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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 28, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EST

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there was a reporter who came to see me not long ago. i didn't really remember this all that well, but when we grew up, in pittsburgh, on a bad day, everything would be cloudy, and there would be soot on the windshields. everything got cleaned up, but we were sensitive to it. we are here to manage the environment, but not to worship it. here's what we need to do. we all love renewables. in my state, i'm fighting to make sure we have a realistic, robust, renewable policy. i believe in solar and wind. except that these -- big subsidies on both of them, that's ok. whatever they believe in is battery technology. i would to just something to you. do you want to be a billionaire? gov. kasich: battery technology, or be a billionaire?
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[laughter] gov. kasich: here is the thing, if i were you, i would be for her, maybe even right now, and go back to your dorm room, or apartment, and i would get the breakthrough on battery technology. that will transform the world. when the sun doesn't shine, you still have power stored. by the way, i want to congratulate you for being an electrical engineering. i think that is fantastic that you are doing that. [applause] in my state, they mandated a response, but was unrealistic. i believe we need all sources and all forms of energy in our
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country. another thing. we need to be energy independent. we do fracking in ohio. not a lot of it, but we are doing it. it is nascent. we have very tough rules around it. we don't think it is inconsistent to have a clean environment and have energy. why do we need energy independence? you want to bring manufacturing back here? it is such a great advantage for us if we can have low-priced energy. we have to keep all these things in mind. most things in life are about a balance. some things are black-and-white. most things are a matter of balance. that is what i think of all the fat. yes, right here. you are probably the one paying the bills. >> welcome to nashville.
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you will not insult me here if i ask you something? gov. kasich: it depends what you ask. [laughter] gov. kasich: i would hope not. >> i will probably have as much time as you and ben carson have on the stage. just bear with me for a second. i came here for -- ted cruz had a rally here in december, and i came to that rally and talked to a guy who is the state chair for him here.
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my distant blood uncles patrick henry and my distant cousin was dolly madison. what you are doing here is letting people get up and talk. i share some information with those campaigns. and it is kept from the people of nashville. erin andrews is here. we have a federal lawsuit, the sexual assault. a getting dragged through everything in the media.
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gov. kasich: he's getting to it. we have to get to it. the challenge is what? them in 2008 there was a child molestation cover-up tied to mike huckabee. the national police got used and my daughter and our family was silent. i didn't find out -- it took four or five years to hear about it. and it is buried. known as hearing about it, tennessee, nobody is reporting about it. i have gone to campaigns and try to let them know and the church that was involved, a church here in nashville, their pastor was breaking about how they were having an affair at their church and ted cruz was going to have some kind of event.
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gov. kasich: let me tell you what his question is. we were at last night in memphis and we heard some things that were not good. i don't know what is true and what is not. but if you are a dad and you have a daughter who may have been abused and you just, here is what i will say, we will have our folks gather your information, we need to get to the mayor or i need to call the governor of the state about this and have them look into it, i would be more than glad to do it. the mattel all of you here that
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when it was just real early in the news i was reading about the sexual assaults on campus. it is a complicated subject. but i told our folks we have to make it safe for somebody who has been abused to be able to seek justice. we're putting a policy in all of our campus, if something happens to them they have somewhere they can go to in a position of confidentiality. often times it takes somebody some time to think about what they want to do. we are making sure our public universities, that there is a
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safe place for people to go. maybe we don't like to hear about all this stuff. i think we just have to look and say what is true and what is not? every time i say something you shake your head so you get to ask the question. >> i fly primarily in asia. since president obama has been in office -- 747.
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gov. kasich: [indiscernible] [applause] forget the water, forget the peanuts, just get us some legroom. question to you is what are we going to do with militarization of the south china sea? gov. kasich: you understand what is going on. the chinese are being extremely aggressive. these islands out there, they are trying to make things a reality.
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there is now a case in the international court. frankly the chinese get concerned when they get isolated. the world may have to isolate them if they are going to continue this kind of behavior. we have to keep doing it and we have to bring all of our allies. sometimes there is an opportunity to have lemonade and to be able to get closer to our allies in asia who don't want to see chinese domination. they want to see some u.s. backbone.
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we have a serious problem with north korea. what we have been saying is we will give the south koreans -- this is serious stuff. this is not some silly little game. we are not playing risk. this is international affairs. because we told the south koreans and the japanese we would give them capability on some level of ballistic defense, the chinese got upset, in a good way. they are starting to do more action.
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now we have reached an agreement with the chinese to do inspections of air and ship. you know what they want to do, north koreans want to send this stuff out. the biggest challenge we have is to stop the ability of crazy people out there to get their hands on a nuclear weapon. we must do everything we can to stop it. with the chinese, you want to cyber attack us. we are going to destroy those elements. we don't need to have a war. we have a lot of competitors in life. being in a position where you
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are consistent with what you say, same thing with russia. first of all we are going to arm ukraine. we are going to give ukrainians the ability to fight for their own freedom. and if you invade finland, sweden, or any other country, consider it an attack on us. i don't want to hear anymore nonsense. the tragedy in syria is we should have been supporting the rebels from the beginning and instead we did nothing and we had a redline and we did nothing. we have to learn from history. the last man left in europe is angela merkel. he's a great leader. do i need to buy something? >> my name is stacy harris.
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i would like for you to help me as you are planning to help this gentleman with an insurmountable issue. we all learned in seventh-grade civics class that only the government -- my home was not taken by the government. when the government takes your home it can only be done if there is a public need to do it, you haven't committed a crime, and of those things apply to me. this is i am a whistleblower like you. i was a 14-year-old in minneapolis, minnesota wanting to see bobby kennedy. two years later i met him in his office. with respect to losing my home, this is illegal and i have had some traction in that i have
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gotten to the point where i got my state legislator to ask the attorney general. he has refused to do that, citing all kinds of things. what we have now is case law as a result of what i went through legally and the state court system.
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i'm going to have to get to the federal court system. gov. kasich: i'm going to give you an answer to this right now, when this is over you are going to walk right over here to this man and he's going to hear what you have to say and he's going to let me know what he thinks.
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for the last six months i have been going places and people have been pouring their hearts out to me. she is here because she says some reason maybe this guy will care about me. i don't know where you got that from, i like that. i thank the lord the book and tell me their problems. a father stands up, do you know how hard that was for that guy? there are many people in this country who feel as though nobody listens to them, no one helps them, and no one fights for them. i am glad we have gone here and i'm going to tell you why.
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i had a lady in virginia, she stood up in front of 1000 people and spoke about her autistic son. where is he going to go when i get old. and then she came to the rope line and said she has a 16-year-old daughter that has a mental illness and says she hasn't had a date with her husband in a year because she can't get anybody to watch their kids for a couple of hours so they can have a date. we are not going to fix america because we elect some big shot in washington. they all wore the bigwigs. fortunately i don't need a wig. if we don't have economic growth in america nothing matters.
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i want to send welfare, education, infrastructure, job training, and medicaid back to the state. i want you to run those programs, not me, not washington. when i say we are going to take 100 for federal education programs, people go crazy. you think this is dependent on your schools? you want to fix education and run to the school board, you want to talk to the school board members doing their job. the skills they need to be able to compete in the 21st century.
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there are no stories, i know the
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people that have built your house, where they live, and -- gov. kasich: they should have made the kids bathroom bigger. [laughter] >> the underlying tone on a lot of these issues is the socialistic attitude is starting to exist in this country. but nobody has personal rights anymore, it is everybody's rights. everybody is not everybody. we have our own personal issues. but the socialistic movement scares me. we have two socialists running on the other side of the aisle. one of them has come out and admitted he is. what can we do about this as republicans?
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gov. kasich: good, and this is it because i have to go. i think we should start with free ben & jerry's. they are bernie's biggest backers. if things are going to be free, let's have free ice cream for a year. check it out. and do not skimp on the new york fudge chunk. these young people that are here, are you a socialist young lady? why are you not? give her this, i want her to talk. >> because i've worked to be where i am today. gov. kasich: if bernie sanders is the democrat nominee, we will win 49 states.
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but we have to have a candidate that presents the vision. why is it i'm beating hillary clinton by 11 points? crossover votes. my father, who was a democrat all his lifetime, was a conservative democrat. there were conservative democrats were supporting reagan. we are americans before anything else. i was in gulfport mississippi. completely wiped out, by the way, by katrina. the banks were all knocked down. they got money cash out of the vault, set up folding chairs, and people would come to get their cash to do what they need to do. and they lent millions of dollars of money to people in gulfport. at the end of the day they lost a total of 300,000 because it was a place where a handshake -- you should be able to have a legal document that describes everything. you are talking about personal responsibility, about ethics.
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thank goodness we get a mulligan every day. i don't believe the american people are going to go for this stuff. they are trying to legalize drugs and ohio. it went down 70-30. they know things aren't free, they know things aren't stupid. they are looking for meaning in their life.
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they are looking to make the world a better place. that is really what a national set of leaders can do. we get inspired -- when you are a kid you were inspired by woody hayes. my brother in-laws parents would drive every weekend just to look at the stadium, because they were so excited. we need to have a little better leaders. they are smarter than that. let me talk about this whole thing on people who are independent. we are not going to fix everything. some kids grow up in a place where they wake up in the morning, they hear gunshots. they have never had anybody that really gave them any direction. many of them can rise.
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when someone goes to get relief, we need to make sure we have some of the business community in the relief office. they have to train for a job that doesn't exist. my mother said it is a sin. i think that is where the country is.
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i'm going to ship welfare back here. the combined help of responsibility -- i talk about those that are drug addicted, i'm going to put them in a drug court. if you don't follow the rules of the drug court it ain't going to be pretty. personal responsibility matters. i see a lot of young people across this country. a lot of them are saying i saw my parents worry too much about money and not enough about changing things, the world. i want to make money, but i'm going to dedicate my life to something bigger than just having stuff you all they need to do is have confidence in themselves that each one of them can change the world. sometimes you don't change it by having to stand up on a stage.
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we have been blessed by the good lord to be leaders in terms of human rights, the equality of women, decency in the world. if you were here today and you did not like me, tell no one. what is going on matters. i want to call all your friends and neighbors. it is so volatile, we never know what is going to happen. get out there and vote with your head and your hearts.
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thank you very much. [applause]
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test >> good evening, all eyes on
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>> ♪ because i am happy ♪ jim clyburn: thank you. thank you. thank you very, very much. ladies and gentlemen the last several weeks, though people of south carolina have had an opportunity to hear and compare. tonight the democratic voters of south carolina have rendered a significant verdict. [cheers]
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[chanting hillary] she will be here in a moment. i want to thank each and every one of you. all of the work that you have done to make this evening possible. we, tonight, has started hillary clinton on her way to the white house. [cheers] people of south carolina, have said that if you work hard, if
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you build a resume, if you remain true to your own principles, if you remain loyal to the administration that got this economy out of the dips -- depths-- [cheers] and if you lay out a plan as to how you will build upon that record and take us to where we ought to be, you will be rewarded. [cheers] and tonight, we are rewarded hillary clinton, and she will reward each and every one of us in this great nation. [cheers]
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you all didn't come to hear me, so let me to dust present to you now, the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. [applause] [cheers] ♪ [applause] [applause] ♪
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thank you so much from one end of this state to another. i am so greatly appreciative because today you sent a message in america when we stand together -- [cheers] when we stand together there is no barrier to big to break -- too big to break. we have now gone through four early state.
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i want to congratulate senator sanders on running a great race. tomorrow this campaign goes national. [cheers] we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything, and we are not taking anyone for granted. [cheers]
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i especially want to thank your champion, your statesmen in congress, jim clyburn. [applause] [cheers] i am so looking forward to working with the congressman to make the changes and continue the progress that we can build on the record on the accomplishments of president obama. [cheers] and to the almost 850,000 people who have contributed what they could come most giving less than $100, i thank each and every one of you. every day since iowa, more and more of you have stepped up.
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today grassroots donors are powering this campaign. [cheers] to the millions of people watching across the country, please join us by making a donation to hillary [cheers] and here is why, because together we can break down all of the barriers link our -- all of the barriers holding our family and country back. we can build ladders of and -- opportunity and empowerment so every single american can have that chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. and then, and only then can america live up to its full potential too. [cheers]
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this campaign and this victory tonight is for the parents and teachers and rural south carolina -- in rural south carolina. they showed me crumbling classrooms and communities to too long neglected. we are going to work together to give our children the education they need and deserve. south carolina and across america. [cheers] this campaign and our victory is for the entrepreneur who told me more dreams die in the parking lot for banks than anywhere else -- lots of banks than anywhere else, and that is especially true for women and people of color. we are going to work together to give people, particularly young people the tools you need -- [cheers]
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to start that small business you have been dreaming up -- of. in his campaign and our victory is for the reverend, a presiding elder of the ame church who looked at all of the violence and division in our country and asked me the other night, "how, how are we ever going to strengthen the bonds of family and media again? " we are going to start by working together with more love and kindness and our hearts, and more respect for each other, even when we disagree. [cheers] despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again, america has never stopped being great. [cheers]
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but, but we do need to make america a whole again. -- whole again. instead of building walls, we need to tear down barriers. [cheers] we need to show by everything we do that we really are in this together. today, too many people at the top, too many corporations have forgotten this basic truth about what makes america great. prescription drug companies that increase the price of drugs for no reason then greed -- than greed. and then double and triple bills overnight. corporations shift their headquarters overseas for no other reason than to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.
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companies like johnson controls and -- and auto parts company in wisconsin that we taxpayers help to save in 2008. let there be no doubt, in any boardroom or executive suite across this country if you cheat your employees, exploit your customers, pollute our environment, or rip off the taxpayers, we will hold you accountable. [cheers] if you turn your back on america you will pay a price. but if you do the right thing, you invest in your workers, and in your country's future then we will stand with you. together we have to break down all of the barriers. not just some. it is important that wall street never threaten mainstreet again. no bank can be too big to fail,
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and no executive too powerful to jail. but america is not a single issue country, my friend. we need more than a plan for the biggest banks. the middle class needs a raise. [cheers] and we need more good jobs. [cheers] jobs that pay well and cannot be outsourced. jobs that provide dignity and a path to a brighter future. we can create those good jobs by building up the progress we have made under president obama. enough clean energy to power every home in america. [cheers]
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don't let anyone tell you we cannot make things in america, i know we can, and i know we will. let's break down the barriers that keep people on the sidelines of the economy, especially women. [cheers] don't you think we have waited long enough for quality affordable childcare and paid family leave? do you think it is time for equal pay for equal work? break down the barriers that stop children from getting the best start in life. when he to support great teachers and great schools and every zip code -- in every zip code. let's break down the barriers,
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holding back our young people, especially the student debt that makes it hard to imagine ever living the life you want. [cheers] and we are going to give special support to historically black colleges and universities which play a vital role across the country. breaking down all of the barriers means we also have to face the reality of systemic racism that more than half a century after rosa parks sat and dr. king marched, and john lewis significant role in determining who gets ahead in america, and he was left behind. we have to invest a communities of color, reform our criminal justice and immigration system. we have to guarantee opportunity, dignity, and justice for every american. and tonight, i want to pay tribute to five extraordinary women who crisscrossed the state with me and for me.
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five mothers brought together by tragedy. sabrina fulton, mother of trayvon martin. shot and killed in florida just for walking on the street. lucy make that, mother of jordan davis, shot and killed by somebody who thought he was playing his music too loud in his car. glenn carr, mother of eric gardner, choked to death after being stopped for selling loose cigarettes on the street. and geneva, the, mother of sandra bland, who died in police custody in texas. they all lost children. which is almost unimaginable. yet they have not been broken or embittered. instead they have channeled their sorrow into a strategy and their morning into a movement
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mourning into a movement. by now we all know the story of flint, michigan. how the children were poisoned by toxic water because their governor wanted to save some money. there is another side to the story and let -- in flint, it is the story of a community that has been knocked down, but refused to be knocked out. [applause]
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it is hundreds of union plumbers coming from across the country to help install new water fixtures. we know there are many other flints out there. communities that have been left out and behind. for every problem we face anywhere in america, someone somewhere is working to solve it. our country was built by people who had each other's backs. who understood we all have to do our part. at our best, we all rise together. imagine what we can all do -- build together when each and every american has the chance to live up to his or her potential. imagine a tomorrow where no child grows up in the shadow of discrimination or under the specter of deportation. imagine a tomorrow where every parent can find a good job, and every grandparent can enjoy a secure retirement.
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hard work is honored, families are supported, and communities are strong. when we trust and respect each other, despite all that divides us, please join us in this campaign for our country's future. go to hillary or text join. j-o-i-n right now. one of my first trip to south carolina during this campaign, i stopped by a bakery here in columbia. i was saying hello to everyone. i said hello to a man reading a book in the corner. turned out he was a minister. the book was the bible. he was studying corinthians 13, which happens to be one of my favorite passages. love never fails, it tells us, love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. [cheers]
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to live by, not only for ourselves, but also our country. i know it sometimes seems a little odd for someone running for president these days and in this time to say we need more love and kindness in america. but i am telling you from the bottom of my heart, we do. we do. we have so much to look forward to. there is no doubt in my mind that america's best years can be ahead of us. we have got to believe that. we have got to work for that. we have to stand with each other. we have to hold each other up. lift each other up. move together into the future that we will make. thank you, god bless you, and
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god bless america. [cheers] ♪ ♪ ♪[this is my fight song] ♪ >> ♪ this is my fight song take back my life song proves i'm alright song my power's turned on i will be strong i have my fight song i don't really care
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please i still have a lot of fight left in me a lot of fight left in me this is my fight song
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