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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Legislative Business  CSPAN  February 23, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm EST

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move forward before the end of this year. challenging, absolutely, but, yes, we do think it's physical possible. gordon: moving forward or move forward to the point where you cleared out gitmo and actually close by the end -- >> we are going to leave this briefing now. you can continue watching it at as we head over to the floor of the u.s. house, about to begin legislative work, first time back after the presidents day recess. the speaker: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. february 23, 2016. i hereby appoint the honorable ken buck to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father conroy. chaplain conroy: let us pray.
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merciful god, we give you thanks for giving us another day. may our special blessings be upon the members of this assembly as they return from a week in their home districts. give them wisdom and charity that they might work together for the common good. during this primary season, the american people are hearing about so many issues we face as a nation. our divisions come from the solutions proposed by various campaigns. through it all, help us to maintain civility, always presuming the best intentions in those with whom we disagree. thus, may our system of democratic participation and the forming of the executive and legislative branches reach toward a truly representative government that all americans can support. may all that is done this day in the people's house be for
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your greater honor and glory. men. the speaker pro tempore: the chair has examined the journal of the last day's proceedings and announces to the house his approval thereof. pursuant to clause 1 of rule 1, the journal stands approved. the pledge of allegiance will be led by the gentleman from ouisiana, mr. abraham. mr. abraham: i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: the chair will entertain requests for one-minute speeches. for what purpose does the gentleman from pennsylvania seek recognition? >> i ask permission to address the house for one minute. revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> at approximately 8:40 p.m.
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on february 25, 1991, an iraq scud missile blasted through the temporary barracks of the 14th quarter master in saudi arabia. mr. murphy: headquartered in greens brook, pennsylvania, the 69 members of the water purification unit were deployed to saudi arabia for just six days when the attack occurred. 28 soldiers died that day and 99 were wounded, including 43 in the 14th. the scud attack proved to be the single most devastating attack on u.s. forces as the 14th quarter master suffered the single greatest number of casualties of any allied unit during operation drork. -- desert storm. to commemorate this attack i'm introducing a resolution that honors the soldiers lost and wounded and their families of the the state of pennsylvania loves more service members during operation dezer shield and desert tropical storm than any other state. there were fathers and husbands and sons, they were daughters and sisters.
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they were all citizen soldiers. serving their communities, serving their country, and giving their lives to both. i call on members of congress to co-sponsor this resolution and honor the service and sacrifice of the 14th quarter master of the united states army. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from michigan seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i seek permission to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. kildee: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today to give some thanks to some of my fellow members of congress for coming to my hometown of flint, michigan, yesterday. specifically i want to thank our democratic whip, steny hoyer. congressman elijah cummings, congresswoman brenda lawrence, congresswoman debbie dingle. my friend and classmate, congressman scott peters, who spent the day with me yesterday in flint.
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i just want to thank them for having the back of the people of my hometown who are suffering right now with the water crisis that makes their water, the water for 100,000 people, not just undrinkable, but very dangerous. i also want to thank my michigan colleagues, congressman sandy levin, congressman john conyers for their many visits to flint. the people in flint are victims of a form of negligent that's almost unimaginable. negligent by their own -- neglect by their own government, state of michigan, who was operating the state of flint and failed to protect those citizens by ensuring clean and safe drinking water. this is a crisis that demands a response equal to the gravity of this crisis. it demands a federal response. it clearly demands a response from the state of michigan. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. kildee: with that i thank
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you. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from louisiana seek recognition? mr. abraham: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. abraham: mr. speaker, i rise today to honor a dedicated public servant of louisiana, mr. leroy "slick" seal who passed away recently. he was 95 years old. mr. seal was born on september 2, 1920, in louisiana where he was a lifelong resident and law enforcement officer. leroy began his career in 1950 with then governor earl k. long appoint him to serve as the first marshall there. he went on to work for the louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries until 1979. during that time he was selected by his peer as top woodsman and earned the position of major. mr. seal moved from the department of wildlife and fisheries to serve as chief deputy of the washington parrish sheriff's office from
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1981 to 1991. he was elected chief of police in 1992 until he served until 2008. they he continued to serve there, as a police officer, until 2012. mr. seal committed 60 years of his life to protecting the people of louisiana while in the line of taught as a law enforcement official, he was inducted into the louisiana justice hall of fame in 2010, and in 2013 he was duel recognized by the state legislature where they declared september 2 as leroy "slick" seal day. mr. seal is survived by his children as well as his 15 grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. i commend mr. seal for all the work he has done for louisiana and may he rest in peace. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentleman from florida seek recognition? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. deutch: mr. speaker, when
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you run for public office you get to meet amazing people. passionate about politics at every level. the best ones, the ones who inspire you, are the ones who remind you why you got involved in the first place. to help others. today i rise in memory of one of the best. bunny steinman passed away on january 20, but her impact op florida democratic party and our community will surely last for decades. bunny was a born trail blazer long before retiring to south florida, she graduated from syracuse, earned a masters at queen's college. she worked in public education for three decades, all while raising three kids with her late husband. as her family mourns the loss of a mother and a grandmother, our community mourns the loss of a friend, a leader, and a mentor. indeed, bunny was so many things to so many people all at once. she was a teacher who never stopped teaching. an activist who never stopped organizing. a democrat who never stopped believing that america is strongest when the right to vote is protected when equal rights are respected, and every
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child has the chance to thrive. bunny steinman, it was an honor to know you, to work with you, to represent you, and most of all, to be your friend. we will honor your memory by carrying forward your passion for progress and the bertment of all. you will continue to inspire us for years to come. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yield back. for what purpose does the gentleman from california seek recognition? >> seek unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> thank you, mr. speaker. last week our nation lost an incredible man and jurist, justice antonin scalia. mr. la fal ma: as a defender of the rule of law, he was a pillar of the supreme court for nearly 30 years. he was man of god and champion of religious freedom. in a recent speech, he reflected on the role of faste and society. while discussing his time in rome in the aftermath of the
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9/11 attacks, he recalled watching president bush ask god to bless our nation and a later conversation he had with the jurist from a different country who expressed his own desire for his nation's leader to be able to publicly invoke god's name during a time of national crisis as it was forbidden. this serves as a reminder of the importance of fighting or our basic liberties we hold so dearly. scalia, who consistently, demonstrated a deep understanding what our founding fathers intended was a fierce and loyal leader in this fight. through his adherence to our constitution, sharp analytical mind, and unwillingness to compromise on his principle that is made him a brilliant jurist, but unwavering love for his country that made him a widely admired and beloved friend. i had a chance to meet him a couple different times and hear him and even talk with him and ask him questions. i was blessed by that. i rise today to extend my deepest sympathies to his
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family. he will certainly be missed by our nation. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair lays before the house a communication. the clerk: the honorable the speaker, house of representatives. sir, pursuant to the permission granted in clause 2-h of rule 2 of the rules of the u.s. house of representatives, the clerk received the following message from the secretary of the senate on february 22, 2016, at 3:26 p.m. that the senate passed senate 2451. with best wishes, i am, signed sincerely, karen l. past. -- karen l. haas. the speaker pro tempore: the chair lays before the house another communication. the clerk: the honorable the speaker, house of representatives. sir, pursuant to the permission granted in clause 2-h of rule 2 of the rules of the u.s. house of representatives, the clerk received the following message from the secretary of the senate on february 23, 2016, at 2010 p.m., that the senate passed senate 2234.
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that the senate passed without amendment h.r. 4056. that the senate passed without amendment h.r. 4437. that the senate passed without amendment h.r. 3262. that the senate passed without amendment h.r. 890. with best wishes, i am, signed, sincerely, karen l. haas. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 12 subsection a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess until approx
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>> ♪ don't want to wait until tomorrow why wait at all another day ♪ >> wow, this is something. wow. this is a big beautiful building. wow. nbelievable. nbelievable. >> trum! trum! trum! trum! trum! trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! [cheers and applause] mr. trump: you better get out tomorrow. you got to vote tomorrow. you got to vote, vote, vote! build that wall.
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we are going to build that wall, don't worry about it. we are going to build that wall. we are going to build the wall and who's going to pay for that wall? who? [inaudible] they think we are kidding, too, don't they, folks? we are not kidding. we are not kidding. we are not going tonight dummies anymore, folks. we are going to be the smart ones. we are going tonight smart ones. i want to thank you. this is like a record-setting crowd i understand. they say the biggest they have ever had, the biggest they've ever had at doing this stuff. is that incredible? [cheers and applause] 10,000 people. i want to thank michael and his wife. they own the place. they were so nice. but they really done a good job. but i just want to tell you,
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setting records like this so important. but tomorrow you have to go out and vote. we have so such momentum with what happened in south carolina last week, what a great group of people. i'm watching television tonight they are say trump's going to win tomorrow. believe me, just assume we are going to tie, ok. don't ever assume you're going to lose. we don't want to think about hat. but if you assume we're going to tie, you're going to go out and vote, you know. as they'd say in the old world caucus, forget the word caucus, just go out and vote, ok. a lot of things have happened since june 16 when i announced i was running. who new this was going to happen?
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figured maybe we'd be in the middle of the pack by this time but edge it out in the end like a racehorse. we win in the end. but we have a big lead and don't want to blow it. frankly we're going to go all the way. we're going to make america great again, folks. we'll make america great again. cheers and applause] mr. trump:we're going to make it better than before. the fact is over the last six months, seven months i've been going around and every crowd was like this all the time. the people are amazing. and i've been saying that, make america great again. it's going to be better than ever before. because our people in this country are incredible. now, it started on june 16 and i came down and talked about illegal immigration. in fact, we have sheriff joe.
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i love sheriff joe. i tell you what, there he is right there. when sheriff joe endorses trump, that means there's nobody like trump on immigration, that we know. thank you, sheriff joe. thank you. so it started with that and started with trade. i made a speech at trump tower. i took a deep breath. it takes guts to run for president, i want to tell you. and i don't do this. other guys have spent $148 million and i'm self-funding, by the way. i'm spending my own money. i don't need these people. i don't need their money. very important. i don't know if i get the credit for that, to be honest. to get a booth and vote. i don't know i get the credit. but these people are all taken care of by their donors and
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special interests and their lobbyists 100%. 100%. [crowd booing] donald: i used to be those people. just so you understand. who knows the game. i understand what it takes. when somebody gives you $5 million and they represent the pharmaceutical industry, and they come to you and they need a favor, you know, you want to be an honest guy, but it's hard to say no. but believe me, they have you 100% and what's good for the country is not going to be the thing that's done. when they come to see me and say we need this or need that, they say folks, i have no interest, i want to do what's right for the country. we're going to straighten this out. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i'll give you an example.
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terrible thing happened. this week you saw carrier air conditioning. so my son eric who is here said we ought to write a letter. these are activist sons. they are great sons. where are they? where are they? these are great sons. there they are. and they said we ought to write a letter to carrier. here's what happened. do people know what went on with carrier last week? it's very sad. and there's nothing we're going to do about it unless we get very smart and tough. you know, i went to the best school and you don't have to go to the best school. you don't have to go through high school to understand it. what they're doing is they announced 1,400 jobs. they just fired everybody. and they said we're moving to mexico. somebody took a cell phone -- a lot of people are moving to mexico. it's become like the new china. hey took a cell phone.
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1 slks 4,people were devastated. they said we're going to mexico. if i'm the president, we write them a note, we congratulate them on the move. we hope it goes well. we hope there are no cost overruns when they build the beautiful new building. and we tell them every time you send that unit into the united states, you are going to pay a 35% tax. 35%. and it's going to be amazing how those numbers are going to change, right? it's going to be amazing. and i don't care. and they're going to call me. they won't bother with the lobbyists because the lobbyists won't give me money, the special interests won't have given me money.
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their donors won't have given me money. when i went to the last debate, you saw that mess. i didn't have anybody there. i had my sons, my wife, a couple of people there, and the whole room was stacked with special interests and donors and guys got up and spoke so badly and the audience went crazy and i looked and knew half the people in the room. they're all special interest guys. one represented pharmaceuticals. look, we've got to put our country back together. it's a mess. it's a mess. e've got to do it. so as an example, the drug companies, a doctor comes up to me, very big doctor and says to me, we're dying with obama care, it's a killer and not working. he tells me he has more accountants than nurses, not too good, right, to hear that? but you know they don't bid out drugs with the largest drug buyer in the world, the united
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states, and we don't bid them out. i said i'm surprised to hear that but not that surprised because the drug companies and pharmaceutical companies are all making massive campaign contributions to the people i'm running against. and to all the others. and i say -- i will but i won't use that expression because i'll get in trouble with these people. they'll say, do you know what he just said? right? but we will do that. we'll do exactly what you said. so i said what happened, i said -- yeah, that's ok. you can sit down. i said what happened is they're all being taken care of. if we bid out pharmaceuticals, drugs and those things. we would save each year $300 million. -- billion$300 billion. as a country.
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now, you have that with the military going on because the military outfits that make the weapons, even if they're weapons -- you have a little protester? get them the hell out. et them out. get him out. where is the protester? where is he? don't even see him. look, i love protesters because the only way the cameras turn and show how big the audience is is when there is a protester, otherwise they never turn.
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i love protesters. don't worry, it's ok. for a long time i didn't know these guys. it's solid. they're in my face. you know the story, i've said it before, my wife, i go home, how did i do? did you see how big the crowd was? i had 25,000, 20,000, we have the biggest crowds by far of anybody, much bigger than bernie, though i will say bernie is second, but much bigger, but i think he's heading down. looks like bernie is headed down and hillary will get a pass on her email scandal but we'll be bringing it up. looks like we'll be running against hillary which is good. how did she get a pass on that deal? how? right? it won't happen. it won't happen.
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so with these cameras, so they never show the audience and i said to my wife about you see the audience? we had 25,000 people. no, they just keep it on your face. then i realized, they're instructed never, ever show the audience. and the other night, recently, i had 12,000 people -- yeah, go ahead. go ahead. go ahead. [crowd chanting] donald: the other night we had 12,000 people, bernie had 3,000. i turn on the television
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because i do like watching myself, to be totally -- ok. but i turn on the television and they're saying bernie sanders had a massive crowd of 3,000 people, bah, bah, bah. then they go to trump and donald trump spoke before a crowd today of 12,000 people, he had three. a massive crowd at three, 12 they don't mention. this is really bad. these are the most dishonest people i think i've ever dealt with. true, true. hey're bad people. bad people. but we learn to live with it. not all of them. they're not all bad. they're about 80% bad. 10% ok, 5% good and 5% very good. all right. that's not bad. hat's not bad.
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so what i did on june 16 we came out and started talking about trade, how we're being ripped off with china and ripped off with japan and ripped off with mexico at the border and trade and ripped off by vietnam and by india and every country, every single country, every single country because they're all represented by these people that think they're representing us. that's why i say i'm self-funding it means much more than you think. it means much more, i'm telling you. you know, if it's a tie, they should vote for me is what i'm saying. and if it's like somebody like 20% better than me and i don't know why that would be possible, they should vote for me. anything more than 20%, 25%, go with the other guy. i will say this, look, these are the most dishonest people i've dealt with, politicians. i've dealt with them all my
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life so i'm not surprised, it's not like i'm shaken up. but this guy cruz lies more than any human being i've ever ealt with. unbelievable. and he holds up the bible and he lies. then he holds up the bible again and he lies. it's sort of cool. because at the last debate, rubio, nice guy, nice guy, no, but he looked across and said you're a liar. and i never heard a politician call another politician a liar. it was a thing of beauty. 'd never heard it. so it then gave me cover but said so many things. in the last election in south carolina, the morning of the election, the morning of the election, think of it, you think it's all done and now you're going to wait around and have a nice easy day but tomorrow i'm going out to all the caucus sites, by the way, just in case.
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i'll be in a lot of them. and you better be there if you're not there, i'll be so angry. i don't want to turn on the television and say, you know, trump has the biggest crowd, the highest popularity, everybody loves the job he's going to do but his people were too damn lazy to go out and caucus. don't do it. don't make me have a miserable nding. then after this, you know what happens, right? after this we have the whole s.e.c. we're going to do so great. we have georgia, tennessee, so many great ones and texas. i think we'll do very well in texas. because you know the evangelicals are supposed to go with cruz. they were supposed to go with cruz. but you know what, honestly, i won the evangelicals by a lot, you saw that, right?
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actually, i won everything. i won short people, tall people. i won fat people, skinny eople. i won highly educated, ok educated, and practically not educated at all. i love them all. i won the evangelicals big and the military. the military i won big. big. i won the vets. the vets, those vets. i love those vets. we're going to take care of those vets. we are going to take care of our vets, right. these are the greatest people. i meet so many. the wounded warriors. i love these people. they have more courage and guts, i hate to say it, than all of us put together.
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these are the most courageous, most incredible people, and they always have a smile on their face when i meet them and boy, oh, boy, they've taken some shots and they are amazing people. we've got to take care of those people. those people are great. we wouldn't be here if it weren't for those people and we're going to take care of them. we're going to straighten out that v.a. mess. we're going to straighten out that corrupt -- how about this, 20 -- it's hard to believe. it's not a believable number. 22 suicides a day. no, think of it from the vets. 22 suicides. that's unthinkable. it's unthinkable. look at the signs. that's so incredible. wow. that's so incredible. i didn't know this. hat is incredible. who would think it's possible? that is absolutely incredible. i didn't know you're going to be doing that. that is good.
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so we're going to straighten out the vets. so vets, don't worry. we're coming. we're going to straighten out a lot of things. we're going to straighten out and get rid of common core. you know, we're last -- we're getting rid of common core. we're going to make education local. you know, in the world, in the world, top 30 in the world, we're number 30. that means we're at the bottom of the list but we're number one in terms of costs per pupil, by far. number two doesn't even exist. number two is so far away it doesn't even exist. we're number 30 and yet we're number one in the cost per pupil. so let's look at my campaign. i spent by far -- i spent a lot of money but i spent by far the least amount of money and i'm by far number one, ok. isn't that good? somebody else i won't mention
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but were nasty to me, took $25 million in negative ads. can you believe it? one guy. $25 million and then i'm supposed to say he's a nice person, right? and they were phony ads. i have one going on now. cruz, he's got an ad, something to do with i want to take away your land and keep it under the federal government. i don't know what the hell they're talking about. it's an ad. it's a cruz ad. it's a cruz scam. i tell you, so the evangelicals didn't vote for him. you know why? because they don't like liars. they're really smart people. they don't want to vote for a liar. but it is true. i have an ad running right now, a cruz ad, something to do -- and a couple people tell me this, that i'm backing the federal government to keep the land currently owned by the federal government and we should give that land to everybody and divvy it up. i'm saying to myself, well it's not a subject i know anything
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about, it's a hell of an ad but this is a cruz ad. this guy is sick. there's something wrong with his guy. on saturday when we had the vote -- i mean, when we had the ote in south carolina on saturday, i wake up and think it will be a nice, easy day and i get hit with a call from my management people who, by the way, did a fantastic job, cory holt, everybody, they're fantastic. i get hit early in the morning and somebody did a robocall but cruz denied it. this is the day of election and you're not supposed to. but the robocall had to do with the confederate flag and wasn't a good robocall to get at 8:00 in the morning. then i had a second robocall at 12:00 and the whole thing -- i won't tell you or go in subject
2:37 pm
matter. a second robocall on election day and this one had to do with gay marriage. this goes to everybody. south carolina, incredible people. and i said man, if i get hit with two robocalls like that, how can i possibly win? the people were so smart. i won in a landslide. can you believe that? we won in a landslide. i was going to tell you two other categories. i won with men but that's not important to me. i won with women. that's very important. ery important. cheers and applause] :so we're doing
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really well. so we're sending a letter to carrier and in that letter we're going to say if i should win, we're going to come after you for a lot of money every time you send an air conditioner. we're sending a letter to ford. i've been talking about ford now for two years, right? ford is building a $2.5 million -- $2.5 billion plant. i wish them a lot of luck. they're taking a lot of stuff out of michigan and a lot of places. what's good -- tell me, from our standpoint. every deal we make is stupid, whether it's sergeant ergdahl. they get five killers they've coveted for nine years. we get one, they get five, ours is no good, let's send them back and drop them right in the middle of the damn thing, bomb, ly-over. fly-over, drop them, maybe you give them a parachute, maybe you don't. i don't know.
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depends. probably we give him one if we have an extra one around. it wouldn't help him. he went out into that world and didn't find it too comfortable, folks. they slapped him around pretty good and thought he'd go out and be treated wonderfully. i think they slapped him around pretty good. he came back and couldn't get back fast enough. five, maybe six, probably six people were killed looking for him. and we had a general and a colonel that went to see his platoon and to see his group and they all said he deserted and we knew he deserted when we made the deal. why would you make a deal for a desserter and give up five people who they most want who is out trying to kill everybody, including us. why would we give up five killers? why? for one dirty rotten traitor? because we have incompetent
2:40 pm
leadership. we have incompetent eadership. if they didn't know, that would be terrible but knowing, it makes it to me even worse. is that a correct statement, mr. navy. my man. he's shaking his head. going yeah, there's the guy. there's the guy. i know my people. i know my people. and we're not going to make deals like that anymore. we're not making an iran deal where we give them $150 billion and we get nothing. we get nothing. think of it. think of it. we go into the iran deal, it started when? years ago. how long have they been negotiating? they called up, one of the newspapers, mr. trump, how long should that deal have taken? one day i said. maybe one week. hasn't it been three years?
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we should have demanded the prisoners back before we started negotiation, right, and we would have gotten them. you ratchet up and get up and say listen, we're going to ratchet up these sanctions and want our prisoners back. they never walked from that deal. we were ridiculed in that deal. and the worst thing that happened israel, that i can tell you, that deal is a disaster for israel, the worst. the deal is no good and will lead to nuclear proliferation and they'll have nukes and they don't have to develop them, they can buy them with $150 billion and have a lot of money left over. and where are they spending the $150 million? they're not buying boeing. they're not buying boeing. they just ordered 118 airbuses made in europe. they ordered missiles. i didn't know they could buy missiles. they ordered missiles from russia and they're all over europe spending that money.
2:42 pm
the united states gets nothing. and then two days before we sent most of the money, they attack us and they put our 10 sailors in a begging position on their knees with their hands up with a guy with a rough, rough mouth, a rough guy with a rough mouth, like to smack the hell out of him. and he's barking orders like he's a big shot and they have rifles at their heads and this is our friend and obama addresses their leader as the supreme leader and he says the supreme leader. and obama refuses to issue the words radical islamic terrorism. and what i call for a boycott, we're doing that out of intelligence. we're doing that because we want to keep our country strong and safe and we have no choice. elieve me.
2:43 pm
crowd chanting "u.s.a."] so we have some amazing things going on in this country. but we're going to make it so strong. we're going to make it so strong. one of the things i most look forward to doing is taking our military and just reworking it, getting the equipment they want, not the equipment that was gotten from political gain by some guy that has control of a company that's good with the senators, some of whom i'm running against, ok. we are going to make it so strong. all right. so here's what we do. we are going to now talk for two seconds about obamacare.
2:44 pm
because it is a subject that is very close to my heart and it's killing our country. it's going to fail of its own weight by 2017. it's going down, folks. it's going down. it's going to fail like you've never seen. but the republicans, unless i'm there, will come and bail it out. because they always bail it out. they bail it out with this horrible budget from four weeks ago. obamacare is going to be repealed and replaced. obamacare -- we're going to have a strong country again and obamacare has to go. we can't afford it and it's no good. you will end up with great health care for a fraction of the price and that will take place immediately after we go in. immediately. ast. what? >>
2:45 pm
donald trump: ok. it is not working for you. right? not working. ok. it doesn't work -- does it work or anyone? nobody. we get it changed. we get it changed. we get it fixed. it will be beautiful. t doesn't. [booing]
2:46 pm
donald trump: wiseguys. e have wiseguys. you know, sometimes, you would like to sit down with a guy like that. if you talk to someone like that for a couple of minutes, i really think, unless there are other motives, which there often are, but you talk to someone like that for 15 minutes -- what do we all want? safety, security, health care, good jobs. right? whether you are a liberal democrat, a conservative republican -- don't we all want security. strong, strong security. because our country is now in trouble. look.
2:47 pm
when it comes, and when i first came down, i said trade but i said the border. that border is going to be so strong, and the syrians cannot be allowed to come in. we do not know who the hell they are. e don't know who they are. we don't know who they are, there is no paperwork, no documentation. have you ever looked at that migration? look at all of the young men. where are the women and children? take a look at what is happening to germany. it is a disaster. what is happening to sweden, what is happening to brussels. take a look. it is not going to happen to our country. we will make our country -- we will make our country stronger than ever before. if you look at our gdp for the last quarter, we had no growth. we had no growth. we are losing jobs. we have a phony jobs
2:48 pm
number. they say it's down to 5% but the real number is 25%. if it weren't, i would not be having crowds like this at every stadium. the real number -- and that 5% number was devised by politicians to look good. just to look good. the jobs they are talking about, and everybody admits, these are bad jobs. these are not the jobs we want and the part-time jobs are all ver the place. people working part time that never had a part-time job. we will take our jobs back from china. i have a friend. he is a great contractor. he is a great merchandiser. he cannot get his product into china. no matter what he does, he cannot get into china. they go "bye-bye."
2:49 pm
see, he's smiling. i love the old days. you know what i hate? there is a guy, totally disruptive, throwing punches, we are not allowed to punch back anymore. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they would be carried out on a stretcher. i love our police. i respect our police. they are not getting nough. i hate to see that. here is a guy, throwing punches, screaming at everything else when we are talking, and we are not allowed -- the guards are gentle with him. he is walking out, smiling,
2:50 pm
laughing -- i would like to punch him in the face. it brings up something. two debates ago, they hit ted cruz with a question. they hit him with a uestion. i always say about ted cruz, he can debate, but he cannot talk -- does that make sense? they hit him with a question about waterboarding. he got all messed up. he could not answer the question. he was a mess. because he did not want to say waterboarding is a good thing. waterboarding is not pretty, but they are chopping off heads. drowning people in steel cages. leaving them in the ocean for an hour. they are chopping off heads and they are saying to themselves, can you believe how we can
2:51 pm
pathetic we americans are? so they asked ted cruz about waterboarding. what do i say? i want to be politically correct. "waterboarding is so terrible" -- even though they are chopping off heads. he was a mess. then they said to me, what are you think about waterboarding? i said i think it is great, but i do not think we go far enough. it is true, right? we do not go far enough. we do not go far enough. now the press will write that trump is a mean guy -- i am not a mean guy. i do not want to be pushed around by animals. these are animals. [cheering]
2:52 pm
so there will not be anymore fords going to mexico. there will not be any more different trades going to mexico. i don't need nabisco, i don't need oreos -- which is a good thing. but when they announced they're moving their plant to mexico, it's not going to happen. carl icahn indoors me. -- endorsed me. other great businessmen and doors me. we have some of the most -- some of the most important deals we are making our trade deals. to me, security is most important. ust so you know. cnn did a poll, and it said trump for security is the best. for the military is the best. i do not mean by a little -- i
2:53 pm
was in the 60 percentile. that is where we had like 12 eople. trump, for leadership is the best. trump -- trump at the border is the best. it is true. this probably has to do with sheriff joe -- but trump for the border is the best. we are so good at the border, we will have people come in illegally. legally, legally, legally. we will have the strongest order. -- border. no one will have a border like us. i thought it was a little funny. the pope came out and said some things -- this was the day of the election. the day, the pope, and they said to me the pope made statements about me.
2:54 pm
i said the pope? what do i have to do with the pope. this was like 10 hours before the election. south carolina, i had a question, the pope's hitting me hard. he said things about the border, and you cannot have a wall. i said wow -- i have seen the vatican. it is the biggest, strongest wall i have ever seen. i have never seen a wall like hat. in fact, i want to use that for my model as the wall we want to build. but mexican officials, who are smart -- they are making a fortune with us. trade deficit would mexico. $58 billion a year. these politicians used to say you cannot build a wall, can you? i said china, 13,000 miles. the great wall of china, wall the china, right?
2:55 pm
it was built 2,000 years ago. no, we cannot build a wall with caterpillar tracks everywhere. that was 13,000. we need 1000. and i want to make it higher han the wall in china, so we can say -- it will not be as wide, but it will be higher. that i can say. let me just explain something. we are going to have such great security that we are going to be the model for the world. we will be a model for the rest of the world. we have gone from being a laughingstock -- we will go to the exact opposite. one of the things you see -- and i say all the time. we do not win any more. we do not beat isis. we will knock the hell out of hem. we are going to have great health care.
2:56 pm
we don't win with education. i was going to say on education -- to be ranked 30 and to spend that kind of money is so sad. we will balance our budget relatively quickly -- not too quickly, but some of the politicians we think we can balance over a 25 year period. do you believe that? over a 25-year period. there was a man in baseball. did anybody here of charles o finley? george steinbrenner was a great friend of mine. he had no money, but he had the best team. he had catfish hunter, reggie jacksonmenthe had the lowest salary in baseball by far -- three world series in a row. then he'd takes reggie jackson and trade him. we do not want to spend our money. we want to be the best at
2:57 pm
everything without having necessarily to spend it. to spend the least on our campaign and be the best, we want that for our country. and we are going to be hat. and we are going to do that for our country. we're going to. i love these people. i love these people. the most important thing we all have to do -- i will be all over the place tomorrow. the most important thing we can do is -- i'm not going to use the word caucus. just a vote. i do not want to give you an excuse. what the hell is caucus, nobody knows what it means. we have a great republican party right here in the state. where is my republican party? where are they? where is my leader? where is my leader?
2:58 pm
they are going to be watching. it is las vegas. a little tricky. i could tell you some bad stories about what happened in iowa, but i will not tell you about that. so we are going to go out tomorrow and have a big victory -- hopefully. if the people in their room went out and did it, we would win practically with this mount of people. so we are going to go out tomorrow and get it started. you look at the cover of "time" magazine from a couple of weeks ago. it talks about the movement. it is a picture of me standing like this with a massive audience. a picture of the back of my head, and i had my hair combed perfectly. it was so good. i do not know if they did a touch up, but i liked it. it was a picture of me speaking to a massive crowd of eople.
2:59 pm
they said there has never been anything like this that happened in politics in the history of this country. amazing. so you're going to go out and vote. here is the story. we are going to start winning again. we will feel good about ourselves again. we are going to get rid of the incompetent. people who negotiated the iran eal. we'll have the best people in the world negotiating our trade deals. we will break up the trade deals. we will make money instead of losing money with every country in the world. we will bring our jobs back to this country where they belong. we are going to start winning again. we will win on trade. with a military. we will win at every level. we will win, win, win. i jokingly say that we will win so much, we will say mr.
3:00 pm
president, we are getting bored f winning so much. let's go back to the old way. and i said there's no way. we are going to keep winning. i love you. we are going to win. go out tomorrow and vote. thank you. i love you. i love you. thank you. thank you, everybody.
3:01 pm
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las vegas, part of clark county, 73% of the top lation of nevada living in county. last saturday, hillary clinton the winner of the democratic caucuses in nevada and our "road to the white house" coverage continues tonight with hillary clinton talking about gun violence in columbia, south carolina. and live coverage tonight from nevada and the g.o.p. caucuses. we'll have results for you. start coming in at midnight or
3:22 pm
so and you'll hear from some of the republican candidates. that's tonight live here on c-span. and heading into tonight's caucuses. donald trump has earned 67 delegates from caucuses in primaries, and senator ted cruz of texas has 11 and senator rubio just behind with 10. the two other remaining republican candidates, governor kasich has earned five delegates nd ben carson has 3. 30 delegates up for grabs tonight in nevada. >> during campaign 2016, c-span takes you on the "road to the white house" as we follow the candidates on c-span, c-span adio and
3:23 pm
>> recently the campaign 2016 bus made a stop at mount st. michael academy. over 100 students toured the bus . over 1,100 students in grades 6-12 attend the all-boys catholic school. thanks for coordinating our visit. >> today on capitol hill, senate republicans on the judiciary committee announced they would not hold hearings this area on any nominee to the supreme court, this following the death of justice scalia. about an hour ago, senate republican and democratic leaders spoke with reporters on the supreme court vacancy created by the death of justice scalia and the path forward as announced by judiciary
3:24 pm
committee. we will hear from mitch cconnell and harry reid. >> good afternoon everyone. the most significant occurrence during the previous recess was the death of justice scalia. many of us had our own interaction with justice scalia over the years. in my own case, i was a young staffer in the justice department during the ford administration and i would go to staff meetings where i kept my mouth shot because i was in the presence of robert bork. and lawrence silverman who was the deputy attorney general and justice scalia, three of the most brilliant conservative lawyers of our time.
3:25 pm
and silverman was on the d.c. circuit and scalia on the supreme court and bork nominated. i was on the judiciary committee when scalia was nominated. conservatives,of this was this was an extraordinary individual and great loss for the country. the question immediately becomes what's the way forward. i have the view and expressed it early on that the next president should make this nomination. that certainly is supported by precedent. you would have to go back to 1888 when grover cleveland was in the white house to find the last time a senate of a different party from the president confirmed a nominee for the supreme court in an election year.
3:26 pm
in 1988, justice kennedy was confirmed but that was a vacancy created before that which bork was nominated and was defeated and the vacancy existed quite some time prior to the presidential election. so the question is who should make the decision. and my view and i can confidently say the view shared by everybody in my conference is that the nomination should be made by the president. and the election under way right now. queffed three of them in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina and one going on on in nevada. the election is well under way. so i believe the overwhelming view of the republican conference of the senate is that this nomination should not be filled, have vacancy should not be failed by this lame duck
3:27 pm
president. that was the view of joe biden when he was chairman of the judiciary committee in 1992. shuck schumer who will be my counterpart next year had the view that you shouldn't fill a vacancy in the last 18 months going into a presidential election year and that was senator reid's view as well in a different era. so i think this is where this will end up. i expect the president will make a nomination. senator cornyn is on the judiciary committee and i would like him to address another aspect of this. senator cornyn: he was talking about his experience with justice scalia. he administered the oath of office to me on the texas supreme court. we have our own personal memories of this giant in the law and someone who transformed
3:28 pm
the supreme court and its jurisprudence and i think set a high standard for those who followed. today, the members of the senate judiciary committee on the republican side you nam mousely agreed. we wrote a letter to senator mcconnell saying there should not be a hearing in the judiciary committee for anyone that the president nominates. the reason for that is it's not about the personality but the principle. it's up to the american people in the next election no matter who they choose to make the nomination for this important seat on the supreme court. justice scalia served for 30 years and extends beyond president obama's term of office. it's that important. as senator mcconnell said we have some precedent. we have three things. we have the biden rule, we have the reid dick umh and the schumer precedent.
3:29 pm
which they tore up the rule book. there isn't any rule book the way they have rewritten the rules and this is the path forward. senator thune: the president signed into law legislation that forbid the closing of guantanamo bay and transporting of detainees there anywhere in the united states. that was something that was sent to him by both republicans and democrats. and what he is now proposing to do is in direct contradiction with the will of the american people. it's the will of the american people and their voices that need to be heard and that's the point we are making with respect to this supreme court vacancy as well. that a lame duck president should not be making a lifetime appointment to the speem court. the american people deserve to have their voices heard in this
3:30 pm
process and will have that opportunity in the election this year. as the leader pointed out is well under way. the next president of the united states be a democrat or a republican should be making that nomination. and we believe that's the way this process should proceed and as was pointed out earlier, that is the view of the republican senate and we think it's the view of the american people. >> i thank senator mcconnell for his leadership on the whole issue of justice scalia and the decision to be made by the american people. the voters in november to make a augh time appointment. specifically related to syria. when senator kerry came for his confirmation hearings three
3:31 pm
years ago, about 60,000 syrians had been murdered. here we are three years later. at the time he said the situation is getting worse. three years later, the number is 47 0,000 killed. so -- 470,000 killed. in three years, 300 syrians killed every single day since senator kerry has taken over. the strategy of this administration is not working. what we are seeing is russia is involved on the ground in syria and say they are to fight terrorists. to them that is an elastic term. we know who they are after and even though they announced a ceasefire, after announcing the ceasefire they destroyed two hospitals, sending a message to those on the ground that it's time to get out. civilians are terrorized and terrified. they are leaving for people who want to stay as the resistance
3:32 pm
and see the price to pay is very high. the white house as well as the russians have announced a new ceasefire but not to take effect for a couple of weeks. i will tell you that is a smoke screen. it is time for a new strategy. the secretary of state today admitted in the committee that there are no consequences to be paid by russia when they violate the ceasefire again. >> the reason i'm part of this stakeout, i'm the elected representative of my colleagues in the senate re-election campaigns this year. and in that respect, a number of you have asked me in the last day or two, what effect the supreme court nomination might have on our chances in november. senator wicker: we are very comfortable letting the american people speak on this issue.
3:33 pm
the american people will choose a president and will get a choice between a president that is likely to appoint someone in the tradition of justice scalia or a person who -- or a president that is likely to appoint the type of nominees we seen from president obama. elections have consequences and the election this november will have consequences as to the type f senate we have and as to our being disposed to confirm nominees in the vein of justice scalia or the american pell could choose a senate that will e delighted to have overly liberal and ex pangsist justices. calmnk we really should be and matter of fact about this. we know from the statements made
3:34 pm
by our friends on the other side of the aisle that if they were in the position we hold today, the result would be exactly the same. the vice president said as much in 1992. the future democratic leader said as much in 2007 and clearly that would have been the attitude of senator reid also. we've got work to do. if the president sends us a nominee, i think it will be disposed of as the vice president would have disposed of that nominee had he been in the leadership, had senator schumer been in the leadership and we need to get on with the many other legislative matters that we have to attend to this year. reporter: sounds like the president will still nominate someone. how far are you willing to go preventing this nominee going further? will you actually not meet with
3:35 pm
the nominee? senator mcconnell: i don't know how many ta times we have to say this. the judiciary committee has recommended to me there will be no hearings. i'm confident and the conference agrees that this decision ought to be made by the next president, whoever is elected. i don't know the purpose of such a visit. i would not be inclined to take one myself. reporter: will you not meet either with the nominee? senator cornyn: i don't see the point of going through the motions and create the impression of something else going on here. eporter: [indiscernible] if you don't have meetings, voting down nominees and looks like republicans are trying to hide something.
3:36 pm
are you taking a political gamble? senator mcconnell: getting off message is not one of them. this nomination will be determined by whoever wins the presidency in the fall. i agree with the judiciary committee eel recommendation that we not have hearings, in short, there will not be action taken. [indiscernible] reporter: senator schumer said it doesn't matter what anybody else said in the past. senator mcconnell: i know they say it doesn't matter. we know what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot. we know what would happen. a nominee of a republican president would not be confirmed by a democratic senate when the vacancy was created in a
3:37 pm
presidential election year. that's a fact. and some of their statements in the past are very inconvenient now and would like to suggest they didn't really mean it. but let me try one more time. the judiciary committee has unanimously recommended there be no hearings. i agree with that. and number two, this nominee will be selected by the next president. reporter: every nominee has gotten a vote. what's the harm of the senate voting on a potential nominee? senator mcconnell: i'm going to say the same thing again. reporter: are you committing that that president -- whoever that president is will get an up or down vote on that nominee? senator mcconnell: whoever the nominee is that comes up next year will be considered by the senate. the procedure, what the process would be -- i don't know.
3:38 pm
but at the beginning of a four-year term, the suggestion that either party wouldn't consider the nominee at all -- we are talking about an election already under way, a vacancy in a presidential election year. next year is not a presidential election year. this is a unique circumstance and you have to go back to 1888 when grover cleveland was president to find the last time a vacancy created in a presidential election year was approved by a senate of a different party. i think you all understand where we are. reporter: when does the election season begin? people started campaigning in iowa last year. senator mcconnell: we are in the election year. it will occur this november. the vacancy occurred this election year.
3:39 pm
that's what we are talking about. hanks everybody. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by tional captioning institute] senator reid: before the president named a nominee, the republicans are doing what everyone thought was impossible. s it real? the former chair of the judiciary committee, senior senator from utah said today, we aren't going to hold hearings. doesn't matter, because we aren't going to approve whoever
3:40 pm
he sends. i thought it was a senator talking. now we've learned that senator mcconnell has evened up that one. he has gotten every republican member on the judiciary committee to say they won't even hold a hearing. hard to comprehend. but it appears that senator grassley is going to follow through on this plan and go through down in history as the most obstructionist chair of our judiciary committee in history. that says a lot. because we know the judiciary committee chair during the civil rights era. i can't imagine senator grassley who i served with in congress for more than three decades, is this the legacy he wants? is this the choice he's making by following senator mcdonnell down this path of trump and
3:41 pm
cruz? republican leader wants to believe the senate should do its job on supreme court nominations. we got four pages of quotes that he has made saying basically the same thing. supreme court's not a time for being obstructtive. it's a time to have hearings and move forward. four pages. if anybody wants them, we will be happy to give them. before cruz and trump took over the republican party and now the judiciary committee itself, senator grassley said, quote, imholding that the senate needs to conduct a careful review of nominations. it's important that the nominee be given a fair, respectful and deliberative process, closed quote.
3:42 pm
here's the chair of this committee, very important committee saying we aren't even going to hold a hearing. and i heard just a few minutes ago, senator mcconnell said he was inclined to not even meet with the nominee. so instead of the judiciary committee doing the judiciary committee's job, a fair, deliberative process, they are ruling it out before the nominee is named. threatening to abandon the senate's responsibilities. this is what donald trump and ted cruz wants. trump said, delay, delay, delay the supreme court nominee. they are doing that in a way i'm sure couldn't imagine. he has taken it to a new height. it's wrong and the american people i believe won't stand for this. the senate needs to do its job.
3:43 pm
as republican leader once said, quote, it's time to move abay from the sri and osh instruct and get back to advice and consent. republicans must take their duty seriously and reject the extreme pproach of trump and cruz. the senate, the world's greatest deliberative body, they are not going to deliberate at all on this most important responsibility they have. all we want them to do is to do their job, do their job. senator durbin: i have been listening carefully to senator mcconnell and trying to find a basis for agreement. the principle he stated is something i'm interested in. he saidf you are going to fill
3:44 pm
the vacancy on the supreme court, let the american people decide who will fill it. i checked. they did. in 2012, the american people 5 ded by a a margin of million votes for four years. if senator mcconnell is looking for an indication, they voted and voted decisively on behalf of president obama. what's at stake here gets to the heart of what we swear to uphold and defend, this constitution. this constitution is explicit. article 2, section 2, the president shall appoint the nominee and the senate shall by advice and consent approve that nominee. both of those directions. they give a responsibility to the president to appoint a nominee, to name a nominee and give the responsibility to the
3:45 pm
senate to advise and consent. what are you hearing from republicans today. people who get before us and gue, we are strict constitutionalists. in this press conference, senator mcconnell said they are not going to exercise their constitutional responsibilities. this has never happened before. never. we have not had this happen in history. and senator mcconnell is going to wear the collar for it. he has decided they will not do their job. our message to them is very, very clear. do your job. call this nominee once the president presents it. having a hearing and bring your vote. the constitution requires it. and for senator mcconnell and senate republicans to buy into the trump strategy of delay, delay, delay is a further
3:46 pm
indication of obstruction that we have faced in this since republicans have been in control. this is the worst example. senator schumer: we are in the grips of obstruction by senate republicans. it's a sad day when they won't even deliberate. colleagues today our is simple, do your job. the republicans running for president and here in the senate profess their love and admiration to the constitution to anyone who listens, but it's clear the republicans only love the constitution when it's convenient for them and fits their political goals. the constitution as dick outlined. the constitution very clearly lays out the job. republicans have a right to vote no on whom ever the the
3:47 pm
president nominates but not even give the nominee a hearing and fair consideration is beyond the pale and it won't stand. the republicans on the senate judiciary committee said this afternoon that their, quote consensus view unquote is to deny the nominee hearings. that may be their consensus view or the consensus between the far right and far, far right, but that is certainly not the consensus view of the american people who want the senate to act. both sides over the last week have been talking old quotes about judges and the supreme court back and forth. this republican said that 15 years ago. that democrat said this 20 years ago. but here's the point, not one of those quotes affected an actual vacancy or an actual nominee. not one of the quotes changes the fact that we have a vacancy
3:48 pm
on the court now right in front of us that must be filled. we have a job to do. the senate must do its job. to this hashingens back 2013, same scenario, the hard right, led by ted cruz shut down the government unless a.c.a. is repealed. they knew it was a loser but had to go along because the hard right has such power. same thing is happening. senator mcconnell who has tried an idea that the republicans are working knows this is the wrong thing to do, but he can't resist the collarion call of the hard right. and like in 2013, they will have to back off their position with their tail behind their legs. today's effort by senator mcconnell to get every member of the judiciary committee to sign a letter saying they won't do
3:49 pm
hearings is an effort to make this issue go away. it won't. the american people won't let it. we won't let it, because we know that the american people sends us here to do a job, plain and simple. it's time for senate republicans to do their job. senator murray: well, you know for republican leaders this is a pretty simple choice, stand with the constitution and the vast majority of people across the country who want a functioning supreme court or stand with donald trump, ted cruz and the tea party who want to put politics and ideology above our constitutional responsibility. just hours after justice scalia passed away, republican leaders started down the wrong paths. i'm hopeful they reconsider and come back and do the right thing. as my colleagues have noted, the
3:50 pm
constitution could not be clearer when it comes to what should happen when there is a supreme court vacancy. the president shall nominate and shall appoint with the advice and consent of the senate, not shall nominate in the first three years and shall not nominate unless the senate leadership wants to keep the seat open for a while, the president shall nominate. that is his responsibility. and then it is our responsibility in the senate to consider, advise and ultimately help make sure that vacancy is filled with a qualified person but republican leaders aren't interested in constitutional responsibility but seem to be interested in partisan politics. they aren't objecting to a person, they are objecting to the very idea of this president, president obama, being allowed to do his job. just today, they reiterated that
3:51 pm
they won't even allow a hearing, no matter how qualified a nominee is. that is not advice and consent. that is politicize and obstruct. working with the president to evaluate and confirm supreme court just ises is one of the most important responsibilities we have here in the senate. republican hope the leaders step back. we are asking them to do one hing, do your job. indiscernible] reporter: you said that senator mcconnell would cave. do you believe that's still the case? seems like he has dug in. senator reid: the pressure is going to build in political
3:52 pm
facets and in the country. reporter: where are you in the appropriations process? senator reid: i'm not going to turn into the obstruct caucus. we are going to do our work. we have a lot of work to do. and we're going to proceed. someone asked me in nevada, they said, are you going to shut down the senate? there's nothing to shut down. we aren't doing anything any way. indiscernible] talked republicans about joe biden's politics. how about that video undercut your message here today? senator reid: senator schumer laid out very clearly, we have not held up any nomination.
3:53 pm
that was in june and no one was being considered at the time. they are rushing for something that is not going to help them at all. we have time and time again -- let's go back to 1988, the last year of the reagan administration. what did we do? we had a hearing on kennedy and it was approved unanimously. this is something that is untoward. people make statements about a lot of things. but joe biden -- joe has made a few statements over the years about a lot of things but in this one instance, it didn't mean a thing because nothing was pending. he has a right to say. it didn't make any difference. there was nothing pending. eporter: did mcconnell make -- senator schumer: did grassley and mcconnell make a mistake? the public doesn't care about that. they care about us doing job.
3:54 pm
all this back and forth doesn't make a bit of difference. reporter: how will it hurt the republicans? senator reid: the republicans are saying through their right-wing outlets, they would rather have the republicans lose the senate. so that says it all. let's look at it this way, doing something never done in the history of this country, never done in the history of this country is not going to help them. let's put it that way. reporter: republicans refuse to consider a nominee and a republican does win the white house, how does it change the standard for future nominees? senator reid: it's not a question of changing how we approve supreme court nominees, it proves how we approach any nomination. they are changing the senate.
3:55 pm
they are changing it. founding fathers were clear. i outlined on the senate floor yesterday things that george washington said and madison said. the founding fathers to have a country that functions, you have to have a senate that works with fairness and that's why we have been all these years to have the clotures. broken with that's not in the constitution but something we developed work on. reporter: would you urge the white house to move quickly? senator reid: they are going to do it as quickly as they feel appropriate. you have seen the binders that the president is carrying. he wants to do the right thing and we are going to get a
3:56 pm
nomination soon. reporter: how do you think republicans are helping -- why did they harden their position on this? senator reid: they have been given directions by the right-wing koch brothers. they believe that it's more important that they stop a person and having their own job as a senator. omething that right wing is -- trump-cruz wing. i'm not making that up. donald trump, when he said a couple of days ago, supreme court nomination, these are his words, delay, delay, delay. last question. [indiscernible] senator reid: they do not
3:57 pm
understand how one they are and on the wrong side of the row. it's going to be very, very, think bad for them. last question. indiscernible] senator reid: we haven't done it before. hat's all that's made umh. i felt for example the nomination of clarence thomas was bad for the country. i voted against him. he got 52 votes. anyone could have held it up, but we didn't do that. we weren't elated with alito, but we didn't filibuster.
3:58 pm
that is all phony. we never did that. if we did, it wouldn't be good for the country. and what they're doing it's not only bad for the country but the political party, especially the republicans, because this is a clear indication, the party of lincoln is becoming the party of donald trump. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> asking about comments made by then senator biden about supreme court nominations. in "the hill," josh earnest said s record should be used as a measuring stick of where he tands on the nomination. vice president biden said in a statement yesterday, his remarks were taken out of context, he pointed out later in his speech he would consider a nominee put
3:59 pm
forward by president bush if he or she was a moderate and if the president consulted with members of the senate. on the other end of pennsylvania avenue, president obama sent to congress a plan to close guantanamo bay, the detention facility there. his is what he had to say. president obama: secretary defense ash carter and his team working in concert with the office of management and budget. today the congress is receiving our plan to close down the facility at guantanamo once and for all. it reflects the hard work of my national security. i want to thank ash and his team my .o.d. -- this plan has support and reflects my best thinking of how to bet go after terrorists and teal with those who we may capture and strategy
4:00 pm
with four main elements. >> all of the comments from president obama plus the briefing is available at the house returning after the presidents' day recess. dealing with transportation security administration's pre-check passenger program and anti-terrorism. votes this evening at 6:30. a supportsman rights bill and fraud you lent insurance measure and the senate is in this afternoon. lots of speeches about the judiciary committee's decision and republicans decision not to hold a hearing on the supreme court nominee. live to the u.s. house here on c-span.


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