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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  February 27, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EST

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face in the general election. later, conservative blogger erick erickson discusses threats to religious freedom. ♪ host: good saturday morning to you. it is february 27 and we are talking politics. donald trump is solidifying his status as the front runner among republican presidential candidate at the receiving an endorsement from formal rival new jersey governor chris christie. there are heated battles going on for second place. senators ted cruz and marco rubio are ramping up their attacks as they position themselves as an alternative to the billion or. we are -- alternative to the billionaire. are you a ted cruz . rubio supporters, (202) 748-8001 .
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trump,favored donald (202) 748-8002. all others, the line is (202) 748-8003. go ahead and start dialing now. you can also find us on social media. send us a tweet. you can find us on facebook. rubio trump and marco went after each other on friday. the washington post is calling this an all-out brawl. here is the story from this morning. they emerged friday as the principal antagonists and an all out brawl for the future of the republican party. an establishment opposition to the front runner candidacy began to crumble with a high-profile endorsement by chris christie. during what it was hectic inconsequential days of the campaign rubio dramatically escalated a verbal assault on the real estate mogul, granting him a con artist attending a hijack the party. he attracted a wave of endorsements.
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trump responded with name-calling. the wall street journal includes these comments from both marco rubio and donald trump. a little bit on their spat. "christie embraces trump." marco rubio can never make it. marco rubio said we are on the verge of having someone take over the conservative movement who is a con artist. we want to know what you think about this battle. who do you think should be the alternative to trump? . we will get to the phone lines the first caller is from salt lake city. ryan on the republican line. pity you support? caller: hey. host: you are on the air. caller: we are at a critical
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point in our country. big bloated government is going to destroy us. the only one that is going to stop that is ted cruz. host: why? -- ronald reagan is no ted cruz. donald trump is no ronald reagan. you know? we need a great president now. america will falter. once you get more big government and all the way everything is going, you lose the constitution. you lose our freedom of speech. lose our rights for guns. bernie sanders, socialist. socialism is one step to communism. host: that is brian from salt lake city. the next caller comes from scottsdale, arizona. alan, you say you support marco rubio.
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what do you think of his latest comments and attacks on donald trump? i wouldfirst of all like to say this to the american people. blitzer that handled the debate was disgusting. that man has no skills whatsoever. it never should have had allowed those men to be fighting. you're supposed to have 30 seconds to respond. a person should allow somebody to respond. as far as the brawling back-and-forth, it was awful. host: it has gone on since the debate. it has intensified since the debate. does that make you uncomfortable? the you favor this sort of fighter mentality? -- caller: it is not professional. you would not allow it, would you? moderator in a debate i would walk up to those men and say it's going to stop right
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now. you will allow somebody to speak professionally and have some courtesy. there was no courtesy during that whole debate. it was the worst ever. wolf blitzer should never do another debate ever. host: that is alan. of thee a little bit remarks that even traded back and forth between rubio and donald trump over the past 48 hours. [video clip] >> marco rubio was working hard last night. it's true. the problem is he is a talker. [laughter] and once a talker, always a choker. he meanthat 20 he -- to say. he called me mr. meltdown. last night during one of the brakes he went backstage. he was having a meltdown. first he had this little makeup thing applying makeup around his mustache.
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one of those sweat mustaches. then he asked for a full-length mirror. i don't know why because the podium goes up to hear. -- here. maybe make sure his pants weren't wet. [cheers] >> then i see him pacing back and forth any as talking to somebody. waving his arms up and down. the person is trying to calm him. anyway, i am a talker. host: that was marco rubio reading out some of donald trump's misspelled tweets. donald trump had to respond to marco rubio's comments. [video clip] trump: he is a desperate guy. i have been watching him over the last -- he is not presidential material. he does not have the demeanor. he is a nervous nelly. i watched him backstage. he is a
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total mess. i joked recently. could you imagine putin waiting for a meeting and rubio walks in? i have never seen a human being sweat like this man sweats. i don't think he is residential. -- presidential. i don't think he has the demeanor. i don't think he will do very well. he is a mess because in florida, which he abandoned. i love florida. i've invested hundreds of millions of dollars. i own many clubs, including trump international, one of the best clubs in the country. i own many. a lot of real estate along the shore in miami. i am a major investor in miami. one of the biggest. the people in florida like me. for me to go into florida and have a 20 point lead over the sitting senator -- remember, the
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city senator abandoned florida. he was supposed to be there he wrote. -- their hero. they elected him as a young senator. before he said study starts running for president. taking your phone calls this morning from sun city, california. an early riser. steve is calling us. you support ted cruz? caller: i think we need a principled conservative. the left does not get it. i know they control the media. directeds repudiating -- the directions culturally and economically. culturally, they gave us same-sex marriage. america did not want that. it was defeated in 30 different referendums across the country. host: what do you think ted cruz's chances are at this point in the race? caller: i think they are pretty
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good. me is they frustrates democrats want government controlled all aspects of your life. that is what obamacare is all about. with a government bureaucrat between you and your doctor and dictate the insurance what each family and individual will pay for insurance. this whole political philosophy of the left is sad for america. i feel like we're losing our country. they even destroyed wholesomeness. the left has destroyed wholesomeness. host: that is a ted cruz supported in california. nancy from the bronx in new york. she says she supports from. what you make for the latest back-and-forth? caller: is a greta? elan..o, this is caller: i get confused.
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good morning and thank you for it c-span. i no longer watch fox. i get my news from you guys. cruzted to say to me ted is a republican hillary. rubio is another senator like obama. he means what he says and he says what he means. if america does not see the writing on the wall, when it is time to split and do something completely 180, now is the time. we need someone like donald trump. host: would you support donald trump that he ran as a third-party candidate? listen, to be honest.
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i am from the bronx in new york. sorry for the dialect. i switched parties from republican to liberal because i thought i would be able to go to the democratic primary so i will vote for bernie. i hate hillary. i would vote for bernie. i know burning is a socialist and he would not be able to beat trump guaranteed. if anyone else gets in there besides trump, we are going to have another four years of the last eight years we have had. host: nancy from the bronx. the next color is willing from florida -- willie from florida. think -- i just want to make a statement and i am a vietnam veteran.
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c-spanbeen watching every morning. i just want to say that what is going on now, we, america, and the whole wide world, we are in spiritual warfare. what people need to do is vote from their heart. it's a matter of what is right and what is wrong. there has been a lot of wrong going on down here. people are very hypocritical. togethered to get it and do us right. god is going to have his way. conservative, the liberals, we all are messed up. it is not about labor. it is about doing the right thing. do it for god, do it for yourself. host: we hear you this morning. the next call from mississippi.
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lita is calling. what do you think? caller: i am voting for donald trump. i think he is an alternative to obama. he is not part of the establishment. leader.he is a strong i think you will help this country financially. that is all. was also in the campaign trail this week. here is a little bit of what he had to say about his platform. [video clip] ted cruz: super tuesday will be the most important day of this a election cycle. right now donald trump has enormous momentum. he has won three of the first four states. if he continues with that momentum and wins everywhere on super tuesday, he could easily be on the ballot.
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a gravethat would be mistake both for the republican party in the country. i do not think he is the right candidate to go up against hillary clinton. [applause] of what heany idea would do as president, including donald. i don't think we can roll the dice with the future of our kids and grandkids. the other thing that can happen, i hope and believe that super tuesday will be a very good night for us. campaign,k at this there was only one campaign that has beaten and can be donald trump. 65% of republicans do not think donald trump is the right candidate to go head-to-head with hillary clinton. if you are among them, then i would urge everyone to come together behind our campaign. our campaign is very strong in my home state of texas. we are running neck and neck with donald and states all
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throughout super tuesday, all throughout the south. i hope and believe we will have a very strong night on super tuesday. if we comethe case, of super tuesday having a significant chunk of delegates, i think this race effectively becomes a two-person race. and a two-person race we be donald by 16 points, 56-40. host: ted cruz made those comments yesterday at a town hall meeting in nashville, tennessee. the story in politico had this analysis. cr has been marginalized on the e-gov super tuesdayuz. if rubio saw his cycle's nest away by trump, he can take solace in that he is the top target. not essentially forgot my ted cruz. whose path theor nomination hinges on steamrolling across the south in tuesday's primary has been relegated to an afterthought
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just days ahead of this critical contests. we want to know what you think. anna is from chicago, illinois. good morning to you. caller: good morning. host: what are your thoughts this morning? you are on the air. caller: i wish i didn't have to listen to cruz. he is too far to the right. he will destroy the country. he will take everything away from us. i think the best thing is clearly clinton. president obama is the best one we have had. i wish you could go one another year. the right is totally messed up. that is all i have to say. thank you. host: next color is joe from new york. you say you support ted cruz. caller: good morning. mi on? -- am i on? ted cruz is a constitutional conservative that supports
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limited government, low taxes, less regulation. he was to protect religious liberty, traditional marriage and the unborn. he did say that trump was like a modern-day pt barnum. he was the big circus guy years ago. pt barnum says the bigger the humbug, the more successful you will be. trump has learned well from pt barnum. do you have a comment? host: i was just saying we hear your thoughts this morning. thank you. next is dennis from bedford, new hampshire. a rubio supporter. you are on the air. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. i am calling in support of senator rubio. i think he has done a fabulous job in the senate. great work in counterterrorism.
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part in effort on his reforming the veterans administration. i think he is the one serious candidate in our party back and take a hillary clinton in the fall. and bring our country back to a much more promising future. host: what do you think about this shift in rubio's strategy to become more aggressive towards donald trump? caller: it's interesting timing. i think they were correct in holding back until now. this is a critical time. the kind of fighting you want to see inside of a hearty. one, don'tle number attack your fellow republicans. i think there is a point in time where donald trump does need to be confronted. he has interesting ideas but he doesn't seem to flesh them out. it's not too deep on the issues.
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it's this weird party environment where he can say and do anything he wants that is outrageous or unbecoming. he feels like he can get away with it. now is the time. we need to step up to the plate. senator rubio did it and i'm proud of him for doing it. they needed to be done. and come super tuesday was going to happen. host: dennis from new hampshire. this story in politico. resistance to trump begins to crack. it began cracking days before new jersey's governor failed through it. duncan hunter has signaled a notice to working with trump. sarah huckabee joined his campaign this week. republican officials and operatives are coming to grips
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with the reality that the antiestablishment is now the presumptive gop nominee. "folks are going to the stages of grief. some are already. at acceptance" we are talking about politics this morning. there is a primary race in south carolina. we will have the results of the democratic primary today at 7:30 p.m. you can also see speeches from the candidate and get your reaction. please tune in for that as well. we are taking your phone calls. fred from new jersey is our next caller. good morning. you are on the air. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my calls. so i don't like any of them very much. i watched the debate thursday night and i found it kind of embarrassing. if i were a republican, i think it would be mortified by that.
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and from what i heard yesterday. they talked about choking and sweating and puddles. it was kind of juvenile. it makes me proud to be a democrat because when hillary and bernie debate they behave like grown-ups and they talk about real issues. they talk about climate change. the republicans are for -- prefer to ignore it and it's the biggest probably -- problem facing humanity. party is sad to say they sold their souls to the koch brothers and big oil. they just ignore the. problem and pretend it doesn't exist host: fred from cherry hill, new jersey. shane from florida? caller: good morning c-span. i am a democrat but if i had to
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vote for a republican, it would be kasich. that wants to one the president of all the people. the rest of the republicans want a certain group. care aboutreally them. theuple of calls back, veteran that called in and was talking about god. he is spot on because i will tell the c-span audience god has this under control. i don't care what we do or say, he will give us what we need. i think he will give us a president that cares about the whole united states, not just a certain group. i don't want to be black or white or latino. we are americans. we need a president that looks out for the best of all of us
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and not just a certain group. i would never want a president -- i want a president with good ideas. ideasservative has good or a liberal that has good ideas. we have to welcome those people to come in and help us. god has it under control. hade from florida. we will be covering john kasich's townhall today at noon on c-span. fletcher, north carolina. gary, you say you are behind donald trump? support hisst values. i am 58 years old. i remember how things were. they were a little easier in times back. he strikes a nerve with me and he says he must america -- he wants to make america great again.
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a lot of young people have not experienced what i have experienced. people don't recognize it in the black community. i do wish he acted a little bit more statesmanlike. people ofe accuse being circus barker's and acting out in certain ways and arguing on stage, i think once that trump willunk -- surround himself with the best professional people in all the different aspects of government. will weighh -- he .these people out host: what do you make of governor christie's endorsement of trump? he just acted out so bad think there is i still some bad blood. ooe timing just seems t
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accurate and beneficial for trump. i think him throwing in the towel for him is a mastermind of timing. it helps me out a little bit more. everybody wants to be with the winner. toot of people tend gravitate towards who is ahead. that's one of the negatives i think in human thinking. host: gary from north carolina. next up is rose from canton, ohio. who are you backing? caller: good morning c-span. i really have enjoyed watching the debate and the procedures. all my life i have been watching politics. i have been standing strong with ted cruz. i did like ben carson and i still do. i admire him for his courage.
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but ted cruz has been in battle. he has been fighting the liberal left from the top down. obama was a disaster. it is a disaster. he whipped everybody into a frenzy with hope and change. we have obama and now we have trump. make america great again. he does not mean anything he says. he's a bully. -- tedg one that stand cruz stands up for his principles of the constitution. he knows it forward and backward. he can catch you in a live. the media does not let those things be told because the loudest voice is the one that wins. that is in the mantra of the democrats for years. the loudest voice gets the most grief. you can see it in the social pattern to the left.
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and the media. they want everybody separated. they want everybody for an. -- foreign. i want a united america. covershe hill newspaper some of the barbs between rubio and trump over the past 48 hours. trump stumbles over spelling and -- you mayt about several spelling errors any series of tweets friday morning about the previous night's debate. trump hit back at the two senators, calling cruz a liar and a loser and accusing rubio of being a lightweight choker. he later deleted the tweet and reposted them about the errors but not before they were caught and saved by twitter users. here are those tweets as reported by the film's favor. rex from washington is our next caller. good morning to you.
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what is your thought? caller: good morning. happy to be with you this morning. thank you very much for receiving my call. i'm anstatement, 84-year-old republican. i have moved back and forth over the years depending on who is running. statement.ake a unfortunately there are at least six people i would accept as president that are running and that have been running. tie is back.hris he is one of my favorites because he is very strong. he is resilient. obama'sshook president hand. i'm sure he had to wash
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thoroughly after that. the problem in washington in general is gridlock. gridlock between the republicans and the democrats. it is bad. at the same time we have a problem right here in our republican party. excusing. -- excuse me. and iople that are in, speak exaggeratedly, we have john mccain and mcconnell. find republicans -- fine republicans that have been there 187 years each. any have formed over a -- alliance with nancy pelosi and harry reid. they are not wanting to be moved out of their power structure.
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what happens or who is president. host: we hear you this morning. a few comments fromif you comme. one person tweets how is rubio becoming the establishment candidate? he was a tea party darling when he ran for senate. another rights through -- ted cruz is a solid conservative. imagine a review without amnesty. paul, you're on the air. yes, i'm calling to support john kasich. there was a gentleman from florida who claimed he was a democrat and said that john kasich was about the only republican he could vote for. i don't know why the republican party is not listening to john kasich instead of all of these others throwing insults and barbs, etc. etc. john kasich has done some really
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good things. wants topublican party invoke the name of reagan, i isieve jacek -- john kasich the only solid reaganite running on the republican ticket. i don't know why the republican party and why the american people do not wake up and listen to what john kasich actually has to say. he the only adult in the room. paul from chesapeake, virginia. we hope that you stay tuned for live coverage of john kasich's townhall today. another paul from tennessee in support of donald trump. good morning. caller: good morning. since in in politics came to the united states. [indiscernible]
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people don't like john kasich. i don't know for what reason. now i want to support donald trump. ted cruz and marco rubio, you look at them, they don't behave like an adult. win,itely, if those people that republican president ship, they will not beat clinton. they have a very bad record. i've studied, i've looked at things, went back as far as , toida -- excuse me, texas look at marco rubio's record. donald trump is beating him. sure ted cruz is not going to win. look at the debate. ted cruz is just talking about donald trump, talk about things you're going to do to our country. really. , i'm supporting donald trump, but for the
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party's sake. but really, i love john kasich. good, you were doing can't force someone to vote for someone. but my best bet is case it. -- john kasich. host: we hear you. the new york times authored this editorial, stating that the bombastic governor may not fully realize that he damaged mr. rubio with his attacks. he also showed voters who chris christie really is. host: that is an editorial in the "new york times," the bullied romance of donald and chris.
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do me from albany, georgia, is up next. e from albany, georgia, is up next. caller: what an assortment. it's unbelievable the feel of her candidates -- field of candidates republicans are having to put out there. i'm a hillary clinton supporter, and i guess i'm out of line for calling in, because it's just ted cruz and rubio is the trouble turned it. but there is no alternative among the fields in the republicans. all of them are not qualified. rubiouz and marco actually were blessed to get to come to this country as cuban immigrants, and now they turn on all of immigrants. what does that show you? they are biting the hand that feeds them.
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has a very scary -- ted cruz wrote a premise for a book that advocated for murdering people at planned parenthood clinics, and it wasn't long after the book came out that they had murders at a planned parenthood clinic. and the san bernardino shooters action took them off the news. our next caller's cameron from louisville, kentucky. cameron, what is your question or comment? am a democrat, and i support bernie sanders. i wanted to make a comment about donald trump and his minions. his grandfather ran brothels, and that's how he made his
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fortune, a tax of eight or. his father was a leader in the ku klux klan, who often clashed with the new york police department. back in the day. donald trump, the way he treats women and the way he treats other people that aren't, you know, white -- it comes from his lineage. host: cameron, what do you think chances ofanders' winning the democratic nomination at this point? caller: his chances are going to be slim, but he's making good points as far as talking lots of cents. i like that. to bring everybody on the level playing field. that's what i like about bernie. that's what he wants to do. but i also like hillary. she is hands on the black community. host: that is cameron from louisville, kentucky. our next caller is darryl from mariana, florida. a rubio supporter.
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good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead with your thoughts. caller: my thoughts on rubio is, he is one of two people, was running for president right now, that could work with congress and get us out of this gridlocked we have been in for the last 10 years. he's also a first-generation american, which makes me believe that he is young and hungry to see america be like it has been before, with building the country, building the people's support of the country. the only other person right now that i could support would be john kasich, because i also believe that he could work with congress. john kasichbio ticket would be fantastic. host: you are from florida, and marco rubio has been criticized for missing senate votes. do you believe he has represented your state well? don't believe any senators anymore really represent their state. their first priority among
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senators and a lot of others seemed to be to represent their party, not the state they are from. we have marco rubio and we have bill nelson. donelson represents the democrat party. marco rubio stands with the republican party. i would like to see the 17th amendment repealed. host: that's darryl from mariana, florida. lou is up next, a trump supporter. caller: thank you for accepting my call. i come from a democratic state. with that democrats and republicans in connecticut. unfortunately, the democrats have torn connecticut down to where major companies are leaving connecticut, wealthier homeowners are also exiting the state at a massive amount. and we are left with a huge deficit. is a businessman. we need change. we need someone who can run this
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country as a business. because we are in a new world economy. and we need to have someone in there that will negotiate agreements. i truly believe he can negotiate bringing parties together. them byple criticize his attitude that he has. but i believe that this is just to show right now. once that man becomes -- is behind in office, he will be a different side of people will see, a more professional side. he is not a clown. because if he was, when you have been so successful in life and where he is today? host: lou from norwalk, connecticut. newt gingrich put out this tweet saying this chris christie endorsement of front is a real signal to gop establishment that they had better begin thinking about from as the future. -- from is the future.
7:40 am
-- trump as the future. jesse, what is your comment? go ahead with your thought. is, i've beenught with this debate ever since they started. out of everyone that's been on couldn't touch the president. we had no congress in the last eight years, and this is the when people don't want to criticize the president. from my point of view, i'm 72 years old, and the only president the republicans had that i respected was eisenhower. , none ofnhower down them have been respected in my point of view as a leader. we have been wars with all of them. this is a thing that we have now where we want more because we
7:41 am
want the guy that go to talk bad, look bad. i don't think ted cruz or rubio should be the president, regardless of what. that's the end of that. host: jesse. next up is timothy from freeport, illinois. what do you think. ? caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: i'm supporting donald trump this morning. i believe he has the go-ahead attitude, he gets it done. i have been following all the people there, i just see that from really has the capacity to get it out there and get it done. he has got the maturity, he goes out there -- when he goes out there, he build skyscraper become a, the guide in billionaire overnight, he worked hard for everything you've got. i think he could turn this country around, because he's got
7:42 am
everything we need. he's got the connections, he knows the people, he's got the money. plus, he's got god. he's got everything we need to get this thing turned around force. host: timothy from freeport, illinois. our finer caller is antonio from boston, massachusetts. caller: good morning, everybody. thank you for c-span. president years ago, he did the song, now or never. , he's theald trump best guy right now for the united states of america. this country is a beautiful country, we need somebody that know what they do. states,% for the united of the people. united states is a beautiful country. i have been in this country for 62 years. i'm italian.
7:43 am
come legally to this country, not illegally. right now, the country's upside down. i think donald trump is the best president that can be for this country. god bless america, and thank you for c-span. right, antonio. we hear you this morning, and we have to leave it there. we're going to keep talking about politics in our next segment, green party president jill stein will join us, talking about her candidacy and the challenges facing a third-party candidate. later on, conservative blogger and radio show host erick erickson will be here to talk about his new book and campaign 2016. but first, newsmakers guest is the irs commissioner. commissioner cost in comments on presidential candidate donald trump's assertion that he is being audited almost every year.
7:44 am
[video clip] >> donald trump is saying he has been audited on most every year from the irs. i know you can't comment on everyone's personal taxes, but would someone be audited every year? >> we can't talk about individual cases, but it would be rare for anyone to be audited every year. usually, when there's an audit and it is cleared up there are no other issues, it's a number of years, two or three at least before you hear from us again, unless something in your next return pops up. but as a matter of just formal auditing, he would be rare. he's nothe also says going to release his tax returns while he is being audited. is there something from the irs that forbids him from releasing his tax return? >> with my caveat that i can't talk about individual cases, the taxpayer controls his returns, there is nothing an irs audit process generally that would
7:45 am
keep you from sharing that information anyway wanted to. his claim you make of that he needs the audit to get cleared up? >> we stress that we are in taxes administration. we have no stake in it any of the primaries going on, and whatever the comments are being made are being made by candidates from our standpoint, if you are being audited and you want to do something else, share that information with your returns, you can do that. one of the other things he said is that he thinks he's being audited because he's a strong christian. is that the reason the irs would audit someone? is that a thing that would pop up that would trigger an audit? >> that is never sitting that would cause you to be audited. we don't care who you are, who you voted for, what party you belong to, whether you go to church or don't go to church. responsear from us, in to an inquiry, it is about
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something in your tax return. if someone else had that same issue on their return, they would hear from us as well, with regard to limited resources, of course. but it would never be a case that you would be audited because of any religious persuasion you might have to have. >> "washington journal," continues. host: i guess now is dr. jill stein -- our guest now is dr. jill stein, running for president under the green party banner. tell us about the green party. what is the green party and what does it stand for? guest: the only national party that does not take corporate money. we are a party that is truly of, by, and for the people. we stand up for those things that people are really desperate for right now. it is good jobs at living wages, we ask a talk about not only the right to a living wage, but the right to a job, the right to health care, the registration, including true higher education.
7:47 am
and itsction, medicare are calling for free public higher education. the president is an hillary clinton, sort of, but certainly bernie sanders is. we have been on that for a decade or more. furthermore, we call for counseling student debt -- canceling student debt. we bailed out the bankers, we say it's time to bail out the students. they are the victims of the wage fraud on wall street. which we saw fit to bail out. we are calling for health care is a human right for a medicare for all system which will actually save us enough money to cover everyone comprehensively. we call for a foreign policy, believe it or not, taste on international law, human rights, and diplomacy. in addition, we call for system. our energy and we call for a new deal type program which will put everyone during work, like we did the great depression. we had a new deal then, we are
7:48 am
calling for a green new deal now. you will solve the crisis of the economy and jump start the economy, but also will transform us to a green economy that basically turns the tide on climate change. the spinoff of that is that it also allows us to pull back on these wars for oil, which have been so catastrophic and disastrous. have cost the average household $75,000 by the time this war cost is paid off. the war of the past 15 years, which shows no sign of success and no sign of abating. in fact, we're plunging headlong into more of them as we continue to send troops now to nigeria as of yesterday. this war on terror is only creating more terror, creating failed states, making terrorist groups stronger in creating a massive refugee migration. i should also say up front that we called for creating a
7:49 am
welcoming path to citizenship for those hard-working undocumented americans who are actually a major part of the vitality and the diversity of both our economies, culture, and community. in terms of the crisis, and we do have a crisis of immigration, the most critical thing that we can do is actually stop causing it. so many of the immigrants who have come here, who flooded here to the u.s. as well as what we're seeing in europe now, as well as throughout the middle east, we are seeing massive refugee migrations, 63 million people alone is absolutely crisis proportions. but this is in response to the wars that we have created in south america. it is the coups in the military intervention, and death squads we are trained in the united states, as well as the cia ofported coups, which destabilize governments. in addition, the war on drugs
7:50 am
has killed over 100,000 people in mexico alone. put more than one million farmers as well as workers out of work. we force people to become refugees, and then criminalize them when they get here. panelyou mentioned a wide believe issues. trade deals, immigration, health care, student debt. the greene associate party with environmental issues. you guys have broadened far beyond that. guest: far beyond. for those that came to the green party on account of our mental issues, we quickly saw that you cannot treat environmental justice unless you also have economic justice. how can you talk about the climate crisis, which may be decades off, it's getting closer all the time. for most people, the crisis is how do i keep a roof over my head? how i get my kids through school? schools are being privatized and closed right and left. and then the under generation is held hostage by this outrageous debt.
7:51 am
these are things we can fix. the green party has really become a party of democracy and justice. if you had to say what is our motto, you can say is that we need a world and america that works for all of us, and that puts people, planets, and peace over profit. right now, we have a profiteering economy and a set of profiteering big political parties that are getting their banks, andpredatory fossil fuel giants, and for more profiteers. host: you mentioned the green party does not accept any corporate donations. where do you guys get your funding? guest: from everyday people out there, just regular folks who are struggling to keep their heads above water. we are largely a tiny donor campaign, and largely through the internet and through her website. host: we want to let our viewers know the conjoined in the conversation with dr. jill stein. here's how we break down the phone lines.
7:52 am
republicans, call (202) 748-8001 , democrats, call (202) 748-8000 , independents, call (202) 748-8002. if you're a third-party voter, any third-party voter, you can call us at (202) 748-8003. you can send us tweets, on ontter, @cspanwj, and facebook as well. we are speaking with dr. jill stein, she is one of the president of candidates within the green party. can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and about your platform within the green party? guest: great. i am by training and by profession a medical doctor. and now, explain to people, i'm basically practicing political medicine. after decades in clinical medicine. the reason for that is that politics is the mother of all illnesses. what i have discovered as a doctor in the clinic is that we are seeing these absolute epidemics of things we shouldn't
7:53 am
be having. -- i work in a college clinic for most of my career. i saw people at the transition of childhood and adulthood. seeing things we never saw before and young people. an epidemic of cancer, of learning disabilities, asthma, the skyrocketing rates of asthma. heart disease, high blood pressure. you name it. emphysema, we have a public health epidemic. i didn't feel good giving people pills and pushing them back out to the things that are making us sick to start with. everything from a sick food system the mostly gives you food that's not healthy for you, that's what we subsidize and we make it very expensive to eat healthy food, and by we, i mean our political parties that are basically in the pocket of the agribusiness food industry. homelessness, air pollution.
7:54 am
these are the drivers. so i went to work with communities to try and fix things upstream. and i discovered even when we had great solutions like jobs, including renewable energy and insulating our homes, things that would create far more jobs than what we have right now and pay people good wages, in a way that's healthy for workers and for our communities, still the legislature wouldn't move on it. so i became part of a move to get money out of politics. this by voter referendum, because the legislature certainly wasn't going to do this. even in so-called progressive massachusetts. , but the we passed it legislature did, which was 85% democratic, they turned around and repealed this clean elections law, which would have allowed public funding, so doesn't force politicians to go into the hands of big money. and incur debts to be repaid, which is what our political
7:55 am
system is all about now. into the political fray, basically. i got tricked into it, is what happened. back in 2002, i was not a political person. i really share the kind of disdain for the politics that we have from the political parties. i didn't know that was a politics of integrity out there. the green party came to me and said would you run for office? do what you are doing, continue the fight for good jobs and health care, and for a healthy environment around us. host: you ran for several public offices in massachusetts, you are also the green party presidential nominee in 2012 as well. i want to get in some callers comments and questions now. the phone lines on fire right now. our first caller's charles from wisconsin on the independent line. go ahead. caller: good morning.
7:56 am
make thented to statement, ma'am, the donald trump is the only one who is really address the problems since it started. the big money in this country is investing in china, and they're getting things made for pennies on the dollar. and this is the reason why all the jobs of lush. it's not regulation and all this other stuff they're talking about. something has to be done to address the trade deficit. and he is really one that talks about it. plus, i would like to say, want to listen to hillary and when i -- these people when they are campaigning, talk about the police injustices, donald trump is really one that is sticking up for our police departments and saying good things about them. soundy and then make it like every time a police car drives through black community, everyone runs, because the police are shooting at them. guest: thank you, charles.
7:57 am
you raise a number of issues. i would remind you that trump is one of those people who has taken his business is off shores. he is one of these big businessman, he is part of the big-money that is investing offshore. that enhances his bottom line. and although he is not taking money from other billionaires, he is one of those billionaires himself. he shares their interests, and why he seems to be a man of the people -- if you look at his record, it's not so great. he doesn't treat his workers very well, he's a little bit hypocritical. he talks about the immigrant problem, but he has been known to higher many undocumented immigrants himself. problem, inbiggest my book, is what he did with trump university, which was a kids.gainst working-class he signed them up for this university that basically delivered nothing and took tens of thousands of dollars for
7:58 am
them, promising he would be personally involved. at the end of the day, the students got to take a picture of a cardboard cutout of him. trump,iew, this is -- "you were buying. buyer beware, take a deeper look. it will be the first time the american public has been fooled be the first time the american public has been fooled by someone who is very good at promoting himself, that is very much a part of the system he is working in. host: does donald trump raise an interesting limit for you as a third-party candidate? -- dilemma for you as a third-party candidate? his momentum has raised questions about whether we need a third party in the political system. he tweeted a few months ago that 68% of his supporters would vote for him if he had departed the gop and ran as an independent. is there an upside to donald trump's campaign for someone
7:59 am
like you, raising awareness of the need for perhaps more than two political parties? guest: you know, he may have said a few good things in passing. i think he isle, doing an awful lot of hatemongering and fear mongering. i don't think that's what we need. yes, we need diversity. and we need political diversity. we need more voices and more choices. yes, we can see that in donald trump. we also see that in bernie sanders who is technically not a democrat. i doesn't it just speak volumes about the political system that ohe two superpowered -- tw supercharged campaigns right now are people who are outside of these two political parties. , themerican public majority of voters have divorced the democratic and public and party. according to the "wall street journal," 50%, one out of every
8:00 am
two of the american electorate has divorced the democratic and republican parties and is either independent or belongs to a small party. his 21% that a republican, 29% are democrat. why don't we include the other parties in this discussion? to my mind, this is the problem with the political system that really shuts down the voices that are true competitors. they are only allowing people squeeze themselves in to the pigeonholes of the democratic and republican parties. there is a much greater diversity of agendas and policy platforms that i think would resonate in or mislead. in fact, -- resonate enormously. i wast, the one time allowed into a televised debate, in massachusetts in 2002 when i was running against mitt romney for governor -- we fought our way into a debate. it took place in a tv studio, and i gave voice to the kinds of issues i was talking about earlier. they were completely marginalized inside of that
8:01 am
little tv studio. when we walked out, i was mobbed by the press he told me i had won the debate on the instant online viewer poll. which said to me oh my gosh, this will political thing as a scam. the system is quaking in their boots that people should actually learn that they have real legitimate choices that would enable us to take our democracy and our future back. if you related statistics. a gallup poll shows the majority of the u.s. maintain a need for a third party. 60% of americans believe that the u.s. should have a third political party. both republican and democratic parties do a poor job ever present in the american people. theiot michigan, on democratic line. henry, go ahead. caller: good morning, ladies. that is for ratchet. stein, president barack hussein obama, whom i predict
8:02 am
history as thein last greatest president united states is ever had, and matter of fact, the greatest president united states is ever had. catches largest campaign problems -- promise to those of them that support them twice. transparency. your problem is that you are sane. we are at a perfect inflection point in this country between business and labor. the people of the united states , areerica, on the right zombies, the people on the left are just clinton zombies. host: we believe it there. guest: i'm not sure what the question was there. transparency --
8:03 am
unfortunately, we haven't seen a lot of that. there may have been lipservice for it. administration that has done more to -- what shall we say? keep his own business rather quiet, and to promote the spine and -- spying and the lack of privacy on everyday american people. there is no one who has suffered more of the last eight years that the african-american community. household wealth in the african-american community was basically chopped in half by the way to the wall street crisis was handled. you may remember, barack obama at that time had an enormous mandate from the first election that had to democratic houses of congress. what they chose to do when push came to shove was to bail out wall street. ordinaryf bailing out homeowners, people who were being evicted from their homes, especially in community of color -- in communities of color.
8:04 am
there's an outrageous racial disparity in just about everything, from health to education, to basic survival and jobs and unemployment. it's just unconscionable what's going on now. nobody suffered more than the african-american community, who for to have $.10 of wealth one dollar that the average american had. the african-american community only had $.10 on the dollar. during the obama demonstration, that has dropped to five cents. it really underscores why we need a really different way forward that breaks from the democratic and are public and parties, who are really held hostage by their funders. the big predatory banks, who are bigger than ever, and more liable to fail, more vulnerable. they're going to take the whole economy with them again if we don't stand up and change it. they are funded by fossil fuel
8:05 am
giants, and there we saw lipservice from the obama administration. we saw lipservice for green energy. what actually skyrocketed was the production of fossil fuels. we are in a more dangerous place for the climate than ever. and the war. we had an absolute explosion of the war now. the expenditures of the war, which is now 54% of our budget. item in thegest budget is 7%, which tells you which we are spending on these wars, which are not making us more safe. they're making us less safe. host: greg from north carolina is our next caller on the republican line. go ahead. caller: thank you. , you properly pointed out that bernie was a socialist. you are further left than what he is. and that is kind of communist. why your policy still
8:06 am
resonate with -- your policies don't resonate with american citizens is because they don't appreciate communism whatsoever. they don't appreciate socialism. host: we hear you this morning. i do want to point out the story tulsa, the green party has endorsed bernie sanders. can you talk a little bit about his surge, and what that means? guest: contrary to what greg was saying, polls show that people don't care about the is and -- the -ism. they care about how they are being thrown under the bus. the jobs that of back are low-wage, part-time jobs. there is entire generation of young people who are basically locked into student debt with no way to get out of it. we have health care costs that are skyrocketing, obamacare has been great for insurance companies and for pharmaceutical companies.
8:07 am
and if you are very, very poor. it's been awful for everyone else. and we have polls showing other people don't care about the term socialism. term the a negative way was for a certain older generation. for the younger generation that has come up living under predatory capitalism, they see that is the problem right now. truth be told, when my views and the green party views are heard, they tend to resonate in or mislead -- enormously in the debates. that's what the system tries to lock us out. i was the winner on the instant online viewer poll in the televised debate that i was allowed to dissipate in in 2002. -- allowed to participate in, in 2002. that explains the search both behind donald trump and behind bernie sanders. people are throwing out the system. in the poll you mentioned, 60% of people have been clamoring for something different.
8:08 am
we really need more voices and more choices. people are tired of being led around by the nose. -ism.nipulated about people care about the substance of your policy. in oklahoma, the party said go ahead and vote in the democratic primary. we don't have a primary going on. it's no downside to us. truth to tell, we do have a lot of synergy. many of our supporters are also supporting bernie, and are waiting to see what is going to happen. unfortunately, the democratic party has a long and very consistent track record that it will sideline it's truly rebellious candidates, either through the superdelegate or through super tuesday. or through smear campaigns like they did the howard dean, who they took down through this dean
8:09 am
scream campaign. host: you are not a valid in oklahoma, what is the process for getting on the state for a third-party candidate? guest: this is part of how the establishment suppresses political opposition. they make it very hard. your grandfathered into fewer democrats and republicans, you get covered by the media, you get into the debate. you don't have to do work to get on the ballot. you are automatically on if you are already in the system. if you are challenging the system, outside of the system, you have to collect signatures. if you have very deep pockets, or if you have billionaires from the war industry or the health insurance industry supporting you, then you have the money to buy your way on. for us, it's largely volunteers. in the last race, we were on from was 85% of voters. in this race, we are our way to at least that much. hopefully more. i would encourage people if you want to have a real choice in this election, go to my website,
8:10 am and join the team. make sure you have a real choice for a real future. host: let's get back to the phone lines. rob from edgewater, maryland is a third-party voter. what is your thought this morning? caller: good morning. actually, i am green party. i was registered green party back in the mid-1990's. i got in for the same reason, environmental reasons. but also, at the time, i worked with nuclear weapons as a lobby group and overseas arms sales, things like that. i just wanted to thank you for caring the mantle. nader, inr ralph hindsight, i don't know if that were done great for the same issues. -- if that worked out great for the same issues. but i did support him. it seems like david trying to fight goliath. you are right on with your motto and everything.
8:11 am
but this is like the last talk with north carolina. people are so afraid with things. the most powerful country and all you have to do is say socialism, communism, and people just cower. in the mainstream media, it kind of goes along with it. you said third parties don't get any coverage. get the news to the people and educate people, so they are not afraid of something different? something that actually good for them. host: that is robin edgewater, maryland. dr. jill stein, presidential candidate for the green party. can you talk about getting on to the televised presidential debates? discuss that i was helpful for you in previous election cycles -- how that was helpful for you in previous educate -- legend cycles. a lawsuit filed contends that a is threshold for appearing too high, and reducing alone
8:12 am
would not make it easier for third-party to participate. host: what is going on here? guest: [laughter] actually there are two legal cases, and i'm a plaintiff in the level field case. -- in the level the field case. up case tries to do is open the process of the debates. it really challenges what is a private corporation right now, the commission on presidential debates -- a private corporation, masquerading as a public interest. it's actually run by the democratic and republican party. in the words of the league of 1980'soters, back in the when the current arrangement was made, they said this is a fraud
8:13 am
being perpetrated on the american voters. and it definitely is. what that case is trying to do is open up the debates. and to have a different rule. right now to use the 15% rule. but the remedy, we haven't agreed on. the remedy is not part of the case. they happen to support getting in one third-party candidate for a particular process that would enable money to buy the candidate again. we don't agree on the remedy. what we call for is a public interest commission on debates. for that to determine who gets in. that's a very simple rule that has been used at least some of the time by the league of women voters. if you are on the ballot -- if the candidate is on the ballot for the majority of voters, and could actually win the race, there aren't very many. those voters deserve to know. the idea is we not only have a right to vote, we have a right to know what our voting sources are. be a very, that would fair way to do this. to allow the candidates who are
8:14 am
legitimate, who could win, numerically, to be in the debate. if that rule would apply, they would be typically for five candidates. four or fivet -- candidates. go to our website, we will be doing specific campaigns and actions to draw attention to this. rob's want to speak to question about how we get heard. debates are part of that. there is also a lot that can happen on social media through guerrilla media campaigns. if you look at the number of young people who are now locked into student debt without any way to get out of it -- it's not only young people, it's also middle-aged people. it's 43 million people. that is enough to win a three-way presidential race. there's only one candidate who will cancel student debt, and you're looking at her right now. if word gets out that people who are in debt can actually go to
8:15 am
the polls and cancel their debt by voting green in the presidential election, we actually have the numbers to make that happen. and that is a campaign that we are just now beginning to undertake. we will be setting up cap's chapters and also high school chapters. -- campus chapters and also has will chapters. getting the word out to young people that there is a way forward. right now, democrats and republicans don't differ on school debt. it gets more oppressive and predatory all the time. we have a clear way out, and that alone could completely change the dynamic of this presidential race. jeff from fresno, california calling on the independent line. go ahead. caller: good morning, ladies. guest: good morning, jeff. caller: first of all, i want to say something about health care reform. old, i've been paying attention to politics since 1980 election.
8:16 am
i don't ever remember any republican administration, congressman, senator, ever proposing anything meaningful for health care for all americans. don't get me wrong, i don't believe in free health care. i believe we should all pay into it. having said that, i work in an emergency room. swear, probably about 30% of the people who go to the emergency room goat for the stupidest things. but they have free health care. -- go for the stupidest things. but they have free health care. i believe the president made a good effort at covering all americans. -- the way it is paid for it's not sustainable. but i believe he made an honest effort. it needs modification. but everybody needs to pay into it. everybody needs to be responsible. i believe in syntaxes to pay for
8:17 am
things, as far as things are unhealthy. host: jeff from fresno, california. we hear you this morning. dr. jill stein. guest: 2.0 like to make. points i would like to make. we can cover everyone. as a medical doctor myself, i have worked in the er. the are people go to because they don't have other options for health care. they don't have health care which is accessible and affordable, and open during the hours that they can make it, and so on. we need a health care system for people. right now is in a health care system for profit. the health care companies are making out like edits. we have a ton of -- like bandits. we have a ton of help guard minister's, and that's not where health-care dollars should be going. if we actually spend those dollars on health care, we would have more than enough to cover everyone comprehensively. creating anat by
8:18 am
improved medicare for all system. back in youre hands. it puts control over the health-care decisions. that's 1.i want to make -- that is one point i want to make. there's no such thing as a free anything, that we can pay for it in a way that is just. i think health care is a human right, it is in all other developed in civilized countries around the world. it's about time the richest nation in the world joined the community of nations and do it right. the other point i want to make is so important. so many of our health expenditures result from the put this bluntly, corporate america is making is very sick. from our pollution system, our system of fossil fuel energy which is contributing enormously to the asthma epidemic, heart disease, stroke, cancers, you name it. we are very sick from that, very sick from a food system that makes healthy food expensive and hard to get. it creates food deserts.
8:19 am
at a transportation system that makes it difficult to walk or the things that we used to do that are part of being healthy. if we go to a green economy that has clean energy, gets rid of pollution, that has a healthy, affordable, sustainable food system -- and that has public transportation, which dovetails with being able to walk to the transit center or bike to it -- kids can walk to school. it builds exercise and activity back into our lives in the design of our communities. if we do that, finally, our health care dross -- costs drop. year on $1 trillion a the military, but we spent $3 trillion on a system that is not a health care system, it is a sick care system. this isn't a theory, it happened in the country of cuba when the royal pipeline went down at the time the soviet union collapsed. suddenly, the death rate from diabetes went down 50%, the death rate from heart attack and
8:20 am
stroke went down by one third. they had a health miracle. and how much should they spend on it? zero. we spent $3 trillion a year, and we are getting sicker because we have a sick energy, food, interpretation system. this is what the green at new deal calls for an pays for itself through the health benefits alone. host: our next caller is from new york, new york, linda on the democratic line. caller: thank you. i have been a democrat 45 years, i'm supporting bernie sanders. i used to drink the clinton kool-aid. they did a few good things when they were in. but the majority of their policies, if you look at them carefully, hurt so many more middle-class americans and poor americans. recently, hillary was at some kind of events. a young black girl stood up with a sign that said we have to make them heel. that was the words about the drug dealers, and the black girl
8:21 am
said i want an apology for all of the young people who were incarcerated under that bill. she islary campaign said not responsible for that policy, but there was a picture of her on film endorsing it. when she said she wants to make do that todo they the suppliers of the drug deals, the big guys? no. it was the young boys and girls ended up in jail. i want to see the transcript of her speech to wall street, and see how much she has been lying to the american people. guest: well said, linda. i couldn't agree with you more. i think hillary is very much a part of the problem. tune it, nowed her that she has been challenged by bernie sanders. but she is the creature of the big banks. ,he was on the walmart board and there's no corporation that has been more harsh to workers and women then to walmart.
8:22 am
she was a big advocate for the transpacific partnership. she has been a big advocate for dirty energy. as secretary of state, she has a track record. though she may talk the talk, she is not going to walk the walk. i very much support bernie's policies. is,e i differ from bernie it's hard to have a revolutionary campaign in a counterrevolutionary party. it has been tried before. when george mcgovern actually in 1972,omination back the democratic party changed its rules. they're going to use those rules against bernie sanders in the same way they use them against dennis kucinich, they redistricted him. they use it against howard dean with a smear campaign. against jesse jackson after he had won 12 major midwestern primaries. been efforts to reform the democratic party and make it more like a social democratic party of europe.
8:23 am
and it didn't work. basically because the war machine took a hold of the party and created the war in vietnam and broke up that movement. that is still going to happen, unfortunately, while bernie has a pretty good agenda -- at least in a sickly, i have some differences with him on foreign .olicy -- at least domestically i have some differences with him on foreign policy, and he supports the war machine and the military budget that is robbing us blind. we agree to my sickly. -- domestically. for many party supporters, we are plan b. theythers, we are plan a, know that even if money were to win, it would normally constrain what he can do. you have to be willing to stand up and fight the predator, and to call it what it is, in order first to get out of here alive. it's not just the job, it's not just the next crash on wall street. it's not just the debt that an entire generation is locked
8:24 am
into. it is the climate, which is crashing down on us right now. we need real solutions. we have a specific solution that the president can implement right now to break up the big banks. this is the -- put is the solution being forward by an author who points out that he was previously an enforcer during the savings and loan banking crisis some years ago. the used to be a system of criminal referral, whereby the crooks on wall street could be brought to justice. there is no such system right now that can restore those criminal referrals, and also establish what are these minimum -- thatrequirements basically says the banks need to have money on hand to handle the risk they are taking. if that were enforced, it would force the banks to downsize right now in a way that would save us from this next crash. which so many authorities agree
8:25 am
we're teetering on the brink of. host: robert from henderson, kentucky on the third party line. go ahead, robert. caller: good morning. man, i live in henderson, kentucky. and i've beenld, a part of the political process for a long time. i was the vice president of my local naacp. currently, i am independent. i like to follow the candidate that speaks best to the issues that i believe will support our people. the democratic party has taken black people for granted for a very long time. black people, historically, will republicans. -- were republicans. i don't see any of them speaking to issues for black people. not one time did they mention the water crisis in flint, michigan, where black people were being poisoned. not one time to they mentioned the police brutality.
8:26 am
not one time to they mention mass incarceration. no party has paid attention to the black people of america. what would the green party do, specifically, to address our needs? particularly unemployment, underemployment, jurisprudence, -- as far asrly sitting down with black leaders. for anrakhan sat down interview. double trouble not sit down for an interview. a smear about using campaign, hillary clinton used was to farrakhan to smear barack obama and clarence thomas. they tried to smear him, he made some comments in support of mr. farrakhan. host: possibly we can get in a few more calls. guest: robert ray's really important issues. thank you for that. -- raised really important
8:27 am
issues. the green party has a plan for racial justice now. it's a plan developed by the malcolm x grassroots institute. they have done really great work finding -- fighting police retaliated and calling for brutality andice calling for justice in the criminal system. we basically called for recognizing the violence and -- not only racism in policing, but also in court, the prison system, and the economy as a whole. as a rule, african-americans have twice the rate of employment -- unemployment is the rest of the economy. the african-american community has been really taking it on the chin. it's been a continuous line from slavery, to lynching, to jim crow, to redlining, to the war on drugs.
8:28 am
and now, police brutality, which is really not new. what is new is recording on cell phone cameras. it's important to be stopped. to start with, we call for every community to have a citizen review board. watchedpolice can be and records evaluated. and perpetrators addressed early on, instead of a lot of these recurring offenders. ,e call for investigators full-time investigators, so every case of death and injury at the hands of police is investigated. we call for ending the war on drugs, which is a racist war on drugs and has filled the prisons with over 2 million people. a huge portion of which are nonviolent drug offenders. medical doctor myself, i am well aware that if you want to deal with drug issues, first you have to deal with economic hopelessness that is driving them. secondly, you have to deal with substance abuse as a health
8:29 am
problem, not as a criminal problem. that just creates recidivism. you have to deal with it as a health problem. racist for ending the war on drugs, and for treating these issues as health issues. and discharging from prison the hundreds of thousands of african americans and people of color, largely, who should not have been locked up in the first place. and then we call for real economic initiative to ensure that the jobs are going first to the communities where they are most needed. the highest unemployment communities, which are definitely the communities of color. host: let's get in one finer caller for dr. jill stein. this is john from new york on the independent line. john, you have the last word. caller: i'm in independence, but i lean towards being libertarian. my whole thing is, i will take a history lesson here. john adams, the second president, wrote that the greatest evil to the constitution would be a
8:30 am
two-party system that pitted both sides against each other. i'm 53 years old. i can't understand these people that call we never get anything. how long are you going to fall for this trick? you have people calling, i'm going to do this, i'm going to do that. for crying out loud, it is 2016 and we are drinking poisoned water. poisoned water in michigan, a problem upstate, new york. wake up, people. we need more parties. as a libertarian, i believe every party should be represented. every person should be represented. it is just ridiculous. the way things are going and the problems are never going to be solved with this system. host: we hear you. guest: i couldn't agree more. the american people are clamoring for more voices and choices. in the poll that you heard about
8:31 am
at the very beginning, and in the fact that the campaigns that are really energized right now are the outsider campaigns inside of those two parties. we need more voices and we need more choices for exactly the reason that you pointed out. the system really is collapsing on us. whether you are looking at the lousy job that doesn't pay living wages, the rather high and persistent rates of poverty, an entire generation locked into debt. skyrocketing costs of health care. oil that keepor expanding, making us bankrupt. bankrupting us morally and spiritually and making us a pariah of the international world. and the climate melting down on us right now. there are good solutions to all of these problems. the green new deal that will solve the problem of the economy and the climate and make wars for oil obsolete and pays for itself because we get so much healthier by having a healthy
8:32 am
food and energy and transportation system. we can have an international policy based on international law and human rights and on the -- diplomacy and not on military and economic domination only producing failed states. worst terrorist threats, and massive refugee migration. these are problems we can solve. we can mobilize a generation by canceling debt. right now, if you know anybody out there who is in debt, let them know that there is a way that we can put an end to that debt. we did it to the bank -- for the bankers to the tune of $16 trillion and counting according to the general accounting office. $16 trillion is what we have spent on free malley -- money and ballots for the big banks. they were cost us $1 trillion for young people and i would be a huge stimulus to the economy. that is where we get back on track to a future that will work for all of us. an america that will work for all of us. that won't follow us.
8:33 am
it is up for us to stand up and reject the concept of lesser evil that tells us we have to be quiet. for being quiet, we are being thrown under the bus. it is time to stand up and be as loud and strong as we can and insist on a future that is going to work for all of us. andjill2 let's make it part -- happen. host: she is a green party candidate. coming up next, conservative blogger immediate show host erik erickson. people talking about his new book, the shrieking gop presidential field. later on, we take your phone calls. we will also get a preview from the race of a top south carolina political port -- reporter from the state newspaper. stay tuned. ♪ >> american history tv on c-span3 features programs that tell the american story. some of the highlights for this
8:34 am
we can include tonight at 8:00 eastern on lectures and history. cornell university professor maria cristina garcia on the united states refugee policy since world war ii. who qualifies as a refugee and how that has changed over the years. at 10:00 on real america, our final program on our three part series on senator j william fulbright hearings, investigating united states policies in vietnam. secretary of state testifies on behalf of the johnson administration's actions in the amount's opening statement is followed by committee members questions. sunday morning at 10:00 on road to the white house rewind. the 1960's west virginia democratic primary debate between senators jfk of massachusetts and hubert humphrey of minnesota. this was only the second televised presidential primary debate in history. >> the next president must arouse this nation. he must courageously search for lasting peace with justice and
8:35 am
freedom, and he must understand the complexities of disarmament negotiations, the workings of the policy, the united nations. >> because i believe strongly in my country and in its destiny, and i be -- because i believe the power and influence of the next president and his vitality and force are going to be a great factor in meeting the responsibilities were going to face. >> at 6:00 on american artifacts, we will toward the louisiana when the plantation slavery museum that traces its history to 1752. >> these -- the story of slavery is integral to the history of the united states. we don't talk enough about the inequalities of african-americans and what they have faced in this country. we don't talk enough about our role today in perpetuating that inequality. it is really significant, i think. also, a lot of historic sites address it in fits.
8:36 am
i think it is important for people to come here and get a more complete understanding of slavery. >> for the complete [indiscernible] american history tv weekend schedule, go to >> washington journal continues. host: our next guest is erierick erickson, they were on terror, fate, freedom, and to believe. he is at the conservative news website. guest: thank you for having me. host: the news of the day, the fact that chris christie has come out and support of donald trump you what do you think this means were donald trump's candidacy? guest: i think it will build his momentum with some. chris christie was the guy on the campaign trail who was very , supportedn-control abortion rights for a long time, got hit by a number of those things. was too liberal for most of the base of the party.
8:37 am
i don't know that that is an endorsement donald trump needed going into the southern states that we have on march 1. we might should have held it. we did needed to change the conversation from the thursday night debate. do you think this is the first sign that the gop establishment as a knowledge and the fact that trump is the inevitable nominee? i don't think so. a lot of them see what happens over the next two weeks of primaries. it is more chris christie thanks donald trump could be the nominee and 80 somewhere to go after he leaves the governor's mansion in new jersey. host: what about marco rubio? guest: i actually think the conventional wisdom may be a little hard to swallow. that rubio has the best path forward between romeo and cruz because the photo circa -- voter psychology. if ted cruz picks up texas and a couple of other states, voter psychology between the cruz/ rubio group of who should be the alternative might shift to cruz.
8:38 am
the rubio camp has been saying just wait until we get to florida. the polling in florida has him behind donald trump, even if you combine his votes. host: you think it is a tossup between cruz and rubio? guest: i think it is, and if they don't decide soon, it will be trump. host: you have said you support some of rubio's policies but have not come out publicly to endorse him? andt: between ted cruz marco rubio, i like them both. i feel like ted cruz would probably be a more conservative president. i think marco rubio, given the love affair in conservative media alone, might have an easier path to victory. not to say that cruz couldn't win. he would be the better conservative president. guest: we want to let our viewers know they can join in on the conversation with erick erickson. republicans, 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independence, 202-748-8002.
8:39 am
we are also reading your tweets. @cspanwj.t we have to mention you're the author of the book, you will be made to care, the war on faith, family, and your freedom to believe. tell us what this book is about and why you wrote it. >> i coined a phrase a couple of years ago who is at red we said i don't care about the secular issues, gay marriage and whatnot. i responses you will be made to care. what we have found is that more and more people of faith are being harassed and intentionally targeted. their businesses are being put at stake because they do not want to participate in a gay marriage ceremony or provide abortion drugs and their business. you have secular activists working against them in the legislature or court system to force them to bend her conscience toward secularism. say we have been made to care because people of states
8:40 am
will be persecuted -- faith will be persecuted? guest: we see a drugstore chain in washington state that didn't want to provide a drug. find parenthood had regulations written that your pharmacy card say you won't provide this drug in less it is for a religious conviction and then you would be forced to provide it. that was thrown out in court. we saw a situation in georgia where a young lady was forced to sign a statement that she wanted to stay in a counseling program in college, she would reject her christian beliefs based on transgender is in, homosexuality. she wouldn't and was thrown out of school and lost her case. we have seen the baker in oregon , the florist in washington state didn't want to provide rights to gay weddings. they lost their businesses. it is happening more and more. it is not just gay marriage. transgender, people being driven from their jobs. the fire chief in atlanta who was an obama administration appointee went back to atlanta to become the fire chief and wrote a book for his sunday
8:41 am
school class and a year later was fired because he had quoted, directly quoted scripture on adultery, homosexuality, and the argument became he couldn't put out the fire if a gay person's house was burning. he would put out the fire. that wasn't true. he lost the job because he wrote the book and quoted scripture. host: does your book offer a prescription to combat this persecution? guest: the idea moving forward is in the last third of the book, one of the things we see with the secular movement right now that is happening is they want people to think christians, in particular, are alone in their beliefs. you have to rebuild your community. you can't just be angry about these situations or yell about these. you have to surround yourself with like-minded believers and build a community of believers in your home. we get so busy. a lot of people spend so much time on social media.
8:42 am
we lose contact with the people across the street from us. our friends online, we are on facebook with them. there is something to be said about breaking bread with people, even those you disagree with. sitting around the table, having a conversation, seeing people face to face and not just behind a keyboard. as we lost that, we have lost something in society. host: the atlantic wrote a profile of you recently in which it wondered whether or not you felt that the conservative movement had become too angry. do you agree with that? guest: i go back and forth on this. had turned toey the happy warrior laughing at the other side shelf. in the last few months with the rise of donald trump, and unhealthy grievance culture has set in two parts of the conservative movement. they are being attacked from all sides. united states is being attacked. everybody is out to get us. i don't think that is healthy. the level of anger that is rising, nobody wants to vote for anger. donald trump is doing well within the republican movement feeding off of that movement.
8:43 am
,ovements that run off of anger i have never seen people sustain that anger long-term. we learn that very well during the french revolution. at some point, the anger consumes you, yourself. clip of donald trump on the campaign trail. he was speaking at the republican debate. here is what we -- what he had to say about the social issues. aest: ronald reagan was somewhat liberal democrat. ronald reagan evolved into a somewhat strong conservative. more important, he was a great president. as far as planned parenthood is concerned, i am pro-life. i'm against abortion having to do with planned parenthood. millions of women, cervical cancer, breast cancer are helped by planned parenthood. you can say whatever you want. they have millions of women going through planned parenthood that are helped greatly. i wouldn't fund, i would defund it because of the abortion factor which they say is the percent. i don't know what percentage it is. a say it is the percent, but i
8:44 am
would defund it because i am pro-life. millions of women are helped by planned parenthood -- parenthood. host: what do you make of this comment? guest: in the south carolina debate, he called it a wonderful organization and was open to federal funding. he has been open and against federal funding. that is the problem with. he has been on all sides of the issue. nobody actually knows what he stands for. he either has principles he is not telling us or he has no principles in which case he is not a leader. this is a man who went bankrupt trying to sell americans on spring football, stakes. when you can't sell american steaks and football, you are not a good businessman. host: get sting, alabama, republican line. good morning. hello. the concerned with chokehold the government has on our people in not allowing them to speak of their religion.
8:45 am
my six-year-old granddaughter that she knew jesus and the child she was talking to told the people at home and they came to the school the site themselves -- beside themselves. this six-year-old girl who had said her father was the coach at the school, they wrote him into the office. he had to promise he would not allow his child to say anything in school. that is causing a lot of trouble across the united to go intocausing us a moral freefall down the tubes. we have no principles. host: all right.
8:46 am
guest: that is a problem we document around the country. there is a hesitation to openly discuss religion in public schools because of lawsuits. we are finding more and more teachers don't know where the lines are because the lines have become so blurry. they are very sensitive to kids coming to school discussing religion. it has happened and a lot of families that i know about. we document it in the book. christmasonger have a program at school. it has to be a winter holiday program. we can sing songs about kwanzaa, the hanukkah song. we can't sing silent night because of the religious references. it has become a muddy mess because of the supreme court. with antonin scalia's death, it becomes even more difficult situation for people of faith to navigate. the waters are so muddy on the first amendment and the free exercise clause. host: archer, florida, democratic line for a go-ahead. for having me,u
8:47 am
c-span. i appreciate this opportunity. i would like to ask your guests a question and hope that he will answer it bluntly. caller: i would like to know what he thinks happens to poor women who cannot get access to abortions? if they succeed and closing down so many abortion clinics, what will happen to them? wealthy women will always be able to afford to go somewhere where they can get one. what happens to the women and their children, both born and unborn if the women cannot control their reproductive rights? guest: i would tell you that if they can't get access to abortion, their children will die. the unborn child will. if they can't, there is an adoption option. regulatedtates have adoption too hard, as has the federal government convoluted the adoption process, one of the things the george bush a ministration was trying to fix and ultimately wasn't able to get regulation passed to streamline the adoptions process
8:48 am
and make it more affordable and efficient across the country. it has become exceedingly expensive to adopt a child. host: what role do you believe social issues have played in the campaign cycle so far? have they been at the forefront in the way you thought? guest: not really. i wouldn't expect it. most of the candidates on the right agree on social issues and whether it is gay marriage or abortion. most republicans align fairly wealthier chris christie, donald trump were anomalies. john kasich is an anomaly. most of the others have. the big issue is the religious freedom issue that we talk about. you will need to care. -- will be made to care. that one hasn't been addressed. and thursday nights addressed when the radio host raise the issue with the candidates and got their issues and at that point, donald trump revealed he thought judges sign bills together as opposed to writing opinions which should probably concerned republicans worried about the sprinkler. -- about the supreme court. host: linda, good morning. caller: hello, erick.
8:49 am
i am mexican american, i am san diego. i don't vote democrat or republican because they give us nothing. i like your values on tv. i feel like we are being persecuted as christians for homosexuality and a bunch of other things because they like to teach it in our schools. if i say one thing like, i am so offended. i don't like that. everybody says your homophobic. i say, i don't even have a voice. these gay parades, they make me feel offended because they are disgusting. that is my point of view. it is not right. i can't even say that. have being infringed on. we can't even say christmas. you have to say happy holidays. word of christ offense atheists. that is religious. linda. guest: you did just say that on
8:50 am
national television. you said what he wanted to say. i would tell you that everyone -- people may have to be balanced with compassion. we shouldn't insult people we disagree with. we may disagree with them. i do think it is important for christians to be grateful to each other, but also, to surround themselves with like-minded believers to understand we aren't alone in our viewpoint and faith and that we do believe scripture israel and we should be guided by scripture. host: you said you don't believe people should insult those who they disagree with. on the campaign trail, certainly, the attacks have ramped up over the last 48 hours. what do you think of this shift in rubio's strategy? trump has been on the attack for a while. guest: i think he has to do it. it is unfortunate for him because he does not want to stoop to donald trump's level. i think he has to show he is capable of fighting at a level with donald trump and expose donald trump using the bombast
8:51 am
and pointing out hypocrisy, the silliness that donald trump uses in order to combat donald trump. again, it is nothing the candidates have wanted to do, but at this point, they have to be able to do it. to some degree, people supporting donald trump are doing it now because of what he believes or stands for but because they want somebody who fights and he is the alpha dog, so to speak. ruz will have to stand up a level. host: we just had someone on from the green party. she raises the point that there needs to be more choices, more voices in this political cycle, this political system. do you think the mention the donald trump -- bernie sanders, argues for another party? guest: to a degree, yes. i think what it argues for more than anything is both of the mainstream parties have been making a lot of promises and not keeping them. the bernie sanders rise, bernie sanders comes from the
8:52 am
democratic party, donald trump comes from the republicans the train their base. often, ici more upset with the republicans in the democrats as a formally elected republican because barack obama has kept more of his promises than republicans happier barack obama, in my mind, has been what he said he was going to do and the republicans have done nothing of what they said they would do. who so pathetic to people have turned to donald trump as a means to an end to clean up the republican party and to some degree, burn it to the ground. i think he is a flawed vessel to do that and will turn on those people, not necessarily once he has power, turn on the people he things he will go after. host: the fundamental question is do you try to fix the system within or create new system? guest: if donald trump becomes the nominee of the republican party, conservatives will go somewhere else. there is a big fight. we have to go with donald trump. i response to them is i don't want to support a liberal who supports planned parenthood and universal social health care.
8:53 am
i do want to support hillary clinton, either. it is a vote for hillary clinton or big -- or hillary clinton's big donor, donald trump. bill from connecticut. democrat line. caller: i just wanted to voice my concern in regard to the republican debate that i saw last night. the stage last night was rubio uz and trump was an embarrassment to the country. i think if this is the way we are going to run our nation, we have bigger problems ahead of us. this is an issue that faces not just the republican party but faces america. we have to have a plan and plan to make this work. i am a democrat. i saw the democratic debate, too. i was proud to say that they were talking about issues. they were talking about who is selling what and try to knock
8:54 am
each other down. is going to win this war. it is a war of the mind that we are going to have to -- it is going to have to find its peace in this world. we can't do it with the republican party. guest: i think you probably could do it with republican party. i think they would probably be better. i agree with you about the debate on thursday night. i also think that neither cruz nor rubio wanted a debate like that, but they had to have that debate. in addition to reassuring their supporters they have what it take to take on donald trump who does that routinely, they had to assure the donors of the republican party that they are willing to make that fight. byy tried to be highbrow donald trump was lowbrow and it didn't work. they had to stoop to his level and attack him with the same bombast they use again that he uses against them. none of them wanted to do it, none of us like to see appeared at the same time, i was personally glad they were willing to go to a level and unite against him. host: george on the republican line, florida, go ahead.
8:55 am
-- i have the lady two things. one is a comment, one is a suggestion. sir, i have to rebut the snide remark he made to that lady. you could speak about-face on a life phone call in show, that is equal to all of the venues that she cannot speak? that is what you said to her. after she was off the line. i would like to make one suggestion about the separation of church and state. if that is what they want, give it to them. jam up the courts completely for the next 50 years. nameking them change the of countless thousands of cities and towns across this nation, san francisco, st. louis. you could go on and on. saint augustine.
8:56 am
christian names. let's get some class action suits as people who are believers as i am and tell them is this what you want? let's do it. now, they have to get in line for any of their complaints. that is what i wanted to say. thank you, very much. thet: i do appreciate ladies point. that is why i wrote the book. this is an increasing problem for peoples of faith around the country in a sector environment and public schools and whatnot. -- in a secular environment. i don't know that secularists would look at the name of the city of los angeles and think it is time to change it. your point is well taken that much of this country and its history was started by puritan refugees from europe or missionaries from spain. miami, florida,
8:57 am
independent line, charlie, good morning. caller: i was wondering because you talk a lot about religious freedom. i feel this happens a lot more in the christian community. when they talk about religious freedom, it is only about christian religious freedom and not about other religious freedom. would you propose involving everyone? we have so many cultures in this country that we have to respect. host: a related comment from erickson,?. should muslims? guest: my friend points out if we want to defend just christianity, we had descended into tribalism. people will take that to the logical extent, sharia. that is not what i'm suggesting. what i'm suggesting is that anyone in this country with a person of faith should be able and a vocation to live their faith and not have to shy away
8:58 am
from it. if a christian baker wants to run a christian bakeshop, he should be allowed to. if a muslim butcher should -- wants to run a muslim butcher shop, he should be allowed to. host: republican line, mike, go ahead. can morning. caller: i just have a quick comment and one question. about the lady that called about what women are supposed to do when they can't get an abortion, what you need to do is take them to obamacare which is supposed to be affordable and divide free birth control from what the democrats say. would youn is actually vote for donald trump if he is the candidate in the general election? guest: i wouldn't. i wrote it last week and i did yesterday, it is time for conservatives to be known so that there is time for trump supporters to realize he is not going to be the winner in november. i think it is one thing for
8:59 am
conservatives to say i am not going to vote for donald trump if he becomes a nominee and quite another to say right now, plant a flag i want support him as the nominee so it gives other people the opportunity to realize how many republicans would leave the party and vote third party of donald trump is the nominee. i find it completely unacceptable as a candidate. i think no nation that sees a candidate makes tribalism and nationals and together has wound up succeeding as a country. i don't think a candidate who plays to the anger and vanity of people as a candidate the republicans should have. donald trump is not an uplifting candidate. he has tapped into anger and grievance. that never ends well. host: here is a little bit from the can't you wrote. if trump were elected, portions of the conservative movement would compromise the movement to donald trump.from the intellectual institutions on which we have made our case for limited government and freedom would,. on top of it all, the oligarchs would be just fine. they would coddle and humor. trump, a man of known as ego and get away while the people donald
9:00 am
trump promises to help will get table scraps. you have gone toe to toe with alan trump the past. tell us a little bit about your run-ins with him. guest: donald trump, i invited in from an event last guest: the red state gathering, i started in 2009. it has grown over time. this past year, we had almost all the republican presidential candidates. donald trump had not been invited, wanted to come, we made room for him, but then after his comments about megyn kelly, having kurt. , weaving her period uninvited him. i learned firsthand the anger of donald trump supporters. a lot of death threats. when i was at the hotel, my voicemail filled up with people wanting me dead, cussing me out,
9:01 am
e-mails. the call-in line was overwhelmed with people wanting harm to me and my family. beenmy friends have outspoken about donald trump. since i wrote the column this weekend, it has come back, the death threats. i have started traveling with security now. he feeds into the anger and exacerbates it. we have a presidential candidate standing on the stage, talking about how we used to beat up protesters. it's only amount of time before something like that happens. host: our next caller from minneapolis, minnesota, michelle. good morning. caller: i just tuned in. the gentleman said, the theylicans are mad because
9:02 am
are in the house and senate, but not doing what they said they would do. you need 60 votes in the senate. if you don't have 60 votes in crack,ate, you are up a you cannot even bring these bills to vote on, really. you have to have a super majority to override a democrat presidential veto. frankly, i think we have to move to a parliamentary type system. we have five parties in this country. we have the democrats, progressive is, republicans, conservatives, libertarians. maybe we just need a parliamentary type thing where every party gets their chance for four years, and if you don't like what they do, you vote them out. guest: that would require a wholesale restructuring of the constitution. i think the founders put
9:03 am
gridlock in the system as a feature. the founders wanted washington to do as little as possible, and made it extremely difficult to get anything done. yes, it is supposed to be difficult. the problems are republicans have not negotiated well with the president, and they have not with the president. structured a government shutdown, the republicans came back. they exposed the a lot of republicans had been campaigning on ted cruz's rhetoric, but did not have his principles and values behind him. they wanted to do what he said. designed to fight to do it, they pulled it. you cannot break promises.
9:04 am
host: ted cruz has been a frequent guest at your red state gathering. why have you come out in favor of the establishment or conservatives rallying around rubio, instead of ted cruz. guest: i haven't. i stay neutral between ted cruz and marco rubio. in florida, for example, if ted floridiansad, then .eed to vote for ted cruz in georgia, where i am, rubio surged ahead.-- host: next up, larry from tennessee. go ahead. caller: hello. wondering what your guest
9:05 am
is between church and state, and the significance of that in our country. goodvidently, is a political person, and with his showonservative radio talk in georgia, but writes this book about religion. my concern -- i would like to hear his answer, but my concern conservative talkshow radio programs all through
9:06 am
georgia. you go through georgia, and it .s massive you don't hear the other view. i think it is important for this country to have access to the other side so that people can make their decisions, and not be make their own- minds up to their own benefits, intoot be hoodwinked voting against their own self-interest. tell larry that the conservative response would be most mainstream media is mostly left of center. because of the free market, a number of talk radio shows have cropped up in the country, but
9:07 am
did not have the staying power because of the lack of listenership. as far as being in radio, the separation of church and state, i don't believe this country was really founded as a christian nation, or say. i think that is some level of historic revisionism. i think they did recognize at the time that our rights come from the creator, not from government. we, the people, should control the government, and not the other way around. the in theuntry is world, when freedom of religion declines, respect for private property rights also declines. there is a connection there. greg.our next caller is good morning. caller: are you there? host: we are here, ready for your question or comment. , reallyi was wondering
9:08 am
quick, two things. the syrian refugees, are you sympathetic to the refugees? guest: i'm sympathetic to the refugee situation, but worried that our government is too incompetent now to process them accurately. we have seen in europe and in this country -- remember, we had wo who were arrested for .lanning terrorist attacks i would like to help them, it is a terrible situation, but don't necessarily know it means domestic relocation inside the united states. host: "the new york times" has breakdowns of south carolina exit polls. it shows that donald trump leads among whites, evangelicals, and christians. considering the comments he made -- that donald trump made --
9:09 am
earlier on planned parenthood, how do you explain the support from evangelicals? guest: evangelicalism has become a catholic and jewish, it is an ethnic identifier. the more people go to church, the less likely they are to vote for donald trump. you can have that coach will affinity, a lot of people who would consider themselves southern baptist feel that their culture is under assault. we do know that from the data, the more likely you go to church, the less likely you are to vote for donald trump. host: would you think is the best candidate to defend the religious freedom of americans? guest: if both marco rubio and ted cruz are children of atheists dictatorial systems, both are good strong believing
9:10 am
christians. i have had this conversation with cruz personally, i have no doubt he would be will to do it. pat from michigan is on the republican mind. go ahead. caller: hello? host: hello. caller: ok. yes. have four real quick questions. number one, i am against abortion, of course. planned parenthood is known as an abortion clinic, but it also does some things good for women. why do republicans not accept the fact that donald trump has said he would defund planned parenthood. that is my main concern. i don't want tax dollars going towards abortions. number two, why did the republicans feel they have to
9:11 am
open their big mouths about every single thing they will do in congress. that started with mitch mcconnell, his comment about getting obama out of office. then, mccarthy. now, the supreme court thing. why can't they just keep their mouth shut, and do what we expect them to do. my third question is very simple. does the republican party have superdelegates, as hillary clinton does. number three, do you know why thomas jefferson did not sign the constitution? guest: thomas jefferson didn't sign the constitution because i believe he was ambassador to france at the time. republicans don't have superdelegates, in the way that democrats do. they are actually more democratic than the democrats when it comes to elections, ironically. mitch mcconnell never does what he says he is going to do.
9:12 am
and plannedump parenthood, the problem is that on some occasions he has said there are things he thinks the government should fund planned parenthood, and other times he says they should defund planned parenthood. host: frank on the democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning. hopet want to say that i everybody saw on hbo last night, the comments that donald trump said. he said mother f-er. he is nasty. i don't know why anyone would vote for him. guest: that was a thing on the debate friday night. he was outraged about three said fox using- vicente
9:13 am
the f word. he uses it repeatedly. making an so angry, emotional decision to support donald trump. they don't know what they are getting. if they examined his record before he was president, he was opposite on virtually every issue. host: mike, go ahead. caller: thanks for c-span making the public effort. i have three quick things. one, i appreciate your guest comments on the founding , reflecting the church of england and how that was forced on their people. as a independent, i've supported
9:14 am
candidates from both parties. i won't go into my very minor categories or how i support. they are very simple. governor john kasich is not get a lot of airplay, if you will. however, as a member of theress, he worked with clinton administration, and did very good work balancing budgets and paying down debt. he turned a deficit into a surplus, and made certain programs work better for the constituents of ohio. in regard to the candidates on the republican side that are there, one of the things that i think they have to address is beensecretary clinton has all over the world and has fairly intimate relationships with intimate leaders, yet i
9:15 am
have not heard any republican candidates talk about their relationships with any world leaders, or how they would address them, except for mr. trump, of course. taking the time to come on the show. thanks for c-span. guest: thanks very much. i'm not a fan of john kasich i think members of congress who served with them remember he had to be largely pushed into doing what he did with the clinton administration. i have a lot of ohio friends who don't particularly care for him. they find him to be as much of a bully in ohio as trump nationally. hillary clinton, has encountered will leaders more than republican candidates. i'm not sure how good it did.
9:16 am
being secretary of state, under the obama administration, i think we found our stand in the degraded.rad if bernie sanders came in, he would also have that problem. host: you say you are not a friend of john kasich there have been calls for him to drop out of the race, as well as ben carson. you think you should drop out of the race because you are not a fan of him? guest: if you look at the polling, is ben carson or john out, their to jump votes would go to marco rubio or ted cruz. there is no reason for them to be in the race at this point. ben carson, in particular, is going to kentucky to fund raise. they don't have a primary come up -- coming up. it makes no sense.
9:17 am
how big of a winter do you feel ted cruz and marco rubio trulyn order to make a plausible. become thee bid to nominee? guest: one week. i think they have about a week to make the case. host: pre-march 15? guest: i think so. the race dramatically shifts after march 15. the conventional wisdom has been that ted cruz needs to be the one to get out. most of the conventional wisdom has been written by people like marco rubio who don't like ted cruz. i don't know if the math works out the way they like. back a winner.
9:18 am
host: our last caller now will be catherine from staten island, new york. go ahead. caller: good morning. host: you are on the air. caller: good morning. i have a comment. -- who isknow why beside the presidency? the establishment for both parties, why did they have to decide who will be the president. we know what they do. now, you go after people choosing to be president. vote. have to they have to go on from there. host: we will leave it there.
9:19 am
guest: people do have to vote. i can tell you who i like, why don't like, but ultimately, it is your decision to go vote. we all get one vote. i would note that the washington lobby, which you are upset about, say they vastly approve of ted cruz. host: the book is, "you will be made to care." thank you so much. up next, we are taking phone calls on this democratic primary day in south carolina. we will get a preview from atop reporter. we will be back after the break. ♪
9:20 am
>> c-span's campaign 2016 is take you on the road to the white house. today's the south carolina democratic i married. i live coverage begins at 7:00 eastern with election results and speeches from democratic candidates. we will also get your reactions to your phone calls this week. join us today for live coverage on c-span, c-span radio, and >> it is a whole to bring now. we have basically moved beyond the early primary caucus states to super tuesday. ofstates, voters in each these states will have a defining impact on who the democrats and republicans will nominate. it is a very different phase in the campaign. we have moved on beyond the one-on-one,igning, to campaigning in 12 states. candidates are trying to appeal to as many voters as possible.
9:21 am
advertisement is key, organization is key, but it has moved to a different level of the campaign, in which canada's hope the voters recognize who they are. since this network began in the late 1970's, one of the hallmarks has been the ability for people to call in, as .uestions, provide opinions a lot of polls out there, but nothing better than talking to voters in the states elections are at. the p we will have the ability to question some pundits, but really it's the viewers,
9:22 am
watching on television. >> "washington journal" continues. up thee are opening phone might still talk about the south carolina democratic primary going on today. here are the numbers for you to dial in. republicans, (202) 748-8000. independence, (202) 748-8001. voters, you have a special line, (202) 748-8003. of course, we are on social media. you can find us on twitter at @cspanwj. here is a story from with the latest on the race. hillary clinton holds a commanding lead, according to the first poll released in nearly a week. the former secretary of state vermontrnie sanders, of independent, by a margin of 64% to 14% among likely voters who
9:23 am
have cast ballots. that is according to a clemson university poll. toy 2% ofound that voters were undecided ahead of the primary saturday. here is hillary clinton speaking yesterday. [video clip] >> there are a lot of issues that we have to worry about. people.e "take a stand" i want you to know that i've taken a stand against the privatization of social security. we are going to extend the social security trust fund. i need you to stand with me because republicans still do want to privatize it. they say that out loud and in public. we have to defend social security. we also have to make sure we do everything we can to protect and defend voting rights. voting rights are under attack
9:24 am
across america. we have got to stand against efforts to restrict vote. we also have to go up against citizens united, a terrible supreme court decision. president obama is following through with his constitutional responsibility to nominate someone for the supreme court. now, the senate needs to do its constitutional responsibility and consider that nomination. if we can't get that decision reversed, i will lead a constitutional amendment. we have to stop the seeker unaccountable money that so many people are watching as it
9:25 am
corrupts our political system. it is also important that we perform our criminal justice our criminalorm justice system. i have laid out plans to do that. this is an area that i hope is bipartisan. host: we're take your calls for the rest of the hour, straight don isouth carolina, calling. good morning. caller: good morning. this is don calling. host: what are you thought struck go who are you supporting today in the primary? caller: myself and my family are all supporting hillary clinton. for two reasons. goodfirst being -- intentions, which bernie sanders necessarily don't get it done.
9:26 am
hillary is a team player. she goes out to california and helps people campaign. she goes around and helps her party members. that is the kind of support you need in congress to get anything done. secondly, on the foreign relations front, i would classify her as the new margaret thatcher. not conservative domestically, but in foreign relations, yes, she is like the iron maiden. she is respected around the world. no one is going to mess with hillary clinton, or at least, not that much. she has established where she wants to go, and what she wants to do. i urge my fellow voters to get out and vote for hillary. host: thank you for your time. george from jacksonville, florida is up next. what you think? caller: i was born in south carolina.
9:27 am
relatives, way back in the 1960's, were elected. none of them would act like .illary clinton is acting like right now, there is a bill moving through the senate to give us all a universal ira with social security as the backup. either she is so incompetent she doesn't know this bill is there, or she is lying through her teeth that congress wants to do away with social security. host: now, another south carolina caller calling in. larry from columbia. who do you support? caller: i support this can -- ms. clinton. annsh most south carolina
9:28 am
would vote for her. she is a strong woman. i believe in her. the lady sat there for over eight hours and was drilled by republicans over and over. couldn't staytors in the room. she is a strong woman. she has been around. she has been through everything you can put a woman through. she will be strong on foreign policy. host: larry supporting hillary clinton is a strong woman candidate. jim from maryland, what to say? caller: my name is jim. i'm calling mostly to point out the fact that we have tilde clinton and bernie sanders when the choice between those two comes down to ideas and
9:29 am
policies, but also who was able to make a difference while in the white house. republicans how the who control congress, they refused to work with president obama for a multitude of reasons, but they also show their inability or unwillingness to work with hillary clinton anywhere anyway. the rhetoric shows that if hillary clinton is put in the white house, she will be gridlocked over and over again unless democrats win a large portion of congress back. voters must look at the broader picture and truly educate themselves, not listen to the fear mongering sieges we are getting -- speeches we are getting from the republican side, or the "hope is awesome" speeches from the democratic
9:30 am
side. you have to educate yourself, and make a decision with your brain, not your heart. you have to be smart about it. host: we hear you this morning. here is bernie sanders on the trail, making his final pitch in south carolina. [video clip] >> i know a lot of your friends, young people, think you're are crazy to go to a political event. am i correct? they say, get a life, what are you doing waste your time going to a bernie sanders event, and who is bernie sanders anyhow? i want to say this very profoundly. i work in the united states senate. that is my job. i see what goes on there. if you don't want to leave school deeply in debt, if you want to get a job that pays you a living wage, if you are a woman, and want to earn equal pay, if you are concerned about climate change, about the
9:31 am
criminal justice system, if you don't vote, and your friends don't vote, who do you think is going to pay attention to those issues? to think that billionaire campaign contributors are going to be worried that women and south carolina are trying to raise their kids on minimum wage? what is it about? it is people at the grassroots standing up, demanding change. it is always from the bottom up. that is what this campaign is about. here is the front page of and southnewspaper
9:32 am
carolina. the story says the hillary clinton seem set for a in south carolina, eight years after a crushing defeat, the former secretary of state leads bernie sanders in the primary by 27 percentage points. host: debbie from north carolina is on the independent line, up next. caller: we are sorry, but we do not want clinton again. we heard it can't be done, and we heard the lies the clintons said. is saying, sanders
9:33 am
the truth. we are going to vote for trump because we believe he can ask a make changes. host: all right, debbie from north carolina. our next caller is rose, a democrat from las cruces, new mexico. caller: hello? how can theis republicans be so nasty to each in front of the whole anyone wouldpect have consideration or respect for them. i don't like the comments that trump made about mexicans, about women. i have been watching him all is a nasty man.
9:34 am
he treats people like dirt, and expects people to just sit there and listen. when anyone protests, he tells them to shut up. host: james from florida is calling on the democratic line. good morning. caller: how are you doing? i'm actually employed a right houses in have illinois and south carolina. i'm a registered democrat now in florida. unfortunately, i can't vote. i can vote in the primary, but it is closed. you have to vote for democrats. i'm really confused. i know i have to vote democrat, but it is a closed primary in florida. democrat vote for the
9:35 am
that i like the most. i'm just going to vote for bernie because in the general election, i'm switching for the first time ever, and i'm going to vote for donald trump. i like what he says. twice. for obama from next up is brenda tallahassee, florida. your head. ahead. caller: in the primary, i'm going to vote for ted cruz. in the general election, i will vote for trump. host: next up is ted. go ahead. in the general
9:36 am
election, i will votecaller: i'y people in south carolina can vote from this clinton. she has taken all this money from goldman sachs. is that not enough to tell you who she is connected with? she is the establishment. bernie sanders is starting to -- trying to start a revolution and get the money out. cannot can talk, but walk the walk. bernieeople who vote for , if you does not get it, they will go for trump. caller just made that point. can nine for you are a sanders supporter? caller: yes, ma'am. race in the south carolina , here are a few statistics from "the washington post."
9:37 am
black voters are expected to be a majority in the georgia primary, and will approach a third of voters in tennessee. shows the black share of the 2008 vote in some of the states. again, a majority in alabama, and george as well. next from texas. caller: good morning. i heard marco rubio say that trump is a con artist. i find that to be very strange. the real con artist in this whole thing is ted cruz. here is the man who went out and obamacare for himself -- but
9:38 am
ought obamacare for himself and his family, yet he is making a lot of noise about obamacare. a conopinion, ted cruz is artist. marco rubio, he has a problem. shorter thaneven hillary. hillaryrom twitter -- just shouts a list of talking points, she does not talk about them. eo is up next. caller: this is the from south carolina. host: leo -- i'm sorry about your name. caller: i'm calling to support hillary clinton. she is the only qualified candidate. if anybody does not come out and hillary in this election, it will be a tragedy. the se front runner is a guy
9:39 am
called trump, who wants to take people back to the jim crow era. we don't need to go back. he says he wants to take america back. back to where? -- the more progress now homeless population is having a whole lot of success. i don't see people supporting somebody who has negative views like that. other people in other countries have fears about him being the representative of our country. we will be at war within a year if that man gets into the white house. we need the president elected to bellary -- elect hillary clinton. host: joining us now is a reporter from south carolina. shane is a reporter from
9:40 am
south carolina. we read a bit of your story looks likeligh clinton will be a slamdunk." guest: secretary clinton brand in 2008. she lost to then senator barack obama. she has a lot of relationships here. she knows the terrain here. either her or her surrogates reached out to a lot of folks here in south carolina. if you supported me, support me again. if you didn't support me, remember how i worked with president obama. she was able to build a pretty itd network when she made official that she was going to run. senator sanders has tried to get the inroads here. it has not really worked out for him, in a state where the
9:41 am
majority of voters are african-american, and that has been an important base for hillary clinton. host: doesn't matter if bernie sanders does not win in today's i a? does it change the dynamic at all? guest: it could. we're talking about a lot of southern states coming up with super tuesday in the primaries going through on march 15. the state will have a lot of african-american voters who are leaning towards secretary clinton. i have looked ahead, to the next 20 races, where there is polling available. is leading in 18 except for vermont,
9:42 am
senator sanders homestay, and massachusetts, where she is gaining. by march 15, you will have half of -- or more than half of -- what we called the electable delegates, the delegates chosen based on election results. at this point, as it has been noted, secretary clinton has been enjoying a large lead among the superdelegates. host: we have heard from a few colors in the last segment that is bernie sanders does not get the nomination, they will vote for trump instead. explain to us how self colitis primary works. is this something you have heard as well? ofthis a sizable amount sanders supporters who may defect to trump? guest: and south carolina, it is an open primary.
9:43 am
you have to choose one. we had a republican primary last eek, so if you floated last week, you can vote this week. you do have a number of independents, people who may not identify with one party or the other, who may feel they have an about secretary clinton. i have not heard much of that. usually, in our state, democrats stick with democrats, especially considering we are such a red state in south carolina. there is hope to make inroads with democrats. at the same time, donald trump has transcended everything. one of the things to take away from this victory here last week, and i'm sure this has been true in other states, the broad he was of his support -- first among evangelicals, among those who identified as conservatives, those who might
9:44 am
as moderate. his message is resonating across the board. i think that is why we are seeing him have so much support nevada. carolina, seen, in the past 40 hours, the tenor on the republican side change drastically. how do you think voters will react to the ramped up rhetoric? guest: the ramped up rhetoric works here in south carolina, to be perfectly honest. mr. trump was able to attract thousands, even 10 thousands of voters to his offense. people complain, he did not do much retail politics -- he didn't need to. speech,in, gave us his
9:45 am
and went back to new york. what people really took away was this message. they are frustrated with governmentwit, with intruding into their lives. donald trump said, i'm going to fix all of that, i'm going to make the country better and safer. i think to a certain degree, they like how he is plainspoken. he doesn't only say things that , but hetically correct is willing to go after his enemies. think about it. atspeaks like we talk, like a backyard barbecue. we are all sitting back, holding a golden one, talking about
9:46 am
sports or politics. this is how we talk. we don't talk like how a politician normally does at a hall. host: where will you be watching early results come in to see how the race is going to tackle guest: a lot of it will be the ies. columbia, to some extent, greenville. you will also be looking at the area to the southeast of colombia, where there is a heavier african-american population. based on the polls, i don't get a sense that we will see a sanders pulling get within 10 points, to where he could say, i lost, but pulled it in half, like he did in nevada. the polling here is a bit more accurate because we are a
9:47 am
primary state. if he has had a good get out the vote effort, especially among college students, he may be able 24-28 pointto a deficit of secretary clinton. , thanks forhain joining us this morning. guest: thank you for having me. host: c-span will be covering live the results of the south carolina democratic primary. we will be hearing the speeches and getting your reactions as well. double start at 7:30 eastern -- that will start at 7:30 eastern. next up is robin. caller: good morning. i have a question. the people need to concentrate on whoever wins the presidency of this great country, who will they select as the vice president? we all know that anything is possible, anything can happen.
9:48 am
if hillary, which should be allowed to choose bill as the vice president of this country if she went the election? if she did choose bill, i think she would win hands down. host: all right. albert from fort wayne, indiana is on the air. are you there? jr fromoving on to mumford, tennessee. good morning. caller: good morning. guest, his strategy is so wrong. all that is going to do is nominate donald trump. rubio or ted, all that is going to do is cheat
9:49 am
donald trump into first. a good book, but his strategy is totally wrong. one more point. donald trump says he is self funding. any businessperson knows he is not self funding. what he is doing is putting money up front, but the only thing about it is we, the people, are supporting it because he is writing it off. taxpayers, are supporting him. not a truthful fellow. he is not who he says he is. we know that.
9:50 am
host: all right, jr, we hear you this morning. texas isom said tony, up next. are you there? i think i lost you. please call back in. we'll move on to don from minnesota. caller: hello? someone called in and said that hillary clinton wanted to privatize social security. she's not. she is trying to other people -- alert people. point to socialize social security. security.atize social george bush tried really hard to privatize social security.
9:51 am
aroundd have received $500 per month. can you live on that? people cannot live on that. people need to open their eyes and ears to this. i went through it. the stock market is like gambling with social security. live.n't be able to hillary clinton is trying to alert people to this. listen. if you're voting for any republican, this is what they all want. wanted inurity, they the stock market. that is how the rich get richer. if the market drops, you will not have any money to live on. from a comment here twitter. today will be a good thermometer
9:52 am
of how energetic the democratic party is. a few headlines for you from times." "tedyork cruz moves aggressively to court younger voters."
9:53 am
host: brad from texas is calling on the independent line. morning to you. caller: how are you? host: good. what is your thought? caller: i'm just calling because i support bernie sanders. i think it is clear -- hillary, they say she is so good at foreign policy, but she fumbled with benghazi and libya. we lost or embassies while she was secretary of state. that right there shows me she is not good at foreign policy. you have this guy, trump, under audits by the federal government. he is taking people's money, saying he is giving them an education, but not giving them a degree. and, the imo transcripts, she
9:54 am
will not release them, because obviously she has some hiding -- something hiding. host: tom from brooklyn, maryland, our next caller on the republican line. go ahead. caller: thank you for having me on. can you hear me j? how come no one has mentioned -- i'm a computer consultant, i own a business. e-mailhas mentioned that server was erased. she has been fired from every job she has ever had for lying. why doesn't anyone know this? i know it. everyone knows it. she is always talking about how she lies. host: eddie from atlanta, georgia is next. when you think? what do you think?
9:55 am
don't f hello? host: you are on the air, go ahead. caller: the economy is going good. look at where was went barack obama took over. can't people see that? sand,eir head out of the and vote for this woman, and keep the economy going like it is going. the republicans, you can see where they went with their rhetoric, stopping people from voting. it is silly how this political thing is going. disgusting. host: how have you seen the economy improve in the benton? caller: when president obama took over, we were almost in a depression. you know that. i don't understand how they can keep going back and forth with the economy is going
9:56 am
good. it would be better if republicans would have voted for .he job bill as soon as the next president gets in there, see and watch if they do it. host: we hear your thoughts this morning. gary from pennsylvania is on the independent line. good morning to you. go ahead. caller: first of all, i would like to have seen carly fiorina when the nomination. i liked what she had to say at some of the town hall meeting she was at the i watched on c-span. two party i think the system has to dennis this hack your job of failing the american people. we have two candidates who are just -- trump says a lot of stupid things. he says one thing, and later onset another thing. politicaln about
9:57 am
correctness, and then does all correctlitically things. clinton has been in one scandal after another. if we elect her, be will have a commander-in-chief who does not even know when she is being shot at. i think we have been failed fairy badly with the two party system. host: we hear you today as well. next is dorothy from baton rouge, louisiana. what are your thoughts? you are on the air, go ahead. turned on your tv, please. caller: my thought is that i would put hillary clinton, she is a very classy lady. i would put hillary clinton because she is a very classy lady. she is going to work for the people on both sides.
9:58 am
when you get to the republican party, they are only looking out for one side. hillary is a lady with peace. bush went over there and upset the whole middle east. donald trump would do the same thing. all of them need to shut down and find somebody else to put on the republican ticket. host: all right, we hear you from baton rouge, louisiana. our final caller for the show will be get out from vote -- gail from florida. .aller: i'm an african-american as it relates to hillary clinton versus bernie sanders, what the people -- especially the african american people -- need to look we have lostt that
9:59 am
50% of our wealth, the fact that we have lost our homes because of the mortgages, the banks, and things of that nature. through that,see something is wrong. i think bernie sanders is an .onest man he has been advocating for social security for years. look at what is happening in their lives, not the fact that a group of black caucus meant support hillary clinton. look at what has happened in your family life. , i a registered democrat don't float parties, i vote my mind and conscious as to who will be the right person to do the right thing. these want to say to african people, follow your
10:00 am
lives, and look at the big picture. we will not be any better off under hillary clinton that we are today under barack obama. in one of the democratic debates, barack obama also had support of wall street wealth and that is why we, as african-americans, have not made much progress. look at the big picture. host: we will leave it there. that concludes our chauffeur today. stay tuned tomorrow. we will be bringing you molly o'toole, talking about the plan theclose that facility -- facility at guantanamo bay. we will also be speaking with -skinnergregor


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