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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 18, 2016 5:54am-7:01am EST

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>> today, ahead of this weekend's south arolina/republican primary, c-span's road to the white house coverage continues with jeb bush
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hosted by the columbia tourism and lodging association in columbia, south carolina. starting at 11:45 a.m. eastern here on c-span. ohio governor john kasich holds a town hall with supporters at clemson university's strom thurmond institute. we're live in clemson, south carolina, at 2:00 p.m. eastern also here on c-span. >> american history tv on c-span 3 features programs that tell the american story. and this weekend, we continue 1966 pecial series on the vietnam hearings 50 years later. e'll hear a special consultant of president johnson, general maxwell taylor's opening statement, followed by committee member questions. >> our purpose is equally clear and easily defined. in a baltimore speech on april did 1965, president johnson so in the following terms. our objective is the
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independence of south vietnam and the freedom from attack. we want nothing for ourselves. only that the people of south vietnam be allowed to guide their own country in their own way. this has been our basic objective since 1954. it has been pursued by three successive admissions and remains our objective today. rusk next saturday, dean gives his testimony defending the vietnam policies. for the complete weekend schedule, go to >> ahead of the republican presidential primary this weekend in south carolina, epublican presidential candidate marco rubio received the endorsement of the state's governor nikki haley. at a ppeared together campaign rally. this is just over an hour.
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>> marco! marco! marco! >> marco! marco! marco! marco! >> is it a great day in south carolina? we are so excited that you're here today.
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a i want to just share personal story with you. you know i love the great state of south carolina. and you know that i always say i'm the proud daughter of indian every that reminded us day how blessed we were to live in this country. but the one thing i want to know trying to take care of south carolina. and last year, we faced a year on to the ed to hold state as much as i could. and for the first time i felt vulnerable. and the people of south carolina made us all strong. they made us strong in a way they knew we had fight. they made us strong in a way we knew we had grace and we had compassion. acceptance. and more than anything, we had the ability to be better when tested. so when it was time to look at
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his presidential race, i thought from a different perspective that this is serious, that this matters. so i thought, first and mom, who wants her children to be safe in our n untry, who wants her childre to have the education and the opportunities that they can be better than we were. which is what my parents wanted for us. i'm a military wife of a combat veteran. i want a president who is going o have the backs of our military veterans and those in active duty. i want a president that knows when we fight wars, we win wars. a president that understands we have to stop the
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federal mandates that have been pushed on the states like obamacare and the epa. but i want a president who understands that they have to go back to washington, d.c. and bring a conscience back to our republicans. our republicans need to remember what we are about, which is about balanced budgets, cutting debt, building reserves, and making sure that they understand guy, he's all about term limits in d.c. and that's what we p want to see in a president! we have good people in this race. we will have good people running for president. and i thank them today for their sacrifice and their willingness to serve to honor this great
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country and to make her better. but my job was to find the person i thought could do it the best. i wanted somebody with fight. i wanted somebody with passion. i wanted somebody that had conviction to do the right thing, but i wanted somebody that remembers that you work for all the people. nd i wanted somebody that was going to go and show my parents everthe best decision they made for their children was coming to america. we say that every day is a great day in south carolina. ladies and gentlemen, if we rubio, every day will be a great day in america! help me welcome the next president of the united states!
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let's go to the polls on down the nd move that way. marco rubio! >> thank you. well, first of all, i can't tell i am to have the support of your governor. we have a good field of candidates. our candidates is a socialist. none of our candidates is under fbi investigation. but i'm so honored that she chose to join our team. and because she embodies for me everything i want the republican party and the conservative movement to be about. everything it is about. and i've enjoyed so much being here in south carolina over the last ten days. we spent a lot of time here, just my family as tourists. because south carolina, we drive up every summer to washington. and it's about the halfway point drive.t and we always stop and spend a lot of time here. and a little bit of money here, too. and we love being here. i've learned a lot about south
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carolina. for example, i've learned very quickly, do not pick sides between usc and clemson. learned that the citadel is the finest military college in the world. and last year, the country learned what an inspiration south carolina is for all of us. because as the governor said, you had a tough year. between floods and two ncredible tragedies, any other communities in the country reacted very differently to these things. if they came together as a way as an example to the nation, i want you to understand for someone that didn't live ere that doesn't live here how moved and inspired the nation was when the families of people ones inlost their loved a horrible tragedy went on national television and said they forgave those killers. forgave the killer. it was not just -- it was about
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face, it was r about living out our values. south carolina taught that to the country this year. nd so for me, it's been so rewarding to be here and spend the last ten straight days here orking alongside so many wonderful people on our team. governor haley a moment ago talked about her decision her parents made to come here. parents made in 1956. when they came to the united states, they arrived with nothing. they didn't know anyone. didn't have any money. the first words my father learned in english literally job, i'mm looking for a looking for work. it was hard for them when they got here. to ather stopped going school when he was 9 years old because his mother passed away and never went back to school and would work for the next 70 years of his life. few struggled the first years, life was difficult. ut here's what's so amazing, less than ten years after my parents came here with nothing, my parents owned a home. in a safe and stable neighborhood.
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they retired with dignity and security. and they lived to see all four of their children have a life better than their own. story, but the truth is as americans, that's our story. that's your governor's story. that's the story of millions and millions of people across two centuries. in of the things i'm safe saying in america no matter what group i'm in front of, i'm so day. all of you are here to i haven't met most of you in person. i don't know your stories individually, and yet, i know your story. i promise the vast majority of you have a story not unlike that one. yours is the story of parents who gave up everything so you could have a life they could not have. you remember the sacrifices your father made for you and your mother. or maybe the one your grandparents made for your parents. this is who we are as a nation. this is our identity as a people. every a nation where generation leaves the next better off than themselves. both in their families and as a country.
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and 2016 is a time where we must decide now what kind of country will we leave behind? because if we stay on the road e are on now, a road that, quite frankly, both political parties have put us on. if we stay on the road we are on right now, we are going to be the first americans that leave their children worse off than themselves. that's the road we're on right now. and that's the road we're going to stay on. in november bernie sanders elected president of the united states. listen, i know him, he's a nice guy. but he's a socialist. there are like dozens of socialist countries in the world. if you want to be living in a socialist country, move to a socialist country. we want to be america. hillary clinton is unqualified to be president of the united states. she put intelligence information on her server because she thinks
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she's above the law. her plan probably was that she thought she was going to get elected and she would pardon herself. disqualified from being the commander in chief. because when four brave mericans lost their lives in benghazi, she lied to the relatives, lied to the family. and anyone who lies to the family of americans who have lost their lives in the service of our country can never be the commander in chief of the united states of america. this election, we lose more than an election. i believe we lose the american dream. if we lose this election and sanders and hillary clinton obamacare becomes permanent, dodd/frank becomes permanent, this crazy deal with iran becomes permanent. the debt will keep growing and shrinkingry will keep and our reputation in the world will continue to decline.
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his is the consequences of losing this election we cannot lose this election. we must win. for what's at stake as i said is not simply what party's going to be in charge. hat is at stake in this election, is our identity as a nation and as a people. now, here's the good news. the good news is i believe with all my heart that if in this election we do what needs to be done and the years to come, we do what needs to be done, then america's greatest days lie right ahead. if we do what needs to be done, the 21st century has a chance to be the greatest chapter in the amazing story of the most amazing nation in the history of all mankind. but to achieve this. return ve this, we must to the principles that made us great to begin with. a limited ernment, federal government. not a federal government that's in charge of everything. a federal government that's in charge of only a few things, like national security and the
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states ve it up to the because i trust our states and our local communities much more than i trust congress or the federal bureaucracy. based on government the constitution. on saturday, we were tragically eminded of what's at stake in this election. antonin scalia. the derstood that constitution was supposed to be applied according to the original meaning. breathinga living and document that means whatever you want it to mean. and now he's gone, the next president will replace him. and i'm still going to be in the senate for another year. this president will not get to replace scalia. this election is about the
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second amendment, about the constitutional right that we have to protect ourselves and our families, and when i'm resident, we are going to defend the second amendment not undermine it. not just about limited government, it's about free enterprise. the state of south carolina under the leadership of your governor. and i've been saying this a bunch, even before i got to south carolina, america needs to be doing what you're doing here. companies of these moving here? why is boeing here and michelin here?nd bmw is it because of the higher taxes? no, because you've cut taxes. is it because of your burdensome regulations? no, it's because you reduced regulations. s it because your government wants to stick their hands into everything they're doing in their business? no. it's because you have a governor and you have a leadership that understands that government does not create jobs, the private sector creates jobs.
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free enterprise is the only economic model in the world. free enterprise is the only economic model in the history of he world where you can make poor people richer and you don't have to make rich people poorer. we are going to embrace free enterprise and make america the single best place in the world to start a business, grow a business and create the of the 21st obs century. the one thing the federal government does have to do is provide for our national security. and one of the main reasons terrible ma is such a president is he's a terrible commander in chief. look what they're doing to our military.
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pace to 're on par, on have the smallest army since world war ii. the smallest navy in 100 years. the smallest air force in our history. it's not like the world has gotten safer. the chinese are hacking our omputers and taking over the south china sea. -- and what are they going to do with $100 billion? build not going to orphanages. they're going to build up their military and one day acquire a nuclear weapon of their own. and radical islamic jihadists isis.owing, particularly the most powerful, well-funded, capable nized and jihadist group in the history of
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the world with affiliates in over a dozen countries. and in the face of all of this, we're gutting our military. this is unfair to the men and us.en in uniform that serve we're still asking them to go into harm's way, but now we're with less to do it people alongside them, with older aircraft and older equipment. and with rules of engagement win. do not allow them to if you vote for me and i'm elected president of the united states, we are going to rebuild he u.s. military because the world is a safer and better place when america is the strong esmil tear in the world. when i'm president, we're going to have a real war on terror. not the fake one that's going on now under barack obama. a real one. look like this. the best intelligence agencies in the world are going to tell terrorists are. and the best military in the world is going to destroy them. any of these ure terrorists alive, they're not
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coming to south carolina, to rnor, they're going guantanamo bay, cuba, and we're going to find out everything they know. and as part of our national security, we're going to take care of our veterans, again, in this country. this is my favorite part of the speech in south carolina because it's pretty amazing. veterans if the you'd raise your hand so we can thank you for your service. it's amazing. the people in of the crowd raised their hands. if you're not a veteran, raise your hand. what we're doing today to our veterans is immoral. id you see the headline yesterday in "usa today"? here's what it said. calls to v.a. suicide hot line
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went to voice mail. do you think anyone's going to be fired over that? ou think anyone's going to be held accountable? no, they might get a promotion, may get a year-end bonus. this is unacceptable. this is unacceptable. a ki haley is a governor of state with a lot of veterans. i'm a senator from a state with a lot of veterans. a quarter of the calls to my office these days are about v.a. benefits. her husband, the first gentleman of the state is a veteran. my brother's a veteran. he was here today. seven special forces from '68 to '71. he -- i know what you're thinking, i thought that was his dad. >> that's so wrong. so wrong. >> no, listen, he's 21 years older than me. when she was 19 and she was 40 when i was born.
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pretty big -- my parents were very optimistic people. my sister was born after me. and true story, he drove my mom to the hospital when she went into labor with me. those were different times back then. my dad was at work. it was back then, used to call up the dad and say, yeah, you had a boy. but the doctors thought he was the dad. i can just tell you, my parents were so proud of his service to our country as our entire family is. nd as we are the first gentlemen, as well, and the sacrifices your family made while he was deployed, we don't take care of our veterans today. we have a record number of veterans today committing uicide, homeless, unemployed and waiting in long lines at the v.a. there are good people at the v.a., good v.a. hospitals, and we thank them for what they do. what they do.for but when i'm president of the united states, if you're not oing a good job at the v.a., you'll be fired, not promoted, not a bonus, you will be fired.
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and when i'm president of the united states, when i'm president of the united states, veterans, if they're unhappy at the v.a. will be able to take their benefits to any hospital or any doctor they want to go to. thanking you e by all for being here, again. and of course, i want to ask you for your vote. 2016 is not just another election. it truly is a turning point in the history of this country. what kind of turning point is what you're going to have to decide. the n be as i said, greatest era in our history right ahead of us. we're going to have to explain we inherited the greatest nation in human history and they got something less than that. i want you to think about what in a ld be like to live society that tells you no matter how hard you work or how hard try, there are only certain things you'll be allowed to do because of who your parents are.
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well, i described to you the human condition for thousands of years. almost ealize that everyone that has ever lived and, in fact, most of the people alive today around the world live in a society like the one i just described? most of the people that have ever lived have lived in a ociety that said to them, you're only allowed to be whatever your parents were. work.ter how hard you no matter how much you try. no matter how good you are, you so far. go there's one exception. the united states. you know this in your own life. all n this country, we are but a generation or two removed from someone who opened doors for us that had been closed for them. we are the descendents of those who overcame a challenge.
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why are we different? it began with a truth that our rights do not come from government, they come from an all-powerful god. it is on that principle we are founded. the right come from to life, the right to liberty, to pursue happiness. and each generation has left the next better off. now the time has come for us to do the same. we will not have done our part if we allow the country to move in a direction that abandons all the things that made us special. and that's why we have to win. not just the selection, but the future. that's why what you're going to do on saturday is so important.
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despite the challenges we face and the challenges we face are real. we have an incredible opportunity not just to unite the conservative movement, but to grow it. to take our message to people who don't vote for us now. for people for 25 years have been told the republican party only cares about the rich people. and the democrats are the party class. working that is a lie. big government tries to hurt make that are trying to it. big government traps people that are trying to make it in poverty. today we have safety net programs that trap people. in this country that have become a way of life and a lifestyle. only free enterprise provides he opportunity, the chance to quit your job and start a business out of the spare bedroom of your home. and that will only happen if we win this election with the right people and the right candidate. and that's why i ask you for
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your support. because that's what i'll do. if i'm the president of the united states, i will unite the conservative movement, but we will grow it. we are going to take our message to people that are living the way your governor and i grew up. we're going to take our message o the hotel maids i see as i travel around the country. and they come down the hallway with the little cart with the owel stacked up and the soap boxes. a lot of them heard my mom was once a maid. they want to talk to me about it. and you learn that the american dream is still alive in them. that ason they're working job is so their kids could be anything they want to be. we're going to take our message to the father that drives a taxi cab at night to go to school during the day. he can have a job that pays more and give his kids the chance to be everything he to a chance we are going to be the party of parents that are struggling with the cost of living. the party of be the single mother who makes $10 trying to raise our kids because the father of those
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children has abandoned them. and she needs to go back to school and become a paralegal or -- often borrowed for degrees that will not lead to jobs. we're going to be the party of the people willing to work hard and sacrifice. better ust achieve a life for themselves, but a better future for their children. we will take our conservative message, not diminish it, not ater it down, we are going to take it to people that are living the way we grew up. to people living paycheck to paycheck the way i grew up. someone asked me what is paycheck?o it's when you write a check on wednesday even though you don't get paid on friday so you date it saturday. that's paycheck to paycheck. i'm not saying i ever did that,
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because the press is here. i'm just saying, i know what it is. we are going to do what needs to be done in this generation. because i refuse to be and you and nikki haley refuses to be part of the generation that has to explain why it is thethat incredible america that changed our life is no longer around for them. that's what we're going to do. and let me tell you what history's going to say about us if we do what needs to be done. history will say this generation of americans, like the ones that came before us, we continue fronted our challenges, solved our problems. we did what needed to be done. and because we did the american dream didn't just survive, it reached more people and changed more lives than ever before. we did what needed to be done. our children became the freest and most prosperous americans that ever lived. the 20th century was better, it was a new american century.
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we are going to do what needs to be done. so when our time here is done this story writes about moment, it will say that we, those in the early years of the authors of were the the greatest chapter in the amazing story of the greatest ation in the history of all mankind. so i need your vote. and i thank you. god bless you. want to say i just this is one of many bruises i will take from marco rubio. if i'm going to do that, i need saturday. go out on i need you to contact ten facebook, go on instagram. need to make sure we had the highest turnout ever had in south carolina. presidents, let's make marco rubio the next president of the united states. god bless!
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>> turn around, marco? >> thank you. >> going to the town hall? >> right now. >> a town hall right now? the cnn thing, yeah.
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>> i don't have to argue with anyone. >> thank you for coming. >> yes. yes. >> you ready? can i get a picture? >> the camera, right there. >> thank you. ruin your pose. >> hold on.
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>> thanks. thank you. appreciate it. >> you got my vote today. >> thank you, guys. >> can i have a picture with you? >> you voted today? where's your camera? >> right there. >> yeah. right there. >> thank you, guys. hold on a second. >> thank you. es, ma'am, where is your camera? >> right there. >> thank you. >> can i get one, sir? >> take it. >> you need to get a picture? >> where's your camera? >> right here.
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>> thank you. >> that's mine. >> thank you. appreciate it. let me find this one and get a picture. >> okay. >> thank you so much for being here. awesome. >> will you sign this? >> okay. thank you. >> okay. >> thank you. >> awesome, thank you, senator. thank you. >> thank you, guys. >> i have to earn that. but i appreciate the confidence. >> would you take our picture? >> if you guys can get up. cnn got to get to the thing. i have a thing at 9:00 in greenville.
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thank you. >> thank you so much. >> where's's the camera? >> you're set up. ready? thanks, everybody. thank you. >> mr. rubio. >> thank you, guys. thank you for being here. t's my honor to be able to do
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this. thank you so much. website.out our >> thank you. i will. look at mine. >> i will tonight. get one quick picture in? >> okay. just one here. pretty good. > one, two, three -- >> is that your camera? >> yeah. i'll be right back, guys. i've got to say hello.
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♪ >> thank you for being here. thank you, sir. thank you for having me. doing a great job. thank you so much. really appreciate it. > one, two, three --
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>> oh, thank you. >> mr. rubio. >> thank you. can i get one, too, please? >> yep. >> thank you. >> you ready? yes, sir, i hear you. let's set up. >> every time i get up here. >> there you go. thank you. >> you can do one on your knees. >> okay.
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one, two, three. right here. >> thank you. are you taking a break? >> one, two, three. >> thank you. >> all right, guys. one more, thank you. thank you, guys, for being here. i appreciate it. thank you. thank you very much.
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i appreciate you guys. thank you for coming today, guys. i'm excited you guys are here today. >> thank you! thanks. >> got it? small world, isn't it? >> mr. rubio. >> really, really, good to know. >> thank you. you want me to sign it? >> yes. >> i'm a single mother. >> yes, ma'am. good inspiration, yeah. thank you. >> i don't know if this it, or
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not. >> senator. thank you. >> senator. >> i do like them. >> a good article for the "washington post." >> it did? good. >> yeah. thank you. >> senator? >> can we get a picture?
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get it? >> yeah. >> thank you. >> i have a 13-year-old daughter. >> do you? >> our kids -- i'll be right there. >> thank you. thank you. >> the lights on the tv, yep, where's the camera? all right. thank you, guys. thank you.
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>> you're a senator. >> thank you, guys. >> please? >> thank you. >> rubio! over here, please. nikki haley, we want to get a picture with you. we didn't get a picture. >> i'll be right there, hold on. >> right here. i want to say, cheese! . . >> a quick suggestion, everybody you're the same age. you're only one year younger than cruz.
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>> the only business for looking young. turn around, turn around. back behind her. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. yes. >> thank you. thank you, guys, thanks for being here, guys. good to see you and thanks for being here. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. hi. >> senator. >> what do you think, senator? >> we're happy to have her on the team. she's a great addition. we're excited about her. >> i appreciate it. >> lighter. so i appreciate it. >> thank you. thank you.
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>> it's an honor to see you. he's going to be around. we're really honored by everything we've seen here. it's an honor to have you on our team. >> are we going to have a picture together? where's your camera? >> yeah.
6:56 am
>> thank you so much. >> you want me to sign it? >> thanks for coming out. >> thank you. thank you. >> thank you so much. thank you so much. i've had s hands, but a lot of confidence. go ahead. now.'ll be on cnn >> thank you. thank you. thank you.
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>> during campaign 2016, c-span akes you on the road to the white house as we follow the candidates on c-span, c-span radio and mel watt talks in washington, d.c. you can see it live at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 3. >> on book tv. of 1939, , september
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when europe went to war, our primarily england and france looked to washington, .c. for goods and materials they needed. washington, d.c. looked down to the textile capital of the world and all of a sudden government contracts came funneling into this area asking he mills here to begin producing for the war effort initially for our allies and then, of course, the united states, as well. >> and on american history tv. >> we're standing here, and this really was a pretty nasty spot. now looking at one of the best, and it's a a community f how a park and start
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to appreciate the river and waterfall, again. > watch the c-span cities tour saturday at noon eastern on c-span 2's book tv. and sunday afternoon at 2:00 on american history tv on c-span 3. the c-span cities tour, working affiliates and visiting city across the country. >> live today on c-span, next.ngton journal" is at 11:45 a.m. eastern, our road o the white house coverage continues with jeb bush campaigning in columbia, south carolina. join governor e john kasich in clemson, south carolina. eastern, we'rem. live from east las vegas, nevada, for a campaign rally with hillary clinton. >> coming up in 45 minutes, on the impact of scalia's death on the
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presidential race. 8:15 a.m., todd harrison budget. the defense and 9:00 a.m. marc morial looks a the the role african-americans will play in the 2016 elections. ♪ host: good morning, everyone. the white house yesterday defended a court ruling asking apple to give the fbi access to data on a phone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists sing the request is limited and important for national security. apple says in circumventing security software on one phone risks security for all of its customers. we turn to all of you this morning to get your thoughts on this. his privacy or security more important?


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