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tv   Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Walterboro South Carolina  CSPAN  February 18, 2016 5:12am-5:55am EST

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simple question, who do i trust? principal constitutionalists supreme court justices. there's a reason donald trump is attacking this ad. because nobody looking at donald trump's record could believe for donald would appoint conservative justices. i'll tell you why i know that. ecause if you look over the past decades, anytime a epublican nominates a judge with a proven conservative record on the bench, you have a nasty, knockdown, dragout battle. the democrats care about the court, they will invest all their energy. it's why over and over again epublican presidents have decided the court didn't matter to them that much so they go to a stealth candidate with no record. because they're not willing to invest the political capital.
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the democrats are always willing to invest everything they have ing far left wing justices. so if donald ever became president, we know for a fact he any political t capital in confirming a proven conservative justice. why? he's e for four decades, been supporting left wing democrats. writing them checks. whose core mission was preventing conservatives to getting to the court. nobody who cares about could ative justices write those checks. and i would note the stakes as that ad rightly says, we are one justice away. one liberal justice away from losing our fundamental rights. we're one justice away from religious liberty. from the second amendment being written out of the bill of rights. and so, for the people of south a vote for donald
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trump is a vote to erase the second amendment from the bill of rights. now, i would note donald's response to this, to go through iteration. his response would be to scream liar, that's his response to everything. ow, in this instance, i'm not basing this on a specific statement he's made. i donald trump will appoint liberals. he claims he will not. but rather, i'm basing it on his lifelong record and reasonable inferences that anyone could draw from his lifelong record. says, gosh, i donald support the second amendment. ell, he didn't when he supported the assault weapons ban. ut even if you take donald at face value that he had a transformation on the second amendment like he claims on every other issue. even if you believe him on that, there is no reason whatsoever to think he would spend the political capital needed to
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appoint a conservative. blech means, the only reasona inference is donald would go for the stealth candidates other republican presidents have had. and they have turned out to be over and on the court over and over, again. >> you mentioned ethics. but marco rubio and donald trump yours into question, your campaign did question the caucuses. the iowa i know you apologized to dr. carson. but how do you respond to rubio? >> well, look, that is the l result of the fact that both of those campaigns, the only thing insults do is engage in and attacks. with regard to iowa, a national news network reported on elevision that carson was suspending campaigning.
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but let's be clear, that's what they said on television. anchors said it was highly significant and highly unusual. an r defense, they point to individual tweet from that day which was to the contrary. reporters to the good here. but on election day, our campaign was not following every tweet coming from every reporter. we did have the television on in the campaign office. watchings what we were was the tv news broadcast. nobody saw this tweet from the reporter that in the aftermath, on news network is relying to say they corrected the record. what we saw is what they put on tv. and here's the important piece. was that network reported true and accurate. in fact, mr. carson, did not go on to south carolina, he did not go on to new hampshire.
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he went on to florida. the first public event he did in either south carolina or new hampshire was the day before the new hampshire event. was true ey reported and accurate and passing on a is true ws report that is not remotely unethical. the articularly rich that campaign is attacking us given there have been public reports hat the rubio campaign was doing the same thing. you know, it wasn't unethical of the campaign to passen o the public news reports. any more than it was for staffers on my campaign. of this is the product of candidates who don't want to talk about their own records. if you are a republican you have a liberal
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ecord, if your record does not match the platform you are running on for president, then the last thing you want to talk about your own record. so what you do, instead, is you the 6:00 try to engage in insults and attacks, try to go to the mud, make it personal. talking about the record is not what you want to do. rubio supporters was asked to name anything rubio has accomplished. he couldn't do so. part of the reason is the campaign didn't want to answer truthfully, the biggest kmishment he's had in his time is passing the amnesty bill through the u.s. senate. it's not even close. dwarfs everything else he's done. ways, the te in many
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biggest accomplishment i've had n the senate is defeating the rubio/schumer amnesty bill in the house and preventing it from passing into law. now, i understand why mr. rubio's surrogates don't want to talk about that. of joining record with barack obama and pushing for amnesty is inconsistent with what they're saying on the record. and on the campaign. but campaigns ought to be about issues and substance and record. and that's what our campaign has been about and will continue to be about. > you call him a friend, would you vote to confirm him? >> i would not. i have been very clear that the senate should not confirm any lame-duck session. it's been 80 years since the senate has confirmed a supreme court nominee nominated during an election year. when the courty,
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hangs in the balance, it makes whatsoever to give barack obama the power to jam judge in the final election year. we need to make -- you voted forudge was confirmed? >> voting for a candidate for he d.c. circuit is very different than the u.s. supreme court. should make we 2016 a referendum on the u.s. supreme court. if the democrats want to jam in an activist to undermine the first amendment, the second amendment, to take away our religious liberty, we should make that an issue for the american people. the american people are going to get to vote. and i'll tell you, katie, i cannot wait to stand on that hillary age with clinton or bernie sanders and make the case that their vision f the supreme court, their vision of the constitution is fundamentally inconsistent with the vision of the american
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people. if they want to put -- >> starts 11 months before the new president takes office. >> todd, those are the president's talking points. case. is, in fact, the that when the democrats were there, he said they shouldn't confirm for 18 months. that's only republican nominee. cutoff? was your >> we should not confirm a justice nominated during an election year. with a lawless theident who has undermined constitution at every stage. and we have an election, let the people decide. that ought to be something folks in the press would stand for, letting the people decide. >> would be until 2016? >> but also decided in 2014, republican senate, in large part because of the lawlessness of president obama. we have a republican senate. and any republican senate would to confirm a left wing, democratic nominee in an election year which has not
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happened for a nomination made years lection year in 80 and now is no time to start. "washington t on the impact of scalia's death in the race. and todd harrison examines the 2017 defense budget. and after that, national urban league president looks at the playafrican-americans will in the 2016 elections. plus, your phone calls, facebook comments, and tweets. "washington journal" live every day at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. c-span's road to the white house coverage continues with hillary clinton. voters at a g to get out the caucus rally, hosted by a local labor union.
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it's live at 11:30 p.m. eastern here on c-span. >> c-span's coverage of the presidential candidates continues this week with campaign events in south carolina and nevada. leading up to the south carolina nevada ary and the caucuses. our live coverage starts at saturday at 7:30 p.m. eastern. your reaction to the results on radio, and pan spoke to voters in south carolina where he received the endorsement of a ocal group of hunters and fishermen. he also made a plea for voters to come out for the republican primary on saturday. his remarks are 25 minutes.
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>> thank you very much. thank you. thank you, everybody. wow. so nice. this is called real country. look at this. look at these people over here, wow. so, you know, to have the very ement of these two rich, very powerful, but really wonderful gentlemen. these are really wonderful gentlemen. get back up here. come here. what gentlemen? and they got some money, don't they, huh? they've got some money. i'm looking at that equipment. they've got some -- that's good. so it's so important. vote is tting out the just so important. our country's been taken away us.m it's going so fast. and you talked about second
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amendment. because i was asking with randy and a lot of people. i was talking to some of the people before. what would you like me to focus on? and they say just second amendment. second amendment. ow, second amendment means a lot of other things, too. we've got to talk about trade a little bit, other things. but the second amendment is under siege. you know that, you know that very well. urt ost a great supreme co justice and nobody thought this was going to be part of the equation. and all of a sudden, if somebody person, that's the wrong they'll take that second amendment away so fast, you'll see your head spin. hillary is a disaster on the second amendment. they want to take it away. to t's just not going happen. it's not going to happen. and you have to get out and vote. so important. but when we lost our wonderful justice who was a great man and a great second amendment person, i just heard coming up, you know, the senators, we've been very disappointed.
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i'm a republican, many of you are republicans, but we're not being protected. budget, you saw the budget that was approved a month ago. it's approved by the republicans. away.gave it they gave obama everything. put in a ants to supreme court judge. and the judge he wants is going person to y negative guns. that's the way it is. believe me, that'll be the way it is. and basically, they don't have a right to do that. but i keep saying, well, are the republicans going to fail? are they going to crack? what's going to happen? and coming up today, i'm earing, well, there could be a way of obama pushing it so here we go. here we go. same thing with obamacare. we're going to repeal and replace obamacare, believe me. but, look at what's going on with your premiums. 35, 45%, 55% up. high, eductible is so you've got to get hit by that truck in order to ever use it. up and i'm hearing
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that obama now who said, by the way yesterday, donald trump will not be the president. he will not be. that's a compliment. look. he's been, perhaps, the worst history of the united states. but he was all over the place yesterday saying donald trump will not be, i think we have maybe a little surprise in store. and e we start here in north carolina. new hampshire was so amazing. nd we come down here and, i say, i think we have an even bigger lead over here and the people have been incredible. to speak.where we go i know that four years ago, you people here for the same kind of thing for your front runner. and he did well. people, 200 00 people. you have thousands of people appreciate it. and i'm not going to forget it. believe me. i'm not going to forget it.
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i hear they're talking about getting a liberal judge in. a judge that does not like the second amendment. and this is one of many, but a judge that doesn't want to do a number on the guns and know how important it is. we're not going to let it happen. it's not going to happen. we have nine months, ten months to go. we have to have the republicans hold fast. i'm just hearing these little well, maybe if you appoint somebody, maybe we can get along. it's not the way it's supposed to be. have theirle they'll wish. if they win, they'll be having their choice. don't win, we have three or four or five supreme court justices. this was a very sad circumstance that happened with -- it mean, me was a very sad circumstance. but now, we're going to see what happens. this. only tell you
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we are doing well. we have a really good chance to win. if we can win in south carolina. we could very well run the table i don't know if you saw. next week in nevada, it's going to be phenomenal. there, to the p people. bush is 1% in nevada. why doesn't he give up and go home? go home. go home to mom. go home to mommy. something, 48. i think we're going to do well. then we have the s.e.c., which i think will be amazing. but it really is now starting, new hampshire could not be better. a tremendous sendoff. and we did well in iowa. ome votes were stolen from ben
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carson, which by the way, was a disgrace. what cruz did with ben carson was an absolute disgrace. he stole, it was theft. and then they come out with a voter violation for him. we're not going to let that stuff happen anymore. open.your eyes wide these politicians. here's the guy, he raises the bible, and yet, he tells fibs and lies. and does the stuff to carson. and other things, very bad. so politicians are bad people. boy, they are bad. would you believe it? so we're not going to let it happen and we're going to get in there. and i just want to say. so, saturday, go out and vote because this is going to be the place that's going to really make it. now, the bad news is they're always wrong.
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i'm not doing this for fun. believe me. i love this location, but i else, okay.e place i could be some place else. i see all the hats in the audience. make america great, again. we are going to make america so great. we don't win very much. you're very tough, smart people. you like to win. we used to win, we don't win anymore. start winning again. common core. we're going to end common core. locally, your education it's going to be fabulous. i don't know if you know and you've heard me say, we have the absolute worst. we stood number one in the world on education. right? number one per pupil. there is no second place, we're you have china, you
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sweden, way, denmark, the countries that are the best in terms of education. and they're on the list the best. number 30th in the top 30. we're number 30. we're number one in cost. that's a little bit like what i'm doing. i spent money. the drug companies and all the -- if you would see the kind of waste, fraud and corruption n the united states, a lot of it isn't waste, fraud and corruption, it's the fact people running against me and people in the senate, people in congress, they have tremendous power ecause they have people giving them unbelievable campaign contributions and the special interest and do what those people want. that's one of the reasons that the budget's out of whack. that makes that
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equipment, you know, it's not politically adept. really are, that they make the equipment we don't want. it's going to all change. because i'm not getting money from any of these people. i don't give a damn, we're going to do the right thing. you know. we're going to do the right thing. we're going to do absolutely the right thing. i tell you a little story. so the drug companies, we are the largest purchaser of drugs in the world, the united states. we've put more -- which makes a lot of sense, i guess. drugs, they ore make you better. drugs to make you better. not the kind of drugs that come over the southern border, which we're going to end. build a wall. folks. to buildy, we're going the wall and who is going to pay for the wall? that's right. it. better believe we have a trade deficit with billion.f $58 and these characters come up, the politicians i'm running against. you don't think mexico's going to pay for the wall? i said absolutely.
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they said how are you going to get mexico to pay? and i don't want to get into it. they have no concept of business. you know, the $150 billion we gave to iran. these people have no concept. e have a $58 billion trade deficit with mexico, okay. the wall's going to cost $12 billion. it'll be taller, better and less, okay. so you think of this. so you think of this. going say, how are you to possibly do it? they make so much money. plus, we give them subsidy. they make so much money from the united states, it's got to be one of these things. don't know if you heard, one of the presidents or ex-president of mexico held a ews conference saying, we will never, ever, ever pay for the wall. nd the press called me, they said they will never, ever pay for the wall. i said, who was it? calderon. very nice, great guy. they said, tell him the ollowing, the wall just got 10 feet higher. got 10 feet higher.
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yeah, they're going to pay for it. and i get along great with mexico. he problem is, they buy apartments. i have hundreds and hundreds and even thousands of workers, doing great with. we have such an amazing relationship with hispanics and they're great people. the problem is, the leaders of mexico are too smart, too cunning. you look at what's going on, it's unbelievable. the border is a disaster. it's like people flow over. not going to happen anymore, folks. people are going to come in legally, through a process. they're going to come in legally. so we're going to solve the problem. i don't know if you saw carrier air-conditioner announce they're moving to mexico. nabisco moving to mexico. ford, they're moving this massive complex. $2.5 billion ng plant and now they just announced they're building it bigger. i've been talking about this
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for two years. nobody does anything about it. i'm going to do something about it. i watched -- somebody said, what would you do about carrier? somebody used their cell phone and telling them, you're out of work, out of jobs, forget it, it's over, we're moving to mexico. people are crying. really incredible people and they're crying and devastated and lost their job. they'd never had another job. and now the plant, the whole thing is moving to mexico. you what i'm ll going to do. they talk about free trade. i'm a free trader. oh, if i put a tax on these characters, these, you know, idiots. i mean, they're like stupid. they say, donald trump is not a true conservative because he taxed. it's got to be fair stuff, folks. i'm a conservative person. hey, i'm the most conservative on the border. i'm the most conservative with the military. nobody's tougher than me. i'm the most conservative. we are going to make our big, so strong, so
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powerful, nobody's ever going to we won't us, folks, want have to use it. i'm the most conservative on vets. care of the our vets are treated horribly. we're going to take care of it. i'm the most conservative on common core. locally.ving it and nobody is more conservative. nobody is more conservative on the second amendment. all of these things. but with carriers. so they have it and they're building a plant. y even give them subsidies. they probably have the united states giving subsidies to move out of the country. that's how stupid it is. and that's how stupid we're run. so what happens is, they say, what would you do? and i said, very easy, we call them and say let's have a meeting. here's the story, folks, you're moving to mexico, congratulations. say the united states, you're going to have a problem. hire your people, they're not
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from the united states, all those people are now looking for jobs and those are good jobs. e're hiring a lot of part-timers now. we're hiring, a number of totally phony numbers. i said, here's what we're going to do. build your plant in mexico and enjoy yourselves, and sell them to the united states. to pay a 35% ng tax on every air-conditioner. it's true. it's the only thing you can do. and you know what, it's the only thing you can do. there's nothing else. and then you have the devaluations with china. they're like grand -- they are the reatest in history grand masters of that, they devaluate currency. japan's doing well, too. they're killing caterpillar. they've de-valued. you take a look at what's happened to the yen. to find the money.
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a big excavator, these guys are very big, when he buys caterpillar tractors all the excavators. in a big order for kimatsu. he says i owe it to my family, my company myself. and i said what's the difference? he said they're both good, caterpillar is better. do this.ldn't help but well, china is doing that times 1,000.imes and what they're doing is the devaluation of their currency makes it impossible for people to compete. it's not supposed to be that way. it's supposed to be free trade. come, upposed to be, they we go, back and forth, they evalue the currency and on top
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of it, they make it impossible. it's virtually impossible for my friend to get his goods into china. when he does get them in, he has a tax to pay. i have a friend who actually getht an airplane and can't it into china because the taxes and he's going to sell it now at a big loss. and think about boeing. by the way, think about boeing. boeing is building plant over here. boeing just had a big order from china. ut china's making them build a massive airline facility, right? massive. you feel good about boeing right now? tell me in five years. tell me in five years you're boeing. feel good about i'll tell you what's happening. they're building that plant. it's going to be finished soon. they're going to build that plant, devalue their currency reading a big front page story all over the place that says boeing's going south carolina,
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they're going to make all their planes in china. i have carl icahn endorse me. very rich guy, very successful. if i told carl. carl, do me a favor, i want you to watch over china trade. w we're going to be in great shape. people with no concept of what they're doing. they have no concept of what they're doing. they're political hacks. that's what they are. they're political hacks. and these are people negotiating with people from china. likewise. china i get along great with china. world, bank in the i own a big chunk of the bank of america building in china. i mean, i think china's terrific. i'm not angry at china. i'm angry at our leaders for not being able to compete with
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china. i'm not angry. so we're going to get things changed around. we're going to use our best people, we're going to make, we're going to be so smart and start winning, again. we're going to have strong borders, military, take care of our vets, have great trade deals. we're going to win, again. we're going to win, again. we're going to win so much. know, by the we're going to get rid of isis and.get rid of them, i was against the war in iraq from the beginning. i was against the war in iraq. we shouldn't have done it, we did it, obama got out the wrong way. e shouldn't have done iraq, we did it, de-stabilized the middle east. 2003-2004, i said it's going to totally east ilize the middle because iran and iraq. they'd fight, fight, fight for years and years. iraq and now iran is taking over. not only do they get the $150
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billion. maybe the worst transaction i've ever seen negotiated. obama ne by the famous administration, the worst, the dumbest, one of the dumbest deals i've ever seen. we get nothing. we get nothing. we should've gotten those hostages before we started negotiating. not now, we should've gotten them years ago. ut if you look at what's going on. and now on top of that, we gave them iraq because iran is now taking over iraq. it's taking it over. here's what we did. spent $2 trillion, thousands of lives lost. wounded warriors, the best incredible. most tougher than all of us, these people. what they've gone through. so the wounded warriors all over the place. you know what we have? nothing. we have nothing. absolutely nothing. here's what we're going to do. we're going to change things around. we're going to be smart. we'll do what we have to do in isis and all, but we have to start rebuilding our
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country. trillion, not going to happen anymore. we're going to have a strong military, but we have to rebuild our roads, bridges, tunnels, schools, hospitals. our country is like a third world country. go over to qatar and some of these places, you see the bridges. and they have bridges so incredible you've never seen anything like it. trains that lroad go 350 miles an hour and we have things that go chug, chug, chug like from 100 years ago. we've become like a third world nation because we're fighting everybody else's battles. and remember this, we are like the policemen of the world but don't get paid anything. we protect germany, we protect japan. do you know that in japan, if we get attacked, we have a treaty with japan, if we get attacked, anything.t have to do if they get attacked, we have world war iii. who makes these deals? you have a maniac right next to
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him, right? but we protect south korea. so every time we order televisions, they come from south korea. fortune.e a we protect south korea. let me tell you something, why aren't they paying? they pay peanuts for what we do. every time this guy, you know raises his head, we see our ships sail. we have 28,000 soldiers at the border. so we take care of the world, we don't get it. saudi arabia, before the oil making $1 they were billion a day. $1 billion a day. and we rent space to help them. we rent military bases. we pay rent. yet without us, they wouldn't last two weeks. way to change all that stuff, folks. we want to be good, fair, have heart. the e're not going to let syrian folks, we don't know who they are, where they come from. they're not coming in. you know, you have a lot of them. i don't know if you know it. them moving toof south carolina. i don't know, have you heard
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this? and you ought to tell your governor, don't let them move to south carolina, you don't want them in south carolina. they'll say, well, we have nothing to do with state government. let me tell you something, if state ernor from the didn't want to have it, i don't says, you don't have to have them. but we want to help them with the gulf states to pay. we owe enough. it, but let the states with money, let them build safe zones. look at what happened in germany. it's a mess. look at sweden, brussels. o when i call for moratoriums and call for this, first i get hit with tremendous heat, right? says, verybody sort of you know, he's right. , i announced got to stop illegal immigration. weeks later, they're saying trump is right.
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you had jamelle in los angeles killed, incredible guy, young man, wonderful father, he's a friend of mine, a great guy. you had the veteran 65-year-old woman, a veteran, raped, sodomized and killed in san immigrant. illegal we've got to stop it, folks. we've got to be smart. be a country, again. i want to thank, this me.rsement meant so much to i just want to say, get out and vote vote. e're going to do something you'll be so happy with. so saturday, get out and vote. thank you, we love you all, thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much, folks. thank you very much.
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