound of freedom. i am the most pro-life governor on this stage. i signed six pro-gun and hunting bills. no one has that consistent proven record. jeff shaw was a 17-year-old football star who was gunned down. killer was an illegal immigrant who just got out of prison. his dad jamil show is supporting donald trump is he knows he will end the illegal immigration. the only ones saying we are going to enforce the law against illegal immigrants. i believe donald trump wants to make us great again. he loves america. steve: those are some of the ants on the air in south carolina. national survey from nbc news showing ted cruz moving ahead of donald trump.
7:18 pm
the latest bloomberg politics poll in south carolina shows donald trump a 36% and ted cruz behind him at 17%. the endorsement of nikki haley goes to marco rubio.
7:19 pm
nikki haley: is it a great day in south carolina? we are so excited that you are here today. i want to share personal story. you know i love south carolina. you know i always say i am the proud daughter of indian parents that reminded us every day how blessed we were to live in america. i am always trying to take care south carolina. whereear we faced a year i tried to hold on to hold onto the state as much as i could. for the first time i felt vulnerable. carolina isf south all strong. they made a strong in a way that we knew we had to fight.
7:20 pm
we have grace and we have compassion. we had the ability to be better when tested. this matters. i am a mom who wants her children to be safe in our country. who wants her children to have the education the opportunities so that we can be better than we were. that's what my parents want for us. i am a military wife of a combat veteran. i want a president who's is going to have the backs of our military and those on active duty.
7:21 pm
when we fight wars we win wars. i want a president that understands we have to stop the federal mandates that have been pushed on the states like obamacare and the epa. i want a president who understands that they have to go back to washington dc and bring a conscience back to our republicans. our republicans need to remember which isre about balanced budgets, cutting debt. building reserves. making sure that they understand that this guy is all about term limits. that is what we want to see in a president.
7:22 pm
we have good people in this race. good people running for president. i thank them today for their sacrifice and their willingness to serve. to honor this great country. to make it better. job was to find the person i thought could do it the best. i wanted something with fight. with passion. convictions to do the right thing. toant summary humble enough remember is that you work for all the people. parents can show my that the best decision they ever made for their children was coming to america. every day is a great day in south carolina. if we elect marco


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