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tv   Dr. Jill Stein  CSPAN  February 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:21pm EST

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it's not regulation and all this other stuff they're talking about. something has to be done to address the trade deficit. and he is really one that talks about it. plus, i would like to say, want to listen to hillary and when i -- these people when they are campaigning, talk about the police injustices, donald trump is really one that is sticking up for our police departments and saying good things about them. soundy and then make it like every time a police car drives through black community, everyone runs, because the police are shooting at them. guest: thank you, charles. you raise a number of issues. i would remind you that trump is one of those people who has taken his business is off shores. he is one of these big businessman, he is part of the big-money that is investing offshore. that enhances his bottom line. and although he is not taking money from other billionaires, he is one of those billionaires himself.
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he shares their interests, and why he seems to be a man of the people -- if you look at his record, it's not so great. he doesn't treat his workers very well, he's a little bit hypocritical. he talks about the immigrant problem, but he has been known to higher many undocumented immigrants himself. problem, inbiggest my book, is what he did with trump university, which was a kids.gainst working-class he signed them up for this university that basically delivered nothing and took tens of thousands of dollars for them, promising he would be personally involved. at the end of the day, the students got to take a picture of a cardboard cutout of him. trump,iew, this is -- "you were buying. buyer beware, take a deeper look. it will be the first time the american public has been fooled be the first time
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the american public has been fooled by someone who is very good at promoting himself, that is very much a part of the system he is working in. host: does donald trump raise an interesting limit for you as a third-party candidate? -- dilemma for you as a third-party candidate? his momentum has raised questions about whether we need a third party in the political system. he tweeted a few months ago that 68% of his supporters would vote for him if he had departed the gop and ran as an independent. is there an upside to donald trump's campaign for someone like you, raising awareness of the need for perhaps more than two political parties? guest: you know, he may have said a few good things in passing. i think he isle, doing an awful lot of hatemongering and fear mongering. i don't think that's what we need. yes, we need diversity. and we need political diversity.
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we need more voices and more choices. yes, we can see that in donald trump. we also see that in bernie sanders who is technically not a democrat. i doesn't it just speak volumes about the political system that ohe two superpowered -- tw supercharged campaigns right now are people who are outside of these two political parties. , themerican public majority of voters have divorced the democratic and public and party. according to the "wall street journal," 50%, one out of every two of the american electorate has divorced the democratic and republican parties and is either independent or belongs to a small party. his 21% that a republican, 29% are democrat. why don't we include the other parties in this discussion? to my mind, this is the problem with the political system that really shuts down the voices that are true competitors. they are only allowing people
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squeeze themselves in to the pigeonholes of the democratic and republican parties. there is a much greater diversity of agendas and policy platforms that i think would resonate in or mislead. in fact, -- resonate enormously. i wast, the one time allowed into a televised debate, in massachusetts in 2002 when i was running against mitt romney for governor -- we fought our way into a debate. it took place in a tv studio, and i gave voice to the kinds of issues i was talking about earlier. they were completely marginalized inside of that little tv studio. when we walked out, i was mobbed by the press he told me i had won the debate on the instant online viewer poll. which said to me oh my gosh, this will political thing as a scam. the system is quaking in their boots that people should actually learn that they have real legitimate choices that would enable us to take our democracy and our future back. if you related statistics.
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a gallup poll shows the majority of the u.s. maintain a need for a third party. 60% of americans believe that the u.s. should have a third political party. both republican and democratic parties do a poor job ever present in the american people. theiot michigan, on democratic line. henry, go ahead. caller: good morning, ladies. that is for ratchet. stein, president barack hussein obama, whom i predict history as thein last greatest president united states is ever had, and matter of fact, the greatest president united states is ever had. catches largest campaign problems -- promise to those of them that support them twice. transparency. your problem is that you are
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sane. we are at a perfect inflection point in this country between business and labor. the people of the united states , areerica, on the right zombies, the people on the left are just clinton zombies. host: we believe it there. guest: i'm not sure what the question was there. transparency -- unfortunately, we haven't seen a lot of that. there may have been lipservice for it. administration that has done more to -- what shall we say? keep his own business rather quiet, and to promote the spine and -- spying and the lack of privacy on everyday american people.
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there is no one who has suffered more of the last eight years that the african-american community. household wealth in the african-american community was basically chopped in half by the way to the wall street crisis was handled. you may remember, barack obama at that time had an enormous mandate from the first election that had to democratic houses of congress. what they chose to do when push came to shove was to bail out wall street. ordinaryf bailing out homeowners, people who were being evicted from their homes, especially in community of color -- in communities of color. there's an outrageous racial disparity in just about everything, from health to education, to basic survival and jobs and unemployment. it's just unconscionable what's going on now. nobody suffered more than the african-american community, who for to have $.10 of wealth
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one dollar that the average american had. the african-american community only had $.10 on the dollar. during the obama demonstration, that has dropped to five cents. it really underscores why we need a really different way forward that breaks from the democratic and are public and parties, who are really held hostage by their funders. the big predatory banks, who are bigger than ever, and more liable to fail, more vulnerable. they're going to take the whole economy with them again if we don't stand up and change it. they are funded by fossil fuel giants, and there we saw lipservice from the obama administration. we saw lipservice for green energy. what actually skyrocketed was the production of fossil fuels. we are in a more dangerous place for the climate than ever. and the war. we had an absolute explosion of the war now. the expenditures of the war, which is now 54% of our budget.
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item in thegest budget is 7%, which tells you which we are spending on these wars, which are not making us more safe. they're making us less safe. host: greg from north carolina is our next caller on the republican line. go ahead. caller: thank you. , you properly pointed out that bernie was a socialist. you are further left than what he is. and that is kind of communist. why your policy still resonate with -- your policies don't resonate with american citizens is because they don't appreciate communism whatsoever. they don't appreciate socialism. host: we hear you this morning. i do want to point out the story tulsa, the green party has endorsed bernie sanders.
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can you talk a little bit about his surge, and what that means? guest: contrary to what greg was saying, polls show that people don't care about the is and -- the -ism. they care about how they are being thrown under the bus. the jobs that of back are low-wage, part-time jobs. there is entire generation of young people who are basically locked into student debt with no way to get out of it. we have health care costs that are skyrocketing, obamacare has been great for insurance companies and for pharmaceutical companies. and if you are very, very poor. it's been awful for everyone else. and we have polls showing other people don't care about the term socialism. term the a negative way was for a certain older generation. for the younger generation that has come up living under predatory capitalism, they see
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that is the problem right now. truth be told, when my views and the green party views are heard, they tend to resonate in or mislead -- enormously in the debates. that's what the system tries to lock us out. i was the winner on the instant online viewer poll in the televised debate that i was allowed to dissipate in in 2002. -- allowed to participate in, in 2002. that explains the search both behind donald trump and behind bernie sanders. people are throwing out the system. in the poll you mentioned, 60% of people have been clamoring for something different. we really need more voices and more choices. people are tired of being led around by the nose. -ism.nipulated about people care about the substance of your policy. in oklahoma, the party said go ahead and vote in the democratic primary. we don't have a primary going
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on. it's no downside to us. truth to tell, we do have a lot of synergy. many of our supporters are also supporting bernie, and are waiting to see what is going to happen. unfortunately, the democratic party has a long and very consistent track record that it will sideline it's truly rebellious candidates, either through the superdelegate or through super tuesday. or through smear campaigns like they did the howard dean, who they took down through this dean scream campaign. host: you are not a valid in oklahoma, what is the process for getting on the state for a third-party candidate? guest: this is part of how the establishment suppresses political opposition. they make it very hard. your grandfathered into fewer democrats and republicans, you get covered by the media, you get into the debate. you don't have to do work to get
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on the ballot. you are automatically on if you are already in the system. if you are challenging the system, outside of the system, you have to collect signatures. if you have very deep pockets, or if you have billionaires from the war industry or the health insurance industry supporting you, then you have the money to buy your way on. for us, it's largely volunteers. in the last race, we were on from was 85% of voters. in this race, we are our way to at least that much. hopefully more. i would encourage people if you want to have a real choice in this election, go to my website, and join the team. make sure you have a real choice for a real future. host: let's get back to the phone lines. rob from edgewater, maryland is a third-party voter. what is your thought this morning? caller: good morning. actually, i am green party. i was registered green party back in the mid-1990's.
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i got in for the same reason, environmental reasons. but also, at the time, i worked with nuclear weapons as a lobby group and overseas arms sales, things like that. i just wanted to thank you for caring the mantle. nader, inr ralph hindsight, i don't know if that were done great for the same issues. -- if that worked out great for the same issues. but i did support him. it seems like david trying to fight goliath. you are right on with your motto and everything. but this is like the last talk with north carolina. people are so afraid with things. the most powerful country and all you have to do is say socialism, communism, and people just cower. in the mainstream media, it kind of goes along with it. you said third parties don't get any coverage. get the news to
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the people and educate people, so they are not afraid of something different? something that actually good for them. host: that is robin edgewater, maryland. dr. jill stein, presidential candidate for the green party. can you talk about getting on to the televised presidential debates? discuss that i was helpful for you in previous election cycles -- how that was helpful for you in previous educate -- legend cycles. a lawsuit filed contends that a is threshold for appearing too high, and reducing alone would not make it easier for third-party to participate. host: what is going on here? guest: [laughter]
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actually there are two legal cases, and i'm a plaintiff in the level field case. -- in the level the field case. up case tries to do is open the process of the debates. it really challenges what is a private corporation right now, the commission on presidential debates -- a private corporation, masquerading as a public interest. it's actually run by the democratic and republican party. in the words of the league of 1980'soters, back in the when the current arrangement was made, they said this is a fraud being perpetrated on the american voters. and it definitely is. what that case is trying to do is open up the debates. and to have a different rule. right now to use the 15% rule. but the remedy, we haven't agreed on. the remedy is not part of the case. they happen to support getting in one third-party candidate for a particular process that would
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enable money to buy the candidate again. we don't agree on the remedy. what we call for is a public interest commission on debates. for that to determine who gets in. that's a very simple rule that has been used at least some of the time by the league of women voters. if you are on the ballot -- if the candidate is on the ballot for the majority of voters, and could actually win the race, there aren't very many. those voters deserve to know. the idea is we not only have a right to vote, we have a right to know what our voting sources are. be a very, that would fair way to do this. to allow the candidates who are legitimate, who could win, numerically, to be in the debate. if that rule would apply, they would be typically for five candidates. four or fivet -- candidates. go to our website, we will be doing specific campaigns and actions to draw attention to this.
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rob's want to speak to question about how we get heard. debates are part of that. there is also a lot that can happen on social media through guerrilla media campaigns. if you look at the number of young people who are now locked into student debt without any way to get out of it -- it's not only young people, it's also middle-aged people. it's 43 million people. that is enough to win a three-way presidential race. there's only one candidate who will cancel student debt, and you're looking at her right now. if word gets out that people who are in debt can actually go to the polls and cancel their debt by voting green in the presidential election, we actually have the numbers to make that happen. and that is a campaign that we are just now beginning to undertake. we will be setting up cap's chapters and also high school chapters. -- campus chapters and also has will chapters.
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getting the word out to young people that there is a way forward. right now, democrats and republicans don't differ on school debt. it gets more oppressive and predatory all the time. we have a clear way out, and that alone could completely change the dynamic of this presidential race. jeff from fresno, california calling on the independent line. go ahead. caller: good morning, ladies. guest: good morning, jeff. caller: first of all, i want to say something about health care reform. old, i've been paying attention to politics since 1980 election. i don't ever remember any republican administration, congressman, senator, ever proposing anything meaningful for health care for all americans. don't get me wrong, i don't believe in free health care. i believe we should all pay into it. having said that, i work in an emergency room.
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swear, probably about 30% of the people who go to the emergency room goat for the stupidest things. but they have free health care. -- go for the stupidest things. but they have free health care. i believe the president made a good effort at covering all americans. -- the way it is paid for it's not sustainable. but i believe he made an honest effort. it needs modification. but everybody needs to pay into it. everybody needs to be responsible. i believe in syntaxes to pay for things, as far as things are unhealthy. host: jeff from fresno, california. we hear you this morning. dr. jill stein. guest: 2.0 like to make. points i would like to make. we can cover everyone. as a medical doctor myself, i have worked in the er. the are people go to
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because they don't have other options for health care. they don't have health care which is accessible and affordable, and open during the hours that they can make it, and so on. we need a health care system for people. right now is in a health care system for profit. the health care companies are making out like edits. we have a ton of -- like bandits. we have a ton of help guard minister's, and that's not where health-care dollars should be going. if we actually spend those dollars on health care, we would have more than enough to cover everyone comprehensively. creating anat by improved medicare for all system. back in youre hands. it puts control over the health-care decisions. that's 1.i want to make -- that is one point i want to make. there's no such thing as a free anything, that we can pay for it in a way that is just. i think health care is a human right, it is in all other
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developed in civilized countries around the world. it's about time the richest nation in the world joined the community of nations and do it right. the other point i want to make is so important. so many of our health expenditures result from the put this bluntly, corporate america is making is very sick. from our pollution system, our system of fossil fuel energy which is contributing enormously to the asthma epidemic, heart disease, stroke, cancers, you name it. we are very sick from that, very sick from a food system that makes healthy food expensive and hard to get. it creates food deserts. at a transportation system that makes it difficult to walk or the things that we used to do that are part of being healthy. if we go to a green economy that has clean energy, gets rid of pollution, that has a healthy, affordable, sustainable food system -- and that has public transportation, which dovetails
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with being able to walk to the transit center or bike to it -- kids can walk to school. it builds exercise and activity back into our lives in the design of our communities. if we do that, finally, our health care dross -- costs drop. year on $1 trillion a the military, but we spent $3 trillion on a system that is not a health care system, it is a sick care system. this isn't a theory, it happened in the country of cuba when the royal pipeline went down at the time the soviet union collapsed. suddenly, the death rate from diabetes went down 50%, the death rate from heart attack and stroke went down by one third. they had a health miracle. and how much should they spend on it? zero. we spent $3 trillion a year, and we are getting sicker because we have a sick energy, food, interpretation system. this is what the green at new deal calls for an pays for itself through the health benefits alone. host: our next caller is from new york, new york, linda on the
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democratic line. caller: thank you. i have been a democrat 45 years, i'm supporting bernie sanders. i used to drink the clinton kool-aid. they did a few good things when they were in. but the majority of their policies, if you look at them carefully, hurt so many more middle-class americans and poor americans. recently, hillary was at some kind of events. a young black girl stood up with a sign that said we have to make them heel. that was the words about the drug dealers, and the black girl said i want an apology for all of the young people who were incarcerated under that bill. she islary campaign said not responsible for that policy, but there was a picture of her on film endorsing it. when she said she wants to make do that todo they
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the suppliers of the drug deals, the big guys? no. it was the young boys and girls ended up in jail. i want to see the transcript of her speech to wall street, and see how much she has been lying to the american people. guest: well said, linda. i couldn't agree with you more. i think hillary is very much a part of the problem. tune it, nowed her that she has been challenged by bernie sanders. but she is the creature of the big banks. ,he was on the walmart board and there's no corporation that has been more harsh to workers and women then to walmart. she was a big advocate for the transpacific partnership. she has been a big advocate for dirty energy. as secretary of state, she has a track record. though she may talk the talk, she is not going to walk the walk. i very much support bernie's policies. is,e i differ from bernie it's hard to have a
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revolutionary campaign in a counterrevolutionary party. it has been tried before. when george mcgovern actually in 1972,omination back the democratic party changed its rules. they're going to use those rules against bernie sanders in the same way they use them against dennis kucinich, they redistricted him. they use it against howard dean with a smear campaign. against jesse jackson after he had won 12 major midwestern primaries. been efforts to reform the democratic party and make it more like a social democratic party of europe. and it didn't work. basically because the war machine took a hold of the party and created the war in vietnam and broke up that movement. that is still going to happen, unfortunately, while bernie has a pretty good agenda -- at least in a sickly, i have some differences with him on foreign .olicy -- at least domestically i have some differences with him
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on foreign policy, and he supports the war machine and the military budget that is robbing us blind. we agree to my sickly. -- domestically. for many party supporters, we are plan b. theythers, we are plan a, know that even if money were to win, it would normally constrain what he can do. you have to be willing to stand up and fight the predator, and to call it what it is, in order first to get out of here alive. it's not just the job, it's not just the next crash on wall street. it's not just the debt that an entire generation is locked into. it is the climate, which is crashing down on us right now. we need real solutions. we have a specific solution that the president can implement right now to break up the big banks. this is the -- put is the solution being forward by an author who points out that he was previously an
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enforcer during the savings and loan banking crisis some years ago. the used to be a system of criminal referral, whereby the crooks on wall street could be brought to justice. there is no such system right now that can restore those criminal referrals, and also establish what are these minimum -- thatrequirements basically says the banks need to have money on hand to handle the risk they are taking. if that were enforced, it would force the banks to downsize right now in a way that would save us from this next crash. which so many authorities agree we're teetering on the brink of. host: robert from henderson, kentucky on the third party line. go ahead, robert. caller: good morning. man, i live in henderson, kentucky. and i've beenld, a part of the political process
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for a long time. i was the vice president of my local naacp. currently, i am independent. i like to follow the candidate that speaks best to the issues that i believe will support our people. the democratic party has taken black people for granted for a very long time. black people, historically, will republicans. -- were republicans. i don't see any of them speaking to issues for black people. not one time did they mention the water crisis in flint, michigan, where black people were being poisoned. not one time to they mentioned the police brutality. not one time to they mention mass incarceration. no party has paid attention to the black people of america. what would the green party do, specifically, to address our needs? particularly unemployment, underemployment, jurisprudence, -- as far asrly
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sitting down with black leaders. for anrakhan sat down interview. double trouble not sit down for an interview. a smear about using campaign, hillary clinton used was to farrakhan to smear barack obama and clarence thomas. they tried to smear him, he made some comments in support of mr. farrakhan. host: possibly we can get in a few more calls. guest: robert ray's really important issues. thank you for that. -- raised really important issues. the green party has a plan for racial justice now. it's a plan developed by the malcolm x grassroots institute. they have done really great work finding -- fighting police retaliated and calling for brutality andice calling for justice in the criminal system. we basically called for
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recognizing the violence and -- not only racism in policing, but also in court, the prison system, and the economy as a whole. as a rule, african-americans have twice the rate of employment -- unemployment is the rest of the economy. the african-american community has been really taking it on the chin. it's been a continuous line from slavery, to lynching, to jim crow, to redlining, to the war on drugs. and now, police brutality, which is really not new. what is new is recording on cell phone cameras. it's important to be stopped. to start with, we call for every community to have a citizen review board. watchedpolice can be and records evaluated. and perpetrators addressed early
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on, instead of a lot of these recurring offenders. ,e call for investigators full-time investigators, so every case of death and injury at the hands of police is investigated. we call for ending the war on drugs, which is a racist war on drugs and has filled the prisons with over 2 million people. a huge portion of which are nonviolent drug offenders. medical doctor myself, i am well aware that if you want to deal with drug issues, first you have to deal with economic hopelessness that is driving them. secondly, you have to deal with substance abuse as a health problem, not as a criminal problem. that just creates recidivism. you have to deal with it as a health problem. racist for ending the war on drugs, and for treating these issues as health issues. and discharging from prison the hundreds of thousands of african americans and people of color, largely, who should not have been locked up in the first place. and then we call for real economic initiative to ensure
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that the jobs are going first to the communities where they are most needed. the highest unemployment communities, which are definitely the communities of color. host: let's get in one finer caller for dr. jill stein. this is john from new york on the independent line. john, you have the last word. caller: i'm in independence, but i lean towards being libertarian. my whole thing is, i will take a history lesson here. john adams, the second president, wrote that the greatest evil to the constitution would be a two-party system that pitted both sides against each other. i'm 53 years old. i can't understand these people that call we never get anything. how long are you going to fall for this trick? you have people calling, i'm going to do this, i'm going to
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do that. for crying out loud, it is 2016 and we are drinking poisoned water. poisoned water in michigan, a problem upstate, new york. wake up, people. we need more parties. as a libertarian, i believe every party should be represented. every person should be represented. it is just ridiculous. the way things are going and the problems are never going to be solved with this system. host: we hear you. guest: i couldn't agree more. the american people are clamoring for more voices and choices. in the poll that you heard about at the very beginning, and in the fact that the campaigns that are really energized right now are the outsider campaigns inside of those two parties. we need more voices and we need more choices for exactly the reason that you pointed out. the system really is collapsing on us. whether you are looking at the lousy job that doesn't pay living wages, the rather high
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and persistent rates of poverty, an entire generation locked into debt. skyrocketing costs of health care. oil that keepor expanding, making us bankrupt. bankrupting us morally and spiritually and making us a pariah of the international world. and the climate melting down on us right now. there are good solutions to all of these problems. the green new deal that will solve the problem of the economy and the climate and make wars for oil obsolete and pays for itself because we get so much healthier by having a healthy food and energy and transportation system. we can have an international policy based on international law and human rights and on the -- diplomacy and not on military and economic domination only producing failed states. worst terrorist threats, and massive refugee migration. these are problems we can solve. we can mobilize a generation by canceling debt.
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right now, if you know anybody out there who is in debt, let them know that there is a way that we can put an end to that debt. we did it to the bank -- for the bankers to the tune of $16 trillion and counting according to the general accounting office. $16 trillion is what we have spent on free malley -- money and ballots for the big banks. they were cost us $1 trillion for young people and i would be a huge stimulus to the economy. that is where we get back on track to a future that will work for all of us. an america that will work for all of us. that won't follow us. it is up for us to stand up and reject the concept of lesser evil that tells us we have to be quiet. for being quiet, we are being thrown under the bus. it is time to stand up and be as loud and strong as we can and insist on a future that is going to work for all of us. andjill2 let's make it part -- happen.
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announcer: tomorrow morning, a senior reporter for foreign policy will join us to talk about obama's plan to close guantanamo bay. we will talk about the latest developments surrounding the zika virus. watch question journal tomorrow morning at 7:00 eastern. get people to pay attention to wasteful spending you go we can to find things that are interesting, things that are easy to understand it because the government is so large, organization has to cut through the noise. members of congress talking about all the wonderful things
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that they are doing -- and try to get people to be more involved in making more personal so that they understand the impact on them and their families. announcer: sunday night, thomas strapped talks about his organization that brings attention to wasteful federal spending. public a compilation of -- >> we were with a bipartisan coalition members of congress which was called the pork busters coalition and they came up with us with the definition of what was called pork spending -- and still is -- eventually became the term earmarks and we went through all the bills and started the book. every year that we can find the take we release
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book sometime around april or may. announcer: sunday night at 8:00 eastern. we have moved beyond the early primaries and now we are in super tuesday. statesin each of these will have a defining impact on who the democrats and republicans nominate good it is a different phase in the campaign because we have moved now retail campaigning and we are campaigning in 12 states with the candidates are literally going from the airport to airport trying to appeal to as many voters as possible and make last-minute pitches. advertisement and organization is key. the candidates hope that voters know who they are. will becases, the name out there. they have to convince undecided voters and that is the person they should vote for.
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since this network began, one of the hallmarks has been the ability for people to out call in and asking questions to provide their opinions. there is nothing better than actually talking to voters, especially those in the states where primaries are -- what were the lines like? house on that is your support for candidates? you really get a sense of the pulse of america which you do not get anywhere else. the other networks have pundits and analysts -- and we will have the ability for people to question some leading reporters on super tuesday but the best pundits are our listeners who are tuning in. announcer: in his weekly address, president obama discusses the fight against isis and his plan for combating terrorism. jackie walorski has the republican response. she gives her reaction to the president's proposal to close autonomy.
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-- close guantanamo bay. pres. obama: hi, everybody. this week, we continued our mission to destroy isil. this remains a difficult fight, and the situation in syria and iraq is incredibly complex. isil is entrenched, including in urban areas. it uses innocent civilians as human shields. despite these challenges, i can report that we're making progress. and this week, i directed my team to continue accelerating our campaign on all fronts. our 66-member coalition, including arab partners, continues to grow stronger. more nations are making more contributions. every day, our air campaignmore than 10,000 strikes so farcontinues to destroy isil forces. and we continue to go after isil leaders and commanderstaking them out, day in, day out, one after another after another. in iraq, isil has now lost more than 40 percent of the areas it
6:12 pm
once controlled. in syria, a coalition of local forces is tightening the squeeze on isil's stronghold of raqqa. as we bomb its oil infrastructure, isil's been forced to slash the salaries of its fighters. thanks to the work of many nations, the flow of foreign terrorist fighters into syria finally appears to be slowing. in short, in syria and iraq, isil's territory is shrinking, there are fewer isil fighters on the battlefield, and it's harder for them to recruit and replenish their ranks. still, the only way to deal isil a lasting defeat is to end the civil war and chaos in syria upon which isil thrives. a cessation of hostilities in the civil war is scheduled to take effect this weekend. we're not under any illusions. there are plenty of reasons for skepticism. even under the best of circumstances, the violence will not end right away. but everyone knows what needs to happen.
6:13 pm
all parties must end attacks, including aerial bombardment. humanitarian aid must be allowed to reach areas under siege. much will depend on whether the syrian regime, russia and their allies live up to their commitments. the coming hours and days will be critical, and the world is watching. that said, there will be absolutely no cease-fire in our fight against isil. we'll remain relentless. beyond syria and iraq, we continue to use the full range of our tools to go after isil wherever it tries to take root, as we showed with our recent strike on an isil training camp in libya. with partners around the world, we'll continue discrediting the ideology that isil uses to radicalize, recruit and inspire people to violence, especially online. finally, we'll continue to stay vigilant here at home, including for lone actors or small groups of terrorists like those in san
6:14 pm
bernardino, which are harder to detect. our homeland security and law enforcement professionals are hard at work24/7. at the same time, we'll keep working to build partnerships of trust and respect with communities to help them stay strong and resilient. that includes upholding our valuesincluding freedom of religionso that we stay united as one american family. again, this fight against isil will remain difficult. but we'll continue to draw on all elements of our national power, including the strength of our communities and our values as americans. and i'm confident that we will prevail. we will destroy this barbaric terrorist organization and continue to stand with those around the world who seek a better, safer future. rep. walorski: the president says guantanamo bay makes us less safe because terrorists use it as a propaganda tool. but terrorists use just about any type of military response as a propaganda tool.
6:15 pm
that's no reason to unilaterally disarm. and, i can tell you that when we're talking about gitmo, we're talking about the worst of the worst terrorists in the entire world. the president isn't talking about trying to move people to the united states prison system that are low level criminals or terrorists. these are the worst of the worst, including khalid sheikh mohammed, who was the mastermind behind 9/11. not only that, but 30 percent of former guantanamo prisoners are either confirmed or suspected of re-engaging in terrorism. in fact, just this week, a former guantanamo prisoner was arrested in spain after trying to recruit for isis. there's a reason these terrorists are in guantanamo. and we should keep them there. that's why the people's representatives have repeatedly voted to forbid the transfer of guantanamo prisoners to american soil. this goes all the way back to when the president's party
6:16 pm
controlled congress. and just last year, we affirmed this decision by a big, bipartisan vote370 votes in the house and 91 votes in the senate. finally, the biggest problem with the president's plan is that it's not much of a plan at all. it lacks crucial details required by law. for instance, he doesn't say exactly how much money a new facility would cost taxpayers. he doesn't even say where it would be. the president has had seven years to come up with this alternative plan. the burden is not on the american people to hand him one more legacy trophy. the burden is on him. this whole debate is just a distraction from the president's failure to defeat isis. but it does speak to a larger point. the president seems to think as if a more timid america would keep us safe. we, in the house, could not disagree more. we think a confident america is what keeps the peace.
6:17 pm
a confident america is what will make us secure. so we will continue to do all we can in the house to hold the president accountable, to keep terrorists off our soil, and to keep the american people safe. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] live coverage on c-span. announcer: tomorrow, donald trump speaks at a campaign rally in huntsville alabama. life coverage begins at 5:00 eastern.
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american history tv seized three features programs that tell the american story. some of the highlights this weekend include tonight, at 8:00 eastern. cornell university professor lorena garcia on the u.s. refugee policy since world war ii. who qualifies and how has that changed? on10:00, our final program senator j william fulbright hearings. investigating the policies in iran. ross testifies on behalf of the johnson's administration's actions in vietnam. he is followed by questions. sunday morning on road to the , the 1960 west virginia democratic primary debate between john f. kennedy of massachusetts and hubert humphrey of minnesota. this is the second televised
6:19 pm
primary in history. >> the next president must arouse the nation. he must courageously search for a lasting peace. he must understand the complexities of disarmament negotiations. and because i believe strongly destiny,ntry, and in and because i believe the power of the next president and his vitality cooler be a great factor in meeting the responsibilities we will face. announcer: at 6:00, we will tour in who we of slavery need. isthe history of slavery integral to the history of the united states. we do not talk enough about the inequality of african-americans and what they have faced in this country and we do not talk today inout our role
6:20 pm
perpetuating that inequality. historic sites address it in fits and starts. as important for people to come here and get a complete understanding of slavery. announcer: for the complete schedule, go to announcer: coming up, a discussion on the issues involved in the conflict between , and accessingle phone data. james comey testified on the matter during a house hearing on the budget request. here is a portion of his response to questions. comey: i have some very strong opinions about that. thank you for being


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