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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 19, 2016 5:55am-7:01am EST

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it is a less burdensome way of dealing with it. it will require universities to reduce costs. that is one way of offering a reversal of the status quo for something that is important for young people. growing the economy at 4% will help a lot. if you're not growing at that rate, you end up with people stuck. there are people still sitting on their parents' couch with cheetos stains on their t-shirts because we have an anemic recovery. if we get rid of obamacare, it should warm the hearts of young people because the whole obamacare, the basis of its existence is to mandate that young people have to participate because they are healthy, because without them, this is a disaster.
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they are forcing young people to do what they do not want to do so that less healthy people, older people, can get health care at a subsidized price. this has not worked out well for young people. the last seven years, there has not been a lot of hope, and restoring hope means reversing policies to get people a chance to rise up again. yes, sir. you are about ready to burst. >> a lot of espresso this morning. thank you. i know there are people praying with you. you have a lovely mother. do not lose heart. i did outreach work, and i know you know more than anyone the difference between homelessness as a way of life and homelessness as no option. from the clients of people i worked with him from veterans
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that could not readjust, to elderly that has alzheimer's and did not have support of placement, there may be lofty plans behind the curtains, but as someone in the trenches, i do not think that mental health is being adequately addressed in this country. mr. bush: i agree. this is a place where i think there is a convergence of left and right. there is a growing belief that we have huge gaping holes in our mental health system. and when you deal with addiction, the diagnosis of mental health and addiction is an overwhelming problem. if you can imagine a world where people reach their full potential, this is an area that needs to be addressed because people are being held back because of their addictions and their mental health challenges. a couple points are important.
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one, we talk about moon shots, these aspirational goals. one has to be a moon shot to discover the brain, because think of the challenges that exist today in america that are growing, alzheimer's, dementia. it is a huge problem. finding the means by which to defer or delay or eliminate dementia or alzheimer's would be a phenomenal gift for our society. autism. autism is growing, for whatever reason. we do not know exactly why it is. it is a growing challenge for families. that is a neurological disease. addiction. if we could figure out why some people are more disposed to be addicted and others are not, you
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would find a solution to a pressing problem that crosses all lines. this is a challenge that there are no -- everybody knows somebody that has the challenge of alcoholism or drug addiction, and the mental health challenges that go along with that are so compelling and costs are so amazing. first and foremost, research and development to do with the brain. we have medical devices and drugs to deal with physical ailments. we lead the world. it has been extraordinary, the advancements. but the brain has not had that same kind of advancement, which would be a great gift for mankind and a great benefit for our society. we should fill the gaps. there should be no homeless veterans in this country. none. it sounds to me like you are in a ministry of some kind. we should not push you away,
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because you're acting on your faith. you are driven by your faith in the lord. it sounds like, the way you talk. we should have partners in this. this should not be federal government responsibility solely. it should be a responsibility where we are focused on outcomes and benefits, and getting back to the way that american works, from the bottom up, where the federal government plays the role of supporting communities and agencies that are focused on this. yeah. >> homeless shelters downtown -- they are also a ministry of faith. that is the driving force. you are talking about people who are ill qualified to handle this, because people get sent to psychiatric facilities, given medication, and then be released on the street. the people that are trying to work in the field to help, they are not equipped to handle that. mr. bush: i'm getting to that third part.
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it is an important point. i think there's a pushing aside of community-based organizations driven by their faith, and we need to restore them as part of this. the third point, which is the point that you were making, as we need reforming our criminal justice system. the federal guidelines -- 50% of people in the federal system, the most expensive, surprise, the federal government has the most expensive prison costs. 50% are drug related, and there is a tendency for dual diagnosis in this, then these are mental health challenges as well. i am not suggesting when people commit crimes there's no consequence, but i think there are better alternatives, drug courts, where you have a second chance, and where you deal with the addiction and be the means by which people are less likely to commit the crime. this should not be criminal justice issue exclusively.
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it ought to be looked at as a treatment and health issue. it would save money, by the way, if we were serious about this. on left and right, there is a convergence of that as well. it costs 32,000 bucks to keep someone in a florida prison. if you can provide with half that money the kind of care that would give them hope that they could live a life of purpose and meaning and be on the streets, reaching a full capacity, live in a productive life, that sounds like a better alternative. i appreciate what you are doing. yeah. >> hi. each year, 5.9 million children under the age of 5 die from preventable diseases. u.s. leadership has done a great deal in reducing this since 1990. the number has been cut by 50%. i was wondering what initiatives
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would you support to continue to reduce this number? mr. bush: i believe as long as you have power, that you are committed to the kind of security support that is necessary to keep us safe, soft power is an element of foreign policy that can be effective. this is an area of soft power that has been the best example. phenomenal success leveraged our resources with many other foundations and others and millions of people have been saved from death from aids and malaria. that kind of approach is a very helpful thing for our national security, very helpful for how people view america around the world. i support those initiatives. as you may know, since you come to my meetings, i have not made a specific commitment of any kind. i think from a domestic point of view, focusing on early childhood literacy is a hugely important objective.
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in florida, a limited government state, we have 80% of our 4-year-olds going to a literacy-based program for a half day, and they can extend that if they want. we have had the greatest gains of reading as measured by the nation's report card by far. we were 29th of 31 in fourth grade reading in 1998, the year before i got elected. we did all this crazy stuff, end social promotion, putting reading coaches in every elementary school, and teach teachers how to teach reading, we created voucher programs, created this for early childhood literacy effort, and in 10 years time we went from 29th of 31 to sixth out of 50. i think this is right, that low-income hispanic kids do better than the south carolina average in the reading test.
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i'm tired of people saying, it is not fair to have standards for kids in poverty. what you talking about? you better do everything you can
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i think my brother, one of his contributions of foreign policy was to say we can deal with arafat. thean't deal with palestinians until they recognize the right of israel to exist, number one, until they stop fomenting hatred of jews schoolsel through their , until they stop supporting terrorism and the attacks inside of israel. it have to be serious about reaching an agreement where israel has the right to exist as a jewish state. and that is the only way you get annual -- and you don't do that as a neutral party. you don't get there. it just doesn't happen.
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sometimes you have to stand on all, which requires patience and having the back of israel. one more. i have been to all the rallies in south carolina. i am undecided right now. but you are the first is and i have heard this week talk about education. that is an issue near and dear to the heart of the bush family. i would like to ask -- do you think education should be directed down from the federal government or should it be more at the local level?
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>> i'm going to get down on my hands and knees and as for your vote after a answer this. the federal government shouldn't -- should play no role in content, curriculum, standards, zero, none., i have probably the most provocative said of proposals ever been proposed. it shows you the tenor of the environment we are in. normally the things i propose are so radical, i was expecting a hurricane force wind coming back at me. that it hasn't happened. propose education savings accounts for kids at the poverty level where parents are empowered to make choose -- to make choices. k-12, they should have the power to do it. they want to save them money for higher education, they should
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have the power to do it. i would take the $22 billion of childhood early education programs that are in the form of 40 similar programs and put them in a block grant and give them back to the states to allow them or ceate early childhood programs that best suit the needs of people in south carolina and you can do it at a lower price and get better outcomes. all i want, if my ideas were to be implemented, the federal government should be partner in reform. in florida, we have efta kids, kids with exceptional challenges. every child in america gets an individual education plan based on the federal law. if you don't think your child is getting the copper education, you get the federal dollars, no questions asked, no debate, no food fight.
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we have 3000 families who do that in florida. we have had the greatest gains on the nations are hard for kids with learning disabilities because everybody gets better when you empower people with choices. if south carolina wanted to expand that, i would take the money, the title whatever it is money, and shift it back to empower south carolina to expand -- they don't have it, but if they did have it, to use federal dollars for lower income kids. florida, we have the largest program for kids, low-income kids. if florida was to expand it will let them use federal dollars. not mandating how to do it, but demanding that we move forward in terms of rising and achievement, that we use every lever possible.
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we have kids that will never get a job, children born today in path they aree supposed to be on, the path we excuse away, they kids living in toerty, it is impossible have accountability around that child. glad circumstances make it impossible for them to learn. it is called the soft bigotry of low expectations. it exists today in america and it is a present danger. we should eliminate that by making sure that we are all in at the local level of challenging that orthodoxy. that child born today in that public hospital will never get a job where we are moving. have people literally who will not be able call -- who will not be able to be qualified to get a job unless we radically change the course i make education a higher education.
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-- a higher priority. to be running for the chairman for the federal government school board here now we has any idea what it takes on to take on these powerful interests other than me. everybody talks a good game. they don't even talk about it very they just say that bush is for common core. that is bogus here and i have had the greatest success challenging these broken systems of any governor in the last 30 years. that's my record. and my record is the record of accomplishment. >> thank you for running a substantive campaign. here is the question.
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this is a circus. how do we bring sanity back to this process this year so we don't end up with the clown? [laughter] >> south carolina has a pretty good tradition of shaping races. you will have the ability to do it. people are angry for early -- for a legitimate reason. the angst people feel isn't made up. .ou look at the path we are on as i said, more businesses are closing them before i is has never happened in american history. income is down in a recover. never happened before. median disposable income down
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the moment barack obama was not. it. you look over the horizon and you see the gridlock, you see the over promises, you see the why people i can see are angry. they are legitimately angry for good reason. question is latching onto the strong horses and going to fix their problem, the perceived strong horse. i would present the view the strong horses week based on his behavior. by you can see why people feel the way they do. i think giving them some hope that things can get better will resolve the problem of what you call the circus. that has to be ultimately the solution. that weedy would be pursue this path where trump wins the nomination and he will he will be
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obliterated in the general election. i don't care what polls say today. i just know enough about american politics were that kind of language won't work. maybe he will adjust and turn into a regular politician or something. he will lose anyway. because how he has gotten here is the wrong way to get here to and it is not offering hope, which is not a solution to the problems of people face. that is the way we get back to a little more civility. the final thing i will say is a little troubling, if i am right, which is politics is embedded in our culture. it is our culture that is the problem today in america as much as our politics. it is a mirror image, a circus mirror, but politics is a mirror image of us. our culture is defined by how we interact with one another. are we as loving as we have been in the past? are we a civil? do we use the proper language that is not divisive or profane
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? i will let you be the judge of that. [applause] started, in little georgia, this extraordinarily genius little four-year-old who can explain to you the solar system in perfect detail at the age of four -- she can probably do it in three languages. she is perfect, trust me. little georgia in my mind represents what the future could look like if we find the set of ,hings that don't separate us but unite us. if we have, purpose again and focus on the things that make us stop us. nothing will that is the mission. if you believe in that mission, i hope you can send people to support me on saturday. thank you very much.
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,> mr. trump in response said if the vatican is attacked by isis, which everyone knows is the ultimate trophy, they will -- plans,ou listen to his to let russia deal with isis, which they have no interest in doing, let isis takeout assad and then we will bomb the bleep out of isis, that is not a policy. >> how about mr. trump going at it with the pope? i think the pope says that he
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may not be christian. his christianity is between him and his creator. we don't need to discuss that. his policies for isis, he is not the right person to be commander-in-chief. >> do you think the pope is wrong for questioning his christianity? >> that is a relationship you have with your creator. behaviornables bad when someone from the outside of our country talks about donald trump. >> he says that someone who only thinks about building walls, no matter where they be, rather than building bridges -- >> i don't know what that means. believe that we ought to have other parts, like where we are leading the border patrol, using drone technology, using gps
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technology. across the board, we ought to have a strategy to protect our borders. that is clear. but that is not an unchristian thing to do to make sure that people don't come across our .orders an he is my spiritual leader. a catholic,s ok, as to get guidance as a catholic from the pope. but not economic policy or environmental policy. . hope his voice will be heard when dealing with isis, we need somebody with strategy and i am the only guy who laid out a strategy right to the attacks. and i will stick with that.
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what they say you are running out of money -- >> [indiscernible] reactionas your first when you heard what the pope said? >> take care. announcer: at, this is the headline. joining us on the phone from santee, south carolina is david jackson from "usa today. wthank you for joining us.
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david: there was the trump subject they came up in discussion. -- ink the pope said that think trump said that the pope -- by theused as a mexican government because they don't like him. the's where he made statement saying that someone who wants to build walls is not christian. i didn't know anything about it other than that trump was running 50 minutes late for his event. i was curious about what was happening. and then, the new york times" put on its website an article about the poker citing trump. minutes later, trump appeared on stage and blasted the pope.
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host: did you ever think you would be writing a story that includes the pope and donald trump? david: not in my well this dreams. that is one for the books right there. catholic roman republican candidates did not want to weigh in on this. it's one thing if two guys are beating each other up. they are not really sure how the thing may play yet politically because south carolina, there are not a lot of catholics in south carolina and may feel like the pope is picking on donald trump. so it is just as well that they stay out of it. ted cruz basically said the same thing. he said this is between donald trump and the pope and he will let them handle it.
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post: what did ben carson told reporters? [laughter] he said it would be ridiculous if it wasn't so sad, which i think sums up the feelings of a lot of people. host: as a native of south carolina, what do you think will lead? with a double-digit other candidates say they have a strong ground organization? david: a lot of people do expect trump to win. the only question is how big the margins are going to be. they are not exactly as precise as polls and other states. i think you need to take them with a grain of salt. whether question is they will finish in the high 20's are the high 30's. then who will be in second place. post: what about jeb bush, saying that he needs to be a top finisher in this state. what does he need to do? david: he needs to finish second.
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april -- some people will finish fifth. he does have a strong ground game here in south carolina. the bush family name still carries some weight here in south carolina. in terms of bush, he could be anywhere from second to fifth. host: really knows your -- knows. host: us talk about endorsement. do these endorsements matter? we will see. nikki haley endorsed mitt romney four years ago. that did not help him much. marco rubio now has nikki haley. lindsey graham is backing jeb bush. rubio has the all-star political team behind him. has enough of religious
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leaders and conservative leaders in the state as well. we will see whether it is a grassroots victory or elected officials. host: what about newspaper endorsements? david: i don't think it means much. a factor. not much of he actually campaigned in michigan earlier this week. he got a late start here and he is not very well known. host: david jackson joining us from santee, south carolina. his work available online at thank you for being with us. david: thank you, steve. theuncer: this weekend is south carolina primary. coverage continues with ted cruz speaking at a rally live at 5:00 p.m. eastern. speak in northll trust in, south carolina cap live coverage at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span 2.
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♪ >> i have tried to decide between the governors who have executive experience or some of markther candidates like kruse and marco rubio. >> the most important issue to me as national service. there are 5 million americans who are ready to step forward served theird country with americorps and the peace corps. hillary clinton spoke to voters at a rally in las vegas. posted by the laborers international union of north america. she talks about her background in labor and health care issues. her remarks read 20 minutes. afterwards, she greeted voters.
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♪ >> how are you? how you guys doing? this is nevada. listen, i had the honor of serving as your attorney general for eight years. [applause] now, i am running for the united states senate. [applause] >> on saturday, i'm caucusing for hillary. she will adjust the challenges we face every day. she knows our issues, she is
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here. i told her my grandson can't -- grandfather came from mexico. because of his courage in the hard work of my parents, my sister and i with the first in our family to graduate from college. comprehensive -- passing thumbprints of immigration reform is not just important to me, it is important to all of you. hillary is fighting for that, for all of us. i will tell you what, let me just say this -- thank you all for getting out and caucusing and being a voice. most importantly, let me introduce you to the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. [applause] hillary clinton: thank you so much. thank you very much. thank you. i will tell you what, i sure hope that catherine will be her next united senator.
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i will need her when i am in the white house to do the work we want to get done. i want to thank the laborers for having us in their home. i love seeing those orange shirts everywhere i go. i appreciate your endorsement. you know i am on your side. i always have been, i always will be. i will fight for workers, fight for unions, fight for the wages and working conditions that you deserve. i have got some friends with me, you just heard from catherine, you also heard from tom, the most dynamic labor secretary who gets up every day and goes to work trying to figure out how to enforce the labor law so that you don't get disadvantaged in the marketplace. that you have your rights protected.
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thank you, tom, for your work and for being here with me. i want to thank members of congress who are here with me. congresswoman marcia fudge from ohio, she is a great leader. the congressional black caucus endorsed me, it made my day, month, my year. [applause] another great champion and advocate who has been on the front lines fighting your battles is maxine waters, the congressman from california. [applause] i will invite them up when i finished a you can get a look at them and take a picture of them. they are dynamic and it was somebody else i want you to meet. we take for granted a lot of things in our country. one thing that's took years to realize was forming a union for
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farmworkers. cesar chavez and dolores huerta who is with us here -- [applause] she is an icon of american history. she never gave up, she never gave in, she made it possible for farmworkers and their families to have better wages, better living and working conditions. she is one of my dearest friends. i am so proud she is here in nevada campaigning for me. thank you, dolores, for your lifetime of work. [applause] you got to see the town hall, right? you know, i just love answering questions and making clear where i stand, where i have always stood, and what i will do as your president. i am going to fight for you. we have to knock done every barrier that is holding
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americans back. there are a lot of them come economic barriers. i know what i am against. i have been very clear about that. i will stop the bad actors from ever wrecking our economy again. i have the plan that people say is the toughest and most comprehensive. you know what? after he finished saying let's stop the bad stuff from happening, what are the making some good stuff happen? how about creating more jobs for hard-working americans? how about raising income, defending unions, making a prevailing wage, making sure that every american has a chance to fulfill his or her dream by making sure there is no barrier that hold you back? it is not just economic barriers that we have to knock down. we have to go after barriers that really still leaf people behind. we have to go after systemic racism.
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we have to go after the treatment of women. we got to go after making sure we don't have barriers that prevent the lgbt community from getting ahead. we have to go after the barriers that some states are trying to put up to prevent people from voting. we got to defend a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. we got to defend planned parenthood. we have got to fight for, and achieve, comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. we have our work cut out for us. i am always a little bit bewildered when, you know, somebody says why are all these union supporting you? unions like the laborers, most of the building trade, most of the public-sector unions -- it is because i worked with them.
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i have led to fights for them. i am no johnny or janie come lately to this. i did not just discover that unions were under pressure from the republicans in the right. i did not just wake up one day and say oh my goodness, workers are being mistreated. i was on the front lines. i represented new york for eight years. i was there day in and day out, fighting against the obstruction and the barriers. the business that the right wing, the republicans come are putting up. why do you think you have so many scars? i have been taking on these vested interests my entire life. before there was obamacare they call that hillary care. i tried to get us universal health care coverage.
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i wanted to make sure we didn't have people being denied health coverage for themselves, and their families. the stories i heard literally made me sick. i will probably just one. i went to a children's hospital in cleveland. to meet with parents of sick kids and figure out what they were up against. they told me back in 1993 or 1994 when the insurance company to totally in charge. they couldn't get health care coverage. it didn't matter what they could pay they still couldn't buy it. there were disqualified because of pre-existing conditions. one man said i am successful, i have done well, i provide health care for my employees. i can't buy it for my two daughters of cystic fibrosis. what do they tell you? he said i go, i shall do my financial statement and the medical record, and say i just need a little bit of help here.
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what do they say? he said you don't understand . we don't insure burning houses. he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said they called mother who girls burning houses. i got to work and help create the children's health insurance program which provides health care for 8 million kids. [applause] that wasn't everything. i know a little bit about how you make progress in america. i like to make progress. i don't want to give the speeches come i want to get things done. i want to produce results list that i want to make a real difference in your life. i was thrilled when president obama pass universal health care coverage. i will go after the drug companies again to get prescription drug costs down.
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we will go after them to get medicare and the authority to negotiate lower prices. i'm going after those predatory pricers, those companies that are up in the price of drugs 4000 5000%. when i get done they will not be able to put their greed over the health of patients and customers ever again. [applause] it is important for you to know that the republicans want to repeal the affordable care act. they want us to go back to those days where we are all of the mercy of insurance companies. their standard is a different -- bernie sanders wants to start all over again. he wants to throw it into a big contentious national debate about health care. first of all, i don't think we need them. we need more jobs, rising income, we need to make sure
6:41 am
that we get equal pay for women long overdue. [applause] here's my comment on this, we are at 90%. to get from 90% to 100% is easier than starting over to get from zero to 100%. a lot of people can't wait, people can't wait, can't take a risk with what they have achieved here. i will make sure it works. one of the reasons why i oppose the cadillac plan taxes because i don't want people who have good health care to lose their health care. i want everybody to have better health care. there is a lot that i want to get done. i can't do it without your help. i believe our country is still the greatest country in the history of the world. [applause]
6:42 am
i am proud to be an american. i am not going to spend my time insulting americans the way some of the republicans do. i will not spend my time being pessimistic about america. we've always rolled up our sleeves and got into work and fixed things. that is what we're going to do again. if we are able to have an election about real change, not promises you can't keep. but real change, then i go into the white house with a mandate for that real change. i hope i go in with a senate that is turned democrat. you will elect them to keep the democratic.
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i know as your president that i have to work on a lot of different issues. i am not a single issue candidate. this is not a single issue country, my friends. [applause] i will tell you something else, it is not enough to just elected president. you are electing a commander in chief. you are electing somebody who one day one has to deal with whatever comes our way. i feel that is one of the most solemn responsibilities. i will take good care of the men and women in uniform and their families. i will fix what is wrong with the va, fixing the health system, get to the benefit actually delivered instead of hung up and paperwork for years. i will not let the republicans privatize the va, i will not see our veterans thrown out into the marketplace to fend for themselves. i won't let the republicans privatize social security either. [applause] what i will do is make college affordable, and the debt burden
6:44 am
down to more young people can get on with their lives. [applause] i am really confident and optimistic about our country. that doesn't mean i am unaware of our problems. i lived with them for years. i worked on them for years. i believe in us. i believe in we can get this done. i know we can. we can build on the progress of president obama. we can go further, make it clear that we are going to have the best of days of america ahead of us if we all work together. [applause] i can't do any of that without your help. here's what i am asking you. i love your enthusiasm, it gets me all pumped up even though it is a little chilly out here tonight. i didn't prepare for the cooler nights in las vegas. here's what i need you to do.
6:45 am
i need you to go caucus on saturday morning. at 11:00 a.m., how many of you already know what you're caucus site is? [applause] i love it. how many can bring friends, relatives, neighbors? [applause] well, i can't thank you enough. if you don't know you can go to my website and we will tell you where to go. you can sleep in. 11:00 got to get there at a.m. in. sleep in the next day. you have to get there and be patient because jeff to wait a little while while they say who you are for and divide you up. it is like democracy inaction, my friend. i was at the town hall tonight. that was a miracle. that was america. i was thrilled to be there.
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what are the series without them. you are the future of our country. we have to make sure it is a good future. you have to be there at 11:00 a.m. by supporting my campaign, you were helping me begin to break down these barriers. you are helping me make it clear that we are going to make progress together. i am a progressive likes to make progress. i want us to understand what we can do together. here is how i judge my success -- our people better off when i ended that when i started? i want you to hold the accountable. the reason why i'm telling you all these plans, i'm not just making speeches and freedom and free everything. [laughter] [applause]
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crowd: hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary clinton: i need you to hold me accountable. i want to do hold me accountable. i want you to remember i was here tonight and i told you what i was going to do. i even told you have much they're going to cost. i will level with you, i have too much respect for the american people. i want you to know exactly what i will do and how i will do it. i want you to be part of it. being elected is obvious that the first big step. but doing the work, talking with the american people, which i will do every day i am president. i want you to know what we're doing, how much progress we're making, and where i need you to help me as president to get things done. together, together we are going to live up to our dreams. we are going to live in
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accordance with our values as americans. i am excited by this. i am energized, i am ready. i need you to make this journey with me. it starts saturday at 11:00 a.m. thank you nevada. ♪
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♪ announcer: here are some of the campaign ads released by sanders and clinton.
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my father.ised by my mother left my family when i was nine years old. things went from bad to worse for me. this isn't just about numbers. this is about real life. this is a system that is working for the everyday person. to of the reasons i decided endorse bernie sanders, nevadans are looking for people to think amb ball that if i for everyday people. and that is exactly what bernie sanders is doing. >> i am bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> come here, baby. [applause] i'm going to do everything i can see don't have to be scared and you don't have to worry about
6:57 am
what happens to your mom and dad or somebody else. you are being very brave. you have to be brave for them, too. because they want you to be happy. we want you to be successful and they don't want you to worry too much. let me do all the wary -- the worrying. i will do everything i can to area -- to help. i am hillary clinton and i approve this message. announcer: this weekend is the south carolina primary and c-span road to the white house coverage continues. live at 5:30 p.m. ted cruz in west columbia, south carolina. and donald trump speaks in north charleston, -- south carolina.
6:58 am
>> i think we are going through a aggressive revolution. now is a -- a progressive revolution. now is a good time to look at how did a guy we thought was a real progressive, how did he do and what did we learn from that experience as we move into the next administration ? announcer: a critical look at the obama presidency. senator bernie sanders recently spoke out in favor of the book. blurb does not endorse the book it repeats a point that he makes in every campaign speech, which is twofold. one, we need a political revolution. that's his phrase. and that political revolution
6:59 am
means that the progressives have to really keep the pressure on the next president, whom we hope will be a democrat and a progressive, bernie or hillary, -- being stick to the true to the progressive agenda and follow through and not compromise it away. announcer: sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's "q&a." announcer: live on c-span come "washington journal" is next. then we go to the supreme court were justice scalia lies in repose. for aen lied to nevada rally with senator bernie sanders in henderson, a suburb of las vegas. announcer: coming up, we look at the legacy of the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. and then a discussion of extremism in america.
7:00 am
our conversation with peter bergen. ♪ host: justice scalia upon the body will lie in repose at the supreme court. live coverage will begin at 9:15 a.m. this morning. to paylic is invited respects from 10:30 a.m. until about 8:00 tonight. startorning, we want to off by talking about whether or not the supreme court is too political. a former reporter and now yield


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