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tv   John Kasich Town Hall Meeting in Nashville Tennessee  CSPAN  February 27, 2016 12:00pm-1:31pm EST

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making sure the american has the right to vote and that means eligible. i appreciate that and you will defend as the department has, federal agencies and you will be defending the commission. that provides a road map on how to feel trust and reduce crime and make sure everyone is safe. i know that the task force made several recommendations specific to the lgbt community and making sure everyone is safe. i was hoping you can give an update on how that is coming and
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getting them adopted nationwide. >> this is an important area. it is essentially an area in which our most vulnerable citizens felt that protection did not extend to them and they were reluctant to seek protection because of a view they wouldn't receive it. when i talked to law enforcement, they don't want anyone feeling you can't call in an officer for help. we have tried to provide guidance and we tried to provide training on how to deal with those and tried to provide individuals who present issues and they need to recognize the issues that come from that and one of the things we have done
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is in an earlier response, that's guidance on sexual assault and domestic violence. this focused on identifying and preventing gender bias and law enforcement's response. we consulted closely with state and local law enforcement and both of the experiences and the questions they had. that came out in december and it does recommend practices that will help the agencies develop best practices to respond and the people view of this violence against women or sometimes men, but also the lgbt community and to recognize those symptoms and to be able to respond to those individuals. the guidance also seeks to make sure we have ways to connect law enforcement with a very, very important part of the community when it comes to all types of
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domestic violence. the nongovernmental department for victims of sexual violence. >> with the time i have left, i represent a large navy base and more military veterans from almost everyone in the place and feel luck be that. a surprising number of instances where service members and around housing or employment discrimination. i know it dealing with those issues. i want to get with the proper v in this report. what sort of demand you are seeing for those services and the ability of that division to
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meet that demand. well, i will say that i certainly agree with you in the fact that i think we owe our veterans the greatest support. when they return home. be it an issue of health or services or the all important right to vote when they are also stationed overseas is one of the things that we do in the civil rights division is have a very active practice in making sure that service members who are stationed overseas have the information they need to know how to vote and that they -- that particular right is not infringed through a logistical problem or some other issue. we enforce the federal laws that help them also return to their work force. when they come home from military duty. we have seen a number of disturbing cases that involve financial exploitation of our service members. both when they are coming back and trying to seek housing and also while they are on active duty of service members and of their families. we have seen some unfortunate
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instances where that type of fraud is growing. that's a matter of grave concern to me as well. also, we also have issues, of course, with many of our service members returning injured. some of the injuries are visible. some of them are not visible. but it presents them with a business ability that gives them needs in terms of housing and employment and so we take very seriously our responsibility to defend their right to those reasonable accommodations as well. currently, the 2017 budget includes $4.1 million in resources which is going to plus up the service members' civil rights cases work by a little over $580,000. we also have a service members initiative at the department of justice that's led by my outstanding associate attorney general. and it really has been instrumental in making sure that we at the department look at all of the issues that our service members present and make sure that whether it's not just civil rights but other areas also. i mention the fraud cases
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growing. criminal division is cognizant of the issues as well. so we're trying to look at all the issues presented by our service members and be responsive. >> thanks. we would love to follow up with you on that. thank you, chairman. >> mr. kilmer. thank you, attorney general lynch, i want to thank you for your service to the country and keeping us all safe and for your cooperative relationship with this committee, it's deeply appreciated in ensuring that americans can sleep soundly at night knowing that the department of justice and their local and state law enforcement officers are working together to protect themselves and their families. thank you very much and the hearing is adjourned. >> thank you, sir. thank you. ♪
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>> we are live in national, tennessee. republican presidential candidate, john kasich, holding today.hall in national tennessee voters will be among those who go to the polls this week, as part of the super tuesday primaries and caucuses. our live road to the white house coverage continues today on c-span. be expected here from the ohio governor in just a few moments here at rocket town, a facility in nashville. meanwhile, the "columbus in ohio, speaking about john kasich yesterday. after speaking to a highly
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energetic crowd of about 500 people, the ohio governor insisted that he was not all shook up about new jersey governor chris christie's endorsement of donald trump. "chris is a friend of mine, and will always be a friend of mine, and that will not affect our campaign, and where we are going t." john kasich mention chris christie as a possible attorney general. "he just went the other way, it happens, it is the way life is, it's ok." that is from the "columbus dispatch." southile, voters in carolina, democratic voters, are .olding thir primary today
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we will have live coverage of the results and get your reaction later on at 7:30 eastern time here on c-span as road to the white house continues. ♪ believing] ♪ >> ahead of the super tuesday primaries, tennessee, one of the
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on tuesday.g republican presidential candidate, ohio governor john town halllding a meeting here in nashville. we expect to hear from him the white i wrote to house coverage continues on c-span. while we wait, a discussion from today's "washington journal" on the 2016 campaign and the issue of religious freedom. host: our next guest, eric erickson. we have to start with the news tht th of the day, the fact chris christie has come out in support of donna trippi. guest: chris christie was the guy on the campaign trail who was very much pro-gun-control,
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supported abortion rights, was too liberal for most of the base of the party. i don't know that is an endorsement that donald trump needed going into the southern states and the sec primary. he might should have held it. host: do you think people see the gopthe fact that establishment is exc excepting donald -- excepting donald trump as the nominee? guest: i think chris christie sees donald trump as the nominee. gov. kasich: -- what about marco host: what about marco rubio and ted cruz? guest: photo psychology between
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the group of who should be the .lternative might shift to cruz the rubio cap has been saying, wait until we get to florida. the polls in florida have him well behind donald trump. think it is still a tossup between ted cruz and marco rubio? guest: i think it is. host: you have said you support some of rubio's policies, but have not come out to endorse him. guest: between ted cruz and marco rubio, i like them both. i think ted cruz would be a more conservative president. i think marco rubio, given the love affair with conservative media, alone, might have an easier path, not to say that ted cruz couldn't win. ted cruz would be the better conservative president. host: we want to let our viewers know that they can join in on the conversation. republicans, (202) 748-8001.
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democrats, (202) 748-8000. .ndependents, (202) 745-8002 we are also reading your tweets. you can send us one. our handle is @cspanwj. we are speaking with eric erickson. have to mention the book, tell us what it is about, and why he wrote it? guest: i wrote it when i was at with a guy who said, i don't care about secular issues. my response was, you will be made to care. around the country, people's faiths more and more are being targeted. activists activists
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working to get them in the legislator, or in the court system to force them to bend their conscience toward secularism. gov. kasich: are yohost: are you essentially saying that people will be persecuted? guest: yes. we saw in one state, planned couldn't provide you adrug unless it was for religious convention, that was thrown out in court. we saw, in georgia, a woman was forced to sign a statement saying that she would reject her christian beliefs to be in the counseling program. she wouldn't, was thrown out of school, and lost her case. baker iner in oregon -- oregon. it has happened more more. is not just gay marriage,
12:16 pm an the fire chief in atlanta wrote a book for his bible study class, and a year later was fired. the argument became that he could not put out a fire at a , which wasn'touse true, but he lost the job. host: does your book offer a prescription or path forward? guest: the idea moving forward is one of the things we see with the secular movement right now that is happening is they want people to think that christians theirticular are alone in beliefs. you can't just be angry about the situation, or yell about these, you have to's roger solved by like-minded believers.
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age spent aple my lot of time on social media. we lose contact with the people cross the street from us. there's something being said seeut breaking bread -- people face-to-face, and not just behind a keyboard. as we have lost that, we have lost in society. host: a profile of you recently wondered whether or not the conservative movement has become too angry? they had seemed that returned to the happy warrior, laughing at the other side. with the last few months in particular, especially with the rise of donald trump, an unhappy grievance culture has emerged. i don't think that is healthy.
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the level of anger that is rising, no one wants to vote for anger. donald trump is doing well, feeding off the anger. i was a political consultant for many years, and never saw anyone for of donaldave a clip trump on the campaign trail. here's what he had to say about some of the social issues you mentioned. [video clip] was aald reagan great president. a great president. i'm pro-life, totally against abortion. millions and millions of women are helped by planned parenthood . .ou can say whatever you want
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i would defund it. but i amit is 3%, pro-life. host: would you make of his comments? guest: he has been open to federal funding on the campaign trail. that is the issue with donald trump. no one knows what he actually stands for. host: mildred from alabama is on the republican line. caller: hello, there.
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chokeholdned with the the government has on our people , not allowing them to speak of their religion. my six-year-old granddaughter mentioned the child they were talking to at home, and they came to the school, just beside themselves. the six-year-old girl who had the coach at school, they brought them into the promiseand he had to sendhe would never have to his child to school.
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fall right down the tubes. we have no principles. guest: that is a problem that we documented in the book. there is a hesitation to openly discuss religion because of lawsuits. the lines have become so blurry. it happened and a lot of families that i know about. we documented it in the book. we can no longer have a christmas program, winter holiday program. we can sing songs about kwanzaa, not,anukkah song, but "silent night," because of the references. the waters are so muddy on the
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first amendment right now. host: patricia, go ahead. caller: i appreciate this opportunity. i would like to ask the guest a question, and hope he answers it bluntly. what does he think happens to poor women who cannot get access to abortions? if they succeed in shutting down so many abortion clinics, what will happen to them? wealthy women will be able to afford to go somewhere and get one. y can'tppens when the control their reproductive rights? will child if they don't, there is the adoption option. unfortunate, i think a lot of states have regulated adoption too hard, and convoluted the
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adoption process. bush ultimately was able to get regulations passed to make it more affordable and efficient across the country. it has become exceedingly expensive to adopt a child. thinkwhat role do you social issues have played in the campaign cycle so far? have they been on the forefront? guest: not really. i didn't really expect them to. most of the candidates on the social issues. they align. >> we take you live now to nashville, tennessee where former attorney general alberto remarks.has opening we will see ohio governor john kasich in a few moments. gonzales: it takes the courage to be able to say, this is what is right, no matter how
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unpopular, to do what is right for this country. it comes from wisdom, from experience, from succeeding, from family, from living. someone with experience is very important in the oval office. governor kasich has vision. he has been on the other side of the mountain, and can say to the american people, i know what is possible for this country, follow me, i will take you to a better place. america wants to believe in a leader who believes in them, not someone who is apologetic. finally, integrity. this is the most powerful position in the world. i like to think that power is in the hands of someone who will not use it for political or personal gain. there is no vocation or job where integrity is more important than the president of the united states. . am supporting governor kasich he's a republican, i'm a republican, sure, i would like to see a republican in the white
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house, but the reason i'm supporting governor kasich is because i love america, and everything america has done for me. i'm supporting america and governor kasich because i love my son, and i want a better future. we have some work to do, some ground to make up. if we work hard, together -- you and i, we share a common vision. please join me in giving a warm national welcome to the next president of the night states, governor john kasich. [applause] gov. kasich: thank you all. there you go. you got it. that's right.
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thank you all for being here. . think this thing works how are you doing? thanks for coming up this morning. some facility. i kept almost popping out. i felt like jagger before they introduced the stones. you have to be careful about those buckeye flags. we are down here. bitme tell you a little about myself. judge?ut the politics is a tough business. it is not so tough if you weasel d in thelike a ree wind. the judge had a very hard time in a very difficult time in a nation's history.
12:27 pm to him i said, judge, you took a lot of hits back in those days. he said, he did. he said, i would do it all again . the challenge in politics, when you are willing to walk a lonely , the firstake a hit principle, you tell all the people you love to not watch television, and not go on the internet. [laughter] gov. kasich: that is what you have to do. there is such pressure for people to go along and get along . i have been through this all my lifetime. always doubted, always having people fighting -- no, he is not tell not that -- i want to all you young people, let me walksn to you, a leader lonely road.
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a leader cannot get so far ahead that no one sees them, but the leader does not operate inside the crowd. one thing the leader always has to do is check with people who care about him, love him, understand him or her. you always have to say, and i on the right track? is this the right thing? sometimes you have to do it with not just one, a couple of people. sometimes you go it alone, regardless of what those around you say. remember noah? here is noah. he is living in nevada -- or saudi arabia -- nothing but does it. he starts building a boat. the people are coming by, ,aughing at him, mocking him and think he is crazy, but he just keeps building that boat.
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who was the smart one? old noah. sometimes you have to be willing to stand. that is what judge gonzales did when he was attorney general of the night states of america. give him one more great round of applause. [applause] to tell you i want a little about me, who i am, so you can get a sense of this. i grew up in a little blue-collar town outside of pittsburgh. .y father was an mailman he delivered mail to my home. have been saying increasingly on the trail, was the man who stuck his nose in everybody's business. here's what i mean.
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a kid fumbled a ball on friday night at the football game, my dad would tell him he is a star. when a girl rose and one that -- tournament, he would say, you are really something. when somebody in the neighborhood had a big win, my dad would celebrate with them. when somebody in the neighborhood had a big loss, my father would cry with them. my mother and father were taken suddenly by drunk driver -- a drunk driver. people came to see me at the funeral home. they lined up, one after the other, to tell me about how much my daddy had meant to them and their family.
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beautiful story, isn't it? .is father was a coal miner he would go down in the mine,,, and he thought he had a good all, but they would say, no, too much of that was pete. of course they were ripping him off. ung.ied of black l talkshow was a radio pioneer. when someone would say something on the radio, she would yell at the radio. she was an incredible woman. a visionary. i can remember her telling me, when i was a kid, the day will come when you have to pay for television, so get all you can get for free. i can remember her saying, the day will come when you will get
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a phone call, and you better look good because the other person on the phone will be able to see you. how she knew this 50 years ago? my mother was always there. i have never told the story. why does popping in my head, -- why it is popping in my head, you will get it. i was on a show called "battle ." the wits t it was a big deal. when i was sitting in the green room, i read a story in u.s. news -- i was so exhausted from studying. the story i was reading was the most important question asked in the television show. my mother snuck into the control room of the television show without me knowing because she wanted to support me.
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impact,uch a profound the way my mother engaged in my lifetime in ways that say i can only understand. last night, we were in memphis. we had about a thousand people, just like we have today. as i was sitting in the car, waiting for one of the folks i work with to come out of the i saw a mom and a little boy walking across. and ied, "hey, kid," said, "come here." he got a little afraid. his mother was with him. she said to him, it's ok, son. where theright up to window was. i said, how old are you? am 10. -- intend
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i said, let me tell you , shehing about my mommy would bring me to a place just like your mommy brought you today. going? mom, how is it she said, he wanted to come, it was our date night. the little boy was putting his arm around her mother's waist and she put her arm around the little boy's shoulders. i told my friend, who were with me, in the car, and one of them said, this makes me sad. i said, why does that make you it make you sad?
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he said, it makes me think of my mother. i said, no, does not make you sad, it is bittersweet when we connect. that is special. i am running for president of the united states, as you all know. these are special moments for me, to be able to tell you a story like this, to get you to reflect on your mom, for those who still have a mom. call her up tomorrow and tell her how much she means to you. see, our families, our communities, and neighborhoods, that is what makes us strong. frankly, we ought to have an adult president, a grown-up. [applause] gov. kasich: i don't get to see much because i am just like a
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fedex package. i just get sent from one location to another. i have to tell you, i ran for the state senate. i was 24-25 years old. i ran against an incumbent. i never attacked him personally. that was a tough election. he never had a dam named after the family, but they had a funeral home in existence for over 100 years. they truly were the last ones to let you down. i ran for congress in 1982. i was the only republican to win that year. people counted me out of the race for the ohio senate. i was completely unknown, i was a kid. that it was about the record.
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he wouldn't support reagan, i did. it wasn't easy to support reagan in 1982. everybody was running away from him. i won a bunch of different elections, people were trying to smear me. then, i ran for governor. when did we get to this point in this country when we can call people by names and people can represent themselves to young people? enough of this trash. go and tell people what you are for. [applause] gov. kasich: how do you feel about this? enough of this trash. you see, what we are doing when
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we stand and applaud on something like that is we are voting for ourselves, saying, be than that. we are america. can you imagine people around the world looking at what is happening here? anybodyi will not let just count on me. i defend myself. you have to understand where i come from. if you beat us in the football game, we break every window on the bus. we don't mess around. i think, in this country, when you run for the highest office in the land, records are fair game. i want to tell you one other thing. the people in that town, in washington, the special interest groups, that i have fought for never call thell tune with me.
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you are the ones who will call the tune with me. not these k street lobbyists and political insiders in washington . i have had enough of them, and i know you have too. let us change this country for the best. a quick story. town, and golittle to a little tiny school in the midwest. i'm not sure you have ever heard of it. it's called ohio state university. [applause] collegeich: i have 15 roommates. a lot of bad -- not bad, but frustrating things happen in the first few weeks. i decide i need to change the rules. i decided i needed to meet with the president of the diversity. to a meetinge in with the president. i lodge my complaint.
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school fore been in about a month, i'm undecided, but i a look around, and i say, maybe this is the job for me, what do you do? he told me about fund raising, and he said, tomorrow i'm going .own to meet with mr. nixon i said, could i go with you? he said, no. letter,if i write a would you give it to the president of the united states? he said, i could do that. i went back to my dorm room, and basically vitamin c to the white house. a few weeks later, i go down to my mailbox, and there is a letter from the office of the president. letter,ome, oak of the and say, mom, i'm going to need an airline ticket, the president of the united states wants to
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in the ovalng office. this is a true story. bigamy and airline ticket, i fly down to washington, i go through security, and i'm sitting on a bench outside the oval office, and a guy walks up to me and says, you will get five minutes alone with the president of the united states. college8-year-old students. i'm thinking, new tie, new jacket, new parents, i didn't minutese for five lousy . i sit at his desk alone for 20 minutes. i you add up all the time spent in the oval office, i age 18.t [applause] gov. kasich: that has been my life, one lightning strike after another. here is what i want you to know.
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backan see this debt clock here. i'm the only guy who travels around with the debt clock. when i was in the senate, those numbers went down. we balance the budget, and pay down half a trillion dollars of the national debt. they said it could not be done, it would not be done, and then it got done. it was so hard because we had to step on every single special interest group in washington. we rewrote the entire government of the united states. wages were up to the point where clinton tried to take credit. you know bill clinton. if there is a riot coming, he will get the front, and call it a parade.
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i left. i was 48 years old. i said, enough, i will going to some other things -- do some other things. there was a projected $5 billion surplus, and it all got spent. by guess who? the republicans controlled the house, senate, and white house, and they spent it. republicans love to spend, democrats love to spend too, they just feel guilty. jobs the insecurity of because, in my hometown, as a kid, if the wind blew the wrong way, people found themselves out of work. i understand the value of work. isn't it interesting, the debate the other night, the only person who mentioned jobs with me. .- was me
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we need to go back to this, we need to get our budget in order, cut taxes, free up small business, and have a fiscal plan that makes sense so that we can the federal government. that is what we need to do. completely change it. i did it in ohio where we lost 350,000 jobs. we went from $8 billion in the hole to $2 billion in the black. here's what you need to know. we have done better. we have taken efforts to provide resources to the mentally ill. we believe they don't need to live under a bridge or in prison, they need to get on feet.
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[applause] gov. kasich: in case you ever wonder about do they live under a bridge, i was in new orleans, insolvent living under the bridge. you see them with the shopping carts sometimes. they have all their worldly possessions in that shopping cart. workingthings are up, they are ignored. the drug addicted, they need to be rehabbed. .ack to mom mom held that baby in her arms, d big hopes and dreams, and they start to fall apart. we can help those people get back on their feet and live out their dreams. the working poor, they don't need to live in our emergency room's, they need to begin in a sense that they can get ahead, get health care, and by the way, when they get a pay raise, they shouldn't have to turn it down because the system is so dumb. let's change the system. [applause] gov. kasich: that's enough.
12:46 pm we are now going to go to questions. i have been having great times at the town halls. don't screw this up for me. [laughter] gov. kasich: who wants to go first? right there. >> [indiscernible] gov. kasich: can we get a microphone over to the gentelman ? you are a high paid expert. what are we paying you -- a couple of coffee? >> you are a realist. i support you 100%. is, ifstion that i have the party is going to be hijacked, and we will be left with two choices, hillary clinton or donald trump, he said
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that if the party does not treat him fair, he will leave and run as a third-party candidate. will you do the same? please do. if that is our choice, please do. gov. kasich: let me tell you a couple of things. look, i beat hillary clinton by more than any other republican candidate in the race -- 11 points. [applause] gov. kasich: we have not been talking about this much, but i be heard by 18 points in ohio. i have not checked the record yet, by don't think any republican has ever been elected .resident without winning ohio does anyone know that to be true? by the way, i will be donald trump in ohio. that will be the beginning of a new day. [applause] i will beat him
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in ohio. count on it. some of the other candidates, if they cannot win their home state, they should get out. if i can't win my home state, i will get out. i will win ohio. i can promise you. this lady is moving back there with the flag, and she will waive it. look -- sir. the party is -- he says it is not the party is to be. let me tell you. i come from the ronald reagan cap, teddy roosevelt wing of the party. our republican party is most comfortable without having ideas . we are most comfortable -- and i have seen all my lifetime -- when bill clinton had his tax increase in 1993, which everybody said helped grow the theomy -- no, it hurt
12:49 pm
economy. raising taxes does not help. i had a counter plan that could .eet the goals we had it was specific about how we would do it. we had a republican caucus. was the speaker. we went into this meeting. it was unbelievable. we had 36 speakers, and 34 of them said, we should not oppose clinton and offer our ideas. there were two of us opposing it. i had the plan. i walked to the back of the room and said, newt, what do you think? he said, i do not think we would be doing this well. [laughter] gov. kasich: we offered the plan. if you listen to my friend joe scarborough, he said those are the debates that convinced him to run for congress. then, the class of 1994 came in here and they did not give a
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hoot about reelection. the budget.alanced we have to be a party of ideas. you know why we got obamacare? republicans didn't do anything. in science, if there is a void, what happens? what happens? you are not getting an a in science today. stop doing politics and study science. you never know. why have we not been out there performing systems? at least putting the ideas out. to lose. both ideas never get accepted overnight. onlthe only time i have been involved, when my ideas got accepted overnight is because
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when i was a governor. havenxecutive, you the opportunity to call the tunes. i go to new york, and the credit agencies say they will downgrade our credit. all we were doing was taxing and spending. in the blink of an eye, by having some commonsense regulations, by cutting taxes -- i cut taxes. we even killed the death tax. now, we are working on killing death. as an executive, you can drive things quickly. we are not the party of ideas as much as we should. you know what ideas do? ideas change the world. harvard,two guys in ,ating pizza in their dorm room
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i met these guys driving a volkswagen with their in-line skates tied to the roof. they started google. reade way, if you want to a great book, get the book on the bright brothers -- right wright brothers. give me that thing. [laughter] gov. kasich: you all see this? i have twins that are 16 years old. they are doing great. head.ok his i love north carolina, but flight was ohio, not north carolina. it was in our state -- anyway.
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about 55 and six years ago, i was in florida, with her da my daughter. they said to me, what is that thing over there? i said, that is where superman changed his clothes. i said, mom and dad used to put coins in that thing to make a phone call. they were like, no way. this is what changes the world. not the device, so much -- we are a constantly connected consumer. we do it all from our living room. you can go from one end of manhattan to the other for five dollars. they are talking about flying cars in the next few years. you can google it. flyingalways believed in
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cars. medicine is changing. everything is changing, except the government. we have to have an attitude of , ande and innovation shifting the power out of big bureaucracy. big bureaucracies don't work. if you are in a business, and you don't change, you die. if you are in government don't change, you get 19 chile dollars trillion in debt, and reelected. it has to stop. [applause] [laughter] gov. kasich: i get more iphone six's that way. i think you got my point. yes? aski asked this question -- this question in the context of dogs. -- jobs.
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i'm a student at the mercy of tennessee. we have received numerous reports in our field about how renewable energy would create jobs. ,ransition to cleaner energy for instance, with a solar farm, to run aes more people solar farm chemical plant. gov. kasich: i'm not sure that is right. >> over the lifetime, i mean. increasingly, the cost for a solar plant -- over a lifetime, again -- is getting closer and a coal plant. of local plan gov. kasich: let me talk about climate change. i think that science matters. [applause] way, i also by the believe in evolution. i don't think that evolution and science is inconsistent.
12:56 pm
i don't do get is. i want to be clear, i respect science. [applause] gov. kasich: at the end of the day, by the way, this new philosophy -- creationism and evolution -- they are not exclusive, in my opinion. here is the thing. we want to be in a position to recognize that of course we affect the temperature of the climate, but we don't really much.y how everybody in here wants to make sure their kids will have a decent environment. there was a reporter who came to see me not long ago. i didn't really remember this all that well, but when we grew up, in pittsburgh, on a bad day, everything would be cloudy, and there would be soot on the
12:57 pm
windshields. everything got cleaned up, but .e were sensitive to it we are here to manage the environment, but not to worship it. here's what we need to do. we all love renewables. in my state, i'm fighting to make sure we have a realistic, robust, renewable policy. i believe in solar and wind. except that these -- big subsidies on both of them, that's ok. whatever they believe in is battery technology. i would to just something to you. do you want to be a billionaire? >> [indiscernible] gov. kasich: battery technology, or be a billionaire? [laughter] gov. kasich: here is the thing, if i were you, i would be for her, maybe even right now, and go back to your dorm room, or apartment, and i would get the
12:58 pm
breakthrough on battery technology. that will transform the world. when the sun doesn't shine, you still have power stored. by the way, i want to for being anyou electrical engineering. i think that is fantastic that you are doing that. [applause] gov. kasich: these are the things that get me in trouble, but if you had gotten into it a few years ago, you could be conjured reading -- country reading to my campaign. you will be successful. we have to be realistic. in my state, they mandated a response, but was unrealistic. i believe we need all sources and all forms of energy in our country. another thing. we need to be energy independent. in ohio.cking
12:59 pm
not a lot of it, but we are doing it. it is nascent. we have very tough rules around it. we don't think it is inconsistent to have a clean environment and have energy. why do we need energy independence? you want to bring manufacturing back here? it is such a great advantage for us if we can have low-priced energy. we have to keep all these things in mind. most things in life are about a balance. some things are black-and-white. most things are a matter of balance. that is what i think of all the fat. yes, right here. you are probably the one paying the bills. you will not insult me here if i ask you something? gov. kasich: it depends what you ask. [laughter] gov. kasich: i would hope not. >> i will probably have as much
1:00 pm
time as you and ben carson have on the stage. just bear with me for a second. i came here for -- ted cruz had a rally here in december, and i talked toat rally and chair for him.he state saturday i went to the rubio rally and spoke with todd harris at that rally. anyway, it has been a great experience hearing about nola. -- about noah. my distant blood uncles patrick cousin wasy distant dolly madison.
1:01 pm
what you are doing here is letting people get up and talk. i share some information with those campaigns. and it is kept from the people of nashville. erin andrews is here. we have a federal lawsuit, the sexual assault. a getting dragged through everything in the media. gov. kasich: he's getting to it.
1:02 pm
we have to get to it. the challenge is what? childn 2008 there was a molestation cover-up tied to mike huckabee. the national police got used and my daughter and our family was silent. -- it tooknd out four or five years to hear about it. and it is buried. known as hearing about it, tennessee, nobody is reporting about it. i have gone to campaigns and try to let them know and the church that was involved, a church here pastor wase, their breaking about how they were having an affair at their church and ted cruz was going to have some kind of event. i think after penn state and what happened with sandusky and you are talking about communities and families and things that there are kids out
1:03 pm
here and if we are not allowed to speak up -- gov. kasich: let me tell you what his question is. we were at last night in memphis and we heard some things that were not good. i don't know what is true and what is not. but if you are a dad and you have a daughter who may have just, here and you is what i will say, we will have our folks gather your get totion, we need to the mayor or i need to call the governor of the state about this and have them look into it, i would be more than glad to do it. thatattel all of you here when it was just real early in i was reading about the sexual assaults on campus.
1:04 pm
it is a complicated subject. but i told our folks we have to for somebody who has been abused to be able to .ee -- to seek justice we're putting a policy and all -- putting aes policy in all of our campus, to something happens to them -- if something happens to them they somewhere they can go to in a position of confidentiality. tape -- often times it toes somebody some time think about what they want to do. we are making sure our public there is as, that safe place for people to go.
1:05 pm
maybe we don't like to hear about all this stuff. i think we just have to look and say what is true and what is not? all i'm trying to say is make sure we do the best we can as human beings to bring justice to this world. every time i say something you shake your head so you get to ask the question. >> i fly primarily in asia. since president obama has been in office -- 747. gov. kasich: [indiscernible]
1:06 pm
[applause] forget the water, forget the peanuts, just get us some legroom. >> lie question to you is what are we going to do with militarization of the south china sea echo -- south china sea? gov. kasich: you understand what is going on. the chinese are being extremely aggressive. there, theys out are trying to make things a reality. in other words just get some batteries on the island, they are putting radars up. it is a very serious matter. and the president of china, pretty- china, he is aggressive.
1:07 pm
we are going to make it clear you do not own those islands. there is now a case in the international court. the chinese get concerned when they get isolated. the world may have to isolate them if they are going to continue this kind of behavior. we have to keep doing it and we have to bring all of our allies. sometimes there is an opportunity to have lemonade and to be able to get closer to our allies in asia who don't want to see chinese domination. they want to see some u.s. backbone. there are a number of things we can do to send a strong signal
1:08 pm
to the chinese. i don't know how many people heard it. we have a serious problem with north korea. what we have been saying is we will give the south koreans -- this is serious stuff. this is not some silly little game. we are not playing risk. this is international affairs. we told the south koreans and the japanese we would give them capability on some level of ballistic defense, the chinese got upset, in a good way. they are starting to do more action. agreemente reached an with the chinese to do inspections of air and ship. do,know what they want to
1:09 pm
north koreans want to send this stuff out. the biggest challenge we have is to stop the ability of crazy people out there to get their hands on a nuclear weapon. we must do everything we can to stop it. with the chinese, you want to cyber attack us. we are going to destroy those elements. we don't need to have a war. we have a lot of competitors in life. being in a position where you are consistent with what you say, same thing with russia.
1:10 pm
first of all we are going to arm ukraine. we are going to give ukrainians the ability to fight for their own freedom. invade finland, sweden, or any other country, consider it an attack on us. i don't want to hear anymore nonsense. syria is wein should have been supporting the andls from the beginning instead we did nothing and we had a redline and we did nothing. we have to learn from history. europe isan left in angela merkel. he's a great leader. do i need to buy something?
1:11 pm
>> my name is stacy harris. i would like for you to help me as you are planning to help this gentleman with an insurmountable issue. on the back of my card it's as homeless homeowner. my me explain that as briefly as i kampeter i own my own -- as i can. we all learned in seventh grade physics class that only the government -- seventh-grade civics class that only the -- my home was not taken by the government. when the government takes your done ifcan only be there is a public need to do it, you haven't committed a crime, and of those things apply to me. this is i am a whistleblower like you. 14-year-old in many in less -- in minneapolis,
1:12 pm
minnesota wanting to see bobby kennedy. later i met him in his office. with respect to losing my home, this is illegal and i have had some traction in that i have gotten to the point where i got my seat -- got my state legislator to ask the attorney general. that, refused to do citing all kinds of things. the bottom line is what everybody in this room should be concerned about, my personal situation, because if you are a resident and a property owner it affects you. what we have now is case law as a result of what i went through legally and the state court system. i'm going to have to get to the federal court system. gov. kasich: i'm going to give you an answer to this right now,
1:13 pm
when this is over you are going to walk right over here to this whatnd he's going to hear you have to say and he's going to let me know what he thinks. >> one more thing, this is a conservative issue. i'm a democrat but i voted for you last week. everybody in this room, you included -- everybody wants pie-in-the-sky. to two of his attorneys, his press secretary about this issue, no response. he cares for people, that's what he says. you do care for people. make sureh: we will we get with you and we get with this gentleman back here. let me tell you what is happening folks -- thank you. let me tell you what is happening. i have last six months
1:14 pm
been going places and people have been pouring their hearts out to me. she is here because she says some reason maybe this guy will care about me. i don't know where you got that from, i like that. i think the lord can tell me people's problems. lord the book and tell me their problems. a father stands up, do you know how hard that was for that guy? there are many people in this country who feel as though nobody listens to them, no one helps them, and no one fights for them. i am glad we have gone here and i'm going to tell you why. i had a lady in virginia, she stood up in front of 1000 people
1:15 pm
and spoke about her autistic son. where is he going to go when i get old. and then she came to the rope line and said she has a 16-year-old daughter that has a mental illness and says she hasn't had a date with her husband in a year because she watch theirybody to kids for a couple of hours so they can have a date. we are not going to fix america because we elect some big shot in washington. they all wore the bigwigs. wig.nately i don't need a if we don't have economic growth in america nothing matters. everything falls apart. the community is hurt. i will do everything i can to get the jobs going. there are only three things that
1:16 pm
matter, jobs, jobs, jobs. i want to send welfare, education, infrastructure, job training, and medicaid back to the state. run those to programs, not me, not washington. say we are going to take 100 for federal education , people go crazy. this is dependent on your schools? you want to fix and run to the school board, you want to talk to the school board members doing their job. need to be able to compete in the 21st century. stop waiting for somebody to come riding in here on a white charger and start fixing things where we live.
1:17 pm
that is america. right here. >> you are way too modest. gov. kasich: i have never been accused of that. >> i have followed your career. my family is from johnstown, pennsylvania. gov. kasich: that is a shot and a beer town. >> i went to a place like you did called ohio state. you were in my district. stories, i know the people that have built your and -- here they live, gov. kasich: they should have
1:18 pm
made the kids bathroom bigger. [laughter] a lot underlying tone on of these issues is the socialistic attitude is starting to exist in this country. but nobody has personal rights anymore, it is everybody's rights. everybody is not everybody. we have our own personal issues. officials listed movement -- but the socialistic movement scares me. we have two socialists running on the other side of the aisle. one of them has come out and admitted he is. what can we do about this as republicans? good, and this is it because i have to go. i think we should start with free ben & jerry's.
1:19 pm
they are bernie's biggest backers. if things are going to be free, let's have free ice cream for a year. check it out. and do not skimp on the new york chunk. these young people that are here , are you a socialist young lady? why are you not? give her this, i want her to talk. >> because i've worked to be where amt. -- where i am today. kasich: if bernie sanders is the democrat nominee, we will win 49 states. but we have to have a candidate that presents the vision. why is it i'm beating hillary clinton by 11 points?
1:20 pm
crossover votes. my father, who was a democrat all his lifetime, was a conservative democrat. there were conservative reagants were supporting . we are americans before anything else. mississippi.port completely wiped out, by the way, by katrina. down.nks were all knocked they got money cash out of the vault, set up folding chairs, and people would come to get their cash to do what they need to do. and they lent millions of dollars of money to people in gulfport. at the end of the day they lost a total of 300,000 because it -- a place where a handshake
1:21 pm
you should be able to have a legal document that describes everything. you are talking about personal responsibility, about ethics. thank goodness we get a mulligan every day. i don't believe the american people are going to go for this stuff. they are trying to legalize drugs and ohio. it went down 70-30. they know things aren't free, they know things aren't stupid. for meaning ing their life. they are looking to make the world a better place.
1:22 pm
that is really what a national set of leaders can do. -- when you are a kid you were inspired by woody hayes. parents wouldlaws drive every weekend just to look at the stadium, because they were so excited. we need to have a little better .eaders they are smarter than that. let me talk about this whole thing on people who are independent. we are not going to fix everything.
1:23 pm
some kids grow up in a place where they wake up in the morning, they hear gunshots. had anybody that really gave them any direction. many of them can rise. someone goes to get relief, we need to make sure we have some of the business community in the relief office. they have to train for a job that doesn't exist. my mother said it is a sin. i think that is where the country is. i'm going to ship welfare back here.
1:24 pm
the combined help of responsibility -- i talk about those that are drug addicted, i'm going to put them in a drug court. if you don't follow the rules of the drug court it ain't going to be pretty. personal responsibility matters. i see a lot of young people across this country. a lot of them are saying i saw my parents worry too much about money and not enough about changing things, the world. money, but i'm going to dedicate my life to something bigger than just all they needou to do is have confidence in themselves that each one of them can change the world. sometimes you don't change it by having to stand up on a stage.
1:25 pm
let me give you advice, don't try to do this. the lord made you special, made all of us special for a purpose. what we want to do is the tools they have given us. we have been blessed by the good lord to be leaders in terms of human rights, the equality of women, decency in the world. if you were here today and you did not like me, tell no one. what is going on matters. to call all your friends and neighbors. it is so volatile, we never know what is going to happen. get out there and vote with your head and your hearts.
1:26 pm
k-6 is a good guy. thank you very much. asich is aa -- k good guy. thank you very much. [applause]
1:27 pm
1:28 pm
ohio governor john kasich and a town hall meeting in nashville tennessee. part of the super tuesday primary. also today republican presidential candidate marco rubio spoke at a rally in georgia. voters in that state going for the polls as part of super tuesday. we will show you the rubio rally in five minutes. senator rubio speaking with reporters just before his event in georgia. >> are you confident you can still be donald trump. sen. rubio: there is no way the party of lincoln and reagan will be taken over by a con artist.
1:29 pm
it is just the beginning. [no audio] full the country into believing he is who he says he is. will notlican army allow trump to have the delegates. i will be in the race as long as it takes to become the nominee. >> [indiscernible] sen. rubio: we are going to pick up as many delegates as we can. we feel good about tuesday. we are going to win states after tuesday. i don't have -- i don't care if i have to get my pickup truck and go around the country like i did when i was in the senate. donald trump will never be the leader of the country. we have a great crowd waiting
1:30 pm
for us. we feel good about our momentum and progress here. i think the message for conservatives is for the first time in eight years we are going to have a president that follows and a strongion national defense like reagan did. are going to have a president who understands the .hallenges we face >> [indiscernible] sen. rubio: i don't want to raise the cost of higher education. we are the only republican dealing with it.


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