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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  February 20, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EST

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looks at the nevada democratic caucuses. you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. "washington journal" is next. ♪ host: good saturday morning to you. republican candidates are squaring off today and south carolina's primary. while nevada is holding its first in the west them a credit caucus. we will bring you all the latest. first, we want to hear from you. who do support and who do think crucial the battleground states. a special line this morning for voters in nevada and south carolina. 48-8003.ber is 202-7
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you can also find us on social media. pan wj.tter handle is @cs leiva, and on our page on facebook. we start the morning -- leave a comment on our page on facebook. we will hear first from hillary clinton and senator sanders speaking in nevada. mrs. clinton: i am going to fight for you because we have got to knock down every very that is holding americans back. there are economic barriers. i know what i am against. i have been clear about that. i have got to stop the bad actors from wrecking our economy again. and i know how to do it. and i have got the plan the people say is the toughest and more comprehensive. but you know what? after you finish saying, let's step the bad stuff from happening, what about making some good stuff happen? how about creating more jobs for
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hard-working americans? about defending unions and maintaining a prevailing wage? making sure every american has a chance to fulfill his or her dreams by making sure there is no barriers that hold you back? senator sanders: you guys ready for a radical idea? we are going to create an economy that works for all of us not just the 1%. we are going to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, 15 bucks an hour. are going to make certain
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that women get a fair shake in the economy, pay equity for women workers. and we are going to create millions of jobs our people need. we are going to be hiring teachers not firing teachers. close race in nevada. but in south carolina donald trump has a commanding lead. senator ted cruz has been catching up. here is a little bit of what they had to say on the stump. trump: out of the top authority in the world, 30 countries, we are number one in costs her pupil by far. number one, so high that number two does not exist. we have norway, denmark, sweden, china, these are the best countries in terms of education.
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these are ranked in the top four or five. greatcountries, education, they spend a fraction of what we do. we are number 30 out of 30. so we are number 30. and yet we are number one and money spent by far. i'm telling you, the difference between one and two's number two is so far away you cannot even see it. we got to change, all right? we got to change. my campaign,like i spent the least and i have the best result. we have got to do that. single biggesthe decision of justice scalia on v. districts heller of columbia. i represented 31 states in defending the right to keep and bear arms and we won 5-4.
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5-4. and what was the position of the dissenters? it was not that some gun control is sometimes permissible. was the dissenters said that the second amendment protects no individual right to keep and bear arms whatsoever. "ey said it is only a collective right of the militia ," which is lawyer talk for a completely nonexistent right. we are one justice away from the supreme court overruling heller and holding that not a single one of us here has any individual right to keep and bear arms, that the government can ban firearms and we have no second amendment right to challenge it. that's what's at stake in this election. your callse taking
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this morning on the nevada democratic caucuses in the primary election in south carolina for the republican party. again those number, if you are a voter in nevada or south carolina, you can call 202-7 48-8003. republicans your numbers are let's get right to it with our first caller of the morning. bradenll be rick from 10, florida, on the democratic line. ma'am. good morning, i have sat and i have watched every one of these caucuses a and every one of these town hall meetings and every debate and the only thing i hear is that the republicans want to move us back. some nonsensical
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place where i guess like where honestly what i see from them is that they want to move us back to food,blacks made our latinos cut our yards, women knew their place, and that everybody should just kowtow to the secondble and amendment says as to what their interpretation is of it. host: rick, who do support in this election cycle? caller: i'm going to support hillary clinton. mostly because i feel she is the most qualified to take the job. and that she's the only one that the heard thus far state importance of how it is to get the senate back and eventually get the congress back as well.
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so we can move forward, we can get some infrastructure done. and instead of trying to go back to a nonsensical time that did not even exist. caller comes from south carolina. shirley is calling from greenville on the republican line. will you be heading to the polls later on today? caller: yes, i will. host: who do you plan to support? caller: i plan to support donald trump. i think he is the best man for the job. he will get things done like he says. i think he's very truthful. we need him for the isis situation and for a lot of the other situations. a wonderful person, and he is smart. i just think he is going to be the man for the job. host: do you have a second choice? there have been a lot of discussion about cruz and rubio
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and whether or not they will, who will come out in second place? do you have a second choice behind donald trump? caller: uh, no, i don't. host: trump is it. next caller comes from tennessee. tommy is calling from milan, tennessee. caller: yes, hi. watched all these debates and everything and i really feel like that there's a groundswell, not necessarily for trump but for somebody different that's currently in governments in d.c. right now. and i really think that ben carson, if he finishes second in south carolina, he could be the nominee, but i'm leaning towards john kasich or john kasich me is the most consistent libertarian in the race. bernie sanders last night on
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someshow, he has libertarian leanings. anald trump in my opinion is libertarian. but john kasich is a consistent libertarian. as libertarians, we believe a fishing government. r. mr. k-6 can take -- if m kasich can take the 3 trillion that we taken as revenue every efficiently--t we have a lot of problems. i think john kasich is the answer. from northup is greg carolina calling on the independent line. what do you think. who are you supporting? have you decided? caller: yes, i'm supporting whoever gets the nomination to the republican party. to for one that's going the -- rights, and that is
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main thing i'm voting for because i do not know why people take away the second amendment rights or have this gun control. what are they going to do if they get gun control? they going to go out and kill people to get their guns? wouldn't that be defeating the purpose? because that is what is going to happen if they tried outlaw guns. from we just heard a clip senator ted cruz. is cruz someone that you would support? k? he your first pic caller: i vote party line. host: that's greg from north carolina. also speaking on the trail this week was senator marco rubio. here is a bit of his comments. president,io: if i'm i will unite the conservative movement but we will grow it. we are going to take our message to people that are living the way your governor and i grew up. we are going to take our message
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to the hotel maids that i see as i travel and to -- they come down the hallway with their carts and the towels and the soapboxes, a lot of them heard that my mom was a maid, they want to talk to me about it. you learn the american dream is still alive. the reason why they are working that job is so their kids can be anything they want to be. we're pointed take our message to the father that drives a taxicab at night to the can go to school during the day. so, one day he can never job that pays more and give his kids the chance to be everything you never had a chance to be. we are going to be the party of parents that are struggling with the cost of living. we are going to be the party of makesngle motherhoo who $10 an hour and is trying to raise her kids because the father has abandoned mph she needs to go back to school and become a paralegal or dental hygienist but she cannot because she has to work full-time in school is too expensive. we are going to be the party of young americans who are facing thousands of dollars in student
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loan debt, while in for degrees that do not lead to a job. we are going to be the party of the people that are willing to work hard and sacrifice. not just achieve a better life for themselves but a better future for their children. the: here is the head of website for the state newspaper in south carolina, south carolina gop primary day. can anyone stop trump? certainly marco rubio is trying. we will turn out back to your phone calls. the next one comes from georgia. herbert is calling on the democratic line. good morning to you. caller: how you doing? i'm 65 years old, military man. i'm a military man. i've fought in the war. i know about the cubans in miami. and in know immigration. hhey do not -- i work wit puerto ricans and mexicans.
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they are just 3% of the party. they do not represent hispanics. the only ones that come into this country. process coming to this country. don't think they represent us. i knew jeb bush when he was working for gardena. there is a lot of things going on in the republican party that i cannot agree along with. hillary, i look at her as hillary rodham. e republican party, i want people to think about this. this is an insult to all women. you chose sarah palin. they took that woman, made up like a movie. imagine you had a pimp in the w hite house. host: our next caller is clement
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from washington, d.c., calling on the democratic line. what is your thought or comment? caller: i'm just voting for hillary clinton. not only iseing is she the only one that can -- [indiscernible] up to now, i have not seen any negative report on him from the media. hillary she did that, she did that. i never heard, he did not do that. my point is, there is a wish. during the debate he said if we do this, if we do this. if -- by can't govern the country if. if.dno't g on't go by what is possible?
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you're going to say you have free education. every state -- the states are so many. you cannot impose them to have education. if school is free, who is going to pay for the infrastructure and the teachers? you going to have the top universities in the world if the university is free? host: in addition to our coverage of the primary election in south carolina and the caucuses in nevada we will cover alia's funeral mass at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington, d.c. be sure to tune in for that. going back to the phone lines. from randallstown, -- derek is calling on the democratic line.
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it is right outside of baltimore city, about five or six miles, near owings mills. you have heard of it. you probably got relatives there. anyway, the first thing i wanted to say is that it offends me when rubio comes on any acts like he's this great this and that. one thing i have noticed he does notis identify himself as being hispanic. he identifies himself more as a white cuban. passes for white every chance he gets. that is the same thing with the other guy, cruz. what can cruz tell you about life in america? what does he know about life in america? he has never even lived in america. host: who are you supporting for the democratic nomination? caller: it is going to have to
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be hillary clinton for one reason only -- don't get me wrong. i really like the young people support of bernie. what i like as i see what is the biggest failure of the republican party, that's diversity. when i see young people getting emgether, ok, all of th getting together and they are speaking the same thing, that is america. that is america. as fowler is hillary clinton is concerned, ok -- as far as hillary clinton is concerned, ok, there has been nobody since as. bush who i thought was qualified. i like bernie. but he does not have that experience to deal with these cutthroat republicans. from that's derek randallstown, maryland. there is a, from twitter -- people are voting for who the poll is winning rather than who
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can do the job. our next call is from florida. myron on the independent line. good morning to. -- to you. caller: how are you? my comment is real short. 36 years ago i came from soviet union. immigrated to the united states. i want to say this. i'm listening to bernie sanders, it's a joke. margaret thatcher said socialism getseat when other money to it. and anyhow, i came from a country that was all about bernie sanders. 10 years after i left the country, the country collapsed. you cannot do that. if you want to keep america, keep bernie sanders and other people that promise you sweet ain't going to happen. host: here is a little bit more
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information about the race in south carolina according to the state newspaper. top endorsements. trump has received the endorsement of lieutenant governor mcmaster. rubio has received endorsements from governor haley and trey gowdy. jeb bush has the support of u.s. senator lindsey graham. and ted cruz has the backing of representative duncan and mark sanford. state goes on to say the last time the white house was open in 2008 when john mccain from arizona beat mike huckabee of arkansas by less than four percentage points in south carolina. break 2012 race to face obama -- barack obama, -- former u.s. house speaker newt formerh soundly defeated massachusetts mitt romney who went on to win the gop nomination. so, for about 30 years, south
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carolina has been a bellwether for which way the republican nomination would go. our next caller is michael from fort lauderdale, florida, on the independent line. what do you think this one? caller: good morning. thank you. i calling about what is going on between all these characters. they are all talking heads. there's mudslinging. hillary. we had watergate back in our day. now we have white water. they're throwing mud about the wall street issues. i like bernie. i like the idea of the free college. it is a great idea. i always said that students who go between their junior, sophomore and junior year, the one year of free service to the country. years ago, we had whatever they or whatever.rps it would be not mandatory because if you do not do it, you've got to pay your loan.
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host: is that you proposal enough to tip you towards supporting santos for president? caller: i personally, i like bernie, but he aligned himself with sharpton. off, because sharpton has a history in new york where i am from. he stood on the steps and said i will show these farmers new york law. issue.t was -- i don't like bernie anymore. standiting for trump to up and say about our legislators, if they work for me, they would be fired. host: michael from fort lauderdale, florida. comment from twitter -- sanderslike to have try and fail with his vision for america that end of the other succeed with theirs. what do you think this morning on the line from pennsylvania?
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caller: i will take any republican over sanders or clinton. they put their kneepads on before al sharpton. even black people do not like him. they swallowed. how can anybody vote for two people like this? al sharpton. host: which republican candidate do you think has the best chance of defeating clinton or sanders? caller: i'll tell you the truth. they have as, debate, especially with sanders, sooner or later, he has got to explain where they are going to get the money from all these free colleges. there ain't enough money in the world to do this. as far as clinton, she is alive. what is she say yesterday -- she's a liar. she did not think she lied. they got in so many lies. and then you have got white water and all the scandals. the clintons leave a trail of
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scum behind him. this thing in benghazi, that thing discuss me. the syrians, that is what the democrats want to do. half-million men. they seem to be like bill clinton. host: that is jim from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. next the democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. flying out to europe tomorrow. do,what i would like to explain socialism. because my goodness gracious. people here do not understand that concept. why is media called social media, right? socialism stands for populism, us, the people. and the people are the government. when are my fellow american brothers and sisters ever going to understand it? a proud austrian
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american. and we are socialistic democratic republic for which it stands. we have learned from our world wars. that is why we became neutral after world war ii. i will vote for bernie sanders because he has -- socialism does absolutely work. we do find the money to pay for the stop. we do not have people running around, missing teeth. becauseeeth in austria they have to choose paying for medication or paying for food. host: we hear your points this morning. next up from georgia, david is on the independent line. good morning to you. what are your thoughts? caller: i simply do not understand a lot of things about what is going on. the media is really pushing the whole narrative. i'm an independent. right leaning independent. point with cruz.
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what i don't understand is the gop, people that have put their name in the hat. trump's the air could have been taken out of his sail long ago like huckabee and carson had just started a rumor that they were going to get on a ticket together and push their religious police and their tax plans, a commendation of them -- a combination of them. host: next caller is john on the republican line. go ahead. caller: on june 18, i started helping mr. trump. i'm from pennsylvania and have a house in florida. i go from state to state to speak to different people. i spoke to 25,000 people so far to help mr. trump so far. i go to restaurants and rest stops on route 95.
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i spoke to these people and a look into their eyes are a lot of people are angry, angry because they do not believe what washington is doing. these people they work 40 hours a day. no one knocks on their doors and gives them anything for free. i'm a big trump supportive. i will continue to help mr. trump run until he gets into office. because what he says he usually does. host: that is john from nazareth, pennsylvania. our final caller will be scott from greenville, north carolina. good morning and go ahead. caller: yes, good morning. i have been a registered democrat all my life. i moved from asheville to spartanburg and been interacting with the people here and talking to them. i want to make a few points if i could. just want to say that basically people do not look at political parties because if you look at what is happening they are backing rubio. they' -- i'm from texas originally. i moved out of it because of the
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promise with the drugs coming across the border. rubio is being groomed to become the next president. i'm tending towards trump. what gets me upset is no matter everybody you are in, keeps spending money and they say they're going to help us out but the economy, i work in nursing. i can't tell you how many doctors are going to retire. there are not enough doctors for socialized medicine. taking a cut and paper a lot of people are very unhappy with the health care system. -- i don't mind taking a cut in pay. donald trump, i do not know if he is can trust that guy. at least he is not a politician. but we have to do is hold the politicians to the fire. governor of texas when he lived in texas. he did mislead us about the iraq war. now you got hillary messing up everything with libya being overtaken and now serve.
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i hope we will have a new world order. brought upon by these politicians. we have got to take their money away from the super pacs and everything. host: we will have to leave it there because we are out of time. if you do not have a chance to get your comment in, we will talk about this all morning. we will have open phone lines in the last half hour of the show. coming up next, the nation's governors are in washington this weekend for the winter meetings of the national governors association. after this break, we will talk to republican governor gary herbert of utah and democratic governor of virginia terry mcauliffe. later on, it is primary day in south carolina. we will be chatting with bristow hill,"t from the "rock south carolina hero. first, our guest on "newsmakers" he talkemocrat -- to us about the president's
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budget for 2017 and the political wrangling's of republicans who say the defense budget needs to be increased. you're able to watch the full interview on sunday at 11:30 a.m. and at 6:00 p.m. on c-span. here is a preview of what he had to say. >> $609 billion from the president is a solid starting point. i am open to the idea that maybe we need more. is woefully inadequate when you're talking about the difference between 609 and 620 roughly, i think it's more partisan and political the substantive. but we need to have discussion about where we are going to spend the money. and whether or not it makes sense to go above 609. tot: if you are going increase defense spending by any amount, unless you rewrite the budget law regarding the base budget cap, the money would have to come in an overseas account. thanan still spend less
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the number stipulated in the budget agreement for the overseas account. but i'm asking you, it would you support that? if you're open to adding some to the budget. would you willing to add something to the overseas account? it has been abused lately. is largely semantics for the purposes of republicans clinging to the notion they are sticking to budget caps. charge, if we decide the defense needs another $15 billion, i would ragise the budget cap. it is the same money. it has the impact on the deficit long-term. to me, and we decided that there was and asked her $10 billion that was needed, i would raise the acps. they want to put in the occo. i'm not opposed to that. nor am i going to pretend it is
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anything other than gamesmanship. it is the nature of government you have to compromise. >> "washington journal" continues. national governors association is holding its winter meeting this weekend in washington. c-span will be covering it starting this afternoon. our guest for this segment are the governors of utah and virginia. governor gary herbert chair of the national governors association and, of course, nga vice chair, governor terry mcauliffe of virginia. thank you so much for joining us this morning. so, can you start by telling us what is topping your agenda this weekend? you all are meeting with president obama over a dinner sunday night in with him on monday morning. what do you plan to bring to the table? we will have a meeting with the governors to talk about one of the questions we want to ask the president on the behalf of the association.
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i'm sure there will be a lot of things from the economy to the refugee issue, what we are doing on the war on terror, and future economic opportunities. we believe states have an important role and we would like to foster better relationships not only with the white house but with congress. host: one of the issues you have been doing some work on domestically is focusing on this id epidemic. gov. herbert: we have had governors reach out and see if they could not help with substance abuse. a we havere significant concern, and recognize that the states probably our best suited to reach out to their unique that isons, whether education, awareness, treatment. we have criminal justice reform which are trying to do in utah which is helping people get to the cause of their criminal activity. while that has to do with alcohol, substance abuse, mental health disorders and so, we put
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together mental health courts. and avoid having criminal behavior rather than warehouse people to give them the treatment they need to have. host: we want to let our viewers know they can join in our conversation with questions for governor herbert and governor terry mcauliffe. republicans can dial in -- my question for you now, governor mcauliffe, we have to talk about the big news today in south carolina and nevada. you've been a longtime friend and confidant of both bill and hillary clinton. what do you see happening right now for the clinton campaign, and how concerned are you about the surge from bernie sanders?
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first of all, we fully had to contest. hillary won in iowa and bernie sanders won in new hampshire. contesto to the third and nevada and then south carolina next week. i think nevada is going to be very close. next week i think hillary has a significant lead in south carolina. i believe on the democratic side, then we go march 1, we have 10 states, including virginia. i think hillary will win the vast majority of the delegates on that day as well as march 5. then march 15. half of all the pledged delegates will be up between march 1 and march 15. i believe that by the end of march 15, at that point, hillary can statistically say she will have enough delegates to be the nominee of the democratic party. so, really, we have got these first four contest. there is a lot of press. but now we are getting into states that are more representative of the country. and with those with half the delegates are chosen and the two weeks between the first and the 15th. i think by the end of that, it
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has been a vigorous race. i knew it would be. and the handicap -- you had to get the other side, donald trump wins today in south carolina, i think he is probably well on his way to the nomination. anything could happen. but, listen, we've only had two contest. we have got a long way to go. i chaired hillary's 2008 effort. that went all the way to the end, all the way to south dakota at the end. we went to the last couple primaries. so we are just starting. governor mcauliffe, you skipped over a little bit what is happening in nevada today. was supposed to be the start of hillary clinton's firewall. re representative of the broader national population in terms of demographics. if she does not win in nevada or if it is a very close call, what do you think that means for your campaigns momentum going forward? gov. mcauliffe: first, i think it is going to be a close call. it was a close call eight years ago, senator clinton won nevada. nt obamasenide
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ended up getting a couple more delegates. it was tight in 2008. once we finish nevada and into south carolina where she has the lead, i am happy that congressmen clybourn has come out to endorse hillary clinton. that is very strong for us in south carolina. these first four states are very important but you know what? we have got to get to the big states that are more representative of the country. nevada is important because of the largest data population. south carolina is important because of the african-american population. so we are not going to get into importantt are more than the sense that they are more democratically balance. this is a long haul. we went in 2008 a very competitive race. host: governor herbert, you have not come out in support of any republican candidate yet. what are you looking for? gov. herbert: i was hoping the governor would emerge. i am partial to governors because they have had the
7:38 am
experience of actually having to do something. congressional people tend to be just pontificator's and kick the can down the road as we see with congress. i am partial to governors in the executive branch. it is supposed to been the year of the governors. we have not had the success we had hoped to have. can tell you, listening to terry talk, everybody is kind of monday morning quarterbacking what is going to take place. i think the process we have for the election has some flaws in it. i know we are kind of use to iowa and new hampshire being first in nevada and south carolina. had rotational regional primaries where everyone had a chance to go first and we could shorten campaign time and it would be less expensive. i think the people of america would be more focus. there would be opportunities for everybody to have an opportunity to participate and play rather than after the first couple contest, we weed the field out. i do not think that is representative of what the
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american people like to see. i think democratic and republican party alike ought to get together and say, is this the best way to select a president? rotating regional primaries would be much better for the american public. host: let's turn now to our phone lines. judy from indianapolis is our first caller on the democratic line. go ahead with your question or,. caller: ok, i was calling about the governor in michigan. i understand that the governors are in a meeting and what are you doing to stop your colleague from poisoning american citizens in the united states? it is really almost like a tyrant in africa, the people who, the presidents in africa, who take money from their people and have their constituents living in terrible conditions. this is america. host: judy from indianapolis.
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gov. herbert: let me see if i can answer that. i know governor rick snyder. think he's a good man. i don't know all the details of what happened in flint, michigan. is an investigation going on, including a hearing in congress to look at what happened and what went wrong and what they need to do to fix the problem. again, i understand the importance of water. i live in a state where water is very scarce in an arid climate. so, water is the lifeblood of utah. so, i recognize the challenge that rick's faced in michigan. i know the governor is not here, because he is helping to address the issue. he is not going to be here to our conference. i expect we will get to the bottom of it. and corrective action will take place. each governor is responsible for his own state. and his staff and the people he surrounds himself with, working with local mayors and county commissioners and elected officials, it is not something
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we have priority on as far as telling him what to do or telling them what not to do. they are independent governors. in a sovereign state of michigan. host: our next caller comes from eureka, california, on the republican likne. caller: i want to ask about clinton's e-mail. if she is indicted, i think she should step down. if a republican did it, you'd want them in jail. also, i hear clinton makes $21 million - in speeches. i think she hates rich people but does she hader self? [laughter] heard auliffe: we have lot about e-mails. we will see what happens. she is running a campaign. talking about what she has done. this is a very experienced woman. she got out of yale law school. she chose to work for the children's legal defense fund. as first lady of arkansas, she led the education reform. as first lady of the united
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states, was before anyone was talking about the issues of health care, she tried to work to make sure everyone had access to quality health care p ritchie led the issue on human rights, civil rights, went to china. was one of the first was to talk about human rights violations in china. how women needed to be academia in china as well as educational opportunities. listen, she has been a lifelong fighter on issues. she is a progressive who actually gets things done. and as it relates to the other issues, we will see where they go, but she is running for president. this is a very tough as this. i believe she will be the democratic nominee and i think she will be the next president of the united states. watch the debates. watch senator sanders and secretary clinton as well as governor o'malley. very substantive about what we are going to do on education, health care and growing economy. host: from alabama, james is calling on the democratic line. caller: i was curious if either
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of the governors have specific plans or examples from other states they are considering in trying to deal with what seems to be popping up opioid epidemic with painkillers and the like. gov. mcauliffe: as we mentioned, a lot of states are trying to address that problem. in utah, we have a mental health that and drug course so when we have criminal activities in our jails and prisons, they have an underlying drug problem. one of the prescription painkillers that people get addicted to her other kinds of are going to see what we can do to help treatment. whether than -- rather than warehouse people we are trying to address those underlying problems that cause criminal behavior. each state as addressing that. we are going to have discussion on that during our meetings this weekend. and part of the great thing about our association is that we learn from each other. states are laboratories of democracy. in the innovators and creators of new solutions.
7:44 am
to help people improve their lives. so, we will learn from each other and find out what is happening in different states. i will learn what is happening in virginia. he will learn what is going on in utah. we will share best practices. host: c-span will cover the session at the national idvernors association on opio addiction and treatment today at 3:00 p.m. here's a question from twitter. do you see a connection between free trade and climate change or free trade and rising costs -- poverty in the developed world? climate change is something we discussed. in virginia we have the largest naval base in the world. down in norfolk. where all our aircraft carrier, the united states navy is down in virginia. we have an issue of sea level rise. you can see parts of norfolk, virginia on a rainy day were many of the streets are closed. it is real. 0e just competed and won $12
7:45 am
million grant from the department of hud to deal with this issue because it is real. if we has the states do not get on top of these issues -- it is not only about the environmental issues but also about the economic impact. as i say, the largest naval base and the world. we need to make sure we are doing everything for the united states navy in virginia, we want to keep operations there. but we have got to deal with the issue of climate change and resiliency and sustainability. so the whole issue of climate change goes to the economy, goes to the environment. we have been leaders in virginia on this issue. this is something we take very seriously. if you do not get on top of it, it will create a lot of problems. gov. mcauliffe: if i could just add to that. again, i think most governors believe in some form of climate change. gov. herbert: the differentiation between some of us is how much man is causing climate change. is it a cycle? s catalytic -- candace was --
7:46 am
cataclysmic cycle change going on? that's a healthy discussion we need to have. when it comes to international trade, that is something the republicans probably have been more supportive of with the president efforts on t-tip and international trade and then some of the democrats. i think there will be hopefully some opportunities for us to have that discussion and see what we can with the states bring resolution to that issue, because of believe we need to have international trade and fair trade and free trade throughout the world. it is helpful to the economy of america. that is helpful for the economy of the world as we work together to lift people out of poverty, in third world countries. i think that is a discussion we're going to have with the president. we meet with him and the vice president this weekend. gov. herbert: that is why it is important. presidentiffe: the has proposed. republicans control the house and the senate and they want to pass it. here we are, the democrats
7:47 am
trying to promote trade for the democrats trade policy. but we cannot get the republicans to pass it in the congress. that is why this is good, so that democrats and republican governors can talk the legislation and say, this is important. huge trade last year for the commonwealth of virginia. our trade numbers were up exponentially. you look at our economy in virginia, huge piece of that is agriculture and trade. we are for opening up markets. host: maurice from georgia is on the democratic line. what is your question? caller: how are you? governor herbert, it is the democratic party, start calling it by the proper name. that being said -- gov. herbert: tell me what the proper name is, so i understand. both terms i though. t. thanks. caller: secondly, governor
7:48 am
mcauliffe, i want to know about medicaid expansion in the state. theou need a house and senate to flip in order to expand medicaid, to acquire the medicaid expansion or just the senate? can i get in a quick question about the clean energy rules being held up by the supreme court? are you waiting for that to change in order to implement more progressive measures in your state, also? av. mcauliffe: no, i put out statement the other day. we are going full steam ahead. with the green power plan, working with our largest utility, dominion. i have put out a statement. where moving ahead. full team ahead as it relates to clean power plants. on the medicaid expansion, we are working very hard. we would bring, virginia is a population of 8.4 million. we would provide health care for 400,000 for january's and create 30,000 new jobs. hospital todayl
7:49 am
operating in the red that we could save if we brought the medicaid expansion money back. we forfeit $6.6 million a day. our hospitals and virginia have now said when it comes off 100%, they will pay 100% of the difference. therefore, the state has no obligation, no short-term or long-term. i do not understand. i come from a business background. i started my first business at 14. the idea that we can get $2.4 billion back here, which we have paid in. it's our money. provide health care for 400,000. rural hospitals. i do not understand the argument. we can do this in a way that protects virginia, protects our finances with no obligation. have systematically met with the leaders of the house and the senate. overwhelmingly republican majority in my house of delegates. the republicans also control the senate highest when margin. i'm trying to work in a bipartisan way.
7:50 am
i just announced the most scenic and gun safety bill in 23 years working with the republicans -- most significant gun safety bill. i just negotiated a project on ing inside and outside the beltway. bipartisan. if people will sit down with me, we can work it out. put politics aside. i'm hoping the session that alternately virginia will do it. every day we wait, we forfeit 6.6 million people. people's lives are being affected. 60 minutes did a great story the other day on the health wagon. and the people who have died because they have not had access to health care when we have paid for them. i am trying to bring common sense for folks and talk about how we can do this in a bipartisan way. host: on the republican line, randy from clearwater, florida. caller: hi, there. first of all, i wanted to say about the governor in michigan. been going on has
7:51 am
for 40, 50 years in michigan. something should've been done long before that. so, democrats are as much to blame, in my opinion. and the epa didn't give any answers in the hearing, but the attendingnd will be another hearing. can't believe that the president and his wife just went to the viewing and won't attend the funeral. that makes me pretty upset. host: that is randy from florida. governor herbert? gov. herbert: well, we all honor the passing of associate justice scalia.
7:52 am
i think he was a great, strong voice on the court for constitutional principles. again, we'll miss him on the court. the process moves forward and we hope we can have a replacement would be equal to his intellect and his wisdom. process we do not have a lot of control over at the states, the governor's. i can tell you one of the reasons we get together is tecause we do share bes practices on issues, whether it is how do we have greater, stronger economy, how do we handle health care. we are going to have a discussion with some of our committees on health care. we learn from each other. the challenge of informal care act and its implication -- its in the mentation -- its implication. we will learn from virginia and utah and see what we can do with respective population spirit we have different cultures and different politics. regionalrent kind of discussions that are going on.
7:53 am
have the national governors association is to bring us together in a bipartisan way to have those discussions. and see what we can do to come together. because we have -- they do something in the states. we do not have the luxury of the congress of kicking the can down the road. we have to execute in the executive branch. one of the blessings of this association is bringing governors together and saying, here is how we are doing a. how are you doing it? taking that information and getting it done and the states. the states are the ones that are really finding solutions to people's problems. in those states are the ones improving lives. that really is the grassroots efforts that are taking place. we hope that congress will take seege out of our book and if they cannot work together in a more bipartisan way to get things done. host: governor herbert here is a question from twitter. speaking to the drug problem, you cite mental issues, education and crime but nothing about poverty. gov. herbert: poverty is
7:54 am
something we are addressing in a very significant way in utah. it is part of economic development. we ask all the time, what is the best thing we can give to a poor person? the best thing we can give to a poor person is a job. most people want to be self-reliant. worked very hard on that. we have a work ethic in utah. we knoew that -- know that to ask for government assistance because they are not making enough money. we help them get the training necessary so they can go back into the marketplace and find a job. our economy is one of the best of not the best in america today. our unemployment rate is 3.5%. but we still have a significant number of jobs going wanting because of lack of skills. because of our effort in treating the whole person, the mental aspects of self-reliance and self-respect that come with the poverty rate in america's 15%. in utah it is only 10.
7:55 am
because of our emphasis on not only treating the health care but the workforce care needs of individuals and families. with a great program. that is something we are going to share with other states. i think other states have the same goal and desire. we do not really differ on outcomes. we sometimes differ, republicans and democrats, on process. so we share the efforts of process. we find out what is working in some states. we will try it. i think utah is a good example of lifting people actually out of poverty, because of our workforce efforts. host: kevin from richmond, virginia is our next caller on the independent line. go ahead. caller: this question is for governor mcauliffe. just recently in the senate, unanimously.assed the bill would allow individuals to petition the court to expunge prior alcohol and marijuana convictions. i just wanted to ask you, governor, if you had intentions of endorsing this bill. gov. mcauliffe: yeah.
7:56 am
i love bills like this. people secondven chances. sometimes on drug convictions in the early stage of their life, they make a mistake. it should not want them for the rest of their lives. in virginia, i have already, have had their voting and civil rights restored. i think this is very important. i have done more than any governor in virginia history could i take in a 13 page form down to one page. in addition, you could get your voting rights back if you had outstanding court fees. we got rid of that. i did this through executive action. we need to get people second chances. people make mistakes. we have another problem in virginia, as you know, if you steal something over $200, it is a felony conviction. if you take an iphone today, that $210, you are now convicted of a felony. many other states have laid their threshold to $5000.
7:57 am
if you get a felony a young age, it will affect you for the rest of your life. so we are systematically going through, working with our entire system and -- looking at her system and how we can get people redemption. it is important because i want people back in the workforce. i want people feeling good about themselves. wantu served your time, we you back in society. so i would support that. and i support other efforts to get people second chances at life. host: we will try to get a few more callers. our brad our next line is from shelby, michigan. good morning to you. caller: do you think that their perspective parties are working for themselves or the people in the office? it is just ridiculous anymore. over the last seven years, i am a white heterosexual male and i have been pushed to the back of the bus. host: that's brad from michigan. gov. herbert: i believe we are
7:58 am
all trying to work and do the people's business. as i mentioned earlier, i think we have the same goals in mind. we sometimes differ on process. were at the forefront maybe have been relegated to lesser priority list. the respective states, again we have regional differences. i ceoome from a very red state and a religious state and a conservative state. the processes and the policies we have put in place are working well for us. our economy has been listed by forbes as the best in america for business for the fifth time out of six years. our poverty level is much lower. our crime rate is much lower than the national average by 40%. the climate we have been able to create in utah is working very well based on conservative principles. i expect that we can find successes in other states that are not as conservative. again, it depends on the issues
7:59 am
of the day based on that region. for example right now, the big issues for us are public lands. we have a lot of public lands in the west. that is something that east of the rockies people do not cover had. 70% of my landmass is controlled by the federal government. it inhibits my ranchers, my farmers, agriculture, energy production. things that are unique to the west that may sometimes in the east they do not understand. again, that is why we come together as a national governors association to talk about these virginia, that in they can understand the challenge i face in utah with public lands. i expect the number of public lands in virginia is like 3%. it's 70%, 70%. one out of four acres is all we have in utah that is privately owned host: we're. now for theler governor.
8:00 am
eddy from los angeles, california. early to talk to you. >> are you coming home or just coming home? i'm a "washington journal" addict. i tape it. i don't have a dog in the fight right now. with what theem democratic governor said. three things. lady, goode young morning. forgive me. please told this question to him. anybody vote for somebody that was fired for unethical practices for watergate. that's one. let me say this, we if look at the poverty in the country right jobs.d no our jobs were shipped out clinton.f the citizens united was because of hillary clinton. the presidency of the
8:01 am
clintons, they disenfranchised more black people than almost in slavery. california,rom unfortunately we have to leave it there. we are almost out of time. last words. to herbert: i'm not going waste my time on that. in congress we can do filibusters. we have to work in a bipartisan way. get things done. 386economy i just announced ,100 individuals are not working. our economy is strong. a budget.ounced very strong economy. i invested $1 billion in build work force in the future. we have to show results. we're doing it for the people. always agree. at the end of the day with the governors, we put out the plan and work together and try to get compromise to move the states forward. it is not a democratic or and it is an american way to do it. that's what we're proud as
8:02 am
governor. gov herbert: let me say i think the states are getting it done. solutions ofg people's problems and improving lives.s we're going to highlight some of the great successes. thelieve the states are best home for america. as terry says, we're getting it done. renewededs to be a respect and understanding of the roles the states play in the here republican we have called america. host: all right. herbert of utah mcauliffe ofterry virginia. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. coming up next, two political reporters to preview the primary in south carolina democratic kaw -- caucus in nevada. bristow talking to
8:03 am
marchant and seth richardson. stay tuned. c-span has live coverage of the 2016 national governors thisiation winter meeting weekend. governor gary herbert terry mcauliffe talk live. donovan johnson from the north carolina trade hardial.nne -- conversation on the every student succeeds act. 8:30 a.m. eastern on c-span2. with an award out
8:04 am
ceremony. winter meeting this weekend on c-span, c-span2, and died at thee has age of 89. published her second book. coming up, a book discussion infer former neighbor mockingbird next door." >> people feel a lot of attachment to it. it. appreciate i think there's also a sense of maybe there's a little bit of a some for and characters that a lot of people feel attached to. watch the full program at 1:30 p.m. eastern today on c-span2, booktv. >> "washington journal" continues.
8:05 am
host: we are talking now about gop primary today. our guest is bristow marchant. a reporter for for the "rock hill herald" in south carolina. bristow: thank you. thanks for having me. who has the upper hand? bristow: there's high turnout. we've seen that in iowa and new hampshire. this is a race that has generated a lot of interest. it seems like the momentum is with donald trump right now. he's been leading in the polls or so.ut six months he's up by 35%. thel something changes on ground, looks like we could have
8:06 am
a big day for donald trump. the rest of the field might be competing for second place whether that's ted cruz doing with evangelical voters or or maybe even jeb bush. host: it seems like that's where the action has been lately. the action for second place. who is going to come in behind donald trump. you can follow this very closely. tell me about the ground operations that the candidates have in south carolina and what ralliestheir events and have looked like. bristow: we had donald trump the area about a month ago. he had a huge rally in a rock hill.arena in about 6,500 people there. the crowdsine with he's drawn elsewhere in the state. candidates other haven't quite been that big. ted cruz has had some big events the states. is kind of been
8:07 am
-- you go down the ticket basically to smaller and smaller crowds coming out for some of things. as far as candidates for presidents on the ground, you certainly see a lot of signs. see a lot of -- i've been getting a lot of mailers in the south carolina resident. certainly are aware if you live in south carolina that there's a big election today. see a prettye'll high turnout, if only because of that. from we do want to hear south carolina voters today. we have a special phone line open up for you. 202-748-8003. lines. on the normal 202-748-8001, 202-748-8000, and 202-748-8002.t
8:08 am
we are talking with bristow marchant. reporter for the "rock hill herald." this is a report that says that the parties is expecting a as many asout today 650,000 voters going to the polls. it is about twice as big as iowa and new hampshire combined. primary combined is going to be a major test for the candidates. what are some of the issues that most important to voters in south carolina? bristow: south carolina voters are very concerned about -- in south carolina the republican party really has all three legs of the stool represented. sociallyvery conservative voters who are concerned about abortion, gay issues, that sort of thing. they like to be a candidate who can kind of demonstrate their faith, their christianity, we've events up here connected to churches.
8:09 am
host: has donald trump's comment anyiews with the pope had impact? bristow: i haven't heard too much about that on the last the ground.ys on trump seems to be a strange case. a lot ofing evangelical support. evangelicalery person himself. he doesn't seem to be that bible, forth the instance. that doesn't seem to hurt his support too much so far. i think he's connecting with voters on a very visceral, gut level. they seem to be drawn to his and kind of tough stance versus any of those more traditional signifiers like withiosity or familiarity kind of the christian nomenclature. host: when we talk about the race for second place and some
8:10 am
andhe debate between cruz trump, there's an allegations of these sides playing dirty politics. the south carolina voters responding to more negative campaigning? bristow: south carolina has a reputation as a negative campaign state. the dirty tricks kind of come out of the bag. i think universally you see voters respond to negativity. they say they don't like it. if you can can hit them with sticks.g that that can drag them down. maybe it is pronounced in south carolina because it is such an early state. we get a lot of national media attention. that's something that does kind of get played up here. host: here is one of donald trump's latest ads. itll play a little bit of for you. >> i'm donald trump.
8:11 am
i approve this message. jeff shore was a 17-year-old football star gunned down outside of his home. his killer? an illegal immigrant gang member who got out of prison. his dad is supporting donald trump because he knows he will end illegal immigration. trump is the only one says going to be dealt with. we're going to enforce that. that's a beautiful thing. toelieve donald trump wants make us great again. reloves america. talking to bristow "rocknt, a reporter for hill herald" in south carolina. can you tell us about the ad? bristow: immigration is a big here.n people are concerned especially only, you know, this isn't an immigration, but after the
8:12 am
san bernardino shootings and the controversy earlier this year and the end of last year with the syrian refugee issue. i think voters are feeling a now.e defensive right just as obviously the issue that plays well and within and well with donald trump. that's probably something that if you listen to some of the polls and exit interviews tonight, that's something that's going to come up a lot as voters polls.ded to the host: all right. turn now to the phone line. our first caller is george on the republican line. george, good morning to you. go ahead. caller: yeah. hello. you are a very intelligent young lady. would like to say this, don't cut me off. there's two parties. you have the social democrats and you have the capitals. the social democrats pull the the originalom people'sion by hitting money. you have entitlements.
8:13 am
hypothetically took the entitle thes away, there would no democratic party tomorrow. you have the capitalist trying democrats.e there's more ica than the last generation. those people take the money and send it to the democratic party contribution. so that is a lobby. they are going to lobby against my party. also take the lines which is outsourcing money to foreign companies. everyone -- i'm down here in florida. illegal immigration. they don't say nothing about that. party ofave here is a democrats that are receiving a vote every month that will for mickey mouse when they voted for the last president. have to give them money. by the way, i cannot receive any
8:14 am
programs. guess why? i make too much money. host: all right. we hear your point. let's grab one more caller. we'll hear from our guest, marchant. ben calling from montana. you are on the independent line. go ahead. caller: yes. host: ben, go ahead with your comment. caller: yes, i wanted to make a comment about what an earlier caller said calling the republican party the regressive party. best of all, that's the line i've heard and most accurate line i've heard all week, maybe all year. they want proof of the fact that they are the regressive party is interpretation of the second amendment. at the time it was wrote, you the context and the context in which it was written. muskets. we've advanced since that time. we have very highly technical guns that are in the possession of the public.
8:15 am
rely on an old document like that. outdated. it is in the same way they did at that time. are goingto -- if we to advance as a society and keep the society safe, we've got to another look at that section amendment and re-write it. host: all right. ben from montana. go ahead. bristow marchant, your thoughts? bristow: i think both of the calls are indicative of the hearing from voters in south carolina. the second amendment is very important donald trump and really all of the candidates have kind of staked the claim on defending the second amendment and defending gun rights, opposing the gun control measures that the president has rolled months.ecent as far as the other callers comments on the social programs, particularly in terms of
8:16 am
trump's campaign but also you hear from some of the other candidates the importance of actually shoring up social and medicare going in to the future as well. an issue that, you know, you hear a lot of talking entitlement. are two programs that i think all voters, whether they are republicans or democrats, want to see shorn up for the future. that's something that's down there.ters host: all right. knoxville, tennessee on the independent line. is sabrina.ler good morning. caller: good morning. as far as constitution, i'm not worry about gun control. i'm more worried about freedom of speech. second of all, i kind of feel gop party is making a mockery of this whole situation. they are not putting correct candidates to fight for it. you know, they are not -- they are not putting candidates that
8:17 am
might actually improve our race.y in the they are just going with the same old people over and over and over again. i'm really over these recurring politicians. i think it is time we have some are going toat make decisions that are better for the people instead of taking our rights away. sabrina, that's some of the feeling and sentiment behind the popularity behind bernie donald trump. caller: i don't think bernie sanders is a strong enough candidate to take on hillary clinton. to see hillary clinton in office. host: all right. bristow? bristow: seems like we haven't talked about the democrats. primary in south carolina is next week.
8:18 am
we have a split, one party votes the other party votes the next. arnie sanders has put up strong challenge to hillary clinton. they were basically tied in iowa. her by 20 points in new hampshire. results of nevada caucuses. i know you have somebody from nevada coming up next. looks like it will be a tight race there as well. carolina in contrast to some of the other states, we've seen hillary maintaining a lead through the months partly because bernie sanders be as well known here as he is in some other states. the south carolina democratic electorate is about 55% black in most turnout for these primaries. we've seen hillary maintain a thatger lead with demographic versus white voters. that might be her saving grace down here. maybe as she gets into some of
8:19 am
andother southern states the primary on super tuesday, that might actually boost her candidacy a little bit. she's seen in some of the earlier states. bristow marchant, former senator and secretary of state clinton has received an endorsement from jim clyburn. that's been some concern she might be losing the young african-american voter, the african-american population. can you talk a little bit about that? theou see a split within african-american vote occurring? bristow: i know in south sanders has made an effort to reach out to black voters. saw it earlier in the campaign, some of his events livesisrupted by black matter. in response to that, he's made an active effort to bring those voters over to his side. just recently in south carolina jellis, former head
8:20 am
of the ncaap, campaigning for him, cornel west as a surrogate for him. introduce himself a bit to black voters. tighten, seen the race that may be a response to that. also just the strength that he's shown in some of the earlier primaries. host: all right. brian ispublican line, calling from maryland. go ahead. caller: yes, ma'am. earlier about a previous caller about him stating the constitution was an outdated document. there for a reason. i mean if we want to change the then changement, the first amendment on freedom of speech, change it on freedom -- i mean where does it end? i keep on hearing people state living, breathing document. it is not. it was written for the purpose it was. and simple.s plain
8:21 am
party and even the republican -- i am upset that party ise of the bickering as it is. that's my statement. host: we hear you. bristow? bristow: as far as the goes, i think particularly now with the passing of justice scalia, going to be an issue that's probably going to come up more and more in the campaign. like wely if it looks could have a long confirmation the senate this year over whoever president obama names to pick up that seat. you've already heard some of the candidates talking about it. i've heard him talking about it trail.campaign what they would do and how they to handle that. that's going to be an issue that's going to animate voters. the decidingto be vote on the supreme court. whenever ends up getting that lot of controversial
8:22 am
issues. you'll probably see the itstitution and interpretation come up more and more as the campaign goes on. candidates try to draw a distinction between themselves on that issue within primary battle. host: bill from alabama is up independent line. bill, you are on the air. caller: yes. caller that's been on the program this morning needs to 800-770-8802 and they will find out for the past four generations they've been taught a lie. a complete lie. the bureau of chief for the "washington post" said about weeks ago that everybody the united states is funding. it is not doing it. it is just propaganda. russia is. that's why they had the plane down. host: all right.
8:23 am
bill from alabama. we hear you. i want to point to this report the "washington post" the headline trump/sanders look for victories to validate their strengths. they have a chart that's says history the favors the south carolina winners. six of the seven have gone on to win the party's nomination. the newt gingrich broke pattern. three time the winners become president. winner is forbell the republican nomination and for the president overall? bristow: traditionally south carolina has been an establishment state. i was saying earlier that you of have all legs of the stool represented there. conservatives, economic conservatives, national security conservatives. well in south carolina, you show you've got a strong face within the base of the republican party. 2012, that, in
8:24 am
streak was broken with newt gingrich. here early. then i don't think he won another state besides georgia in primary campaign. certainly republican leaders in hoping theyna are correct course this year and a winner to get the state bell weather mode. i've heard it said the gingrich years ago was kind of a bell weather itself. presaged the angry mood of the electorate now looking for canutsider candidate who challenge the party orthodox represented then by mitt romney and maybe represented this year by more of a jeb bush candidacy. so you can kind of see south voters then were looking for something different. maybe that spread to the rest of
8:25 am
host: all right. james from south carolina is up next. good morning. i would suggest that people refer to history that every president that was a senator prior to has been a terrible president. for any of the senators, be they republican or democrat. democratic party, i think that the department of to blame for the whoalist bernie sanders a democraticme socialist communist. he's been around for the last 25-30 years. he's part of the establishment as hillary. i don't see where i have anywhere to go with the party.tic the republican party i'm not too sure about them either. know, -- i'd like to
8:26 am
remind our black brothers and martin luther king was a republican. it is republicans that pretty tried to help black people. they are all, pretty much the same. democrat-likee and the democrats are now becoming socialist communist. live here in florida. all of the cubans will tell you up that's what castro said. we're democratic socialists. host: all right. bristow marchant, what's your response? bristow: i think the underreported story of the be how bernie sanders detoxifies the word socialist. there were polls showing that goers on theaucus democratic side self-identified as socialists this year. maybe that's a consequence of
8:27 am
millennial generation entering the political process. they don't remember the cold war. the kind ofave negative associations with that word that maybe previous generations had. and after, you know, -- it has abuse that ism of thrown around like the word well.l has been as maybe people have just become detensetized to it. they are even taking it up as a mantle themselves. i don't know if bernie sanders is going to win the nomination the presidency running of the socialists, but that seet be something that we reflected in future campaigns, at least on the democratic side. the ads thatone of sanders campaign is playing entitled this is not over. >> this is everything that i have. my family. alyssa. years old.
8:28 am
recently she just learned about rosa parks. she asked did rosa parks not give up her seat for a white man. yes.d i had to explain to her it is not really over. this is what mommy is. activist. the same thing martin luther king was. he fought for the rights. that is the same thing i'm doing. pop pop.of her my dad's name is eric gardiner. to see my dad die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. to get the truth out there. he was being the loving, caring man he was. he was murdered. for a whole year i've protested. i feel like a representative because i'm doing this. i'm speaking out. me being his daughter. giving up. i'm never going to forget what happened to my dad. died for this. martin luther king died for
8:29 am
this. is goingd anyone who to listen and speak up for us. we need to believe in bernie sanders. >> it is not acceptable to me seen young black men be beaten and be killed unjustly. >> people are dying. this is real. not tv. we need a president that's going to talk about it. to see an america black men walkg down the street they will not be harassed by police officers, they will not be killed, they will not be shot. >> that's why i'm for bernie. bernie sanders, and i approve this message. host: we're talking with bristow marchant. a reporter for the "rock hill herald" newspaper in south carolina. south carolina is holding the
8:30 am
republican primary and the democrat next weekend. can i ask you to react to bernie sanders ad? great example's a of what we were just talking about. bernie sanders trying to reach voters.lack erica garner. a man that was choked to death by a police officer. earning her endorsement and using her in the kind of advertising. in the past he's touted his own civil rights movement back in the 1960's when he was at the university of chicago. that just playing in that narrative of how bernie sanders reaching out to black voters and trying to move some of them direction, especially younger black voters. host: all right. rogers calling from pennsylvania. go ahead. caller: actually, i called in on
8:31 am
the democratic line. article maybe a month ago that said the -- can you hear me? hello? host: i can hear you. on the caller: author is authoritarian. considered inng the polls. that's when i realized the country iss in the because some people like authoritarians like ronald and the bush's and trump, and some people reject like me don't like being lead around by the nose by big daddy what to do. a lot of people in the military don't mind being told what to do. they are voting republican. is a psychological issue between people accepting authoritarians and people not accepting -- rejecting being told what to do by both big daddy. that's why i don't like -- i'd
8:32 am
rather have somebody at the helm thinker than somebody who is irrational and a bully. host: all right. let's grab another caller. ben on the independent line from illinois. caller: can you hear me? host: we can hear you. caller: i wanted to comment. i've been republican. i used to be a democrat. i've been a republican. i voted early the other they. as i was walking to the voting here in illinois at the courthouse i thought in my head is going to be the best person at the actual job. amazingly it was hillary clinton. now i never would have thought i would be saying that. have been a republican and i've tried to be independent. live, illinois where i you can't actually vote that way. it is kind of weird. but i voted for hillary. i actually do think she'll do
8:33 am
the best job with the current congress. i think in a general election, i think she will win. watching this. i hope more people will support her as well. host: all right. ben from springfield, illinois. bristow marchant? bristow: i think you are seeing a trend in voters looking for a somebody with strong leadership abilities. talking specifically about donald trump. of his voters. they are concerned about their own and economic insecurity and concerned about national insecurity whether that's in of illegal immigration or terrorism. to donaldttracted trump partly because he gives off this vibe of strength of strong leader. now some people, like the previous caller, might also call a bully.g people seem to be attracted to that because they have a sense is a fighter and he's
8:34 am
going to fight for them. might see a bit of that on working hillary clinton's favor too. are looking for stronger leader, she's certainly on the democratic side has a -- probably the stronger resumé. seems to be what she's running on. that might be what carries her finish line. host: we've been talking the presidential campaign and presidential election. there's some talk about vice presidential picks depending on who wins the nomination. some discussion of hailey being a vp pick. bristow: i don't think she will be the pick if the nominee is trump. public spat going back to the governor's state of the union. she didn't call out trump by name, but she drew the line
8:35 am
against -- i think she called voices of hate or the voices of anger that seem to be animating the party. couple of days before enforcedion, she's marco rubio. depending on who wins the nomination now, she may have of that spot.out then again she's young, she's a she's an indian-american. so obviously republicans are haley has governor someone that has appeal beyond republican base. she's made her national reputation by leading the fight confederate flag and getting that removed from the columbia.e grounds in if that's her resumé going to a national audience, that will help her win whoever the no, noe the list forwn
8:36 am
potential candidates. momentum doind of you think that rubio has right now as we head in to the actual gop primary? your newspaper has this story. can pull up the south carolina surprise. supporters say yes. chance that he could actually edge out ted cruz for number two? bristow: rubio seems to be the candidate in the anti--trump and anti--cruz lane of the party. he's emerged as the establishment candidate. least the closest thing to it. hampshire,after new he has to compete for the role. ande can finish second ahead of cruz, he might cement alternativehe
8:37 am
candidate, the anti-trump candidate. struggles again and it is a tight race with cruz or other candidates, that second place be a little bit more muddled going forward in to super tuesday. host: he's one of the ads that marco rubio has been playing lately. i'm glad they are on the road with me. so many ways the campaign is about them. what kind of campaign they are going to inherit. mark in my much of kids. amanda is deep. loves to read books. the same way. dominik is charismatic. blessed family. god has given us such a gift. thankful.e more >> i'm marco rubio. message.d this host: we're talking to bristow marchant, a reporter for the "rock hill herald" newspaper in south carolina. tell us about the ad and the message that marco rubio is trying to send. how involved has his family been
8:38 am
in the campaign? not sure i've seen his family out on the campaign trail. does show that the rubio campaign in particular is to -- like we talked about with governor haley reach out beyond the traditional gop base and try to win some other a nationalet them to majority. particularly with historic voters. goal ofthat's been a the party going forward. you know, we had that moment in senator debate where rubio and ted cruz kind of had a oftle fight over which one them spoke english better. that's kind of a signifier there. also seen rubio back away from his previous support for an bill in thereform senate. a litsee if that is
8:39 am
nasutes. host: all right. turn now to more callers. is on the texas democratic line. good morning. you are on the air. caller: yes, good morning. wondering why when trump building the southern wall when canada is ofng to take in at the end refugees. $25 million is he planning on building a the united states to separate the united states from canada? right.ll betty from texas. bristow? bristow: you remember earlier that scott walker who did proposed a canadian wall. kindkind of -- that was to of trump trump in terms of his support for a wall on the border. that's obviously a sentiment
8:40 am
that's out there. playsk the caller kind of in to what we're talking about earlier. the refugee issue that certainly some voters nervous. who are these people who are theg to be coming in from middle east? whether they are coming here or even if they are going to canada. that's obviously another concern that's playing in to voters' fears this year. right.ll john from new jersey is up next on the independent line. go ahead, john. yes, my comment is two things. like with hillary. go aftershe wants to wall street and the hedge fund people. how can she do that when her daughter has a $19 billion hedge fund? on the republican side, all of these guys are billionaires. the only one that really stands is trump. i think that would be against a lot of people. one out therely is bernie sanders who talked did in 1932.t
8:41 am
it is the same rhetoric then. host: john from energize. -- new jersey. thank you. the wall street seems to have wounded hillary. attitude of the voting base is anti-wall street. candidate who has taken the big money speaking fees for speaking to wall street groups to have financial ties to the wall street establishment. a lot ofproblem for voters right now. somenk that represented in of the funding totals that you've seen for sanders where raised almost as much money as the clinton campaign off of donations, you know, i think his line is his $ donation is about so that's obviously playing in there.campaign host: bristow marchant, are
8:42 am
there certain areas you will be in terms of early voting results tonight to see might win the nomination? bristow: i think within south carolina there's a split between the upstate and the low country on the coast. probably seeou'll a better return for trump or cruz if cruz does well. i think the real test will be to see how well trump does in the lower portion of the state in and hilton head and mrytle beach. those are areas they have a lot of retirees that have moved in from out of state. a lot ofch mass spent his campaign campaigning in the for retirees and that portion of the state. it will be interesting to see or bushyou see kasich or rubio do better on the coast
8:43 am
or if trump also does well there. trump also does well there as well as the upstate, that will for result host: all right. charlotte, north carolina on the independent line. go ahead. caller: thank you. all of the is: with discussion about reform on the medicare system, as to whether these hmo's are the the risk and whether to the patient is worth it? severely curtails your medical care and options. $50,an have co-pays like $100, or you would have to appointment at time of your check. host: bristow? i think health care -- we haven't talked about it that much. fight between the obama administration and the
8:44 am
republicans in congress for the seven or eight year. that's going to be a big issue. once we get in to the fall when have distinct positions on that issue whether candidatesublican have promised to appeal the and all ofcare act the new insurance policies and thatew insurance markets have come online in terms of of legislation. whereas hillary clinton has obviously staked her claim as successor to president obama reform anding that then, of course, bernie sanders would like to go further with a totally government-run single payor, health care system. a clear splito be between the parties. it will be interesting to see in november.s out host: the final caller is from on theeld, massachusetts republican line.
8:45 am
james, go ahead. caller: good morning. thank you, c-span. wanted to mention that mr. earlier that eric was strangled by the police. there was no indictment. as a matter of fact if somebody strangled, there's no way they can say anything. if they weren't -- if they were not indicted, there's a good reason for that. right.ll james from massachusetts. bristow, your final thoughts. think if you tune in to the results tonight of the primary, you are going to get a good indication of where the party is going to coming up in a couple of weeks on super tuesday. whether it is going to be a trump if het for does well here. you are probably going to see him do well in a lot of the states coming up. if he stumbles a bit or if you candidate alternative emerge, that might be
8:46 am
represented in the vote in a weeks.of you might see a more competitive race develop heading toward the nomination. host: all right. bristow marchant. "thea political reporter rock hill herald" newspaper in south carolina. he's been on the ground covering the campaigns. thank you for joining us. coming up next we're heading to nevada for a preview of the democratic kaw cusses. we'll be talking with seth richardson. reporter forcal the "reno gazette." tuned. >> this weekend booktv has 24 the non-fiction. borger talks about his book "the butcher's trail."
8:47 am
how it become the world's most manhunt.l booker talks about his new book. cory booker talks about the people and experience that have political thinking. he's interviewed by robert george. >> my personal experience with anup african-american family, living in an all-white town i was minds a lotg working in inner cities and yale, and itford, just showed me as i cross the how unites wes as as a country are. watch booktv all weekend on c-span2. television for serious readers. thestay with c-span day for funeral mass of justice scalia. one at 11:00 a.m. eastern c-span, c-span radio, and
8:48 am >> i am trying still to decide support.didates to i'm trying to decide between the have executive experience or some of the other candidate ted cruz andke marco rubio. >> the most important issue to me is national service. than five million young americans that are ready to step forward and serve their programsor a year with like americorp, the peace others.nd "washington journal" continues. host: we are continuing our discussion about the road to the today.ouse we're talking with seth richardson. reporter forcal the "reno gazette journal ." being here.r
8:49 am
seth: thank you for having me. host: start by telling us how the democratic caucuses will be held today work. seth: the democratic caucuses the republican caucuses as well are essentially a community meeting. precinct within a their neighbors. they sort of discuss who they support for the president to become president. they break off in to groups and do a head count to see how many supporters they have. roundthat they do another where people kind of talking amongst each other to sway some of their people to the side. after that second round then a final head count and allocate delegates. they will go to the county and state and eventually the national level. host: how many candidates are up for grabs? nevada? seth: 43. eight of those are super delegates. eight aren't bound by votes who
8:50 am
whomeverto vote for they please. they can support any candidates. it doesn't matter what the in nevada says. right now hillary clinton has the stated support of three super delegates. bernie sanders has the support of one. host: what does it take to participate in a caucus? if i were to decide today i want part of the process, could i do it? nevada has same-day registration for the democrats. there, you have to allot time, one to three hours. it is a lengthy process. it is not like a primary. you can go ride in and just kind fill out your ballot and turn if in. if you get a short line, you can in and out. here it does take a time commitment. you are going there to discuss why youidates and support them and why others there should support them and yourg to spray people to
8:51 am
side. host: what does that mean for caucuses?e of the are people allowed to switch their choice in the middle of process? seth: yes. --y are absolutely aloud allowed to switch in the middle of the process. there's a quick ground of talking. this is why we support candidate and b. iople can realign and say like this position better. i'm going to switch from one candidate to the other. host: the story is the surge fromwe seem to be seeing bernie sanders. how strong is his momentum is? he put an end or hole in clinton's firewall? seth: it is hard to tell. we have numbers that indicate it is close. both campaigns have been hitting the ground game hard. they have been in the state multiple times, surrogates,
8:52 am
anding events in the state, large -- more than $1 million a piece for both of them. the race is closing. it is hard to say whether or not his supporters will show up. because considering hillary clinton has been in the last april orout may. she's been here a long time. firewalldered this a for her. i guess a stronghold is probably a better word. it is tough to say whether or not the upstart candidacy who months ago we thought hillary clinton had this. it was hers to lose. tois probably still hers lose. anything can happen on caucus day. host: i had pulled up the web competitor, las vegas review journal. thatan see on the web site the entire background is bernie sanders ad. bernie 2016 on it. there's a banner ad at the top of the web site. caucus for bernie this saturday 1 11:00 a.m.
8:53 am
heremaking a big push toward the finish. let's turn to the phone calls. first caller is jim from independentthe line. caller: good morning. this is a serious question not a funny one. who are the hookers for hillary? seth: i don't mean to laugh. prostitution is legal in nevada. hookers for hillary is a thatrtium of the brothels banded together to state their support for hillary clinton. host: do you think that helps or hurts her broader national campaign? seth: i don't know it does either. those only in nevada stories. i don't know it is going to taint or tarnish anything or for that matter. i think it is very nevada specific. host: we want to let our viewers know they can join in. 202-748-8001,
8:54 am
202-748-8002, and a voters line for nevada 202-748-8003. richardson is with us. is that nevada become the first in the west caucus and why that's important campaigns going forward? it really came about because senator harry reid wantsher party leaders two more states to add to iowa and new hampshire. they felt they weren't diverse enough and didn't represent the whole country. they added a southern state in western state and in nevada. now nevada was added because of the large latino population. now we have nevada has a first
8:55 am
four state. it first happened in 2008. 2012 we had a republican caucus here. the democrats we had an incumbent. there wasn't much of a caucus. we are in host: and the demographic nevada's voters mass become an issue in the campaign as well. lookdoes the electorate like in nevada? seth: well, it is a very diverse electorate. half of the state is white. you've got about 28% of the hispanic. about 8% is asia. about 9% is black. is a very broad demographic here. it reflects the nation as a whole and where it is heading demographically. where is why the nevada is seen as the important early state. the latino population is especially important for the democrats. you see the ground games really
8:56 am
focusing on the latino vote with latino sort of geared events and get out the caucus events for voters and even latino lawmakers for endorsements. caller now from daytona beach, florida. kelly is on the democratic line. morning. caller: yes, good morning. i'm a 73-year-old democrat. bernie sanders. i want to just talk briefly about the super delegates. know, i remember when president obama -- well, he wasn't president yet. he had won all of the primaries or caucuses. clintonorget hillary was not gracious. she would not concede that he won. supers ready to take her delegates and go to the democratic convention and literally blow up the democratic party. at that time, i lived in new york. congressman, charley rangle had to go and demand she
8:57 am
concede. thisas going to carry thing on. super delegates, they are trump, the voter. as long as you have the super delegates, it doesn't make any the people vote for. the republicans aren't free on this. they don't have super delegates, believe. there's talk they are going to contest the republican it ortion or broker whatever if they don't get what they want. start rethinking the whole deal with super del grates. -- delegates. it is not democratic. seth: a lot of people say it is undemocratic. here you have the super delegates who count for a vote. in a close race, every vote counts. group of roughly between one sixth or one eighth just, national delegates you know, they are free to choose whenever they want. statelk to people in the here and a lot of them say that
8:58 am
doesn't seem very fair. conversation is going on nationwide. host: seth, there was a lot of coine in iowa over the tosses to decide ties within the caucuses. tell us about ties will be decided in nevada. in an we do settle them appropriate way. we use a deck of cards. unopened. you open them up, shuffle them aven times, lay them out, and representative comes over to pick a hard. high hard wins. tied, then the suit will sort of determine who wins. diamonds, and, clubs in that order. i find it very appropriate that, know, a state with a large gaming industry leaves it up to the cards. host: you have very good shufflers, i'm sure, to make not stacked. is
8:59 am
russ on independent line. good morning. ahead. caller: good morning. i heard the comment about bernie the advertising in the newspaper. the one thing i like is about mr. sanders or senator sanders i should say. that are paying for the advertising. what do they expect in return for their donation money? i know it is not coming from wall street. i know it is not coming from lobbyists. i like senator sanders. hand,n on the other secretary clinton, whatever i should address her has, i think is sold out. 99.9% of everyone else in washington. i would like to agree on the super delegates. countrypposed to be a that's democratic. you are super delegates make the decisions for the few of those. with that? that's totally ridiculous.
9:00 am
the systemrethink and feel the bern, baby. the bern. seth: when i'm talking to supporters, they echo the same sanders is taking the small donations, and whether or not that is real or perceived that hillary clinton has sold out -- that seems to be a common thing with sanders supporters, and i think that is a sentiment nationwide among sanders' supporters. twitter, the real question in nevada is a who wins, but how many republicans will register in order to caucus for bernie. is this something you are hearing on the groun -- ? democrats have same-day registration. apparently what could end up happening is republicans could
9:01 am
register as a democrat today, and go back and vote republican on tuesday. both parties have really admonished that kind of behavior. the secretary of state office has said, we will look into this, and punish those according to the law. the democrats sent out a statement yesterday saying it was a possible felon to do something like that. we don't know what kind of groundswell there is for that ,ind of effort to switch sides and what not there is a question republicans o switched over to democrat just to vote for bernie sanders. you have people saying they are supporting bernie -- in a sense -- i think the turnout will tell the story there. host: on the democratic line, sylvia is calling from tennessee. go ahead with your question or comment. people are for hillary
9:02 am
clinton because of obamacare. that is their issue. guest: that is the main issue they have talked about, obamacare, also some women's rights issues as well. host: the next colors from south carolina on the republican mind. good morning. caller: how are you doing? what i would like to know is with the immigration system as about they are talking only if anybody who is here illegally has committed a crime, or broken the law, or what have the when they crossed border illegally, was that not already illegal? illegally,a country
9:03 am
i'm going to be locked up. host: are you voting in today's gop primary? caller: im. host: who are you supporting? i'm still'm between -- on the line, is not crazy. i watched the gop interviews yesterday. i'm between jeb bush and john only because i think donald trump is very dangerous, the way that he speaks. he never finishes any kind of question that is given to him. he diverts it to something else. if he does not like the question that you ask him then he will talk about something else or cut you off. he never finishes anything, or toes any complete answers the questions that are given to him. host: all right. we have been talking about today's democratic caucuses.
9:04 am
what are you expecting out of the republican caucuses next week? aest: it is hard to gauge caucus day because it depends on who will come out and whatnot. right now, it is looking like donald trump leading, but you have three campaigns with very strong ground games. groundz has a strong game. marco rubio, who also has ties to the state, has a strong ground game. jeb bush as well. it will depend on who can get their voters out and get them to the polls to sort of cast their ballot and make that move. host: what types of outreach have the democrats and republican campaigns made to the hispanic voting population is so influential in nevada? guest: i think the democratic party has done a little more outreach. this is a to say that republicans haven't. both campaigns have been holding
9:05 am
events, advertising in spanish-language. doing a phone campaign with latino phone banks, and whatnot. they are trying to court that latino vote. it will be a very important block in the general election as well. host: our next caller is randy from texas. good morning. caller: good morning. advocating affordable college education and burning is advocating free college education. i so wish that bernie would approach her and say, you speak of affordable college education, coming from someone who earns $400,000 for a speaking engagement. what about someone that works two jobs at minimum wage. can they afford that education?
9:06 am
i just think education will empower a lot of poor people. anybody can afford free. that is my only comment. thank you. host: seth richardson? guest: that is one of the defining factors but -- dividing factors between the sanders and clinton supporters. clinton has been painting herself as the pragmatic candidate, while sanders has been talking about these very progressive reforms that he wants to put in. education is just one amongst many where they are fairly sympatric, but there are some differences. that is where they have been trying to draw the divide. host: our next caller is from nevada. bernie from pahrump. good morning. caller: my question or statement being that i lived in nevada,
9:07 am
harry reid shot down a concern in the state, but as far as the politics go, you have the republicans, the democrats, and the mormons -- the unholy trinity. nothing seems to get done. i would focus for bernie sanders , hoping to change that bandleader and get something done. that is my statement. guest: a lot of people feel the same weight. yucca mountain has been kind of an issue this campaign, but for the most part the western issues that have been adjust have been public lands, water rights, tha most people don't seet. when a state is over 80% federal
9:08 am
land, a lot of people are concerned about that. yucca was just one example of that with the federal government said we are going to deposit nuclear waste here. it is something that is on voters minds, i would say. host: you mentioned the difficulty of predicting what will happen in a state holding caucuses. the population of nevada is also particularly transient. hillary clinton won in 2008. are those voters the same people who are out there that she is trying to attract and influence today? guest: like you said, it is a very transient state. people come and go all the time. a large portion of the voters probably weren't here four years ago, let alone eight years ago. you have to kind of stay on your toes and court the new voters. it is something that both campaigns probably dealt with. that is why she got in here
9:09 am
so that she guess -- could connect with the voters or try to connect with the voters. previous election cycles, the: a workers union has and very influential important. tell us who they are and what position they have taken? guest: they ha are the largest union in the state. they are statewide from las vegas to reno. anywhere there are casinos where union workers operate. the cycle they decided to stay out of the race. in 2008, they supported president obama. then being out of it is one of the reasons why people think the turnout will not be nearly as high as it was in 2008. when you don't have those union workers out there on the ground spreading their web, and courting voters, it is the day, who knows, at this point, when
9:10 am
you have the largest union in the state that is not endorsing. host: the next caller is amy from ithaca, new york. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. that we havent out two types of candidates. we have the type that has been supportive of the bankers and those who support their campaigns. and, those that have taken the hard road, not so in favor of the banks and the corporations. early 1990's, clinton saying theree-trade economy would be improved by a. it wasn't. i'm interested in your thoughts on that. now we have the tpp agreement. i think that is a terrible deal. most people who look at it to get his back.
9:11 am
signedbor groups all allnst it and petitioned across the country, yet, clinton -- sanders and trump are the only two who were not in favor of tpp. guest: it is a divisive issue, especially with the economy the way it is. hillary clinton initially outorted the tpp, coming later to say she did not like the deal. i think it illustrates this divide between the sanders and clinton supporters. one camp says we can trust her and believe in her. i think the gap will eventually
9:12 am
be bridged. right now, it is very deep and thick. host: next up, another voter from nevada. john, go ahead. caller: i would just like to say , andi'm an independent there are a lot of independents here in northern nevada. all the ones i've talked to have also pretty much the same thing. we are supporting bernie sanders, but we are not going to support hillary clinton because of the nasty way she has run her campaign. it just seems nasty and unfair. that is all i would like to say. thank you. you are doing a great job. host: do you plan to caucus today? caller: yes. host: in favor of ernie, as you said. seth richardson?
9:13 am
they are really taking those independent voters who don't strictly adhere to a party line or two of the party line, to say. they are drawing the basis. "the here is a story from journal."tte host: to think that what happens today has the potential to
9:14 am
change the dynamic of this race going forward? guest: absolutely. there no question about it. we have become the showdown state. before, we were not really paid attention to nationally. now, we are this showdown state. sanders has some momentum after the race and iowa, and his resounding the jury in new hampshire. if he wins here -- nevada was at one point considered a clinton stronghold. if he comes in here and has a good showing, or even if he wins, the momentum will keep growing. if clinton can come in here and show, i have the support in the when,and blunts sanders especially in south carolina where she was up by more than 20 points, i think the last time i looked it was more than 20
9:15 am
points. it could really be a windfall state. host: how has hillary clinton's campaign been trying to message the outcome of this election? guest: after new hampshire, they here.ayed expectations it is about 51 percent white according to the census bureau. there has been some downplaying expectations, i think they are counting on a win so. -- though. host: mohammed, go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. is about the democrats.
9:16 am
they allow themselves to define the candidates. of 2008.ot an issue this benghazi stuff and e-mail democrats are sitting .own -- s not a situation democrats are typical for thinking about themselves. host: is the benghazi controversy an issue for hillary clinton in nevada? guest: i think somewhat of an issue, along with the private
9:17 am
e-mail server issue. this is what some democrats in the state have said. a lot, actually. republicans have been able to control the message of the cycle, especially donald trump. they have been able to dictate what the discussion heads towards. they have had the primetime debate on the week nights, opposed to some democratic debates on saturdays or sundays. they have been able to get their message out there and force everyone else to respond. it is a shared feeling among a lot of democrats in the state that i have talked to. they have been able to control that message and dictate where it goes. host: here is the latest polling average from real clear politics from the democratic caucus in nevada. it shows that hillary clinton has a slight -- 2.4 percentage over sanders.
9:18 am
to alabama.turn howard is an independent, calling in now. go ahead. i'm talking about this but paid for government that we have had. the last election, two years promised allans that they did. i came out and supported them all. they got everything they wanted. we never got anything back for a vote. i can't believe there are republicans out there who want more of that. the special interest people are writing some of the bills that come through congress. host: let's hear from another color, then we will get a response from our guest. john is calling on the republican line.
9:19 am
good morning. you are on the air. caller: thank you. i'm calling about hillary and her son-in-law. i know her son-in-law's family. together, the clintons and her son-in-law family because he embezzled over $10 million from people and spent time in the penitentiary. it just seems like they are wrapped around all this corruption. i can't understand why anyone .ould want to vote for her guest: it goes back to this trust issue. nation,ng around the when asked about trust, there is the trust issue there.
9:20 am
i can't speak to her son-in-law, or anything like that, but what it stems from, we can go back to the republicans driving the conversation. benghazi and the e-mail hearings. the clintons are a well-known brand. they have been around for 25 years now. there is no surprise that she will be in the crosshairs. some of these things that have being ap -- benghazi big issue for the republicans. it will stick around for a little bit at least. host: here is a question from twitter. nevada are 24/7 towns, don't caucus work to the disadvantage of those who work have to work at 11:00? guest: a lot of people will be working at 11:00 in the morning any saturday just like
9:21 am
other day. people are always working here. it is one of the arguments that people have made that we need to go to a primary because people can't get out of work, they said they can't get out of work. when you have this three-hour window or for our window, and and him taking, some people do get left out. it is the way it works. difference isthe between having a caucus or primary? and age-old debate. is a: a caucus really neighborhood meeting where you say, we need to make a decision about who we want to be president, who we want to theesent our party in upcoming election. that argument is for the caucus. kathleen is our next caller. kathleen is calling on the democratic line. good morning. caller: i'm a little confused.
9:22 am
not on who i will vote and but i'm not sure who i'm asking the question for now. host: beer speaking with seth richardson of the "reno gazette journal." caller: i'm a sanders supporter. the reasons i can't support hillary are basically heard brutal war hawkish stance. with her, i feel like i would be voting for cheney or bush. she not only voted for the iraq war, she pushed the intervention asthe yeah and syria secretary of state. be percussions from all of her actions on foreign-policy have been a lot of dead and injured people and refugees. she is part of the reason there are a lot of syrian refugees. if the voters, whether they are
9:23 am
in south carolina, nevada, if they really look into the record of bernie sanders, his voting record and stance on health care, fair pay, as well as -- what a remarkable steps to say no super pac money -- and the fact that hillary will not release those transcripts is incredibly telling. i encourage all voters to look at bernie's record and get on the bus. you are voting for the welfare of all americans, not just americans who are working class. host: that is kathleen from colorado. seth richardson? guest: again, it speaks to where the bernie-hillary divide is right now. you have a group of people who said they say they cannot trust hillary clinton, whether in regard to the economy, education, or anything else.
9:24 am
and, you have the supporter saying, no, she has been around for a long time, she has accomplishments, and this is why we support her. you see that divide. the callers have made the case for that. joe, the next caller is independent line. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: i can't believe the voters are so gullible to drink the bernie sanders kool-aid. i mean, free college? that is unbelievable to me. payve in new jersey, and we $6,000 a year average and property taxes. i would like to know how he will pay for free college for everybody the young kids are so gullible to think they will not have to pay anything. guest: he said the way that he
9:25 am
would pay for free college education is a taxon wall street speculation. that has been an argument from sanders isn that making all these promises that he will not be able to keep. country, single-payer is not going to happen. on free college is probably not going to happen, but we need to find a way to make it affordable. she is painting him as an idealist with these pie in the sky dreams. host: is hillary clinton does when nevada, but bernie sanders comes really close, does that still count as a win, and her book, or will there be some bitter sweetness to that victory? a w, by think it
9:26 am
will be bittersweet given how many resources she has given into the state and the organization. it is a very big organization. a close race might be disconcerting. you have the south carolina firewall where she has some broad support there as well. shifts the showdown in two south carolina or super tuesday, where you will see which way the country is going. host: heather is calling on the republican line. thanks for accepting my call. my call is on bernie sanders and donald trump. they both pretty much stand for the same thing, but are going at it for different ways. ' waynk bernie sanders
9:27 am
is the un-american way. trump, who is a negotiator, dealing with the best negotiator in the world. who would you want negotiating for this country, who is for the american people, and the american way. host: we hear your thoughts. seth richardson? guest: there is a lot of overlap between who sanders and trump supporters are. in fact, sanders told me that he courting sanders supporters. the common theme is they think there is a broken political system dominated by money. sanderswhy you have running on small donations and trump who is self funding.
9:28 am
as far as what they want to do, and their messaging, i think those are little different. liberal and one is little more conservative. not necessarily far right wing, but more conservative, definitely. those supporters overlapping is one of the more interesting storylines of the election. if you would have said one year ago that we would have a self-described democratic socialist and a reality show television star as two of the leaders in both of the parties, i don't think anyone would have guessed it. host: our last call for the segment comes from north carolina, janice. you have the last word. caller: hello. host: good morning, go ahead. caller: i have a, and the
9:29 am
question. it is very troubling to me that i've seen very little coverage on the fact that hillary clinton fromign is accepting money the prisons for profits industry , which of course is something that targets immigrants, people city. in the inner they end up in these horrible prisons for profits. her campaign was accepting money until october, at which point a group of young activists got a petition together and asked her to stop. when light was shown on the fact that was happening, they did stop. host: do you know anything about this? guest: i cannot speak to the private prisons issue, but what
9:30 am
that shows is the key issue in this election is money. everybody is looking at where money is coming from, where it is going. it has been the driving factor in this election, and who is supporting whom. moneyall about the and politics right now. host: seth richardson, thank you so much for wake up early to talk to us this morning. we will be watching along with you what happens today in nevada . next up, we continue our conversation about politics, talking about the south carolina caucus ind democratic nevada. first, we look back to the 1956 vietnam were hearing -- more war vietnam
9:31 am
hearings. here is a preview. >> general taylor was a much involved in vietnam politics from the beginning. tosident kennedy sent taylor vietnam in 1961 to look at the situation. taylor said it was a dire situation that he did not think the government could defend itself, and america would have to get involved. notral taylor did believe that u.s. combat troops should ever be sent to vietnam. he was opposed. what the johnson missed ration is doing, and gives them ration now. we now know because his telegrams happen recorded, that onhad great reservations
9:32 am
sending ground troops. >> we are engaged in a historic debate in this country, and have honest differences of opinion. i hold the point of view that will not be too long until the american people repudiate our war in southeast asia. i don't intend to get down in the gutter with you and engage in that kind of debate. i'm sibley say that in my judgment, the president of the is alreadyes knee-deep in connection with this war in southeast asia. all i'm asking is if the people decide that this war should be a differenty take position.
9:33 am
>> i feel like our people are misguided. >> we agree on one thing. they can be badly misguided, and you, my, and the presence judgment has been discarding them on the war. [applause] violation of our roles for you to demonstrate in these hearings. please remain silent. you can watch more of the 1966 vietnam hearings tonight at 10:00 and tomorrow at 4:00 here on c-span. right now, we're taking your tweets anding your facebook comments. we want to know what you think about the south carolina gop primary today and nevada democratic caucus. the number to call, if you live in nevada or south carolina, (202) 748-8003. if you are a republican, you can call (202) 748-8001.
9:34 am
democrats, (202) 748-8000. .ndependents, (202) 745-8002 our twitter handle is @cspanwj. our facebook page is the phone minds are open for you. just to recap, here is a story itm "the washington post." has this breakdown of the latest polling in south carolina, showing that trump is leading the pack, followed by ted cruz, and marco rubio. sick andcase governor bush are done with 9% of the vote, and ben carson is at the bottom. meanwhile, in nevada, hillary clinton has 48% of the projected vote, and said his sanders is
9:35 am
expected to have 47% of the vote. we also have a few other headlines for you today that we want to make sure to give an -- in. that includes an agreement in the european union to keep britain as part of the coalition. the story says that the deal that was agreed to by the european council yesterday gives mr. cameron, britain's prime minister, a boost by agreeing to accept provisions. it could be years away, and child the u.k. to reduce payments. for now, it will only applied for newly arrived workers in the u.k.. the eu parliament will have to approve. european lawmakers have already warned that they will not rubberstamp the agreement.
9:36 am
that is the news on the deal in the european union to ensure that britain remains part of the coalition. times" the york p voting today for both parties in long campaign. says, bernie sanders and hillary clinton tried to lock down supporters in fiercely contested caucuses. the vote on saturday is a critical test of organization and strength of both parties. we are taking your phone calls on who should win, and we support in the gop primary contest as well as the
9:37 am
democratic nomination. we will turn to share in who aves in reno, nevada, and as credit supportive. good morning. bernie i'm supporting sanders. i see a lot of energy behind bernie sanders campaign, a lot of excitement here yesterday. the downside is a lot of people do have to work in nevada on a saturday. it seems like the excitement has really been for bernie sanders in the past few weeks. host: have you always been a bernie sanders supporter or have you switched over from hillary to bernie as he has made more inroads? caller: i have been a bernie sanders supporter since early in the summer. i switched over a lot of my friends who love bernie, but don't think he could win. host: you will be at the caucus?
9:38 am
caller: i will. host: betty is also calling from nevada, who lives in las vegas. who are you supporting? would you please repeat so i could hear? host: i said, who are you supporting today and what do you think about the race so far? caller: i'm supporting hillary because i feel that she has greater experience. i like bernie, but above hillary. on various human rights awards for various reasons. supporter of women, for one she's also backed by the national education association, one of the largest unions in the united states. i'm a retired teacher of 36 years.
9:39 am
she has visited the national education association when other people did not. her husband came and spoke. bye was by her side many -- his side many years ago. for its a human rights award one of the years that she won the human rights award at the national education association convention. i am for hillary because i feel like she has the teeth and also rp will be able to gain the and the backing that she needs to get things done that barack could not get done because republicans refuse to work with him and refuse to support anything that he did and were insistent that their ultimate goal for him was just to destroy him and get him out of the white house. host: all right. that is betty from las vegas. a, now from twitter.
9:40 am
ways,eir own different trump and sanders supporters have common traits. they are antiestablishment and angry. coleman, what do you think today? cruz.: i support bernie sanders, hillary clinton, are all saying that they are for issues.change most of the people are looking at what can the government do for them, instead of -- as kennedy said -- what can you do for the country. in this case, most people don't understand, obama just proposed a $10 per barrel increase on the price of oil. loweringte change, for the temperature to make it to theees colder, according to
9:41 am
paris debates. backwards to $.50 per gallon, based on the price of crude oil. people, whenever they go fill up the tank, they will have another $10 of government free stuff. people have to start therstanding that whenever government is going to give you something, they have to take it from somebody else. right.ll we hear your thoughts this morning. the next caller comes from charleston, s.c.. robert is calling on the democratic line. good morning to you. caller: how are you doing? host: good. caller: president obama, he has done good, but i felt that whenever you are doing something for the people and there are people blocking you, that he should have a press conference
9:42 am
on who is stopping progress in america. i'm a bernie sanders supporter here in south carolina. the reason i support bernie sanders is because no matter about, ifs you speak you do not tackle the issue of big honey controlling congress than nothing else would happen. to hear all these pundits and people calling in saying, it is crazy to have free college education and health care, that is crazy talk. when you don't want things to change, then you are part of the status quo. america can find money to go to war, to go to the moon, to go to mars, billions of dollars every year to give to other countries. if we can take taxpayers money to help around the world, you mean to tell me that we can take taxpayer money to bail out wall street here and when it comes to the betterment of every american
9:43 am
child to have free education and health care, that is some crazy idea? that is what is crazy with the american people. the only way we can do better is change. host: all right. we hear you. alan from longboard, new jersey is up next on the democratic line. good morning. caller: thanks for taking my call. one of the many factors that people are considering about bernie sanders proposal on socialized medicine is we have a very diverse population in the united states. people when asked about it think it is totally unworkable. in denmark, the people are homogeneous. 90% of the population were born and raised there, only 10% come from other countries. in the united states, we know it is such medicine diverse population.
9:44 am
the feeling is that because of it is just not workable. that was alan from new jersey with his thoughts and comments. be will be continuing the discussion about politics and the race is being held today, but we also want to let you know we will be going to south carolina for a reason other than politics. that is for greenville, south literary history. that is today at noon on booktv. be will feature all of the segments together in one block. theuring our research for
9:45 am
book and this project more generally, we realize that greenville, south carolina and upcountry south carolina experience the war in ways extremely similar to the rest of the nation. oneskissed loved goodbye for years of the time. they planted victory gardens, brash and butter, sugar, and other materials. what we discovered is there was one area that really truly set this community apart from the rest of the nation. that was the textile and apparel manufacturing mills in this area . this area was the textile capital of the world at that time. there were over 460 mills. host: our next caller comes from winchester, virginia. chuck is calling. good morning. caller: i'm calling because i'm very disappointed with barack obama.
9:46 am
time since heond has been president, there has been no raise in the social security payments. i think it is deplorable that raisenior citizens get no to have to pay for increased food cost and medicine. still, he doesn't have to worry about it. they don't care about the senior citizens. i'm 70 years old, and i get nothing. i can't even get food stamps. host: who do is the right person to support you? caller: for me, i think donald trump will do the job. he is not taking any big money from big corporations. he is funding his own campaign. plane,lying his own paying for all that. he is not taking air force one all around the world and charging millions of dollars. you know what i'm saying. trumply feel like donald can do the job for the country and will look out for the senior
9:47 am
citizens of this country. host: our next caller is from boston, massachusetts. go ahead. caller: i'm calling in regards to the caucus in nevada. biasd there is a media when it comes to bernie sanders. with bernie sanders, they don't questions for him to answer. no one asked him how he will pay for the education, or the time when that would be implemented. none of that. he just generalizes everything. host: here is a little bit of information about the nevada state democratic caucuses from the nevada democratic party. how did the democratic caucuses work?
9:48 am
createdivide to preference groups. if the group does not have determinedle to the viable, eligible attendees will have the opportunity to join another preference group or acquired people into their group to become final book. delegates are then awarded based on their size. on caucus day, nevadans elect -- r n is calling on the republican line. are you there? caller: yeah. host: go ahead. caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: i would just like to
9:49 am
inform people who are not paying sanders ishat bernie andng 90% of taxpayer money with the hillary scandal going on, how are we even considering electing her as president of anything? host: who do support? we are moving on to an from north carolina. good morning to you. caller: good morning. i just want to say that sanders has behaved almost like the republicans in response to the president. the other day he did an interview and apparently said that hillary clinton was only
9:50 am
catering to the president because she was trying to get black votes. that was very dismissive of the president. like hillary said, in 2011, he tried to recruit someone else to run against the president. it was very obvious that he really is not interested in what the president has done, though way.etends to be a certain you can really see where his mindset is. also, there is no way that all the states are going to approve paying for free college for everyone. there are so many proposals that this president has made that the republican congress refused to even consider. there is no way that they are paying fort pass
9:51 am
college. host: all right. here's a little bit of what bernie sanders has been saying on the campaign trail. he was in nevada earlier this week. [video clip] >> are you guys ready for a radical idea? [applause] >> we are going to create an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1%. we are going to raise the hour.m wage to $15 per [applause] >> we are going to make certain that women get a fair shake in
9:52 am
the economy. pay equity for women voters. and, we are going to create the millions of jobs are people need. we are going to be hiring teachers, not firing teachers. npr has the story about how tight the race in nevada has become. the state was supposed to be the start of clinton's firewall to stop sanders. it is clear now that the firewall has not been as strong as they once thought. from virginia, our next caller. go ahead. beenr: i have never
9:53 am
.isappointed in my life am a senior citizen. i feel that we have failed as a nation. we might as well except the fact that other countries are watching us. other people are watching us from those countries. the pope has already said that us.tried to help i don't just say this because i'm catholic. if i were non-catholic, i would take the same position. host: are you disappointed with what you are seeing from both parties? caller: both parties.
9:54 am
i'm on the independent line. this will be the first time in my life that -- and i'm a senior citizen -- the i will be voting independently. i'm not sure i will vote. i see having candidates. you have allowed yourself to focus on one or two people from the beginning. the other candidates have not in terms of what they have to offer. host: glenda from south carolina is on the republican line. good morning. caller: hello? bitst wanted to talk to a
9:55 am
-- there is so much support in socialism. with the candidate who supports and declares being socialist. i'm just wondering if your listeners don't understand what comes after socialism? if they will study the history of countries that have started out as socialist countries, it evolvess to communism -- to communism. everybody is kept by the government. that is not the american way. here can get our jobs back in america and put america back -- americans back to what they do best which is working and taking care of themselves, not asking how much more can the
9:56 am
government give us, but what can i do for myself, the can-do attitude that america was both on. host: are you voting in today's gop primary? caller: i've already voted, darling. host: you already d did it. who did you folks for? caller: i'm for ben carson all the way. ben carson is the solid one that never ever changes what he is saying. host: that is linda from south carolina. in addition to our political coverage today, c-span will also be covering the scalia.of justice we will start the coverage live at 11:00 eastern. for now, we are taking phone calls in the final minutes of the show.
9:57 am
vegas isrom las calling now. what is it looking like out there? caller: i'm here. i agree with one of the earlier manyns that said that so of the other people never had a .hance to say anything thinking about hillary today because i love bernie sanders, by think he is too old. happen ifhat would something were to happen to him. i think he would make a really good president, by think he is too old. host: are you caucusing today? caller: yes, i am. host: the last call for today
9:58 am
show will be andy. what do you think? caller: good morning. you are doing us supreme job. keep it up. i'm from kentucky. i'm supporting mrs. clinton. if the american people would go back and look at when mr. clinton was in office, we had a surplus. beenlintons have always for the american people. we need the clintons back in office. we don't need bernie sanders because he will get us in trouble big-time. we need the clintons. -- hope and pray
9:59 am
that the people will get behind the clintons. let's put her in the white house, and that way we can have a victory. host: all right. andy from kentucky, are less dollar for a. tomorrow we look at the result of the south carolina gop primary and the democratic caucuses in nevada. 9:00 tofrom 7:00 to talk about the outcome of those races. we will discuss the latest on the conflict in syria, and then opening up the phone lines for your comments. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
10:00 am
>> our coverage will include coverage from the candidates and your reactions. ; 30 is tonight at eastern. also happening today is the funeral for late justice anthony scalia. a look here at the shrine of immaculate conception in washington, d.c. we will take you back here in an hour. until then, we will bring you an interview that justice scalia 2009, wherepan in he talks about the job of assisting port justice in reaching a decision.


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