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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 26, 2016 12:00am-2:01am EST

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about wonderful things that they are doing and try to get people to be more involved. and make it a little more personal. so that they understand the impact on them and their q&a, theand their children>> sn president of citizens against government waste talks about his organization's efforts to bring attention to government wasteful spending. thatalso publish a book compiles a list of unauthorized government programs. bipartisanwith a group of members of congress. eventually became the term earmarks and we went through the appropriations bills and started the book. it first was $3 billion and int up to 29 -- $29 billion 2006. we release a congressional book
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sometime around april or may. >> sunday night on 8:00 p.m. eastern on q&a. >> one of the headlines in the wall street journal, also available online from congress ponders president trump. something that seemed highly unlikely now seems like a real possibility. kristina peterson is joining us live on the phone. talked to members of congress, republican leaders, what are they telling you? this questionson: seemed far-fetched a few months ago but now it seems less so. republicans in general expect donald trump would become a little less brash if he were to inhabit the white house. they in general have a lot of confidence that his business background could be useful and they at least are publicly saying he would be able to work
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with congress and form coalitions and get stuff done. i think there may be some anxiety behind those pronouncements as well and there are a few members of congress who have said they will not support donald trump if he was the nominee including carlos cabello who is a republican from florida. in general, the democrats are a lot more skeptical that they would be able to get anything done with a donald trump administration. >> nearly all of our presidents have had elect did experience. experience. we have never had someone never be elected to anything. think thereerson: i is a lot of anxiety around certain pieces of his background particularly in foreign policy. his praise for vladimir putin for instance has raised some eyebrows around capitol hill.
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senator claire mccaskill or said she thought there would be giggles around the globe. -- that is an area of real control that he does not have experience in that. he also is talking about his wall along the southern porter of mexico and deport the illegal immigrants in the united states which does not bode well with reaching a compromise on the overhaul of the immigration system. members on both sides of the aisle say they don't think anything will happen if donald trump is elected president. >> the former president of mexico using choice words saying that mexico will not pay for the wall. kristina peterson: the payment of that could become contentious among other things. it seems hard to imagine that congress would appropriate funding for that but i think we are dealing with scenarios now
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which seemed far-fetched before and now seem increasingly possible. >> let me get your reaction to what speaker paul ryan that about the possibility of donald trump as the republican nominee. if he was president, dealing with a republican congress. you want to get the country a choice but how can you present a choice? bridgesll cross these when we get there. whoever the nominee will be will be able to find a way to make a unified front work. congress will have our own ideas. we are republicans. we gravitate from the same principles and we will be applying those and offering people a choice. i'm excited about that project in congress. whoever our nominee is, we will find a way to work. how likely is it? kristina peterson: the speaker has been very careful to maintain the stance that whomever is the gop nominee,
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house republicans will work with and can work with but there are some big differences. republicans are fighting over the size of their budget am that there are a lot of conservatives that want to exert their influence to reduce spending and donald trump has not shown any inclination to make that a focus think there are areas in which he would increase spending like military, the social security system. you do see the potential for real conflict. politically, house gop cannot afford to say. thate of the criticisms president obama has been getting is that he has not used the white house or built the personal relationships you need to forge in this town. explain what you write about in your story where donald trump has tried to do the exact opposite. kristina peterson: i think there is a lot of optimism among lawmakers that a president trump
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would be more hospitable and more thanschmoozing president obama. he does have a background with some of the lawmakers. he has held fundraisers for senator harry reid, and senator charles schumer. he has met with nancy pelosi in the house in he has something of a reporter with the former house speaker, john boehner. he had gone golfing in the past with him. an interest in politics and he does know some of the folks on the hill but that is different than having to past spending bills to sign them into law or working at some of these big trade agreements and getting them passed. there is a layer of complexity i don't think he has dealt with. >> lawmakers contemplating the possibility of a president trump.
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thank you for your time. kristina peterson: thanks so much. former president bill clinton campaigned for his wife, hillary clinton ahead of this weekend's south carolina democratic primary. president clinton spoke to voters at fairfield middle school in winnsboro, south carolina. this is one hour. outresident clinton will be here in just a few minutes. he has been traveling this date all week and he is no stranger to little towns across the south. he is from one. he knows where we come from and in towns likeare
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winnsboro. it is my honor tonight to introduce someone who has become a friend of mine and even a mentor in the course of these past few years and that is governor jim hodges. the lottery scholarships that enabled so many kids across the state to attend schools at lower cost. we can thank him for that. we can thank the governor for pushing public education and making that an initiative in columbia. when governor hodges with their -- was there, he saw what i saw which is south carolina becoming more and more conservative and more and more republican. that is what is important about this weekend. and you go to vote, we have an opportunity to put a -- to put thisest foot forward weekend as democrats to nominate someone who can take on donald trump and the republicans in november. let me tell you what happens give republicans
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the keys to the governor's mansion and the state house and the state senate. your roads fall apart. expandd -- they do not medicaid. it goes unfunded in south carolina. uc schools left behind in rural parts -- you see schools left behind in rural parts of the state. you see folks who go without voices. it is not about the people, the business interests rather. the corporate interests. that is what we have to fight beginning this weekend by nominating hillary clinton this weekend to be the democratic nominee. [applause] as a native of winnsboro, someone who has lived here my entire life, i cannot be more excited to introduce you to
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governor hodges. give him a warm winnsboro welcome. [applause] gov. hodges: good evening. there are a lot of reasons to be here but mr. brown is one of them. a big can't force him -- a big hand for him for what he has done. i am excited to be back in fairfield and winnsboro and excited to bring president bill clinton. i know when you saw him -- when you saw me come out, you were expecting him. it is my pleasure to introduce bill clinton but before i do, let me say a few words about this election. i am here because i feel so strongly about this election. i do because i have served with
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two democratic presidents during my local lifetime, one was a man isill introduce later who william jefferson clinton. a wonderful president, wasn't he? let me remind you that during the clinton years, what we had as a country. the lowest unemployment rate that i can remember. wage growth across every spectrum whether you are from a small town or a week city. whether you were african-american, latino, or white, whether you were older or younger. you made more money during that era, didn't you? spectacular. i also worked with president barack obama. president barack obama brought us health care for every american citizens. president barack obama got rid of osama bin laden.
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president barack obama has brought to us and unemployment rate that is now down below 5% nationally after the great recession. two great democratic presidents we have had the chance of serving with who did great things for our country. i say that my friends because we have the chance now to elect another president and we know in south carolina what it is like to be under one-party rule. we are in a system where we have one-party rule where we have health care through medicaid denied to citizens come where voting rights of some of us in this room are restricted. that is the sort of south carolina we live in and the question is who are we as democrats going to nominate? to try toresentative make sure that the same things that have happened to us here, will not happen across the country. that is why this is so important. we have a couple of choices and primary.ratic
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i admire senator sanders for his passion but the question is will we nominate someone like barack obama or bill clinton who can get things done and cut unemployment and raise wages who can address problems like social security. will we address someone like that or will we elect a single issue candidate? will tell you that my own experience and i think yours is also that i want someone who is able to be president for eight years and do things like drive wages up and do things like tilt on the obama legacy. that is the kind of president we want because that is the president -- that is the kind of president we have been successful with very your choice is a single issue candidate who he does alle but if that on day one he will have a lonely four years. or a candidate who will build on the legacy of barack obama and
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bill clinton who will help us do great things that other democratic presidents have done. you know what is at stake as you have seen it here in south carolina about what happens very with a republican congress, and a republican senate and if they have a republican president, they will have everything. we are one person away from seeing some of the same things that have been harmful here that have -- to happen to everyone across the country. you havehy the duty saturday is so sacred and important. the question is whether or not south carolina will set the standard for everyone else. usl we be the ones that keep moving in the right direction and make certain that this next month of march is one in which we across racial lines show that hillary clinton will be our build on theer and legacy of bill clinton and
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barack obama. will we do that? ok. now that we have that out of the way, it is my pleasure to introduce a wonderful friend to south carolina. for better than 30 years, better than 40 years, there is a first couple that has invested in our state and come here to work on a wide range of issues from children's health, education, to a whole host of topics. we were fortunate enough to elect as president a man from arkansas that the name of bill clinton. he did a terrific job, budget surplus, education investments. all of those great things that we remember from the bill clinton era and we are fortunate to have him because he is a true basement here in winnsboro to come and talk to us about this presidential campaign. it is my pleasure to present to you the former president of the
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united states and the next first gentleman of the united states, bill clinton. ♪ [applause] ♪ president clinton: thank you very much. i hope you will forgive me for being hoarse. rse during aot hoa campaign, you are not working hard enough. i want to thank governor hodges. he did a great job when he was governor review. he has been a wonderful friend and supporter to hillary and i and we are grateful. thank you former representatives
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brown. greek -- mr. greene, thank you for having us here in the school. i want to thank beth three, the chair of the fairfield school board and members of the board who are here, including henry miller. i told them backstage that when i was governor of arkansas, i used to tell people that the best job i ever had was when i was attorney general because i did not have to appoint board disappoint and if i did anything people did not like, i blamed it on the constitution. thoughtas governor, i it was harder but i thought being on the school board was hardest of all because when you make someone mad on this old youd, they are the know already so i think them for surfing. ms. douglas, state representative, thank you for
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being here and i would like to a knowledge some visitors because they represent what we have been trying to do in hillary's campaign, encouraging people everywhere. we have four visitors from florida who are working for hillary in florida who decided to come up here to see folks in south carolina and telling them why they think hillary should be president. the mayor of miami beach. the mayor of tallahassee. the mayor of miramar. and the chair of the miami-dade county commission. please, stand up. you guys, thank you very much. [applause] old friend john lewis has been here from georgia campaigning also. this is a family of fair for a lot of us. i love south carolina. heraughter learned to ride
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bicycle on the beach at q1 island. and my candidate for president came here which he graduated from law school. working for adaline of bennett's bill south carolina and the children's defense fund to figure out why in the world, african-american teenage boys prison as jailed in adults and having their whole lives taken away from them. the children's defense fund held change juvenile justice practices in south carolina and and that for once and for all which was really important. this is an important state in our lives. [applause] look, it has been an interesting election, don't you think? you listen to the two parties in the debates and when i hear
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those guys, i wonder if i am living in the same country with the same challenges. but, i think i understand it. we will start with what the issue is. how many of you watched president obama's state of the union address? the last one he gave. raise your hand if you did. for those of you who did not, i will give you a 90 second summary. he said, we still have some challenges but we should be feeling optimistic because our economy is doing well. we have had 14 million jobs in five years, the fastest growth we have had since the other democrat, whoever he was, was in the white house. yes, me. i almost forgot. it has been a long time.
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he also said that for the first time in our history, we have over 90% of our people with health insurance, and once we convince all of the republican states to take medicaid and let it work everywhere, we will be a 95%. then he said, if you look at the future, we have the youngest, most diverse force of any big country in the world. we have the best scientific and technology base. we have an unbelievable system of higher education. we are in good shape. you should be optimistic. he painted a beautiful picture of the future, which i completely agree with. if i got one of those magic lanterns and the genie came out, and she said, you can be 25 again, i would say i will take it. [laughter]
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bill clinton: you can be 25 again but you have to decide right now where you want to live when you are 50 years old. i would take united states in a heartbeat. the picture the president painted was beautiful. why are there some an upset -- why are there so many upset people? there are too many people staring at the picture and they cannot find themselves. most americans still have not gotten a pay raise. it takes 10 years to get over a financial crash, and that happened in late 2008. we got the jobs back ahead of schedule, but not the income increases. there are too many young people, with so much college debt piled up that they do not think they can move out of their parents house, much less take a job they like, much less be able to borrow money to start a business. there are a thousand stories like that. there are people with parents
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that have alzheimer's and children with autistic conditions who think they will never be able to take care of their kids and work because we do not have paid leave. we are one of only seven countries in the world. i could go on and on but you get the idea. the person that just won the primary in south carolina says, on the other party, says, vote for me, i will build a wall across the rio grande river and i will stop buying stuff from china and you can make it here again and we will send all the immigrants home and you can have their jobs, and basically i will make america great again. hillary says, we never stopped being great. [applause]
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bill clinton: what we need to do is make america whole again so everyone can see themselves in that picture of the future. [applause] bill clinton: so we can all rise together. that is what this election is about. and she says come instead of building a wall, why don't we build ladders of opportunity and empowerment that everyone can climb and tear down the barriers that are holding everyone back. we can only go forward if we go forward together. [applause] bill clinton: to do that, we have to have an economy that benefits everyone. that is one of the proudest things for me when i was able to serve as your president, is that all groups rose together in every income group. unlike trickle-down economics which is said three presidents,
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president reagan and george bush and george w. bush. it only worked for president reagan because we have never been on an eight year sugar high where we cut taxes and spend like crazy. we had 40% more jobs when we went back down to invest in the middle class and lift people up from the bottom. that is what i am trying to do. we had 40% more jobs. 95% of people have higher income games -- gains. the middle class did better. the middle class did 70% better. the working class did twice as well. the thing i am most proud of is the bottom 20% of earners increased their income 30 times more sense president reagan. we get it together. the highest income gains were among african-american families
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led by an followed by latino families and then everyone else gained as well. it is the only time that has happened to come as far as i know. why? because we made a deliberate decision that nobody could be successful until everybody could rise. that is what this election is about. [applause] bill clinton: first you need to have ladders for more good jobs and higher incomes. hillary proposes, among other things, that we build an infrastructure. we are letting our roads, bridges, airports fall and we are also ignoring what is under the ground. you are all aware of what happened in flint, michigan. it broke everyone's heart. i have news for you, it is far from the only place in america where children have elevated lead in their blood because we have these old, rusted out, broken down pipes.
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if we replace them all, we could create good jobs and give a healthy future for our children. [applause] bill clinton: i will give you another example. almost every state in america, the growth centers are like the ones i visited this afternoon. i went to a training center and one of four in the county i visited where high school students can spend two hours a day studying and becoming certified in advanced mechanics, manufacturing skills, cosmetology, even a certified firemen. they spend the rest of time in class. they get out of high school and
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go right to work or college and it is their choice because they are empowered. everyone needs that. where are people falling behind all over america? in small towns and rural areas. we need to bring affordable, rapid broadband to every small town in america, and people can build their own future. [applause] bill clinton: i am telling you, it will change the national economy overnight. she believes we ought to put in 500 million solar panels in the next five years. she believes every home in america should be electrified by wind, solar and other clean sources. first of all, you cannot export those jobs. you have to do that work right here. modernize our buildings, bring clean energy and put the american people to work. i will give you a little example.
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i have a project in my foundation where we try to work on the american economy and i had this crazy idea a few years ago that i brought to the labor movement. i said, what if we took pension funds of public unions in good shape and they invested in making our buildings energy-efficient, lowering electric bills, putting tons of people to work and you cannot export these jobs. people looked at me at first like i need an appointment with the doctor, but eventually, the union movement came up with $16 billion, the largest private fund in america. they spent about $7 billion and they have already created almost 60,000 jobs. the fund is in good shape because you make a profit investing in infrastructure, lowering people's power bills, increasing energy efficiency.
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we can do this. it will make a difference. we can do it also by dramatically increasing the amount of loans for amount for loans for small businesses. we gave twice as much in loans toward minority business owners, and we had a record number of small businesses. this is not rocket science. hillary wants to make sure all of the banks in south carolina and america know that these new rules, are designed to stop while street -- wall street from ever wrecking mainstreet again should not apply to old-fashioned community banking where you are loading people money who are friends and neighbors and you know they are
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not a risk. she also thinks we ought to give people incentives to invest in areas that are left out and left behind. i will give you an example in a red state, normally a republican state, west virginia. those coal miners did nothing wrong. we know we have to do something to fight climate change, and besides, we have so much other energy that is cleaner, cheaper but their numbers are going down, but they did not deserve to be abandoned by america. they did not deserve to be told, ok, we have two counties and west virginia with the number one source of disability checks. you have people waking up in the morning, looking in the mirrors and thinking, every single tomorrow is going to be like yesterday. i am powerless to change my future. it could be why west virginia
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lease the country in addiction to prescription drugs and heroin. these people are dying of drug abuse and they are also dying of a broken heart. hillary was the first candidate to propose that we spend $10 billion to treat this like a public health problem in every state of america, more mental health facilities, more drug treatment facilities and also give serious tax incentives for people in those areas and give us all a chance to begin again so we can rise together. we have to do this everywhere in the country. [applause]
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bill clinton: those are the letters we need. -- ladders we need. we need equal pay for women so they can get back to the workforce and contribute to our wealth without giving up the strength of the family and raising children. every society is raising kids. in a modern economy, you have to be able to succeed as being a parent and a worker. we can no longer afford the luxury of giving no paid leave. we also have to have a payment system for workers better in these big companies so that when companies make a profit, they do not give it all to the shareholders. [applause] bill clinton: i will give you an example. it is not a republican or democratic thing, i think you have a new course deal in south carolina. they pay weekly bonuses. they give employees weekly bonuses based on profitability, and the employees all get an education for every child they have. one guy in one city in south carolina, back when i was a governor had already sent eight kids to college.
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then they included the spouses, the employees themselves. then they had a profit sharing plan that went to the bottom 90%, not to the top 10%. they shared the benefits of their success with the people who made the success possible. companies used to do that. you would not have collapsed if i said this 40 years ago, because so many companies are doing that. now you say, i cannot believe anyone is doing that. we need to set up a tax code and other rules so that companies that take care of their workers and their communities are rewarded as compared to those who are not. [applause] bill clinton: then we need to get rid of the barriers. what barriers do we need to take down? we have the best system of higher education in the world, but too many kids are graduating with too much debt.
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who knows someone with college debt? here is what hillary wants to do. first of all, make it possible for anyone to go to any public institution, any historically black college or university, any other private university open to people of all income groups with a reasonably low tuition at a high rate of success, make it possible to graduate from all of those places 100% debt-free. [applause] bill clinton: give free tuition for people whose incomes are so low and they needed. give even more support. make it possible for every student to work 10 hours a week in a work study program. then, let the people who can afford to pay, pay. higher income people are going to have to pay higher taxes, but you do not want to give their own kids for tuition. if you want to pay me more
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taxes, use my money to put people to work in good jobs and doing these things that can really make a difference. [applause] bill clinton: make it possible for people to graduate debt-free, and then deal with the debt that is already accumulated. i do not know how many young people and meet, every time i go to a new town, i try to go to a place to buy a cup of coffee, and there is always a young person given the coffee. more than 50% of the time i say, a long have you been working here? and they tell me, i will give you my last conversation. that happened when i was down seen at my granddaughter if you days ago and i stopped at this coffee shop and i said, how long have you been working here? that woman said, five years. on and off she said. i said, what are you doing when you're off? she said, i am going to college. what are you doing on your own
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-- what are you doing on your own? living at home. five years later, she has no degree, could not pay her debt off. hillary wants to end all of that. number one, a college loan is the only loan that you cannot refinance at a lower interest rate. did you know that? i met a woman yesterday, who i know because i did business with her, and i went in and bought a pair of jeans, and she said her son has a loan and interest rate is 9%. she said she is paying under 4% for her home mortgage. it is crazy. if you allow college loans to be refinanced like home loans, overnight, 25 million americans would save $2000, 25 million just on refinancing.
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[applause] bill clinton: the government has no business making money off of college debt. hillary wants to stop that and allow you to refinance. her proposal will take anyone's college debt, wherever they went to school, however far they went, however big it was, and let them pay it out over 20 years as a small, fixed percentage of their after-tax income. what does that mean? it means you can move at your parents house. it means, if you take a job that you love, that does not pay as much, your loan payment would go down. if you have not paid off in 20 years, the debt is forgiven. if you do a public service job,
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you can get rid of $17,000 of the loan. if you are in the military services, your entire loan is forgiven. [applause] bill clinton: think of that. in other words, we can make the country stronger and it lists this anonymous burden on huge numbers of young people so they can use their education, do something they love and make it possible for us all to rise to gather. it is very important. [applause] bill clinton: health care. we need to finish this health care bill. we need to get everyone on medicaid who is eligible. we need to get the drug prices down. we need to change the way we pay for health care some more and more of us and rolled and plans are we just pay to stay healthy and set of pain for specific procedures. every place in america where this has been done, the prices has dropped and the quality of health goes up, and errors go
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down because there is no incentive to do something you do not need done and every incentive is for the people keeping you healthy. everywhere we do it it will work. we have to do this. what are the other barriers? we need prison reform. we have the highest percentage of people behind bars in any country in the world. [applause] bill clinton: too many of them did not violent things or sentences that were too long. the president has done all he can do right now without legislation because some of the limits on his authority and only 10% of the people in prison or in federal prison. the government can set a powerful example. we can do this, and there are a lot of republicans who agree with this. it is like the heroin and prescription drug thing. that is an equal opportunity
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killer. a kills people whether they are republicans or democrats. this over incarceration is burdening state budgets, keeping people from supporting schools and new causes and it is wasting people's lives. hillary, i think is the only one who said, not only should we produce the sentences, but she said you cannot turn these people out without preparing them for transition, give them a skill that can make a living for them. give them education and do not make them check a box asking if they have a record. let people start again. let's begin again. we need police reform. did you see hillary was here a couple days ago with the mothers of all those young
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african-american men who have been killed by a police officer or their neighbors? we also need police. we are sick of seeing movies on television news that look like it ought to be in a bad gangster film where people are getting shot on the streets who have no business being shot. we are sick of rights in ferguson and baltimore and all of this, that we do need to police. remember what we saw in san bernardino when those people were killing all of those innocent folks out there where the police are risking the lives time and time again to save people? they did what you want, so how do we get the best of both worlds? a sheriff's back to listening to me. i am glad he is here. maybe i won't get a ticket on the way out of town. [laughter] bill clinton: look, we dealt
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with this when i was president. we put 110,000 more police officers on the street. we had the entire support of the african-american clergy. we wanted the police to look like the communities they were policing and we wanted enough police so they can walk the streets, not ride around in cars or cause i military equipment, but walked the streets, know the people that live there, help kids stay out of trouble and if something bad happens, you have to have a neighborhood council that can meet with the police and they tell each other the truth, decide what happens, decide what needs to be done. [applause] bill clinton: that way we can have police reform and the police we need and she will take the lead in doing that. we need to make sure that we stop demonizing people who are our friends and neighbors like planned parenthood. they give health care to a very large number of low income children and women who would not have health care.
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we need to make sure that we pass sensible gun safety legislation to have background checks so we do not have to have what happened in a church in charleston anymore. [applause] bill clinton: hillary has been encouraged to talk about this in states that do not have a lot of gunowners, but she talks about it everywhere. you know why? because we lived the first 25 years of our married life in arkansas. i was the governor of a state where we had to close the schools on the first day of deer season because no one is going to show up anyway. [laughter] bill clinton: where more than half the people have a hunting license. when i was 10 years old, i had a
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22 and was shooting soda cans of a fencepost. we had a little bitty farm where i hope i am the last person is a president who had to live in a house without indoor plumbing. i hope none of my successors had that experience. i sure learned the difference between a poisonous and a nonpoisonous snake. i get that. we passed background checks. we banned the most recently used assault weapons by gangs that were cutting kids down. we limited ammunition to 10 bullets. no one missed a deer season, sporting contest, and nobody who lived 40 minutes from the nearest law enforcement was unable to have a gun to protect their family. we need to do this as a family. look at what a great gift south carolina has given america. it was in the reverends church
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where those people lifted their faith and for gave that young man killing their pastor, state senator and all those other people they love. it was awesome. it melted the hearts of the republicans, not just the democrats in the state legislature. a direct descendent of jefferson davis, we have to work together for the future. take the flags down. take the flags down now. [applause] bill clinton: we have to talk to our neighbors. the gun lobby tries to convince everybody that the democrats are coming for your guns. that is bull. they are wrong. as of that background lobby had, one million felons, fugitives
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and domestic abusers could not buy handguns, and at the end of the eight years, we had a 33 year low in the murder rate at a 46 year low in illegal deaths in homicides. do not tell me back on checks do not make a difference. they do. we will have them. [applause] bill clinton: if we want inclusive economics, we need to live in an inclusive society where we are all treated fairly and we have a role in our voices are heard. the last thing we ought to have is a more exclusive politics. we need to quit rewarding people for trying to disempower americans. that is why the president should make this appointment to the supreme court. [applause] bill clinton: and why, and why, whether he gets that person
12:48 am
confirmed or not, remember there is a 50-50 chance that there will be two other appointments in the next four years. we need a supreme court that expands voting rights, not subtracts them. we need a supreme court that revisits the citizens united decision. [applause] bill clinton: for those of you who do not know what it is, everyone knows that the first amendment is, all of you have the right to freedom of speech. now, in citizens united the supreme court having already said that a corporation is a person, has said that free speech extends to the money in your pocket. when you spend it on politics,
12:49 am
you are just exercising your freedom of speech. therefore, they said, a minimum-wage worker and a billionaire are equally free to spend whatever they want on politics. now, i used to teach constitutional law and if i gave the problem on a test and someone wrote that opinion, i would flunk them. [laughter] bill clinton: i do not think there was basis for it but that is what they said. we need to revisit that. everyone who gives money ought to give it in the open. most of our mothers raised us not to hide what we did. if you do not want anyone to know you did that, you should not do it. we need to do with each other on equal terms. if you want inclusive economics, live in an exclusive -- inclusive society, we need to have more inclusive politics. we need to discuss things with each other and set calling each
12:50 am
-- instead of calling each other names and running off and trying to buy public opinion and political power instead of discussing with our neighbors what the right thing is to do so we can all rise. this is very important. [applause] bill clinton: if you believe that, you also must wonder what does this have to do with the job of the next president to keep america safe? i will tell you with hillary, she believes it is really important that we have a strong military. she was on the arms services committee, and the pentagon thought she was so good they asked her to sit on a special timidity to plan the military for the 21st century. it was a bipartisan committee and they recommend we change our military tactics doing exactly what president obama is doing and try to defeat isis. no more big land wars in the middle east.
12:51 am
it is a war we cannot win. [applause] bill clinton: instead, send a special forces to help people who are putting their own lives on the line to have a decent society where they live. build up their capacity, fill in the blank, do what we can, but do not forget, even there, the real battle we are fighting is over the social media and the brains of more than a billion people. those people in san bernardino were motivated over social media. they were converted to a philosophy that says, have i got a deal for you. if you are willing to go out and kill yourself, take 40 years off of your life and go immediately to heaven, but only if you kill a lot of other people who have
12:52 am
never done anything to you and take 40 or 50 years off of their life. if we cannot beat that argument, shame on us. when hillary got to be secretary of state, the first thing she did was to contact the young tech wizard that helps president obama to feature in the primary and then get elected president. she said, you guys are good at this and you know who lives in cyberspace. help us sell america and our vision, but she also knew that we could not do it without proving that our example of embracing the freedom of religion, respecting everyone's religion, that is one of the reason we are still one of the most religious countries in the world, because we are not ramming religion down people's
12:53 am
throats so they can hear people stories and calling forth the best in them, and that means we cannot win this fight without the moderate muslims in america. when the other guy say, we ought to get read of all muslims and label all of these people muslim terrorists, you just remember, the vast majority of american muslims deplore this kind of murder just as much as you do and we need them to help us build a safe future for america. [applause] bill clinton: that is my case for her. it is better to build ladders of opportunity than to build walls. it is better to tear down barriers economic and noneconomic been in a less to work together and make decisions to go forward with each other. she ought to be president because she is qualified to be commander-in-chief and to lead us on these fronts because she is the only person that has spent a lifetime actually making things happen and you need a change maker. from the time she came here as a young law school graduate to south carolina, to try to get
12:54 am
teenagers out of adult prisons, until she walked out of our foundation is started running for president. and every job she ever had, she has made a difference. in washington dc, she worked with republicans as well as democrats which is a big deal. she passed a bill when she was first lady with the republican leader tom delay who disliked me more than anyone in congress. this is a true story, but this is an example of what she does. she went to tom delay from taxes and she -- texas, and she said, i know we do not agree on much, and he said, really, do we agree on anything? he said what is it? she said, you love your he said, sure, what does that have to do with anything?
12:55 am
she said, i know you adopted those children and that was an act of grace. our foster care systems are aging with kids with no place to live, nowhere to go to college, no way to get a job and we cannot let this happen. we have to get people to adopt older children and children with special needs. people are afraid they cannot afford to help children with special needs. we now know one barrier we ought to get writ of his people who of his people who are afraid of hiring people with disabilities, because they make great employees for what they can do. we need to do that. [applause] bill clinton: anyway, he said, what do you want me to do?
12:56 am
she said, we need to give people more tax credits and you republicans like to do that. let's give people tax breaks if they adopt older kids and kids with special needs to help them. let's make sure these kids do not age out and go out into the world of 18 years old. they pass the bill together. i signed the bill. at the time i left office, we had increased by 80%, the number of adoption out of foster care. she always make something good. [applause] bill clinton: i can just give you a thousand examples, but you get the picture. we need a change maker that will empower you, that will tear down the barriers, build up ladders and you get to walk up the letters. -- ladders.
12:57 am
we have to go forward together. the thing that is making people feel so wacky is you have people that think they are at a dead end. young people think they will never get to climb the ladder because they cannot get writ of -- rid of their debt. it is like a weight on their ankle. we have to rise together. to do that, we need a change maker. i will close with this, the last answer to the last question in the debate held in south carolina explains better than anything i could why i believe she is the best choice for
12:58 am
president. the democrats had a debate in south carolina, and i use this because it reflects well on both hillary and her opponent as human beings, and why they belong to our party. at the end of the debate, the moderators had a surprise. they said, is there anything we had not discussed tonight that we should have talked about? he called on hillary first. she said, yes, i want to talk about the water in flint. i took annexed a year in law school, and she studied the impact -- i took in extra year in law school and studied the impact of water on childhood
12:59 am
development. she said she was so horrified when she heard about this, she called the mayor and asked if there was anything she could do. she said someone down there to see. the mayor said, i will to you what you could do, you can get on television. she said, flint asked for this much money and they only received 10% and this is why they need the other 90%. hillary said, they receive the money. everything they asked for. [applause] bill clinton: i have no doubt that is not the only reason they got the money, but it does help having a national figure that says, forget about me, forget about my campaign, these people need this money. these kids are in danger. when they asked her opponent, he reflected the same values but he had a different response. he said he was mortified but what happened and the governor should resign because he would not have treated people that way. maybe he should resign, but he does not care what to democrats 20 for president think a republican governor should it. her immediate instinct was not
1:00 am
to blame, although there was plenty of blame to go around, but to ask, what can i do to make it better? that is what you want a president to do, every day. what can i do to make sure we all rise together? when we look at the picture at the present painted of the future, i see my face there, my children there, my grandchildren there, without looking at race, religion and anything else, we are going to rise together. that is what i want you to vote for her in this primary. god bless you. [applause] ♪ this one goes out to the ones in need. ♪ this ain't about no apology. ♪ [laughter] ♪
1:01 am
>> can i get a picture? >> mr. president. >> president clinton. >> right here. ♪ [mingling]
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>> i was at your campaign yesterday. >> right here. >> say cheese. >> thank you so much.
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>> i am your biggest fan. >> can i get a picture? >> thank you for coming . ♪
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>> do you want me to take it for you? >> bill, bill! >> there you go.
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alright. >> one more. >> thank you, so much. >> so much. >> i got it right here. ♪
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announcer: the south carolina democratic primary is this saturday, and tomorrow, our road to the white house coverage continues with hillary clinton at a get out the vote rally at south carolina state university. our live coverage begins at 4:45 p.m. eastern here on c-span. and we will also be live with democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders lina campaign rally at claf in orangeburg. that is at 5:30 p.m. eastern on c-span2. here is a look at some of the recent campaign ads, released by the bernie sanders and hillary clinton's campaigns. >> the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools and
1:19 am
college and his life began fighting injustice and inequality. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best. he stood up for working families , opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans and now he is taking on wall street and a corrupt political system. fighting climate change to create green energy jobs and tuition free public colleges. senator sanders: people are sick and tired of establishment politics and they want real change. [applause] announcer: bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. building a movement with you. to give us a future to believe in. senator sanders: i am bernie sanders, and i approve this message. way to look at the
1:20 am
qualifications of the candidate, to really reflect on what it can be, who can best get us to that place. i think it is, hands down, hillary clinton. hillary is the only candidate i trust to fight the injustice too many feel and build on the president's progress. not rip it away. my heart has always been with hillary clinton. hillary clinton: i am hillary clinton, and i approve this message. >> the water is poison. > we cannot drink the water. >we cannot bathe in the water. we cannot cook with the water. > there was a time> when nobody heard our story. hillary clinton: i am here because for nearly two years, this water was poisoned. >> hillary clinton came in and showed us. >> she brought this to another level of attention. hillary clinton: the same thing is happening in flint, if it
1:21 am
happened in grosse pointe, i think we know we would have had a solution yesterday. [applause] >> hillary clinton really cares about people. she is awesome. >> when you have people fighting for you, saying i have your back when you cannot ask for much more. filary clinton: i will ght for you in flint, and matter how long it takes to i am hillary clinton, and i approve this message. c-span 2016 is taking you to the white house. and saturday, the south carolina democratic primary, our live coverage begins with election results and speeches from hillary clinton and bernie sanders. reaction from phone calls and tweets. join us for live coverage on c-span, c-span radio, and c-span's washington journal is live every day with news and policy issues that impact you.
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coming up tomorrow morning, georgia republican doug collins, a member of the judiciary and foreign affairs committee, will join us to discuss the war in syria, guantanamo, and how president obama should fill the supreme court vacancy. and the director of will be on a talk about the campaign, the endorsement of bernie sanders, and the thoughts on the back-and-forth between the white house and congress on the supreme court nominee. be sure to watch washington journal the getting at 7 a.m. eastern tomorrow morning. join the discussion. announcer: next, democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders speaks to supporters in berea, ohio, a suburb of cleveland. [applause]
1:23 am
[cheering] >> wow, good morning, berea, ohio. [applause] bw thisad to be at morning. if people want to be president company to come through bw. out. have to give a shout i do not know about you, but you need a coffee after you listen. this morning, sisters and brothers, it is my honor to be in position to introduce the next president of the united states of america. [applause] [cheering]
1:24 am
know thatant you to the cause is right. and the time is now. senator bernie sanders has been a consistent champion for civil rights and social justice. [applause] he is not new to this. and for the college students in this room, when he was around your age, he stood up at the university of chicago as a member fighting against segregation in public housing. [applause] [cheering] mayor of burlington, vermont, he used his leadership to transform that city. he is not new to this. he is running for president of these united states of america to make sure, in the words of my grandmother, that everybody has opportunities in these united
1:25 am
states of america. [applause] he is running against the status quo. but i'm know about you, comfortable with having the next president of the united states of america talk about universal health care as a right. the time is now. [applause] the time is now. and the cause is right. i don't know about you, but when i hear that young folks in this country are saddled with trillions of dollars of debt, it is all right with me to hear the next president of the united states to talk about tuition-free college. [applause] the time is right. and the cause is now. and speaking as a first-generation college graduate, someone who understands the power of higher education to transform somebody's life, the cause is right.
1:26 am
and the time is now. [applause] now folks, i don't know about you, but all of the people talking about how this cannot be done need to get out of the way, for those of us who believe and make sure that it is done. the cause is right. and the time is now. anator sanders has been champion, speaking up for the working poor and the middle class in this country. and, by the way, there is such a thing as the working poor. and we need to talk about that. we need to talk about that. [applause] the time is right. and the cause is now. new wealth in this country is going to the 1%. it is wrong. in the 99% of us are in the same boat. the cause is right. and the time is now. [applause] sanders doesernie
1:27 am
not shrink from these issues. he does not say one thing to one group of folks in one decade, and another thing to another group in a new decade. [applause] the cause is right. and the time is now. when senator sanders talked about a rigged economy and a rigged political system that drowns out the voices of everyday people, like you and like me, we need a champion who will tell it like it is. the cause is right. and the time is now. [applause] senator sanders is not progressive when it is convenient. can i get an amen? the cause is right. and the time is now. [applause] senator sanders does have a plan to lift everybody in this country, and he fully understands that this is a
1:28 am
brother that i traveled all around the country both with and for the senator. when he was in baltimore with dr. jamaal wyaatt and he ofld see where the tragedy freddie gray happened, he did not shrink from that. he was saying we need jobs. we believe in you. thank you for making this run. and during that meeting with the african-american ministers, they were talking about not only the fact that black lives matter, but black prosperity matters. the cause is right. and the time is now. [applause] up,dor sanders it when he did not have to, as a young man. the way to define character is not when the cameras are on, not when they do not benefit from
1:29 am
it personally. the time is right. and the cause is now. [applause] understands that we must, as a country, black and white, asian and native americans, young, christian, jews, gentiles, atheists, all of us together --all of us together! [applause] and when he talks about running for president of the united states of america, you do not hear him say the word i. he says we. this race is about us. we, the people. we need a champion like senator bernie sanders. itdience, has been a long time coming. they hold them dollar.
1:30 am
senator bernie sanders understand that women deserve their whole dollar. to support themselves and their family. the cause is right and the time is now. now. history month if i may. we haveuther king day, carte blanche to talk about the plight of african-americans. senator sanders is not new to this. he's been fighting for a long time. he has the most comprehensive racial justice platform to deal with the five types of violence perpetrated against black and brown folks in this country. political, physical, economic, environmental and legal. we must stand up and be champions and fight against institutional racism.
1:31 am
the cause is right and the time is now. , if we can build a nation , we can have universal health care. if we can abolish slavery we can have universal health care. if women get the right to vote we can have universal health care. if a man can go to the moon we can have universal health care. [cheers and applause] we are a country of progress. we need to check the leader's we elect to office who want to move us from yes we can to know we can't. we are not going. the cause is right and the time is now. [applause]
1:32 am
words of barbara jordan when she said what the people want, it's simple. asy want an america as good promised. that is why senator bernie sanders is running. anwants to help us create america as good as it is promised. causee his right -- the is right and the time is now. we can'ton is so high get over it. it is so low we can't get under it. it is so wide we cannot get around it. united we stand, divided we fall. senator sanders is working to unify this nation so everybody no matter who their parents are or not can enjoy the american dream. the fruits of their labor.
1:33 am
people should not live in poverty, the cause is right. the cause is right, and the time is now. this is about we. opportunity to have a conversation with killer mike. they keep calling our candidate a one issue candidate. he said the following. he is a one issue. his issue is the citizens of the united states of america. hello. -- i will take a one issue. you are the issue. the people of the united states of america. the senator cannot do it alone. he talks about how if this is about us he needs each and every one of us. cellhose of you who have a
1:34 am
phone, pull out yourself on. everybody got a cell phone? it is a people of power campaign. he does not take money from super pac's. of the day when all is said and done the only folks he will have to answer to our the american people. we need, he needs our help to keep this moving. can we have a quick fundraiser right now. right here, right now. we have to invest in this mission. 82623 to donate $10 to our movement. the average donation senator sanders has been $27. if each and every one of us will donate $10, let's give, let's give.
1:35 am
i want you to do that. we are going to tax that right now and do this for the senator. while you are doing that we have to bring a woman out. the number again -- 82623. 82623. i want you to help me set the mood. roof.e to raise the say bern. feel you feel. cheering: bern. >> feel. n. ber
1:36 am
>> feel. >> bern. yout's my honor to bring to the next president of the united states of america senator bernie sanders. [applause] senator sanders: thank you. [applause] bernie, bernie,
1:37 am
bernie. senator sanders: after those remarks by senator turner, it feels very warm in this room. thank senator nina turner for her support in this campaign and for her years of work on behalf of working people , fighting for racial and social justice. [applause] rachel andhank geralde and kurt, and and the reverend cj for participating in this event. morning, a beautiful
1:38 am
that is a joke. it is not a beautiful morning. i want to thank all of you for coming on out. serious issues. thator turner indicated what this campaign is about is taking a hard look at where we are and where we want to go. one of the differences between believeents and me is i our nation when we stand together, when we don't allow up, i trump to divide us believe there is nothing we cannot accomplish. [applause] this campaign is about understanding that we are the
1:39 am
wealthiest country in the history of the world. most people don't know that. they are too busy working 50-60 hours a week to know that almost all of the new wealth and income being created is going to the top 1%. what this campaign is about is not only asking people to alsoion a new america but to understand no president, not bernie sanders or anybody else can do it alone. this is what senator turner was talking about. every person in this room is powerful if you choose to use your power. [applause]
1:40 am
every person in this room is enormously powerless if you choose not to use that power. here is the issue. is when millions of people come together and say in america met and women have fought and died. and as the former chairman of the veterans senate committee, i had the opportunity to meet with some great heroes. you know what they did? they put their lives on the line on up- from world war ii to defend american democracy. we take democracy for granted. democracy is a very, very radical idea. what that means is that in the course of world history almost always you had a king or queen or a czar.
1:41 am
those guys made the decisions. you go off to war, i said you're going off to war. you are paying taxes. i made that decision, it doesn't matter what you think or what happens to your life. what democracy is about is saying that all of us together have the right to determine the future of this country. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: in the last election in november, 2014, 63% of the american people didn't vote. 80% of young people didn't vote. and what happens when ordinary people working people, low-income people, middle class people, young people don't vote,
1:42 am
that political vacuum is filled by wealthy campaign contributors and lobbyists who say, hey, this is great, young people aren't voting. that is fantastic. we can now make the decisions for this country. older people are not voting. that's great. because the world changes when you have a handful of billionaires making the decisions as opposed to ordinary americans making decisions. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: what this campaign is about is calling for a political revolution. what that means, what that means is no president, not bernie sanders, or anybody else can do it alone. why is that? i'll tell you why, and this is
1:43 am
the truth that many politicians will not tell you. the truth is that wall street, corporate america, the corporate media, large campaign donors have so much influence over the political and economic system of our country today that no president, not the best intentioned in the world, can take them on. the only way we take them on is when millions of people, black and white and latino and native americans and asian americans, gay, straight, men, and women when people stand up -- [cheers and applause] senator sanders: and when they demand something that is not really terribly radical, when they demand that the united states government starts
1:44 am
representing ordinary americans rather than wealthy campaign contributors. when that happens we transform america. that is what this campaign is about. [applause] senator sanders: now, over the last 9 1/2 months, since we began this campaign, a lot has changed. when i began the campaign, what the pundits were saying, bernie, you comb your hair really great. you wear your g.q. outfit. you have all the requirements to be the president, but, two things. two things. number one, to run for president in this day and age you need a huge, and i say huge, amount of money. just need hundreds of millions
1:45 am
of dollars if not more than that. we made a decision early on, a very important decision, which distinguishes my campaign from my opponent's campaign. what we said is, we do not represent the billionaire class. we do not represent corporate america. we do not represent wall street. we do not want their money. we are not going to have a super p.a.c. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: that's a great speech to give. the next question is how do you raise the money you need to run a winning campaign? thank you very much. the answer is grassroots. that's right. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: so we did
1:46 am
something that is unprecedented in politics today. what we said is, look, we are not going to go to billionaire'' homes and raise millions of dollars, we are going to ask middle class and working families of this country for the help. you know what's happened in the last nine months? we have received over four million individual contributions. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: and that is more than any candidate in the history of this country up to this point. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: you know what the average campaign contribution is? 27 bucks! and all of the political
1:47 am
geniuses out there, they are figuring out, they are saying how can it be? how can you actually run a winning campaign with an average contribution of $27? i think what people are saying is not only are they supportive of what we are fighting for, but they are saying something else. they are saying, we are going to do everything that we can to make sure that billionaires do not buy elections in the united states of america. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: i'll tell you what else has been going on. when we began the campaign, we were at 3% in the polls. very few people outside of my own state of vermont actually knew who i was, let alone what we were fighting for. we have come a long way in the
1:48 am
last nine months. in the last week or so there were three national polls that actually had us in the lead. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: when you do some these polls, which has bernie sanders against trump or hillary clinton against trump, almost all of those polls have us beating trump by wider margins. [cheers and applause] now, ohio, as you all know, is one of the important political states in this country. you're having a primary here on march 15. with your help we can win this primary and help us go forward to victory. [applause]
1:49 am
senator sanders: now, i think the reason that we have come so far and are doing so well is pretty simple. we're doing something very, very radical. we're telling the american people the truth. now i know that is a radical idea, but, hey -- and that is what we are saying is, look, before this country, before any country is you got to really look honestly at the problems and the realities even if they are unpleasant realities. you know, unless you lock what goes on, you don't have a foundation in which to go forward. and what we have been doing in this campaign is listening to ordinary people, not just big money contributors.
1:50 am
we are listening to millions of workers in this country who are telling us they cannot make it on $9 or $10 an hour. and i have been proud to be on picket lines with fast food workers who are saying just that, saying, you know, we have families to raise, we can't do it on 10 bucks an hour. we need decent health care, and i have been proud to stand with them in the fight for $15 an hour and the right to organize a union. so when we talk about america and we understand the massive levels of income and wealth
1:51 am
inequality. we are the top where the top .1% owns as much wealth as the bottom 90% in america. we can create an economy where if you work 40 hours a week you are not living in poverty. and in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, we should not be having millions of senior citizens and disabled veterans trying to scrape by on $11,000 or $12,000 a year social security. i just want you for a moment put yourself in the place of that
1:52 am
80-year-old, 90-year-old person, health care needs, prescription drug needs, got to keep your home warm in the wintertime. go home and do the arithmetic and see what happens when you receive $11,000 or $12,000 a year. a country, a great country is judged not by how many millionaires and billionaires it has but on how it treats the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: that is -- that is what a great nation is about and that is what every religion in the world, christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism, that's
1:53 am
what they tell us. they tell us morally we cannot be human beings if we turn our backs on people sleeping out on the streets or children who are hungry. [cheers and applause] and what being human is about is i've got four great kids and seven beautiful grandchildren. i want you to worry and be concerned about my kids and my grandchildren and i will worry about you and your kids and your grandchildren. that's a society. [cheers and applause] and as i go around the country and i talk to young people, what they are saying is, why is it that we are leaving college
1:54 am
$50,000 in debt? why is it we are being punished for what crime? the crime of trying to get a good education? we shouldn't be punished for that. [cheers and applause] so what this campaign is about is asking everybody in america -- think outside of the box. just think for a second. everybody here knows that if our country is to do well, now and in the future, we need the best educated work force in the world, right? everybody knows that. we want to encourage. we want to encourage people to get a higher education. we want to make it easier for those people who are not going
1:55 am
to college to learn how to become plumbers and carpenters and sheet metal workers. a lot of good jobs out there. [cheers and applause] we should not be punishing people. we should be rewarding people who want to get an education. this is not a radical concept. it is what other countries are already doing. you go to germany, college education is free. i was in a meeting in washington last year and i was giving a speech and i said, well, you know, in scandinavia by and large college education is free. and some guy jumped up and said, no, senator. you're wrong. i'm from finland. you're wrong. it's not free.
1:56 am
they actually pay us to go to college. but here's the point. thinking outside of the box if we want a strong economy, i want to encourage people to felt all the education they need without having -- have all the education they need without having to worry about paying off their debt. when talking to people, this campaign is listening to women and women are asking us -- [cheers and applause] senator sanders: women are asking us, why is it that we make 79 cents on the dollar compared to men? why is that? and if we are african-american women, the discrepancy is even wider.
1:57 am
and that is why i know that every man in this room will stand with the women in the fight for pay equity. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: every psychologist who studies the issue tells us that the most formative years, the most important years of a human being's life are zero to 4. that's when we develop emotionally and intellectually and all over this country moms and dads come up and say, how is
1:58 am
it that these four years are so important -- mom is working, dad is working, why can't we find high-quality, affordable childcare? [cheers and applause] senator sanders: as a country we should have a world-class pre-k childcare system, and together we're going to develop that system. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: and to those of you who are in school right now, young men, young women, i hope you will give some thought to going into childcare, to fighting to make sure that childcare workers have a career they're proud of, they earn god wages and good benefits for doing some of the most important work in america. [cheers and applause]
1:59 am
senator sanders: and when we listen to people, we are listening to our brothers and sisters in the african-american community. and they are asking us -- they are asking us, why is it that we see on television unarmed african-americans being shot by police officers? [cheers and applause] senator sanders: now, i was a mayor, mayor of the city of burlington, vermont. anybody here from vermont? all right. a few. we're a small state. all right.
2:00 am
and i was mayor of the largest city there for eight years and i worked closely with the police. and the vast overwhelming majority of police officers are hardworking people, honest people trying to do a very, very difficult job. that's right. [applause] senator sanders: and by the way, by the way, when we talk about young people thinking about careers, we need some great police officers out there. think about law enforcement. but -- and here is the but. like any other public official, if a police officer breaks the law, that officer must be held accountable. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: i have talked to people in the african-american community, community with ph.d.'s who say, you know, if i'm driving across


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