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tv   Jeb Bush Town Hall Meeting in Columbia South Carolina  CSPAN  February 18, 2016 11:59pm-12:16am EST

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for the reasons why i opposed the cadillac plan tax. because i don't want people who have good health care to lose their good health care. i want everybody to have better health care. so there's a lot that i want to get done and i can't do it without your help. you know, i believe our country is still the greatest country in the history of the world. i am proud to be an american. i'm not going to spend my time insulting americans the way some of the republicans do. i'm not going to spend my time sort of being pessimistic about america. we've always rolled up our sleeves, goten to wourk, and fixed things. that's what we're going to do again. if we are able to have an election that's about real change, not promises you can't keep, but real change, then i
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go into the white house with a mandate for that real change. i hope i go in with a senate that has turned democrat because you're going to elect that seat democratic. but i know, as your president, i have to work on a lot of different issues. because this is not a single- issue country, my friends. it is not enough to just elect a president. you are electing a commander in chief. who,re electing somebody on day one, has to deal with whatever comes our way. the mostat is one of solid responsibilities. responsibilities.
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i will take care of the men and women in uniform. getting thehe v.a., benefits actually delivered instead of being hung up in paperwork. i will not let the republicans privatize the v.a. see our veterans thrown out into the marketplace to fend for themselves. i will not let the republicans privatize social security, either. what i will do is make college affordable and get the debt burden down so more young people can get on with their lives. [applause] ms. clinton: i am really confident, optimistic, about our country. that does not mean i am unaware of our problems. i have lived with them for years, worked with them for years. but i believe in us. i believe that we can get this done. , with the right leadership to build on the
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progress of president obama, to go further, to make it clear, we have the best days in america ahead of us if we all work together. [applause] i cannot do any of that without your help. i love your enthusiasm. it gets me pumped up. but i need you to go caucus. i need you to a on saturday morning at 11:00 a.m. how many of you already know where your caucus site is? [applause] ms. clinton: i love it. how many will bring friends, relatives, neighbors? [applause] ms. clinton: if you do not know, go to my website. /
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you have to get there at 11:00 a.m. you cannot sleep in. sleep in the next day. you have to get there and you have to be patient. but it is democracy in action, my friends. tonight, i doll not know if they showed any shots of the audience, but that was america. you are a diverse state. you are the future of our country. you have to make sure it is a good future. you have to be there at 11:00 a.m. myng there and supporting campaign, you are helping break down barriers. you are helping me make it clear we are going to make progress together.
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as i said in the town hall, i am a progressive that likes to make progress. here is how i judge my success. are people better off when i end than when i start? i'm not just making plans, making speeches, promising free everything. [applause] [chanting "hillary"] i need you to hold me accountable. i want you to hold me accountable. i want you to remember i was here tonight. i told you what i was going to do. i put my plans on my website and told you how much they will cost. i have too much respect for the american people.
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i want you to know exactly what i will do and how i will do it because i want you to be part of it. being elected is obviously the first big step. doing the work, talking with the american people, which i will do every day i am president -- i will let you know how we are doing, how much progress i am making, where i need you to help together, together we are going to live up to our dream. we are going to live in accordance with our values as americans, here at home and around the world. i am excited by this. i am energized, i am ready. i need you to make this journey with me. it starts saturday at 11:00 a.m.. thank you, nevada. [applause] ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> the two democratic candidates are in a dead heat ahead of the caucuses on saturday. be hearing from bernie
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sanders tomorrow, also in nevada, part of c-span's road to the white house coverage at 11:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow night . >> at usa today, this is the headline -- pope francis suggesting donald trump is not a christian. donald trump responding, calling the comments "disgraceful." join us on the line is david jackson of usa today. thank you for being with us. host: quite a development. how did this come about? caller: i guess it started with pope francis's visit to mexico. there were reports out of mexico city the trump subject had come up in discussion with mexican officials. donald trump had said earlier in the week the pope was being used as a pawn by the mexican
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government because they do not like him. this was floating in the air. today, it turns out on the flight back to rome, the pope had a news conference. someone asked him about trump's comments. that is when he made the statement that someone once -- who wants to build a wall is not christian. i did not run anything about it except for trump was running late for any event. i was curious as to what was happening. the new york times put up a story about the pope criticizing trump. then we were off to the races. appeared on stage and blasted the pope for the comments. host: david jackson, did you ever think you would be writing a story a few days for the south caro clamor -- carolina primary that included the pope and donald trump? ll


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