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tv   Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Huntsville Alabama  CSPAN  February 29, 2016 12:39am-2:24am EST

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we view it as a real threat. >> apple is concerned about the crisis of information on the device. thate very much worried building a tool that allows you to break security is a privacy harm, one that will bite apple users around the world. announcer: watch the communicators on monday night on c-span2. the presidential race moves forward with super tuesday. all eyes are on 12 states as a republican and democratic candidates add to their delegate count. then i is one of the states. donald trump was there this weekend for a rally. he received the endorsement of jeff sessions there. ("sweet home alabama")
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donald trump: thank you. i could listen to that music all day long. [applause]
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there are 3000 people we will have to get in. should we start without them? yes. this is the biggest crowd of the political season by far. we have 30,000 people. [applause] amazing. this area is really thriving. it is doing well. keeping that space program going folks. [applause] the benghazi guys, you met them you saw them. so incredible. they know what happened. i want to thank mark and john very much.
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i have a little surprise today. [applause] i have developed a lot of friendships. some people are good and some people are lousy. some people are great. this man is respected by everybody here. somebody that i have a lot of respect for. an expert on borders, on so many things. when i think of us we want strong borders. we want the wall. [applause] we have a case where former president fox of mexico. he's very angry because he will not pay for that wall.
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when they called me you know what i said. the wall just got 10 feet higher! [applause] just got 10 feet higher. you saw the anger. it wasn't about the wall. how dare you tell us what to do. they think they are our bosses. it doesn't work that way anymore. it's not how it work that way.
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i just want to tell you we're going to build that wall will have a strong border people can come into the country but they will come in legally. when i talk about immigration i'm talking about illegal immigration all the problems that go with that. i think of a great man. you know who i'm talking about. senator jeff sessions. [applause] jeff sessions: what a crowd this is. this isn't a campaign it's a movement.
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the american people are not happy with their government. should we forget it? no we should not. there is an opportunity on tuesday. we have the opportunity. it may be the last opportunity we have. for the people's voice to be heard.
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they haven't done it. donald trump will do it. [applause] the american people have known for years that these trade agreements have not been working for us. we will soon have a vote on the transpacific partnership. it will damage america. it will create commission that undermines our laws. donald trump will make sure it does not pass. [applause]
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this movement, he doesn't take money from political groups. lobbyists. he's committed to leading this country in an effective way perfect.ow, nobody is i think at this time, in my to make america great again. [applause]
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thank you all. i am pleased to endorse donald trump to the presidency of the united states. i believe that a movement is afoot, it has the potential to have the american people's voices heard. the bosses are you. the people in washington are public servants. we haven't had enough of that. donald trump, greaet to have you in one of the greatest cities in the whole world. maybe more phd's per capita than any place in the country.
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people all over the world are investing here and hiring people. i am proud to have you with us. god bless. [applause] donald trump: that is so great. you know? he is an incredible guy. [cheering] thank you, get him out of here will you. [applause]
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[cheering] never fails. the cameras follow that and they know how many people are here. take a look. unbelievable. [applause] 32,000 people. we can't get them all in. fire department, let them in. got thousands of people over there. all right.
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that is the first time that senator sessions ever endorsed a person running for president. that could be a big deal. we've had some interesting times. "time" magazine did a cover story that this is a movement. i am just a messenger. this is a movement. we're going to take our country back. there has never been a time when we've made so many decisions and been so wrong. our borders like swiss cheese. we're going to make our country so great. we are going to do things so smart. we're going to be so competent. you will be so proud of your president. you are not proud now but you'll be able to be proud of your president. [applause]
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nasty things were said. marco is a lightweight. this guy, we are up 20 points in florida. he can't be elected dogcatcher in florida. i call him little marco. i got the endorsement of chris christie. a tough guy. he was so enthusiastic. i watched a man melt in front of me. he started grilling lightweight marco rubio.
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he was right next to me during the debate, the one before last. mentioned the obama phrase once and then he went back to the second time. then i noticed he was sweating. i thought he just got out of the swimming pool with his suit on. then i said i hope he's ok. [applause] ay-yi-yi. [booing]
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folks, we have to love everybody. all lives matter. remember that, remember that. matter.s [applause] we will have these little interruptions. when you're having 35,000 people, you have to have a few protesters. marco is melting. then he said the phrase a third time a fourth time at fifth time. i'm a strong guy. i get ready i think he's going to faint.
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we don't need a fainter to negotiate with china and putin. we don't need a fainter to take on isis. a guy who was sweating and scared. i never saw anything like it. he says trump is a con man. i am a con man. i filed papers with the federal election commission that are so unbelievable. they cannot believe how great a company i have built. this guy took money to build a driveway and when they caught him he said oh i will reimburse you, i used the wrong credit card.
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he sells his house to a lobbyist for $380,000, a lobbyist was dealing with them in the state of florida. that's what we going to have as our president? there is no way. there is no way. you can't do it. you can't do it. we have a problem. i am self funding my campaign. i am self funding. these guys are all taken care of. whether it's the drug industry where we don't negotiate the they take care of these
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people. [indiscernible] isn't it fun to be at a trump rally? [applause] part of the deal, you know? do you remember this? bernie sanders is speaking and these two young women came up on the stage. and he walked away. i said to myself wow. no microphones. nobody's taking over for me, i guarantee that. they're not taking it over for me, they are taking over from you. bernie sanders is so weak and so pathetic. he is over anyway.
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it's not gonna happen. hillary should not be allowed to run because she broke the law. she should not be allowed to run. she is protected by the democrats. she should not be allowed to run. you either have laws or you don't have them. look at general petraeus. he got into hot water. whatot away =-- you know i'm talking about. 40,000 e-mails. how the hell do you do that many e-mails? let's see what happens. we will have to run against her.
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i will beat her. they are not going to win. [applause] we are to talk about those e-mails every moment of every day. we're going to shame them into doing the right thing. polls of come out where i am beating her, "usa today," fox. i haven't even started on her yet. she is not part of the equation. jeb bush, very nice person.
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lindsey graham this poor guy. he was so vicious. he thinks he is a military expert. we've been listening to this guy for years and where are we? we are nowhere. if we listen to some of these guys on the military, we're going to be over there for another 20 years. $2 trillion in iraq. we have absolutely nothing. we've lost thousands and thousands of brave military young people. we got wounded warriors, who i love, all over the place. you know who is taking over iraq? iran is taking over. they fight for years and stop and rest. then they fight for years.
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saddam hussein gassed. they stopped. it goes the other way. we blast the hell out of one of them. what happens? iran is taking over. they made the greatest deal i've ever seen made. they got $150 billion. like its ransom. we kept giving up on every single point. the people are dancing in the streets over there. the people are dancing. obama is calling the head the supreme leader.
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i will never call him the supreme leader. four years ago they had the prisoners. did you ever see a deal that took so long to make, and it's a horrible deal. the persians are great negotiators. the all read "the art of deal." our people didn't read it. my father was a good guy, he taught me how to negotiate. he was a really good guy. this little rubio guy said my father gave me $200 million. my sister called me up and said are you kidding? i start off with a million dollars and now i am worth over $10 billion. [applause]
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i heard about the 200 million, they actually copied the full story from the "new york times." one of the most dishonest media group site ever seen. it is losing its shirt, it will be out of business. the "new york times" is so dishonest. it was highly inaccurate. a great company. if the stories inaccurate, why wouldn't you pull it? all of us should have the right to sue them if they are inaccurate. it has nothing to do with freedom of the press. when they do not report accurately, we should have the right to sue them and get them to report accurately.
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we have libel laws that don't protect anybody. we will make it tougher. they are so dishonest, these reporters. they are the worst. i'm running against people i've dealt with politicians all my life. they're not to show the crowd. we had 32,000 people. 35 standing out there. thanwill not allow more that. you'll read a story that says donald trump gave a speech in front of an ok crowd. inaccurate. we have the right to hold them to what they write. we should be able to win damages. right now, they get nothing. there going to regret all the bad stories they write. i'm running against very
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dishonest people. little marco rubio, a total featherweight. he's not a likely, he's a featherweight. until he started calling a con man, you build a great business and a tremendous net worth and you build trump tower and create all these jobs. the club with a commanding tournament in miami. buildings all over. the bank of america. one of the great buildings of the world. built a city on the west side of manhattan. from 72nd street all the way down. i say, i'm a con man. it was such an insulting thing.
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you can't call somebody of achievement when you have done nothing. this guy he bought the house and he sold it to a lobbyist. you don't do those things. he sweats too much. i don't want him negotiating for us. [applause] then we have lying ted cruz. the people i'm dealing with are the worst people. ted cruz will get up and say things. i am totally against obamacare. from the time that thing was implemented it was allowed by the republicans. times, you can keep your doctor. they got just enough democrats.
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when ted cruz says donald trump likes obamacare he knows it's a lie. these people are really bad. i dealt with people all my life. many politicians are really dishonest. i don't think they're as bad as the press. the press is probably worse. i'm going to straighten out our country. they have to change jobs and train the people who will replace them. you heard the story. the biggest proponent of doing that is little marco rubio. this guy is bad news. start makingo great deals for our country. we are in trouble. we have $19 trillion in debt. a total disaster, you saw the budget. it just passed. we are going to start having
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wonderful budgets. we're going to make the country so strong again. oure going to build up military, which is so depleted. our military is the victim of mismanagement and misuse. listening to guys like lindsey graham. drop bombs on assad. drop bombs on isis. over there fighting each other. that's why we're over there for so long, folks. we have to take out isis, number one. we take out isis. i got a lot of heat. putin was very nice to me. he's not getting anything for it.
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he said donald trump is a genious. he said donald trump is going to be the great leader of the party. these people saying we want donald trump to disavow that statement. disavow that? what is wrong with having russia work with us? what's wrong with having russia drop bombs on isis? what is wrong with it? we have so many wrong things. on june 16 i came down. said i amhe pundits never going to run. yet to sign your life away. running for president takes guts. it is not easy.
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my wife told me, if you run -- you love milania, that's beautiful. she's great, and is not easy for her either. is a tough thing. i took a deep breath and i made a speech i talked about illegal immigration. we wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration. nobody knew how great it was but i knew. i have friends that live in california. i have friends that live in texas. theve friends all over place. people that have become addicted to drugs, drugs that flow from mexico.
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not only did i win new hampshire. the biggest problem is heroin. it doesn't seem right. the beautiful it is a beautiful place. it doesn't seem right. it's flowing through the southern border. i made a promise. we are going to get this stuff ended. we're going to have strong borders. mexico's going to pay for the wall, 100%. little market was up here. i said i'd never heard that before. little marco rubio said we are going to build a wall. it's the first time i ever heard it. what happened?
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wall.oing to build a i heard the same thing from ted cruz. sheriff joe from arizona has endorsed me. arizona knowsm about borders. and he endorsed donald trump. i gave the speech and were very critical. rush limbaugh said he never seen anybody take more incoming. take a beating from the press. started to realize i'm right. the drugs and economic development. we have to strengthen our borders. i talked about trade on june 16. then it morphed into something
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much different. you have the attack in paris. many other attacks. people started looking to make for protection. i will be so tough. i will be so strong. we're going to protect our country. militarily and at the borders. trade is a big thing. we cannot lose $500 billion a year with china. not smartr these very people. they say donald trump is not a free trader. i am a free trader. we have to get something out of it. i'm a free trader. when we lose $500 billion a year, that's not free trade. i know china very well.
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i great friends over there. tens of millions of apartments in new york. the largest bank in the world from china is a tenant in my buildings. they are in san francisco. i got in a very hostile fashion. you'd be very proud of me. i didn't like his filthy language. he thought that we are supposed to give them everything. those days are over. mexico is great and the people are great. i have thousands of hispanics working for me. great people. the problem is that the leaders of mexico and china are smarter and tougher and more cunning that our leaders. stupidders are people, folks.
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stupid people. we can afford it anymore. we're going to change that so fast. i talked about borders and i talked about trade. i will be the greatest jobs producing president that god ever created. that i can tell you. the greatest. i talked about trade. it's not free trade with china. they send their products here, no tax. we can't get our parts into china, and if they do, we pay a massive tariff. deal and ourded people don't want to talk about it. we're not going to lose that kind of money. you can't.
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we have created china. they just renewed their lease. with the way i talk about china. i talk about it with respect. i wish our leaders were doing to them what they are doing to us. i would be happy with our leaders. we're going to straighten out trade. carrier air conditioners. i buy everything. i buy a lot of stuff. it is moving to mexico now. pfizer is moving to ireland. it's a massive company. we've got to stop this folks.
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ford is building a $2.5 billion plant in mexico. i've been talking about after two years. four is going to double up. nobody talks to them. nobody tells them they're going to be repercussions if you do this. i went to the wharton school of finance. you all went to good schools or school, itr no doesn't matter. if you take carrier, when they say they're putting people out of a job. we're moving to mexico. you have to see the people, they were devastated. what the hell good does that do? they will make air-conditioners and sell many of them in the united states. no tax, no nothing. we lose real estate taxes. carrier is going to be competing
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with companies that we have here in america. there aren't too many of those copies left. they got to south korea. you want to buy a television set? they're all made over there. if i am president, and i know it's not very presidential. when? when? when? i don't want to say that. they'll say i am egotistical. the big thing is you got a go out and vote on tuesday folks. [applause] you've got to vote, or the movement ends.
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look at that mountain of people. i wish the cameras would just focus once on that area. thath they would focus on we have 4000 people standing. they won't let the men. i would let them in. have it be a fire hazard when they're standing outside? i work very hard. my best friends have become fire marshals. place, we we go to a need the help of the fire marshals. let the people come in. how the hell can have a problem, we're outside? marshal, let them in.
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[applause] i don't get it. we need common sense in the world. right? we need common sense. we send away thousands of people. i hate it. it is not very presidential. i shouldn't be calling out carrier, i'm the president of the united states. these other guys heard about it, they don't care and they are taking care of by a lobbyist. i have turned down so much money. i feel so damn foolish.
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my whole life is about money accumulation. i am so greedy. have a friend from las vegas. very rich guy. he wants to give me $10 million. $5ther wants to give me million. other guys wanted to give me $20 million. i keep saying no. i don't want it. i've never done that before. doing?like, what am i i don't even know if people appreciate it. i don't know. i have a man who's a member of the mar lago club. i love you, too.
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i love everybody here. every poll shows the donald trump has by far the most loyal people. i could do anything they'll still love me. you know what, you could do still love youll , too. believe me. very rich guy. in the credit card business. i'd like to give you as much money as you'd want to the campaign. i've been number one since i started. at 5% these guys said he's reached his cap. the next week, 12%. this moron karl rove, he is a
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total moron. you are never to win another presidential election. every time i see him i say turn off the set. he still thinks romney won the election. you listen to these people and you are never going to win again. i go to 12% then i went to 20%. every time. now reuters has me at 44% nationally. don't forget, that's with five people. probably have a couple other. i'll take 44 all day long with five people. and they sayo rove they're going to gang up on donald trump.
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i feel so strong. i feel so great. he's unbeatable one-on-one. you have to gang up. these two morons. you see them shaking hands. they are waving to each other. every poll showed i won that debate. they are high-fiving. we just want to make our country so great. honest?an i be we want security and good health care. we want common core. we want to strengthen our second amendment. they want to decimate our second amendment. we want to have a good life. family.a wonderful have a great job. the viciousness and the
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stupidity and the craziness. 45%.rove said he has i had just won nevada. i won by so much. we won south carolina big. that was supposed to be ted cruz's stronghold. population.ical i love evangelicals. they are so good. they want competent people. they are so tired of listening to these dead boring do-nothing, all talk, no action people. jerry falwell jr. has endorsed me. sarah palin has been great. liberty university so great.
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the univerity is incredible. automaticallye goes through liberty. falwell said donald trump reminds me of my father. i knew of his father. which was a great complement. my father had to make a decision between jimmy carter who knew the bible and ronald reagan who wasn't quite as good in terms of the bible, but he felt he would be a much better leader. he took a lot of heat when he went in endorsed ronald reagan. and ronald reagan turned out to be a great president. been amazing.
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he has been on the phones. jerry falwell jr. has had a great impact on the campaign. we are to change things around. we're going to turn trade. it is not presidential. i will call carrier. we have the greatest business minds in the world and we don't use them. we have political hacks negotiating the biggest deals in the world. these trade deals of the biggest deals in the world. i know them all. i know the good ones, the bad ones, the overrated ones, the ones you never heard of. i have others endorsing me all
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the time. i hate to say it. i am becoming mainstream. all these people are endorsing me. when i get jeff sessions, that means a lot to me. that means a lot. that means a lot. that's a biggie. he's never done before. i would say to carrier, i want to do it myself. these characters in the back will say it is not presidential. i will say, listen, here is the story. i hope you enjoy your plant. i know it's going to be beautiful. i love the fact that you are going to put a lot of mexicans to work. i think it's a wonderful thing, but you know, you hurt a lot of people in the united states. it's costing us a lot of money.
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i know you are going to sell those air-conditioners in the united states. here is the deal. you are going to make air-conditioners in mexico. every time you sell an air-conditioner in the united states, you are going to pay a 35% tax. every single time. by the way, i hate to tell you this, i would say the exact same thing to ford, and i would say the exact same thing to nabisco and every company that wants to leave our country. again, folks, i am a free trader. but we can't have it. we can't have it. we are losing our country. caterpillar, take a look. come out soon. japan cuts their currency. they devalue their currency. their masters at it.
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china is the all-time great chessmaster with what to do to currency. what they do to us -- by the way, the trade deal, transpacific partnership, a horrible deal for our country, and one of the things i love is that jeff sessions is opposed to it. this is a horrible deal for our country. this is more jobs lost, more money lost. we're not going to do it. i hope they don't approve it. i don't know if they are going to. it's another disaster. it's another iran deal. every single deal we do is bad. we are going to change it so every single deal is phenomenal for us. it's going to bring back jobs. here is the story. you are going to pay a 35% tax. i hope you enjoy your stay. i hope you enjoy your new building in mexico. i hope it works out well. i will be called by special interests, and i will be called by the lawyers and lobbyists and all of these bloodsuckers that get the lightweight senator i have on my right and the lying
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senator i have on my left -- he is a liar, too. he might be a bigger liar, which is interesting. i will get these people, and they will say to me the following -- they won't do anything. these are not stupid people. what they are going to say is, that's right, but by the time they start thinking about it, they will be contacted by their lobbyists. in washington, you have lobbyists that go to certain people. signs overhey have their heads. "i will take care of rubio." "i have ted cruz." these guys have such power over our senate. that is why we make these bad deals. a lot of times, you think we are making bad deals. a lot of times, you think the people who are running it are so stupid. they do it because they get paid a fortune in campaign contributions, and probably other things we don't know
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about, ok? probably other things. i don't want to be accusing anybody of that, of course, but they probably get things you don't want to know about. although, i would like to know about it. i will tell them, no, you are going to pay 35%. i don't want their money. they haven't given me anything. i will say, no, you have to go. within 24 hours, i will get a call from either one of their representatives or the head guy, and he will say, mr. president, we have decided to stay in the united states. it's going to happen. let me just tell you something. that is not 80% sure or 90%. that is 100%. we are talking about 100%. it's not like, maybe we can get lucky. we can make such incredible deals. our military. we protect the world. we spend more money on military than many countries put together.
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we spend more than any country has ever spent times 10. one of the reasons is, we are protecting everybody else. it's not for us. we protect germany. we protect japan. with japan, if we get attacked, they don't have to do anything. they can say, that's exciting to watch. if they get attacked, we have to protect them and end up in world war iii. these?nds of deals are japan, we protect japan. we protect south korea. i have buildings in south korea. i like south korea, but we don't have the money to do it anymore. what is that? uh-oh. it's isis. get them down. i would shoot that guy down so fast your head would spin. what do you think general macarthur would do? what you think general george patton would do with isis? how long do you think isis would have been around with general
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george patton, who was a rough, tough guy. you don't get rougher, but his people loved him. they would do anything for him, and they would die for him. today, we have generals who go on television and say, isis is very tough. believe me. we have the right people. we have the right minds. we have a great military. it is seriously -- by the way, it is seriously depleted. general odierno when he left, he goes on television -- people shouldn't do this -- he says, the military is the most depleted of any time he has seen or heard of. that might be from the beginning. honestly, he's a good man, but he shouldn't say that. why should we tell the enemy that? --t's what we're going. doing. we are going to build it up. i'm going to build it up fast.
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it's the cheapest thing we can do. nobody is going to mess with us. i don't want to use it. it's the cheapest thing we can do. we are going to buy and we are going to get all of these countries that are making a fortune -- south korea is making a fortune. germany is making a fortune. japan, with the cars, millions of cars, we send them practically nothing. these deals are no good. they are going to come up and pay for protection. we will be very nice. we will have a better relationship with them than we do now. we don't have a good relationship now. china is building a military fortress in the south china sea. they did not go through the environmental impact process. do we agree? i don't think they are worried about the snails and the fish and the snakes. they built. they say, on tuesday morning, we want to build, and they start two hours later. for us, it would take 45 years of environmental impact studies. this country. obama, he's always talking about "the carbon footprint."
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conference, he talks about "the carbon footprint," and then he takes air force one, an old 747 with engines that are spewing it, and he flies to hawaii and plays golf. this guy plays more golf than the people on the pga tour, i'm telling you. more. we are going to get our jobs back, folks. we are going to take care of our military. we are going to do such an incredible job. we are going to take care of our vets. our vets are treated so badly. the illegal immigrants, in many cases, and i'm serious about this, are treated better than our veterans and we get more than our veterans and we will not let that happen anymore. we are not letting it happen.
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we are going to make unbelievable trade deals. we're going to become a rich nation again. a woman came up to me recently and mr. trump, i do not like one thing you say. i love you as president, but don't say we are going to become a rich nation again. it doesn't sound good. i said, no, it sounds so great. we cannot become great if we are losing $500 million a year to china and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars to every other country. we do not make a good deals anymore. so here is the deal, i don't want your money. i do not want any money, i don't need any money. i want you on tuesday, this is our movement, happy birthday. it is his birthday. i love you people. i love you people.
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man, is that a lot of people. i love you people. people.that a lot of don't kid yourself, folks, i have to say. listen to this. everybody thinks that you have the best location. they do, because tomorrow morning they are going to become famous, and they can only see the back of your head. they are all going to become famous. look, here is the story, no money. on tuesday you have to get out and vote. we have to win a great we have to win big. i love your football team. how good is that alabama football team?
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[applause] i love champs. i love champs. i do not know your coach, but i tell you what, maybe he is endorsing somebody else, he has a great job he has done here. i love the team. they are so professional. are you ready? you have to get out and we have to vote on tuesday everybody, if you vote, we will win sunday. we are leading in every single state, we are almost in texas. i have a feeling we're going to win texas also. we want to keep this movement. one of the big writers said in the history of politics, in the history of politics of the united
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states, and i don't even understand it, they singer has never been anything like this that has ever happened. they have never seen anything like it. it is so amazing. they call it a phenomenon. you are a phenomenon. we are all a phenomenon you are a phenomenon. here is the story. one of them said to me congratulations, it has never been done before. it has never been done before. what you have done with the crowds, the enthusiasm from your change politics. i have spent less money than some of these guys. $158f them spent million and he was close to last place. wouldn't it be nice if our country could do that? wouldn't it be great? we will do that. in education from it is so important because it is about the american dream. the american dream is dead, which it is. the american dream is dead.
1:42 am
we're going to make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. but, to be someone who gets a piece of the american dream, education is so important. your kids, do something you like, listen to your paradigm of education is so important. we are first in money spent, but we are last in education and we spend more money per pupil by so much more than number two. you would not believe it. and yet we are last. you have sweden. you have norway. you have denmark. you have china, and we are number 30. you have countries on that list that you never even heard of. and we are number 30. we spend the most and we are the worst. we're going to change it around. that goes with purchasing, we're going to start competitive bidding in the drug industry. we do not competitively bid.
1:43 am
we are losing billions and billions of dollars. we do not bid properly in the military. how often do you read where they are getting a plane that they do not want? because the country is more political muscle in the company that makes the claim that everybody wants. cheaper, faster, better credit i see it all the time. it is terrible. those days are over. here's what i want. we are going to go on tuesday, first of all -- i love you people. i love you people. true. thank you, maam. thank you.
1:44 am
on tuesday, you got to go out. he will vote and we ideally, we want to have a resounding victory. especially, i respect this place so much for it i've so many friends from this area. it is an amazing area, it is an amazing state. diverse, incredible people. you have to go out, you devote, we have to win. we got to knock the hell out of everybody. i promise you this, you're going to remember this gorgeous, universal evening. this is beautiful, isn't it? a little windy. it is a little bit windy, why should my hair blowing all over the place? when jeff sessions put it on, i felt better. here is the story. we're going to start winning again. we are going to win at train. we are going to win in the military, they are going to knock the hell out of isis.
1:45 am
we are going to win with health care. we're going to win with education. we will get rid of common core. we are going to win at the borders. we are going to win and we're going to keep winning. and we are going to make america great again, greater than ever before. greater than ever before. i love you all. tuesday go out and vote. i love you all. thank you. thank you. love you. thank you. thank you. ["sweet home alabama" plays] ♪
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plays] ♪ancer"
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can't always get what
1:57 am
you want" plays] ♪
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1:59 am
to get your prescription filled i was standing in line with mr. jimmy and, man, it did he look pretty
2:00 am
ill we decided that we would have a soda redavorite flavor, cherry i sung my song to mr. jimmy yes, and he said one word to me, and that was "dead" ♪ you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want ♪ but if you try sometimes, you might just find you get what you need yeah ♪ ♪
2:01 am
♪ ♪ ♪ you get what you need yes oh, baby oh, yeah i saw her today at the reception in her glass was a bleeding man she was practiced at the art of deception well, i could tell by her bloodstained hands ♪ >> ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪
2:02 am
>> ♪ no >> ♪ you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want ♪ sometimes, you try you just might find you get what you need ♪ ♪ you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can always get what you want ♪ but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what ♪u need ♪
2:03 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
2:04 am
>> ♪ i want you back again i want your love again i know you find it hard to reason with me but this time, it's different darling, you will see you have got to tell me you are coming back to me you have got to tell me you're coming back to may
2:05 am
you have got to tell me you are coming back to me you said we were through before beforeked out on me i tried to tell you, but you didn't want to know different andr determined to go you got to tell me you're coming back to me you got to tell me you are coming back to main you got to tell me you're coming back to me ♪ ♪ ♪
2:06 am
♪ x ♪ you have got to tell me you're coming back to me you have to tell me you are coming back to me you have to tell me you're coming back to me ♪ i wade as the days go by i long for the nights to go by ♪ hear the knock on my door that never comes i hear the telephone that has
2:07 am
rung ♪- hasn't you got to tell me you're coming back to me you got to tell me you are coming back to me you got to tell me you are coming back to me you got to tell me you're coming back to me you got to tell me you're coming back to me oh yeah ♪ ♪ ♪
2:08 am
["heart of stone" plays] there have been so many girls that i have known i have made so many cry and still i wonder why here comes this little girl i wonder what is different about her i don't really know no matter how i try cry ♪ can't make her
2:09 am
♪ ♪ cousin she'll never break, never break, never break, never break ♪ >> ♪ this heart of stone oh, no, no, no, no this heart of stone don't keep on looking that some old way if you try acting sad you will only make me glad better listen, little girl you go on walking down the street i ain't got no love i ain't the kind to meet ♪ ♪
2:10 am
break, never never break, never break ♪ >> ♪ this heart of stone this heart of stone no, you'll never break this heart of stone no, no, this heart of stone you'll never break this heart of stone ♪ ♪ ♪ own girl" plays] ♪ >> uptown girl
2:11 am
she's been living in her uptown world i that she's never had a backstreet guy i bet she's looking for a downtown man that's what i am and when she knows what she wants she wants from her time and when she wakes up and makes up her mind she'll see i'm not so tough love with ani'm in uptown girl you know i have seen her in her uptown world she's getting tired of her high class toys and all her presence from her uptown boys she has got a choice oh oh oh oh oh
2:12 am
uptown girl you know i can't afford to buy her pearls but maybe someday when my ship comes in she will understand what kind of guy i have been winthen i went -- and when she is walking, she is looking so fine and when she is talking she'll say that she is mine she'll say i'm not so tough just because i'm in love with an uptown girl she's been living in her white bread world as long as anyone with hot blood can and now she is looking for a downtown man that's what i am
2:13 am
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh uptown girl she's my uptown girl you know i'm in love with an uptown girl my uptown girl you know i'm in love with an uptown girl my uptown girl you know i'm in love with an uptown girl my uptown girl with an uptown girl ♪ ♪
2:14 am
["time is on my side" plays] time is on my side, yes, it is ise is on my side, yes, it now you all were saying that you want to be free but you will come running back you will come running back to me time is on my side yes, it is time is on my side yes, it is
2:15 am
you are searching for good times, but just wait and see you will come running back you will come running back me'll come running back to go ahead, baby go ahead and light up the town and baby, do anything your heart desires remember, i'll always be around and i know like i told you so many times before you are going to come back yeah, you're going to come back knocking right on my door time is on my side yes, it is time is on my side
2:16 am
yes, it is i have got the real love the kind that you need you will come running back you'll come running back me'll come running back to time, time is on my side yes, it is timeis on my side yes, it is time is on my side ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ald trump. good morning. thank you for being with us. guest: good morning. host: you write the following, saying "donald trump says his organization is in talks on more than 100 deals, 85% of them outside the united states, and that if elected he will
2:23 am
fwroy internal relations the savvy he has dembut an examinats operations abroad revealing that while he has made millions selling his name he has chosen a number of inexperienced, even questionable partners, sometimes infuriating buyers and associates and moved late into saturatedproducing less income advertised." guest: well, he's made many millions of dollars, no doubt about it. there's his name on buildings all around the world. but we looked into some of these deals in toronto, istanbul, panama, elsewhere, and found a pattern sometimes that he would make money, and then his partners would be perhaps unhappy down the road. host: what was the most surprising thing that you learned? guest: well, the most surprising thing was just, when you look around at how many people were unhappy. i mean, in panama, his partners were trying to get out of the business with him. in toronto, you look at


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