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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  February 21, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EST

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brookings and petition on the latest on the conflict in syria. we will take your calls and you can join the conversation inwith have a big win nevada. let's put this thing away and let's make america great again. thank you very much. >> i am on my way to texas. bill is on his way to colorado. the fight goes on. the future we want is within our grasp. thank you all. god bless you. ♪ donald trump carries the day in south carolina while hillary clinton takes nevada. -- bush suspense is pretty suspends his presidential bid. donald trump won with 33% of the vote, while senators ted cruz a
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marco rubio are essentially tied for second place with 22%. 8% but it for jeb bush while another 8% voted for john kasich. dr. ben carson garnered 7%. democrats and the that it's a killer clinton over bernie sanders, 54% to 42%. if you're in south carolina and nevada and voted yesterday, we want to hear from you this morning. (202) 748-8002 --(202) 748-8003 is your line. .epublicans, (202) 748-8001 democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. phone lines are open and we will get your calls in just a minute. let me begin with the first page -- front page of the new york times, an analysis piece of
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south carolina. it is about jeb bush dropping out. for aay it's astonishing man who year ago embodied all the qualities that his party elders imagined republican voters wanted in a president. pedigree,experience, they were wrong. party of prescott bush, george bush and george w. bush for the moment is the party of donald trump. amendment -- this is a room that was the second amendment. that loves andm cherishes the second amendment. we are going to protect our second amendment. [cheers] common core is gone. we are getting rid of common core. we are bringing education to a local level.
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the people in this community, every time i see them they want education. the parents, the teachers, they don't want bureaucrats in washington telling them how to educate their children. [cheers] spent as a nation more for education per-pupil than any other nation in the world. not even close. more per-pupil. second place doesn't even exist. out of 30 countries we are ranked number 30. you have china, norway, sweden, denmark. and then you have number 30, the united states. we spend the most and at the bottom of the heap. it will not happen anymore, folks. [applause] we are going to build our military, which i think. a number of them came down in a
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number of pundits in washington love our military. we love our military. by the way, we love our police. our police are terrific. we love our police. they are not being treated properly. we are going to build our military so big, so good, so strong, so powerful that nobody will ever mess with us. thewe're going to buy equipment our generals, soldiers , everybody in the know once. wants. we are going to get the equipment they want, not the equipment they are told have by senators and congressmen in washington. host: donald trump with a big victory in south carolina yesterday. take a look at how and who voted for donald trump.
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when it comes to male and female voters, overwhelmingly for donald trump. male voters made up 51% of the primary voters, females made up 49%. white voters made up 96% of the voters in the republican primary. black voters made up 1%. hispanic, 1%. donald trump getting 33% of the white voters. look at political philosophy. those that said they were very conservative when for ted cruz with 35%. somewhat conservative and moderate, donald trump was able to win over those voters as well. what is your reaction to the wins for donald trump and hillary clinton? william is a democrat from florida. good morning to you. caller: good morning. host: you are on the air. caller: i love the results are pretty much in line with the
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polls. heeard donald trump say wants to get rid of the affordable health care act. i just think that would be a disaster, especially for myself. i'm dealing with some issues and obama care has literally saved my life. if they get rid of that, he would literally pulling out the rug from under me. host: what do you think about what bernie sanders has set about health care? do you agree with him or more with hillary clinton? i'm leaning more towards hillary right now but i have not submitted by absentee ballot yet. we have some time down here in florida. i'm still waiting to hear what they have to say. the republicans and donald
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trump, they want to get rid of the health care act. that's really a death sentence to some of us right now. host: john in philadelphia, you are on the air. good morning. caller: good morning and thank you. donald trump is steamrolling his whole campaign. i would not be surprised to see him as the nominee. -- hisateful that jordan brother is finally out. we don't have that to worry about in november. host: what you say you are grateful? bushes.we had enough they have had their chance. i agree with trump with the military because when i was young ronald reagan was president. there was so much work.
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this guy treated more work than anyone in my entire life. it was raining money. i was a painter. every day for his whole term, weekends, everything, work. it was very good. i do agree with the democrat caller that the health care system has to be created the republicans, too. they should not just don't that -- dump that. we took a lot of time to achieve that moment and i am disabled myself. without it i would be in his shoes. host: you said you are glad jeb bush got out. do you think john kasich you get out? dr. ben carson should get out? caller: yes, yes i do. i think it will be donald and
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hillary in the end. host: is donald trump your candidate? caller: i am leaning that way. he definitely is right now. host: karen says this. " even the news media is calling it a three-man race, and so is marco rubio. hasek may get some more support now that bush is out." scott, did you vote yesterday? caller: yes, i did. host: what was the caucus like? caller: the caucus is an interesting sort of situation. it's a lot different than doing a regular -- you go in and submit your ballot and pull the lever sort of deal. i am a bernie sanders fan. all he is going to do is keep getting strength across this earntry as more people ha his message.
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there are some large gop pacs attacking him pretty good in the east and the midwest. his message really resonates with a lot of people. nowsilent majority is roaring in this country. as soon as they hear his message i believe things are going to turn around. so what was the caucus like between the debate between bernie sanders supporters and hillary clinton supporters? caller: for the most part it was congenial. the old -- you see a lot of hillary -- older hillary supporters that are quite militant. there are a few trains of thought going on there. you have the two things.
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with hillary supporters, if they feel they are getting a 2-for-1, not only hillary but bill clinton as well, i believe from talking to a lot of the younger it's noty believe that beneficial. the messages are very different between hillary and bernie. the way they are approaching the issue, she wants to do incremental approach and bernie is saying we have got to do the change now. we have done the incremental approach. this is where it has gotten us. it's been 30 years of flat wages. people are sick and tired of that. hillary clinton got 19 of the delegates at a nevada, bernie sanders 15. entrance and exit polls
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reflect who voted for home -- whom. bernie sanders winning over the 17-29-year-old. 82% of the voting for the vermont independent senator. won 62-44. when it comes to the older voters, 65 and over the overwhelmingly go for hillary clinton. hillary clinton did when the female vote in nevada -- win the female vote. she went 57% of them over bernie sanders. bernie sanders won the male vote in nevada. -- nevada. win what group. hillary clinton coming out on top. she leads with the delegate count as well.
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she's got a substantial lead over bernie sanders when it comes to delegates because of superdelegates. ap has a story about that. party insiders continue to back hillary clinton overwhelmingly. they can change their mind. sanders would have to and remaining primaries by a landslide just to get up to hillary clinton. he would have to roll a big margins because every democratic contest awards delegates in proportion to the vote and even the loser can get some. after iowa and new hampshire, sanders has a small lead in the caucuses. but with superdelegates are included, she has 481 to 55. sparkingrity is backlash among sanders supporters say it's decidedly undemocratic and rate -- rate in favor of clinton. they are contacting
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superdelegates who publicly endorsed clinton and her message is not always subtle or welcome. "i'm sick and tired of them." it's very aggravating to be bashed on my own computer by people who it's probably the first time voting. i have been in the trenches since i was 20. superdelegates have been part of the democratic party's process since 1984. they automatically attend the convention and support the candidate of their choice, regardless of whom primary voters back. they are members of congress, party officials and members of of the democratic national committee. superdelegates, about 30% needed to claim the nomination. scott, you are still with us. what do you think about that? caller: it's quite an interesting thing with the superdelegates. i understand they might have been in the trenches, but the
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have a true democratic election, and hopefully they will listen to both sides. hopefully they will because we are not anointing somebody who was already nominated. this was supposed to be a democratic process. having understand about the first female president but this stage in the game, whether it is female or male, it should be the issue. it should be where everything stands and what the people want. that is the biggest thing. yes, it is pretty much evenly split. i'd say the democratic party is pretty much splitting into two different camps. that is not really a good thing running up to a general election. you need to come together on that. i think one of the biggest things in the nevada caucus was
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the largest union in the state of nevada set the election process out. host: the culinary union? caller: yes, that's the largest in nevada. it sat out basically. but beingo either way the democratic process, i don't know where they sat it out or didn't push one way or another. maybe that is the way they are thinking. they will let everybody do get out and see where it ends up. then again they represent a lot of people. why they are not taking aside, i don't know. host: scott from nevada. bernie sanders was at one of the caucuses yesterday and talked about the debate between the supporters. getting your take on her win in nevada. she celebrated that yesterday
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and she talked about moving on to the next state. south carolina for democrats. let's listen to what hillary clinton had to say yesterday. [video clip] >> [indistinct chatter] this is >> this is your campaign. it is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back. we are going to build ladders of opportunity so every american can go as far as your hard work and taking. and to the thousands of volunteers and organizers who work so hard in this state -- [cheers] people more than 750,000 who have gone to [cheers] could,tributed what you the vast majority giving less than $100. and to the millions of people across our country who are
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supporting our campaign, thank you from the bottom of my heart. [cheers] we are you, we see you, incredibly grateful to you because we are in this together. we look at our country and see so much that is not working the way it should. we see grandparents forced to choose between paying rent and buying medicine because a prescription drug company increase prices 5000% overnight. we see african-american families denied mortgages at nearly three times the rate of white families. we see small towns and rural communities hollowed out by lost jobs and lost hope. we see a rising generation of young people coming of age in a world opportunities seem out of reach. and worst of all, we see children growing up in poverty
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or pain or fear. a brave young, girl told the house scared she is that her parents to be deported. in south carolina i met kids trying to learn in crumbling classrooms and neglected communities. and then there is flint, michigan, where children were poisoned by toxic water just because the governor wanted to save a little money. [boos] so americans are right to be angry. but we are also hungry for real solutions. nevada -- host: nevada points to clinton. the early ground game pays off for the former first lady. what are your thoughts this morning on the former secretary of state's win in nevada. it's on the south carolina this saturday.
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donald trump winning the south carolina republican primary. keep dialing him of your thoughts. we are getting your take on this. before getting more calls, derek fumbledk -- wallbank lirc -- from bloomberg joins us about these numbers. is this a three man race as marco rubio says? caller: senator rubio has a vested interest in this three-man race. a large bulwark of his campaign strategy has been to consolidate what you would call an establishment lane. making sure all the republican comes behind him and that is not just people, that is money as well. his campaign fund-raising has not been phenomenal recently. there is indications right now
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as jeb bush dropped out that some of his top finance people are giving marco rubio a serious look. we are going to watch in the coming days to see if there is a --exxit is -- exit is udus. that is what they are hoping for after a second-place finish in south carolina. host: don't these donors ask when these candidates come to them ok, which state are you going to win? caller: it has to be the question. host: what is the answer? posing -- i have been asking this since august. i had some answers when people say nevada but he's down in the few polls
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that it brought in nevada. that state does vote very shortly for the republicans. i believe it is tuesday and that is before thursday's debate. it's not like there is much time. it will be interesting to see. wins suggest he may not that one. you're going, forward to super tuesday math weather is some possibilities for him to do well. vermont is a state, making massachusetts is a state. i spoke with people in minnesota last night that said the campaign is getting going. maybe that is good savor him. fore are opportunities marco rubio to do well. at some point you have to win something. that point unusually this year is not yet. this is an unusual year for a lot of reasons.
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on the steps to try to consolidate that lane without winning a state, it's very unusual. whichd put a giant caveat is all the people backing john kasich you came in second in new hampshire would have an problem saying this is a four-person race. host: that was my next question. you are saying marco rubio looking at vermont, massachusetts. john kasich is looking at those states too. does he pull away votes for marco rubio and make it difficult for him to get a win? caller: this is interesting. you have to wonder whether hasek is going to do better or rubio is going to be better. sich's team pointed out in a hash of it is substantially better. two states that are bordering
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new hampshire that are voting on super tuesday and the kasich team is targeting those. the are also looking at virginia as a state where they might possibly be able to do well. your northern virginia suburbs looks good for kasich. the said they consolidated governor's ;lane. kerry, gendal and all those folks. kasich is the only one left. there are a lot of editorial boards that like him. you see a lot of them coming out for kasich. south carolina newspapers were coming up for kasich when he wasn't campaigning in south carolina as much as the rest of
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the candidates. he has got some stuff. he has good states coming up. notably his own home state of 15 and thech michigan primary about a week before that. host: what does this mean for senator ted cruz? which states is he saying he can win going forward? caller: the ted cruz strategy is the same as it was. he has a great organization, a great campaign. he is a guy who has sent staffers all across the united states. and by all across i mean he said people in specific territories, the virgin islands. he has been playing of delegate math game that is not changing. he is walking into the sec primaries, these primaries in the south.
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cruz's home state of texas votes on march 1. cruz isis where ted expected to do fairly well. he has been pointing to this for a long time. the key will be beating trump in some of these places. state wherena was a guys like cruz should be figured to do fairly well. he did pretty well. they just lost by 10 points the donald trump. but that's the whole thing with this campaign. well absentt doing donald trump. donald trump is also running for president. you have to do well in comparison to donald trump and that's a difficult thing. campaign can say they are the only one to win a state besides donald trump.
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they have money, organization, and a major test coming up in very short order. host: best buy, the democrats. what is it looking like after hillary clinton's win in nevada heading to south carolina for her and super tuesday following that? caller: we have published something just after new hampshire that showed hillary clinton -- we put her superdelegates with her delegates and said look at this lead. she had just gotten wiped out new hampshire and she still had the delegate lead overall. a couple of hundred. she has so much support from party people. actual evada she has an w to back thatin. iowa she won barely. it was like 4:00 in the morning what happened. new hampshire she got crushed.
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but nevada was a win. carolina --o south nevada was a good state. demographically south carolina is a much better state for clinton demographically. up in the 20's percentage points. she has got a lot of support. jim clyburn endorsed or recently. a very powerful guy. she has a lot of support in that state. it should be a good state for her. she should take a pretty good-sized delegate lead walking into super tuesday, but again, you have some pretty good states for bernie sanders. the key for hillary clinton was the presumed front-runner since two years ago has always been getting through this and beyond. hampshire definitely
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said that was not going to be a quick process. super tuesday will tell us how quick of a process that may or may not be. sanders has some pretty good states coming up. 3, 4, 5, 6and wins of them, this will continue for a long time and it raises more questions. host: you can go to to follow their reporting on campaign 2016. thank you sir. let's get back to your calls. charlie in new york, a republican. you have been waiting patiently and we appreciate it. caller: good morning. candidate isas a the exact opposite of who evangelicals would vote for. he is rude, he is brash, he is insulting. yet he won overwhelmingly.
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people must understand that donald trump is a creation of barack obama. barack obama created donald trump. a large majority of americans opposed to the affordable care act. they didn't want it implemented and he forced them. a large majority want the keystone pipeline built and he refuses to build. a large majority of americans don't want terrorists released from guantanamo bay and they wanted kept open. he is freeing the most dangerous terrorists on the planet. your point.ot caller: one more thing. for the last seven years, good, decent americans have been called racist simply because they are opposed to his
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policies. let me ask you this, you think donald trump -- you are anti-president obama than it is about the
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republican party? caller: i don't know where -- the democrats have lost across america since obama became president. americans across the board are opposed to obama's policy. we have been called racist. take a look at the exit polls. donald trump would turn off evangelical voters. he speaks by his past but take a look at the numbers. white evangelical or white christian's supported donald trump in the south carolina primary. 34 in marco rubio and 26% in ted cruz. jim, go ahead. caller: good morning, thank you for c-span. i am 50 years old. i remember the election in 1992 with george bush and bill clinton. you know? both of these individuals were willing -- there was a billionaire running for
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president and his name was prospero. when he talked about the north american free trade agreement, he warned america what was going the constitution. hillary clinton wants to talk about civil rights and women's rights. it is about jobs. our country has been turned into a third world nation and what we need is a junkyard dog. and that is donald trump. that is the person i am supporting. i see what has gone on over the years. is getting class
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devastated and the only people who are benefiting are the republicans and democrats. hillary clinton took a $650,000 check from goldman sachs and she is claiming that her election is our election. host: i will leave it there. i will show you where the delegates are for republicans. rubio 10,as 11, marco john kasich, five, jeb bush, four, ben carson, three. hillary clinton with a substantial lead with the delegates because of the superdelegates have gotten behind her. they can change their mind and don't have to vote like primary voters do.
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hillary clinton has the substantial lead over bernie sanders when it comes to delegates. today is my birthday and it is such a present. i have also been married for 36 years. when i think of bernie sanders and hillary clinton, bernie sanders is my romantic love and hillary clinton is my marriage love. you need both. the day to day part of governing, it is boring and it
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can be so satisfying. it can be exciting, like where they passed the health care law. it takes a lot of hard work and it is not surprising that the people in the senate -- she has colleagues think so highly of her and they want her win, not because of the establishment but because she knows the boring part of governing. and she wants to govern and she knows the details and she will get things done. and she is practical. i am thrilled. host: let me go to keith in tennessee, before you chime in, others, mittou and rubio.endorsed marco
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that is an exclusive the huffington post is reporting this morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am for donald trump. i will explain to you why. rubio. that is an exclusive the huffington post is reporting this morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am for donald trump. i will explain to you why. he has more of a chance and he will do what he says. i don't trust the other ones. they may be good people but they are not going to do what needs to be done. somebody better speak up if they want votes and say what they are going to do for the native americans. how they're going to treat them and what they are going to do for them. host: can i ask you, as a
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republican, does its way your vote one way or another that mitt romney is going to endorse marco rubio? caller: it is not going to change my vote. for donaldady voted trump. we have early voting in tennessee. a lot of people have made up their minds in tennessee that donald trump is the man and he will go all the way. it doesn't matter if mitt romney endorsed him or not. donald trump has a lot to bring
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easily in 2008 and 2012. the establishment is ready to coalesce around the florida senator at its last best chance to defeat gop front-runner donald trump. marcoomney has long held rubio in high regard. governor, with the they spent the night at the vacation home over the fourth of july weekend last year. so, the 2012 republican nominee and 2008, he is going to be endorsing marco rubio. rubin, you're next. good morning. caller: i have never done
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anything wrong. only people thinking with their heads is me and donald trump. thank you. host: bernice, thank you. hello. caller: hello. host: you are on the air. caller: i would like to give a shout out to mitch mcconnell and and the senators and congressmen in congress. i would like to give a big shout out for the government shutdown, the delusionary tea party. i would like to give a showed out to the disrespect that the republican party gave to our voters and our families and now i would like to offer all republicans to kindly embrace your candidate, donald trump.
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republicans, you dish out red meat but now you cannot take red meat. host: on twitter -- go ahead gop, please nominate donald trump and guarantee hillary clinton a victory. and -- said that bill carson -- ben carson did worse than jeb bush and he is still in? >> said it is a three-man race, that is what he wants it to be. take a listen to what he had to say yesterday in south carolina where he tied with senator ted cruz. >> i want to begin by congratulating donald trump. we have not had a chance to speak and he did with tonight. this has become a three-person race and we will win the nomination. [applause] ago, i have not had a chance to speak to him yet jeb bush and his
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announcement? i have an incredible affection and admiration for jeb bush and also for his family and their service to the country. [applause] >> jeb bush has many things to be proud of. husband,extreme night an extraordinary father, the greatest governor in the history of florida. [applause] thatd i believe and pray his service to our country has not yet ended. i think jeb bush for everything he did for the state of florida and for running a campaign based on ideas. i pray for him and his family tonight as they move forward in other endeavors in their life. [applause] >> tonight, here in south carolina, the message is clear. this country is now ready for a new generation of conservatives to guide us into the 21st
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century. [applause] for the time has now come after eight years of failure to return to the constitution of the united states that made it the freest people that have ever lived. [applause] >> the time has now come for will be embrace free enterprise which made us the most prosperous people that have ever lived. host: that new generation of republicans include the governor of south carolina nikki haley and also on stage with the was tim scott,ay a republican and african-american senator from south carolina. from a south carolina
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, mary. who did you vote for? caller: donald trump. becausefor donald trump i am tired of politicians that lie to us and never do what they say they will do. havetired of lawyers who turned into politicians and keep telling us what to do. i am tired of the pc stuff and donald trump is not pc. he tells it like he sees it. i love that man from tennessee. i love what he said about -- when every we going to help american indians? they live in horrible conditions and nobody cares. they are definitely american citizens and i will tell you something else -- i don't think ted cruz is an american citizen. the amendment describes them as a person that was naturally born here in that country. or has been naturalized.
7:45 am
and to be president, you have to be a natural born citizen. host: this whole time, have you supported donald trump? or did you take a look at ted cruz? caller: this whole time i have supported donald trump. i'm hoping he will bring our jobs back. i'm hoping he will give us a competitive edge. i will go to tom in dayton, ohio. good morning. what do you think about your governor and him staying in the race? his prospects? caller: i really don't think it is too good the way it is looking right now. but you know, john kasich probably is better than ted cruz or marco rubio. i have always voted democrat. but now i am going to donald trump. i am tired of free trade. we have sent all of the jobs out of the country.
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hillary clinton is a republican. country, itin this would take their lifetime to make that kind of money. thank you. dm portland,ext to welcome to the democrat. caller: thank you. i want to comment on the
7:47 am
superdelegates and the democrats. that is an abuse of power. you know? they are going to vote, why not allow the votes to the way the people are voting for each candidate? clinton raisedry $32 million for the democratic , bernie sanders only raised a few thousand dollars. so the same thing that they are accusing republicans of, they are doing themselves. let me show you and others. take a look. in the washington post this morning, party fundraising efforts helped to define donors. go behind the scenes of the democratic national committee, officials for hillary clinton were making a hard sell for the state party. they urgedhuddles,
7:48 am
officials to sign on to and a vicious fundraising endeavor that would allow her presidential bid. they could share big checks from wealthy donors. earliestmark the creation of a joint fundraising committee between a presidential candidate and the party and it will be the biggest ever thanks to a 2014 supreme court decision. illicit donations 130 times greater than what a supporter can give to clinton's campaign for the primary but the state has yet to see a financial windfall. meanwhile, clinton's campaign has been getting an infusion of money through the committee at a time when bernie sanders is helping to close a hint on her financially. the fund is run by clinton campaign staff. carlin in evansville, indiana. you are next. caller: good morning. find ad be nice to
7:49 am
little information about the social security and medicare. i am 84.5 years old. my husband passed away in september. pay thepaid or filed to drug prescriptions because i could save myself. but now that i cannot handle a -- withll, i got the drug company now, help pay for my prescriptions. medicarese i did that, looked it up and i will have to from 2006, $38 a month which will be the rest of my life. when a to 15 months of not paying a drug prescription. carry it now. i pay $38 a month but it just
7:50 am
goes to medicare. host: i am sorry to hear about your husband. bay, wisconsin, an independent. good morning. caller: good morning. winky for taking my call. trump -- i donald know that his staffers listen to this program and i would like to have him answer one question. i couple of months ago, he said , i have never asked of the staf
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the world. we need somebody who has spoken and other dignitaries throughout so sheld and presidents, has more of the insight, she has been there before. i think that we have to look at the bigger picture. there are a lot of problems. we have always had problems. for safety that the moreshe would be qualified candidate. host: that was betsy in green bay, wisconsin. we will keep getting more of your thoughts through here but first i want to share other news. scaliae justice antonin
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up was laid to rest yesterday in washington. his funeral, which thousands attended, the washington post headlined -- justice antonin scalia a more and as one-of-a-kind. if you missed that, you can go back and watch that on the new york times coverage of the funeral says mr. barack obama did not attend the funeral. -- voted for the confirmation. donald trump chided president , i wonder if you would have attended the funeral if it were held in a mosque. donald trump did not attend either. ted cruz did attend. even though votes were going on in the primary. argued nine times. he's out to block any obama nominee.
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morning in thes hand, if you liked
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a sermon, he would tell a priest afterwards. we all saw how important mass was to him, his eyes closed, head bowed as he moved deep into the communion. we had a scalia bowl. it generally went well before the callould contest or debate the proper interpretation of a rule. many games ended with one of us storming off the field in discussed. luckily, no media were there to cover the event. might to worry that dad die without knowing how much we loved him or how proud we were of him. on today's washington journal we the campaignbout
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2016. it is getting a little bit clearer. donald trump one in south carolina and hillary clinton took nevada. the have a look at the numbers for republicans. and marcomp has 33% rubio and ted cruz are essentially tied at 22%. jeb bush has dropped out. john kasich had 8%. ben carson has 7%. on the democrat side, the 52%ers are updated with with hillary clinton while bernie sanders got 47%.
7:56 am
this has driven them in saying. and they think that it can be the great white hope. hillary clinton has always been for all of the minorities. and i am so happy that she got 60% of the black vote. go, go, go hillary clinton. that it can be the great white hope. hillary clinton has always been for all of the minorities. and i am so we go to james in tennessee. a republican. caller: thank you for taking my call. donald trump is the only one i
7:57 am
trust. here are a few things i have heard about. homeland security. on,e roads that we travel they are traveled by truck for nothing,here driving coasters coast and border to border. there are hundreds of them but we have no idea what they are carrying in the trucks across the borders. across the bridges and through the tunnels. this is a break of security. and they drop them off could blow up all of the economy from coast to coast. they could hit our dams, it is a bad situation. they need to check this. enough fbi toe
7:58 am
control these trucks and they carry weapons. i had one guy tell me that a man in and said that he jumped in front of the line and he opened his coat and it was a pistol. so my comment is -- i haven't heard anything about this and i want to know what we are doing about these trucks drivers who drive from coast to coast. host: james, donald trump is your candidate? you think he would be the best person to deal with this issue? caller: i believe donald trump will be the only one to deal with the issue. ok, stewart to mechanicsville, virginia. caller: good morning. i watched the mass yesterday and i thought it was moving. i am supporting ted cruz. for donald trumprco
7:59 am
to get the nomination and they will bring this out. i mean, this is a scathing report. and i think they only to the american people to release it so the american people can hear about it. do you know what it is about? a british lady who came over here and traveled around him and supposedly, while they were on his plane, he showed her the bed and said, i love beautiful things and that is why i love you. host: him and supposedly, while they were on his plane, he showed her the bed and said, i love beautiful things and that is why i love you.
8:00 am
host: let's chat you what ted cruz had to say in south carolina yesterday. in essentially in second place. tied for second place with senator marco rubio. >> in iowa, they said it couldn't be done. and we won. [applause] in new hampshire, they said a conservative could not compete. and we defied expectations. [applause] and tonight, despite millions and millions of dollars of all of the nasty attacks, despite the entirety of the political establishment coming together against us, south carolina has given us another remarkable win. [applause]
8:01 am
[applause] senator cruz: together, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, tell us three things. first, that conservatives continue to unite behind our ampaign. if you are a conservative, this is where you belong because only one strong conservative is in a position to win this race. host: and the exit promises in south carolina back up the senator from texas with the solidly conservative overwhelm willingly -- overwhelmingly voting for ted cruz, though however he's tied for second place for the republican primary in the palmetto state and he, with senator marco rubio, so the race goes on, marco rubio saying it's a threeway race between him,
8:02 am
donald trump and senator ted cruz. so donald trump and hillary clinton victorious yesterday with jeb bush dropping out and the field narrowing on the republican side. so we're getting your thoughts and your take on this campaign 2016 race so far. we'll keep getting more phone calls in and we'll spend another hour doing so. there are the lines on your screen. we want to hear from south carolina, nevada voters especially if you voted yesterday and who you voted for and why and what was your experience like, 202-748-8003 for those voters and the republicans, the area code is the same, 202-748-8001, for democrats, 748-8000 and for independents, 748-8002. i want to get another headline for you. the latest out of michigan with the shootings that happened in kalamazoo. a suspect has been arrested and six have tied -- have died in those shootings in michigan. you can find more on "the
8:03 am
detroit news" website. ashley in houston, texas, a democrat, you're next, ashley. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i am a hillary supporter. and the reason i am a hillary supporter is because i think she can govern and i think that's the most important thing. host: ok. caller: and bernie sanders, i'm not voting for him, though i liked him, because i worked in the houston area for 25 years and know the things people due to each other and i also know the politics of public health so i find it completely irrational what bernie sanders is talking about about the free medical care and the free this and the free that. that's just not the way the world works. and as far as donald trump is concerned, i've seen a lot of him, too, because i've been in the emergency room.
8:04 am
and those people with that kind of personality, complete narcissist and they're not concerned about anybody about themselves. host: hillary clinton headed your way after her win in nevada. caller: by the way, my brother lives in nevada and he's younger than i am, and so i had to get him started with hillary and he said that he was supporting her. so i thank you very much for my call. and thanks for my opinion. host: let's look at the breakdown of the voters in the nevada democratic caucuses yesterday. overwhelmingly white 59%, black voters made up 13%, hispanic and latino voters made up 19%. but how that breaks down for each candidate, bernie sanders is doing well with hispanic, latino voters and hillary clinton getting 45% and bernie sanders getting 53% and overwhelmingly, though, hillary
8:05 am
clinton got the black vote, 76% to bernie sanders 22% and then you can see bernie sanders doing well with white voters and hillary clinton getting 47% and bernie sanders getting 49% essentially splitting the white vote in nevada. female voters going for hillary clinton and male voters going for bernie sanders. david in waterford, a republican, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. host: you bet. what are your thoughts on this race so far? caller: couldn't be more happier, donald trump all the way. he's not a politician. he's not into this to lie to the american people. and just like any other politician out there, they say what the american people want to hear. host: what gives you the confidence donald trump is going to do what he says he's going to do?
8:06 am
caller: look where he is in life. he's done so many remarkable things. to get to where he is today. he's not a liar and that's what all these other politicians are. they say -- host: when donald trump calls senator ted cruz a liar, do you think that resonate with people out there who already mistrust -- don't have a lot of trust for the people here in washington? caller: correct. absolutely. that's all they do is say what the american people want to hear. they get there and they turn and twist everything and they lie to the american people. donald trump is not a liar. he's there for the people. he believes and he loves this nation and he's got -- we have to put somebody in office that is going to straighten it out. obviously what's happened the last eight years and prioror. with the bushes.
8:07 am
we're tire of the bushes. the american people are tired of the same politicians getting n office because they lie. dobbled trump is totally 100% for the people. host: steve in north charleston. did you vote in the primary? caller: i did vote. when i say independent, i support the constitution party but their convention doesn't happen until april and then i have to take a close look at who they feel for president. so anyway, let's go back to yesterday. i would like to respond to two callers, one from new york who borpe out of p is obama. he's absolutely right. south carolina the history goes back where the pretty flag you saw and flew over the ports to
8:08 am
propel british fire. with brave south carolinian, they shed blood to secure our freedom and independence from england. for seven years we've been ruled by a monarch. we've not been governed. i had to laugh at the lady who said it's all about raise. right, no white people voted for barack obama in 2012. that's silly. let's go to a tweet a gentleman said to you that said to guarantee hillary will win, nominate trump. let's go back to 2010, march of 2010. the affordable care act passed, the big f-ing deal. and guess what, nancy pelosi, the great patriot said let's pass it and then read it. what happened that past november intercept you know what happened, the tea party arose and the republicans took over the house. and the next time around because of the same nonsense the republicans took over the senate. i'm not so sure it's a guaranteed victory for hillary
8:09 am
if trump is nominated. now, i'm not a trump fan. that's kind of bizarre in south carolina he got so much support from the evangelicals. the pope made a big mistake last week. he passed judgment on man's salvation. you don't do that among the evangelicals. that's reserved for a higher power. let me ask you this and this is a fair question to you catholics out there and i have plenty of catholic friends. did you ever hear a pope say to a priest who molested a small boy was not a christian? i never heard it. i heard him condemn the act or move him to another diocese, but they never said that priest wasn't a christian. you got to be careful how you handle trump. you pick on him too much, it gives him a bump in the polls and people like him that much more. the other people, i said from the start that trump's appeal is that he's not part of the washington political machine and that's exactly what it is. host: so steve, who did you vote for? caller: just in case, again, i'm a constitutionalist, but i
8:10 am
thought the person who could reach out across the aisle was jeb bush. nd of course he's gone now host: who is your second choice then? caller: it's kind of strange but if bush wouldn't have won -- let me say this, i hate the direction america is going in. you know, the people who acted with the most dignity and decorum through these debates have fallen by the wayside, the rick santorum and rick perry and rand paul and mike huckabee's. what does it say to our youth, the nastiest people are at the forefront and i just hate that, the message it sends to our young people. it's just a terrible message. the name-calling and vitriol. but yet it's kind of strange for me, too, i would have picked trump to get out of the washington political machine rut that we're in if jeb couldn't have won. host: so donald trump is your second choice right now. caller: depending who the constitution party puts out
8:11 am
there. host: you did say that. let's listen to the former governor from florida yesterday when he announced that he was getting out of the race. jeb: i'm proud of the campaign that we've run to unify our country and to advocate conservative solutions that would give more americans the opportunity to rise up and reach their god given potential. but the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken, and i really respect their decision. so tonight, i am suspending my campaign. host: jeb bush in south carolina yesterday thanking the voters of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, saying he respects your decision and decided to get out of the race. we're getting your thoughts this morning on the wins by donald trump and hillary clinton and who your candidate is. if you supported jeb bush, want to hear you from well because we want to know who you're going to support and we'll ask that question to round out today's "washington journal" as well in our last hour. let's hear from guy next in washington, a democrat. good morning.
8:12 am
caller: good morning, greta. thank you for taking my call. i'd like to make two points. just give me half the time you gave that guy from south carolina. host: ok. caller: point number one, regardless of what the senate says or what the president says it makes no difference. every bill is passed to the house of representatives. they write the checks and paint the rules and write the bills. it has to go through the house. now, that's my number one point. number two is for the last 21 years, 19 of them has been controlled in the house by the republicans. almost 80% of the governors in this country is republicans. now, point number three.
8:13 am
if you like the way things have been going and you like the way this country has been run, just keep voting for the republicans. host: all right, guy. i have to leave it there. let me show you what's coming up next in the road to white house. nevada republicans will vote on tuesday. and then on february 27, this upcoming saturday, south carolina democrats will be voting. and then it's march 1, super tuesday, alabama, alaska republican caucus arkansas, colorado, georgia, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma, tennessee, texas, vermont, virginia, democrats abroad go. then on march 5, you've got kansas and kentucky republicans, louisiana, maine and nebraska. march 6, also maine, puerto rico, republican party. march 8, hawaii, idaho, michigan, mississippi get to go. march 15 is a big one. these are some key states, florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina, ohio, all voting then.
8:14 am
janet in miamisburg, ohio, republican. hi, janet. who are you supporting? caller: hi. i'm supporting a person who will be a leader of the country. we have not had a leader and the leader is donald trump. and he looks like a leader, he acts like a leader. somebody can ask him a question and he knows the answer. they ask him, you know, about the pope, he replied to the pope. the lied to, you know, what is it called, you know where they don't want to give out the information or fix the phone -- host: apple. caller: right. and so i'm thinking that ted
8:15 am
cruz is fine, marco rubio is fine but they are 44 years old. they don't have enough life experience. and this is critical times. goes, ar as washington we need a republican president. we have a republican congress. host: who have you supported in the past? did you vote for mitt romney, was he your guy in 2008 and 2012? caller: yes, he was. host: were you as excited about him as you are about donald trump? caller: oh, mo so about donald trump. he's just great. he just knows exactly what to say. host: have you been watching his -- caller: i'm so glad for what happened in south carolina yesterday. so thank you very much. host: ok, janet. by the way, we've been covering
8:16 am
donald trump events of course here on c-span as part of our road to the white house coverage so if you want to see what he had to say in south carolina, that speech, you of course can go to our website at and go to our series, road to the white house, and see the events that we've covered with him and the republican candidates as well as the democrats. you can watch all the speeches from last night on our website at and of course our road to the white house coverage continues as the race does and republicans turn their attention to nevada and the democrats head to the east coast to south carolina. donnie in michigan, an independent. donnie, good morning. caller: good morning, greta, how are you? host: doing fine, sir, what are your thoughts? caller: i'm not surprised hillary won in nevada and this is in spite of the onslaught of disparaging remarks made by
8:17 am
republicans. people seem to have forgotten kevin mccarthy who lost his position as ex-speaker of the house admitted that the benghazi hearings were held only to affect hillary's poll numbers. in spite of this, she's still in position to win. as it relates to trump, no one, and i mean especially the sunday morning talk show hosts, i've heard that no one ask this guy how he's going to accomplish any domestic or foreign follows -- foreign policies. no specifics on trump. i think he plays on the worst fierce of the people. offensive often heard about the anger directed at washington, especially at the executive branch. the last time i checked, the house polls were % in terms of effectiveness, up from 6%. nd they are a bunch of obstructionists, it's almost inconceivable that people seemingly have a sense of amnesia as it relates to them and what they've done. what this president has done in
8:18 am
spite of this obstruction is almost miraculous when he took office, unemployment was at 10% and it's down to 4.9%. he's had an immigration bill in the house for over three years that they refused to act on. he had a budget that was in the house for two years prior to the previous shutdown that was led by cruz. one last point. someone mentioned about the honesty of the republicans, especially as it relates to cruz pf 4. i've often heard republicans refer to ronald reagan as if he was some sort of savior. here's some facts, in 1982 under ronald reagan, unemployment was at 9.7%. there was a recession in this country under reagan. his when he nominated supreme court nominee, there was such a backlash that the senate shut down the possible nomination.
8:19 am
also, on the ronald reagan -- i'm sorry. host: you know what, let's get in some other voices. christopher in texas, hi, christopher. caller: hi, how are you? host: good morning. caller: good morning. i was going to ask about the election last night. trump winning is not that big of a surprise among some of the republicans. hillary on the left is. i supported hillary at the beginning of the presidential campaign. until obviously i did a lot more research and realized that muslims in iraq are suffering from ptsd from u.s. soldiers kicking in their doors and libya is turning into exactly the same. syria is turning into exactly the same. i look at a country that is plagued by racism and not just racism but discrimination in just about every level from facial tattoos to skin color to
8:20 am
gender. but i'm looking at hillary saying anything, really. it's hard for me. as a veteran that suffers from ptsd and suffers from major depression and realizes what the true cost of war is, i am one of the 500,000 that came back with that crap. host: christopher, can i ask how old are you and where did you serve? caller: i'm 30 years old. i served in iraq. from 2009-2010. and afghanistan from 2012-2013. i came home with the typical soldier story where the wife left because of that stupid stuff that they do. i also now him am a single father. his mother is gone, i'm now taking care of my son all by myself. i live with him. i get him up every morning and get him ready for work. women's issues are not solely women's issues. as far as this goes. because family issues are not
8:21 am
women's issues. i don't think it's fair women have to shoulder the responsibility and that men walk away from it. i think it's crap. but now that i'm doing my job as a father, yesterday i tried to go to the salvation army to get food and when i went there, i was standing in line and they told me i had to be there at 1:00. well, i have to be here at my house at 1500 to pick up my son and at 1300 is impossible riding the bus and in order to get food i have to manage and do all sorts of stuff. the problems that bernie sanders is talking about, i already voted in the early primary in texas and bernie sanders definitely has my vote just because he can look at a country like iraq and not see that they're muslim but see they are people who deserve respect, who can look at people in iran and say hey, you guys have been wrong for quite some time, but now that president obama has made an agreement with iran, which thank
8:22 am
goodness, man, thank goodness. no more soldiers need to go over there and die. it's a problem that we are perpetuating. i didn't go over there to create more terrorists but i'm pretty sure that's exactly what we did. host: christopher in denton, texas, and appreciate the phone call in iraqi and afghanistan veteran, 30 years old, now back in the inside. -- now back in the united states. rick, is that right, you're in napa, idaho. caller: 12 miles away from boise, idaho. america, i have a question to ask you, what happened if we got john mccain in the white house? we would have gotten $13 trillion gone in 27 months and we would have gotten three installments to the social security trust fund and we would have gotten interest on our credit cards with an annual tax deduction of taxible income and john would have provided us with a 40-year mortgage with 3% and farmers under farms and
8:23 am
homeowners and business owners. john mccain would have shut down bill clinton's nafta because the job loss is a direct reflection of the democratic party to make the wrong decision as one job had one paycheck and. the federal treasury and state treasury and social security treasury and medicaid and medicare treasuries take a big hit which is why we have problems in congress. john would have shut down -- host: let's talk about this election. given all that you just said, who are you supporting? caller: ok. here it comes, america. who do we want as a financial manager in the white house? donald trump, hillary clinton or bernie sanders? i'm going to have to go with donald jump as president and john mccain for v.p., an excellent candidate for secretary of defense and two roosters in the white house will be a fun one to watch. my thoughts are with you, donald trump and especially with you, john mccain. thank you for taking my message. host: to eric in fort mills, south carolina.
8:24 am
eric, did you vote yesterday? caller: yes, i did. host: who did you vote for? caller: i voted for donald trump. and i just want to say that there were a couple callers that are just -- some of these callers, and i love all americans, they're just so brain-washed with this two-party duopoly. it's politician after politician taking money from the taxpayer dollars, profiting off the self-interest groups and nobody seems to understand you had a caller talking about all these terrible things that the republicans did and seemed like they had everything written down and nothing bad about obama, all parties have put us in this mess, political hacks are destroying our country. i mean, it is awful. i mean, it is just terrible. and i think donald trump is doing a great thing. it was interesting to watch south carolina because south carolina is broken into three demographics, you have upper
8:25 am
state, mid counties, and you have the coast. and he just dominated. and i mean, he recent mates -- recent mates -- resonates with me. and you had a couple callers say if you vote for donald trump you hate. i don't understand where these thoughts come from. i just don't. i voted for obama twice. he did nothing. he did nothing that he said. george w. bush was a horrible president. both of these last two presidents have one thing in common. they were controlled by special interest groups. you had another caller saying hey, hillary clinton made $650,000 off goldman sachs. hey, america, we have to wake up. the political class, they are millionaires. we'll never live the lifestyle that they live. host: i want to jump in and show viewers what you were talking about when you said donald trump dominated in the three areas that south carolina is broken down into. i just want to show the viewers county by county all the red. that's donald trump.
8:26 am
the purple color, marco rubio. but senator ted cruz, they essentially tied for second place. marco rubio got 22.5% and ted cruz 22.3%. next to that map is a map of nevada and you can see that hillary clinton, in the blue area, most populated areas, she won that 52 -- she won that contest by 53% of the vote and bernie sanders support is the green area. let's listen to what the independent senator from vermont had to say yesterday after he lost in nevada and now turning his attention to south carolina and super tuesday. [applause] bernie: doing well. i'll be on a plane to south carolina and then we're going to be competing in 11 states all across this country on super tuesday. and i believe, i believe that
8:27 am
on super tuesday, we have got an excellent chance to win many of those states. [cheers and applause] bernie: i also know on super tuesday and before, we are going to be taking on a very powerful and well-funded super pac, a super pac that receives significant amounts of money from wall street and wealthy special interests. [crowd booing] bernie: so as we head to super tuesday, we would very much appreciate the support of the american people who have been so kind and generous. we have received at this point over $3.7 million individual contributions.
8:28 am
and if people want to help us out, they can do that at lastly, as i think everyone knows, taking on the establishment, whether it is the financial establishment, whether it is the political establishment, whether it is the media establishment is not easy. we have come a very long way in nine months. it is clear to me, and i think most observers that the wind is at our backs. we have the momentum. [cheers and applause] bernie: and i believe -- i believe that when democrats are
8:29 am
assembled in philadelphia in july at that convention, we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. host: senator bernie sanders predicting an upset. he loses nevada. he narrowly lost in iowa. he had a big win in new hampshire. but yesterday he did not get enough votes to oust hillary clinton in that caucus -- in the caucuses in nevada. now it's on to south carolina, as we've been discussing here this morning on the "washington journal" with all of you. hillary clinton, though, leaves with the delegates by a large imagine because of the superdelegates. look at the reaction to twitter. superdelegates are the reason the process doesn't work for everyone. and robert says superdelegates are another way to fix an election. wonder why voters are disgusted. then jeff says, news bulletin for those not paying attention, bernie sanders now has no
8:30 am
chance to win the nomination. maverick says the democratic party has publicly and now privately split as to how and when superdelegates should choose to wield their power. brian is abrian is a democrat i, georgia, is that right? caller: yes, good morning. one of the things i want to say is that, i am a democrat. i don't really trust hillary clinton because of the things that have gone on. bernie sanders -- i don't know. the one thing i know is that donald trump is a businessman. donald trump is going to help business. has hisalk about how he own money but he is part of wall street. you deal with these people. so i hope they are ready for a letdown when he gets in here.
8:31 am
the republicans don't even like him. i have heard a lot of people bashing barack obama but i have a situation where i have a who always bashes the foodama that when runs out he has to use the social programs. host: bloomberg has this story -- donald trump gains momentum for super tuesday as marco rubio wins a second life. it says the way slingshots him into the nevada caucuses on tuesday. and it also has a heavyhost: bln task. asre's a quote from trump -- people drop out, i get a lot of those boots. ronald reagan continue to such a list was time for a new -- totion to leave the lead the party. when you win, it is beautiful.
8:32 am
donald trump had a second-place win in iowa as a dominant victory in new hampshire on february 9. at us from the bloomberg politics page this morning. donald trump gaining momentum for super tuesday. bob, from wisconsin. who is your candidate? caller: donald trump, for sure. i'm tired of politicians taking lobbyist money and buying the vote. politicianstired of lying. but what bothers me a lot honestly, about any vote is that it is not about a black, hispanic, whatever, white vote. we are americans. i am a veteran. i fought for america. i did not fight for a color. i did not fight for a party. i see donald trump as something new.
8:33 am
don't appreciate barack obama at all, i think he is a traitor -- but that is my opinion. anyway, i pray for america and i think you for the call. did: what do you think -- you vote for marco rubio in 2012? caller: no ma'am. i didn't vote. so notes, i just am there with who is running -- if hillary clinton and sanders came up, i would not vote because i hate both of them -- at the your pardon, i don't hate them. i hate what they stand for. hillary clinton is obama in a dress and bernie sanders is a socialist. that would be my opinion. host: so you didn't vote in 2012. and we are learning today that mitt romney is going to be endorsing worker rubio and the huffington post had the
8:34 am
exclusive on that. they said this is the first sign that it is the last and best chance for the establishment to an alternative to donald trump. what do you make of that conversation? no alternative, let donald trump win. he is the best candidate for this country. we need to get our strength and pride back. who we are as americans. when i went in in 1969, no one touched america because they would get kicked. being picked off in country because barack obama opened the door to terrorists and everybody. i don't appreciate that. i don't hate mexicans or i have two points to make.
8:35 am
one of them will be shocking. i think that what is going to happen will be a convention. either donald trump or marco rubio are going to offer ted cruz the supreme court nomination to get him to get his delegates. i could see this happening. it has been a crazy election so far. it would make all the sense in the world he way it is going to be split up. would would vote for? i'm not a socialist or anything likethat -- moderate, more but i wouldn't mind bernie sanders. i know that republicans could work with him or deal with him where it wouldn't have to be all his way. i don't trust hillary clinton.
8:36 am
i would like anybody but her. i could see african americans who want to get her elected, i could see republicans cutting her at the like and not letting her get anything done because be trusted or whatever. be trusted ormount of whatever.
8:37 am
just a great amount of acidity in congress. i can see that they wouldn't get anything done. i want to see african americans get improved economics, i want to see all americans improve economically. it might be donald trump or marco rubio. but that is what they're going to do. offer it to ted cruz. he worked with antonin scalia a on the supreme court. i could see that happening. host: that was mark from louisiana. we are getting your thoughts on the road to the white house after donald trump wins in the palmetto state and hillary clinton took nevada. offer it to ted cruz. he worked with antonin scalia a on the supreme court. i could see that happening. host: that was mark from louisiana. we are getting your thoughts on the road to the white house after donald trump wins in the palmetto state and hillary clinton took nevada. the two of them were victorious yesterday and the race goes on. republicans will vote on tuesday and democrats on saturday. then, it is super tuesday on march 1 with many states voting. and many are looking at march 15 wednesday like florida and ohio get to vote as well. while many of you are paying attention to this campaign cycle, outside of washington, lawmakers on capitol hill are focusing on the budget for 2017. this week on newsmakers we sat
8:38 am
down with the top democrat on the house armed services committee. adam smith from washington, he talked about the political wrangling with republicans. he says the defense budget needs to be increased. this into a little bit of our conversation. >> the president is a starting point. i'm open to the idea that we need a little bit more. we look at the top of the presidential election year adequate. you're talking about the difference between 609 and 620. it is more partisan and political. we need to have a discussion about where we will spend the money at what we spend the money on and whether it makes sense to deal with it. that, theow up on base budget is capped by law but is not capped. >> not capped by law but it was part of the agreement. the republicans consider it to be a minimum that should be spent. >> again, that is not what they agreed to.
8:39 am
it was not said that that would be the minimum. it was considered in last year's budget. year's budget meeting included fy 2016 and fy 2017. it was part of the agreement and nowhere did it say that it was the minimum. >> let's put it this way. if you're going to increase defense spending by any amount, unless you rewrite the budget law, the money would have to come from the overseas account? in other words, you can still spend less on the numbers in the budget for the overseas account? what i'm asking you, would you support that? would you be open to adding to it in that way? in the overseas account? semantics marginally for the purposes of republicans trying to cling to the notion that they are sticking to the budget cap.
8:40 am
i am not opposed to that. but nor am i going to pretend that it is anything other than is not thep and it way i would do it. but it is the nature of government to have to compromise. host: adam smith, he was our guest for newsmakers. you can watch the entire conversation today at 11:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m..
8:41 am
it will also be available online at back to our calls. they're getting your thoughts on the road to the white house. trish, who is your canada? caller: good morning. it is hillary clinton. she has been debating politics since she was in high school. i really don't care who wins as long as it is not donald trump. i don't think it is going to be because he has insulted every latinos, black, people, gay people, disabled people. he is an awful person. do not want him representing the united states with that attitude. you have to be friends with other countries and you have to represent what the united states is and he is just not it. let me ask you -- why not
8:42 am
bernie sanders? caller: i don't know. i have just always liked hillary clinton. i voted for her in 2008. i'm just going with her. host: can i ask old you are? caller: 44 years old. host: do you feel an obligation as a woman to vote for her? caller: absolutely. it is sad when i hear other women talking badly about hillary clinton. and all of the things that she has stood for. you know, to me she is the best candidate. donald trump is not. you have to get the minority vote to be president and i don't think latinos and black people and women are going to vote for him. they be some but not the majority. host: we will be covering bernie sanders who is going to south
8:43 am
carolina, greenville. we will have coverage of that at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. we will also recovering marco rubio he heads to nevada, republicans in that state are voting on tuesday. we will have coverage of that 11:30u can watch that at p.m. eastern time on our website at an endorsement is likely to come from the 2008 and 2012 republican nominee, mitt romney, ahead of the nevada caucuses which mitt romney one easily -- mitt romney won easily. that was the nevada republican caucuses. sue, good morning. caller: hey, how are you? host: good morning. who is your candidate? i was a democrat but our
8:44 am
that doesn't bother you? caller: he seems presidential. when he made his speech yesterday, he thanked everybody. he is very presidential and he loves women. all of his big companies -- he hires all women. things he shouldn't but he has toned down a lot. i watched all of his speeches and he has changed his tone. host: chris in maryland. caller: good morning. i agree with the last caller.
8:45 am
i think it is all propaganda. not discriminating against latinos are women are any of those. i think he is great for women and latinos and all groups. i really think he cares about america. oris not held by the bankers by special dose groups -- special interest groups. we really need somebody who cares about america. in 2012w did you vote and 2008? caller: i remember during the primaries with barack obama and hillary clinton, i chose hillary clinton. obama't vote for barack
8:46 am
in the last election. but i am ready for donald trump. i really think he will be fantastic. if people put their partisanship aside, and all of the negative and just listen to saying, bernie sanders is a nice guy but redistribution of wealth is not what we need. we need jobs. host: we move on to stuart in kansas. a democrat. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. just a few thoughts. this is not an anti-female type of thing but i do not believe that hillary clinton is qualified. she has never won an election anywhere. host: what about for a senate seat? caller: i did forget that. i'm sorry. bernie sanders has many ideas
8:47 am
but he can't pay for them. we are in this time as far as the budget deficit that there is no way that his ideas can be funded. there are ideas that i like about donald trump but to me, he is to disrespect and devices as far as the comments he makes. he may have won south carolina votersalso had 67 of the not voting for him. think my last point would be that you know candidate is being honest about what the biggest problem is. important that the real problem is $20 trillion of debt. and much more in that in unfunded mandates coming down the road if we don't balance the budget. we are in big trouble. who are you voting for? caller: right now, if i was to support a candidate, i would lean towards marco rubio or john kasich. host: you noted that 67% of south carolina republicans don't participate in the primaries. if they did vote for who are yo?
8:48 am
caller: right now, if i was to support a candidate, i would lean towards marco rubio or john kasich. host: him, he got 33%. when you tally up the rest, that is what you're looking at. so what do you think happens? should john kasich or marco rubio get out so that more support -- there isn't the flickering that goes on? when i haveink looked at some of the news in the past few weeks, there has been an emphasis at times on the high disapproval ratings that donald trump gets across the board. and i think it comes sometimes from the remarks that he makes that are anti-women and anti-immigrant. some of the things that i feel like he -- there are times when i would like him to -- duct tape might be a good idea. i think he will be driving away a lot of voters. out,her candidates drop
8:49 am
who do i believe that he will fall behind? i don't believe it will be donald trump. i think it will be marco rubio or someone else who will be jumping up into the polls. i am not a big fan of ted cruz. far as the democrats and the republicans were in there right now, those two are remaining. host: dwight in -- good morning. who is your candidate? caller: donald trump. what interests me with mr. trump is that he is for veterans. the serve our country and today we are able to talk on tv -- i don't think our veterans should have to worry about nothing for the rest of
8:50 am
their lives. these arehis mind and good country boys. he tells the truth. host: ok. that was white from north carolina. we have 10 minutes left to continue the conversation with you. donald trump carried the day in south carolina and hillary clinton victorious in nevada yesterday. and at 9:00, we are going to turn our attention to syria, the secretary of state, john kerry, announcing today that there is a provisional peace deal in place. the details are still being worked out. we will talk more about that with michael o'hanlon. we will then return to campaign bush,nd talk about jeb former florida governor,
8:51 am
getting out of the race. we get your thoughts on that, what does it mean? we do want to talk to jeb bush supporters then to find out about their second choice. good morning. i am voting for donald trump. i have been with them all the way. i don't want anymore insiders. i'm disgusted with the democratic and republican parties. i don't believe they serve our interests. he is a great businessman. he has dealt with china, like he said on tv and he has brought our taxes down and bring jobs back. he is the best to deal with isis and standing up for christians. and our veterans and for balancing a budget. around at all the way good guy. you are not going to move him. look at what voters were asked in the entrance and the south carolina
8:52 am
and public in primaries. how would you rate the importance of nikki haley endorsing marco rubio? who said it was important, they voted for marco rubio. that made up 25% of all people voting. people who said it was not important voted for donald trump. outside the political establishment, 62% of those voted for donald trump. qualities that matters the most? tells it like it is. voters voted for donald trump. , when didasked folks you decide on your candidate? and here are the numbers. did you decide today? 25% said yes they did and they
8:53 am
went for marco rubio. in the last few days, 29% voted for marco rubio. month, 24% went for donald trump. 30 percent of voters said they decided before last month to their candidate was and donald trump solidified that support. folks have been behind donald trump for a while. and it in texas, a democrat. good morning to you. caller: a proud democrat. i voted yesterday for hillary clinton. when hillary first ran against president barack obama, and i am woman, i wanted her in. the reason i wanted her in is because i knew that president barack obama would have a hard time with the makeup of the congress and the senate.
8:54 am
my family was against me on that. and then, when it happened, they are right -- they are like, you are right. the young man from texas, he can eddie bernice johnson because the veterans hospital is in her district. mr. barton, the senator ted cruz or senator cornyn and say, i am having problems. they will get him to the veterans hospital. in 1969,rom wisconsin, i am his age, he talked about soldiers -- my family is a military family. when back to world war ii they were not allowed to do but get out and get killed. i lost a nephew in 2005 -- don't
8:55 am
hate george bush or anybody that if you are talking about donald making you money, the reason he has the money he has because if people were smart, they would investigate. the dow was at 6400, the nasdaq and the smp were horrible. president barack obama came in. i lost a lot of my retirement money under the bush administration. if people were smart, they would investigate. the dow was at 6400, the nasdaq and the smp were horrible. president barack obama came in. but guess what? that is what we decided. we decided to vote for president bush. we should be hating on people. host: i want to get in a few more voices. edwin in georgia. republican. you are on the air. caller: i have never voted but i am going to vote for donald trump because i see what he could do. i'm not a vegan. -- not a veteran. $60 man went out and got million in an hour.
8:56 am
host: why have you never voted? caller: it never got my attention. but when i look at my grandchildren and see the way the world is going, i think it is time for a change. a lot of people don't like donald trump because these -- because he speaks out. but if you don't speak out, nothing will get done. host: john, an independent. caller: thank you for having me on the air. i think donald trump is the only chance. the country is going downhill. i really believe this president destroyed us. not a matter of being a democrat or republican. it is a matter of who is going to do the right job. hillary clinton, i believe
8:57 am
anybody, there shouldn't be more than one or two people in a family who should be president. if your family member is president, that should be it. she has been in politics with this president for how many years? seven years. and what did she do for us? she did nothing for us. i can't speak to who i am and what i'm involved in. when 9/11 hit she was called on for help and she turned around and did not help us. as far as bernie sanders, the american people, they should open up their eyes. he can do nothing for us. there is nothing in this world that is free. so for him to tell everybody this or thatgive for free, somebody will have to pay for this. host: sterling, virginia -- we're going to dilbert oh,
8:58 am
illinois. good morning. caller: good morning. i was a democrat but now i am switching over to donald trump because i like some of marco rubio and ted cruz's ideas. that for free, somebody will have to pay for this. host: sterling, virginia -- we're going to dilbert oh, illinois. good morning. caller:but i don't like them wie young children that they have. throwing them into a spotlight. i think they need to wait a few more years. you know? not right to throw your children into the public eye like this. i would never vote for hillary clinton. host: how did you vote in 2012? caller: barack obama. host: in 2008? yeah, same thing. host: 2012, how did you vote? caller: i think i skipped 2012. host: now, he says he is voting for donald trump. it will campaign -- we will return to campaign 2016 coming but before that, we want to
8:59 am
switch topics to talk about what is going on in syria. a professional fee -- it provisional peace deal has been announced. first, a look back 50 years ago to the 1966 vietnam hearing, these were the first televised congressional hearings on the vietnam war. a special consultant to president johnson defend the administration policy before the committee. we want to show you a preview of this. this airs later today. >> general taylor had been very much involved in vietnam policy from the beginning. president kennedy had sent him to vietnam in 1961 to look at the situation. taylor had said it was a dire situation. he didn't believe the government could offend -- could defend themselves. he saw americans sending more naval support and more air support.
9:00 am
the army general did not believe that the u.s. combat troops should general taylor was a loyal soldier and he supports in his the johnsonat administration is doing and gets rationale, but we now know because it is not public record and even his telephone conversations, we know that he had great reservations about sending ground troops. we believe the united states should draw the line and only send evil -- naval support and your support. >> honest differences of opinion. to hold the point of view that it won't be too long before the american people will repudiate our war in southeast asia. >> that is good news, senator. that you want to
9:01 am
transcript those of us, but i don't tend to engage in the kind of debate, general. i am simply saying that in my judgment, the president of the united states [indiscernible] in connection with this war in southeast asia. all i am asking is if the people decide that this war should be stopped in southeast asia, i take the position on who front of the democracy. >> i would say our people were my -- were misguided and did not understand the consequences. >> we can agree that they were misguided and in my judgment, you and the president misguided them in the judgment of this war. [applause] is a violation of our rules to demonstrate [indiscernible] please, remain silent. host: you can watch more of the
9:02 am
hearings at 4:00 p.m. eastern time on c-span3. joining us, michael o'hanlon, from the brookings institution happeningout what is in syria. we learned that secretary john kerry is now over there, trying to broker some kind of peace deal and he says there is a provisional one in place. what do you make of him using the word provisional? guest: i am skeptical because as you know, he has been trying to negotiate humanitarian temporary relief, five day or seven-day to get from fighting, food to places where people are starving. ambitiousmuch less goal than the extended cease-fire and less ambitious than a peace deal. i just don't see who will accept the other side's terms or come halfway. the opposition wants to get rid of assad, the president of syria, and alex possible until
9:03 am
maybe one year ago. saud'st russia is on the side, they are back to controlling a lot of the main populated area. not conceden will he remain president and keep control of those areas. on its face, it doesn't make much sense to me and i will have to hear a lot more before i could be persuaded and if there is a question as to whether we should be trying to negotiate this deal right now rather than focusing strengthening the battlefield and the more moderate action for those who are losing the war. until they are in a better position to hold their own, i don't see a peace deal. we might get more details as we talk about what this means, but this is something that the secretary of state john kerry has been working on now for weeks, months, hoping to get some sort of a steel. is it even possible when you are trying to bring iran, russia, jordan, saudi arabia, all of
9:04 am
these countries to the same table, plus, the opposition forces within syria? it is i don't know if possible on the terms that john kerry is pursuing. what we have said we wanted as the united states is to defeat isis, but also to see president assad replaced by transitional government and then a cease-fire , essentially a self enforcing cease-fire, another oxymoron in the discussion, and i don't see the basis for that. what i think you could see is a compromise with the bosnia model where you have separate autonomous areas and a weak central government, president assad could remain in control and some alloy areas, the group the shiaails from, like group, about 15% of the population and maybe another 15% is christian and they tend to in many cases as well, so maybe he could roll in that sector. there could be a sunni arab
9:05 am
sector, a kurdish sector and a week federal unity government. i think that kind of a compromise is possible if everyone keeps their core equities, but beyond that, i don't see the basis of a peace deal, especially with the moderates so weak right now. host: what is happening in syria right now on the ground? who is fighting to? -- he was fighting who? -- who is fighting who? isis is now striking libya. guest: that last piece is concerning because isis has a lot of central sandaled in libya, not just a small pocket. we just hit one pocket in retaliation for one specific mastermind of terrible terrorist attacks over the last years and i don't think we are getting in the concerted way to shape the different battlefield dynamics, at least not yet. syria, that is complicated enough, so let me go back to that. we have president assad and his allies.
9:06 am
that is one group. hezbollah, russia, some iranian and some afghan and iraqi fighters, so that is the assad coalition. then there is isis. that is primarily holding territory in the east, and there sna front, the al qaeda affiliate, but this front are more personal, their dispute, and that we have, after all of that, what you might call the good guys. the people we are trying to work the coalitionis of kurdish fighters who are primarily interested in what happens in the north. and they are loggerheads with our ally turkey. let's leave that to the moment. the various moderate sunni arab coalitions, some which are more moderate than others, but we are trying to work with us and with
9:07 am
each other and sometimes fight. if i was going to break it down, it is a solid and his allies, usra and the various people who will work with us, but they are often fighting each other, so there is a lot of dissent in each front, except has pretty good solidarity amongst his allies and that is a problem for us. host: i want to read a little bit from "the washington post" reporting on this peace deal announced. they report that john kerry spoke sunday morning to russian foreign minister for the second day in a row, and final details are going to be ironed out. a phone call between vladimir putin and president obama.
9:08 am
what is your reaction to that? to be even more aware than before. ok, we have not heard any substance on what this deal is and who will control what parts of the deal on this. -- parts of the country on this deal. bosnia conflict, where there was a relatively equitable distribution of territory by 1995, we deployed 50 thousand nato troops to mention that deal stuck. syria is bigger and more dangerous than bosnia. it will not be an afterthought of a peacekeeping mission or capability. seasonse-fire or this deal will not enforce itself because the different groups will want territory that they don't presently hold. the only field that they would -- that the russian foreign minister would agree to his victory for assad.
9:09 am
if we are prepared to accept victory for assad, in theory, we could. i don't think we will but we could but the opposition groups will keep fighting. we will not be able to persuade them to basically let assad control the territory he currently holds. i don't see the basis for this. details are up to president obama and vladimir putin to iron out. guest: again, the only way to see a deal is if we are prepared for russia to win the war with a solid and control all of the major cities, and there is only one major city right now that does nots not -- assad hold and that is in the north where there has not been a lot of fighting. i suppose in theory, it they were going to leave it to the moderate sunnis, you could do a deal. i think we will have to work hard to get the moderate sunni stronger, so they can actually win some battles near aleppo and the maybe you have the basis for a compromise. if you have a confederation inel, where assad stays
9:10 am
charge for his of people, maybe the christians, and the sunni arabs have their own security forces and lead in a different sector of the country, plus, an international peacekeeping force along the lines that divide, to me, that is the only basis of an current real battlefield realities. host: joe is our first comment. a democrat. i have a question. is the brookings institute the conservative organization? guest: we don't have -- sorry, go ahead, man. seems like yout the deal thatout john kerry is trying to broker as far as syria is concerned. my other question is to grab it, who chooses the guests that
9:11 am
discussed a certain topic -- is to greta, who chooses the guests that discuss a certain topic? does the committee do that? because it seems to me, very often, especially with you, greta, you refer to newspapers organizations that are conservative. you are going to disagree with me, but it's a per instance with the newspapers, you might choose other 10 newspapers, you seem in the choose one that has a conservative point of view. i just got like that. host: ok, joe, it is all about balance and we have a team for the washington journal that we do research, we have topics, generally, driven by the news but we are also looking at things that are not necessarily in the news cycle but related to public policy and politics. we are doing research to find out and i am part of that team,
9:12 am
r twohe hosts wea different hats, we are also producers for different programming, and we are doing research to find out who would be the best person to talk about perspective,he liberal, conservative, and we try to balance that out. we tried to have a balanced approach to hear two different that is an issue, and the same with newspapers as well. we have been conservative, that is your perspective of them, and it is all about balance. it is not perfect but we do our best. michael o'hanlon, go ahead. ,uest: if i could add a word brookings institute is neutral and we probably have more democrats on stocks than republicans, so we don't make any effort to tabulate or enforce a partisan or ideological agenda. i would consider myself a moderate to conservative
9:13 am
democrat, and if they show had been about issues with russia, china with iran deal, you would have heard need the more supportive of president obama's foreign policy because i am more supported then a lot of people i know, including democrats, but i think on syria, we have to face reality which is the war has been a terrible tragedy, and president obama's policies have not worked. i will just stay wary of a peace deal, the terms that are not being discussed, enforcement mechanism which is being described as an afterthought, and five years into a conflict in which the divisions have hardened and the good guys have been weekend because we have not been very good at leaving -- leading a coalition to support them. on syria, i will not mince words. i think our policies have been failing and they will probably still fail until we face up to what is going on. host: god is our conversation with breaking news from secretary of state john kerry that there is a provisional peace deal in the workings. in new york, independent. you are next.
9:14 am
caller: hi, how are you? i had the question. what is the problem with negotiating with russia about our kind of approach to this conflict over there? it seems to me the united states is becoming increasingly arrogant about trying to police the world and i don't think we are able to do this from a financial standpoint, militarily, and we don't have authority in this situation and there are other opinions in the matter. it seems to me before the police the world, we should clean up our own house from a moral perspective. i'm talking about the old republican conservative values, colonel powell, and i think that is a huge mistake disorder go out there unaccompanied with you hangers on like the u.k. and whatnot and police the world, and we are doing a bad job. host: i want to take that point. guest: i think that is a very
9:15 am
good question. frankly, the idea i was getting of athe idea confederation, i see as a compromise, a reality that acknowledges we do not have the moral authority, especially in syria. i think our motive sap in fine, but our policy has been so meantime,e and in the three hundred thousand or more syrians have died and maybe 12 million driven from their homes, 4 million are now refugees abroad, hundreds of thousands of europe. this has all happened, not because of what we did, but what we fail to do by not backing up our own state of policy without intervention on the ground, military or diplomatic, so i don't think we have moral authority in syria because good motives are not enough wind that much human suffering has occurred. russia has moved in opportunistically, somewhat dishonestly, but nonetheless, they are there. i think there is a compromise that would knowledge the equities and interest, and it is to say that president assad will
9:16 am
not be driven from power, however, what he should do is real hold his only people, his fellow apollo arts and those are live in those areas and then have some kind of negotiation about the central cities where they have been intermixed with different groups. there has to be some kind of their allocation on which side controls which cities. then an international cute -- peacekeeping force helps to hold that and you create an umbrella government for the country as a whole. i think that this bill the compromise and that is when i would favor. host: henry is next in california. republican. good early morning to you. caller: yes, this gentleman, it is so absurd to hear you speak about orit you care like heritage conservation has any care. guest: i am not from the heritage foundation, sir. caller: you are saying that we
9:17 am
should help the sunnis? what a ridiculous statement. having aalking about couple of wars and supporting the radicals? guest: i did not say that. you will not twist my words. i said we have to defeat isis. caller: those of the sunnis and in there rightes now. i wish that people would get it straight that isis is the u.s. creation intelligence operation. guest: that is wrong, too. would comeish you out and stop pushing propaganda about who and what isis is. host: ok, handy, listen to petraeus' --michael o'hanlon' us answer. guest: there is nothing to say except for that you are wrong, sir. president assad says the same as you, he is trying to put them
9:18 am
all in the same group, saying they are terrorists and they all need to be killed and that is when he says to justify his use of starvation as a weapon and complete a tax on sunni innocent civilian populations -- complete attacks on sunni innocent populations and he is created the storyline you buy into. there are not equivalent groups among the sunnis. there is isis, which he has people they do not like, al -nu sra, and a lot of other groups, some of which are moderate than others, and most of which have been weekend because we have pulled out the rug from them. that is the battlefield and that is the reality. host: phil is a democrat in maryland. you are next. caller: first, i would like to say that i stand for -- i forgot what i
9:19 am
was going to say, but let me say not a group of misinterpreted terrorist use. you can never destroy an ideal. you have misdirected terrorist in the christian faith, in the jewish faith, in every religion and faith that there is. to will never be able destroy isis, just like you will never be able to destroy the terrorists who condone slavery. i don't know -- you also, in reference to the united states, the enable to control what is going on in syria, our country believes in manifest destiny. whatve to be involved in goes on around the world in order to be secure and to be strategic. controlling other
9:20 am
countries and what they do and works,eir government that needs to be moderated. twitter, it-on, on says, don't you think negotiating is the role of the u.n. rather than member states? guest: the u.n. does have a the leadotiator, he is negotiator and secretary john kerry is trying to support his role. the problem is that right now, the battlefield realities are such that the most extreme groups are the most powerful, so i do believe we are in a position where simply focusing on peace talks are going to get us anywhere. i think we have to strengthen the relatively moderate forces first. phil's earlier point, you are right at one level that you cannot eliminate an idea or eliminate any -- every single terrorist, but we
9:21 am
don't have christian or jewish terrorist in control of large swaths of the middle east, but we do seek isis and control of substantial swaths of territory from libya, syria, to iraq and now even boko haram in nigeria swearing allegiance to isis. we see groups popping up in afghanistan, the sinai it's, they brought down the russian jetliner, have i tacked a root, the paris, san bernardino -- , sanruth --berut bernardino, paris. we cannot let it go and we have to challenge those using violence. it does not mean you try to eliminate every single vestige of the idea but you do have to compete the groups that are using violence against others and us. host: james in washington. independent caller. go ahead. caller: good morning.
9:22 am
host: good morning. how we in the beginning, felt with france jump in and on our bloody civil war and i think we are only compacting our error. we originally started the war in the middle east. it is our fault that all these people are dying, running away yes,their homes, and [indiscernible] they are starving in syria, yes, assad was terrible, but we should not be in the middle of their civil war. they should be looking at their own people. james, it is not just syria impacted. if you look at "the washington post," europe is feeling the impact as refugees flee as they
9:23 am
look for sitcom. guest: turkey extraordinarily under duress with 2 million refugees in turkey alone. attacks from isis or sometimes their own kurdish extremists every few weeks. turkey has suffered enormously. the notion that we started this -- i think we can all have a long debate on whether we made the right decisions in the last 10 years, 20 years, and the answer is clearly no. we made a lot of mistakes, but i don't think it is right to say we started this particular war. and hisd --assad father before him had been brutal leaders for decades. saddam hussein we may be should not have overthrown, but he had a million people's blood on his hands before george bush invaded , the pogroms against the kurds in his own country, so it is true that we have to be a little bit cautious about what our role can be and what we can contribute. on that point, i understand president obama's motivation but
9:24 am
he has carried the argument too in aor virtual paralysis policy, and we see what happens we don't engage. syria is a war where we have not engaged and everyone knows has, and that we have one of the most tragic humanitarian situations and strategic situations in the 21st century in the country. host: how important is our relationship with turkey? guest: crucial. for one thing, turkey is a nato ally, so we are sworn by treaty to help them with their security. second, even though we don't much care for the current leader, who has really taken things in a somewhat islamist direction, much more genteel form of islam than the middle ist, but erdogan's rule somewhat a bulwark over the spread of radicalism. it is a wonderful question -- country and it has been doing well over a period of decades and their progress is a moderate
9:25 am
sunni islamic state. again, it is a treaty ally of the united states and under great stress. host: let me read this from "the ,ashington post," russia turkey's oldest and nearest rival, is expanding their borders. host: are they feeling surrounded? guest: they do have a strong rivalry with russia. i wouldn't go so far as to say they are surrounded. crimea is across the black city to them, and crimea is a place where vladimir putin used inappropriate tactics but it has been historically russian for a long time and it is far away from turkey. armenia is a place with the
9:26 am
turks of a conjugated history and not an impressive one. the armenian genocide one century ago was something the united states feels is important to honor and commemorate our armenian friends to criticize turkey in its role for that, but the point is to the extent that armenia has been a problem for turkey, i think turkey causes much of that problem. moreover, it is not credible you have an army she and -- and armenian invasion from the east. they have historically been present and they have been driven from a lot of the classic armenian territory in eastern turkey. any turks listening now are getting angry with me because this is something they think we exaggerate and don't see both sides of, but my point is in the context of what you are discussing, this is not an area where russia will be able to launch some kind of military pressure against turkey and not
9:27 am
from crimea. i think turkey is feeling the pressure from the south, that is what the real pressure is coming from. the syrian civil war is right next door and on their own territory. i think they are mishandling their own kurdish issue, but the kurds, and important minority in their own country, who have sometimes wanted more autonomy and perhaps even some of them independence, this has been a long-standing difficulty for turkey and how they handle this problem and they have often used to much violence against the kurds and not giving them enough cultural, historical, political rights to function as they wish. turkey will have to manage that problem better, but that is where the problems are, to the south and within their own kurdish population, not from crimea or armenia. randy, republican, pennsylvania. go ahead. caller: good morning. it just seems odd for john kerry to go out there and say he has constructed a peace deal with no substance whatsoever, and just like you were saying before, you
9:28 am
have saudi arabia is sending troops into turkey, turkey arming their borders and preparing hundreds of thousands of troops, it was like 20,000 tanks, they are learning that northern border in securing the, but saudi arabia is still manning the southern border for an active in vision. at the same time, john kerry goes to saudi arabia and makes secret deals with the saudi arabian government and to punish russia's economy for not more to to hold ukraine invasion, not ukraine but crimea. i just think that there is a bigger picture that no one is really indulging in so they are telling the american people. host: randy, i want to get michael o'hanlon's thoughts. guest: i think you are right to underscore the different actors involved. it is an incredibly complicated conflict. i'm sure you would agree with
9:29 am
me, maybe are more of a critic of president obama and secretary john kerry than i am, i am not sure, but probably both of us would be happy to see the syrian were concluded, even if it winds up into the benefit of the president you may have voted against. i voted for him and i think he on generally done a good job foreign policy, but on this issue, i am skeptical that the could of been a rabbit pulled out of the hat overnight by secretary john kerry. i see it as an active magic because the power balances are not conducive to a lasting deal. even if there is an announcement of a deal, i am skeptical that it could stick but i would love to be proven wrong. host: more details to come out on this sunday as secretary john kerry tries to work with russia on this. obviously, asking russia and tableto bring iran to the to work with the groups the united states has been working with, so patrick in new jersey, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning.
9:30 am
thank you particular call. i really question your guest's approach upon syria. is not one sect in syria sympathetic to the united of the so to the lesser evils, trying to stop a mass killing of people, when history has proven that when we have done that with osama bin laden in the 1980's, reagan gave him arms, and then he also gave saddam hussein arms in the 1980's with the big picture of rumsfeld shaking pictures with saddam hussein. and then we go in and disrupt and completely and stabilize the middle east. anything that we have done within the middle east has and we haveap wasted a lot of american money and lives within that area.
9:31 am
get: patrick, i want to more calls and. michael o'hanlon, your reaction. voicing ahink you are lot of the concerns in your own words that president obama feels and part of our he has been wary about getting involved, and am sure a lot of americans are in agreement that we did not seem to be able to find the right touch, so isn't it better to limit our own losses and exposure and stay out? i am not advocating another big war or american intervention, but i think going to the extreme that we have gone, now we have seen the results of doing too little. ofiraq, we may be learned the dangers of doing too much and in syria, we see the dangers of doing too little. now we have direct to the entire western world, not on the scale of the next existential threat to our existence, but san bernardino and paris and other kinds of attacks. i think we will have to be clever and learned the lessons from all of these interventions, including when we have done too
9:32 am
much and too little. the last point, we cannot say that the united states is incapable of having alliances with the sunni arab world. we have a lot of major partners in the sunni-arab world, and in the sunni faith more generally, turkey is primarily a sunni-muslim world -- country, the gulf states, or that you like our affiliations with them or not, we have had to work with them on a number of issues over the years. if we look at a lot of these parts of the world, at anniston, are merely a sunni-muslim state, indonesia, said these are countries that are in many ways allies or imported partners. it is 1.5 billion people, it is too big a part of the world's population to say we cannot get along with them. they be that was not your point am a but i want to clarify that we do have a lot of important partners among the sunni population of the world than i can we choice but to try to work with those that we can collaborate with. the difficulty in syria is you have a lot of small groups,
9:33 am
small sunni-arab opposition groups, and there militarily weak and they are not being successful on the battlefield, so we have a mess on our hands and it is hard to find a path forward but i would not categorically say we are incapable of working people of that persuasion. host: john in new york. independent. caller: yes, can you hear me? host: yes, go ahead. caller: i am a little skeptical of the information coming from michael, our guest. disingenuous with respect to the information that he is putting out that saudi arabians, united arab emirates and the lack of -- like a sponsoring these more or less armed militia like isis and the like, they are supposedly partners as all in the middle east, and we have had oil being shipped out of syria by the for months on
9:34 am
end and then there talking about how much money they're making to forge ahead with their ideology. it was obvious that this was going on until russia came in and started bombing these oil caravans, it seems as if nobody knew how these folks were getting their money aside from a little bit of information that leads out of the media, which is giving us a little bit of the switch on syria with information out of the middle east. disingenuous to the american populace. we have not been telling them the truth. organizations represented by this young man, they need to be given -- begin with partial information. host: i will jump in. you forirst, thank calling me a young man. very kind. second, i think the saudis, and
9:35 am
others have supported extremist groups at times and we should be upfront about it. part of the problem is syria is because the united states has not been active in developing a moderate opposition and strengthening the relatively moderate groups. they tended to get killed off and that has left extremists on both sides, so this has exacerbated the problem that you identified in the first place it within the saudi tradition, faith, the movement mentioned by an earlier caller, there have been times in the supported that usedgroups violence against americans or our allies, so i think you are 100% right to emphasize that point. the problem is we will not get a solution to that by supporting or tolerating a peace deal that would reinforce his hold over serious because that is exactly -- cold over syria because that is exactly what persuades them to that thes more funds to
9:36 am
extremist sunni groups and it polarizes the conflict further. in order to deal with this difficulty with the saudis, which i think you are right getasize, we would love to more engaged and develop a credible, moderate sunni-arab opposition to assad. says "washington post" that they are open to a cease-fire so long as they terrorist opposition group does not try to gain advantage. what are you watching for here? says: when assad terrorist, he means anyone opposing him. that is our dilemma because you're letting him on the one hand and isis on the other, become the strong actions in this fight. for assad, he is not just usra,ng about isis and al-n he means everyone who opposes him. which is why i been pretty firm today in saying, let's not do
9:37 am
the same things ourselves. i have honest disagreements with but wef the callers, cannot afford to treat every semi-arab group interested in replacing assad as a terrorist organization. that is the way russia and assad to find the program. we cannot and we must not. host: michael, we appreciate you helping us dissect this breaking news and we appreciate your time. thank you. brookings institution, by the, .edu to learngsed more. guest: thank you. host: when we return, we will return to campaign 2016 and talk florida governor jeb bush getting out of the race. if you were a jeb bush supporter, (202)-748-8003. we want to hear from you and he was your second choice. we will get to those in a minute, but first, joined us
9:38 am
this weekend as our c-span city tour takes book tv and american history tv to greenville, south carolina, as he went about their literary life today at 2:00 p.m. on american history tv. we will feature our history segments together in one block, including a look at the political controversy surrounding presidential candidates visiting bob jones university. in 1980 three, bob jones university went all the way to the u.s. supreme court's on an issue of interracial dating on campus. policy andeen public biblical conviction. what happened was that public policy over rolled the biblical conviction -- over rolled the biblical conviction, and 2000 -- about one third had made the decision that having that rule in place was such a detriment to our spiritual ministry that it should be dropped.
9:39 am
the came on the heels of south carolina republican presidential primary between john mccain and george w. bush. george w. bush had lost new hampshire to john mccain, and so south carolina was sort of do or bush.r george w. evangelicals, who really did identify with them, so he came spoke and ie remember very well about a day or two after, the mccain camp decided to make an issue of the had that the university integrated and banned interracial dating. weekend,ning us this city tour of the tv and american
9:40 am
history to because the south carolina to learn about the history and literary life of greenville. for more information, go to store -- we will wrap up "washington talking about jeb bush suspending his campaign. he got a percent of the vote and donald trump got 33%. senator ted cruz and marco rubio tied for second. here is what the former florida governor had to say to his is borders in south carolina last -- to his supporters in south carolina last night. [video clip] >> i am proud of the campaign we have run. we advocated [indiscernible] reach their god-given potential. the people of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision, so tonight, i am suspending my campaign. host: there it was, jeb bush in south carolina.
9:41 am
"the new york times" says this about him dropping out, it was a stunning turn for a man when year ago, embodied all the qualities that his party imagined the republican voters wanted in a president, civility, experience, pedigree and tolerance. they were wrong. the party of prescott bush, george bush, george bush, george w. bush and jeb bush is for now the party of donald trump. what do you think about the governor getting out? we want your viewpoints from all of you, but also jeb bush supporters. who is your second choice? you are supporting jeb bush but now who are you supporting? amy? think jeb bush should've dropped that along time ago, actually. it seemed to me like i don't know why he was running for president because he didn't seem to be enjoying it. it just seemed really kind of like he was doing it because he
9:42 am
wanted to be president because his father was president and his brother was president, so i don't know. i never really understood why he was running, and that is about it. host: all right. "the new york times and quote says mr. trump has benefited -- "the new york times" says that mr. trump has benefited from this, but they are beginning to narrow the field to a tenacious handful who make it donald trump a tougher challenge next month in a series of delegate rich states like texas, virginia and florida. what is your reaction to jeb bush suspending his presidential campaign? richard in massachusetts. independent caller. you are next. good morning. caller: good morning. i definitely think he should have gone out sooner because he never had the chance. there were two wishes -- bush's and people are sick of the
9:43 am
bush's like they are sick of the clinton's. host: richard, who is your candidate? .aller: donald trump i think he tells it when it is hot. host: did you ever consider voting for jeb bush? caller: at one time, i did when he first decided to run, but then when donald trump was really on the stand, that is one -- him being a non-politician, you know, not one of the elites and that is how i looked at it. host: what do you think of the tactic, strategy, the way that donald trump has talked about jeb bush? t do you think that had on the governor's campaign? caller: he does get a little rude. i don't really like that part but bad, he does get rude,
9:44 am
they had been jabbing at each other. some of the things said were like kids would say, you know what i mean? i thinkan that, greta, he would be pretty good. you will nominated but that is my opinion. "the new york times" says that primary voters in south carolina indicated that whatever affection they had had for the bush family, and you remember the bushes were campaigning for jeb bush, that it was largely nostalgic. kasich finished well behind the top the candidates, but was already seeking to make the case for continuing his candidacy by campaigning in vermont and massachusetts on saturday which on march it says nevada will hold their caucuses earlier on tuesday, but with so little time for campaigning there and a quarter of all national delegates up for as a, super tuesday looms
9:45 am
crucial test for whether mr. trumbull continue his once-unthinkable march to the nomination or will face a stiffer challenge from a cold field. marco rubio looking to rack up a win in nevada. he has the endorsement of mitt and "the huffington post" with the exclusive, noting that mitt romney is slated to endorse the florida senator. this ahead of the nevada caucuses. nevadalook at the 2012 republican caucuses. mitt romney won 50% there against newt gingrich, ron paul and rick santorum. he also won the primary in nevada in 2008 as well. ted in new york. democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. host: what are your thoughts? caller: jeb bush has had zero mojo from the get-go.
9:46 am
had negativeas mojo. not that i am in big agreement ish donald trump, but he low-energy, strange energy and i think the rejection of bush is americansto that most now see that the middle east is in crisis as a result of the invasion of iraq, and isis is of theimate result iraq. mission to go into i just think that bush resigning is a result of the rejection of his brother's policies in the middle east. at theake a look entrance annex of poles of south carolina republican primary
9:47 am
voters yesterday. jeb bush did not do well in many of the questions and categories asked of the voters, but this is one place he did well. which candidate would best handled supreme court nominations? well, the voters said -- 64% of the 11% said jeb bush would be the best person of all the candidates to handle supreme court nominations. you can find these exit polls if 'websiteo new york times with the entrance and exit polls. we will hear from george, a republican. 83 and i was born in the hoover administration. the first person i voted for was eisenhower. on this one, i see people who are qualified to be president and that would vote in this order -- i would pick bernie sanders as my first pick. if that is not possible, i would
9:48 am
pick mr. trump and then third, hillary clinton. i think with hillary clinton, we would get the same. with sanders and donald trump, i think we would see a change in our country and we would come alive. host: what do you make of jeb bush? caller: i think it was good he quits, and they are a good family and i think he did the right thing to resign at this time. for: did the right thing what? the party or what? caller: for himself, his family, the party and the country. host: george in arizona, republican caller. peter, independent. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i agree that it was a good thing for the bush family, like the last caller. it takes them off the table and we don't need to go back and study what might have happened. i am glad that he dropped out and now we can focus on the
9:49 am
other remaining candidates and the possibility. host: do you think jeb bush should endorse a candidate? if so, which candidate and you think it will have an impact? caller: yeah, it depends. you remember richard nixon godbout and he said, well, you got outve dick nixon -- and he said, well, you won't have big fix and to kick around. the american convention as i remember growing up, they were logged into conversations about making deals, so when it came down to the convention, i would not be surprised if he did not show up again there. host: john in scotland. good morning. thank you for calling. what do you think of this election season? are you an american in scotland? scot living in
9:50 am
scotland. first of all, i am disappointed to see jeb bush's fault. -- fall. in terms of where the vote goes now, i think it will go to john kasich hurt i think he is a decent man and it will help unify america. will go toi think i john kasich. i think he is a decent man and will help you in a fight america. america needs to be unified. donald trump is very popular and he is becoming increasingly popular. i think that guy is not a credible candidate and does not have enough understanding of world affairs. it comes down to john kasich, marco rubio, and ted cruz. ted cruz i think is far too extreme, so i think that will
9:51 am
both between marco rubio and john kasich. john kasich has two credibility -- has true credibility. ist: john kasich says he going on the super tuesday states where he think he will do in vermont, massachusetts. take a look at "the washington post" these that they put together about jeb bush's death camp and spent a ton of money on hailed boats and they say ben carson is worse. noting money is meaning success.
9:52 am
graphicke a look at the that they put together. john kasich about $159 per vote, donald trump at 170 three dollars, marco rubio at $504 for votes. ted cruz, 500 $75. jeb bush, 900 $77, and ben carson, $2570 per vote. ben carson is blowing a ton of money on his campaign, much of which goes to the fundraiser. it is a reminder that how campaigns spend money matters as much as how much they spend. if we included the money spent , he would be the winner on the most spent on folks, but that waste of cash is not his fault and the guy is already having about 24 hours. linda in florida.
9:53 am
democrat. what do you make of the news that jeb bush godbout -- got out? caller: since i have lived in florida and he was governor for those years when there were problems, i like him a lot. i thought he did fairly well, and i am not a staunch anything. with that and i thought he was pretty good. i looked at him yesterday and saw sadness in his face. whatever that may be, it may be because he may be disappointed because he cannot follow in the footsteps of his dad, brother, but the truth of it is, they beat this is not his time anymore. i think jeb bush can still contribute politically somewhere along the line, i just don't know where that will be. for me, i wasn't that disappointed in it. actually, i thought like, this must hurt. host: linda is a democrat.
9:54 am
ted is a republican in florida. what was your reaction? caller: how are you doing? host: good morning. caller: i have you on speakerphone. my comments about jeb bush getting out of the race, i think his time is up. when he was a governor, i have been living important for 42 years, and he was a great governor then. he has been out of the mainstream for one decade or so. changed, attitudes have changed on the hill, and i his think because of brother, people got a bad taste in their mouths over the iraq and everything over the middle east. host: let me ask you, do you think you should endorse his fellow florida colleague marco rubio? caller: that would be up to jeb bush. i personally would not endorse
9:55 am
him, but i am a donald trump man. , the american people, in my opinion, are tired of the .ainstream politicians i think it is time, like ronald reagan said, it is time for change. i think we need somebody in there that has a new phase, a , and the american people are kind of siding that way anyway from the polls i have been watching, so i just inc. -- so i just think donald t rump can do a good job. host: i want to show our viewers this headline. mitt romney, the republican and 20 12 was8 inching toward endorsing marco rubio and one it to do so in the most recent days, but was
9:56 am
waiting. , theneb bush dropped out use this morning is that mitt romney will not endorse marco rubio ahead of the nevada caucuses. take a look at what marco rubio had to say last night. he came in second place in south carolina. here is what he had to say. [video clip] >> first of all, i want to begin by congratulating donald trump. we have not had a chance to speak. he won tonight, but after tonight, this has become a three-person race and we will win the nomination. [applause] i also, a few moments ago, got to see on television, i have not had a chance to speak to him yet , governor bush and his announcement. i have an incredible admiration, not just for governor bush but to his family and their service to our country -- [applause] jeb bush has many things to be
9:57 am
proud of. he is the next ordinary husband, an extraordinary has -- and extraordinary husband, father, the greatest governor in the history of florida -- [applause] prayed thate and his service to our country has not yet ended. i think jeb bush for everything he did to the state of florida and for running a campaign based on ideas and i pray for him and his family tonight as they move forward in other endeavors in their life. [applause] tonight in south carolina, the message is pretty clear. this country is now ready for a new generation of conservatives to guide us into the 21st century. [applause] for the time, the time has now
9:58 am
come after 18 years of failure, to return to the constitution of the united states that made us the freest people that have ever lived. [applause] the time has now come for leaders that will re-embraced enterprise, which made this the most prosperous people that ever lived. [applause] rebuildtime has come to our military because the world is a better, safer and more stable place when we are the strongest military in the world. host: senator marco rubio reacting to coming in second place in that state and then use that jeb bush has decided to suspend his campaign. this from vox, they say that the endorsement tracker noted that he was never endorsed i -- we will get reaction from this, john in maryland. independent caller. caller: good morning.
9:59 am
i went to tell you you are doing a wonderful job and i appreciate watching you and i thank you for that. host: thank you. caller: about bush, from the get-go, when he was on the you could just see in him like he did not want to do it. ,is shoulders are slumped over he seemed to get aggravated at the people talking to him about stuff. like his mom said, you have got to do it and he said, ok, mom. on have to put your loves before you go out, ok. there was nothing there. there was host: no energy that i saw. host:john, you will remember that the former first lady said she did think another bush should jump in to run again and she later said, jeb is going to run and he should run, so she originally said that the c-span.
10:00 am
timothy in michigan, democrat. caller: how are you doing? host: morning. caller: reason i called is because i think his family gave him the kiss of death by the last name bush. ist i wanted to say, too, they say that eight years of they need to get their facts doht and then they need to research on prescott bush. host: i want to get in pat, a michigan republican. your reaction to jeb bush getting out? caller: i was kind of happy that he got out. i think he lacked leadership ability, number one. i think it was a collar a few minutes ago that said he was low-energy i


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