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tv   National Governors Association Winter Meeting  CSPAN  February 21, 2016 11:58pm-1:30am EST

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briefing to satisfy my needs. so i didn't pursue that. can't hold that against me. ryan: the name of the book is "buyer's remorse, how obama and the democrats let progressives down." our guest has been built price -- bill price. bill thank you, brian. : ♪ >> for free transcripts, or to get your comments on this program, go to q& programs are also available as podcasts.
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senator bernie sanders of vermont spoke at a rally in greenville, south carolina. this is about an hour and 15 minutes. carolina! s, south thank you for coming out to support the political revolution. mcdaniels hailing from the great county of lawrence. being a representative from a small rural town, i see the first and aid for the need to increase the minimum wage to a living range -- living wage. gop primary,ay's
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i'm sure the nation is looking at us like uneducated voters in that is not us. build on the surprises we have given the nation over the past year from coming together to take down the confederate flag -- [cheers and applause] doubling together [indiscernible] democrats everywhere are looking to us to set the tone. for change we all can believe in. let's show the power of burning supporters. we are going to take this nation.
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make history and show what south carolina i can do. >> it is a blessing to be here with you.
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my name is benjamin todd, and the former national president of the naacp. [applause] we are here today because we feel the bern! [applause] this may just be the most important campaign of any of our lifetimes. [applause] we are at a choice point as a nation. either we come together and we move forward, and make the future come faster, or we give into the politics that keep us divided, and we keep sinking backwards. you look in the eyes of college students, you see young people who can remember when their nation wasn't at war. you hear them tell stories about being worried that they are going to come out of college indentured servants. they turn on the tv, and they
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see too many other young, black brothers unarmed, being shot by the police every day. [applause] and then you look at the politics on cnn, and you say, how is this going to help any of us? and then a man from vermont starts a campaign. [applause] [cheering] he had the spirit that unites all of us. it runs right in the face of those who say we cannot do better for our college kids. no we can't avoid getting into more stupid wars. can heal our nation, and said, yes we can.
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yes, we must! [applause] we can make a better america. we can pull our nation together. we can empower our college students to go out of college debt-free, and unleashed the entrepreneurial power of our nation with everything they have. and we can get out of the business of being in stupid wars once and for all. [applause] this is a movement. it is a movement to pull our nation together. for those of us like me whose family comes from the south, is a movement to finally get to the place where working people, regardless of color, say we have more in common than we don't. [applause]
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ladies and gentlemen, i keep looking at my shoulder because danny glover is supposed to be in the house. [applause] is he here yet? here he comes. [applause] [chanting] danny, danny, danny. >> what a moment, what a moment. [applause] as i walked through here, you can feel the bern, don't you feel it?
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think about south carolina, right down in st. helena, where the first slaves had their first taste of freedom, right here. just after south carolina seceded from the union. think about south carolina. think about where the first time those former slaves got a chance to learn how to read and write. think about that. think about where young civil rights workers, for the first time came, and had integrated meetings. that's about south carolina. let's talk about that. [applause] we know that part of south carolina. but we also know that south carolina has some other history as well. we know that one quarter of this state lives in poverty.
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we know that the incarceration rate, even though african americans represent 30% of the population, they also represent three fourths of those incarcerated. we know that is the reality. we want to change that. this is why this movement is here. it is about changing. [applause] changing south carolina, chanigng the country, changing our relationships, and building a community. that is what the campaign is about. it is a historic campaign. [applause] we have a public service. from the mayor, to the congress, to the senate. he has been there working. it is not about the time you spent, it is the substance you make out of that time. [laughter] [applause]
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whether it is against those who profit from our worry, bernie has been there. i have the opportunity to come here and meet him, and know that we are all a part of his re--- history. we make history right here this moment. we make our history with the choices that we make. [applause] it is amazing to know that you are building not only a movement, but you are building that movement on the stage of a presidential election. we have never had that opportunity before. we are going to change this country. every single one of us as americans, we are going to change the country. we need all of you to be a part of it. not only to vote, but to remain engaged.
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senators, president, bernie sanders is talking about continued engagement, sustained engagement. that is what this is about. [applause] the most ordinary people, engaged ordinary people. let me bring him to the stage. because, certainly, he belongs to us, and he belongs to us right now, and we have to work as hard as we can for the next president of the united states, senator bernie sanders. [applause] [cheers and applause]
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[applause] sen. sanders: thank you, greenville. [applause] let me thank aaron mcdaniel for his very kind words. let me think dan, as you know, ben, as youhank
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know, the former head of the naacp, one of the great civil rights leaders in our country today. [applause] let me think danny glover. -- let me thank danny glover. [applause] you all know danny glover is one of america's great actors, and he is that. but, unlike many other people, who have achieved celebrity status, when danny has done is used that celebrity status in the fight for racial and economic justice in our country, and i think can are all that he has done. [applause] on saturday, south carolina has the opportunity to make american history and i hope that you will. [applause]
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you know, we go around once, we may as well make history as we go around. [applause]
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we may as well do something that people will remember decades from today. [applause] this campaign has taken on the economic establishment, all of the big-money interests, and let me tell you, wall street is getting nervous. [applause] and let me also tell you, they should be getting nervous. [applause] we have taken on the political establishment. we have taken on the media establishment. and we are gaining momentum every day. [applause] we are gaining momentum because the american people are tired of the same old, same old establishment politics and establishment economics. [applause] what the american people are demanding is a government which represents all of us, not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors. [applause] this campaign is gaining momentum because we are listening to the american people.
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and we are listening and a way that other campaigns do not. we are listening to the millions of workers in this country who are making nine dollars or 10 $9 oro are making nine $10 an hour and they cannot make $10 an hour. [applause] we are listening to the elderly women in south carolina and in vermont, who are trying to get by on $11,000 or $12,000 a year, social security, and you know what -- it cannot get by on $11,000 or $12,000 a year, social security. [applause] and we are listening to the young people across this country, many of whom are here
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tonight. [applause] and many of whom are being crushed by $30,000 or $50,000 or $100,000 in student debt. [applause] and they are asking us, why do they have to be punished for decades, paying off that debt, for the crime of wanting to get an education? [applause] we are listening to women. who are tired of earning $.79 on the dollar compared to men. [applause]
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and then find it impossible to come up with affordable, quality childcare for their children. [applause] and as ben and danny glover just mentioned, we are listening to the african-american community who understand that we have a criminal justice system which is broken. [applause] and today has more people in jail, than any other country on earth. [booing]
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you're right. you're right. we have 2.2 million people in jail, we spend $80 billion a year, locking up fellow americans. that is something that we must be ashamed of, and we will change. [applause] this campaign began about nine and a half months ago, we were regarded by the media as a fringe campaign. what the media said, they said, bernie, you come your hair combou: your hair -- you
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your hair really nice. [laughter] you have a real gq look. and i want to make public now, this is actually a new -- i just bought it the other night. [applause] but, despite all of those attributes, what the pundits said is, you are not going to go very far for one reason, and that is that, in this day and age, to run for president of the united states, you need to raise hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. [booing] and what the pundits said is that the only way that you can raise that kind of money is to establish a super pac and made -- and they -- and beg millionaires -- [booing] this is a smart audience. i like these guys. all right. [applause]
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because you know, you know, that would a super pac is about is -- that what a super pac is about is millionaires and billionaires and wall street pouring huge amounts of money into the political process. well, we decided from day one, that we were not going to have a super pac, because we do not represent billionaires or wall street. [applause] but, it is easy to be very noble and courageous, it is another thing to raise the money that you need. so, what we did is we basically reached out to the middle class, working families of this country, and we said, if you want a campaign which is going to fight for real change in this country, help us out a little bit.
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we know you're hurting, help us out, when he backs or 50 bucks. -- 20 bucks, 50 bucks. and you know what happened? one of the most amazing things that has happened in a very long time in american politics, and that is, over the last nine plus months, what we have seen is that our campaign has received 4 million individual campaign contributions. [applause] that is more campaign contributions than any campaign in the history of america at this point in a campaign. [applause] and we all know what the average contribution --
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>> [indiscernible] bernie sanders: i'll tell you these guys are really smart. , [applause] $27. [applause] to paraphrase abraham lincoln, this is a campaign of the people, by the people, and for the people. [applause] [chanting bernie] when we began this campaign, we were 50 points down in iowa.
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we were 30 points down in new hampshire. and just about five weeks ago, we were 25 points down in nevada. a lot has changed in the last few months. [applause] this is a campaign that has the momentum. and we have the momentum, not only in the democratic primary process, if you look at national polls, and you want a candidate who is going to defeat donald trump, you are looking at that candidate. [applause] and there were the nothing that would give me greater pleasure than, in fact, beating donald
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trump, and beating him badly. [applause] everybody here understands that throughout our country's history, real change, only takes place from the bottom on up, never from the top on down. [applause] the people who make the changes in the deepest sense, are not presidents, they are not supreme court justices, they are you. they are you. [applause] because what history has always been about, is people finding themselves in a moment in
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history and which they look around them and they say, the status quo is not good enough, we need real change. we are at that moment in american history today. [applause] 125 years ago, when workers had no right, they worked outrageous hours, they could be fired for any reason, working people stop and they say, we are not animals, we are not cattle, we are going to form a union and we are going to bargain collectively. [applause] we are going to stand up for our rights, and that is the origin of the union movement in this
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country. and 150, 200 years ago, whenever, african-americans and their white allies said, racism and sexism and bigotry is not what this country is supposed to be about. [applause] and against all odds, they stood up and they fought back. they said that that is not what america is supposed to be about, and way back when, women said, you know what, we are tired of being second-class citizens. [applause]
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sometimes we forget that 100 years ago, today, women did not have the right to vote, women did not have property rights, women cannot go to medical school, women cannot go to law school. women could do the work they wanted to do. but women and their male allies stood up and said, sorry, that is not what america is about. we are going to fight for change. [applause] not so many years ago, 10 years ago, if we were in this room, and somebody stood up and said, you know, i think that in america are gay brothers and sisters will have the right to be married in 50 states in america -- [applause]
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the person next to him would have said, what are you smoking? [laughter] which raises another issue. [applause] the important point to be made, is that the only way change takes place is when millions of people stand up and say, enough is enough. america can be much better than where we are today. [applause] the reason that our campaign is gaining such momentum, is
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frankly, that we are treating the american people as intelligent human beings, who are prepared to hear some harsh truths about our country. now, i can give you a wonderful speech, make it all pleasant and happy and funny, but that is not the world that we are living in. and what i've always believed, that if you do not face up to the difficult problems, if you try to sweep them under the rug, you are going to go nowhere in a hurry. [applause] what this campaign is talking about is the unpleasant reality that we live today with a corrupt campaign finance system, which is undermining american democracy.
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sen. sanders: what democracy is about, if you have an idea and i have an idea and we disagree and we argue over it, but at the end of the day, whether you are rich or poor, you get one votes and i get one vote. democracy is not about billionaires buying elections. [applause] sen. sanders: and, what connects a corrupt campaign finance system is the fact that we are living today in a rigged economy. [applause] sen. sanders: and what that means, as all of you know, is the average american is working longer and longer hours for lower wages, while almost all new wealth and income goes to the top 1%.
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that is a rigged economy. [booing] sen. sanders: and we are also living under a broken criminal justice system. [applause] sen. sanders: and what that means, is that if some kid in south carolina or vermont gets picked up today for possessing marijuana, that kid will receive a police record, and that record will be carried with that person for the rest of his life. [booing] sen. sanders: but, if you are an executive on wall street, whose illegal behavior for us to this country into the worst economic downturn since the great depression, you do not get a police record, you get an increase in your salary. [booing]
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sen. sanders: what this campaign is about, is saying that it is wrong, it is un-american, it is unsustainable when the top 1/10 of 1% now own almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. [booing] sen. sanders: that it is wrong that the 20 wealthiest people in this country now own more wealth than the bottom half of america, 150 million people. [booing]
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sen. sanders: now, when we talk about a rigged economy, let me give you just one example of what that means. it turns out that the wealthiest family in america today is the walton family who owns walmart. [booing] sen. sanders: now, i know that in south carolina, many parts of the country, you hear a whole lot about welfare abuse. about people ripping off the welfare system. right? well, let me inform you about who the major recipients of welfare in america is, it happens to be the walton family, the wealthiest family and america. [booing] sen. sanders: now, why is that? and the reason is, that walmart, owned by the walton family, pays wages that are so low that many of their employees are forced to go on medicaid, food stamps, and subsidized housing.
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and you know who pays for the food stamps, the subsidized housing, and the medicaid? you do. [booing] sen. sanders: so, on behalf of the walton family, the wealthiest family in america, i want to thank all of you for helping them out. [applause] sen. sanders: they are down to their last $60 billion. and they very much appreciate your helping them out. but, in all seriousness, i say to the walton family, and all of those corporations that are paying workers subsistence wages, get off of welfare, pay your workers a living wage. [applause]
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sen. sanders: and when we talk about wages, let's lay it out on the table. the fact is, the federal minimum wage, which also exists in many, many states, of $7.25 an hour, is a starvation wage. [applause] sen. sanders: you can do the arithmetic as well as i can. you can multiply eight, 9, 10 bucks an hour, 30 hours away, 50 weeks a year, and you end up with a sum that nobody can live on. [applause]
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sen. sanders: and that is why, together, that is why we are going to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, $15 an hour over the next few years. [applause] sen. sanders: and when we talk about an equitable and unfair wages, i hope that every man in this room will stand with the women and demand pay equity for women workers. [applause] sen. sanders: now, every month, federal government comes out with a report on unemployment. what you see on the front page tells you, officially, unemployment in america is 5%. that's right. [laughter]
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sen. sanders: the truth is, that real unemployment, including those with given up looking for work, or who are working part-time when they want to work full-time, is close to 10%. and youth unemployment, for kids who graduated high school, is off the charts. for white kids, 33%. latino kids, 36%. african american kids, 51%. [booing] sen. sanders: now, if anybody thinks there is not a connection between high rates of youth unemployment and the fact that we have more people in jail than any other country, you would be mistaken. you would be mistaken. [applause] sen. sanders: so, here is a radical idea, are you ready for a radical idea? [applause]
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sen. sanders: as a nation, we are going to invest in jobs and education, not jails or incarceration. [applause] sen. sanders: today is about thinking big, thinking outside of the box. and one way that we have got to think outside of the box, is to and this disgrace -- into this disgrace of mass incarceration in america. [applause] sen. sanders: when we talk about what is going on in this country, i hope all of you are listening to my republican
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colleagues and the good news is, i guess they have departed from south carolina. [applause] sen. sanders: but, you have listened to them, and if you hear them talking about family values, -- [laughter] sen. sanders: i want everybody to be clear about what they mean. this is not laughing stuff. what they mean is that everyone men in this arena, everywoman in this day, every woman in this country should not have the right to control her own body, i disagree. [booing] sen. sanders: what they mean is that the federal government should defund planned parenthood. i believe we should expand planned parenthood.
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[applause] sen. sanders: what they believe in family values is that are gay brothers and sisters should not have the right to get married, i disagree. [applause] sen. sanders: let me tell you about what real family values means. today, in south carolina, today in vermont women are having beautiful babies, big day for the parents, pretty big day for the babies. [laughter] sen. sanders: but here is the point. if that woman in south carolina is working-class or low income, and the women in vermont is low income or working-class, what happens a week or two after she has the baby? what happens, if she is forced to be separated from the beautiful baby and go back to work to earn enough income to take care of her family.
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that is not a family value. that is the opposite of a family value. it turns out that all over the world, not only in every industrialized nation, but in many poor countries, when women have a baby, they are guaranteed paid family and medical leave. [applause] is virtually every other country on earth can do it, so can we.
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we are going to pass legislation. we are going to pass legislation providing paid family medical leave. [applause] when we talk about the economy, and we talk about high unemployment. it is clear to me that we need a massive federal jobs program to put americans back to work. [applause] we should be hiring teachers, not firing teachers. [applause]
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sen. sanders: i was in detroit, michigan, last week, and i talked to some people from flint, michigan. what i heard from those people was probably the most depressing and distressing story that i have heard in my political life. i won't even go into all of the details about what is happening in that community, because it is so horrific. so unbelievable, that it could be happening in america in the year 2015. it's impossible to believe. the point i want to make is that our infrastructure, not just influence, but all of our water systems, wastewater plants, roads, bridges, levies, dams, real, airports, in many parts of this country, that infrastructure is collapsing.
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that is why we should invest heavily in rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, creating millions of decent paying jobs. [applause] sen. sanders: when we talk about what goes on in america, it is important to talk about the elephant in the room that many people choose not to talk about, and that is the greed, the recklessness, and the illegal behavior on wall street. [applause] sen. sanders: when the u.s. congress, against my vote bailed out wall street, they did so because of the fear that the big banks were too big to fail. it turns out that today, three out of the four largest banks
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are bigger now than they were when we build them out to go -- because they were too big to fail. [booing] sen. sanders: turns out that the six largest bank of america have assets equivalent to 58% of the gdp in america, they issue two thirds of the credit cards, one third of the mortgages. in my view, when you have a handful of financial entities, so big, so powerful, so politically connected, what we must do is break them up. [applause]
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sen. sanders: six years ago, the supreme court rendered one of the worst decisions in the history of the united states of america. and what they said to the billionaires, in wall street and 11 america, you already own much of the economy, now, we're going to give you the opportunity to buy the united states government's, and that is precisely what they are trying to do. right now. [booing] sen. sanders: one family, the koch brothers and a few of their billionaire friends -- [booing] sen. sanders: so you are familiar with the koch brothers. they will be spending in this campaign cycle, $900 million. so, here is the story, you get one vote, they get one vote, but on top of that, they get $900 million to spend. that is not democracy. that is oligarchy.
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and we are going to stop that. [applause]
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sen. sanders: the other part of the equation that we have to deal with is the incredibly oppressive burden of student debt that is resting on the shoulders of millions of americans. anybody here dealing with student debt?
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sen. sanders: the other part of the equation that we have to deal with is the incredibly oppressive burden of student debt that is resting on the shoulders of millions of americans. anybody here dealing with student debt? [applause] sen. sanders: i rest my case. what kind of debt are we talking about? 50? how much? $85,000. how much? $200,000. it's like a vermont auction. the young women here, raise your hand. she is $200,000 in debt. her brother is $200,000 in debt. now, when you engage in this campaign, it is important to take a deep breath.
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and understand that in many instances the status quo does not make sense. people who want nothing more in life than to get as good an education as they can should not into $200,000 in debt. [applause] sen. sanders: i talked to a guy, and i mention this issue in every speech that i did, i talked to a guy in nevada a few months ago, 55 years of age, he has been paying off a student debt for 25 years. he is more in debt today than he was when he took the loan out. and he is worried that when you get social security, they are going to garnish his social security to pay for student loans.
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this is crazy. this is crazy stuff. what we want is a nation which encourages people to get all the education that they need, not punish people. [applause] that is why, we have introduced legislation that allows people with student debt to refinance their loans at the lowest interest rate that they can find. [applause] sen. sanders: now, i have been criticized like about 12 times a day, for being too ambitious. but in america, we could just not afford it. we cannot do it germany and
12:52 am
scandinavia do. we cannot allow our young people to go to public colleges and universities tuition free. we cannot lower student debt, it is just impossible, it is too expensive. [booing] sen. sanders: and then people say, well, bernie how are you going to pay for it? and i will tell you how. we pay for it through a tax on wall street speculation. [applause] please or member that -- sen. sanders: please or her this, that when wall street greed and illegal behavior nearly destroyed our economy, they went to congress for a bailout, which they got. now, it is wall street's turn to help the middle class of this country. [applause]
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now i know, that here in south carolina, you have a state run by pretty conservative people. and i know that many conservatives refuse to accept science with regard to climate change. [booing] sen. sanders: i am a member of the senate committee on the environment and the senate committee on energy and i have talked to scientist all over this country, and all over the world. so, let me tell you, in south carolina, regardless of what your leaders may tell you, climate change is real. [applause] sen. sanders: climate change is
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caused by human activity. [applause] sen. sanders: climate change is already doing devastating harm in this country and around the world. that is the fact. [applause] sen. sanders: let me tell you something else, in terms of what science has said, they say that if we do not get our act together and a very short window of opportunity, this planets, by the end of this century, is going to be 5-10 degrees fahrenheit warmer, more droughts, more floods, more extreme weather disturbances, more a certification of the ocean. more rising sea levels, more international conflict as people fight over limited natural resource is. now, let me tell you this, as well. the reason that republicans refuse to recognize the scientists, is not because they are done, not because they cannot read science.
12:55 am
the reason has everything to do with a corrupt campaign finance system. [applause] sen. sanders: if a republican candidate for president came up here and told you what i just told you, that climate change is real, caused by human activity, on that day, that candidate would lose his funding from the fossil fuel industry, the koch brothers, the coal companies, and all of that. and i say, to my republican colleagues, worry less, about your campaign funds, worry more about your grandchildren and your great grandchildren. [applause] sen. sanders: in america, we have, as you all know pass to the affordable care act, which has done a lot of good things for our people and i'm on the committee that helped write
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that. affordable care act has eliminated insurance company affinity of pre-existing conditions. [applause] sen. sanders: we have done away with discrimination against women were forced to pay higher premiums than men. [applause] sen. sanders: we have added some 17 plus million people to the ranks of the insured. let me say, if i may, not that i want to be involved in local politics here, it is incompetence of all to me that when we pass the affordable care act to expand medicaid in every state in this country, that the
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governor of south carolina rejected that proposal. [booing] sen. sanders: we do not know and we may never know how many people will die or get much sicker than i should have because they did not have the medicaid that the congress provided for them. i would hope, i would hope, that the republican leadership here would get beyond right-wing political ideology and serve the needs of the people of this state. [applause] sen. sanders: my view is while
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the affordable care act has done some very good things, we have got to do better. [applause] sen. sanders: so, let me stand before you and tell you what i believe. and that is, that i believe that health care is a right of all people, not a privilege. [applause] sen. sanders: i believe that it is wrong that we pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, that 29 million americans have no health insurance and many of you are underinsured with high deductibles and copayments. that is why i believe in a medicare for all, single-payer program. [applause]
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sen. sanders: when we talk about this country, and what are the issues are that we have to address, let us be clear. and that is, that no american, black, latino, or white should be fearful of walking down the street and getting shot by a police officer. [applause] sen. sanders: i am the former mayor of the largest city of vermont and i worked very hard with police officers and i believe the vast majority of police officers are honest and hard-working and have to do a very difficult job. but, when a police officer breaks the law, like any other
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public official, that officer must be held accountable. [applause] sen. sanders: i believe that we must he militarized local police department so they do not look like occupying armies. [applause] sen. sanders: i believe that we need to make police departments like the communities that they serve. in my state of vermont and many parts of this country, we have a very, dare i say, huge problem with substance abuse.
1:01 am
and overdoses regarding heroin. this is a very serious problem. in my view, we have got to look at substance abuse and addiction as a health issue, not a criminal issue. [applause] sen. sanders: in the last 30 years in this country, millions of americans have received criminal records as a result of the possession of marijuana. [booing] sen. sanders: and what that means, is that if you have a criminal record and you are applying for a job, you know what, you may not get that job. so, what i believe is that when we have a federal controlled substance act, which lists marijuana as a schedule one
1:02 am
level, alongside heroin, that is dumb. [applause] sen. sanders: i believe that we should take marijuana out of the federal controlled substance act, and not make it a federal drug. [applause] sen. sanders: by the way, where this becomes a racial issue is that it turns out that the black community and the white community smoke marijuana at about the same rate, but blacks are four times as likely to be arrested than whites. [booing] sen. sanders: my friends, what this campaign is about, is asking all of you to imagine what this country can be.
1:03 am
in my view, we do not need to be a country which has the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country, at the same time as we are seeing a proliferation of millionaires and billionaires. [applause] sen. sanders: we do not have to be a country where young people cannot afford to get a higher education while millions of others are being crushed by outrageous student debt. we do not have to be the only major country on earth that does not guarantee paid family medical leave. or provide health care to all people. as a right. [applause] sen. sanders: we do not have to be a country in which millions of our brothers and sisters work
1:04 am
for 9, 10, 11 bucks an hour and are going nowhere in a hurry. [applause] sen. sanders: the only way we change america, not just electing a president, obviously i'm here to ask for your support, it is much more than that. it is to create a political revolution. [applause] sen. sanders: and what that revolution means, is that you understand that you and you and you, have the power to determine the future of america. that is what people thought and died for, and that is where we are today. and if millions of americans
1:05 am
stand up, and say, you know what, in this great country, we can be so much more. we do not have to have a political system owned by billionaires. we don't have to have a rigged economy. we don't have to have a broken criminal justice system. we, if we stand together, if we do not allow the donald trump's of the world to divide us up by race, or where we were born -- [applause] sen. sanders: if we stand together, and demand that the united states government represents all of us, not just the 1%, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. thank you all very much. [applause]
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>> from washington journal, this is 10 minutes. this. before getting more calls, derek fumbledk -- wallbank lirc -- from bloomberg joins us about these numbers. is this a three man race as marco rubio says? caller: senator rubio has a vested interest in this three-man race. a large bulwark of his campaign strategy has been to consolidate what you would call an establishment lane. making sure all the republican comes behind him and that is not just people, that is money as well.
1:14 am
his campaign fund-raising has not been phenomenal recently. there is indications right now as jeb bush dropped out that some of his top finance people are giving marco rubio a serious look. we are going to watch in the coming days to see if there is a --exxit is -- exit is udus. that is what they are hoping for after a second-place finish in south carolina. host: don't these donors ask when these candidates come to them ok, which state are you going to win? caller: it has to be the question. host: what is the answer? posing -- i have been asking this since august. i had some answers when people
1:15 am
say nevada but he's down in the few polls that it brought in nevada. that state does vote very shortly for the republicans. i believe it is tuesday and that is before thursday's debate. it's not like there is much time. it will be interesting to see. wins suggest he may not that one. you're going, forward to super tuesday math weather is some possibilities for him to do well. vermont is a state, making massachusetts is a state. i spoke with people in minnesota last night that said the campaign is getting going. maybe that is good savor him. fore are opportunities marco rubio to do well. at some point you have to win something.
1:16 am
that point unusually this year is not yet. this is an unusual year for a lot of reasons. on the steps to try to consolidate that lane without winning a state, it's very unusual. whichd put a giant caveat is all the people backing john kasich you came in second in new hampshire would have an problem saying this is a four-person race. host: that was my next question. you are saying marco rubio looking at vermont, massachusetts. john kasich is looking at those states too. does he pull away votes for marco rubio and make it difficult for him to get a win? caller: this is interesting. you have to wonder whether hasek is going to do better or rubio is going to be better. sich's team pointed
1:17 am
out in a hash of it is substantially better. two states that are bordering new hampshire that are voting on super tuesday and the kasich team is targeting those. the are also looking at virginia as a state where they might possibly be able to do well. your northern virginia suburbs looks good for kasich. the said they consolidated governor's ;lane. kerry, gendal and all those folks. kasich is the only one left. there are a lot of editorial boards that like him. you see a lot of them coming out for kasich.
1:18 am
south carolina newspapers were coming up for kasich when he wasn't campaigning in south carolina as much as the rest of the candidates. he has got some stuff. he has good states coming up. notably his own home state of 15 and thech michigan primary about a week before that. host: what does this mean for senator ted cruz? which states is he saying he can win going forward? caller: the ted cruz strategy is the same as it was. he has a great organization, a great campaign. he is a guy who has sent staffers all across the united states. and by all across i mean he said people in specific territories, the virgin islands. he has been playing of delegate math game that is not changing.
1:19 am
he is walking into the sec primaries, these primaries in the south. cruz's home state of texas votes on march 1. cruz isis where ted expected to do fairly well. he has been pointing to this for a long time. the key will be beating trump in some of these places. state wherena was a guys like cruz should be figured to do fairly well. he did pretty well. they just lost by 10 points the donald trump. but that's the whole thing with this campaign. well absentt doing donald trump. donald trump is also running for president. you have to do well in comparison to donald trump and that's a difficult thing. campaign can say they
1:20 am
are the only one to win a state besides donald trump. they have money, organization, and a major test coming up in very short order. host: best buy, the democrats. what is it looking like after hillary clinton's win in nevada heading to south carolina for her and super tuesday following that? caller: we have published something just after new hampshire that showed hillary clinton -- we put her superdelegates with her delegates and said look at this lead. she had just gotten wiped out new hampshire and she still had the delegate lead overall. a couple of hundred. she has so much support from party people. actual evada she has an w to back thatin.
1:21 am
iowa she won barely. it was like 4:00 in the morning what happened. new hampshire she got crushed. but nevada was a win. carolina --o south nevada was a good state. demographically south carolina is a much better state for clinton demographically. up in the 20's percentage points. she has got a lot of support. jim clyburn endorsed or recently. a very powerful guy. she has a lot of support in that state. it should be a good state for her. she should take a pretty good-sized delegate lead walking into super tuesday, but again, you have some pretty good states for bernie sanders. the key for hillary clinton was the presumed front-runner since
1:22 am
two years ago has always been getting through this and beyond. hampshire definitely said that was not going to be a quick process. super tuesday will tell us how quick of a process that may or may not be. sanders has some pretty good states coming up. 3, 4, 5, 6and wins of them, this will continue for a long time and it raises more questions. host: you can go to to follow their >> some of the presidential candidates discuss the state of their campaigns on the sunday morning news shows. we begin with donald trump. : not at all.
1:23 am
i was a member of the establishment of the gop. i say that proudly. i gave $350,000 to the governors association before i ran on june 16. i gave tremendous amounts of money to people in the republican party. i gave to everyone and i was very establishment. once i ran, they said -- what is going on he doesn't need our money. control the senators and congressmen so when they go for rewards they make sure they get it. i will make sure i do right by the country. in that way, it is different. ultimately, that would be good for the party because we will win the election. in two polls, i be hillary clinton. i don't think bernie sanders will be the problem. i think hillary will be the one
1:24 am
i am competing against. marco rubio: we had a very unusual circumstance. i was being attacked on all sides. you can only take on so many people at one time. this is not about going after donald trump. this election is about who is most capable. i know that i am. he is the front runner and you have seven people running. over 70% of republicans nationally said they will not vote for donald trump. as long as that 70% is being divided up by five people, of course he is the front runner. we have to nominate someone that will bring us together as a party and will row it and take it to new people and that can win. we cannot lose this election. i give our party the chance to
1:25 am
nominate someone as conservative in this race. i am a conservative that can unite us and grow this party. cruz: we won iowa with a big margin. we came in third in new hampshire. tiednight, we effectively for second. what that combination has resulted in is that there is now only one strong conservative remaining in the race that can win. our game plan was to do well in the first four states and to consolidate conservatives to go forward into super tuesday. 70% of thee than voters are evangelical or born again. donald trump won them over. how do you explain that? ted cruz: donald trump has proven to be a formidable candidate. one of the things the first
1:26 am
three states have shown is that there is only one campaign that has beaten or can be donald trump. 70% of republicans do not believe donald trump is the right candidate to go head-to-head with hillary clinton and one of the things we are seeing after last night is that people across the country are recognizing that if we want to be donald trump, ted cruz is the only one that can do it. i know you have blamed the trust issue on decades of unfair acts of republican smears against you. how do you fix that? clinton: i will do what i have always done. i will keep reaching out to voters. i understand that voters have questions. i will do my best to answer those questions. there is an underlying question
1:27 am
that may be at the back of people's minds and that is -- is she in it for us or for herself? that is a question people are trying to sort through. i will demonstrate that i have always been the same person fighting for the same values. i was ever in an elected office, and even before my husband was in the presidency. to make my i have case. i have to demonstrate what i have achieved. i have to make clear that we want to make progress in our country. we want to make a real difference in people's lives. that is what i have always been about. >> where you --where will you win next? to win, you have to win. super tuesday. can you win a majority of the delegates on super tuesday?
1:28 am
sanders: we are studying that issue very closely as to where we will allocate our resources and time. we have a good shot in colorado. a good shot in minnesota. a good shot in massachusetts. we are looking pretty good in oklahoma. in my old state of vermont, the last hole shows me at 80%. i think we will surprise people in other states as well. to therrow, our road white house coverage continues from nevada as that state prepares for the republican caucuses on tuesday. senator ted cruz of texas hold a rally in las vegas. donald trump also in las vegas for a rally that starts live at 10:00 p.m. eastern. see them both on c-span. ♪
1:29 am
i am trying still to decide which candidate to support. -- trying to decide behind between the governors with executive experience or some of the other candidates like ted cruz and marco rubio. >> the most important issue to me is national service. there are more than 5 million americans that need a step forward. our nation's governors gathered in washington this weekend for their annual winter meeting. this session focused on ways to into thenvestment states for the benefit of the states economies and workforces. ais is about an hour and half.


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