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tv   Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally in Henderson Nevada  CSPAN  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-1:16am EST

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>> the late supreme court justice an tonin scalia lying in state at the supreme court.
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the funeral live tomorrow. we leave you now to take you live to henderson, nevada, for a campaign rally with presidential candidate bernie sanders. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corop. 2016] >> senator sanders: thank you. thank you. "bernie").nts >> paeurpb as i walk around this room and so many people, i have a feeling, folks, we're going to history tomorrow. in e going to win here
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nevada! what a fantastic turnout. thank you all very much for being here tonight. important, you got to be at caucus tomorrow. et me thank steven bishop, attention man, james yo, lucy suarez, gabby war kids, chew
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with tchewy garcia. hey helped make tonight and i appreciate that very much. morning all of you have make americany to history. that's not just phraseology. that's reality. it could well be that 10, 20, 30 years from now people will look nevada what happens in and say, this was the beginning political revolution. we began this campaign nine months ago, we were at 3% at the
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polls. we were way behind in iowa, way in new hampshire, way behind in nevada. guess what? things have changed! taken on the has big money interests of the establishment. we've taken on the political establishment. the media on establishment and we are gaining every day. are gaining momentum. we are gaining momentum because people are tired of establishment politics. establishment f and they want to move his country in a direction where the government of the
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united states represents all of just wealthy campaign contributors. brothers and sisters, this is gaining momentum to the we are listening pain of the people. we are listening to the workers vermont and all over this country who are they can't make it on nine bucks an hour. e are listening to the senior citizens who tell us no, they year make it on $11,000 a social security. we are listening to the young who are saying, we do not want to be paying off our the next 20 for
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years. brothersstening to our nd sisters in the latino -- who are o demand demanding to get out of the and want a path towards citizenship. our e listening to african-american brothers and sisters. who are telling us they are of a criminal justice broken.hich is the women ening to tired of o, we are
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on the dollar 79 compared to men. friends, the history of ameri america, the history of change america is that change never down.from the top on comes from the bottom on up. years ago workers said we're or beasts of burden,
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we want dignity and want unions organized collective bargaining. african-americans and their white allies said, segregation is not about.merica is well over a hundred years ago their male allies said women will not be second class citizens in this country. communityears the gay said, ir straight allies that in america people
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whom they want regardless of gender. about. how change comes change comes about when millions of people look around them and say, the status quo is not working. we need change! and that is the moment where we are at right now. we are at a moment when in the in the st country history of the world most people because almost all the new income in wealth is going to the top 1%. crowd boos)
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sander... we are living owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. 20 people in this thetry own more wealth than bottom 150 million people. this country today, millions working longerre hours for lower wages, our working 2 or 3 jobs. mom is working, dad is working kids are working, marriages are being stressed, attention get the they need from their parents. all of that, 58% of going to the is top 1%.
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crowd boos) bernie sanders: are you ready for a radical idea? (crowd cheers) bernie sanders: we are going to works foreconomy that all of us, not just the 1%. we are going to raise the wage to a living wage, $15 an hour! are going to make certain shake in get a fair the economy, pay equity for women workers. are going to create the
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millions of jobs our people need. hiring oing to be teachers and not firing teachers. we are going to rebuild our infrastructure, our water ystems, waste bridges.roads and if we can rebuild the in astructure of villages raq and afghanistan, we can rebuild flint, michigan! else ll tell you what we're going to do, we are going the wealthiest people in this country, the people who have never had it so start hey're going to paying their fair share of taxes.
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when we talk about public 2016, it in the year is not good enough to be talking first grade through 12th grade. today we have got to be talking public education meaning free tuition and public colleges and universities. e have got to deal with the outrage that millions of our so le, some young, some not young, are paying a significant in student r income debt repayment. hat is why i believe we got a substantially lower student debt in this country by allowing
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eople who have that debt to find the lowest possible nterest rates they can and refinance their loans. now my opponents say the that's an ent says expensive proposition. it is. and i'll tell you how we'll pay for it. we'll pay for it by putting a speculation.treet and thel street's greed illegal behavior help drive this recessionto the worst since the 1930s, congress bailed wall street. now it is wall street's time to help the middle class.
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what's we talk about going on in our country today, for one secondet there are 11 million people who undocumented who are living inthe shadows who are living fear. not only will we fight the the zen phobia and the bigotry of donald trump -- "bernie") nts we'll sanders: together demand that congress pass comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship.
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if congress doesn't do its job, do my job and use the executive power of the president. y republican colleagues are running all over nevada and all over america talking about family values. to know erybody here what they mean by family values. mean is that no woman in this room in this state in should have the right to control her own body. disagree. what they mean is that our gay brothers and sisters should not the right to be married, i disagree.
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we talk about what goes on in america together, we are reform a broken criminal justice system. to me that eptable in america we have more people any other country on earth, largely african-american and latino. a n police officers commit crime, they will be held accountable. police aryize departments and make them serve are going ty and we
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very, very his harmful war on drugs. we must take arijuana out of the federal act.olled substance americans have received criminal records because of possession. going talk about what's on in america, what we are going what every other major country on earth is doing, healthcare to all people as a right.
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else ll tell you what we're going to do, as adults and as parents, as grandparents, we is morally hat it irresponsible for us to leave in a way that is uninhabitable for our kids. limate change -- (crowd chants "bernie") bernie sanders: pope francis and the world havend told us climate change is real and it is caused by human
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ctivity and already causing devastating problems in our country and around the world. we have the moral responsibility to work with china, russia, countries all over the world in taking on the fossil industry, transforming our energy system. often get involved in state or local issues other than y own state, but i find it rather incredible that the commission here n nevada has made a decision which makes it harder for people to install solar panels. to make it easier not harder.
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this -- i very much hope government here will reconsider that disastrous decision. has the opportunity to solar is country in it!er, take our campaign has been about a of issues, but it can come down to three fundamental issues. one, today we have a campaign finance system which is corrupt, which is allowing elections.s to buy (crowd boos) we together are oing to overturn citizens
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united. we together are going to end and voterlican effort suppression. and together what the political our ution is about is country having one of the highest rates of voter turnout, one of the lowest. going to end this economy. to reform a ing broken criminal justice system.
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ast month one of the large inancial institutions, golden -- oh, you've heard of goldman sachs. a $5 billion fine to government, 5 billion, for selling worthless sub prime mortgage loans. now here is something interesting. a kid gets arrested with arijuana, that kid gets a police record. xecutives on wall street who destroy the economy and the lives of millions somehow they get a police record. we are going to bring back
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justice to the criminal justice system. nd by the way, as the former chairman of the veterans committee, we are going to make that our veterans get the benefits and the healthcare to which they are entitled. brothers and sisters, what this is essentially about is hether we have a political system and an economy which is a handful of or whether we have n economy and political system which is controlled by ordinary
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americans. caucus is t tomorrow about. in largelease come out numbe numbers! nevada, please help us move the political revolution forward! thank you all! >> this land is your land.
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is your land, this land, from california islands.w york rom the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters. for you and made me ♪ push as i was walking, that ribbon highway, i saw above me an endless sky way. golden valley, a and land was made for you me ♪ roamed and rambled my onely footsteps to the sparkling sands of the diamond
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and all around me a sounded, this land was ade for me you and me ♪ hey! sun came shinning, and strolling, and the wheat fields waving and the dust rolling, as the fog was this land was made for ou and me ♪ he went walking i saw a sign said,and on the
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but on the passing, didn't say t anything, this land was made for ou and me ♪ and in the shadows there were and i see my people, and as they're hungry, i stood there made for is land was you and me ♪ interlude) >> one more time.
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this land is your land, land is my land, from california island, from the forest to the gulf land was ers, this made for you and me ♪ was made for you and me ♪ this land was made for you and e ♪ oh, this land was made for you nd me ♪ was made for you and me. for you land was made and me ♪ for you andwas made me ♪ push for you andwas made
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me♪ this land was made for you d ♪ this land is my land. your land.s rom california to the new york highway. this land is your land, this is my land, this land was ade for you and me ♪ come on. made for you and me. for you and made me. made for you and me this land was made for you and me. back to the top! land, this is your californialand, from to the new york island, from the redwood forest to the gulf
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was m waters, this land made for you and me ♪ everybody it, sing it! ♪ this land was made for you and bernie sanders campaigning in nevada ahead of tomorrow's caucuses.c you can watch the road to the and the se coverage south carolina republican primary. from both e results contests, candidate speeches and your calls and tweets. 7:30 here beginning at on c-span. republican presidential candidate senator ted cruz of exas held a rally in west south carolina ahead
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of the primary and also speaking phil robertson of "duck dynasty." this is about an hour and a half. you know, i've been in a lot of political battles since i've been in washington. i was elected in 2010 and came to change wave washington of 2010, well, there were members of our party that the changes that we wanted to impose. to the constitutional republic of limited government, ree markets and individual liberties. when i was in those battles, sometimes we are in the majority oftentimes i was in a small minority. freedom loving congressmen who were fighting byinst the executive amnesty
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the lawless president who were planned parenthood. s we fought to replace obamacare so we could have tax pay centered and centered healthcare. i've been ose fights in in in washington. and we're in the foxhole we're fighting president obama and his policies and fighting pelosi and harry reid, sometimes we were fighting and rs of our own party leadership to do what's right for you. in that foxhole, you in around and see who is there with you. i can tell you there was one
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side that he senate was in every single fight with that was ted cruz. give my endorsement easy. from north rk carolina. i endorsed mark meadows for congress. endorsed ted cruz for president of the united states. thehen i was courted by all candidates in this race, i boxes.d checking the some of the candidates checked a lot of the boxes. they believe in jesus christ as savior, check. they believe in life and the sanctity of life from the minute conception forward, check. they believe in the constitution powers, check. of but ted cruz checks everyone of
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some with a then stood in bold because he up for life and said we should defund planned parent and shut down using the article one powers that we have to the powers of the purse defund this horrendous of takeover of healthcare in this nation. when we are fighting a bill as the comprehensive euf eupl gregs reform bill and trying to kill it in the house, one senator who came over and met with us at reakfast, at lunch and after hours in our offices as we poured through the bill and strategized on a way to kill the we did the house, which by the way. that senator was ted cruz. he's been in those battles with
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us. why i'm so happy to give him my endorsement and all the way to tomorrow night when we stand on and name the age presidential preference for south carolina. ut before that next president comes to this stage, let me great ce another american. duck s heard of the commander? >> who has heard of phil robertson? the next like to see president of the united states appoint phil robertson to something? robertson going to the u.n. them how we feel! was e late 80s when i cutting my teeth as a duck his vhs said i got tapes and i watched the duck
12:00 am as they shot and i started learning about this man who played quarterback terry bradshaw. you know who that guy is? went after the buc in the nfl and phil robertson went after the ducks both said i think we're pretty happy. unabashed about his faith. he's a real leader we can look and he's unabashed about what he believes about this tellingand doesn't mind people exactly how he feels and what he thinks about jesus about ted cruz. the all welcome with me the duck commander phil robertson.
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>> preach it! preach from the bible! preach! >> how about one that stands up. my sword somewhere. started to na, i but it occurred to suit.n't own a you wonder why i don't own a a computer.or say, phil --
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can hear you! >> stick this one in that one. idea.s the man.h carolina, i'm a jesus you know why? product of the sixties. bernie sanders? i repented, bernie didn't. saw the err of his ways but i did. say, phil, now we've been on a lot of election have to admit nigh 70 now.
12:03 am
ou say have you ever heard the gospel preached during an in your life? either. here's what you do. south carolina. you have sinned, right? me too. die, right? g to right?ot deep, all of us, that's fact. it presents two problems for us. happened is that we have or women to for us what is right, wrong, what is good. evil.cide what's
12:04 am
en decide what your life is worth. way adolf s the hitler was. he said, these people here, i don't think they're worth anything. to conquer the world, south carolina. was famous for murder, south right? a, you know why? no right? no jesus there. they started in on us at pearl harbor. talk about brutal. they were brutal. along with adolf hitler were famous for murder. jesus with them?
12:05 am
ze zero. that's two out of two and we're going through a little history commonists came. e had the cold war for seven years. joseph stalin, he slaughtered millions. the nazis slaughtered millions. the japanese empire slaughtered the ons and so did communists. was there any jesus with the commonists? wasn't there. now it's isis this latest crop. what are they famous for? murder. no jesus there either. to date.ought it up here we are. see a pattern? remove god almighty, he father, son, jesus and the holy spirit from out of your life, out of your society and
12:06 am
out of your culture and out of ideology, you get him out f the way, then look out because the murder is fixing to start. every time because they you're not en do, worth anything. 60 million unborn children, children, we were all in our mother's womb at one time, right? say, how did they do it? oh, we had to do something about these guns. about to do something these guns. they kill 60 million with a knife about that long. not ndment number six, do murder was written, south carolina, 2800 years before was invented. evidently we had a murder problem. have only done something about those pesky
12:07 am
and s, bows and arrows sharp sticks and rocks. we would haveives saved, south carolina. really is doing the murdering? instrument or the person? why sure. just a little intro. have but ten minutes. you would get if you had an hour. (crowd cheers) >> the supreme court building of america, d states of the supreme court building has a number of places where there are the ten moses with
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commandments. included among the givers and the marble sculpture on the east front. as you enter the supreme court courtroom, the two huge doors commandments engraved on each lower portion of each door. you walk miss 'em if inside the building. ready for y, are you this, of the ten commandments is engraved over the chair of the chief justice. the founder say make sure you put the ten commandments on the doors on the side of the building and hang the en commandments above chief justice' head so nobody miss it. what they're saying, you vet
12:09 am
verything you do when it comes to laws you vet it through the bible. almighty said don't murder. and we kill 60 million of our own. marriage is said woman.n a man and a it is nuts for even us to is becauset marriage we know what it is. mess with that, you mess with that. there's no god. solution made us. hat ocean out there, that's what made us. did it come where from? they said, we think comets here. all that water in
12:10 am
that's a lot of comets hauling a lot of water. comets? have water on no. you want to mess with the almighty? and cost of sexually in the ted infections united states, you want to acts, sexual ural just decided women what marriage was. cdc say what is the morality. 50.5 million current alone ons are in men while 59.5 million are in women. 110 million of in any s with std's
12:11 am
given time. sew, the man you said. don't you get it? that's fact. argue with the center for disease control? go ahead. of us are three carrying a disease that's transmitted. million now 39 deceased, 36 million have the h.i.v., aids. 39 million are dead. 36 million more have it. god says, don't do that. clean woman clean man. sex marry, they keep their between the two of them. ou won't get a sexually ever.mitted disease
12:12 am
all therefore -- see, they didn't me but ten minutes. south ought us here, carolina? what brought us here? 240 years. guns, right? you say, we had to have faith in he would blessat us and he would found the earth, but tion on weiwe power to send where ts and king george he came from. hey, south carolina, we won. came.azis hat did it take to drive adolf
12:13 am
hitler all the way back to germany to due him in. bibles and guns. we won. sent them back to where they came from. a lot of explosions and a lot of fire power. back.sent them the bibles and guns. communists they got into an arm race. it with their congress they bankrupt you. you what it will take isis back to where they came from? anywhere you slice it. i would be 't remiss -- i said, and you you all have sinned in many ways, so have i. phil, have you ever
12:14 am
been drunk and been laid? that be yeah. but if i started interviewing ach one of you and you told me to, what do been up you think, south carolina? foot hole, sinners. so god became flesh. it. calendar documents 2016 a.d. ammodom minute my ammodom minute my yea lord. we all count the time of jesus, even the atheist. right? what you can't do i'll do for you. i'll remove all of your sin. when mine -- you say when did you repent, phil? 28. i was you say how has life been?
12:15 am
and famous now. you.k all the riches i'll ver amass, can it remove my sins, south carolina? no. fame, maybe that will raise me from the dead. when they killed jesus and three him to the cross days later he stood back up on out,arth saying check this guys, you got a better story? technology dical will do it? obamacare, that might help. save your money. that arell the doctors checking you, they're going six feet deep too. we're not getting out of here except through jesus, on a cross and resurrection three days later.
12:16 am
heaven and into he's there to mediate for you unli 27/7 -- 24/7 unlike law. we do in louisiana and boy do we ever do it, you say, phil, marched when you they say, i believe jesus died the dead. from i said confess with your mouth. can /* -- confess. jesus is lord. i say if i was in canada, dude, ice uld have to cut an hole. but you're in luck you're in louisiana and the temperature is 40.ut so i walked him out there on the river and i baptized him and he back to canada rejoicing. that and you teaching your rebuking your u children, you correct your
12:17 am
to dren and you train them be children of god. what willhat alone is change your nation. i say we all get together -- you say, well, why are you behind cruz? he's a bible man. a jesus man. no different than our founding fathers. we're just like them. we're not like aberrations all sudden. we're just george washington. cruz and i both. like thomas jefferson. e're like john adams, james madison. therefore, i say we ought to put in everything we do including politics. around rn the country and get on with it.
12:18 am
>> give it up for the gospel and phil robertson, woo! how many of you know we got a tomorrow? let me introduce to you the next resident of the united states, senator ted cruz! [applause] cruz: god bless the great state of south carolina. thrilled to be here with you. she going to make an
12:19 am
amazing first lady? say to all the school ged kids, when heidi's first lady, french fries are coming back to the cafeteria. but i think on the tray ongs and not on top of it. know, i got to say, south carolina and texas, we got a whole lot in common. states where southerners, we military le lot of veterans veterans. owners.n we love god and we are fed up
12:20 am
corruption in washington. applause] enator cruz: you know, to understand the connections states, you great need to do no more than remember carolinians who came down to their blood ated the alamo. james bonham and brave south arolinians to help texas fight for our freedom. of those south carolinaians from the alamo wrote a letter and hangs in my office to this day. to the people836,
12:21 am
of texas and all americans in world, i am besieged by a thousand or more. have sustained a continual barment for 24 hours and not lost a man. the enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion. i have answered the demand with shot and our flag still the from surrender or retreat. then i call on you in the name liberty of patriotism and verything dear to the american character to come to our aid with all dispatch. if this call is neglected i am etermined to sustain myself as long as possible and die like a
12:22 am
what iswho never forget due to his own honor and that of his country. victory or death. signed william barrett travis. [applause] enator cruz: those are the words of a south carolinian who liberty. he pulled out his sword at the alamo and drew a line in the sand. and he told those prepared to stand and fight and die for step across that line. one of my favorite former texas, phil gramm was a the 80s he conservative democrats and he he haeffort to tax rt ronald reagan's plan. he was telling the other
12:23 am
conservatives that story. said this is a moment to step across that line and those phil, ats said, but, everyone who stepped across that died. and phil without missing a beat said, you're right. they did. and everyone who didn't step they died too.e nd nobody remembers their names. standing here with patriots. and women to the men of south carolina, thank you for ending a principal constitutionalist freedom fighter, knife fighter like jeff represent you in the united states congress.
12:24 am
[applause] a reason uz: there's jeff and i both need food in the members dining room. south t today another carolinian former governor mark endorsed this campaign. my favorite moment with mark was when he was your governor and walked into the legislature carrying a ive squealing pig under one arm. that's a man who knows how to pork. robertson? t phil i love that man.
12:25 am
who loves jesus nd isn't afraid to admit it to anyone and everyone to proclaim is name with no apology and with nothing but joy. i will say one of the coolest things i've had the pleasure of whole presidential campaign was heading down to duck hunting g with phil robertson and the clan. robertson you know, we did a whole video camo and face paint and my daughter saw that and they thought it was the thing they had every seen. carolina, our 7-year-old said, nearly that cool which is indisputable. tell you, that man shotgun.oot a listen, as a texan, i know a lot
12:26 am
can shoot.o and for me, look, i can hit a it's nice icularly if and close. maybe you got someone holding feet so he can't move. every that i drop it time. but phil could take out of birds and i couldn't even see the bird. i wouldn't have thought in a million years to shoot a bird that far away. we would pull out a shotgun and boom. and the black lab headed to the horizon and i'm like, phil you and next thingow you know the dog would be coming back with a duck in its mouth. like, how on earth did you do that? ut phil is a man who is unafraid. ere's the thought experiment for you. imagine phil robertson as
12:27 am
of the united nations. now let me just ask you, how pay to see that? sitting in imagine the u.n. general assembly, the russian ambassador says and he leans over and says, "well that don't make any at all." you look at the leaders who whether it'sether, phil, whether it's jeff, whether 350 pastors all across this state who endorsed this and stood together, the unifying theme is a passion and love for this country and a stand up and speak the truth no matter what
12:28 am
cost. past saturday we had a kind of quiet little debate. but i'll tell you, i think that the debate really helped focus a ot of the issues in the minds of the south carolinaians and two questions have risen to the top. the first was highlighted saturday morning with the of justice antonin scalia. an american hero. law and lion of the someone i knew personally for 20 years. at act tomorrow i'll be up washington for his funeral and
12:29 am
election ck here for night. scalia's passing leaves an enormous vacancy on the court, leave an enormous void principal onate fighting for the constitution. and as bad as this supreme court been, we are one justice five justiceadical liberal majority, the likes of which this country has never seen. i was in the senate, i of the solicitor general texas, chief lawyer for the and spent five years defending the constitution and bill of rights. a coalition gether of states defending the federal an on partial birth abortion 5-4.e won
12:30 am
5-4. we are one justice away from the striking down every restriction the states have put in place over the last abortion and mandating unlimited abortion on emand up until the moment of birth, partial birth with parentalfunding and no notification. one justice. biggest the single decision of justice scalia's hree decades on the court was heller versus district of columbia. case miliar with the because i represented 31 states in heller defending the second right to keep and bear arms and we won 5-4.
12:31 am
5-4. it? was the position of it was not that some gun control permissible. what it said was that the second amendment protects no individual bear arms ep and whatsoever. a y said it is only "collective right of the militia" which is fancy lawyer completely completely nonexistent right. we are one justice away from the supreme court over ruling heller and holding that not single one of us here has any individual to keep and bear arms and e have no second amendment right to challenge it. in this at's at stake election.
12:32 am
me both my friend. you know, phil talked about the ten commandments. in texas we defended the ten commandments monument that capital grounds and went all the way to the 5-4!me court and we won 5-4. away from thestice supreme court ordering the ten commandments torn down in and city halls and public parks all over this country. practice, i represented over 3 million for free ro bono efending the mojave desert veterans memorial. a lone white latin cross erected
12:33 am
over 70 years ago for the men and women who gave their lives in world war i. the aclu sued saying you could not display a cross on public lands. they won in the district court and court of appeals and the court ordered a giant sack to be placed over that veterans memorial with a chain and a at the bottom. i will say this, the court was ight in one regard, there is the image of the we went to the u.s. supreme of 3 million f eterans defending the mojave desert veterans memorial and we won 5-4. 5-4. from thee justice away supreme court striking down veterans memorials all over this
12:34 am
country and we're not far from he court ordering the chisels to come out and remove the crosses and stars of david from tombstones of fallen soldiers. >> i'll tell you the biggest as solicitor ure a case called immediate 18 versus texas. horrible e girls were aassaulted and murdered by a gang. an of those gang members was illeg illegal alien and then the world an order to the united states to reopen the onvictions of 51 murderers across this country. first time in history a foreign tried to bind the u.s. justice system. stood up and fought the
12:35 am
court. i argued this case twice in supreme court.s. on the other side we had the orld court and the united nations. we had 90 foreign nations. of the ad the president united states. i'm sorry to tell you that barack obama.not bush. george w. you, heidi and i, on et back in 2000 working the george w. bush campaign. we were one of eight marriages of that campaign. so i'll tell you, a lousy joke many, many tiles. whatever anyone says about bush, in our house he'll always be a uniter and not divider.
12:36 am
but in this instance he received because he ice signed a two paragraph order order thepted them to state courts to obey the world court. i'll tell you it was an interesting conversation when i with my boss, the attorney general, now the texas and we had a conversation. it was an unusual thing to stand to oppose the president of the united states of the he supreme court united states. particularly when that president a texan, a republican, the state andernor of our a friend. you're reading ahead. say twice iproud to stood before the supreme court and argued, number one, that the united urt and the nations has no jurisdiction
12:37 am
the u.s. justice system. and number two, that no president of the united states, democrat, has the constitutional authority to sovereignty.. 6-3.we won and in the final iteration of 5-4. case it too dropped to ne justice away sof vern teu /* /- sovereignty.
12:38 am
of election, the stakes this election not just one branch of government, but two. justice scalia's passing focused the minds of the of south carolina and this country on what those are.s because we know if we elect hillary clinton or bernie or some other socialist we will see the supreme court for a generation. i'll tell you the unfortunate reality. elect the wrong republican we'll also see the supreme court for a generation. democrats bat a thousand. justice is a left wing judicial activity on almost every case.
12:39 am
republicans bat worst than 500. judicial e worst activities have been republican nominees. earl warren, bill brennan, john paul stevens and david suitor harry blackman, the author of roe versus wade. veryone of those was a republic republican republican appointee. happen? hat it's not that republican presidents secretly want to put court.s on the that's not actually what is happening. hat happens instead, if you look at the justices who honored heir oath and remained faithful. scalia, clarence thomas and justice william rehnquist. everyone of them had a long the n record of following constitution and defending conservative principals and it and standing up criticism.e of ut what happens is if you
12:40 am
nominate a real conservative, a proven conservative, the democrats are going to fight you. they get the joke and fighting for the court. again we get er republicans who don't really care about the court and their hey, we haved says, -- can dad.h canada he's perfect. paper trail whatsoever. lived 50 years your life and never written, said or a e anything to prove you're conservati conservative, you ain't. and every time a republican with stealth a inee turn odd to be disaster. they look at that debate stage.
12:41 am
do we know? who do we know to an absolute doubt will nominate principaled constitutionalists the u.s. supreme court? nd i'll tell you if a presidential candidate doesn't have a record or history of the ing and fighting for constitution, if, for example, their life they described themselves as very, ery pro choice and supporting partial birth abortion, speaking of course, we know for a fact they're not oing to spend the political capital it takes to nominate and confirm a conservative and if we more liberal, the second amendment goes to life. the right to life goes away and liberty goes away,
12:42 am
one more liberal. amen. and i give you my solemn word. every justice that i appoint to court will be a principaled onstitutionalist and be faithful and protect the bill of rights for your children and your children's children. applause] cruz: and the second major question that the people asking, isarolina are ho is best prepared to be commander in chief. who has the experience, the judgment, the temperame temperament? we saw temperament on display night.y who has the clarity of
12:43 am
nderstanding, the strength of resolve? ust this week mr. trump said publicly that he would be eutral between israel and the palestinians. as me tell you this, president i have no intention of neutral. merica will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. like ou hear liberals hillary clinton and barack obama let's be erry saying, neutral between israel and the in stinians, they're buying to the false moral equivalency every day.he news
12:44 am
equivalent who is not morally soldier risking heir lives to keep innocent people safe. just this week here in south out a major lled plan to rebuild the military and our ability to defend ourselves. are going to rebuild the army and increase our troops strength air force and bring back our jets. we're going to rebuild the navy shifts.g back our we're going to use the marines and have the strongest military on the face of the planet. applause] cruz: you think
12:45 am
defending us is expensive? try not defending ourselves. do we do it? 1981.e seen how to do it, another president came into office with another weak president who weakened the military. ronald reagan started with tax reform and lifted the burdens of small businesses. small businesses are the heart of the economy. jobs come from small businesses. you want booming economic unchain small businesses. reagan did that and the economy lifted and millions into prosperity. it generated trillions in revenue. to rebuild the
12:46 am
military and that in turn soviet union and won the cold war. do the same thing terrorists. islamic regulatory reform and tax reform. going ory reform, we are to repeal every word of obamaca obamacare. applause] senator cruz: and tax reform, a simple g to adopt and abolish the and we will see millions of new jobs. see wages rising. we'll see young people coming 2, 3, 4, 5 l with
12:47 am
job opportunities and winning so we'll get tired of winning. he -- it's ay, it a make o say you want to america great again. you can even put that on a baseball cap. to ask is do on you understand what made america first place. let me tell you what we're not to we're not going to continue to isten to political correctness in the u.s. military. we are not going to be admitting infiltratedcould be with isis terrorists. we are not going to be granting
12:48 am
u.s. citizenship to people here illegally. father y this as a tpatsdz of two young girls we to be drafting our daughters on the front lines. to admit two debates ago when i was standing on that ebate stage and three republicans, marco rubio and a ers said, i think that's great idea to be drafting women. saying, areing there you guys nuts? i frankly was expecting od sterling to walk out on the stage, you have entered the twilight zone. re we so captive to politicalness that we can't just
12:49 am
doesn't make any sense. truth oing to speak the and we're going to speak the truth with a smile. you, one of the most shameful things over the last seven years has been this sending our fighting men and women into combat with of engagement that tie their arms behind their back and not t let them win and do safe.hem keep themselves that is wrong and it is immoral it will end in january 2017. always been reluctant to use military force. we are slow to anger. military force is required, we should use
12:50 am
verwhelming force, kill the out.y and then get the heck when it comes to radical islamic terrorism, we will no longer ave a president terrified to utter those words. the ad, every militant on face of the earth will know if you go and join isis, if you jihad against the united states of america, if you attempt to murder innocent you are signing your death warrant. omorrow morning, that's when the south carolina primary
12:51 am
starts. and wooly ride. 'all have been subject to millions in attack ads and mailers and radio and phone nonsense. all the the time for that media noise is over. this is our time. race will be decided, friend to friend, neighbor to to pastor, stor to south linian caroli carolinaian. look around to the men and women in the next 24 hours if each of you, not only and votes tomorrow, but picks up the phone and calls your friend, your family and your loved ones and your and everyone you know never, thisis now or
12:52 am
is my future. this is my children's future. grandchildren's future. the next 24 hours we are to determine if the next generation will have the ame constitutional liberties everyone of us has been blessed to enjoy. around at the men and women here. if every person to gets ten other people -- i p and vote tomorrow to be ten pretend other people. i said find ten real live people polls!t them to the
12:53 am
if everyone here gets ten people vote with us, the men and woman gathered right outcome of nge the the south carolina primary. hat's what we can do together, standing together. he week before iowa, every pundit and every pollster said cruz cannot win. watched on t.v. one after the other after the other, who is going to win. trump, trump, trump. ne thing they forgot are the voters. on and election night in iowa we shattering turnout. and we not only won by a big won n, but we conservatives. won n evangelicals and we reagan democrats and we won people.
12:54 am
that's the reagan coalition. nominationwe win the and that's how we beat hillary bernie sanders and he general and bring this country back. finally i ask each of you to this country up in prayer to stand together on the chronicle second 7:14. if my people which are called by humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn ways, then i ked will hear their prayers from their sins orgive and heal their land.
12:55 am
in january 1981, when ronald oath of office, his left hand was resting on chronicles 7:14. the very real and concrete promise tion of that from the word of god, we have faced these challenges before. we have faced the abyss before and the american people came pulled this country back. we have done it before. if we stand together carolina,here in south again.and we will do it you.k go out and vote
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thank you. senator cruz. picture. a >> i'll come back. >> i'm from georgia. you're going to come out with a lot of momentum. >> thank you for everything you're doing. here. this isas for our grandkids. thank you. prayers for you. you.k i've been following him and you a long time. >> here, come on. we'll fix it now. >> thank you, sir. very much.
1:09 am
thank you so much. >> it will be all of us together doing it. quick.l >> sure. the button. >> excellent. thank you for being here. >> sorry. >
1:10 am
>> what's your name? >> riley. >> how old are you, riley? ten. >> ten, excellent. brother?your >> yes. >> what's your name. >> jude. >> seven. joseph and i'm ten. >> thank you for being here. three people away from shake your hand at the last rally. want a picture? my husband sang the national anthem. with you.a picture he's back there. he couldn't get through. we'll vote for you.
1:11 am
much.ank you very job.ood >> thank you so much. >> thank you. tell you a joke. >> yes. >> so there's a boat in the middle of the ocean and four people on it. donald trump, marco yo and do you know who it saved? america. >> can i get a picture? >> what's your name. >> reagan. a great name. thanks so much. reagan.k you,
1:12 am
hi, my name is alexa. hi, . alex, thank you for being here. get in there with you? >> i'm the biggest kid, mr. cruz. >> make that four. thank you for being here. we ppreciate and love everything you're doing for us. can i squeeze in here with these guys? thank you very much. somebody else have
1:13 am
a chance. god bless you, ted. >> i've been praying and praying it.praying for thank you so much for everything. i've been seeing you more than i appreciate everything. >> thank you for everything you've been, sir. a quick photo with sir? >> active duty soldier. his wife. >> will you sign this for me, too. for your service. >> thank you for yours. i appreciate everything you've done for us. you, sir. well? ld you sign this as
1:14 am
much. you so summer, nice to meet you. to meet you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. thank you. you. thank you. thank you very much. sir.k you,
1:15 am
is a first time both right here. can we get a picture with you? than ay be easier said done. >> can i have one next? you very much. mr. cruz. shake your hand? signature, ve your sir? god bless you, president cruz. >> we're going to do it together. navy and s in the thinking about


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