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tv   Medal of Honor Ceremony  CSPAN  March 5, 2016 10:30pm-10:55pm EST

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the reports that the justice department has granted immunity to that former staffer. according to the washington post, the officials said they had secured the cooperation eleanor: as i recall at the time, the clintons were encouraging him to testify. lawyers frequently don't want you to incur any possible liability. it will cost a lot of money and grief. at the time that was happening, to select committee on benghazi on the hill was in the hot pursuit. if you talk to people at the clinton campaign, they are glad he is cooperating, and don't feel he has done anything wrong. i gather the investigation will be wrapped up in early may, and then it will be decided whether any civil complaint are going to be brought.
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host: but go to al in rhode island. good morning. caller: eleanor, and for john also, did you read the article that tony blair wrote for bloomberg news? it is very important. guest: that he wrote about what? caller: about the reason why trump is so important in this country. it is happening all over the world. people are fed up with the government, the governing class controlling everything, and voters have no say anymore. guest: you are correct. there are trump like figures in europe, in particular, who are on the rise. generally, in europe, and elsewhere, these figures are connected with minor parties,
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fringe parties, not within striking distance of getting anything more than a few seats in the parliament. what is different in this country, because we have this two-party system is that donald trump is now within striking distance of getting the nomination of his party, which puts him at a much more affordable -- formidable position of taking over. i think, if you are a liberal, or democrat, and you compare donald trump with the other candidates on the stage, with the possible exception of governor kasich, you find that trump's positions on issues are actually more progressive than some of the more ideological candidates like rubio and ted cruz. i think that is part of his appeal. he is going in some democrats.
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host: just a minute or two left. a call from flint, michigan, john is waiting on line for democrats. caller: good morning to you. i have one thing to say to c-span and a couple of comments to your guest. hillary clinton, you know, all she is doing is downgrading bernie sanders and upgrading hillary clinton. hillary clinton standing beside her husband, bill clinton, when he signed into law nafta, clapping for it. when signing nafta, it took 75,000 jobs from the city of flint. it sent them overseas. now, you want us to put her in office.
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i will say some the about the water, then i will you go. hillary clinton went to a black church, stepped on a soapbox -- she did not go to nobody's house, see the water, she did not bring a bottle of water from the hillary and bill foundation. thank you. guest: hillary clinton not signed sign nafta into law, that was her husband. she is taking a position that is virtually identical now to bernie sanders. granted, she does come out of some more free trade wing of the democratic party, but a lot of issues have changed. when you evaluate candidates, you're not evaluating someone who did everything right, you are evaluating someone in contrast to someone else. hillary clinton and bernie
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sanders would say they have the same goals, they differ about how to get there. hillary clinton has made the point that she knows how government works, and can get stuff done, while bernie sanders is promoting ideas that cannot happen, unless you really did have a revolution coming to washington. so far, his revolution does not look like it will materialize. no one is going to be perfect on all these issues. i think you have to take every candidate in context. host: mary puts it this way, the only reason hillary clinton has a chance in this election, bernie sanders showed her what to run on, she has lifted his message. guest: i think hillary clinton started out with a lot of positions on issues, but did not have a compelling overarching message. i think she has learned from bernie sanders. i think that is good. host: eleanor clift is with the daily beast, and also has her
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own website. you can follow her on twitter. thank you for your time. beach live,est palm awaiting republican donald trump . results still coming in for several states holding caucuses. we will give you an update. let's start with kansas. >> senator bernie sanders with reportingecinct declared the winner in the kansas democratic caucuses with hillary clinton .ith 32% of the vote
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in kansas, senator ted cruz the winner with 48% of the vote, 23%, andump with senator marco rubio with 17% of the vote. in kentucky, votes still being counted. donald trump in the lead with almost 35% of the vote. ted cruz, 31%. a little more than 17% for senator rubio. to louisiana, a democratic primary with hillary clinton declared the winner with almost 70% of the vote and bernie sanders, a little more than 23% of the vote. in louisiana's republican trump with 42%, senator ted cruz with almost 38% , and senator rubio with more than 11%.
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in the main republican caucuses, ted cruz the winner with 46% of the vote. donald trump, 32%. governor kasich in third place. nebraska, senator bernie sanders with 55% and hillary clinton with almost 45% of the vote. >> we have been counting delegates, and here you can see from delegate tracker hillary clinton needs 2383 delegates to win the nomination. she currently hasdelegates, 111.
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she needs a little more than 1400. 469, leavings has 1914 delegates short. on the republican side, donald trump in the lead with 347 delegates. delegatess need 1237 to win, leaving trump with 890 delegates short. at 267z in second place delegates. senator marco rubio with 116 delegates, 1121 delegates short. back we are now in west palm awaitingorida republican donald trump, expected to appear shortly. several states were holding
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caucuses and primaries tonight. you're watching live coverage on c-span.
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once again and west palm beach, florida. results coming in for caucuses tonight where republican presidential candidate donald trump is expected to speak. tonight also is the annual gridiron dinner, and that is held in washington, d c 1985,ition dating back to a politician -- and event where politicians gathered together. we got a look at some of the arrivals earlier tonight at the renaissance hotel.
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him >> and now back in west palm
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beach, florida. this event, awaiting donald trump to speak, scheduled originally at 9:00 p.m. eastern time,, approaching the 11:00
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hour as caucus results have been coming in. we just heard word that the ap has called the kentucky caucuses for donald trump. we will look in now and see if he is going to make an appearance soon. >> ladies and gentlemen, the
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next president of the united states, mr. donald j. trump. [applause] mr. trump: thank you very much, everybody. i greatly appreciate it. nice to have you all a trump international. it's been a great club and a great success, and we appreciate it. it's been an amazing night. i've been in competitions all of my life. there is nothing so exciting as this stuff. nothing. [applause] winning deals or winning club
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championships -- there is nothing like this. it is really exciting stuff and very important. i want to thank the people of louisiana, the people of kentucky. it has been just an amazing relationship. amazing relationship. rand paul, your senator in kentucky, fought very hard, fighting us every inch of the and we won byn, quite a few votes. thank you to louisiana, and thank you to kentucky. i want to thank the folks from maine and from kansas. we came in second, and we did spend very much time. place, two ande a half hours in the other, and we came in a strong second. i want to thank those folks. i want to congratulate ted on maine and kansas.he should do
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well in maine because it's close to canada. let's face it. [laughter] [applause] i think marco rubio had a very, very bad night, and personally, i would call for him to drop out of the race. i think it's time now that he drop out of the race. i really think so. [applause] i think it's probably time. i don't think tonight he can get up and rant and rave. he comes in third. every time he comes in third or fourth -- you've got to be able to win. i would love to take on ted one on one.that would be so much fun. ted can't win new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, california. i want ted one-on-one, ok?


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