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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  February 25, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EST

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host: good morning. we are five days away from super tuesday where 595 delegates are at stake and 12 states will be voting. donaldstion is whether trump is unstoppable at this. he has won three of the first four states and is at the top of the polls. is the new york billionaire on his way to the nomination? if you support donald trump, you can dial in.
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you can join the conversation on twitter. we get to those calls here in just a minute area but me show you donald trump him tuesday night after his victory in nevada. vote.nered 46% of the people go to that in just a minute. keep dialing in. trump from to donald tuesday night. let me show you some of the headlines. , what's nexttimes if can't be stopped? there is also this inside the new york times. marco rubio has party leaders on his side, but he needs john
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kasich to the campaign which he has shown no inclination to do. if the others get out, the republican party would coalesce around him and he would be able to beat donald trump. ted cruz says he is only person who has been donald trump. is donald trump unstoppable? good morning. caller: i believe if he wins
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super tuesday he will be unstoppable. i want to point out that i am a first-time voter. i have never voted for. all these politicians are brought. this is my opinion. i have never had a reason to vote. i think donald trump brings new voters out. it, i think if he wins super tuesday i don't take anybody is going to be able to stop him. host: how old are you? caller: i just turned 25. host: you did vote the last time? caller: i never voted. me donald trump supports american values and we need to bring back our culture and what founded america.
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i think donald trump as a representative of that. host: why not these other republicans? has themarco rubio establishment behind him. donald trump is going to do what he says about building a wall immigration,egal which is a big issue in our country. i think he will bring jobs back. money, yout have can't be rich. has a goodald trump shot at winning this.
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i really hope he does make great. host: mickey is in milwaukee. my candidate was bush. i sent money to him. i sent him several e-mails. i never received a reply. after sending him money and e-mails, i never received a single e-mail from the campaign. contributedi have to the rnc. bombarded byget e-mails from the rnc. bush disappointed me. he ran a really bad campaign. there was no communication whatsoever. think trump is truly a republican.
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i think it's a setup. i think he has taken the republican party so far to the right. there is no way 70 can come back to the center. he might be unstoppable, but he is handing the election to clinton. choice?o is your second caller: it's a sick and he won't have a chance. -- john kasich and he won't have a chance. there is no way i will vote for rubio or cruise. -- ted cruz. matchup in the general election between donald trump hillary clinton, you will vote for hillary clinton. caller: yes. host: have you ever voted for a democrat? caller: not since i became a u.s. citizen in 1989. i voted for ross perot in 1992.
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donald trump is often at odds with the orthodoxy of the republican party. host: that is inside the new york times this morning. greg is in indiana.
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you support donald trump. good morning to you. i think it's donald trump all the way. he is the only one who is going to do what is to be done. he can't he bought. he cannot be bought. he's got everything he's ever wanted. that the attraction for you towards donald trump? not taking a money. have you voted in the past? caller: we've always voted. host: who did you vote for in the last two election cycles? caller: obama. you voted for president obama and now you are going to switch parties?
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why? why not hillary clinton? caller: are you kidding? host: tell us why. caller: we have already been under the clinton administration. look at what he'll did. really? they could have taken that and given it to the homeless. instead, fix what's going on. fix these people have to get up and send our kids to school. donald trump, he can't be bought. that's where it's at. if he's got that much interest
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in everything around him, he is it. the rest of them ate work nothing. host: this is a piece this morning in the washington post. i want to see if you feel the same way as this person. here is a quote from a louisville democratic mayor. the global economy has changed more rapidly than the ability to adjust to it. it's changing so fast that many people are asking why am i being left out of this? legacy, is one useful it will be an awareness of the deep among the americans. they have been battered by globalization. trumps republican rivals have had little to say to these voters. think? you caller: this is where we are at.
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how many people are poorly educated? people are led by political people? we need somebody that is going to stand up for those people and somebody that is going to look at them people and have compassion for them people. it don't make no difference to me how he gets there. let's listen to donald trump on tuesday night in nevada after he scored that pig victory. here he is. >> we weren't expected a couple of months ago to win this one. you know that.
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of course, if you listen to the pundits, we were expected to win much. soon of the country is going to start winning. thank the volunteers. these people have worked endlessly. we are not going to forget it. we have had some great numbers coming out of texas. numbers coming out of tennessee and georgia and arkansas and in a couple of weeks later florida. we love florida. we are going to do very well in ohio. governor,ting of the it's always nice to be beating the governor. amazing twoo be an months.
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we might not even need the two months, to be honest. tonight, we had a 6% and tomorrow you will hear if they could just take the other , thedates and add them up other candidates amount to 55%. they keep forgetting that when dropout, we're going to get a lot of votes. is donald trump unstoppable? that is our question. he heads onto super tuesday. into marching madness. many states will be voting. you have of states on super tuesday. there are more contests on march
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12 and march 15. take a look at the map for super tuesday. those are the states that will be voting on tuesday. donald trump is ahead in the polls. he is ahead in all of those states. for senatorust win ted cruz. there are 155 delegates at stake. is donald trump unstoppable? the washington times this morning says he is unstoppable as rivals scramble. the nomination is his to lose. do you agree with that? these are the lines to call. this is where the delicate cap stands at today. donald trump is 82.
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there are 17 for ted cruz and 16 for marco rubio. 50 came from his win in south carolina. on super tuesday, they are garnered portion only. texas is a tricky one. if you win by more than 50%, you get all of the delegates. it's broken down by district. 50%, it's less than divided proportionally. david is in new york. you are voting for another candidate. caller: i am pulling for john kasich. he is inevitable. has nine terms. he has balanced the budget.
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he worked across the aisle. that hasn't been brought up. there is kind of a blackout on this guy. he is a two-term ever. to keeple in ohio want him. they don't want him to be president. let's go to trump. band.he brass it's another guy who thinks he can shoot from the hip. this has been a bad campaign. theyunditry i see on tv,
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just didn't get kind their own guys. they did not bring out enough information. trump is a big it. i don't think he will win the general. i think it's probably hillary clinton. i still on? 4 who will you vote for? caller: i might write somebody in. the frustration is terrible. it's a failure of government. that's what people are frustrated with. they can't admit that. hell of afor a financial ride. donald trump is not going to fix this. he is going to get out. it's going to be wonderful for
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donald trump. thank you very much. he is supporting donald trump. good morning. what do you think. caller: i think he's going to go hands down. we need somebody in there like him. rotten byry has been a bunch of political puppets. they are bought. controlled once they get down there. they are told what to do. they are told what they can and can't pass. it's proven. the proof is in the pudding. it is what it is. theirime we get a man in that has a backbone. countrying to get this
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running again. think if it gets to the point where he doesn't have the majority of the delegates that he needs? maybe marco rubio and ted cruz are still in it. there is not a clear candidate. there is not a clear nominee. caller: he will reach out there and scrape up the shavings and pull them right in. problem in that whatsoever. a contested gop convention would be a dream and a night and it could give them a platform to show off rival candidates.
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linda is in connecticut. where you supporting? caller: i am supporting rubio. and iot supporting trump feel the media is complicit. they are promoting him. if he gets a rally, it's covered live. he tweets. if anything happens with trump, the media covers it.
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we haven't heard much from the other candidates. they are not shown the way he is. most people shop at woolworth's. i get the sense that there is anger driving trump. trump knows how to play the people. very concerned that when he he has got to produce and i don't think he can. wondering if he gets the nomination that we have just given it to hillary. talk, hesten to him doesn't say anything. you could take one of his rallies, one of his speeches and
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just recorded. he says the same thing every time. it's almost to the point where i believe people are falling for this. it really upsets me. i would rather support rubio. mentioned, could they just get together? maybe that would work. pray trump is not unstoppable. host: why not governor john kasich? caller: i like him. he reminds me of a minister. there is something about him that i just don't feel he has the room. i can't put my finger at he is very experienced. ityou look at his record,
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seems to me he has done everything. he probably is the most qualified. i think going in the millennial's, i look at rubio and cruise and i don't think they can do it. ben carson is a great guy. host: you said the media is part of this. they are assessed with covering donald trump. have covered the other candidates. we have been covering john kasich and it jeb bush. covered was at we recent one where john kasich gave a hug to a supporter who came from your jet to meet with him.
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the washington post has a profile piece on him this morning. this has gotten a lot of views on social media. that moment.ow you >> you are going to get the last word. going somewhere and i've got to be on time. >> i drove up from the university of your jet. i did it because i wanted to let youknow why i am supporting . i do want to get to emotional. over a year ago, a man who was like my second dad killed himself. later, my parents got a divorce. a few months later, my dad lost
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his job. i was in a dark place and depressed. it ind hope and i found the lord and my friends and i have found it in my presidential candidate. i appreciate what you have been talking about. >> there is nothing more to say. here, this is out not unusual. that story is so painful. i hear it.
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i have heard about the pain. all across this country. the haveve learned is gone too fast with our lives. we need to slow down. people whoot enough are helping those who have no one celebrating their victories. we don't have enough people that sit down and cry with that young man. that is what it's about. that was a moment in south carolina captured by c-span is. -- cameras. cameras were off of him, people came up to him to say they were proud to see him stand. here is another quote.
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the networks were asking them to go on tv. he at first declined later went on msnbc to talk about how he had not planned to ask that question. he decided to. if you missed that, go to our website back to our calls. bill is supporting donald trump. is he unstoppable? i don't think any republican is going to stop them from being nominated. i will be delighted. i think either hillary or bernie will kill us. -- host: they would be donald
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trump? caller: hands down. watching the republicans rip each other to shreds and nominate somebody as unelectable as trump. host: were you supporting? caller: i support ted cruz. in a general election, i would vote for any of the republicans in the race. i will not vote for donald trump. i will never vote for donald trump. he is not a conservative. he's not even a republican. he has a long history of supporting left-wing causes, left-wing organizations and donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to democrats. he is close to the clintons. he gets along well the clintons because he has hillary's values
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and bills morals. he has dragged the discourse into the sewer. dares to tellne the truth about him, he begins telling lies about them. he takes to twitter like it will-year-old. thinking, really? 3% of the party wants this? be flyingis man to around the world representing our country? of file emptyind mention he has stood on republican debate stages and raised socialized medicine. he has praised the mandate and obamacare. his talk about raising tariffs
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on imports. like bernie sanders. party don't of the seem to care what he believes. that's the most important thing. host: let me just jump in. if it's hillary clinton versus donald trump, what are you going to do? caller: i will write in ted cruz or not vote. host: let me show you a little bit about what ted cruz needs to do. first of all, heading into super tuesday, this is from yesterday, he is in good position moneywise. he has more money than marco rubio. he has won $8 million in -- $1.8 million in
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donations. those are the states on your screen that are going to vote. he faces a must win challenge in texas. three polls show him leading texas by margins. nevada meansn in he is going to have to fight harder on his home turf starting with thursday's debate in houston. that is tonight. i want you to stay on the phone, i have a follow-up question for you florida and ohio are winner take all states. delegates allocated by a statewide return.
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ted cruz has to win texas. caller: i agree with that. i think it's sad that it has come to that. the republican party has spent forlast 25 years pining another reagan. people.heard every year conservatived a who was authentic. comes ted cruz who meets all of those requirements. spend twoven he will fight for conservative simples. 35% is hijacking the whole thing. they have decided to go with the shiny bottle. excepts nothing there left-wing values.
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there is not much of a difference at all. debate, does, the ted cruz try to hit donald trump harder? caller: i hope so. i hope he tries to. i don't want ted cruz to get into some name-calling sandbox battle. i want ted cruz to tell the truth about donald trump and his history. if you are voting for donald trump and you call yourself a conservative, you have to believe that this man had this great conversion about five minutes before he announced. host: i have to leave it there. governor has endorsed ted cruz. he did so yesterday. >> our duty as texas
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conservatives to support a leader we can trust to restore our values, i am supporting ted cruz for president. unlike far too many in washington, the ted cruz we have seen is the same ted cruz reelected. he was our solicitor general. conservative values are at his core. he is fearless. and hetrue convictions is a constitutionalist. i trust his judgment. to my fellow texas conservatives, we need to deliver. this is our time. ted cruz is our candidate. let's do our part to take this country back. the texas governor
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endorsing ted cruz. ofalso has the endorsement rick perry. we are getting your thoughts this morning with donald trump winning three of the four contests. is he unstoppable at this point? at tuesday. we talked to matthew in washington. ted cruz is leading in these staples. i think the public is tired of income inequality and the billionaires playing off the politicians. a are soon going to fail as country. most are going and. they are standing up to that corruption. donald trump is more of an
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independent federal in. is kind of an end of it. -- and it. -- and the the. -- independent. clinton, she went to a fundraiser in san francisco. at it, there is a report about profit eating made from climate change agenda. it is having a lot of collaboration. that is very corrupt. fundraiser, she started saying she wanted drivers licenses for illegal aliens.
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i started looking into that. i found it. automatic registration for minorities. when you the two together, what happens when you have automatic or registration, illegal aliens can vote. vote, whoey don't knows who knows who's going to get that vote in. host: let me say on the democratic contest, they have only had three so far. the washington times says their turnout is down 22% from 2008. democrats in south carolina will be voting in two days. who are you supporting?
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hillary. am supporting the problem we have is the republican party. bey can't blame to onestians and they are the who want everything for the big corporations and the rich. the racist whites always vote they are not christians. they are liars. i would never vote for it will look in or donald trump i would rather vote for a democrat. host: were you supporting? caller: good morning. ted cruz. i want to bring up rubio. he wants selective service for women.
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any christian that would vote , we don't need selective service for young girls. that is not god's will for girls. as far as john kasich goes, he is medicaid expansion. the mentals into health benefits in ohio. you are required to buy health insurance. ted cruz led the fight to stop the funding of obamacare. he is the only one who stood up, i don't care what donald trump it i can'tt to know vote until april or may.
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host: let me jump in. here is a story on a new republican website. like a christian voter. but you think is going on. ted cruz lost the evangelical vote in south carolina and nevada. minions.e got little attacker on him. gets whates ahead and trump would want him to do and fires his. he does that. mr. trump attacks them again. pay much attention to what was really going on in the againste led the fight
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obamacare. we lost our rights to decide what our health care is. host: let me read to you from this piece. they say it's his strategy. that is problematic for the texas center -- senator as he heads into the south during ryan is in maryland.
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welcome to the conversation. caller: i just wanted to make a point. i am not so much a donald trump supporter, but i will be voting for him. had,f the problems we have everybody in the general public believes what these politicians keep saying. they never produce. this is on both sides of the line. both parties need to be thrown out and the closest thing we've got right now is donald trump. we need to throw all of the politicians out and start all over host: hang on the line. i want to show you this latest ad against trump. this is a conservative economic group, they are spending $1
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million in oklahoma and arkansas the target donald trump. >> he supports higher taxes and national health care. i really identify more as a democrat. >> he wants us to think he's mr. telik like it is. he is very liberal. he is just playing us for chumps. just another politician. a i probably identify more as democrat. ryan, what do you think? necessarilyuldn't disagree. in the end, he is just a businessman. be run by aer we person of the people. on both sides of the line, all we have are politicians who work
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for themselves. we have not been led in the right way. let's take a look at some reaction on her. the republican party will not allow donald trump to be fair -- their representative. host: good morning. who is your candidate? caller: i am supporting bernie sanders. i would never vote for donald trump. he is empty talk with no substance or specifics. he is very disrespectful.
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aboutnot giving specifics what he is going to do. grew up with money. he was never not a rich person. he did not donate money to veterans before. absolutely not. host: she is echoing what mitt romney said. there is a bombshell in donald trump's tax records because he has not released them yet. it will show that he hasn't donated to veterans like he says he has or he's not paying as much in taxes as he is he is. he called mitt romney a fool. take a look at real clear politics.
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nancy is in austin texas. trade is a big one for me. i live in texas. ted cruz is my senator. i voted for him. i can't support him for president because of his stance on the commands to pick partnership. he asked that time. readers can go out there and google it. was tellingssions how horrible it is, how it degraded our sovereignty, ted cruz said he is wrong. he supported all the way up to the vote. enough knew there was votes for it to pass, he backed
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out. that puts him in the traitor category. host: are you worried about him getting beaten in a general election. this average, hillary clinton would eat him by 3%. are you worried about him in a general election? caller: yes. if the option is to vote for an establishment candidate like cruz, that would give us more of the same thing that we have now. they tend to hand off from one to the next. i don't want to vote for more of the same. if we don't do something about illegal immigration, we are giving free health care. a lot of them are on welfare.
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this is craziness. if we don't do something about we are protecting everybody in america and we need to read your phone messages or e-mails, we leave the borders wide open. that doesn't make any sense. host: are you an early voter? did you already vote? caller: yes. host: you voted for donald trump? caller: yes. host: she is worried about donald trump and a matchup. winning support from a majority of americans. bob is in new york. who are you supporting? caller: thanks for taking my
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call. there are a lot of supporters calling in today. i think they have the right to be angry. dysfunctional a two-party system. they are looking at police brutality. we have an unchecked isis threat. they are seeing a lot of 30 politicians, a lot of corrupt politicians. the answer is not donald trump president. he has been the a demagogue and a disgrace to america.
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idea ise that every going to solve the problem. are going to cause other problems in the future. skill to beacks the president. wallvocates building a which is a stupid idea. he tries to impress some americans with extreme ideas. angering to tap into more of americans. host: this is what exit polls are showing. voters who are angry are
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overwhelmingly seeing donald trump. bill clinton is something for hillary clinton. he will be at fairfield middle school today. we will have live coverage of that on c-span two. to the white house coverage continues saturday night. we will show you results in speeches and get your reaction to who wins that primary. hillary clinton is up in the. tune in at 7:00 eastern time on super tuesday and we will have results. 12 states and many delegates are at stake. we will show you the results in speeches that night. we are continuing our road to the white house coverage. me tell you about what's happening on capitol hill. john kerry was before the senate foreign relations committee this
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week. he was asked about the syrian deal. he was asked about iran. he will be on the house side this time. we will have coverage of that this morning at 9:30 a.m. eastern time. secretary nominee will be testifying at his confirmation hearing. you can follow coverage there. was up there. she was asked about several issues. she was asked about whether president obama can close guantanamo bay by executive action. she said that he can't.
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if you are interested in that, go to to follow her testimony. we will be talking about some other issues and debates that are happening as well. first, we are continuing our conversation with you this campaign 2016 and whether or not donald trump is unstoppable. good morning to you. voice thist a lovely early in the morning. host: it's good to hear from you. caller: these in my support is for donald trump is when he goes into the white house he is coming in with one suit case. he is not coming in with eight suitcases. he is not ringing in any baggage with him. the vote for him is not costing me one dime.
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everything he has done, he is doing out of the zone pocket. to any personalk who hass at casinos, officials,th chinese met with russian officials or south korean officials? none of them. he has proved everything. he is like john kasich. he is not the type of person that trumpets. my choice is for donald trump. let's take a look at drudge report. rattles china.n
7:56 am
this is about the prospects of donald trump possibly winning the nomination. the washington for to take ons not punitive currency policies. perry is in indiana. you are supporting another candidate. caller: i am supporting hillary.
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own interest, not the person down the street. electionimportant coming up is the congressional election. you've got to get these people out or it the only way a president is going to's the -- -- republicanshe have a short summary. he is not going to be present for whole term, they tried to kick him out. if you don't make $250,000 a year, you don't qualify with the publicans. supporting not donald trump. that is how we have divided the lines this morning. we are going to keep going for another 30 minutes. what do you think?
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is donald trump unstoppable. if you're supporting the new york billionaire, colin. we have another line. karl rove says he does not have a lock on it, but time is running out.
7:59 am
delegates, most in proportional contest remain to be selected. donald trump could well have a lock on the nomination after march 15 if a fragmented opposition gives him an absolute majority of delegates on that day. there is still time for the
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non-trump gop majority to coalesce around a single candidate but not much. the other republican candidates are saying that they want to be the other candidate that challenges donald trump for the nomination. manny and blockbuster, massachusetts -- any in glaucus massachusetts. -- many in massachusetts. go ahead. caller: i was -- i like when mitt romney was running because we needed a big money guy to straighten out our financial stuff. too bad about some of the social media stuff, how he was caught saying this and that. when obama got voted in, he was givingocial media and cartons of cigarettes to people coming in kind of like one of the callers was saying, everyone
8:01 am
getting drivers licenses when they come over. they can vote illegal aliens. ivanka said she would never think of staying here longer than her papers would allow. you can see what is going on with cameron in the united kingdom that they are breaking up over there. host: i think you are referring to donald trump's wife who did an interview with msnbc recently and talked about how she came here, migrated to the united states legally and followed all the rules and got her green card and later applied for her citizenship and became a citizen. connie in florida, who is your candidate? hillary. i am voting for hillary but i wanted to say i have a lot of diehard republican friends that are voting for trump. nofurious with the party of and what they have done for the
8:02 am
last seven years without creating jobs and working for us, the people. they do not care. anybody that thinks donald trump is just running away because he is wonderful, it is not true. he opened up clarity and people are jumping with him and they will take a chance with him. host: you are calling from florida. does that mean you are predicting senator marco rubio loses in florida march 15? caller: he is toast. nobody is going to vote for him. he has missed too much, has not done much. it is a shame, real shame. the fact is, if these republicans had fought their tea party they would be in better shape right now. host: let me leave it there. florida, 99 delegates at stake, winner take all.
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caller: good morning. you and john and steve. i appreciate the show when you are on. i am supporting donald because i think he is fiscally conservative or at least conscientious of the spending, government spending. i will not vote for ted cruz. the lady that called from texas earlier as well, what you need to do is call some of these people in these states, these other voters, and ask these people that live in the states. i think if you are a sitting senator or governor you should bow out of your sitting position and go on the campaign trail. stop wasting government money. go campaign. host: you think ted cruz should
8:04 am
have given up his senate seat if he wanted to run for president? caller: absolutely. he has used his children in ads to talk about hillary, that is not right. he has used violence in his videos. he is just -- like i say, people need to call, randomly call somebody that is a voter in other states with these candidates running. i will not vote for rubio. host: that is dawn in texas supporting donald trump. is donald trump unstoppable? we turn to some other news. ever phillips is joining us on the phone, a political reporter with the washington post. joins us to talk about president obama, the white house floating this idea of nominating nevada governor brian sandoval, a republican centrist, to the supreme court. amber phillips, where did this news come from? guest: this news, as we
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understand it, came from the white house. my colleagues called saying we are betting sandoval -- we are sandoval. it is interesting that his name is the first to be seriously thrown out. i think to this point all other names were kind of furniture in the room. there's some debate in dcn nevada whether obama is considering a republican governor for one of his last chances to shape the supreme court before he goes out of office or whether this is politics as usual. everything else in his confirmation process has been very political. there is a chance he could be floating the name to put senate republicans in a difficult position. host: you used to report for the las vegas sun.
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tell us about the governor and his resume that makes president obama look at him as a possible nominee. like a lot of nevada republicans, brian sandoval does not always fall on washington's party line as a republican. he is a mixed bag. pro-abortion rights. he decided to not actively oppose gay marriage, nor syrian refugees entering his state when it was a big deal last fall. he supports immigration reform. there is something for republicans to like as well. he is still a republican. a strict supporter of gun rights, school choice vouchers and the death penalty. there is something for just about everyone to love in the senate about brian sandoval and something for just about everyone to hate in the senate about brian sandoval. if obama were to pick him he would be the compromise pick. beyond his record as governor, he also has a resume that included serving five years in the district court in reno and
8:07 am
nevada. i have been doing reporting about what his time like there was as a judge. people say it was pretty quiet. the head district judge says he was a good judge, no major controversy. he just did his job. he has held about every other statewide position in of at this point. you could argue he is well-versed in politics and the judicial branch of government. host: has the senate voted on him before? guest: the senate voted on him to confirm him to that district court position in 2005. he got glowing reviews from republicans and democrats. he was voted unanimously, approved unanimously. everyone from senator harry reid , who actually nominated him for the position, to senator orrin hatch said he would make a great justice. this was back in 2005 when judicial nominations were not as political as they are today. host: what is the governor's office saying?
8:08 am
guest: governor sandoval is taking a middle line offend no one approach. he had an interview with morning consult and he told that publication, it would be a privilege. the supreme court is "the ss of justice -- the essence of justice in this country. " waiting to see how this plays out if his name is being vetted by the white house or if this is still politics happening at this point, trying to game theory here in washington who would be obama's best pick. host: are the senators standing by their pledge to not meet with or hold hearings on a nominee, including if this nominee is the nevada governor? guest: that is exactly what we are seeing now. politico reached out to senate republicans yesterday. senator john cornyn, the number two republican in the senate
8:09 am
said, it does not matter sandoval is the nominee, we will still blockade obama's pick. there is one theory that this might be a bluff on obama's part to put senate republicans who said no way in an awkward position of having to say no to one of their fellow republicans. if it is a big bluff, republicans do not seem like they are folding at all. host: amber phillips, political reporter for the washington post. thank you. a note for all of you on governor sandoval. the second hispanic to join the court if he were to be nominated. sotomayor.tice sonia he would be the only non-ivy league or on the current court. there is news in the washington post this morning about the late justice scalia and who he spent his final hours with. a friend had joined him on this trip. the trip was for men from a
8:10 am
society of hunters. the supreme court -- supreme court justice antonin scalia traveling companion is a longtime washington lawyer who represented the republican party and shared a love of food, wine, and hunting with the late justice. it goes on to say see alan foster had been the subject of mistry in days after scalia's body was found inside a ranch bedroom. foster is a 75-year-old louisiana native, a prominent lawyer in washington. in 1993 he went before the supreme court to argue a case on behalf of hispanic republicans in florida who said the state's reapportionment plan diluted voting strength. scalia did not spare foster. if you were curious about who the justice was with, the washington post reporting on that story this morning. we have about 20 minutes left in our conversation with all of you. is donald trump unstoppable?
8:11 am
greg in jacksonville, florida. thank you for waiting. who is your candidate? caller: let me give you a quick -- i have been watching c-span since 1979 when it debuted. i remove or brian, susan and the guy with msnbc, chuck. pedro and ofer and course yourself. watching, iafter have kind of had some kind of concern based on the evolution of c-span. you have gotten a lot of new callers and that is great and your audience has expanded since that time. forive you some -- i voted president bush. i voted for the first president bush. since then i have not really -- theo a great extent
8:12 am
republican party has evolved into something i feel is extreme. i have decided i will vote for hillary this time. i do not understand why people are so enamored with ted cruz. here's a guy who tried -- not only tried it actually shut the government down. if you shut the government down, you are affecting a lot of people, not only those who support you but also other people who really do not have any interest in politics per se. it reminds you the country going in and the citizens of the country are always the victims of the bombings and killings and the politicians are waging war because they want to win but the other people just want to live their lives. i have a concern i just wanted to call in. the dialogue with the guy from west virginia that was on -- and i watched c-span every day before i do anything else from 7:00 to about 10:00. it was kind of concerning. i thought that was way over the
8:13 am
mark. they say a lot of ugly things. host: thank you for being such a loyal watcher. we appreciate that. jeffrey in connecticut. good morning to you. caller: good morning. first-time caller here. what is going on is, i am big-time behind the donald. he is doing his own thing, not bought and paid for by anybody. my major concern will be if the donald does get in there and he starts doing what he is saying, are all of these bigwigs that have all the money, this and that going to put their hands in his pocket and he will end up being just like everybody else. just like your last caller, government shutdowns this and that, that is what the money is doing to the country up on the top. kathleen insync johnsonville, new york. you are not supporting donald
8:14 am
trump. who is your candidate? caller: bernie sanders. the reason is, the man has integrity. i cannot believe they are saying the blacks and hispanics will not vote for him. he has walked the walk. the man went to selma, alabama. i think what is going on in the system is the establishment is trying to ease him out by having these superdelegates -- superdelegates are unfair. it should be one person, one vote for the whole country. host: kathleen -- caller: the establishment on the republican side is now getting worried and they are going to move trump out. if sanders is not the one that is selected overall -- the country wants him and if it ends up being clinton against trump,
8:15 am
i will vote for trump because i do not want that woman in office. host: kathleen, take a look at the delegate tracker. you can find this on our website hillary clinton with all those superdelegates. bernie sanders at 71. hillary clinton at 505. those superdelegates can change their minds but that is where it stands heading into saturday's contest in south carolina where there are a lot of african-american voters. this is the wall street journal headline. black outreach efforts are falling short for bernie sanders. leading by 50 percentage points among african-americans in national polling. that is sure to help hillary clinton in the primary in south carolina where african-americans make up 55% of -- made up 55% of the 2008 primary voter pool. black voters nationally view mrs. clinton more favorably as
8:16 am
more progressive than do white or hispanic voters. patty in pennsylvania, good morning. who is your candidate? caller: good morning. commenting on donald trump being elected for the republican party. i think it is a mistake to elect donald trump. he has lots of skills. a great businessman. some of the things he says are not very diplomatic. for example, can you imagine him calling the leader of north korea a loser? can you imagine what might happen in a case like that? is, he reallyon -- all of the polls say if he goes up against the democrat, if you selected as the republican candidate and goes against the
8:17 am
democratic candidate, he does not have as much of a chance as winning -- of winning the presidency as cruz or rubio. host: who is your candidate, patty? caller: i like rubio because the between rubio and cruz, i like rubio better. i like his policies better. i think he is a more honest candidate. my first choice was bush but as far as being the best leader. but he did not catch on and unfortunately had to drop out. host: let me move on to bob in arkansas. you are supporting donald trump. what do you think? caller: it depends who he runs against. host: explain. caller: if he runs against hillary i will vote for trump. i am a sanders supporter. i will talk about why i would not go for hillary if you would
8:18 am
like to. host: sure. caller: i'm disappointed with reason sheecause the might beat bernie is because she has name recognition. name recognition because she married a president. if that is what you want women to do, to marry someone important to get ahead in this world, that is what you're giving them. host: you don't think she made a name for herself as first lady -- caller: you would not know who she was if she had not married bill clinton. host: what about her own record? she was first lady, senator from new york -- caller: she married to become first lady. and become secretary of state she was appointed. host: and served in the senate from new york. an update on yesterday's show we talked with paul tonko about
8:19 am
flint's water situation and water safety across the country. the senate has come to a deal on money for flint. a bipartisan group of senators reached a deal that would provide funding to help cities such as flint replace aging pipes that have contributed to public health crises in several states. the agreement includes 70 million in credit subsidies for water infrastructure projects, 100 million for subsidized loans and grants to help water supplies. the financing package will be rescinding $250 million in loan credits for a program that was intended to help auto companies develop fuel economy technology. immigrants pushed for $600 million emergency 8 -- report -- democrats push for $600 million emergency aid. austin in maryland, you are not
8:20 am
supporting donald trump. who are you supporting in the race? caller: thanks for having me. this is going to be the first election i will be voting and so i am excited for that. getting really into c-span trying to educate myself. as far as -- i am still undecided between bernie and hillary. i am leaning towards bernie. it seems like hillary has a lot of baggage behind her. i do not know if she were to be the democratic candidate that she would make it through. back to the original question, whether donald trump is unstoppable. coming from my perspective, i just graduated college in the age of social media. i think trump is kind of unstoppable at this point. -- i am not a huge fan of him because it seems like all the things he says are flashy
8:21 am
and it is all shock value but he does not have any content. i don't think he is experienced enough to run the country. i'm sure he is very talented with business and things like that but being president is a lot more than that. host: if you are a voter in one of these early primary caucusing states you probably have seen campaign 2016 bus. an update on its travels. this week, the bus has been in south carolina where it has already made several stops at candidate evidence, community group meetings and high schools threat the state leading to the democratic -- throughout the state leading to the democratic primary. residents have been touring the s. allowing you to watch specious from the campaign trail -- speeches from the campaign trail. all archived on visitors have been sharing their thoughts on the upcoming election. follow the bus on twitter at
8:22 am
c-span bus to get more details. -- visitpan's and find community at the bottom of the home page. that is where you can find more details. charles in louisiana, good morning to you. not donald trump, then who? caller: hello. can you hear me? host: you are on the air, sir. caller: i am torn between carson and cruz. i used to be a democrat. when the democrats put abortion on their national platform i had not likeecause i am one of your callers that said he was looking for everything for himself. i am concerned about innocent
8:23 am
babies being killed in the womb before they even begin -- before i even begin to think about my own finances. host: why not marco rubio? caller: he is against abortion too but i just feel like he is young and upcoming and maybe later. right now i am more interested in somebody that would go in and change washington. host: isn't he the same age as ted cruz? caller: yes ma'am, but ted cruz has more experience than he does and he has proven to me to stand up. carson i think has gobs of experience as far as life is concerned. jersey.b, somerset new you are supporting donald trump. caller: i am supporting him in a way. i think washington has lost perspective on what is going on. thousands and thousands of
8:24 am
people living from paycheck to paycheck and washington is really out of touch with that. i think this country started to go downhill when they sent all the manufacturing -- i live in new jersey there was tons of manufacturing in this state when i was growing up. there is nothing here now. all technology. new jersey is for educated people. property taxes are out of control. we have a governor here who says he's going to do this and that and he has done nothing. i think the people in this country are really desperate right now and that's why a lot of people are supporting donald trump. donald is not in touch with reality either because he is a big ego. you meet somebody who is going to -- you need somebody who is going to go to washington and turn every thing upside down and i think donald is running for president because of his ego. he lived in new york for a long time. he has done nothing for the poor people of new york so how can you say he cares about people?
8:25 am
i think people are so desperate right now that they want him in office and they want him to go to washington and completely turn it upside down. they are eating caviar and we are eating rice and beans. host: will you be watching -- 8:30s cnn debate 830 p.m. eastern time? caller: absolutely. i think when you watch it you will see donald trump against the wall because he says he's going to do a lot of things but can he really do them and does he have a definite plan? have you heard anything about his definite plan? host: he has not been pressed him a lot of details. caller: i take it is down to two or three candidates, i think they will put him in a corner and you will see him lose ground. host: cnn has a debate and this is a piece in the new york times. cnn seeing dividend from its investment in politics. they have become a powerful
8:26 am
moneymaker for cnn, the debates, town halls. 2.3 million tuned in to the greenville town hall with democrats and anderson cooper the other night. committing 50 million more than spent in 2012, cnn added 45 journalists to its political team, making it possible to negotiate, plan, and execute town halls in a matter of days. its political reporting online has all but taken over the network's homepage. those resources have let cnn embark on one of the most aggressive coverage plans with reporters trailing every major candidate and stationed in each early nominating state. the network says it is the closest it has been to fox news in overall ratings war since 2008 although that cap is still 28% for total viewers among the 25 to 54-year-old age demographic. larry in oklahoma, good morning. is donald trump unstoppable?
8:27 am
caller: he is and it is an embarrassment for republicans and especially evangelicals. evangelicals are strongly against gambling. donald trump owns casinos that support gambling and you know the people who can at least afford to gamble gamble. poor people. he supports that. he has not disclosed his tax returns which i think people will be surprised to see what is going on there. all of the other candidates have. those are red flags. i like hillary. people who support ted cruz got to be not thinking either. he failed to disclose loans he had taken from goldman sachs and in my opinion they bought him off to keep them from supporting breakup of the banks. his wife works for goldman sachs. they give her a big paying job. it is about his salary.
8:28 am
sovereign citizens and other groups supported ted cruz and he acted as if he did not know that and when it was brought out by the media he started giving the money back. conservative evangelicals that support donald trump in light of the fact that casinos devastate communities wherever they go. ,ook at new work -- newark where the casinos were in new jersey. donald trump owns casinos that devastate communities. host: debbie, you are supporting donald trump. did you vote for him last weekend in south carolina? caller: one thing i want to say is, all of these republicans are putting donald trump down but during the 2008 and 2012 elections all of the people went to donald trump for advice. i don't understand why he was a republican than and now they
8:29 am
pretend he is not. i love donald trump. i hope he wins. maryland, whon in are you supporting? caller: i do not have as a -- i do not have a specific supporter. rand paul stepped down and disenfranchised a lot of people by doing that. one statementbout mr. trump card said yesterday. that is what i call him. we won with the poorly educated, i love the poorly educated. host: why are you worried about that? caller: that large demographic that i wish it was not large. host: you are worried they will turn out to vote? caller: they will turn out to vote. landslide trump or landslide sanders. host: who is your candidate? caller: i will go gary johnson
8:30 am
if trump gets it. i will go independent again. the people up there are scary. host: you would not vote hillary clinton over donald trump? caller: i would go libertarian again. host: christian who had supported rand paul in campaign 2016. we will end the conversation there and turn our attention to capitol hill in this age of polarized politics. we will be talking with two members of congress who are working to improve cooperation in the house. democrat john carney and republican james renacci are founding members of the bipartisan working group and we will hear about the work they are doing. this headline, president obama yesterday nominating the longtime director of baltimore's public library system to head the library of congress. if confirmed, she would become the first woman and first african-american to oversee the library. here is a bit from an event with
8:31 am
carla hayden we covered back in 2012. you can watch it online or this weekend on booktv. [video clip] >> so pleased to hear the ambassador say librarians should not be defensive about reading is not optional. we have used that it is going to take you away. it is not optional and we need to just say that as librarians. householdsve in many you do not have that reading culture, people who are reading and provide that opportunity for young people. grabbing them when they are seven, eight or beyond and providing an opportunity for the family to read together. we have a program called family reading circle and we use high quality picture books. the parents or caregivers share those with the young people.
8:32 am
.e feed the family these are in transitional homes. housing projects and things like that. most of the time the adults have very low literacy levels. these picture books give them an opportunity to share and not be ashamed they cannot read well and it turns into a discussion about the issue. in baltimore city for instance we have 38% adult illiteracy rate. >> 38%? 10% to five about more percent that are barely literate. that is why when we looked at technology as a way, it is nonthreatening but they are reading with these tools. we are trying to grab them however we can. >> booktv has 48 hours of nonfiction looks and authors every weekend on c-span2.
8:33 am
here are some of the programs to watch for this weekend. at 7:30 p.m. on saturday, david randall of the national association of scholars talks about some of the books incoming college freshmen are asked to read before the first aid class. on sunday night at 9:00, former nsa and cia director michael hayden gets an inside look at national security in his book "playing to the edge." he is interviewed by james woolsey. >> metadata is the outside of the envelope for electronic communication. month for smit has traditionally been able to look at the outside of the envelope. the supreme court decided that the fact of your phone call, who you called, when, for how long, also was essentially the outside of the envelope. >> watch booktv all weekend on
8:34 am
c-span2, television for serious readers. >> washington journal continues. now are twog us congressman. representative john carney, a democrat from delaware. renaccingressman james who is a republican from ohio. they will be talking about their bipartisan working group. good morning gentlemen. tell me a little bit about this bipartisan working group. rep. carney: we try to work every week. we get together at the beginning of the week to find ways that we can work together on legislation . we talk about the agenda for the week. we talk about members initiatives they are working on and have a lot of dialogue. how we address the challenges facing the country. i come from a state where bipartisanship is a great tradition. we have an event after each election called return day and at the end of that celebration
8:35 am
the democrats and republicans actually bury a hatchet on stage. it is symbolic for sure where democrats and -- we are democrats and republicans. let's work for the good of the people we represent. host: why did you think rounding this group was a good idea? --. renacci: i think it john and i were on the financial services committee and i am a business guy. not really a legislator. i did not realize why in the first hearing it was back and forth discussion almost like throwing stones at each other. i finally said, when i had a chance to speak, this is a hearing. we should be listening to witnesses. i started asking witnesses questions and that was specifics. john walked up to me and said, you look like somebody who wants to get some been done. we had breakfast -- wants to get
8:36 am
something done. we realized there were people on both sides try to get something done. that breakfast group has grown to almost party six people. host: we want to get viewers on this discussion about bipartisanship. on the republican line, (202) 748-8001. democrats can call in at (202) 748-8000. independents can call in on our line, (202) 748-8002. covers mccarney, when this -- congressman carney, when this group started it was one of the most polarized times in congress, a few years ago. how have you seen things change since then? rep. carney: a bit of change in the house. most of the people i represent in delaware would not say that. at a personal level, we recognize the change. both jim and i were elected in 2010, a contentious off year
8:37 am
election. a wave of election where the republicans took over the house. when we first started meeting for breakfast it was a con -- conversations were a little awkward. we did not talk so much about the really difficult issues. as we got to know one another and as time went by we started stumping right into the heart issues right at the beginning. we were very candid with one another. now we respect each other's point of view and that was kind of the ethic from the beginning. let's try to leave our political differences aside when we come in and look for common ground around the table. host: a washington post piece used his allies asian to talk about used visualization to talk about how polarized congress is an showed as if a cell was separating into two. how at first the amount of
8:38 am
interaction between republicans and democrats over the years has been connected. in the last decade or so it is almost like two independent groups. not only do they vote more tightly together, more tightly ideologically. what effort do you use to reach across the aisle to bring those two together? rep. renacci: our problems are not democrat or republican problems. our problems are american problems. what i have tried to do is reach across the aisle and understand their thoughts. i go back to my district and tell people for every person who believes everyone should be a strong conservative there are strong liberals. different groups down here. you have to be able to listen and get to understand the other side. sometimes even learn from the other side. hopefully, come up with a consensus to move forward and i think that is what is important. the group has been a great our every week to understand the
8:39 am
other side and why they disagree or agree. it does not mean we will come out agreeing but at least we will come out understanding. rep. carney: we had a special meeting about a year or two ago where we wanted to talk about the different ideas people had to try to reduce spending and get our budget deficits under control. for me this was one of the most helpful meetings we had to understand the way my colleagues on the other side of the aisle looked at each of these issues. there are certainly common ground to be had among the issues we looked at but you will not reach that unless you understand what is driving the other side, what their perspective is. from health-care to military spending, whatever the question might be. we went through a list of things. it was an eye-opener for me. help me understand, where are the opportunities to make progress on whatever the issue might be. host: we are talking to
8:40 am
congressman carney and renee acci. we want to bring viewers into the discussion in efforts to work in a more bipartisan manner in congress. on our independent line we have richard from massachusetts. mccarney, iress know you from delaware -- congressman carney, i know you are from delaware and i want to say hello to joe biden. an unusual question i want to ask you, can you give me the definition of bipartisanship? , i thinkey: for us bipartisanship is part of our group is looking for common ground. everybody has strong feelings. we have political differences. i believe in democratic principles. i know jim believes in his prince of as a republican as do the members -- believes in his
8:41 am
.rinciples as a republican in order to solve problems and meet challenges we have to find common ground. to me, that is what bipartisanship is, not putting your values to the side, trying to find a way to incorporate your values, work with the other side and come up with solutions for all the people of our country. met i go home, people tell what they want me to do. i feel like i'm doing what people in delaware want and expect me to do. the two things i get back from people that they respond to the most today and i think we see it in the presidential election. they are just tired of the partisanship. not getting things done, not addressing big things like the national debt. with respect to health care, a whole series of things. that is what i hear. secondly, they respond
8:42 am
positively when i talk about our bipartisan working group. at least our efforts to work together even if it is on small things. thank you, richard. host: up next we have ray from lake dallas, texas. much.: thanks so i love c-span. good morning. about the twoeak big elephants in the room. money. even laypeople and those who know a little bit about how driveshing works, money congress. most people feel they are not getting anything done because the first thing the senator or congressman wants to do is get their money or whatever they need to get from these people who want -- who have an agenda.
8:43 am
it is mostly big money leaving little people out. toway for the little person get their word across. there has gotfeel to be something else we can do with regard to how this works. maybe change policy or something. is, we talking about being bipartisan. i think your group is a great idea. the problem is, what do you do about the majority whip? regardless of democrat or .epublican, what they say goes half the people you probably want to reach out to don't want to do anything because they feel like if they tried to go against whatever the with is going to say -- whatever the whip is going to say, you will not be able to do anything with them. host: let's give congressman
8:44 am
renee c a chance to address that -- let's give covers minimum not she a chance to address rep. renacci: my voting record will show i'm going to vote with my constituents. i listen to my constituents on facebook. i have dialogue back and forth with individuals on facebook and many of the social media. there is a way for those that donate to keep in touch with me. i think that is important. people say you always vote with the way the lobbyists and the dollars they give you. that is untrue. i have lobbyists who said you are going against what our company believes and i said, i am going for what is good for america. those are the ways i think we need to be able to move forward in the process. i am a big believer in that. when it comes to votes, if you look at many of our records, i
8:45 am
voted against the republican majority many times. i have also voted with them. the basis of what i believe in is really conservative. fiscal conservative government. i am not sure. people back home here that and say those things but i can tell you down here, look at some of the votes. a lot of votes that go against the majority many times. i use republicans for example. many republicans, the boehner budget vote, 159 republicans voted against leadership on that boat. -- on that vote. it is not just about what the with has to say. host: let's talk about public perception and look at a poll from rasmussen. it finds about 11% of the american public think congress is doing a good or excellent job where as 60% rate congress's performance as poor.
8:46 am
it also states that 9% of americans think the average member of congress listens to the voters that he or she represents 177% think members listen mostly to party leaders in congress. what is your reaction to that? rep. carney: that is what i hear from constituents. i think it is terrible the institution is seen that way and i think it is spilling over into this presidential election. we have the best system of government in the world but nobody has any confidence in it. that is what i think -- that is why i think our effort will build confidence around people. all of our members at one time or the other more often than not have had to step up against leadership to do what we think is right for the country. we need more people doing that. we need other kinds of reform that ray was talking about in terms of campaign finance reform.
8:47 am
districts are aligned to much overwhelmingly democrat or republican. i represent the whole state so it would not affect me and my district but we need that kind of reform i think to make congress more responsive to the people. the broader range of people. members of congress are being responsible for their respective sides which is overwhelmingly republican or democratic. that forces the points of view to the extremes. host: we are talking with congressman john carney, democrat from delaware. acci.ongressman jim rene they founded the bipartisan work group. steve from chatsworth, illinois. caller: you call yourself by partisans, each of you, but nothing seems to be accomplished
8:48 am
in congress. no tax reform, no immigration reform. nothing seems to get done. both frustrating that you innot find common ground anything anymore. you say that we have the best system. can't form on anything. host: there is gridlock in congress. how do you work with people outside of your group to get things accomplished? founderscci: when the put this country together they did not want things to just move through easily. room.ople in a you put 35 people in a room and
8:49 am
try and get an agreement and you will have disagreement, discussion, but 435 people you will have the same thing. what our founders wanted was a system that did not allow things to move quickly but they did want things to move with compromise and ability to work together and get things done. i tell people back in my district all the time if you are a far right conservative or far left liberal, that is not going to work as easy and congress because there is always that opposite side. what our founders wanted was 430 five members working together to come up with a compromise solution. i know compromise becomes a dirty word down here but that has to be the way we move forward. we don't have republican and democrat problems. we have american problems. rep. carney: we have looked at a lot of those issues that steve mentioned him a tax reform, immigration reform as part of our group.
8:50 am
the past several months our focus was on funding the highway trust fund and international tax reform as part of that. -- congressman renacci had a good idea. we spent a lot of time talking about it. we were part of the discussion as congress wrestled with those important issues. i do not think those issues are dead. we did pass a transportation bill. i was not happy with the way it was funded. we still need to do international tax reform that hopefully will lead to tax reform on a corporate side and the individual side in the u.s. congressman renacci and a couple other members on ways and means. this is an area where we can help the debate in congress and bring both sides together with something that will work. host: we have david from essex, maryland area you're on with
8:51 am
congressman carney and congress men renacci. caller: i watched one of the committee meetings one time, i believe it was the budget committee. the trendline showed the revenue income is actually maintaining a 50 year revenue line. in my mind, there is never a revenue problem. always a spending problem. i always talk to my father and say we would go back to clinton era tax rates if we went to clinton era spending rates. rep. renacci: we will have the largest amount of revenue in the u.s. treasury this year in the history of our country. the revenue side continues to grow. the spending side continues to
8:52 am
grow as well and that is the big issue. exponentially we have a spending line that is growing rapidly. a lot of it is because some of the programs that were put in place years ago that were based hate to talk about them but some of our entitlement programs were based on people dying at age 65. to the credit of this country and our health care system people are living until the 80's now which means many of our programs were set up and have to be looked at. last year we had 10,000 people a day retiring for the first time. these are statistics that are changing the scope of our spending. until congress has the political will to take a look at these programs that were established 30 years ago and say they were established raised on statistics that are not correct today, we will continue to have a spending line that is exponentially grows
8:53 am
. host: we are talking with congressman jim renacci, one of the founders of the bipartisan working group in congress. the first in his family to college from read you paid your way through it. he is also a certified public accountant. we are also talking with democratic congressman john carney of delaware, twice elected lieutenant governor in delaware. formerly a secretary of finance and deputy chief of staff under then governor tom carper. when it comes to finding areas of compromise, what areas has it been easier to get bipartisan consensus? what areas have been tougher? rep. carney: the areas where it has been easier, there is not a lot of difference in terms of what members around the table
8:54 am
value. perfect example, our veterans. we have thought about having a veterans our. a series of legislation two congresses ago. one of my successes, one that we count as part of our group, was to sponsor legislation with larry buche on, a republican from indiana, with other members of our group part of that that would allow military service folks to get a commercial drivers license on their base as opposed to where they lived. small things. veterans, support for veterans, different ways of -- patrick adjacentn the district to mine in southeast pennsylvania, worked on a veterans court idea, something he championed home in pennsylvania. a lot of common ground on that. where it is most difficult is on the budget issues jim just
8:55 am
talked about. there he different perspectives on the problem. -- very different perspectives on the problem. the reality is we have to do something on both sides in my view. i am a numbers guy. that is one of the things i like about jim. -- thebers have data numbers have to add up. , i willst frustration be leaving congress at the end of this year. not to be part of a group of members who stood up and passed a fiscally sound budget that would really be good for the country moving into the future. it is hard work. it will involve the kind of things jim and i try to do every week in working together. it is absolutely necessary for the future of the country. we act like it does not exist from day-to-day. host: our next caller is on our
8:56 am
democratic line. chicago.m wondering,as just with the budget as far as how you guys are going about it. he hasp is elected and ness he has with his comments, how would you go about the budget thing for the elderly as well as veterans in the country? rep. renacci: thank you for your question. in congress we need to put our own vision forward. the budget committee needs to put their own vision forward. one of the things people do not realize is we are a separate and co-equal branch. whoever becomes president can put their vision forward and
8:57 am
hopefully we can come to some consensus and work together to get things done for the best interest of the country. it is about a congressional vision more than any of the candidates vision. i know the speaker talked about putting our vision on the table this year so that whoever is elected president knows what congress' vision is. host: we are in the middle of an election which is controlling a lot of the political discourse. in what way does that impact the ability to work in a bipartisan way when you have this strong partisan language going on surrounding the presidential race? rep. carney: makes it harder. the candidates getting a lot of attention right now are donald trump on the right if you will, ted cruz and bernie sanders on the left. they are raising important issues. bringing up frustration people have. a lot of that is focused on congress and the inability of washington to get things done. we have been working against that trend for the last five
8:58 am
years as we have tried to work together. as we go out and campaign for reelection or in my case, the next move. we have to address those real concerns people are feeling at a gut level. i feel confident that i can say i went to washington for five years and here is what we tried to do, working with jim and my colleagues. people will say, you do not have much success. most successes are important. we try to move the ball and i think we did. the country is divided and the presidential campaign, by forcing the debate to the streams, is dividing people -- debate to the extremes, is dividing people. thinkjority of america i would share jim and on theur next color independent line is susan.
8:59 am
caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i just decided this year to sit back and look at everything from a neutral aspect and that includes global observation of us. i really would like to see someone write a book about the psychology of the heard and tally -- mentality. not debate. these are reality shows. everyone comes up with an idea, none of these things will happen. because there is a congress, we have a check and balances system. no candidate thank how they will achieve what they are promising and it is very said. he other thing i think that a uniting usnstead of as a people, all of this is
9:00 am
dividing us. the special interest groups, .ates -- race we are all one people. right or left is very dangerous. it is not good. host: let's give congressman party a chance to respond. rep. carney: i hear that frustration. people from delaware expect me solve problems. democrats and republicans are expected to work together. come down hereto not play for the tk -- tv cameras. that is what our group is all of about. it is hard work trying to find a common ground.
9:01 am
there are legitimate differences. part of our group is to develop a respect for the other group. members that to represent different parts of the country, work together to solve this problem and to address the big issues facing the country? we think our group is helpful in that effort. speaking about elections, you had the effort to reform the federal election committed -- commission. rep. carney: that actually came -- of the
9:02 am
free republicans and three democrats, it is hard to get something done. the seventh member we try to make it as nonpartisan as possible. it is amazing that a cannot even come to an agreement. this is the kind of stuff we have to's top. -- to stop. ,t is a bill that i believe in that we should be able to move forward on. we have to be able to move forward with some agreement. we cannot just have republicans and democrats in a cell may all the time. host: what do you think the chances are of that bill -- guest: it is a common idea,
9:03 am
problem -- addressing a and they are not doing anything. one of my colleagues from the state of washington is focused on it. it is kind of common sense. that is anan issue many of theat callers have talked robert host: catherine, a democrat from alabama. for doingank you both work in a bipartisan way. i have been reword about our country to the point of eating -- of even getting nightmares. i was raised in the south. i see our country is scaring the again. i think something that would help you is that we don't want to see this anger, rage, violence in our country. we want to go to a peaceful,
9:04 am
loving country. the way it should be. we should kiss our ground and be thankful that we don't have to deal with what these people overseas have to deal with everyday. maybe if you can get these people that work for the government to take a civics test american history, they might be more appreciated of their job because i honestly don't take some of them understand how our government is supposed to work. host: thank you, catherine. guest: i appreciate the call and i appreciate the,. i agree with you. we need to be able to work together. many times, i am actually explaining how the government works. house passes the the bill in the senate passes the bill. many people believe that republicans control congress, we
9:05 am
still have to be able to get things done. the house has to get 60 votes -- the house has to pass something, the senate has to get 60 votes, and the government -- president has to approve it. i think we have the best government in the world and i think we need to use it to approve. host: our next call from lakeland, florida. c-span forse the two praise two c-span for letting us -- praise to c-span for letting us citizens have a voice. one of the previous callers said -- itshould be a book to
9:06 am
is called political animals, hot off the presses. how multitudes can be provoked to anger and that can lead to hatred. that is why donald trump cannot be president. host: do you have a question? will they discussed this book in their efforts to bring about bipartisan? john kasich is trying to direct people towards cooperation, he is as mean as a junkyard dog underneath, but bless his heart. the issue of anger and what role that plays in responding to my.
9:07 am
guest: emotion is a strong motivator. or those of us who served and have to get elected by people who are expressing that emotion, we have got to be responsive to it. the way i respond is to say that i think at the heart of your frustration, is the fact that you feel like the economy is not working for you. here is what my approach to that problem is. i tried to republish these objectives by working with my friend on the other side of the aisle to move the ball forward on issues. those emotions are real. usot of it is directed at for not doing the work of the people. the last caller, who talked about this great country that we live in -- in the house chamber as we go to vote, there is a guy there who brings loaded veterans
9:08 am
to the door. these men have lost arms or legs. thank us forre to what we are doing. we ought to be thinking them for the sacrifices they made. next up on our independent line, we have alicia from maryland. when a bright new hostess we have. what is her name? host: my name is kimberly. guest: nice to see you. good morning, gentlemen. some common hearing sense and wisdom and that is what we need and much fortune to you and your work. and blessingsve to our troops wherever they are.
9:09 am
this is an old lady. she is probably a grandma to most of you and probably a great grandma to some of you. so i have seen politics for a long time. i'm a native american and my grandpa said to me when i was a little girl, don't ever believe anything the government tells you. [laughter] but of course, you know, i've i do think that if the government works well. the thing that bothers me is that we send money to other countries. and we don'tle in have a place for them. people.orget our own like california has a water.
9:10 am
new mexico, arizona, on the indian reservations have no water because they are contaminated. in flint and so many other --ces come a colorado, utah colorado, utah. i wish all of you would get together. guest: my experience is different than that. i have found that when a particular state or region that has a problem we address that. there is a lot of effort going on right now to help the people in flint. we have seen it with hurricanes, floods. and therericane sandy was a lot of effort to address it. we don't lookan
9:11 am
hard at the dollars being directed that day. my spirits is different than that. i think congress has worked to address some of these problems around the country. carney from delaware, what was your decision to leave congress and pursue governorship? guest: it is about the people i served in the state i serve in the opportunity to came really came under tragic circumstances as the vice presidents son was planning to run, but passed away tragically. a lot of people in my state encouraged me to do that and after a conversation with the vice president, i decided to do that. my willingness to do that was also the frustration that we are not doing what we should be doing.
9:12 am
host: our next color is on a republican line. diana from new jersey. thank you. because the keyword -- you know what, to help you guys. it is covenants. the founders of the constitution were all christians and they made this covenant with god to put the constitution together. we have to keep it balanced. the democrats have gone so far to the left, it is our duty as republicans to keep things in the middle.
9:13 am
or we are all going to go down together. we are united. let me give them a chance to address that. guest: i would tell you that is really part of the group that meets every week. we talk about these things all the time. we talk about ways to work together for the best interest of the country. i think that is were john and i come every time we get together we talk about ways that we can work together for the good and best interests of our country. that is really the key and what you're talking about. that is what our founders did. they came together and said whether you are a republican, democrat, or independent, it is about the country. that is one of the things i am proud of for this meeting. when i talked to the other members on the floor the next
9:14 am
day, they are saying you know the best our i had this week is our discussions on how we can move together for the best interest of this country. host: next is still from massachusetts. bill -- phil from massachusetts. you said that congress has to come with their budget. should it congress come -- shouldn't congress come with a budget after the nation voted for a president. the president's vision of the country as opposed -- solesoul district
9:15 am
district and your state forating how much delaware -- orll -- or how i'll ohio should get. peoplethe president bring in a budget and it is back and forth. the congress has a role and at the end of the day, the objective ought to be to find the common ground. the president has worked with speaker boehner and now must work with speaker ryan. it is a give and take in that respect. host: up next, we have charlie
9:16 am
from trenton. caller: good morning. i just wanted to touch on what the last caller was talking about. the teat elected after , hundredk over in 2010 ivey big rich guys. districts can now be run by the republicans or a majority of them, until the next decade. even though obama one, he should have some kind of mandate just like every other mandate -- president had. time we are running out of so i want to get them a chance to respond to that. guest: it is interesting,
9:17 am
charlie. the states make the decision on how the district are set up your do rub against don't make a decision. again, we are a equal branch of the government. we talk about how government works. the president that selected and he has a mandate, but congress gets elected and they have a mandate. that is where as co-equal branches we have to work together. with the president we don't have a situation where the president can do whatever he wants. he can decide what direction he wants to take, but he has to work in conjunction with congress. if you look at when the country , it is when they were together. that is the way the country should move forward.
9:18 am
our job is to try to make the congressional side of that work. democrats and republicans working on the hill to work with the ministration of budget issues -- administration on budget issues. thank you both congressman for joining us. guest: thank you. host: coming up, we want to hear calls on the ongoing senate battle on the supreme court vacancy and president obama's attempt to fill that see. -- c. -- seat. we will be right back. ♪
9:19 am
♪ he spends road to the white 2016 heard join coverage onon live c-span. or -- how can we get people -- >> the government is so large the organization like cwa has to cut things. get people more involved and make it personal so they understand the impact on
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them and their families. shaft,ay night on q&a,, talks about his attention to wastefulention to government spending. a bipartisanth coalition of members of congress. definitionp with a of what is porkbarrel spending. termually, it became the your marks. was free billion dollars -- $3 billion. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span q&a.
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washington journal continues. and we will be taking calls about the ongoing debate in the senate over president obama's upcoming picks for the supreme court. yesterday, president obama talks about what he is looking for in a candidate and the republican reaction. let's take a look at that. hope and expectation is that once there is an actual , he goes on to the judiciary committee. show the is to courtesy of meeting him. on tore then free to vote whether this person is qualified or not. in the meantime, the american have -- is aing to good jurist and worthy to sit on
9:22 am
the supreme court. i think it would be very difficult for mr. mcconnell to explain to the public that the senate should stand in the way for political reasons. we will see what happens. evolve the situation may over time. i don't expect mitch mcconnell to say that is the case today. i don't take any member of the republican caucus to say that. of thect any member republican caucus to say that. host: joining us on the phone is nihilist tuesday -- latest and with the the possibility that the president might appoint a republican to appoint a justice
9:23 am
to take the spot of antonin scalia a. a -- antoninalia scalia. governor sandoval was a judge before he was a governor. immediatealmost liberal,reaction from abortion-rights groups. would not be pleased.
9:24 am
this candidate see -- candidacy is being pushed by harry reid and what he seems -- there is a political effort to demonstrate or announcingyone anyone that they could effect republicans. host: talk about majority leader mitch mcconnell and chuck senatey, who polices the judiciary committee.
9:25 am
is there any sunlight between their positions? between see no sunlight leader mcconnell and senator grassley. senator grassley -- it is going to be up to the voters to decide . open to having a senatential race and race. term, thef a better direction of the supreme court.
9:26 am
that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. although, there has been at boeing -- thawing committee andhip are at least going to meet with president obama's week. we still don't see any sort of past forward for a nominee. republicans some have said they won't even meet with a potential nominee. have there been any republican members that said they are open to considering a nominee? guest: we've heard from a couple
9:27 am
of them. .ark kirk in illinois they are wanting to take the process fiercely in terms of what goes on this year. senatet majority of republicans, including every member of the judiciary think it should be held off until after the presidential election next year. one question that has come up, but it seems to be pointing to comes up is if this
9:28 am
, butg the lame-duck season that even seems a little far-fetched. nihilist loosely -- we want to hear you. we will take it off with william, a democrat from virginia. what are your thoughts about the supreme court battle in the senate? presidentthink the should nominate someone and the senate should do their job. i support the president. host: what do you think about the republicans argument that since we have no -- an election
9:29 am
under way, we should wait for that. caller: i am in disagreement with that. should the president nominate and the senate should do their job. inher approve or disapprove the process would move forward. host: on our republican line, we have john from ashburn, virginia. what do you think about the current fight over the blockican's attempt to president obama supreme court nominee? caller: thank you. i think it is all political games. if you look at the past 80 years , both sides have always
9:30 am
duringed and protested the last year of a presidency. sayings a clip of biden this should not happen in the last year of a presidency. harry reid has taken positions like this too. ofhink there is a high level hypocrisy. this is all just a political game that is being used to drive the political campaign. i would say, don't be pulled by the politics and understanding history. this is just maneuvering. host: that was john from virginia. next, we have jane, and
9:31 am
independent -- from the independent line. you think the president should appoint a supreme court justice? if you look at the constitution, that is what it calls for. they only want to obey the constitution when it is in their favor. they don't of butter -- obey the competition that constitution. president obama says it is a responsibility he takes seriously and that he recognizes that a judges job is to interpret the law and not make the law. he wants to select a jobs --
9:32 am
particularut any agenda or ideology. what you think? fromw that someone the republican side was going to bring up hypocrisy. also what happened is that it was not a separate instance. same instance that schumer made that comment, mitch 's response to that that it was insane. senate's job is to
9:33 am
have a hearing. he said we have to give the person a hearing because that is a make constitution. host: what about the argument from the republicans that because an election campaign is underway, we should wait to see who the next president is. there are hypocritical issues on both sides. asking, ift you're you take all the speech away, and just look at what has actually happened in the past. there has never been a vacancy left. the senate has never allowed a to be there for a year. ever.
9:34 am
-- theyo have never voted people down, they talked about it, but they have never denied a hearing. host: yesterday, senator roy blunt took to the floor to put the rest -- to rest the art meant that the supreme court needs -- supreme court needs nine justices to function. >> there is no magic number in the constitution that there should be a certain number. there has been different numbers overtime. hasnumber for some years been nine. even when nine judges are , there has often been
9:35 am
eight judges. i think 15 times since world war ii, the court has only had a judges. host: our next color is joe from on ourd calling independent line. joe, are you concerned about the supreme court functioning and you think the president should appoint a nominee? caller: no i'm not concerned about the supreme court functioning and the president -- and went those around the constitution so much. the president can appoint and the senate has the power to say yes or no. the senate has the power to say whether they will do a hearing or not.
9:36 am
twisted up getting with this. i think what it shows is that the elastic and years that there is such a concentration of power by the presidency, that so much of the country thinks we have a king. the constitution is clear. holdenate does not have to hearings. question? -- can i ask you a question? because duchenne also says the supreme court shall appoint when a vacancy arises. do ar: the advice is don't nominee and the consensus is .e're not going to consent
9:37 am
i'm a libertarian by nature. the whole problem with this country has been and always justifies they mean. host: i appreciate your call. up next is larry from indiana. what do you think? should be present appoint a nominee and should be senate here it -- should be senate here it -- should be senate here -- should [no audio] it?senate here caller: no. our next justice should be one that honors the constitution and we need people that love this country to get out and vote and just not allow our country to be
9:38 am
destroyed by people that are trying to destroy our country. host: let me ask you this. you said it should be the will of the people who vote. in years ago people voted president obama. does he not have the same ability as the next president will have? i'm not saying he should have the authority to do it. i'm just saying he should put it off and give the next president, whether it be a democrat or republican. nominees up there and two nominees affirmed. host: that was larry. -- sorry had a little technical difficulty. up next on our independent line come a we have jack from california. you think the supreme court nominee should go forward for our members of congress right to
9:39 am
stop a question mark caller: -- write to stop it it is the president'sr: submit andity to recommend a justice. it is up to congress to ratify that. who does the appointing? not really president, except with the consensus of the congress. congress has been elected by the people. the constitution says they have a right to can rent and to agree to escape or not. that is half of the argument and i believe that very strongly.
9:40 am
so i say the president should nominate and it is up to the congress whether they decide to accept that or delayed. question?i to you think the tenant should hold hearings. right now, republican leadership is saying they are not even going to hold hearings on a candidate. you think the hearings should at least take lace -- place? caller: no i don't think so. it is up to them to decide if they want to or not. i agree that they want to wait for a new president. they do not know if that is going to be a democrat or republican. i think nobody should be
9:41 am
approved. whether it is a democrat or republican, how they proceed from here. next, on a republican line, we have james from oklahoma. you think about the supreme court nominee battle in the senate? think over the last 30 years have shown that we are trillions of dollars in debt. court should set an example to earlier retirement .nd reduce it to five i think i would even out the court system a little more. host: currently, there are eight remaining justices on the court which could result in even
9:42 am
split. there are only five and one has to recuse themselves, there could still be a split. caller: no, because then it could be reduced to three. up next, we have 10 from california. inuld the president a point the money and should republicans hold a hearing on the nominee? caller: i think they should definitely have hearings. i think the supreme court needs .o be in operation all the time they need to keep hearing cases and it seems like to me that they always need a knife -- 9th
9:43 am
person so they have several point of views. limbok for us to be in like this is not a safe thing. s senator blunt pointed out, the supreme court is still hearing cases and they are still taking cases and they are operating with eight justices. you think there are still a danger there, even though you have a justices -- eight justices on the court? caller: as the other caller mentioned earlier, we need a ninth person. what is the point of having a no one is going to move on an important case. someone that is awfully going to take the other view.
9:44 am
there is a tendency that it can be for-four. it sounds like there is a lot of poly -- politics going on. they need to be respectful to obama and try to get the money. he needs to be able to get somebody approved before he leaves office. davidup next, we have from willow springs, north carolina. what do you think about the supreme court battle in the senate? caller: i believe they should .old hearings cannot hold hearings until after the presidential election and using that as an excuse is just ludicrous. thisepublicans have done
9:45 am
-- they do this in 2012. that in november if there is a democrat, sanders senator sanders for clinton, what is going to be there excuse then? should let president obama, as the constitution provides for a nominee. and do their job they were paid to do. wouldwhat kind of nominee you like to see the president put forward? i know there was talk he could nominate a republican?
9:46 am
caller: i think what this country needs more than it a republican or democrat, is a moderate. the supreme court has become a little too political and i think whoever it is, party affiliation .oes not matter too much to me we don't need a liberal or conservative justice. we need a nonpartisan moderate justice that can go in there and look at things fairly without partisan glasses on. host: up next, we have larry calling on a republican line from colorado. what do you think about the current stop on considering president obama's potential supreme court pick? caller: first of all, i agree with the previous caller and
9:47 am
second, mitch mcconnell is a racist. when it comes to the supreme court -- their job is to interpret the law and the constitution. it is kind of a joke when when we have the republicans voting for public -- this is what is scary about going into a courtroom. the glasses of the judges and the jury. that is what we have on the supreme court. certain justices voting republican and certain voting democrat is ridiculous. it is unfair. it is a violation of the constitutional right. they are supposed to interpret the constitution as a law. it should not make any difference whether they are republican or democrat.
9:48 am
they should do their job and do it fairly. host: i think we got your point. i want to keep getting as many colors as we can. up next, on our democratic line, we had scott from north to lend. what you think about the senate battle over president obama's supreme court nominee? i love c-span. they about hit it dead on nail with his last comment. that not surprising another block is being put in front of president obama. we have 11 months. he is our president and he needs --do what he is is posted in is supposed to do.
9:49 am
the people think racism stops at washington?in when obama got his second term, he said -- mitch mcconnell said he will not work with obama. reid saiderday, harry -- >> that is quite an achievement, but not one that should make you proud. this sort of obstruction is not what the american people want. it's not what the people of i want. wouldeek, six i
9:50 am
newspapers issued scathing articles saying to give the president the respect he deserves. " there is no place for a -- host: that was senator harry reid speaking on the floor. our next caller on to discuss the battle over the president supreme court pick. on the republican line. caller: good morning. thank you. constitution allows the
9:51 am
president to support -- a point a supreme court justice. he has enough time to do that in his last term. vein seems to be an evil running through our republican party on anything that this ofsident puts up in the form making appointments for doing -- we are not going to win presidency by doing dumb, stupid things. there is enough time for the sosident to point someone you need to have hearings.
9:52 am
go forward with the process and give the candidate the benefit of an up or down vote. if they don't pass, then we will have another president in office and then we can appoint another. host: republicans are saying since we are to have a political give the people more say by waiting till next year. poppycock. that's we elected the president to make an appointed. if he had two months left, i would say yes. he has almost a whole year. the political campaign has
9:53 am
nothing to do with his appointee . all 100 senators will be there to fill his seat and asked questions. we had more than enough time. in matter of fact, this should be part of the presidential that form in selecting the next justice. eve: up next, we have calling from our independent line from indiana. you think the senate should consider a nominee from president obama? caller: absolutely. it's their responsibility. there are more things going on. say for instance, my understanding is that this is a supreme court justice who was pronounced dead over the telephone and was given
9:54 am
embalming fluid before an autopsy could be formed. knowing both sides have literally ran us down the tubes for the last 50-60 years, i do not trust either side. i would like to get through the election and then select the import justice. is fact the matter is, it buffoonery on the people that this man was dead. no autopsy. us to go ahead and take another justice with all of the, you know -- i does -- i just don't trust either side so i want to wait until after the election. host: up next on our independent line, from georgia.
9:55 am
what do you think about the supreme court debate going on in the senate? should they consider nominee from the president? caller: absolutely. it is embarrassing to watch these republicans talking about going by the constitution and they break it by not letting the president do his job. what if the next president comes in, a republican. he appoints a republican. and then we lose to more -- are
9:56 am
we going to allow him to pick three republican justices? host: up next, on the republican line, we have john from new york. what do you think about the supreme court debate in the senate? should the president get a hearing? yes, as a republican i am very ashamed. are you there? host: i am here. what makes you ashamed? caller: i'm ashamed because i would first like to tell all republicans to be careful what they are wishing for. to to republicans in the senate,
9:57 am
they have to be truthful to the people. to let the people know if they of the law orking if there is so much racism. vote republican anymore. i'm finished. host: are you concerned about the senate decision not to give him a hearing? be ok if they held hearings, but voted not to confirm him. caller: yes, i would be ok. hold at should they hearing, they keep talking about the constitution. while the constitution says that the president has the right to nominee. and that is the truth. next from our independent
9:58 am
line from indiana. yes, that is them doing their job. host: what kind of nominee would you like to see president obama makes? like him tould appoint anyone and then leave it theyngress his hands so can look like a bunch of idiots for not doing their job. host: next, a caller from the democratic line from illinois. caller: yes, there should be a nominee. two reasons, one is we have a three-part government and now they are hamstringing the supreme court in the chief justice should ask the senate to do their job. host: what about folks like
9:59 am
senate -- senator blunt who says they are doing just fine with eight. other 14 circuit judges that have not been appointed don't get hearings and there is still a year to go. host: next on our republican line, we have priscilla from huntington, west virginia. priscilla, would you like to see the senate hold hearings on the president's nominee once he makes it? caller: yes, because we don't have a future. god only gives us today to do our work. day all they should you behind the president. he is a lot smarter than some of our senators anyway. he knows who is going to be a good pick. problem -- what our
10:00 am
their problem is. they need to get their act together and do the job that they are meant to do. host: we appreciate that. that is all for washington journal today. the house of residence is getting ready. we'll take you there.


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