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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 24, 2016 9:00pm-9:12pm EST

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tie. i think 15 time since world war ii, the court has only had eight after world war ii. harry truman used the desk before me. a month after he became president, he asked judge jackson to be the chief prosecutor so, justice jackson went to nurnberg and, for the better he was the years, chop -- the chief prosecutor at the trials. tied court can do a lot of things and, what we should really do is decide to rehear a
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case. you can be tied with nine judges and one decides they cannot participate in the case. when that happens, the court does a number of things and this is important. next in the shadow of the nine months we are away from people getting a chance to vote and lifetime appointment on the court is important. served for a quarter this is something worth thinking about and, frankly, at this moment and others that have occurred, it theoften been the case that
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american people ought to have a say as to who sits in the supreme court seat and that will happen and i think it is the best thing to happen this time with a lot at stake. on secondourt does amendment matters, on first amendment matters, those freedoms added to the constitution, the freedom of religion, no other country was ever founded on the principle that the right to pursue your conscience and faith is a ent of theten whennment and it was added
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it was decided the constitution was not clear enough about the fundamental principles. administration is suing the little sisters of the poor, because they do not want a health care plan to include things different than the faith beliefs and freedom of religion is really important and it is a case before the court right now and i know there is a reason we should be concerned about the freedom of religion and the .ight of conscience jefferson said, in a letter to a church while he was president, i think it may have been late in his administration and he said conscience is of one we should hold dear and the
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american people need to think about this as they determine more than one vacancy during their time in office and mrs. notton says that she will appoint anybody who will not reverse freedom of speech cases in citizens united and it sounds like candidates are willing to make this an issue and the voters should have a right to. freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the second amendment and that0th amendment, saying things should be left to the states. as president, the closer you are to wear a problem is, the more likely you are to get a commonsense solution and that is
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andthe amendment is there needs to be vigorously adhered to. and, are important times at a there is an election, there is a sense this may be the most important election and, they all are. the principles of government with executive overreach and regulators who are unaccountable and out of control, the big concerns of america today. it is important to be thinking about the supreme court and the responsibility of citizens and the next president of the united states. this president has every constitutional right and obligation to nominate someone to a vacancy on the supreme court and there is a second obligation of the senate to confirm that nomination and the
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senate has a view that the noter to the question is right now because we are too close to a big decision on the future of the country to not that andhis process in i wish the process of democracy well and the american people work thewe do other constitution requires. i yield the floor. >> joining us is burgess everett. thank you for being with us. let's talk about the presidential race with obama putting forward a nominee. this will likely come up tomorrow in houston with
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republican candidates. what can we expect? think you will see much division from the top , in the moments after scalia, they were taking the position that the next president should choose and ted cruz has been talking about this for a long time, putting up a constitutional conservative and changing the balance of the court. i say that we have not heard a and he isohn kasich someone you might hear taking less hard line on this. do not expect this to be an issue of division and you never know, at this point in the
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campaign. >> we have heard from the president. what are you hearing from congressional democrats? >> they are trying to plot out how they will handle this. they are being complicit and of brian the name sandoval, a moderate republican. the idea is to make the republicans look unreasonable by rejecting their own. you heard republican senators matter and does not they took the hard line before the nomination and will stick with it. democrats are figuring out how to make this painful and trying to make the republicans change their mind, which i do not think will happen. .hey do not want to overreach
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they think the republicans want this and democrats are trying to feel out the best way forward on this and think the idea is to keep the attention on the republicans to make them seem unreasonable, in the hopes they will back down. andhere are purple states some are in tough reelection battles. they will not vote for a nominee and this is becoming popular. you do not crack the door open at all. nomineet said that the
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could do better things to do with their time. generally, it seems like the vulnerable incumbents are getting entrenched. no votes or hearings. they just want to take the oxygen out of this subject. >> where does this put the president and sanders and clinton with the nomination. >> the interesting thing with this is that it cuts down on and there was an idea that some senators had supported obama and seemed poised to support clinton or sanders, if he is the nominee. the idea that you would vote democratic for a presidential candidate and vote republican for a senate candidate.
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-- for a senate candidate is unlikely. if you want a supreme court justice and you are voting for a democratic candidate, it seems you would also vote for a democratic senate candidate. it is interesting how tightly linked the races are and they two cogs.lly we are joined from capitol hill. thank you for your time. >> democrats held a forum on the republican refusal to hear a supreme court nominee. talkeditutional scholar about the role of nomination.


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