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  Washington This Week  CSPAN  February 27, 2016 4:31pm-5:19pm EST

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presidential candidate donald trump was at regent university in virginia beach to take part in their presidential candidate forum. he made remarks and took questions. this is about 45 minutes. gentlemen please , welcome mr. donald j. trump. [applause] mr. trump: thank you everybody. thank you. thank you very much. [applause] so nice. thank you very much. please visit down. we had a very exciting evening last night. i went all around. you know the word caucus, it's a little complicated. you don't know how it's going to work out. they say it's hard to poll.
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but we really won big last night. we ended up getting 46% of the vote. during the day, i saw all these people, they are all saying donald, we love you donald. but you never know what is going to happen. and as soon as we turned on the tv, it was obvious from the beginning. we had an extraordinary night. one of the things that made me so happy is, as you saw, we totally won with evangelicals. we were big league with evangelicals. it was such a good thing. we worked very hard. i am presbyterian, protestant. i was going to talk to pat, who is a great gentlemen. i have watched him over the years. the job he has done is incredible. i have to tell you, it's an honor to be with pat. i look forward to having him grill me. he will probably be grilling me. [laughter] but he is a great man and a great guy. last time i was with him was about 4 years ago, getting an award. the boone pickens award for
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entrepreneurship. i got to know pat a little bit. it was really great. the reason we are doing well in the polls, leading by a lot with almost everybody, is that i talk about what we have to do for our country. our country is in deep trouble. we owe $19 trillion. most people don't even know what $1 trillion is. how many hundreds of millions is in one trillion. it is such a number. 10 years ago you never even heard the word trillion. but we owe $19 trillion, a bad budget was passed about four weeks ago that will add at least $2 trillion to it. we will be of essentially $21 trillion. at some point it is difficult return. you need someone that knows what they are doing. when it comes to business, i know what i'm doing. it has been amazing for me.
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my two sons are backstage. maybe i'm allowed to bring them up, because i'm very proud of them. maybe i will bring them on. [applause] [cheering] mr. trump: good, that's beautiful. this is don and eric and they were with me for the last week. they go around making speeches. they do a better job than me. i go into the room and watch television. [laughter] they say, the trumps are making a speech. say hello don. don: it's great to be here to be a proxy for him. we know what he feels about this country. we know the values he has instilled in us growing up -- education, family, work ethic. all these things that are often lost on children of similar fortune. you don't read about many children that came from the kind of wealth that we were able to be brought up with.
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i won't talk about myself that way, but i will talk about my brother and sister that weight. those of the things that you don't see when he is the father, when he is now a grandfather to my five children. he is really incredible. he talks about business, and he's phenomenal at that. if you knew the real donald, you would see something special. he's an incredible guy. we are thankful he's doing this not only for ourselves and our children, but for everyone in this country. he will do a phenomenal job. [applause] eric: to reiterate, he has been our best friend, our mentor. he is the absolute greatest. we worked across the table with him for 10 years, building hotels and golf courses all the way over the world. everything he touches turns to gold. i said it all the time. that is the touch that this country needs. that will be no better commander-in-chief. i said it 3-4 months ago we were going to win this thing.
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i think we really are. he will be such a great president. we are proud of you pops. we love you to death. we will give it back to you. [applause] mr. trump: thank you. so a lot of times people asked me to speak about success, friends of mine. they make payments and we give it to charity. so often i will say, the really successful people are those not those with the great wealth, but with great families. great kids and wife and husband. those of the people that are the happiest. i don't know if i'm speaking against myself here. the fact is, the most successful people in the world, i deal with them all the time. i know them very well in many cases. these are not the happiest people, generally. a couple of them are happy, not top many. no matter how successful, they always want more more more.
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they are never satisfied. i guess i get guilty of that also. the fact is the happiest people , i know are those with great families. something i talk about during success seminars. a lot of times the people running for seminar don't want to hear that. that is not exactly what they want to hear. but i have to be truthful. i have 2 really great boys. i have five children altogether. they are all fantastic. you know ivanka, who's going to have a baby in about a week. we have been waiting. we thought iowa, we thought new hampshire. [laughter] we thought south carolina. we thought vegas would be an place to have a baby. a much different deal. but she probably would like it during the next week or two. she will have a baby and she's been spectacular. i have tiffany -- they are all good kids. hopefully they will stay that way. where is wood, i think i should
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knock on wood. is anybody superstitious? oh, that's real wood too. that's the real deal. [laughter] they are good kids and it's really great. the reason we are resonating is because we have to strengthen our trade deals, they are horrible. with china we lose in trade, $500 billion a year. what kind of deal is that? with japan we lose hundreds of billions of dollars. much smaller than china, but hundreds. we owed japan $1.6 trillion. we owe china 1.7 join dollars. an amazing thing, right? they take our money, and we owe them money. they take our factories, and you have no many have closed up. i have great relationships with china and japan. i have great relationships with mexico. but mexico is killing us at the border and in trade. you read the other day carriers were moving into mexico.
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did anybody read that story? the ones that make air-conditioners. they release 1400 people. summary had a cell phone going, which i'm sure kerry was not thrilled with, because it went a little the world. the executive was standing up, saying we're going to move. all the jobs are gone, we're going to move to mexico. i said to myself, how does that help us? they are going to make air-conditioners, sell them across the border. probably have illegals walk them in. nobody checks them. [laughter] every illegal gets an air conditioner. walks across. ford does the same thing. ford's building a $2.5 billion plant. they will have illegals drive cars across the border. [laughter] it's very sad. it's so bad that sometimes you have to laugh you can't believe it. ford is building a massive plant.
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nabisco is moving from chicago into mexico. mexico is literally the new china. they are taking our business. they are becoming the car capital of the world. a car was scheduled to be built in tennessee, and boom, they took it. last moment they decided it was going to mexico. we have to do something. we have to have borders. if we don't have borders we don't have a country. people can come into our country, but they have to come in legally. they can do what they are doing. we have 179,000 criminal immigrants. that's like filling up yankee stadium 4 times all of the country. these are criminals. this is not just -- these are people convicted of a crime. we are going to be strong on the borders, very strong with trade. we are going to be strong on protecting our second amendment. we are going to get rid of common core, basically education
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through washington which is a , disaster. you understand that. we are going to get rid of obamacare. it turned out to be a total disaster. [applause] and it's really hurting our country. you have so many part-time jobs because people don't want to register under obamacare. everybody has part-time jobs. you look at these people that never had a part-time job in their life. all of a sudden, he's reporting them on part-time and they have to get a second job. it is an unfair thing. so many plans, whether it is the health care savings. we have to get rid of the lines between the states. all of these politicians that i'm running against are taken care of by the insurance companies. they are taken care of by the oil and gas companies. taken care of by everybody. i'm the only one that is not. i am self funding. i don't know if that is smart or
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not so smart. [applause] but as a big contributor, i have been one over the years. i understand what it takes. we have a situation right now with drugs. the u.s. is the largest drug buyer in the world, drugs to make you better, pharmaceuticals. and we don't did it out. -- don't bid it out. a friend of mine that is a doctor came up to me and said, why don't we? once i found out what he was talking about, i knew exactly why. the pharmaceutical industry takes care of all the senators and congressmen, they have a very strong lobby. they don't want to bid out drugs. if we do that, we could save $300 billion. and we don't even do it. we are going to do it. if i'm there, they will be safe, donald, you can do it. trust me they can't do it , because they been given millions of dollars. i guess it's called legal corruption.
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you don't know how corrupt it is. whether it's the timber industry, anything. i will do the right thing. going to be great to the timber industry, to. bigger than that is military. the military -- they order a plane that they don't want or missile they don't want because the company making a missile has more political influence. they are ordering things that generals don't even want. they are ordering too much agreement, for the wrong equipment. those days are over. we are going to make our military bigger better, and , stronger than ever before. the cheapest thing we can do, and nobody is going to mess with us. i don't want to use it. i didn't want to go into iraq. that was one of the worst decisions ever made. we lost $2 trillion. thousands and thousands of lives. we have wounded warriors all of the place. iran is now taking over iraq. when you think of how iran is
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doing lately, we give them $150 billion and get nothing for it. we should have gotten our prisoners back long before we started negotiating. say listen, we are not negotiating until we get our prisoners back. they will say no, and then you leave the room. they never, they just stood there. kerry, the worst negotiator i've ever seen. he never left the room. you say, we need our prisoners back. this was four years ago, they started the longest negotiation i have ever seen. we have to have our prisoners back. the persians are great negotiators. it's tough. you don't want our prisoners, your people don't even know they are there, we need them. and we will make a better deal because it is easier. they will say no, and we will leave the room. we'll say bye bye and double up the sanctions. within 24 hours they will call and say you get your prisoners back. you go in for seconds.
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you say, listen -- my father was a good negotiator. he thought i was too rough. he used to use the expression, he'd say son, take the lumps out. if i didn't have my father i would have said this "we're not giving you the $150 billion." they would be angry, you probably never bring it back. "we're not giving it to you." i learned so much my father. so i take the lumps out. now i say listen, we have a , problem. in the meantime, prisoners, i say, did our prisoners land yet? yes, they just landed on american soil. now i saw fellas, we have a big problem. we have a country not doing well. we owe $19 trillion, essentially we are bust. we have no money.
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we just had a budget approved for $21 trillion. we have no money. fellas, we can't the $150 billion. they are going to go crazy. one day. [laughter] [applause] i'm sorry, i want to give it to you so badly, you have no idea, i'm dying to give it to you, but we can't, we don't have any money. that's better than saying "we're not giving it to you." right, do we all agree? the some effect, except they recover faster. no way i would have given them hundred $50 billion, in a million years. and the money is gone. two days before the money left. who reads "the art of the deal?" everybody reads it. i always say the bible is much better, no contest.
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not even close. do we agree? we agree. [applause] but "the art of the deal" has been a great book. obviously kerry did not read "the art of the deal." probably did not read the bible either. [laughter] it's a sad thing, that whole episode with iran. 2 days before the money you sent, they capture 10 beautiful young sailors. they put guns to their heads, they rough them up at least mentally. they were devastated. they humiliated our country, humiliated the 10 people. 1 women and 9 men. that is what we are dealing with. not going to happen anymore, folks. we're going to be the smart country instead of the dummies everybody laughs at. we are people that don't know what they are doing. we get bowe bergdahl, a traitor,
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they get five killers that they coveted for 9 years. those killers are back on the battlefield. or soon will be. but these are the ones they wanted, these 5. so we knew he was a traitor before we made the deal because it we had a general end date co el whoeneral and a colon knew him before they left. six people died looking for him. 5 definitely, probably 6. they went out looking for him, trying to get him back. he left. that's the way we negotiate. they get bowe bergdahl, they get 5 great killers. for them, the people that they want. not going to happen anymore. i tell these stories and i meet with crowds. far bigger than bernie. bernie is heading down now. looks like hillary will be protected from the e-mail scandal by the democrats. can you believe it? so many people for doing much
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less than she did are imprisoned and are devastated. think of it. [applause] for doing less than she did. and she looks like she's just going, boy did you ever see somebody so nice to the president? oh, the president is wonderful, she says. you know why she's doing that? i know why. boy oh boy, she's become like a marshmallow. thursday he does, -- everything he does, oh, it's wonderful. man, her life cannot be so easy. but what she has done is so wrong and so unfair. it looks like she will be the nominee. it looks like nothing will happen. but it will be discussed, i promise you. it will be discussed often often often. [applause] so with that, i think we are doing well.
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we have a great trend and have tremendous support. we have amazing people in this country. one of the most amazing people in the whole country is our great friend, pat. would you come out here pat? [applause] one of the great people. pat: thank you. it's good to have you here with us. you inspire us all. mr. trump: good morning to be here. supposedly i got lost. no, we had a great evening. pat: you are working on a project in washington after the old post office building. everybody wanted this, but you got it. "the art of the deal" -- what did you do?
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mr. trump: it's an amazing building built in the 1880's. walls that are five and thick, made of solid granite. today they use like plastic, right? one of the most beautiful buildings in washington. for years it was a post office. i always say to people if you , can get a post office in the city, you always get the best location. they are always there first. this was the one for washington. they put it out to bid. it was one of the most hotly contested projects ever in the gsa services, the big landlord for the government. they chose us. it's a great honor because we were chosen in the obama administration, which is sort of amazing. a lot of people did not think we were not able to get it. we want to make sure it gets done. we have a great track record for this stuff. we're building a hotel, 300 rooms. i think it will be one of the great hotels of the world.
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we are a year and a half ahead of schedule, even more than that. it's a little unusual when you talk about government. but we are 1.5 years under budget, and it opened in september this year. it was supposed to open up in september 2 years from now. we really have a great team. eric and don are working on it, ivanka is in charge of that one. she has done an amazing job. i think it will be one of the great hotels of the world. pat: you run the table. about a year from now, and you have your hand on the bible swearing your oath in front of the chief justice in front of the united states, and then you are president. at that point, you're in. [applause] there's a little office underneath the capital, and by the stroke of the pen, you can
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cancel a great many of the executive orders. you don't need congress. what would you do? mr. trump: we expect to cancel many of the executive orders of the past. obama has not been able to run things the way you're supposed to run them. you are supposed to get the congressman in the senators in. they made deals during reagan, and they liked each other. i have been involved in politics for a long time, all my life. i've gotten done tremendous zoning changes. i have done politics over the world. we have a lot of jobs going all the world. but i've never seen division like you have now. used to go to a restaurant in washington, you see republican having dinner with a democrat and they are best friends. you don't see that anymore. there is hatred. the country is so divided, whether it's african-american, white, congressman, democrat, republican -- i mean, it's like we have a whole divided country.
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i've never seen anything like it. i used to be part of it, democrats and republicans having dinner together with their families. it was a nice thing. pat: sure. mr. trump: there would be combat the next day, but they would get along. so today we have a president that can't get anything done. he signs executive orders. one one of the first ones i would knock out is his executive order on the second amendment, where he is chipping away at it. the other one is the one on the border, basically he wants people to pour into the country unchecked. the courts have been following that one. amazingly we have a couple of good decisions so far. it's still out there. the legal fees, i would knock it out very fast. i know you believe in this, we have to have strong borders. you saw the pope came out against me. he was very nice. the next day he issued a statement.
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pat: they have a pretty big wall around the vatican. [laughter] [applause] mr. trump: pretty big. he was told, oh you have this man named trump that wants to build a wall. of course you have to build it. drugs are coming across the border, we don't even have a country. you don't have a border, you don't have a country. he was a little bit strong. it's interesting because it was the day before the election. i said to myself, oh no. my people came to me and said, mr. trump, the pope just made a statement about you. i said, good or bad? [laughter] we had the election the next morning. good or bad? they said, not good. i said oh, this is a disaster. [laughter] and he talked about the border. he did mention the wall.
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but i have seen the vatican. that's the most incredible wall. it goes up to the ceiling, right? i think he took a little heat. he was actually very nice the next day. nobody explained to him about the crime or drugs pouring in and the economy. he was actually very nice. you don't want to hear it the day before the election that the pope says something unkind about you. [laughter] pat: we have a massive deficit. we are running a deficit every year. wasteful spending is out of control. there was a commission, senator vincent -- got together and gave a very reason proposal. have you adopted anything like that? we have to have some way of cutting the spending. mr. trump: i think i could add to it a lot, because we needed jobs back in the country. our country has been stripped. we have rebuilt china.
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i like china, it's wonderful. i'm not angry at china, i'm angry at our representatives for doing such bad deals. not just obama, this is just not now. obama has been horrible and others have been also. i'm not upset with china. i have one of the biggest bankers as a tenant in manhattan. i sell millions of condominiums to the chinese. i can't be angry at them. same thing with mexico. i have great relations with mexico. in all cases, both countries, every country is killing us. we have political hacks that are negotiating trade deals that know nothing about it. they have the smartest, sharpest people that they pick up when they are practically three years old. they go up this pyramid jane and they pick them at very early. --pyramid chain and they pick them out very early.
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it.people cannot deal with many business people endorse me, the great ones. we are going to use our greatest business people to negotiate trade deals. we won't be losing this kind of money. we have horrible deals with japan. and everyone else. pat: there was a law passed, sarbanes-oxley, and the number of ipos since then have been drastically curtailed. now we have corporate conversions, and people put their headquarters in another country. and yet our tax burden on corporations is the highest in the world. mr. trump: we have the highest taxes in the world in the united states. deficits like this and yet we have high taxes. i'm cutting taxes substantially. we are going to bring jobs back. china is one of the great currency manipulators in history, ever. there is nobody ever like them. japan is really good, but china
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is even better. they have done a number on us with manipulation. in the meantime look at caterpillar, they can even sell their tractor. us, they no fear of have no respect for us anymore. in the south china sea, they are building this massive military complex. they are not supposed to be doing it. but they don't respect our president. he gives them state dinners when they come over. we have a lot of power over china, we just don't know. they are taking so much money out of our country. it's the greatest robbery in the history of the world. we have rebuilt china. they've taken so much money out of us. we have to stop it. we have to use our power, and we have to use it because of trade.
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we can get them to do things like solving the north-south korea problem. you know it better than i do that is part of the world that , you look at. you know they don't exist without china. china says, we don't have that kind of control. they are just toying with us they have total control. , the other one that does is iran. when we meet our deal a month ago, why did not we insist they take care of this? instead of going over with planes and dropping bombs. i have buildings in south korea. they make a fortune. i buy television sets from there. we don't make television sets anymore. i would like to make them. we used to make them. sylvania, rca, but those days are gone. we aren't supposed to be talking about these brands, it shows as were not as young as we used to be. [laughter]
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we have an economic behemoth in south korea. we have 28,000 soldiers between north and south korea. that is a dangerous job, by the way. 28,000 soldiers. we get paid peanuts. they make a lot of money. they are good people, everything is good. they have to take care of us. we are not in the position to be the policeman of the world. there are a lot of things we can do. pat: how would you specifically go after the north? they claim they have a thermonuclear weapon. mr. trump: i would start with china. china has absolute power. the stuff comes through china. i would have done iran. i don't think you're going to get anywhere with iran because they are a hostile nation. they took our money, they spend it. bought 118 airbus planes instead of boeing's, so the money goes to europe instead. they bought a lot of things in italy, all over europe.
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they bought a lot of missiles from russia. they gave us nothing. we gave them $150 billion. they spent a lot of it. nothing goes to the u.s. i would have been very strong in the negotiation. i would now be very strong with china. again, we have a lot of power over china. china takes out so much money. i said before, $500 billion trade deficit with china. you can't do that. how long are you going to have a country when you do that? i hate to tell you, you need somebody like me. i'm good at this stuff. [laughter] [applause] the politicians don't even know what it means. they talk about free trade. i am a free trader. you have to have smart trade, too, intelligent. like kerry, they are going to make air-conditioners, sold them for nothing. they are going to lose 1400
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jobs. they employ mexican people which , is fine. they make air-conditioners and sell them. here's the story. this is the only thing you can do to stop it. if you make air-conditioners, we wish you a lot of luck, enjoy yourselves. but every time you put air-conditioner into this country you have a 35% tax. , they are not going to move. [applause] there are people that will say, oh, you're not a conservative. i'm the most conservative guy in many ways. you have to be smart. if everybody moves, we won't have everybody left. you can have thousands of factories that close in our countries. pat talked about corporate inversion. they are moving companies, not only because taxes are too high, but out of the u.s., like pfizer. they are a great company.
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they are moving to get money. there is $2.5 trillion outside of the u.s. and yet the democrats and republicans agreed to bring it in. if you are obama, within 10 minutes you can make a deal. this is the case where everybody agrees. pat: why hasn't he done it? mr. trump: i could not tell you the story. [laughter] i like that example. $2.5 trillion. i think it could be $5 trillion. could be more than that. the government has no idea. if they say $2.5 million, it's probably much more. here is a case where democrats and republicans are in total agreement. they disagree on all these other things. we get it, it is tough. here's something they all agree on. we want the money back in our country, what is not to agree on? it should be 10 minutes to solve
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that problem. they agree here, agree here. the money is going to come back and. they have agreed now for 3 years. that is leadership. if i was president, i would get done in an office and say fellas -- folks, because we have a lot of women, and that is good, -- folks, we have to make this deal. i would have it on and a half hour. you need leadership. you cannot fly to hawaii to play golf on a boeing 747. [applause] he talks about the carbon footprint and then gets in a 747 to play golf. he comes back a long time later. it was not like you came back the next day. he played a lot of golf. you have to get people into an office and make deals. pat: one last question. i know we have some from the audience. scalia just died. he was a dear friend here at
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regent and a great justice. the court was in a conservative mode, 5-4. now the next president, there may be 3 judges. what criteria would you use? mr. trump: we have judge alito, who is terrific. we have judge thomas, who is a great guy. we have some who do not work out as well. if you look at justice roberts, he could have killed obamacare twice. senator cruz is the one that most wanted him. he wrote editorials, saying that you have to have roberts. justice roberts was a terrible justice. he approved obamacare when
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everybody said it was going to be terminated. he was the one that kept it. he had a second time at it, and he passed it then too. some of the other judges on the conservative side -- rumors are that some would not even speak to him. what he did was terrible. he was a bush appointee. the one that pushed him harder than anybody was senator cruz. senator cruz gave us obamacare in a sense. [boo] mr. trump: oh? [laughter] mr. trump: no, in fact you have right now, they had editorials where he actually wrote papers called "why you should be the one chosen" -- signed my ted cruz. no matter what he does, he has been a disastrous judge. obamacare is killing everybody. pat: one more question. in your selection as president, what criteria would you use to pick somebody? mr. trump: pro-life.
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[applause] very conservative, very smart. alia, he was like a perfect, a perfect representative. i've always said that justice thomas does not get enough credit. he is a wonderful man. he's a wonderful guy. [applause] i think judge alito is terrific. in that realm is what we're talking about. pat: we have some questions. they have come in from all around. i will turn this over. >> hello, good to see you. here is a question from the simulcast room, because this is huge. we haven't overflowed room. i thought you would like to know that. -- we have an overflowed room.
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mr. trump: i see some people upstairs. >> that is right. they are everywhere. here's a question about israel. support of israel, essential for maintaining peace in the middle east? will you emphatically stand with israel? mr. trump: yes, very simple answer. [applause] they have been our most reliable ally, especially in the middle east. you look at what is happening with israel. they were so against this horrible iran deal. obama was thet, worst thing that happened to israel. you can look at it as he's not a good president. you look at bibi netanyahu and what he's gone through. you can see the level of exasperation on the demand is. the most basic things, they
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weren't winning anything. why would they make a deal like this? and they look at us, they have no respect for us. they can't believe themselves they were able to get this deal. i don't get it. there are a lot of theories. this will be studied for a long time. this will prove to be a very bad deal. this will lead to nuclear proliferation 100%. all the money we gave, everything we gave, leaving the keeping of the hostages. ultimately they released them for $150 billion. it looks like ransom. 100%.ith israel pat>> this also from the simulct room, as president, what will you do to restore adherence to the constitution by all of whatever might? mr. trump: i'm a very strong constitutionalist. i feel so strongly about it. i think you could say not giving a lot of thought, with all the
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executive orders, that's not a constitutional thing. [applause] we have a president that goes -- he'll spend three minutes on a talk show, he goes and signs executive order and says hey, five years later the courts will decide. the good thing about a thicket of orders is that the new president can immediately void them that is the one good thing. [applause] >> here is an interesting one from here in the studio audience. from bernard, during this campaign there has been a lot of tough language among the candidates. can you forgive and forget to put it aside to join together, and also a key choice from one of these people? mr. trump: i can forgive. i am pretty good with that. every once in a while, somebody will have gone too far and i won't like it.
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you have a set of the last few weeks. things were said that were lies, frankly. i won't mention it. persont to be a good today, at least for the next hour. [applause] [laughter] there have been many untruths told. just knowing, like what happened to ben carson was horrible. "he left the race, come on over and vote for me." i think i would have won iowa if that had happened to me. but we got second and first, so i'm not complaining. happened to ben carson was horrible. that isce violation, like a fraudulent document that was sent. there were bad things happening out there. nigel people real estate is really tough and you meet tough people. these politicians are not such good people.
5:13 pm
[laughter] trump, the audience, mr. there are some say that in the past have supported democrat liberal views. how can voters be sure that you will truly hold and continue to hold republican ideas and values? mr. trump: it is interesting. one of the magazines said with all jump is a world-class businessman. i am all over the world. and i deal with all politicians. i never thought i would be doing this. i just got exasperated. i would have done it four years ago. i looked at it with romney. i have a lot of of jobs going. my children are younger and how they can do a great job. this is not something i was going to do or really wanted to do. i loved what i was doing. the fact is, as a businessman, you get along with politicians or you have a problem. so i get along with democrats, liberals, conservatives, republicans. i get along with everybody. because that was my thing.
5:14 pm
it was very important. i saw bob in the audience. where is he? [applause] a fantastic person. you know that. [applause] he is a fantastic person. i get along with everybody. i tell ypeople, they say, it's true. but as a businessman you want to get along with republicans and democrats. that has been used on me. but once i explain it, most people understand. >> ken from in the audience wants to know, assuming you will be the nominee of the party, one of the most important qualities you will look for in a vice presidential candidate? feel free to name some names. [laughter] that was my part. mr. trump: there are some names
5:15 pm
that have been around. we are now down to 5 from 17. some of the people i've dealt with, i have a lot of respect for. the main quality that you want is somebody that can be a great president, if something happens to you. don't you think? that has to be number one. i would want summary that could help me with government. most likely that would be a political person. i am business and very good at what i do. i'm also very political. when you can get zoning on the west side of manhattan to bill demong 6000 units of housing and have to go there new york city politics, that is tough. i don't see israel-palestine, but it's as tough a deal. [laughter] anybody can make that deal. we are going to give it a shot. a lot of good people have gone down try to give it a shot.
5:16 pm
the most important thing is you have to have somebody that can be a great president. after that, you want somebody that can help you with legislation, etc. i would say, without thinking about it a lot, i just want to get over the line. i want somebody that is political, because i want lots of great legislation. pat: he's had a busy day. you came to virginia, it is a big deal. hillary -- if you were president, would you instruct the attorney general to indict her for what she is done in relation to the e-mails? mr. trump: it's an amazing question. there is a six-year statute of limitations. it might be five, but probably six. i would instruct them to take a
5:17 pm
look at it. it's not really our call to say indict. but you certainly have to take a look at it. you look at general betrayers, he suffered greatly. -- you look at general petraeus, he suffered greatly. they wanted to take his rank away from him. this man suffered enough.why don't you focus on beating isis and leave general petronius alone? [applause] i would instruct my attorney general to look at it. there seems to be a lot there. we read from experts in the field. how often do you see somebody saying that she did nothing wrong? but they are protecting her because she's the number one runner. she is a saying how wonderful obama is. every single thing he wants to
5:18 pm
do she is saying great. she is doing it for that reason. pat: i want to thank you. i think the audience really appreciates and loves you. [applause] i want to ask you, after the election, who will you please come back as president trump, and give a presidential message here at regent? mr. trump: we will do it again. great pleasure. [applause] >> stick around everybody.
5:19 pm
[applause] >> tomorrow, republican positional candidate donald trump speaks at a rally in huntsville, alabama.