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tv   Marco Rubio Campaign Rally in Kennesaw Georgia  CSPAN  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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our military. we will soon have the smallest the end of world war ii. we will soon have the smallest navy in 100 we will soon have the smallest navy in 100 years and soon have the smallest air force in our entire history. how can it be that the world is growing more dangerous and our military is growing smaller and weaker? and how unfair is that to our men and women in uniform whom harm's way butn with older and less equipment less training and with rules of engagement that do not allow them to win. all of that will change when i am president. when i am president of the united states we are going to undertake a reagan-style military. of the u.s. chanting "u.s.a., u.s.a."]
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senator rubio: when i'm president of the united states, we are going to have a real war on terror, not the fake war on now.r going on right the best intelligence agencies in the world are going to find them. the best military in the world is going to destroy them, and if we capture any of them alive they are not getting a court hearing in manhattan. they do not have the right to remain silent. and we're not bringing them to georgia. they are going to guantánamo. [applause] when i'm president of the united states, our allies will know we are allies. the other night at the debate we had this discussion about israel. the only pro-american free enterprise democracy in the middle east, the only one -- donald trump said i'm going to be neutral about it. i'm not going to be neutral. side.n israel's i am on israel's side.
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i am laughing because somebody brought a boot with a high heel, i didn't wear those today. soon enough they'll be back. don't worry. i'm going to be on israel's side. you know how the world is going to know that? because on my first day in office i will cancel barack obama's deal with iran. on my first day in office. and we are going to take care of our veterans. if you are a veteran here today would you raise your hand so we can thank you? we want to thank you for what you have done. god bless our veterans. god bless our veterans. we are not taking care of our veterans now. i know this because my brother, veteran.le, is a in 1958 he volunteered, he became a green beret in the
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forces.special one day he jumped out of a plane and knocked out his teeth. every few years he has to go back to the v.a. with a dental claim. hassle. always a it is always asking the question, how do we know this happened in the army? he says, it's the only time i have ever jumped out of a plane. they have a train going right through my event, isn't that awesome? [applause] honk the horn. i will tell you guys, the democrats will stop at nothing to keep me from winning this election. so we are going to take care of our veterans. other dayook, the "u.s.a. today" at the top of "callheadline, it said, to the v.a. suicide hotline went ." voicemail
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nobody gets fired over this stuff. they will when i'm president. if you are not doing a good job in the v.a., you will be fired. when i am president, our veterans will be able to take their benefits to any hospital or any doctor that they want to go to. let me say one more thing about our veterans, you can never say enough about them. so many of our veterans stop -- don't stop serving when they america. to you go to any fire station in america, any police department in this country and you will serving us.s and i am sick and tired of reading all these articles about how bad the police are. this, that. let me tell you something. i want to thank our law enforcement and police officers for what they do for us! we can never thank them enough. look, we have a lot of work to do. there's a lot of work to be done but first we have to win and we
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will. will. because i believe this country is going to get it right. we always have and we will again in this generation. for me, this idea that america is a special country is deeply personal. i know america is special because part of the reason i know it so deeply is i was raised by people who knew what life was like outside of america. i believe that sometimes when you live here your whole life the way i have, sometimes it is easy to take it for granted. if you think this is the way it is all over the world, it isn't. in almost every country in the world, your future depends on who your parents are. if your parents were wealthy, if your dad left you a lot of money, if your parents are politically connected, in most countries on earth you got to succeed. if they weren't, you are stuck. imagine living in a country that says to you it doesn't matter
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how hard you work, how long you try, how good you are, you are only allowed to go so far because you do not come from the right people. well, that is foreign to us as americans. and figuratively, as americans, we can't comprehend that. but that is the way life has been for almost everyone that's ever lived. in almost every nation on earth that is what life is like now. but not here. this has been a special place. and i know that personally. my parents came here in 1956 and theyisland of cuba had nothing. i think there are four cubans here. cubans.eard four someone has a cuban bread bag over there, yeah. is the bread? there is no bread and there. all right. they came here in 1956. my parents, when they got here, spoke any english. the first words my father learned were "i'm looking for a job."
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they had no money. they didn't have much of an education. but they were willing to work really hard and it was hard for them. later my parents admitted they were discouraged when they got here. they were trying and couldn't wondered if they made a mistake. maybe point they thought, we should go back to cuba. i may never have been born i wasn't born until they were in their 40's. parents were discouraged. but they persevered. about americath and the american miracle. less 10 years after my parents my fatherlike that, at that point was a bartender on miami beach. that's all he was and they home in a safe and stable neighborhood. for years to come, they would hard. my parents worked well into their 70's. but they were able to retire with security.d people say you don't come from success and privilege. they're wrong, i do. i've come from extraordinary
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privilege. weree from two parents who married to each other who loved their children and who raised us to believe in the american dream. and my parents were not rich and myparents were not rich and parents were not famous but my parents were successful. you know why? to see ally lived four of their children live a life better than their own. my parents achieved has a name. dream.lled the american not just my story. as americans, that is our story. peoplere thousands of here right now and i don't know all of your stories. know very few of your personal stories but i know you're american and because you're you come i know that from a story not unlike that
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one. a this country we are all generation or two removed from someone who faced circumstances someone whoies but made your future the purpose of their lives. we are all a generation or two from grandparents that made extraordinary sacrifices for your parents. a generation removed from your parents, your father jobs, not live off the government. your father that worked two jobs. we are all a generation removed who madether incredible sacrifices so you could live out the dreams that became impossible for her. or maybe -- or maybe that's what you're doing now. maybe you are here today because are working hard. maybe you're working two jobs. maybe you work during the day night youschool at want all the things that never happened for you to be possible children.
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and the reason why i tell that because that is what makes us different. that is what makes us special. world hastry in the rich people. we celebrate success in this country. financially successful, we celebrate it. we don't look down on it and we it the way barack obama does but that's not what makes us special. hasy country in the world rich people. what makes us special are the millions of people that are not even tryingy're not to get rich. look, when you become a teacher, when you become a nurse, when become a firefighter, when you become a police officer or join the armed forces, when you go into the ministry, you know you're not going to become a billionaire doing that but do it because you love what you do and all you want is to make own a home and to retire with dignity and to leave your kids with a chance to be.nything they want to that is what makes us special.
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american dream. and if we ever lose it, we will country.g a special the american dream was not an accident. the american dream did not own.n on its the american dream is the result of the fact that for over two centuries the americans before bealways did what needed to done. ours is a nation where for over generation has left the next generation better off because for over 200 years has confront its challenges. each generation solved their problems. them for theirve children. my friends, now the time has come for this generation to do its part. the moment has arrived for us in this time to do our part and i'm asking you for your vote because when i'm president of
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the united states, this generation will do its part not to save the american dream but to expand it. know that times are tough. i know that many of you are working harder than you ever like you're feel running in place. i know that many of you went to school and got a degree and you border money to pay for it and now you have a loan but can't find a job with the degree that you have. of you havesome started small businesses and you are struggling to succeed and regulations and a stagnant economy. i know that many of you are afraid because every day the news tells you the world is getting more dangerous, but america seems to be getting weaker. i know that this is a difficult not falli ask you do prey to fear. do not fall prey to hopelessness. prey to a con job. but believe that this country is
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destined to be greater than its past if we are willing to do what it takes and that's i'm asking for your vote because i am realistic about our challenges. in my own lifeny but i am optimistic about america's future because i hand it upon this great land. [cheers and applause] rubio: because i know we were founded on the powerful spiritual principle that all men are created equal, because we are endowed by our creator with life, and liberty, and to pursue happiness. when you make me president of states, i am asking for your vote this tuesday and i am asking you to go out and find to vote for me because when you make me president of the united states, allre going to re-embrace of the principles that made
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america a great country. when i'm president of the united have a you will president for all americans, no longer willy have a president you against each other on purpose. you will have one that will never ask you to hate another americans. although that doesn't mean that onre going to agree everything. of course there are going to be people that disagree with me. of course there will be people that say nasty things about me. you know what, we are going to too.heir taxes, when you make me president of states, you are going to have a president that loves all of the american people even the ones that do not love me back. if you elect me president of the states, you are going to have a president that understands that our rights come not from the
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government. me president of the united states, you're going to have a president that will never allogize for believing that human life is worthy of the .rotection of our laws if you elect me president of the united states, you will have a lead us inhat will confronting our challenges and solving our problems and i want as difficult as things may seem right now, i want you to know what history us if we do what needs to be done. here's what they will say about us. they -- history will say that we, this generation of americans, lived in the early years of this new century in a very difficult and rapidly changing time. and it will acknowledge that after eight years of barack obama this generation almost got it wrong, that this generation almost lost the american dream what made america special. but then in 2016 we remembered
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we were. in 2016, we remembered what america was all about. our chngetionted and we embraced our opportunity. and when our work was done, when what needed to be done, our children became the freest and the most prosperous that have ever lived. what needed to be done, the american dream didn't just survive, it reached more changed more lives than ever before. because we did what needed to be 21st century was even better than the 20th century. it became a new american century. is what we have a chance to do together and that is why this youray i am asking you for vote and i am asking you to go home now and find everyone you to influence and get them vote for me.
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i ask you to work hard for me. i ask you to go on our website and donate whatever you can now,se when i leave here we're going to alabama, then we're going to arkansas and tomorrow we'll be in virginia. to keep working hard for you because when our work is generation,n this we are going to leave for our children what our parents left what americans always leave their children, the single greatest nation in the history all of mankind. thank you, georgia. thank you, atlanta. god bless you. me.k you for having thank you very much. [cheers and applause]
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campaign has as new set of adds running ahead of super tuesday. here's a look at one of those as well as one from ohio governor jacobs. 36 years ago this nation faced a period of doubt, after a it felt likeency america was in decline, our economy was stagnant and the american dream felt it was slipping away. then we elected a president that inspired us, who asked us to whomber who we were and believed as we do that america's greatest days always lie ahead. well, now, the children of the reagan revolution are ready to assume the mantle of leadership. >> washington politicians and rushing to crown pollsrubio but national show jacobs is the one who beats
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hillary clinton by 11 points, and that of all the g.o.p. candidates, only john has the experience to be president, only john kasich. d.c. lobbyists wrong? now, there's a first. >> new day for america is the content of this advertising. >> this weekend, governor kasich another super tuesday state. he took time to answer questions town hall int a nashville. included introductory remarks from former attorney general alberto gonzales. this is just over an hour. applause]d >> good morning, nashville. we know, on this campaign hear a lot of talk from the candidates and from political commentators about who is best qualified to serve as president
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of the united states. with all due respect, how would know? how would they know? ever been in the oval office with the president as he deliberates about a supreme court justice nominee? i have. have they ever been in the situation room as the president send youngision to men and women into harm's way? i have. i have. have they ever -- did they stand on the oval office porch on september 11, 2001, and watch as home thee brought president that day to begin the response on the war against terrorism? i know what it takes for a successful and a effective leader in this country. it takes a very special kind of that's why i'm kasich,ng governor john because -- because it takes -- it takes courage, it takes
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itdom, it takes vision, takes integrity. it takes the courage to be able what it right, no matter how unpopular, to do what it right for this country. it takes the wisdom that comes from experience, from doing, from failing.g, it comes from living, it comes from life. someone with experience is very oval office.the governor kasich has vision. he's been to the other side of the mountain and can say to the american people i know what is possible in this great country. to aw me, i will take you better place. americans want to believe in a believes in them, not someone who's apologetic about the united states. and finally integrity. the most powerful position in the world. i'd like to think that that is in the hands of someone who's not going to abuse it for political or personal gain. there is no vocation, no job where integrity is more important than the president of
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the united states. now, i'm supporting governor kasich. republican. i'm a republican. sure, i'd like to see a republican in the white house. supportingson i'm governor kasich is because i love america and everything that for me, i'mdone supporting america, i'm kasiching governor because i love my sons and i want a better future. now, we've got some work to do. ground to make up. but if we work hard, if we work agether, you and i, we share common vision. faith and freedom is what believes in so please join me in giving a warm nashville welcome to the next states,t of the united governor john kasich! [cheers and applause]
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you all.kasich: thank there you go, you've got it, that's right. all right, thank you all for being here. this thing works. how are you all doing? good today? thanks for coming out this morning. wow. this is some facility. i kept almost popping out. i felt like jagger before they introduced the stones. it's great to be here and boy, there's a lady -- you got to be careful about those buckeye flags. we're down here, you know. so let me just tell you a little bit about myself and how about the judge? actual -- tell you .omething you know, politics is a tough business. it's not so tough if you weasel with thed you bend wind, you know, like a reed in
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the wind. very hard time in ourry difficult time nation's history. and i was talking to him backstage. and i said judge, you took a lot those days and he said he did. again., i'd do it all the challenge in politics when lonelywilling to walk a road and you're willing to take is there's a first principle, you tell all the notle that you love to watch television and not go on the internet, ok. that's what you have to do. because, you know, there's such pressure for people to just go along.nd get i have been through this all of my lifetime. always having, people fighting, you know, well, no, he's not this, he's not that. i want to tell all you young
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people, let me just explain to you know a leader walks a lonely road. leader can't get so far ahead that nobody can see them but a operate inside of the crowd. alwaysng that a leader has to do is to check with people who care about him, love him, understand him or her. say, ok, am iways on the right track, is this the sometimes -- and you got to do it with not just one, but a couple of people and sometimes you go it alone regardless of what those around say. remember old noah? i don't know if you know much about noah. here's noah, he's living in ok.da, he's living in saudi arabia. there's nothing but desert. a boat.tarts building
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and the people are coming by and and're laughing at him they're mocking him and they he just keepszy, building that boat. well, who was the smart one? old noah. sometimes you have to be willing stand and that's what judge gonzales did when he was over as attorney general of the united states of america and give him one more great round of applause. [applause] i want to tell you a little bit about me. who i am, so you can get a sense of this. i grew up in a little blue collar town outside of pittsburgh, called mckie's rocks, and my father was a mailman. he carried mail on his back. he actually delivered mail to for 29e and he was there years doing that.
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as i have been saying increasingly here on the trail, was a man who stuck his business.erybody's here's what i mean. a kid fumbled the ball on friday night at the football game, my dad would tell him he was a star. when a girl rose and won the he'd say,rnament, you're really something, kid. when somebody in the had a big win, my them.uld celebrate with and when somebody in the loss, myood had a big them. would cry with now, my mother and father were drunk drivery by a at people came to see me that funeral home and they lined
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tell mefter another to about how much my daddy had theirto them and to family. beautiful story, isn't it? a coal miner. he would go down into the mine, day, he'd come up and he thought he had a good say, no, too'd much of that is peat, i have to pay you less and of course they were ripping my grandfather off because he had no power. he died of black lung. losing his eyesight as he got older. my mother, she was a radio talk show pioneer. when somebody on the radio would something, she would yell at the radio, ok. mother was unbelievable woman. she was a visionary. principled visionary. i can remember her telling me when i was a kid, she said, you day's going tohe
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come when you're going to have to pay for television so get all for free and i can remember my mother saying, the day's going to come when you're going to make a phone call and you better look good because the person on the other end of the you. will see how she knew this 50 years ago but my mother was always there. one time i was -- i've never even told this. i have never told this story. why it's popping in my head. on a television show called "the battle of wits" and answeredon and contemporary questions. there were three or four of us that were picked. and it was a big deal. in fact, as i was sitting out in the green room ready to go on set, i read a story in "u.s. exhausted from studying and the story i read that morning sitting was the asked during that television show. tells you just when you think you've learned everything you need to learn, you go and learn bit more. i tried to tell my daughters
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that. theay, my mother snuck into control room of the television show without my knowing. because she wanted to support me. it was such a profound impact, that my mother engaged in my lifetime in ways that i can only understand. so last night we were in memphis. and we had about a thousand people, just like we have today. the car was sitting in waiting for one of the folks that i work with to come out of building, i saw a mom and a across and ilking yelled, hey, kid, hey, kid! he turned around and he saw me. said, come here! and he came across the street know, 10t about, you feet away from the car and he got a little afraid. mother was with and she said to him, it's ok, he walked right up to
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where the window was. you?d, kid, how old are he said, i'm 10. youid, let me tell something about my mommy. my mommy would have brought me just like like this your mommy did today and i want right here int your memory, that your mommy loves you and you love your -- mommy, don't you? he said yes, i said, i just want you to remember this night. said, mom, how's it going? i said, this was our date night heree wanted to come tonight and i said young man, good luck to you and they walked as they were heading to the van, the little boy put his mother's waist thatom put her arm around little boy's shoulders. better momentad a than that?
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and i told my friends who were with me in the car -- and one of them said, my friend, doug, said, he said this makes me sad. does it make you sad? because, john, it makes me think my mother. i said, no, doug, it doesn't make you sad. bittersweet when we connect. that's what makes it special. running know what, i'm for president of the united states. as you all know. know, these are special moments for me. to be able to tell you a story like this. to be able to get you to reflect on your mom and for those that mom, to call her up tomorrow and tell her how much she means to you. because our families and ourcommunities and neighborhoods, that's what makes us strong. goodnt to have a president. frankly, we ought to the have an ok.t president, a grown-up,
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i don't get to see much because a fedex package. i get sent from one location to another. you, folks,o tell i've run -- i ran for the state senate. i was 24, 25 years old. an incumbent. personally.ed him and that was a tough election because he not only had a dam named after the family but they had a funeral home that was in for over 100 years. they truly were the last ones to let you down. [laughter] and i ran for congress in 1982. i was the only republican in win that year and by the way, people counted me out of my race for the ohio senate completelyas unknown. i was a kid.
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they completely counted me out congress.e for and i ran against that guy that was about the record. reagan, it support would. and i tell you, it wasn't easy to support reagan in 1982 because everybody was running the other way and i was running towards him and i won that race a bunch ofran reelections, some of which people were smearing, trying to smear me personally. and then i ran for governor and it was all on the record. when did we get to the point in this country where we can call of names and have people actually represent themselves as leaders in this country to these young people? trash!of this go and tell people what you're for. this, huh?l about enough of this trash! [cheers and applause]
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see, what we're doing when we stand and applaud on something like that is we're voting for ourselves. we're saying, be better than that. we're america. people around the world taking a look at what's happening here. know, for me, i'm not going to -- first of all, i'm anybody justlet pound on me. i'll defend myself and you got from,erstand where i come if you come to our school and beat us in the football game, we on your bus.indow we don't mess around. this just think that in country when you run for the highest office in the land, game.s are fair but not these other silly things to tell youi want one other thing. the people in that town in washington, the special interest groups who i have fought for 25
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years, will never call the tune with me. you are the ones that call the tune with me. not a bunch of these -- k street andyists down there political insiders in washington. i've had enough of them and i know you have, too, and let's just change this country for the best. so a quick story. a quick story. leave that little town, mckeys little tiny go to a school in the midwest. haveot sure any of you heard of it. it's called ohio state university. roommates,5 college a lot of bad things -- not bad things, but frustrating things to me in the first a couple of weeks so i decide i ied to change the rules so demand a meeting with the president of the university and they wouldn't let me in and i badgered them and just like everything else in life, keep
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badgering people and they'll do what you want if you're persistent so i go in to president and lodge my complaint and say, doctor, i have been in school about a undecided but as i look at the carpet, the desk, the wallpaper, the lighting, impressive, maybe this is the job for me what, do you do? and he told me about his responsibility, his fundraising and he said the next day he was going to see sir,dent nixon and i said, there's a number of things i would like to talk to him about, you, andld i go with he said no and i said if i write give it toou would the president of the united states and he said he docked that so i went back to my dorm room and basically invited myself to the white house, sincerely, john kasich, p.s., if discuss this, i'll come see you. so a few weeks later, i go down a my mailbox and there's letter from the white house, the office of the president, and i go upstairs. call home. i look at the letter, called my
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mom. said, mom, i'm going to need an airline ticket, the president of the united states would like to have a meeting with me in the mother ise and my shouting, honey, pick up the phone, there's something really to make a long story short. this is a true story. they get me an airline ticket, i down to washington and go through white house security and sitting on a bench outside the office and a guy walks up to me and he says you get five minutes alone with the president of the united states. i'm an 18-year-old college freshman, what do you think? wow, pretty cool? let me tell you what i'm thinking, new jacket, new shirt, pants, i didn't come here for five lousy minutes. i open the door, walk in, greet president, he greets me. i sit at his desk alone for 20 minutes. for 18 yearsessman and if you add up all the time i spent in the oval office, i at the age of 18. ok. anyway -- that's pretty good,
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isn't it? that's been my life. and it's been one lightning strike after another and here's what i want you to know. you can see this debt clock back here. guy that would travel with a debt clock. when i was chairman of the budget committee after spending including fighting a republican president who i didn't think had his handle on the fiscal policy of our or not, believe it those numbers went down. for fourped going up straight years, we balanced the budget and we paid down half a dollars of the national debt. they said it couldn't be done, it wouldn't be done and it got was so hard because we had to step on every single group innterest washington. in other words, we rewrote the entire government of the united states. jobs were growing like crazy and wages were up. where bill clinton tried to take credit and you know bill clinton, if there's a coming at him, he'll get at
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the front and call it a parade. saidhen i left, i left, i i have enough of this place. i was 48 years old, i said i had enough of it. do some other things which was a great time $5 there was a projected trillion surplus and it all got spent. guess who, the republicans controlled the house, senate and white house. all.spent it here's the secret. democrats love to spend. love to spend, too, they just feel guilty when they do it. we need to have somebody that stands in the breach for the young people that are here you whose wages are not rising and for all of you who have insecurity in your job. i understand all this. i get the insecurity of jobs in my home town as a kid if the wind blew the wrong way, people were out of work and i understand the value of work and isn't it interesting in the
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debate the other night the only who mentioned jobs was me. a public believe official's moral purpose is to create an environment for job creation. go back to this. we need to get our budget in order. taxes, we need to free up small business to grow. and we need to have a fiscal that makes sense where we can uberrize the federal government. that's what we really need to do, completely change it and ship a lot of power, money and influence back to where we live it in ohio where we had lost 350,000 jobs. up over 400,000 jobs. we went from $8 billion in the the black billion in and ohio's cooking. as we have done better, we have taken efforts to provide resources to the mentally ill because we dakota -- don't think live in a prison
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or under a bridge. in case you wonder if they live bridge, i was just in new orleans and i saw them living under the bridge. them with those shopping carts sometimes. they got all their worldly shoppingns in that cart. and because things aren't working right up here, they've ignored. i think the time has come to end that. the drug addicted, they need to be rehabbed. and it is a hell of a tough thing. that, youto tell you know, back to mom, mom held that big in her arms and has hopes and dreams, and they start help thosert, we can people to get back on their feet dreams andt their have mom have hope again about their kid and the working poor live in ouro emergency rooms. they need to be given a sense they can get ahead, they can get and when they get a
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pay raise they shouldn't have to because the system is so dumb that they lose more than they gain by going up in work. let's change the system. [applause] that's enough preaching. to we're now going to go questions. now, i have been having great times as these town halls. don't screw this up for me. ok. who wants to go first. sir, right there. we get a microphone over to that gentleman? here. a high-paid expert you need to do better. what are we paying you now? what, a cold cup of coffee. sir.ight, it working? you're a realist and i support you 100%. but the question that i have is
11:50 pm
if the party is going to be hijacked and we're going to be left with two choices, a hillary a donald trump, he said in his past that if the party doesn't treat him fair, he'll leave and run as a third-party candidate. same?ou do the governor kasich: no, no, no. audience: please do. please do if that's our choice. please do. governor kasich: look, i beat hillary clinton by more than any republican candidate in the by 11 points. and, you know, we haven't been talking about this much but i in ohio by 18 points and i haven't checked the record yet but i don't think any electedan has ever been president without winning ohio. is that right? does anybody know that to be true? and by the way, i will beat donald trump in ohio and that beginning of a new
11:51 pm
day. [applause] i will beat him in ohio. count on it. ok. and some of the other candidates, if they can't win toir home state, they need get out. if i don't win my home state, i'll get out but i'm going to win ohio. promise you because this lady's moving back there with that flag and she's going to wave it. she's going to stand on the side of the highway and wave that flag, ok. so -- look, sir. party is -- he party that itthe used to be. ronald reagane jack kemp teddy roosevelt wing know whatty and you that is? our republican party is most comfortable without having ideas. most comfortable -- and i've seen it all my lifetime -- i'll tell you a funny story. had his taxinton
11:52 pm
increase in 1993, which everybody said his tax increase helped grow the economy. no, it hurt the economy because raising taxes does not help. i had a plan, a counter plan to get usinton that could the balance, could meet the goals we had and it was about how we would do it. so we had a republican caucus. newt was the speaker. so we go into this meeting -- this is unbelievable. we had 36 speakers and 34 of them said we should only clinton and not offer our own ideas. there were two who favored us i walked to the back of the room. wasi had the plan, so i personally involved in it. i walked to the back of the room, i said, newt, what do you think? he said there's 34 against us, two for us, he said i didn't think we'd be doing this well. we offered the plan and if you joeen to my friend scarbrough, he said those
11:53 pm
debates were the debates that convinced him to run for congress and the class of 1994 came in and i want to tell you about them. aboutidn't give a hoot re-election. they went in to serve the public andwe changed welfare balanced the budget. and guess what, we have to be a party of ideas. we got obamacare? because republicans didn't do anything. you know, in science, if there's happens?hat you got any science kids back here? what happens if you have a void? it out. you guys are not getting an a in science today. goodness! stop doing politics and study science. you never know. the fact is, a void. thereve we not been out reforming systems, you know? at least putting the ideas out. lose because, you
11:54 pm
know -- bold ideas never get overnight. the only time i have been involved where my ideas got accepted overnight is when i governor. you see because as an executive you have an opportunity to call the tune, set the agenda. let me tell you, i come into $8 billion inre the hole. i go to new york and the credit agencies tell me they're going to downgrade our credit. is taxing anding spending and in the blink of an eye, by having some common sense regulations, by cutting taxes -- we even killed the death tax so you could pass your business on to your kids. now we're working on killing death. it's not going that well but it.e working on as an executive, you can drive things quickly but we are not the party of ideas as much as we should and we need to be because you know what ideas do. know why young people get
11:55 pm
excited? because ideas change the world. two guys in harvard eating pizza in their dorm room who won day said i think we can put a library online. i met these guys when they were still driving around in a in-lineen with their skates tied to the roof. sergeiarry paige and brynn, and they started google. ok, ideas move the world. to readay, if you want a great book, get david wrightugh's book on the brothers. what i book. what vision. what ideas. drive america with new ideas. thing. that y'all see this. that are- i have twins 16 years old. great.y're doing he just shook his head. and by the way, i love north but we let them know,
11:56 pm
ohio, itally was wasn't in north carolina. forget that business. flew this little prop down there. it was in our state where -- anyway, about five or six years ago, i was in florida with my daughters and they said to me, what is that thing over there? and i'm like, what? that box. oh, yeah, girls, that's where superman changed his clothes. and your mom and dad used to put coins in that thing over there my kidsa phone call and are like, no way! ok? this is what changes the world. much butdevice so we're the constantly connected consumer. shopping in a mall anymore. we do it all sitting in our living room. go can go to new york and from -- you can go from one end foranhattan to the other
11:57 pm
$5. they're talking about flying cars in the next a couple of years. you can google apparently -- i've always believed in flying cars because chittyved in chitty bang-bang. so medicine is changing. changing. is except the government. and we have to have an attitude change and of innovation and smaller and shipping a lot of of biger out bureaucracies. don't work.acies so if you are in a business and you don't change, you die. in government and you don't change, you get $19 re-elected.debt and it's got to stop. iphone 6's that way. ok. so i think you got my point. yes.
11:58 pm
this questionked in the context of jobs. i'm a graduate student in electrical engineering at the university of tennessee and we numerous reports recently in our field about how renewable energy will create jobs. so transitioning to cleaner with a for instance, solar farm, it requires more people to run a solar farm than plant. governor kasich: i'm not so sure that's right, you're an make sure engineer, you check. audience: in terms of the inflation, over the lifetime. and increasingly, the cost for a plant, over the lifetime, per kilowatt it generates is that of a coalto plant. i wanted to hear your thoughts. kasich: let me talk about climate change. i actually think science matters. ok? matters.y think it
11:59 pm
ok? believe -- iy, i also believe in evolution. i don't think that evolution and inconsistent. i just don't think it is. though.t science, and, you know, at the end of the day, those two philosophies, and evolution, they're not inconsistent in my opinion. ok. and probably in the opinion of a guy like c.s. lewis who was smarter than probably everybody in this room. here's the thing, we want to be in a position to recognize we affect the temperature, the climate, but we don't know how much. and you have all these people to say how much. we don't know. but everybody in here wants to make sure their kids are going have a decent environment. nobody in here wants to see a
12:00 am
there was a reporter who came to see me not long ago. i didn't really remember this all that well, but when we grew up, in pittsburgh, on a bad day, everything would be cloudy, and there would be soot on the windshields. everything got cleaned up, but we were sensitive to it. we are here to manage the environment, but not to worship it. here's what we need to do. we all love renewables. in my state, i'm fighting to make sure we have a realistic, robust, renewable policy. i believe in solar and wind. except that these -- big subsidies on both of them, that's ok. whatever they believe in is battery technology. i would to just something to you. do you want to be a billionaire? gov. kasich: battery technology,


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