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tv   NGA Forum on the Economy  CSPAN  February 21, 2016 2:00am-3:31am EST

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[cheers] >> senator ted cruz of texas finished third in south carolina. one percentage point behind senator marco rubio. spoke to supporters in columbia, south carolina. this is 20 minutes.
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[applause] [chanting "ted"] sen. cruz: god bless the great state of south carolina. [applause] friends, once again we have made history.
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you, the good people of south carolina and our incredible volunteers all over the country, continued to defy the pundits and produce extraordinary results. [applause] let me say a word about governor jeb bush, a man who had a terrific record as governor of the state of florida, who brought job creation and education innovation to the people of florida. a man who ran a campaign based on ideas, based on policy, based on substance. a man who didn't go to the gutter and engage in insults and attacks.
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[applause] governor bush brought honor and dignity to this race. tonight, he has suspended his campaign, but heidi and i give our very best to jab and -- jeb and his entire extraordinary family. we wish them the best, and thank them for their extraordinary candidacy. i want to thank our tremendous team here in south carolina. congressman mark sanford. [applause] former attorney general -- [applause] senator lee bright. [applause] and representative bill shanley and gary smith and mike burns
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and jay jordan. [applause] and ray nash, ed pastor mike gonzalez -- and the pastor mike gonzalez. ,, and heroic volunteers like david helmer and sean and kay meyer at all seven of their terrific kids. [applause] and the nearly 500 south carolina pastors who endorsed and joined in this campaign. [applause] first iowa, the new hampshire,
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now -- and then new hampshire, and now south carolina. we don't know the exact results right now. right now, we are effectively tied for second place. but each time, defying expectations and -- [chanting "ted"] indeed, indeed the screaming you here now is across the potomac, the washington cartel in full terror that the conservative grassroots are rising up. [applause] but before we reflect what we together have accomplished, i would like to possibly moment of silence in honor of the great
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man, an american hero, justice antonin scalia. today, i attended justice scalia's funeral. i have the honor of knowing him for 20 years. he was brilliant, principle, faithful, and a ferocious defender of the constitution and the bill of rights. [applause] as ronald reagan was to the presidency, so too was justice scalia to the u.s. supreme court. [applause]
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his passing one week ago today underscores the enormous stakes of this election. it is not just one, but two branches of government that are at stake, and justice scalia's replacement will not be decided by the washington power brokers. [applause] it will be decided by we, the people. [applause] this election will be a referendum on the supreme court. and i will tell you this. i cannot wait to stand on that debate stage with hillary clinton or bernie sanders or whatever other socialist they nominate.
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and make the case against their radical vision of the constitution that would strip away life and marriage and religious liberty and the second amendment and the basic rights of every american citizen. [applause] in iowa, they said it could not be done. and we won. [applause] in new hampshire, they said a conservative, a bible believing christian, could not compete. and we defied expectations. [applause] and tonight, despite millions and millions of dollars of false
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and nasty attacks, despite the entirety of the political establishment coming together against us, south carolina has given us another remarkable result. [applause] gather, -- together, iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina tell us three things. first that conservatives continue to unite behind our campaign. [applause] if you are a conservative, this is where you belong. because only one strong conservative is in a position to
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win this race. [applause] [chanting "ted"] sen. cruz: second, second, we are the only campaign that has beaten and can beat donald trump. [applause] that is why donald relentlessly attacks on and ignores all the other candidates. i congratulate down on his victory -- donald on his victory, but i will say this to the people of america. if you don't believe that donald trump is the best candidate to run against hillary clinton in november, if you believe we need
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a strong contrast with the democrats then we welcome you aboard our team. we welcome you to be a part of the over 200,000 volunteers and over 980,000 volunteer contributions at join us at [applause] [chanting "ted"] sen. cruz: and the third lesson of iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina is that only one candidate remaining has a consistent conservative record.
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other candidates engage in nonstop personal tax. we had -- personal attacks. we have not and we will not respond in kind. [applause] there is a reason other candidates resort to insults, and it is that they cannot defend the substance of their records. there is only one candidate who has led the fight -- [applause] who has led the fight against obamacare. [applause] who has led the fight to defend life and marriage and religious liberty.
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[applause] who has led the fight to protect our right to keep and bear arms under the second amendment. [applause] who will fight to pass a simple flat tax and abolish the irs. [applause] only one candidate has stood up to the corrupt dealmaking in washington, said no to corporate welfare. only one candidate took on the ethanol mandate in iowa and won. [applause] as president, i will rebuild our military.
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[applause] stand unequivocally with the nation of israel. [applause] and utterly destroy isis. [applause] together, we will secure the borders and keep america safe. [applause] and i give you my solemn word that every justice i appoint to the u.s. supreme court will be a principal constitutionalist who will be faithful and vigorously protect the fundamental rights of our children and grandchildren. [applause] when i look at our young daughters, caroline and
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catherine, i know that i will fight with every breath in my body to ensure that they enjoy the same fundamental liberties that all of us have been blessed to inherit. [applause] it is why i fight. it is why everyone here fights. because we love our children, and we will not go quietly into the night and give up on america. [applause] now, the race turns to nevada,
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and to super tuesday, and the so-called sec primary. and iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina have given the voters a clear, defined a choice. you can go with washington dealmakers. [boos] or we can stand together with a proven, consistent, constitutional conservative and bring back morning in america. [applause] [chanting "ted"] sen. cruz: each of you is amazing, and together we will win the republican nomination. we will beat the democrats in
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november. [applause] and we will restore this last, best hope of mankind that is the united states of america. thank you, and god bless! [no audio] [applause]
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>> ohio governor john kasich finished fifth south carolina primary. the governor was in massachusetts as the results were announced, campaigning there in advance of that state's primary on tuesday. he spoke to supporters at a campaign event in wakefield. this is about 10 minutes. [applause] [applause] gov. kasich: ladies and gentlemen, you know, it took us a while to decide whether i would run for president of the united states. a lot of people said, he will never get in the race. then on july 21, with my wife, my great wife karen and my daughters, we announced in columbus, ohio that i would run
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for president of the united states. they said, he could not raise the money. the doubters said, he's just not going to be able to do it. then, you know, we got a lot of money out of a lot of piggy banks, because we never had the billionaires really with us. and we move forward. then they said, he will never, ever make it to new hampshire. it just simply won't happen. and then, guess what? we went to new hampshire. and yes, we started at town hall meetings with as few as six people in a room. but i loved those six people. [laughter] because they were there, and they were listening. i'm not sure we got all of them, but we got a couple of them. and the week before the new hampshire primary, i had a reporter say, are you going to drop out before new hampshire? i look at that reporter and said, that is the single dumbest question i have ever had in my
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lifetime. [laughter] then, then they said, no chance in new hampshire. he's got no money, there have been millions and millions of dollars of negative ads spent again him. but you know what happened? the people showed up. the people showed up in new hampshire, and the people showed up from around the country. of course, from my beautiful buckeye state. while we may not have won, we did beat donald trump indic still -- with 60% of the vote. just don't tell anyone it was 3 to 2. it was still 60%. but we came roaring out of new hampshire, and they said, he can't do very well in south carolina.
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he will just call it in. and tonight, we have defied and overcome expectations in the state of south carolina. [applause] and then, for all the people watching, we came very late last night from vermont. we had done everything we could possibly do, spending six or seven days spending literally about $500,000, compared to the multiple millions of dollars spent by everybody else, a big chunk of it to hammer me. as my friend arnold schwarzenegger said, "john loves the beatings." [laughter]
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and i have. now folks, this morning in vermont, burlington, vermont -- i saw a richard dreyfuss over at the colbert show, and i could not resist saying to him, we need a bigger boat. [laughter] and we have needed bigger venues. that is exactly what we have been able to get, with 600, 700 people in vermont on a few days notice. and in worcester today a jampacked crowd. absolutely fantastic. [applause] and i do want to compliment jeb bush and the bush family for the many years of great work and service to our country. jeb is a great guy. his brother, his family, his father, his mother -- they are the best. give them a round of applause for what they have done. [applause]
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and finally, this started as a 16-person race, and now it is down to the final four. we are going to travel all across this country. vermont, massachusetts, virginia, mississippi, louisiana, tennessee, georgia. and then, guess what? we are heading to the midwest. up in illinois, and one of my favorite states of all, michigan. and then ohio and pennsylvania, and all the way to cleveland, all the way to the nomination in cleveland, ohio. and i'm going to take you with me. [applause] but i need all of you. it's the only way we are going
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to get there, if i have all of you. and here's the situation. yes, within 100 days we can begin to rebuild the economy, we can begin to create economic opportunity for everybody. and at the same time, as we create this economic opportunity, we are not going to leave anybody behind. i don't care who they are. the mentally ill, the drug addicted, the working poor, the developmentally disabled, we will raise all of them. [applause] and we are going to march with the people who have come out from all over the country, and we are going to turn power back, power, money, and influence back to where we live.
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>> whether we are teachers, or to visit.alks t where i come from america what never built great because of who was at the top. america was built great because of who was at the foundation. will renew the spirit of the united states of america and people will look forward to the rest of this country for their children and grandchildren. thank you very much.
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>> ben carson spoke to supporters in greenville, south carolina. this is about 20 minutes.
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[applause] mr. carson: thank you. thank you very much. thank you to all of our wonderful supporters. staffyou to all of the who have done an amazing job. there are news people here who think i'm going to make a concession speech. today is just the beginning speech. [applause] know, it's interesting, when this thing started there were 17 candidates. now and i'mly 6 one of them.
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i'm not going anywhere. [applause] we have a little bit of a different situation than many of the other candidates who are funded in different ways. .e are funded by we the people to refuse toue take money from special interests and billionaires who want to influence me. those people are not looking for the good of america. those of the same people i guarantee you who will continue to influence america if we put people in office horrible hold into them that will not change. we have to be willing to make dramatic changes. we can't mess around the edges. we have to go to the heart of
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the matter. our nation is close to going off the cliff. what i'm am attempting to do as mean i haveder, i never tried to buy anybody or sell anybody, or do anything to influence what was g my own purposes. that is an insider. whatact of the matter is we need is recognition of the fact that the way our country designedned, it was for citizen statesman, not career politicians. and right now there is a ofitical class that consists the washington establishment and
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the news media, in the pundits. they believe they have complete control of our country. control have complete if we give them complete control. it's we the people who really have the power. the problem is if we don't exercise power they continue to have control. this is a message i am going to totaking across the nation try to help the people of america recognize we still have the ability to dictate the course of our country. we have the ability to save it for the next generation. we can do it. if we continue down the same
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path that will never happen. i never really actually intended to get into the political world. since i have gotten into it what i have discovered is disgusting. drivesine that washington dc and drives our country is full love filth. and corruption. and favors. an intricate relationships. they will do anything to maintain their power and maintain their position. god is in charge.
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i really thought about this long and hard before i got into it. after a long and arduous career in neurosurgery, and wanting to life, and have fun with my , and have a good time for the , those peoplee started bothering me. know, every place i went to make a speech, there were these people with signs, run been run. i started getting petitions. so many people saying you can do this. at first i said ignore it and it
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will go away. it did not go away. i don't think it's going to go .way i believe as time goes on more serious people will get . they will dig into look at policies and solutions to the rhetoricrather than and boisterous speech. when that happens you're going to see a significant change in what's going on. the title change because the situation we're in is so serious. gap,you talk of the fiscal the vast majority of americans
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have no idea what they're talking about. it is what is going to destroy us as a nation. ist's why no politician talking about the fiscal gap. the unfunded liabilities that we medicaid, security, the governmental programs. versus the money we have coming back in through tax and revenue sources. those numbers should be essentially equal if you are fiscally responsible. if not it is over $200 trillion. if somebody came along today and said i'm going to give you a check to pay off your national trillion we would be
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dancing in the street but the fact is we would still be in huge trouble. this is the kind of thing that is not known by the american people. that is why our founders were insistent on a good education and well-informed populace. they said, if we ever become anything that i well-informed populace, the nature of the country will change. people will be easily manipulated. this is exactly what is going on in our country today. people are being easily manipulated. and told what they are supposed to think, and who they are supposed to follow. when in fact, we have these tremendous brains. these enormous frontal lobes. have you ever stopped to imagine why the human being as these big frontal lobes?
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that is where you engage in rational thought processing. that is where you are able to extract information from the past and present, analyze it, and projected into the future -- project it into the future with rational thought processing and rational planning. you don't need those big frontal lobes if all you're going to do is listen to the pundits and have other people tell you what you are supposed to do. you could train some other thing to do that. okay? you don't need this that we have in order to do that. and that's something i think we will have to begin to emphasize to people. we also need to understand the situation in terms of our educational deficit. we have an all-voluntary military right now. we depend upon the populace to
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volunteer. between the ages of 17 and 24, 71% of people that volunteer for the military are rejected. only 29% are accepted. the ones rejected are rejected for mental, physical, or educational deficits. of those three, educational deficits is far in away the biggest one. high school graduates cannot pass a simple examination, basic math skills, basic communication skills. what does that tell you about what is happening in our country? these are high school graduates. and what is happening is we are dumbing down our population. everybody is a good student, every bigots -- everybody gets a significant, everybody gets a gold star. this is killing us. we have to get away from this
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progressivism and political correctness and the stupidity. we have traditionally very smart and innovative people. we have to start finding a way to develop them, recognizing that we only have 330 million people. we have to compete with china at 1.4 billion. india with 1.1 billion people. we cannot afford to waste any of our people. we have to develop every single one of them. we can't have 20 plus percent of people entering high school and not graduating. we can't have 5% of the world publishing, and 25% of the prison inmates. we have to develop every one of those people. for everyone that we keep on the path to self-destruction, that is one less person we have to be
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afraid of or protect our families from. one more taxpaying member of society who may discover that your for cancer or a new energy source. we cannot afford to waste any of our people. this is absolutely essential. [applause] we must begin to understand what true compassion is all about. true compassion is not keeping people in a dependent position. true compassion is providing a ladder of opportunity so that people can climb out of dependent and be part of the fabric of america. [applause] that is what conservatism is all about. we must stop allowing progresses to paint us as people that don't care about other people in our
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society. that is absolutely the opposite. they are the ones that don't care. they are the ones that keep people enslaved so they can cultivate their votes. we have to tell it like it is. they are not going to like it very much. we will have to put in their face. because they are always putting it in our face. [laughter] we have to reject political correctness. , most importantly when we say the pledge of allegiance to the slag, we say we are one nation under god.
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we must not allow the secular progressives to remove god from our lives. [applause] that is a war i am very willing to fight until the last breath in my body. [applause] this nation rose to the pinnacle in the world in record time because we paid homage to god. we also recognize there were values and principles worth preserving. we recognize there is such a thing as right and wrong. we must get back to a point in this country where we recognize that we do have a culture, an
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american culture, an american way. not a republican way, not a democrat way. an american way. this is what we must come to understand. [applause] we have to stop fighting each other. we really need to do is start sitting down and have rational conversations about our differences. when you have a rational conversation, very often, if one side or the other is wrong, it becomes apparent. for instance, you sit down and have a rational conversation about free college tuition for everybody. [laughter]
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the rational side will say, who is going to pay for it? the irrational side will say, we have a lot of rich people. we can just take the money from them. the rational side will say, what makes you think they are just going to fork their money over to you? the irrational side will say, we will make them do it. which side will win? what we have to do is help the populace understand when someone comes along promising you pie in the sky, this is just a technique to get elected. when they promote class warfare, they know good and well that if they could take the evil 1% and ship them to another country, that would not solve their problem. everybody else could sing around
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the campfire. there wouldn't be anything else left. the people creating things would be gone. >> hello dr. ben carson in south carolina. we take you to columbia, south carolina and jeb bush, who came in a distant fourth in the >> that will allow people to create opportunity for everybody else. i don't think quite frankly most americans mind the fact that rich americans as long as they have the ability to become rich themselves. it's only when you shut that off , and that is what progressives do. they try to convince people it is shut off.
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someone is keeping them from achieving, and therefore you have a right to persecute those people and take what they have. that is known as socialism. we have got to start reminding people what socialism is. a lot of people think socialism is caring for the social where fair of other people. that is not what it is. a lot of young people don't fully realize what it is. we know what it is. thomas jefferson who said we would reach this point in our country where we would have allowed the government to reverse the roles of the people and the government. this country was designed with the people at the pinnacle and the government beneath the people for the purpose of facilitating life, liberty and
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the pursuit of happiness. the government has become the pinnacle power and it now dictates to the people. this is something that absolutely must be reversed. this is not something the political class is going to be happy about me saying. republicans or democrats. that is why they try act like i don't exist. you,exist and along with we are the people and we will take america back. thank you. >> republican presence of candidate jeff bush announced suspension of his presidential campaign. he made the announcement at his headquarters in columbia after a fourth-place finish. his remarks are almost 15
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minutes. ♪ [applause] >> all right. absolutely.
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this is going to be short and sweet. to those that work on behalf of of jeb, thank you very much. [applause] to jeb bush and his family, thank you for running a race for the presidency that we could all be proud of. [applause] sen. graham: thank you jeb for being one of the most decent thoughtful men i have ever met. ladies and gentlemen, my friend for life, jeb bush. [applause] jeb: thank you.
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[chanting "jeb"] jeb: thank you. when i began this journey in miami, i committed i would campaign as i would serve, going everywhere, speaking to everyone, keeping my word. facing the issues without flinching, staying true to what i believe. for the better part of the year, i have endeavored to do just exactly that. i have put forth a vision for america that includes all. because our country deserves a president for everyone. the presidency is bigger than any one person. it is certainly bigger than any candidate. this is not -- we are different in our country because our head of state is not above us. but because the head of state are part of the people. in the government of the people, by the people, and for the
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people, we elect the people -- a president like us. i've had a front proceeds to this office for most of my adult life. i've seen fallible men rise up to the challenge of our time with humility and clarity of purpose. to make our nation safer, stronger and, for your. i firmly believe that the american people must entrust this office to someone who understands that whoever holds it is a servant, not the master. someone who will commit to that service with honor and decency. our next president will lead an extraordinary country whose people have always made the improbable possible in big ways and small. every day, americans tested the boundaries of freedom and achieve more than what they could have ever dreamed. over the last 7 years, our nation's bright light has become a little more than a sliver. we have retreated from the world stage. the american values that have brought peace and opportunity are fading. that is not the america we know
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and love. america is a country that thinks big, act boldly, and leads without apology. it will be up to the next president to restore that kind of leadership. i am proud of the campaign we have run to unify our country. to advocate conservative solutions that would give more americans the opportunity to rise up and reach their god-given potential. but the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken, and i respect the decision. so tonight i'm suspending my campaign. [cheers] [applause] jeb: i congratulate my competitors that are remaining on the island on their success for a race that has been
2:57 am
hard-fought. just as the contest should be, because it is a tough job. in this campaign, i have stood my ground, refusing to bend to the political win. we put forward detailed innovative conservative plans to address the mounting challenges that we face. despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters. [applause] and i truly hope that these ideas that we've laid out will serve as a point for a generation of conservative leaders at every level of government so we can take back our country. we laid out plans on everything from reforming attacks and regulatory system to revising our economy, to revising our military, and fixing the v.a. once and for all. [applause]
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finally, i am so grateful so senator lindsey graham of south carolina for his steadfast support. [cheers] and his amazing humor. [laughter] he stole the line that i am not saying, which is that he has become a friend for life. i think the -- i thank the jeb alumni who have put their lives on hold for this cause. i want to thank my mom and brother, who came here to south carolina. america truly loves them and respects them. so do i. [applause] 2.0 is always back there in the back. [applause] and to my dad, who has served as an inspiration to me.
2:59 am
he is the greatest man alive. [applause] i want to thank all the volunteers and supporters that i have met along this incredible journey. and to all the fellow grinders in our campaign, out staff, who never gave her -- never ever. gave up [applause] i've had an incredible life. for me, public service has been the highlight of that life. no matter what the future holds, here is the greatest safety landing. tonight i'm going to sleep with the best friend i have and the love of my life. [applause] [applause] gov. bush: and i am totally
3:00 am
blessed to be the father of three extraordinary children, and as you might know, four near-perfect grandchildren. i am blessed to say i am living the greatest country in the world has ever known. i remain optimistic, and with the right kind of leadership we all need to make it happen, america will be safer ahead. with strong conservative leadership, republicans can win the white house, and we can get back to having this as the best time to be alive. i look forward to working with you to make that dream come true. i will do it as a private citizen, just as you are. thank you for the opportunity to run for the greatest office on the base of the earth. i love you all, god bless you. thank you. [applause] ♪ ♪ later on, when i got home, i
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flipped the tv on. there was that song, the twister tore apart. people came from miles around, just to help the neighbors out. i was thinking to myself, i am so glad that i live in america. it's the high school prom, a ride in a chevrolet. it's a man on the moon, fireflies in june, kids selling lemonade. ♪ it's open arms, one nation under god. it's america
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now we don't always get it all right, there is nowhere else i want to build my life the ticket with a chance, a rock 'n roll band the summer wind over a fallen hero's grave, it's a high school prom, a springsteen song, if the man on the moon, fireflies in june, kids selling lemonade. open arms, one nation under god it's america it's america ♪
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♪ >> every election cycle reminds us of how important it is for citizens to be informed. >> c-span is a home for political junkies. >> is a great way to stay
3:05 am
informed. there are a lot of c-span fans on the hill. that peopleortant outside the beltway know what is going on in side it. his weekly address, president obama discusses his trip to cuba and his plans to improve relations between the united states and cuba. senator cory gardner gives the republican response talking about north korean sanctions recently passed by congress. president obama: hi, everybody. this week, we made it official -- i'm going to cuba. when michelle and i go to havana next month, it will be the first visit of a u.s. president to cuba in nearly 90 years. and it builds on the decision i made more than a year ago to begin a new chapter in our relationship with the people of cuba. you see, i believe that the best way to advance american interests and values, and the
3:06 am
best way to help the cuban people improve their lives, is through engagementby normalizing relations between our governments and increasing the contacts between our peoples. i've always said that change won't come to cuba overnight. but as cuba opens up, it will mean more opportunity and resources for ordinary cubans. and we're starting to see some progress. today, the american flag flies over our embassy in havana, and our diplomats are interacting more broadly with the cuban people. more americans are visiting cuba than at any time in the last 50 yearscuban-american families; american students, teachers, humanitarian volunteers, faith communitiesall forging new ties and friendships that are bringing our countries closer. and when direct flights and ferries resume, even more of our citizens will have the chance to travel and work together and know each other. american companies are starting to do business in cuba, helping
3:07 am
to nurture private enterprise and giving cuban entrepreneurs new opportunities. with new wi-fi hotspots, more cubans are starting to go online and get information from the outside world. in both our countries, there's overwhelming support for this new relationship. and in cuba today, for the first time in a half century, there is hope for a different future, especially among cuba's young people who have such extraordinary talent and potential just waiting to be unleashed. my visit will be an opportunity to keep moving forward. i'll meet with president castro to discuss how we can continue normalizing relations, including making it easier to trade and easier for cubans to access the internet and start their own businesses. as i did when i met president castro last year, i'll speak candidly about our serious differences with the cuban government, including on democracy and human rights. i'll reaffirm that the united states will continue to stand up for universal values like freedom of speech and assembly and religion.
3:08 am
i'll meet with members of cuba's civil societycourageous men and women who give voice to the aspirations of the cuban people. i'll meet with cuban entrepreneurs to learn how we can help them start new ventures. and i'll speak directly to the cuban people about the values we share and how i believe we can be partners as they work for the future they want. we're still in the early days of our new relationship with the cuban people. this transformation will take time. but i'm focused on the future, and i'm confident that my visit will advance the goals that guide uspromoting american interests and values and a better future for the cuban people, a future of more freedom and more opportunity. thanks everybody. and to the people of cubanos vemos en la habana. decades,ardner: for
3:09 am
our allies have faced a complex threat in korea. administration is rightfully focused on developments in the middle east, for too long it has turned a blind eye to the north korean threat. -- it is time to reverse this administration's failed policy of strategic patients. recent headlines confirm this. north korea has conducted four nuclear test, three of which have occurred during the obama administration. earlier this month, they launched a long-range rocket. their capabilities are growing. north korea may already possess as many as 20 nuclear warheads. our military experts have warned that the situation on the korean peninsula is at its most unstable point in 60 years.
3:10 am
they believe north korea has the ability to put a nuclear weapon on a rocket that has the ability to reach the homeland. regime has also intensified its cyber warfare as evidenced on sony in the united states. it also has a long history of horrific human rights abuses. we can no longer stand idly by build an arsenal of mass distraction, and tortures as many as 200,000 of its own men, women, and children. we must apply the pressure required to change the forgotten maniacs pattern of behavior. that is why the senate in an overwhelming bipartisan vote recently passed the north korean sanctions act.
3:11 am
it imposes mandatory sanctions on individuals who contribute to north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile program, it's the wishes cyberattacks and the regimes continued human rights abuses. it also mandates that the administration develop a comprehensive strategy to address the regime's activities. the goal of this bill is simple. to quell north korea's aggression, peacefully disarm the regime and restore human rights. acknowledgedma that our foreign policy must be focused on the threat from isil and al qaeda but it cannot stop there. i could not agree more with that statement. it is time for the united states to leech. we must set an example and send a message that america will not tolerate patterns of belligerence. a message that america will lead. >> our road to the white house coverage continues today when democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders of her much speaks to the rally
3:12 am
in greenville, south carolina. we will have it live beginning at 5:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. senator sanders: we are on -- cusp of aon the revolution. one will be the next president. now is a good time to take stock do say -- how did this guy that we thought was a real progressive? what can we learn from the experience as we move to the next administration. >> tonight, on q&a, radio talkshow host bill crabb talks about wires remorse, how obama let the progressives down. democratic presidential senator bernie sanders recently spoke out in favor of the book. blurb does not endorse
3:13 am
the book. we need a political revolution -- that is his phrase, and that political revolution means that the progressives have to really keep the pressure on the next hope will be ae democrat and a progressive, bernie or hillary to really beck to the progressive -- true to the progressive agenda and not compromise. >> tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on q&a. >> the nation's governors are in washington this weekend for their annual winter meeting. this session focused on the state of the economy and its implications for state governments.
3:14 am
>> and now, ladies and gentlemen please be seated and welcome governor gary herbert of utah. [applause] thank you.t: it is an honor to be with you all today. that was a stirring rendition of our national anthem and a great way for us to start off the day as we welcome the governors to and2016 winter meeting invite your participation as we work together to help america be on the right track. we appreciate the work of the governors and have an exciting weekend of ahead of you, for you. as i look around, we have some
3:15 am
familiar faces but we also have new face. let me mention a couple of them. we have the opportunity to welcome our newest colleagues ,ith us, kentucky governor -- let usgovernor, give them a welcoming hands. we are glad to have you among us. also recognize -- where is pat mccoury. pat is again from north carolina as you know and he has asked for a point of privilege. all big football fan said he has something to get off his case. >> we have been friends for a long time. he was mayor of denver when i was mayor of charlotte. bet -- super bowl
3:16 am
[laughter] i don't know if it was the referees, the bad time it in california but think did not work out too well for us. my cary that, i totaled after the game but i want to officially congratulate the governor for the great victory by the denver broncos over the carolina panthers. we made a bet, not only am i having to wear his jersey for another minute -- [laughter] a name like his is not good to have on the back of your football jersey. we made a bet. i'm pleased to report that we also want to help the. we are delivering 50 cases of turkey and ham and butterball to to the state of colorado a homeless shelter in colorado. we are also going to deliver --
3:17 am
[applause] deliverlso going to some dog food because the first lady of north carolina is really big into rescue dogs and helping shelters. inmake some great dog food north carolina so we will send those to the dog shelters in colorado. we are also going to deliver the same kind of food to homeless durham, in charlotte, and rally in addition to helping the dog shelters with animal food. being the good sport that we are in north carolina, i want to congratulate you on a great super bowl victory and i want to proceed to give you your jersey back. [laughter] >> turnarounds. there you go. thank you governor. i just wanted to make sure that
3:18 am
everyone had a chance to see that. [laughter] we will be back next year. support in the united .tates of america it was one heck of a football game i have to say and i do believe the panthers will be back. i know the broncos will. for thes a high rating television. a great super bowl. it shows some of the great competition that we have among the states. we are honored to have you both here. gov. herbert: i am looking for governor terry branstad. some of us had the opportunity to go and visit him in iowa as
3:19 am
he became the longest-serving governor in american history. 22 years is what he has served so far and every day he answers the record, a record held by governor clinton way back in 1800. let us give him a round of applause for his record. kerry wants to remind us that it was a different clinton. we have a number of guests here with us that i would like to mention before we start. and recognize a number of guests. , adrianjerry abramson sims from the white house, department of intergovernmental -- intergovernmental affairs. are you here? we would like to recognize you. [applause] thank you. david o'sullivan,
3:20 am
ambassador to the european union for the united dates and a delegation from the europe union union.-- european yo we have dennis stevens with the embassy in canada and a delegation from the canadian embassy and the canadian parliament. we had a nice reception there posted by the ambassador. -- posted by the ambassador. john stephen bernard, deputy minister for international relations in canada. our canadian friends. [applause] guests to numerous to mention but we welcome you all here and we appreciate your attendance. let me make mention also that we have had the passing of an associate justice, antonin scalia at.
3:21 am
some of us had the opportunity atgo and pay our respects his viewing yesterday. at the supreme court building. certainly, a man of great intellect and the service -- his service to this country is legendary and will be missed. if you would indulge me that we might have a moment of silence to remember the passing of our supreme court justice and his funeral today. thank you. we wish our best to his family and friends and to the country as we tried to replace his position on the supreme court. mentiont, let me make that we have a mention of the rules that we have here. any governor that wants to submit a new policy or resolution of adoption to this body will need a three fourths
3:22 am
vote to suspend the rules. otherwise, we have what has been presented to us already for your consideration. if you have any you would like to submit, please submit your proposal in writing to the nga staff by 5:00 p.m. tonight. the opportunity to be the chair of this great organization is an honor for me and by extension to the state of utah. one of the great privileges i have of being the chair and i am honored to have the vice chair terry mcauliffe here from virginia to help me with this effort but we have an initiative -- you have a card at your place is called states finding solutions and improving lives. an initiative that i really believe in. inelieve states really are every shape of the phrase the laboratories of democracy. they are finding solutions to
3:23 am
people's lives that we have in the states and in improving and elevating the condition of americans throughout this great country. that has been part of my initiative. it is close to my heart and head. i have had this great opportunity to be here for 6-7 years as part of this organization. i see the good work of so many of you as governors. , weoth sides of the aisle are having successes in states leading alongre with their states as laboratories in finding solutions. it is not by coincidence either, it is by design. it is what our finding fathers -- founding fathers wanted us to do. i have on the card a few examples of why this is important and timely. inh the challenge we face america, i do harken back to james madison, the father of our
3:24 am
constitution who talk in terms of the powers given to the federal government. defined. are few and and yet the powers he said that we have left to the states are numerous and indefinite. most of the responsibility for governing the state and finding solutions to people's problems was ideally left to the states to find those solutions. it is the states that are leading in the nation for that. we don't have some of the gridlock in our states that we have exhibited here in washington, d.c. not have the luxury of not doing something. we have to find solutions, bringing people together, work with our respective populations and legislatures to get things done and that is why i chose this as my initiative's title.
3:25 am
we will be highlighting the successes of the respective states. we will produce a publication. we have invited you all to give us examples of your innovative ways to find solutions to problems. each of you have got them. we have had 83 presented to us already. some of you have not had an opportunity to present your ideas to us to put in the publication. we will have nga staff reach out to you to make sure you have an give us theto examples you would like to have highlighted in the publication. of that effort is to of powerhe allen's between the states and the federal government. it is essential if we are going to get the outcome in this country that we want to have. states have the opportunity to lead the way. we have a new opportunity. changes in leadership in the congress.
3:26 am
an opportunity to rekindle this partnership and to make sure that we have a collaborative effort and a spirit of cooperation as we work with the federal government. and i might also add the executive branch, currently as well as after the next election. a presidential election year and rest assured that governors will in fact be having discussions with those candidates and engaging them to ask what they believe the role of states will be in their administration. and what role can we play as states governors in helping direct the affairs of the country and the cooperative -- and the cooperation between the states and the federal government. we will take an opportunity to invite the candidates to have a discussion with us as an association. i understand the need for partisan politics as we are a bipartisan relationship but a lot of the solutions that we
3:27 am
have out there are based on common sense and not ideology. sometimes, we have difference of opinion on the process but we have similar goals on the outcomes. i think states and governors for theot to provide folks here in washington, d.c. as we work together to improve the lives of our citizens. initiative iss finding solutions and improving lives will showcase these breakthroughs as we go into our iowa summer meeting. with that, we have a great panel here that is waiting patiently to participate and give us some information regarding the economy. we have an esteemed panel of economists that will speak about the state of the economy that we see. i know that is a concern. you see it in the news. what is the future of america economically. governors are always concerned about the economy in our respective states
3:28 am
and how we can improve it. it is hard to have a good quality of life if you do not have a growing and stable economy. come through the great recession and most of us understand and have participated in that and we know the challenge that we face the states and as a nation. economic opportunity is one of the great challenges that we face as governors. this opening session on the u.s. economy. let me introduce, and joining us today is -- please raise your hand, mark finley. mark is the general manager he of global energy markets for bp america. public andears of private sector experience as an energy economist. we also have gail fossil her. former president and trustee of the conference board and president of the guilt fostered group, a strategic advisory group for global leaders. next, we have ethan harris.
3:29 am
-- he works with bank of america and merrill lynch. he is responsible for u.s. growth and policy. our floor speaker is dan white. senior economist for moody's analytics. he coordinates government consulting and regional economic research with an emphasis on fiscal policy. i'm excited to introduce the moderator for this esteemed panel, joseph lake. joseph works for the economist magazine's intelligence unit and 's influential voice on the political, economic and business environments. we are honored to have the entire panel here. please give them a warm nga welcome. [applause]
3:30 am
your timefor taking to enlighten us today. we will have a presentation and some questions from the governor. we will turn this over to joseph. joseph: thank you governor herbert and thank you to all of you for having us. hearing the broad range of accents from across the country. i will add my irish accent to it this morning. bes is a great time to having this discussion. looked atus who have the 401(k) over the last few weeks, it is a difficult time for stock markets around the world. there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment and a greater fear and what we have seen for some time regarding the outlook of the u.s. economy. what we will try to do this morning is to parse through some of the noise and giving -- and give you a better sense of what you can expect


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