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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Huntsville Alabama  CSPAN  February 28, 2016 5:32pm-6:00pm EST

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thank you, everybody. we could listen to that music. i could listen to it all day long. all day long. [applause] mr. trump: i want to thank you. look over there, look at this. in --that have to get there are 3000 people that have to get in.
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yes. this is the biggest crowd of the political season so far. we have 30,000 people. amazing. 30,000 people. i want to thank everybody. we have a lot of folks in the madison area. it is really thriving, you know that, right? it is doing well. we are going to keep that rim program that space going. we will do a lot of cutting, but we will keep that. i've got to say, the benghazi guys, so incredible. guts, courage, amazing guys. i want to thank mark and john. amazing. amazing.
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i was going to say, i have a little surprise. i have a little surprise for you today. over the years, i have developed a lot of friendships. good, some are people are ok, and some people are lousy, right? and some people are great. i was so honored because i have a man who was respected by everybody here. greatly respected. some of the i have a lot of respect for. he was the expert, as far as i'm concerned. when i think of myself now and us, we want strong borders. we want the wall. [applause] we have, you know, we have a case where former of mexico used a
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horrible, horrible word. if i would have used that word, it would've been a big story. the story is he is very angry, because he said, "we will not pay for that wall." when these dishonest people in the press call me, it is so terrible. i said, "walter scott 10 feet wall justi said, "the got 10 feet higher." you saw his anger, right? that wasn't about the wall. that was, "how dare you tell us what to do?" bosses.nk they are iyour it doesn't work that way. it's not going to work that way. i just want to tell you, we are going to build the wall.
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is going to work, we are going to have a strong border. people will come into this country legally. only legally. [applause] mr. trump: when i talk about immigration and when i talk about illegal immigration and the problems with crime, i think of a great man. i want to introduce you to him. -- who am ing about talking about? nobody knows, because it is a rise -- a surprise.
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senator jeff sessions. sen. sessions: wow. the american people are not happy with their government. know, but the people called down and they will forget it and let it go. go?ld we let it wew we should not -- no, should not. there is an opportunity on tuesday. [applause] we have anns: opportunity on tuesday. it may be the last opportunity we have. for the people's voice to be heard, you have asked for 30 years, and politicians have promised to fix illegal immigration. have beguthey done it?
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no. donald trump will do it. [applause] [chanting] sen. sessions: the american people have known for years, these trade agreements have not been working. on all soon have a vote transpacific partnership. obama trade. it will damage america. it will create a commission that undermines sovereignty, and it should not pass. donald trump, when he gets elected, will see that it does not pass. [applause]
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sen. sessions: this movement, he does not take money from political groups, lobbyists. he is committed to leading this country in an effective way. nobody is perfect, but at this time, in my opinion, in my best judgement, at this time in american history, we need to make america great again. [applause] [chanting] u.s.a. sen. sessions: thank you all.
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i am pleased to endorse donald trump for the presidency of the united states. i believe of movement is afoot that must not fade away. it has the potential to have the american people's voice is heard for change -- voices heard for change. people in washington are public servants. they serve you. donald trump, it is great to have you in one of the greatest cities in the world, hunts ville. [applause] sen. sessions: we have more phd's per capita than anywhere in the country. we have the best corporate leadership of all over the world.
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hiring people here is what we need. god bless. [applause] wow, that is so trump: great. you know, he's an incredible guy. thank you, get him out of here, will you?
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[applause] mr. trump: boy oh boy, it never fails. the cameras follow that. they know that, look over there, the all-time record. [applause] cameras, take a look. unbelievable. 32,000 people. this is amazing. and by the way, look over there? we can get them in. why can't they come in? let them in. let them in. we have got thousands of people over there, let them in if you can.
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that is the first time that senator sessions has ever endorsed a person running for president. [applause] dealrump: that to me a big -- that is, to me, a big deal. time magazine, a couple of weeks ago, did a cover story. this is really a movement. we are going to take the country back, run it smart. there has never been a time where we have made so many decisions that have been so wrong, whether it is the iran deal or the borders like swiss cheese. we are going to make the country so great, do things so smart, we are going to be so confident. you're going to be so proud of your president. you were not proud now. -- are not proud now. you're going to be proud of your president.
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over the last couple of weeks, nasty things were said. marco is the lightweight. this guy, i mean, when you are guy0 points in florida, the can't be elected dogcatcher in florida, this guy, little marco, he's a nice guy, but yesterday i got the endorsement of chris christie. tough guy, good guy. wonderful guy. he was so enthusiastic. running, iwas watched a man melt in front of me. he started grilling lightweight marco rubio. marco was standing next to me in
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the debate, the one before last. he mentioned the obama phrase once. been a second time. -- then a second time. sweating.ring water, i thought he had just got out of a swimming pool with the suit on -- a suit on. i thought to myself, i hope he is ok. [interruption] [applause] [shouting] yay.rump: ay, [shouting]
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mr. trump: folks, folks, we have to love everybody. all lives matter. memberemember that. all lives matter. [applause] we will have these little interruptions. have 35,000 people, if you have a few protesters, i guess that has to happen, right? i look at little marco, and i think something is happening with him. than he is melting. he is saying this phrase a fourth or fifth time. i think he has just melted down. i get ready, and i think he is going to sit. *-- to say it.
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we don't need a fainter to negotiate with china and putin. we don't need a fainter to knock the hell out of isis, do we? we don't need a guy who is sweating and scared. so that's it, now he acts like a big man. "oh, trump is a con man." businesan incredible s. i filed papers that were unbelievable. if they were not unbelievable, these guys were not people to believe how great a company i have built. i have to listen to the guy, that took money to build a driveway. ,hen they caught him, he said "i used the wrong credit card." when you look at what he has done, he takes a house for sold it, or so, and he
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to a lobbyist for $380,000, a lobbyist in the state of florida. -- that isnator? what we are going to have as a senator? as a president? do it, there is no we have a problem. is guys, all of them. i am so funding my campaign -- i am self-funding my campaign. these guys are all taken care of. whether it is the drug industry or the pharmaceutical companies, they take care of these people. [interruption]
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mr. trump: tell me, tell me, isn't it fun to the editor rally trumpn to be at a rally? [applause] mr. trump: i said, "he is not going to make it." was speaking and these two women took over the microphone. he walked away, thinking, oh, oh. i said to myself, "wow." no microphone will be taken over for me, i guarantee you that. [applause] mr. trump: they are not taking it over for me, they are taking it over from you, can't happen. he looked so- weak.
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it's over. he's not going to happen. in fairness, hillary should not be allowed to run. she broke the law. [applause] mr. trump: she is probably protected by the democrats. she should not be allowed to run, i will tell you. you either have laws or you don't. patreaus,at general betra all these people got away. e-mails, 40,000. does anybody do that many e-mails? let us see what happens. we are going to have to run against her, which is good. i think it is great. the other guys are not going to beat her, folks. they are not going to win.
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to beantee, we are going talking about those e-mails every moment of every day. [applause] mr. trump: we are going to shame them into doing the right thing. we are going to beat hillary. in the polls, i am leading her. we are on usa today. i have not even started on her yet, i haven't. [applause] mr. trump: she is not right now part of the equation. if you look, take a look at the people, governor walker is a attacked, but he trump. jeb bush is a nice person. lindsey graham, this poor guy, he was so vicious. his idea of the war, he thinks he is a military expert.
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he says, "i'm a military expert. where are we? we are nowhere. theselisten to some of guys in the military, we will be there for another 20 years. we cannot do it did -- we cannot do it. we've spent $2 trillion in iraq and have done nothing co. we have got wounded warriors all over the place. what do we have? nothing. we don't even call them. do you know who is taking over iraq? and the second largest oil supply? iran. they fought for years, then stopped. then ity complains,
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goes the other way. then we get up, we blast the hell out of them. what happens? iran takes over. not only do they make the greatest deal i have ever seen made, with $150 billion, they should never have gotten that money. they should have released the prisoners four years ago. not get money like it is ransom. i told that story all the time. i kept thinking they would walk. we kept giving up. the people are dancing in the streets. head thecalling the "supreme leader." i will never call him that. you know what you do? three or four years ago, you have the prisoners.
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did you ever see a deal so long? it is a horrible deal. ,"u walk in and say, "fellas by the way, the persians are great negotiators. you walk in and say nicely, and actually one of the reporters told me this, my father was a good guy, he taught me to negotiate -- by the way, marco rubio says my father gave me an hundred $50 million -- $150 million. i started with $1 million and have built a company worth $10 billion. on an. -- oh man. "$200 million?"
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he copied a false story from the new york times. this is one of the most dishonest media groups i have ever seen. here's the good news. it is losing its shirt. somebody will buy it as a vanity project. the new york times is so dishonest. they did a story that was inaccurate. i said, i said to the press, and they gave me heat -- they have to report accurately. if they don't report accurately, all of us should have the right to sue. you know what? this has nothing to do with freedom of the press. but when they don't report accurately, we should have the right to sue, to get them to report accurately with damages. right now, the libel laws don't mean a thing. they will be tougher on me now.
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they are so dishonest, these reporters. they are, i think, i will tell i am running against people, i have dealt with politicians my whole life. you're not going to see this crowd, they will not show the crowd. they will leave here, we will people, more,000 of their standing, and you know what will happen? the store tomorrow will say, "donald trump made a speech in front of an ok crowd." when they write in accurately -- have totely, we hold them to that. they are going to regret all of the bad stories they write. i am running against dishonest people. little marco rubio. featherweight.
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use not even a lightweight. lightweight.even a you know, when you build a great business, trump tower, all of clubs,obs, these country hundreds and hundreds of acres, i have so many jobs and buildings all over. when of the great buildings of the world. 12910 avenue of the americas. i built a city on the west side of the manhattan river. ."ey say "i am a con man thaton't call some of the -- somebody that when you have done nothing. this guy did so many things.
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you just don't do that, folks. he is not cool. sweats too much. i don't want him negotiating for us. [applause] mr. trump: and then we have lying ted cruz. these people i am dealing with are the worst people. he will say, "i am totally against obamacare." that thing should never have been allowed. but obama lied 28 times. "you can keep your plan." all of the stuff. just enough democrats to get it done. when ted cruz says donald trump likes obamacare, all of this, these people are really bad. i have dealt with politicians all my life, some are good.
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many are dishonest. i don't think they are as bad as the press. we are going to straighten out our countries. we are going to come up with solutions. you can ask the folks who were killed at disney -- they are being replaced. trainave to change up and people. the biggest opponent of doing that is little marco rubio. we are in trouble. where $19 trillion in