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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 22, 2016 10:00pm-12:01am EST

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>> to california so he could read it. >> you covered a lot of ground this weekend. cruz: thank you. >> we need to figure it out. button on hit the ok the camera.
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ted cruz: thank you very much for being here. thank you for coming. i appreciate you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. [laughter] ted cruz: thank you. >> i don't know if you are going to like them. ted cruz: thank you. thank you.
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god bless you. standing by tore take you to a trump rally in las vegas. when that gets underway, we will bring that to you. you are looking at a ted cruz event where they addressed the firing of a spokesperson from the campaign. afternoon.ood we are one day away from the nevada caucuses and we are seeing energy continuing to grow and what we are seeing here mirrors what we are seeing nationally, the reagan coalition, conservatives, libertarians, evangelicals,
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young people, all united behind the campaign and this is entirely about turnout. if you are fed up with washington dealmaking and politicians who go to washington and break their word, cutting deals with democrats, hammering small businesses, taking away constitutional freedoms, i to help ouru campaign. the people of nevada want a fiscal, social, national security conservative who has defended the constitution and bill of rights. it is all about turnout. there are a lot of
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questions today about whether donald trump is unstoppable. how do you stop donald trump? the role the states play is narrowing the field. we are down to three viable candidates. historically, note edits has ever one -- no candidate has ever won the nomination without winning one of the first three states and there are only two of us who myself andstate, donald trump. andld trump has a ceiling 60%-70% of primary voters
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realize that donald trump is not the best candidate to go head-to-head against hillary clinton. head-to-head, i beat her. i am the only candidate who can trump and it is why you are seeing conservatives coalescing around the campaign. if you don't think donald trump is the right campaign, the only beaten his is ours. reporter: trump is winning all these things. is it plausible to say he may not be beatable? i believe that donald trump will not be the nominee. eat him is ouro b
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campaign. candidates attack us, engage in personal slurs, they could weaken us and hands donald trump the nomination. that is the possibility. i do not think that we can afford to gamble. the reason we all invest so much time and energy is that our country hangs in the balance and we are bankrupting the nation. $19national debt is trillion. i want to speak to the people in nevada who have economic stagnation, who have been reduced to 28 hours a week because of obamacare, who see a legal immigration pushing down wage growth, there is a better way.
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we have student loans that are strangling young people. of not having a better future. this is not the new way. the only way to turn it around is to get back to the free market principles that built the country in the first place and lessen the burden of washington through tax reform and regulatory reform. i will repeal obama care and champion a flat tax that of isheso is the -- that the irs and you will see jobs and wages exploding. this campaign is about bringing back economic opportunity for the struggling.
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reporter: there has not been a 24 hour time where your campaign has not been accused of dirty tricks and deceiving the voters. what do you say about marco rubio? competitors do not want to defend records and, when record, brings up the they scream "liar!" when i pointed out donald trump's support for planned parenthood, he responded by bellowing. your communication admitted a mistake today. will disciplinary action happen?
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let me finish answering the question. donald trump's screams because he cannot defend his record, because it is consistent with -- it is inconsistent with what he is telling voters. marco rubio, his position, he said it on the debate stage and with chuck todd. "liar."onse was to say, in florida, he supported in-state to wishing for illegal aliens. he went on univision, in spanish, promised that he would not change obama's executive actions. that is a fact and marco, like
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donald trump, says, "liar." and, that i could not speak spanish. that statement was incorrect and i demonstrated that at the debate. there is a reason that campaigns make a decision to engage in personal attacks. i will point out that donald trump and marco rubio have relied on fabrications. a quote fromtweets tom coburn. senator coburn said that the tweet was a fabrication. rubio, likewise, made multiple of wrongful conduct for which he had no evidence and we had nothing to do about. you asked about the tweet. yesterday, a staffer sent out a that with a new story
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indicated marco saying something negative about the bible. it was false. the staffer deleted the tweet, apologized, and pulled it down. andvestigated what happened i asked for a resignation. campaign clear in this conduct this with the highest standards of integrity and it is how we have conducted it from day one. my character and i do not respond. none of you have heard the insults that micro rubio -- marco rubio has thrown at me every day. it turned out that the new story that he sent out was false.
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if it was true, we are not going to question the faith of another candidate. even if it was true, the campaign should not have sent it and the standards of the conduct of this campaign have been made clear to every member of the campaign. marco'si understand campaign team believes that it is advantageous to distract the public from his record and they have a record they have earned in south carolina of engaging in grickery and impugnin opponents. we are going to stay focused on issues of substance and record and this is what the people are going to get. about turnings around constitutional rights.
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we are taking you live to las vegas, where donald trump is about to speak to his supporters. the rally is underway. they have the preliminaries. we have live coverage under way with donald trump -- live coverage underway with donald trump. nevadans understands that government is not our friend and fails at everything the homeecause we are of one of the most successful america, the mustang ranch. the mustang ranch was accused of cheating on taxes. he was indicted and the federal
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lovernment took over the brothe and drove it into bankruptcy in one year. the moral of the story is, if hel andnot run a brot turn a profit, get your damn hands off of my health care. if you want to, get serious about ending prostitution, arrest the pimps who run the brothel in reid, nancyharry pelosi, and hillary clinton. we have the winning message. if you cannot get the voters fired up, you have the wrong candidate. for too long, we have had the wrong candidate.
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trump. have donald i will leave you today with the words of a great hero in american politics, barry goldwater. we trustill come when the conduct of our affairs to men and women who understand that their first duty as public officials is to divest themselves of the power they have been given. ,hen a politician takes office put your hands on the bible and pledged to give the power back to the people. this is why we support donald trump. all right. i have the honor of introducing sheriff joe. [cheering]
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he is known across sheriffas the toughest serving. county,s maricopa phoenix, arizona, since 1993. he is the toughest against illegal immigration. it is my honor to introduce to you -- give him a giant standing ovation -- sheriff joe. sheriff joe: thank you. i only have five minutes and it is difficult for me. thank you. i love nevada.
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cop in las vegas in 1957. i was very young when i joined. then, i became a federal narcotics agent after that assignment in las vegas and that propelled me into my future fighting drug trafficking. city,in turkey, mexico and i know where the mexican-u.s. border is. i have to be careful. this is not a resume. i'm here to support donald trump. ave, in my 24 years as
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otherf, endorsed four presidential candidates running for office. this one is a little different, a little different. be on they seem to for lane and he is the best america in this time. excited to support donald trump. very excited. you arehat all of the and that the people understand where he is coming from. and, make sure he becomes the next president of the united states. so -- [cheering] fence, joe: building a
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that is a no-brainer. people say it is impossible. it is not impossible. believe me. i am not going to get into my experience with g gordon liddy. it is very important. that border. the mexicans bent down when you say you are going to take away the foreign aid. they began cooperating. sad, in a way, with all the drugs coming across the border. get theiricians go to pictures taken with the chicken fence. they forget about the heroin coming from mexico.
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, talk, or doto say anything. as far as guns, i love his stance on guns. [excited cheering] public and: i went carryhat 250,000 who concealed weapons ought to be able to use the weapons. that is what i said! isis,onald talks about you never negotiate. you destroy them. that is what you do. -- he like about him tells it like it is. most politicians are politically correct. have you noticed that?
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nobody says anything and i can never understand. i understand when he talks. some may not like it. that is tough. you have to work hard. i was on an airplane. airlines. say which i get good support, even from the pilots, which makes me happy. what you call them now -- stewardess? flight attendant? "i amhisper in my ear, glad that you are supporting trump." why'd you have to whisper? come out and say it. nothing to be ashamed of. come on. he is a businessman.
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we need a businessman for a change. [excited cheering] sheriff joe: if you run a business like the government, you go broke. so, let's get the jobs and keep them here. why help out everybody in the world? i never understood that. you talk about ambassadors. he is probably the best we have and knows more about form policies and government because she is over there all of the time. [excited cheering] don't have much time to give to that. ched half a million people in the tnents i put up. i have had four presidential
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candidates visit me in the tents. they all lost. i tried to get hillary down here. she is too smart. she won't come. i'd even give her a free pair of pink underwear. you probably don't know what i'm talking about. i guess that most of you do. donald trumpupport and i am not going to talk about the pope. i am not going to get into that. they went after me and the mexican government won't let me go in. i cannot get in to see mexican officials to help them with my experience. they won't let me in to talk to them. it is the old "it's too
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dangerous." trump.t is "he is a buddy." what does that have anything to do with it? donald toould go with mexico city and find a way to do that. i would at least save the airplane fare. courage tothe guts, 90%k out, and, believe me, of what he says makes sense. common sense is what it is. on't get into other things. we seem to be on the right road. and as a great state great country for all of you and
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i see a lot of arizona people here who came all the way from arizona. i see tom and tim from arizona. love donald trump. i will tell you what they do. and love him here in nevada you will see, tomorrow night! thank you. [applause] ]elton john plays
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>> entered donald trump. the proposals that donald trump has will create problems. and populous and angry at politicians.
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he likes to keep things simple. he likes to get things done. there is no one better then he is. he is passionate. he has an amazing company. >> mr. trump, we love you. ♪ >> thank you. that is the first time they have ever done that. the first time. amazing.
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it is all in one big beautiful package. a beautiful package. and we will do this. proud, going to be so and you will be so happy. we will start winning so much. we are going to win. on healthng to win care and with the military. hopefully, we will not have to use it. we will win with our veterans and our wounded warriors. the greatest people of all. back our jobs from china, japan, and mexico. we will bring them back. we will bring them back. we will do it together. i remember him telling me,
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when i was a little girl, if you are going to be thinking anyway, you might as well be thinking big. he has the strength to make the decisions and motivate those around him to achieve the impossible. it is my pleasure to introduce to you today, a man i have loved and respected my entire life. j. trump. donald ♪
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donald trump: wow. this is something. this is a big, beautiful building. wow. unbelievable. unbelievable. [cheering] donald trump: oh boy. you better get out tomorrow and vote. vote. vote. vote. bill that wall. we will build that while, don't worry about it. we will bill that wall. -- we will build the that wall.
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who will pay for that? who? we are kidding, also. we are not kidding. we are not kidding. we are not going to be the dummies anymore. we will be the smart ones. thank you. they say this is record-setting, the biggest they have ever had. the biggest they have ever had at doing this stuff. isn't that incredible? incredible. 10,000 people in this beautiful arena. i want to thank michael and his wife. they own the place. they were so nice. a have really done a great job. setting records like this is so important. but tomorrow, you have got to go out and vote. with whatch momentum
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happened in south carolina last week. what a great group of people. what happened in new hampshire the week before was so incredible. leading and everyone is talking and watching television tonight. donald trump-- will win tomorrow. don't ever assume you are going to lose. but if you assume we will tie, you will go out and vote. at the would say old-school caucus, but forget the word caucus, just go out and vote. so, a lot of things have happened since june 16 when i announced i was running. who knew this was going to happen? i thought we would be in the middle of the pack at this time but we would edit it out at the end like a racehorse.
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we win in the end. but we have a big lead and we don't want to blow it. frankly, we have to go all the way. we will make america great again, hoax. we will make-- america great again, folks. we will make it better than ever before. the fact of the matter is that over the last seven months, i have been going around and every crowd looks like this all of the time. the people are amazing. -- makeeen saying that america great again. better than ever before. because our people, our people in this country are incredible. 16 and itarted on june came down and talked about illegal immigration. we have sheriff joe. i love sheriff joe. where is sheriff joe? i will tell you what -- there he is, right there.
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p,en sheriff joe endorses trum there is no one else like donald trump. thank you sheriff joe. it started with that and it started. i made a speech in front tower to i took a deep breath because it takes guts to run for president. i don't do this -- other guys have spent $148 million and i still funding, by the way, i am spending my own money. i don't need these people. i don't need their money. very important. i don't know if i get the credit for that. and you go into a booth vote, i don't know if i get the credit but i will tell you that these people are all taken care of by their donors and special interests and their lobbyists. 100%. 100%. [booing]
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i used to be those people, just so you understand that. who knows the game? takes andnd what it when some and gives you $5 million and they represent the pharmaceutical industry and they come to you and they need a favor -- you know, you want to be an honest guy but believe me, they have you 100%. what is good for the country is not going to be the thing that is done. when they come to see me, and they say -- we need this or i have noy, folks, interest. i have to do what is right for the country. we will great and it out. we will straighten it out. i will give you an example, a terrible thing happened this week. you solve the air-conditioning. my son eric was here. we said we ought to write a
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letter. these are activist sons. where are they? great sons. there they are. ought to writewe a letter to carrier. here is what happened. do people know what happened last week? berry said. there is nothing we are going to do about it unless we get really smart and tough. i went to the best school, and you don't have to go to the rights will or go to high school to understand it. they had announced 1400 jobs -- they fired everyone and said they were moving to mexico. a lot of people are moving to mexico. it has become the new china. phone, 1400eir cell
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people were devastated. they say they are going to mexico. if i am the president, here is what we do. we write them a little note and we congratulate them in their move. --help they don't have any have too many cost overruns. and we tell them the following -- every time you make an air-conditioning unit and every time you send that unit into the united states. you will pay a 35% tax. 35%. [cheering] it willrump: and come be amazing how those numbers will change. amazing. and i don't care. , they want to me even bother with the lobbyists because they will not have given me money, the special interests will not have given me money, the donors will not have given me money. when i went to the last debate, use all that mess. i didn't have anyone there, my
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sons and my wife and the whole room was packed with special interest and donors. guys got up and spoke so badly and the audience went crazy. i looked and i knew half the people in the room. they were all special interest guys. one represents pharmaceuticals. countrygot to put our back together. it is a mess. a mess. we have got to do it. so, as an example, the drug companies. a doctor comes up to me, and he says -- we are dying with obama care. it is not working. morells me there -- he has accounts and he has nurses. he said -- the you know they do not bid out drugs. we are the largest drug buyer in the world and we do not bid them out. i am surprised but not that surprised. the drug companies and
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pharmaceutical companies are all making massive campaign contributions to the people i am running against and to the others. i will not use that expression because i will get in trouble with those people. do you know what he just said? right? we will do exactly what you said. -- that is ok, you can sit down. i said what happened is that they are all being taken care of. if we bid out pharmaceutical drugs, we would save each year $300 billion. $300 billion. as a country. you have that with the military going on because the military outfits that make the weapons, i
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do have a little protester? get him out. get him out. [cheering] donald trump: get him out. where is the protester? where is the? i don't even see him. becauselove protesters the only way the camera turn and show how big the audience is is when there is a protester. otherwise, they never turn. i love protesters.
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don't worry. it is ok. for a long time, i didn't know these guys. -- i say, howhome did i do? did you see how big the crowd was? we have the biggest crowds by far than anyone, much bigger than bernie, although i will say he is second. but i think he is heading down. looks like bernie is heading down, and hillary will get a pass in her e-mail scandal but we will be bringing it out. we will be bringing it up. looks like we will be running against hillary which is good. how did she get a pass in that deal? how? right? it will not happen. it won't happen. it will not happen. so, with these cameras come they never show the audience. i said to my wife -- did you see the size of the audience?
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25,000 people. and she said that she did not see the crowd. they only see my face. the other night, recently, i had 12,000 people -- go ahead. go ahead. [booing] donald trump: i love it. the other night, we had 12,000 people, bernie had 3000. i turn on the television because . do like watching myself i turn on the television and they are saying -- bernie
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sanders had a massive crowd of 3000 people. then, they go to donald trump. and donald trump spoke before a crowd today. a massive crowd of 3, 12 they don't to mention. this is really bad. dishonestthe most people i think i have ever dealt with. they are bad people. bad people.
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not all of them. they are not all bad. about 80% bad. 10% ok. 5% good and 5% very good. that is not bad. what i did on june 16, we came out and we started talking about trade and how we are being ripped off by china and japan and mexico. ripped off by vietnam and india. i every country. every single country because they are all represented by these people who we think are representing us. when i say i am self funding, it means much more than you think. it means much more. i am telling you. know, if it is a tie, they should vote for me, that is what i am saying. they should vote for me. i will say this -- these are the most this honest people i have ever dealt with. politicians. i have dealt with them all my life so i am not certain rise very it is not like i am shaken up. cruz lies more
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than any human being i have dealt with. unbelievable. and he holds up the bible and he live and then he holds up the bible again and he lies. this was sort of cool. at the last debate, marco rubio, nice guy. nice guy. a cross and he said -- you are a liar and i have never heard a politician call another politician a liar. it was a thing of beauty. i have never heard it. so, it then gave me covered. the last election, in south carolina, the morning of the election, the morning of the election. a crossthink of it. you think it is all done and you are just waiting around. you better be there.
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if you are not there, i will be so angry. i don't want to turn on the everyonen and they -- loves the job he is going to do but his people were sue -- were too lazy to go out and caucus. after this, you know what happens. after this, we have the whole fec. we will do so great. we have georgia, tennessee, so many great ones. i think we will do very well in texas. theuse, you know, evangelicals were supposed to go with ted cruz. they were supposed to go with ted cruz. honestly, i won the evangelicals by a a lot. actually, i won everything. i won short people and tall people. i won fat people, skinny people.
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educated, ok practically not educated at all. i love them all. i won the evangelicals big and i won the military big. big. i won, the veterans. thoseose veterans, i love veterans. we will take care of those veterans we are going to take care of our veterans, right? these are the greatest people. i meet so many wounded warriors. more courage and guts, i hate to say it, then all of us put together. these are the most incredible people. they always have a smile on
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their face when i meet them. and boy oh boy, they have taken some shots and they are amazing. we have to take care of them. we would not be there if it was not for them. and we will take care of them. we will straighten out that v.a. mess. -- it is hard to even believe. 22 suicides a day. think of it from the veterans. 22 suicides. that is unthinkable. look at the signs. that is so incredible. wow. incredible. i did not know this. that is incredible. who would think this. that this was possible. that is absolutely incredible. i did not know you were going to be doing this. we will straighten out the veterans. veterans, don't worry. we are coming.
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we are going to straighten out a lot of things. we will get rid of common core. we are getting rid of common core. we will make education awesome. in the world, top 30 in the world, we are number 30. that means we are at the bottom of the list that we are number one in terms of cost per pupil. number two is so far away it does not even exist. we are number 30 and yet we are number one in the cost her pupil. let us look at my campaign. i spent -- i spent a lot of money that i spent by far the least amount of money and i am by far number one. isn't that good? somebody else, i won't mention, but they were nasty to me. they took $25 million. 25 million dollars and i and
11:17 pm
supposed to say he is a nice person. and they were phony ads. ted cruz has an ad, something to do with me wanting to take away your land and keep it with the federal government. i don't even know what they are talking about. it is a ted cruz scam. the evangelicals did not vote for him because they don't like liars. they are smart people. they don't want to vote for a liar. but it is true. i have an ad running right now. and a coupledo -- of people told me that i am backing the federal government to keep the land that is currently owned by the federal government and we should give that land to everyone and divide it up. -- well,ng to myself
11:18 pm
it is not a subject that i know anything about. but this is a ted cruz ad. this guy is sick. there is something wrong with this guy. on saturday, when we had to vote, when we had to vote in south carolina, saturday -- i wake up and think it is going to be a nice, easy day. myet hit with a call from management people who by the way did a fantastic job. they are fantastic. i get hit early in the morning call butone did a robo ted cruz denied it. this is the day of the election. the robo call had to do with the confederate flag. robo call toa good get at 8:00 in the morning. then, i had a second robo call at 12:00 -- total lies. i won't go into subject matter. a second robo call on election day and it said -- this one had to do with gay marriage.
11:19 pm
this goes to everyone. south carolina. incredible people. and i said -- man, if i get hit with two robo calls like that, how can i possibly win? the people were so smart. i won in a landslide. can you believe that? i won in a landslide. i was going to tell you two other stories. i won with men, that is not important to me. i won with women, that is very important to me. [cheering] doing trump: so, we are really well. so, we are sending a letter, sending a letter to terrier and in that letter we are going to arethat if i should win, we
11:20 pm
going to come after you for a lot of money every kind used and an air conditioner. ward. sending a letter to i have been talking about ford for two years. ford is building a $2.5 million plant. -- we have these really stupid trades. every deal we make is stupid. whether it is sergeant birdsall and they getraitor five killers they have coveted for nine years. we get one, they get five. ours is no good. let us and him back. flyover. flyover and dropped him, maybe you give him a parachute, navy you don't. depends on if we have an extra pair issue. probably best if we have an .xtra parachute
11:21 pm
he went out into the world and he did not find it too comfortable. he was slapped around pretty good. he came back. he could not get access to enough. five, maybe six people were killed looking for him and we had a general and a kernel that went to see has platoon. and they all said he deserted and we knew he deserted when we make the deal. why would you make a deal for a deserter and give up five people who they wanted. , why woulde give up we give up five killers, why? traitor.irty, rotten because we have incompetent leadership. we have incompetent leadership.
11:22 pm
if they did not know that would be terrible, but knowing committee that makes it even worse. is that a correct statement, mr. navy? he is shaking his head. i know my people. i know my people. are not going to make deals like that anymore. we are not making an iran deal where we give them $150 billion and we get nothing. think of it. come itto the iran deal started years a go. how long have they been negotiating? one of the newspapers called up and said how long should that deal have taken? and i said one day, maybe one week. it has been years. thehould have demanded prisoners back before we started negotiations. and we would have gotten them.
11:23 pm
and you get up and you say -- listen, we are going to ratchet up the sanctions. we want our prisoners back. they never walked from that deal. we were ridiculed in that deal. even in the end, the worst thing that ever happened to israel. it is a disaster for israel. the deal is no good. it will lead to nuclear proliferation. they will have nukes. they don't even have to develop them, they can just live them and have a lot of money left over. where are they spending the 150? they are not buying boeing. -- iordered missiles didn't know they could buy missiles. he ordered missiles from russia and they are all over europe spending that money. the united states gets nothing. they attacked us and they put
11:24 pm
our 10 sailors in a begging position, on their knees with their hands up, with the guy with a rough mouth -- i would like to smack him. and he is barking orders like he is a big shot and they have rifles at their heads. and these are our friends and obama addresses their leader as the supreme leader and obama refuses to issue the words -- radical islamic terrorism. when i call for a boycott, we are going to do that out of intelligence. we are going to do that because we want to keep our country strong and safe and we have no choice. believe me. [chanting u-s-a]
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somed trump: we have amazing things going on in this country that we will make it so strong. one of the things i most look forward to doing is taking our military and just reworking it. getting than the equipment they want, not that that was gotten for political gain by some guy that has control of a company that is good with the senators, some of whom i am running against. we are going to make it so strong. here is what we do. we are going to now talk for two seconds about obama care. subject that is very close to my heart and it is killing our country. it is going to fail of its own
11:26 pm
weight by 17. it is going down. it is going to fail like you have never seen that the republicans, unless i end there, will come and they'll it out. they bailed it out with this horrible budget from four weeks ago. obamacare will be repealed and replaced. -- we are going to have a strong country again and obamacare has to go. we cannot afford it. you will end up with great health care for a fraction of the price and that will take late immediately after we go in. immediately. fast. what? [indiscernible] ok.ld trump:
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it is not working for you. it doesn't work -- does it work for anyone? nobody. we get it changed. we get it changed and fixed. it will be beautiful. it doesn't. [booing]
11:28 pm
[booing] donald trump: wiseguys. we have wiseguys. sometimes, you would like to sit down with a guy like that. if you talk to someone like that for a couple of minutes, i really think unless there are other motives which there often are what you talk to someone like that for 15 minutes. what do we all want? security, health care, good jobs. right? you are a liberal democrat, a conservative republican -- don't we all want security. strong, strong security. because our country is now in trouble. when it comes, and when i first came down i said trade and the border. that border is going to be so strong and the syrians cannot be
11:29 pm
allowed to come in. we do not know who they are. we don't know who they are. we don't know who they are, there is no paperwork, no documentation. have you ever looked at migration? look at all of the young men. where are the women and children? take a look at what is happening in germany. it is a disaster. what is happening to sweden, brussels. take a look. it is not going to happen to our country. -- wel make our country will make our country stronger than ever before. if you look at our gdp for the last order, we had no growth. we are losing jobs. we have a phony jobs number. they say we are down to 5% but the real number is 25%.
11:30 pm
would not be, i having kraus like this at every stadium. that 5% number was devised by politicians to look good. just to look good. the jobs they are talking these are bad jobs and the part-time jobs all over the place. people working part-time jobs that never had a part-time job. so we're going take our jobs back the china and all of these other countries. i have a friend, he's a great contracter and merchandiser, and he cannot get his product into china. does, he hat he can't. oh, bye-bye. good job, fellows. bye-bye. but see, he's smiling. he's having a good time.
11:31 pm
i love the old days, you know? you know what i hate, there's a guy totally disruptive, throwing punches. we're not allowed to punch back anymore. i love the old days. you know what they used to do guys like that in a place like this? they would be carried out in a stretcher, folks. true. you know, i love our police. and i really respect our police. and they're not getting enough. they're not. [applause] honestly, i hate to see that. here's a guy throwing punches, nasty as hell, screaming at everything else when we're talking and he's walking out and we're not allowed -- the guards are very gentle with him. he's walking out with big high-fives, smiling, laughing. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. cheers and applause]
11:32 pm
you know, it brings up something, two debates ago, they hit ted cruz with a question. this guy's so overrated, he's ridiculous. i always say about ted cruz, he can debate but he can't talk. they said what do you think about waterboarding? he got all messed up. he couldn't answer the question. he was a mess. he didn't want to say waterboarding is a good thing. waterboarding -- nothing's pretty but they're chopping off heads, right? they're chopping off heads. they're drowning people in steel cages. leaving them in the ocean for an hour and then lifting them up after many, many people drown. but they're chopping off heads and they're saying to themselves, can you believe how weak and pathetic the americans are? so they're asking ted cruz what do you think of waterboarding? >> well, uh -- well, what do i
11:33 pm
say? i want to be politically correct. waterboarding is so terrible. even though they're chopping off heads, waterboarding is terrible. he couldn't answer the question. then they asked me what do you think about waterboarding? i say i think it's great but i don't think it goes far enough. true, right? [crowd chanting "u.s.a.] "u.s.a."]chanting we don't go far enough. and now the press will write trump is a mean guy. i'm not a mean guy. i'm just a guy that doesn't want to be pushed by animals. these are animals. [applause] so there won't be anymore fords
11:34 pm
going mexico. there won't be anymore different trades. i don't eat nabisco. i don't eat oreos which is a good thing not a bad thing. when they announced they're moving their plant to mexico, it's not going happen. it's not going happy. karl icon he endorsed me. we have some of the most important deals we're making now are trade deals. to me security is the most important thing always, ok? just so you know. just so you know. cnn did a pole and they said -- poll and they said trump for the military is the best. trump for the economy is the best. i don't mean by a little bit. i mean by so much, you wouldn't believe it. 40 points.
11:35 pm
trump for so many things. trump for leadership is the best. [cheers] trump at the border is the best. rue. this probably had to do with sheriff joe. we have people coming in legally. but we are going to be strong at the border. nobody's going to have a border like us, believe me. believe me. and you know, i talk -- because i thought it was a little bit funny. the pope sort of came out and he said some things. this was the day of the election, the day the pope and they came to me. they said mr. trump, the pope just made some statements about him. i said the pope? what do i have to do with the pope? don't tell me this is like 10 hours before the election, right? south carolina, the election.
11:36 pm
i have a question. the pope is hitting me hard. and he said things about the border and you can't have a wall. and i said wow, but i've seen the vatican, that's the biggest strongest wall i've ever seen. i've never seen a wall like hat. in fact, i want to use that as my model for the wall we want to build. but no, the mexican officials who are very smart. they're making a fortune for us. $58 billion a year. these politicians come up to me. they used to say, you can't build a wall, can you? i said china, 13,000 miles, the great china wall, the with of china, right? 13,000 miles long. no, we can't build a wall caterpillar tractors all over the place.
11:37 pm
that's 13,000. we need 1,000. and i want to make it higher than the wall in china so that we can say -- cheers and applause] won't be as wide but it will be higher, i can tell you. we go on -- let me just explain something. we're going to have such great security -- such great security that we're going to be the model for the world. we're going to be the model for the rest of the world. we've gone from being a laughing stock. we'll go to the exact opposite. one of the things that you see and i say all the time, we don't win anymore. we don't beat isis. we're going to knock the hell ut of them, folks. we don't win with healthcare. we don't win with education. i was going say on education, right? to have -- to be ranked number
11:38 pm
30th and to spend that kivende money is so sad. is so sad. we're going balance our budget relatively quickly. it can go very quickly. some of the politicians said we can balance them over a 25-year period. do you believe that? over a 25-year period. there was a man in baseball. id anyone ever hear of charles o'finley. he had no money but he would have the best team. he had cat fish hunter, reggie jackson. he had the lowest salary in baseball by far and he won three world series in a row. then he would take the players, eggie jackson, cat, and he would trade them. we want to be the best at everything without having necessarily to spend it. it's like i say -- to spend the least on the campaign and to be the best, we want to do that for
11:39 pm
our country. and we're going to do that for our country. we're going to. [applause] i love these people. i love these people. the most important thing we can all do -- i'm telling you, i'm going to be all over the place tomorrow. the most important thing we can do is i'm not going to use the word "caucus." i'm just going to use just vote. what the hell is caucus? nobody even knows what that means. we have a great republican party right here in the state -- where is my republican party? where are they? where's my leader? where is my leader? and they're going to be watching. you know, it's -- it is las vegas.
11:40 pm
it's a little tricky. i can tell you some pretty bad stories about what happened in iowa but i won't tell you. so we're going to go out tomorrow and we're going to have a big victory. frankly, if the people in this room did it with that am of people -- so we're going to go out tomorrow and we're going to get it started. you look at the cover of "time" magazine. the cover of time magazine from a couple of weeks ago, it talks about the movement. it's a picture of me with a massive audience, a picture of the back of my head and i had my hair combed just perfectly. i don't know if they did a touch-up but i liked it. but it was a picture of me speaking to a massive crowd of people and they said "there has never been a thing like this that's ever happened in politics in the history of this country." amazing.
11:41 pm
so you're going to go out and vote. and here's the story. we're going to start winning again. we're going to start feeling good about ourselves again. we're going to get rid of people that are incompetent. people that negotiate an iran deal and don't know what they're doing. we're going to have the best people in the world negotiating our trade deals. we're going break up the treal deals. we're going to make money instead of lose money with every country in the world. we're going to bring our jobs back to this country where they belong. we're going bring our jobs back. and remember we're going to start winning again. we're going to win on trade. we're going to win with the military. we're going to win at every single level. we're going to win, win, win. -- i jokingly say say that we're going to win so much that maybe you're going to say mr. president, we're getting so bored of winning. let's go back to the old way and i'll say this, there's no way.
11:42 pm
we're going to make america great again! and we're going to keep winning, winning, winning! and i love you! we're going to win! go out tomorrow and vote! thank you! i love you! i love you! thank you! hank you, everybody!
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whatever. we're done. >> i just have to wait for them to leave. so --
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