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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 23, 2016 4:00am-6:01am EST

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same feckless and naïve foreign policy. in fact, the exact same countries, russia and iran, openly laughing at and mocking the president of the united states. now, why is it that that analogy gives me so much hope and optimism? it is because we know how that story ends. country,s this millions of men and women rose up and became the reagan revolution. and it did not come from washington. washington despised ronald reagan. by the way, do you know which candidate will take on washington? just ask yourself the question,
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who is washington attacking? revolution came from the american people, and it turned to this country around. why am i so optimistic? isause the same thing happening again. all across this country, people are waking up, and let me tell you. nevada has a powerful voice in that. we are 30 hours away from the nevada caucuses. , nevada has a voice. now, listen. historically, not that many people come out. last cycle, it was 32,000 people came to the caucuses. that means every one of you has a voice where you are speaking for hundreds if not thousands if not millions of courageous conservatives across this country when you come out tomorrow night and cast your vote.
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and so, if you agree with me that it is now or never, that the stakes have never been higher, that we are standing at the edge of a cliff staring down, and if we keep going the we risk doing, irreparable damage to the greatest country in the history of the world. then i want to ask each of you not just to commit to come tomorrow night and vote but to pick up the phone and call your mom area it is such a good idea to call your mom anyway. orl your sister or your son your next-door neighbor, your college roommates, or your business partner. see, this election matters. it matters to me. it matters to my kids. yount to ask every one of to bring nine other people tomorrow night. you have got 30 hours to find
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nine other people to come out. have done that, you will have voted 10 times. let me say to those of you who 18, if you get 10 other people to show up tomorrow night and vote, you will have voted 10 times before you turn 18 years old. and if you look around at the men and women here, if everyone here brings nine other people tomorrow night, the people standing in this gymnasium now, canright literally change the outcome and control the outcome of the nevada caucuses tomorrow night. you have got 30 hours to let your voice be heard and heard on
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a national stage, where you have an opportunity to make a real and meaningful difference. know, it took jimmy carter to give us ronald reagan. i am convinced the most long-lasting legacy of barack obama is going to be a new generation of leaders in the republican party who stand and fight for freedom, who stand and fight for the constitution, and who stand and fight for the judeo-christian values that built this country into the greatest country in the history of the world. thank you, and god bless you.
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[crowd noise]
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>> mr. cruz? cruz? mr. cruz: thank you. thank you. >> stealing bernie sanders' thunder. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> will i be getting my check for having to pay my penalty for obama care? for medicare?
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thank you very much. i appreciate your passion on this, and we will do everything we can. with the nuclear weapons and the dangerous people in the world.
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>> paycheck to paycheck, and now i have to pay the penalty. when do i get my check? april. i do not have that.
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blast.z: you are what a beautiful family. >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much. mr. cruz: god bless you, and thank you for being here.
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>> guys, guys. mr. cruz: thank you. thank you.
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a good point. thank you, sir. >> you showed those liberals. you are exactly right. thank you. >> can i have a picture with you over here? >> in a minute. mr. cruz: i want to make sure i am understanding.
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i'd led the election. we need to target the bad guys. >> i am not for military style. >> i have got my family. mr. cruz: it is the
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.oliticization thank you very much. how are you doing, sir? we will do this together. thank you for your leadership. >> thank you very much. >> good luck. mr. cruz: thank you, sir.
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we are doing this together. thank you. thank you for his service, and tell him thank you. >> i will. mr. cruz: thank you very much. thank you.
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i would like to thank you very much. god bless you. thank you for coming out. thank you. what is your name? have you got a camera? here? thank you. thank you. thank you, dear.
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excellent. thank you. thank you. how are you doing, sir? thank you. thank you very much. thank you, sir, thank you. god bless you. thank you for being here.
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sure, absolutely. thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> i wanted to volunteer. >> thank you for being here. god bless you. mr. cruz: to take a picture. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. you very much. god bless you.
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do you want to get a picture? >> yes, thank you. >> thank you. thank you. thank you for being here. thank you very much. how are you doing? thanks for being here. thank you very much. we are doing it together. thank you.
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>> for you. thank you. thank you for being here, and thank you for serving. thank you very, very much. god bless you. thank you. good to see you. thank you for being here.
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thank you very, very much. thank you. thank you for being here. god bless you. thank you very, very much.
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thank you very much. thank you. thank you. thank you. god bless you. thank you. >> mr. cruz, would you sign my bible? mr. cruz: absolutely. >> hi, how are you?
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>> 1, 2, three. >> will you pray with us? we support you 100%. >> that you have ted cruz be our next president, a leader. thank you, ted cruz, changing our country, and help him to be a leader and a good christian and turn this country back around to you. amen. thank you. mr. cruz: thank you.
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i am really glad you are here. i am really glad you are here. >> 1, 2, 3. thank you. mr. cruz: thank you. thank you very much, sir. thank you. thank you for being here. thank you for your personal service.
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thank you, and god bless you. thank you.
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-- after nevada and south carolina, the republican race is narrowed. the democratic race has sharpened. we're going to stay in south carolina with a big my merry this saturday. andove on to the primary caucus is in mid-march. you can follow all of this here on c-span network, online at and c-span radio. >> on the next washington journal, former nsa attorney says and hennessy on the -- susan hennessy on the debate between apple and fbi. then when he steckel berg of the center for american progress on issues important to democratic primary voters. a look at u.s. china relations
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in light of military employment in the south china sea unit lost in journal is live every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. you can join the conversation with your calls, and conversations on facebook and twitter. state john kerry testifies on capitol hill today on his departments 2017 budget requests. the state department and usaid request totals $51 billion. --includes security funding, live coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. >> how can we best get people to pay attention to wasteful spending? we can define things that are different, easy to understand, because the government is so large, the organization has to
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cut through a lot of noise. members of congress talking about things they are doing and try to get people to be more involved and make it more personal so they understand the impact on of them and their families. day,nday night on to in the president of citizens against government waste talks about his organizations efforts to bring attention to wasteful spending. book.also publish the pig >> we work with members of congress which was called the congressional workbooks -- pork busters coalition. they came up with porkbarrel spending. it became earmark. we went through all of the appropriation bills. to $29 all the way up billion in 2006. every year that we can find
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earmarks in the appropriations book, we release the pig somewhere around april or may. trump speaks to supporters ahead of the nevada republican caucuses. he spoke at the arena in las vegas. this is an hour. ♪
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>> wow, this is something. unbelievable. unbelievable. [chanting] >> we are going to build a wall and who is going to pay for that wall? --payer for that
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ay for that we're not kidding. we're not going to be the dummies anymore. we'll be the smart ones. this is a record-setting crowd, i understand. they say the biggest they've ever had. the biggest they've ever had at doing this stuff. is that incredible? incredible. 10,000 people. in this beautiful arena. i want to thank michael and his wife. they own the place. it was so nice. they were so nice but they've really done a good job. but i just wanted to tell you, setting records like this, so important. tomorrow you have to go out and vote. we have such momentum with what happened in south carolina last week. what a great group of people.
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what hatched in -- what happened in new hampshire the week before is so incredible and we're leading and everybody is talking and i'm watching television tonight and they all say trump is going to win tomorrow. just believe me, assume we're going to tie. don't ever assume we'll lose. we don't want to think about that. but if you assume we're going to tie, you're going to go out and vote, you know. as they'd say in the old world caucus, forget the word caucus, just go out and vote, ok. a lot of things have happened since june 16 when i announced i was running. when knew this was going to happen? figured maybe we'd be in the middle of the pack by this time but edge it out in the end like a racehorse. we win in the end. but we have a big lead and don't want to blow it. frankly we're going to go all the way. we're going to make america great again, folks.
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e'll make america great again. we're going to make it better than before. the fact is over the last six months, seven months i've been going around and every crowd was like this all the time. the people are amazing. and i've been saying that, make america great again. it's going to be better than ever before. because our people in this country are incredible. now, it started on june 16 and i came down and talked about illegal immigration. in fact, we have sheriff joe. i love sheriff joe. i tell you what, there he is right there. when sheriff joe endorses trump, that means there's nobody like trump on immigration, that we know. thank you, sheriff joe. thank you.
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so it started with that and started with trade. i made a speech at trump tower. it takes guts to run for president, i want to tell you. and i don't do this. other guys have spent $148 million and i'm self-funding, by the way. i'm spending my own money. i don't need these people. i don't need their money. very important. i don't know if i get the credit for that, to be honest. to get a booth and vote. i don't know i get the credit. but these people are all taken care of by their donors and special interests and their lobbyists 100%. 100%. [crowd booing used to be those people. who knows the game. i understand what it takes. when somebody gives you $5 million and they represent the
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pharmaceutical i industry and come to you and need a favor, you know, you want to be an honest guy but hard to say no. but believe me, they have you 100% and what's good for the country is not going to be the thing that's done. en they come to see me and say we need this or need that, they say folks, i have no interest, i want to do what's right for the country. we're going to straighten this out. i'll give you an example. terrible thing happened. this week you saw carrier air conditioning. so my son eric who is here said we ought to write a letter. these are activist sons. they are great sons. where are they? here they are.
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and they said we ought to write a letter to carrier. here's what happened. do people know what went on with carrier last week? it's very sad. and there's nothing we're going to do about it unless we get very smart and tough. you know, i went to the best school and you don't have to go to the best school. you don't have to go through high school to understand it. what they're doing is they announced 1,400 jobs. they just fired everybody. and they said we're moving to exico. somebody took a cell phone -- a lot of people are moving to mexico. it's become like the new china. they took a cell phone. ,400 people were defy state. they said we're going to mexico. here's the president, here's what we do, we write them a note and congratulate them and hope it goes well and hope he
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had don't have too many cost overruns when they build their beautiful new building and we tell them the following, every time you make an air conditioning unit and every time you send that unit into the united states, you're going o pay a 35% tax. 35%. and it's going to be amazing how those numbers are going to change, right? it's going to be amazing. and i don't care. and they're going to call me. they won't bother with the lobbyists because the lobbyists won't give me money, the special interests won't have given me money. their donors won't have given me money. when i went to the last debate, you saw that mess. i didn't have anybody there. i had my sons, my wife, a couple of people there, and the whole room was stacked with special interests and donors and guys got up and spoke so badly and the audience went
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crazy and i looked and knew half the people in the room. they're all special interest guys. one represented pharmaceuticals. . look, we've got to put our country back together. it's a mess. it's a mess. e've got to do it. so as an example, the drug companies, a doctor comes up to me, very big doctor and says to me, we're dying with obama care, it's a killer and not working. he tells me he has more accountants than nurses, not too good, right, to hear that? but you know they don't bid out drugs with the largest drug buyer in the world, the united states, and we don't bid them out. i said i'm surprised to hear that but not that surprised because the drug companies and pharmaceutical companies are all making massive campaign contributions to the people i'm running against. and to all the others. and i say -- i will but i won't
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use that expression because i'll get in trouble with these people. they'll say, do you know what he just said? right? but we will do that. we'll do exactly what you said. so i said what happened, i said -- yeah, that's ok. you can sit down. i said what happened is they're all being taken care of. if we bid out pharmaceuticals, drugs and those things. we would save each year $300 million. $300 billion. as a country. now, you have that with the military going on because the military outfits that make the weapons, even if they're weapons -- you have a little protester? get them the hell out.
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et them out. get him out. where is the protester? where is he? don't even see him. look, i love protesters because the only way the cameras turn and show how big the audience is is when there is a protester, otherwise they never turn. i love protesters. don't worry, it's ok. for a long time i didn't know these guys. it's solid. that he they're in my face. you know the story, i've said it before, my wife, i go home,
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how did i do? did you see how big the crowd was? i had 25,000, 20,000, we have the biggest crowds by far of anybody, much bigger than bernie, though i will say bernie is second, but much bigger, but i think he's heading down. looks like bernie is headed down and hillary will get a pass on her email scandal but we'll be bringing it up. looks like we'll be running against hillary which is good. how did she get a pass on that deal? how? right? it won't happen. it won't happen. so with these cameras, so they never show the audience and i said to my wife about you see the audience? we had 25,000 people. no, they just keep it on your face. then i realized, they're instructed never, ever show the audience. and the other night, recently,
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i had 12,000 people -- yeah, go ahead. go ahead. o ahead. [crowd chanting] donald: the other night we had 12,000 people, bernie had 3,000. i turn on the television because i do like watching myself, to be totally -- ok. t i turn on the television and they're saying bernie sanders had a massive crowd of 3,000 people, bah, bah, bah. then they go to trump and
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donald trump spoke before a crowd today of 12,000 people, he had three. a massive crowd at three, 12 they don't mention. this is really bad. these are the most dishonest people i think i've ever dealt with. true, true. hey're bad people. bad people. but we learn to live with it. not all of them. they're not all bad. they're about 80% bad. 10% ok, 5% good and 5% very good. all right. that's not bad. that's not bad. so what i did on june 16 we came out and started talking about trade, how we're being ripped off with china and ripped off with japan and ripped off with mexico at the border and trade and ripped off by vietnam and by india and every country, every single country, every single country
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because they're all represented by these people that think they're representing us. that's why i say i'm self-funding it means much more than you think. it means much more, i'm telling you. you know, if it's a tie, they should vote for me is what i'm saying. and if it's like somebody like 20% better than me and i don't know why that would be possible, they should vote for me. anything more than 20%, 25%, go with the other guy. i will say this, look, these are the most dishonest people i've dealt with, politicians. i've dealt with them all my life so i'm not surprised, it's not like i'm shaken up. but this guy cruz lies more than any human being i've ever dealt with. unbelievable. and he holds up the bible and he lies. then he holds up the bible again and he lies.
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it's sort of coolbaugh in the , st debate, rubio, nice guy nice guy, no w but he looked across and said, you're a liar. and i never heard a politician call another politician a liar. it was a thing of beauty. i'd never heard it. so it then gave me cover but said so many things. in the last election in south carolina, the morning of the election, the morning of the election, think of it, you think it's all done and now you're going to wait around and have a nice easy day but tomorrow i'm going out to all the caucus sites, by the way, just in case. i'll be in a lot of them. and you better be there if you're not there, i'll be so angry. i don't want to turn on the television and say, you know, trump has the biggest crowd, the highest popularity, everybody loves the job he's
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going to do but his people were too damn lazy to go out and caucus. don't do it. don't make me have a miserable ending. then after this, you know what happens, right? after this we have the whole s.e.c. we're going to do so great. we have georgia, tennessee, so many great ones and texas. i think we'll do very well in texas. because you know the evangelicals are supposed to go with cruz. they're sportsed to go with cruz. but you know what, honestly, i won the evangelicals by a lot, you saw that, right? actually, i won everything. i won short people, tall people. i won fat people, skinny people. i won highly educated, ok educated, and practically not
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educated at all. i love them all. i won the evangelicals big and the military. the military i won big. big. i won the vets. the vets, those vets. i love those vets. we're going to take care of those vets. we are going to take care of our vets, right. these are the greatest people. i meet so many. the wounded warriors. i love these people. they have more courage and guts, i hate to say it, than all of us put together. these are the most courageous, most incredible people, and they always have a smile on their face when i meet them and boy, oh, boy, they've taken some shots and they are amazing people. we've got to take care of those people. those people are great. we wouldn't be here if it
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weren't for those people and we're going to take care of them. we're going to straighten out that v.a. mess. we're going to straighten out that corrupt -- how about this, 20 -- it's hard to believe. it's not a believeable number. 22 suicides a day. no, think of it from the vets. 22 suicides. that's unthinkable. it's unthinkable. look at the signs. that's so incredible. wow. that's so incredible. didn't know this. that is incredible. who would think it's possible? that is absolutely incredible. i didn't know you're going to be doing that. that is good. so we're going to straighten out the vets. so vets, don't worry. we're coming. we're going to straighten out a lot of things. we're going to straighten out and get rid of common core. you know, we're last -- we're getting rid of common core. we're going to make education
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local. you know, in the world, in the world, top 30 in the world, we're number 30. that means we're at the bottom of the list but we're number one in terms of costs per pupil, by far. number two doesn't even exist. number two is so far away it doesn't even exist. we're number 30 and yet we're number one in the cost per pupil. so let's look at my campaign. i spent by far -- i spent a lot of money but i spent by far the least amount of money and i'm by far number one, ok. isn't that good? somebody else i won't mention but were nasty to me, took $25 million in negative ads. can you believe it? one guy. $25 million and then i'm supposed to say he's a nice person, right? and they were phony ads. i have one going on now. cruz, he's got an ad, something to do with i want to take away your land and keep it under the
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federal government. i don't know what the hell they're talking about. it's an ad. it's a cruz ad. it's a cruz scam. i tell you, so the evangelicals didn't vote for him. you know why? because they don't like liars. they're really smart people. they don't want to vote for a liar. but it is true. i have an ad running right now, a cruz ad, something to do -- and a couple people tell me this, that i'm backing the federal government to keep the land currently owned by the federal government and we should give that land to everybody and divvy it up. i'm saying to myself, well it's not a subject i know anything about, it's a hell of an ad but this is a cruz ad. this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy. on saturday when we had the vote -- i mean, when we had the vote in south carolina on saturday, i wake up and think
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it will be a nice, easy day and i get hit with a call from my management people who, by the way, did a fantastic job, cory holt, everybody, they're fantastic. i get hit early in the morning and somebody did a robocall but cruz denied it. this is the day of election and you're not supposed to. but the robocall had to do with the confederate flag and wasn't a good robocall to get at 8:00 in the morning. then i had a second robocall at 12:00 and the whole thing -- i won't tell you or go in subject matter. a second robocall on election day and this one had to do with gay marriage. this goes to everybody. south carolina, incredible people. and i said man, if i get hit with two robocalls like that,
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ow can i possibly win? the people were so smart. i won in a landslide. can you believe that? we won in a landslide. i was going to tell you two other categories. i won with men but that's not important to me. i won with women. that's very important. ery important. so we're doing really well. so we're sending a letter to carrier and in that letter we're going to say if i should win, we're going to come after you for a lot of money every time you send an air conditioner. we're sending a letter to ford. i've been talking about ford now for two years, right?
4:53 am
ford is building a $2.5 million plant. i wish them a lot of luck. they're taking a lot of stuff out of michigan and a lot of places. what's good -- tell me, from our standpoint. every deal we make is stupid, whether it's sergeantberg call -- sergeantberg doll -- sergeant bergdahl. they get five killers they've coveted for nine years. we get one, they get five, ours is no good, let's send them back and drop them right in the middle of the damn thing, bomb, fly-over. fly-over, drop them, maybe you give them a parachute, maybe you don't. don't know. depends. probably we give him one if we have an extra one around. it wouldn't help him. he went out into that world and didn't find it too comfortable, folks. they slapped him around pretty good and thought he'd go out and be treated wonderfully.
4:54 am
i think they slapped him around pretty good. he came back and couldn't get back fast enough. five, maybe six, probably six people were killed looking for him. and we had a general and a colonel that went to see his platoon and to see his group and they all said he deserted and we knew he deserted when we made the deal. why would you make a deal for a desserter and give up five people who they most want who had is out trying to kill eeve, including us, why would we give up five killers? why? traitor? rty rotten because we have incompetent leadership. e have incompetent leadership. if they didn't know, that would be terrible but knowing, it makes it to me even worse. is that a correct statement,
4:55 am
mr. navy. my man. he's shaking his head. going yeah, there's the guy. there's the guy. i know my people. i know my people. and we're not going to make deals like that anymore. we're not making an iran deal where we give them $150 billion and we get nothing. we get nothing. think of it. think of it. we go into the iran deal, it started when? years ago. how long have they been negotiating? they called up, one of the newspapers, mr. trump, how long should that deal have taken? one day i said. maybe one week. hasn't it been three years? we should have demanded the prisoners back before we started negotiation, right, and we would have done them. you ratchet up and get up and say listen, we're going to ratchet up these sanctions and want our prisoners back.
4:56 am
they walked from that deal. and the worst thing that happened israel, that i can tell you, that deal is a disaster for israel, the worst. the deal is no good and will lead to nuclear proliferation and they'll have nukes and they don't have to develop them, they can buy them with $150 billion and have a lot of money left over. and where are they spending the $150 million? they're not buying boeing. they're not buying boeing. they just ordered 118 airbuses made in europe. they ordered missiles. i didn't know they could buy missiles. they ordered missiles from russia and they're all over europe spending that money. the united states gets nothing. and then two days before we sent most of the money, they attack us and they put our 10 sailors in a begging position on their knees with their hands up with a guy with a rough, rough mouth, a rough guy with a
4:57 am
rough mouth, like to smack the hell out of him. and he's barking orders like he's a big shot and they have rifles at their heads and this is our friend and obama addresses their leader as the supreme leader and he says the supreme leader. and obama refuses to issue the words radical islamic terrorism. and what i call for a boycott, we're doing that out of intelligence. we're doing that because we want to keep our country strong and safe and we have no choice. believe me. crowd chanting "u.s.a."]
4:58 am
so we have some amazing things going on in this country. but we're going to make it so strong. we're going to make it so strong. one of the things i most look forward to doing is taking our military and just reworking it, getting the equipment they want, not the equipment that was gotten from political gain by some guy that has control of a company that's good with the senators, some of whom i'm running against, ok. we are going to make it so strong. all right. so here's what we do. we are going to now talk for wo seconds about book -- about obamacare. because it is a subject that is very close to my heart and it's killing our country. it's going to fail of its own weight by 2017. it's going down, folks. it's going down. it's going to fail like you've never seen. but the republicans, unless i'm there, will come and bail it
4:59 am
out. because they always bail it out. they bail it out with this horrible budget from four weeks ago. obamacare is going to be repealed and replaced. obamacare we are going to have a strong country again and obamacare has to go. we cannot afford it. you will end up with great health care for a fraction of the price and that will take place immediately after we go in. immediately. fast. what? >> [indiscernible] donald trump: ok. it is not working for you. right? not working. ok. it doesn't work -- does it work for anyone? nobody. we get it changed.
5:00 am
we get it changed. we get it fixed. it will be beautiful. it doesn't. [booing] [booing] donald trump: wiseguys. we have wiseguys.
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you know, sometimes, you would like to sit down with a guy like that. if you talk to someone like that for a couple of minutes, i really think, unless there are other motives, which there often are, but you talk to someone like that for 15 minutes -- what do we all want? safety, security, health care, good jobs. right? whether you are a liberal democrat, a conservative republican -- don't we all want security. strong, strong security. because our country is now in trouble. look. when it comes, and when i first came down, i said trade but i said the border. that border is going to be so strong, and the syrians cannot be allowed to come in. we do not know who the hell they are. we don't know who they are. we don't know who they are,
5:02 am
there is no paperwork, no documentation. have you ever looked at that migration? look at all of the young men. where are the women and children? take a look at what is happening to germany. it is a disaster. what is happening to sweden, what is happening to brussels. take a look. it is not going to happen to our country. we will make our country -- we will make our country stronger than ever before. if you look at our gdp for the last quarter, we had no growth. we had no growth. we are losing jobs. we have a phony jobs number. they say it's down to 5% but the real number is 25%. if it weren't, i would not be having crowds like this at every stadium. and that 5%ber -- number was devised by politicians to look good.
5:03 am
just to look good. the jobs they are talking about, and everybody admits, these are bad jobs. these are not the jobs we want and the part-time jobs are all over the place. we will take our jobs back from china. i have a friend. he is a great contractor. a great merchandiser. he cannot get his product into china. no matter what he does, he cannot get into china. they go "bye-bye." [booing] see, he's smiling. i love the old days. you know what i hate? there is a god, totally
5:04 am
disruptive, throwing punches, we are not allowed to punch back anymore. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they would be carried out on a stretcher. i love our police. i respect our police. they are not getting enough. hate to see that. , throwing punches, screaming at everything else when we are talking, and we are not allowed -- the guards are gentle with him. walking out, smiling, laughing -- i would like to punch him in the face. it brings up something. two debates ago, they hit ted cruz with a question.
5:05 am
they hit him with a question. say about ted cruz, he can debate, but he cannot talk -- does that make sense? hit him with a question about waterboarding. he got all messed up. he could not answer the question. he was a mess. because he did not want to say waterboarding is a good thing. pretty, butg is not they are chopping off heads. drowning people in steel cages. leaving them in the ocean for an hour. off heads anding they are saying to themselves, you believe how we can pathetic we americans are? so they asked ted cruz about water bearing -- about waterboarding. "waterboarding is so terrible" --even though they are chopping
5:06 am
off heads. he was a mess. then they said to me, what are you think about waterboarding? butid i think it is great, i do not think we go far enough. it is true, right? enough -- weo far do not go far enough. enough.ot go far and now the press will write that from is a mean guy -- i am not a mean guy. i do not want to be pushed around by animals. these are animals. [cheering] so there will not be anymore forwards going to mexico. there will not be any more different trades going to mexico.
5:07 am
i don't need nabisco, i don't need oreos -- which is a good thing. but when they announce their move to mexico, it will not happen. carl icahn indoors me. other great businessmen and doors me. we have some of the most -- some of the most important deals we are making our trade deals. to me, security is most important. just so you know. cnn did a poll, and it said trump for security is the best. for the military is the best. -- inot mean by a little was in the 60 percentile. that is where we had like 12 people. trump, for leadership is the best. trump -- the border is the
5:08 am
it is true. this probably has to do with sheriff joe -- but trump for the border is the best. we are so good at the border, we will have people come in illegally. legally, legally, legally. we will have the strongest order. no one will have a border like us. i thought it was a little funny. the pope came out and said some things -- this was the day of the election. the day, the pope, and they said to me the pope made statements about me. i said the pope, what you i have to do with the pope? 10 hours before the election. south carolina, i had a question, the pope's hitting me hard. he said things about the border, and you cannot have a wall.
5:09 am
i said wow -- i have seen the vatican. it is the biggest, strongest wall i have ever seen. i have never seen a wall like that. in fact, i want to use that for my model as the wall we want to build. officials, who are smart -- they are making a fortune with us. trade deficit would mexico. $58 billion a year. these politicians used to say you cannot build a wall, can you? i said china, 13,000 miles. it was billed 2000 years ago. withe cannot build a wall caterpillar tracks everywhere. that was 13,000. we need 1000. and i want to make it higher than the wall in china, so we it will not be as
5:10 am
wide, but it will be higher. that i can say. let me just explain something. we are going to have such great we are going to be the model for the world. we will be a model for the rest of the world. we have gone from being a laughingstock -- we will go to the exact opposite. we do not win any more. we do not beat isis. will knock -- we the hell out of them. we are going to have great health care. i was going to say on education -- to be ranked 30 and to spend that kind of money is so sad. we will balance our budget not tooly quickly --
5:11 am
quickly, but some of the politicians we think we can balance over a 25 year period. do you believe that? there was a man in baseball. did anybody here of charles o finley? a friend of mine said this guy is so great. thead no money, but he had best team. he had the lowest salary in baseball by far -- three world series in a row. then he'd takes reggie jackson and trade him. we do not want to spend our money. least -- topend the spend the least on our campaign and be the best, we want that for our country. and we are going to be that.
5:12 am
i love these people. i love these people. the most important thing we all have to do -- i will be all over the place tomorrow. wordnot going to use the caucus. just a vote. i do not want to give you an excuse. caucus, nobodys knows what it means. we have a great republican party right here in the state. where is my republican party? where are they? where is my leader? where is my leader? they are going to be watching. it is las vegas. a little tricky. i could tell you some bad stories about what happened in iowa, but i will not tell you about that. so we are going to go out
5:13 am
tomorrow and have a big victory -- hopefully. wente people in their room out and did it, we would win practically with this amount of people. so we are going to go out tomorrow and get it started. you look at the cover of "time" magazine from a couple of weeks ago. it talks about the movement. it is a picture of me standing like this with a massive audience. a picture of the back of my head, and i had my hair combed perfectly. it was so good. i do not know if they did a touch up, but i liked it. it was a picture of me speaking to a massive crowd of people. they said there has never been anything like this that happened in politics in the history of this country. amazing. so you're going to go out and vote. here is the story. we are going to start winning
5:14 am
again. we will feel good about ourselves again. of thegoing to get rid incompetent. people who negotiated the iran deal. we will break up the trade deals. we will make money instead of losing money with every country in the world. we will ring our jobs back to this country, where they belong. we are going to start winning again. we will win on trade. with a military. we will win at every level. we will win, win, win. that we will win say mr. we will president, we are getting bored of winning so much. -- e is we are going to keep winning. i love you. we are going to win.
5:15 am
go out tomorrow and vote. thank you. i love you. i love you. thank you . thank you, everybody. [cheering] ♪
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>> the south carolina democratic primary is saturday. today, hillary clinton holds a forum on gun violence and policing practices in columbia, south carolina. easternsee it at 6:15 on c-span 3. >> since the start of this campaign, only one network has taking you on the road to the white house. from early announcements and policy speeches to candidates and new diners in iowa hampshire and of course campaign rallies. after results this weekend, the
5:30 am
republican race has now narrowed. the democratic race has sharpened. we will stay in south carolina weekend,rimary this then we moved to the multistate primaries in march. this race is getting underway and you can follow it on the c-span networks, on, and on c-span radio. >> on the next "washington hennessey on the battle between apple and the fbi. stachelberg on issues important to a democratic primary voters. later, a look at u.s.-china chineses in light of deployments in the south china sea. you can join the conversation with your calls and comments on
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facebook and twitter. ♪ >> recently, the campaign 2016 bus may 8 stop in new york city. over 100 students toward the bus to learn about c-span programming and resources. attend the alls boys roman catholic school in the bronx. a special thanks to the coordinators of our visit. president obama discussed a wide range of issues with the nation's governors at the white house. national clued security, disaster response, and opioid addition. the governors are in washington for the national governors association winter meeting. this is 90 minutes. [applause]
5:32 am
pres. obama: thank you, everybody. please, have a seat, everybody. it is wonderful to see all of you. i hope you had just the right amount of fun last night, and not too much fun. it's hard to believe that that was the final dinner michelle and i get to host for you. like me, some of you might be in the final year of your last term, working as hard as you can to get as much done as possible for the folks that you represent -- fixing roads, educating our children, helping people retrain, appointing judges. the usual stuff. [laughter]
5:33 am
pres. obama: those of you who have been in office for a while have also witnessed all the progress that we have made together, and it has been a partnership -- the millions of new jobs created, the millions of people newly covered with health insurance, the new energy projects that are popping up all across every state that's represented here. i do want to comment, before i take questions, on the issue of security for the american people. whatever our party, we all raise our hand and take an oath and assume the solemn responsibility to protect our citizens. and that is a mission that should unite us all as americans. today, we're focused on three threats in particular. first and foremost is terrorism. the attacks in garland, texas, in chattanooga, in san bernardino were attacks in good and decent communities, but they were also attacks on our entire country.
5:34 am
as americans, we are united in support of the men and women in uniform from every state who lead the coalition we've built with the mission to destroy isil. we're working with other nations to prevent terrorists from entering the united states. we're unwavering in our efforts to prevent attacks here at home. and that's where the partnership with your states comes in. this is a shared mission. we have to stay vigilant. across the country, we've got more than 100 joint terrorism task forces -- federal, state, local experts -- working together to disrupt threats. and at the state level, your fusion cells are pushing information out to law enforcement. we also need to make sure our extraordinary law enforcement professionals and first responders have the equipment and the resources that they need. and we've got to stay united as one american family, working with communities to help prevent loved ones from becoming
5:35 am
radicalized, and rejecting any politics that tries to divide the american people on the basis of faith. so this is something that -- this is a shared project. something that we do together. and one of the genuine areas of progress that i've seen since i came into office -- and it was started in the previous administration, and this is one of the findings of 9/11 -- was breaking down some of the silos between federal, state, and local law enforcement when it comes to countering terrorism. we've made progress on that, but that's where state and local partners are absolutely critical. this is not something that the federal government can do alone, particularly because many of the attacks may end up being lone-wolf attacks rather than those imported from the outside. the attack in san bernardino killed 14 of our fellow americans. and here's a hard truth -- we probably lost even more
5:36 am
americans than that to guns this weekend alone. on saturday, another one of our communities was terrorized by gun violence. as many of you read, six people were gunned down in a rampage in kalamazoo, michigan. before i joined all of you, i called the mayor, the sheriff, and the police chief there, and told them that they would have whatever federal support they needed in their investigation. their local officials and first responders, by the way, did an outstanding job in apprehending the individual very quickly. but you got families who are shattered today. earlier this year, i took some steps that will make it harder for dangerous people, like this individual, to buy a gun. but clearly, we're going to need to do more if we're going to keep innocent americans safe. and i've got to assume that all of you are just as tired as i am of seeing this stuff happen in your states. so that's an area where we also
5:37 am
need to partner and think about what we can do in a common-sense way, in a bipartisan way, without some of the ideological rhetoric that so often surrounds that issue. a second area of threats that we're focused on is cyber threats. the technology that connects us like never before also allows our adversaries to do us harm. hackers and nations have targeted our military, our corporations, the federal government, and state governments. they're a threat to our national security, they're also a threat to our economic leadership. they're a threat to our critical infrastructure. they're a threat to the privacy and public safety of the american people. this is a complex challenge, and we're not going to be able to meet it alone. we've made a lot of progress these past seven years, including sharing more information with industry and with your states.
5:38 am
but all of us are still vulnerable. so this is why, earlier this month, i launched the cybersecurity national action plan, and proposed significant funding to push our cybersecurity efforts in a more aggressive direction. we're going to start a major overhaul of federal computer systems. i want to do more with your states, including sharing more information about threats, improving our joint response capabilities. we have initiated a joint bipartisan commission made up of one of my national security advisors -- former national security advisors, tom donilon, but joined with the former ceo of ibm, so that they can work together to help provide us a sense of direction, both at the federal and state levels, as well as the private sector, in terms of how we move forward on this. we're going to want your input.
5:39 am
and i think that we probably have some good ideas about where your vulnerabilities are. in terms of your state databases and what you're doing there. so that's an area where i think we can probably work together. finally, we all have to remain vigilant when it comes to the spread of disease. since late last year, my administration has been focused on the threat of zika. so far, while there's no evidence of zika transmission from mosquitoes here in the continental united states, there are confirmed cases in puerto rico. and as leaders, it's important that we convey very basic facts, including the fact that zika is not like ebola. ebola was primarily spread from human to human. based on what we know right now, zika spreads predominantly through the bite of a certain kind of mosquito that's limited to certain parts of the country. symptoms are generally very mild. most folks don't even realize that they have it.
5:40 am
but as all of you have read, the possible connection between zika, birth defects, and other serious health problems means that we've got to take precautions, particularly with respect to women who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant. so we're going to be fighting this disease at every level, with every tool at our disposal. i've called on congress to approve about $1.9 billion in emergency funding for our efforts at home and abroad, including research into better diagnostic tools, new vaccines, improved methods of mosquito control, and support for puerto rico and territories where there are confirmed cases. and we're going to be launching an aggressive coordinated campaign with the nga to stop zika at the source and keep americans healthy. i hope each of you join us, especially if you're in some of the southern states where the risk of transmission may be higher. so, fighting terrorism and gun violence, combating cyber attacks and cyber threats,
5:41 am
guarding against the outbreak of disease -- these are some areas where there shouldn't be any dispute. we've got to be working together to keep our country safe and strong. and i look forward to the partnership with the nga and each and every one of you in all of these areas. i should point out that one of the things i'm proudest of over the course of the last seven years is that the federal coordination with state and local governments with respect to disaster response, i think, has been extraordinary. i'm really proud of the work that craig fugate in fema has done. and i think that that kind of model of partnership across many of these threats is exactly what's needed to give the american people the confidence that their government is on their side when they need it most. alright?
5:42 am
so with that, i'm going to take some questions. and i'm going start with your chairman, governor herbert. you can use the microphone. gov. herbert: well, thank you, mr. president. we, again, are appreciative of your willingness to let us come and talk with you and the vice president about issues that are near and dear to us as governors and near and dear to us as an association of the nga. i'm struck by the ability we've had to have cordial relationships with your cabinet, and i want to compliment your people there. in fact, one of them talked about the importance of communication and used the term "cooperative federalism" as really a way for us to get things done better in a collaborative fashion between the states and the federal government. i'll just mention one that comes to my mind, and that's working with your department of interior, sally jewell, the secretary. during the federal shutdown, we were able to work together, communicate, and collaborate, and open up the five national parks in utah to the benefit of the people of utah and
5:43 am
americans, and people -- really, world travelers overall. so again, an effort of communication and cooperation, which i think is a great success. i do harken back to a failure, maybe an epic failure, of lack of communication on a previous administration, where a national monument was designated in utah -- larger than the state of delaware, two and a half times larger than rhode island. v.p. biden: [indiscernable] [laughter] gov. herbert: still, the vice president made a little -- pres. obama: where's jack? [laughter] gov. herbert: at any rate, the problem was that governor mike leavitt found out about that designation by reading the "washington post." that was the other side of the coin of not good communication. i expect all governors have got successes and probably where we could do better. and so my question to you, mr. president, really is in the effort of the national governors association. what can we do as an nga, as states, to communicate better
5:44 am
with the federal government? and what can the federal government do better to communicate with the states, so that we have this spirit of cooperation? and really, this should go post-us. we'll all ride off into the sunset sometime, but it would be nice if we had some kind of institutional process to make sure that we work together in a collaborative fashion, communicate better, and have better outcomes on behalf of the american people. pres. obama: good. well, first of all, i think the nga, generally, has been a terrific partner for us. i hope you feel the same way. my instructions to my cabinet, to my secretaries, have always been that we have certain laws, statutes, mandates that we have to abide by. we have certain policies that we care deeply about. but my instructions to them have been, you check with the governors and the localities
5:45 am
that are being impacted, and if they have ideas about how to achieve the mission in a more flexible, sensible way, and we've got that flexibility, we should exercise it. and that's been my consistent message, and i think many of you have benefitted from those kinds of interactions. what i do is, gary, throw the question back at you -- not for today, but maybe one of the projects that we can do jointly together -- is sort of do an inventory of what's worked and what hasn't, institutionally, in terms of communication. where have been there are areas where governors have been concerned that they haven't gotten the heads-up fast enough? where are the areas where communication has been strong? and let's see if we can improve that communication. but my overall impression has been communication with the cabinet secretaries has been good. i think that our intergovernmental affairs office has tried to be very active.
5:46 am
there may be some additional things that we could do to improve that, and i'd be happy to hear ideas from your side about what could be done. i will tell you that probably where there's the biggest gap in communications has to do with our interactions with governors versus our interactions with your congressional delegations. that's where, oftentimes, things diverge. so we'll have a conversation with the governors, and they'll identify a priority, we work out some approach to get something done, and then it turns out that the congressional delegations have an entirely different idea. and the biggest example would be on transportation, for example, where anthony foxx probably traveled to every single one of your states -- and before that, ray lahood -- talked about things that needed to get done,
5:47 am
everybody was excited about getting them done, but we just couldn't get congress to move. and so one of the things that i think would be interesting as we explore better communications is how do we maybe create a triangle where we have some interaction with states -- a state's governors and its congressional delegation at the same time. now, sometimes that's difficult , because they're of different parties, maybe different political agendas. sometimes, though, there may be commonality, and it's just a matter of closing the loop, so that congressional staff know what the governor's staff is saying, know what our staff is saying. v.p. biden: mr. president, why don't you just assign the congress to them? [laughter] pres. obama: just assign the congress to them generally? v.p. biden: congress to the governor. [laughter] pres. obama: well, they've got their own legislatures. i know that they enjoy those interactions tremendously. [laughter] next, terry mcauliffe. where is terry? here he is.
5:48 am
gov. mcauliffe: thank you, mr. president. let me first -- great night last night. thank you on behalf of all the governors. [applause] gov. mcauliffe: chaka khan. i've been listening to her for 40 years. pres. obama: that was michelle, basically, that put that together. i tried to take credit last night, and nobody believed me. [laughter] and rightly so. gov. mcauliffe: let me just say that we just finished, mr. president, four great days of the governors association with the great leadership of gary. but we met -- gary and i -- met with your team, jerry, about six weeks ago when valerie -- we laid out what we needed. your administration gave us everything we needed. we had the secure briefing at the fbi. so let me just say this, this is has been a great meeting. on behalf of all the governors here, let's give a round of the applause to the administration and the great work that they do. [applause] thank you very much. we're here from 50 states -- different political parties. we all have different interests in our states, but one issue that brings a lot of us together is the issue of trade.
5:49 am
it is a global economy that we have today. many of us do international trade trips. i've done 13 in my first two years. i just got back from the middle east and from cuba. 95% of the world's customers live outside of america. 81% of the growth in the next five years will occur outside of america. trade is critical to grow our economies. so, mr. president, could you give us an update on the trade policy, where the legislation is? and most importantly, what can we do to help you push trade with the congress? thank you. pres. obama: well, i appreciate that question, terry. and governor herbert and i were talking about this a little bit yesterday. when i visited utah, you told me how much of utah's economy depends on exports and international trade. and that's true for so many of us. now, maybe the way to answer this is to give sort of a broad overview of how i think the politics have shaped the
5:50 am
narrative around trade, and then let me give you some of the facts and what's going on with tpp. over our lifetimes, and certainly accelerated over the last 25, 30 years, this has become a global economy and not a national economy. the global supply chain, distribution. the fact that a company can set up house anywhere where there's an internet service. the fact that these big cargo containers can ship things more efficiently than ever before. the logistical hubs and speed with which they can move goods and services around the world -- all of this has created a global marketplace. the good news is that we are best positioned to take
5:51 am
advantage of this global marketplace than anybody else. we got the best cards. we got the best businesses. we've got the best technology, the best innovation. we got the best workers. we are a free-market, dynamic economy like nobody else. the challenge is that there have been disruptions as a consequence of that global trade. there is no doubt about it. and in every one of your states, there have been times where somebody has been affected. and not all the trade deals in the past were designed just to look out for workers. there were times where it was good for consumers, it was good for the businesses that may have found lower wages. but it wasn't always good for those communities that had big plants -- particularly in manufacturing -- that got shipped overseas. and that's made people suspicious about trade -- and understandably so.
5:52 am
on the one hand, people benefit from low prices and low inflation. and the degree to which globalization has given people access to more products at lower prices than ever before, that's something that people maybe take for granted. but what they see very directly oftentimes around trade is "this plant closed. you used to be able to walk in -- even without a college education, get a job. if you worked hard, you'd have a middle-class life and benefits and health care and could take care of your family." and now those jobs have contracted. so that's the prism through which a lot of folks have been looking at trade. and i understand and am sympathetic, because i've seen this in my own home state of why people are suspicious. but if you look at what's happened over the last seven years since i came into office, first of all, exports drove the early part of this recovery. that was true in every state and in almost every sector.
5:53 am
if you're an agricultural state, the ag community was making out great for the vast majority of this administration because of exports. the second thing that happened was we actually rebuilt manufacturing and started bringing manufacturing jobs back here, because what folks started to figure out was u.s. workers have become so competitive and we remain such a significant marketplace, and our energy costs here are low, that it makes sense, oftentimes, to locate here even if you're paying a higher wage, because net-net, it's going to be more profitable. so we have created more manufacturing jobs than at any time since the 1990s, despite an open-trade regime. and it is because of my confidence in our ability to
5:54 am
compete, and the fact that we have no choice but to compete, that we said, where's the next big market where folks are selling us goods but we're not able to sell them goods? and we looked to the asia-pacific region, that is the fastest-growing, most dynamic, youngest population in the world. and where, invariably, economic activity is going to be driving much of the world economy for decades to come. and our concern there was that china was the 800-pound gorilla, and if we allowed them to set trade rules out there, american businesses and american workers were going to be cut out. and if we got in there and we set the terms of trade -- making sure that there were high labor standards, making sure that there were higher environmental standards, making sure that intellectual property was protected, making sure that the things that we do well were protected, and that those
5:55 am
countries that are selling to us right now but are keeping our goods out lowered those barriers -- if we did all those things, then it would be an improvement for american businesses and american workers, and we would know that we would be able to compete in those areas for years to come. so we got tpp done. mr. michael froman is here. he can -- if he hasn't already, he will brief you on every paragraph, every comma, every "t" that's crossed and "i" that's dotted on the agreement. but the bottom line is this -- it is, i believe, indisputable that once we have tpp in place, we -- american companies, american workers -- will be better off than the existing trade regime that we have right now. i mean, i'll just give you a very simple example. right now, there are 18,000
5:56 am
tariffs -- taxes, essentially -- on american goods and services that would all be eliminated. so if you've got a rancher in colorado, they can sell beef to japan in ways that they cannot do right now, and that is a huge market for them. if you are interested in selling cars in southeast asia, right now, oftentimes, they're going to slap a 70% tax on the value of the car, which means you're not competitive. we're going to bring those down. nobody has described for me -- none of the critics of this trade deal have described for me how we're better off with the current status quo, where those folks are all keeping tariffs high, than we would be with tpp. what they argue against is old trade deals. and i keep on explaining to them, look, i can't do anything about what may have happened 40,
5:57 am
30 years ago, but i can do something about what's going on right now. and, by the way, because mexico and canada are signatories to this deal, it actually does strengthen labor and environmental protections within nafta, which previously had been one of the main complaints of critics. now, having said all that, the emotions around trade are still strong. now, having said all that, the emotions around trade are still strong. labor unions -- and i am a big labor guy -- they're not happy with me on this. they disagree with me because they have memories of this weakening the manufacturing base in america. and no matter how much i indicate that the facts show this will improve the position of american workers and we will slowly raise labor standards overseas as a consequence,
5:58 am
they're adamant in their opposition -- which means that we have, in order to get this passed through congress, have to depend on a set of strong, pro-trade democrats who recognize the importance of trade to their economies and their membership, their constituencies, and republicans who historically, at least, have been in favor of the free market and in favor of trade. i am cautiously optimistic that we can still get it done. leader mcconnell and speaker ryan both have been supportive of this trade deal. they've had some concerns along the margins of the trade deal. i'll just give you one example. with respect to tobacco, we said very explicitly in this trade deal that any country that regulates tobacco is not somehow violating trade agreements as long as it's done fairly, as long as they're not discriminating against american tobacco companies versus their
5:59 am
own or those of other countries, but, as a public health matter, they can regulate tobacco. that raises some sensitivities in kentucky. so there are those kinds of issues. but overall, they have been supportive. the presidential campaigns have created some noise within, and roiled things a little bit within the republican party as well as the democratic party around this issue. i think we should just have a good, solid, healthy debate about it. we're going to sign to enter this agreement, presented formally with some sort of implementation documents to congress at some point this year. and my hope is, is that we can get votes. what congress can do -- or what all of you can do to help is to talk to your congressional delegations and let them know this is really important. it is inconceivable if, for example, you are in california,
6:00 am
that you don't want a trans-pacific partnership that ensures the gateway for commerce in the pacific is open to california businesses and workers for decades to come. it's inconceivable that you'd be opposed to that. i mean, we've got longshoremen in california who are opposed to that. i said, where do you think your jobs come from? it's from moving stuff off those containers onto trucks and rail to fan out all across the country. this creates jobs for you. but that gives you some sense of some of the emotions that i think are sometimes blocking this up. all of you, though, can really lift up the benefits for your states, and talk to your congressional delegations directly. talk to your businesses, by the way, because they'll tell you how important this is to them. all righ


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