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tv   Nevada Republican Caucuses Results  CSPAN  February 24, 2016 12:00am-2:01am EST

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nine-year-old girl who had very high-minded ideas about service and democracy and wanted to meet gabby. she was next in line. they never met. gabby was in the hospital for six months. i was commander of the spatial at the time. while she was in the hospital, i did my final flight on space shuttle 12 people died. long -- twice as many as what happened in tucson. we started to think about this issue a little differently. we started thinking about this nation where we have 2-3 times gun violence.
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how do we get -- most children gun violence dies in the united states. it is complicated. there is not one thing we can change. this is a very complicated and complex issue. it is incredibly lyrical. it is incredibly driven by money. it is driven by very powerful corporate interests that is good at what they do. we currently have a congress that is in the grip of the gun lobby. but itot only congress is state legislators. governors, city council, mayor's. happens to be the
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president of the united states. currently. -- not currently. it has been in the past. what all of us need to recognize is that elections matter. so gabby i took a look at all the candidates that are running for president and as we all know there are a lot of them. there are less every single day which is good. it is very clear and does not take long to figure this out. there is only one candidate that has the record and experience to stand up to a very powerful corporate interests.
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that is why gabion i are here today to encourage all of you to get out and vote. it is so important. it is the most important thing any single individual does. especially in a presidential election year. obviously everybody would not be here tonight if they do not vote for secretary clinton. find the one, the friend that is going to vote for somebody else and changed her mind. gabby has thought a lot about this issue as well. she takes a stuff very seriously. before that she was a state senator.
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she's a state legislator. shey cares about this issue is a gun owner, i am a gun owner. at the same time there are things you can do to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. people who are dangerously ill or domestic abusers. there's a lot we can do is a lot you can do there's a lot that a gabbyent clinton can do is going to tell you why that is so important. hello.
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she will fight to make our family safer. hillary is tough. she is courageous. in the white house, she was stand up to the gun lobby. [applause] that is why i'm voting for hillary. [applause] speaking is difficult for me. to saye january, i want these two words. madam president.
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-- matt on president. [no audio] [applause] the courage and commitment, sorrow into strategy. turning morning into a movement. is just such ait great message for everybody. hope you will i take with you when you leave here tonight. something that is important for each of us appear but should be important for all of us. every single one of us.
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i'm absolutely determined that justice we will give reform the criminal justice system. we will provide the accountability for those in positions of power and responsibility. we will make progress towards commonsense sense gun safety measures to deal with the gun culture and the epidemic of violence. to keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them in the first place. to look out for one another. kindness more respect for every human being. every single one of us deserves nothing less than that. think these extraordinary gabbys, i think march and -- i think mark gabby for being
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with us. this is the beginning. this is a movement. yes it does and -- result in change. it does bring more people. as president obama says, to consider guns and violence as a voting issue. something that will motivate you and those you know. the churn out -- the turnout on primaries. the the turnout in november. to work together to make the changes that we deserve to see. thank you also much. good night. [applause]
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hillary. [applause]
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all -- [laughter] [applause] .
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how are you.
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>> i love you. thank you. you're very welcome. >> thank you so much.
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speaker: the polls are closed now in nevada for the republican caucuses. the associated press calling the race for donald trump. 3.6% of the vote is in. 42.9% for mr. trump. the call right after the polls closed at midnight. which would be 9:00. 1230 or so coming up in washington. we are standing by to take you live. when speeches start we expect to hear from donald trump as well
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as senator takers. here's what political said. his thirdching consecutive victory. he is more moment heading into super tuesday next week. where voters and a dozen states kassar ballas. itico says that the decisive victory was propelled by an electorate that is more enraged had swept in wins and new hampshire in carolina. you're looking at a picture there from the treasure island hotel and casino. that is trump a quarters in las vegas. we will also take you to the ymca and las vegas -- and las vegas which is a quarters for ted cruz. we expect a big speech by mr. trump. i do not know what ted cruz will say. he and senator mark rubio are in a close battle.
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for second place.
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speaker: we are waiting for donald trump to make remarks in las vegas after coming in first at the republican caucus. the associated press reporting on some entrance poll results. donald trump was supported by seven in 10 of those who preferred an outsider. that is according to an entrance poll conducted by the ap. goers- nevada caucus e were more like you support a outside canada.
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.arco rubio was supported we see the room at the treasure island hotel and casino. we expect donald trump to speak to his supporters. let us show you now the ted cruz supporters. converted into a temporary headquarters for --. >> no one spoken. but he is not paid for that or suffered for that. how long can i go on? >> i think for a while. as long as americans cannot trust mainstream media. there is the ymca in las vegas. we will take you back over to the treasure island hotel eating for donald trump. you can see the room full of supporters cheering for him in the evening as news reports are being played in the room are
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showing their candidate to be the winner by the ap, cnn, nbc, major news organizations.
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speaker: so more about the entrance polls. mediaco shows that entrance polls show that the caucus-goersevada were angry with the government. 36% said that they are dissatisfied. significantly they would like to bring in an outsider to fix it then --. they favor someone from outside the political establishment then the candidate with political experience. that was bad news for marco rubio who is now zero-four in the february contest. ted cruz who want the iowa caucuses but finished third in south carolina this saturday. both senator cruz and rubio are vying for second place and i. coming in first
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with a fairly substantial margin so far. in the last numbers he saw mr. trump is that 42% of republican goers. [applause]
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speaker: we have been waiting for about 15 minutes for donald trump to come out. the room is packed in las vegas with his supporters. let us show you a portion of this morning's washington journal taking a look at these democratic primary in dr. lana. qwest -- >> good morning. the center for american progress, how do you describe it to people. >> we are a nonpartisan multi-issue think tank. we come up with progressive ideas and really ensure that we have new ideas that in --
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address the challenges that face our country and our world. we really have the infrastructure and the communication networks to be voltage those networks out into the bloodstream and get the conversation going. reporter: does your group endorse anybody? speaker: we do not we are nonpartisan, we are not -- we are eight multi-issue think tank. cover the waterfront from national security to immigration to health care to the economy two guns, immigration. reporter: serving on the clinton campaign, is that mean that does that have any influence? speaker: no not at all. our ceo also works for the first lady and worked on her first campaign. there is no influence in terms
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of interactions with the campaign. i will say that we are a progressive ink tank. we believe that progressive, pragmatic solutions are the ones that are going to continue the growth of this country. they are going to bring working families and middle-class back to where they should be. we do have ideology but no endorsement. reporter: if i am a progressive looking at this democratic process laying out. what my thinking so far. speaker: you're seeing a highly contested race on the progressive side. you're scratching your head and wondering what is happening on the conservative, republican side. this has really been a unique primary season both on the democratic and republican side. if you are progressive, you're watching two candidates, secretary clinton and senator send -- sanders battle it out. in the spirit of ideas. proposals, andy banter back and forth about
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which policy proposals are going to make the most difference for the american people. they are going to address than needs of working families. i think those policy ideas are what you're seeing. they will really be influential as we head into south carolina and super tuesday. what is top of my list what is important to a democrat looking at these candidates and a progressive looking at these candidates. what is really important is the economy. they are looking for ideas around job creation wheezing stagnant races. -- wages. democrat you to think about 2000 eight under president bush where the economy headed into one of the biggest recessions. hemorrhagingere and hundred thousand jobs a
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month. over president obama's a administration, we have seen seven years of growth and economic recovery. so if you are democrat, you are looking to make a choice, you want to see that growth continue. you want to see the progress continue. ,ou want to pick a candidate secretary clinton or senator sanders that can build on the progress that has been made on -- in this a administration. you are seeing a big contest of ideas around the economy, health care, immigration policy, criminal justice, etc.. best way what is the forward as far as continuing on what we are seeing so far. speaker: a couple of things that we do see in the economic puzzles, a me just that secretary clinton and senator sanders are putting forward big, bold ideas about how to ways -- raise wages.
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--y are both for the $50 second -- bernie sanders is for the $50 wage and secretary clinton is for the $12 wage. college affordability, education. those are on top of the mind of americans today. we contrast that with the contraceptive hogans where nobody's talking about those ideas. no one has addressed climate change. no one is put forward any ideas about how to limit carbon carbon should -- pollution. reporter: if you want to ask your questions about the primary season, call the number. the question for all-day proposals that there being out there, how do you pay for it?
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ways to pay best for them are by investing in infrastructure and investing in our economy. by closing cap loop -- tax loopholes. and clinton sanders are for modification of our tax codes. republicans talk about tax breaks for the americans with jewel explode the deficit. we haveesident obama, seen the deficit cut by three quarters. we want to continue on that path of investment and recovery but also build on that. i think the also piece that is interesting is health care. a lot of talk around the republicans wanting to repeal thee affordable care at -- affordable care act.
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senator sanders wants to scrap the affordable care act and move into a single-payer medical care. secretary clinton sees that the system that we have is here to stay. 18 million americans have health insurance at the didn't otherwise have. 26 can stay under their parents plans. the system is working. we need improvements but we want to keep the system that we have today. and health care you see distinctions between secretary clinton and senator sanders planned. affordable care act in your mind is it fiscally sustainable. get lessy as it states support for the government. it is sustainable. any to be improved on an ways. we need to continue to invest in it. as i have been reading.
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-- senatornton's sanders plan has not added up. his plan if it were to be put in place is very expensive. i think that is another part of the difference. whether it ise is something that can actually be implemented, a single medical care for all. he is from, state one of the bluest, most them a chronic states. the governor there try to implement a single-payer system. he ended up having to tossed it out. one of the things that secretary clinton is doing is being pragmatic and work for solutions that can be implemented. if you look at polls from nevada, you see people who want someone who can get things done. 78% of those voters floated for secretary clinton.
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reporter: first call for you come from maryland and columbus, ohio. morning, first i would like to say i would vote democrat whoever the nominee is. we are in trouble if republicans get in. i can never vote for donald trump. donald trump is a vote for the tea party who have brought this country down. it is a vote for the nra, sarah palin, glenn back. all of these people i would not line myself with. oh what i want to ask you, my girlfriend owns a computer. thatame across ohio health governor k-6 put everybody's , guess who owns ohio health?
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donald trump in the koch brothers. of -- theyobably off are profiting off of health care. askdonner summit needs to donald trump and john kasich if they own ohio health? speaker: it is interesting on the republican side, we're talking about governor k-6, some of the media calling him establishment some of the media are calling him a moderate. just the other day he signed into law a plan that would defund planned parenthood. that provided so many services for people in ohio. he certainly is a moderate. you mentioned donald trump, they are as well. he talked about the democratic side you would support whoever the nominee is. as i mentioned earlier, the distinction between the two parties in a 2016 primaries couldn't be more stark.
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the contrast couldn't be more clear. whereas the democratic side are coming up with big, bold ideas to address some of the issues you raise. health care care, the economy, stagnant wages. on the republican side that is not what we're seeing. we are seeing divisive rhetoric and a very angry electorate. >> high, i want to congratulate them for doing a study on fear inc.. trump: oh boy. nevada thank you. this is a great place. trump. [applause]
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donald trump: thank you very much. a great evening. we'll be suffering for a long time tonight. we will have a good time. [applause] we were not expecting a couple months ago we were not expected to win this one. you know that right. we weren't. if you listen to the pundits we weren't expected to win that much. now we are winning, winning the country. soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. to thank the volunteers. they work endlessly, endlessly. we are not going to forget it. we have had some great numbers coming out of texas. [applause] amazing numbers coming out of tennessee and georgia. [applause] an arkansas.
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in a couple weeks, florida. we love florida. [applause] we are going to do very well in ohio. we are meeting -- we're beating the governor. it is nice to be beating the governor. and michigan. it is going to be an amazing two months. we might not even need the two months to be honest. so tonight we had 45, 46%. if you would take the other candidates and add them up. .f you can add them up the other candidates amount to 55%. they keep forgetting that we get a lot of votes. i want to begin by thanking my
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boys. eric has been around making speeches. i'm getting a little bit of jealous. don went to elko. serious nra both of them. we love the second amendment folks. nobody loves it more than us. charles andoup and dan. what a group we have. i want to just think a couple of friends of mine here. the owner of this incredible hotel, stand up. donald, for the last three months he is been driving me crazy. donald i want to put $10 million into your campaign. i say phil i do not want your money. i am so funny. every time i see him, it is hard
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for me to turn down money. it is stuff that have been doing my whole life. i degree, i want money. i will tell you what we are going to do. we get greedy. now we are going to get greedy for the united states. we are going grab, grab, grab. we're going to begin so much money and so much everything, we are going to make america great again. we will make america great again. another great friend of mine, somebody respected by everybody a great fan of phil two. -- steve.tephen ayers [applause] he is always calling he always has a vice. has advice. we appreciate it. yet been great friends. -- you have been great friends.
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it looks like we want by a lot. i love the evangelicals. i have to tell you pastor jeff ar has been great. liberty university, do we love liberty university. junior, and unbelievable guy. want to thank him and his family. it is been amazing. so we want the evangelicals. we want withold highly educated and we want with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. we are the smartest people. we are the most loyal people. and what i am really happy about, i've been saying this for a long time. 46% with the hispanics. number one.
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with hispanics. [applause] i am really happy about that. trump. [applause] donald trump: thank you. i'm very proud of you. this is an amazing night. i love the country. we are going into the wrong direction. guantanamog to keep open. we will load it up with a lot of bad dudes out there. we will have a border is nice and strong. we will build the raw -- build a wall. response --f respect for mexico. we want hispanics. a me tell you, mexico is going to pay for the wall. it is going to happen.
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they know it, i know it. we all know it. we've a tremendous deficit come under trade deficit with mexico. they will pay for the wall, they will be very happy about it. they will be very thrilled. they'll be thrilled for paying for the wall. we are going to be the smart people. we're knocking to be the people getting pushed around all over the place. you are going to be proud of your president. you're going to be even prouder of your country. so tonight this was a great evening. i love this place i love the state. i love las vegas. i have invested so much money over here. steve we have the best hotel in las vegas. i just want to say it is a great state. i went to caucus.
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i was all over the place and i. the people are amazing, the enthusiasm. the people of this country are absolutely amazing. much make folks are america great again. we are going to do it. it is going to happen fast. thank you so much. thank you. we love you. we love you. thank you. [applause] [applause] usa. [applause] thank you. [applause]
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speaker: so there you heard donald trump speaking to a large crowd of supporters. after his victory there. the associated press saying that republican voters in nevada made their voices known. -- supporting donald trump in the gop's first and the rest -- west caucasus. that 11oes on to write names are on the ballot, trump easily beats the candidates in the race. for senator mark rubio, ted cruz, john kasich him up and carson.
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stephen erma eggert cast ballot for donald trump. she says that she likes donald trumps immigration stance. she said, i'm here for him, representing him. that was the scene moments ago at the treasure island hotel and casino. we're going to take you shortly to the headquarters for senator to cruise at the ymca in downtown las vegas. we understand that senator cruz was waiting for mr. trump to finish his remarks and we expect him to speak to his supporters shortly. i hear the commentator say,
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-- >> this is a live picture from the ymca in las vegas, waiting for senator ted cruz to begin his remarks. >> when is the last time we had a candidate who understood the grassroots and the tea party? when is the last time we had a candidate who understood the second amendment and was an avid hunter and gun owner? when is the last time we had a candidate who understood business and that we have to abolish the irs and have a flat tax rate? and when is the last time -- there's never been a time that we've had a hispanic candidate leading our party. [applause] ,> so if you look at every box you check off the box, strong, christian, constitutionalist, second amendment, young family man, someone who has proven he
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will stand up and fight whether it is against ethanol subsidies or against the senators in the u.s. senate who don't want change. debate get down in the and there's just two candidates on that stage, donald trump and ted cruz, that will be phase one. hillary clinton will be phase two of ted cruz as the president of the united states. thank you all and god bless. [applause] [alarm ringing]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome clinton back. beck.lcome glenn glenn: hello, nevada. it is an honor to be here tonight. i want to talk to you, but i really want to talk to america on some of the things i have learned just in the last few days in nevada. the people of nevada are taking this very seriously. the other thing that i have learned is that you are very angry. you are very frustrated. ,s most people are in america because the system is broken and
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the system isn't working. there's nobody that knows it better than the people from nevada. the secret here in nevada to the anger that the media hasn't grasped onto, and i wouldn't have understood it if i hadn't been with you through the last few days, the secret is used in a trade twice. you've been betrayed by the people in the gop, the establishment that are playing the same game over and over again and making deals like the gang of eight, and you've been betrayed by people that told you one thing and did something else. to add another hammer to the head on the people of nevada, you were told just like everybody else is told in washington, if you just give me the assembly, your house of representatives, and if you give us the senate, and if you give us the assembly, the senate, and the governor, we are going to do things unlike the democrats
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could even imagine. and they did just that. they gave you the highest tax increase in the history of this state. america, i want you to understand. that is why the people in nevada are so upset. that is why there is anger in this state. it is happening all across america. it is something i've been warning against, because it's top-down, bottom-up, inside out. when people are so frustrated and feel so betrayed, they will scream out for a strong man to come and take care of the problem. that is not what we want. cruz, were not for ted are here for the constitution of the united states of america. that will fix all of our problems is adhering to
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the constitution. we believe -- bernie sanders has diagnosed the problem in america. he doesn't have a solution that is right, but he has diagnosed the problem right. it is basic fairness. if you are a conservative, you quote the federal document and you translate fairness with equal justice. if you are a billionaire, you can't just go buy a politician so you can get your way and hurt somebody else's business because you have more money and then just say that is the way business is done. that is not the way business is done in america. basic fairness is equal justice. it also means, if somebody should go to jail, if they break the law, they do go to jail. hillary should not be running for president. she should be in prison. and the left and the right know that.
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in our hearts of hearts, we all know that. but who is going to be the person that will actually do those things? -- whatis great because did they say in the 1800s? america is great because america is good. and we have politicians right now, two of them that come to mind, that are playing to the lowest common denominator. they are playing into our anger. if somebody is playing into your rage and your anger, that is not elevating things. that is tearing us down. you cannot make america great if you are not helping make america a good. the other thing that i learned going to the caucus today, i've never seen anything like it. it was the most angry, hostile -- there were people acting like four-year-olds. we have it on tape.
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i've never seen anything like it. that is not the way we treat each other. i was talking to ben carson's wife. we had a great conversation. the media and everybody else wants everybody to hate each other. i don't hate ben carson and ben carson doesn't hate us. i don't hate marco rubio and marco rubio doesn't hate us. we have basic disagreements. we can get along with everyone. we should be able to get along with everyone. if we have principles in common and those principles are the constitution of the united states of america. that tedl tell you cruz was raised for these days. -- hisz is a man that father escaped marxism and communism. he escaped.
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he was on his way to a firing and hend he was saved got out and he escaped and he came to america. whathe freely figure out marxism and socialism and communism means and he taught it to his son. then he found the saving grace of jesus christ and he taught that to his son. out the secretnd of america. the secret of america is not a strong man. the secret of america is that we are good and we have the rule of law. and he taught his son the constitution. and by 13, ted cruz was traveling around texas, memorized the constitution, and doing these weird 13-year-old shows for people to say, look at constitutionte the and nobody else can because i'm a little 13-year-old freak. and he told people what it meant
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at 13 years old. it is in his bones. that's why. that's why. ted cruz goes to washington and he doesn't move. that's why people don't like him in washington. they are after the power and the money and they don't want to upset the apple cart and he is going to do that. [applause] glenn: i've never endorsed any man ever in my life. i've done radio and television for 40 years and never endorsed anyone. mainly because the first 25 years, nobody asked me for my endorsement. but the last 15 years, i haven't been willing to give it. i have literal friends who i've sent to washington and i have voted for and i have talked to before hand, and i thought their soul was in check. politician, every how is your soul? if they don't understand that
1:11 am
western -- that question, they are not ready to go. washington will give you everything you desire. you partou in and make of that team, they will sell their souls and give you anything for it. i have lost friends. the last thing i want to do is indoor somebody and then have to face you and you say, you told us this was a good guy. you told us this guy wouldn't do what anybody else does. i haven't been willing to give that endorsement to anyone until ted cruz walked into my studio. [applause] when ted cruz walked into my studio, i said to him, i've seen a lot of politicians and you sound like all the other politicians. you go to washington and you betray the people that voted for you, i'm going to be your worst nightmare. because i don't have any friends in washington and i wear that as a badge of honor.
1:12 am
iwatch ted cruz. i'm from texas. the reason he's going to win texas is because the people of texas take this seriously. him every step of the way. they watched him when he was getting knives in the chest from the democrats. they watched him as the republicans lyft him in the back. and when he was down on the ground, the media has been kicking him in the head. here's the good news. one, during that hurricane for the last four years, this guy hasn't budged or compromised one bit. you are tired, america. if you are tired of politicians doing the same thing, telling you one thing and doing another, what you need to do is vote for ted cruz. he's got a proven record. he will not do that. there are others. marco rubio, i think he has lost
1:13 am
his way. he has decided he wanted to be president of the united states and has moved in that direction and he has lost his way. the gang of eight is clear evidence of that. when the record is presented, he does what? he and donald trump callout, liar, liar, liar. i know a lot of politicians in washington. good guys and bad guys. i know liars in washington. but i will tell you, i know ted cruz. he is not a liar. his honesty is impeccable. his integrity is unshakable. and the last thing, you cannot beat a democrat with a democrat. if you think you are going to beat hillary clinton with somebody else who is for amnesty
1:14 am
, because while ted cruz was saying we've got to build a wall, while ted cruz was saying you are not doing the gang of eight bill, donald trump was meeting with dreamers. donald trump was telling mitt romney he is too tough on mexico. he is saying these things now to get elected. but between planned parenthood and all the other things he's said he's going to do, you cannot beat a democrat with a democrat. he will lose in the general. for the first time since 1920, we have a true constitutionalist, somebody who will stand on that constitution, for the first time since 1920. if we don't forget our principles, if we as conservatives all across america realize this guy means what he says and says what he means, this guy is quite frankly the
1:15 am
guy most of us have been praying if wer entire life -- believe in our principles, if we have a scene our god and our document that made america great in the first place, you are going to see ted cruz mop the floor with hillary clinton this fall. [applause] glenn: so i will tell you. least leavei at nevada feeling good. i said earlier today i'm fine with third-place. because super tuesday is coming. texas is coming. this is the place that marco rubio said, i grew up here. my dad worked here. he spent a lot of time. i haven't seen the marco rush.
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marco hasn't won anything yet. ted cruz has an ted cruz will. when you see what happens the week of super tuesday, you are going to see some wins on the board. we are going to be cheering him on and working hard for ted cruz, the next -- sorry, the first hispanic president of the united states of america. [applause] to thei started talking american people about feeling betrayed. especially you people in nevada. there are a few republicans that are not part of that. the republicans that have endorsed marco rubio are the republicans that passed that tax bill. they flock together. the republicans that have endorsed ted cruz are the ones that stood against it the entire time. i'm proud to introduce -- you have an attorney general that is
1:17 am
cut from that cloth and stood against it and continues to stand against the storm. his name is adam lack salt. [applause] >> a big round of applause for mr. beck. [applause] short going to be very because we got our next president of the united states standing out here. but thank you to all of you. we are all here for one reason, to help reignite a conservative resolution across the state and across this country. i truly believe the only man that can do that is ted cruz. [applause] mr. laxalt: i think he's coming. sorry. [applause]
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sen. cruz: god bless the great state of nevada. [applause] sen. cruz: what an incredible team we have here on the ground. i want to thank our nevada state chairman, attorney general adam laxalt. [applause] strong,z: a tremendous, principled constitutionalist conservative, when he ran for attorney general, all the political establishment was against him. he wasn't supposed to win. i can't imagine what that feels
1:19 am
like. i want to thank our incredible leadership team, the men and women across the state that worked so incredibly hard, forging a grassroots coalition. [applause] they are still counting the ballots, so we don't know the exact results, but i want to congratulate donald trump on a strong evening tonight. and i want to congratulate the grassroots, the conservatives across this country, who have come together behind this campaign. [applause] sen. cruz: when we started this campaign nearly a year ago, there were 17 candidates in the race. the role of the first four primaries historically has been
1:20 am
to narrow the field. and we have seen the first states do exactly that, narrow the field. now, at this point, we've had four primaries. history teaches us that nobody has ever won, nomination without winning one of the first three primaries. there are only three people who have won one of the first three primaries. [applause] donald trump and i. [applause] sen. cruz: and the undeniable reality that the first four states have shown is that the only campaign that has beaten donald trump, and the only campaign that can beat donald trump, is this campaign. [applause] if you are one of the
1:21 am
65% of republicans across this country who doesn't think donald is the best candidate to go head to head with hillary, who believes we would do better in elections when we actually , thente a conservative the first four states have performed a vital function of narrowing this race and presenting a clear choice. twocan choose between washington dealmakers wore one proven, consistent conservative. [applause] one week from today will be the most important night of this campaign. is superfrom today tuesday.
1:22 am
11 states, alabama, alaska, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma, tennessee, vermont, virginia, and the great state of texas -- [applause] one week from today, the most delegates that are awarded on a single day will be awarded next tuesday. the role of the first four states is to narrow the field and give super tuesday a clear choice. now, the voters can decide. if you want a president who will stop amnesty, acts yourself who has led the fight against amnesty. if you want a president will repeal obama care --
1:23 am
[applause] sen. cruz: ask yourself who has led the fight against obamacare. if you want a president who will stand for life and marriage and religious liberty, ask yourself who has led the fight, defending life and marriage and religious liberty. president who will defend the second amendment right to keep and bear arms -- [applause] i'd been told folks in nevada kind of like their guns. as a texan, i understand. and let me tell you something, you look at those super tuesday states, they like their guns too. and if you want to protect that
1:24 am
second amendment fro, ask yourself who has led the fight to defend the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. [applause] sen. cruz: if you want to see america standing unapologetically alongside the nation of israel -- [applause] ask yourself who has led the fight to stand unshakable he with the nation of israel. president whot a on day one will rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal -- [applause] sen. cruz: if you want a president who will utterly and , asketely destroy isis yourself who has led the fight against this iranian nuclear
1:25 am
deal, against radical islamic terrorism, and who is best prepared to keep america safe. [applause] elections are about choice, and there are clear choices in this race. if you want more washington deals, if you want more corporate welfare, if you want more cronyism, if you want more debt, if you want fewer jobs, if you want lower wages, you've got two candidates to choose from in this field. on the other hand, if you want a president that says no to the bipartisan corruption in washington, that stands up to the lobbyists and special interests, that stands up to the debt, that says we will not bankrupt our kids and grandkids, we will bring back millions of high-paying jobs, we will see wages going up, we will make
1:26 am
young people coming out of school have job offers, and we will ensure that our kids and grandkids have a brighter tomorrow, a greater future, a more bountiful america, that is what this choice is about. i want to thank the great people , inevada and i want to say cannot wait to get home to the great state of texas. [applause] sen. cruz: tonight, i'll sleep in my bed for the first time in a month. and then it will be back to the campaign trail in texas and all across super tuesday, energizing and building that coalition, those courageous conservatives, libertarians, evangelicals,
1:27 am
young people and democrats all coming together. [applause] sen. cruz: tonight, we are one step closer to morning in america. we are one step closer to turning the pages of the failures of the obama-clinton disaster, and getting back to the constitution, getting back to the free market principles, getting back to the unbelievable opportunity that is the american dream. thank you and god bless you. [applause] ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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1:29 am
>> so there you saw texas senator ted cruz speaking to supporters at the ymca in las vegas, the headquarters for the cruz campaign. let's show you where we stand with the caucus votes, the g.o.p. caucus in nevada with some 8% of the vote in donald
1:30 am
trump, declared the winner by the "associated press" shortly after midnight in the east and the west when the polls closed there. right now senator marco rubio, the florida senator with 24.3% and senator ted cruz, the texas senator as you can see at 21.2%. about an hour ago or so, donald trump came out. he was at the -- at the treasure island hotel and casino speaking to his supporters. there you see the room. we'll watch what he has to say right now on c-span. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the next president of the united states donald j. trump.
1:31 am
cheers and applause] donald trump: oh, boy. we love nevada! we love nevada! thank you. thank you. oh, this is a great place. thank you. [crowd chanting "trump"] [cheers and applause] thank you very much. great evening. we will be celebrating for a
1:32 am
long time tonight, have a good time. have a good time. [cheers and applause] you know, we weren't expected a couple of months ago, we weren't expected to win this one, you know that, right? we weren't. of course, if you listen to the pundits, we weren't expected to win too much, and now we're winning, winning, winning the country. [cheers and applause] and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. so i want to thank the volunteers, they've been unbelievable. these people they work like endlessly, endlessly. we're not going to forget it. [cheers and applause] and we've had some great numbers coming out of texas. and amazing numbers coming out of tennessee and georgia and arkansas and then in a couple of weeks later, florida. we love florida. so we're going to do very well in ohio. we're beating the governor.
1:33 am
that's good. it's always nice to be beating the governor. and michigan -- the whole thing. i mean, it's going to be an amazing two months. [cheers] we might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest, all right? , 46%. ght we had 45% you'll be hearing, you know if they could just take the other candidates and add them up. and if you could add them up because you know the other candidates amount to 55% -- they keep forgetting that when people drop out, we're going to get a lot of votes. they keep forgetting. they don't say it. so i want to begin by thanking my boys. eric has been all over the place making speeches. he's getting better than me. so i'm a little jealous.
1:34 am
and don went up to elko. he loves the rifle stuff. this is serious rifle. this is serious n.r.a., both of them. both of them. [cheers and applause] we love the second amendment, folks. nobody loves it more than us. so just remember that. and corey and hope the whole staff and group, and charles and stan, what a group we have. it's just been amazing. i want to thank a cup of friends of mine, the owner of this incredible hotel. mr. and mrs. ruffin, stand up. great guy. phil said, donald, like for the last three months, he's driving me crazy. he said donald, i want to put $10 million into your campaign. i said phil, i said phil, every time i see him. it's hard for me to turn down money because that's not what i've done my whole life. i grab and grab and grab.
1:35 am
i'm greedy. i want money. we get greedy, right? now we're going to get greedy for the united states. we're going to grab and grab and grab. we're going to bring in so much money. we're going to make america great, folks. i'm telling you. we're going to make america great. and another great friend of ine, respected by everybody, a great friend of phils. mr. and mrs. steve wentz. stand up. stand up. two great people. steve is always calling. he's always got advice. donald, i think you should do this and that. his advice, like to -- i like to listen to. so steve and family, you've been great friends. thank you. thank you. so this was very exciting tonight. but i'll tell you, it looks like evangelicals.t,
1:36 am
i love the evangelicals. i have to tell you pastor been so has incredible. and as you know, liberty university -- do you love liberty university, jerry fallwell jr., he has been with us since the beginning. i want to thank jerry and his family. it's been amazing, the relationship. so we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. we're the smartest people. we're the most loyal people. and you know what i'm really happy about because i've been saying it for a long time, 46% with the hispanics. 46%. number one with hispanics. [cheers and applause] i'm really happy about that.
1:37 am
so -- [crowd chanting "trump"] thank you. so i'm very proud of you. this is an amazing night. you know, i love the country. love the country. [cheers and applause] we're going in the wrong direction. we're going to keep as you know gitmo. we're keeping that open. and we're going to load it up with bad dudes. we're going to load it up with a lot of bad dudes out there. we're going to have our borders nice and strong. we're going to build the wall. you know that. we're going to build the wall. and i have a lot of respect for mexico. and you just heard we won hispanics. but let me tell you, mexico is going to pay for the wall, right? going to happen. going to happen. they know it. i know it. we all know it. we have a tremendous deficit. we have a trade deficit with
1:38 am
mexico. they'll pay for the wall. they'll be very happy about it. believe me. they'll be happy. they're going to be thrilled to be paying for the wall. we're going to be the smart people. we're not going to be the people that get pushed around all over the place. we're going to be the smart people. you're going to be proud of your president and you're going to be even prouder of your country, k? so tonight, folks, this was a great evening. i love this place. i love this state. i love las vegas. i have spent and invested so much money over here. trump international hotel. i keep telling steve, we have the best hotel in las vegas. he's fighting me all the time. but i just want to say, it's a great state. and they have great people. and i was so proud. you know, i went to caucus. i was all over the place tonight. the people are amazing. the enthusiasm, it was unbelievable to see. the people of this country are
1:39 am
absolutely amazing. i love you, folks very much. remember make america great again. we're going to do it. and it's going to happen fast. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. we love you. we love you. [cheers and applause] thank you. crowd chanting" u.s.a."] thank you, everybody. i love you. thank you. cheers and applause]
1:40 am
[no audio] >> since the start of this campaign, only one network has taken you on the "road to the white house" from the early announcements and the policy speeches to the candidates visiting diners in iowa and new hampshire and of course the campaign rallies. after the results this weekend in nevada and south carolina, the republican race has now
1:41 am
narrowed. the democratic race has sharpened. we're going to stay in south carolina with the big democratic primary this saturday and then we move on to the multi-state primary and caucuses in early and mid march. this race is just getting underway. you can follow all of it here on the c-span networks online at and of course on c-span radio. >> next, the surgeon generals of the nation's military branches testify about ways to improve the military healthcare system. we'll also hear from dr. jonathan woodson, assistant secretary of defense for health affairs. senator lindsey graham chairs this committee hearing.
1:42 am
and policy at the university of michigan. mr. david mcintyre president and c.e.o. of the west healthcare alliance. mr. john whitley, senior fellow at the institute for defense analysis. the cond panel we have honorable dr. woodson. lieutenant mark edinger. surgeon general of the navy. surgeon general of the army. senator mccain has made a priority of the committee to try to find way to reform healthcare. we made a good effort and athink some breakthroughs in terms of some retirement reform.
1:43 am
healthcare has turned because it's such a big part of the budget. last year the retirement modern zilingsrization commission gave us the system with numerous recommendations. without the commission's great work we could not have reformed the military retirement system in the comprehensive way that we did. but we have more work to do. the commission made recommendations to insure service members receive the best combat casualty care and value of the healthcare for all beneficiaries improve support for family members with special medical needs in the nbaa for the fizz fist cal year 2016 we gain the journey to accomplish military healthcare reform and requiring d.o.d. to establish property standards to be more transparent in the important areas of healthcare quality, beneficiary satisfaction, patient safety and to public --
1:44 am
publish it on public health sights and to get urgent care without a time-consuming preauthorization for treatment and requiring the d.o.d. to develop a pilot program on value-based reimbursement whereby healthcare providers improve economic outcomes, patient satisfaction and the experience care. we have seen little progress by d.o.d. to fix their hospitals. we continue to get frequent eports of the difficulties families get. before being assigned to an obstetrician, she had to see a primary care manager and get a pregnancy test. despite the fact that her medical records verified her
1:45 am
high risk status. after going through all this, she still couldn't get an appointment with a military obstetrician until the 36th week. a spouse of the retiree injured her risk and scheduled an appointment at waller reid. the provider spent more time berating the patient for being overweight and that examining her wrist. a wrist x ray was done but the provider dismissed it as carpel tunnel syndrome. e month later she received a letter from radiology advising wrist. he has a broken these are symptoms of the many ills within the milliontary healthcare system. these center -- military
1:46 am
healthcare. in my view we have seen a military healthcare system design instruction over decades to deliver peacetime healthcare in a way that it's being passed by time and modernization in the private sector. on the battle front there are many soldiers alive today that would have died in other wars because of the quality of military healthcare. that has to be acknowledged. the purposes of this committee is to learn about how we can make things better to listen to private sector of what works there and see if we can take a 20th century healthcare system designed to benefit the bravest among us to have better outcomes more value and to make it more sustainable. so with that i'll turn it over to my colleague, senator gill brand who has been excellent in military reform. >> thank you, senator graham for
1:47 am
your leadership. i join withs you today in welcoming our witnesses as we begin our discussion of military healthcare reform. i was pleased to read about the many exciting and good approaches to healthcare in all of the witnesses testimony including dr. fendricks of value based insurance design utilized in my home state of new york and i'm look forward to hearing more from those approaching today. last year, in the national began to reform the military's healthcare system. he conference called for improved quality. this is the senat's first stope fulfilling this agree. innovations and healthcare practices across the u.s. we hope the learn the military healthcare. first panel will be followed by a panel of officials in charge
1:48 am
for families and retirees. we expect to hear from current and perspective initiatives in the military healthcare system as well as best practices described by the witnesses in the first panel. as we consider changes to the military healthcare system it's critical that we insure that no service members or their family are left behind that the care we have the pro-vidse for the yue unique needs of the military community and that we improve access for beneficiaries. hale care for in families with special needs and pediatric populations with chronic problems such as autism and my developmental work is with military children ish autism have access which
1:49 am
the gold standard. i appreciate that the military has put in place a demonstration froom help military families. i'm pleased with this program's success. i'm worried that the reimbursements may derail this program. i would appreciate a discussion of your recommendations and perspectives regarding with families with special needs children. we have to make sure that ilitary healthcare providers provide world class healthcare. and we have to insure that those who have served our country bravely return to a healthcare stham is able to meet their physical and healthcare needs. our families deserve our highest care. i thank you to the witnesses for the time and effort they've put into this issue. >> senator mccain.
1:50 am
>> good afternoon, mr. chairman and committee members. thank you for the invitation to be here today. bernadette loftin. keiser perm nete is the largest healthcare delivery system in the united states providing healthcare services to 10 mill wrong members in the district of columbia. we are a high performing healthcare system recognized for the national committee for ncqu. in 2015 only two systems received a five out of five rating from ncqa. permanente.e kaiser one received lower than a 4.8%. a level of only 10% of plans achieve nationwide.
1:51 am
we believe attaining excellent outcomes is based on understanding and relentlessly measuring performance so that opportunities for improvement are continuously identified. we strategically exploit our electronic medical record creating systems of care that make it those do the right thing and hard to do the wrong. this is accompanied by clear expectations around behavioral norms and performance for our physicians and staff. it starts with knowledge of current results. we measure all aspects of our are at all levels. >> this minimizes the distractions that you can't hold me accountable for any particular outcome. we do believe we can fairly assess performance across diverse populations using these
1:52 am
standard measures. we measure quality of care. we have learned from two decades of studying correlations between patient satisfaction and the objective speed to access in days that patients have a much higher standard than doctors may feel is strictly medically necessary. because of this, we base our access standards solely on our members expectations. our best levels of patient satisfaction with routine specialty care correlate with a speed to access of significantly less than 10 days from date of referral. we measure and record access to care daily. the expectation for fi vision managers is that sup sly of appointments will be managed dynamically on a daily basis to adjust to the ebb and flow of demand. the science of excellent access is just that a science. although it is a relatively simple one. supply of available appointments -- always success his tor
1:53 am
historical demand. our managers are trained on the constant manage that must be brought to bear. high achievement and quality requires the same degree of performance measurement, analytics and reporting specific to quality management we produce monthly variation reports which graphicically display variations in performance on quality metrics on multiple levels. these reports allow us to identify the high and low performers in practices and this creates the opportunity for dialogue around improvement. data transparencies spurs not only dialogue but a little competition as well which in turn has more rapid improvement. data is delivered to every physician's desktop. our physicians can on a daily basis check their own
1:54 am
performance on quality measures against those of others in their department. we do not, however, leave prevention and quality achievement solely to our primary care physicians. it is our cultural expectation that every physician regardless of specialty address this as the prevention and chronic disease needs of every patient she sees that means that dermatologists and orthopedic surgeons are responsible that each diabetic measured moglobin timely. we continue to collect data about our patient's health findings and use that to create extensive health population registrys that in turn inform decision support software in our e.m.r. so every physician is alerted to every visit to every patient that is due for a prevention and treatment measure. we believe highest treatment of quality is everyone's job.
1:55 am
again, thank you for today's invitation. i hope the information provided about kaiser perm nete will be useful to you as you consider it program.y care kaiser permanente hopes to assist you in any way we can. >> mr. chairman, i applaud you for holding this hearing. because access to care are among the most pressing issues for our milliontary personnel. yet moving from a value driven to value based delivery system require as change with both how we deliver care and how we ngage people how to seek care.
1:56 am
less attention is paid to how we can alter consumer behavior. today i propose that clinically driven consumer incentives to the creation of benefit decide that promote smarter decision-making can assist us in achieving the clinical and financial goals. the most common approach to impact consumers is cost shifting. with some notable ex-sppings most health plans emphasize cost sharing. and that beneficiaries are charged the same for every doctor visit, every diagnostic test and every prescription drug. people frequently ask me if tri-care members co-payments are too high, too low or just right? the sans answer, of course, is it depensdz. asking tri-care members to pay for all involves in decreases in
1:57 am
nonessential and essential care which in certain clinical circumstances leads to adverse health outcomes and higher costs. i see this as pennywise and pound foolish. does it make sense to you they my patients pay the same out of pocket cost for essential visits such as a cardiology or a therapist for opioid addiction or autism. they pay the same amount for mild ackne. they pay the same for drugs that are lifesaving for cancer, diabetes and depression as drugs that make their toe nail fungus go away or hair grow back. so they avail themselves to too little high value care and too little low value care, we have cost sharing as a potential solution one that encourages tri-care members that make more of the services to make them healthier and discourages them away from the ones that are not.
1:58 am
we discourage the use of low value care. for the record, i support high cost sharing levels. but only for those services that do not make tri-care members healthier. the fundamental idea of buy more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff has made v-bid one of the very, very few health reform ideas with broad multistakeholder and bipartisan political support led by the private sector, they have been affected by private employers, several states and medical programs. when barriers are reduced and access to low value services are discouraged we attain more ealth to every dollar. first, tr-care plan should vary it for services in accordance to
1:59 am
high vides them such as performing providers or the location of care based on quality as well as cost. second it should implement v-bid programs that have high value services but include increasing in for low value care. as we think of fiscal sustainable it's important to point out that immediate are accumulated from waste identification and elimination. they should share cost such as clinical risk factors, special needs and disease diagnosis. so the successful practice of precision medicine requires precision medical design as cost sharing becomes a necessity for tri-care's fiscal sustainable. i encourage you of sending member co-payments based on whether a clinical service makes
2:00 am
a member healthier based on what they cost. if such an approach encourages the utilization of high value care and discurges only low value services, these tri-care plans can improve health and enhance consumer responsibility and reduce cost. i'm honored to support the men and women of the u.s. military and their families and am happy to provide the committee further assistance. thank you very much. >> i hope that my participation in today's hearing will be of assistance to you and the defense department as you seek to insure that the military health system is strengthened and is able to continue to provide optimal support to those


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