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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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we will get back to the business of having respect for the constitution. no executive orders you don't have the power to do. no allowing for the divide to get a good by simply doing it your way without people who have a different view from me are not bad people, they might just a lot. there's a difference between pushingng people and away when you never have a chance to fort consensus and saying you might be wrong to have a dialogue to create consensus. great presidents do not push people down to make themselves look better. donald trump -- could you imagine him in the oval office shouting profanity, insulting , calling johncs mccain a loser because he was caught? john mccain was a verifiable
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american hero, and no one should say something like that. no one should disparage -- strength ton of talk people down. it is not a sign of strength to disparage the disabled. we need a president who will lift our hopes up and access responsibility is business of forging consensus so democracy works. please with the president is most needed right now is 's leadershiprica in the world. we cannot fight fight by video games. our friends need to know we have their back. our enemies need to fear us. america has a unique role to play in the world. it is not the world's policeman. the language of the left is wrong on this. we set a bipartisan consensus that our leadership created peace and security, and the way
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you create peace and security is rebuild the military so when no more redt talks, lines, and no more trash-talking russia, calling it a regional power and 30 days later allowing them to invade ukraine, no more talk about pivoting to asia and rest of the world why are you pivoting away from us, nomura team.g isis the j.v. talking less, but backing it up with the military that is so strong and fierce that the people know they will act on the way there will be a consequence that is severe. we need to rebuild the military to make sure they have the best equipment, training, support,
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because they are patriots. they are the ones keeping us free. whoeed a commander in chief will have their back. i promise you that that is what i will do. as it relates to culture in washington, we need to change it. i came up to this town from tallahassee, and i turned that place upside down, to be but to say this is not working as well as it could. this is florida, a state that should be in its ascendancy each and every day. budgets,ght balance required by the constitution. left office with $9 billion in reserves. we need that in washington, d.c. we need a balanced amendment in
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washington. i know how to do this because i did it as governor in florida. the reason we had reserves that were high was i had line item veto power, and i used it. 2500 separate times. enoe.called me veto corl corleone. legislators put line items in thembudget, and we called turkeys for some reason in florida. i would take that out of the budget and there was a sigh of i tried touse i said get it done, but the governor was the guy that did not let it happen. i would love to take that responsibility in washington. the next president should have power, to bring order and discipline to the budget.
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we did something no other state did, and now a few have done it. we eliminated lifetime employment protections for government is. but to makenitive, the point that government is the servant, not the master, of people. how can you be a servant if you have lifetime protections the matter what you do? we change that in florida. the government run is reduced by 13,000 workers. no one came close to that. we did not do it to be punitive, but we had a that state governments, i can promise you. the economy grew. we created 1.3 million jobs in florida. we let the nation and small business creation. but the government short as it related to the size
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of the economy. i am proud of that. it was not an easy thing to do. there were thousands of so-called volunteers that came down to try to defeat me because if that contagion of career civil service reform would cross state lines a good other states -- likely it has, but it has not wee to washington, d c, and need civil service reform and the elimination of life and protection of employment in washington, d.c., as well, and i know how to do it, and i won't work for it to happen. -- and i will work for it to happen. the place it should begin is the department of veterans affairs, behemoth. all of them are striving to do great work, but a system that is completely broken, protecting the interests of employees at the expense of veterans.
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last year bonuses went to the department of management. they were trying to apply private sector principles did this department. part of it was to get bonuses for reducing the waiting lists, and they did it. they reduced the lists in some parts of the country. veterans did not get care. some vets died, and only three people have been fired. heads will roll outside the department of veterans of affairs when i am president, and we will fire the competent people making it harder for the veterans to get the care they deserve, because they earned it. in florida we created the first theher program, the second, third, and the largest virtual school where anybody can go to get a course in the florida virtual school. choice matters.
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parents having choices improves the quality of education. schools get better when parents are empowered with choices. that is how life works. you are better because the restaurant next door is constantly trying to innovate, and if you do not, they will go next-door. choice matters. how edition matters. one way to improve the department of veterans affairs is to give veterans a choice card 12 them to see their private doctor if they want to. the private clinic that might be more convenient, a local hospital instead of trying to travel miles with massive bureaucracy around whether or not you can use the choice card. we should liberate this, and i promise you the department and the clinics and hospitals will perform themselves or they will not have anybody showing up. that is the way you reform how washington works. you have got to have a deal for this. you have to have experience in business and government to make it happen. guess what -- i do. that has the one
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zeal for reform in the record to make this happen. i think we need to change the culture and reform washington so we can get back to the business of higher economic growth where everybody has a chance to earn success. this is not a get in line country. it is not a top-down country. it is a bottom-up country. we should never allow the government to stifle the ability for people to dream the biggest possible dreams. that is what is at risk in the selection. hillarylowed the left, clinton or god for bid bernie sanders, to be president, the lifeblood of this country will be sucked away. it will go to washington. we will be told what line to get into. it does not work. it might work in other countries, but not in america. we need to shift power away from washington, to supply the tax code, we need to stop this
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impulse of trying to pick winners and losers. works, and we will create high, sustained economic growth where more people will have an optimistic future. 1994 iran and i lost and it was a great experience. losing is one of the best things that you can do if you are interested in proving yourself. you never learn when you are successful. you think it is perfect and it will work out. it is when you get knocked back when you adjust, when you learn, grow. 1994 was a growing experience. in 1998i decided i would campaign a different way, i would listen and learn, and then hopefully lead. i went to visit 250 schools because i believed our public education system was not hitting
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on all cylinders. we were 50th out of 50 in graduation rate. no one in florida, whenever we were low, said 48. we said thank god for filling in the blanks for those who are 49 and 50. we had dumbed down. we had a high school graduation requirement of eight-grade level. schools in january to november. views ofy provocative education then and still do. i could see that people were looking at the back of my head like i had horns. i was scary to people. i had a heart for the kids and system. i'm might not agree with them, but i have a heart for the
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students. i was at a school in seminole county, and this kid was taking this test, practicing for the test, to graduate from high school. eight-grade level. for high school. do not make sense to me. he was studying and fielded three times and did not pass at this time, he would not get his diploma. he had already passed the course is very how could you pass the senior high school courses and struggle with an eighth-grade test? looking over his shoulders as he was trying to enter the following question -- a baseball game start the 3:00, nds at 4:30. how long is the game? you cannot answer it. we spend more per student that any country in the world. nationalas below the average. we spend more money on education
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than the benelux countries. we had a child who cannot answer that question. it broke my heart. it made me angry. sense that we needed to reform the system, i went all in, and i challenged -- --created choice program [indiscernible] audio] last year i met a person who was 25 years old, and african-american, brought up in jacksonville on the other side of the tracks, a term i hope we wiped off the mac. i am tired of saying your zip code matters. life that you do in matters, not where you are born. that is the problem. she told me her story.
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she was held back two years in a row in third grade, one of which was because we eliminated social promotion, the idea that you pass a kid that can pass a kid from third grade two fourth grade. we eliminated that. that was a provocative act. there were people who were upset, but we cut in half the illiteracy rate. she was held back. she told me the story, and her out about thed tax program, the largest voucher program in the country, 80,000 low income kids go to private schools because i opened up the system for them. she got to go to a christian school. her first week, i know what happened, a teacher put their arm around this child and said i love you. she had not heard that very often in her life. you can do this. you are capable. jesus loves you.
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it is a christian's will. you can say that there. we will do this together. she overcame the two years he was held back. she graduated with her age group. the first in her college to get a high school diploma, and this year she is going to get a masters degree. why do i tell you this? s will notnservative win unless we are on the side of person. badg angry describing how things are. we will never win dividing people in their disparate parts. we can win because our philosophy is the winning philosophy. if we run a campaign with arms campaigning in every
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credit in this country, the about her, whether they are a small business person ready to give up because of the rules imposed on them or a person who is developmentally singled and wants to be able to live a life of purpose and meaning, the system does not provide for that happen, were a kid who cannot read whose parent wants them to go to a school where they can read. we need to be on the side of people that do not want a handout, they do not want to get in line. they want to pursue their dreams as they see fit on their terms. that is america at its best, and the next president better be on the side of people who dream big dreams and tear down barriers so they can do it. if you believe like i do, that we are on the first of the greatest online, but it takes leadership to fix the mess in washington, i asked for you support. i hope for your prayers, that you will vote for me on
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saturday, and i hope you get other people to do the same. thank you all very much. you got a question? you? we have a microphone. first question. >> what is your favorite book? "art of the deal." [laughter] bush: that is a donald trump look. he must've forgotten he wrote it, because he and i do not see much like the l.a. anymore. the last book i read was the book on my dad, which i love because i got inside about my father that i did not know. i was surprised.
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everything inew could know about the greatest . i enjoyed that one. i like reading a lot. i hope you do too, what is your favorite book? >> [indiscernible] bush: fantastic. keep reading. she has read the whole series. good for you. excellent. yes. >> hi. veteran, a military spouse, and a mom, and a volunteer, having now faced the 16-year war, massive budget cuts, aging aircraft, and feeling v.a. medical systems, how do you intend to motivate a tire and debilitated and disillusioned force, now with the threat of terror and isis in the united states? mr. bush: i will lift the
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lawyers off the backs of the war fighters, stop the political positions on the military, trust the military to do its job. the commander in chief does not outsource the responsibility of being commander in chief. he does not say just go do it. you get options, create a strategy, and have the back of the military rather than imposing conditions on them that make it hard. this president sought the authorization to use military force temporarily as it related to syria. then he put so many constraints on it that you do not have the viability that it should. he put constraints on the war fighters at it relates to the dropping of ordnance in the fight against isis. there is layers of approvals necessary. military adheres to the international standards of war fighting. we do not need to impose additional ones. we did spend more money on the military.
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the idea of donald trump and thath, they do not believe we need to spend more money. as you mentioned, we have aging equipment. the air force planes are older than the pilots. some are like grandparents to the pilots. that the-52 was launched in an era of harry truman. now?ig is the nader right -- how big is that navy right now? further cuts moving down to a time, to 1910. the army levels will be down to 410,000 in the next three or four years if sequester continues. we have reduced the marine force by 15,000. half of marines stationed in the united states are not qualify for readiness. they do not meet the standards. all this requires money. can we spend money more effectively?
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you bet. we are top-heavy in the department of defense. there are more civilians. our procurement processes need to be reformed. we need to make a commitment that not every government is the same. the way they compromise in washington is one side says we need this, the other side says we need this company would economize is they both get it, and the deficit grace. this is the first priority. our intelligence capability in rebuilding the military would lift them around up far more than anything else, because it would be a signal that we are not doing this in a halfhearted way. that is the first set. as it relates to people that are serving, and if you have a bigger force, the deployments will be less arduous, so that is another element that is going to help morale. to doher thing you have is assure people that are enlisting to service and keep us safe when they come home to the department of veterans affairs,
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it will be fixed. that would help lift reform, to make a total commitment of transformation of his department into the 21st century. hillary clinton, when asked about the department of veterans affairs, said republicans are exaggerating. i have not met a veteran who thinks this is an exaggeration of what i'm saying. every one of them says the exact same thing cap they are not getting what they need, and if they do get it from is because of someone breaking the rules inside the apartment that is a nurse or doctor that is doing extraordinary work. they are great people, but the system needs to be turned upside down and reformed. those are the ways you can the morale military, and the military, but you got the all in doing it. that theng i would say best way to military to work is they are not deployed, because
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we are so fierce and so strong and so committed that people change their behavior in a way to create a more peaceful world. and we are weak vacillating, the opposite effect takes place, where you see the chinese building a military base 100 miles off the coast in the south china sea, where you see russia invading ukraine without much consequence, and now threatening the office in eastern europe. you see this because we are weak. you see israel no longer feeling the united states has the security umbrella that it once had. restoring relationships with our allies where they know we have fear back and our enemies us will actually lessen the chance of deployments, and that is what we need to get back to. yes, sir. i met you at a pro-life rally. another issue i have with you,
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the first thing you see you always attacked donald trump, in repetitive thing. everyo knows you have a fight withne donald trump. are you scared of donald trump? something is up. mr. bush: he is not a conservative. is the leading candidate in the conservative party and has hijacked the conservative party. i have been a conservative all my life -- he says we do not have to reform social security. yeah, we do. you are taking a stand. you know this. he says we do not have to. he says we do not have to spend more military money. yes, we do. he admires the single-payer system. disaster.e a now he talks about obamacare, that he has talked about things as it relates to guns, life question, health care, the economy, that is out of the
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mainstream of conservative thought. and but for me, who? who will take him on if i do not? you might hold us hostage. it looks like you could -- >> good afternoon. we hear from trump about competitiveness, especially with china, and now he said that mexico is the new china appeared how will you restore global competitiveness? mr. bush: he does not talk about competitiveness. he talks about unfairness, i guess. repetitive this desk competitiveness is a better question. we compete by having regulations that are not destroying our ability to invest in our country. we are 49th in the world in terms of ease of doing business. 99%e are more businesses
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are small, more businesses are closing than being formed. is not because someone sucked dna, butntrepreneurial because we have stifled it with massively. to be competitive, we need to have reforms of our regulatory system. could we go the interstate highway system in the united states today? it would be impossible. we cannot build the pentagon. attended on was built in less than two years with 6 million feet under roof and a swamp in 1941. you would test it would take 15 years to get a permit to start construction. we cannot launch a man to the moon. we cannot leave the world if we were starting where we are today. regulations. our tax code is creating this bizarre relocation of capital outside our country.
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trillion overseas because we are the only country that has worldwide taxation. no other country has that. we went to territorial taxation trillion for this $2 to be repatriated, you would see massive rebuilding of our infrastructure and at our industrial capacity to allow us to be competitive. if we allowed full expensing, rate,ng the tax corporate a simple code where you expense capital investing, you would allow for us to be competitive. if we brought job-training into the 21st century having us mid-20th century system of job-training, you would be more competitive. if our education system was not mired in bureaucracy and politics and unions, i could promise you we would have rising student achievement and a lot more people, college and/or career ready. and we would be competitive. if we embrace the energy
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revolution in our midst instead of pushing it away as this president has done proving the pipeline, allow for leasing offshore with deference to the florida might not be as excited as rigidly, but we should expand the ability for us to create low-cost energy sources to allow us to be competitive. that is how you become be competitive. be terry down barriers as it relates to trade. if china is unfairly trading with us, we have to wto to seek damages, in effect. a 45% tariff across the board, the trump plan? anybody fall history here? you know the last time that was tried? it is called the smoot-hawley tariff, and it created a global depression. millions of people lost their jobs.
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we had declining income for a decade. that is the dumbest idea. if you want to be competitive, fix the things here that makes us less competitive and forced trading loss to make sure our industries are on an even playing field, and we were outdefeat everybody. i will promise you that. mic coming your way. >> i would like to thank your for your plans for the social security, and when you become president, would you be able to get those plans through in 100 days? mr. bush: you will have to. great question. cameras staring at me. these are reference from aarp. they come to all the events. the politest special
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interest group i get to hang out with. create awe need to solvent social security system, and i have a detailed plan to do it. preserved and protected for those who have it now, and starting in 2023, raise the retirement age one month for every year. over a 30-year period you get the 70 determined age, and 65 early retirement age. it is no longer a supplemental retirement system for a lot of people. it is the primary source of livelihood for too many people. 80% of the poverty in our country, as prosperous as ours and as noble as ours, is inappropriate. we would raise the level for those that have lower benefits and suppress the benefits for people of higher incomes. to do those things, you create a
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solvency for years. how do you do it? you got to have a plan, say what you are going to do. i have done that, and it is not just on social security, across the board. .com, the most detailed plans developed in this campaign are on our website. the way you do it is you lead. you say it is a priority. trump says that social security is not a problem. there is going to be mandatory cuts of 30% within the next decade if we do nothing. that is the law. that is the path we are on. yet change that direction. you have been examples of democrats and republicans working together on big things, and we need to restore it again. tip o'neill was a liberal democrat. ronald reagan was a conservative republican. they didn't ask right back mode
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-- bad --they did not ascribe bad motives each other. this along with medicare and medicaid and reforming obamacare, all these entitlements are the cookie monster that he will budget. we have to fix them to preserve it for people who are expecting it, so you got be engaged to make it happen. governors have a better skill set to do this because they are hard to. you cannot just dial it in as a governor. you cannot cut and run when the going gets tough. you cannot avoid having the conversation when you are a governor. you can do it when you are a senator or a reality tv star. you can organize your life personally for your on existence, all about you, but governors have to create an agenda for everybody. so do presidents, when they are effective. yes, sir, back in the back. >> i really appreciate you being here today. tags were taking your time.
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i have to be honest with you about something. last nightsnbc and the truck town hall. mr. bush: it is not a town hall method like this when you get asked me a question. >> i think he took questions from voters. the questions was about entitlement reform, and he said do not touch that in an election because we will lose. i have to say that makes a lot of sense to me because you know hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they will not talk about entitlement reform. why can't the republican party and the democratic party come down,er in a room, sit and develop have both parties come out and simultaneously say we want to fix this problem, we will work together, both parties? mr. bush: he could be possible, but you got to first admit there's a problem. you cannot have a secret plan on big things. it is not possible. me, i will trust
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take care of it. really? that is not being honest or courageous and not showing integrity. we have a problem. if you do not lay out a detailed plan, how do you engage with the other side, you have to start the conversation. the so-called third rail approach i think is foolish. you do ever works when not have the courage of your convictions. donald trump does not have a plan. it is not that he is saying i will defer it. he does not have a plan. the idea that somehow -- we will be attacked. i want to be attacked on the ideas i believe in. i want it to be a debate about the future of this country. if you do not have the convictions, what is the campaign going to be about? will be about nonsense. it should be about ideas that change the direction the
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country. i am all in on the street respectfully disagree with political view that you might have. yes, ma'am. say,rst thing i wanted thank you for coming here today. can i share that you can change america for my generation. mr. bush: yes, you can. that is what the mission is. that not interesting your generous, but the one right before you, whatever the millennial generation or the college kids right now, are all into socialism. in the exit poll for years ago, to o believey two socialism is a betterne economic policy that capitalism. no place in the world has that worked out that way, and you
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have a candidate like bernie sanders is proposing a bunch of free things. and we are in a heap of trouble and they want to triple it and make it worse for ultimately -- there should be people marching saying fix this mess because i do not have to clean up after you. instead, they are doubling down on more free college, tingle care system for health care, as he has proposed, and people think that is the right approach. it would destroy the country. it would create burdens of debt on your generation that would be completely unsustainable. that debt levels we have today are horrific. makerillion with an any economic growth -- with anemic create agrowth will huge burden for your generation. we got to fix this. hope comes from doing things, not just talking about it. hope comes from beginning to recast the political system
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where we start seeing solutions again rather than having this massive gridlock where nothing seems to happen. yes, sir. i am a small business owner. there are many small businesses and restaurant associations. i have looked up the other night, in this great country, any candidate can be a president. you have a great age -- you have a age from. five pages of forms to fill out. i am sure there is more than that. if i hire a 16-year-old high school student for a summer job, 66 pages. they have got to fill out six to six pages of forms -- 66 pages of forms work. they create jobs, but those are not jobs we want to create. it has gotten ridiculous. mr. bush: that is the burden we
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now have. if ease of doing business, which is the example of it, as we are 49th, russia and afghanistan are ahead of us can it is time to fix it. this is of the i know something about. i was governor and i had a keen interest in this. i knew it because i had 32 years in business. i started a business with my partner that became the largest commercial real estate company in south florida. we went to the credit crunch. you remember that? 1990's. we were there largest borrower. we do not know that we were a company's largest borrower. the credit crunch comes, and all of a sudden the regulations change and we became their biggest burden. we had to recast how we went about our business. we were challenged, and we got through it. our business continue to grow. the fact is that is the way the
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real world works, and the more barriers and friction you place on how business operates, the harder it is to start a business, less sustain it. the 67 pages, think about this -- security clearance, that is 100 pages, i think, right? the chinese have every one of those. becauseon unique files we are so in that we cannot protect, we do not have firewall protection. think of the treasure trove of information that the chinese have now for everyone who has a security clearance rate it is more information that is necessary. will,s how bureaucracies and if you do not challenge it and say the greatest joy in my life has been to answer the following questions -- if we were not doing it this way, how would we do it? they create that environment where you get to do it. that is what we needed leadership as we lost our way across the board.
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signinghe experience of the front side of the paycheck as well as a backside has given me more advantage. they give the other people running. trump has business experience. he certainly does. he has been successful in a long way street he has seen the downside of business. he is then bankrupt four times. his success should give him some ifse that we are in trouble, we do not need more rules, we need to signify the rules and lessen friction for people to create investment. i have that experience. the other guys do not. they have no life experience. they have not had a setback in their personal, business life, or political career that would alter how they think, allowed them to grow, let them push the button -- not someone who need
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has a proven leadership record. yes, sir. which team are you wearing? >> [indiscernible] a lot of people my age have concerns with the bush name, not because it is a bad name, because you are the third bush. what is your message to that concern? mr. bush: i can tell you, you can hear it from the horse's mouth, i hope people will hear what kind are your concerns are how am i going to pay off my student loans? the student loan program was nationalized by obamacare. the federal government now operates it. it has doubled in the last six years. the forbearance rate had grown exponentially, default rates are growing. they are financing this higher education system, once the best in the world, much more
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was, still than it final, but the costs are out of control because we are financing on the backs of young people. i plan is to eliminate the student loan program for those going forward and replace it with a line of credit of 50,000 bucks to every graduate from high school that you can use for a precious for a.a. degrees,, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees. for every $10,000, you pay out of your tax return. it is a less burdensome way of dealing with it. it will require universities to en.s that is one way of offering a reversal of the status quo for something that is important for young people. 4% willthe economy at help a lot. if you're not growing at that
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rate, you end up with people stuck. there are people still sitting on their parents' couch with stains on their t-shirts because we have an anemic recovery. it he rid of obamacare should warm the hearts of young people theuse the whole obamacare, basis of its existence, is demanding young people have to participate because they are healthy, because without them, this is a disaster. they are forcing young people to do what they do not want to do so that less healthy people, older people, can get health care at a subsidized price. this has not worked out well for young people. , there hasven years not been a love hope, and restoring hope means reversing people ato get
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chance to rise up again. yes, sir. you are about ready to burst. >> thank you. i know there are people praying with you. you have a lovely mother. do not lose heart. work, and i know you know more than anyone the difference between homelessness as a way of life and homelessness as no option. from the clients of people i worked with him from veterans that could not readjust, to elderly that has alzheimer's and did not have support of placement, there may be lofty plans behind the curtains, but as someone in the trenches, i do not think that mental health is being adequately addressed in this country. mr. bush: i agree. this is a place where i think
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there is a convergence of left and right. belief thatrowing we have huge gaping holes in our mental health system. and when you deal with addiction, the diagnosis of mental health and addiction is an overwhelming problem. where can imagine a world wil people reach their full potential, this is an area that needs to be addressed because people are being held back because of their addictions and their mental health challenges. a couple points are important. shots, talk about moon these aspirational goals. one has to be a moonshot to discover the brain, because think of the challenges that exist today in america that are growing, alzheimer's, dimension. it is a huge problem. finding the means by which to
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defer or delay or eliminate dementia or alzheimer's would be a phenomenal gift for our society. autism. growing, for whatever reason. we do not know exactly why it is. it is a growing challenge for families. that is a neurological disease. addiction. if we could figure out why some people are more disposed to be addicted and others are not, you would find a solution to a pressing problem that crosses all lines. this is a challenge that there are no -- everybody knows somebody that has the challenge of how politics or drug addiction, and the mental health challenges that go along with that are so compelling and costs are so amazing. first and foremost, research and development to do with the brain. we have a nonmodal medical
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devices and drugs to do with physical ailments. we lead the world. it has been extraordinary, the advancement, the brain has not had that same kind of advancement, to be a great gift for mankind and a great benefit .or our society we should fill the gaps. there's me know homeless veterans in this country. none. sounds to me like you are in a ministry of some kind. we should not push you away, because you're acting on your faith. you are driven by your faith in the lord, it sounds like a mother way you talk. we should have partners in this. this should not be federal government responsibility solely. it should be a bomb-responsibility where we are focused on outcomes and benefits, and getting back to
12:48 pm
the way that american works, where the federal government plays the role of supporting communities and agencies that are focused on this. yeah. downtownss shelters -- [indiscernible] that is the driving force. you are talking about people who are ill qualified to handle this, because people get sent to psychiatric facilities, medication, and then be released on the street. the people that are trying to work in the field to help, they are not equipped to handle that. mr. bush: i'm getting to that third part. it is an important point. i think there's a pushing aside of community-based organizations driven by their faith, and we need to restore them as part of this. the third point, which is the point that you were making, as we need reforming our criminal justice system. the federal guidelines -- 50% of people in the federal
12:49 pm
system, the most expensive, surprise, the federal government has the most expensive prison costs, if the present our drug related, and there is a tendency for dual diagnosis in this, that these are mental health challenges as well. peoplet suggesting when commit crimes there's been no consequence, but i think there ar better alternativese, drug courts, where you have a second chance, and where you deal with the addiction each be the means by which people are less likely to commit the crime. this should not be criminal justice issue exclusively. it ought to be looked at as a treatment and health issue. it would save money, by the way, if we were serious about this. on left and right, there is a convergence of that as well. 32,000 bucks to keep someone in a florida prison. if you can provide with half that money to hear that would them hope that they could live a life of purpose and meaning and
12:50 pm
be on the streets, reaching a full capacity, live in a productive life, that sounds like a better alternative. i appreciate what you are doing. yeah. hi. [indiscernible] teacher 5.9 million children under the age of 5 die from preventable diseases. u.s. leadership has done a great deal in reducing this since 1990. the number has been cut by 50%. i was wondering what initiatives would you support to engineer -- [indiscernible] mr. bush: i believe as long as you have power, that you are committed to the kind of security support that is necessary to keep us safe, soft power is an element of foreign policy that to be effective. this is an area of soft power that has been the best example. phenomenal success leveraged our
12:51 pm
resources with many other foundations and others and millions of people have been saved from death from aids and malaria. that kind of approach is a very helpful thing for our national security, very helpful for america's -- how people view america around the world. i support those initiatives. as you may know, since you come to my beauties, i have not made a specific commitment of any kind. i think from a domestic point of view, focusing on early childhood literacy is a hugely important objective. in florida, a limited government state, we have 80% of our four-year-olds going to a literacy-based program for a half day, and they can extend that if they want. we have had the greatest gains of reading as measured by the by far. report card we were 29th of 31 in fourth grade reading in 1998, the year
12:52 pm
before i got elected. we did all this crazy stuff, and in social promotion, putting reading coaches in every elementary school, and teach teachers how to teach reading, we created voucher programs, created this for early childhood literacy effort and in 10 years time we went from 29th of 31 26 out of 50. -- to six out of 50. this is right, that low income hispanic kids do better than the -- in the reading test. i am tired to hear that it is not fair to have standards for kids and poverty. what you talking about? you better do everything you can to make sure the reach them. that is the objective. i support the initiative. yeah. i am sorry, i have not been
12:53 pm
looking back here. you have gotten my much more side. >> last saturday donald trump said he did not want to be allies with israel or saudi arabia. what are your stands on our allies? mr. bush: yesterday he said he would not want to take sides between the palestinian authority and israel. that is a naive view. it is the wrong view. it is a dangerous view. a surprising view from donald trump. putin fires him and he falls like a cheap says and says that putin is our ally. putin is not there to deal with isis. he is there to prop up assad. amey were kicked out by sadd in 1973, i think, and kissinger
12:54 pm
and nixon in a very adroit diplomatic effort brought egypt security umbrella of the united -- andand the cap david that camp david accords in after thet. putin is not after security. israel's back. we have to be -- i have made this commitment that i would move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem as i think we have to send a signal to the world that we have israel's back, not just because of the security relationship, but because the rest of the world wonders whether we are serious. if you talk to arab leaders, they say, how can we get a deal from the united states if israel cannot? they do not think it is the way we might think.
12:55 pm
they think differently. they see the abandonment of the united states and their relationships as a serious challenge that makes them adjust to this new reality. the dangerous reality. for consistency purpose, for security purposes, we cannot say we will be a neutral party. it just will not work. ift we should say is that there is to be any agreement needs to between that palestinian authority and israel, it cannot be forced down the throat of the parties by the united states or europe, and in order to get to that point, someone on the palestinian side has the capability of delivering. my brother, what is the contributions to foreign policy als to say we cannot dee with arafat, until they recognize the right of israel to exist, until they stop fomenting
12:56 pm
hatred of jews and israel to their schools, until they stop supporting terrorism and the attacks inside of israel. they have to be serious about reaching an agreement where israel has the right to exist as a jewish state. that is the only way you get to -- and you do not do that by forcing as a neutral party -- you do not get there. it does not happen. it would be a disaster for stability in the region. i think trump's idea that he can negotiate his way out of anything, and sometimes you got to stand on principle, let the negotiations have an and or granite way, which cars patience, and us having the back of israel. one more. >> [indiscernible] [indiscernible] mr. bush: you got a microphone
12:57 pm
wanting -- coming your way. >> i have been to all the rallies this week in south carolina. i am undecided right now. you are the first person i have heard this week talk about education. i know that is an issue. it is near and dear to the heart of the bush family. i would like to ask, do you policies should be directed down from the federal government, or shorted the more at the local level -- or should it be more at the local level? mr. bush: i will get on my hands and knees and ask for your vote after i handle this. the federal government should create no role in the creation of content, for kim sanders, none, zero -- four curator kill curriculum
12:58 pm
standards. i have the most provocative stance on education. it shows the environment we're in. the things i've proposed us a radical it would have been like i was expecting a wind coming back at me, but it has not happened. i've proposed education savings account living near the poverty level from the get go where parents are empowered to make choices if they want to go to a they should have that parent. if they want to say that money for higher education, they should do. i would take a $22 billion of education programs in the form of 44 separate programs, put them in a block grant, and give them back to the states to allow them to great early childhood literacy programs that best suit the needs of people in south carolina. you can do it at a lower price and get better outcomes. if my ideas were to
12:59 pm
be implemented, the federal government would be a partner in reform. in florida, you have kids with exceptional challenges. every child in america gets an individual education plan based on the federal law, iep. a lot of families have that. in florida, as apparent from you do not sync see your child is getting proper education, you can take the state and local dollars and go to private school. no questions asked. , no litigation, no food fight. families that do that in florida, the largest voucher program with kids with learning disabilities in the country, by far. we've had the greatest gains on the nation's report card for kids with learning disabilities, because everybody gets better when you empower people with choices. because everybody gets better when you empower people with if south carolina
1:00 pm
that i would nd take the money and shift it back have and -- they don't use tit. if they did to there is a slug of dough to fund the beast. florida we have the largest lowram, voucher program for income kids. if florida wants to expand that let them use the federal dollars. that's the partner i'm talking about. just demanding that we move rising in terms of student achievement that we use every lever possible. exist today are a present danger today and a forward.going we have kids who will never get a job. hildren born today in america if the path that they are supposed to be on, the path that living in way, a kid poverty, it's impossible for us to teach that child. there is no way we should have accountability around that
1:01 pm
child. circumstances make it learn.ible for them to it's the soft bigotry of low expectations and it exists and a present danger. we should eliminate that by sure we're all in at the challenging that orthodoxy. that child born today in the get a hospital will never job the way we're moving. will make the first wrung. e have to radically change the course by making education a priority. they don't even talk about it, say, bush is for common core. bogus.s just i had the greatest success challenging these broken systems
1:02 pm
governor in the last 30 years. that's my record. y record is the record of accomplishment. one more. yes, sir. this will be the last one. >> the circus is actually with us. there they are. >> i didn't even know that. hence the name. fantasy back ring to this process this year so we with the clown?
1:03 pm
for a le are angry legitimate reason. the angst people feel isn't made up. you look at the path we're on where as i said, more businesses are closing. this never happened in american history. workforce participation rates are lower than they were. to go back to that time and income is down in a recovery before.r happened median and disposable income is $2,300 from the day barack obama was inaugurated. 6.5 million people, more people in poverty. you see the gridlock and the overpromises and the division i are angry. people strong horse the isn't going to solve their
1:04 pm
problems. the strong horse being pretty weak just based on behaves in the profanity of his language. but s not strength insecurity and weakness. ut you can see why people feel do.way they tragedy where trump wins he nomination and he'll be obliterated in the general election. just know enough about american politics where that will work.guage
1:05 pm
it's not offering hope. back to a way we get little more civility. which al thing i'll say is a little troubling if i'm right, which is politics is culture. in our it's our culture that's the problem today in america as much politics. it's a mirror image, the circus but it's a mirror image of us. have e we as loving as we been in the past? are we as civil to one another? language the proper that is not as divisive or pro feign. i my little georgia, this geniusdinarily beautiful 4-year-old who can explain to perfect olar system in detail at the age of four and probably do it in three
1:06 pm
languages. perfect, trust me. little georgia in my mind future couldat the ook like if we find the set of things that don't separate us but unite us. common purpose again hyphens and the focus on americans nothing will stop us. if you believe us in that mission i hope you get ten support me on saturday. thank you very much. applause] jeb bush wrapping up his appearance. have more coming up here on c-span. will t over an hour we
1:07 pm
take you live to clemson thurmanty and the strom institute to hear from john kasich. 2:15 eastern and much later hillary clinton in las vegas. attending the rally head of the nevada democratic caucus. 11:30 eastern and 8:30 las vegas on c-span. c-span's coverage of the presidential candidates continues this week with campaign events in south carolina and nevada. south carolinahe .o.p. primary and nevada democratic caucuses. t starts on saturday 7:30 p.m. eastern with the candidate spaoefpz and your reaction on c-span radio and and back to south carolina
1:08 pm
marco rubio who held a chapin yesterday. applause] crowd chants "marco")
1:09 pm
>> is it a great day in south carolina? [applause] >> we are so excited that you're i want it just share a personal story with you. you know i love the great state of south carolina and i say i'm proud daughter of indian reminded us every day that we're blessed to be in this country. one thing i'll always know i'm take care of to south carolina and last year we where i tried to hold on to the state as much as and for the first time i vulnerable.
1:10 pm
way we e us strong in a knew we had greats and excessives and passion and more than anything we have the to be better when tested. o when it was time to look at this presidential race, i thought from a different that this is serious, that this matters. foremost ht first and as a mom who wants her children safe in our country. who wants her children to have he education and the opportunities so they can be better that we were which is for us.parents wanted 'm a military wife of a combat veteran. i went a president who is going military acks of our veterans and those in active
1:11 pm
duty. want a president who knows wars.we fight wars we win i want a president who we have to stop the ederal mandates that have pushed on the state like obamacare and the epa. but i want a president who have to go that they back to washington, d.c. and conscience back to our republicans. we're about balanced budgets, and building reserves and making sure they understand this guy is all about in d.c. and that's in a e want to see
1:12 pm
president. e have good people in this race. we have good people running for president. today for their sacrifice and their willing to serve to honor this great make her better. but my job was to find the thought could do it the best. so i wanted somebody with fight. wanted somebody with passion. i wanted somebody that had conviction to do the right but i wanted somebody humble enough that remembers work for all the people. and i wanted somebody that was and show my parents in a the best decision they ever ade for their children was america.o great that every day is a carolina.uth
1:13 pm
ladies and gentlemen if we elect will be a every day great day in america! applause] help me welcome the best united states e marco rubio! marco rubio: i can't tell you to have the am support of your governor. look, none of our candidates is socialist. none of our candidates is under bi investigations but i'm so honored she chose to join our team because she embodies everything that i want the party and the conservative party to be about everything it is about. i enjoyed everything here. we spent a loft time just my family
1:14 pm
as tourists because south carolina we drive up every summer to washington and it's the halfway point of the rive and we always stop and spend a lot of time here and a little bit of money here too and learned aing here. i lot about south carolina. i learned very quickly do not usc and s between clemson. i've learned that the citadel is military college in the world. country year the earned what an inspiration south carolina is for all of us. two en floods and incredible tragedies, any other reacted es would have very differently. i want you to understand for who didn't live here and that doesn't live here, how moved and inspired the nation
1:15 pm
the families of people who have lost their loved ones tragedy went on national television and said forgave the killer. t was not just -- it was about living out our faith. it was about living our values. taught that to the country this year and so for and 's been so rewarding spend the last straight days here working alongside so many our team.people on governor talked about the decision her parents made to decision mylike the parents made in 1956 when they to the united states they arrived with nothing and didn't now anyone and didn't have any money. father t words my learned in english were "i'm looking for work." my father stopped going to school at nine because his away and he never
1:16 pm
went back to school. life was difficult when they came to the country. what is so amazing. less than ten years after my parents came here with nothing, parents owned a home. they owned a home in a safe and neighborhood and retired and dignity and security lived to have all four children to have a life better than their own. that's my story and that's your tkpwrof story and story of millions and millions. i'm safe of ings saying, no matter what group i'm n front of you, i don't know your stories and yet i know your stories because i promise you, hat among us here today the vast majority of you have a story not unlike that one. parents the story of who gave up everything so you could have a life they could never have. sacrifices your father made for you and your mother or maybe it was the ones
1:17 pm
for your parents made parents. this is who we are as a nation and this is our identity as a people. we are a nation where every eneration leaves the next etter off both in the familiar skphre families and country. we must decide what kind of country will we leave behind. because if we stay on the road we are now, a road that quite frankly both political parties put us on, if we stay on the road we are on right now we re going to be the first americans who leave their than they rse off will selve-- themselves. sanders is elected president of the united states on.'s the road we'll stay i know him. e's a my guy but he's a socialist. there are like socialist countries in the world. if you want to be living in a country, move to a socialist country. be
1:18 pm
illary clinton is unqualified to be president of the united states. she put intelligence information her server because she thinks she's above the law of the her thought ably was she she was going to get elected and he was going to pardon herself. more serious note she's disqualified. brave when four americans lost their lives in to the lied toed the families. does that can never be the commander in chief of the united states of america! applause] if we lose this election we lose more than an election. believe we lose the american dream. if we lose this election and
1:19 pm
sanders or hillary linton win, obamacare becomes permanent and this crazy deal permanent.ecomes the military keeps shrinking and to reputation will continue decline. this is the consequences of osing this election and we cannot lose this election. we must win. for what's at stake is not party will be in charge. what is at stake is our identity nation and a people. now here's the good news, i my heart that l if this election we do what needs to be done and in the do what needs e to be done then america's greatest days lies right ahead. if we do what needs to be done, the 21st century has the greatest be the chapter of the amazing nation in history of mankind.
1:20 pm
but to achieve this we must return to the principals that great to begin with. limited government. a limited federal government not in charge of everything. a federal government that's in charge of only a few things like national security and the rest leave it up to the state because and local states communities much more than congress or the federal bureaucracy. limited government based on the constitution on saturday we were ic tragically reminded what's at stake. monanthony scalia. cannots tood the staougs was supposed to be applied according to its original meaning. it is not a living and document and now he's gone. the next president will replace
1:21 pm
i'm telling you, i'm still going to be in the senate for another year. will not get to replace anthony scalia. this election is about the second amendment. chrionstitutional right that affects our families and defend it and not undermine it. the selection is not just about but free rnment enterprise. i look at the state of south kaoe and i've been saying this a bunch. what a needs to be doing you're doing here. why are all these companies moving here? boeing here and michelin and bmw. why are they coming? high taxs? no. it's because you cut taxes.
1:22 pm
reduce ause you regulation. is it because your government wants to stick their hands into doing ing that they're their business? no. it's because you have a governor and a leadership that governmentnot at reate jobs, the private sector enterprise is the only economic model. enterprise is the only economic model where you can you and people richer don't have to make rich people poorer. that's why we believe in free enterprise. when i'm president of the united states we'll reembrace make americase and the single best place to start a business and grow a business and best playing jobs of the 21st century. he one thing that federal
1:23 pm
government does have to to do is provide for the national main ty and one of the reasons why barack obama is such a terrible president is because terrible commander in chief. look what they're doing to our military. par, we are pace to have the smallest army since world war ii and smallest navy in 100 years and the smallest air force in our history. you know the average age of a u.s. plane is now? 27. the pilots are younger than the planes. sign.od it's not like the world has gotten safer. lunatic is in north korea with nuclear weapons. chinese are hacking into our putin is and vladimir in the middlelity east and iran is getting relief.n
1:24 pm
they're going to build up military and acquire a nuclear their own and razz cal jihadists are growing isis, it now has affiliates in over a dozen countries. all this we're gutting our military. and is unfair to the men women in service. e're asking them to go into harm's way with all their aircraft and equipment and rules engagement that do not allow them to win. if you vote for me and i'm elected president of the going to tes we are rebuild the u.s. military because the world is a safer and america is ce when the strongest military in the world. when i'm president we'll have a real war on terror not the fake
1:25 pm
that's going on under barack obama. it's going to look like. the best intelligence agencies are going to tell us where the terrorists are and the best military in the world them.estroy and if we capture any of these terrorists alive, they're not oming to south carolina, governor. they're going to guantanamo bay, cuba and we'll find out everything they know. as part of the national security we'll take care of our veterans again in this country. his is my favorite part of the speech in south carolina because it's pretty amazing. veterans if you we canaise your hands so thank you for your service. [applause] it's amazing. literally half the people in the crowd raised their hands.
1:26 pm
if you're not ask a veteran raise your hand so we veterans who didn't raise their hands. did you see the headline in "usa today". pretty amazing. i'm paraphrasing. suicide hotline went to voicemail. do you think anyone's going to fired over that? do you think anyone's going to accountable? may get a promotion or year end bonus. unacceptable. akki haley is a governor from state with a lot of veterans. i'm too. to my er of the calls office are about v.a. benefits. veteran.r was a green beret y special forces from '68 to '71. i know what you're thinking. his dad. that was
1:27 pm
doesn't end. >> that's so wrong. my parents were very optimistic people. was born after me. he drove my mom to the hospital when she went into labor with me. those were different times. dad was at work. back then they used to call the ad and say, yeah, you had a boy. but the doctor thought he was the dad. you, my n just tell parents are so proud of his as our to our country entire family is and as he are he first gentlemen as well and the sacrifices that your families made. number of ecord veterans today committing suicide, homeless and unemployed
1:28 pm
waiting in long lines at the v.a. there are good people at the v.a. and good v.a. hospitals and we thank them for what they do. you are not doing a good job at the v.a., you will be fired. not promoted or a bonus, you will be fired. when i'm president of the when i'm tes, president of the united states, our veterans if they're unhappy at the v.a. will be able to take their benefits to any hospital or any doctor that they want to go to. applause] i want to close by thank you all for puig here and ask you for your vote. 2016 is not just another election. it truly is a turning point in the history of the country. what kind of turning point is have to decide. it can be the greatest era in right ahead of us. r we'll have to explain the
1:29 pm
greatest nation in human history and they got something less than that. i want you for a moment to would feel hat it like to live in a society that tells you no matter how hard you or how hard you try there are only certain things you'll who lowed to do because of your parents are. i just described to you the ofan condition for thousands years. do you realize almost everyone that has ever lived and most of alive today around he world live if in a society like the one i just described. it said to them you're only allowed to be whatever your were no matter how hard you work. no matter how much you try and are.atter how good you you can only go so far. exception, the united states. applause] marco rubio: you know this in life.wn you know in your own life. all n this country we are
1:30 pm
but a generation or two removed who opened doors. we are a nation of go-getters. we are the descendants of immigrants and slaves. and why are we different? why was that possible? began at our founding with a profound truth that our rights government.from our rights come from an all powerful god. we were that principal founded. our rights come from god, the right to life and liberty and he right to pursue happiness and it is the fact that we are based on that principal that for centuries each generation has left the next better off. for us to e has come do the same and this generation to do its part. not do our part to stay on the road we are right now. we'll not have done our part if
1:31 pm
allow this country to move in a direction that abandons all special s that made us and that's why we have to win. not just the selection but the that's why what ou're going to do saturday is so important. the challenges we face are real. incredible opportunity to grow the movement, to take our message to to don't vote for us now, people for 25 years have been old the republican party only cares about the rich people and the democrats are the party of the working class. that is a lie. that is a total lie. big government hurts people who are trying to make it. government traps that are trying to make it in poverty. safety net e programs that trap people in poverty and became a way of life and a lifestyle. only free enterprise provides he opportunity and only a free
1:32 pm
economy provides the chance to job and start a business out of the spare edroom of your home and that's what we theneed to be again as nation and that will only happen ith the right people and candidates. that's why i ask you for your support. if i'm the president of the will unite the conservative movement but we will grow it and take our people who are living the way the way your governor and i grew up. message ng to take our to the hotel maids that i see as i travel around the country, as come down the hallway with their little carts, a lot of my mom was ard that once a maid so they want to talk to me about it. you learn that the american dream is still alive for them. the reason they're working is so their kids can learn to be anything they want to be. we're going to take the message drives the r who axi cab at night so he can go
1:33 pm
to school during the day. we are going to be the party of who are struggling with the cost of living and going to be the party of the single $10 an hour and is trying to raise her kids father of the children abandoned them so she to school to be a parallel or dental hygienist it's too an't because expensive. or the party of young americans who are facing thousands of often borrowed for degrees that will not lead to jobs and the party of the people are willing to work hard and sacrifice to not just achieve a better life for themselves but a future for their children. we will take our conservative and not water it down. we are going to take it to the wait are living we grew up. to people living paycheck to paycheck, the way i grew up. >> someone asked me what is is when to paycheck, it
1:34 pm
you write a check on wednesday, even though you don't get pay on friday so you date it on aturday. that's paycheck to paycheck. i'm not saying i ever did that ecause the press is here. i'm just saying i know what it is. going to do what needs to be done in this generation ecause i refuse to be and you refu nikki haley and refuses to be part of the eneration who has to look our kids in the eye why our incredible america is no longer around for them. tell me what history is going to say about us. istory will say that this generation of americans like the ones who came before us, we confronted our challenges, we problems. we didn't pass them on to our children. we did what needed to be done. and because we did, the american dream didn't just survive, it
1:35 pm
and changed people more lives than ever before we needed to be our children became the freest prosperous. because we did what needed to be one it was a new american century. we are going to do what needs to be done so when our time here is done and history writes about moment, it will say that we were the authors of the greatest amazing story of he greatest story of the history of all mankind. so i thank you. god bless you. want to say to everybody, bruises thatf many i'll take for marco rubio. that i need you all to go out on saturday and jump on facebook and go on instagram. take a picture of us.
1:36 pm
make sure that we have the highest turnout we've ever south carolina. we make presidents and let's marco rubio the next president of the united states! god bless! [applause]
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how much interest is there on campus for this election> >> a frightening number of people like ronald trump, i am in the party of anybody who can catch him at this form, but ima rubio guy at this -- that i am in rubio guide this point.
2:00 pm
>> i wanted to hear his side of anything. we are getting more information so i can make an informed choice. i am from florida. i am an absentee ballot. >> what are you looking for in a candidate? >> someone who has a strong background. i think marco rubio has done really well, same for jeb bush, and i am between them. >> you have two floridians. ?hat do you think of someone >> the sad part is i think they will duke it out against each other. in my state especially. i hope the best for the e.


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