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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 26, 2016 4:00am-6:01am EST

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. rld has seen in recent times aisle is entrenched. even in places where isil has been driven out it leaves behind utter devastation, communities in ruin that need to be restabilized and rebuilt which will take years and tremendous international resources because certainly in iraq they are hard pressed to come up with everything that they need to rebuild and in syria the regime there still is not constituted in such a way that it is investing in civilian populations. countries communities and groups that agree on fighting isil in the short term often don't agree on broader long term goals. indeed, the fight in syria is not only a civil war but it is also a proxy war between regional powers reflecting deep
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sectarian and political rivalries. russia's strikes have reinforced the assad regime and made humanitarian catastrophe even worse and the world has been horrified by starving syrians including children. this is a tough situation with a lot of moving parts. as a quonsquens i want to thank john for his tireless efforts along with his team to reach a cessation of hostilities in the civil war. none of us are under any illusions we are all aware of the many potential pitfalls. and there are plenty of reasons for skepticism. but history would judge us harshly if we did not do our part in at least trying to end this with diplomacy. if implemented -- that is a significant if -- the cessation scowled reduce the violence and get more food and aid to
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syrians. it could save lives. potentially it could also lead to negotiations on a political settlement to end the civil war so that everybody can focus their attention on destroying isil. and that is why the united states will do everything we can to maximize the chances of success in this cessation of hostilities. at the same time, i want to make totally clear that there will be absolutely no ceasefire with respect to isil. we remain relentless in going after them. about two months ago at the pentagon i said we had to squeeze eyesle's cour in syria and iraq to make it harder for them to pump their terror and protchganda to the rest of the world. and over the last two months the good news is we've done exactly that. we have continued to intensify our efforts and we're seeing
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results. today i directed my team to continue accelerating this campaign on all fronts. our 66-member coalition including arab partners continues to grow stronger. over the past two months. thanks to secretary carter's good work. just about all of our members have agreed to increase, buying nto our conception of how to estroy isil. every day our air campaign, more than 10,000 strikes so far, continues to destroy isil forces, infrastructure, and heavy weapons. isil fighters are herning that they have no safe haven. isil still has not had a single
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offensive major operation in syria or iraq since last summer and we continue to go after leaders and commanders taking them out day in and day out one after another after another. with coalition training, equipment, and support including our special forces, local forces continue to push isil back out of territory that they had previously held. after intense block by block fighting iraqi forces recently succeeded in pushing isil out of ramadi. isil has lost a series of key towns and cities more than 40%, and today we discuss the next phases incheweding moving against isil and the resources needed to retake anbar province and mosul. as we approach the g-7 i will continue to work with international community so iraq gets the financial support it
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needs to sustain this campaign, rebuild communities, and pursue critical economic reforms. meanwhile, in syria coalition of local fosheses continues to push isil back including out of the strategic areas. ow they're battling isil and continuing to squeeze isil's strong hold cutting off highway and supply lines. racka is not the capital of a growing califate. it is under stress. thanks to our wave of strikes zpweps its oil infrastructure, tanker trucks, wells and refineries, their revenues are sligget reduced. we are destroying the storage sites where isil holds its cash. its money is literally going up in smoke. as a result, isil has been forced to slash the salaries of its fighters which increasingly
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diminishes their morale. we continue to hear reports of defeckses and executions of those who try to defect. at the same time, thanks to the coordination of many nations inchoweding turkey's continuing work to tighten its border the flow into syria appears to be slowing. the bottom line is there are fewer isil fighters on the battlefield in syria and iraq. and for those who are there it's harder for them to recruit and replenish their ranks. as its finances shrink, isil is also imposing more taxes and fines on those under its brutal rule. that in turn stokes even more resentment under local populations. more people are realizing that isil is not a califate, it's a crime ring. it's a criminal gang pretending to be a state said one syrian
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refugee. they turned out to be thieves, said another. isil said one syrian has made an enemy of almost everyone. so they're not winning over hearts and minds and they are under severe pressure. but as we have said all along, the only way to deal with isil in a way that defeats them in a lasting way is to end the chaos and the civil war that has engulfed syria. that's how isil was able to thrive in the first place. the cessation of hostilities that's scheduled to take effect tomorrow is a potential step in bringing about an end to the chaos. even under is the best of circumstances we don't expect the violence to end immediate lifment in fact, i think we are certain that there will continue to be fighting in part because not only isil but organizations like el nussra
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that is not part of any negotiations and is hostile to the united states is going to continued to fight. but everybody knows what needs to happen, and that is all parties thash part of this cessation of activities needs o ends attacks including bombardment. humanitarian aid must be allowed to reach areas under seige. and that is going to depend on whether the syrian regime, russia and their allies will live up to their commitments. more broadly this is going to be a test of whether the parties are truly committed to negotiations. the process agreed to in vienna is clear. the transition toward a more inclusive representative government, a new constitution, followed by free elections. i will say it again. such a future i am convinced
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cannot include bashar alassad. it is clear that after years of his barbaric war against his own people including torture and barrel bombs and seizures starvation many will never stop fighting until he is out of power. there is no alternative to a managed transition away from assad. the only way to end the civil war and unite the syrian people against terrorists. this is an area where there is still significant dispute between us and the russians, between us tand iranians, between us and some of the other players on the ground. and the question is going to be whether the cessation of hostilities gives all the parties concern and opportunity to reflect and assess what in fact will be required in order for us to see an end to the fighting in syria. beyond syria and iraq, i want to point out that we continue
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to go after isil wherever it tries to take route. working with partners from nigeria to afghanistan. as we showed last week with our strike on an isil training camp in libya which targeted a senior isil operatives, wole continue to use the depul range of tools to eliminate isil threats wherever they are. meanwhile, the united states will continue to support the libyan people and regain control of their country as we've seen in recent days with libyabs celebrating in the streets as isil was driven from parts of benghazi. even as we continue our military and counter terrorism efforts, we also recognize that it is not enough to defeat isil on the battlefield. we are going to have to defeat its ideology which radicalizes recruits and inspires people to violence. he united arab emirates, are stepping up their efforts.
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here our new global engagement center will do more to lift up voices to expose isil. killers. and my administration is working with leaders in silicon valley inclouding facebook, you tube, and twitter, to help counter isil on line and to empower more people, especially young people, to use their talents and technology to push back on isil's propaganda. finally, we had an opportunity to discuss the importance of us staying vigilant here at home. lone actors or small groups of terrorists like those in san bernardino are very hard to detect and they continue to pose a serious threat. so at every level, federal, state, and local, law enforcement needs to be working together 24/7 sharing information and connecting the dots to prevent attacks. as we do, we will continue to partner with communities to
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help them stay strong and resilient. that includes upholding our values inclouding freedom of religion so we stay united as one american family. >> to summarize. the fight against isil will remain difficult but we will continue to draw on all elements of our national power, military, intelligence, diplomacy, homeland security, law enforcement, and the strength of our communities. and i am confident that we will prevail. we are in a better position now than we were last month and a better position last month than three months ago. in the end, brutality of isil is no match for the yearning of millions who want to live in security and dignity. i think of the syria who returned to his home in a city in ruins but liberated from isil. despite knowing life would be
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tougher, he said, i chose to come back. i think of the tens of thousands of people in tick rit and iraq that returned home focusing on a better future. the road ahead will not beize but our coalition continues to grow stronger. the isil core in syria and iraq continues to shrink. with allies and partners and the service of our dedicated personnel, our plomingts, our civilians, and our military we will destroy this terrorist organization and continue to stand with people across the region who seek a better and a safer future. thanks very much, everybody.
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d oday a look at 3 technology. live with the house energy and commerce subcommittee live 0:00 a.m. eastern. >> book tv has 48 hours of
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books and authors every weekend. meta data is literally the outside of the envelope for communication. law enforcement has been able to look at the outside of the envelope. the supreme court decided that the fact of your phone call, who you called, when, for how long, also was essentially the outside of the envelope. >> watch all weekend every weekend.
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one of the headlines in the "wall street journal," congress ponders president trump. something that seemed highly unlikely now seems like a real possibility. >> this seemed far fetched a while ago now it seems more
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likely so. they thought trump would become a little less brash if he were to inhabit the white house. they in general have a lot of confidence that his business background could be useful and they at least are publicly saying they think he would be able to work with congress and form coalitions and get stuff done. i think there may be some anxiety behind those pronouncements as well. and there are a few members of congress who have said they would not support trump including carlos core belleo a republican from florida. but in general i think democrats are lot more skeptical that they would be able to get anything done with a trump administration. >> nearly all of our presidents had elected experience with the exception of general eisenhower and grant. but we've never had anyone who has never been elected to anything. can a businessman deal with washington politics? >> i think there is a lot of
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anxiety around certain pieces of his background particularly in foreign policy. his praise for vladmir putin, for instance, has raised some eye brows around capitol hill. senator claire mccaskell said she thought there would be giggled around the globe if he were dealing with foreign leaders. so that i think is an area of real concern that he doesn't have experience in. and some of his stancings are pretty controversial. for instance, he said he would build a wall along the southern border with mex coand deport all the illegal immigrants. that doesn't bode well for trying to reach some compromise on the overhaul of the system and lawmakers have said they don't think anything would happen on that if trump were elected president. >> and what former mexican president fox saying no way mexico would pay for the wall.
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>> i think the payment of that could become contentious among other things. it seems hard to imagine that congress would appropriate funding for that. but i think we are sort of dealing with scenarios now which seemed far fetched before and seem increasingly possible now. >> let me get your reaction to what paul ryan said earlier about the possibility of donald trump and if he were president dealing with a republican congress. >> you said you want to give the country a choice. but how can you present that choice when your nominee has no interest? >> we'll cross this bridge when we get to it. but i believe we will be able o make a unified front work. and congress will have our own ideas. that's what wee do. we're republicans. we gravitate from the same principles and we'll be applying those and offering people a choice.
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i'm very excited about that here in congress. whoever our nominee is i'm sure we'll find a way of working together. >> earlier here today. how likely is that? >> the speaker has been very careful to maintain the stance that whom ever is the g.o.p. nominee republicans will work with and can work with. but there are some big differences. house republicans right now are fighting over the size of their budget. there are a lot of conservatives who wont to exert their influence to reduce spending and trump has not shown an inclination to medicare that a focusing, enlarging the military, expanding social security. so you do see the potential for some real conflict there. but i think that's something politically that house g.o.p. leadership can't afford to say. >> one of the criticisms president obama has been getting from both democrats and republicans is that he has not used the white house, has not
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built the perm relationships that you need to forge in this town. explain what you write about how donald trump has tried to do just the opposite with his dealings with elected officials. >> i think there is a lot of optimism that a president trump would enjoy it more than president obama. he does in fact have a background with some of the lawmakers. he would be no stranger. he has held fund raisers for senator harry reid, senator charles schumer who would be the next democratic leader. he has met nancy pelosi in the house and he has something of a rap port with john boehner. the two of them had gone golfing in the past and would exchange text messages including during some of the big legislative battleles. so he has had an interest in politics. but that's different than having to pass spending bills, sign them into law. or working at some of these big
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trade agreements and getting them passed. the layer of complexity that i don't think he's necessarily dealt with on capitol hill yet. >> lawmakers contemplating the possibility of a president donald j. sprumple. thank you for your time. dr trump. thank you for your time. >> next, senator bernie sanders speaks to supporters at a campaign rally in ohio. of cleveland. it is one hour and 10 minutes. [cheers and applause. applause]and [cheers and applause]
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>> wow. good morning. so glad to be here this morning. if people want to be president they need to come through bw. [applause] i have to give a shout that the humble g. morning, it is my honor to be in position to introduce the next president of the united states of america. i want you to know the cause is right and the time is now. beenor bernie sanders has a consistent champion for civil rights and social justice.
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he is not new to this. for the college students in the room, when he was around your age he stood up at the university of chicago fighting against segregation in public houses. burlington inf vermont he use leadership to transform that city. he is not new to this. he is running for president for the united states to make sure that everybody has opportunities in these united states of america. he is running against the status quo. i am comfortable with the -- with having the next president talk about universal health care as a right.
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the time is now. [applause] the time is now and the cause is right. when i hear young folks are saddled with trillion dollars in debt, it is all right to have the next president talk about tuition free college. the time is right. speaking as a first-generation college graduate, someone who understands the power of , thetion to understand time is now. you but all about the people talking about how this cannot be done need to get out of the way of those of us who will work to make sure it is done.
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it is right. the time is now. senator sanders has been a champion speaking up for the working poor and middle class in this country. there is such thing as the working poor and we need to talk about that. we need to talk about that. the time is right and the cause is now. almost all new wealth in this country is going to the 1%. it is wrong 99% of us are in the same boat. the cause is right and the time is now. senator bernie sanders doesn't retreat from these issues.
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the cause is right and the time is now. when sinister sanders talks that a rigged economy drowns out the voices of every day people like you and like me, we need a champion who will tell it like it is. the cause is right and the time is now. senator sanders is not progressive when it is convenient. can i get an amen? the cause is right and the time is now. sinister sanders does have a plan. to lift everybody in this country. this is a present i have traveled all over this country for. ,hen he was in baltimore walking those streets, in the african american communities. senator sanders didn't shrink
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from that. people were lining up every day saying we need jobs. we believe in you. thank you for making this run. they weret meaning talking about not only the fact black lives matter but black prosperity matters. the cause is right and the time is now. when hesanders stood up didn't have to stand up as a young man. the way to define the character of a person is what they do when the cameras are not on when they don't benefit from it personally. he is a champion for civil rights and social justice. the time is right and the cause is now. understands we , black, white,ry asian, native american, muslim,
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christian, jews, gentiles, atheists, all of us together. all of us together. all of us together. [cheers and applause] when he talks about running for president of the united states of america you don't hear him say i, he says we. this is about we the people. audience,ers in the it's been a long time coming. we deserve our own dollar. senator bernie sanders understands women deserves their whole dollar to support themselves and their families. the cause is right, the time is now.
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history month if i may. we haveuther king day, carte blanche to talk about the plight of african-americans. senator sanders is not new to this. he's been fighting for a long time. he has the most comprehensive racial justice platform to deal with the five types of violence perpetrated against black and brown folks in this country. political, physical, economic, environmental and legal. we must stand up and be champions and fight against institutional racism. the cause is right and the time is now. , if we can build a nation
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, we can have universal health care. if we can abolish slavery we can have universal health care. if women get the right to vote we can have universal health care. if a man can go to the moon we can have universal health care. [cheers and applause] we are a country of progress. we need to check the leader's we elect to office who want to move us from yes we can to know we can't. we are not going. the cause is right and the time is now. [applause] words of barbara jordan when she said what the people want, it's simple. asy want an america as good promised. that is why senator bernie
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sanders is running. anwants to help us create america as good as it is promised. causee his right -- the is right and the time is now. we can'ton is so high get over it. it is so low we can't get under it. it is so wide we cannot get around it. united we stand, divided we fall. senator sanders is working to unify this nation so everybody no matter who their parents are or not can enjoy the american dream. the fruits of their labor. people should not live in poverty, the cause is right. the cause is right, and the time is now. this is about we. opportunity to have a
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conversation with killer mike. they keep calling our candidate a one issue candidate. he said the following. he is a one issue. his issue is the citizens of the united states of america. hello. -- i will take a one issue. you are the issue. the people of the united states of america. the senator cannot do it alone. he talks about how if this is about us he needs each and every one of us. cellhose of you who have a phone, pull out yourself on. everybody got a cell phone? it is a people of power campaign. he does not take money from super pac's. of the day when all
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is said and done the only folks he will have to answer to our the american people. we need, he needs our help to keep this moving. can we have a quick fundraiser right now. right here, right now. we have to invest in this mission. 82623 to donate $10 to our movement. the average donation senator sanders has been $27. if each and every one of us will donate $10, let's give, let's give. i want you to do that. we are going to tax that right now and do this for the senator. while you are doing that we have to bring a woman out. the number again -- 82623.
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82623. i want you to help me set the mood. roof.e to raise the say bern. feel you feel. cheering: bern. >> feel. n. ber >> feel. >> bern. yout's my honor to bring to the next president of the united states of america senator bernie
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sanders. [applause] senator sanders: thank you. [applause] bernie, bernie, bernie. senator sanders: after those remarks by senator turner, it feels very warm in this room.
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thank senator nina turner for her support in this campaign and for her years of work on behalf of working people , fighting for racial and social justice. [applause] rachel andhank geralde and kurt, and and the reverend cj for participating in this event. morning, a beautiful that is a joke. it is not a beautiful morning. i want to thank all of you for coming on out. serious issues. thator turner indicated what this campaign is about is taking a hard look at where we
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are and where we want to go. one of the differences between believeents and me is i our nation when we stand together, when we don't allow up, i trump to divide us believe there is nothing we cannot accomplish. [applause] this campaign is about understanding that we are the wealthiest country in the history of the world. most people don't know that. they are too busy working 50-60 hours a week to know that almost all of the new wealth and income
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being created is going to the top 1%. what this campaign is about is not only asking people to alsoion a new america but to understand no president, not bernie sanders or anybody else can do it alone. this is what senator turner was talking about. every person in this room is powerful if you choose to use your power. [applause] every person in this room is enormously powerless if you choose not to use that power. here is the issue.
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is when millions of people come together and say in america met and women have fought and died. and as the former chairman of the veterans senate committee, i had the opportunity to meet with some great heroes. you know what they did? they put their lives on the line on up- from world war ii to defend american democracy. we take democracy for granted. democracy is a very, very radical idea. what that means is that in the course of world history almost always you had a king or queen or a czar. those guys made the decisions. you go off to war, i said you're going off to war. you are paying taxes. i made that decision, it doesn't matter what you think or what happens to your life.
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what democracy is about is saying that all of us together have the right to determine the future of this country. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: in the last election in november, 2014, 63% of the american people didn't vote. 80% of young people didn't vote. and what happens when ordinary people working people, low-income people, middle class people, young people don't vote, that political vacuum is filled by wealthy campaign contributors and lobbyists who say, hey, this is great, young people aren't voting. that is fantastic. we can now make the decisions for this country.
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older people are not voting. that's great. because the world changes when you have a handful of billionaires making the decisions as opposed to ordinary americans making decisions. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: what this campaign is about is calling for a political revolution. what that means, what that means is no president, not bernie sanders, or anybody else can do it alone. why is that? i'll tell you why, and this is the truth that many politicians will not tell you. the truth is that wall street, corporate america, the corporate media, large campaign donors have so much influence over the political and economic system of our country today that no
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president, not the best intentioned in the world, can take them on. the only way we take them on is when millions of people, black and white and latino and native americans and asian americans, gay, straight, men, and women when people stand up -- [cheers and applause] senator sanders: and when they demand something that is not really terribly radical, when they demand that the united states government starts representing ordinary americans rather than wealthy campaign contributors. when that happens we transform america. that is what this campaign is about.
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[applause] senator sanders: now, over the last 9 1/2 months, since we began this campaign, a lot has changed. when i began the campaign, what the pundits were saying, bernie, you comb your hair really great. you wear your g.q. outfit. you have all the requirements to be the president, but, two things. two things. number one, to run for president in this day and age you need a huge, and i say huge, amount of money. just need hundreds of millions of dollars if not more than that. we made a decision early on, a very important decision, which distinguishes my campaign from my opponent's campaign. what we said is, we do not represent the billionaire class. we do not represent corporate
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america. we do not represent wall street. we do not want their money. we are not going to have a super p.a.c. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: that's a great speech to give. the next question is how do you raise the money you need to run a winning campaign? thank you very much. the answer is grassroots. that's right. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: so we did something that is unprecedented in politics today. what we said is, look, we are not going to go to billionaire'' homes and raise millions of dollars, we are going to ask middle class and working families of this country for the help. you know what's happened in the last nine months? we have received over four
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million individual contributions. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: and that is more than any candidate in the history of this country up to this point. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: you know what the average campaign contribution is? 27 bucks! and all of the political geniuses out there, they are figuring out, they are saying how can it be? how can you actually run a winning campaign with an average contribution of $27? i think what people are saying is not only are they supportive
4:48 am
of what we are fighting for, but they are saying something else. they are saying, we are going to do everything that we can to make sure that billionaires do not buy elections in the united states of america. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: i'll tell you what else has been going on. when we began the campaign, we were at 3% in the polls. very few people outside of my own state of vermont actually knew who i was, let alone what we were fighting for. we have come a long way in the last nine months. in the last week or so there were three national polls that actually had us in the lead. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: when you do
4:49 am
some these polls, which has bernie sanders against trump or hillary clinton against trump, almost all of those polls have us beating trump by wider margins. [cheers and applause] now, ohio, as you all know, is one of the important political states in this country. you're having a primary here on march 15. with your help we can win this primary and help us go forward to victory. [applause] senator sanders: now, i think the reason that we have come so far and are doing so well is pretty simple.
4:50 am
we're doing something very, very radical. we're telling the american people the truth. now i know that is a radical idea, but, hey -- and that is what we are saying is, look, before this country, before any country is you got to really look honestly at the problems and the realities even if they are unpleasant realities. you know, unless you lock what goes on, you don't have a foundation in which to go forward. and what we have been doing in this campaign is listening to ordinary people, not just big money contributors. we are listening to millions of workers in this country who are telling us they cannot make it on $9 or $10 an hour. and i have been proud to be on
4:51 am
picket lines with fast food workers who are saying just that, saying, you know, we have families to raise, we can't do it on 10 bucks an hour. we need decent health care, and i have been proud to stand with them in the fight for $15 an hour and the right to organize a union. so when we talk about america and we understand the massive levels of income and wealth inequality. we are the top where the top .1% owns as much wealth as the bottom 90% in america. we can create an economy where if you work 40 hours a week you are not living in poverty. and in the wealthiest country in
4:52 am
the history of the world, we should not be having millions of senior citizens and disabled veterans trying to scrape by on $11,000 or $12,000 a year social security. i just want you for a moment put yourself in the place of that 80-year-old, 90-year-old person, health care needs, prescription drug needs, got to keep your home warm in the wintertime. go home and do the arithmetic and see what happens when you receive $11,000 or $12,000 a year.
4:53 am
a country, a great country is judged not by how many millionaires and billionaires it has but on how it treats the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: that is -- that is what a great nation is about and that is what every religion in the world, christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism, that's what they tell us. they tell us morally we cannot be human beings if we turn our backs on people sleeping out on the streets or children who are hungry. [cheers and applause]
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and what being human is about is i've got four great kids and seven beautiful grandchildren. i want you to worry and be concerned about my kids and my grandchildren and i will worry about you and your kids and your grandchildren. that's a society. [cheers and applause] and as i go around the country and i talk to young people, what they are saying is, why is it that we are leaving college $50,000 in debt? why is it we are being punished for what crime? the crime of trying to get a good education? we shouldn't be punished for that.
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[cheers and applause] so what this campaign is about is asking everybody in america -- think outside of the box. just think for a second. everybody here knows that if our country is to do well, now and in the future, we need the best educated work force in the world, right? everybody knows that. we want to encourage. we want to encourage people to get a higher education. we want to make it easier for those people who are not going to college to learn how to become plumbers and carpenters and sheet metal workers. a lot of good jobs out there. [cheers and applause] we should not be punishing
4:56 am
people. we should be rewarding people who want to get an education. this is not a radical concept. it is what other countries are already doing. you go to germany, college education is free. i was in a meeting in washington last year and i was giving a speech and i said, well, you know, in scandinavia by and large college education is free. and some guy jumped up and said, no, senator. you're wrong. i'm from finland. you're wrong. it's not free. they actually pay us to go to college. but here's the point. thinking outside of the box if we want a strong economy, i want to encourage people to felt all the education they need without
4:57 am
having -- have all the education they need without having to worry about paying off their debt. when talking to people, this campaign is listening to women and women are asking us -- [cheers and applause] senator sanders: women are asking us, why is it that we make 79 cents on the dollar compared to men? why is that? and if we are african-american women, the discrepancy is even wider. and that is why i know that every man in this room will stand with the women in the fight for pay equity. [cheers and applause]
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senator sanders: every psychologist who studies the issue tells us that the most formative years, the most important years of a human being's life are zero to 4. that's when we develop emotionally and intellectually and all over this country moms and dads come up and say, how is it that these four years are so important -- mom is working, dad is working, why can't we find high-quality, affordable childcare? [cheers and applause] senator sanders: as a country we should have a world-class pre-k
4:59 am
childcare system, and together we're going to develop that system. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: and to those of you who are in school right now, young men, young women, i hope you will give some thought to going into childcare, to fighting to make sure that childcare workers have a career they're proud of, they earn god wages and good benefits for doing some of the most important work in america. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: and when we listen to people, we are listening to our brothers and sisters in the african-american community. and they are asking us -- they are asking us, why is it that we
5:00 am
see on television unarmed african-americans being shot by police officers? [cheers and applause] senator sanders: now, i was a mayor, mayor of the city of burlington, vermont. anybody here from vermont? all right. a few. we're a small state. all right. and i was mayor of the largest city there for eight years and i worked closely with the police. and the vast overwhelming majority of police officers are hardworking people, honest people trying to do a very, very difficult job. that's right. [applause] senator sanders: and by the way, by the way, when we talk about
5:01 am
young people thinking about careers, we need some great police officers out there. think about law enforcement. but -- and here is the but. like any other public official, if a police officer breaks the law, that officer must be held accountable. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: i have talked to people in the african-american community, community with ph.d.'s who say, you know, if i'm driving across the country, i get kind of nervous. i get kind of nervous and the reason for that is that african-americans are stopped a lot more for traffic issues than are whites. we have got to take on this issue of institutional racism and a broken criminal justice system.
5:02 am
[cheers and applause] senator sanders: that is why i believe -- and, again, i speak as a former mayor -- that we have to demilitarize local police departments. some of these local police departments look like occupying armies. what the function of a good police department is about is to be part of the community, to be trusted by the community, not to be seen as an oppressive force in the community. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: and we need to make police departments look
5:03 am
like the diversity of the communities they are serving. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: we also need to take a whole lot of looks at criminal justice, in general. for example, we need to rethink the so-called war on drugs. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: over the last 30 years, millions of americans have received police records for possession of marijuana. right now under the federal controlled substance act, marijuana is listed as a schedule 1 drug, alongside of heroin. [audience booing] senator sanders: now, i trust
5:04 am
everybody in this room knows -- this is a real problem in my state, in new hampshire and around this country, heroin is a killer drug. stay away from it! [cheers and applause] senator sanders: now, there are people and scientists who argue the pluses and the minuses of marijuana, but no sensible person believes that marijuana is anything like heroin and that's why i believe -- now, that is why i believe we should take marijuana out of the federal controlled substance act. [cheers and applause]
5:05 am
senator sanders: stays -- states have the right to legalize marijuana or not. that's a state decision, but from the federal perspective, possession of marijuana should not be a crime. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: when we talk about criminal justice, let me make some connections here. it's not only that we are dealing with institutional racism, it's we are dealing with a situation where youth unemployment in this country is off the charts. no one talks about it very much. but here's the facts. if a kid is 17 to 20 years of age, graduated high school and is white, that kid is 33% of
5:06 am
those white kids are unemployed or underemployed. if that kid is latino, the number is 36%. if that kid is african-american, that number is 51% unemployed or underemployed. [audience booing] senator sanders: so are you ready for a radical idea? [cheers and applause] senator sanders: together, we have got to invest in education and jobs, not jails and incarceration. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: we are spending -- we are spending $80 billion a year to lock up 2.2 million americans.
5:07 am
in my view, it makes a lot more sense to send a young person to the university of ohio than lock them up. it's a lot cheaper. [applause] senator sanders: and when we talk about criminal justice, i will tell you a story. we did a meeting on this. actually, senator turner was with me. we did it in iowa a couple months ago. we had a couple guys there. remarkable men who had served prison time, and one guy said, you know, i was in jail and then on one day somebody said to me, oh, by the way, you're going to be released tomorrow and here is $75, lots of luck. he ended up back in jail. we need to understand that if we want to cut the rates of recidivism, we need to make sure that people have the education and the jobs they need to find a
5:08 am
good life in civil society. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: now, my dad came to this country at the age of 17 from poland without a nickel in his pocket. never made much money. dropped out of high school. my mom graduated high school. so i'm a little bit sensitive to the issue of immigration. i want everybody here to know that in america today, we have 11 million people who come to this country to try to get a little bit better life for themselves and their children. and what we're seeing now is a horrendous level of bigotry and racism in attacking these people. when you have people like trump saying that mexicans are rapists
5:09 am
or criminals, that is an outrage which we will not accept. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: we need comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship for the undocumented. now, i think the reason that our campaign is doing well is that we are touching a nerve in america and people are responding very strongly. vast majority of the american people -- you could be conservative, progressive, moderate, democrat, republican, whatever. very few people think it is
5:10 am
right that the 20 wealthiest people in this country now own more wealth than the bottom 150 million americans, half of our people. [audience booing] senator sanders: and when i talk about a rigged economy, i am talking about the fact that one family in this country, the walton family who owns wal-mart, owns more wealth than the bottom 40% of the american people. does that sound like what america is supposed to be about? >> no! senator sanders: let me tell you what a rigged economy means. what a rigged economy means is that the wealthiest family in america, the walton family, pays wages at wal-mart that are so low that many of their employees have to be on medicaid, food stamps and subsidized housing. and you know who pays for that medicaid, food stamps?
5:11 am
you do. so on behalf of the wealthiest family in the world -- in the united states, worth some $60 billion or so, i want to thank you. they are very appreciative that you are helping to subsidize their company. [audience booing] senator sanders: that was a joke. in fact, it's an outrage. why should the middle class of this country have to subsidize employees who work for the wealthiest family in america? that's pretty crazy stuff. so i say -- i say to the walton family, get off of welfare, start paying your workers a living wage. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: now, when we
5:12 am
talk about politics in america, you got a lot of republicans running around the country talking about family values. they love families. you all know what they mean by family values. what they mean is that no woman in this room, in this state, in this country should have the right to control her own body. i disagree! [cheers and applause] san sand what they mean is that our gay brothers and sisters senator sanders: what they mean is that our gay brothers and sisters should not have the right to get married. i disagree. [cheers and applause]
5:13 am
senator sanders: now, i know i will not shock anybody when i suggest to you that on occasion there is a bit of hypocrisy in politics. i know you're all shocked to hear that, but in this issue, i think the hypocrisy reaches an all-time high and this is why. you got republicans running around this country and they say, government stinks. government is the source of all evil. we hate government. we're going to cut social security. we're going to cut medicare and medicaid and the postal service because we hate government. but when it comes to a very personal choice that a woman may have to make, they love the government and what -- want the government to make that choice for that woman. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: that, my friends, is called hypocrisy. when we talk about the need to
5:14 am
rebuild the middle class, we are talking about a massive federal jobs programs to put our people back to work. we should be hiring teachers, not firing teachers. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: tonight -- tonight, if memory is correct, i'm heading to flint, michigan, and it's not a meeting that i look forward to because i know what i'm going to hear because i've already spoken to people in flint. i spoke quietly to a number of people what they told me
5:15 am
literally is incomprehensible that we are seeing what we're seeing in the united states of america in 2016. thousands of children being poisoned by a broken water system, a poisonous water system. now, my point is, flint is maybe the worst example of a collapsing infrastructure but it is not the only example. we can create millions of good-paying jobs by rebuilding our water systems, our waste water plants, our roads, our bridges, our airports, our rail system. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: and the other thing we have got to do is not only create jobs, because real unemployment in america is close
5:16 am
to 10%, not 5%. the other thing we have to do is prevent the continued loss of millions of jobs because of our disastrous trade policies. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: one of the differences between secretary clinton and myself is that she supported nafta, she supported permanent normal trade relations with china. [audience booing] senator sanders: i helped lead the opposition to those trade agreements. i was right, she was wrong. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: look, you don't need -- you know, i suppose we have some ph.d.'s in economics here, but you don't need one to understand what these trade policies are about. it's not complicated. you have a large corporation,
5:17 am
and right now you're paying a worker in the united states $15, $20, $25 an hour. you have to provide health care, you have to protect the environmental legislation and regulations. why would you want to do that when you could shut down in america, move abroad, pay people pennies an hour, not worry about unions, not worry about the environment and bring your product back into america? that's what these trade agreements are. nothing more complicated than that. since 2001, we have lost 60,000 factories in america, a lot of that having to do with disastrous trade agreements. if elected president, we will fundamentally rewrite trade agreements in this country. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: corporate america, every night turn on the tv, they say buy this product, buy that product. well, if they want us to buy these products, maybe they
5:18 am
better start manufacturing those products in ohio and america. all of you are aware that as a result of the greed, recklessness and illegal behavior, wall street drove this country too the worst economic downturn since the great depression. that's a fact. we bailed out wall street against my vote, but congress bailed out wall street because the big banks were too big to fail. i.e., if they went under they take half of the economy with them. turns out that today three out of the four largest banks are much bigger than they were when we bailed them out because they were too big to fail. turns out that the six largest banks in america issue 2/3 of
5:19 am
the credit cards that you have, and write 1/3 of the mortgages. in my view, if teddy roosevelt, the great trust buster, were alive today what he would say when you have that much concentration of economic and political power, what you have got to do is break them up and i agree. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: people often ask me, what, bernie, is the most important issue? and i can't give you one issue because they're all important, but this i will tell you. there is one issue that impacts all other issues. and that is a corrupt campaign finance system which is undermining american democracy. the koch brothers, wall street, billionaires should not be able
5:20 am
to buy elections in the united states of america. together we are going to overturn citizens united! [cheers and applause] senator sanders: as i said earlier, if this country is to do well economically, we need to have the best educated work force in the world and what that means to me right now are two major things. number one, as a nation, we have got to understand that in the year 2016 when we talk about public education, you're not just talking about first grade through 12th grade. you have got to understand that a college degree today is in
5:21 am
many ways the equivalent of what a high school degree was 50 years ago. [applause] so, we got to do two things. number one, anybody in this country, regardless of his or her income -- i came from a family that didn't have a whole lot of money. anybody in this country who is smart, does well in school, and is qualified should be able to go to a public college or university tuition-free. [applause] [cheering] and second of all, we have got to do deal with this crisis of student debt. anybody here with student debt? [applause] alright. we have legislation that will
5:22 am
significantly reduce student debt by allowing those with the debt to refinance their loans and get the lowest possible interest rates they can find. [applause] i'm a member of the u.s. senate committee on the environment and the senate committee on energy. and let me be the first to tell you what i think you already know. climate change is real. [cheers and applause] climate change is caused by human activity and it is already doing, devastating -- causing devastating problems in our country, all over the world. we need to have the courage to stand up to the fossil fuel
5:23 am
industry, transform our energy system. [applause] [cheering] we cannot allow the fossil fuel industry to think that their short-term profits are more important than the kind of planet we're going to be leaving to our kids and future generations. now, i've been criticized in this campaign for many, many things every day, and that's ok. >> i love you! senator sanders: there you go. i love you, too! [cheering] [applause] and here is one area that i have been criticized. bernie, they say, why do you think the united states of america can do what every other
5:24 am
major country on earth does -- u.k., france, germany, holland, scandinavia, canada -- why do you think that in america we can guarantee health care to all people as a right? well, you know what, let me be as clear as i can be. i believe that health care is a right, not a privilege! [cheers and applause] and i believe that when 29 million americans today, despite the gains, the real good gains of the affordable care act, but when 29 million americans have zero health insurance, many of you are underinsured with large deductibles and co-payments, and
5:25 am
when we pay by far the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs from a pharmaceutical industry, which is ripping us off in unbelievable ways -- [applause] you want to hear crazy? this is crazy. one in five americans who receive a prescription from a doctor cannot afford to fill that prescription. that's crazy stuff. [applause] so, we are going to take on the drug companies. we are going to take on the insurance companies, and we are going to pass a medicare-for-all program. [cheers and applause] this campaign is not just about
5:26 am
electing a president. although, of course, i'm here for that purpose and would appreciate your support on march 15, but it is more than that. it is more than that. what this campaign is about is pushing forward for a political revolution, which revitalizes american democracy, which demands that our government represents all of us and not just the 1%. [applause] there is nothing, nothing, that i've talked to you about this morning that is radical, that is outside of the mainstream, that the american people do not want to see happen. they know that the rich are getting richer, while everybody else is getting poorer. the issue is, do we have the
5:27 am
courage to tell the billionaire class that they cannot have it all. that this country belongs to all of us, not just a few? [cheers and applause] and if we have that courage, we're going to win here on march 15. and, together, we're going to transform america. thank you! [cheers and applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [chanting bernie]
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>> here's a look at some of the recent campaign ads released by the bernie sanders and hillary clinton campaigns. immigrantf a polish
5:34 am
who grew up in a brooklyn tenant. he went to public schools and in college, where the work of his life again, fighting injustice and inequality. he moved to vermont, and one election -- won an election. supportedss, he veterans. now, he is taking on wall street . tackling climate change to create clean energy jobs. fighting for tuition free colleges. bernie sanders: people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and want real change. [applause] sanders, husband, father, grandfather. and honest leader to give us a future to believe in. bernie sanders: i bernie sanders and i approved this message.
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>> i think if one were to look at the qualifications of the candidates, reflect on what they can be, and who can best get us to that place, i think it is hands down hillary clinton. hillary is the only candidate i trust to fight injustice. my heart has always been with hillary clinton. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve of this message. >> there is no fresh clean water source. >> we can't trade the water, we can bathe in the water, we can't cook in the water. there was a time we were alone, and nobody hurt our story -- heard our story. >> hillary clinton case here and showed she is standing with us. what isclinton: it is
5:36 am
happening in flint that happened in grosse pointe. hillary clinton really cares about people.
5:37 am
hillary clinton really cares about people. >> when you have some of the fighting for you and supporting you -- >> we will be live with democratic residential candidate, senator bernie sanders, at a campaign rally in orangeburg. that is at 5:30 eastern on c-span two. >> american history tv on c-span 3 features programs that tell the american story. some of the highlights for this weekend saturday night at 8:00 history," on the united states refugee policy since world war ii. who qualifies as a refugee, and how that changed over the years. program inur final
5:38 am
our three-part series on j fulbright, investigating policies in vietnam. the opening statement is followed by committee members questions. sunday at 10:00, on "road to the white house rewind," the debate between john f. kennedy of massachusetts and hubert humphrey of minnesota. this was only the second televised presence of primary debate in history. >> he must search for an everlasting peace and understand the complexities of disarmament negotiations. because i believe strongly in my , it's destiny, and the power and influence of the next
5:39 am
-- ident, his mortality vitality and force will be what we need. >> at 6:00, we toured the whitney plantation slavery museum that traces its history to 1752. >> the history of slavery is integral to the history of the united states. we don't talk enough about the inequality of african-americans, and what they have faced in this country. we don't talk enough about marvel today -- our role today and perpetuating that inequality. it is really significant, i think. i think it is important for people to come here and get a more complete understanding of slavery. >> for the complete american history tv we can schedule, go to
5:40 am
clintonr president bill campaign for his wife, hillary clinton, ahead of this weakens 's south carolina primary. this is one hour. [applause] we have president clinton backstage. he is no stranger to little towns down south. he knows where we come from, and what we are all about. it is my honor tonight to introduce someone who has become a very good friend of mine. someone who has become a mentor of mine. that is governor jim hodges.
5:41 am
former governor hodges is the one that passed the lottery scholarships that allowed so many kids across the state to attend schools at a lower cost. we can thank him for that. can thank him for pushing public education. i saw.what that was south carolina becoming more and more conservative, and more more republican. that is what is important about this weekend. when you go vote. we have an opportunity to put ot forward, as democrats, to nominate someone republicans on the in november. let me tell you what happens when you get the governor the keys to the governor's mansion,
5:42 am
the state house, and state senate. your roads fall apart. don'tid -- they expand medicaid. it goes unfunded. in schools left behind rural parts of the state. you see folks who need voices go without them because it is not about the people, it is about the interest, the business interest, the corporate interests. that is what we have to fight -- why we have to fight, beginning this weekend, nominating hillary clinton to be the democratic nominee. [applause] winnsboro, native of i can't be more excited to introduce governor jim hodges to you. please, give him a warm welcome. [applause]
5:43 am
hodges: if they can't avoid big hand to the brown. i know when i came out, you said, i thought it was clinton, and you sent hodges instead. it is my pleasure to introduce bill clinton. before you do, let me say a few words about the election. there is a reason i'm here. i feel so strongly about this election, and i do because i have served with two democratic presidents during my political life.
5:44 am
one is the man who i will introduce later named william jefferson clinton. a wonderful president, wasn't he? he was. let me remind you of, during the clinton years, what we had in the country. we had the lowest unemployment rate that i can remember. we had wage growth whether you were african-american, latino, white, older, younger, you made at era.ney during the then, i worked with the president named barack obama. i think we all know who that is. [applause] president obama brought us health care for every american citizen. president barack obama got rid of osama bin laden. president obama has brought the unemployment rate down below 5% nationally.
5:45 am
how about that? two great democratic presidents that we have had the chance of serving with who did great things for our country. i say that, my friends, because we have the chance now to elect another president. we know in south carolina what it's like to be under one-party rule. do we not? we are in a system where we have one-party rule where health care through medicaid is denied to citizens. voting rights of some of us in this room are restricted. that is the south carolina that we live in. who are we, as democrats, going to nominate to send as a representative to make sure the same things that have happened to you, me will not happen across this country. we have a couple of choices in the democratic primary. i admire senator sanders for his passion, but the question is whether we will nominate someone
5:46 am
like barack obama and bill clinton, who can get things done , raise wages, address problems like social security. are we going to elect somebody like that, or single issue taking on focused on wall street? i want someone who is going to president for eight years, and drive wages up, and built on the obama legacy. that is the president i want. that is what we need. our choice is a single issue candidate who has one issue. if he does that on day one, it will be a very lonely for years. can buildidate that on the legacy of barack obama and bill clinton.
5:47 am
you know what is at stake as you have seen it here in south carolina about what happens. that one person, my friend, with a republican congress, with a republican senate, and if they -- a republican senate president, they will have everything. we are on the way to see the same things that have been harmful here that are harmful
5:48 am
harmful across the country. that is why the decision you have on saturday is so sacred and important. he did a terrific job. all thesurpluses -- things we remember from the clinton era. we are honored to have him because he is a true statesman to come talk to us about the presidential campaign. it is my pleasure to introduce to you the former president of the united states, and the next first gentleman of the united states, bill clinton.
5:49 am
♪ bill clinton: thank you very much. you have to forgive me for being arse.tle hora thank our goodo friend, governor jim hodges. he did a great job for you when he was your governor. [applause] he has been a wonderful friend and supporter to hillary and me. we are grateful. thank you, former representatives boyd brown for what you said. thank you for having us here. the chair of the
5:50 am
fairfield county school board and members of the board who are here. i told him backstage that when i was governor of arkansas, i used to tell people that the best job i ever had was when i was general because i did not have to appoint or disappoint. if i did anything i didn't like -- people didn't like, i blamed on the constitution. when i was governor, i thought it was harder, by thought being on the school board was hardest of all because when you made some one man on the school youd, the all-ne knew already. i want to thank mary davis for being here. i would like to knowledge some visitors because they represent what we have been trying to do
5:51 am
in hillary's campaign, encouraging people everywhere. we have four visitors from florida, who are working for hillary in florida, and decide to come here spending the last three days going around south carolina, and telling people why they think hillary should be president. the mayor of miami beach, the mayor of tallahassee, the mayor of miramar, and the chair of the miami-dade commission. please stand up. thank you very much. [applause] i know my old friend john lewis has been down here from georgia campaigning. this is kind of a family affair for all of us. i love south carolina. rightghter learned to writ of bicycle -- ride a bicycle on a beach in south carolina.
5:52 am
president camer here when she graduated from law school, working in the children's defense fund, to figure out why in the world african-american teenage boys jailed and imprisoned. the children's defense fund helped to change juvenile justice and south carolina, and d that onceanen and for all. this is a very important state in our lives. look. this has been an interesting election, don't you think? you listen to the two parties and the debates -- when i hear those guys, i sometimes wonder if i live in the same country.
5:53 am
i think i understand. we will start with what the issue is. watched of you president obama state of the union address? raise your hand if you did. for those of you didn't, i will give you a nice second summary. here's what he said. he said, look, we still have some serious challenges, but you becauseeel optimistic our economy is doing better than any bigger economy in the world. in five14 million jobs years. that is the fastest job growth we have had since the other democrat -- whatever his name is was in the white house. yetah, me. it's been a long time. he said, for the first time in
5:54 am
history, we have overnight percent of people with health insurance. once we convince all the republican states to let the working poor everywhere insure themselves and the kids, we will be at 95%. he says, if you look at the future, we have the most diverse working force in the world. we have an unbelievable system of higher education. we are in good shape. you should be optimistic. he painted this beautiful picture of f the future, which i completely agree with. if i got one of those magic out,rns and the genie came and she said, you can be 25 again. i would say, i'll take it. you can be 25 again, but you decide where you live
5:55 am
when you are 50. i would take the united states in heartbeat. the picture the president painted is beautiful. why are there so many upset people? picture,staying at the and can't see themselves in the picture. it takes 10 years get over financial crisis. that happened in late 2008. we got the jobs back ahead of schedule. not the income increases. there are too many young people with so much debt piled up, they think they will never move out of their parents house, much less take a job that they like or borrow money to start a business. there are a thousand stories like that. parentse people with with alzheimer's and children
5:56 am
with autistic conditions who think they will never be able to take care of their kids. don't have paid leave. one of only seven countries in the world without it. i could go on and on. you get the idea. the person who just won the primary south carolina said, phone for me, i will build a rivercross the rio grande , and i will stop buying stuff from china, and you can make it send alln, and we can the immigrants home. you can have their jobs. basically, i will make america great again. hillary says, we never stopped being great.
5:57 am
[applause] what we need to do is make america whole again so that everybody can see themselves in that picture of the future. we can all rise together. she said, instead of building a wall, why don't we build ladders of opportunity so that everybody can climb and tear down the barriers that are holding people back. we can only go forward if we go forward together. [applause] to do that, we have to have an economy that benefits everyone. that is one of the proudest things for me, when i was able to serve as your president. all groups rose together. every income group. economics,kle down which we have had three presidents -- president reagan and onlytwo bushes --
5:58 am
one because we have never been on the eight year sugar high where we cut taxes for high income people and spent like crazy. and tried% more jobs lifting people up from the bottom, that is wh what i tried to to do. the working class to twice as well. the thing i am proudest of is the bottom 20% of earners increased their incomes 30 times more than they did under president reagan. we have moved a hundred times more people from poverty into the middle class. the highest income gains were among african american families, and then everybody else came too
5:59 am
. as far as i know, it is the only becauset ever happened we made a deliberate decision that everybody could it be becessful -- nobody could successful until everybody could rise. that is what this election is about. proposes, among other things, that we build an infrastructure where the of a great country. we are letting our roads, bridges, and ports play out. we are also like what is under the ground. you have all been horrified by what happened in play, michigan. i have news for you. it is far from the only place in america where children have elevated levels of lead in their blood because we have these old .usted broken down pipes
6:00 am
if we replace them all, we could create a million new jobs and give a healthy future to countless children. we could rise together. i will give you another example. i went to a training center outside greenville. one in four in the county i visited where high school students can spend two hours a day studying and becoming certified and advanced mechanics, various manufacturing skills, even a certified firemen . for 2.5 hours a day, they spend the rest the time in class, they go out of high school, and go right to work or college. it is their choice because they are empowered. everybody needs that.


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